Shining Force RPG session 4
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force RPG now stands in front of the grand shrine which once housed worshippers of Mitula... <Yogurt> I thought Mitula's shrines were all destroyed... <Indigo> Who's Mitula? <FlameStrike> Obviously you were wrong, my friend <Lara> I thought so too. Stay close folks...let's check this thing out. <Indigo> Oh! One of those people mommy talks to. <Yogurt> Mitula was a Goddess back in the days of Zeon's revival... <Yogurt> She was killed during the resealing of Zeon, by using her energy to recharge the gem of Mitula.. * Lara turns to the King of Galam. "Majesty, stay close to us. We'll make sure you get to Granseal..but first, we need to check out this place." <FlameStrike> I have a bad feeling about this... <Yogurt> Her shrines were destroyed afterwards, since they seemed useless... <Indigo> It is an old temple, nothing to fear. * The king nods at Lara... * Indigo skips along happily, humming a tune. <Lara> so do I, what with Darksol still kickin. * Yogurt moves towards the giant double doors which seal the shrine... <FlameStrike> If Mitula is dead, then her shrines may have been desecrated * Lara walks over to the double doors. * FlameStrike goes with Yogurt * Yogurt glides his paw on the door... <Indigo> Oh, I do hope that this place is okay. <Yogurt> Well, it seems to have been sealed for a long time... * Yogurt looks up... <FlameStrike> Let's look in then <Lara> I agree. * Yogurt points to carved stone on the entrance... <Yogurt> Look there... <Indigo> Well I mean, Miss Mitula would be awfully upset if this place is disturbed. <FlameStrike> What's that stone, Yogurt? <Lara> maybe the stone on my sword will open it up. <Yogurt> It seems to be carved crevice for a sword... <FlameStrike> Indigo, Miss Mitula is DEAD :) * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <FlameStrike> Not my business then... <Erin_> Mitula is long gone... the age of the Gods ended a long time ago... <Yogurt> Wait, Lara... I wanna read this... * FlameStrike makes space for Lara <Lara> hmmmm. <Indigo> Really? Hmmm....I could've sworn that I heard mommy talking to her. * Baine looks coldly at the group and at the little chipmunk. * Yogurt tries to read the symbols on the door... * Lara compares the crevice to the shape of her soulsword while Yogurt reads. <Indigo> It did? Wow. Then....who is that mommy talks to? <Yogurt> Uh... Can someone lift me up to the crevice..? I hate being short... :p * Indigo starts rattling off some of the names of the gods and goodesses. * FlameStrike lifts Yogurt up <Erin_> Maybe your mommy was in need of psycological help... <FlameStrike> Here <FlameStrike> I agree Erin *smile* <Indigo> In need of....what's that? * Yogurt examines the shrine door... * Baine mutters something about slack-jawed idiots <Yogurt> From what I can decrypt, it speaks of the gems and the chaos breaker... <Erin_> It's a science... sorta like magic... it's would make your mom stop hearing those voices... <Indigo> Oh. <Baine> gems, hm? <Indigo> I never heard, before. * Indigo goes over to the stone. <Yogurt> It says that the chaos breaker, during the sealing of Zeon, was destroyed... <Lara> well..I'm going to try my soulsword in the crevice... <FlameStrike> Chaos Breaker... it's the Sword that the first Shining Force used to beat up Dark Dragon, right? <Indigo> Maybe I can help decrypt it. I know ancient languages. <Erin_> Well, that's cause you live under a rock... but I'm not holding that against you... <FlameStrike> Or was it the second with Zeon... or both? <Yogurt> Wait, Lara... * Baine smirks <Lara> OK, Yogurt. <Yogurt> The Chaos breaker was used to seal Zeon... I do not recall its name for Dark dragon, tho... <Baine> So, what do we do, little furry raT? <Erin_> It was just the Light Sword, or something to that effect, I believe... <Erin_> The old language is hard to translate. * Indigo peers at it. <Indigo> It's not that hard Erin. <Yogurt> I don't know, Baine... And as