Shining Force RPG session 23
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force arrives at Granseal... All the people of their past adventure gathered in one place... * Jeyer pounces and tackles Baine! <Kodah> o_O * Baine blinks and is tackled!! <Baine> Wah? * Chamolo realizes he has some epxplaining to do to his daddy -_- Like how he's not a virgin anymore ^^; <Jeyer> It's about time you showed up! * Baine blinks and looks at Jeyer. "Too much sugar, Ninja boy?" :P <Baine> Sorry...we were delayed ^_^; * Indigo smiles at this and goes to see Vankarin. <Kodah> O_o * Kiwi sighs and goes back to sleep... . o O (Crazy-people-type persons...) * Lara looks into BlackHawk's eyes. "This is going to be our toughest fight yet." * Chamolo decides to get this over with ^^; * Vankarin stays behind with Yogurt as the king and the Arch Bishop advance... <BlackHawk> You're telling me...good luck, Lara. * Chamolo walks up to his old man. ^^; * Darton yawns widely <Indigo> Yogurt! * Chamolo begins to sweat O_o * Indigo runs towards him. * Baine eyes Chamolo :p * Lara turns to the King and the Arch Bishop. BH does the same. <Yogurt> EEP! IT'S THE CRAZY MENTAL NUTCASE! * Yogurt runs! * Darton blinks. "Huh?" * Kodah continues to look like he has no idea what's going on ^^;; * Jeyer gets up and returns to Nalya's side, who is scowling... <Indigo> No, no! That was cured! I'm sane now, and in possession of new powers! * Baine raises an eyebrow and saunters to Nalya. "So you're the skirt that tamed the Ninja, eh? Take care of him.." * Kodah looks critically at Nalya * Nalya blinks and raises an eyebrow at Baine... * Indigo goes to find Yogurt. * Baine grins at Jeyer and then saunters off after Chamolo. * The king greets Lara... * Lara bows to the King. "Majesty, the Shining Force is ready for action." * Jeyer chuckles... Kodah... Relax... <Kodah> I'll try * Chamolo is sweating ^^; <Lara> and allow me to introduce the Prince of Guardiana Kingdom, Michael BlackHawk. <King> Good, Lara... We've been under siege for a week now... Awaiting the Shining Force for the offensive... * Chamolo bows to the king and begins to chicken out O_o;;; * BlackHawk bows to the king. * Baine places a hand on Cham's shoulder. <Chamolo> This is going to be difficult ^^; <Baine> Difficult? ^_- * The king looks at BlackHawk and nods in recognition... <Lara> This is it, Shining Force. I hope you're ready for the fight of our lives. * Darton leans against a wall, bored. * Kodah waits for events to sort themselves out without him, as usual <Baine> Hah, Lara! I was born ready! <Chamolo> I am. * Lara turns to BH. "I want you to stay here and defend Granseal. I'll be fine." * Indigo wanders back from chasing Yogurt. * Baine grins <BlackHawk> Take care of yourself, Lara... <King> Come... We shall tend to your wounds and replenish your supplies... <Indigo> Well, I suppose it is time for my training to pay off. <Chamolo> Maybe I can see my sister before going off into the unknown. <Baine> Sister? Heh.. <Lara> Yes, Majesty. * Baine grins idly and taps her chin, thinking.. * Lara follows the king. BH does the same. * Kodah folows, what else is there to do? <Baine> should introduce me to your 'rents.. * Darton has nothing better to do, so he trots along behind everyone else * Chamolo sighs. ^^; Yeah that'd be a good idea wouldn't it ^^; * The king and everyone else go inside the gates, some people tending to cleaning the battle field... <Kodah> o.o <Baine> Yep, Cham.... *grins and hugs Cham's arm.* * Kodah tugs on Erin's sleeve * Erin's sleeve is tugged upon. * Yes? * Baine is walking....and tugging Chamolo along. ^_^ <Kodah> How am I supposed to act around royalty? o_o <Lara> what a mess....How long has Granseal been under siege? * Indigo walks after them, looking around. * Baine is extremely cheery ^_^ <Baine> Gods...what a beautiful day! <Erin> Mostly just quiet and courteous. ^_^ Never speak unless spoken too... * Chamolo smiles at Baine and hugs her arm. <Kodah> Oh * Kiwi trods along, half-asleep. ;) * Vankarin turns to Lara and says blankly, "8 days..." * Baine grins at Chamolo * Indigo smiles, seeing things sanely for the first time. <Lara> 8 high are the casualties? <Baine> Wonder what your parents will think of me...heheheheh... ^_^; <Vankarin> We lost half our troops... But managed to take out the most powerful monsters... <Chamolo> ^^; Actually, it's just my father. <Baine> Father....and sister... still a tough crowd. ^_- <Chamolo> My real parents died when I was a newborn. <Narrator> The gates are opened and the people walk back in, heading towards the castle... <Indigo> So all that's left is Dark Dragon and Zeon, because my opposite is gone. * Indigo points to her heart. <BlackHawk> Vankarin, if it means anything, I'll stay here and help you defend Granseal while the Shining Force is fighting. <Indigo> In here. <Baine> Mine were squished by a giant horse thing, Cham.. :p <Baine> Uhm....minotaur.. :p <Chamolo> Oh :/ <Baine> Wait...thats a bull and a human.. :p * Vankarin nods to BlackHawk... Thank you for the offer... We'll gladly accept it... * Baine doesn't sound sad....just.....cheery.. O_o <Lara> you're thinking about a centaur, Kara. * Chamolo sounds sad. "Least you knew your parents." * Kodah looks around, uncomfortably, unused to royalty of any sort * Indigo blinks as she remembers..... <Indigo> I...killed my parents. * Kiwi meeps sadly... * Lara holds onto the charm on her pendant. "may it bring us luck." <Baine> Cham... *grins sympathetically* you've got me now....and your foster father and foster sister.... <Narrator> The castle looks desolate... The streets are burned and charred from multiple fire arrows... Structures are destroyed... * Chamolo nods. "I know. ^_^ I'm lucky." * Baine grins and squeezes Cham ^_^ <Lara> such destruction. Granseal is going to need a lot of rebuilding. <Chamolo> ^_^ <BlackHawk> No joke, Lara...and maybe Guardiana can help when this fight's all over. * Kodah looks around glumly at the destruction o_o <Baine> Mmmmhmmm......gods..."all over" sounds nice... * Indigo looks out, thinking of the amounts of raw material needed for rebuilding. <Baine> I just want to settle down... <Baine> Maybe have a family.. * Baine blinks <Chamolo> Maybe it'll happen.. * Chamolo whistles <Baine> That sounds oddly unlike me :p * Lara looks around the once proud city of Granseal. "DarkSol will pay for this..mark my words." * Baine grins and runs a hand through her hair.. * Baine grins. "Sooo....are we there yet? Huh huh huh?" <Indigo> Perhaps the city can be rebuilt with magic and technology. <Lara> maybe, Indigo. I sure hope so. * Baine sing-songs. "Moooooooom.......Chamolo is touching meeeee!" * The king, followed by Jeyer, Nalya and the arch Bishop, enter the halls of the castle and head to the conference room... <Chamolo> O_o <Kodah> o_O <Chamolo> Baine! * Lara follows the king... * BlackHawk follows Lara. * Baine coughs. "I blame the feast at the turtle place....too much sugar?" * The arch Bishop twitches slightly... * Chamolo moans O_o <Kiwi> Meep? Kiwi no have sugar... * Baine whistles innocently :p <Lara> Hmmm? Sir Arch something wrong? * Chamolo sweats O_o * Indigo gives Kiwi a sugar packet. ^_^ * Kodah sweats a bit ^^:; * The arch Bishop shakes his head promptly and walks faster. * Darton drools on the floor like a dog. :P * Kiwi eats it! Kiwi's hyperness gets doubled! Kiwi wakes up! <Chamolo> Oh may Mitula help me.... * Chamolo prays O_o <BlackHawk> Something's up with him. You may want to keep an eye on the Arch bishop. <Lara> OK. <Baine> *whispers to Cham* You make it sound like our relationship is a bad thing, Cham.. ^_- * Indigo thinks. <Chamolo>'s not to me.. * Kiwi bounces around. <Chamolo> But to my father... <Chamolo> Well.... <Indigo> Maybe the power of DarkSol makes him afraid. <Chamolo> Erhm.. * Baine eyes Chamolo ^_- <Kodah> .... <Lara> I think it's more than that, Indi. Just keep your eyes open. <Chamolo> Lara, it's because he disapproves of my girlfriend -_- * Baine coughs :p <Baine> I'm offended. :p * Chamolo hugs Baine. * Kiwi races around in circles around Indigo! * Baine returns the hug and mutters :p * The King sits at the head of the large table... The arch Bishop and Vankarin at his sides... * Darton