Shining Force RPG session 21
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The caravan carries the Shining Force slowly towards New Granseal... The journey of the Shining Force nearing its end... * Kodah continues to read his book * Kiwi snores in his shell... * Lara steers the Caravan with BH at her side. * Indigo sleeps on Crest's shoulder. * Darton is curled up in some corner somewhere sleeping * Baine crosses her arms, leaning back and looking at the ceiling on the caravan... * Chamolo is right next to Baine. ^_^ * Baine glances over at Chamolo. <Narrator> The road leads to the river that shall bring them to New Granseal... The river seems to be unusually shallow... * Lara steers on toward Granseal. * Kodah mouths some of the more difficult words * Chamolo scoots over and puts his arm around Baine. ^_^ * Baine grins and curls against Chamolo.....loving his body heat. ^_^ * Indigo fluffs Crest's head. <Indigo> Nice pillow.... * Chamolo blinks at Indigo. <Baine> Oh goddesses...there she goes with her pillow talk.. * Indigo nestles against Crest's head and smiles. ^_^ <Baine> Heh.. <Baine> Cute... * Baine grins at Chamolo * Kodah gives up on reading and stares out the window * Lara looks at BH and thinks to herself regarding her future with the prince. * Kiwi pokes his head out of his shell sleepily. "Why river low?" <Chamolo> So, are we nearly there? <Baine> Heh...are we there yet? Are we there yet? * Baine chuckles. <Baine> Moooooooooooooooommmmmm.....Chamolo's touching meeee! ;) <Narrator> The opening of the river lies near... * Baine is in good spirits, apparently :P * Lara steers on toward the opening of the river. * Chamolo kisses Baine and smiles. ^_^ <Chamolo> Yes I am. * Baine grins.."Uh huh....and why was I complaining? Hmmm.....oh well." * Baine kisses Chamolo back ;) * Baine blushes softly and hauls her mask back up.. "So....where are we now..?" <Chamolo> Who knows. <Lara> heading toward Granseal. <Baine> Yeah..but where are we on....oh, nevermind. :P * Indigo yawns and stretches, standing up. * Crest is asleep in the caravan because he could not get enough sleep, because a certain someone was yelling out "MORE MORE MORE!!" in the next room last night....... <Narrator> The mountains slowly recede, the river comes to an end... The caravan returns to solid ground... * Lara changes course to New granseal. * Baine nuzzles Chamolo's shoulder and murmurs something about a bed... *** Bahamut is now known as Erin * Indigo turns, sets Crest lying down in the caravan set prone, then rests her head against his chest and reads. <Baine> And....and.....*voice lowers a bit..* a nice pillow... * Chamolo smiles and blushes. <Narrator> The valley of New Grans opens up... Lush foliage is seen all around... Wildlife is abundant... * Indigo looks up. <Baine> Ooh.. <Kodah> Wow... <Indigo> Right back where we started. <Baine> Stop and I can go hunting ^_^ * Crest murmurs something about choking...... <Kodah> I've never been to New Granseal before..... <Lara> well, we've got our work cut out for us anyway... <Chamolo> No kidding <Baine> Anyone hungry? <Baine> No? <Baine> Feh. :P * Indigo hears Crest and bangs her head against his chest to ease the choking. ^_^ * Kiwi's tummy grumbles. * Baine runs her fingers along AmeShi's sheath... * Crest starts snoring VERY loudly * Darton looks up <Darton> If you're gonna stop to go get something to eat... I'll get my own. <Baine> What, you don't trust me? ^_- <Darton> Yes. * Indigo frowns and then pounds his chest with her tiny fist to make sure his breathing is okay. ^_^ <Darton> I don't trust you. * Baine chuckles. <Baine> I love you too. * Kodah continues to look out the window, gawking like a tourist <Narrator> A small lake can be seen to the north... Large green creatures are swimming in it... * Crest coughs and brings his hand around Indigo hitting her in the face........ * Lara keeps steering toward the castle. <Indigo> Ow! <Narrator> The green creatures look like giant turtles... * Indigo slaps him upside the head, then returns to her book. ^_^ * Kiwi looks up, interested. Meep? <Baine> Lovely...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.. <Kodah> What? * Crest wakes up with a jump "Huh?" <Crest> Wha...? * Indigo looks at him and grins. <Narrator> As the caravan passes by, they seem to be of the same race as Kiwi... <Indigo> Just making sure you're still alive. * Crest looks down at her "Did you hit me?" <Lara> will you all calm down? <Indigo> Not hit, just slapped. Besides, you hit me. :P * Kiwi meeps happily and gets off the caravan! * Crest scratches his head "I did...?" * Indigo nods and looks out. <Lara> oh great. * Lara stops the caravan. <Indigo> A bunch of Kiwis! :D * Darton thinks about getting off the Caravan, cause he's hungry and those turtles look good. * Baine watches Kiwi roll :P <Crest> Oh, well, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to <Narrator> As the group spots Kiwi, they stop everything and walks towards him in