Shining Force RPG session 24 final.
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force heads down to the coastline where the ships are aligned... The king walks out, followed by Jeyer, Nalya and BlackHawk... Lara catches up with the group... * Lara catches up and leaps right into BlackHawk's arms. <BlackHawk> You look happy. What's up? * Chamolo stands off in a corner...alone. * Kodah looks at his feet, upset and unhappy * Darton trots about, looking curious * Chamolo's eyes are rimmed with red... * Indigo walks along, her staff tapping the ground. <Lara> Guess what, Mike. This pendant says that I am of royalty. The lost kingdom of Cypress. * Kiwi yawns... <BlackHawk> That's excellent where's Baine? * Lara bows her head... <Chamolo> She's dead. <Lara> I'm afraid...she didn't make it... * Chamolo sighs. * Jeyer blinks.. * Crest just walks with his hands in his pocket, looking quite beat... * Nalya gasps slightly.. * Indigo frowns. <Kodah> .... * Jeyer stands there, unmoving... <Chamolo> She's dead and she died protecting me. Great huh? You have every right to kill me, Jeyer. I'm pathetic. * Kodah kicks at a stone * Jeyer stares at Chamolo.. * Jeyer teleports away quickly, not saying a word. * Chamolo looks at the ground, tears forming in his eyes. <BlackHawk> I'll have a memorial put up for her at Guardiana castle. I know that won't help much, but at least it'll honor her memory. * The king overhears the conversation and walks over to the Shining Force... * Kiwi curls up and falls asleep in his shell... * Chamolo wipes his eyes. <King> The remnants of the tower will be dedicated to her... We'll reconstruct the ruins into a shrine... <Kodah> Cham... * Indigo nods. <King> A monument for her bravery. * Lara looks up at BlackHawk, tears forming in her eyes. "We couldn't even recover her body for a decent burial." <Chamolo> ... * Darton wanders off <BlackHawk> It's alright, Lara. <Indigo> Perhaps it could also be a teaching ground of the ninja arts your Majesty. Future generations of ninja can learn at the spot where the greatest ninja fell. <Chamolo> Humph. A moument..but people won't know her like I knew her... <Chamolo> And even if I showed them...they'd still never know.. * Kodah kicks at another stone * The king looks at Indigo... "Yes... That is a good idea." <Lara> Kara was an interesting person to say the least, Cham. She had a good heart. <Crest> She was loud too..... <Lara> zip it, Crest. <Crest> But, I guess she was alright.... * The King nods to the Shining Force and returns to the preperations to rebuild Granseal. * Chamolo sighs. <Indigo> I'll summon the powers of the elementals to help rebuild the city and her shrine. Ironic, she hated my magic. * Indigo chuckles wryly. <Lara> hehehe.... * Nalya sighs and walks over to Kodah, wrapping her arms around him... "Hey bro... You okay?" <Kodah> Not really... * Chamolo looks at Indigo. "But I think she'd be glad you found your sanity I don't think she'll mind...I think it was more the 'insane' part she didn't like." <BlackHawk> So that pendant is actually the seal of the kingdom of Cypress? You know what that means, Lara? <Lara> I do, Mike..and I look forward to it. ^_^ * Indigo laughs. * Kodah returns the hug as best he can * Lara and BlackHawk embrace. <Indigo> Actually, I found my sanity for the first time. I was born insane, but I understand what you mean. :) * Chamolo smiles for an instant. * Chamolo then looses that smile. * Nalya looks at Kodah... "You should be happy.. You're a hero.." <Kodah> Am I? Somehow I don't feel like one.... <Lara> Nalya, we just lost a dear friend...let us mourn for a bit in peace. * Nalya sighs softly and holds her brother close... * Nalya glances over to Lara, nods to her and goes back to trying and comfort her brother... * Chamolo keeps to himself. * Chamolo shakes his head. "I don't even have anything to remember her by...except memories..." * Erin seems