Shining Force RPG session 2
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining force now stand face to face with Darksol, the wizard... He is holding the king of Granseal's neck and laughing morbidly... Vankarin lying on the floor unconscious by a lightning bolt, Yogurt growling at Darksol, the Shining Force RPG confused... <Lara> hmmmm?? <Yogurt> Darksol... I should have known.. * FlameStrike growls <Lara> Darksol? I thought you were killed centuries ago. <Darksol> I am immortal, little one! All evil is! <FlameStrike> He's NEVER killed. Only banished for a certain time. * Indigo blinks. * Darksol cackles evilly! <Lara> then feel the wrath of a demon hunter. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Indigo> Evil is always defeated by goodness and light. <Darksol> HALT! One more step and i KILL this puny king of yours! <FlameStrike> After which he returns, and another Shining Force kicks his sorry evil ass into oblivion for another 500 years. <Lara> you ain't got the guts. * FlameStrike grins <Erin> I beg to differ. He has the guts. I've read up on this guy... * Darksol laughs! is that a challenge, weakling? <Indigo> You cannot! He is the rightful king! <Lara> gee..thanks for telling me, Erin...too little too late. <FlameStrike> He has, unfortunately. Don't challenge him. <Erin> We are seriously out of our league here... <Lara> you're not lying. <Indigo> But he is evil and we are good so we are destined to triumph. <FlameStrike> My Grandpa told me about you, Darksol. * Indigo stands up. <Darksol> You'd better listen to that pegasus... She tells the truth! <FlameStrike> (switching to Indigo) We ARE supposed to win... But NOT NOW. <Erin> As our chief strategist, I can tell you that at this point in time, we can't hope to win. We have to go along... as much as I don't like it... <Baine> Bah <Darksol> Oh? And what did he say? This shall be amusing... <Baine> Lets just slit his puny little throat * Baine sneers <Lara> you're right, Erin. * Indigo blinks. <Erin> What do you want, Darksol? <FlameStrike> That you are big, bad, and you smell REALLY BAD. <FlameStrike> And you are disgusting. * Darksol sneers... Pitiful attempt to anger me, mortal. <Indigo> (turns to Darksol) Well, when we have the power of goodness you'll be really sorry! <FlameStrike> And a freak. And your mama (censored) * Indigo nods self-righteously. <Darksol> I'm here to see your puny "Shining Force" in action! * Baine chuckles to herself and mutters.. <Baine> fools.. <Narrator> *Two knights of Granseal rush towards Darksol, spears at the ready! <Lara> you want to see the Shining Force in action? Then bring it on, pal. <FlameStrike> STOP!!! * Darksol knocks them down with the flick of a wrist... <Baine> Words. All words.. <Narrator> *Their flesh slowly dissolves, leaving bones where they once stood... <Indigo> Well, let's see: Lara can beat demons, I can summon the elementals of nature, Flamestrike is a dragon, Baine is a really good fighter, and Erin's smart, so you can't win! * Baine smirks <Darksol> Fools... You shall all perish... <Lara> wanna bet? <Baine> Mr Darksol. Scary. Not. <FlameStrike> Uhmmm.... I bet on him. * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> * Darksol dissapears, dropping the king and summoning a horde of monsters. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <FlameStrike> I knew it <Lara> all right...time to rock and roll. <Indigo> How did they get here? * Baine grins darkly * Erin spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * <Baine> Lets kick some ass. <Narrator> ===== 6 Orks, 2 hellhounds ===== <Lara> I'm with ya, Baine. * Baine unsheathes AmeShi * FlameStrike cracks his knuckles and neck * Indigo is preparing to curtesy. * FlameStrike is preparing to slap Indigo <Lara> hey, how about a Katon on that first hellhound, Baine? <Baine> Mmmhm...... * Baine grins wolfishly and nods. <Lara> hehehe..... <Narrator> == Erin has the first attack! * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Hellhound 1 !