Shining Force RPG session 20
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force heads towards the tower of Granseal inside the Caravan, not knowing what awaits them there... the whole area surrounding it seem to be frozen in time... As if it's the only similar point between the two worlds... * Crest has fallen asleep inside the caravan * Kodah continues reading * Erin makes notes in a journal... * * Baine has stopped leaning on Chamolo and is talking idly under her breath to herself ^_^ * Chamolo tries to listen in =D * Crest begins to snore lightly * Indigo is thinking, her head on Crest's shoulder. <Baine> *mumble* shower... *mumble* bed... <Chamolo> Shower? Bed? Didn't we just have that back at Creeds? * Chamolo shakes his head. * Baine blinks <Baine> Uhm....yeah...heh heh heh.. ^_^; * Lara is at the controls, BlackHawk at her side... * Baine coughs and blushes lightly * Kodah flips back a few pages 'cause he forgot part of the last section * Baine drums her fingers on the seat.. <Chamolo> What page are you on now, Kodah? <Kodah> 15 <Chamolo> Out of? <Indigo> *muttering* I wonder why Mitula spoke to me and not the others. * Kodah flips to the back of the book, "230" <Narrator> The tower seems to be oddly deformed... <Chamolo> That's not bad. ^_^ * Baine sings softly to herself.. o/~ Listen as the wind blows.....from across the great divide....voices trapped in yearning...memories trapped in time.. o/~ * Indigo looks up at the tower. * Kodah squints a bit, trying make sense of some of the larger words * Indigo blinks and looks over at him, then sits up. <Crest> Its okay, I didn't mind <Indigo> Oh, I was thinking. Everything in this world seems to be a warped reflection of our reality. I was also pondering why Mitula spoke to me. <Baine> o/~ Through this world I've many times betrayed.. o/~ <Baine> o/~ My body aches to breathe your breath....your words keep me alive.. o/~ * Baine snaps out of the song :P <Baine> Bleh.. * Chamolo looks at the tower..."Eerie" * Kodah realizes that trying to read while in a moving vehicle gives him a headache, and gives up <Crest> Well, the gods have their ways, besides, you did say you have some sort of mental link with her right? <Baine> Lalalalala.. :P * Indigo nods thoughtfully. * Baine mutters and buries her face in her hands. -_- <Indigo> She helped me work through a good part of my.......instability. * Kodah looks glumly out the window, rubbing his temples <Crest> Instability? * Baine blinks at Kodah and touches his temple. "You okay?" * Indigo looks at the tower. <Kodah> Just a headache, that's all <Chamolo> I think he has a headache.... * Chamolo chants a healing spell, and Kodah's headache goes away. <Narrator> Fires, screaming and large squirmishes are ahead... It seems that two opposing teams are fighting for access to the tower... <Kodah> Aah...thank Chammy * Baine blinks <Indigo> I have never been sane. I still have problems with mental stability. <Baine> Uh oh.. <Chamolo> ...Don't thank me too soon...we've got company * Darton looks out the window "Fun..." <Crest> I see.... <Kodah> Um.... <Baine> Wicked!! * Indigo looks at the fighting. * Chamolo's face pales. <Chamolo> All those innocents... <Crest> Well, everything should turn out alright in the end, I'm sure of it. * Baine raises an eyebrow at Chamolo.. <Narrator> On each side of the fighting, the leaders of opposing sides can be spotted... <Indigo> Of course. In our reality, the political situation is stable, so in this warped reflection, it would be unstable. <Baine> We make the guilty pay..for the innocents. <Chamolo> Poor people... * Chamolo nods at Baine. * Kodah looks at the carnage * Crest looks out toward the oppossing parties "Can we avoid them?" * Baine has a shadowed look.. <Indigo> This is not our fight. <Narrator> On one side, Kodah... On the other, Chamolo... <Baine> Hey, who're the two leaders of the groups? <Chamolo> We're the Shining Force, therefore, the answer is no. <Chamolo> O_o <Kodah> o_O <Crest> Or should we intervene? <Baine> Kodah? O_o Chamolo? <Chamolo> Kodah! Look! It's us! * Baine gapes.. <Kodah> Uh...........*blink* * Indigo blinks. <Baine> Uh....fuck. O_o <Erin> Hmm... <Chamolo> ...I can't tell, am I wearing armor? I never wear armor! <Darton> huh... <Indigo> Our mirror images! Kodah and Chamolo are nice in our reality, so they would be vicious in this one. * Darton grins <Narrator> The two of them glare at eachother through the fighting... <Baine> Wow.. * Crest looks back at the two and their alternates "Hmmmm, they don't look as nice as you are...." <Chamolo> This has to be my mirror image... * Baine stares at the other Chamolo. O_o * Kodah blinks some more * Chamolo looks at Baine <Indigo> But, if Kodah and Chamolo meet their opposites, they should cancel each other out.... * Baine 's eyes are fogged a bit.. ^_^; <Kodah> What?! o_O <Chamolo> . o O ( I can't believe it. She's fallen for my mirror opposite..I am so pathetic...) <Narrator> The other Kodah takes a step forward, as does Chamolo... They suddenly charge at eachother, slashing their way through! <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> Shiiiit.. * Darton enjoys watching the carnage <Chamolo> Um....this could be bad ^^; <Baine> Go Chammy! Go Chammy! <Chamolo> Baine! <Kodah> That looked like it hurt o_o <Indigo> Well, there is a magical law which states that in a situation like this, if one meets one's alternate, both cancel each other out. <Baine> Uh? Erh... yeah. ^_^; <Kodah> I'm not cancelling anything o_O <Narrator> The two collide in a grand surge of power which freezes everyone and everything in its place... Even the Caravan! <Chamolo> But this is an alternate universe...maybe WE are the opposites.. <Crest> Wha....? <Erin> Magic... damned nuisance it is... :/ <Chamolo> Ah! * Kodah freezes * Chamolo is frozen * Crest can't move <Baine> SPOTLIGHT RED! * Baine is frozen :P * Darton is paralyzed and annoyed * Indigo is frozen. <Narrator> The two seethe in dark gray colors, their auras causing the paralysis... The two continue fighting, everyone around them spectators to this dance... <Crest> . o O(Just peachy keen here) <Chamolo> Wait... <Baine> Shiiiiit.. * Baine stares. <Chamolo> If one kills the there a chance we could die? <Indigo> A moment frozen in time.... <Kodah> What are they trying to accomplish? <Darton> I want to move, dammit! <Chamolo> Like, if Kodah killed me, would I die? <Crest> I can't legs <Kodah> WHat?! O_O <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> opposite...I meant. <Baine> He'd better not!! <Crest> Or, my whole body.... <Kodah> I'm not going to kill Chammy!! O_O <Chamolo> There's not a damn thing we can do... <Narrator> Kodah slashes low... Chamolo throws his staff down to block the attack and pulls his staff up to try and disarm