Shining Force RPG session 19
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The following lines were requested to be removed from the RPG, due to the fact Chamolo is a putz when it comes to romance... Everyone that agrees with me, E-Mail me at with the topic, "Chamolo is a romantically challenged putz!" This will go to Lucca, who plays Chamolo, to let her know that WE WANT BAINE AND CHAM TO HOOK UP OFFICIALLY! Here's the line:

The hand of the Narrator strips Chamolo and Baine, then stuffs them in a compartment inside the caravan! * Narrator wedgies Chamolo! "Dammit! Stop trying dodge commitment to Baine!!!"
{Chamolo} :P Leave me ALONE! :P I'll fuck her when I'm good and ready!

Thank you for your time.

<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force follows Creed inside his mansion to talk of the Star sword and of BlackHawks and his findings... * Kodah is lead along by Baine, still wearing his bandage over his eyes * Baine smiles softly * Lara walks on into Creed's mansion. <Creed> BlackHawk is still in the basement laboratory, working on the Star sword... <Creed> Sit... Make yourselves comfortable... * Chamolo is still keeping his distance from know. ^^; * Indigo walks along, still glowing and throwing off energy. * Lara sits down. * Kodah fumbles for a chair and manages to sit in it * Baine looks at Chamolo and tries to catch his eye * Darton follows along at a fairly large distance * Kiwi walks with his nose in the air... * Baine continues to try and get Chamolo to look at her. ^_^ * Creed sits down at the head of the table, a little feast sitting on top of the large table... <Darton> ooh... food. * Chamolo is still too embarrased... <Lara> So, what was found out about the Star Sword, Creed? Or is it too soon to ask? * Lara is very inquisitive today. * Indigo goes and sits down, a look of concentration on her face as she tries to stop flinging energy around. * Creed turns to Lara... As I said, BlackHawk is still working on it... But it has an odd property... With enough power, it can fold time and space... * Darton sits down near the end of the table <Lara> O_O * Indigo grabs some food. * Chamolo silently watches Lara. <Lara> One sword can do that? * Baine sighs.. <Lara> if it fell into the wrong hands...then.... <Creed> One sword... With the right source of power.... <Creed> It musn't become Darksol's possession... Otherwise... <Creed> He could change history to his advantage... <Lara> Otherwise, our world is screwed, big time. <Creed> Precisely... <Chamolo> Could it cause us to be erased from existance...? <Indigo> Perhaps the sword can be powered by the gems of Mitula or Lara's soulsword. If we focus all of our powers through the gems and into the Star Sword, it could charge it. * Kiwi blinks and keeps listening... <Creed> No... That isn't enough power... <Lara> then we'd really have a problem on our hands, Indigo. Darksol would stop at nothing to get the sword then. <Creed> And not the right source of power... <Chamolo> ah.. <Indigo> What about adapting the power from the Nazca Cannon we found? <Lara> I doubt that would work, Indigo. <Lara> but something Volcannon told me strikes me as strange. <Creed> We still don't know what energy source would work... * Baine tugs her mask from off her face.. <Indigo> What is that? * Kodah listens, not really understanding it all * Creed listens to Lara... <Lara> Creed, Volcannon said that I already hold the Force Sword and that it's power just needs to be summoned. What does that mean? <Creed> What sword do you carry? * Darton munches noisily at the end of the table <Lara> I've carried my SoulSword all my life.. <Creed> Then your soul sword is the key to this... * Lara hold her right hand to the inside of her left fist. She exclaims,"Sword of my soul, APPEAR!" as she pulls her hand from her fist and the mystical blade appears in her left hand. * Lara hands the mystical blade to Creed. * Indigo gets an idea. <Kodah> ....? <Indigo> Where is the Nazca Cannon anyway? * Creed takes the blade and examines it... * Baine pokes Kodah softly. "Lara just handed Creed her soul sword.." <Kodah> Oh * Chamolo sinks back into the chair, watching * Baine feels oddly good, helping Kodah like this. ^_^ <Creed> This doesn't show any property of being the force sword... <Lara> Hmmmm.. <Creed> I say the Star sword is the key to all this... * Indigo looks at it. <Lara> Then. I wonder what Volcannon meant by I just need to summon it's power? <Indigo> Let me try something. * Kiwi falls asleep after listening to the conversation and not understanding a thingie of it. <Creed> I can't say... * Indigo focuses all the power that is radiating from her into the gems of Mitula on the hilt, and focuses her own powers. <Baine> Uhm.. <Lara> So...can we find out what the Prince knows already? * Baine reaches over and pokes Chamolo. "Scuse me, d'you have any grey poupon?" <Chamolo>, I don't bu....*Sees it's Baine and shys away* <Chamolo> Sorry... * Baine blinks. "Geeeee...what, have I got rabies?" :P <Creed> Not at this present moment... I locked the basement with an energy field on his request... * Lara gets a thoughtful look. <Chamolo> No...I..I just.... * Indigo stops the energy flow, but is no longer glowing. <Indigo> Oh well. <Kodah> ....? <Chamolo> Sorry.... <Baine> Stop with the apologies :P * Baine grins at Chamolo <Creed> Now... Kodah... I need to talk to you... In private... * Baine turns back to Kodah.."Uhm...Indigo is doin' somethin freeky to the sword.." <Baine> Ah...Creed? <Kodah> o_O <Baine> He's..uhm...half blind... * Chamolo sits up. "You heard him. Let's let them be alone..." * Lara gets her soulsword and causes it to disappear. <Lara> OK...I'll be upstairs. * Chamolo is still edgy and skitters off. O_o * Creed stands up, walks over to Kodah and helps him up... * Baine blinks at Chamolo and sighs * Lara walks upstairs. * Baine ruffles Kodah's hair and follows Lara <Kodah> W...w.....w......where are we going? * Indigo goes upstairs, tired now. <Narrator> Creed: You will see... <Kodah> (quietly)Okay..... <Kodah> Ulp * Creed leads Kodah to a large room with lots of large tomes on the wall... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Creed leads Kodah into the room, sits him down in a large chair and closes the door... <Creed> Now... Let's see about your eyes... * Kodah sits very still * Creed lowers the light level of the room and removes the bandages from Kodah's eyes... * Kodah blinks a lot <Creed> How exactly did you hurt your eyes? <Kodah> Um....I uh....attacksed a Wyvern...and its...uh....stomach acids got in my......eyes * Creed chuckles... You are as clumsy as your father was when I first met him... <Kodah> My....father? <Creed> Yes... You are Jerol's boy, aren't you? <Kodah> Um...yeah...I am...but....I didn't know he was a devil until recently <Creed> I know... Jerol should have told you earlier... I'm dissapointed in him... <Kodah> .... * Creed takes a small bottle and pops it open... The smell of fine herbs permeates the room... * Kodah sniffs, "Oogh....what's that?" * Creed takes some of its contents on the tip of his finger... You will see... * Creed applies the compound over Kodah's eyes, healing them almost instantly... <Creed> There... Good as new... <Kodah> Whoa o_O O_o -_- o_o -_- 0_0 <Kodah> I can see again! * Creed slowly raises the light level, gradually adapting Kodah's eyes to the light again... <Kodah> Thank you..... * Creed nods... It's the least I could do... <Creed> Now... The