curiosity... <Chamolo> What is he doing? <Baine> * Indigo nods and smiles. * Kodah watches * Baine searches for the word :P <Baine> sickeningly kawaii? * Crest gets up and just watches, staying beside Indigo * Kiwi tries to run, but being a turtle, he doesn't move all that fast... <Narrator> They circle Kiwi and start touching him and looking at him... * Indigo looks out at them. <Kiwi> Meep! <Indigo> A nation of mascots. ^_^ * Lara watches, her eyelids getting heavy. * Darton salivates slightly at the sight <Kiwi> Kiwi so happy! What other turtles doing here? What happening now? <Narrator> A large turtle, much larger than most of them walks forth and stands in front of Kiwi... * Baine reaches for AmeShi, eyeing the big turtle.. <Narrator> He starts speaking in a strange tongue that only Kiwi seems to understand... * Lara draws the Force sword as she can no longer summon it like her old soulsword. <Crest> Hmmm, wonder what he's saying..... <Narrator> ~Welcome, brother... Where are you from?~ * Indigo looks on. * Chamolo looks on as well, quiet * Baine lets out a frustrated sigh :P <Kiwi> ~Kiwi no have home, Kiwi wander for lots and lots of years. Kiwi is Kiwi of Shining Force...~ * Crest shrugs and leans against the outside of the caravan, brings out his flute and begins playing a soft melody * Indigo smiles at the fluteplaying. <Indigo> Nice Crest. <Narrator> ~ Then you are the Kiwi of the Shining Force... As I thought... ~ <Narrator> The turtle starts talking in the native human tongue... <Turtle> Welcome, Shining Force... This is the valley of the Turtles... You are welcomed here. * Indigo smiles and nods. <Kodah> o_O * Kiwi beams. ^_^ <Lara> excellent... <Kodah> Talking turtles.... * Baine thinks... . o O (I'm going stir craaaaaaaaazy... :P This caravan is way too small :P) <Darton> I suppose that means I can't eat any. <Indigo> I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress and elementalist. ^_^ * Crest continues playing, not really caring much * Chamolo gives Darton a look * The Turtle blinks at Darton... No... You cannot... * Darton looks down at his rumbling stomach and wanders off <Lara> I'm Lara Mano, leader of the shining force and this is Prince BlackHawk of Guardiana. <Baine> Don't mind the puppy dog...he hasn't had his shots.. :P * Kodah oogles * BlackHawk waves. <Turtle> My name is Ecko... I'm the tribes leader of this group... * Kiwi plays in the flowers... * Indigo walks up to Ecko and looks at him curiously. <Ecko> Kiwi is part of your team? <Indigo> How did your kind come to be Ecko? A magical experiment gone awry? <Lara> yes, Ecko, he is. * Kiwi noddles! <Ecko> No, Indigo... We evolved... Free from human influence... * Baine draws the flaming blade of AmeShi and drives it into the seat of the caravan... :P <Indigo> along reptilian instead of mammalian vectors. I'd like to study you Ecko. <Ecko> I would like to talk to Kiwi some more... Know more of his adventure... Thus, I invite you, Shining Force, to spend a night with us... <Lara> not a good idea, Indi. * Kodah continues to stare * Crest glances at Baine "You're gonna have to fix that....." <Baine> a night? * Darton is not here. <Baine> Chew me, Crest. :P <Chamolo> Why not? <Crest> Bite me Baine * Kiwi nods. "Okay." <BlackHawk> Sounds like a plan to me. <Chamolo> It's either here or cramped in the caravan. <Lara> and to me. <Baine> Not even if you paid me, toothpaste kid <Chamolo> Just keep Darton away. * Indigo nods. <Crest> Whatever ever, flat chest <Indigo> Yes, a study of your life would be interesting. <Ecko> Good... Then it's settled! <Baine> Low blow from someone who can't take a blowjob from his mom.. * Ecko speaks once again in the strange tongue... <Narrator> ~ Let us prepare a feast for our guest! We shall have a celebration tonight! ~ <Kodah> o_o <Kiwi> Party! Party!! <Chamolo> Hm.. <Narrator> The turtles scurry away happily * Kiwi follows them. <Indigo> A party? Fun! * Baine yanks AmeShi out of the seat and sheathes it. <Baine> Wicked.. * Indigo wanders off to sit under a tree and watch the funny turtles. ^_^ * Ecko walks towards the lake... Follow me... I shall lead you to our gathering place. * Baine leaps out of caravan. * Kiwi nods and follows. * Kodah wanders after the big turtle <Baine> This place is kinda.....nice.... * Baine follows slowly after Kodah, enjoying the freedom of the outdoors :P * Chamolo nods. * Baine idly tugs Chamolo along by the elbow. ;) * Indigo follows along, observing and recording all she sees. * Ecko walks through a veil of vines and wild tree leaves... * Lara and blackHawk walk arm in arm, following Ecko. * Chamolo is tugged ^_^ * Kodah gingerly pushes aside the vines and leaves <Indigo> So Ecko, do you have magic-users amongst your kind? * Baine follows through the vines and leaves ^_^ * Crest just follows <Narrator> As the shining force passes through the veil of foliage, they come to a large open grove with dozens of turtles walking around, playing and working... Flowers