Shining Force RPG session 18
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The shapeshifter morphs and writhes.... His Jeyer form dissipates and becomes a single faceless entity... Then, reforms, features portaying horns and red scales.... * Baine narrows her eyes and hugs Chamolo's cloak tighter around her... <Lara> Holy fucking shit! <Evil_Flamestrike> Surprised? <Baine> Knew it.. <Narrator> The scales change colors as he reforms... They turn black as the night... <Kodah> F...f....f...ffffffffffff * Kodah begins to sputter <Darton> oh, you? * Indigo finally comes to. <Baine> fuck is the word you're looking for, Kodah * Darton grins <Kodah> I am? O_o * Baine leaves Cham's cloak on and draws AmeShi.. * Evil_Flamestrike has a different appearance. More talons, horns, and an overall more "Evil" appearance <Indigo> W.......wh........what? * Jeyer gapes.. <Baine> At least I got the right Jeyer. <Kodah> * Baine casts a grin back at the real Jeyer. * Baine looks at the Evil Flamestrike * Evil_Flamestrike flexes his talons <Baine> Lets kick some ass. * Jeyer shakes his head and growls.. <Indigo> What is going on? <Lara> time to give him a taste of Lara 3:16 <Evil_Flamestrike> My master has ordered me to exterminate you. * Indigo stands up, shaking her head. * Baine grins * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Darton> ehh... since when could he shapeshift? <Kodah> M....master?! <Baine> Bring it on, nerdboy. <Evil_Flamestrike> Since when i was born, puppy <Kodah> But...I thought you were one of us! O_o <Darton> oh well... I get to rip your throat out now, that should make me happy for a bit. <Evil_Flamestrike> Years ago, in times that you could never imagine <Baine> He's the traitor, Kodah. <Baine> Don't you get it? <Kodah> ....Oh <Evil_Flamestrike> I never saw you in my whole life, except in a crystal ball * Evil_Flamestrike looks at the Shining Force <Evil_Flamestrike> You won't be a problem to kill <Baine> Oh? <Kodah> Huh? <Baine> Stop talking and do some walking, you over-grown lizard * Baine growls. <Indigo> As I remember, I broke your wings before, and kicked your eye. * Darton grins "You don't know me very well, do you?" <Kodah> ^^;; * Evil_Flamestrike 's scales turn a bit red when Baine pronounces the word "Lizard" * Baine smirks. <Baine> Oh? <Lara> time to give old Lizard boy the ASS WHOOPIN he's been asking for. <Baine> We can still be wounded by that? good. <Baine> Lizard. <Kodah> Doesn't he hate the word lizzard? * Kodah smacks himself, "Doh!" <Erin> Traitor... You'll have to die for this treachary, lizard. * Evil_Flamestrike appears a bit confused, his scales a mix of red and black * Jeyer pulls away from the party.. <Indigo> I remember he was upset when I called him Mr.Lizardman, * Baine hisses.. <Erin> I never loved you, you know. You were blind to the obvious... no one could love you, least of all me. * Evil_Flamestrike looks confusedly at himself <Kodah> O_o <Evil_Flamestrike> Love... * Baine blinks and chuckles. <Kodah> o_O <Baine> And I thought I was cruel. ^_- * Indigo looks at Erin in surprise, but a smile plays at her lips. <Evil_Flamestrike> I... remem... <Lara> Yipers...and I thought the king and queen of Guardiana were cold. <Erin> I'll see a feathered shaft between your eyes before the days end... * Darton waits till someone starts the fighting and stuff to eviscerate this resemblance of an obstacle <Kodah> o_o;; * Baine drives AmeShi into the ground and leans on the handle. * Baine watches Erin and FS :P * Evil_Flamestrike appears dazzled and confused * Baine grins and hauls Cham's hood up. ^_^ <Narrator> A bolt of black energy hits FlameStrike <Kodah> O_O * Evil_Flamestrike screams <Kodah> Cham! * Erin speads her wings and leaps into the air... feeling more at home there, than on the ground. * * Evil_Flamestrike growls <Evil_Flamestrike> I don't know what's happening to me, but YOU shall pay for this! * Lara starts to summon her magics. <Evil_Flamestrike> raises his arms up in the air, lets out a loud, piercing call and a horde of Wyverns come at his side... <Kodah> Ulp! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== 10 Wyverns And Evil FlameStrike ===== <Kodah> o_O <Lara> alot has happened since we last saw each other, FlameStrike....NOW EAT THIS! <Baine> Time to kick some ass... * Indigo frowns. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Darton grins... "Oh goodie... wing snake things to kill..." <Indigo> It is too bad this had to be. <Narrator> == Erin attacks Evil FS * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Evil FS !! * <Narrator> == The arrows whizz towards Evil FS... They graze his wings, shredding it slightly... 12 damage! <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Narrator> == Lara casts Bolt on Evil FlameStrike! * Lara raises her hand to the skies as storm clouds begin forming over Evil-FlameStrike and thunder can be heard throughout the area. Light rain begins to pour down. Lara then shouts, "Powers of the heavens...SHOWER DOWN!" Suddenly, bolts of pure lightning shoot down upon Evil-FlameStrike. <Narrator> == The black scales disperse some of the spell... 5 damage! <Lara> oh shit.. <Lara> guess I'd better just slice and dice the son of a bitch. <Kodah> Oh boy..... * Kodah fumbles for his sword <Narrator> == The Wyverns go in formation around FlameStrike, protecting him from any frontal attack... <Narrator> == Baine and Indigo can attack! * Indigo summons Neptune to unleash her tidal wave from behind. * Baine smiles coyly and raises her hands to the air. Fire leaps up from the ground and burn in her palms. She closes her fists on the flames, keeping them there. She fixes her cold blue eyes on Wyvern-5 and sneers. <Baine> ¤Katon level 2! Hope you enjoy your hell, prick! Burn!!!! * Baine thrusts her palms out to Wyvern-5 and the flames engulf him, burning angrily and fueled by her hatred. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Neptune level 2... * Baine grins evilly <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon lv. 2 <Lara> BURN, BABY, BURN! * Baine grins <Indigo> Fire and water. Baine burns them, and I cool them off with Neptune. * Lara seems to be enjoying this too much. <Narrator> == The tidal wave comes up from behind, crashing on FS' back, catching some Wyverns who were unaware of the attack... 