to have departed from the Shining Force... She is nowhere to be seen... <Lara> Mike, I want to talk to Cham for a minute... <BlackHawk> OK, Lara * Lara walks over to Chamolo. "A penny for your thoughts?" <Chamolo> ...Lara... <Chamolo> I...I miss her already... * Chamolo shakes his head... <Chamolo> I let her down... <Lara> you're not the only one, Chamolo. She was a dear friend. Probably one of the best friends I've had on this mission. * Chamolo grins. "She would have liked to hear that..." <Narrator> Teams start clearing the wreckage... Slowly rebuilding the castle... <Chamolo> I knew from the moment I met her...she wasn't a 'bad' the end...I like to think she believed that.... <Chamolo> I wanted to show her much more... * Chamolo sighs and tears stream down his face.. <Lara> I know...she may have had a hard past, but she had a good heart... <Lara> and I miss her already too, Cham. <Kodah> .... * Indigo sighs. * Chamolo nods. <Indigo> We always argued, but she was very nice too. * Lara pats Chamolo on the back. "Somehow, Kara Baine's sacrifice will not be in vain, Chamolo. I promise." <Chamolo> I know...I won't let it either. * Lara bows her head and says a silent prayer for her lost friend. <Chamolo> ...I think people are waiting for us... <Lara> Think so, Cham? * Chamolo shrugs. <Chamolo> We're 'heroes' now, whether we feel like it or not... <Narrator> A young man walks up to the Shining Force... <Kiwi> Kiwi no feel like hero... <Kodah> Hurrah.... * Indigo goes into a chant in an ancient language, calling the blessings of all eight elementals on Kara. <Man> Pardon me? <Chamolo> ...yes? <Lara> yes? <Man> Uhm. We have rooms ready for you in the tents erected over there... You can go rest when you want. * Indigo turns to the young man. * Indigo nods. * Chamolo nods. "Yes...please....I need to be alone." * Chamolo walks off. <Lara> Thanks...I'd rather stand here for a moment longer... * BlackHawk walks up behind Lara. "You're thinking of Baine, aren't you?" <Narrator> * The young man nods and walks back to the reconstruction crews... * Kodah sighs, and lets go of Nalya, "I...I need to rest....." * Crest sits down against a tree and continues to look lost in thought * Indigo goes to Crest. <Lara> and why wouldn't I? Mike, she was probably my best friend on this force. * Chamolo wanders into a tent, and closes the flap. * Nalya nods to Kodah and slowly backs off to let him go.. <Indigo> Crest, are you okay? * Kodah walks sadly to the tents, more tired than he has ever been * BlackHawk puts a hand on Lara's shoulder. "I understand your feelings, Lara. More than you know. Now, let's go get some rest before you fall out." * Crest looks up "Yeah fine, just a little tired...." <Indigo> We'll talk later. I have something to do. * Lara and BlackHawk walk back to the tents to get some rest..but Lara cannot rest tonight. Thoughts of lost friends haunt her dreams. * Indigo goes to the castle ruins. * Indigo raises a hand and begins to glow. <Indigo> Dao, elemental of the earth, I command you to raise up stone and earth! * Lara walks around, wondering if she can be of any help.. <Narrator> Dao answers the summons and helps to clear the rubble, salvaging some stones and the foundations of the old castle... * Indigo glows blue. <Narrator> The work crews look at Dao... <Men> Wow... This'll be of great help! * Kodah curls up in one of the tents and proceeds to stare at the ceiling <Indigo> Apollo, elemental of Fire, I command you to weld the foundation, prepare it for building! * Lara walks up to one of the workmen. "Any chance I might be of some help? I cannot sleep." * Chamolo stares up at the ceiling....not doing anything. * Crest quickly dozes off * The man turns to Lara... "Well, we need people to unload the ships..." <Lara> Ok...thank you. * Lara goes over to the ship and starts to work unloading. * The man nods and returns to work... <Narrator> Memories of Baine