carpet the ground in millions of colors, butterflies idly fly around... This seems close to paradise... <Baine> O_o <Indigo> Pretty. ^_^ <Kodah> o_O <Chamolo> Incredible.. <Lara> amazing. * Baine mutters. "Yeah yeah...lovely.." * Kiwi jumps in the flowers! <Ecko> Indigo, to answer your question, few of us are childrens of magic... <Indigo> Why is that? * Baine gingerly lets go of Chamolo's elbow and reaches out, catching a butterfly with her hand * Crest looks around the grove <Baine> Heh.. <Kodah> O_o * Chamolo smiles at Baine, and picks a flower, putting it in her hair. * Ecko sighs.. I'm humiliated to admit this, but... Some of our race lack... The intelligence necessary for learning spells... * Baine blinks and she lets go of the butterfly.. * Baine grins at Chamolo <Kodah> o_O <Baine> Is it me? * Baine poses. ^_- <Indigo> Oh. Well, I can teach those of you who can learn. ^_^ * Crest looks at Baine them mutters something about anyone looking at her would turn to stone..... <Ecko> Few of us have achieved spellcraft level... <Chamolo> It's you. ^_^ * Baine grins idly and drags a finger down Cham's chest. "Mmmhmmm....thanks..." * Chamolo holds her. * Crest turns around disgusted at Baine's unlady-like manners * Baine notices Crest and snickers.. * Lara looks out over the lagoon. "This is just simply amazing." * Indigo notices Baine and Crest and laughs. <BlackHawk> isn't it? * Baine's eyes widen as she notices the lagoon. "Hmmm.." ;) * Kodah continues to oogles at it all o_O <Baine> Hey....Chamolo.... ;) * Kiwi eats some flowers... <Baine> Need a bath? ;) <Lara> just like that place you showed me near Guardiana. * Chamolo chuckles. "In front of everyone?>> <Baine> Maybe later, then.....tonight...hmm.. <Baine> I need to get my back scrubbed anyways.. * Chamolo grins. <Chamolo> I can do that. ^_^ * Indigo looks at Crest. <Indigo> Can't you be nice to Baine? * Baine nods and winks at Cham. "Figured you could..." <Chamolo> . o O (Yes, going to hell isn't so bad. ^_^) * Crest walks over to a tree and climbs up into it and quietly plays his flute * Baine feels incredibly happy for some reason.. * Crest stops and looks down at Indi "Sure, when she starts acting nice....." <Ecko> I must decline your offer, Indigo... Learning magic was not meant for us... * Lara looks at BH. "You know, Mike, a swim wouldn't be a bad idea." * Kodah sits down on a rock, overwhelmed by what he's seeing * Chamolo looks at Lara. "Hmm...the lagoon might be crowded tonight.' <BlackHawk> I am inclined to agree, Lara. Am I ever inclined to agree. * Baine chuckles! <Indigo> Hmmmm....that's really too bad Ecko. <Ecko> I shall leave for the preperations now... I will come find you when we are ready for the celebration... * Indigo sits under Crest's tree and listens to his music. * Ecko walks off to supervise the preperations... * Baine idly bumps Cham with her hip, going over to a tree and sitting down against it. * Crest throws a chessnut down on Baine "Hey! I was here first! Get your own tree" * Chamolo falls in the lagoon with a splash! <Chamolo> Ack! * Indigo sighs. * Baine growls up at Crest and then blinks as Cham tumbles into the lagoon <Baine> Eh? * Chamolo pops up and spits out water. <Chamolo> Baine! * Baine stands and sprints over to the Lagoon. <Baine> Chamolo? O_o <Chamolo> Ooh. This actually is nice. <Baine> Agh...sorry... ^_^; * Chamolo smiles and dives in! * Baine blinks ^_- * Indigo looks at Cham, then climbs up the tree and sits next to Crest on his branch. * Baine sits down by the edge of the lagoon and dangles her feet in the water.. <Crest> Sorry, I'm not usually like that, its just I can't stand her much." * Kodah wanders over to the lagoon and watches everyone <Indigo> Oh, she's nice, just a little misguided. ^_^ * Lara and BH stand by the lagoon. * Chamolo grabs on to Baine's feet, and drags her in! :D <Baine> O_o <Indigo> Well, a lot misguided actually. ^_^ * Baine lands in with a splash! <Chamolo> Hello you. ^_^ * Baine pops out of the water and flicks her hair back.... * Baine eyes Chamolo, grinning.. <Baine> Hello you.. * Baine pounces on Chamolo and dunks him! * Crest scratches his head for a moment, "Uh, this may sound a bit weird, but uh, later tonight, would you like to go.... uh, swimming in the lagoon?" * Chamolo is dunked! * Baine lets him up for air. ^_- * Kiwi aughs, and turns to Ecko. "You wanted to talk to Kiwi?" <Indigo> Swimming? I don't know how....I just always summoned Neptune for water travel. * Baine runs a hand through her soaked hair.. <Indigo> Watch, I can show you. <Baine> My armor might rust.. ^_- * Chamolo smiles. * Indigo closes her eyes, preparing to summon Neptune. <Crest> Oh, its quite easy, I can show you how to swim <Chamolo> ^_^ * Baine splashes Chamolo ;) * Lara and BlackHawk dive into the lagoon. <Crest> That is, if you want me to.... * Chamolo splashes back. <Indigo> Okay. Maybe I'll show you how I swim then too. ^_^ <Chamolo> We should get out now. I think other people want to