12 damage on FS, 11 damage on Wyverns 1, 2 and 3! * Evil_Flamestrike looks at the Shining Force and says "Ooowaah! Totto to kakatte koi!" <Evil_Flamestrike> (Come on, let's fight) <Lara> someone translate that....I don't speak very good LIZZARD! <Narrator> == Baine's Katon burns Wyvern 5, but the fire spreads and incinerates Wyvern 4 and 6 also... 14 damage on each! * Baine grins. <Baine> Not bad. <Lara> Not bad at all, Kara. * Lara high fives Baine. <Narrator> == Evil FS can attack! * Baine returns the high five <Evil_Flamestrike> Yoshi, todome iku ka? <Evil_Flamestrike> (Alright, shall i go in for the kill?) <Indigo> What? <Lara> COME ON, LIZARD! I GOT YER NUMBER RIGHT HERE! * Evil_Flamestrike heals the Wyverns <Narrator> == FlameStrike casts Aura on the Wyverns... They all regain 8 HP <Kodah> Hey! O_o <Indigo> Oh dear. <Darton> Relax... it just makes the killing more fun <Narrator> == Chamolo and Darton can attack! <Lara> you're right, Darton... <Baine> Go Chammy! * Darton leaps at the nearest wyvern and wildly slashes, bites, claws... his usual thing, y'know. He digs underneath its scales, shredding the soft flesh underneath <Kodah> o_o;; <Indigo> Wow. <Narrator> == Darton attacks Wyvern 3 <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes at Wyvern 2... <Narrator> == Wyvern 3 doesn't stand a CHANCE... 36 damage! Critical! Dispatched! * Evil_Flamestrike seems somehow reluctant to attack the SF... * Darton laughs as he's bathed in blood from the now shredded wyvern <Narrator> == Chamolo's staff crushes one of the Wyvern's wings... 19 damage! <Baine> Very nice.. ;) <Lara> good shot, Cham Cham. * Kodah shies away from Darton ^^;; * Baine tightens her grip on AmeShi and the flames crackle angrily.. * Evil_Flamestrike looks even more confused when he hears the words "Cham Cham" <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Wyvern 5... <Indigo> Oh, I just remembered something about dragons. The joints where the wings connect to the body are the most vulnearable spots. * Kodah covers his blade in lightning, and thrusts it deep into the Wyvern, "Thunder God Attack Raijingeki!" <Baine> Does that work for Wyverns too, Indigo? * Indigo nods. * Baine's eyes are cold blue and she gives a feral grin. <Baine> Good. * Baine crouches. <Darton> that sounds fun... <Narrator> == The Wyvern, vulnerable to lightning, seems to implode as the sword slides into the monster! 38 damage! Critical! Dispatched! (Kodah gains 8 HP) * Kodah gets buried in fried Wyvern bits O_o * Kodah thrashes around, trying to get loose, "Getitoff! Getitoff! Getitoff!" O_o <Narrator> == Kiwi can attack! * Darton gnaws on a disembodied wing from the wyvern he killed * Lara snickers at Kodah. <Narrator> == Kiwi shies away from the battle... <Narrator> == 2 Wyverns detatch from formation and fly towards Erin for an attack! * Kodah flops away from the remains back into formation * Lara begins to concentrate on her sheathes itself in holy lightning. * Baine just remains crouched, eyes narrowed into slits.. * Evil_Flamestrike looks at the Wyverns, then screams "NOOOO!" and flies on to them, parrying the blows intended for Erin with his body. * Kodah is still covered in Wyvern sinew and blood, not looking happy <Narrator> == Evil_FlameStrike blocks the confused Wyvern's attacks... 24 damage! <Kodah> Flamestrike? o.O * Evil_Flamestrike grits his teeth, and shakes off the Wyverns <Evil_Flamestrike> Grrrrrrrrrrrr * Darton notes what Flamestrike did and notes in some unused corner of his mind not to kill him quite yet <Narrator> ===== 8 Wyverns, Evil FS ===== * Baine barely acknowledges what FS did and glares at Wyvern 8. * Kodah gets confused all over again * Lara eyes Wyvern 6...the lightning enhanced blade crackling with powre. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Evil_Flamestrike mutters: "You'll win this battle... but we'll win the war, even if it means my death, bastard..." <Kodah> Who is he talking to? O_o <Lara> beats me, Kodah... <Baine> Yo' momma. * Jeyer crawls away from the fighting circling around the Wyverns... <Kodah> Why is he talking to my mother? * Evil_Flamestrike screams, and all of his partially red scales turn a raven black, while a bolt of black energy hits him again <Narrator> == Erin attacks Evil FS <Baine> Because yo' momma is yo' momma * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Evil FS ! * <Kodah> Wha? o_o * Evil_Flamestrike exposes himself partially to the attack <Narrator> == The arrows shred through part of his arm! 18 damage! * Indigo just looks on, the sanity fading and restoring in her eyes. <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Narrator> == Lara sword combos on Wyvern 6! * Lara rushes toward the enemy, leaping and bounding off of FS's back...she runs her soulsword through the Wyvern's back. <Narrator> == Lara's sword combo deals massive damage to the Wyvern... 31 damage! Dispatched! * Lara then leaps back to safety with the shining Force. <Narrator> == Baine and Indigo can attack! * Indigo summons Neptune, unleashing the tidal wave on FS again. <Narrator> == Baine attacks Wyven 8 * Baine leaps on Wyvern 8 with a howl of rage and drives AmeShi down into the joints of it's wings! * Baine yanks the blade back and forth! <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune... * Baine hauls the blade out of the wyvern and leaps back <Narrator> == Baine, in an act of pure psychosis, shreds through the Wyvern like a hot knife through butter... 32 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> == The tidal wave crashes upon FS HARD... 18 damage! <Narrator> == Evil FS can attack :P * Evil_Flamestrike screams "Faia! Hakairyokuuu!" (Fire! Destructive Power!) and breaths on the Shining Force, although he seems to hold a bit back his flames * Kodah tries to swat the flames away with his sword <Narrator> == FlameStrike uses a fire breath attack on the Shining Force... <Narrator> == the Shining Force is hit for 6 damage each <Baine> Oh gee <Baine> That hurt <Kodah> Ootch! * Baine yawns <Lara> Ouchers. <Indigo> Ouch!! * Kodah tries to beat out the flames on his person * Evil_Flamestrike looks guilty and confused * Indigo bats out the flames on her robes. <Narrator> == Chamolo and Darton can attack! :P * Darton leaps up unexpectedly from the remains of the first wyvern he killed and worries at another snaky thingie's wing joint, and clawing at it, bringing it down to the ground as he tears at it madly, the damage from the fire attack going almost unnoticed <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes at a Wyvern, Darton shreds a Wyvern :P <Narrator> == Darton's attack again mutilates the Wyvern like a cow being experimented on by a visitor... 32 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> == Chamolo crushes a Wyvern's skull and gapes... 28 damage, Dispatched! o_o <Baine> O_o * Darton chews contentedly upon the deceased wyvern's remains <Baine> Chamolo! <Kodah> Wow! * Baine noogies him ^_^ <Lara> Great hit, Chamolo. <Indigo> Wow Cham! * Chamolo keeps gaping... Damn... I'm buff! O_O <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! <Kodah> Yah! <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Wyvern 1... * Kodah jumps up and slashes the Wyvern's midsection <Darton> ...tastes like chicken <Narrator> == The Wyvern busts a gut... Literally... 