reason I brought you in here... <Creed> How much magic do you truly know? <Kodah> Uh.....none? * Creed shakes his head... Damn that Jerol... Irresponsible twit.. <Kodah> ?? <Creed> I warned him, before you were born that you were to be taught magic at a young age! <Creed> He did not listen to me, prefering to forget his past... <Kodah> .....Oh <Creed> Well... Now that you're here... I guess I should unlock that hidden magic... <Kodah> Uh....I don't have any magic * Creed shakes his head... Yes you do, Kodah... *makes an altar appear with a large globe sitting on top of it* <Kodah> I do? o_O <Creed> Now... Point to that sphere and concentrate onto directing a magical attack at it... <Kodah> Uh...okay..... * Kodah points at the sphere and squints his eyes in concentration <Narrator> White sparks start forming around Kodah's body... <Kodah> Ow....? Ow........what's that? <Creed> Your magic is freeing itself... Now... Concentrate harder... Redirect the power and push it towards the sphere! <Kodah> I'll try.......ow....... * Kodah is transformed into a ball of lightning. He flies forward at amazing speeds, blasting through the sphere with terrific force! * Kodah carreens wildly through the room before reforming and collasping in a corner, looking rather startled o_O * Creed grins broadly... <Kodah> What happened? <Creed> Still etchy, but good enough... <Creed> You released your magic... :) <Kodah> I did? o_O <Creed> Yes... You're even stronger than your father... <Kodah> I am? O_o <Creed> Yes... You have great potential... Too bad you weren't taught magic earlier on... <Kodah> do I do now? <Creed> Keep on your path with the Shining Force... But practice your magic... Don't forget it... <Kodah> O...okay.....I'll keep at it <Creed> I would love for you to stay here so I could teach you more... But you are more important to the Shining Force right now... <Kodah> I am? O_o <Creed> Yes... You are, Kodah... <Kodah> do you figure that? o_O * Creed suddenly falters... <Kodah> Hey.....hey are you all right? o_o;; <Creed> BlackHawk discovered something... I can feel the Star sword's magic being activated... <Kodah> He has? o_O <Kodah> ...I don't feel a thing <Creed> Yes... Let's go.... We need to go see him. <Kodah> O...okay.....are you sure you're okay? <Creed> I'm fine... Don't worry... *opens the door and walks out towards the basement door* * Kodah follows, rather dumbfounded by recent evens <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Creed runs by the Shining Force and looks at the basement door... <Kodah> yo go, I think this is yours *hands back the bandana* <Creed> The magic is fluctuating... The portal's fading... He's found something! * Lara walks behind Creed. "What's gong on?" * Darton grabs the pork chop he was chewing on and follows Creed <Baine> Kodah! <Baine> You can see :) <Kodah> Um...hi ^^;; * Lara takes back her headband, placing it in her pocket. * Indigo gets up from her bed and follows. <Kodah> Yeah, Mr. Creed fixed me up <Indigo> Oh, you can see again Kodah. Great! <Baine> Wicked cool.. * Darton wags his tail slightly. * Creed waits for the portal to dissipate... <Lara> Cool, Kodah... * Indigo follows along, seeming almost sane. <Darton> Yeah, whatever, let's go. <Narrator> The magic field surrounding the door fades completely... <Creed> Let's go... * Lara heads into the basement... * Creed walks down the stairs to the large cave-like room... * Darton follows, still chewing on his pork chop * Baine tugs Chamolo along * Indigo follows along, * Kodah seems to have a little more confidence than before * Kiwi follows everyone after waking up... <Narrator> The large room is covered with ancient tomes, spell bottles and rare artifacts... In the corner, BlackHawk stands in front of a large, glowing sword... <Kodah> ....? <Lara> Mike, what the hell happened? * Chamolo is tugged, still looking embarrased. * Indigo looks at the sword. <BlackHawk> Your guess is as good as mine. <BlackHawk> Creed, maybe you can help out here. <BlackHawk> I just got majorly pissed and started cussin' like a drunk sailor on shore leave. Then the blasted blade started glowing. <Lara> O_O <Chamolo> Why, may I ask? Do you randomly cuss at things? <Indigo> Curses can have power you know. * Creed looks at the sword... My guess is... It takes negative energy to activate the sword's effect... If so, this is VERY bad... <BlackHawk> You try banging your thumb with a hammer and see how well you keep your composure. * Indigo looks thoughtful. <Lara> Hmmm? <Lara> Negative Energy? * Baine blinks and stops holding Cham's elbow. :P <Indigo> You really have to be careful with magic. Even the slightest slip can have disastrous consequences. * Lara walks over to Creed's side. <Kodah> .....? * Chamolo sighs. <Chamolo> Sorry. <Lara> This does not look like a good thing. * Lara summons her soulsword..... <Creed> It's not... It would mean the sword's power would be enhanced by the presence of evil... * Darton continues munching on his pork chop <Lara> think the gem of mitula could negate the power.. <Kodah> Uh....that's bad....right? <Lara> at least this discharge? <Narrator> The sword seems to react violently to the soulSword's presence... <Lara> WHAT? * Indigo looks at it. <BlackHawk> LARA! GET BACK! <Chamolo> Lara!! <Kodah> ?! * BlackHawk pulls Lara away from the Star Blade. <Indigo> The Soul Sword has positive energy, so it could be rather.....explosive when near the Star Sword's negativity. <Chamolo> Get back! * Kiwi hides in his shell! * Indigo wanders back. <Lara> What in the hell is going on here? <Chamolo> I wish I knew... <Kodah> ^^;; <Darton> magic negativity... nothing big <Indigo> I think the swords' magic is either canceling each other out or about to explode. <Narrator> The Star sword resumes its normal faint glow... <Chamolo> ....phew.. * Lara breathes a sigh of relief. * Kiwi peeks out... "Meep...?" <Darton> were I you, Lara, I'd keep well away from that thing * Indigo smiles. * Kodah walks slowly closer to the Star Sword <Lara> We definately can't let Darksol get ahold of that sword. <Lara> Kodah? <Chamolo> Be careful Kodah.... <Lara> Keep back from it. * Kodah stops, looking worried * BlackHawk is dumbfounded. * Darton waves the bone at Kodah "You should probably be fine." <Narrator> As Kodah approaches, the sword glows brighter... <Lara> Hmmm? <Kodah> Is this a bad thing? o_O;; <Darton> nah... sword's yours, obviously <Narrator> Kodah seems attracted by the sword's vibrations... <Lara> I think I'm starting to understand. Kodah's devil heritage is causing the Sword to react. <Kodah> Mine?! O_o <Darton> yah... so take it already <Kodah> Hey wait a sec here..... ^^;; <Creed> I don't believe so... <Chamolo> Take it? Is that wise?! <Darton> that Blackhawk fellow can't use it, neither can our fearless leader... <Lara> good question. <Indigo> It may not be meant for them. <Kodah> But, what if I cause it to blow up or something? O_o <Indigo> It may be meant for Kodah. * Kodah steps away, looking nervous <Creed> It MAY be meant for Kodah... But I'm not sure... * Chamolo approches it slowly.. * Darton shrugs <Baine> Kodah...keep faith.. <Baine> Chamolo? <Chamolo> Just looking. <Chamolo> ....hmm.. <Darton> I'll just stand back... and you touch the handle... <Chamolo> I wouldn't take it. <BlackHawk> That sword has been in the Royal Family of Guardiana since the first Shining Force. * Chamolo steps back. ^^; * Darton steps back what he deems a safe distance, about twenty