Kodah! <Indigo> possible. Nothing in my research indicates that it cannot happen. * Baine stares at the battle.....mostly at Chamolo.. :P * Chamolo sighs. Maybe we should draw their attention away from the battle at hand. * Indigo looks on. <Darton> Don't be stupid. They're different people. They only look alike. What happens to one is not going to affect the other. :P <Baine> Maybe we should interrupt.. <Indigo> In theory. <Baine> I'll do it. ^_^ <Chamolo> Baine! Don't! <Narrator> Kodah, with great skill, jumps back and returns to an offensive position, slashing madly at Chamolo... <Chamolo> O_o <Kodah> Why can't I do stuff like that? o_O <Baine> Damnit.. :P <Crest> But what about my opposite? Or Baine's and the others, maybe they're already dead? <Baine> O_o <Baine> Yeah...maybe my opposite is dead. -_- <Chamolo> I don't know. I wish I could use my staff that well. <Indigo> If they were dead, then we, their alternates, would not be here....I think. <Narrator> Chamolo casts a spell... A dark beam of energy slams on Kodah and plows him across a mile's distance! <Baine> O_o <Indigo> Wow! <Kodah> ......I think I'm dead O_O * Darton tries to shrug, and fails because of his paralysis "Does it matter? We're not going to be here long..." * Baine whistles... <Chamolo> O_o * Crest is looks amazed <Baine> That is impressive.. <Kodah> How'd you do that Chammy? * Baine's voice is low and throaty. ^_^ <Narrator> Chamolo, looking smug, does not see the character coming in from behind him... <Chamolo> I don't...know... <Chamolo> O_o Look out! <Indigo> Chamolo, your opposite is....quite deadly. Oh dear. * Chamolo can't look! <Narrator> Chamolo turns around, only to see his killer's face as the sword plunges through his chest... <Chamolo> ! * Crest glances back at the Cham from his world. <Baine> O_o <Kodah> O_O <Baine> NO! O_o <Indigo> Oh no. <Chamolo> I had to look... <Kodah> Chammy! <Crest> Cham, are you all right? <Chamolo> I...I think so. * Baine gapes. <Crest> Do you feel, ummm, dead? <Chamolo> I wouldn't know. I never died. * Darton watches mostly unemotionally, waiting for the paralysis to drop <Narrator> The face becomes apparent to everyone... A likeness of Darksol was the killer... * Kodah continues to look out the window, "Poor Chammy....." <Chamolo> Oh my... * Kodah begins to sputter * Baine narrows her eyes <Baine> *hiss* Darksol.. <Crest> Hey! He looks like that guy back at Creed's place <Indigo> Darksol? Well, I guess some things do not change, no matter the reality. <Chamolo> Unless he's the one that invaded this reality.. <Narrator> Everyone on the battlefield stops and stares at Darksol... The Caravan resumes its course, driving towards the scene... <Darton> fun... <Kodah> D....D.....D......D...... <Baine> Oh, lovely.. <Erin> ... * Crest moves his joints the feeling slowly returning to them * Baine draws AmeShi, the black flames flickering madly.. <Chamolo> Because wouldn't Darksoul be an angel? * Baine growls.. * Chamolo can move! <Baine> Angel or not. He is dead. * Chamolo falls over. ^_^ * Indigo prepares her sorcery, just in case. <Baine> D-E-A-D. * Kodah wheels away from the window, looking shocked * Indigo frowns, moving. * Chamolo pulls out his staff and rubs his now sore nose. <Crest> Maybe this Darksol is a good guy, after all, he did kill Cham's opposite, who is evil * Darton stretches and decides to stay in the Caravan, since the bloodletting is over with <Indigo> I just had a thought. <Narrator> The Caravan arrives next to the now Inexistant fighting and freezes to a halt. * Baine softens a bit and rubs Cham's nose too. * Indigo looks to Crest. <Baine> Heh.. <Indigo> You took the words from my mouth. <Chamolo> ? <Kodah> I don't like this place o_o * Crest glances at Indigo "Ummm sorry about that" * Crest steps off the caravan * Chamolo hops up. "We'd better go! * Darton sighs and goes to the door, getting off. * Chamolo hops down! * Crest looks about the area * Baine follows Chamolo.. * Kodah exits the caravan, looking nervous * Baine heads for the fallen Chamolo.. * Indigo gets out of the caravan. * Darksol's opposite stands there, thousands of soldiers gaping at him... * Chamolo stays behind. "IF they think the warlord Chamolo is dead...maybe it's best to stay back..." <Baine> Heeeeeeeere Darksol Darksol Darksol.. * Crest stays wary around the area and looks at Darksol * Darton heads for the tower * Indigo looks at Darksol. * Kodah sees Darksol and hides behind the caravan <Chamolo> Hey Kodah. You're hiding too? ^_^ <Crest> Umm, no offence, but could someone restrain her? *Points to Baine* <Kodah> Oh you betcha <Chamolo> If we went out there...the soldiers would kill us. <Kodah> Yep <Narrator> The troops drop their weapons, some crying tears of joy, others simply astonished by what happened... * Chamolo high fives Kodah. ^_^ * Indigo prepares to summon Atlas to restrain Baine with wind. * Kodah returns the gesture, somewhat clumsily * Crest slightly waves to Darksol "Um, hi!" * Chamolo watches the events from behidn the Caravan. * Darton enters the tower * Baine continues to walk towards the fallen body of Chamolo.. <Chamolo> ...see that, Kodah? Baine likes the fake more than the real thing... <Narrator> The tower has an energy field around it, stopping anyone from entering... * Darton snarls * Erin is confused by this scenario... * * Crest approaches Darksol, carefuly "Hail!" * Darton kicks the energy field, frying his foot and then waits for someone who can dispel it * Darksol looks at Crest... "Do I know you?" * Baine reaches the dead body after pushing some happy troopers out of the way.. :P * Baine kneels by it.. <Crest> Ummm, no, not really * Baine takes a pulse, just to be sure. <Darton> stupid damned force field.... * Kodah continues to hide <Chamolo> See Kodah....? <Crest> Nice fight there by the way * Chamolo sighs. <Narrator> The people start gathering things, uncertain what to do... Simply too distraught by the whole situation... * Indigo looks at the people. <Baine> Hmm.. * Darksol nods and turns to the warriors... <Baine> Yep.... <Indigo> Excuse me. Do you know this person? <Baine> Definately one dead dude.. :P * Indigo gestures to Darksol. <Crest> So, can you give us some info on what's going on here? * Baine stands and runs a hand through her hair. * Darksol raises his voice to address the whole crowd, "People of Grans island!" <Kodah> He's loud o_O <Chamolo> No kidding <Indigo> Grans Island??? * Baine raises an eyebrow. * Chamolo blinks <Darksol> For years, we have been at war with eachother! The war kept raging on with no end in sight! <Crest> Well, Grans Tower is on Grans Island..... <Kodah> What's he trying to do Chammy? <Chamolo> I have no cllue.. <Darksol> Today, the battle for Grans Island came to its end! The warlords are dead! We are once again