17 damage! * Kodah gets the contents of the Wyvern's stomach dumped on him! O_o <Kodah> OW! <Narrator> == Jeyer leaps up behind FS silently and slits his throat * Kodah rolls in the dirt, trying to get the stuff off him * Darton looks up at Jeyer <Lara> Youch...that had to hurt. <Narrator> == Evil FS grabs Jeyer's arm and throws him 20 feet away, slamming him into a rock <Indigo> Ow.... <Baine> Jeyer? O_o * Baine erks * Darton says nothing <Lara> this day is getting stranger and stranger. * Jeyer Screams in pain and falls unconscious! <Baine> Grrr <Narrator> == The Wyverns attack the unconscious Jeyer! <Lara> Eat your heart out, Hollywood. * Baine narrows her eyes! * Kodah extracts himself from the dirt, his clothing rather tattered from the Wyvern's potent stomach acids -_- * Darton watches thoughtfully <Narrator> == The wyverns bite and slash at Jeyer, hurting him BADLY... <Narrator> == 27 damage! * Baine growls * Kodah tries to dig the gruk out of his eyes, "What's going on? I can't see!" * Indigo looks to Jeyer. <Indigo> I.....think he is hurt. <Darton> ...that's what happens, yeah... * Indigo holds her head, the sanity fading in her eyes. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 5 Wyverns, Evil FS ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack :P * Evil_Flamestrike mutters "You'll pay for this too, Da..." and is hit by yet another energy bolt * Kodah falls to his knees, trying to clear his vision * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at Evil FS !!* <Narrator> == Erin attacks FlameStrike... * Baine stabs AmeShi into the ground and starts towards Jeyer! <Narrator> == Erin't arrows knock FS back, hitting him in the stomach! * Baine snarls savagely.. <Narrator> == 18 damage! <Baine> G-.. <Baine> Get.. * Baine gathers flames around her.. <Baine> * Baine's eyes burn with pure fury.. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine clamps her eyes shut and screams "GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!" before leaping onto the Wyverns and casting ¤Katon lvl 2 on them! * Chamolo gapes.. * Chamolo then stops <Chamolo> I have GOT to stop doing that... <Narrator> == The Katon starts burning the Wyverns, but faintly... Suddenly, clouds form in the sky... A large bolt of power plummets towards the Wyverns! Rayjin lv. 1 is cast! 21 damage on each Wyvern! Baine takes 12 damage! <Narrator> == The wyverns blast away, scattering. <Narrator> == Two wyverns die from the Rayjin... * Baine grunts! <Chamolo> Nice! <Kodah> What's happening? * Indigo looks up insanely. <Narrator> == Baine learns Rayjin level 1! * Baine leans down and helps Jeyer up... * Baine growls lowly.. * Baine glares at the Evil FS.. * Evil_Flamestrike looks strangely at Baine * Indigo shakes her head. <Indigo> Interesting. * Chamolo moves in front of Baine, as if to protect her... <Chamolo> Don't try anything! * Baine blinks * Evil_Flamestrike seems to have a look of sorrow in his eyes * Kodah stands up, holding his sword and staggering around, unable to make sense of the battlefield <Baine> Chamolo.. <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Baine feels a wee bitty weak from the Rayjin... :P * Evil_Flamestrike mutters "I'm s...sorry..." <Narrator> == Lara attacks a Wyvern! * Chamolo nods. "I know." * Baine hauls Cham's cloak around herself tighter :P * Jeyer stays unconscious... * Chamolo starts chanting for a healing spell for Baine. <Evil_Flamestrike> I'm not sure of anything anymore... * Lara jumps into action again, this time she leaps and bounds off of Kodah's head...and drives the blade intot he Wyvern. * Kodah drops face-first into the dirt with a muffled yelp! <Evil_Flamestrike> Are you my friend... or my enemy? Am i Tiamat... or FlameStrike? <Narrator> == Lara's attack kills a Wyvern! <Baine> You're dead meat.... *hiss* <Baine> Thats what you are.. <Narrator> == 26 damage, Dispatched! <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * Kodah raises to his hands and knees, trying to find his sword again * Baine casts a glance to a few feet away where AmeShi is driven into the ground... <Chamolo> Flamestrike, I need to know! Did you destroy that church...? * Chamolo taps his foot, waiting for an answer. ^_^ * Indigo summons Atlas to strike FS with lightning. <Evil_Flamestrike> Flame... Strike? That sounds so familiar... <Narrator> == Indigo casts Atlas... * Baine lets out a small sigh of pain.. * Kodah manages to find the hilt of his sword again, and staggers to his feet, looking panicked * Chamolo looks at Baine with worry.. <Narrator> == Atlas crushes the remaining Wyverns and hits FS for 41 damage! O_O <Chamolo> O_o * Evil_Flamestrike is crushed by the Atlas spell * Chamolo gapes...then shuts his mouth! <Baine> Sh-shit....thats impressive... <Evil_Flamestrike> Arrrrgh... * Indigo blinks. <Chamolo> Argh! Chamolo! Bad! *hits himself* * Baine blinks.. <Kodah> What? What's happened? * Evil_Flamestrike retreats a bit <Indigo> I don't know the power of the elementals I summon........ <Baine> Don't...don't hit yourself.. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Erin: 38 XP, Lara: 21 XP, Baine: 46 XP, Indigo: 63 XP, Kodah: 50 XP, Chamolo: 37 XP, Darton: 54 XP, Kiwi: 0 XP * Chamolo phews and falls to his knees. * Baine grimaces <Chamolo> Oh...sorry * Chamolo heals Baine ^_^ <Evil_Flamestrike> It seems that you are much more than what i believed you to be... We shall see again, when i'm sure of who i am... <Chamolo> Wait! Flamestrike! Wait! * Baine smiles lightly at Chamolo and then sets Jeyer on the ground. * Jeyer stays unconscious... * Indigo looks up at FS. * Evil_Flamestrike casts Aura on the party for no apparent reason, says "Farewell" and then teleports away. * Kodah drops his sword, his hands moving once more to his eyes * Chamolo blinks. "Guess I won't know if he did it or not until he admits it..." <Chamolo> Besides, without him I have no proof. Guess I have to be a heretic for a bit longer... <Narrator> == The team is healed for 8 HP... * Baine murmurs something.. * Baine walks to AmeShi and tries to haul it out of the ground.. * Darton drops the remains of the wyverns he killed, no longer hungry.. and rather disgusted at his current self * Baine pulls.. :P * Jeyer stirs, but groans in pain.. * Baine pulls too hard and falls on her butt <Baine> ow :P <Baine> Fuckin stupid thing * Chamolo murmurs something, looking at Baine... * Baine stands and growls, yanking the blade out * Chamolo then sighs, and heals Jeyer. * Baine sheathes it <Baine> There. <Narrator> == The healing fails... <Baine> ? <Chamolo> Huh? * Baine pales a little.. * Indigo just stands there, looking on. * Kodah staggers to a rock and leans against it <Baine> Is he dying..? * Chamolo looks down. "He might be..." * Jeyer passes out again.. * Lara walks over to Jeyer... <Chamolo> Or he might need a long rest... <Lara> maybe the gem of mitula could help heal him. * Baine runs her tongue over her teeth.. <Lara> Chamolo, try to focus your healing power through my soulsword. * Indigo goes to Jeyer. * Indigo nods to Lara and Cham. * Darton looks down at himself, matted with blood, little of it his and about half his fur gone from the fire attack <Chamolo> Okay... <Indigo> I'll focus my powers through the gems too. * Chamolo focuses his healing power, looking at the soulsword. * Baine looks back at Hassan. * Lara focuses her inner resolve to help Chamolo * Indigo focuses her powers as a sorceress, sending them into the gems. * Chamolo squints his eyes white sweat beads on his head. "This---is---difficult!" * Baine blinks. * Darton goes to wash himself off <Indigo> Don't try to force it, just let it flow. <Baine> Careful, Chamolo.. * Indigo is glowing with blue-white light. <Chamolo> I'm not trying to---urgh---force it---he has some massive injuries... * Kodah tries to walk towards the voices of the others, with mixed success <Narrator> A crimson field surrounds Jeyer, repulsing any healing attempt away! <Baine> ... <Lara> damn...what's going on here. * Indigo blinks. * Chamolo falls once again to his knees. <Chamolo> I would bet he's cursed somehow... <Kodah> I.....I Cham where are you? * Baine's lip twitches and she blinks <Chamolo> Kodah? * Kodah falls again * Chamolo walks over to Kodah and heals him. <Chamolo> There. ^_^ * Kodah's eyes are very badly swollen shut <Chamolo> You can open those eyes now. I cured you. * Baine looks curious and kneels next to Jeyer, poking him lightly in the arm. * Darton comes back, minus the blood matting what little is left of his singed fur <Baine> Hey. Wake up. <Narrator> The energy surrounding him burns Baine's arm. * Baine hisses <Kodah> ....Cham? I still can't open my eyes....what's wong with me? <Chamolo> Kodah...? * Kiwi returns to the Shining Force * Baine yanks her arm back, the armor there blackened. * Chamolo looks at Kodah's eyes... "I'll check.." * Baine sighs softly and runs a hand through her hair.. <Baine> Well now. <Baine> Whats wrong with Kodah's eyes, Cham...? * Kiwi pokes Cham * Darton looks at Jeyer and wonders if a freeze spell would get rid of it... probably not * Chamolo sighs... * Baine saunters over to Chamolo and tilts her head, examining Kodah. <Kodah> Cham? <Chamolo> The acid from the wyvern's stomach got into his eyes... * Indigo is looking on. <Kiwi> Chammy okay? <Baine> Really? Fuck.. <Chamolo> I...I'm not really sure if it's temporary...or not...but you're blind, Kodah. <Chamolo> I can't cure that. <Baine> Oogh <Baine> Kodah? * Kodah loses some color in his face, "You mean......that I.....I'm never going to......" <Baine> Kodah. <Chamolo> I don't know... * Chamolo's voice sounds sad, though. * Baine presses her hand to his cheek. "Listen to me. Okay?. Just listen." <Baine> It may not be perminant. Okay?. I can make you some medicine for the burn. <Baine> But you have to let it heal. You have to take it easy. <Kodah> can do that? <Baine> Yes. * Kiwi meeps at Kodah and sniffs his eyes * Chamolo looks at Baine, then Kodah. <Baine> But YOU have to stay put. Heal up. Don't exert yourself. <Kodah> Okay..... <Baine> Or I'll beat you silly... ^_- * Indigo sits down, still glowing but not trying anymore. * Baine grins lightly. * Kodah still looks frightened * Baine ruffles Kodah's hair. "Good. Just have faith." * Baine winks at Chamolo. <Chamolo> Don't worry, Kodah. I'm sure it's temporary... * Indigo looks to Kodah. <Indigo> You'll get well. <Chamolo> Gods, what a day... <Baine> Now! I need....hmm.. <Kodah> ...... * Baine tilts her face to the sky and thinks.. * Darton twitches his tail slightly * Kiwi looks confused <Baine> Some herbs...where do you get herbs around here.. :P * Baine looks back at Hassan * Baine shudders <Kiwi> What happen with big oaf? <Baine> Aaaaaaaaaaa-choo! O_o * Indigo opens her herb pouch. <Indigo> What about these? * Baine grimaces <Baine> Yeah! <Baine> Indigo ^_^ <Chamolo> You guys handle Kodah...I'll help Jeyer.. * Indigo smiles and hands her the pouch. * Kiwi pokes at Chamolo * Baine takes the herbs with a thankful nod. <Kiwi> Chammy! <Baine> Sounds like a plan, boyo. <Indigo> I have a bunch of everything in here. ^_^ <Chamolo> Yes? <Baine> Can you maybe fill a bowl with water, Indigo? <Kiwi> What happen with big oaf? Why he burn you then heal you? <Baine> And I'll need some bandage.. <Chamolo> You mean Flamestrike....I don't know....He's fighting the evil inside or the other will win. * Kodah sits very still <Chamolo> As to which...I can't tell you. * Lara removes her headband..."Will this work?" * Baine nods and smiles. <Baine> Good.. * Indigo pulls out a small clay bowl and summons Neptune to fill the bowl with water. * Baine sits down in front of Kodah and hauls a rock close to her.. * Baine puts the herbs on the rock. * Chamolo goes back to Jeyer. He opens his herb bag, wondering if he can force feed him herbs. * Baine starts crushing them into a powder with the hilt of AmeShi.. * Erin pulls out a book at starts reading, Momo-esque. * <Baine> Indigo....water, please.. * Baine holds a hand out * Darton sorta.... sits there * Indigo gives her the full bowl. <Baine> Thank you.. * Indigo nods. * Baine dips the center of the bandana into the water and then smears the herb dust onto the wet "bandage".. * Baine dips her fingers into the water and sprinkles some more onto the bandage.. * Baine makes a fine medicinal pulp.. <Baine> Okay.. <Baine> Kodah? * Chamolo tries force-feeding the herbs down Jeyer's throat, trying to avoid the buring aura around him. <Kodah> Yeah? <Baine> This might sting a bit. The stinging is the healing sensation, though. It won't last long. <Kodah> Okay <Baine> And you'll need to keep this on until I reapply the dust. * Baine nods and smiles. <Baine> Everything will be fine. Just you wait! <Kodah> All right <Narrator> Jeyer starts to fade.... * Baine applies the bandage to Kodah's eyes and ties it firmly.. <Chamolo> O_o Baine! Get over here NOW! <Baine> Huh? <Kodah> Ow! <Baine> Erk * Baine leaps up and runs to Chamolo <Baine> What?! <Chamolo> He's fading... * Lara runs over to Chamolo and Jeyer. * Indigo looks at Cham. <Kodah> Wha? What's happening? <Narrator> His form becomes almost ghostly... As if dissapearing... <Baine> ... <Chamolo> I don't know!! <Baine> Get