for the sword of light, I only remember that the sword of light and darkness were used to create the ancient Chaos breaker... <FlameStrike> No, Erin... there were the Light Sword and Kane's Dark Sword, that fused into a single sword <Erin_> I beg to differ. But then again, your mother hears voices in her head... <Indigo> It looks like a very ancient dialect of the runes in my spellbook. <Baine> Great. <Baine> so, we're gonna just stand here? <Baine> Like idiots? <Lara> not if I have anything to say of it, Baine. * Yogurt blinks as he sees both of the gems side by side, carved next to the crevice... <Yogurt> Lara... Try putting the sould sword in now... <Indigo> With a little time I could decipher it. * Baine smiles a little less frigidly at Lara. * FlameStrike unfolds his wings * Lara puts the soulsword in the crevice. * Indigo jumps back, preparing her sorcery. <Narrator> As Lara inserts the soulsword in the crevice, a blinding light shines forth from it! <Indigo> Ummmm....that's dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, you know. * FlameStrike flaps them two or three times and then folds them back * Lara shields her eyes. * FlameStrike covers his eyes <Narrator> The gem of darkness seperates from the soulSword and dissapears from view. * Indigo covers her eyes. * FlameStrike unfolds his wings and shields the others from the light <Lara> what? <Indigo> What's happening? <Narrator> The light slowly dissipates, leaving the soulSword back in Lara's hand, and the gates opened wide... <Baine> Well, thats great. <Lara> beats me, Indigo. <Lara> let's go in. <Baine> Yeah. <FlameStrike> Maybe it was a trap... <Indigo> Wow, I wonder what's in there. <Yogurt> Let's enter... We'll get our answers inside... * Lara walks into the shrine. <Indigo> Maybe I can read the runes and find out. * The King seems uneasy... * FlameStrike walks into the temple <Lara> what's the problem, Highness? * The king shakes the fuzz out of his eyes... N-nothing... <Erin_> Don't worry, your Magesty, I've never been one for enclosed places either... can't fly very well in them... * Indigo looks at the open temple, shrugs cheerfully, and skips in. <Baine> Well, Lara and I will take point. <Baine> Indigo! <Baine> #$ <FlameStrike> Let me go first, please... <Lara> Indigo, You and Erin take up the rear. <Indigo> Hmmmm? <Lara> OK...Flamestrike, you Baine and I have the point. * Erin_ draws out an arrow and knocks it... * * Baine nods. <Indigo> Oh, okay. I guess... <FlameStrike> Hmmmm.... * Indigo goes to the back. * Yogurt looks in... <Baine> Careful, hairy rat. <Narrator> The shrine's inside is dusty, yet the air is clean... * Yogurt walks in slowly... * FlameStrike looks around * Baine keeps a hand on AmeShi.. * Lara follows Yogurt in..looking around at the inside of the shrine. * Yogurt gasps at the grand view... I forgot how beautiful Mitula's shrines were... * Indigo goes in, reading a spellbook absently. <Baine> Impressive. <FlameStrike> Yeah... it's truly a pity that they destroyed the others <Yogurt> Very... <Lara> this place radiates of a holy air. * Indigo looks up. * Yogurt, as the Shining force walks around, tries to decrypt some of the ancient text on the collumns... <Baine> Gee, maybe I shouldn't be here then, hm? <Indigo> I feel something here....a holy power of some kind.... <FlameStrike> My worries were wrong... Good.. <Lara> you're not the only one, Indigo. * Yogurt notes that the shrine is getting dark... He spots unlit torches on the walls... * Baine smirks and her eyes seem to glow with cold fury. "Well....I do hope theres a battle...blood is such a turn on." <Yogurt> FlameStrike... You should light them... * Indigo eeps. <FlameStrike> I know, Yogurt... * Yogurt looks at Baine with a sickened face... <Indigo> I'd swear I felt this before, when mom heard her....voices. * FlameStrike lights the unlit torches with a lit one * Baine just continues smirking, her eyes eerily cold. * Lara tries to decypher some of the writings on a nearby