feet <Baine> Wouldn't want to hafta scoop little Chammy pieces offa the ground.. * Chamolo blushes. <Darton> there... take it <Creed> And it is a holy relic that was used in the Shining Force's old campaign... * Kiwi blinks. <Lara> Kara, do you think that sword may react to AmeShi? <Chamolo> Thanks....I think.. ^^; * Baine hauls out AmeShi.. <Baine> Lets find out.. * Kodah looks at the sword.....warily <Darton> one experiment at a time <Chamolo> Wait! <Chamolo> Is that wise?! <Chamolo> Let's think about this... * Baine steps towards the sword.. <Baine> Lets not and say we did.. <Darton> let the devil touch it first <Chamolo> But--! <Narrator> The Star sword builds up in energy... <Indigo> Oh dear. <Chamolo> Baine please stop! <Lara> Oh great...KARA GET BACK HERE. * Kodah winces at the word "devil" <Chamolo> << This power can only end in ruin! :D>> * Baine blinks and falters <Narrator> A bolt of power strikes AmeShi, pushing it back! <Chamolo> Baine!! * Baine goes flying back O_o * Darton rolls his eyes. "Nobody ever listens to me... just cause I don't say much..." <Kodah> Baine!! <Lara> Kara! <Baine> *thud* * Chamolo catches her O_O <Kodah> Oh no...... <Baine> Aaah.... <Baine> ...Chamolo? <Chamolo> Kara! Speak to me! * Indigo goes to Baine. <Chamolo> How many fingers am I holding up?! <Lara> Not good. Mike, How did the Royals in Guardiana control that thing in the past? * Baine blinks a few times.. * Chamolo holds up 4 fingers... <Baine> 69.. * Baine passes out <Chamolo> Oh damn.. <Kodah> Baine? <Chamolo> O_o No! Kara! Kara! <Lara> Oh great.... * Chamolo shakes her. O_o <BlackHawk> It never did this in the past.... <Chamolo> Wake up! <Kodah> Baine......? * Kiwi meeps!... * Indigo feels for a pulse. <Indigo> I have an idea. * Kodah steps further away from the sword, like it was a live snake or something * Indigo takes out the pieces of the fake AmeShi that Jeyer had chargd with negativity and used against them, then approaches the Star Sword. * Chamolo casts curing spells on Baine, trying to awaken her. * Lara assists Chamolo <Lara> Come on, Kara.... * Baine groans softly.. <Kodah> I don't like that thing *indicates the sword* <Narrator> The piece of sword pulls away from Indigo's hands and merges with the Star Sword! <Chamolo> Kara....wake up? * Chamolo looks worried... <Indigo> seems to like negative energy. <Lara> this think draws on negative power. * Baine murmurs and goes limp again.. <Kodah> That's bad....right? * Indigo takes out the remaining pieces of the fake AmeShi. <Chamolo> Come on... <Chamolo> Wake up... <Lara> Indigo, Put that away. * Chamolo shakes her... <Baine> mxmdfg..gjrgm.. <Chamolo> Baine! <Kodah> Baine.....come one Baine.....wake up..... * Indigo whispers "I wonder what would happen if my evil twin were here." <Lara> Come on, Kara... <Baine> ....mmm...Cham.. <Chamolo> Baine! <Kodah> Baine? <Chamolo> ^_^ Oh what a relief! * Baine opens one eye.. * Chamolo hugs her ^_^ <Baine> Ow. * Kodah whews * Lara breathes a sigh of relief. <Chamolo> Don't ever do that again! <Chamolo> You scared the daylights out of me... * Baine smiles half heartedly.. <Narrator> A beam of energy is released from the soul sword, opening up a large portal over the Shining Force... * Indigo smiles over at them, putting away the fake AmeShi. <Chamolo> O_o Whaaa? <Lara> OH SHIT! * Indigo looks up. <Kodah> Uh........guys? <Darton> what the hell is this? <Lara> What the fuck? <Chamolo> What did you do?! O_o * Creed looks up through the portal... * Baine blinks a few times.. <Darton> well? <Baine> What the hell..? * Lara looks through the portal. <Darton> you gonna tell us what yer looking at or what? <Narrator> Inside the portal, Jeyer is seen lying in a bed, unconscious... <Lara> Gods in the heavens....what is happening here. * Kiwi peeks... "Wah!" <Baine> Jeyer..? <Chamolo> Jeyer!? <Kodah> Urk? <Indigo> Hmmm....perhaps the negative energy combined with the connection to Jeyer caused this. <Darton>'s the crazy guy again.. what about him? <Lara> Jeyer... <Kodah> Um...didn't he go poof or something? * Indigo seems to fade in her mind. <Chamolo> I guess not... * Baine blinks.. * Baine notices Cham still has her. <Narrator> A woman walks over to his side and puts a wet towel over his forehead... * Baine doesn't say anything. * Creed blinks... Nalya...? * Chamolo still has Baine in his arms. <Kodah> N.....Nalya? o_O <Chamolo> Nalya? <BlackHawk> Far be it from me to grab THAT blade again. <Creed> Who's that man...? Jeyer... I do not know him... <Baine> ... <Baine> I know him.. <Lara> He's a descendant of the Nazca. <Kodah> How did......but she......he didn't....who brought.....he.....but.... o_O <Indigo> Oh, a greater devil. He fought us once, but he reformed. * Darton shrugs * Kodah continues to sputter * Chamolo helps Baine to stand. * Nalya lovingly takes care of Jeyer... * Baine blinks <Baine> I rather liked it there, Chamolo...but...oh well.. ^_- <Chamolo> Um... * Chamolo looks at Nalya... <Creed> Well... I see he's in good hands... But... What happened to him? <Indigo> I think Nalya's his sister. I don't remember. I wasn't entirely sane at the time.... <Chamolo> Er...whoa...ah... * Chamolo sputters too o_o * Kodah's sputtering degrades into gibberish * Kiwi looks very confuseled. * Baine raises an eyebrow <Baine> Cute.. <Indigo> Oh, he sacrificed himself, then came back in spirit form. * Darton chews on his bone * Indigo frowns. <Indigo> I think. <Creed> Something the matter, Kodah? * Chamolo stops sputtering and just watches. * Kodah stops sputtering and seems to be content with stupified silence * Lara grabs onto BH and continues to watch. * Jeyer slowly opens his eyes and looks up at Nalya... * Darton is content to watch <Nalya> About time you woke up... I was getting worried, you know.. ^_^ * Kiwi blinkles. <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> Is * Kodah's hackles go up slightly <Jeyer> I.. Ugh.. I feel.. Someone else.. In.. Baine..? Chamolo..?.. <Chamolo> O_o <Lara> Hmmm? <Chamolo> He knows we're here! <Lara> He can sense us? <Chamolo> Um. hi. ;P <Kodah> He does? O_o * Nalya frowns.. Nono.. Don't go delirious on me.. <Indigo> Hi Jeyer! * Indigo waves. <Chamolo> Shh... * Jeyer shakes his head.. No.. I'm not.. I can feel them.. Close.. by.. * Darton tosses his bone at the portal, wondering if it goes through * Chamolo begins to formulate an idea.... * Baine blinks.. <Chamolo> I wonder... <Narrator> The bone bounces off the portal and hits Darton square in the head! * Darton shakes it off :P <Chamolo> Can we go see them? <Baine> why would we wanna? <Darton> nope... we can't * Kodah steps forward a little, looking through the portal * Nalya sighs and kisses Jeyer on the lips.. Shh... Calm down.. <Chamolo> ....You hate Jeyer now? * Baine eyes widen <Chamolo> !!... <Kodah> O_O <Lara> O_O <Kiwi> O_O; * Kodah's hackles are REALLY up now <Chamolo> I wasn't expecting that... O_o;; <Indigo> Oh dear. * Baine sighs <Baine> I figured as much.. * Jeyer sighs.. Nalya.. I.. thank you for bringing me here... I see those lessons I taught you payed off.. *smiles faintly* <Kodah> Lessons?! O_O <Chamolo> Lessons...what KIND of lessons?! <Lara> Good question...seeing THAT kiss. <Darton> ehh... who cares? <Chamolo> This is really really odd... <Baine> Healing lessons, twits :P <BlackHawk> Brings back memories, eh, Lara? * Baine chuckles softly * Nalya smiles down at him... Shh.. Get some sleep.. I've used all the magic I could to help you.. Now you simply need