Shining Force RPG session 3
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining force, having defeated the fire Gizmo, now stand face to face with the king of Galam and a small regiment of survivors... * Indigo curtsies to the king. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR !" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <King> Who are you people..? <Indigo> Hello your Majesty. I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. <Lara> Lara Mano, Demon Hunter extraordinaire. <Erin> Erin Gallant, Chief Strategist of the Shining Force, your Magesty. <Indigo> Your friend, the King of Granseal, sent us here to investigate the big fireball. * Baine looks coldly at the king.. <Baine> You don't need to know who I am. <King> Shining force..? You mean it's already reborn..? <Lara> you bet. <Erin> Yes... it's begun anew... <Indigo> Oh yes. We met DarkSol too. <King> You've met Darksol?! He was reborn?! <Lara> that he was. <Indigo> Yep, and we cleared out a cave of monsters, and saved the King of Granseal. <Indigo> Yes. But he was no match for us. <Erin> He still lives... he's planning something... * Indigo frowns and then spins happily, tapping her head. <King> Then you really are the shining force... <Lara> that we are... <King> I sent a messenger to Granseal to ask for an alliance... <Indigo> I just realized something! Now I know how to summon Neptune, the Elemental of Water! <King> I gather you received it? * Indigo stops spinning. <Indigo> No. We found the messenger, and I had Dao, the Elemental of Earth, bury him. <Erin> He was slain en route. We found his body coming here. <King> May God save us all.. * Baine rolls her eyes <Baine> Shut up and get on with it <Indigo> Oh, the gods of good send their blessings. * The king strains on the word, God... * Indigo smiles at the king. * Erin mumbles... * You can hope... * The king shakes his head... Could you escort me to Granseal? We have no more shelter... The castle is in ruins... <Lara> sure.. <Indigo> I don't see why not. * Lara causes the soulsword to disappear. <Indigo> If only I knew how to summon the elemental of fire. Between the elemental of fire and the elemental of earth, we could restore your kingdom in no time! <King> Thank you, kind souls... You shall be rewarded for your bravery... <Baine> With money? <King> Even elementals couldn't restore this place, I fear... * Baine's eyes are cold <Lara> thank us after we get you to Granseal... <Indigo> Why would we need a reward? We are doing what is good and right. <Erin> Who cares, Baine... there are bigger things at stake now... * The king looks at Baine... Whatever is needed, young one... * Baine growls. <Baine> Shut up, you four legged twit. * Baine looks at the King. <Baine> How about you not calling me young one? <Lara> Baine, we have a job to do. <Indigo> Oh, please don't mind her. She's always so negative! * Baine glances at Lara <Lara> Majesty, if you'll stay close, we'll get you to Granseal. * Indigo smiles. * The king nods to what little soldiers are left... They go about collecting things for the departure... <Indigo> Don't worry, your Majesty. Everything will be fine now. * The king looks at Indigo and gives her a smile... I'm sure it will... * Indigo pulls out one of her spellbooks. <Indigo> Do you want to read it, your Majesty? <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene ===== <Narrator> During this time, Darksol, back in his lair, awaits word of one of his greater demons... <Narrator> A man, wearing a black armor, walks in... <Dorak> Sir... The Shining Force has arrived in Galam... They've dispatched the Fire Gizmo... <Darksol> Good, Good... Everything is going according to plan... * Dorak raises an eyebrow at Darksol... <Darksol> Don't you get it, you groveling twit? I WANTED them to kill the Fire Gizmo! <Darksol> Assert their strength! Now I need you to make sure they find the shrine... You must NOT fail... * Dorak nods, bows to Darksol and leaves the lair... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force are now ready to leave Galam, with the survivors... <Lara> OK...let's head out.. * Baine smiles coldly....more coldly than usual. <Lara> Majesty, stay close. <Baine> Yesss....stay very close. * The King assembles the people behind the shining force and then moves more to the front... * Indigo is showing the King her spellbook. <Lara> all Granseal. <King> I suggest we pass through the mountains to get to Granseal more quickly... And there might be some of Darksol's men waiting for us on the road... <Lara> all right. <Indigo> You see, Your Majesty? Magic is really easy. Anyone can learn it. I could teach you to summon elementals if you want. * The King looks at the spell book, not understanding much... * Lara heads out, taking the road through the mountains. <Narrator> The walk through the mountains is not an easy one... No road is built in the stone... <Indigo> That's what I do best. <Narrator> Many of the town folks complain of the hard road... <Baine> Oh, shut UP! <Baine> Just walk you twits! * Lara slices through the brush with her soulsword. * The villagers grumble and do not dare madden Baine any further... <Lara> this road is probably the worst I've ever seen. <King> They are good people, Baine... They lost their homes and are having a hard time getting used to that fact... Try and understand them... * Baine seemingly softens.. <Baine> I...I do.. * Baine looks down and keeps walking * The King nods greatfully to Baine and looks at the road up ahead... * Erin is in the air... * And it doesn't look like the road'll be getting any easier for you any time soon... * Lara keeps slicing through