dance around Chamolo's mind....her kisses....her smile.... her underneath him in passion....and most of all, the image of her looking at Chamolo before dying... * Chamolo starts on a fresh batch of tears. <Narrator> Apollo is summoned and equalizes the foundations of the castle astonishingly quick... <Narrator> The work crew start piling on the new bricks to build the castle... <Indigo> Apollo, fuse the bricks together! * Lara continues to unload the ships... * Kiwi is out of it and asleep... <Narrator> Apollo responds to the request and fuses the bricks together with an incredible precision... * Indigo glows blue. * Kodah thinks to himself <Indigo> Atlas, elemental of the Air, cool the bricks! * Lara suddenly gets fatigued and falls out. BlackHawk shows up and carries her to his tent. <Narrator> Atlas is summoned and responds to the request... The bricks are quickly cooled down and solidly in place... * Indigo glows light-green. * Kodah rolls over onto his elbows, still thinking <Lara> -_- * BlackHawk looks at Lara asleep and wonders why she would push herself like that.. <Narrator> Kodah's mind dances around various problems.....and he recalls Baine.... applying the bandages to his wounded eyes....reassuring him that it would be okay...and it was.... * Chamolo falls asleep, tears still plastered to his face. * Lara is dead to the world asleep. * Kodah slips further into his funk :( * Indigo glows light-green. <Indigo> Pio, elemental of Pestilence, rid this land of the curse of plague! <Narrator> Pio is summoned and cleanses the earth of the plague of death wrought upon by Darksol... <Narrator> Pio dissapears in a haze of black mist... * Indigo blinks, and feels funny. <Indigo> Ummmm............. * Indigo glows a brillant gray and stands stiffly. <Indigo> Final Judgement........ * Kodah flops over again and stares at the ceiling again, as if it held answers * Lara is still dozing. * Indigo begins to glow a rainbow of colors, shifting and flowing. * Kiwi has music coming out from his shell... <Ceiling> Whaddaya lookin' ta me fer, ya big dumb warrior? Eesh. Not like I have any idea! <Narrator> A large, booming voice shakes the heavens... <Narrator> "Indigo Mysteria... You have summoned the final judgement... What is your decision?" <Kodah> What the hell?! o_O * Crest slowly wakes and gets up * Kodah bolts upright, smacks the center support for the tent with his forehead, and brings the whole thing down * Indigo looks at the sky, now glowing a rainbow of every color. <Kodah> Augh! <Indigo> I choose to use the powers of all eight elementals for good! <Kodah> Help! * Kodah thrashes around in the fallen tent, looking for a way out * Kodah manages to pop his head out of the cocoon he made out of the tent, looking rather startled o_O <Kodah> What happened? * Chamolo wanders out O_o * BlackHawk looks outside. "What's going on?" <Narrator> "The final judgement holds three choices... Good, neutrality and evil... By choosing this, Indigo Mysteria, you are choosing to break the sacred rule of the final judgement. Is this what you want?" * Kodah inches his way along, trying to see what's happening * Indigo nods. <Indigo> It is possible to use even the dark elementals for good, as Pio just proved! * Kodah does his best impression of an inchworm, until he sees Indigo in action o_O <Narrator> "Then it is settled. Indigo Mysteria, from now on, your final judgement has been chosen..." <Narrator> Light and darkness swirls around Indigo... <Narrator> They reshape her robe yet again... * Indigo feels funny. <Kodah> What's happening? O_o <Narrator> Her energy pattern changes... <BlackHawk> Lara's trying to rest here..what's going on? <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> What the heck?! <Chamolo> Indigo is.... <Narrator> The light recedes, being absorbed into her robe... The darkness inches over the light, interweaving itself into a new pattern... * Kodah