Shining Force RPG session 17
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<Narrator> ===== Session start! ===== <Narrator> The Shining force now leaves the town of Ribble, heading south west towards Creed's mansion... Where BlackHawk is already heading... * Lara just keeps walking, her thoughts on what Volcanon told them of a traitor within the Shining Force. * Baine drags Chamolo along.. ^_- <Chamolo> Hey! Ow! <Baine> Ow? :P * Kodah walks along, with slighty more energy than the last few days <Chamolo> You were um...cutting off the circulation in my wrist. <Baine> Errr.. <Chamolo> Hehee ^^; <Baine> Oops.. ^_^; * Baine lets Chamolo go.. ^_6; * Darton is following everyone else in a somewhat general sense * Yogurt stays away from the party, looking through his pouch... * Erin is quietly reading a thick volume on strategy, like always... * * Kiwi plods along innocently... * Lara looks back at Baine and Chamolo. She somewhat smiles as she turns her attention back to the road ahead. <Chamolo> Thanks. * Baine makes a face at Lara's back :P <Kodah> Where to from here? * Chamolo is quiet, still thinking about what happened in Ribble.. <Lara> I think we should head for Creeds, Kodah. <Chamolo> I thought we were going to Granseal? <Kodah> Creed.....Dad used to serve him.... <Lara> Slight change in plans, Cham Cham. * Baine hauls out AmeShi and stares into the black flames.. <Darton> Weren't you so insistent on getting back to Granseal? :P <Baine> Creed.. <Baine> Don't we need to go past that Harpie place to get there? :P <Lara> Darton, I have a strange feeling that the information we need is at Creed's. * Erin mumbles from behind the book. * Well, when you all decide where we're going, let me know... <Kodah> (Baine)Uh...I wouldn't know <Baine> Harpies could be fun.. ^_- <Chamolo> O_o Harpies....? <Kodah> They would? <Chamolo> Um...let's not and say we did... * Baine grins savagely and makes a few slices in the air with AmeShi <Baine> Is that some kinda kinky foreplay, Chamolo? ^_- * Kiwi blinks. "Harpies no good... Harpies sing and eat sweet Kiwi... =( " <Lara> besides, Prince BlackHawk is making arrangements for us to meet him. <Chamolo> comment! * Kodah slows down a bit and prods Erin a little * Darton mutters something about vacillating and how it reflects one's intelligence * Erin is prodded. * Yes? <Kodah> Do you have a "Strategy for Dummies" book on you? * Baine hums softly.. <Erin> No... never really needed one... but if you're looking for a good book I suggest this one *Pulls out a large book. * The Art of War. <Baine> Y'know....wonder if we get vacations.. <Kodah> That's a big book O_o <Lara> maybe after this is all over, Kara. <Chamolo> Probably not... <Erin> Yeah, but it'll tell you everything you need to know. ^_^ * Kiwi frowns. "Kiwi sure no got one when..." <mumbles away...> <Kodah> Oh...okay.....can I read that one then? <Baine> All this...over.. * Baine darkens a little.. <Lara> this mission, Kara...not our lives. <Baine> Yeah...and I'll hafta go back to...uh.. <Baine> I don't have anywhere to go.. <Erin> You're welcome to read them all. I've been through them all at least four times now... * Baine shrugs. * Chamolo hmms. "I don't either..." <Kodah> Thanks <Chamolo> I've been outsted.. <Chamolo> Sigh. <Narrator> Dust clouds form up ahead... <Lara> it wasn't your fault, Chamolo. * Kodah tries to walk and read at the same time, and fails quite often <Chamolo> I know... * Baine places a hand on Cham's shoulder.. * Erin smiles. * You get used to it after awhile... but having a natural sense for obstacles helps. :) * Lara looks at the clouds.. * Kodah looks up from his most recent face-plant at the dust clouds, "What's that?" * Baine removes her hand and sighs lightly, muttering about something. <Baine> Maybe it's a herd of locusts. * Darton snickers at Kodah <Chamolo> Oh lovely... <Lara> maybe it's something bigger than that, Baine. <Kodah> Herd of locusts? * Kiwi looks around... <Kodah> Try Swarm <Baine> Sure <Baine> Whatever.. <Chamolo> Could be a scuffle... * Yogurt mumbles... You people don't travel often, do you... :P <Chamolo> Probably a heard of horses.. * Kodah picks himself up off the ground, trying to get the dirt off Erin's book * Baine grumbles about making Chipmunk Pancakes. * Yogurt groans and points to the dust cloud... :P * Lara whispers to Baine, "Chipmunk-kabobs are better than pancakes." * Kiwi looks at the cloud... <Narrator> Two horses can be spotted pulling a rather large wagon... <Baine> Sounds like a plan, Lara.. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Kiwi> Meep? <Kodah> ?? * Baine draws AmeShi..the flames flicker brighter than usual... <Narrator> A cloaked figure can be seen riding the wagon, forcing the horses to their maximum... * Darton yawns, unconcerned * Baine raises an eyebrow.. <Baine> Oh, goodie. <Erin> Hmm... <Baine> Maybe it's something to kill.. <Baine> I just love a good kill... *narrows her eyes* * Lara looks at the cloaked figure. <Erin> I suggest we get off the road... before this guy runs you over... <Chamolo> He'll overwork the horses like that.. * Lara gest off the road... * Kodah hops off the road * Chamolo steps off the road * Baine backflips off the road * Baine growls throatily.. * Baine draws AmeShi back, ready to throw it.. * Kiwi hides behind someone off the road. =) * Erin wanders over to the roadside... * * Lara looks to see if she can get a gander inside the wagon. <Baine> Bet'cha I can lop his head off. <Erin> If he's not gonna attack, then we're not gonna kill him, Baine. <Lara> I'll bet, baine... <Chamolo> calm... <Kodah> O_o * Baine growls lightly. <Chamolo> Baine! <Narrator> The wagon runs by quickly... It hits a rock as it passes by, knocking a small box out onto the road... It continues as if nothing happened... <Kodah> Uh...hey..... <Chamolo> A box? * Lara walks over to the box and picks it up. * Baine stares coolly at the box <Baine> Hm. <Kodah> He dropped something * Baine sheathes AmeShi.. * Kiwi sniffs at the box. * Darton plucks it out of Lara's hands and looks at it carefully <Kodah> o_o;; <Baine> Lets open it. * Baine grins ferally.. <Kodah> But its not ours <Baine> so? <Baine> It fell outta the wagon, whats he gonna do...come back for it? <Kodah> Um.....well maybe <Chamolo> Well...finders keepers? <Baine> That would surprise me. * Darton opens it after assuring himself there's no traps or anything :P * Chamolo pouts "Why can't I be bad every once in a while?" <Erin> I say open it... see what's inside. No harm in that. * Baine chuckles at Chamolo. <Kodah> o_o;; <Narrator> The box opens and a cloud of powder spurts out! * Baine blinks * Kodah jumps back! <Lara> oh great. * Chamolo coughs! <Chamolo> What is that? O_o * Erin backs away from the poof of powder... * <Kodah> Was that supposed to happen? * Darton coughs and closes the box quickly * Baine gets powder in her face. "Bleh!" <Erin> I dunno. <Baine> That sucked like Alexander drunk * Darton shakes the powder away from his head * Yogurt sniffs at the powder... Lotus powder.. Poison.. * Erin fans the air with her wings... * <Kodah> O_o <Darton> Shut up, rodent. <Baine> Poison..? <Chamolo> Oh no...who besides me breathed it in?! O_o <Kodah> That's bad, right? <Baine> Uhh...I did.. O_o <Lara> not me... <Kiwi> P-poison?! Meep... * Yogurt pulls out a ring... <Chamolo> O_o I..feel all right...but... * Yogurt uses the ring on the Shining Force... <Baine> Great.. <Kodah> ^^;; <Baine> I knew I shoulda killed that guy. <Yogurt> I used a detox ring... We won't be affected by the poison... But... I think that wagon had to do with the poisonned river.. <Baine> See? <Kodah> Ulp * Darton fehs, who wants this thing? <Baine> Definately shoulda skewered him. <Kiwi> Wagon bad. =p <Chamolo> You mean we would have been...controlled lunatics like the wolfmen? <Baine> I'll take it :P * Darton tosses it to Baine * Baine catches it * Baine makes sure it's closed tightly.. <Erin> Well... maybe we should try and follow it... it was loaded with poison, which means he was gonna go drop it off... or use it. * Baine puts it on the ground and chants.. * Baine uses Katon on the box and it ignites! <Kodah> O_o * Kodah backs away from the smoke * Baine grins <Baine> Anyone got marshmellows? <Chamolo> Not me.. <Lara> not me, Kara <Baine> Drat.. * Baine looks at the flames <Darton> I don't like marshmallows. <Kodah> do we keep up with that guy? He has a fast horse, and we're hoofing it <Yogurt> Yummers... Poisonned marshmellows... :P <Baine> That was a seriously bad pun, Kodah :P <Chamolo> Erin might be able to catch him... <Kodah> offense Erin ^^;; <Chamolo> With her wings... <Darton> and besides, eating them with that powder stuff is probably a bad idea <Erin> I guess we could just follow the road... <Erin> Cham's right... I can fly... <Baine> I know, Darton... ;) <Erin> leave markers for you to follow. <Kodah> Oh <Narrator> The wagon is already out of sight... <Chamolo> It's worth a try! <Darton> better hurry, then, flying thing * Baine mutters. <Erin> Can't be too hard to spot a dust cloud from the air. <Lara> true <Chamolo> Hurry Erin, before gets away! <Erin> Keep your eyes open, there'll be trail markers at forks in the road if there are any. <Baine> shoulda killed the guy... :P * Chamolo pat pats Baine. <Chamolo> Sorry. * Baine smiles a little at Chamolo <Baine> S'okay. * Erin is off, and soon disappears over the tops of trees in pursuit. * * Darton shrugs as everyone ignores him <Chamolo> Good luck Erin...let's follow her... <Kodah> Um...I guess we're not going to Creed's place then? <Baine> Uhm...if this leads to Hassan.. <Baine> Then I'll just sorta stay here.. :P * Chamolo shrugs. This might be more pressing at the moment. <Darton> Get off of it, already. * Kiwi looks confuseled. <Baine> Suck me, Darton... :P <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> What?! * Darton grins toothily... "Be glad to, toots." * Baine smiles coldly.. <Baine> I might get rabies, though. * Chamolo chuckles despite himself. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The wagon rides quickly towards the collapsed cave where the Shining force came from... At its entrance, it stops and the cloaked passenger gets off to inspect the cargo... <Narrator> Erin is now in sight of the wagon... * Erin quickly drops to the ground, hiding in some bushes, where she can see the wagon and it's mysterious driver. * <Narrator> The man pulls back his hood to reveal Chamolo... <Erin> ?! * Erin keeps very quiet. * <Narrator> From inside the cave, a bishop walks out to greet Chamolo... * Erin listens to their conversation... * <Chamolo> The Shining Force was on the main road... <Bishop> I know... They're heading toward Creed's mansion... Prince BlackHawk holds the Star blade... <Chamolo> If I catch up with them, I can probably drive them off course... But not for long... <Bishop> They musn't reactivate the Star blade... <Chamolo> They won't... I'll make sure... You take this shipment further up north... We can't control the wolfmen tribe anymore... * Chamolo suddenly blurrs and changes... His face reforms into Jeyer's face... <Jeyer> They won't suspect a thing... *grins evilly* * The Bishop grins... Go... Quickly... * Jeyer walks off while the Bishop hops in the Wagon, driving it into the cave... * Jeyer heads towards the bushes where Erin is hiding... * Erin backs away quietly, spreads her wings, and quickly, yet silently begins darting between the trees back to the party. * <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force sees Erin flying back towards the team... <Baine> Ah. <Lara> Hey, Erin! * Kodah looks up at Erin <Chamolo> Erin! * Kiwi meeps, curious. * Baine smirks lightly.. * Erin returns... still flying, just kinda hovering there. * Bad news guys... confusing too... * Darton yawns <Kodah> ? <Lara> what's up, Erin? <Chamolo> What's going on? <Baine> Like what? <Erin> The driver... well, at first it was Chamolo... or someone who looked like him... * Chamolo adjusts his glasses, then gapes. <Kodah> o_O <Chamolo> Looked like me? <Lara> O_O <Baine> Eh..? <Lara> that explains the mess in that last town. <Erin> He met with this bishop guy, talked for a bit, and then revealed himself to be Jeyer... <Darton> Not the "evil twin" thing... <Kodah> O_o <Chamolo> It sure does! There's hope now! <Baine> .... * Baine's face darkens.. <Kodah> Wait, he was Chamolo....then Jeyer? <Erin> He's coming here to fight us to stop us from reaching Creed's mansion... <Chamolo> A shapeshifter, I'll bet. <Kodah> A what? <Lara> then we'd better hit the road. <Darton> oh goodie.. blood ^_^ * Lara starts walking toward Creed's. <Erin> Something about BlackHawk, and reactivating the Star Blade... <Chamolo> Someone who can shapeshift...since "Chamolo" ran over the REAL Jeyer.. <Lara> then we'd better hurry. * Baine chuckles softly.. <Erin> but at the same time, he transfered the poison to this Bishop guy, to use on the wolfmen. <Chamolo> At least, that's my thoughts. <Chamolo> I could be wrong. <Chamolo> A bishop?! <Erin> Or so I am understanding. <Baine> Damnit.. <Kodah> o_O <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> That's got to be a fake...yes, of course! * Kiwi meeps cootly. <Kodah> O_o * Baine growls. <Darton> ...whatever, when do we fight? * Yogurt crawls away from the Shining Force while they talk... <Erin> So Lara, you're the leader. What's the plan? <Lara> LET'S MOVE! <Kodah> I don't get it o.o <Lara> TO CREEDS AND ASAP. <Chamolo> Right-o! <Chamolo> Ahem. ^_^ <Lara> if this joker gets in our way, we kill his ass. * Baine sighs. <Darton> No fight? <Baine> Yeah.. <Baine> Lets go or something... * Lara rushes off toward Creed's. * Kodah follows, still reading his book/falling down * Darton perks a little and hopes that "this joker" does indeed get in our way * Baine follows Lara.. * Erin keeps flying... * * Chamolo follows the others. * Darton follows the shining force a bit more closely now * Kiwi follows. <Narrator> Something in a nearby bush darts away quickly, heading north... <Lara> ignore it... <Kodah> Ignore what? * Erin's eyes follow that something... * Wonder what it was... * Baine mumbles. * Darton follows the thing, curious <Chamolo> She's right. It's