* <Lara> Go get em, Erin! <Narrator> == attacks Hellhound 1... Most of the arrows burn to dust, dealing only 1 damage... <Erin> Oh oh... I knew this was bad... <Lara> anyone got ice magic? <Baine> Hrm. <Indigo> Well, I think I could summon the elemental of water. * Baine grins <Narrator> ===== Lara and baine attack simultaneously! ===== <Narrator> == Lara slices at Hellhound 1... * Lara rushes in with the deadly soulsword! <Narrator> == Baine slices at Hellhound 1... * Baine laughs and runs towards Hellhound-1. She slashes viciously upwards with the enchanted blade of AmeShi, leaving a huge burning gash on Hellhound-1's body. * Indigo blinks, looks at the damage and pales. <Narrator> == The two attacks leave the hellhound totally defenseless on its flank, causing him 16 damage total... Hellhound 1 dispatched! <Lara> ya haa! * Baine grins almost evilly * Lara smirks almost mockingly of the monsters. <Narrator> ===== FlameStrike and the 2nd hellhound attack simultaneously! ===== <Lara> woo boy.... <Narrator> == Hellhound 2 leaps at Indigo... <Lara> LOOK OUT! <Narrator> == FlameStrike attacks Hellhound 2... * FlameStrike jumps on the HellHound, trying to Shield Indigo <FlameStrike> Doraah! * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> But, why would.... <Narrator> == FlameStrike intercepts Hellhound 2, blocking his attack... FS takes 2 damage, Hellhound takes 5... <Lara> get a clue,'s one of Darksol's monsters. Of course it wants to kill us. * FlameStrike lands on the floor and gets back up <FlameStrike> You're not going to touch them, Monster. * Indigo frowns, seeming close to tears. <Lara> good hit, FlameStrike.... * Baine glances at Indigo <Narrator> == Indigo's turn to attack <FlameStrike> Not until FlameStrike is HERE. <Indigo> If I must harm you, I'll try to have him be as gentle as possible, but he got away from my control once.... <Baine> just do it, whelp. * Indigo reluctantly summons Dao, elemental of the Earth to attack Hellhound 2. <Lara> just kick it's ass, Indigo. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Dao on Hellhound 2... Dao pounds the miserable hellhound for 6 points of damage... <Narrator> == The orks attack the Shining Force... * FlameStrike stands ready for the incoming beasties <Lara> oh great....INCOMING! * Erin flies a bit higher... * FlameStrike stands in the front, ready to take blows <Narrator> == Ork 1, 2 and 3 attack Lara, while Ork 4, 5 and 6 lash out at Baine... * Baine remains stoic * Indigo looks at the orks. <Lara> This is gonna hurt. <Narrator> == two of the Orks lash out at Lara, one fumbles, dealing 3 points of damage... * Indigo goes to the back row. <Lara> oh come on...IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? <Narrator> == Ork 4, 5 and 6 beat on Baine, dealing 5 damage... Baine counter attacks! * Baine rushes in and slashes at Ork-6's arm and leg, then jabbing at Ork-6's face with the hilt of AmeShi!!! * Baine leaps back <Narrator> == The ork grabs his face and groans before drowing in his own blood... 15 damage, dispatched. * Baine grins evilly <Narrator> == Monster call... 1 hellhound, 5 orks... <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Lara> OK..I've got the hellhound... * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at Orc 1 !!* <Narrator> == Erin fires at Ork 1... The arrow penetrates his shoulder and stays planted there... 7 damage, + 1 damage inflicted per turn until Arrow's removed... <Narrator> ===== Baine and Lara attack simultaneously! ===== <Erin> I sure could use a Legendary Nazca Cannon right about now... <Narrator> == Lara attacks Hellhound 2... * Lara leaps high into the air, diving at the hellhound, delivering a punishing downward slash. * Baine snarls and twirls AmeShi in her hand, the black flames on the blade growing more and more angry. With a loud roar, she launches AmeShi at Ork-1 and AmeShi imbeds itself in Ork-1's stomach. The black flames send agony through Ork-1's body. * Baine rips the blade out slowly * Baine grins <Narrator> == Lara slashes the Hellhound's skull open, Baine impales the Ork... HH receives 8 combat damage, dispatched... Ork is... Well... Dead... :P <Lara> all right! <Lara> not bad, Baine.... * Baine smiles kind of frigidly at Lara * Indigo seems to become very rigid and cold for a moment, then reverts to her normal, kinder personality. <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack! * FlameStrike looks at the hellhound <FlameStrike> He he... Do you know how to fly? <Erin> What ARE you talking about? Go hit an Orc! <Narrator> == FS casts strength on himself, boosting his attack by 10, and moves towards the orks... * Baine