gets tired while watching Kiwi... too much energy. <Kodah> ^^;; * Indigo just keeps feeding Kiwi sugar cubes and packets. ^_^ <Chamolo> Indigo... <Chamolo> he's gonna explode O_o * Lara sits across from the King. BlackHawk stands behind her. * Baine looks at the King :p * Jeyer and Nalya sit side by side... * Indigo sits down, scattering sugar and then finds a molasses packet. * Baine sits down and notices how comfy this chair is :p * Kodah sits down and tires not to look too unnerved by all this * Chamolo sits down politely. * Chamolo still sweats, though ^^; * Darton sits down on the floor. * The king awaits for the Shining Force to take their places... * Baine raises an eyebrow at Chamolo, sensing his nervousness :p * Kiwi swallows every cube of sugar thrown his way... * Kodah wonders if he's sitting in someone else's chair o_O <Lara> Shining Force, take your positions. <Baine> We have. :p <Baine> . o O (Wonder if it's a male thing... :P) * Kiwi stays still but twitches from hyperness. * Indigo holds out her hands for Kiwi to jump up. * Kiwi jumps in Indy's arms! * The king clears his throat... <Lara> OK..we're ready. <Chamolo> Sorry, your highness. Our comerade Kiwi got a bit too close to some sugar... <Kiwi> As you may have known, since we've come back to New Granseal, the island of Grans has been covered with monsters... <Kodah> ^^;; * Chamolo nods. * The King ignores Kiwi :P * Lara nods.. <Kiwi> ^_^; * Baine listens to the king, her good mood still there but disappearing a bit :p * Darton flops down on the floor and snores. Loudly. <King> We have sent ships up towards the island to appraise their strength... * Baine kicks Darton in the ribs. :p * Lara crosses her hands in front of her face in an Ikari Gendou-esque fashion. * Darton wakes up and bites Baine's leg <Baine> A-*clamps a hand over her mouth and squeaks instead of yelling* * Darton chews <King> We have learned that they have many arch demons... And their army takes up half of the Granseal penninsula... * Baine winces :p <Chamolo> Baine? * Kodah hides his face and mutters, "I'm not here...I'm not here..." * Baine motions to Darton, looking at Chamolo :p <Lara> Then, how are we going to get to Zeon... <Indigo> But that's no problem your majesty. With powers like Chamolo's resting in your archbishop, the archdemons should fall. * Darton abruptly gives up and goes back to sleep. <BlackHawk> You go through the arch demons, Lara. the only way to do it. * Vankarin gets up... "We have found a way to get inside Grans Island with the help of my powers..." * Baine looks at her rather drooly foot :p <Chamolo> Really? * Baine dribbles blood on the floor :p * Indigo pats Kiwi's head. :P <Vankarin> As you know... I'm not who I said I was... I am supposed to lead the Shining Force to Grans tower then the time is right... * Kiwi abruptly stops twiching and gets a sugar low so bad that he snores in Indy's arms. * Chamolo heals Baine's leg under the table and barely kicks Darton in the snout ^^; <Vankarin> Since I can teleport, I can open a gate to the inside of the tower... <Lara> Excellent. * Darton catches Cham boy's leg in his teeth, giving him much the same treatment * Baine suddenly gets mental pictures of Chamolo moving his hand up her thigh...and blushes beet red... :p * Chamolo tries not to yell, instead me meeps O-o <Kodah> ^^;; * Vankarin gets annoyed and fries Darton with a fireball spell * Darton yelps <Kodah> o_O * Darton goes after Vankarin, blood in his eyes <Baine> Egh.. :p * Indigo laughs. <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> ...Sit down, Darton. * The King and the arch bishop stay serious, although seemingly holding back a chuckle... <BlackHawk> you do realize that your leaving will also leave a hole in Granseal's defenses.. <Chamolo> You are making a fool of yourself. * Vankarin casts a paralysis spell on Darton... * Darton falls down <Baine> Good puppy wuppy :p * Indigo shakes her head. * Baine returns to being serious :P * Darton mutters something unintelligible cause he can't move his mouth to articulate... but the tone is certainly clear. <BlackHawk> Majesty of Granseal, I can have knights coming from Guardiana in a matter of hours, with your permission, I would like to offer my kingdom's assistance. * Vankarin looks at BlackHawk... "After the Shining Force is at Grans island, the monsters will not attack again... And we will set sail to Grans island when we believe it is save... <Chamolo> . o O (Did he just say "Go fuck yourself"?) <Narrator> . o O (Nah... More like, "Go fuck a duck.") <Indigo> So now it's time for DarkSol. Since we've grown though, a prophecy that I made in my insanity holds true......we of the Light will triumph over the Darkness. * Indigo looks at them all. * Baine entertains fantasies of Chamolo while attempting to listen :p <Vankarin> We do not need more troops... The biggest part of the army was destroyed outside with the destruction of Evil Indigo... <Kodah> ^^;; <Lara> I believe you're right, Indi. * Vankarin uses telepathy to talk to Baine. ~Behave, Ninja...~ * Baine makes a loud squeak and falls out of her chair! <Baine> Huh?! <Baine> :P <Baine> Oh....uhm...errr... * The King bursts out laughing! <Baine> Sorry. ^_^; <Lara> Then this is it... * Baine sits back in her chair and blushes alot :p * The arch Bishop elbows the king and he silences himself... * Darton twitches slightly on the floor <Kodah> ^^;; * Indigo represses a giggle. <Vankarin> AS I WAS SAYING! * Lara stands up. "Shining Force, ready your gear. We'll move out within the hour, got it?" <Kodah> We will? * Baine blinks :p <Lara> as soon as Vankarin finishes speaking that is. <Vankarin> The spell will be ready to cast after a few slight preperations... For now, rest and replenish your supplies... Take whatever you need... <Kodah> Oh <Lara> excellent... <Baine> Thank you, Vankarin. * Kiwi wakes up, looking groggy... "Meeeeeeep?" * Vankarin nods as the king gets up, nods to the Shining Force and heads to his room... <Kiwi> -_- <BlackHawk> Thanks, Vankarin. Take care of yourself, Lara. <Kodah> what? <Indigo> Okay. <Lara> You do the same, Prince BlackHawk. I'll be fine. I have a good team at my side here. * Jeyer gets up, Nalya blushing as he blows her a small kiss <Lara> We replenish our supplies and get ready to move out. * Baine chuckles <Kodah> Um...okay <Baine> I believe Chamolo wants to talk to his father first, Lara.. * Jeyer turns to the Shining Force... "I'd love to go with you... But I am needed here..." * Baine nods to Jeyer. ^_^ <BlackHawk> I am too. I'll stay behind when you all move out. * Darton continues twitching on the floor, making growly noises * Kiwi wanders away, trying to wake up... * Lara starts out to replenish supplies... * The Arch Bishop walks up to Chamolo, grabs his elbow and whispers in his ear, "I have to talk to you, Chamolo. Come to my quarters... And bring the girl." * Kodah stands up, wondering where the supplies are <Chamolo> Oh ^^; Um...yes Father...ahem. * The arch Bishop walks off to his quarters. * Baine stretches and yawns. ^_^ <Chamolo> Um.. * Kodah wanders around the camp until he finds the supply depot <Chamolo> dad wants to meet you ^^; * Baine raises an eyebrow at Cham * Indigo wanders around the city, then rests. <Baine> Awesome. Think he'll wanna see my scars? * Baine grins <Chamolo> O_o <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Baine> I'm joking! <Narrator> Darksol is sitting on the old throne of Granseal's king... Looking down at Dorak who is giving him a report of the situation... <Dorak> The Shining Force advanced in New Granseal and exterminated our troups... <Darksol> What of the sorceress? <Dorak> Reports say she is nowhere to be seen... She has... Vanished. * Darksol curses. <Dorak> On the bright side, I have learned that Max will use the teleportation spell... We shall be able to ambush them easily if we can pinpoint the spell's destination in the tower... * Darksol grins wickedly... Good... Work at it... Report to me as soon as you have an answer! <Dorak> Yes, master. * Dorak teleports out... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Chamolo and Baine head to the Arch Bishop's quarters to answer the summons... * Chamolo sweats O_o; <Chamolo> Here goes nothing. * Baine doesn't look nervous....and has her mask off. :p * Baine squeezes Cham's shoulder gently and knocks on the door * Chamolo knocks <Chamolo> Ah-! ^^: <Baine> Shhh. Calm down, Cham.. :) * The Arch Bishop's voice comes from behind the door saying, "Enter." * Chamolo opens the door. * Baine follows Cham into the room... <Chamolo> You called for me? <Bishop> Yes... Come in, Chamolo. * Chamolo comes in, looking nervous. * Baine waits by Cham's side, smiling softly. * The Bishop doesn't look at them come in and continues to scribe a scroll... <Bishop> I've heard you were denied your priesthood, Chamolo... I was sent report of it before the siege. <Chamolo> Oh...but it was a case of mistaken identity, father. * Chamolo explains the whole situation as best as he can ^^; * Baine is silent, waiting till she's spoken to or referred to. * The Bishop turns to Chamolo and listens to his story... <Bishop> Ah... As I thought. * Chamolo smiles. <Bishop> And it was at this time that you decided to pursue a romantic affair with this woman? * Baine blinks. <Chamolo> Um...well... <Chamolo> Yes. I won't lie to you. It just happened. <Chamolo> But I don't regret what I have done. I love her. <Chamolo> If it means never getting back in the church, I accept this. * Baine blushes lightly and smiles a bit more. * The Bishop looks at Chamolo, not knowing what to say. <Chamolo> I hope you can understand how I feel.. * Chamolo coughs nervously. <Bishop> Well now... I guess that I can't change your mind on the matter. * The Bishop turns to Baine... <Bishop> Baine... Do you really love Chamolo also? * Baine nods. "I love Chamolo. Of that there is no doubt." * Chamolo smiles and blushes. ^^; * Baine sounds very intelligent and truthful for once. ^_^ * The Bishop sighs... "All I ask of you is this: Come back alive... Both of you." <Chamolo> We will. * Baine nods and smiles. <Bishop> I too, have experienced love once before I joined priesthood... I couldn't bear to... Lose her. * The Bishop shakes his head to dismiss the thoughts. <Bishop> That is all. You may leave. * Baine blinks. "Thank you, sir." <Chamolo> Thank you, father. * Chamolo quietly leaves the room. * Baine follows Chamolo.. * The Bishop nods to Chamolo and Baine and returns to scribing. * Chamolo phews. * Baine grins at Chamolo. "That wasn't so bad." <Chamolo> wasn't. * Chamolo smiles and kisses her ^_^ * Baine kisses back. ^_^ <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Jeyer and Nalya walk to meet Vankarin, seeing how his preperations for the spells are going... <Jeyer> Vankarin? Will you really be able to cast the spell yourself? * Vankarin continues to carve runes in preperation, not turning to address him... "I will be able to do it.... But with cost." * Jeyer shakes his head... "I thought so. Nalya and I can help you channel the energy, you know.." * Vankarin utters a cold response, "No." * Jeyer blinks, "Why not?? Why shouldn't we help you?!" * Nalya frowns, pulling Jeyer back.. "I know why, Jeyer.." * Jeyer blinks and stares into Nalya's eyes, as though showing him her thoughts.. * Jeyer winces and turns to Vankarin.. "I... I'm sorry.." * Vankarin snickers, "I shall be better off after this, Jeyer. Do not worry for me." * Jeyer nods slowly and Nalya pulls him away to let Vankarin finish his work.. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force is summoned to the castle, as the spell is ready to cast... * Lara answers the summons. * Kodah trips on a floor rug o_O * Indigo walks in, rested and refreshed. * Baine blinks. "That was rather sudden." and seperates herself from Chamolo :p * Darton is still twitching on the floor. :p * Chamolo answers the summons. * Kodah scrambles to untangle himself from the rug without looking like a fool ^^;; * BlackHawk stands back in the shadows, watching as Lara prepares to leave for the coming battle. * Kodah gets loose from the floor rug and tries to regain his composure ^^;; * Baine wonders why she was summoned and then remembers, :p <Narrator> The Shining Force is led to the casting chamber where Vankarin is making the final preperations... * Indigo quickly copies down the runes she sees in her spellbook. * Vankarin finishes the preperations and exits the rune circle... * Baine waits, eyes narrowed and mask up. ^_^ * Kodah looks at the circle <Vankarin> I'll teleport you right inside the gates of the tower... You'll have to fight your way up the tower... <Chamolo> We understand. * Darton stumbles in late and somewhat charred <Kodah> We will? * Baine nods. <Lara> I understand. * Kiwi blinks. * BlackHawk watches. * Indigo nods and finishes copying the runes and spell down. * Vankarin nods and starts gathering energy... <Baine> No one said this would be a pleasure cruise.. <Kodah> ^^;; * Baine draws AmeShi and waits... * Chamolo pulls out his staff. * Lara draws the force sword from it's new sheath. * Kodah notices people going for thier weapons and fumbles for his sword * Indigo pulls her staff forth and holds the powers of all eight elementals at the ready. <Narrator> The energy seeps through Vankarin and glides across the runes, activating them one by one... <Darton> oooh... pretty lights... <Baine> Hey...did I mention it was nice knowing you all? :p * Lara stands ready for teleport. * Chamolo waits. <Narrator> An opaque field of light appears over the runes and interconnects, starting to flow in a circular motion... <Kodah> o_O * Indigo looks at the light, her own rainbow light glowing around her. * Vankarin walks to the center of the runes... * Kodah holds the Star Sword at the ready <Narrator> The energy spins around faster and faster... Slowly coming to its climax... <Narrator> the light forms a large cylindral shape around Vankarin and bursts on him! <Narrator> Only the portal remains... <Kodah> o_O <Lara> let's go... * Lara steps through the portal. * Jeyer and Nalya walk in, watching the Shining Force depart... <Darton> . o O ( Stupid guy shouldn't have wasted his energy on me... ) * Jeyer says, "Good luck..." In a low tone... * Darton hops through * BlackHawk is standing in the shadows, watching the Shining Force Depart. * Kodah turns and waves to Nalya, before going into the portal * Baine mutters a warrior's prayer for Vankarin and then steps through the portal...."Jeyer! You owe me a poker ga--.. *ploit* * Kiwi scuttles through... * The Arch Bishop walks in as Chamolo is about to enter... * Indigo steps through, her staff before her. * Chamolo is about to walk in. * The Bishop looks at Chamolo... "Good luck, my son..." <Chamolo> Thank you father. I'll make you proud of me... <Bishop> May Mitula be with you always. * Chamolo smiles. * Chamolo waves good bye to his father and steps inside the portal. * The Bishop nods and looks at his son depart... <Narrator> The portal makes the Shining force appear in a small room, completely sealed but for one exit and extremely hot... * Indigo wipes her forehead. <Kodah> Urk o_O <Baine> about your warm receptions.. * Chamolo whews. "Warm." * Lara ties her headband back around her forehead. <Narrator> As Chamolo steps through the portal, the final energy dissipates and the portal wavers out of existance. <Kiwi> Toasty warm... * Baine keeps AmeShi drawn, looking around. <Kodah> No going home I suppose o_o;; <Baine> To the exit, people? * Darton yawns, unbothered cause he has cold magic and fixed it so he's not hot <Indigo> Yes I suppose. We've come this far, I suppose our only threat now is DarkSol as any others are gone. <Lara> yeah... * Baine heads for the exit.. * Indigo heads towards the door. * Chamolo follows Baine, wiping his brow * Kodah follows the group, looking around warily * Lara follows Baine....keeping her senses honed. * Darton follows everyone else :P <Indigo> I wonder if the coward will dare face all of us. * Kiwi follows Darton. =p <Narrator> The small room opens up to a crystal filled room... The floors are covered in crystal plates and laval bubbles and boils at the bottom of the pit! * Baine blinks <Kodah> o_O <Chamolo> No wonder it's so hot.. <Baine> Lovely. <Lara> Hmmm... <Baine> Careful.. <Kodah> I don't like this ^^:; * Indigo walks along the crystal. * Darton steps out onto the crystal plates, making his way across * Kiwi spits