FREE! <Narrator> Massive cheering breaks out from the crowd! <Baine> is a good thing..? <Baine> Hm.. <Indigo> He is viewed as a liberator of his people..... * Darton simply waits by the tower, sitting and holding his burned foot * Darksol looks as if he is going to speak once more... <Kodah> You know Chammy, I really hate it here <Crest> You know, I have been thinking, if the Darksol in our world is pretty powerful, the opposite must be here.... <Chamolo> I do too. We're dead here..and evil. <Narrator> The crowd silences themselves... * Chamolo listens. * Baine stands tall, not too far from Darksol. * Baine narrows her eyes.. * Baine draws her sword.. <Chamolo> I wonder where the others opposites are? <Kodah> No idea <Darksol> As the prophecies have told, once freedom would be restored on Grans Island, the tower would be unsealed and would restore our land to us... Today... Is that day! * Crest looks at Baine and dashes over to her "Don't" * Darksol turns to the tower and looks at the energy field... * Chamolo blinks... * Baine glares at Crest. <Narrator> The energy field does not fluctuate... * Indigo looks at the tower. * Darton kicks the energy field again with his burned foot * Darksol blinks, uncertain of what to do next... <Kodah> What's the hold-up? We can't get in there if the field doesn't go down <Narrator> The crowd starts to worry... * Chamolo just watches. <Indigo> Mitula did say that we had to get in the tower or some such. <Lara> What about my sword? Maybe it'll help... <Chamolo> Apparently he's not that powerful. <Kodah> How would it help? * Lara summons her soul sword... * Crest walks besides Indigo and glances up at the tower "Hmmmm, maybe the mirror Kodah isn't dead yet....." <Lara> The gems... They might be the key to this... <Indigo> True. * Indigo looks at the sword, beginning to gather her powers to aid Lara's attempt. <Crest> Well, use them then * Lara holds up her sword and concentrates... <Kodah> After that shot Chammy gave me? I have to be dead o_O <Chamolo> I dunno... * Darton limps a bit away from the field * Baine saunters back to Cham and Kodah.. <Kodah> Um....the other me.....not me as such ^^;; <Chamolo> Maybe you had on padded armor... <Baine> Borrrring.. <Chamolo> Baine! No! <Narrator> The crowd silences themselves, gaping at Lara and the sword... * Chamolo shoos her away. "Poeple might see us! :/" <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> And they'll think we're the warlords! <Baine> What? They're too busy gaping at Lara. * Kodah hauls Baine out of sight back inot the caravan <Chamolo> One person could see us and start a panic. * Indigo flings her silver-blue energy into the gems. <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> Just be careful * Baine is hauled... * Chamolo smiles. <Narrator> The energy buildup in the sword sets it aglow, unleashing massive energy... <Baine> Ehh.. ^_^; <Kodah> Now what? * Crest just stands and watches.... * Baine shrugs. "Fireworks, probably.." <Narrator> The burst makes some gasp in astonishment, others murmur... <Baine> Yadda yadda yadda.. <Kodah> Yadda yadda yadda? <Crowd> "Chaos breaker.." "Chaos Breaker? Could it be?" "Yes.. It must be!" * Chamolo blinks.... * Baine tilts her face to the ugly sky and mutters about lack of pretty birds... <Chamolo> This is getting too odd for me.. * Indigo continues to pour energy into the sword. * Darksol stares at Lara and the sword... <Kodah> I just want to go home o_o;; <Narrator> The sword sends a beam of light to hit the tower... <Chamolo> Me too -_- <Baine> I dunno...this is kinda cool.. <Kodah> o_O <Chamolo> Not for me. I'm a warlord. <Narrator> It suddenly stops to waver, the force field dissipating on contact. <Baine> Being a warlord ain't that bad.... <Crest> Hmmmm, * Indigo stops the beam of her power. <Crest> It worked <Crest> Cool <Crest> Let's go! * Crest heads over to the tower * Darton gets up and limps inside the tower <Kodah> But...even if the field goes are we going to get in without someone seeing us? <Chamolo> how are we going to get past the crowd...? <Chamolo> Hmm.. * Indigo blinks, emitting a silver-blue glow for a moment and throwing out arcs of energy. <Narrator> Cheering leaps from the crowd! * Chamolo looks in a corner, and laughs * Chamolo pulls out a two person horse costume! <Chamolo> Those silly past Shining Forces. ^_^ <Kodah> You're not serious o_O <Chamolo> This might work <Baine> Uhm... :P <Chamolo> It's either this or death. * Crest stops just before the crowd and looks back and Chamolo and Kodah "Hmmm how are we gonna get them in?" * Baine falls over laughing!! * Chamolo shows Crest the horse costume. ^_^ <Baine> You can hide in my pants, Chamolo.. ;) <Chamolo> Baine! * Chamolo blushes.. <Crest> Cham, good idea <Chamolo> You positive? * Kodah oogles at the horse costume O_o o_O O_o o_O * Baine snickers. ^_^ <Crest> Kodah, umm heheh, get in <Baine> This'll never work! * Chamolo is the head part. ^_^ <Crest> Just, bear with it until we get back to the otherside <Kodah> Um......okay....I guess <Indigo> Maybe Darksol can ride the horse in. * Kodah takes the rear half, since that's all thats left <Chamolo> Maybe NOT :P <Kodah> I think not * Indigo is not looking sane. * Chamolo tries to walk in the horse costume... <Baine> I'll ride the horse in. ^_^ <Baine> Nude. ^_^ <Crest> Indigo? Are you alright? * Darton waits inside the tower <Chamolo> O_o * Kodah falls over as Chammy drags him along * Chamolo falls over too! O_o <Kodah> Ow! <Chamolo> Oomph! * Baine bursts into laughter! * Crest grimaces, "Act like a horse you two! Move in sync!" <Kodah> This isn't gonna work -_- * Chamolo gets up. <Chamolo> It has to.. * Indigo looks at the horse, then at Erin. <Indigo> Two horsies. <Baine> Yeah...move like you're having sex! <Baine> ^_^ * Chamolo tries to walk. "One. Two. Three. Four." * Indigo smiles. ^_^ * Kodah tries to stand, with mixed sucess <Chamolo> Follow with me as I count! <Narrator> The crowd is so full of joy, they do not realize the Shining Force is entering the tower... * Crest takes Indi's hand walks into the tower with her <Kodah> Ooof, one, two, three, four..... <Chamolo> We're doing it! * Baine walks the "horse" along. ^_^ <Chamolo> Five. Six. Seven. Eight. <Baine> Don't "do it" without me, damnit. ^_- <Kodah> I can't see a thing in this....five, six, seven, eight * Chamolo looks at Baine. O_o <Indigo> Can't we ride the horse too? * Indigo points at Erin. * Kodah falls over again * Baine looks really good today....very sexy. ^_^ <Chamolo> I'm the one with the eyeholes. Nine. Ten. Elven. Twelve. <Baine> She isn't a horse. :P * Chamolo falls over! <Kodah> Ow! <Crest> Indi..? Sorry girl, but not today <Chamolo> Almost had it.. * Erin scowls... * * Baine shakes her head. <Kodah> Geez! Who last used this thing? It stinks! <Chamolo> I