column. <FlameStrike> Probably prayers to Mitula... <Narrator> The shrine's full bueaty is accentuated by the lights... Crystal statues reflect light to all parts of the shrine... * Erin_ looks around, staring intently into the darker recesses... * <Indigo> I think they're warnings. <Baine> Crystal. Hm. That could fetch a nice price. <Yogurt> Baine! I won't let you deface the last of Mitula's shrine! <Baine> Don't worry, little furry rat.... <Baine> I won't stoop that low. * Yogurt growls... I'm not a rat, dammit... :P <Erin_> This stuff should be in a museum... * Indigo looks at one of the columns. * Erin_ looks around a bit more... * <Indigo> Yes....I think it's a warning, against those who would defile this place. <Lara> could this be the shrine that the second Shining Force visited during Zeon's resurrection? <FlameStrike> Possible... <Lara> hmmmm..... <FlameStrike> There are writings of the Shining Force's meeting with Mitula on this column... * Yogurt shakes his head... That shrine was many miles to the north of here... * FlameStrike points the column * Lara looks at the column that FlameStrike points to. <Indigo> Oh. Maybe we'll meet her here. * Baine sighs <Yogurt> This was probably the last refuge of Mitula's worshippers... <Baine> So why are we HERE? * Baine's eyes flicker in their coldness <FlameStrike> Good question, Baine <Erin_> Yeah... this isn't doing anything to advance our cause... <Indigo> I know you say she's dead, but I am a trained sorceress, and my senses tell me something holy is here. <Yogurt> And they left this for future generations... <FlameStrike> I think Mitula is not really dead <Erin_> You're also a naive sorceress, and know little of the real world... <Lara> No...I think not... <Narrator> A faint light can be seen coming from an altar at the end of the room... <Indigo> What's that? <Lara> let's check out the altar over there. * Indigo goes towards the light. * Lara points. * Lara walks over to the altar <FlameStrike> According to what i know, a god CAN be killed... but it's an arduous job... All his followers must be killed and all his temples must be destroyed or desecrated... * Baine mutters and follows Lara <FlameStrike> Uh? What's that? <Narrator> Standing on the altar, is the gem of darkness... Next to it, the gem of Mitula stands... * FlameStrike goes to the altar <Indigo> Oh, they're pretty! <Lara> interesting. <Erin_> How convenient... * Indigo reaches for them. * FlameStrike examines the Gem of Mitula * Erin_ bats her hand away! * <Erin_> They might be trapped! <Indigo> Huh? <Indigo> They are...? <Narrator> A light emmenates from the gems, repelling Indigo from the gems... <FlameStrike> You're right <Erin_> You said yourself there was a warning against defiling... <Indigo> Yes, but we are of the light, <Erin_> So? <Erin_> Traps don't discriminate., * Lara's soulsword starts to glow... * FlameStrike checks for traps <Indigo> So, Mitula is of the light, and she would have attuned the crystals to the light. * Lara examines her sword and the gems. <Erin_> I can't believe how naive you are! A trap is a trap! <Indigo> Normal ones, but this would be magical, and I could deal with that, or the elementals could. <FlameStrike> I don't see traps <Lara> maybe.....Yogurt, do you think my sword's glow could have something to do with the gems? <Erin_> You don't have to see them... they might be magically triggered... <Yogurt> Try touching the gems with your sword... * Lara touches her sword to the Gems. <Narrator> The gems starts to glow more brightly... * Baine looks mildly bored <FlameStrike> Erin, i said that i don't see traps. I didn't say there AREN'T traps :) <Narrator> They become rays of light and fuse into the soulsword... <Erin_> Just clarifying that matter... <Indigo> Hmmmm.... <Lara> hmmm.... * FlameStrike pats Erin's shoulder <Lara> how interesting. <Erin_> Still, I've never been a huge fan of messing with holy relics... <Narrator> When the three touch, a great ray of light shoots out in a circular