smirks. <FlameStrike> Power! * FlameStrike 's muscles grow like Hulk Hogan's :) * Baine pops the muscles with a pin <Baine> :P <Narrator> == FS picks up a hellhound and throws it at the orks... * FlameStrike takes up the HellHound's still flaming body, and ignoring the flames, throws it at the band of Orks, knocking them down and scorching them <Narrator> == The orks all fall under the Hellhound's weight, burning them all for 3 damage... <Narrator> == Orks are at the Shining Force's mercy... <FlameStrike> So you'll learn to taunt a DRAGON's friends. * Baine snarls with a sudden cold fury <Narrator> == Indigo can attack... * Baine sneers and sheathes the powerful blade of AmeShi in the black scabbard she wears on her back. * Indigo summons Dao again, then says in a sad voice, "Do as you please Dao." * Lara 's eyes narrow to mere slits as she concentrates on her nex attack. <Erin> I friend of mine, Lawrence, put it best... No prisoners. <Baine> No mercy. <Lara> No remorse. <FlameStrike> I don't want to take prisoners. * Indigo turns away so she doesn't have to see what happens and silently begins to cry over the loss of life. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Dao... Dao crushes one of the orks skulls... <Narrator> == Erin can attack <FlameStrike> I just knocked them down. Now they're yours to disembowel and dismember. <Baine> Heh.... <Lara> you ain't gotta ask me twice. * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Orc 3 !! <Narrator> == Erin attacks Ork 3... <Narrator> == Ork 3 is punctured for 6 damage... Dispatched. <Narrator> ===== Lara and Baine attack simultaneously! ===== * Lara leaps high into the air, diving at the Ork, delivering a punishing downward slash. <Narrator> == Lara busts up Ork 4, while Baine casts Katon on Ork 4... * Baine remains stoic as she gazes upon her enemy. She clasps her hands together, bringing her two index fingers out in front of her and pointing at Ork 4 and she casts the spell of ¤Katon. Black fire surges up from the ground under Ork 4 and scorches it with the darkness of pure hatred. <FlameStrike> Ork 6 is mine... <Narrator> == The ork is dead... Of course... <Lara> gotcha, Flamer. <Narrator> == Monster call : Ork 5 only. * Lara causes the Soulsword to disappear. <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack <FlameStrike> Haste! * Baine snarls, her eyes flashing with cruel animalistic pleasure at the killing of the orks... * FlameStrike suddendly appears to move faster * Lara gets the strong impression that Baine needs to learn how to relax. * FlameStrike takes the Ork, throws him in the air and then begins slashing super- fastly at him, hitting 25 times and reducing the ork to a bloody pulp <Narrator> == FS casts haste on himself... <Narrator> == The blows inflict 20 damage, overkilling the ork... <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> Lara: 48, Baine: 48, FlameStrike: 25, Erin: 20, Indigo: 20 * Indigo turns, no longer hearing the sounds of combat. "I take it that this waste of life is over then?" <FlameStrike> DORARAH! * Vankarin stirs, after the battle is over... <Indigo> Mr. Vankarin? <Vankarin> Wha.. What happened? <Baine> Welcome back, old man. * Indigo goes over to him, blinking away tears. * Vankarin holds his head and squints... <FlameStrike> Guess? * FlameStrike goes over to get yogurt <Indigo> Darksol defeated you, and sent monsters after us, but we.....we.....we..... * Vankarin looks around... <FlameStrike> Yogurt!! * Erin quickly drops back to the ground, stepping lightly back onto terra firma. <FlameStrike> We kicked their asses! Dorah! * Baine smirks * Baine hides partly in the shadows * Yogurt scuffles through the remains of the monsters, looking for items and/or gold... <Indigo> It was a slaughter. <Baine> delicious slaughter.. <Vankarin> Darksol.. I can't believe it... <Erin> We lived. I'm sure DarkSol has much more powerful things he could have hit us with... * FlameStrike lifts Yogurt up by the neck <FlameStrike> "What did you find?" <Indigo> But you are restored to us, so now everything is perfect again! <Yogurt> ACK! LEMME DOWN! I'm still looking, ya big lug! :P <FlameStrike> Big... Lug..? * FlameStrike lets Yogurt down * Vankarin shakes his head... I'm too weak.. * Baine sneers <Baine> What do we do now, old man? <Narrator> * Two guards, whom were tending to the king