stares o_O * Crest looks up wondering what all the commotion is about and then sees "Indigo?!" <BlackHawk> O_O <Narrator> Indigo has passed her final judgement... Her robe interlaced with all the colors of the rainbow, in perfect harmony... * Indigo smiles now, at peace. <Chamolo> .....Final Judgement?... <Kodah> ......I don't get it o_o * Indigo nods. <Narrator> The people look around astonished.... * Crest rushes over to Indigo's side "Indi, what happened?" <Indigo> Light and Darkness, forever balanced perfectly within me. The elementals of light and the elementals of darkness are now mine to summon, forever. <Chamolo> Congrats... * Kodah suddenly remembers his predicament, "Um....a little help here?" ^^;; * Chamolo sighs, still thinking about Baine. * Lara awakens from all the noise. "What th hell's going on out here?" <Crest> I see, so now you are at your full potental? * Kodah struggles to get loose from his cloth prison * Indigo nods. <Narrator> The crew recover from the odd predicament they were just in and resume working, unsure of what they just witnessed... * Indigo considers helping them further, but decides that they need jobs, so takes Crest's hand and goes back to watch. <Kodah> Erk! Eeg! Ak! Umph! * Lara decides to help Kodah out. * Chamolo is so off in his own world he doesn't see Kodah :/ <Kodah> Thank you ^^;; * Kodah disentangles himself with Lara's aid * Lara yanks on the cloth that's entangled Kodah, sending him flying. * Chamolo sits down on the ground. <Kodah> Yow! o_O * Crest points Indigo to the flying Kodah off to the right "Such a beautiful sight isn't it?" * Indigo laughs, patting his hand. <Indigo> Yes it is my love. * Kodah rubs the top of his head, "Ow....." * Chamolo grins at Indigo saying "love." <Chamolo> At least someone will be happy. * Indigo smiles at Cham sadly. * Lara and BlackHawk look out at the skies. "What a life we've had,"Lara says,"Maybe now we can finally find some peace." <Narrator> Chamolo suddenly remembers what Baine tried to say before she died.....the half choked <BlackHawk> I hope so, Lara. * A worker shouts to other workers as he discovers something... <Indigo> Crest, let's get married. * Chamolo sighs... * Lara looks over... * Lara and BlackHawk run over to the construction site. * Kodah stand and goes to join the others * Crest raises an eyebrow at the m word..... "Uh........" * Chamolo stands up * Indigo takes Crest's arm and hauls him to the construction site. <Narrator> The workers blink at the light emanating from the sword planted in the rock... * Crest goes willing.... <Kodah> o_O <Kodah> What's that? <Man> What is this..? <Lara> what the? <Chamolo> Hm? <Lara> allow me. <Indigo> What is that? * Lara walks up to the sword... * Indigo looks at the sword curiously. <Narrator> None of the men dare approach the sword... * Crest looks at the sword and tries picking it up from the hilt..... * Lara reaches out to touch the sword. <Narrator> Lara recognizes the blade... <Narrator> The blade burns Lara's fingers ever so slightly, pushing her hand away... <Lara> must be...AmeShi? <Narrator> The same happens to Crest. * Chamolo winces. <Chamolo> ....but why is it glowing...? <Crest> Ow, *rubs his hand* <Kodah> o_O <Lara> Why is AmeShi glowing like that? * Indigo holds Crest's hand. <Lara> could Kara be.... <Chamolo> ...maybe her soul is trapped in there... * Chamolo reaches for the sword... <Kodah> I don't understand o_O <Lara> Chamolo, try to take the sword. * Chamolo tries to grab the sword. <Narrator> As Chamolo touches the hilt of the sword, the light disperses, leaving a regular AmeShi... <Kodah> Isn't that........? <Chamolo> ....she's free... * Chamolo smiles. * Indigo smiles then nods. <Kodah> Free? Who's free? * Chamolo holds the blade to his chest, smiling. "Thank you..." * Lara bows her head....and smiles <Indigo> Farewell Kara. * Crest nods, smiling slightly..... * Indigo smiles and