probably the 'distraction' we've heard about. * Kiwi peers curiously... "Meep?" * Baine looks extremely down <Chamolo> Cheer up, Baine! * Chamolo pats her back. "We'll be okay." <Lara> Darton, Erin, folks, let's keep on course. We can't be distracted. <Narrator> The little form moves so quickly, Darton has no chance of catching it... * Baine snarls softly.. <Darton> but I like distraction... * Baine sighs after.. <Baine> Okay.. * Kiwi awps. * Kodah trips, and falls off the trail into some prickle-bushes O_o <Baine>'re probably right.. * Baine laughs at Kodah ;) <Kodah> Yow! O_o <Erin> You okay, Kodah? * Kodah extracts himself painfully from the bushes, "More or less, ouch!" <Chamolo> Kodah! O_o <Baine> hahahahaha.. ^_^ * Chamolo heals Kodah, chuckling <Lara> yep, he's not the BRIGHTEST bulb in the bunch.... <Baine> Or the sharpest crayon in the box.. * Kodah puts the book aside and works on removing the myriad prickles from his person, looking slightly hurt at the accusations * Darton eventually gives up on chasing the darn thingy and wanders back to the so- called Shining Force <Narrator> Something from behind the Shining Force can be heard yelling, "Wait up!" <Baine> We're kiddin, Kodah * Baine blinks * Baine draws AmeShi swiftly and turns to meet the voice.. :P <Jeyer> Wait up! K'mon! * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Baine> Jey-.. <Lara> can't be... <Erin> Him... <Kodah> ....yay * Chamolo snarls. "You!" <Lara> let's keep going...this is probably that distraction. <Darton> oh, it's our traitor... can we kill him now? * Baine blinks a few times.. <Baine> Can't be.. * Kiwi hisses... <Baine> I mean.. * Jeyer freezes... Traitor..? Wha..? * Chamolo is about to rush at him, anger clouding his judgement! * Kodah ignores Jeyer, working on his prickles * Jeyer takes a step back... Uhm... * Baine stands in front of Jeyer and eyes the group.. <Baine> We don't know anything.. <Erin> I know what I saw... <Baine> How can we know if he's the fake one? <Baine> He could be the real one. <Lara> I'm not taking any chances, Baine... * Kodah grumbles under his breath <Lara> let's get going. We need not your assistance, Jeyer. <Jeyer> ... See, I knew I shouldn't have come back.. Forget this.. <Baine> Jeyer.. * Jeyer teleports away... * Darton yawns and waits for something to happen, preferably violent * Chamolo is about ready to um...if you wanna hold him back, now would be a good time! <Chamolo> Damn! * Baine closes her eyes.. <Darton> ah well... <Kodah> .... * Baine's form blurs with fire.. * Baine growls.. <Chamolo> I wanted to... * Chamolo throws his staff on the ground <Erin> We have more important things to worry about... 'cmon... * Baine sighs and disperses the fire.. <Kodah> Cham? * Kiwi meeps sadly... "Chammy okay?" * Lara turns and starts walking again. <Baine> ...tearin' me apart... * Kodah limps after the others, working on the last prickles <Chamolo> ....I'm okay.. * Baine mumbles and follows Lara.. * Chamolo picks up his staff, growling, and follows Lara. <Kodah> ...This book is gonna kill me at this rate.... <Erin> Maybe you'd better save reading it for times when you're not moving. ^_^; <Kodah> I don't think I'll have time to read it otherwise ^^;; <Kodah> I'm not a fast reader and this is going to take me a long time ^^;; * Baine reaches out gently and touches Cham's shoulder. " okay?" * Darton semi-loses interest and lags behind everyone else again, just a tad * Lara keeps walking.. <Chamolo> Fine... <Erin> If I could carry you, that'd make it easier... but then I couldn't fly... and I'm not as strong as most Centaurs anyways... :/ <Baine> You don't sound it, truthfully, Chamolo.. <Chamolo> I'm just going to rearrange his face...that's all... * Chamolo walks a little faster. * Baine sighs and looks down.. <Kodah> No, don't bother. I'll manage...somehow.....but thanks for the offer Erin <Baine> Life just got incredibly complicated.. :P * Darton yawns, "Life's always complicated..." * Lara starts to think to herself. * Baine mumbles and whispers softly under her breath.. <Darton> Just ignore everything that doesn't apply to the now <Narrator> The road ahead splits... One leading north-west, the other one south-west... Towards Hassan... <Baine> ... <Kodah> what? * Darton yawns, one road's much like another to him <Lara> while i hate to admit it....I think we'd better go THROUGH Hassan to get to Creed's. <Baine> NO! * Baine stops and backs up. <Baine> No no no. <Kodah> ?? <Lara> hold it... <Chamolo> Baine... * Lara digs out her map.. * Chamolo hmms...and gets an idea * Baine is extremely pale. <Kodah> :\ <Chamolo> Stay right there, everyone! <Chamolo> And don't look! <Kodah> Cham? * Lara is reading her map. * Chamolo picks up his herb bag, pulls out a shirt and pant, and goes behind a tree. * Kodah shrugs, flops onto the ground and keeps reading, now up to page 8 <Lara> wait...something's not right. * Chamolo comes out in a white shirt, and brown pants. He throws his robe over Baine and pulls up the hood, covering her face. * Baine blinks. <Baine> ACHOO! <Lara> if we go to Hassan, we'll get stopped by a mountain range with no caves or passages. * Baine falls over <Lara> only a river to the north.. <Chamolo> This'll work! ^_^ * Baine sneezes again <Baine> Bloody hell...this thing is hot. <Chamolo> And you don't have to put on a dress...why do you keep sneezing..? * Darton settles to the ground, looking about himself * Lara keeps reading her map. * Kiwi follows with his nose in the air. * Erin keeps flying, hovering a little more than a foot off the ground. * As long as there's sky over our destination... I can travel to it. * Chamolo drags Baine along ^_^ * Baine blinks and sneezes some more <Baine> Aaaaaaaa-CHOO! <Baine> Ah-ah-ah... <Baine> CHOO! * Baine sniffles. <Chamolo> What is it?? * Darton gets up and follows some more <Lara> Kara, you sound like hell. * Baine murmurs.. <Baine> AAAAAAAAAAAAAACHOOO!!! <Chamolo> Maybe I should knock her out...and pretend she's sleeping or something.. * Baine falls over again <Baine> Damnit. <Chamolo> O_o Baine! <Lara> hmmm....let me think... <Baine> Damnit...lets just...uhm... <Baine> Err.. * Baine blushes lightly. <Kodah> ?? <Baine> away..? * Baine grins meekly <Kodah> Uh..... <Lara> Kara, can we talk for a second? <Chamolo> Maybe I really should knock her out... O_o * Baine eyes Lara.. <Baine> Aaaaaaaaaaaa-*blocks her nose* <Lara> I have a simple question. <Baine> *squeak* Sure. * Baine coughs and moves her finger. :P <Lara> would the White Lion's Claw recognize you without your Ninja garb? If we can disguise you, then we'd be able to get through Hassan unscathed. <Baine> I.. * Baine goes pale.. <Baine> Theres.. <Baine> Well.. <Chamolo> Well, she does have my cloak on. She looks like a priestess now. * Baine fidgets. <Baine> Yes. Yes they would. <Chamolo> Sigh. <Kodah> Can we go around Hassan? <Baine> Look.. <Baine> Lets just go through it.. * Baine 's voice wavers.. <Baine> Gotta face the past sometime, right..? <Kodah> :\ <Lara> I doubt it, Kodah...besides, it's right on the banks of the river... <Chamolo> She has the cloak long as