don't know... <Chamolo> Okay! Again! One! Two! Three! Four! * Kodah struggles to his feet again * Darton yells from the tower entrance "Would you dummies hurry up already? They don't notice a thing!" <Chamolo> Are we almost there? <Kodah> One, two, three, four * Crest enters the tower, bring Indigo with him <Chamolo> know what Kodah? Screw it. Let's just get out of this and run! * Baine groans. ^_^ <Kodah> WHat? * Indigo pouts. <Chamolo> What do you think? <Baine> Screw it? ^_- * Baine grins widely <Chamolo> Um <Kodah> Do you think we can make it? O_o <Chamolo> I've been hanging around you too long, Baine. ^_^ <Chamolo> Um.. <Baine> I'll cover ya's... ^_^ <Chamolo> How far are we? <Chamolo> Okay...ready...? * Baine draws her sword * Indigo shakes her head. <Chamolo> Go! <Baine> Go on. Git. ^_^ <Kodah> I guess...ak! o_O * Chamolo climbs out and runs! O_o <Crest> Cham, not too far, just a few more feet <Kodah> Wait for me! * Baine bursts into laughter. ^_^ * Indigo looks lost and confused and wanders around. <Kodah> Me runs after Chammy, tripping and rolling his way to the tower * Baine follows idly. ^_^ <Chamolo> Whew! <Crest> You guys made it, great! <Narrator> None of the men notice what is happening... <Kodah> Ow o_O * Chamolo helps Kodah up. <Baine> Heheheh.. <Kodah> That was not an experience I want to repeat o_O <Narrator> The tower door seals shut behind the Shining Force... Blocking access to anyone else... <Crest> Ummm, was that suppose to happen? <Baine> Uhm...we're trapped in a tower? * Kodah throws the damn costume away <Baine> How......story-taleish.. <Chamolo> O_o oh no.. * Indigo blinks and shakes her head some more. <Darton> if we're leaving through here... it doesn't matter <Kodah> that a bad thing? * Darton looks around <Narrator> The tower walls are covered in archaic drawings... Everything inside the tower seems to be frozen in time... <Chamolo> Not this frozen in time thing again.. <Kodah> Um.......what now? * Baine dies. <Crest> Come on, let's get moving..... <Narrator> A long corridor leads on to circular stairs... * Crest heads deeper into the tower * Chamolo follows Crest. * Baine follows the rest.. * Kodah follows the others, looking around nervously * Indigo wanders along behind the others, seeming to waver between sanity and insanity. * Darton follows the others <Baine> about those dodgers? <Chamolo> Hmm? <Narrator> The tower winds up to a new level... * Chamolo looks at the walls. <Kodah> The whodgers? <Crest> The wha..? <Baine> Just trying to make conversation.. <Kodah> Oh <Narrator> In the middle of the floor, a large door lies slightly opened... <Baine> They don't have any annoying elevator music on these stairs.. * Indigo snaps into sanity. * Crest heads over to the door * Darton opens the door the rest of the way and enters the room <Chamolo> A trap....? <Baine> A trap in a forcefielded tower? <Chamolo> That's true. * Chamolo walks in * Indigo follows. * Baine follows, albeit warily.. * Crest follows everyone else, looking back at Indigo <Narrator> The room opens up as the main room of the tower... A grand room, seemingly larger than the real tower's dimensions... At the end of the room, a large hole is broken through the wall, leaving a dark void... * Indigo looks at it. <Baine> Eh.. <Baine> Lovely.. <Indigo> Maybe it is a dimensional portal. <Chamolo> I hope so. * Indigo hurries over to check it out. <Chamolo> I want out. * Darton enters the void, figuring, what does he have to lose? <Crest> Well, let's try it * Crest leaps into the void * Chamolo closes his eyes, and steps in! <Baine> Car-....damnit.. <Baine> Chamolo! what if it's not a portal! <Baine> O_o * Baine hesitates.. <Chamolo> I'll know in a minute! O_o * Kodah oogles at the void o_O <Baine> I'll just stay here...thanks. ^_^; * Chamolo is not quite in the void yet. He has one foot in, one foot out. <Chamolo> Should I step in...hmm. * Baine grabs ahold of Chamolo's foot.. "But..!" * Indigo is staring at the void, then meanders on in. <Chamolo> It's okay Baine. I'll be all right. <Baine> Argh.. * Chamolo steps in. <Kodah> o_O;; * Baine sighs. -_- * Crest's leg is only slightly inside the void * Baine looks at Kodah :P <Kodah> Um..... * Darton has stepped inside the void. :P <Crest> Ummm, well, uh, shall we try it? <Crest> Darton did.... <Baine> To jump or not to jump.. <Baine> Darton's a psycho anyways <Lara> come on for crying out loud... <BlackHawk> Let's go. <Crest> It might lead us home <`Kiwi> `Kiwi has steeped into the void, unable to control his curiousity. <Baine> Yes mom.. :P C'mon, Kodah... :P <Kodah> O....okay ^^;; * Baine leaps into the void.. :P * Lara and BlackHawk casually walk arm in arm through the void. * Crest looks at Indigo "Come on, you ready to go?" * Kodah ulps, then leaps into the void * Crest leaps in <Narrator> Everyone feels an odd sensation of Vertigo as they step through the portal... <Baine> Psychadelic.. O_o <Narrator> they seem to fall into an endless fall... <Kodah> I feel sick o_O * Chamolo clutches his head... <Lara> hmmmm.... <Baine> Aaaaah! <Baine> Woo hoo! <Lara> This is not good. <Indigo> I feel dizzy. <Chamolo> Ooooooh.. <Baine> YEEEEEHAAAAHHH!!! <Lara> Anyone got a couple of tylenol? * Crest looks around the fall * `Kiwi turns even more green... <Kodah> Whatanol? <Chamolo> I'm gonna puke... <Lara> Never mind, Kodah. * Indigo shuts her eyes to block out the spinning sensations, or tries to. * Darton is oddly composed and silent as he falls, in a stance mimicking standing with his arms crossed * Baine seems to be enjoying the fall quite immensely :P <Crest> Hmmm, its not too bad <Kodah> *Urp!* * Chamolo covers his mouth <Narrator> The fall seems to continue endlessly... Darkness starts to envelop the team slowly... <Baine> This kicks assssss!! * Crest takes Indigo's hand "It'll be alright, don't worry" <Chamolo> It' dark... <BlackHawk> Only Baine would enjoy this. * Indigo smiles slightly and squeezes his hand. * Lara chuckles. <Baine> Woooooohooooooo! <Kodah> I don't like this o_O <Chamolo> I don't either! I want off! <Baine> Yeah! Darkness baby! <`Kiwi> K-kiwi... s-scared!! <Baine> Shagadelic! <Erin> It's like flying... enjoy it while it lasts, I don't imagine you get to fly much. * Crest closes his eyes as the darkness envoples him <Kodah> I don't fly period! o_O * Chamolo reaches out for Baine's hand. <Indigo> I've never flown. <Narrator> As the final darkness envelops, everyone is seperated one from the other... * Chamolo misses! <Erin> I love the air... I love flying. ^_^ <Chamolo> Baine? BAINE?! Ahhhh.. <Kodah> Uh.....hello? O_O <Chamolo> Anyone? <Chamolo> ...damn. <Indigo> Crest? Chamolo? Anyone?! <Kodah> Crud! <`Kiwi> Meeeeeeep! <Lara> Cmamolo, Baine, Kodah, MIKE! <Baine> This kicks ass! Heehehehe! It's dark!! ^_^ <Indigo> Oh dear. <Narrator> Everyone