swim as well. * Baine blinks and water drips off her chin and nose. ^_- <Baine> So? We aren't taking up much space.. ^_- * Kodah quietly returns to his book * Indigo suddenly loses focus and falls to the ground, brushes herself off, and sits down. <Crest> We'll wait till its dark, that way we can have the lagoon to ourselves * Baine swims closer to Chamolo. "Besides....water works for you...." * Kiwi pokes Ecko. "You wanted to talk to Kiwi?" <Chamolo> That's true. <Chamolo> It does? <Chamolo> How so? <Baine> Uh your body.. ^_- <Lara> don't think you'll have the entire lagoon to yourselves tonight, Chamolo and Baine... * Crest climbs down the tree, and leans on Indigo, putting his arm around her "So, how does that sound?" * Indigo nods, her eyes flickering between sanity and insanity. * Ecko eeps and turns to Kiwi... Yes, Kiwi... But we shall talk during the feast... <Kiwi> Okay. * Crest nods "Okay then, its a date then! =)" * Baine dives under the water and then resurfaces... * Kodah continues reading, feeling kinda insecure about the situation * The turtles lead Kiwi away, giggling and jumping around! * Chamolo dives under the water, looking around the bottom * Lara and BH clamber out of the lagoon and dry off, nodding to each other. * Indigo nods in her weird way, looking at him with piercing and a disturbing way. * Kiwi wavies to the rest of the group! * Indigo looks over. <Indigo> Hi Kiwi! * Baine floats over to a smaller part of the lagoon and just floats on her back, staring at the sky.. * Crest takes his flute and begins playing once more, a soft steady melody, a few high notes here and there, but the song moves like the flow of the water.... * Chamolo dives back up * Indigo smiles. <Baine> o/~ It's invisible but so touchable and I can feel it on my body, so emotional.. o/~ * Chamolo starts sneaking up behind Baine.. * Chamolo dunks her _^^ <Narrator> The light slowly diminishes from the grove... Night is soon to fall... * Baine blinks and is suddenly under water O_o * Crest looks up at the sky and wonders, are if the others have left the area yet..... <Crest> Hey, uh, Indi, you around here? * Chamolo finally gets out of the pool, then sighs. <Chamolo> I forgot, this is my only clean pair of they're all wet! * Lara stands by a tree lost in thought... * Baine follows Chamolo out and chuckles.. <Baine> You think thats bad? My armor is gonna rust.. <BlackHawk> Lara..what's wrong? <Chamolo> You'll still look cute * Baine stretches and wrings out her hair.. * Chamolo wrings out his clothes as best he can. <Lara> what do you think is wrong, Mike? After this, We'll probably be forced to separate. I don't want that to happen. * Baine pauses and eyes Chamolo * Indigo looks up and smiles, though oddly. <Indigo> Yes. <Narrator> The sun slowly dissapears, taking the light with it... * Kodah gives up on his book <BlackHawk> I know, Lara...but we don't know of any loophole around that damn unwritten law at all. <Crest> Shall we? I think the others are finally done with the lagoon. * Chamolo is slightly chilled. * Baine wraps an arm around Cham's waist and grins.. <Baine> Soooooooo.....wheres the party? * Indigo just looks around. * Kodah wonders what is going to happen next * Chamolo puts his arm around hers, content. * Lara bows her head. "Prince BlackHawk, you join the others at the party. I just want to be alone for a little while." * Darton is gone, gone, gone, gone, gone! :D <BlackHawk> OK, Lara, but you just don't do anything rash. * Crest smiles at Indigo, and then looks around seeing if the others are still at the lagoon...... * Lara is walking around, lost in thought. * Baine's armor creaks. <Baine> Ah hell :P * Ecko walks over to a large pile of wood which was collected in the center of the grove... <Kodah> Wow o_O * Kiwi looks, curious. * Baine raises an eyebrow <BlackHawk> Very nice. * Indigo looks at it. <Indigo> A campfire? <Lara> ...... * Chamolo sits down on the soft grass. * Ecko starts chanting softly... * Baine falls on her face :P <Baine> oomph.. :P * Lara has her back turned to the party. * Kodah sits down, watching and wondering <Crest> Well, uh, you ready? <Narrator> The wood starts to glow... And then burst into flames, creating a 10 foot high bonfire! * Indigo looks at the fire and simply nods. * BlackHawk looks back at Lara and returns his attention to Ecko. <Kiwi> O_o * Chamolo is nearly fried! @_@ <Chamolo> Ah! * Chamolo leaps back * Baine grimaces and picks herself up, blinking at the flames.. <Indigo> Ah, you call upon a latent power of the Elemental of Fire. * Crest quickly turns around and looks at the fire "What the..!!" <Kodah> Yow! o_O <Baine> Chamolo! Eesh...toasty man no good.. :P <Narrator> Everything around the bonfire is illuminated, showing many decorations and a large table covered in exotic fruits, nuts and a few meat dishes... * Baine gapes. <Baine> Food.. <Lara> ...... <Kodah> Holy..... * Indigo licks her lips. <Chamolo> Wow.. <Indigo> Decent food! Wow..... <Baine> This