she doesn't sneeze herself to death, we'll be fine! Besides, I'll protect her! <Lara> true, Kara..too true. <Lara> and I'll help, Chamolo. * Baine looks down and mumbles about whippings.. <Baine> Yeah.. <Baine> Lets go.. <Chamolo> Baine.. <Baine> It's...just.. <Baine> I'll be fine.. <Baine> But...don't get hurt protecting me. * Chamolo takes Kara's hand. "You'll be okay. Promise." <Kodah> o_o;; * Baine blinks. * Chamolo drags her along ^_^ * Lara summons her soulsword and walks along toward Hassan. * Baine chuckles softly and is dragged <Baine> AAAAAACHOO! * Kodah ulps a bit, but follows anyways <Baine> Ugh * Darton snorts at Baine <Lara> now THAT'S turning the tides. * Erin tags along, her nose in a book. * * Lara has her nose in her map....reading it. * Baine murmurs.. <Baine> Lets just kinda avoid any meadows we see.. <Kodah> ?? <Baine> ......but...we can visit...Alexander's grave.. <Baine> If we have time.. * Chamolo keeps on dragging Baine. ^_^ * Lara keeps walking and reading. <Chamolo> Alexander? <Chamolo> Who's that? <Lara> who's Alexander? <Baine> ....he took me in after my parents were killed by a Minotaur... <Baine> And I killed him.. * Baine goes quiet.. <Kodah> ..... * Darton twitches his tail <Lara> talk about gratitude. :P * Baine flinches. <Chamolo> Lara! Hush! <Baine> ... <Baine> I.. <Chamolo> How could you be so insensitve? * Baine hauls away from Chamolo and walks ahead of the group.. <Chamolo> Baine! Wait! <Kodah> o_o <Chamolo> Now look what you did -_- <Lara> just an observation, Chamolo. * Kiwi is very confused. * Lara rushes after Baine. <Lara> KARA, HOLD ON! <Chamolo> You should learn to think first, then speak later! * Baine twirls on Lara and hisses! * Kodah holds his head in his hands <Baine> Go. Away. <Lara> :P * Baine turns back towards Hassan and walks faster. * Lara follows Baine, keeping a close eye on her. <Chamolo> Baine! WAIT! * Chamolo runs after her! * Kodah checks to see if there's a section in his book about unity of purpose * Baine mumbles various words...among which is Clan... <Chamolo> Baine! Please! Slow down! * Baine slows.. <Baine> What? * Baine's voice drips with ice.. <Chamolo> Please slow down... * Darton catches up to Baine and murmurs "Nice form... can't tell you how close I've come to killing my adoptive mother, you know..." He's not saying this loud enough for anyone else to hear. <Chamolo> Don't listen to Lara. She didn't mean what she said. * Baine blinks at Darton... * Baine pales.. <Lara> we'll need to stay together if we're going to survive this, Kara <Baine> I.. <Baine> It wasn't.. <Baine> no.. * Baine snarls * Baine pushes Darton away. <Chamolo> Darton, what did you say to her?! <Kodah> O_o * Baine starts running towards Hassan O_o * Darton falls back anyway, having said what he intended to say anyway. <Chamolo> Baine! Argh! <Lara> great <Kodah> What happened? O_o * Darton ignores Cham-boy. :P * Lara starts running behind Baine. * Chamolo pushes Darton down to the ground and follows her, pissed that no one here can keep their mouth shut! <Kodah> ....hey..... o_O <Kodah> <Kodah> ....uh...... <Kodah> Shoot -_- * Lara keeps running after Baine. * Baine makes incredible speeds.. <Narrator> Hassan is spotted over the river... <Kodah> Why do I bother?........Wait for me!! * Darton is merely walking along, well behind everyone else, even Kodah * Baine trips.. * Chamolo is right behind Baine, huffing and Puffing, but not stopping! * Baine falls and rolls.. <Lara> now this takes over the river and through the woods a bit literally. <Baine> Nnh.. <Chamolo> O_o No! <Lara> Kara! * Chamolo catches up with her. "Are you all right?!" * Lara runs over to Baine. "You OK, Kara?" * Baine has a gash down her forehead.. <Baine> Yeah.. <Baine> Peachy.. * Baine stands <Baine> Perfectly fine. <Chamolo> Here, let me heal that. * Kodah trips over nothing in particuar in his haste and goes flying into some bushes O_o * Baine hisses.. <Chamolo> ...Baine? <Chamolo> What did I do? <Baine> You didn't do anything.. <Baine> It isn't you.. <Baine> It's me.. <Chamolo> Then...please stop.. * Baine sighs.. <Chamolo> Don't listen to the others...they are ignorant and clueless as to what's going on! <Chamolo> And they don't mean what they say. <Baine> I don't understand.. <Baine> You of all people should be utterly disgusted. <Chamolo> It's obvious there's more going on with you than meets the eye...and what they're hurting you. Just don't listen to them! * Baine turns away and looks at Hassan.. <Chamolo> Whatever you did, you * Kodah manages to extract himself from the bushes, after some quiet swearing at himself <Chamolo> You've changed. <Baine> Have I? <Baine> I killed him. <Chamolo> I think so... <Baine> I'm a butcher. <Lara> honestly? You have, Kara. * Baine sighs. <Chamolo> Okay, well, I'll be were...but you are not anymore...and people can change. You have. <Baine> So much has happened in Hassan... <Baine> So much hurt.. * Baine shivers.. <Lara> if a leopard could change his spots, I guess you'd be that leopard, Baine... * Kodah manages to catch up with the group and flops to the ground behind them, wheezing a bit * Baine shakes her head.. <Chamolo> Let's go... * Baine starts off to Hassan...slower now. * Chamolo follows. * Lara follows quietly... * Darton strolls along like it's just any day * Kodah looks up, sees he's been left behind again, groans to himself, and limps after the others * Baine sneezes <Baine> AAAAACHOO <Chamolo> *mutter* * Baine chuckles softly.. <Baine> I think it's either this cloak or my fear...heheh.. <Narrator> A small, narrow bridge lies over the river... * Kodah starts pulling small branches out of his clothes * Lara crosses the bridge. <Darton> ugh... who built that thing? * Baine stares at the bridge.. <Chamolo> Why? * Kiwi plods along like he's been doing for the past few hours... <Darton> cause they didn't do a good job with it :P * Baine crosses it warily.. <Chamolo> Um...who built it? Why ask? * Chamolo crosses it with no worries. ^_^ <Baine> Tred lightly, my allies.. <Chamolo> I'm sure we'll be fine. * Kodah is too wraped up in his branch removing efforts and almost miss the bridge entirely * Darton tries making a bridge of ice along the river surface, not trusting the bridge * Baine wraps the cloak Cham gave her around herself tighter.. <Kodah> Yow! O_o <Baine> This is kinda cozy. * Erin is flying, and isn't effected by wether there's a bridge or not. * :P * Kodah walks across the bridge carefully * Chamolo follows, whistling. * Baine puts a finger across Cham's lips. :P <Baine> You're really wanting an arrow between your legs, aren't you? :P <Kodah> ? <Chamolo> Huh? <Narrator> The gates of Hassan are wide opened... The streets are empty but for a few random people... <Chamolo> What? Nothing's gonna happen. Trust me. <Baine> Chamolo.. * Baine sighs and stares at the gates.. <Chamolo> Keep a positive attitude... <Kodah> If its all the same to you, I'll worry a little ^^;; <Baine> Gods... * Lara has her soulsword in hand..... * Baine saunters through the gates.. * Chamolo whispers to Kodah "I'm just acting this way so Baine