Kodah, Chamolo. <Baine> Tell him whats happening. * Baine kneels by Jeyer and sighs softly.. * Indigo walks over, still glowing, and now trying her powers on Jeyer. * Chamolo carefully leads Kodah to the others. <Baine> Jeyer.. <Baine> I'm sorry.. <Narrator> Indigo's energy makes Jeyer fade completely... <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> ! <Baine> Stop healing him, you ditz! * Baine twitches.. * Indigo tries to stop, turning away as she tries to end the flow of power. <Baine> Thank you, Indigo. * Baine waits to see if Jeyer fades in a bit more. * Kiwi wanders around <Kodah> Wait? What? Who's doing what? <Narrator> Jeyer is completely gone... No sign of him left... <Baine> ... <Lara> great.... * Baine's face twitches.. <Baine> W.. <Baine> We tr.. * Indigo frowns, still trying to end the power flow. <Baine> We tried. * Chamolo puts a hand on Baine's shoulder. "I wish I knew what just happened...but I don't." * Baine stands. <Baine> It's okay. * Baine's voice is barely a whisper. <Baine> Kodah, Jeyer just died. * Kiwi looks intently at the place where Jeyer disappeared... <Kiwi> Meep? * Baine murmurs.. <Kodah> What happened? * Indigo sits down, glowing and throwing off arcs of blue-white energy. <Baine> I'm not sure.. * Darton looks at Indigo <Indigo> Perhaps he returned to the celestial plane. <Darton> Hey kid, you wanna turn down the light? <Kodah> Who returned where? * Baine hauls Cham's cloak tighter around herself.. <Kiwi> Meeeep??? <Chamolo> Baine... * Indigo frowns, trying to end her power. <Indigo> Can't. <Darton> oh well.. maybe it'll attract more things to kill <Kodah> .....this sucks <Baine> It does. * Baine shakes her head.. * Chamolo sighs. <Baine> But...*sigh* we..we should move on.. <Baine> Kodah needs to rest at an inn for a night.. <Indigo> Jeyer is holy, so he should be on the celestial plane by now. <Kodah> Jeyer? What happened to Jeyer? * Chamolo sighs, looking tired. <Baine> Jeyer is supposedly dead...he's not here anymore...his body is faded away. <Indigo> He faded and disappeared. <Kodah> D....d.....dead? * Baine hugs Cham's arm lightly and nods. "We need to leave.." * Kiwi wanders around aimlessly <Chamolo> Yeah.. <Kodah> Um....if...if we're going somebody me? * Baine helps Kodah along too, while being led :P <Chamolo> .oO ( I wanted to fight him. Look where it got him. He's dead...and I couldn't even save him. It's my fault...) * Darton trots along with the Force quietly, thinking, for a change * Kodah stumbles quite a lot as he walks * Lara puts Kodah into the Caravan. <Baine> . o O (Gee, Kara...notice how everyone you care about dies? Who'll be next? Chamolo, maybe?) * Indigo walks along. * Baine remembers the Caravan and begins to lead Chamolo to it :P <Baine> lets not go back into Hassan. ^_^; * Baine sneezes lightly. :P <Chamolo> On second thought, we should move on. * Baine nods. <Baine> Lets just...go.. * Kodah sits down in the caravan, holding his now unreadable book in his lap <Darton> that was interesting * Lara climbs into the Caravan. * Baine puts Chamolo on the caravan ;) * Chamolo sits in the caravan, looking down. * Indigo sits down. * Baine sits and drags a finger along her burnt arm. * Darton enters the Caravan and sits down somewhere convenient to him <Baine> We all ready to go? * Lara will drive. <Kodah> Yeah...full speed ahead and all that <Kiwi> Me drive! * Baine sighs and stares at the sky.. <Darton> you? Hell no. <Kodah> (weak chuckle)Not me <Indigo> I'll drive. <Narrator> Lara takes up the stick... * Darton gets up and wanders towards the front * Kiwi seats on the rider's seat, but finds out to be too short to operate the machine... * Baine chews on her lip and eyes Chamolo. * Darton sits next to Lara, shrugging... it was worth a shot * Chamolo leans back and falls asleep * Indigo reads a book. <Narrator> The Caravan activates itself and starts to move... * Kiwi goes in the back room and sleeps in his shell, snoring cootly ;) * Lara steers it toward Creed's. * Kodah runs his fingers along the book's title, wondering..... * Baine sighs softly.. * Indigo falls asleep in the back. * Baine does not fall asleep...she just stares at the sky.. * Lara steers the Caravan toward the river and to the Elven town. <Narrator> The caravan goes over the river... * Baine sighs. <Narrator> It floats and suddenly speeds VERY quickly up north... <Baine> *mutter* Who next, ninja? Who next dies? Of course it'll be someone you care about.. * Chamolo begins to snore. ^_^ * Baine sighs and runs a hand through her hair * Kodah pulls his legs to his chest, resting his head on his knees <Baine> Yeah. You'll get your friends killed.. <Narrator> The river turns sharply west, but the Caravan follows the path, as if it knew where it was going... * Baine mutters to herself, unaware that she's speaking aloud.. ^_^; <Baine> Damnit... <Narrator> Twist and curves from the river are easily bypassed by the Caravan... * Baine hauls a pic out of her tunic and stares at it before crumpling it in her hand.. * Indigo mumbles in her sleep and rolls over. <Narrator> The river splits up ahead... One path heading north and one west... * Darton watches through the window * Baine sighs and leans back, this time drifting to sleep....the crumpled picture clutched in her hand... * Chamolo wakes up and stares off into a corner. * Baine sleeps lightly... <Narrator> The Caravan follows the western path, not even needing to be directed to that path... <Narrator> The caravan follows the path and abruptly stops next to a small, shaded town... * Chamolo urks and falls on his face * Baine blinks and flails her arms animatedly as she falls off her seat due to the abrupt stop O_o * Baine yelps <Baine> Ow.. <Chamolo> Ow... <Baine> Muther fucking cock sucking donkey licking.. * Kodah falls face-first onto the floor * Darton gets up and stretches * Baine picks herself up * Indigo mumbles and gets up from the floor. * Chamolo blinks, and sits up. * Baine climbs next to Kodah and helps him up. <Baine> You okay? <Kodah> Thanks...yeah I think so <Baine> find you an inn.. * Chamolo supports Kodah as well. <Narrator> The town seems to be bustling with activity... A sweet melody is heard coming from inside, drawing the Shining Force towards it... * Baine is unaware that the picture she crumpled has fallen to the floor. ^_^ * Kiwi wakes up, blinks and waits <Baine> Hm.. * Indigo looks up and follows the melody. * Darton follows the melody, having nothing better to do at the moment * Kodah goes where he's led.....what else is there to do? * Baine helps Kodah out of the caravan and heads towards the melody... <Chamolo> That's a nice song.. <Baine> Mmm.. <Baine> Aaah...Chamolo? I sorta got the arm burnt off your