is definately like a vacation.. <Crest> Hmmm...... <BlackHawk> I'm worried about her. <Narrator> The bonfire slowly dies down to a normal level... Still illuminating the whole grove... * Chamolo adjusts his glasses and grins. "Thank you very much, Sir Ecko!" * Lara seems to be a bit depressed... <Crest> Indigo, I guess our swim could wait a little eh? * Ecko smiles and nods... * Baine stares at the flames, eyes flashing.. <Narrator> The turtles in the corner start playing attraying music... * Indigo nods. <Narrator> The rest dance and eat happily <Kodah> What do we do now? * Kiwi parties. =) * Lara leans against a tree, still lost in her thoughts. Her back is turned to the festivities. * Crest takes Indigo's and and walks over by the bonfire and sits down with her "Bring on the food!!" <Ecko> What else... Party! <Kodah> Oh * Indigo sits down next to Crest, observing the turtles. * Baine barely hears the talk and slowly starts to reach her hand to the fire.. -_-; <Narrator> A group of turtles bring food to the Shining Force... <Indigo> Ecko, would you mind if I put on a magic show later? <Chamolo> If there is a soup slurping contest, I am leaving O_o * BlackHawk turns to Kodah. "I can't think of a time when I've seen Lara like this. It worries me." <Kodah> Huh? <Chamolo> Sorry, a little inside joke of mine. * BlackHawk points to Lara, leaining against the tree. * Kodah looks around for Lara * Baine yelps and yanks her hand away. -_- <Kodah> Where'd she go anyway? <Crest> Bring on the food, the wine! And the dancing, uh...... nevermind * Indigo mock-glares at him, then nods. <Narrator> The turtles start bellydancing! <BlackHawk> With this mission coming to a close, she's gotten worried about our relationship. Me being royalty and all. <Kodah> Is that a problem? <BlackHawk> it is.. * Baine blinks and overhears BH, eyes widening.. <Kodah> Why? * Baine looks at Chamolo and thinks.. * Crest drops his jaw and looks at the belly dancing turtles <Lara> an unwritten law. As the only heir to the throne, I have to marry into royalty..and I don't want to. Lara is the only one I want. <Kodah> Can't you change the law? * Indigo just records it, then puts her hand on his jaw and pushes it back in. <Lara> BlackHawk: You don't know the royal family of Guardiana. <Kodah> Well, you're going to be king at some point right? * Baine looks at her red and burning hand.. * Ecko walks over to Kiwi... <Chamolo> Baine? <Baine> Hmm? * Chamolo looks at her hand. O_o <Kodah> Then you can make all the changes you want <Baine> Ah...touched the fire.. <Chamolo> O_o * Baine grins meekly. * Chamolo pulls her hand into his lap and starts healing it ^^; <Kiwi> Meep? <BlackHawk> I will, but I don't know how long...and I have been pressured the past six months by my's driving me mad and making her more and more depressed. * Baine blinks and flushes lightly.. <Kodah> Tell your parent's to hush up <Baine> Chamolo..? * Ecko starts speaking in his native tongue... <BlackHawk> We think that pendant of hers has some kind of loophole for us, but no one knows anything about the crest on it. <Narrator> ~ Kiwi... Are you truly happy with the Shining Force? ~ * Kiwi doesn't answer... * Chamolo heals her hand up, good as new! <Chamolo> ^_^ There ya be, Lady Kara. * Crest eats some food and then gets up and walks away from the bonfire party...... <Kiwi> ~ They... they... Kiwi no know... ~ <Kodah> So keep your parents busy either until you;re king or you find out about it * Baine grins a bit and nods.. "Thanks,'re a sweetheart.." * Indigo watches him go. <Kiwi> ~ They nice, and all, but... ~ <Chamolo> It's no problem... * Baine 's eyes are full of worry.. -_-; <Narrator> ~ We're always looking for more of our kind, Kiwi... We're rebuilding our communities that were destroyed in the past... That is why... ~ * Ecko hesitates a little... <Kiwi> ~ It strange, it no like before... previous Shining Force more serious and less naughty-oriented... but... ~ * Crest beckons Indigo to follow <BlackHawk> We've tried every historian in the world...VOlcannon said something to her but his statue was crushed by Dark Dragon before he could get the sentence out. <Narrator> ~ Will you stay with us, Kiwi? ~ <Kiwi> ~ ... ... ~ * Chamolo eats some of the fine fare. ^_^ <Kiwi> ~ Kiwi think about it... give answer in morning? ~ * Baine pokes at her food, thinking about what BH said.. * Indigo eats up. <Narrator> ~ Yes... Ok... For now, enjoy yourself... See our culture... Our lives... But if you refuse now, you might never be able to come back here.. Keep that in mind, Kiwi... ~ <Kodah> You're not a resource you know Blackhawk, yer a human being. Remind your parents of that <Kiwi> ~ Kiwi know... Kiwi want time to decide... ~ * Baine mumbles... * Lara stands alone.. <Narrator> ~ That you have, Kiwi... ~ * Ecko turns to a few other turtles and joins in the festivities... <BlackHawk> You think I haven't tried, Kodah? They won't listen to me at all. You obviously haven't had