walk over to Vankarin to help him up... <Indigo> I don't know how to summon the elemental of healing... * FlameStrike looks around with Yogurt <Vankarin> I need to rest... The king should tell you what to do next... <Baine> Grand. * FlameStrike hears this, and gets back. <FlameStrike> HA! * Baine looks coolly at the king :P <Indigo> Your majesty. * Vankarin is escorted by the two guards out of the throne room... * Indigo turns to the king and curtsies formally and politely. * Erin looks about the room.... <King> Shining Force... What is left to do now, is to gather an army against Darksol to try and defeat him.... <FlameStrike> I have done research about Darksol. <Erin> To the best of our ability, your Magesty. * Indigo nods. <FlameStrike> And i've come to two possible conclusions <King> I shall send you north to Galam... *hands a scroll to Lara* Give him this... * Lara nods and pockets the scroll... * Baine smirks <FlameStrike> Nobody wants to hear? <Indigo> Do not worry your majesty. We are the representatives of goodness, so we will defeat all evil, as is our destiny. <King> Yes, FlameStrike... <Baine> Will we get paid for this, your majesty? *strains the last word* <Erin> I probably know it already, FlameStrike... * Indigo smiles at the king, blinking away her last tears. <FlameStrike> Darksol is either a Masochist, an IDIOT or he simply needs something each time he comes back. <King> You shall, Baine... All in good time... * Baine grins wolfishly. "Good." <FlameStrike> Think of it. He could have sent Greater Daemons after us, and he sent two puny hellhounds and some orks, and i could've taken them on alone. <Indigo> Why would we need to be paid Baine? We are saving the world. Is that not pay enough? <King> He is asserting your strengths and weaknesses... <Baine> No, its not. <Erin> Of course. He's using us for some purpose we're not aware of yet. <King> He knows he can't defeat you just yet... <FlameStrike> The fact is: Either he is MASOCHIST, so he likes to be beaten each time by the various Shining Forces. <Indigo> Hmmmm....I wouldn't know. Mommy and Daddy have always paid for everything. <King> Exactly, Erin... * Baine holds back an extremely cruel insult :P <FlameStrike> He's Too damn STUPID for understanding we'll go and kick his ass. <Erin> If he wanted to kill us, I have no doubt that he could do it. Singlehandedly even... but as it is, we're walking into a trap, and have no choice but to do it... <Baine> Are you done ranting yet, you big dragon? <FlameStrike> Or he's not at the top of his power. <Narrator> * A knight runs in the throne room and asks for an audience with the king... * Baine looks at Erin. "I happen to like traps." <FlameStrike> My opinion is: He's an IDIOT. * Erin goes off into a long mumbling rant about various strategies.... <Indigo> But, we can't be used. Evil is supposed to fall back before us, to surrender or face defeat. How could they, instead of the powers of goodness, use us? * The king waves a hand to silence the Shining Force... * FlameStrike goes and pokes Erin <Erin> Opinion is not knowledge or truth. * Erin trails off again, lost in thought... <FlameStrike> Hey, that one with the HellHound corpse was good, huh? <Narrator> * The knight bows to the king, glances at the people and starts... There was report of a giant fireball in the sky, heading towards Gallam, sir! * Erin looks at FlameStrike. * It got the job done. <Baine> I'd love to see your knowledge and truth stand against two men with dagger who have broken both your legs.. * Baine glances at the knight <FlameStrike> ! <Erin> I'd still have two to stand on... <Indigo> A fireball? * The King looks over to Lara... Shall you investigate this? <Indigo> How interesting. Did you try to talk to it? <Baine> You'd still be crippled and half helpless. <FlameStrike> Talk to it??? <Lara> Do we have a choice? *smiles* * Indigo nods. * FlameStrike reprimes the sudden urge to bite Indigo's throath <Erin> That's also why I'm a tactician. I don't get into situations where I'd be crippled and helpless. I think before I act. * The king chuckles and looks at the Shining Force... Then it's decided... You shall venture to Gallam to see what has happened! <Indigo> Yes, it may have been sent by one of the powers of good, or it may be the elemental of fire, here for some purpose or other. <FlameStrike> How are we supposed to win Darksol? She would COURTESY to him instead of attacking!!! <Erin> Good fireballs... that'll be the day... * Yogurt returns with the loot from the dead bodies... 