Shining Force RPG session 22
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The caravan drives towards new Granseal... A large camp of monsters can be seen ahead... Surrounding the town... * Baine raises an eyebrow and hauls up her mask... <Darton> ooh.. blood. ^_^ We get to kill things soon <Kodah> Huh? * Chamolo sighs. "Well, we knew we'd face opposition..but.." <Crest> Looks like its time for another fight, *Sigh* * Kodah puts the book aside and looks out the window <Kodah> Erk! o_O * Baine idly removes herself from Cham's arm and peers at the monsters.. * Kiwi pokes his head out of his shell... "Meep?" <Kodah> Where'd they all come from? <Baine> A really big bitchass mother fucker monster? <Crest> Probably from the tower * Indigo looks at the monsters, then goes up and sits next to Baine, poking her. <Chamolo> Probably. <Indigo> So, after all this time, do you still believe in fighting and killing? <Kodah> o_O * Baine blinks.. <Baine> Fighting and killing? <Darton> Fun, isn't it? * Chamolo looks out the window, sizing up the enemy... * Baine 's eyes darken a bit. <Baine> ....depends. <Kodah> How are we gonna get past all those monsters? o_o;; * Lara drives the Caravan towards the monster encampment... <Baine> We'll hack our way through, Kodah. <Indigo> Hmmmm....... <Baine> How else? <Kodah> o_o;; <Darton> Relax, it'll be fun <Chamolo> Sacrifical lamb? <Kodah> Fun? ^^;; <Indigo> Don't worry, the light will shine on you too Baine, and then you will understand the power of life and goodness. <Baine> Indigo, shut up. Okay? <Lara> Aren't we gonna need a tactitian for this fight? * Chamolo looks at Baine, sighing. "She's got a point..." <Darton> who cares about life and goodness when we're out to do death and destruction? <Baine> Yeah. Where is 'ole Wings and Hooves? * Baine glances at Chamolo.. <Kodah> Erin? * Indigo sighs and shakes her head, patting her shoulder, then sitting down next to Crest. * Erin wanders in... * <Chamolo> Erin, we have a bit of a problem... <Crest> Hmmm....... * Chamolo points to all the monsters. <Indigo> I hope she finds her light one day. She could do so much good for the world, but is so....moody. <Crest> Why don't we just "bum rush" these critters from behind * Erin surveys the enemy's layout... * * Kodah looks at Erin and waits o_o;; * Baine awaits Erin's suggestions. <Baine> the old days, I would've snuck around the camp and doused everything with gasoline....then light it up... * Chamolo puts all his faith in Erin to make her feel more pressure =D <Baine> Maybe then get some marshmellows.. <Indigo> So Erin, what do you think? <Narrator> The back lines are weak monsters... Around 50 goblins and archers... Front lines have Wyverns, orks and a few lesser demons... A group of around 30... <Kiwi> O_o * Erin hmmms... * * Kiwi pokes his head back in his shell... ^_^; <Kiwi> . o O (Kiwi no see that... ^_^;) <Erin> I'd flank them on either side, personally. <Baine> Are you suggesting we split up? <Baine> And close them in from opposite sides? <Chamolo> That could be dangerous.. <Kodah> There sure are a lot of them ^^;; <Crest> Sounds like an okay idea Erin, if there were more of us <Crest> I say we split them up and take ten of a time * Indigo frowns, falling back into insanity. * Baine taps her chin. * Indigo jumps up and down like a little girl. * Chamolo looks at Indigo... <Indigo> Ooooo..... let me play with the monsters! I'll call Apollo! <Narrator> The groups are on stand still, holding siege to the town... Noone is fighting.... <Chamolo> Her sanity was so nice while it lasted... <Erin> Okay... new plan... we agitate them... and piss off little small groups of them... lead them a ways a away, and slaughter them... then go back, and lure more away... <Crest> Well anyway, might be best to split them up and split ourselves up as well..... <Baine> long would that take? ^_^; * Chamolo hmms. <Kodah> I like the idea of tackling a few at a time ^^:; <Baine> I say we split up...take 'em from opposite're the tactician.. <Erin> Rinse, lather, repeat as necessary... <Chamolo> Lather? * Indigo prepares to summon Apollo, then stops as her sanity returns. <Crest> We should take ten at a time.... * Darton wags his tail in anticipation of the slaughter to come <Crest> This way might the best course, right Erin? * Baine eyes Chamolo, grinning lustfully. "Lather. Shower. Rubbing of liquid into the scalp until it bubbles." <Narrator> A yelling, whining, agitated black sorceress is heard and seen in the front lines! * Lara stops the caravan. * Baine raises an eyebrow at the yelling. :P * Kodah holds up a hand as if to ask a question ^^;; * Indigo looks to the sorceress. <Erin> It would seem ideal, provided our opposition