suddenly jerks to a stop, as if being on the end of a really tight rubber band... * Crest loses his grip of Indigo's hand "Hey? Indi? Baine? Anybody out there??" <Darton> Hmph. * Chamolo chokes as he suddenly stops * Kodah throws up at the sudden stop <Baine> Woah... ^_^ <Baine> I wanna do it again!! * Crest feels his stomach turn <Kodah> *moan* <Chamolo> Where am....? <Lara> Where am I? <Narrator> Something jerks the Shining Force's arms and legs and stretches them into opposite directions, holding them in place... <Crest> What happened? Can anyone hear me?! <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> Ah! * Indigo gulps, trying not to lose her last several meals. <Kodah> You know....I never signed on for......AK! O_O <Lara> O_O <Baine> Oh...shit... <Baine> Not again.. * Chamolo squints his eyes shut at the sudden sensation <Lara> Ahhhhhh....Shiiiiiiiit! <Baine> Please damnit.. <Baine> Not again... <Darton> OW! Shit! <Indigo> Yikes! <Kodah> Help! * `Kiwi passes out... * Narrator growls.. * Crest screams out in pain <Chamolo> Where are we?! <Chamolo> Let us..Ow! go! * Kodah struggles against the invisible bonds * Baine starts to scream frantically O_o * Lara tries to put hte pain behind her.... * Darton snarls as he fights the bindings <Kodah> Help! Is there anyone there? Help! <Chamolo> Baine!! <Baine> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIE!! * Crest calls out "INDIGO?! CHAMOLO? CAN ANYONE HEAR ME??" * BlackHawk struggles against the invisible bonds <Chamolo> Baine! Keep with me! <Chamolo> I'm here!! <Kodah> Hey! Where are you guys?! * Indigo blinks, stuggling. <Indigo> Crest? Yes, I can hear you. * Baine doesn't stop screaming.... <Lara> Crest? Where's everyone? <Chamolo> Baine! Please stop! <BlackHawk> I'm here, Lara! * Chamolo sounds frantic. <Kodah> I......erk....wha.......Baine? Baine? Is that you? <Crest> I can hear you, I just can't see! If only I could get my flute! * Baine's scream fades to nothing... <Chamolo> That's the last time I'm jumping in any portal. <Kodah> WHat's going on?! <Chamolo> Baine!! <BlackHawk> Lara, try the gems! <Chamolo> Where are you?! Baine!?! <Kodah> This sucks! * Chamolo struggles madly against the binds * Indigo listens. * Baine is staring blankly up....utterly and hopelessly in shock.. <Indigo> I can not see you to focus my powers into the gems Lara! <Narrator> Light slowly returns to the place as a large altar is lit... The dark flames sputter around, lighting the room just barely... * Lara holds her sword in front of her, wincing at the pain, she tries to keep concentration. * `Kiwi comes to, only to feel a pain akin to daggers in his small body... he passes out again, meeping... * Crest looks around <Kodah> Eh? * Baine is still.. <Chamolo> What? <Crest> Hey, we made it? <Chamolo> Baine! O_O * Indigo blinks at the light. * Darton continues fighting the bonds, snarling incoherently <Lara> hmmm? <Kodah> What the...? Where are we? <Lara> What is this? * Kodah continues to sturggle * Chamolo struggles madly to break free. * Crest looks around spotting Indigo, Lara, Chamolo, Kodah, and Darton..... <Indigo> If I could focus I could summon the elementals....but against who, or what? <Baine> .... <Chamolo> Baine! C'mon! You have to hear me! * Darton's wrists and ankles are bloody from the bonds' chafing <Chamolo> Don't do this! * Lara spots Blackhawk beside her. She forgets the gems and reaches out for his hand. <Crest> Is this Grans Tower? Or someplace else? <`Kiwi> ...... * BlackHawk reaces out and grabs Lara's hand. <Kodah> Ergh! Yargh! Eeg! <Narrator> *Dark, omnious voice* Who dares invade my prison? <Kodah> Come on! Lemme go! <Crest> Ummm, not us!! <Chamolo> -_- <Crest> Who are you? <Indigo> You know, that room probaly was the throne room of Granseal. * Indigo looks up. <Chamolo> Yes, who are you? <Crest> And, where are you? * Lara looks to the source of the dark ominous voice. <Kodah> Is this still like flying Erin? o_O * Baine speaks softly...almost ghostly.. "Nobody here but us chickens.." * Kodah tries to find the voice * Darton is too busy trying futilely to free himself to pay attention to anyone else * Chamolo looks painfully at Baine. * BlackHawk is ONCE AGAIN speechless * Baine is shivering.. <Narrator> *Dark, omnious voice* I am evil incarnate... <Chamolo> I've got to get to her... <Baine> C-could be worse....could be nailed....l-like before.. * Indigo blinks. <Crest> Uh-oh <Chamolo> Oh this is good.. <Kodah> Is this a bad place to be in? o_O <Indigo> Darksol is good in this dimension, and presumably, so is the Dark Dragon. <Lara> no shit, sherlock. <Narrator> A large shape lifts himself in front of the flame... * Crest closes his eyes. for a moment * Indigo shudders involuntarily. <Chamolo> Oh god... * Crest reopens them "What is your name?" <Baine> Cha... * Chamolo feels fear. <Lara> Holy! <Chamolo> I'm here, Baine! Just focus on me.. <Baine> Told...told you so.. <Narrator> *Dark, omnious voice* I am... Who your pathetic race call Zeon... Lord of darkness... <Chamolo> S-sorry... <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> O_o Oh my god... <Baine> Zeon..? <Kodah> Crud! <Lara> HOLY SHIT! <Crest> Crud * Indigo blinks, trying to remember. <Chamolo> We are doomed -_- * Kodah redoubles his struggling * Baine makes a ragged whimpering noise.. <Indigo> I think I heard a vague reference to you during my childhood. <Narrator> The face shows up to the shining Force, revealing a deadly gaze... Dark, wild hair... Twisted face... <BlackHawk> We're fucked.. <Crest> Ummm, can you get these bonds off us please? * Chamolo shrinks back. <Kodah> I may not know much, but I at least know that name! <Lara> .oO(He might consider a facelift.) <Chamolo> Kodah, before we die I want to tell you you're smart! Okay? * Baine whispers to herself over and over.."I wish I was dead.." * Indigo stares at the face, wavering between sanity and insanity. <Kodah> I am? <BlackHawk> .oO(And a decent barber.) <Chamolo> Yes! <Kodah> Oh * Darton eventually tires himself out fighting and simply hangs there, exhausted <Kodah> let's get the heck out of here!! <Chamolo> I wish we could... * Lara and BlackHawk look at each other, and smile. Then, Lara readies her sword, in case of an attack. * Kodah continues struggling <Zeon> You... The Shining Force.... Considered heroes... Are trapped in a world of darkness... A world of no return... * Indigo prepares to summon the elementals. <Zeon> The irony is outstanding. <Baine> N-no... <Baine> Zeon.. <Baine> Let us g-go.. <Lara> Zeon...... <Darton> well... good for us, then. * Baine grunts and pulls against what binds her... <Chamolo> Your world...what is the word Baine would Yes, your world sucks. <Lara> Good choice of words, Cham. <Narrator> A shadowed figure walks out from the shadows... <Indigo> *stuttering