won't worry so much!" * Baine notices a abandoned house... <Kodah> Oh * Lara follows Baine. <Narrator> The freeze spell fails and the bridge of ice goes unbuilt :P * Baine pales very much white. ^_^; <Baine> Th-.. <Baine> This is not right.. <Baine> I shouldn't be here.. * Darton gives up and walks carefully across the present bridge, in no particular hurry <Baine> Lets just leave now.. <Kodah> ^^;; <Chamolo> Baine... * Chamolo pushes her forward. <Lara> Kara? * Baine blinks a bit.. * Kiwi meeps sadly... <Chamolo> Don't be afraid! I'm right behind you. <Baine> Heh...wonder if the table is still there... <Narrator> Large posters cover the walls... Sheets of paper lie in the street... * Lara picks up one of the sheets and reads it. <Darton> this place is a dump. * Baine is shivering now.. <Lara> tell me about it... <Narrator> The sheet mentions of an auction... The featured item is the second Shining Force's caravan! * Kiwi acks! * Kodah looks around, confused at it all <Chamolo> Hmm. ^_^ That looks intresting.. <Kiwi> Nononono! Can't sell that, can't sell that! <Lara> hmmm..... <Chamolo> Why Kiwi? <Kiwi> Because... because... Kiwi... ah... * Kiwi starts to cry! * Baine stumbles towards the old house. <Kodah> O_o * Baine kicks the door open.. ^_^; <Chamolo> Kiwi... * Darton nibbles on a hangnail. <Kodah> Kiwi? * Chamolo pats Kiwi and gives him a tissue. * Baine goes into the house... <Kiwi> They no can sell that! Caravan important, not some junk! Waaaaah!!! <Chamolo> Maybe we can get it...? <Lara>'s worth a shot. <Kodah> What's the big deal with it? * Darton glances at the sheet, "Oh, that? What do we need it for?" <Kiwi> <sniffle> Chammy get Caravan back for Kiwi? <Lara> It could get us to Creeds. <Chamolo> Hmm..Yes, why not? <Kodah> How? <Chamolo> I'll try! <Chamolo> We have money, don't we? <Chamolo> We wouldn't have to walk anymore. <Kodah> Some O_o * Kodah counts his pocket change <Darton> Fine... just let me know if anything happens... or better, don't, because I'll know by the screaming *grins* * Kiwi sniffles pitifully... <Chamolo> Darton...bah! Whatever! <Lara> let's head for the auction. * Chamolo nods. * Chamolo heads...for :D * Kiwi follows Cham... * Lara follows Chamolo, but keeps her ears open for anything, should Darton or Baine need help. * Kodah decides to keep an eye on Baine, just in case * Darton looks to where Baine went, it holds more of interest to him than some auction <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The structure which Baine has entered leads to a large room... The room is almost barren, except for a few shattered picture frames... The pictures show a little girl and an old War-Wolf... The air in the house is stale and reeks of rotten flesh... * Baine stares around, pale.. * Baine saunters to a picture on the floor and picks it up... * Baine sighs softly at how she was back then.. <Baine> It's not fair.. * Baine tosses the picture at the wall. <Narrator> The rest of the frame shatters as it hits the wall... * Baine sniffs the air and wrinkles her nose. <Baine>'d think they'd at least clean this place.. * Baine sighs.. and notices two staircases.. * Baine freezes.. <Baine> ....gotta face it sometime... * Baine starts down the staircase leading downstairs. <Narrator> The room at the end of the stairs is completely black... A large metal table lies in the center of the room... Straps for hands and feet can be spotted... dried blood is apparent on it... Many objects of torture are strewn across the room... Completely covered in blood also... * Baine stares around, wide eyed.. <Baine> Oh sweet gods.. * Baine lurches towards the table and leans on it, staring at the blood... * Baine runs a hand over it.. * Baine picks up a whip.. ;) <Baine> Urk.. <Baine> Me and you had some good times.. * Baine chuckles coldly.. * Baine's over hand goes to her back and she feels the scars.. * Baine tosses the whip at the wall.. * Baine sits down and stares at some nails....they also have blood on them.. * Baine murmurs and looks at a scar on her palm.. * Baine bursts into a loud, painfilled scream and collapses on the items while sobbing... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force is now at the auction... Mostly crap is being sold right now... Like a Yogurt commemorative lamp... O_o * Chamolo sighs, and waits for the good stuff.. * Lara jus sits there quietly. * Kodah looks sadly at the house Baine went into <Auctionneer> SOLD! To the guy in the front seat! * Kiwi looks for stuff pertaining to the second shining force... * Lara naps in her seat.. <Auctionneer> Next item on the auction table, the ACTUAL Max Bandanna from the first Shining Force! * Kiwi bahs. <Chamolo> Hmm...maybe I can look tough with that ^_^ <Lara> -_-....Zzzzzzz..... <Auctionneer> We'll start the bidding at 500 coins! <Chamolo> 500?! That's a rip off! <Auctionneer> 500 to the gentleman with the staff! <Auctioneer> Do I hear 600! <Kiwi> Nooo! <Chamolo> What?! <Auctioneer> 600! K'mon, people! <Chamolo> Nonono! * Chamolo bangs his head on his staff <Auctioneer> Noone? Oh well... Going once... Going twice... SOLD! *slams his mallet down* To the man with the staff! <Chamolo> O_o HUH? <Chamolo> But that man.. * Chamolo arghs. * Chamolo pulls out the spare change in his pocket and nabs the badanna. :P * Chamolo puts it on ^_^ <Chamolo> Well? <Lara> quite stylish. <Chamolo> ...You hate it, don't you? <Auctioneer> Neeeext item up for bids, Slade the Ninja from the second Shining Force's Critical Katana! * Kiwi urks. * Chamolo sits down. * Lara goes back to napping. <Lara> -_-....Zzzzzzz..... <Chamolo> Hmm..maybe Baine would like that. Dman me and my loud mouth..shoulda saved my money.. <Auctioneer> I'll start the bid at 1000... Do I hear 1000? 1000 coins, people! * Chamolo sits down and tries to be as unoticable as possible. <Stranger> 1000! <Auctioneer> 1000, I got 1000 do I hear 1200? <Stranger> 1200! <Auctioneer> 1200! Do I hear 1500? 1500 people! This is a steal! * Kiwi stays quiet, having not really cared for Slade anyways... <Lara> -_-....Zzzzzzz.....*Rambles incoherently* <Auctioneer> Going once...... Going twice..... Sold! To the man in the white robe! <Chamolo> White...Robe? <Kiwi> oO(White robes?) <Chamolo> Jeyer....? * Chamolo growls, picking up his staff. <Narrator> A merchant walks up to the podium to get his item... <Chamolo> That little puke is MINE if..oh, it's not. * Chamolo sits back down. ^_^ <Auctioneer> Neeeeeeeeeext item up for bids! A rare and unusual staff..... It is said to have once belonged to Sarah, the priest! * Chamolo perks a little. <Kiwi> O_O <Chamolo> ....I need money.... <Auctioneer> I'll start the bidding at 700! Do I hear 700? 