some rest.. ^_^ <Indigo> Perhaps we can see more if the rest of the fake AmeShi pieces were joined to the Star Sword. * Jeyer nods slowly, tries to move a little and coughs violently.. * Baine falters a bit.. * Kodah fumes a bit * Nalya sighs and holds back a tear.. Rest now.. Shh.. *kisses him again* I've got some errands to run.. I'll be back soon... <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> Why must she keep kissing him? ^_^; <Kodah> ......................................... * Jeyer nods again and closes his eyes... * Nalya smiles and leaves the room... <Chamolo> She must have never gone home...? <Lara> probably. <Baine> Don't suppose we can change the channel on this thing? <Baine> This show sucks.' * Kodah just stands and fumes......a lot <Chamolo> No kidding... * Jeyer whispers softly, "Baine... I know you can hear me.. I'm sorry.. For dissapearing like that.." <Darton> nobody's making you stand there and watch it, y'know <Chamolo> ! * Baine flinches.. <Lara> yeah...I'm more partial to "Monday Nitro". * Jeyer whispers softly again, "Chamolo... Take care of her..." * Chamolo looks down, knowing she'll be lost once again in Jeyer's warm glowly glowly glow. <Chamolo> ...! <Lara> doncha just hate soap opera? * Baine blinks.. <Chamolo> I...Yes.... * Chamolo nods. * Jeyer coughs and closes his eyes once more... * Kiwi snoozes. "Kiwi no interested in mushy stuff..." <Narrator> The image blurs, but the portal stays open... * Baine blinks some more and falters more.. <Lara> Hmmm...what's next? <Chamolo> I wonder if we'll see anything else...? <Narrator> A large crashing noise is heard over the room! * Indigo blinks. <Baine> ! <Chamolo> ! <Chamolo> What?! <Indigo> I wonder what that is. * Baine turns swiftly and looks up at the ceiling <Lara> WHAT THE FUCK? * Creed blinks... What was that? <Kodah> Uh? Wazzit? <Baine> Wheres my sword? * Creed runs up the stairs! * Baine blinks * Chamolo follows Creed! <Baine> Shit.. * Lara follows Creed. * BlackHawk grabs a generic broadsword and follows. <Narrator> Suddenly, a large blast propulses Creed back down the stairs! * Baine looks after Chamolo and then back where she was earlier :P <Darton> oh fun... <Baine> Shit! <Lara> HOLY MITULA! * Darton stands where he is <Kodah> Creed! No! * Indigo looks up the stairs. <Chamolo> NO! <Lara> Oh great...who is it? * Tiamaat walks in * Chamolo barrel rolls down the stairs with Creed. O_o * Kodah rushes over to Creed <Baine> ! <Tiamaat> Just guess, lady! WAHAHAHAHA! <Baine> Chamolo! <Darton> oh... the lizard thing again <Chamolo> Omph! Ah! EEe! Ooh! Ahh *THUD* * Baine runs to Chamolo <Indigo> Oh, Mr.Lizardman again. <Chamolo> @_@ ooh... * Creed is unconscious... <Baine> Chamolo...are you okay? <Kodah> Creed! Creed, can you hear me? Creed! <Chamolo> <Lara> Oh great... <Tiamaat> You won't confuse me this time... My lord strengthened my memory of my real life * Baine narrows her eyes and her hands flame.. * Baine glares at Tiamaat! <Baine> You bastard! * Lara hold her right hand to the inside of her left fist. She exclaims,"Sword of my soul, APPEAR!" as she pulls her hand from her fist and the mystical blade appears in her left hand. * Baine leaps up the stairs <Kodah> Creed..... <Indigo> He simply confused you. * Darton shrugs, to him the dragon's just more meat <Tiamaat> What do you think you can do? * Baine hisses * Chamolo slumps against the table Baine propped him on. <Baine> I'll fuckin ram yer face in * Lara rushes at Tiamaat, surrounding her blade wtih her bolt spell. * Baine punches at Tiamaat! * Kodah draws his sword, looking very upset * Tiamaat parries the punch and the slash, and sends the girls flying * Darton yawns and waits for them to move out of the way so they don't get hit * Baine grunts and lands in a crouch.. * Baine leaps back for more! * Lara is sent flying backwards. * Kiwi hears clunking and crashing, and goes and investigates... * Baine kicks Tiamaat's face! <BlackHawk> I'll have to chance using the Star Sword. * BlackHawk grabs the Star Blade. * Tiamaat parries the kick and trips Baine with his tail * Baine lands with a whump on her back.. * Kodah stays close to Creed <Kiwi> Meep! * Baine blinks and shakes her head to get the cobwebs out.. <Narrator> BlackHawk is pushed back away from the star Sword! * Indigo stands there, preparing to summon an elemental. <BlackHawk> ARRGH... * Tiamaat looks at Kiwi and suddendly seems confused * Baine notices she's right by Tiamaat's feet. -_- * Baine grins.. * Chamolo moans and puts a hand to his head, which has a giant lump on it... * Tiamaat shakes his head <Darton> Kodah! Get the sword! * Baine kicks at Tiamaat's feet! * Lara gets up... * Tiamaat hardly notices * Baine flips back up * Kodah blinks, then runs for the sword <Chamolo> I them... <Baine> Grr, you damn lizard! * Tiamaat picks up Baine and throws her at Chamolo <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Baine> ! <Chamolo> ! * Chamolo smacks against Baine! * Baine grunts and falls head over heels.. * Chamolo hits the table with a sickening smack! * Baine rolls past Chamolo and into a darkened corner.. <Baine> Nnnh.. * Chamolo is unconcious. * Kiwi meeps panickedly and prepares to fight... * Baine lifts herself back up with her right arm...her left one limp.. * Kodah reaches the sword and grabs it with both hands, dreading what will happen next <Narrator> The Star Sword acknowledges Kodah as its true owner and pulsates with radiant energy as he grabs it. <Darton> Told you so :P * Baine grabs AmeShi, which she found in the corner.. <Baine> Kodah...wi-...wicked....kick ass.. * Lara surrounds her soulsword with her bolt spell... * Baine leans on the wall for support * Kodah opens one eye, wondering if he's dead * Indigo nods. <Indigo> As I thought. * Baine closes her eyes.. <Narrator> ===== Monster: Tiamaat ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Narrator> == Erin attacks Tiamaat! * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Tiamaat ! * * Baine grits her teeth and stumbles closer to Tiamaat.. * Baine notices Chamolo and her eyes widen.. <Baine> Oh...that so it.. * Lara tightens her grip on the lightning enhanced soulsword.. <Narrator> == The arrows graze Tiamaat, most of them now piercing his scales... 5 damage! * Baine sheathes AmeShi.. <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Baine tries not to move her left arm too much.. -_- <Narrator> == Lara sword combos on Tiamaat! * Lara <Indigo> Don't forget the weakness of the joints and eyes. * Tiamaat gets hit by the Sword Combo, since he was paying attention to Erin * Lara rushes at Tiamaat, slashing several times with the lightning enhanced blade....she then leaps into the air, and brings the blade down upon Tiamaat's head. <Tiamaat> Ha! No such thing, sorceress!!! * Chamolo moans.... <Baine> Nnh...that bastard...hurt Cham-...m...ergh.. * Baine narrows her eyes and feels strength flow through her from her anger.. <Narrator> == The sword combo fully hits Tiamaat! 34 damage! Lara takes 3 damage from the spell! <Lara> Well worth the strain. * Tiamaat growls * Baine shudders and gets closer to Tiamaat.. * Kodah begins to crackle and spark <Tiamaat> You're gonna *PAY* for that, bitch <Narrator> == Baine and Indigo can attack! * Chamolo groans and sits up. <Chamolo> @_@ * Tiamaat stands ready to parry the attacks <Kodah> Cham! * Baine leaps at Tiamaat and placess her right hand on his head. She funnels ¤Katon into her hand and unleashes it with deadly force! <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon lv. 1 on Tiamaat. * Baine leaps back.. * Indigo summons Neptune and summons her tidal wave on Tiamaat. * Baine trips and falls on her back. -_- <Baine> ...I think I'll just lie here. * Baine closes her eyes. <Narrator> == Katon doesn't do much damage to Tiamaat... 