is as dull as I think they are. * Crest looks out * Indigo thinks. <Chamolo> ears... <Indigo> Why not simply summon Neptune and wash them away, or Omnislash them? <Narrator> The voice seems oddly familiar... Sounds like Indigo... * Kiwi growls... <Chamolo> O_o Oh no.. <Baine> Hm. The bitch is back? <Chamolo> We're going to have fun -_- * Baine grins rather evilly <Crest> Who? <Baine> Yes, yes we are. <Crest> What? <Indigo> Oh no, my opposite. <Darton> We can kill her too... let's go on out there <Erin> Of course... what would really be nice would be a catapault... <Baine> I like the way you think sometimes, pup... <Kodah> Um...Professor Erin....can I ask a question? <Chamolo> Could we catapult Darton there? He seems to want to fight so badly. <Indigo> Crest, I have an opposite named Indigo. She is my evil twin you might say, created from my dark side. <Erin> Load it full of Granseal Fire... and we'd waste a whole lot of them first... <Erin> Ask away, Kodah. <Kodah> Well, *opens the book* it says here, "Strike when your oppnent does not expect" <Crest> Hmmm, good idea, but uh we need wood to do that <Kodah> Shouldn't we take out their patrols or something so they won;t know where we are? * Indigo nods. * Baine raises an eyebrow at Kodah <Kodah> ^^;; * Darton ignores Chamolo and continues staring out the window, panting and wagging his tail <Crest> Hmmm, sounds like an idea, but it could take awhile * Kiwi lets the "humans" come up with the strategy, and'll just go along with it... ^^; <Indigo> I'll summon Atlas and create a rainstorm that will mask us, and have Dao rip open the ground beneath their feet to distact them. <Erin> If they had patrols, that army would be all over us a mile back... it's just the mass... <Baine> Why don't we just go in there and kick some ass? * Kodah looks a bit dissapointed, "Oh" * Chamolo sighs. <Erin> Because that's suicidal, Baine. <Crest> Let's break into groups and attack them <Crest> Flank them on three sides <Darton> Suicidal is fun! <Baine> True. But I don't like the time we're wasting discussing this.. * Baine nods to Crest. <Baine> Toothpaste boy has a good idea. * Kodah shuts up an lets the tactician do her work ^^;; <Erin> Three would spread us far too thin... <Baine> Two, then? <Baine> One on each side? <Baine> East and west? * Crest glares at Baine "Don't make me hurt you" * Chamolo looks at Baine, wondering what's up with her...? <Baine> I'm shaking Crest. Really. But before you "hurt me", why don't we get outta this first. <Indigo> Now now, behave children. <Erin> I'd prefer hit and run over a direct attack... * The hand of the Narrator baps Crest! "She can cripple you and castrate you without you even knowing it... Don't look for a fight, kid..." * Indigo steps between Crest and Baine. <Kodah> ^^;; * Baine grins oddly at Indigo. * Baine turns back to Erin, thinking.. <Baine> Hit and run? <Baine> Hmmm.. * Crest shoots a needle through the Narrator's eye "Shaddup ya damn Narrator!" * Narrator blocks with the hand of the Narrator. <Erin> Yeah... like poking a wasps nest with a stick... piss them off a little bit at a time. <Erin> That would make this far more manageable. <Baine> Yeah...I can see the advantages of that. <Chamolo> Perhaps..but there's still so many.. <Narrator> The orks at the front start to dispatch and go to attack the front gate to weaken the opponent's forces! <Darton> what's wrong with just running up and killing them all at once? <Baine> Oh shit. <Baine> We have to act. <Baine> NOW. <Indigo> And my opposite commands them, and she is as powerful as I am. * Baine stares at the orks, eyes flashing.. <Darton> big deal, we take her out first, they have no order, mopping up is easy <Chamolo> Oh my goodness... <Kodah> Um.... <Indigo> But Volcanon said only I can destroy her. <Darton> then you destroy her! :P <Baine> I say we split up, still. * Baine shrugs. * Chamolo hmms.. <Erin> Okay... they've made a mistake... we're flanking.. Two groups, either side. <Crest> Hmmm, they left the weak ones behind, we should attack them now * Baine nods. <Baine> Good.. <Kodah> Okay... <Crest> let's split up <Crest> Who is going with who? * Baine draws AmeShi and grins. <Chamolo> Yes, let's do that. <Darton> whatever, just lemme know when we can kill stuff <Kodah> Um....who's going with who? * Chamolo picks up his staff. "Who's going with who?" <Indigo> What about the people in the city, maybe they can weaken them first, then we fight. <Baine> We need to balance out our fighters with our healers/mages <Erin> Hit hard, and fast, press the attack until the tougher ones intervene. Fall back if you need to once they arrive. <Narrator> == Team split up. Name the two groups <Chamolo> We shouldn't