700! * Chamolo checks his money bag... "Of all the luck! 698 Gold!" <Auctioneer> You with the staff in the back! I'm sure you'd love this! * Kiwi finds two gold in his helm... <Chamolo> Um...I would...but... * Kiwi hands it to Chammy. ^_^ <Chamolo> Then I won't have anything for the caravan.. <Stranger> 700! <Chamolo> Oh well. Too late. <Kiwi> Nooo... <Auctioneer> 700! I've got 700! Do I hear 750? * Chamolo gives Kiwi his money back. "Oh well, I got a bandanna." * Kiwi awps softly. <Stranger> 750! * Chamolo pats Kiwi. <Baine> .....950... <Chamolo> Hmm? * Baine stumbles in.. <Chamolo> ...O_O Baine? * Kodah follows Baine in <Auctioneer> I've got 75... I've got 950 from the woman in the back! * Baine looks like an utter and total mess.. <Kodah> :\ <Chamolo> Baine...what the...? <Auctioneer> Going once...... Going TWICE.......... SOLD! To the fucked up woman in the back! * Chamolo blinks...a lot. * Baine flinches.. * Darton pokes his head in <Kodah> ..... * Baine points to the staff.. <Baine> For you.. <Chamolo> Me? * Baine hands Cham the money.. <Auctioneer> Come get your staff, miss! <Chamolo> But... * Baine slumps in a seat... * Chamolo nods, and goes up. "It's for me, sir. ^_^" * Chamolo hands him the money * Chamolo takes the staff! * Kiwi whispers to Chammy, "Give fucked up lady bandanna!" <Auctioneer> You lucky man... ^_^ * Kodah sits down, keeping a few seats between him and Baine * Chamolo nods to Kiwi. "Good idea." * Baine murmurs and has something tightly clenched in a hand.. <Lara> -_-....Zzzzzzz.....*Rambles incoherently still* * Chamolo goes back, takes off the bandana, and gives it to Baine. "For you." * Baine blinks and looks up at Chamolo.. * Chamolo smiles boyishly. ^_^ * Kiwi awwws... <Baine> I.. <Baine> ...thank you.. <Chamolo> No, thank you. * Lara just keeps napping.... * Chamolo smiles and sits down. * Baine takes it and ties it around her arm.. <Chamolo> I wonder what type of staff this is...? * Baine stares at the ground..."Probably magical.." * Kiwi waits impatiently for the Caravan... * Chamolo starts to do something...stops...then starts again..and puts an arm around Baine... * Baine blinks.. <Auctioneer> Neeeeeeext item up for bids! The sword of the legendary Taros! Any powerful fighter would want this! <Baine> Ch.. * Baine relaxes into the arm. <Chamolo> Hmm? <Auctionneer> Do I hear 1400? <Stranger> 1400! <Auctionneer> I've got 1400! Do I hear 2000? <Stranger> 2000! * Baine murmurs and stares at her clenched fist.. <Auctioneer> 2000 coins! Going once....... Going twice........ SOLD! To the large, husky man in the front row! <Baine> *murmur* Insanity.. * Baine opens her hand and stares at the bloody nail she has.. * Chamolo is oblivous. * Baine leans against Chamolo some more. * Chamolo blushes and smiles. <Baine> What're we waiting for, Cham? <Auctioneer> Neeeeeeeeeeeext item up for bids! An old helmet, believed to be from the second Shining Force's leader's pet turtle! <Kiwi> ..... <Kiwi> Eh... <Kiwi> Kiwi no pet! ...Erk. <Chamolo> Wow...Kiwi...that sorta looks like your hat... * Lara just continues sawing logs. <Auctioneer> I'll start the bidding at 50 coins! * Baine sniffles lightly.. * Kiwi jumps up and down. * Chamolo smiles, looking at Kiwi. "50!" <Auctioneer> I have 50 coins! Do I hear 100? K'mon! 100! <Auctioneer> Noone??? <Baine> 100... ;) <Chamolo> Baine! O_o * Baine chuckles softly.. <Kodah> .... <Auctioneer> I've got 100! Do I hear 200? 200! * Chamolo grins. "Oh well. ^_^" * Lara starts snoring.. * Kiwi facefaults. * Chamolo baps Lara. "Wake up! O_o" <Auctioneer> 200 from that half away lady in the back! <Lara> O_O <Chamolo> O_o What? "300!" <Baine> Chamolo! <Chamolo> Hmm? <Kiwi> Nooo... <clunk> * Lara wasn't even awake here. <Baine> We're all in the same group :P * Kodah groans softly <Baine> Why're we bidding against each other? :P <Auctioneer> 300! We've got 300! Going once... Going twicows SOLD! To the same guy! :P <Lara> how do I bid on something when I'm not even awake. * Baine groans. :P <Chamolo> I didn't know he meant Lara...gah <Chamolo> She owes me... * Baine chuckles. * Kiwi walks up, empties his helm of 300 coins, and grabs his helm, grumbling... * Chamolo goes up and gets the hat * Baine falls over :P <Kodah> Exactly how much do we have left for the whatzit? <Chamolo> Hey! O_o <Chamolo> ..I was gonna pay for that... * Baine chuckles and sits back up.. * Kiwi comes back, beaming. =) * Chamolo shrugs, goes back to his seat, looking a little embarrased. ^^; <Chamolo> Kiwi, next time, let ME pay. * Baine smiles unevenly at Chamolo. "You're way too sweet." <Chamolo> I am? <Auctioneer> Weeeeellllll we've got another nice item here... A sword! Fine craftsmanship... Believed to heal the wielder everytime he strikes! <Baine> Yep.. * Chamolo just sits back...waiting for the blasted caravan to show. <Lara> something Kodah would be interested in. <Auctioneer> Let's start the bidding at 800! <Kodah> Me? O_o <Auctioneer> Do I hear 800? * Baine's expression darkens and she looks at the nail again. <Auctioneer> 800 coins! This is a STEAL! <Baine> I bet it was a steal. * Baine smirks. <Auctioneer> Shut up, you damn bitch :P <Baine> O_o <Kodah> Oh heck.....800 <Chamolo> Hey! Don't talk to her like that.... *Mutter* * Darton chuckles wryly <Narrator> Auctionneer: I've got 800! Do I hear 900?? * Baine hauls out her AK47 and busts a cap in the Auctionneer's sorry ass! <Kodah> (Mumbled)Everyone else is buying stuff..... <Chamolo> And you....(To Darton) just....just...shut up, okay! Don't smile at her like that! <Auctioneer> Noone?? YEESH! Are you people all asleep???? <Lara> -_-....Zzzzzzz.....*Rambles incoherently still* * Baine blinks at Chamolo.. <Darton> what? <Chamolo> Sigh. Nothing. <Auctioneer> 800 going once... Going twice............... Sold! To the guy with the cool hair! <Darton> Yer acting weird. <Chamolo> Me? <Chamolo> I am not. <Kodah> ...what does the world see in my hair? O_o * Baine feels this really big amount of safety O_o <Darton> Yes you are. <Baine> Shut up, Dart :P <Lara> -_- * Chamolo sighs and slinks back in his chair. <Auctioneer> Come and get your sword, sir! * Chamolo kicks Lara doing so. O_o * Kodah goes up and pays the guy 800 gold and takes the sword, hoping he didn't make an idiot of himself * Darton shrugs and wanders away * Baine tugs lightly on Cham's sleeve. "Don't be angry." <Chamolo> I won't. I just don't like him. * Lara isn't woke up by Chamolo's kicking her. * Baine smiles a little and leans on Chamolo again. <Auctioneer> Now... The item you've all been waiting for....... * Chamolo grins. * Chamolo perks. * Kiwi sighs... "We never have enough money..." <Chamolo> If we pool it...we should be fine <Auctioneer> This is a rare one, folks... The Shining Force's caravan! * Chamolo kicks Lara HARD! Wake up, the Caravan is next! <Lara> O_O <Baine> I have like 300 coins left.. * Kodah hands his leftover cash to Chammy <Chamolo> I have 698... <Lara> will you cut that out, Chamolo? <Chamolo> The caravan is ON, Lara. <Auctioneer> We'll start the bidding at 3000! * Baine hands Cham her money too. :P * Chamolo hands his and Baine's to Lara. * Lara raises her soulsword. * Kiwi prays hard... =) <Auctioneer> 3000 to the charming lady in the back who has drool on her chin! * Lara wipes her chin off.. * Chamolo bursts out laughing! * Baine snickers <Auctioneer> Do I hear 4000? <Stranger> 4000! <Kiwi> !!! <Chamolo> Oh boy... <Auctioneer> 4000 to the merchant in the corner! Do I hear 4800? * Kiwi hisses at the stranger. <Lara> 5000 <Auctioneer> 5000 to the