into the lava to see how sizzling it is... * Lara makes her way across. * Baine stealthly makes her way across.. <Narrator> The air is thick and dry, the oxygen being quite thin... * Baine pants.. "Ugh....this sucks..." * Chamolo makes his way across, gasping for air. * Kodah watches, not moving across just yet o_o;; * Indigo coughs. <Lara> tell me about it, Kara. <Narrator> Some of the plates fall as the team passes by! <Baine> Erk! <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> Keep moving... <Lara> Yipes..make a run for it. * Chamolo runs! O_o * Lara picks up her pace. * Indigo gulps and keeps going. * Kodah walks carefully after the others ^^;; * Darton doesn't seem in a hurry * Baine walks a bit faster, keeping an eye on Kodah :p <Narrator> The plates seem to be getting slippery... * Indigo would summon Neptune, but is afraid to stop. <Baine> Keep * Chamolo barely keeps his footing <Kodah> I really don't like this ^^;; * Baine pants, and tries to see clearly. <Lara> Youch! <Baine> <Narrator> The plate just behind Baine falls! <Baine> Eh?! <Chamolo> Keep running! * Kodah walks very carefully along the tiles ^^;; * Baine blinks and stumbles a bit O_o * Kiwi meeps panickedly and runs as quick as he can! <Baine> Aaaa-.....shit O_o <Kodah> Ak! * Lara runs at her top speed. * Indigo takes off. <Chamolo> Baine! Keep running! Don't stop! * Baine steadies herself and runs ^_^; * Kodah runs for the other side....if there is one ^^;; * Darton yawns and walks unhurried <Narrator> The other exit is close at hand! * Lara runs for the exit. <Narrator> The plate Darton is on at the moment breaks and falls off! * Indigo charges for the door, then gasps. * Darton hops lightly off and to the next, then continues walking * Baine pants really hard.... "Daaaamnit..." * Indigo stops. * Chamolo is running out of air, getting light headed. * Indigo keeps running. * Crest slips and almost falls, but regains his balance and continues to run! <Baine> This....the heat....head hurts.. <Narrator> Baine reaches the exit unscathed! <Narrator> Lara arrives soon after... * Baine collapses at the exit, panting :p * Lara skids to a halt. * Kiwi runs into Lara... <Kiwi> Phew... <Narrator> Chamolo arrives safely! <Baine> Heh....heh... * Chamolo falls to his knees and pants. <Narrator> Kiwi and Darton make it to the other side... <Baine> 'bout time....priest boy... <Chamolo> Oh...that...wasns' * Baine slowly regains her composure and stands, eyeing Kodah's running form. :p <Lara> it wasn't supposed to be. We're fighting for the entire world here, Chamolo. * Crest slips again and lacthes himself onto a plate, holding on for dear life! * Darton seems calm and serene for a change as he steps onto solid ground <Chamolo> Crest! <Baine> Crest! Climb up!! * Indigo runs back for him. * Lara runs over and tries to haul crest to the surface. <Baine> Indigo! Lara! Argh. :p * Indigo thrusts her staff at him. <Indigo> Grab on! Neptune, elemental of water, cool the lava! <Narrator> The plate holding Lara and Crest up starts to crack! <Kodah> o_O * Baine looks tense, ready to leap out and grab someone. <Lara> O_o * Darton looks on, almost bored * Chamolo watches. * Lara tries her best to bring Crest back to the land. <Lara> fuck it.... * Crest is pulled up onto it and runs quickly, not even thanking Lara! * Lara jumps back to her position with the shining force. <Narrator> The plate breaks as the two leave it... * Kodah hurries to the other side ^^;; <Baine> Gods....Crest has the footing of a drunk 1 year old.. :p <Narrator> Everyone arrived safely to the other side... * Chamolo laughs! * Indigo takes a few deep breaths. <Lara> heheheheh... <Kodah> Whew! o_o;; * Crest looks at Baine, panting.. "Maybe I am...." * Baine raises an eyebrow. <Baine> Lets go, guys. <Lara> OK * Baine heads off through the exit * Lara heads through the exit. * Kodah stops to catch his breath * Indigo goes through the exit. * Darton steps lightly along <Indigo> Be careful Crest. <Narrator> The walls of the exit are covered in soot and is very narrow... * Kodah follows the team after a moment * Baine raises an eyebrow..."Soot..?" * Chamolo curses cuz he just washed this shirt! <Baine> Thats kinda odd... <Kodah> o_O <Narrator> The path is so narrow, the team can only pass through one by one... <Kodah> How nice o_O <Lara> great.. <Chamolo> Lara, you go first, then I'll follow you! * Lara goes through.... * Darton steps to the front and starts through * Chamolo follows after Darton and Lara. * Kodah trails after the force, not liking this place one bit ^^;; * Baine heads forward uncertainly.. <Lara> you're not the only one that doesn't like this joint, Kodah. <Narrator> The trail opens up, giving the team more breathing room... * Chamolo coughs, getting soot in his throat. <Kodah> O_o <Baine> Good...hmm.. * Darton continues along without a word * Kiwi looks like a black waddling half-shell with a helm. =) * Indigo does not like this tunnel. <Baine> Why is it covered in soot, though? Hmm.. <Narrator> A large flight of steps is ahead... It seems to lead to an upper level... * Lara heads up the stairs. * Baine glances at the group and heads up the stairs * Chamolo follows Lara quickly. * Indigo goes up the stairs. <Kiwi> Kiwi think some fire-breathing-whatcha-ma-callit was here and burned everything... * Darton is actually in the lead for a change :P <Baine> dragon? :p <Kodah> o_o;; <Lara> maybe.. <Lara> dark dragon that is. <Narrator> As the team walks up the stairs, a large room filled with treasure opens up... <Kodah> O_O <Lara> O_o * Baine raises both eyebrows. * Darton passes it by * Kiwi sighs. "Dragon." * Chamolo hmms. <Baine> This has GOT to be a trap. <Narrator> Swords encrusted with jewels lie about... <Lara> you're right... <Chamolo> No kidding.. <Kodah> Now I really don't like this ^^;; <Narrator> Millions and millions of gold coins... * Lara passes by all the treasures without thinking twice. <Chamolo> Tempting, but no. * Chamolo walks on. * Indigo shakes her head. * Baine hesitates, looking :p <Indigo> Afterwards, if there's time. <Narrator> gems of every color glitter around the room... <Lara> and if this tower's still standing. <Baine> Mmm.....nice...pretty.. O_o <Baine> << :p >> * Chamolo pulls Baine along ^^; * Kiwi shuts his eyes tight and tries to ignore... <Kodah> Baine... ^^;; * Baine blinks and is pulled along * Indigo walks on. <Baine> Hey :p <Narrator> A HUGE red rock blocks the path up ahead... <Chamolo> Later ^^ <Chamolo> ...erhm. <Kodah> O_o <Lara> Hmmmm.... <Kodah> Now what? <Baine> red rock, eh? * Darton blinks ice blue eyes and touches it <Baine> Oh well. Lets go see that treasure. :p * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> I'll summon Dao to move it. <Lara> Baine, stay where you are... <Narrator> The rock feels slimy... <Baine> Yes mom :p * Chamolo keeps Baine at bay ^_^ * Darton pushes at it <Lara> Hmmmmm. * Lara thinks to herself... * Baine grins at Cham and kisses his hand before studying the rock.. <Chamolo> ^_^ <Narrator> A large tail flies by and swats Darton into a pile of gold! <Kodah> O_o <Baine> Dragon! * Darton yelps * Indigo closes her eyes to summon Dao, then gasps. <Kiwi> MEEEP! <Chamolo> Dark Dragon! O_o <Lara> It's a dragon alright. <Indigo> What? * Lara holds her force sword at the ready. <Indigo> Oh, another overgrown lizard. <Baine> That's what caused the soot! And in the olden days, dragons kept treasure! <Kodah> Yipe! * Indigo prepares her elementals. * Darton gets up, shakes his head and stares slightly blankly <Narrator> The floor and walls shake as the dragon turns around to look at the Shining Force... <Baine> Uhm. Hi. Wanna buy some fruit? <Baine> :p <Kodah> Hamina, hamina, hamina.... <Narrator> The Dragon has a twisted, but familiar face... <Darton> You again? * Baine raises an eyebrow. * Chamolo blinks. <Indigo> Didn't we kill you....twice? <Kodah> o_O <Narrator> The dragon looks down and fires a large fireball at the team! <Baine> Agh! <Chamolo> No! O_o * Baine leaps out of the way! * Lara jumps out of the way. * Darton dives to the side * Chamolo tries to jump out of the way! <Kodah> Yow! o_O * Kodah scrambles out of the way! o_O <Narrator> The Shining Force dodge the fireball! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Baine> Now THAT wasn't very friendly, Mister Dragon. * Lara surrounds the Force Sword in lightning... <Narrator> ===== Ancient wyrm: FlameStrike!? ===== * Kodah readies his sword while regaining his footing o_O <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Baine grins and readies AmeShi.. <Baine> Time to par-tay. <Narrator> == Erin fires the Nazca cannon at the ancient wyrm * Chamolo chants.... <Lara> a'ight, Lizard...time to get fried. <Narrator> == The nazca cannon's energy beam charrs the scales of the dragon, hurting him! 32 damage! <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine leaps at where the nazca cannon charred the dragon and thrusts into the damaged scales with the dark flaming blade of AmeShi, laughing! <Narrator> == Baine attacks the Ancient wyrm. <Narrator> == The Ancient wyrm's scales protect him from the blade just barely, but still causes him pain! 24 damage! <Baine> Pah! * Baine sneezes :p <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Chamolo> Bless you. ^_^ * Lara rushes at Ancient-Wyrm, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Ancient- Wyrm several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Ancient-Wyrm. <Narrator> == Lara uses a spell/sword combo on the Ancient wyrm... <Narrator> == The Dragon receives MASSIVE damage from the lightning attack and sword blow! 61 damage! <Baine> Theres an idea... *grins widely and starts chanting...* <Narrator> == Kodah and Darton can attack! * Darton counters the rude fireball with a freeze spell as glittering icicles form and hail down upon Flamestrike. <Narrator> == Kodah attacks the ancient wyrm while Darton uses Freeze 2... <Lara> I'll have to do that one again. * Darton's odd calm seems to be lasting despite the tail hit * Kodah dashes at the wyrm and leaps high into the air, performing a Ryuuenjin, a Hyoretsuzan, and a Raijingeki in rapid sucession, "Fallen Phoenix Crush Rakuhouha!" <Narrator> == The Star sword glides through the scales like a hot knife through butter, while Darton's freeze pierces through the wounds! 78 damage, critical and 24 damage! * Kodah leaps away from the wyrm, rather shocked at the intensity of his attack o_O <Narrator> == The ancient wyrm prepares an attack! * Chamolo gulps O_o * Baine brings AmeShi up to block.. <Kodah> Yike! <Lara> Kara, Kodah, let's all three use our magic sword strikes. Baine, combine Raijin and Ameshi. * Baine grins at Lara. <Baine> That was my plan. * Lara brings the Force Sword up to attempt to block. <Kodah> If we survive this ^^;; <Narrator> == The ancient wyrm spits another fireball at the party! <Lara> Kodah, use that same strike. <Baine> Erk ^_^; <Kiwi> Meeeeep! * Lara tries to jump out of hte way again. * Chamolo grahs and tries to leap out of the way! * Indigo jumps aside. * Darton brings up a barrier of immense cold in front of him * Baine tries to leap but stumbles and falls ^_^; * Kodah brings his sword up to block the fire <Baine> ...this is going to hurt, methinks... * Kiwi hides in his shell! <Narrator> == The fireball hits Baine fully, the rest of the damage dispersed through the team from the explosion! 21 damage on Baine, 11 damage on the rest, Darton is unaffected <Baine> nnh... <Lara> Ouchers..that hurt. <Kodah> Ow! <Lara> Chamolo, heal Kara. * Chamolo mmakes a little noise of pain :/ <Chamolo> Yes. Of course. * Kiwi aughs! * Baine coughs up some blood O_o <Indigo> Ouch! * Kodah tries to beat out the flames on his person * Darton stands calmly, staring only at the wyrm <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! <Baine> Ugh.....t-talk about bad times to stumble.. * Indigo closes her eyes and summons Pestilence, elemental of disease, to lay low the dragon. * Baine slowly picks herself up off the ground and glares at the wyrm... " I'm pissed off." <Narrator> == Indigo summons pestilence... * Lara wishes Indigo would summon "Death" instead of pestilence. * Chamolo continues chanting softly. * Baine closes her eyes and holds AmeShi in front of her, the flames crackling angrily.....she concentrates.. <Indigo> <<Next turn Lara. :D >> <Narrator> == The pestilence elemental swirls around the dragon... It slowly comes to a stop, the dragon starting to rot slowly... Defense down by 30, poisonned! <Lara> Kara, Kodah, remember our strategies... * Kiwi hops around, wanting to blast the dragon! <Kodah> Right * Baine nods to Lara, blood trickling down her chin. <Lara> let's hit this son of a bitch with everything we've got. <Narrator> == Kiwi can attack! * Kiwi tosses his helm at the dragon as hard as he can, thinking about lightning! <Narrator> == Kiwi attacks the wyrm. * Lara surrounds her blade in lightning one more time... <Narrator> == The helmet starts to glow faintly, hitting the dragon full force in the head! 64 damage! Critical! Dragon is confused! * Baine continues to hear the rumble of thunder in the distance... <Kodah> o_O <Kiwi> O_O <Lara> Kodah, just use that same attack you used last time... <Kiwi> ... ah... meep? <Kodah> I'll try ^^;; <Baine> ......if Ch-....Chamolo doesn't heal me....I'm gonna die...heh heh... <Narrator> == Chamolo can attack! <Baine> This'll hurt.. * Chamolo finishes his spell, casting heal on Baine! <Narrator> == Chamolo casts heal on Baine... <Narrator> == Chamolo's abilities seem to be enhanced... The spell affects not only Baine, but the whole party! * Baine grins idly, strength flowing through her. "But luckily for me...I've got a handsome and kind guy...heh...thanks, Cham....neat trick.." <Narrator> == Everyone gains 12 HP, Chamolo learns Aura! <Kodah> o_O <Kodah> Dang! <Kiwi> Meep. ^_^ * Chamolo blinks O_o <Lara> Wicked cool, Chammy. * Indigo smiles. ^_^ <Kodah> Nice work Chammy :D <Chamolo> Th--thanks! * Baine loses the grin and concentrates more...the thunder rumbles louder... <Narrator> == the dragon takes 12 poison damage! <Narrator> == Erin skips her turn, seemingly out of it. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine grins and does a foward flip, landing crouched before the dragon. Hoisting her blade into the air, she cries out! <Baine> ¤Raijin!!! Grant me your fury!! * Baine grins as lightning pounds into her body and flows through AmeShi. She slashes an X into the Wyrm. * Baine leaps back and stumbles a bit. <Narrator> == Baine uses a raijin/sword combo... <Narrator> == The sword and lightning hit the dragon's head full force, splitting his skull in and ! 82 damage! Dispatched! Baine takes 4 damage! <Baine> Hah! Ow. :p <Kiwi> O_O <Kodah> Um...yeah <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Kiwi cheers and does a victory dance! * Chamolo smiles! <Lara> Cool moves, guys. We are Just too...SWEET! * Baine chuckles and twirls AmeShi.. * Darton steps over the body, on the way to the next room without another word or thought seemingly <Narrator> == 0 XP <Kodah> Um....hehe ^^;; * Indigo thrusts her staff up. <Narrator> As the dragon dies, it fades to nothingness... A soft, cleansing energy flows around the Shining Force, healing everyone fully... * Kiwi sighs happily. <Baine> Ohhhhh....this is nice. ^_^ <Kodah> o_O <Lara> Wicked... <Kodah> What's this? * Chamolo smiles wider <Indigo> Ah. :D <Lara> don't look a gift horse in the mouth. <Baine> Wow...this is like the warm glow you get after having sex for 3 hours.. <Baine> Err... :p <Kodah> O_o <Chamolo> Baine O_o <Chamolo> Not in front of our riends-fay... * Baine grins at Cham and winks, heading to the next room... :p * Chamolo follows Baine. * Lara heads follows Kara... * Kodah follows the group * Lara follows Kara. <Narrator> The path up ahead leads to an open balcony... <Baine> Hmm? <Kodah> ? * Indigo follows the path. <Lara> interesting. * Kiwi follow-follows... <Baine> A freaking balcony? Lovely..are we gonna have to scale up the walls? <Lara> or jump down. * Darton blinks and looks around <Kodah> o_o;; * Chamolo whoas. <Baine> That too.. * Lara looks over the edge. <Narrator> spiral stairs roll around the tower, leading to an upper level... No ramp to hold the team... * Indigo looks over the edge too. * Darton starts up the stairs * Baine blinks.. * Chamolo follows Darton. * Baine follows after Chamolo... * Lara follows the group, keeping her senses honed. * Indigo follows. * Kodah