involve cavillians, Indigo.. <Darton> Erin, Indigo, Kodah, and Baine in one group, rest with me, there's my suggestion * Baine shakes her head. <Baine> Fighters one side. <Baine> Magic users the other. <Crest> Hmmm...... <Chamolo> But what if we come across a strong offensive group? <Chamolo> We'd be creamed. <Baine> Indigo goes with Chamolo. Darton comes with us. * Kodah looks at Erin, "What do you think?" <Crest> Baine, I, Kodah, Darton, and Erin should go with me <Baine> Thats why you have Indigo, babe. * Chamolo shrugs. <Kiwi> Kiwi say balance on both sides... or one side get smushed if magic users present and other side get smushed if big mean warriors attack. <Baine> Me, Crest, Dart, Erin.....Chamolo, Indigo, Kodah, Kiwi? <Chamolo> We'd better hurry... <Crest> Baine, I, Kodah, Darton and Erin, in one group, the other group should be Lara, Indigo, Chamlo, and umm....... <Chamolo> Those Orks look angry.. O_o <Crest> Kiwi <Kodah> ^^;; <Chamolo> Yes...okay. That works. Nice and balanced. <Darton> . o O ( dammit, I don't want to be with the prissy horse girl... ) <Narrator> The orks bash at the wall relentlessly, one or two being knocked down by archers on the palissades... * Baine growls and leaps out of the caravan. * Kiwi looks at Crest. "Yup?" <Crest> That works well right? <Crest> Kiwi, go with Lara, Indigo, and Chamolo. <Chamolo> Right! * Kiwi shrugs. * Baine glances at Chamolo.. <Chamolo> I'll be fine, Baine. Be careful! <Baine> Aren't I always? * Baine grins. <Narrator> FlameStrike is nowhere to be seen... <Indigo> Since you have Baine, we get the giant lizard! <Baine> Since you have Baine? Ehhh.. <Baine> Can we just MOVE?! * Baine twirls AmeShi and then sneezes. <Baine> Augh <Crest> Baine, I, Kodah, Darton and Erin, in one group, the other group should be Lara, Indigo, Chamlo, and Kiwi, I think that's the best arrangment <Darton> Shut up and make up your minds so we can kill things <Chamolo> Bless you. <Chamolo> ^_^ * Baine sneezes again! <Chamolo> Bless you. ^_^ <Baine> Nnh... -_- <Erin> Yeah, I think Crest's divisions will work... <Baine> Okay. <Baine> Then lets GO. <Indigo> Okay. <Baine> Okay? <Crest> Right * Baine heads to the east of the monsters.. * Chamolo follows his group * Indigo goes off with her group. * Crest doesn't follow Baine, but heads east * Kodah heads out, following his orders :\ * Darton trots along with his group in a general way * Baine approaches the monsters carefully, AmeShi flaming darkly.. * Baine glances at Erin.. <Narrator> == Team seperations: Baine, Crest, Kodah, Darton and Erin, |||| Lara, Indigo, Chamlo, and Kiwi * Kodah sneaks a peek at the enemy from over a ridge ^^;; <Narrator> The two teams split up in different directions, ready to commence the offensive... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Crest> Shall we begin? <Narrator> Team #1 starts their fight... * Crest looks over the army "This is gonna be the big one...." <Kodah> ^^;; * Baine narrows her eyes * Erin launches herself into the air, feeling more at home there than on the ground... * Kodah ulps, and clumsily draws his sword * Crest pulls out his flute.....and waits for the attack * Darton grins and wanders out to meet the enemy, grinning like an idiot * Baine grins and takes off for the enemy ^_^ <Erin> So much for organization... :P * Darton is in front of Baine, happily, and runs off! :p * Erin takes off after the other two.. * <Kodah> Hey! Wait for me! o_O * Crest sighs and follows "Idiots" * Kodah runs after the others ^^;; * Baine grins evilly <Narrator> A band of goblins turn around and attack the team! * Crest plays a battle tune <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Darton grins * Baine growls and ducks into offensive stance. <Kiwi> . o O (Kiwi no wanna fight... ^_^;) <Kodah> Eek! <Narrator> ===== Monsters: 2 boss goblins, 11 goblins, 1 Goblin mutant ===== <Crest> Oooh boy this is gonna be dangerous <Crest> I'll take on the Goblin mutant! <Darton> mwahaha.... <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Erin raises the Nazca cannon at Boss Goblin 1 ! The Cannon flares to life, sending a ball of energy hurtling towards her opponent!! * <Kodah> o_O * Crest looks up "Wow...." <Narrator> == Erin fires the Nazca cannon at Boss Goblin 1. <Darton> since when did you know how to use that? <Baine> Can I borrow that, Erin? Heheh... <Erin> Since now... <Narrator> == The boss Goblin's defense is nullified by the blast! 51 damage! DISPATCHED! O_O <Kodah>' did....guh o_O * Baine whistles <Crest> Incredible! <Erin> Don't just stand there gawking, we got a war to win. <Crest> Nice job Erin! <Kodah> Um...right * Baine narrows her eyes.. <Darton> Fuuun.... <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Narrator> == Baine attacks Boss goblin 2 * Baine grunts and leaps at the remaining boss goblin! She slashes down with AmeShi, lands crouched, then does a slice upwards! * Baine leaps back! <Narrator> == The blow slices through the boss goblin! 