450 GP and 1 unknown ring... * Baine snaps at Erin. "And if you don't have time to think, my pretty little pegasus?" <Erin> C'mon... <FlameStrike> She would think he's an ARCHANGEL! <Indigo> (In a sweet voice) Yes, Your Majesty. <Baine> Lets go. * Indigo curtsies to the King. <FlameStrike> Split up, man. <Erin> There's always time to think... * Baine sneers at Erin. "shows how much you know." <Erin> Yes. It does. * The king dismisses the shining force... * Erin nods and exits the throne room... <FlameStrike> Hey! Yogurt! Split the money! * FlameStrike exits while chasing Yogurt * Baine follows * Indigo turns to Flamestrike as they leave. "I hold all life as sacred. What is so wrong with that? " <Yogurt> Yeah yeah, ya dumb dragon... :P * Baine overhears Indigo. "Life isn't sacred." <Narrator> * The Shining Force packs up gear and starts the journey north to Galam... * FlameStrike lifts again Yogurt by the neck * Indigo turns to Baine. <Indigo> Why do you think that? * FlameStrike takes the money and gets the ring. 90 GP to everyone, people! * Indigo takes the money abstractedly. * Baine looks coolly at Indigo. "Because its true. Life is a cruel joke played by the gods." * Yogurt grabs the ring... I shall identify it, thankyouverymuch! <Indigo> I try to minimize the damage that the elementals do, to preserve life. But Dao sometimes has a mind of his own, and mommy and daddy haven't taught me how to override his judgement yet. <FlameStrike> Ok, Yogurt, let's do peace. Come on my shoulder, boy. * Indigo blinks at Baine's statement. * Lara leads the party on a dirt road that leads towards Galam, humming a cheery tune, while admiring the rich natural surroundings... <Indigo> The gods of goodness and light do not play such cruel games. * Yogurt climbs on FS's shoulder and starts analysing the ring... * Erin mumbles... * The Gods are dead... <FlameStrike> Indigo, if someone menaced to cut your throat and you could save your life only by killing him, what would you do? * Baine yanks her facial garb down and looks at Indigo, her pretty face twisted in cold hatred. " is pain." * Lara shakes her head and chuckles... Can't you people ever agree on something? <Baine> Nothing more, nothing less. * Baine hauls it back up * Indigo blinks, shaken by the hatred. <Erin> Never in the history of the world, has there been a group that bickers like this one... <Indigo> Well, I would summon Dao, or one of the other elementals. They would handle it from there. <FlameStrike> You've never been in the world. * Lara whistles her tune and continues to walk north, ignoring the bickering behind her... <FlameStrike> And what if you extinguishd your magic reserves and could only kill him with a knife? <Indigo> No. Mommy and Daddy, a sorceress and sorcerer, raised me in their magical tower all my life, training me to be a sorceress. * Baine mumbles something very dark under her breath and draws AmeShi, gazing at the blade. <FlameStrike> I agree, Baine. <Indigo> A knife? That is for cutting food. * FlameStrike shows Indigo his claws <Indigo> Besides which, mommmy cuts all the food. * Baine blinks as if slapped. "A knife?! HA! Foolish.." * Baine chuckles. :P <FlameStrike> They're not meant to cut food. And i DO NOT use them to cut food. * Baine sounds oddly warm when she chuckles :P <FlameStrike> I use them to kill monsters, because otherwise they will kill ME! <Narrator> * The Shining force can now see smoke coming from Galam... Nothing else unusual can be spotted... * Baine's chuckle fades off and she speeds up a bit. <Indigo> Wait. Baine, life is not pain. I've known nothing but joy and happiness my whole life. <FlameStrike> Bah, you're hopeless. * With these words, Flamestrike flies into the air * Baine growls. <Lara> Now that's odd... We should be seeing smoke so far away from Gallam... <Indigo> I wonder what happened here. <Baine> Life is pain when your parents get crushed by a minotaur and you get ra- ....forget it, child. <Baine> You know nothing. * Baine looks towards Galam <Indigo> I shall try to sense if any elementals or supernatural forces passed through here recently. * FlameStrike