slightly* If there was a way in, there should be a way to the other dimension. Mitula would not send us into a trap. <Lemon> They are right, Zeon... Let them go. * Baine shudders.. <Baine> Ca-can't... <Chamolo> O_o Lemon? <Kodah> Who's that? <Baine> Oh gods...let me die.. <Chamolo> The Red Baron....? <Chamolo> This is unreal! * Crest looks at Indigo "Maybe the mirror Mitula was the one who contacted you Indigo" <Indigo> Who is Lemon? * Indigo looks back at Crest. <Lara> Oh great...waht next. * Baine is once more silent and still.. <Indigo> But the mirror would be bonded to my alternate, not to me. <Zeon> I will not! They are to destroy me! I shall destroy THEM now that I have the chance! And you CANNOT stop me! * Chamolo struggles. * Lara struggles against the bonds. <Indigo> So darkness admits its weakness before light..... * Kodah's wrists and ankles begin to bleed from his struggles * Darton is too exhausted to do anything but stare * Baine doesn't do anything.. <Chamolo> I've got to get to her... <Crest> Let us go!! * Indigo focuses her powers and the elementals. * Lemon walks over to each person and cuts them free of the magical bonds. * Indigo blinks, free. * Kodah falls to the ground with a pained cry! <Lara> Thanks, sir. * Crest rubs his wrists for a moment <Crest> Thanks <BlackHawk> Many thanks. * Chamolo falls to the ground, then runs to Baine. * Baine lands on her knees, shivering wildly.. * Crest takes his flute from his belt * Darton rubs his wrists, bloody from his struggles... <Darton> Thanks... <Zeon> Lemon! Stop or I shall strike you down! * `Kiwi collapses like a sack of potatoes. * Lara readies the Force Sword... * Chamolo picks Baine up in his arms. ^_^ * Baine's body is icy to the touch and she's shivering like insanity.. <Lemon> You had the chance to strike me down time and time again... And why didn't you? Because you are WEAK here... * Kodah wobbles to his feet, in quite a bit of pain * Crest looks over to Indigo "You okay Indi?" <Chamolo> Oh man, we've got to get out of * Indigo focuses the powers of the elementals, nodding to Crest. <Lara> no joke, Chamolo. <Darton> get out of here... how? * Zeon does not respond and stands there. <Chamolo> I don't know! Ask the Red Baron over there....he was able to free us.. <Indigo> Perhaps we can combine our powers with that of this.....Lemon, was it? * Kodah draws his sword and looks at Zeon hatefully * Baine's blinks a few times and then tries to look at her hands.. -_- * Lemon turns to Indigo... I am General Lemon... I was trapped with Zeon a century ago... <Indigo> Now, wasn't Zeon driven back and away by Mitula and the other gods and goddesses? * Indigo curtsies. <Crest> Lemon? A century? But how can you still live? <Lara> yes..driven back here. <Chamolo> We must be in his demension.. <Lemon> I have been cursed with staying here to defend his seal. But it is fading... <Indigo> I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. <Baine> ....not bleeding..? * Chamolo looks at Baine fearfully. "We need to go..." * Baine's shivering stops gradually to the ocassional shudder.. <Baine> Crucified... * Zeon starts to speak again... "My gem.. I feel it near." <Indigo> Well, we each have special powers. We could strengthen the seal. <Chamolo> There's no time! She's dying! <Lara> Let's motor, folks. * `Kiwi is still unconscious... <Narrator> The gem of Mitula starts to glow... * Kodah looks fearfully at Baine and Cham <Chamolo> She's going into shock. Unless I can find somewhere to treat her she will die! I..I can't let that happen. <Indigo> Baine has the ninja arts, I, the mastery of the elementals, Lara her Force Sword..... * Lara concentrates her resolve through the Gem of Mitula. * Indigo looks at Baine, then the gem. * Baine passes out.. * Chamolo looks down, and his eyes are teary. "I can't." <Crest> Indigo, we can't Baine needs help * BlackHawk looks at the Gem. * Zeon seems to shrink as the light reaches him... <Crest> Lemon, how can we get out of here? <Zeon> Noo! Get that away from me! <Indigo> Perhaps the light of Mitula can restore Baine, then destroy Zeon. <Lara> everyone, concentrate your power through the Gem of Mitula. <Kodah> Like last time? <Lemon> There's only one way out... And it's by Breaking the seal... <Kodah> WHat?! <Kodah> Wouldn't that be counter-productive? O_o <Crest> Then, that means, we half to.... * Baine is pale and limp.. * Chamolo narrows his eyes at Lemon <Lara> But what if we destroy him here? <Crest> We have to kill Zeon first <Kodah> How? <Crest> He's weakest here in the Seal right/ <Narrator> Mitula's energy makes Lemon wince slightly. * Indigo clears her throat. * Mitula whispers into Indigo's mind, "Do not be fooled.. See through the illusion..." <Crest> Lemon, can we kill Zeon here, then break the seal? <Chamolo> I don <Indigo> ~Illusion?~ <Indigo> Wait everyone! <Chamolo> I don't trust him... <Crest> Indi? <Lara> What is it, Indigo? <Chamolo> Indigo? <Mitula> ~Zeon is fooling your senses... Do not be fooled...~ <Indigo> There illusion. Mitula told me. <Narrator> The voice fades... <Kodah> There is? Where? * Crest looks back at Lemon for a second, and sees him wincing... * `Kiwi is unconscious... <Indigo> Wait! Zeon is not as affected by the light as Lemon is. <Crest> Wait, its an illusion? <Indigo> And since Zeon is hurt by light........ <Crest> Lemon is Zeon?! * Chamolo holds Baine, looking down at her. * Indigo looks at Lemon accusingly. <Kodah> Huh? <Chamolo> Oh dear... * Baine looks utterly pale... <Lara> It's a good assumption. <Chamolo> Just hang on.... <Lara> I have an idea... * Lemon starts to cackle evilly... * Indigo looks to the form of Zeon. * Crest begins to play his flute, trying to break the illusion * Darton has no idea what to do... besides... he's tired. <Indigo> Lemon, help us. * Lara points the Gem of Mitula to Lemon.... * Kodah backs away from Lemon * Chamolo growls. "Let us out you son of a bitch!" * Chamolo is angry O_o * Zeon fades, leaving only Lemon... Lemon takes a step back, pushed away by the light... * Indigo focuses her own personal power and the power of the elementals through the gem, glowing rainbow as the beam strikes the gem. <Narrator> The light bursts inside the room and Lemon yells in agony! <BlackHawk> Keep it up, Lara! * Indigo focuses more power. * Baine's face if she's stuck in a awesome nightmare.. <Kodah> o_O * Crest continues to play his flute * BlackHawk assists. He places his hand on Lara's on the sword hilt and pushes his power through to the Gem. * Chamolo hugs her tight. <Indigo> Mitula, you said you would stand by me, please do so now! <Narrator> Lemon screams loudly and his corporeal dissipares... * Indigo summons all her power, focusing it into the gem in a huge, sustained burst. <Chamolo> Did...we do it? <Kodah> Is he gone? *looks around wildly* <Lara> Zeon can't be killed... <Narrator> A large sphere of light lowers itself to the Shining Force... <Kodah> o_O <Lara> O_O <Kodah> Now what? * Indigo looks up, exhausted. <Narrator> A warm energy covers the Shining Force, healing them... * Chamolo looks up to the light. * Baine is out....doesn't see the light..