8 damage. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Neptune... <Narrator> == The waves crash on Tiamaat, causing little damage... 9 damage <Narrator> == BlackHawk can attack! * Indigo blinks. * Baine lies on the ground, trying not to move much * BlackHawk, majorly pissed, rushes at Tiamaat with his broadsword... <Narrator> == BlackHawk lashes out at Tiamaat with his generic broadsword... <BlackHawk> EAT THIS, LIZARD! <Tiamaat> I don't think so, long-haired idiot! <Kodah> *Tiny ripples of lightning begin coursing over Kodah's skin* <Lara> GET HIM, MIKE! <Narrator> == Tiamaat parries, but poorly, cutting his arm... 10 damage <Narrator> == Tiamaat can attack! * Tiamaat growls at Lara * Tiamaat says "Ni hyaku juu ni shiki...", runs at Lara, punches her in the stomach, then raises her with one arm. Tiamaat says "Koto tsuki you! FIRE!" and a burst of black fire envelops Lara, causing heavy damage! <Lara> AHHH! <Narrator> == Tiamaat attacks Lara... *** Windstar is now known as Crest <BlackHawk> LARA! YOU SON OF A BITCH! GET READY TO DIE! <Narrator> == The attack causes MAJOR damage to Lara! She takes 12 damage! * Lara starts to get up..slowly...but surely, getting back to the party. <Narrator> == Darton and Chamolo can attack! * Chamolo weakly pulls himself up and lashes out at Tiamaat! <BlackHawk> You OK, Lara? <Lara> actually? I need a vacation. * Darton can't keep control of himself anymore and rips out the words to his freeze spell, but icing his claws instead of the dragon as he runs toward it, snarling and slavering, partially in blood rage, and partially in pain as he rips and tears into the dragon * Baine lies on the floor. -_- <Narrator> == Darton spell combos and Chamolo lashes out at Tiamaat. <Narrator> == The combo breaks through Tiamaat's defense, causing massive damage! 27 damage! * Chamolo moans and stumbles back * Darton licks his frostbitten bloody claws <Narrator> == chamolo's staff follows in nicely, causing more damage than expected! 21 damage! <Narrator> == Darton takes 3 damage! * Tiamaat appears incredibly beaten and battered * Baine lies limply, arm bent at an odd angle.. -_- <Darton> ow... that hurt a bit more than I expected it to... <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned behind Tiamaat and blasts him across the room! Tiamaat takes 12 damage! <Chamolo> Baine... * Chamolo stumbles dizzily.. * Tiamaat slams HARD on the wall... <Darton> O_o Who did that? * Tiamaat leaves a nice anime-style crater on the wall * Crest stands there, with his flute in hand <Crest> Hey! <Lara> O_O * Indigo looks up, surprised. <Crest> Thought you might need my help <BlackHawk> Wicked. * Kiwi meeps? <Tiamaat> GGRRRRRRR <Indigo> I did not summon....... <Chamolo> Crest...? <Darton> you 'gain? <Indigo> You can summon elementals too? <Crest> What? <Lara> just in the nick of time, Crest. <Narrator> == Kiwi and Kodah can attack! <Crest> I can summon Apollo, with my flute.... <Kodah> Here goes........rrrraaaaAAAUGH!! <Tiamaat> You and your fucking elemental will get your ass kicked, son of a bitch! * Kiwi tosses his helm at Tiamaat, hoping it's gonna turn into a fireball or *something*! <Indigo> Hmmmm...... * Kodah steps back, and is transformed into a ball of lightning. He flies forward at amazing speeds, blasting through the enemy with terrific force, "Ikazuchi!" <Indigo> I can summon all of the elementals. <Lara> DAMN, KODAH! * Crest looks appalled at Tiamaat's remark "Excuse me?" <Indigo> How did you learn to summon Apollo? <Darton> hm... hey Kodah... teach me to do that :P * Tiamaat stands up and says "Mada mada, ne?" <Narrator> == Kiwi's helmet crosses Kodah's path, crashing into tiamaat full force! Kodah's spell also causes MASSIVE damage to Tiamaat! 16 damage and 12 damage! * Kodah reforms behind Tiamaat, looking a tad fried o_O <Crest> My flute is magicaly enchanted it allows me to summon apollo when I need him <Indigo> Ah, I see. * Kiwi dances around ahppily! <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Tiamaat ===== * Baine is pale and still not moving.. <Chamolo> Who...who needs to be healed...? <Darton> yer still alive? Fun... <Lara> I DO, CHAMOLO. <Chamolo> Besides Baine...? <BlackHawk> Heal Lara. <Crest> You still alive?! Okay, you're down this time! <Chamolo> If you can take care of Baine, I'll take care of you.. * Kodah coughs up a plame of smoke <Narrator> == Tiamaat seems to speed up and attacks first! * Crest places his flute to his lips and begins playing several chords.... <Lara> Chamolo, I'll heal baine with an herb. * Tiamaat says "Oh, my shit...", runs to Blackhawk and delivers a rolling kick to his face, knees him in the stomach, then jumps, catches him in midair, punches him to the ground and comes down saying "GEYSER!!!!" and slamming his fist on the ground, creating a huge power geyser that wounds everyone in the room. <Indigo> Ack! * Indigo falls back. <Narrator> == BlackHawk takes 14 damage, and everyone takes 4 damage from the geyser! * Lara is proabably toast. <Kodah> Ow * Baine's body sorta makes a sick crunching noise.. * Kiwi meeeeeeps! * Crest stumbles back, but continues playing * Darton twitches slightly <Tiamaat> Still think you can beat me? <Narrator> == Erin can attack! :P * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at Tiamaat !!* <Narrator> == Erin's arrows plant in Tiamaat's shoulder, causing massive damage! 18 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Tiamaat> AAARGH! * Lara stuffs an herb down Baine's throat. * Tiamaat backs from the force of the blow <Narrator> == Lara uses a herb on Baine... Baine recovers 10 HP... * Baine's arm makes a sickening popping noise as it heals back into place.. * Baine still doesn't move.. <Kodah> Baine....? Baine?! * Chamolo shakes Baine. "Get up..." <Lara> Kara, you OK? <Narrator> == Baine and Indigo can attack :P * Indigo summons Atlas to smash Tiamaat with massive lightning bolts. <Crest> Nice! * Baine's eyes snap open and she shoves Cham away, screaming: "¤Rayjin!!!"....Tiamaat gets slammed by lightning!!! <Kodah> Baine? O_o * Baine growls like an animal.. <Chamolo> O_o <Narrator> == Indigo summons Atlas while Baine casts Rayjin! <Baine> y-you... * Chamolo steps back <Baine> you want a fight..? * Baine's eyes are blood red.. * Crest looks at Kodah "Umm, is she taking any medication?" <Baine> I...I'll <Narrator> == Atlas' gauntlet slams down upon Tiamaat violently, and the Rayjin strikes Tiamaat down for the final blow! * Tiamaat parries the lightning bolts, but is slammed against a wall, bashes his head and loses consciousness... * Baine smiles ferally.. <Tiamaat> Gah! <Narrator> == 28 damage total! DISPATCHED! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Darton pouts. * Baine leaps up and kicks Tiamaat savagelly while he's down!! <Narrator> == 2 levels per character <Kodah> ......oy * Indigo smiles and nods. <Indigo> Wow! <Baine> #$^$&$%&^**$$#^U#%$^(%$^&#$^&%$^%$^#&$%&#$%&(#$ <Crest> Nice, as I said before. * Creed stays unconscious in the corner... <Lara> Wicked cool * Crest eyes widen <Narrator> Another large crash can be heard over the room! <Kodah> Creed! Creed say something! * BlackHawk walks over to Creed... * Darton wanders to Chamolo and holds out his frostbitten paws <Kodah> Oh man! What now?! <BlackHawk> Wake up, sir. <Crest> That is the most profanity of langauge I have ever heard of.... <Chamolo> Huh? <Indigo> That's Baine for you. ^_^ * Baine continues to kick Tiamaat :P <Darton> heal these please? <Baine> $&^&*^*%%$& * Chamolo sighs. * Chamolo heals Darton * Dorak hovers into the room... <Darton> thanks... * Crest glances at Indigo * Baine freezes and glares at Dorak.. <Dorak> Well well... I see kid dragon failed as I predicted.. * Darton looks up <Crest> Um, she's not taking any pills or anything like that right? <Darton> ooh, another something to kill <Kodah> .........? <Indigo> No, just a pottymouth, you'll get used to it. ^_^ * Indigo looks at Dorak curiously. * Crest scratches his head "I doubt it, but I'll try ^_^;" * Dorak uses a levitation spell on Tiamaat's broken form and floats him up in the air over the Shining Force... <Chamolo> What....? <Baine> Damnit! <Dorak> Well, he WILL have one last use, I guess.... * Chamolo feels woozy again... <Crest> Who're you?! * Baine snarls and leaps up, trying to hold onto Tiamaat! <Baine> You fuckin' bastard! * Tiamaat's scales begin to blur <Baine> Gimme that worthless shithead back! <Crest> Let me guess, the bad guy * Dorak gathers an arc of energy through Tiamaat... <Lara> big time, Crest. * Baine blinks and stops, panting.. <Baine> Uhmn.. <Baine> Shit. * The soul sword and the star sword both leap out of their owner's hands! <Indigo> Hey, you can't do that! We worked long and hard to beat that guy! * Crest quickly draws his sword and hurls it at Dorak! <Baine> Oh fuck :P <Kodah> Uh......? <Chamolo> Huh?! O_o * Tiamaat wakes up, looks at Dorak and mutters: "I'll... get... you... and that bastard mind controlling Darksol... I swear... " <Kodah> Is this a bad thing? <Narrator> Crest's sword bounces off Dorak and falls to the floor... <Crest> Okay..... that did nothing <Baine> This would be a essentially bad thing.. <Narrator> The two sword fly towards Tiamaat! * Indigo prepares to summon Atlas against Dorak. <Chamolo> O_O <Baine> ! <Kodah> ?! * Crest picks up his sword and sheathes it <Lara> What the fuck? MY SWORD! * Tiamaat's eyes widen in stupor! * Dorak grins at Tiamaat... "It was nice controlling you while I could.... WHAT?!" * Dorak looks at the swords in awe! * Indigo looks at the swords. <Kodah> Um.......what's happening? <Dorak> What... Is this?! * Kiwi hides in his shell... "Too much for Kiwi..." <Crest> Kodah, I'm clueless as you are... <Indigo> Maybe now that the negativity has been neutralized the swords can join forces safely. <Lara> WHAT THE..... * Crest looks up at Dorak * Dorak screams in pain as the energy he directed explodes in his face! <Kodah> Eh....? * Darton snickers * Tiamaat grins * Baine rubs her eyes and looks at Dorak.. <Baine> Wicked.. <Darton> Dummy <Crest> Get while he's down! <Tiamaat> It seems Mitula wants to save my traitor's ass... Heh... <Narrator> The two swords merge together and create a scorching energy, engulfing Tiamaat's form inside it! * BlackHawk is once again dumbfounded. * Indigo chuckles, half-sanely. * Chamolo blinks.. <Kodah> o_O <Indigo> Mitula? <Lara> O_O * Crest looks at Tiamaat's broken body * Baine goes next to Chamolo and leans on him, looking confused... "What the hell is happening?" * Darton shields his eyes from the bright sight before him <Narrator> The light blinds everyone in the room, and the energy makes the portal waver! <Baine> Ach! * Baine squints her eyes shut * Kodah turns away from the light <Chamolo> I don't....know... <Indigo> I wonder where she is anyways. She said she would be here.... * Tiamaat's form begins to waver and blur. <Crest> Wha-What's going on!? * Lara and Blackhawk can't see a DAMN THING. * Chamolo slumps against Baine. * Indigo blinks and shuts her eyes. <Tiamaat> AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! * Crest covers his eyes * Baine blinks and wraps an arm around Cham's waist, holding him up..."Damn...wish I had magic to cure." <Narrator> The Shining Force is engulfed inside the portal! <Kodah> o_o <Darton> hey! <Baine> Aaaaah, fuck! <Crest> Damn! <Indigo> Eep. <Lara> What the.... <Narrator> The air is knocked out of everyone, rendering them all unconscious! <Crest> -_- <Kodah> x_X * Chamolo is already unconcious. <Lara> -_- <BlackHawk> -_- <Narrator> The portal closes up, taking everyone but Creed and Dorak with it... The swords dissipate out of view through the portal. * Tiamaat screams * Dorak wakes up.... <Dorak> What..? Happened...? * Creed wakes up slowly... * Crest groans and gets up <Kiwi> @_@ * Dorak looks at Creed and hovers over to him! * Chamolo is still knocked out. * Creed gets up, looking dizzy, and Dorak grabs him by the throat! WHERE ARE THEY?! * Lara and BlackHawk are unconscious. * Baine is unconcious...against Chamolo .^_^ * Creed does not falter... "They are following the will of Mitula... * Dorak starts to change form, growling..... <Creed> Now now, Dark Dragon... Will you kill me? That I would like to see.... * Dorak squeezes and slowly crushes the life out of Creed! <Narrator> ===== Scene change! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force lies unconscious on the floor of a large crater... * Crest groans and gets up <Kodah> x_X * Darton snores. Loudly. :P <Crest> Is, everyone who's not dead, don't speak! * Baine lies motionless.. * Lara starts to get up..."Now there's another sensation I don't wanna feel." * Baine's arm and leg is drapped over Chamolo ;) * Kiwi is dizzy... @_@ <Lara> BlackHawk: No joke there, Lara. <Crest> Okay, the beastie is alive... * Kodah oogles even when unconcious X_x x_X x_x X_X x_x * Tiamaat is unconscious there, looking like good ole Flamestrike!!! <Baine> Mmmm.. * Baine snuggles closer to Chamolo, not awake yet.. * Crest walks over to Erin and Indigo, "Hey you two alright?" * Chamolo doesn't move. * Indigo moans and stirs. <Erin> I'm still standing. :P * Lara grabs her head. "Talk about your migranes." * Baine sniffs a little and notices the smell. "What...Cham..? <Lara> Anyone got an asprin? * Baine opens both eyes <Kiwi> Kiwi no feel good... <Baine> Eh..? * Baine looks at how she's lying by Chamolo.. "Eek.." <BlackHawk> I don't think Asprin will cure THIS headache. <Narrator> A little form walks over to the Shining Force... <Crest> So, where are we? * Indigo mumbles and stands. * FlameStrike is still unconscious <Crest> Huh? <Crest> And you are? * Baine stands slowly and takes Cham's pulse.. <Lara> Hmmmm? * Kodah groans * Crest looks at the form <Kodah> To all those who care.......ow! * Indigo looks to the newcomer. * Chamolo is pale and a thin trickle of blood is coming out of a lump on his head. * The little form is cloaked and does not respond... <Kiwi> Meep? <Baine> Shit! * Baine roars. "LARA!" <Crest> Now ain't this a lovely sight <Lara> What is it, Baine? * Indigo gives Chamolo an herb. * The little form stares at the team... <Crest> Who are you? SPEAK! <Baine> Heal Chamo-..