looks from my vantage point in the air, but doesn't see anything. * Lara smells something burning... Smells like burned flesh... * Indigo begins to scan for elemental or other energy traces, being a trained elementalist. <Narrator> *No elemental powers can be sensed... <FlameStrike> WAIT FOR ME PEOPLE! * FlameStrike begins flying at full speed towards the castle <Indigo> Hmmm....that's strange. I sense no elemental energy in the area. * Lara feels the presence of an evil spirit in the area... <Erin> Crazy dragon... gonna get himself killed rushing headlong like that... * Indigo opens her eyes. <Narrator> * The Gallam walls are still out of sight... Nothing of Gallam is seen from this vantage point... * FlameStrike returns back <Narrator> * A pile of burning rags are spotted... The rags are a human's clothes... <Indigo> Well, I suppose that something else happened then. But, if it was another sorcer or sorceress I should be able to sense them. My senses are attuned to magic. <FlameStrike> Nothing. Just smell of burnt flesh. <Baine> Heh.. * Indigo goes over to the clothes. <Baine> Kindling. <FlameStrike> Holy Shit! * FlameStrike goes to look at the clothes <Indigo> Well, these are someone's. We should try to find the owner and return them." <Narrator> * A dead human body lies in the sizzling clothes... <FlameStrike> Cretin! There's SOMEONE IN THEM! * Indigo stares down. <Erin> Ugh... poor guy... * Erin looks away... * Indigo gasps, takes off a few paces, then throws up and begins crying. * FlameStrike tries to comfort Indigo * Yogurt stares at the pile of burning flesh... * Baine smirks <Baine> Interesting. <FlameStrike> Yogurt, don't do what i'm thinking... <Yogurt> Uh... Someone put that out..? It kinda smells horrible... <Indigo> We have to bury him, then I'll have a stern discussion with the elemental of fire! <FlameStrike> WHAT COULD YOU DO WITH STERN DISCUSSIONS???? * Indigo walks over to the pile and averts her eyes, summoning Dao to bury the person. * Lara takes a blanket in her gear and smothers the corpse to extinguish the flames... <FlameStrike> If elementals obey a cretin like you, they obey a cretin like DarkSol! <Narrator> * Dao is summoned... <Indigo> Explain to him that humans are not kindling wood to be burned. <Lara> So... We bury the body right now..? * Indigo turns to Dao. <FlameStrike> But there's a difference between you and Darksol. Darksol will be imprisoned again. <Indigo> Elemental of the earth, bury that body in your stony embrace. * Baine snarls and drives a knife into the ground next to FlameStrike's foot/claw. "Enough. Do you not get tired of constantly looking down on her?!" * Lara groans... Everyone just shut up... We need to take care of this! <Lara> Baine! Sheath that and stop it! FlameStrike! Let Indigo be! <FlameStrike> I do not look down on her. I try to help her. She's not gonna live long if she has this attitude. <Baine> Oh shut up, you blithering dragon.. * FlameStrike takes the knife and gives it back to Baine * Baine grabs it back * Lara looks at the party... Now do we bury it NOW? * Erin is off, looking around, away from the fighting... * Baine turns and drops the conversation :P <Narrator> * Dao still awaits the final decision... <Indigo> Dao, what are you doing? I asked you to bury the body. * Baine bends over and searches the body :P <Narrator> Lara: Wait, Indigo... * Indigo looks perplexed at Dao. "Sometimes you are so stubborn...." <Narrator> Lara: Not just yet... * Indigo looks at Lara. <Indigo> Okay. * Indigo turns to Dao. "Not yet Dao." * Baine finds a leather scroll casing, sealed with the Galam insignia... <Lara> Let me have that, Baine... <Baine> Hrm. <Indigo> That is stealing from the dead. Mommy told me once that dead spirits can be awfully vengeful about the sort of thing. * Baine tosses it to Lara * Lara grabs the scroll casing and examines it... * Erin wanders back... <Erin> What's it say? <Lara> I don't know... I don't wanna break the seal... It's a royal crest... <Baine> Oh, just do it.. <Baine> Dead men don't talk <Erin> All things given, I'd say open it... * Lara shrugs and breaks the seal... <Erin> Seal or no... besides my father was a friend to the king... we won't get in trouble. * Indigo turns back to Dao. "Okay Dao, I guess you can bury him now. Be gentle about it though, he deserves a honorable