(that sounds corny) <Indigo> Darkness can assume the form of light to fool people..... * Crest stops playing looking at thr light * Darton slowly stands, brushing himself off * Kodah collapses to the ground in relief * Indigo feels refreshed. * Chamolo is still tense. <Narrator> Everyone is fully restored... <Darton> do we get to leave now? <Lara> Hopefully, Darton. <Narrator> Mitula's face appears inside the sphere... <`Kiwi> ... m... mm... meep? <Kodah> o_o <Crest> Mitula.... * Chamolo shakes Baine lightly. "C'mon Baine...wake up..." * Kodah backs away a little <Lara> Mitula? <Indigo> Mitula. * Indigo nods and smiles. <Chamolo> Goddess Mitula? * Baine groans.. "No more lashes.." * Chamolo hugs her. "You're safe now." <Narrator> You have done well, Shining Force... Your final test has been a success... <Crest> Test? <Chamolo> Test!? This was a test?! <Kodah> Test? o_O * Indigo blinks. * Baine opens her eyes half way.. <`Kiwi> Kiwi no like test. =p <Mitula> Lara... touch the sphere... * Chamolo smiles at her. "Welcome back to the land of the living!" * Lara touches the sphere of light. * Kodah backs away a little further <Baine> Ugh.. <Baine> It's too early to be that cheery.. * Baine smiles softly. <Narrator> Light pours to Lara... It purifies her soul, changing her... Making her grow... * Chamolo grins. "Don't worry about it." <Narrator> == Lara promotes to Heroine class! * Lara can feel the power growing inside her. * Indigo blinks at Lara. <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> Lara?! O_o <Baine> Shit...Lara is Sailor Moon? <Chamolo> Sailor who? <Crest> Whi...? <Kodah> Wha? <Indigo> Eh? * Baine blinks.. <Mitula> Chamolo... You also deserve purification... Touch the light... * Chamolo gently puts Baine down, and touches the light. <Darton> purification... hah... leaves me out. :P <Kodah> o_o;; * Baine stands unsteadily.. <Baine> Uhm...go, Cham...go, Cham...yeah.. <Narrator> The light seeps into Chamolo, making his body course with a new energy... A new power... <Narrator> == Chamolo promotes to Vicar class! <Baine> Shit.. * Chamolo blinks and looks at himself. <Chamolo> Cool O_o * Baine stares <Kodah> O_O * Baine's eyes have that foggy lustful look.. <Mitula> Kodah... Step forth also... <Kodah> M....m.....*ulp* O_O * Chamolo pushes Kodah along. ^_^ <Mitula> Embrace the light... * Baine continues to stare at Chamolo. :P <Kodah> Are you sure that's a good idea? O_O <Chamolo> Don't make Mitula mad. -_- * Kodah puts a hand over his eyes and touches the light gingerly with his other hand * Baine blinks a few times.. * Baine coughs and tries to find her voice.. "Uhh....Mitula's light looks good on you, Cham.." <Narrator> The light tingles at Kodah's senses... They reform him... Strenghtening him... Reshaping him... Making him a hero... * Baine's voice is oddly throaty. ^_^ <Kodah> I feel weird O_o <Narrator> == Kodah is promoted to Hero class! <Mitula> Erin... You are also ready... Come forth... * Kodah oogles at his new clothes o_O O_o o_o o_O O_O O_o -_- O_O * Erin gracefully flies over to the sphere and touches it... <Kodah> <Narrator> The light changes Erin... Strengthens her... Makes her a more powerful being... <Narrator> == Erin is promoted to Master Archer/Military tactitian class! <Baine> Too bad I won't get this.. * Kodah flops down into a sitting position, rather overwhelmed by it all * Baine grins a little.. "Ah well...I'll get by on my good looks and charm.." <Mitula> Now... I shall send you back to your dimension.... <Indigo> Mitula, why wasn't I promoted? <Indigo> Did I fail you? <Kodah> ........? * Darton doesn't question his unreadiness <`Kiwi> ... meeep? * `Kiwi shrugs. * Chamolo pats Kiwi on the head. <Baine> Our dimension....sounds nice...yes.. <Mitula> Aah, Indigo... But you have... You already possess my strength and wisdom as one of my lineage... You are one with me, Indigo... I cannot give you anymore strength... <Baine> No more crucifictions.. -_- <Chamolo> Yes..please send us back.. * Baine shudders.. * `Kiwi coos happily. =) <Chamolo> One with you? <Indigo> One....with you? * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> One of your lineage? Are you saying that I...... * Indigo for once cannot get the words she wants out and looks to Mitula. <Kodah> ?? <Mitula> You come from a long line of Sorceress, Indigo... They all had my blood coursing through their veins... So do you. That is power enough... * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> I am.....your descendant. The descendant of a goddess. <Baine> Uhm...ra ra shish boom bah.. * Indigo looks stunned. * Kodah continues to look discombobulated <Baine> Lets get the fuck outta here. <Darton> can we go now? * Mitula smiles at Indigo... Yes... Now... I shall send you back... * Baine's eyes are cold.... * Chamolo places a hand on Baine's shoulder. <Narrator> Light gathers around the Shining Force... The light picks them up gently and carries them away... Back to their own world... Back to Creed's mansion... * Kodah blinkblinks <Darton> that was fun... <Lara> Hmmmm <Lara> tell me about it. :P <Kodah> Wha.....? <Baine> Auntie Em! Auntie Em! We're home, Auntie Em! <BlackHawk> Now that was interesting. * Chamolo blinks. <Chamolo> Creed? Where is he? * Indigo still seems very dazed and sits down. <Kodah> .....Creed? <Narrator> Creed's mansion is completely leveled... Creed is nowhere in sight... <Kodah> Creed?! <Lara> This is not good. <Baine> Ah, fuck.. * Darton wanders outside, uninterested in anything but getting out of here. <`Kiwi> Awp... * Indigo looks around. * `Kiwi looks real sad... * Chamolo blinks. Oh no. * Kodah begins to frantically search the rubble <Lara> maybe we should head to Granseal castle.... <Chamolo> Maybe.. <Baine> Or we could have a really big bonfire.. <Chamolo> I'm...I'm glad you're all right, Baine.. <Kodah> Creed?! <Narrator> The rubble reveals no body... * Indigo blinks at the devastation. <Chamolo> I..I was really worried.. * Chamolo blushes. * Baine glances at Chamolo.. "...thanks...freaked out...I..." <Kodah> Creed.......dammit..... * Baine coughs a bit and points to the scar on her hand.... "I don't like being bound.." <Chamolo> D--Don't do that again....okay? * Kodah sits down and puts his face in his hhands <Baine> Why..? <Lara> OK.. <Chamolo> Because... * Chamolo tries to pry the words out. <Chamolo> Because I...I.. <Lara> let's get to the caravan. We'll stay in Crest's town for the night. <Chamolo> becauseIloveyou! * Chamolo