48 damage! Dispatched! * Baine grins as AmeShi's flames flicker out. <Kodah> O_o * Baine licks the blood off the blade. * Kodah becomes covered in lightning, in preparation for Bolt 1... * Crest looks at Baine "Can't you put some more feeling into your attack next time? <Narrator> == Darton and Kodah can attack! * Darton collects himself and throws a blizzard at all eleven of the darn little goblin thingies! Stupid green munchkins! <Kodah> Bolt Magic! Ikazuchi! <Narrator> == Darton casts Freeze 2, while Kodah casts Bolt 1. * Baine's eyes flicker into a red color and she gazes coolly at Crest.. <Narrator> == The ice freezes the goblins, dealing 12 damage each. <Baine> want feeling? Fine... <Darton> oh damn it, they're still alive! * Kodah steps back, and is transformed into a massive ball of lightning. He surges forward, blasting through the Goblins with amazing strength! <Narrator> == The lightning attack, directed at 1 goblin, expands to hit the whole goblin team, melting them to a puddle of green puss! 11 damage on each! Dispatched! * Baine clenches her fist around the hilt of AmeShi and the blade's flames suddenly flicker to life again, darker and angrier.. <Narrator> == Kodah learns Bolt 2! * Kodah flops onto his face and skids to a halt after reconstituting himself <Kodah> Ow... ^^;; <Narrator> == Crest can attack! * Crest plays his flute loudly and the form of Apollo appears striking with wave after wave of fireballs!!! <Narrator> == Crest casts Appolo on the goblin mutant! <Narrator> == the goblin mutant shrugs off some of the fireballs, but falls back at the strength of the attack! 18 damage! <Narrator> ===== Cut scene switch! ===== <Narrator> == Team #2 starts their offensive! <Chamolo> Let's go, everyone! <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Narrator> ===== Monsters: 3 goblin mutants, 9 goblins ===== * Indigo looks nervous. <Narrator> == Lara slashes at a goblin mutant! <Indigo> I know she's close. <Chamolo> Indigo, cast one of your summoning spells at the goblins, okay? <Narrator> == The goblin mutants tries to block with his deformed limbs, but the force sword slices through him! 41 damage! Dispatched! * Chamolo smiles. "Nice Lara!" <Indigo> Okay. * Lara leaps back and grins... <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * Indigo closes her eyes and summons Atlas to destroy the enemies in a massive storm. <Narrator> == Indigo casts Atlas. <Narrator> == Atlas summons his mighty power to crush the goblins in a storm... 26 damage per goblin! Dispatched! <Narrator> == Kiwi can attack! * Chamolo grins! * Kiwi punts his helmet as if it was a volleyball at the nearest goblin mutant! <Chamolo> I knew that would work! * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Like I told Erin, magic can do anything. <Narrator> == Kiwi attacks the goblin mutant 2. <Narrator> == The goblin mutant sees the helmet, but does no effort to block it... 28 damage! * Kiwi hops up and down! <Narrator> == Chamolo can attack! * Chamolo lashes out at the nearest Mutant Goblin! <Chamolo> Kyaah! * Chamolo lashes out at the nearest Mutant Goblin! <Chamolo> Kyaah! <Narrator> == Chamolo attacks Goblin mutant 2... He pounds him to a pulp with his staff! 24 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> == Goblin mutant can attack! <Narrator> == Goblin mutant lashes out at Indigo! * Chamolo smiles. ^_^ <Narrator> == The goblin mutant hits Indigo fully! 18 damage! <Indigo> Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwie! * Indigo falls over on her face and moans in pain. <Indigo> Stop it! <Chamolo> O_o <Narrator> == Scene combination! <Chamolo> Don't worry, I'll heal you! <Narrator> ===== Scene combination! ===== <Narrator> Both teams gather back together, the rest of the monsters in between both groups! * Baine's eyes are dark red... <Narrator> ===== Monsters: 2 goblin mutants, 7 goblins and 1 boss goblin! ===== <Narrator> == Darton can attack! * Chamolo looks at Indigo, ready to heal her. * Kodah quickly gets back to his feet and tries to get his bearings * Baine calmly sheathes AmeShi and waits.. <Kodah> Where'd everybody go? o_O <Narrator> == Darton attacks the Boss goblin! * Crest finds himself back to back with Baine and instantly pulls away * Darton grins and dives at the boss goblin, ripping and tearing with teeth and claws... fuuuun... * Baine narrows her eyes, her breathing speeding up.. * Chamolo winces at Darton <Narrator> == The boss goblin stands no chance! 