burial." * FlameStrike looks at Yogurt * Lara pulls out the scroll... It's addressed to the King of Granseal... It's a military alliance treaty... <FlameStrike> So, Yogurt, what about that ring? <Narrator> * Dao goes about returning the body from whence it came... The earth... <Yogurt> Well... All I get from it, is that it has a fire protection spell on it... * Indigo nods. <FlameStrike> Then i do not need it. I am immune to fire. <Indigo> Yes Dao, very good Dao. * Lara reads the scroll, sighs and puts it back in the leather casing... * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> I'd like the spell. <Narrator> * Dao, having done his purpose, dissapears through the ground... <Indigo> Well, I'd like to learn it, or take it home to mommy and daddy. * Indigo blinks. <Lara> Let's move on... I have a bad feeling about all of this... Let's hurry towards Galam! <Indigo> Oh. Farewell Dao. Just remember to be gentle. <Erin> I agree. * FlameStrike takes the ring and gives it to Baine <Lara> Are you with me, people? <FlameStrike> Put it on, you'll need it! * FlameStrike begins running towards Galam <Indigo> Well, okay. I feel it important to have a discussion on ethics with whoever or whatever did this. * Baine eyes FlameStrike * Indigo turns and prepares to leave. <Narrator> * The Shining Force pick up their gear and move towards Gallam once more... <FlameStrike> Come on! We don't need any stupid epic scenes! Let's just go to Galam! * Indigo blinks as they walk. <Narrator> * The Shining Force can now see the walls of Gallam in the distance... They seem to have been damaged severely... <Lara> WTF?? <Indigo> Oh dear. <FlameStrike> The fireball must have it. <Erin> I'm not liking this... Galam is... decimated. * Lara picks up the pace... <FlameStrike> Let's go and help survivors! * Indigo nods. * FlameStrike runs in Galam, using Aura on wounded unz <Indigo> I...will try to summon the elemental of healing to aid these poor people. * Indigo walks faster to Galam. * Baine shakes her head <Narrator> * The Galam walls weren't severely damaged, as the Shining Force had perceived... They were obliterated... * Indigo blinks. <Lara> Oh my god... * Lara starts running towards Galam... * FlameStrike already is <Erin> Yep... decimated... we'd better get to the castle... the people we need are there... <Erin> ...if they're alive.. <Indigo> Maybe Dao can restore the kingdom. <Baine> Interesting. <Narrator> * Charring buildings can now be spotted... Dead bodies everywhere... * Indigo walks towards the castle. <Narrator> *The Shining Force arrives at the gates, only to notice that there are no more gates... <Erin> Maybe you'd better get your head out of the clouds. Magic doesn't solve everything... <Indigo> It doesn't? * Yogurt scans the ruins to see sign or survivors... <Erin> No, it doesn't. Your Dao can't rebuild this... there is too much lost here... <Erin> and more than physical loss too... <Erin> Magic is a hollow solution... <Narrator> * The scream of a woman resonates through the ruins, from the north! <Indigo> Well, let's see. Dao can provide the stone to rebuild, and I'll try to contact the good gods to restore the people. * Baine blinks * Lara runs north! * Baine follows <Lara> Come ON people! * Erin launches into the air, heading after Lara. * Indigo goes after the others. * Erin spots a huge sphere shaped monster standing over a mother protecting her child, about to lash out! * Erin knocks an arrow and fires at the monster! <FlameStrike> Stop, Beast! <Erin> Dammit, c'mon you people, there's a monster! * FlameStrike attacks <FlameStrike> DORAAAAH! <Narrator> * Before the monster can hit the woman, Erin's arrow bounces off his body... The monster turns around and snarls... <Erin> Hehe... at least I distracted it... I really wish I had that cannon now... <Baine> oh great, you pissed it off <Baine> Way to go * Yogurts blurts out the name of the monster... It's a Gizmo demon... * FlameStrike utters a single word of power: "Speed" and suddendly small rays of light begin emanating from his head and enveloping his body <Narrator> * The Gizmo suddenly fades, creating a likeness of himself... He does it 3 times, adding 3 monsters to his team... * Baine leans on the hilt of AmeShi <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <FlameStrike> Power! <Narrator> ===== 1 Fire Gizmo, 3 mist Gizmos ===== * FlameStrike says the word, and rays of orange lights come out from his head and envelop his arms and feets <Baine> Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm alllll outta gum.. * Yogurt blinks, pulls out a ring and joins the fight... <Narrator> == Erin attacks first * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at Mist Gizmo 1 !!