*looks at Indigo* Nevermind.. * Kodah sits up and immediately regrets it * Baine strokes Cham's cheek gently.. "C'mon...wake up.." * Chamolo moans and curls up on one side, the wound closing up. <Baine> Thank the gods.. -_- * Crest has half a mind to strangle the little cloaked man... <Little form> Who are you people? Where do you come from? * FlameStrike's aura kicks in and heals him and the whole party <Indigo> There, all better. <Indigo> We're the Shining Force. We come from hither and yon. <Crest> Umm, we came from Creed's mansion * Chamolo opens his eyes, blinking. "Where am I...?" <FlameStrike> Oooooohhhh... * Baine takes off the bandana Chamolo gave her and uses it to wipe his face a bit.. <Baine>'re...somewhere.. * Chamolo sits up. * Kodah lies back down, his stomach churning <Crest> I'm Crest, and you are? * FlameStrike wakes up and stands groggily... <Chamolo> Oh that's helpful *chuckle* * Lara walks over to Baine. "What is it, Kara. You screamed at me." <Baine> Nothing now, Lara.. <FlameStrike> Where... what... <Indigo> I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. <Baine> Chamolo needed healing.. * The form steps back... Creed..? You're in alliance with Creed?! *cowers* * Chamolo waves. "I'm okay..." * Baine quickly ties the bandana around her arm again * Crest looks at the little man <Lara> We are in alliance with Mitula and Volcannon. <Crest> Ummm, we aren't going to hurt you <Indigo> Yeah, they're nice gods. <Crest> Just, tell us who you are. * FlameStrike looks at the Shining Force, pretty dumbfolded... <Crest> And where are we? <Little form> The Goddes of death and the God of destruction?!?! <Baine> .....death? * Lara kneels down. "I'm Lara Mano, leader of the Shining Force." <Indigo> ? <Baine> Wha..? <Lara> This must be an alternate dimension. <FlameStrike> Goddess of Death and God of Destruction??? <Crest> Umm, just hang on a second there, * The Little form scurries away quickly, completely scared... As he runs his hood flies back and reveals a large helmet! <Indigo> Mitula is the Goddess of Light and Volcanon is the King of the Gods. * FlameStrike slaps himself HARD! <Crest> We aren't evil! * Baine blinks <Kiwi> ...? <Crest> Hey WAIT! <Kodah> Say what? <Baine> Thats really...odd.. <Crest> Come back here!! <Kiwi> Meeep? <Lara> This is very strange. * The little form freezes.. <Crest> Come here! <Chamolo> Wait! <Kodah> Can somebody fill me in here? <Crest> Tell us where we are * Baine looks confused. <Crest> Please? * Lara holds out her hand to the swords. "Soulsword,"she says calmly,"I command you to return to me." <Baine> Tell us where we are! * Crest walks over to the little man * Darton continues to snore * Kiwi scurries to the little thing. "Who you?" <Narrator> The soul sword appears inside Lara's hand, but is different... As if a cross between the Star Sword and the old Soul sword... <Crest> We won't hurt you, we weren't sent here to harm you at all * Kodah sits back up, regrets it again, and lies back down * Baine blinks a few times and stumbles.."Ow...headache...bleh.." <Crest> Just, tell us, who you are. * Baine shakes her head * The little form turns around.. "I am.. Yogurt.. Who.. Are.. You..?" * Indigo looks at the sword. <Baine> Yogurt? <Indigo> Yogurt?! <Kodah> Huh?? <Crest> And where we are.... <Kiwi> Eh?! O_O <Darton> another rodent? * FlameStrike realizes what he has done and kneels in a Zarei position... <Baine> Yogurt! Liddle furry rat! <Crest> Yogurt? <Kiwi> Yogurt! <Indigo> We know someone by the name of Yogurt. He is our mascot, but he disappeared on us. * FlameStrike takes out a short sword and prepares to commit ritual suicide. <Chamolo> Flamestrike! * Kiwi pounces on Yogurt. "You alive!" <Chamolo> What are you doing?! * Yogurt cowers.. <Crest> Yogurt, can you tell us where we are currently at? * FlameStrike stops and looks at Chamolo, crying. * Yogurt looks at Chamolo and Kodah and goes wide eyed.. <Kodah> What is going on? <Lara> What is this place? <Lara> and how do we get back. * Kiwi looks from Yogurt to FS and back again... <FlameStrike> I can't live with this shame... Even if i was controlled, i brought harm on you all... <Chamolo> Yogurt...? is something wrong? * Yogurt screeches!!! THE WARLORDS!!! AAAAAH!!!! *uses a ring and runs away quickly!* * Kiwi starts eating his sword... <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> Warlords?! * Baine blinks * FlameStrike looks at Erin... <Chamolo> Did he just say...? <Baine> Wha..? <Kodah> The what? * Baine looks at Chamolo <Lara> Warlords? <Baine> You don't look like a warlord. :P <Lara> We must be in an alternate dimension. * Erin is looked at. * <Kodah> Alternate what? <FlameStrike> You were right, Erin... no one could love me... less than all you... farewell, you all... <BlackHawk> This is all to strange for me. * Crest looks at Kodah and then at Chamolo "How could they be.... Warlords?" <Crest> Hmmmm..... * Darton snorts and blinks awake at the rodent's screaming <Darton> huh? * Indigo blinks. <Chamolo> O_o I have absolutely no clue here. * Erin says nothing in return.. * <Indigo> Us, warlords? <Lara> you got me... <Crest> I think we are in some sort of alternate universe.... <Kodah> I'm a warlord? Since when? <Lara> didn't I just say that? * Chamolo pats Flamestrike on the back. <Lara> if Chammy and Kodah are warlords, I want to know what happens to the rest of us. <Baine> Good question.. <Indigo> Well, Baine could be definitely, and Darton, but Cham and Kodah??? <Chamolo> You were controlled, and you need to realize that you had no control over your actions. I don't blame you. <Baine> Hey now.. * Darton gets up and wanders over to the rest of the shining force, having nothing better to do <Narrator> The Shining Force sees the sky being dark and red... * Kodah looks thuroughly bamboozled o_O <FlameStrike> Farewell, Chamolo... <Narrator> Many flamming crators lie all over the place... * Crest looks up <Chamolo> Don't do this.. * Indigo looks at FS. <Chamolo> Please. <Baine> By the gods.. <Narrator> The land is scortched and desolate... <Indigo> There is no need for that. <Crest> A barren waste land... <Lara> I don't like this one bit. * Chamolo looks worried. * Baine stares around.. * Kodah notices Flamestrike, "Hey....." <Lara> Flamestrike, stay with us for a while OK? <Baine> This is...bad.. <Crest> Kodah's, and Chamolo's others may have done this..... <Baine> others? <Kiwi> ... meep? <Lara> probably... <Crest> You know, they're alternates.... * Tears well up in Kiwi's eyes... * FlameStrike plunges the blade deep in his stomach, but his expression is of surprise rather than pain... <Baine> I'm a warlord too.. * Kodah crawls over to FS, "Flamestrike?" <Narrator> The land seems to be the one the Shining Force is used to, but it is completely destroyed... <Chamolo> Flamestrike no! * Baine snaps her head to FS. "FlameStrike no Baka!" * FlameStrike takes out the sword and looks at the bent blade... <Kodah> Is that you Flamestrike? <Indigo> If our opposites are different, then you Baine are probaly a gentle woman. <FlameStrike> FUCK! CAN'T I EVEN DIE HONORABLY?????? * Indigo looks to FS. <Baine> O_o <Indigo> Oh no! <Baine> gentle woman? :P <Chamolo> Maybe you aren't ready to die yet.. * FlameStrike throws away the useless sword <Baine> I'm not now? :P <FlameStrike> FUCKING DERMAL PLATES! <Chamolo> You can either kill yourself... <Chamolo> Or atone. Your choice.. * FlameStrike collapses in a heap, crying. <Chamolo> It's a lot more honerable to atone for sins... <Indigo> Well, gentler. :P As in, sugary and nice. :P * Kodah looks at FS, astonished by what's happening o_O <Baine> sugary and nice? * Baine raises both eyebrows distracted... mind you, this is getting interesting... =)>> <Crest> Well, we won't find a way outta here standing around like this, so, ummm let's get moving, and see what we can find, alright? * FlameStrike stands up <Lara> OK. <FlameStrike> I guess