waves. * Kodah blinks <Lara> fare the well, Kara Baine. May your soul rest in peace, my friend. <Kodah> Oh.....Baine..... <Crest> . o O(Although she was a bitch, and extremely loud, perverted, and selfish, she was a good person..... even if a little on the insane side....) <Narrator> The construction of the castle continues on through the night... And the following morning, a new group of workers take over... Same happens the following day, and many days after that... A few weeks later, the castle is restored, the shrine dedicated to Baine is erected... AmeShi on display over a large slab of stone used as a memorial... The community of Granseal resumes its life... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene: The following months ===== <Narrator> Granseal resumes its life... The castle is larger and bolder... The foundations emenate with magic from the elemental's help... Crest and Indigo left to build their home... Kodah returned with Nalya... Kiwi headed out to find once again his kin... Lara left with BlackHawk to find and rebuild her kingdom... Erin and Darton were nowhere to be found... <Narrator> Chamolo remained behind... To take over after his father passed away as the Arch Bishop of the great city of Granseal.... <Narrator> Chamolo visits the shrine everyday... Everyday paying tribute to his one and only love with a solitary rose next to AmeShi... <Narrator> Today, the first ninja training takes place... Chamolo is at the altar, next to the silent AmeShi, giving a silent prayer to Mitula... * Chamolo sighs. <Chamolo> Baine... <Chamolo> It's's been a month...but I haven't forgotten...I guess I never will. <Narrator> A small breeze starts to pick up... <Chamolo> I think about all we went through...when I first met you... <Chamolo> You acted like you were so cold...but I knew better....I could see who you were underneath... <Chamolo> It's funny how it took you so long to see it...but I know you did... <Chamolo> Sometimes I still think you'll find me...and drag me off by the elbow... * Chamolo laughs to himself... <Chamolo> But I know you're safe with Mitula now... <Chamolo> hurts... <Chamolo> I know I'll never find anyone like you...maybe not in my whole life... <Chamolo> I'm...I'm lonely...But I don't want you to worry over me. * Chamolo pats the rose he left on the grave. <Narrator> The wind becomes coarse and slightly wild, but still a breeze... <Chamolo> Anyway...I don't know if this would intrest you...but my life is boring. Heh. My sister's training to be priestess...But I told her about you and she wants to become a ninja now. Funny huh? Well...actually....I don't blame her. * Chamolo feels tears coming to his eyes again. * Chamolo pats the rose again. "I need to go, Baine...but I'll be back tomorrow..." * Chamolo rises up. "Goodbye..." <Narrator> The wind picks up the rose and makes it glide over to the other side of the shrine, depositing it gently on the floor... * Chamolo erks. * Chamolo walks over to calmly pick up the rose... <Narrator> As Chamolo goes to pick up the rose, a light starts to emenate from AmeShi again... <Chamolo> ....? <Chamolo> What? * Chamolo walks slowly to awe. <Chamolo> Kara....? * Chamolo reaches out to touch the sword. <Narrator> AmeShi glows more as Chamolo approaches the blade... * Chamolo touches the sword gently. <Chamolo> Are you trying to tell me something? <Narrator> As he touches the blade, the light once again disperses, returning AmeShi to its silent slumber... * Chamolo sighs. * Chamolo's face falls. <Chamolo> ....well....take care, Kara... * Chamolo puts the rose back on the monument. * Chamolo begins to leave, looks back one more time, then walks away. * Baine stands there in front of Chamolo suddenly and smiles softly, wind rustling her hair gently in the breeze and arms behind her back..... "So...priest boy...did you miss me?" * Chamolo stops <Chamolo> ....What? * Chamolo jerks around. <Chamolo> O_o ...This can't be! * Baine looks warmly at Chamolo... <Chamolo> ...But..but you're... <Baine> What...? No words for the reawakened? * Chamolo takes another step towards her. <Chamolo> H-how? * Baine's voice holds a musical playful tone. ^_^ <Baine> ...when the tower fell, Mitula retrieved me.. <Baine> She had to protect me.. <Baine> The life within me... * Baine drifts a hand over her stomach.. <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> Oh my goodness.... * Chamolo reaches out, and tentively tries to touch her shoulder. * Baine smiles and lets Chamolo touch her. <Baine> Yeah...I'm real... <Chamolo>'re real....You're REAL! * Chamolo wraps her up in his arms and starts crying happily. * Baine hugs Chamolo tightly back. "'s okay.....heh..." <Baine> ...say....Chamolo..? Next time we face an evil thing like Zeon.....remind me to wear a stomach guard... * Chamolo laughs happily. "All...All right...anything you want..." * Baine grins and kisses Chamolo gently. ^_^ * Chamolo kisses back, and...smiles. ^_^ <Narrator> The two share a pleasant moment... But suddenly, they hear laughter and familiar voices heading towards their present location... <Narrator> Lara and BlackHawk walk in... * Baine blinks and tenses a little bit.. <Lara> O_O <Chamolo> Lara! Look!! <Lara> Kara! <Narrator> Jeyer and Nalya follow... * Baine grins... * Chamolo points with a goofy grin on his face ^_^ * Lara runs up to her old friend. <Narrator> Kodah soon after... <Chamolo> She's alive! <Lara> I am not believeing this... <Narrator> Indigo and Crest then follow... * Indigo looks. * Baine nods to Lara, a bright smile on her face. "Hi there.." <Indigo> Hi Kara! <Narrator> Erin glides inside... <BlackHawk> Good to see you, Baine... <Chamolo> ^_- And she's sorta pregnant... <Kodah> Hi Cham, I....... *blink blink* * Kiwi chooses that time to wander in, and blinkles a bit when he sees Baine... * Baine grins widely and her hand pats her stomach. ^_^ * Jeyer blinks at the sight of Baine... * Lara hugs Baine. "Do you know how you had us worried? But one question...HOW?" * Kodah looks very clueless o_O * Jeyer just stands there... <Chamolo> Mitula saved her. <Chamolo> ^_^ I owe her one...oh I so owe her one... <Baine> I'll tell you something, Lara....that Mitula is like the best cure for anything...heh.. <Lara> HEHEHE.... * Indigo smiles, thinking of Mitula. * Baine squeezes Chamolo. <Indigo> Thank you Mitula. * Indigo is looking at the sky. <Lara> I'll believe the way, you're talking to the new Queen of Guardiana. Mike and I married finally last month. * Darton wanders by and looks in <Baine> Really? Nice to know someone tamed you. ^_- <Chamolo> Congrats ^_^ * Kodah walks to Baine and stares at her o_O <Baine> Hi, Darton! * Lara looks over at BlackHawk. <Darton> oh... you. Aren't you supposed to be dead? <BlackHawk> Tamed? Hell no... * Baine smiles warmly at Kodah, something different in her...but for the better. ^_^ <Kodah> Ghuh....? * Indigo pats her stomach. <Baine> Why yes, I am. But I've always had a way of getting out of trouble. ^_^ * BlackHawk smiles at Lara. Lara smiles back. * Kiwi blinks and goes back to bed... "Kiwi no know what Kiwi see..." * Crest plays flute <Indigo> I have my own annoucement. * Jeyer walks out slowly during the confusion... * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> I'm pregnant. ^_^ * Chamolo pats Baine. "Maybe you need to speak with Jeyer...?" * Baine reaches out and pokes Kodah's forehead.. <Kodah> Ow O_o <Lara> You too, Indi? * Kiwi pokes head out of shell and widens his eyes. * Baine nods to Chamolo. "Think you can handle these wild people?" * Darton swishes his tail and wanders back out to wherever * Indigo smiles and nods. * Baine grins lovingly at him. ^_^ <Chamolo> ^_^ I'll try. * Kiwi faints. @_@ * Chamolo smiles, so friggin happy =D <Baine> I'll be back, then. Don't move. ^_^ <Kodah> But....but....but..... o_O * Baine