37 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Darton grins and moves away with a boss goblin arm to munch on while he waits for his next turn * Kodah looks around frantically for the others o_o;; * Crest whistles "Kodah! Over here!!!" * Darton waves the arm genially "Hey Kodah! Over here!" * Kodah hurries back to the group ^^;; <Chamolo> Hey Kodah ^_^ <Narrator> == Erin attacks a goblin mutant! * Erin raises the Nazca cannon at Goblin Mutant ! The Cannon flares to life, sending a ball of energy hurtling towards her opponent!! * <Kodah> Hi ^^;; <Narrator> == The nazca cannon's power doesn't seem to fully affect the goblin, but knocks him back a few feet! 28 damage! * Kodah oogles at the nasty ball-thingie o_O O_o o_O O_o * Chamolo oogles too O_o o_O O_O <Chamolo> When did she learn to use taht?! <Narrator> == Crest can attack! <Kodah> Um...Erin? How are you doing that? ^^;; * Crest plays his flute loudly and the form of Apollo appears striking Mutant with wave after wave of fireballs!!! <Erin> By aiming, and pulling the trigger. ^_^; How else! <Narrator> == Crest casts Apollo on the goblin mutant... <Kodah> Oh ^^;; <Narrator> == The goblin mutant fries to a toasty brown as Apollo fires fireballs at him! 22 damage! Dispatched! <Chamolo> O_o <Kodah> haven't you done that before? ^^;; <Chamolo> Bye. ^_^ * Chamolo waves at the smoking corpse <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine leaps at the remaining goblin mutant and calmly places a gentle hand on its forehead. She stares into it's eyes, something changing within her, and roars with fury. <Baine> Raijin!!!!!!!!! * Baine channels the lightning THROUGH herself and into the goblin mutant with a loud clap of thunder!!! * Baine winces in pain.... <Narrator> == Baine casts a focus beam of Rayjin on a goblin mutant! * Indigo looks up, surprised at the power of the Nazca Cannon. * Darton munches the goblin arm, watching the fireworks happily <Narrator> == The rayjin hits the goblin mutant full force, frying him so utterly bad, even the people in hell don't know what he is! 41 damage! Dispatched! Baine takes 15 damage! <Chamolo> Baine! O_o * Baine stumbles back and grunts. <Kodah> That looks like it hurts.... ^^:; * Chamolo looks at Indigo, then Baine, wondering who he should heal first? O_o * Baine, as if reading Chamolo's mind, looks at him. "Heal the mage first.." <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! <Crest> Much better Baine * Chamolo nods. * Baine glares at Crest.. * Narrator shrugs... * Crest looks up into the sky "Strangly enough, I thought someone just shrugged.........." * Chamolo felt it too... <Narrator> FUCK YOU ALL! *baps them all!* * Indigo stands up, holding her stomach. <Narrator> == Kodah attacks the goblins! * Baine unsheathes AmeShi.. * Kiwi looks up. "Gods are pissed off." * Crest puts his hands over his head "Who the hell is bapping me!?" <Chamolo> I don't know, but he's making my job harder! * Indigo falls back down, mysteriously bapped. * Kodah hurls himself at a Goblin, performing a dizzying array of rapid slashes, "Hurricane Fang Attack Shippuga!" * Baine wipes a thin trickle of blood from her nose and glares at some of the leftover goblins. <Narrator> == The goblin dies a miserable and painful death to Kodah's attack! 68 damage! Critical! Dispatched! <Crest> Nice work Kodah * Kodah leaps back to the others, "Thanks" <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * Indigo summons an oldie but goodie, Dao, elemental of the earth, to open the ground and swallow the goblins whole, then crush them when the earth closes. <Narrator> == Indigo casts Dao <Narrator> == The goblins stand no chance in hell and are fully swallowed up by the powerful spell! 27 damage each! Dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Lara: 35 XP, Erin: 32 XP, Baine: 36 XP, Crest: 146 XP, Kiwi: 32 XP, Chamolo: 23 XP, Kodah: 41 XP, Indigo: 58 XP, Darton: 51 XP * Chamolo twirls his staff in victory! * Baine hisses in delight and peers around for more enemies.. * Indigo smiles and nods. ^_^ <Baine> Those orks are still around. Don't celebrate quite yet. * Chamolo turns to Indigo and heals her injuries. <Chamolo> There! <Indigo> I almost forgot about Dao. Thanks Chamolo. <Chamolo> No problem. * Chamolo does the same thing for Baine! <Narrator> The battle at the gates rages on... The Granseal people lead a good struggle, but seem to be falling back into town at the large swarm of creatures attacking them! <Darton> C'mon... let's go and kill the rest of everything * Baine smiles faintly at Chamolo, some of the anger backing off. <Chamolo> Right! <Crest> We can't rest now everyone....... we have to save the people of Granseal * Baine