* <Narrator> == Erin fires at mist Gizmo 1... The arrows make the creature fade, causing 3 damage... <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack! (Speed +10 from the spell) * FlameStrike attacks the Fire Gizmo with his claws <FlameStrike> Yeaaahah! <Narrator> == FS attacks the Fire Gizmo... His claws slice through it, causing 2 damage... <FlameStrike> This one is mine! You think about the Misty ones! <Narrator> ===== Baine and Lara attack simultaneously! ===== <Baine> Don't claim prey. <FlameStrike> I have a reason, Baine... just please do as i say. <Narrator> == Lara summons the soul sword and slices at mist gizmo 1... * Baine laughs and runs towards Fire-Gizmo. She slashes viciously upwards with the enchanted blade of AmeShi, leaving a huge burning gash on Fire-Gizmo's body. <Baine> I don't do as anyone says... <Narrator> == Baine slices the fire gizmo... The blade doesn't seem to affect him much, only causing 3 damage... <Narrator> == Lara slices through mist gizmo 1, only causing 2 damage... Weapons aren't very useful against the Gizmos... <FlameStrike> I'm immune to fire being a dragon, that's why i wanted to be the only one attacking him. <Narrator> == Fire Gizmo attacks... <FlameStrike> Come on, bastard! * Erin calls back. * Just because it's a fire Gizmo doesn't mean it's limited to fire attack! * FlameStrike taunts the fire Gizmo <Narrator> == The fire gizmo bashes at FS, sending him reeling... 4 damage... <Narrator> == Indigo can attack... <Narrator> == Indigo summons Dao to attack mist gizmo 1... <Narrator> == Dao fails to deal damage to the mist form... <Narrator> == Mist Gizmos attack... <Narrator> == Mist Gizmo 1, 2 and 3 cast muddle on Yogurt... <FlameStrike> Yogurt! <Narrator> == Yogurt is unnafected... <Narrator> == Yogurt is unnafected by #2... <Narrator> == Yogurt becomes dizzy by #3... <Narrator> == Yogurt can attack... <Narrator> == Yogurt uses his ring... <Narrator> == Freeze level 2 is cast on mist Gizmo 2... <Narrator> == Mist Gizmo 2 dissipates, having received 10 damage... Dispatched... <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Mist Gizmo 1 ! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Mist Gizmo... The arrows makes its form waver, and he does not return... 2 damage, dispatched... <Narrator> == FS can attack! * FlameStrike flies into the air, loops and attacks the Fire Gizmo! <Narrator> == The fire gizmo generates more heat, using it to shield him... <FlameStrike> I'm unaffected by heat, sucker. <Narrator> == FS beats his wings, trying to stop the fire Gizmo... <Narrator> == The Fire Gizmo resists the attack... No damage... <Narrator> ===== Baine and Lara attack simultaneously! ===== * Baine remains stoic as she gazes upon her enemy. She clasps her hands together, bringing her two index fingers out in front of her and pointing at Mist-Gizmo and she casts the spell of ¤Katon. Black fire surges up from the ground under Mist-Gizmo and scorches it with the darkness of pure hatred. <Baine> :P <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon on mist gizmo 2... <Narrator> == The fire evaporates the mist... 8 damage... Dispatched... <Narrator> == Lara slashes at the fire gizmo... <Narrator> == The fire Gizmo is cut in half! Critical! 6 damage! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Baine sneers and sheathes the powerful blade of AmeShi in the black scabbard she wears on her back. <Narrator> == Lara: 49 XP, Baine: 30 XP, FlameStrike: 30 XP, Erin: 49 XP, Indigo: 20 XP * FlameStrike calms down, the effects of both his Strength and Haste spell wearing off. <Narrator> * The fire gizmo has been dispatched... The woman who held her child runs further north... <FlameStrike> Sheesh... Not even a thank. <FlameStrike> Well, sonna toko na de. * FlameStrike runs north, for no paricular reason <Narrator> * There, a group of men come down... The king of Galam among them to greet the Shining Force... <Narrator> ==== Session end =====