much dealings with royalty. <Kodah> No, I haven't * Kiwi wanders off... <Kodah> You just have to keep at it * Crest looks at Indigo, and smiles at her, he beckons her to follow him..... * Baine growls in frustration at herself.. <BlackHawk> I was going to ask Creed, but never got the chance... * Indigo looks over and decides to follow him. <Indigo> Now I'll summon Neptune. <Baine> Hrmph....a ninja... * Chamolo hand Baine some exotic fruit. "Try this!" * Baine blinks and snaps back into reality. <Baine> Errr.. ^_^ <Baine> Sure. ^_- * Lara sits down behind her tree. * Chamolo smiles and feeds her some. <Crest> You know, I'd like to learn magic as powerful as you have, but, I not' as talented as everyone else in this party, most of my magic is relied upon my flute.... * Baine blinks as she is fed the fruit... * Kiwi is lost in thought... <Baine> Mm.. <Baine> Thats not...uhm...bad.. <Indigo> Hmmm....have you tried other magics? * Kodah goes silent again, munching half-heartedly on the offered food <Chamolo> It's called "Passion Fruit". <Baine> Ah...I...uhm...heh.. <Baine> I can see why... <Crest> Not really, I don't quite know how to channel magic..... <Baine> Chamolo..? <Indigo> Think of water, how it flows. * Baine hesitates and thinks.. <Chamolo> yes? <Baine> Uh....well...when this is over.. <Baine> The whole...Shining Force thing.. <Baine> Where will we be? ^_^; * Lara bows her head and closes her eyes. <Baine> BlackHawk raises a good point.. * Chamolo hmms. <Chamolo> I don't know. * Chamolo leans back. * Baine looks down at the ground.. <Chamolo> But'll work out. <Chamolo> I doubt I'll get back in the church anyway. <Baine> I've...I've really got no place to go...can't go back to my old ways.. * Chamolo hugs Baine. <Chamolo> It'll work, don't worry...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. * Baine returns the hug.. <BlackHawk> I just don't know anymore...I just don't know. <Baine> Heh...if all else fails...I can join a convent.. * Baine grins slightly. * Chamolo grins too. <Chamolo> well, let's not get that drastic. * Indigo walks back and eats some more. * Kodah finishes eating, suddnely not that hungry <BlackHawk> Baine, you have traveled with Lara since this thing began...can I ask you a favor? <Baine> just like what I do. ^_- <Baine> Sure, BlackHawk.. <BlackHawk> Go talk to her...I don't like to see her like this... <Lara> And I can't come up with the right words. <Baine> Me? O_o <BlackHawk> Why not? * Chamolo falls asleep on the grass... <Chamolo> zzz.. * Baine erhms.. "Because I'm about as good with words is with....Ch-...hey...okay, fine. :P * Baine grumbles and glares at Chamolo slightly before walking off to find Lara. :P * Kodah wanders slightly away from the festivities and lays out on the grass, staring up at the sky * Lara is still sitting under the same tree she was under.. <Narrator> The festivities rage on, Indigo doing a nice magic display for the turtles... Everyone dances and enjoys themselves... * Chamolo wakes up and talks to Baine for awhile. ^_^ * Indigo falls asleep after the magic show/elemental summoning. <Narrator> The bonfire dies down... Slowly dissapears... Rest being the only thing passing through people's minds... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Everyone is fast asleep... The Shining Force team falls fast asleep... Erin slightly apart from the team wakes up, feeling some sort of energy close... <Erin> ? <Narrator> A faint, soothing and familiar voice calls her... <Narrator> ~ ... Erin... ... Erin... ~ <Narrator> ~ ... Come to us, Erin... ~ <Narrator> The voice comes from the trees not far from the team... * Erin squints a little, and looks in the direction of the voice. * ...? <Narrator> A small patch of trees seem to be glowing oddly... <Narrator> The voice seems to draw Erin closer to that light... * Erin wanders over... bow knocked and at the ready.. * <Narrator> ~ Erin... ~ <Narrator> As Erin approaches, she can faintly make out the shapes of lost loved ones... <Elayne> Erin... My daughter... Come to us.... <Erin> ...Mother...? <Erin> ...This has to be a dream... * Elayne smiles, Wilfred at her side... But it is not a dream, my dear... <Erin> It has to be. Because... because... <Narrator> The glowing diminishes, seemingly giving them a real form... <Erin>'re both gone... <Wilfred> Mitula sent us to you, Erin... She gave us our life back for you... <Wilfred> ... To be with you... <Erin> No... that's not likely... my religious attitudes I learned from my parents... and they weren't the most pious of people... * Erin looks suspicious. * Something is wrong here... <Wilfred> We are real, Erin... We've been watching you from the heavens ever since... That.. Day... <Erin> Lies... this is all illusion... <Elayne> We were killed... Because... <Elayne> Of you, Erin! <Erin> Lies! <Erin> What the hell could I have done?! <Narrator> Their forms resume glowing and start looking evil... <Erin> I was little! Why the hell would I want my parents to leave! <Wilfred> The monsters came for you, Erin! They wanted to kill you, Erin! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, ERIN! * Erin raises the bow and lets an arrow fly! * Demons! You're lying!! * Elayne screeches loudly and chants, "All your fault... All your fault... All your fault..." <Narrator> The arrow flies right through the forms! <Erin> Go away! <Erin> Get back to wherever you came from! * Wilfred screeches also! "All your fault... All your fault... IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, ERIN!" <Narrator> The two forms fires large bolts of power at Erin! * Erin bolts, and escapes into the woods, fleeing her spectral enemies! * <Narrator> The spirits don't follow, laughing evilly! <Narrator> Erin runs and runs... But seems to be going nowhere... <Narrator> The team is gone... The grove is gone... Everything around her writhes, twisted and deformed... <Narrator> The voice echoes in Erin's mind... "Erin... It's all your fault, Erin! All your fault... All your fault... ALL YOUR FAULT..." * Erin throws herself to the ground, covering her head, trying to drown out the noises... * <Narrator> Elayne's voice yells, "All your fault! You killed your parents, Erin! KILLED US!" <Erin> Go away... go away... go away... <Narrator> Wilfred's voice yells, "You're not my daughter! You're just a pawn of the Gods! You killed us, Erin! All your fault!" <Narrator> A warm glow can be felt in Erin's bag, as the engless taunting continues... <Narrator> ~ All your fault! All your fault! All your fault!! ~ <Narrator> The two spirits fly over to Erin and stand over her head, staying clear from the glow! * Erin is up, and breaks into the woods once again, in an attempt to flee! * <Narrator> The two forms laugh demonically! <Narrator> The glowing in Erin's bag becomes more intense... * Erin pulls out another arrow and knocks it... * * Erin tears into the sack and pulls out the source of the glow. * <Narrator> Erin pulls out the Nazca cannon... A soothing voice echoes in her mind as she touches it... "Your shot is sure and true, Erin... Fire your fears away..." <Narrator> The forms laugh hysterically and mockingly behind Erin! * Erin levels the cannon, and fires! * Go AWAY!! <Narrator> The cannon fires a large beam of light, which tears through the spirit forms powerfully, rendering them to nothingness! <Narrator> == Erin learns to use the Nazca cannon! <Narrator> The forest slowly fades and reshapes into the form it was before... The grove reappears... The Shining Force sleeping soundly... <Erin> ...I can't believe that didn't wake them up. ^_^; <Narrator> Erin returns to her things, trying to sleep once more... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Morning arrives... The Shining Force is fully rested... Everyone is there, except for Darton... * Kodah snores quietly * Baine is up already, doing exercises by the lagoon * Chamolo is still sleeping ^_^ <Kiwi> -_- zzz... zz... * Baine does many, many back flips.....forward flips...side flips... * Baine stops the flips and draws AmeShi, guiding the blade into smooth attacks of invisible enemies.. * Lara wakes up and gathers up her things, not talking to anyone.. Not even BlackHawk... * Chamolo wakes up, rubbing his eyes, and is also blind. O_o * Kodah slowly begins to wake up, yawning heavily <Chamolo> Where are my glasses...hmm? * Chamolo fumbles around for them <Narrator> *crunch* <Baine> Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiya!! Take that, you evil bastards! <Chamolo> ... <Chamolo> Oh no...NO. * Baine kicks and does a backflip * Kiwi snores. <Kodah> *yawn* * Chamolo finds his glasses, seeing that both lenses are now completely crushed. <Chamolo> WHO DID THIS!!? <Kodah> Ghuh? Wha? * Baine doesn't hear Chamolo :P * Chamolo shows is glasses with a little pout. * Kodah rubs his eyes * Baine concentrates entirely on her exercise, getting into the heat of the battle.. * Kodah stands and stretches * Ecko walks towards the team while the turtles clean up the remnants of the party... * Baine does many, many backflips <Ecko> Slept well, my friends? * Kiwi snores inside his shell... * Kodah walks groggily to the lagoon to wash his face <Baine> Hhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... * Chamolo stumbles aroumd, totally blind * Chamolo looks quite different without his glasses. * Baine turns swiftly and points the blade right between Kodah's legs. ^_^ <Chamolo> O_o You all look like blurs.. * Ecko blinks at Chamolo... Problem? <Baine> HAH! <Chamolo> glasses... <Chamolo> They're gone. I can't see. <Ecko> Show me... * Chamolo shows Ecko the broken glasses. <Kodah> Ulp! o_O;; <Baine> Hehehe! <Kodah> Um....morning Baine ^^;; * Baine takes the blade away and bows grandly * Ecko takes the glasses and hmms... <Baine> Good morning to you, kind sir. ^_^ * Ecko walks over to the lagoon and picks up some sand... * Kodah walks a bit shakily to the lagoon o_o;; * Kiwi keeps snoring. * Ecko puts the sand over the broken