nods and the anger kicks back in, looking at the large swarm of creatures.. <Indigo> But we have cleared away the main threat, save for my opposite, so now the city can handle the rest, right? * Chamolo wonders if his family is okay... <Narrator> A large burst of light from the top of the gate and hits the swarm of monsters, scattering them and pushing them back! <Baine> Hm? <Crest> Whoa <Chamolo> O_o Who did that!? <Crest> What was that!? * Indigo looks up, surprised. <Indigo> Eh? <Narrator> A man in a white robe floats over the gate... * Baine twitches. <Kodah> ?? <Chamolo> Jeyer... <Narrator> He prepares another spell to attack the monsters... * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> The gates suddenly open and tons of knights run out, with Vankarin at the lead! * Vankarin yells, "TAKE NO PRISONERS!" <Chamolo> Incredible... <Baine> Yeah! Go Vankarin! Kick some ass! <Kodah> Vankarin? o_O * Baine blinks and clamps a hand over her mouth :P <Crest> Hmmm, who is he? <Indigo> Vankarin?! He's back? <Chamolo> A knight of * Chamolo decides to leave out the other part for now. * Kodah proceeds to blink a lot <Narrator> The knights slash through the monsters! The evil Indigo panicks and starts summoning against the knights! * Baine removes her hand and watches the battle.. * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> I can sense her......she is summoning! <Chamolo> Perhaps we should help instead of standing around... <Crest> We have to kill Indi's oppisoite! * Crest dashes towards Indigo's oppisite * Evil Indigo summons Death! <Chamolo> Wait!! <Indigo> But only I can kill or even hurt her and...... <Chamolo> Idiot! <Kodah> Look out! o_O <Indigo> WHAT?! * Baine blinks and tackles Crest!! * Indigo takes off towards her. <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> Indigo!! Argh! * Baine sits on Crest's back. :P * Darton blinks * Chamolo tries to tackle Indigo <Narrator> The death spirits flies over the knights, killing more than half of them! * Indigo stops, amazed. <Kodah> O_O * Jeyer turns to the evil Indigo and unleashes another bolt of power.... <Indigo> But Death is not an elemental. <Chamolo> O_o The carnage.. <Kodah> Tell her that ^^;; <Narrator> The light smashes full force into Evil Indigo! * Baine idly gets off of Crest and watches the fight.. * Evil Indigo is unnaffected. * Chamolo hmms. "I guess Indigo is the only one who really can stop her..." * Crest gets up glares moodly at Baine then watches the fight * Evil Indigo summons Pestilence upon the remaining knights! <Indigo> This is impossible, only the elementals of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air can be summoned. <Kodah> There she goes again O_o <Crest> Indigo, there are also dark elements <Narrator> The knights run at Vankarin's order to fall back! * Indigo looks stunned. <Indigo> Dark elements? * Chamolo wows.. * Darton picks up a rock and tosses it at the evil Indigo "Hey! Bitch! Pay attention to us!" * Pestilence creeps over a few knights, rotting their flesh and making them fester... <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> Darton! * Evil Indigo snarls and turns to the Shining Force as a rock hits her upside the head! <Kodah> This does not look promising ^^;; * Baine only glances at the affects of the spell and glares at the evil Indigo <Crest> Oh yay..... now we're gonna get fried * Darton snickers <Chamolo> Darton...if we live through this... <Chamolo> I will kill you -_- <Evil Indigo> Well weeeellll... Look who we have here!! * Darton grins <Kodah> Ulp! * Baine readies AmeShi.. * Evil Indigo grins wickedly and warps over to the Shining Force! <Crest> Only one thing to do guys...... <Crest> run..... <Baine> Run? Like fuck. * Chamolo stares at Evil Indigo defiantely. <Baine> Hey, slut, have fun screwing that pus filled bastard Darksol? <Kodah> Running is good o_O <Baine> Or do you prefer goblins and trolls? <Chamolo> I think she's more of an ork person myself.. * Evil Indigo snickers and casts famine on Baine! <Chamolo> Baine! Lookout! <Crest> Baine, you idiot * Indigo gasps at Baine's audacity. * Darton tosses another rock at the evil Indigo * Baine blinks and attempts to dodge. -_- <Kodah> Help! o_O * Famine leers over Baine and saps her strength! Baine loses 20 attack, 15 defense! <Baine> Nnh.. <Chamolo> O_o Kara!! * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Kara, are you okay? * Chamolo growls. "You'll pay for! * Baine blinks and drops AmeShi.. O_o <Crest> Baine! * Indigo turns to her opposite. <Kodah> Ulp * Chamolo growls, sounding a lot like Baine does in battle. O_o <Indigo> How are you summoning these creatures. As my opposite, you can only summon the elementals of nature, as I