saunters out after Jeyer.. <Chamolo> I wouldn't dream of it. ^_^ <Chamolo> Kodah.. * Chamolo smiles at his friend. <Crest> Indi's carrying my little boy! <BlackHawk> I'm hoping being a mother will tame Lara some. She is still quite the firebrand. <Chamolo> ^_^ She's alive. That's all you need to know. * Kodah decides to just shut up and go with it for a change ^^;; * Jeyer stands outside of the shrine, back to the wall... <Crest> And he'll be a strong one, no doubt! <Baine> Hi there, Jeyer.....whats on your mind? <Jeyer> So... You're not dead.. I had a feeling you weren't... *snickers oddly* * Kodah sees Erin and walks over to her, reaching into his travel bag for something <Kodah> Um...Erin? * Indigo looks sheepish. <Erin> Yeah? * Chamolo chats with the others, happy ^_^ <Indigo> Um....Crest? <Baine> Mmmm.....what can I say? I'm good at stuff like coming back to life... <Crest> Yes? * Kodah hands over a rather large book, "Here's your book back, I finally finished it" <Indigo> I used my sorcery. I'm having a girl. * Jeyer chuckles and snickers.. "So am I, I guess.." <Jeyer> . o O ( I wonder if she knows.. ) <Crest> Uh, you sure Indi? <Erin> It's okay, you can keep it. I have plenty more. <Kodah> Really? Gee thanks * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Quite positive. <Baine> is bothering you, old friend? You're pretty glum. <Lara> we don't know what we're having yet, Indi. I don't want to know. <Chamolo> I'm not sure what our child will be...but It appears I must go shopping for a ring ^_- * Kodah stuffs the book back into his travel bag * Indigo smiles, then looks at Erin. * Jeyer flinches inside at the word friend.. <Jeyer> It's nothing, Baine... I'm happy your back... *walks away, not looking back* <Crest> Well, uh..... <Indigo> Where have you been by the way? <Crest> Ummm.... * BlackHawk passes out Guardianian cigars to all the men..they're alot like cuban cigars. <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> That's a big cigar. * Kodah looks at it strangely o_O * Baine sighs a bit. "Sometimes...just sometimes...I worry.....damnit.." <Kodah> Uh... ^^;; <BlackHawk> the best from Guardiana. <Erin> Mostly just out thinking. <Chamolo> Anyone got a lighter? ^_- * Baine watches Jeyer go...and starts back indoors... * Kodah pockets the cigar <Crest> A girl sounds really great as well Indigo, but I'm worried, about the curse..... * BlackHawk lights Chamolo's cigar and then his own. <Erin> You know, I have the feeling I should say something monumental, something of note, but my mind is blank, and I'm condemned to my typical silence. <Indigo> Ah. Well, you missed a lot, including the fight with Zeon, oh, and I gained my sanity, and everyone is happy now. * Chamolo takes a puff and coughs ^^; <Baine> I don't know, Erin, silence works. Silence can speak volumes without even having a word spoken. * Indigo smiles. <Kodah> Um...congrats everyone.....I guess ^^;; * Chamolo smiles, and squeezes Baine's shoulder. <Lara> too true, Kara. It's great to see you alive... * Kiwi is still unconscious.. @_@ * Chamolo whispers something in Baines ear. <Lara> and I sincerely hope you all will drop by Guardiana soon. * Baine raises an eyebrow <Indigo> The Mysteria family curse.....with everything that's happened......I think it's stronger then ever now. * Indigo smiles at Lara. * Chamolo grins. ^_^ <Chamolo> Well? <Indigo> Sure! Erin, will you come and visit us? * Baine grabs Cham by the tunic and hauls him to her, kissing him deeply. * Chamolo kisses back. "I take that as a yes? " <Baine> Yes... <Chamolo> ^_^ * Chamolo hugs her close. * Baine returns the hug. ^_^ * Lara pulls BlackHawk to her. * Crest mutters under his breath, "That's what I'm afriad of...." <Erin> Perhaps. Especially now, since I'm not sure what I'm going to do next. * Kodah watches all this and grins <Chamolo> Of course we have to invite them to the WEDDING. ;) <Baine> Why, yes! ^_- * Indigo