pattern, touching everyone and everything... <Lara> O_O * Lara tries to keep calm. * Baine unsheathes AmeShi O_o * The king and the survivors start to yell! <FlameStrike> What in heaven's sake....? * Indigo smiles. <Lara> what in the name of Mitula? <Indigo> It is the power of the light. <Indigo> Not to worry. * Indigo stands. <FlameStrike> I was referring to the KING <Narrator> When the shining force turns around, a ghoul and 10 zombies stand behind the shining force... * Erin_ turns about and heads for the entrance. * Shit... something's happened... <FlameStrike> Oh, yeah? <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Erin_ spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * <Narrator> ===== 1 ghoul, 10 zombies ===== <Indigo> Hmmmm....oh, you're the guardians. Hi, I'm Indigo Mysteria! We're not here to defile the temple. <Lara> hey, Baine! How about a Katon on the goul? <Erin_> Kinda cramped in here... <Baine> Why not. * FlameStrike flies in the air * FlameStrike concentrates, and his muscles grow * Lara grips the soulsword tightly as she looks to her target, the ghoul. <FlameStrike> I'll take care of the ghoul! Look out, they could infect you with illnesses! <Indigo> That's the problem with undeads....most have very little reasoning capacity. <Narrator> == erin attacks 1st! * Erin_ unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Zombie 1 ! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Zombie 1... <Narrator> == The zombie is only mildly affected... 5 points of damage... <Lara> well, that's exactly what I'm hitting, that ghoul. <FlameStrike> They fear Magical Fire! <Narrator> == Baine can attack. <Indigo> Yes, and holy energy, as well as healing energy. <FlameStrike> Healing energy? Hmmm... that gives me an idea... * Baine remains stoic as she gazes upon her enemy. She clasps her hands together, bringing her two index fingers out in front of her and pointing at Zombie1 and she casts the spell of ¤Katon. Black fire surges up from the ground under Zombie 1 and scorches it with the darkness of pure hatred. <Narrator> == Baine Casts Katon on Zombie 1... <Narrator> == The zombie burns to a crisp from the fire damage... 12 damage... Dispatched. <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack * FlameStrike lands in the middle of the zombie mob <FlameStrike> Powers of the ancient... i summon you... <FlameStrike> HEALING ZONE! <Narrator> == FlameStrike casts Aura on the zombies and the ghoul... <Narrator> == The zombies struggle to get away from the healing spell, but to no avail... 6 damage per zombie... <Narrator> == The ghoul is unnafected <Narrator> == Lara can attack <Narrator> == Lara attacks the Ghoul... * Lara leaps high into the air, delivering a punishing downward slash on the ghoul. <Narrator> == Critical attack! The ghoul loses an arm! 20 damage! <Lara> ya haaa! <Narrator> == Indigo can attack <Indigo> Well, I know you're just doing you're jobs, but....please forgive me for what I must do... <Baine> Just fight, damn you.. * Indigo summons Neptune, elemental of the water, to wash the ghoul and zombies away. <Lara> I don't think they plan on doing that, Indigo. <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune on the monsters... <Narrator> == Neptune rains down heavy water on the monsters.... dealing 3 damage on each... <Narrator> == Yogurt can attack <Narrator> == Yogurt pulls out a ring and drops it! <Lara> hmmmm? <Narrator> == Yogurt fumbles for the ring, while the zombies attack... <Yogurt> Thoopid small hands... :P <Baine> Damnit, rat! Careful! <Lara> careful there, Yogurt. <Indigo> Oh....poor chipmunk. <Narrator> == Zombie 10 attacks Baine, 2,3,4,5 attack Lara, 6,7,8,9 attack Indigo... <FlameStrike> And me? <Indigo> Ouchies! <Narrator> == The ghoul attacks FlameStrike... <Lara> this is gonna hurt <FlameStrike> Remember i'm in THE MIDDLE :) <Baine> Only one? Ha! <Lara> yeah..but 4 are attacking me. <Narrator> == Indigo receives 8 damage, Baine receives 2 damage, Lara receives 7 damage, FlameStrike receives 6 damage... <Baine> Wow.... a flesh wound! * Baine snickers * Indigo falls over on her face from the attack. * Indigo is crying. * Baine's eyes glow with incredible madness ^_- <Indigo> Neptune, elemental of the water, I summon you.... * Baine prepares another Katon <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Erin_ knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at one of the really wounded Zombies !!