can: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. <Baine> ....Cha-...Chamolo..? Damn.....this * Baine sounds really faint...weak. -_- * Chamolo begins to cast a spell....the happy spell of blast ^_^ * Evil Indigo glares at Indigo... "I summon the power of the dark... Famine... Pestilence... Death... And war......" <Kodah> o.o * Evil Indigo summons War on the Shining Force! <Chamolo> O_o Oh no.. * Darton creates a chunk of ice and throws the slushball at Evil Indigo! * Baine narrows her eyes <Kodah> ACK! * Indigo gasps, summoning Neptune in response. * Chamolo tries to cast Blast before the spell hits! * Evil Indigo winces and loses concentration, her spell fails! * Kiwi meeps! * Darton grins <Kodah> Are we dead? * Baine grunts and hefts up AmeShi, unsteadily bringing it to bear.. <Chamolo> No. <Baine> No..... <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of the Water, flood her! <Kodah> o_O * Baine stumbles over to Chamolo's side and stands by him, eyes narrowed.. <Narrator> == Evil Indigo gets hit by a Blast! 18 damage! Gets hit by neptune! 21 damage! * Evil Indigo gathers up her willpower and manages to summon war... A large, dark, flaming chariot flies over the team, gathering an evil mist around them... <Narrator> == War reduces everyone to 1 HP... * Chamolo cries out in pain and falls to his knees. * Indigo falls to her knees. <Indigo> Mitula, help us..... <Kodah> OW!! * Crest falls down to his knees and cries out! <Kiwi> Aaaaaah! * Kiwi collapses. * Crest slowly loses consiousness.... * Kodah wobbles a lot, but remians standing....somehow <Chamolo> I'll h...heal you all...don't...worry... * Baine remains standing, growling...ready to fall but not.. <Baine> Grrr.... * Chamolo stands up and begins to chant a healing spell. * Chamolo shakes unsteadily. <Indigo> Indigo, stop this. You are of me. * Darton snarls and loses all coherency, running and leaping at the source of his pain... Evil Indigo. :P He tries to lay into her with teeth and claws. * Evil Indigo dodges Darton's attack! * Chamolo cries out and casts a healing spell on Indigo! * Darton turns and leaps again, his eyes blood red * Baine grimaces and slips an arm around Chamolo's waist, supporting him... * Indigo smiles, standing up and preparing to summon Apollo. <Narrator> == Indigo regains 18 HP * Kodah thrusts his sword into the ground to support himself <Baine> Hell....we....we can do this.....yeah.. * Chamolo goes into another healing spell, losing conciousness... * Chamolo shakes it off. <Indigo> Indigo, Darkness never wins. The Light always triumph. It is not too late, return to the the service of the Light. <Narrator> Mitula talks to Indigo in her thoughts... ~ Indigo... Now's the time... You must merge back with your evil self..... Summon all four elementals...... ~ <Kodah> This really hurts o_O * Evil Indigo winces at the voice that echoes in her head also.. * Indigo raises her arms, glowing with power. <Baine> N-no shit, Kodah.. <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth...... * Crest loses consiousness.... * Evil Indigo calls upon Famine.. * Indigo glows brown. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of the Water.......... * Indigo glows a bright blue. * Evil Indigo calls upon Death.. <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of the Fire............ * Indigo glows flaming red. * Baine glances at Chamolo and hugs him tightly..."Please work...oh gods.." * Evil Indigo calls upon Pestilence.. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air.............. * Evil Indigo calls upon War..... <Kodah> I don't like the way this is shaping up ^^;; * Chamolo turns to Baine and heals her, but not without passing out in the process...drained of energy. * Baine blinks and feels stronger.. * Indigo glows turquoise, then rainbow with all the powers as all four elementals take physical form. <Narrator> ~ Now, Indigo.... Use the device...... Aim it at your opposites..... ~ * Evil Indigo snarls darkly... * Indigo pulls forth the personality shifter and points it at the evil Indigo, activating it. * Baine keeps Cham's body supported, glaring at evil Indigo. "" <Narrator> The machine bursts into an energy vortex as it's turned on, engulfing all eight elementals and the two indigos! * Darton falls back, knocked unconscious by the sheer power and being too close <Baine> Ehhh?! * Indigo screams. * Baine gets knocked over, landing beside Cham's unconcious body. -_- <Narrator> The vortex swirls all the shapes inside it at a blindingly fast speed! The elementals change forms... They reform... And merge together... While Indigo changes shape... Both forms merging together also... Into a new being... * Crest's flies back * Kodah shields