holds him close. * Crest quickly brightens up and kisses Indi deeply <BlackHawk> I have an idea...I'll open up my castle for it, Chamolo. * Chamolo says this loud enough for the others to hear. * Indigo kisses back. <Baine> I do believe Kodah would make a great best man... ^_- <Chamolo> Really? That'd be great. <Kodah> Me? o_O <Baine> And Lara would make a fitting brides maid... ^_- <Lara> It's the least we can do for our oldest friends. <Chamolo> Indigo as the maid of Honor? <Kodah> I've never been a best man before o_o;; * Indigo smiles at Cham. * Lara smiles.. * Baine laughs softly. "Whatever! We have forever, Chamolo! I will not be dying again anytime soon!" * Baine grins widely <Chamolo> ^_^ You'd better not! * Indigo nudges Crest. <Lara> too'd better not die again any time soon, Kara Baine. * Kodah puts a hand behind his head and grins ^_^ <Crest> Uh..... <Indigo> Don't forget our wedding too dear. Something small, with just our friends...... * Crest looks around * Baine smiles at Lara ^_^ <Crest> Yeah. ummmm.... * Crest looks a bit frantic.... * Indigo smiles. <Lara> what's wrong, Toothpaste boy? * Chamolo grins despite himself. <Crest> N-nothing, and don't call me that * Baine pokes Cham in the ribs gently and then says loudly. "I hate to be the party pooper here, people....but I haven't gotten some in a month....and well....." * Kodah lightly prods Erin <Indigo> He's forgetful. ^_^ <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> My my.. ^_- * Erin is prodded.. * <Kodah> Can I borrow another one of your books? I need something else to read <Indigo> Besides, I'm the only one who can call him Toothpaste Boy now. :P <Narrator> . o O ( Of course she can call him that... She's pregnant with his child... So he must have squished white c...... n/m ) * Baine eyes Chamolo coyly. "Room?" <Lara> hehhe....I understand. We have a meeting with the king anyway..diplomacy sucks but it's part of running a kingdom. <Chamolo> Of course. ^_- If you'll excuse us.. * Indigo smiles. <Lara> yeah... * Lara smiles and waves. * Chamolo smiles slyly. "When in Rome!" * Crest gets an anime sweat drop "Uhhh, no you can't!" <Baine> I'll see you all. Take care, Lara. ^_^ * Chamolo picks her up! ^_^ <Lara> you too, Kara... <Kodah> Have fun * Baine giggles for once in her life. ^_^ <Indigo> Yes, we have a home to build and a wedding to plan, don't we honey? <Baine> Forward! * Chamolo spins her around. "Till we meet again!" * Indigo looks at Crest and grins, waving bye to Cham and Baine. * Erin hands Kodah 'Legacies of Empires Past'. * I figure, yeah. Hope you find it interesting. :) * Chamolo takes her off for some hot priest lovin. <Crest> Well the home yes... wedding well.... * Lara and BlackHawk walk to the king's chamber. "I hate all this diplomacy shit." <Kodah> Thanks want this one returned, right? <Crest> It'll get underway soon..... <Erin> This one, yes. It belonged to my Dad. <Kodah> Okay then <Indigo> Bye everyone! Stay out of trouble, especially *you* Darton! * Indigo grins at Erin. * Erin smiles back. * <Indigo> And Erin, don't get confused for a regular horse and get stabled. * Kodah begins to walk off, but turns back, "Oh! Erin. If you;re ever in Roft, come and visit" <Erin> Won't happen. Don't get yourself burned at the stake, either. <Erin> I'll make a point of it, Kodah. * Indigo laughs. <Indigo> I won't. :) <Indigo> Someone has to watch Toothpaste Boy after all, and our daughter. :D * Kodah waves, turns, walks off, and opens the book and starts to read....without tripping <Narrator> The Shining Force, reunited once again... Baine is back among them... A new lineage of Shining Force is soon to follow... Something hinting that the neverending adventures of the Shining force will bring a new hero to once again, vanquish evil from the earth... The Shining Force's epics aren't over by a longshot... <Narrator> ===== Shining Force RPG 1. The end. =====