cloak thing.. * Kiwi follows * Baine winces :P <Chamolo> Oh, it's all right. ^_^ You keep it. <Baine> Okay... ^_^ smells like you.. ^_^ <Baine> Err <Baine> I mean <Baine> Nevermind! <Chamolo> Huh? O_o * Baine blushes faintly and speeds up just a wee bit :P <Narrator> As the team walks into the town, they spot a young man sitting on the side of a house... A flute to his mouth shows him to be the source of the enchanting music... <Baine> O_o * Indigo looks to him. <Lara> hmmm... <Lara> nice tunes. <Indigo> Hi. I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. Who are you? * Indigo walks to Crest. * Crest stops his playing and looks "Well, umm, name's Crest" * Kiwi hides behind Chamolo and meeps at the young man * Chamolo blinks. "As in the toothpaste?" <Baine> Ooh <Baine> Toothpaste <Darton> Darton. <Baine> If I squeeze you, will you squirt white sticky stuff? ;) <Crest> Uh, no <Indigo> Nice to meet you. That's lovely music. <Chamolo> Baine! O_o <Kodah> ....... * Baine chuckles softly. <Baine> I'm joking.. ;) * Crest scratches his head "What?" <Kiwi> Kiwi like Crest's music! <Lara> I've never heard a musician such as him. <Baine> Ah...I'm Baine...from the Whi-....the Shining Force. <Baine> And this is Kodah.. <Kodah> Hi <Chamolo> I'm Chamolo Willcott. * Darton snickers at Baine * Crest looks at Baine strangely, "Umm, do you have a mental problem?" <Lara> I'm Lara Mano, 300th Generation Demon hunter. * Baine blink <Baine> Uh.. <Erin> Erin Gallant, Chief Strategist. <Baine> mental problem? <Crest> Nice to meet you all, but uh, what do you want? <Kodah> , o O (Good question actually) * Baine mutters something about beating the shit outta the annoying musicians <Chamolo> Just commenting on your music, that's all. <Indigo> I just heard you play and came to see what could make such a lovely sound. * Indigo smiles. * Baine adjusts the bandages on Kodah's eyes.. <Baine> Alright. <Crest> Ah, thank you. <Baine> I'm gonna go get this dude a room. <Kodah> Ow <Baine> Anyone wanna come with me? <Chamolo> Let me help you... * Baine grins at Chamolo. <Baine> Alright. * Crest leaps down off the tree <Indigo> Oh, we're here to heal a wounded friend. You can come to the inn with us if you want. <Crest> What's wrong with him? <Baine> Indigo...ergh...are you from Hallmark? * Baine shakes her head. <Kodah> I had an accident ^^;; <Baine> Yeah. <Indigo> From where? * Indigo looks at Baine. <Baine> Now...lets go... ^_- Cham, haul that cute butt of yours over here and help me guide this guy.. ^_^ <Crest> I can pretty much see that, did his eyes get cut out? <Chamolo> Uh..cute b...nevermind. <Baine> No. They were burned. Any other annoying questions? :P <Kodah> Uh no, I got Wyvern stomach acid in them * Chamolo supports Kodah and helps him to the inn. <Indigo> He was blinded by the stomach acids of a wyvern. * Baine leads Kodah to an inn with Cham's help! * Crest winces "That must've hurt" * Darton trots along behind everyone else <Kodah> (as he's led away)Nice meeting you Crest <Crest> Nice meeting you too <Crest> . o O(I think....) * Crest shrugs and starts playing his flute again <Narrator> As the Shining Force enters the inn, the rooms seem empty, and not too many people are in it... <Baine> Yay...full house... *snicker* <Narrator> A lovely elven girl greets the team behind the counter... * Indigo waves to the elven girl. <Lara> Hi! <Baine> Uhm.. <Baine> We need a really big room for...uhm... <Elf> May I help you...? <Chamolo> All of us. ^_^ <Baine> erh...yeah. * Baine blushes lightly. <Elf> Oh... Well let me see what we have available... ^_^ * Baine smiles lightly. <Baine> This is rather nice. * The elven girl looks through a large book on her counter... We have a 4 people room... Will that suffice? <Baine> 4 people? <Baine> Err <Darton> Uhm... can I have my own room? * Baine hmms <Indigo> Well, I guess. <Chamolo> I can sleep outside, if need be.. <Elf> We don't usually accomodate more than two people... I'm sorry... <Baine> no you will not O_o * Indigo is still glowing and throwing off energy. <Elf> Well, we do have 3 single rooms free also... <Baine> We'll take the room. <Indigo> If you guys don't mind a nightlight. :P <Baine> and those rooms too ^_^ <Elf> Ok... That'll be 100 GP for the night, please... ^_^ <Chamolo> This is gonna cost me. -_- <Darton> I'll take one... I don't feel like going outside tonight... <Kodah> What happened to the gold I gave you Cham? <Baine> I'll take my own room.. * Lara forks over the 100 Gold. <Chamolo> Hmm.. * The elven girl takes the money and smiles while handing the group the keys... Thank you! Your rooms are down the hall, third, fourth fifth and sixth doors on the right... ^_^ * Chamolo looks tired..."I could sleep forever...*Yawn*" * Baine takes her key * Darton takes his key <Baine> Chamolo...take care of Kodah. Be his eyes. Capice? ^_- * Kiwi runs up to his room :D * Lara runs into her room, * Baine stretches, her back popping. <Chamolo> Right... * Chamolo leads Kodah to the four person room. * Baine goes to her own room.. <Kodah> What a day...... <Chamolo> No kidding... <Chamolo> I think I overdid myself with healing Jeyer..I feel drained.. * Indigo goes to her room, trying to avoid blasting anything as she does. * Darton wanders upstairs to his own room well after everyone else and softly closes and locks the door <Kodah> You know, my Gradfather Kade is blind. I never ever considered what it was like for him * Baine sings while in the shower ;) You can all hear her :P * Crest throws a rock at Baine's window! SHUT UP! :P <Chamolo> I wish I could feel what you're feeling....I can't really....sorry.. <Kodah> Its nothing you;d want to experience Cham, trust me * Darton finds his own shower and gets the last of the blood that he missed cleaned off from earlier * Indigo takes a shower and gets out, lying down and reading, her glow illuminating the room. <Narrator> The Shining Force settle into their rooms and prepare for a night of rest... <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Darksol's lair, his minions sit around a large table, as if attending a meeting... <Darksol> Tiamat is going to fail... That is eminent... <Dorak> Yes he is... But the Shining force will have to kill him first... * Indigo growls... You never should have let that oaf of a dragon go after the Shining Force! <Darksol> Now now, my dear... I shall decide his fate... Just trust me... * Indigo snarls.. Trust..? A WORM like you? Suuuure.... <Dorak> Oh shut up, you tramp... <Darksol> ENOUGH! <Narrator> Both cower back into their seats... <Bishop> I do believe that I have a solution to the Tiamat/Shining Force problem... * Darksol turns to the bishop... <Darksol> How so? Explain yourself... <Bishop> I'm going to need alot of firepower... But by channeling Tiamat's energy, I can probably destroy him and the Shining Force at the same time... <Dorak> That, "IN THEORY", should work... <Dorak> But I don't know if his evil energy is enough.... Maybe we should send the little tramp in with him.... <grins evilly> * Indigo yells madly! I'M SICK OF YOU! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO ME LIKE THIS?!? <Dorak> I'm your past, present and future.. *snarls and changes into Dark Dragon!* * Indigo snickers unimpressed... * Darksol growls and fires bolts of power at both of them! WILL YOU TWO STOP LEAPING AT EACHOTHER'S THROATS?! * Dorak returns to normal and Indigo winces in pain at the bolt of power and shuts up.. <Darksol> Now... Tarl... *looks at the bishop* Put your plan in action... Take any firepower you need... * Tarl nods, gets up and walks out, Dorak and Indigo eyeing his back intentively.. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Morning arrives and the Shining Force is fully rested... * Lara is still asleep....Dead to the world. * Chamolo gets up and stumbles to the shower. * Kodah rises slowly out of bed, not quiet awake * Baine's room is empty. * Darton uncurls himself out of bed and opens his door cautiously * Indigo gets up, glowing and throwing arcs of energy from her still, but otherwise completely rested. * Chamolo opens the shower door and gets in, whistling a tune. ^_^ * Lara gets up...feeling refreshed..and ready to move out. * Kodah hears Cham in the shower. Unsure of what to do, just sits in bed not doing a lot * Darton wanders downstairs to get breakfast and wait for the rest of the not-so- shining force * Lara walks out of her room. "Now, can we get moving?" <Kodah> Can I get a shower at least? * Indigo walks downstairs, trying not to break anything with the energy surrounding her. * Chamolo comes out dressed, still whistling. "^_^ Hot nice water." <Kodah> I'd like to get my clothes fixed too sometime <Lara> some of us did that BEFORE we turned in last night. <Chamolo> You need help, Kodah? <Kodah> Um....I uh......think I can manage ^^;; <Chamolo> Um...okay ^^;; <Chamolo> Hey...Kodah, one thing <Kodah> Huh? * Chamolo takes off his bandages "I don't want these getting soggy. I'll redress them when you get out of the shower." * Kodah aks and covers his eyes quickly! <Kodah> Bright! Hurts! <Chamolo> O_O Bright? <Chamolo> Kodah! Open your eyes again! * Kodah blinks a lot as he tries to keep his eyes open <Chamolo> Can you see? <Kodah> I see.....a big bright blur * Indigo goes and gets out of the way, blasting apart a clay mug as she does. 1"Oops." <Chamolo> Let your eyes adjust ^_^ <Kodah> I suppose that means I can see......after a fashion * Chamolo smiles. * Kodah continues to blink a lot * Baine is absent from the inn :P * Darton is downstairs, eating breakfast :P <Chamolo> What do you see now? <Kodah> I guess I'll grab my shower then. Maybe my vision will clear after I clean my eyes a bit <Kodah> Still just a big bright blur * Kiwi is still snoring very loudly <Chamolo> Okay... * Chamolo hmm hmms. <Kodah> Thanks Cham....I'll be okay I think <Chamolo> I'm heading downstairs! The others are probably careful. ^_^ * Chamolo runs down the stairs, to the others. * Kodah heads into the shower, "I will" * Darton, despite the shower last night, still looks a mess with about half his fur gone * Baine is absent! Not present! Gone! Pfffb ^_^ <Chamolo> Where's Baine? <Darton> I haven't seen her * Kodah manages to fumble his way through his shower, feeling a lot better afterwards <Chamolo> Do you mind if I look for her? * Darton shrugs <Darton> Hell... I'm bored, I'll join you * Kodah puts on his still ruined clothing and slowly makes his way to the stairs * Chamolo sighs and sits down * Lara is making preparations for departure in the caravan. * Kodah makes his way carefully down the steps * Indigo gets up, a energy bolt smashing a chair and table before she walks out. <Darton> that girl should learn some control... * Baine is still gone :P <Chamolo> No kidding...if we have to pay for that stuff. * Kodah falls down the last three steps, but seems otherwise unhurt by the experience <Kodah> Oof <Chamolo> Kodah! * Chamolo helps him up. <Kodah> Thanks <Chamolo> No problem. <Kodah> Where am I? * Indigo walks towards the caravan, smashing stuff along the way without meaning to and fading mentally at times. She seems her old self. <Chamolo> The main room. <Chamolo> Let's go. <Kodah> Is there anything to eat? I'm starving * Chamolo walks toward the Caravan with Kodah. " I hope so!" <Darton> mmh... just ask the lady person.. I did. * Darton gets up and follows Cham * Baine is still abseeeennnnt......and.....theres that crumpled pic on the ground near the caravan.. ^_- * The elven lady hands Kodah a plate of food and smiles... ^_^ * Lara looks down at the ground and sees the crumpled picture. <Lara> hmmmm? * Kodah fumbles a bit, but manages to find the plate and proceeds to eat <Chamolo> Baine! Where are you? * Lara looks at the pic, * Chamolo calls outside for her, like a yodeler :P * Indigo gets in the caravan. * Lara can see a young child....perched on the shoulder of an old war-wolf, smiling widely. <Lara> Hmmmm...could she have gone back to Hassan? * Chamolo mumbles. "Where is she?" * Kodah finishes quickly, then stands up, slowly working his way to the exit <Darton> I dunno... I'm just following <Lara> Chamolo, go find Baine.. * Lara hands Cham the pic. <Chamolo> ^_^ I thought you'd never ask. * Chamolo nods and goess off to find her, asking various people if they've seen this dashing young ninja ^_^ * Darton follows Cham :P * Indigo sits there for a moments and mumbles, then looks at the pic and smiles. * Kodah miraculously manages to exit the inn without falling down <Chamolo> ....O_O a baby picture....? Haha! ^_^ * Chamolo puts it away and just describes her instead. <Narrator> Singing can be heard near Chamolo's location... <Chamolo> Crest? <Narrator> A woman's voice can be heard near Chamolo's position :P * Chamolo wanders over to the voice. "No, definetely NOT Crest." * Chamolo reaches the source of the voice. * Darton absents himself :P <Narrator> Chamolo is led to a river... <Narrator> Someone is nekkid in the middle of the river, singing like crazy... <Chamolo> O_o * Baine tips her head back and lets the water roll down herself, singing loudly. " o/~ Why can't you let me know? What is it you hide? When will I find my place in life?.. o/~" <Chamolo> O_o * Chamolo can't help but watch... <Narrator> Chamolo sees Baine's round, PERKY, tempting and nekkid breasts... <Chamolo> Oh gods, I'm going to go to hell for this... ^_^ * Baine splashes more water on herself.. <Baine> o/~ If you would only tell me how you feel.... o/~ * Baine jumps up and dives under the water. ^_^ * Baine heads for the Cham's direction.. ^_- <Chamolo> Oh crap.... * Chamolo hides behind the tree! * Baine comes out of the river and shakes her hair dry. <Baine>'s late....should get back.. O_o <Chamolo> please don't see me please don't see me please don't see me.... <Chamolo> Oh crap! * Chamolo runs back to the team, knowing she's coming back ^_^ * Baine gets dressed ;) * Kodah stands by the caravan * Chamolo comes back, looking very flushed. * Lara is inside the caravan, making preparations to leave. <Chamolo> Baine's coming. * Darton is now in absentia and nowhere to be found, as if anyone cared :P * Baine whistles... * Baine returns, hair still a bit damp but fully clothed. * Chamolo still looks really flushed. <Baine> Aaaahhh.. <Baine> Sorry to keep you waiting <Chamolo> N--No problem! * Baine blinks <Baine> Something wrong, Chamolo? :P <Chamolo> N-No. <Baine> Hmph. ^_- * Kodah fumbles his way back into the caravan and sits down * Baine smiles at Cham and patpats his shoulder. * Baine climbs into the caravan. * Chamolo blinks. * Chamolo climbs in too. <Baine> Did I miss anything while I was gone? ^_^ * Kodah perks up as he hears people entering the caravan, "Baine? Is that you?" <Baine> Yep...thats me, Kodah. :) How's my patient? ^_^ * Baine is very cheery today... ^_^ * Chamolo sits down with a plop <Lara> COME ON,FOLKS..NEXT STOP, CREED'S. <Kodah> Well, the world has progressed to a large bright blur, and other things are dark blurs * Darton finds his way into the Caravan just as everyone is about to leave <Baine> Hmm... <Baine> Thats a good sign, Kodah! <Baine> I need to reapply that bandage.. <Baine> Chamolo? <Kodah> Thanks for helping me out there Baine, I owe you one <Baine> don't owe me...I'm glad to help. * Baine pokes Cham's stomach. <Chamolo> Eh? <Baine> Wakey wakey * Baine grins at him. <Baine> I need the bandage you took off Kodah.. ^_- * Chamolo hands it to Baine. <Baine> Thank you. ^_^ <Lara> What bandage, Kara..that's my headband. <Chamolo> No p-problem. * Baine raises an eyebrow at Chamolo. * Baine chuckles at Lara. "Same thing!" <Narrator> The Caravan starts up and is put on course to Devil's tail... <Chamolo> Heheeh! ^^; * Baine goes to Kodah and reapplies the medication to the bandage.. <Baine> Kodah...same thing as yesterday, okay? But not as much stinging this time. <Kodah> Ah...back to the darkness once more, eh? <Baine> Yep! * Baine smiles * Baine applies the bandage gently. <Kodah> Okay, I can live with this a bit longer <Baine> You'll have to.. ^_- <Kodah> True <Baine> And you hafta take it easy too. <Baine> No rough housing.. <Baine> :P <Kodah> Uh...okay * Baine smiles and ties the bandage on. * Chamolo smiles. <Baine> There. ^_^ <Narrator> As the caravan approaches Devil's tail, the mountain blocking access into the Devil's tail seems to have been completely flattened down... * Lara steers the caravan to Devil's Tail. * Baine shakes her hair, sending little bits of water flying. "Next time we're in that Elven village...I need to show you guys this beautiful spot.." <Baine> It has this river...perfect for bathing in. ^_^ <Kodah> Sounds nice <Lara> Remind me to go there with Prince BlackHawk. <Baine> It is! It's got trees and is really utterly natural....very nice...thats why I was so late.. ^_^; <Lara> maybe he'll accompany us to Granseal after leaving Creed's. <Baine> I was bathing. :P * Baine stretches and her back pops a bit. * Chamolo freaks out to himself. O_o * Baine whistles the same tune she was singing at the river. ^_^ * Chamolo arghs! O_o * Chamolo crawls over to another side of the caravan, to supress his raging hormones!! <Narrator> A road that's not too bumpy leads into the heart of the devil's tail... * Baine blinks. <Kodah> What was that? <Baine> What was what? <Kodah> Sounded like a rat in a vice or something * Baine chuckles <Chamolo> Meeep.... <Baine> Chamolo, are you okay? ^_- * Darton snickers <Baine> You're acting kind of...odd.. <Chamolo> I-i---i-i'm fine ^_^ * Lara keeps steering the Caravan to Devil's tail. * Baine blinks <Narrator> The caravan passes through the path easily... Creed's mansion is up ahead... <Baine> But you're stuttering O_o <Baine> Badly, too :P <Chamolo> Nothing wrong! Didn't see you bathing...O_o....Oh...crap...ignore that please.... <Kodah> That was Cham? <Baine> O_o <Lara> A BIG TALLY HO...WE'RE HERE. * Baine raises both eyebrows <Chamolo> ^^;;; eheehehe....well, we're here! <Kodah> Uh.....I gotta go now....hehe ^^;; <Baine> Uh <Baine> Chamolo? O_o * Chamolo hops out of the caravan so quickly he's a blur ^_^ <Baine> Hey now! :P * Darton thinks he'll leave as well * Baine hops out after him and tackles him down! :P * Kodah flees as best a blind person can <Chamolo> Oomph! O_o * Lara climbs out of the caravan similar to Rusty Wallace out of the #2 Miller Lite Ford. * Baine pins him down. "What did you see?!" :P * Darton gets out of the Caravan <Chamolo> Um...not much...really! <Narrator> As the Shining force exits the Caravan, an old man walks up to the team... <Baine> Oh....really? :P <Chamolo> R-r-r-really! * Baine barely notices the man :P <Lara> Hi, sir. Lara Mano of the Shining Force. * Baine peers at Chamolo. * Kodah waits outside the caravan and bigsweats <Chamolo> Okay, I saw your breasts -_- <Chamolo> Now kill me, okay? :/ * Baine coughs and blushes deep crimson :P <Baine> Erhhhhh.. * Baine hops off Chamolo :P <Chamolo> ^^; Hehee... * Chamolo runs off <Creed> Ahh... Welcome, Lara Mano... I've been waiting for you... <Lara> Then you got the word from my "friend" Prince BlackHawk of Guardiana. * Darton stands there, as helpful as ever * Baine chuckles softly and says, barely audible... "Good thing you didn't know I knew you were there...what? What kind of ninja can't hear a man tramping through the bushes? Puleeze." :P <Creed> Yes yes... BlackHawk is waiting inside... Come! We have interesting findings to relay to the Shining Force... * Baine clears her throat! <Lara> OK. * Chamolo comes back. <Kodah> ..... * Lara follows Creed into the house. <Baine> Ah...Kodah...need help? * Chamolo follows, still crimson. <Kodah> Um...yeah actually * Darton follows Lara <Kodah> Where are we going anyway? * Baine smiles and helps Kodah to the house and into it. ^_^ <Baine> Into Creed's Mansion. ^_^ <Kodah> C....Creed? <Baine> Yeppers. <Kodah> (ulp)....Oh <Baine> Problem with that? <Kodah> Huh? No! problem at all...... <Baine> Mmmhmm... ^_- <Narrator> The Shining Force walks inside the mansion to meet with Prince BlackHawk and Creed to learn of the Star Sword and their findings.... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====