charming lady in the back! * Baine mumbles something about wanting to get out of Hassan and snuggles tighter against Cham. "This sucks." <Auctioneer> Do I hear..... 6200?? * Darton's money is with him, however much it may be, and yer probably going to have a hard time finding him <Stranger> 6200! <Chamolo> You'll be fine.. <Kiwi> Nooo!! <Lara> fuck this....6500 <Auctioneer> I've got 6200... I'VE GOT 6500! <Auctioneer> Do I hear 7000?? * Chamolo prays. * Baine mumbles and hands Cham the nail. "Keep this in your pouch for me..." <Stranger> 9000! <Kodah> Dooh! * Chamolo sighs. "Well, we had to try." * Chamolo blinks and takes the nail... * Kiwi starts to cry! <Kodah> O_o <Kodah> o_O <Auctioneer> I've got 9000! Going once....... Going twice.............. * Baine murmurs.. * Chamolo pats Kiwi. <Narrator> A man in a white robe walks in the auction room and yells, "50,000 COINS!" * Baine chokes <Kodah> O_o <Lara> O_O * Kiwi looks at the auctionneer with cootness incarnate... <Baine> What the hell? <Kodah> o_O <Chamolo> O_o <Kiwi> ...? <Auctioneer> SOLD! FOR 50,000 COINS! <Chamolo> That better NOT be Jeyer or I will have an issue problem!! * Lara thinks she recognizes that voice. <Baine> Ooooh boy. * Jeyer walks up to the front and hands the auctionneer the money... <Baine> Uh oh. <Kodah> ..... * Chamolo growls... <Chamolo> I have an issue problem!! * Baine stops leaning on Chamolo and grabs his arm. :P <Chamolo> No! Let go! <Baine> Don't! * Jeyer turns around and glares at the Shining Force... <Baine> Insanity would be attacking him.... <Chamolo> Let go! That clone bought it so we'd be delayed!! * Jeyer walks up to Chamolo... <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> LET ME GO!! <Kodah> o.o * Jeyer glares into his eyes.. * Baine keeps hold. * Chamolo gulps, but still struggles. <Jeyer> Happy now? <Chamolo> Huh? * Darton comes back, having heard Cham yelling, wondering who hasn't heard it * Chamolo stops struggling. <Jeyer> Are you *ALL* HAPPY NOW?! * Baine loosens her grip.. <Kodah> ? <Jeyer> Take the damn caravan... It's yours.. * Jeyer walks out angrily... * Darton blinks... "What? What?" <Baine> Je-.. * Kiwi hisses. <Kodah> ?? * Baine sighs. <Chamolo> Oh my god...he was the real one.. * Chamolo feels like moose poop. <Baine> I told you that.. * Baine stands.. * Chamolo mutters and walks off. <Kodah> ??? * Kiwi sighs. <Baine> Damnit...Chamolo.. <Auctioneer> Erm... Who takes this...? <Lara> we will,. * Baine goes after Chamolo :P <Auctioneer> Erm... Ok :P * Lara accepts the Caravan. <Kodah> Uh....what just happned? <Narrator> == The Shining Force gets the Caravan! *cheesy music* <Auctioneer> We'll have it waiting for you at the gates of town... ^_^ <Kodah> .....? <Lara> thank you. <Narrator> the room empties itself, many people grumbling... * Kiwi jumps up and down happily, but can't help but to worry... * Jeyer walks towards the Hassan gates... * Lara walks out after Chamolo and Baine. * Kodah wanders out, following everyone else * Darton semi-follows, being rather erratic, as usual * Jeyer keeps walking, not looking back... Not caring... <Lara> Chamolo, Kara, everyone, let's get to the city gates.. * Chamolo sits near near a post, grumbling a lot... * Lara starts for the western gates of Hassan. * Chamolo gets up and follows. <Kodah> Ehm.....hello? * Baine sighs and follows Chamolo.. * Kodah looks after Jeyer, unsure of what to do next * Baine watches Chamolo carefully. <Narrator> The Shining Force is now by the gates of Hassan... The Caravan is waiting for them there... * Kiwi runs to the caravan! * Lara gets to the Caravan and enters the vehicle. * Kodah ulps, then chases after Jeyer <Kodah> Hold it Jeyer! * Darton pokes the small, odd looking thing... it looks like a bug * Jeyer turns around and looks at Kodah... What... <Lara> can we keep on our current mission please? <Kodah> You just blew 50 thouand gold on us...why? * Kiwi hops in! <Jeyer> Cuz I'm an idiot... What do you think? * Baine sighs and looks at Jeyer.. <Kodah> After everything that's happened....why? <Narrator> == Kiwi finds a brave apple, a strength potion and a Defense milk in the hidden compartments of the Caravan... * Darton enters the Caravan <Kiwi> Whee! * Lara examines the controls of the caravan. <Jeyer> Because I'm decent... <Baine> Jeyer.. * Kiwi gingerly sniffs the apple... "Old..." <Kodah> .....perhaps you are after all <Jeyer> Baine... Don't EVEN think about it... <Baine> Think about what? <Lara> this seems easy enough to control.... * Kiwi brings out what he found... * Baine eyes Jeyer.. <Darton> Ooh. Snack. Thanks. <Jeyer> Don't try and making EVERYTHING allright by acting all pitiful! * Chamolo eyes Jeyer wearily. * Darton takes the apple and milk from Kiwi <Baine> Pitiful? O_o <Chamolo> Hey... * Erin looks at Darton incediously. * * Kiwi hisses at Darton. "Wait!!!" <Baine> Jeyer...this is insane...a misunderstanding... *grimace* * Jeyer glares at Baine... You know how I feel about you... You bloody well know.. <Kodah> ..... <Chamolo> Leave her alone... <Chamolo> She's been through a lot.. <Jeyer> But you.. Oh no.. You HAD to just hook up with that damn priest.. <Baine> B-b.. <Chamolo> Hey! <Jeyer> You damn slut.. <Kiwi> Don't take those! * Baine flinches and stumbles back.. * Chamolo growls. "Don't you dare call her that!" * Kiwi tries to snatch them away... <Darton> huh? Why not? <Baine> I...I'm not....I.. * Jeyer glares at Chamolo.. And you're gonna stop me?! <Erin> 'Cause he found them, Darton. <Darton> ...whatever. * Darton hands them back * Chamolo growls, and pops him one in the jaw, knocking him back. "Well, since you ASKED." * Baine blinks... <Darton> I'll find myself something later. * Kiwi glares at Darton and goes in the back and hides them again... "No give now..." * Jeyer reels back a step and returns the punch square across the jaw, knocking Chamolo down! <Chamolo> Agh! * Kodah sandwiches himself between Cham and Jeyer, "Stop it! Just stop it!!" * Baine's eyes widen. <Chamolo> Let me at him!! <Kodah> No!! <Jeyer> Bring it on, priest boy.. <Chamolo> Fine! If that's what you want!! * Kodah tries to keep the two apart * Lara slides out of the caravan in a NASCAR fashion. "WILL YOU TWO CUT IT OUT?" * Kiwi sighs. <Baine> aah.. * Jeyer glares at Chamolo.. You should be happy.. Yer a heretic.. You can hook up with Baine now.. I GAVE you that.. <Kodah> Would you two knock it off?! <Chamolo> What?! O_o <Jeyer> Yer all damn ungreatful.. * Baine gapes <Chamolo> What do you MEAN you gave me that?! <Lara> I knew it...he's trying to stall us. <Jeyer> If I hadn't gone to the damn church, by my OWN free will, I woulda never seen that.. <Jeyer> .. That defilement.. <Chamolo> And you were so damn convinced it was me, when it WASN'T! <Kodah> Why do I feel like I'm talking to my armpit here? <Darton> what's taking so long? <Jeyer> BECAUSE I SAW! <Chamolo> Do I look like the type to do that? * Kiwi sleeps in the back. * Baine stares and shakes her head slowly.. <Jeyer> Do I look like the type of person who'd spend 50,000 coins on an ungreatful lot?! <Chamolo> Only to treat baine like something off your