glasses and utters a small chant... A fire spell burns the sand and reshapes the glass... <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> Thank you so much! * Kodah splashes cold water on his face, preparing for another day * Ecko takes them and lowers them underwater to cool them off and hands them to Chamolo... * Baine growls softly and casts Katon on a neaby bush! <Ecko> You are welcome... Now... I shall not hold you here much longer... You have a journey to finish... <Chamolo> Thank you so much! * Chamolo puts them back on. * Chamolo nods. "We do." * Kodah heads back to camp, avoiding Baine ^^:; * Lara mumbles under her breath and sighs... "That we do... We should go now..." * Chamolo bows to the turtle-man-thing and runs over to Baine. * Baine is sweating tremendously, panting really hard.. * BlackHawk looks at Lara worriedly.. * Kiwi is still asleep. "Shnorrre..." * BlackHawk gathers up his things... <Chamolo> Hey Baine. Are you okay? * Kodah wanders over to Erin, "How'd you sleep?" * Baine pants harder, eyes dark.... * Baine does a few more sword swings.. <Erin> I've slept better... <Baine> S-sure... <Kodah> Really? * Chamolo puts his hand on her shoulder. "You sure?" * Erin nods. * <Kodah> Too much excitement yesterday? * Baine brings AmeShi to bear on Chamolo's neck O_o <Chamolo> Baine! <Erin> ... * Baine blinks.. <Baine> Err.. * Baine hauls the blade away.. :P * Chamolo blinks, looking nervous. <Chamolo> I...I think I'll let you be for now.. <Baine> Uhm...heh.. * Chamolo backs away. <Kodah> Erin? * Baine opens her mouth to protest.. * Baine glares at AmeShi.. <Erin> Yeah? * Baine tosses AmeShi into the lagoon :P <Kodah> Are you all right? You dunno.....out of it * Baine walks to Chamolo and pokes him in the arm.. * Ecko knocks on Kiwi's shell softly... <Chamolo> Hmm? <Erin> I'll be fine. <Baine> I'm sorry.. <Kodah> If you say so.... <Baine> I....I was practicing...and..I got caught up.. <Chamolo> Ah.. <Chamolo> Okay.. <Kiwi> * A "No Disturb Thinking Kiwi" sign hangs on his shell... * Chamolo hugs her. * Baine looks meek and returns the hug <Baine> <<Yeah.. :P>> * Ecko knocks harder :P * Kiwi pokes his head out, looking groggy... <Kodah> Um....if you want somebody to talk know....listen, and stuff * Baine brings a hand up and caresses Cham's chin. "Y'know I'd never do that, right? I wouldn't honestly hurt you..." <Ecko> The Shining Force is getting ready to leave, Kiwi... <Kiwi> .... <Chamolo> I know.. * Kiwi sighs... <Chamolo> you just startled me.. * Kiwi looks at the others... <Baine> Heh....reaaaaaaaaally sorry....don't think I'm a psycho killer, okay? ^_^; * Kiwi sweats. <Ecko> Have... You decided, Kiwi...? <Chamolo> ^_^ It's okay! * Baine stands on her toes and kisses Cham gently before pulling away, grinning. "Good..." <Kiwi> ... Kiwi... Kiwi decides... * Kiwi walks over to Ecko and whispers something to him... * Chamolo holds her. * Ecko listens intently... * Baine makes a content noise, grinning.. * Kodah looks at Erin again, then shrugs and heads off to meet up with the others <Erin> ... * Erin sighs. * <Kiwi> :::Whispered in Ecko's ear.::: "Kiwi decides... Kiwi stay with Shining Force. Kiwi only one who not pervert, maybe Kiwi salvage Shining Force." * Ecko bursts out laughing! * Kiwi walks back to the Shining Force. * Ecko chuckles and returns to the turtles to help them clean, not looking back... * Kiwi wavies good-bye, and jumps in the caravan. * Kodah curls up in a section of the caravan and goes back to his book * AmeShi floats up to Baine and sheaths itself <Baine> O_o * Chamolo sits down in the caravan. * Baine climbs in the caravan, AmeShi safely in the sheath <Baine> Soooo..where to now, my furry friends? <Kodah> Furry? o_O * Lara looks around... Speaking of furrballs, where's Darton? <Kodah> Um....dunno <Lara> Well we can't wait for him forever... <Kodah> .... * Baine curls up against Chamolo. :P * Lara goes over to the caravan's controls... <Narrator> The hand of the Narrator picks up Darton from wherever he is and dumps him in the caravan! * Darton blinks <Darton> Aw hell, I nearly got away from these maniacs for good! Why'd you go and do that? <Narrator> I decide what goes and what doesn't in this bloody RPG... You gotta play this to the end, wolf boy! :P <Darton> Screw you! * Lara wonders where the voice is coming from and why Darton popped in out of nowhere... O_o <Narrator> Anytime, furry :P * Chamolo blinks * Baine breaks up the fight between the Narr and Darton :P * Darton cusses at yet another meddling god <Kodah> o_O * Narrator goes back to telling the story... :P * Kodah goes back to his book ^^;; * Baine continues to snuggle with Chamolo as if nothing happened. ^_^ * Kiwi is beginning to regret staying... ^_^; <Narrator> Now that the Shining Force is back together and complete, Lara drives the caravan towards New Granseal... That town being the last friendly place they'll encounter for a long while... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====