puts a hand over his mouth. O_o * Lara and BlackHawk load up in the Caravan. <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> I..I did it O_o <Narrator> The caravan stands vigil next to the rubble, undaunted by the destruction next to it... <Chamolo> I got it out O_o. * Kodah wipes his eyes a bit, then wanders slowly over to the caravan * Indigo looks at Baine and Chamolo, getting into the caravan. * Baine blinks a few times... <Chamolo> It..It's true...I...erhm... * Chamolo fumbles for the right words. * Erin glides over to the Caravan and enters it... * Kodah sits down inside the caravan and stares at his feet <Baine> Ah....uh.. ^_^; <Chamolo> I..I just was afraid of what you'd think of me..being a priest and all.. * Baine grabs Cham's elbow and gently tugs him along... * Indigo sits in the caravan. <Chamolo> If you don't feel that way about me...or think there's too much baggage, then I understand.. <Baine> Too much baggage? * Lara starts the caravan for Crest's hometown. <Chamolo> Yeah... * Chamolo sighs. <Baine> You make yourself sound like a horse.. ^_- * Chamolo grins. * Baine grins softly and pokes Cham's nose. * Chamolo is poked O_o <Baine> And...Chamolo..? <Chamolo> Yes? * Baine seems to try and get her thoughts in order.. * Chamolo waits. <Baine> I...I feel the same for you... ^_^; * Chamolo blinks. O_o You do? <Narrator> The caravan swiftly drives to the elven town... * Baine nods.. * Chamolo smiles, leans down and... * Chamolo kisses her. ^_^ * Baine's eyes widen. O_o <Chamolo> O_o Oh no...I did something wrong. * Baine slips her hands behind Cham's head and kisses him back. ;) <Chamolo> ^_^ <Baine> Nuhhh uhhh. ;) * Darton has absented himself from the general area. :P <BlackHawk> Which reminds me, lara. We get a room to ourselves. OK? * Lara and BH leave the Caravan and head into theinn. * Baine looks breathless. ^_^ * Chamolo smiles and puts an arm around Baine, smiling like Lara does after a hot steamy night with Blackhawk. * Baine grins....uncontrollably. <Narrator> The caravan stops... * Indigo smiles at the couples in love. <Baine> Uhm...Cham? Inn? ^_^ * BlackHawk gets him and Lara a private room. <Chamolo> Um..Sure... ^_^ * Chamolo grin widens. * Indigo goes to her room. * Crest follows Indigo... ^_- * Baine grins gently and tugs Chamolo to their own room. ;) * Indigo is still dazed about the origin of her family, and is not paying attention to anything. * Chamolo follows. <Narrator> The Shining Force each get their own rooms... Some of them double rooms... Others single rooms... All of them settle in for the night... * Darton decides that the inn is going to be too hot, so to speak... and makes himself comfortable outside of town where he won't hear anything... disturbing. :P <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> As Chamolo walks in the room, Baine closes the door behind him and locks it, a large grin portrayed on her face... * Chamolo blinks <Baine> Now, why the hell did I do that? ^_^ <Chamolo> ^_^ I don't know. * Baine coughs. ^_^; <Baine> Uhm...Cham? ^_^ <Chamolo> Yes...? ^_^ <Baine> C'mere. ^_^ * Chamolo follows like a puppy dog ^_^ * Baine grabs Chamolo by the collar and kisses him passionately. ;) * Chamolo kisses back... ^_^ <Baine>'s the two of us.. ;) Alone. ;) In a room. ;) with a BED. ;) * Baine makes the last word clear.. ^_^ <Chamolo> Um...Ah. ^_^ <Baine> Care to help me undress, Chamolo? ;) * Chamolo coughs and figures that a life in hell will defeintely be worth it. * Chamolo helps her undress. ^_^ * Chamolo undoes the buttons in her tunic/blouse thinging * Baine idly undoes Cham's own clothes. ^_- * Baine raises an eyebrow. "Hope you don't mind scars.." <Chamolo> I don't... * Baine smirks and slips a finger into Cham's breeches.... * Baine leads him to the bed that way. ;) * Chamolo follows. ^_^ <Baine> If you don't take me, I will take you. Rabidly. ^_- * Chamolo grins. "When in Rome..." * Chamolo takes her! Rabidly! O_o <Narrator> The passion continues on through the night, heating the whole inn... All night long... many times over... If you want to count, 7 times for Baine... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The morning is long and hard for the people who didn't get enough sleep... *winks at Baine and Cham* * Darton is leaning against the caravan, waiting for all the hentai people to come out * Kodah is curled up in a corner of the caravan, sleeping quietly * Chamolo is smiling like Lara does, but has big dark circles underneath his eyes. ^_^ * Indigo awakes from a deep slumber, bathes, eats, dresses, and goes to the caravan. <Narrator> The Shining Force finds Lara's Heroine cape and BH's cloak on the caravan, but there is no sign of the two... <Chamolo> Hmm... <Chamolo> I wonder if they... ;) * Baine grins idly and plays with Cham's shirt.. <Baine> Uh huh.. <Chamolo> ^_^ <Indigo> Odd. <Chamolo> Lara? Blackhawk * Indigo sits down in the caravan. * Baine cracks her neck and looks around. "Maybe they're still at it..?" * Chamolo walks outside and looks for them. <Narrator> Chamolo hears giggling coming from yonder lake... <Baine> Chamolo....don't even go there.. :P * Kodah continues to sleep in the caravan <Chamolo> Um.. <Chamolo> You're right. * Chamolo steps back. * Baine grabs Chamolo by the ear.. "Seeing me nude in a lake is enough for you, buddy boy.." <Baine> Maybe we should just wait. ^_^ * Chamolo grins and kisses her. ^_^ * Baine kisses back ;) * Darton enters the caravan, sees Kodah sleeping, and figures he has the right idea, finding a different corner to nap in * Indigo naps in the caravan. <Lara> <<Someone findhtem. * Lara and BH walk out to the Caravan, drying themselves off. <Chamolo> I'm gonna head back to the caravan...*Yawn* Later Baine... ^_^ * Chamolo runs back. * Baine tsk tsks. <Baine> There he goes...leaving me.. ^_- * Chamolo pulls Baine along :D <Baine> Men.. ^_- * Baine blinks and grins. ^_^ * Lara and Bh walk back from the lake. Lara is drying her hair. <Lara> Hi, guys. :) <Kodah> ZZzzZZzz....... * Indigo looks up. <Indigo> Oh hi Lara. :) * Baine is making out with Chamolo in the corner. ;) * Darton continues napping. * Indigo falls back to sleep on Crest's shoulder. <BlackHawk> Morning, folks. :) * Crest grins like an idiot * Lara grabs her cape and puts it back on her armor. * BlackHawk throws his cloak over his shoulders. <Lara> anyway, let's get moving. * Lara gets in the caravan and starts 'er up. <Baine> priest action.. ;) * BlackHawk follows. * Kodah snaps awake as the caravan starts <Kodah> Uh....wazzit......*yawn*..... <Narrator> The Shining Force, after one relaxing night, (For SOME people, at least) Prepare to resume their journey... Towards their final destination... The tower of Grans Island... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====