warily climbs the stairs * Kiwi follows... <Baine> Worst that can happen is the stairs will break and we'll plummet to our deaths. <Kodah> o_O;; <Chamolo> That'd be pretty pathetic. <Baine> Yeah. Like a cheesy video game. * Indigo gulps and keeps the spell to summon Atlas close to her lips. <Narrator> The team climbs the stairs without mishaps... <Narrator> Large double doors engraved with odd runes lie in front of the team... <Baine> What, Darksol can't afford elevators? :p * Indigo looks at the runes. <Chamolo> ...I have a feeling this is it... * Baine blinks and goes to the doors, pushing on them gently. :p <Lara> Hmmm...want to just bust in there and kick his ass? <Kodah> ^^;; <Indigo> Most interesting................. <Chamolo> Isn't that the plan, Lara? ^_^ <Lara> true... <Narrator> The doors are hard to push... <Indigo> But if we do, he'll be alerted and attack. * Baine applies more pressure....trying to open the door.. :p <Baine> Maybe it's one of those pull ones? :p * Lara assists Baine in pushing. <Indigo> If the runes can be dechipered...... * Darton blinks and looks <Narrator> The door slightly opens, but the weight of it is too great... <Baine> Ugh...maybe we all need to push? * Indigo tries to decipher the runes. * Chamolo pushes with Baine * Darton tries to inch through the opening * Lara pushes the doors. <Narrator> The runes only determine the name of the hall... The great demon's hall... <Kodah> ^^;; * Indigo sighs and pushes. <Baine> Kodah! Help us push, you muscle bound sexy haired m0f0 :p * Chamolo looks jealous O_o <Kodah> o_O * Indigo is very feeble. :P * Kodah goes to push ^^;; * Baine looks at Cham. "Don't worry. You're way sexier than him. Trust me." ^_- * Baine grins and pushes with all her might. * Chamolo smiles. ^_^ * Darton snarls and shoves the door open <Narrator> With applied pressure, the doors open up.... <Kodah> Sheesh ^^;; * Baine grins in triumph. <Narrator> The large hall the shining Force visited in the other world lies in front of them... <Narrator> Only more twisted and evil... * Lara walks on through. * Darton walks inside * Kiwi gulps. <Kodah> o_o * Baine blinks and narrows her eyes, snarling a bit. <Chamolo> Here we go... * Indigo eeps. <Narrator> The walls are covered with seemingly tormented souls, some carved, some trapped in the stone... * Baine draws AmeShi and steps forward... <Kodah> ^^;; <Narrator> The ground is black as night... ruined stone pillars lie around.... <Baine> Nice. Wonder who does his walls. Hope he's cheap. * Darton ignores it all as he continues forward <Lara> about one sick puppy. <Chamolo> My god... * Darton takes no notice of the oblique insult * Baine's voice is oddly distant and she heads forward.. <Kodah> This place gives me the creeps ^^;; <Indigo> By Mitula this is horrible! <Lara> It's worse than horrible, Indi. <Narrator> Darksol stands in front of a large dark portal... He looks as the Shining Force approaches him... * Kiwi growls. * Baine narrows her eyes more.. <Chamolo> Whatever you're planning, Darksol...stop it now... <Kodah> Ulp o_o;; <Darksol> Stop? Of course... I'll stop for you... Right away! * Lara 's eyes narrow to mere slits... <Chamolo> Huh? * Darksol sends more power through the portal mockingly... <Chamolo> O_o No! * Darton stops about ten feet away and takes a battle-ready stance * Baine growls and starts towards Darksol.. <Lara> I think he was being sarcastic. <Indigo> DarkSol, you must stop. It is the command of the Powers of Light! <Kodah> ^^;; * Lara readies her sword... * Darksol looks at Baine come towards him uninterested... <Lara> we'll have to kick his ass, Indi. He won't listen to talking. <Narrator> The portal pulsates and grows as Darksol sends more energy through it <Kodah> What's he doing? ^^:; <Lara> Opening the way for Zeon to return... * Baine gets closer and closer to Darksol, raising AmeShi... <Lara> We have to stop him now... <Kodah> Oh o_o;; * Darksol yawns mockingly as he sends more energy through the gate... <Baine> Grr... * Darton rushes at Darksol suddenly, claws sheathed in razor edged ice as he makes a single slash at Darksol's throat * Chamolo starts toward Darksol, growling. * Baine leaps at Darksol and attempts to cleave his head off! * Darksol summons a sword of darkness in one fluid movement... <Kodah> O_o <Chamolo> Baine! Lookout! <Lara> KARA! * Darksol swings the sword easily and deflects Darton's attack, turning and blasting Baine away with a large pulse of dark matter! <Kodah> O_O * Indigo gasps. <Chamolo> Kara!! <Kodah> Not good! <Indigo> By the Elementals! * Baine blinks and goes flying into the wall with a sickening crack! <Kiwi> Meeeeeeep! * Chamolo rushes over and heals her quickly. ^_^ * Darton rushes again as Darksol shifts his attention elsewhere * Darksol turns around to see Darton charging at him! <Lara> that's it. Darton's flipped. * Indigo thinks and glows with her power, glowing silver-blue and firing the beam into the portal to screw up the energies. <Narrator> The energy reflects off the portal and dissipates... * Darton smashes into him with a tackle and claws at him again <Kodah> o_O * Baine groans. * Darksol cannot block the attack and is slashed at! * Chamolo pulls Baine up. <Baine> <Chamolo> Now! Attack him now! <Lara> OK.. * Indigo raises her staff. * Chamolo rushes at Darksol and tries to club him with his staff! * Kodah raises his sword and charges at Darksol! * Lara rushes at darksol and slashes him with her force sword. * Darksol changes his body to a large energy pulse and blows Darton off! <Indigo> I summon Death, elemental of death! * Baine leaps at Darksol and attempts to channel ¤Raijin into him O_o * Darton yelps as he flies backwards into the other wall with a sickening crack * Darksol receives damage from all targets... Then, a large bolt of power crashes through him as the Raijin fries him to a crisp! * Kiwi stands on his guard, not daring to attack... <Chamolo> Take that! * Darksol's body slumps to the floor with a sickening thud... <Kodah> Yah! <Chamolo> YES!! <Lara> that was too easy...he's playing possum. * Chamolo twirls his staff in the air. * Baine lands crouched, eyeing the body.. * Kodah looks at Darksol's corpse * Baine nudges it with her foot.. <Indigo> You think so? * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> A field of dark energy flows out of Darksol slowly... * Lara holds her sword at the ready. <Kodah> Did that bastard really die? <Lara> what'd I tell you? <Chamolo> Either that or Zeon's about to show himself. <Indigo> But Rayjin....and Death...... * Darton lies on the floor drooling blood, unconscious * Baine blinks... <Baine> Cham...? Heal Darton.. * Darksol cackles evilly! "You have fallen right into my trap, fools!! <Kodah> O_o;; <Chamolo> What? O_o...oh man. I hate it when you're all right! <Narrator> The energy channels through the gem of Zeon, sending a large pulse through the portal! <Indigo> Oh dear. <Lara> Oh shit.. * Baine blinks again and growls, snatching AmeShi up and bringing it to bear.. <Kodah> Not good o_o;; * Chamolo grits his teeth. <Baine> it. * Chamolo rushes do Darton and heals him as quickly as he can. * Chamolo then rushes back. ^_^ <Narrator> The portal expands... It grows and sickening, ear popping sounds exit from it! <Chamolo> Argh! <Kodah> Eeg! * Chamolo covers his ears. * Baine winces but keeps her stance.. <Indigo> Eeeeep! <Lara> Now THERE'S a major assault on the senses. * Darton groans and stirs off to the side * Indigo covers her ears but keeps her staff. * Lara tries to mentally shut out the noise. * Darton slowly gets up and stretches himself, ignoring the sounds <Narrator> A large, wild head peaks out of the portal... Then two large, muscled arms exit... They slowly pull out... Zeon half exits the portal! <Kodah> Yipe o.o * Chamolo growls, ready for the fight! <Lara> We'll have to push him back in...HIT HIM WITH ALL YOU GOT! * Chamolo casts blast! * Baine stares and backs up a bit...being a bit too close for her liking... * Kiwi throws his helm! * Kodah readies his sword once more <Narrator> The floor becomes dark black... The Shining Force seems to be floating in a pit of nothingness! <Kodah> Err.... * Darton looks around, blinking <Lara> This is it, folks..time to go for broke.... * Baine blinks and lets out a strangled noise. <Baine> That....was....kinda....odd... <Kodah> I don't like this ^^;; * Baine growls and kisses the blade of AmeShi... * Darton blows Zeon backwards with another hail of icicles aimed at his eyes <Narrator> Zeon laughs evilly, his wild and twisted hair flowing from his skull... As if his hair had a life ot its own... * Baine eyes Zeon..... <Kodah> o.o * Indigo holds her staff, glowing with all the elemental's power. <Narrator> All attacks pounding Zeon seem to be nullified... * Baine glares at Zeon... * Lara surrounds her blade in massive botls of holy lightning....readying for a massive strike. * Zeon laughs evilly! Fools! You cannot hurt me with your measly attacks! <Lara> THEN EAT THIS! * Kodah ulps, not liking the looks of this * Lara rushes at Zeon, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Zeon several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Zeon. <Narrator> == Zeon winces at the power of the Force sword pounding him! 24 damage! The black aura surrounding the team breaks! <Kodah> ? <Chamolo> Yes! <Lara> Now go for it! <Kiwi> Yay! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Kodah> Die! <Chamolo> For our world! ^^ <Narrator> ===== Lord of Darkness: Zeon ===== * Baine narrows her eyes.... <Lara> HIT HIM WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT! <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Narrator> == Erin fires a pulse from the Nazca cannon at Zeon! * Lara surrounds the blade of the force sword with massive bolts of holy lightning as she readies to strike again. <Narrator> == Zeon feels the holy energy slam into him HARD... 32 damage! <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Narrator> == Baine casts Raijin on Zeon! * Baine casts ¤ Raijin on Zeon! Lightning smashes into his ugly face! :p <Narrator> == Zeon gets pounded by the raijin's lightning attack! 21 damage! <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Narrator> == Lara uses a sword/lightning combo! * Lara leaps into the air. She descends on Zeon, bringing the edge of her lightning enhanced blade down upon Zeon's ugly head. * Baine is quiet, concentrating on the battle.. <Narrator> == Zeon weakens from the blow and receives tremendous damage! 74 damage! Critical! <Kodah> Yeah! Go Lara! * Lara leaps back to the safety of the party. <Baine> Nice, Lara.. <Narrator> == Kodah and Darton can attack! <Lara> Thanks, Baine. * Darton yells as he rushes forward, clawing with ice-sheathed claws as the wounds he inflicts frost over, shredding the Lord of Darkness' forehead <Narrator> == Darton uses a double combo! * Kodah spins his sword high above his head, creating a massive disk of destructive force, which Kodah throws at the enemy, "Burning Sky Sword Kuuenzan!" <Narrator> == Kodah ATTEMPTS to attack :P <Narrator> == Darton's ice damage pierces through Zeon's defense and claws him fiercly... 37 damage! <Narrator> == Kodah makes his attack crash upon Zeon powerfully! 64 damage! Critical! <Lara> GO GET 'EM, LADIES AND GENTS! * Kodah scrambles away from Zeon o_O <Narrator> == Zeon can attack! <Kodah> Eep! <Baine> Uhm.... <Lara> Oh shit. * Chamolo figures he's gonna do a lot of curing ^^; * Baine edges in front of Chamolo and glares at Zeon :p * Zeon growls evilly... A large energy gathers around him... He suddenly raises his hands at the Shining Force..... <Kodah> o.o <Narrator> == Zeon casts Spirit blast! * Lara tries to dodge. * Indigo tries to duck. <Narrator> == Evil spirits crash against the whole party, tearing and shredding at them! 12 damage each! <Kodah> Momma o.o <Chamolo> Argh! <Kodah> Ow! * Chamolo chants frantically. <Lara> Ouchers.. <Baine> Ow.. ^_^; <Indigo> OUCH! <Kiwi> Meeep! <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * Indigo summons Atlas to smash Zeon with lightning. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Atlas... *** Gaelin is now known as Kodah <Narrator> == Atlas pounds and beats Zeon with powerful thunder magic! 32 damage! <Narrator> == Kiwi can attack! * Kiwi rwars loudly and slams his helmet into the enemy's head, praying to Mitula for energy! "Mitula! Help Shining Force beat evil bad guy!" <Narrator> == Kiwi attacks Zeon! * Lara concentrates as a massive lightning bolt shoots down and surrounds her sword..... <Narrator> == His helmet bashes into Zeon's head so hard, he staggers back into the portal! <Narrator> == 36 damage! <Kodah> o_O * Baine narrows her eyes and waits.... <Narrator> == Zeon attacks again! <Kiwi> ... <Kiwi> Awp. <Lara> ..... <Kodah> Urk! <Baine> Oh shit. :p * Chamolo keeps up his healing spell. <Lara> aw FUCK! * Baine stands in front of Chamolo, as if protecting him :p * Lara holds the force sword in front of her in order to attempt a block. * Darton wordlessly watches the demon move, prepared to dodge <Narrator> == Zeon spots Baine and lashes out at her, claws heading towards her stomach! <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> Lookout! <Lara> KARA! <Kodah> o_O <Narrator> == Zeon's claw passes through Baine from one side to the other! <Baine> ! <Kiwi> O_O <Kodah> Baine! <Kiwi> Noooooooooooooo! <Chamolo> Baine!! * Chamolo growls. * Baine blinks..... <Lara> KARA! BAINE!!!! <Lara> YOU DIE NOW, ZEON! SO SWEARS LARA MANO... * Chamolo rushes to her and tries to hold her up.. <Narrator> == Zeon pulls his claw back and watches Baine's body slump to the floor... <Baine> .....f-...Cha-....nnh....lov.... * Baine goes limp.. <Chamolo> No.... * Indigo gasps in horror. <Chamolo> NO! <Kodah> Baine! O_O <Kiwi> ... * Chamolo basically loses it. * Lara gets extremely PISSED OFF! <Kiwi> No... <Indigo> Death, elemental of death, do not take her! <Chamolo> YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! DO YOU HEAR ME?! * Chamolo starts crying. <Kodah> Cham.... * Zeon looks down at the Shining Force, not saying a word... Just glaring at them... Looking through their souls.. <Lara> Kodah, slap some sense into Chamolo... <Kodah> Huh? Me?! <Narrator> == Chamolo can attack! <Kodah> Chammy! Stop! <Chamolo> Why!? * Kodah runs to Chammy <Chamolo> He...he...he..Don't stop me! <Kodah> Cham! I know you're ticked off! But you've got to keep a clear head! <Chamolo> B...But.. <Kodah> Listen to me! * Chamolo slumps to the floor.. * Baine lies motionless...blood pooling around the gaping wound in her stomach.. <Lara> a true warrior will always keep a clear mind during a battle, chamolo. <Chamolo> .... <Kodah> We need you to keep us going, we can't continue under this kind of beating! * Chamolo sighs, defeated, and casts aura on the party... <Lara> I'll do some extra damage for you, Chamolo. <Kodah> Don't sorry Cham, we'll beat him, you wait and see...he's not getting away with this * Chamolo nods numbly. <Narrator> == Chamolo casts aura on the party... Everyone is healed fully... <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Kodah turns to Zeon and his eyes go completely black <Narrator> == Erin fires another shot at Zeon! <Narrator> == the shot seems to paralyze Zeon... He cannot move! <Narrator> == The whole team can attack! * Lara rushes at Zeon, and hits him with 2 diagonal slashes making the mark of an X with her lightning enhanced Force Sword. * Kodah begins to seethe with black energy... * Chamolo grins savegely and smashes Zeon with his staff over and over again! * Darton dives at Zeon with normal claws, the ice having melted away <Chamolo> Die you son of a bitch! * Kiwi transforms his helm into a fireball and launches it at him! <Narrator> == The attacks crack Zeon's body opened... A dark mist flows out as his corporeal body dissipates into nothingness! 