the brush. Clearing a path is getting to be an impossibility. <Narrator> The path starts to Narrow up the front... * Lara keeps walking and slashing. "I've got to sharpen this blade later." * Baine looks up, eyes gone back to being cold <Lara> Hey, Baine. How about a hand up here? <Baine> Sure. * Baine unsheathes AmeShi * Baine cuts through the brush easily * Lara just keeps slicing. <Narrator> Suddenly, a rumbling can be heard coming from the top of the mountain... * The King looks up and his eyes widen in terror! <Narrator> Huge boulders are rolling down the side of the mountain. <King> If we don't move back, we'll be squashed! * The King sends the men back, to avoid getting crushed by the boulders... <Lara> oh shit! <Lara> Fall back, folks. * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> No problem! <Baine> Great. * Erin flies a bit higher, worried about her land-bround friends below. * Run! * Lara runs back through the pass. * Indigo summons Dao to cause the boulders to move aside. <Narrator> The people run back, trying to avoid being crushed by the boulders... <Lara> Good thing we cleared a path. <Narrator> Dao's summons goes unanswered... * Indigo frowns. <Lara> INDIGO! COME ON! <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, I command you to appear! * Baine ponders letting herself get crushed. * Indigo blinks, then moves along. <Lara> ERIN! GET INDIGO! * Erin swoops down and grabs the girl, flying back through the pass and dropping her on the ground. * Baine shrugs and goes to Lara * Yogurt runs from the boulders... <Narrator> The boulders crash down behind the group! <King> Oh my... That was close... <Indigo> Yes indeed. <Lara> too close...*huff* I'm almost out of breath. * Baine shrugs. <Indigo> Sorry about that. Dao can be stubborn. Next time I'll try summoning Neptune. <Narrator> The road ahead is completely blocked off... * Erin launches back into the air. * Faster next time Indigo, okay? <Baine> Grand. <Indigo> Hmmm? Oh, okay. <Lara> just perfect.... <Lara> now we have to take the main road. <Indigo> I think I can move the impediment. <King> Wait... * Baine twirls AmeShi and then quickly sheathes it * The King points to a small cave on the side of the mountain... * Lara causes the soulsword to disappear. <Lara> let's check it out. <King> If I remember correctly, this brings to a side road... <Indigo> I may be able to cause Neptune to flood the road and wash away the rocks. <Indigo> Oh.....okay. <Baine> Bah.. <Baine> Lets go. <Lara> Baine and I have the point. Erin, you and Indigo take up the rear. * Baine nods. * Lara walks into the cave. * Erin drops to the ground... * Caves... I hate caves... * The king and the villagers follow... * Indigo looks confused. <Indigo> Okay. Why all these techincal terms though? Point and stuff. * Baine follows Lara, watching for anything strange <Narrator> The damp cave has a high ceeling, with bats sleeping up ahead... * Lara keeps her senses honed... * Indigo skips along cheerfully, whistling a happy tune. <Erin> Stop that! * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Hmmmm? * Lara whispers "Hush, Indigo. We don't want to wake those bats up" <Erin> How can you be so reckless? * The king motions for silence... Don't wake the bats... <Erin> You're gonna get us all killed! <Indigo> Oh. <Indigo> They're just bats though. <Narrator> The villagers look up, scared of the creatures... <Indigo> Don't be afraid. Bats are rather harmless. Those vampire legends are merely myth. * Baine growls.. <Erin> Yeah, until you piss off a thousand of the things... then you'd be sorry. <Indigo> Well, they can't see in bright light. They use sound to see things. <Narrator> The soil starts to elevate and the passage moves sharply to the left... * Baine narrows her eyes * Lara looks around.. <Erin> I know they use sound, it can also set them off, you your whistling and lollygagging doesn't help any. * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Oh....well, if you say so.... <Narrator> The road comes to a fork... <King> Hmm... 3 ways to go... <Erin> We stick together. * Indigo blinks. <Lara> hmmm.... <King> Yes, but which path do we take? North, east or west? <Indigo> We could try travelling all three in groups. If one of us finds something, we could come back and tell the others. <Baine> Why don't I scout ahead? <Lara> No....there's safety in numbers. We stay together. <Erin> We transport the King of Galam, his maintained security is imperative. <Indigo> Oh, okay. <Baine> Bah. * Indigo goes back to her spellbook. <Erin> Just do eeny-meeny-miney-moe or something, and start on our way again... <Indigo> Let me see.....what was that spell for a meteor shower again.....Grandpa could do that so well.... <King> Hmm... I think the northern path is the one which leads to the exit... Let's try that... * Baine snickers.. <Lara> OK. * Lara walks down the northern path. <Narrator> The Shining Force continues north... * Indigo has her nose in her spellbook. * Baine sighs <Narrator> The road starts to narrow as they continue on... And light can be seen at the end of the tunnel! <Baine> Yipee. <Indigo> Well, we're here. <Lara> well...let's get going. <Indigo> Now that the bats are no concern, if they ever were.... <Narrator> As the Shining Force exits the cave, a large stone shrine, with its doors bolted shut stand in front of them... * Indigo begins humming happily. <Indigo> Oh! Perhaps a shrine to the gods of goodness. <Narrator> On further inspection, the stone markings are identified by Yogurt as symbols of the Goddess Mitula... The lost temple of Mitula... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====