shoe! <Jeyer> And HOW does she treat me?! The damn same! * Baine flinches.... <Kodah> ....!! <Kodah> Wait..... * Darton gets up and looks at the arguement outside the caravan * Chamolo growls, ready to pop him again. <Lara> far be it from me to get involved in THIS mess. <Kodah> Wait a sec.....! <Darton> Can we go yet? <Chamolo> Yes Kodah...? * Jeyer glares coldly at Chamolo.. <Kodah> Erin, what about what she saw at the cave? <Kodah> That...person with the multiple faces...... * Jeyer blinks.. <Jeyer> What..? <Erin> The person who only had one face, but used the other as a disguise... <Baine> How can you be sure? * Kiwi puts a "do not disturb" sign on his shell and snores away... * Baine speaks, voice wavering. * Chamolo blinks... <Kodah> Erin saw someone with Chamolo's face earlier, who later changed that face to Jeyer's <Baine> What if it were another face... <Kodah> Maybe......uh..... <Kodah> Maybe that guy defiled the temple <Chamolo> Kodah...? <Chamolo> Maybe... <Narrator> Someone walks through the gates.... <Jeyer> Hey! It's the Shining Force! Long time no se...... *spots the other Jeyer* <Baine> O_o <Kodah> Urk! O_o <Jeyer> Oh crap... O_o <Chamolo> O_o Oh my god... <Chamolo> Which one is which?! <Lara> oh great...two Jeyers. * Jeyer blinks... <Chamolo> Maybe I'll just get them both... <Darton> hm... so I was wrong... <Kodah> -_- <Baine> sound like me. :P <Erin> A skill-testing question maybe...? * Darton shrugs to himself, much happier all of a sudden * Jeyer growls madly and leaps on the other Jeyer.. <Baine> O_o <Kodah> Wait! Damn..... <Lara> this is gonna be interesting. <Baine> It's a bundle of Jeyer's...lovely. <Narrator> Both roll around, exchanging punches! * Chamolo arghs.... <Kodah> Now what? ^^;; <Lara> like a schoolyard fight. <Jeyer> YOU DAMN IMPOSTER! <Jeyer> HEY!!... OOF! <Chamolo> Um...Baine! * Baine blinks.. <Baine> Yeah? <Chamolo> Ask him something only he would know! <Narrator> The two keep lashing out at eachother! * Baine blinks lightly.. * Kodah blinks....a lot * Darton hooks the aggressive Jeyer's shirt with a claw "Normally I'd be happy to let you do this, in fact, I'd even join in... but there are things other people seem to care about right now. So for now, sod off." <Baine> If you can seperate * Jeyer growls softly.. <Chamolo> Hurry Baine..ask him! <Baine> Jeyer! <Chamolo> Maybe I should just ask which one defiled the church...hmm? <Baine> What was our intructor called! * Darton snorts "Like that'd work, priest." <Chamolo> Will you stop? * Baine waits, tense.. * Lara leans against the Caravan. <Narrator> Both Jeyers answer the same thing... "Boner!" <Baine> Fuck. <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> Ask another! <Baine> Argh..I've got another way. <Baine> Both of you. Hold out your palms. <Narrator> Both hold out their palms... <Darton> And no funny stuff. <Baine> Give me the nail, Chamolo. * Chamolo blinks, and gives her the nail. * Baine walks to the first Jeyer and looks for a scar that matches the nail.. * Baine hmms.. <Baine> Scar on this one. * Baine walks to the second Jeyer... * Baine searches the palm.. <Baine> Ah ha! <Baine> No scar! * Baine holds up her own palm...her scar there.. <Baine> He went through the same thing I did.. * The second Jeyer falters.. <Chamolo> Which one was that? The one who just ran in, or the one I hit? * Kiwi sleeps blissfully. <Jeyer> No!.. Baine.. * Baine looks at the second Jeyer.. * Darton lets the first Jeyer go and grabs the second, a small, somewhat sadistic smile on his face <Jeyer> Baine.. *sighs* Do what you must.. *closes his eyes* * Baine blinks.. * The first Jeyer grins.. <Kodah> .... <Baine> ....what if I'm wrong.. <Chamolo> Wait... <Kodah> Can I ask something? * Chamolo looks at the first Jeyer's smile.. * Baine unsheathes AmeShi quickly and puts the blade to the first Jeyer's throat. :P <Baine> Darton. <Baine> Put the second one down. <Chamolo> Baine? * The first Jeyer gulps.. <Kodah> O_o * Darton shrugs and does so * Baine draws AmeShi back... <Baine> May your soul be chewed on eternally by all the demons of the 9 hells.. <Chamolo> How does she know?? <Kodah> o_O * Baine brings the blade down and slices the first Jeyer's head off ^_- <Chamolo> ...I trust her judgement! Save me a piece for...argh. Baine! <Kodah> Urk! <Chamolo> ...I wanted a piece too...ruined my life. <Narrator> The head plops down to the ground, rolls for a second and stops... <Erin> O_O <Baine> Sorry, Chamolo.. <Jeyer> Well well now... I guess I wasn't smart enough to fool you... :P <Kodah> Iyeee..... <Narrator> The head starts to speak... <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> O_o * Baine raises an eyebrow. <Kodah> Yuck! <Darton> hm... <Chamolo> Wedidn'tjustsliceofftherighthead!?! <Narrator> The lifeless body stands up and walks over to the head... * Kiwi snores... <Baine> What the hell? :P <Kodah> not normal!! * Darton punts the head off to somewhere else :P <Narrator> It picks up the head and puts it back into place... * Baine stares O_o * Chamolo growls. "You ARE the one! You're the one who deflied that church. I feel it!" <Baine> Wha... <Narrator> The head floats back to the corpse and places itself back... :P <Chamolo> Show yourself! <Kodah> o.o * Baine backs away slowly.. <Chamolo> I'll knock that head off 1000 times to make sure you die! <Darton> mmmh.. was worth a shot. <Corpse> Well now... I guess I'll show you my true form... <Baine> least I got the right one.. :P <Chamolo> Tell me! I want to hear it! You defiled that Chruch! <Kodah> ^^;; <Narrator> The form wavers and blurrs, then reshapes and forms back into..... <Narrator> ==== Session end! ===== ^_- <Chamolo> ...I trust her judgement! Save me a piece for...argh. Baine! <Kodah> Urk! <Chamolo> ...I wanted a piece too...ruined my life. <Narrator> The head plops down to the ground, rolls for a second and stops... <Erin> O_O <Baine> Sorry, Chamolo.. <Jeyer> Well well now... I guess I wasn't smart enough to fool you... :P <Kodah> Iyeee..... <Narrator> The head starts to speak... <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> O_o * Baine raises an eyebrow. <Kodah> Yuck! <Darton> hm... <Chamolo> Wedidn'tjustsliceofftherighthead!?! <Narrator> The lifeless body stands up and walks over to the head... * Kiwi snores... <Baine> What the hell? :P <Kodah> not normal!! * Darton punts the head off to somewhere else :P <Narrator> It picks up the head and puts it back into place... * Baine stares O_o * Chamolo growls. "You ARE the one! You're the one who deflied that church. I feel it!" <Baine> Wha... <Narrator> The head floats back to the corpse and places itself back... :P <Chamolo> Show yourself! <Kodah> o.o * Baine backs away slowly.. <Chamolo> I'll knock that head off 1000 times to make sure you die! <Darton> mmmh.. was worth a shot. <Corpse> Well now... I guess I'll show you my true form... <Baine> least I got the right one.. :P <Chamolo> Tell me! I want to hear it! You defiled that Chruch! <Kodah> ^^;; <Narrator> The form wavers and blurrs, then reshapes and forms back into..... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====