it's time i explain a couple of things to you... * Lara gets moving to the east. * Kodah flops back onto the ground, "I am so TOTALLY lost here" o_o * Chamolo looks at the sky... <Narrator> The Caravan sits outside the crater... * Indigo looks around. * Baine runs a hand through her hair.. <Lara> Hmm.. <Indigo> This reeks of dark sorcery. <Lara> excellent <Baine> <Crest> Hey, what's that? <Darton> ooh... our little machine thingie <Indigo> Like in our reality. <Chamolo> So, Crest...he joined us, right? <Crest> What is it? * Lara gets in the caravan and starts 'er up. <FlameStrike> Ok, no one listens to me... i'm gonna keep my mouth shut then... * Darton climbs in, for a more comfortable bed type place <Chamolo> Come with us Flamestrike. ^_^ <Narrator> . o O ( DOH! I forgot to do my job! ) <Narrator> == Crest joins the Shining Force! *cheesy music* <Crest> Ummm, Cham, not really ^_^; I just wanna get out of this place, I'll decide later if I do want to join.... * Baine climbs in the caravan and offers Cham a hand. :P <Narrator> . o O ( DOH again! :P ) * Crest follows Baine * FlameStrike curses loudly, scaring even Baine * Chamolo gets in the caravan. <Narrator> . o O ( I'm not cut out to be the Narrator... -_- ) * Kodah stands up and walks over to Flamestrike * Baine blinks * FlameStrike looks at Kodah <Kodah> Hey.....feel like going for a little trip? * Crest climbs into the caravan * FlameStrike smiles at Kodah <Baine> So...uhm..where we gonna go? <Narrator> Indigo hears a soft, reassuring voice talking to her... * Crest finds a spot to sit down by, it happens to be next to Indigo... ^_^;;; <FlameStrike> Ok... if even one of my scales turns black again, KILL ME with no hesitation while i still control myself... * Indigo looks around. <Indigo> Who is it? * Kodah grabs Flamestrike's arm and helps him up, "We can figure things out as we go...okay?" * FlameStrike climbs into the caravan and sits near Kiwi * Indigo smiles to Crest in confusion, thinking he is the one talking. * FlameStrike looks at the Shining Force <Mitula> Indigo... Only you can hear me... I'm speaking to you from our own dimension through are mental link... * Kodah enters the caravan still very much confused * Crest glances at Indigo "Huh? Is something wrong Indi?" <FlameStrike> Are you up for a little explanation? <Baine> Hiya, Kodah. ^_^ * Chamolo whistles and leans back. * Indigo shakes her head and holds up a hand. * Kodah waves at Baine * Baine pokes Cham's nose and looks at FS <Indigo> ~Mitula, what is going on. Where are we?~ <Kodah> (FS) Hit me, I might as well get all the confusing things taken care of all at once * FlameStrike looks Baine in the eyes... <Mitula> ~You have entered a parallel dimension... The only way you may return the team home is by going to the Tower of Granseal in this world... There I shall contact you again...~ * Baine raises one eyebrow <Indigo> ~Okay.~ <Kiwi> O_o Kiwi messed up... <Indigo> We have to go to the Tower of Granseal in this world. Mitula told me so. <FlameStrike> After the teleport, i was dumped near Darksol's lair... I was unconscious at the time, so it was easy for Darksol to control my mind... * Chamolo nose is poked. <Crest> Mitula? Wait a minute! How did she contact you? <FlameStrike> However the control was NOT perfect... That's why you are here now... <Kodah> Oh <FlameStrike> Remember the huge rock??? <Kodah> Sorta <Indigo> We are connected. <Baine> Damn..I thought you said coc-...err...nevermind.. <FlameStrike> It would have been 100 times better for Darksol to keep you there, since it was a magic-dead zone and you couldn't get out... * Baine sits and listens <Crest> I see... * Chamolo looks around the caravan.. <Crest> Alright then, to Granseal tower? <FlameStrike> However, i regained control of myself for a moment, and blasted that rock, allowing you to escape <Chamolo> I wonder what this place is like... * Kodah blinks <FlameStrike> This REALLY fucked up Darksol's plans... <Indigo> I am not sure yet of the connection, but it is extremely powerful, so much so that she could speak across dimensions to me. <FlameStrike> So he decided to send me to kill you. However, control was STILL not perfect... <Chamolo> Good. * Crest takes his flute and places just below his lips, he begins playing a sweet and soft melody... <FlameStrike> And i ended up fighting on both sides. Remember the wyverns? <Kodah> Oh yeah * Baine glances at Crest and then at Chamolo :P * Indigo smiles. <Baine> . o O (Romantic music..) <FlameStrike> Then, when you defeated them, i was forced by Darksol to run away. <Indigo> That is a lovely tune. <FlameStrike> This last time Darksol's spawns were near (Dorak) and they proved too strong for my mind alone to overcome. * Crest sits back and continues to play.... * Kodah has never looked this confused in his entire life o_o;; * Baine leans slightly against Chamolo, listening to the tune.. * Chamolo smiles at looks at Baine. "You okay now?" <Baine> I think so.. <Baine> You? <FlameStrike> So i was forced to attack you. When Dorak lost control (the swords), i was able to regain my former mind... but the memories of what happened are still with me... <Chamolo> I'm fine... <Kodah> Oh <Baine> Good...I don't want you to be hurt.. * Indigo kicks the controls to start it. * Chamolo smiles and...hugs Baine ^_^ * Baine smiles and returns the hug. ^_^ <FlameStrike> Now i regained control of myself. But Erin was right anyways... I'm sorry... * Kodah nods, still looking positively perpelexed * Baine remains leaning on Cham, smiling oddly. ^_^ <Baine> Eeeep! <FlameStrike> Kodah: In a few words, i've regained control over myself, but i remember what i have done when i was "Tiamaat" <Kodah> Oh......okay * Crest stops his playing "Ummm anyone going to drive this thing, to Granseal Tower? <FlameStrike> I am <Chamolo> Then let's go! * Indigo frowns and kicks the controls again. * FlameStrike sits at the controls and drives the thing to Granseal Tower * Baine nuzzles Cham's shoulder a bit and sighs softly. "Lets go kick some butt." * Baine straightens and grins <Chamolo> Hmm... <Kodah> Well....if it makes you feel better.....I'm not as scared of you anymore ^^;; * Chamolo then straightens.. O_o * FlameStrike smiles to Kodah... yes... but I AM scared of myself now... <Chamolo> Wait a second!! <Narrator> The Shining Force takes up control of the Caravan and head it in the direction of Granseal tower... <Kodah> Oh <Chamolo> We're in a parallel world now, right? <Baine> Yep.. <FlameStrike> Yes, Cham Cham <Crest> Right, Cham <Chamolo> Well, maybe that vision of Nalya and Jeyer was from this world! * Kodah heads back to his chair and pulls out his book, its less confusing than the current situation <Baine> Heh... <Crest> Who? <Chamolo> So it's not really happening in our world, but this one! * FlameStrike mutters "Feh! I've not got the right to call myself a Dragon anymore... From now on i shall be known as FlameStrike the... lizard..." <Chamolo> ...It's a thought. * Crest looks confused <Crest> Ummm, I have no idea what you're talking about * Crest sits back and puts his flute away, relaxing... * Lara is at a loss... <Narrator> The water level on the ocean separating New granseal to Granseal is dried up... * Kodah starts on page 12 <Narrator> In the distance, Granseal tower stands... Just as it did back in the normal world... As if it was the only thing untouched by the change of dimensions... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====