342 damage total! dispatched! <Kodah> o_O <Kodah> Gee... <Kiwi> O_O <Lara> WAAA HOOOOO! <Kiwi> ... we won...? <Chamolo>'s over...... <Kodah> That was quick o_O <Lara> We did it. * Darton looks around.. this is too easy.. can't be the end * Chamolo runs to Baine and picks her up, checking for a pulse... * Dorak teleports in and looks at the surrounding carnage and destruction... * Baine is limp and her warmth is fading.. * Chamolo sees she doesn't and starts crying. <Chamolo> I'm...I'm sorry... <Kodah> Cham! Is she..... * Chamolo nods. * Dorak walks to Darksol's dead form and gathers the energy left in him.... <Kodah> Oh gods..... * Dorak gathers up Zeon's dead energy.... <Lara> gods no..don't tell me... <Chamolo> ....oh no... <Kodah> Oh....oh Cham...I'm.....I don't..... * Kiwi gulps... <Narrator> His skin writhes and reshapes... Dark energy slowly breaking his current form..... * Chamolo puts Baine down gently and realizes it's not over yet.. * AmeShi lies by Baine's side....flames gone... <Chamolo> It ends now... * Kodah's black aura starts to fade.... * Indigo blinks, having been knocked out by the concussive blast and just now awakening. * Mitula speaks to the team from her vantage point... ~Destroy him... Destroy Dark Dragon before he reforms... Use the Force sword!~ <Lara> got it. * Lara rushes at Dark-Dragono, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Dark- Dragon several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Dark-Dragono. <Narrator> The soul sword plants into Dorak, freeing the evil energy from his body, making it disperse slowly! * Indigo summons all eight elementals against Dark Dragon. * Dorak gapes at the sword inside his stomach and gapes, unbelieving... <Dorak> It... Cannot be! NOO!!! * Lara drives the sword deeper into Dorak. * Darton looks on in a disjointed manner * Chamolo pours holy power into Lara... <Kodah> Damn you.....Dorak... * Indigo throws her power into the sword and that of the elementals. * Lara pours all her power into pulling the sword out and slicing Dorak to ribbons. * Dorak's form wavers and dissipates, his voice trailing off as he dissapears, "This is not over! I shall destroy this tower with my remaining energy!... This.. Shall be you...r" <Chamolo> Run! <Chamolo> You heard him! Run! <Kodah> Ak! o_O <Lara> Grab Kara. * Lara makes a run for it. <Narrator> The doors slam shut behind the Shining Force! * Indigo gasps. <Kodah> Ak! <Lara> Oh shit. * Chamolo scoops up Kara and puts AmeShi in his belt. <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, smash the doors! <Narrator> The tower starts to rumble.... * Indigo summons Dao. <Lara> Not good... * Darton pokes Lara to remember her 'egress' spell * AmeShi's flames flicker a bit...fueled by Chamolo.. * Lara moves her hands in a circular motion as a portal opens up, taking the Shining Force away from the danger that threatens them. <Narrator> Large chunks of rock fall down around the Shining Force! <Kodah> o_O <Lara> O_o <Chamolo> What are we gonna do...? <Narrator> == Lara tries using egress to escape the tower, but fails to do so! <Lara> Egress did't work... * Indigo summons Dao and Neptune to smash and flood the doors. <Kodah> What happened? o_O * Darton waits for an opening in the tower to get out <Narrator> The doors resist the attacks! * Indigo gets desperate. <Indigo> War, break the doors! <Narrator> The roof continues to fall down, menacing to crush the Shining Force! * Kiwi claws at the doors! <Kodah> o_O * Indigo summons War against the doors. * Chamolo pulls out AmeShi and drives it at the door! "Sorry Baine....I have no choice!" * Lara concentrates her power through the force sword. "Open for God's Sake!" * Kiwi gets the heck out of thee way. ^_^; <Narrator> == War has no effect! * AmeShi's flames flicker wildly O_o <Narrator> AmeShi breaks the door open! Large boulders fall around Baine while the door opens, thus blocking access to her body! <Kodah> Baine! o_O <Lara> BAINE! * Darton dashes out the door <Chamolo> Baine! NO! * Chamolo rushes off to go save her like the dork he is ^^; <Lara> By Mitula...I've got to get her out of here...YOU GUYS GO ON~! <Chamolo> No...this is my affair.. * Indigo summons Atlas to move the rocks with a mighty wind. <Lara> Only one way to get these rocks moved. <Kodah> o_o;; * Lara begins to chant as storm clouds begin forming over the area and thunder can be heard throughout the land. Light rain begins to pour down and raise to a massive storm. Lara then shouts, "Powers of the heavens...SHOWER DOWN!" Suddenly, massive bolts of pure lightning shoot down upon the rocks.. <Narrator> A large blast pushes the Shining Force out of the room and the doors slam shut again, large boulders crashing heavily! The stairs start to fall! <Chamolo> NO! <Kodah> No! <Lara> KARA! <Indigo> No! * Chamolo cries, defeated. * Darton is more than halfway down the stairs already * Indigo is trying every elemental she knows to open the door. * Kodah's black aura intensifies again, "No! No! No!" <Lara> let's make a run for it.... * Kiwi RUNS! <Kodah> Baine! * Lara trys to get the fuck outta dodge... <Narrator> The stairs fall, menacing to take the Shining Force to an early grave! * Kodah grabs Chammy and runs! <Kodah> Come on Cham! We gotta go! * Indigo stops summoning and sprints down the stairs. * Chamolo runs blindly <Lara> I'll come back for her. <Narrator> The stairs give out just behind the last person of the Shining Force! The tower starts to tilt to the right slowly! <Kodah> Damit! * Darton continues running... * Lara keeps cutting the proverbial high trail for the exit. * Indigo windsprints. * Chamolo runs, but doesn't care if he lives or dies.... * Kodah drags Cham along, not daring to look back! <Narrator> Suddenly, a large white light surrounds the Shining Force! The rocks and boulders stop crashing around them! <Kodah> o_O * Indigo gets a thought and asks Atlas to swirl all the treasure around them as they run. <Lara> O_O * Indigo blinks at the light. <Kodah> What happened? <Narrator> No sound can be heard... Everything is peaceful... <Chamolo> What's...going on.....? <Kodah> ?? <Lara> What is this? <Narrator> Suddenly, the light fades... The Shining Force appears on a large cliff, about 2 miles away from the tower.... * Indigo looks around in confusion. <Kodah> What the....? <Lara> How did this happen? <Narrator> From there, they can see the Grans tower falling to its final crash... <Lara> What about Kara? * Darton decides now is a good time to sleep and flops down * Chamolo couldn't care less. He falls to the ground, looking at the tower being destroyed... <Kodah> Cham.... * Lara drops to one knee and says a silent prayer for Kara Baine. * Chamolo starts crying silently... * Indigo sighs sadly and asks the elementals and Mitula to watch over her in the next life. * Kodah puts a hand on Cham's shoulder, that's all he can do now * Kiwi sighs... * Lara closes her eyes as tears start to stream down. <Indigo> The Powers of Light will guard her now. <Kodah> .... <Chamolo> I...I failed her...she died protecting me... <Indigo> You did not fail. <Kodah> .... * Chamolo sighs... * Chamolo is silent. <Narrator> The Shining Force stays there, while the tower falls... After it falls, the ships of Granseal can be spotted a few hours later, coming towards Granseal to restart building their home... The Shining Force heads down to greet the people and tell them of their luck and misfortunes... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force all go down to the boats... Lara seperates from the Shining Force a little, and then a voice speaks to her.... <Narrator> ~Lara... Lara Mano... ~ <Lara> Hmmm? What's this? <Narrator> ~I am the God Volcanon... I was the one who got the Shining Force out of the tower...~ <Lara> Volcanon? <Lara> I remember....from Bedoe, right? <Narrator> ~Yes... Before my altar was crushed... I was going to tell you something... ~ <Lara> Then tell me. <Narrator> ~The pendant around your neck. It is a religious symbol of your people... It identifies you as a princess and heir to a lost kingdom...~ <Lara> What? <Lara> a lost kingdom? <Narrator> ~You are of royal blood, Lara... You are the rightful queen of the land of Cypress... ~ <Lara> That kingdom was thought lost after the adventure of the first shining force... <Narrator> ~It was... But if you look at the history books and at the old archives in Guardiana, you will find the path to Cypress and you will restore your kingdom...~ * Lara thinks to herself of the problems in her relationship with Prince BlackHawk and a smile comes to her face... <Lara> thank you, Volcanon... <Narrator> ~I had nothing to do with this, Lara... I just showed you the truth...~ <Narrator> The voice fades away... * Lara rushes off to the boats to hook back up with the Shining force. <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====