his eyes <Narrator> The light dissipates, the energy lessens... And only one form reappears.... <Kodah> Now there's something you don't see everyday o_o;; * Baine groans softly.. * Chamolo is blissfully unconcious. <Narrator> Indigo stands in front of the party, glowing in a faint white light.... Robe covered with swirls of white and black... The two forms perfectly interleaved.... <Kodah> Um....Indigo? * Kiwi sees that and promptly passes out. ^_^; <Baine> aches and pains have aches and pains.. * Darton is dead to the world, although (perhaps unfortunately for the rest of the shining force) not really. * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Yes Kodah? <Narrator> == Indigo learns a new summoning spell! The elemental of Final judgement... * Crest just lies there <Kodah> Um...are you okay? * Baine sits up, head pounding.. * Indigo blinks as she suddenly has this knowledge of a new spell. * Baine looks at Cham's still form and ruffles through her pouch.. * Mitula appears at Indigo's side... * Indigo blinks and turns to Mitula. * Mitula summons holy powers to heal the Shining Force..... <Baine> Ah! * Kodah almost cries out with releif * Crest slowly awakens * Chamolo wakes up, and rubs his eyes. <Kiwi> ...... meep... * Baine grins down at Chamolo.. <Chamolo> Morning already...? *Yawn* * Darton blinks and wakes up "Huh? What happened?" <Baine> Wakey wakey.. * Crest gets up "Wha-what happened? * Chamolo opens his eyes, and grins. "Hello." * Indigo smiles, feeling renewed. * Kodah squints at the newcomer, "Who's that?" * Mitula turns to Indigo... "You are back as one... None holding any power over the other..." * Erin blinks. * * Darton decides he's quite comfortable lying on the floor and stays down * Baine smiles at Chamolo <Indigo> But....I have never been one Mitula, either one side or the other dominated. * Chamolo hugs Baine. "You scared me, you know. Next time, don't make Evil Indigo angry, okay?" * Indigo looks a bit frightened. <Baine> time, I'll just make sure she doesn't have that blasted spell.. <Indigo> I.....don't know how to live.....without the voices, and the shifting. * Baine raises an eyebrow and returns the hug, grinning.. <Mitula> That has changed... Both extremes are now merged into one powerful force... You, from now on, will decide as one person, what path you want to follow... And your powers will shift accordingly... <Chamolo> ^_^ * Baine idly traces her fingers along Cham's knuckles, watching Mitula and Indigo.. * Kodah looks at Mitula, not recognizing her at all <Indigo> So....if I need the powers of Light I can summon them, but if I need the powers of Darkness I can summon them too? <Mitula> You hold the power of the final judgement with you... Use it wisely... Because when you use it, it will decide what you shall be... Evil, good or fully neutral... <Mitula> At this point, you are free to do whatever you want... But the final judgement will decide which force you shall lean towards... * Crest just stands the and watches intently <Indigo> And when I summon it, I will decide. But what if I need the powers of the elementals before then? * Kodah holds up a hand as if to ask a question ^^;; <Mitula> You may summon your elementals as you have before... But the final judgement will seal which power you want to use and which power you will use for the rest of your human life... * Mitula starts to fade....... * Indigo sighs, trying to make sense. * Mitula speaks in Indigo's mind once again as she fades... ~ You will make the right decision when the time comes, Indigo... I know you will... ~ * Kodah slowly puts his hand down, his question apparently not going to be adressed ^^;; * Indigo nods, hoping so. <Baine> Well then. * Baine hops to her feet and cracks her back.. * Mitula reappears. "What is it, Kodah? Quick! I got a gynocoligist appointment at 3!" <Kodah> o_O <Kodah> Um......who are you? o_o;; * Baine offers her hand to Chamolo, who is still on the ground :P * Mitula blinks at Kodah. "That's it?? I am Mitula... The Goddess Mitula." <Kodah> Oh o_o;; <Chamolo> Hehe. Don't mind him Goddess...he was hit hard in the battle ^^; * Kodah's knees choose that moment to give out and he falls on his ass <Indigo> She's an ancestress of mine too Kodah. ^_^ * Baine mutters something and she yanks Cham to his feet :P * Mitula smirks and dissapears fully.... <Kodah> ^^;; <Baine> You didn't know who Mitula is? <Baine> Eesh.. :P <Kodah> No ^^;; * Chamolo gets up. <Narrator> The battered gates of New Granseal open up and a crowd of people run out to greet the Shining Force... Jeyer, Nalya... Vankarin, Yogurt... Chamolo's father... And the king of Granseal.... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====