* <Narrator> == Erin attacks Zombie 2... <Narrator> == Zombie 2 receives an arrow in the eye, killing him... 5 damage, dispatched. * Lara prepares another slice on the ghoul. * Indigo has cold eyes now, and a cruel smile. <Narrator> == Baine can attack * Baine just cannot find the strength and frowns at her own weakness... * Baine unsheathes AmeShi * Baine snarls and twirls AmeShi in her hand, the black flames on the blade growing more and more angry. With a loud roar, she launches AmeShi at Zombie8 and AmeShi imbeds itself in Zombie8's stomach. The black flames send agony through Zombie8's body. * Baine walks over to the zombie and hauls the sword out * Baine walks back to the group :P <Narrator> == Baine attacks Zombie 8... Zombie 8 is... Shall I say... dead? * Baine grins <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack <Baine> Yesssss... <Lara> Nice shot, Baine. * Baine nods <FlameStrike> Grrrrrr * Lara grips the soulsword tighter as she homes in on her target, one Ghoul. <FlameStrike> Sono mama SHI-NE! <Narrator> == FlameStrike casts strength and attacks ghoul 1... <Narrator> == FlameStrike bashes at the ghoul, causing minimal damage... 4 damage... <Narrator> == Lara can attack <Narrator> == Lara attacks Ghoul 1... * Lara rushes at the Ghoul, delivering a punishing lateral slash at the ghoul's neck. <Narrator> == Ghoul 1 blocks most of the shot, but receives some damage... 6 damage... <Lara> this thing is tough. <Narrator> == Indigo can attack * Baine twirls AmeShi, her eyes dark with barely contained raw fury <FlameStrike> It sure is... But i'm TOUGHER * Indigo summons Neptune, elemental of the water. <Indigo> Wash these irritating bastards away Neptune, I command it. <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune... <Narrator> == Neptune uses more force than usual to attack the creatures... The zombies take 4 damage each... All dispatched. <Indigo> Hmph. <Indigo> Where am I? * Baine looks at Indigo <Narrator> ===== 1 ghoul left ===== <FlameStrike> We'll talk later about this, Indigo... <Narrator> == Yogurt can attack! <Narrator> == Yogurt gets his ring back and uses it... No effect... <Yogurt> DOH! Wrong ring... *cries* <FlameStrike> "Now there's this bastard to take care of", FS says while preparing to deliver a slash at the ghoul's head <Narrator> == Ghoul 1 can attack... <Narrator> == Ghoul 1 attacks Lara... * Indigo looks at Yogurt. <FlameStrike> Come on, bastard! <Indigo> Shut up. <FlameStrike> Attack me if you dare! * Lara tries to dodge. * Baine lets out a low and feral growl * FlameStrike slaps the ghoul * Indigo prepares to summon Dao. <Narrator> == The ghoul manages to hit Lara... 5 damage... <Narrator> Suddenly, the soul sword emits another burst of light, healing the shining force and killing the ghoul... <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Erin = 46 XP, FS = 58 XP, Baine = 78 XP, Lara = 42 XP, Indigo = 100 XP... <Indigo> Hmmm? <Indigo> Interesting. <Lara> cool! <Baine> Neat trick, Lara. <FlameStrike> Hey! <Narrator> AmeShi starts to glow oddly at the effect of the burst... <FlameStrike> 'twas mine to kill... * Baine's eyes widen <FlameStrike> Well, better luck next time * FlameStrike shrugs <Lara> thanks, baine...though I know NOT how it happened. <Narrator> AmeShi flows with holy force... +6 attack. * Indigo frowns at the group. <Indigo> I saw you before...somewhere. * Yogurt examines the remains of the creatures... * Indigo looks around, <Lara> then this was another of Darksol's setups. <Yogurt> Decoys... <Indigo> Who? * Yogurt shakes his head... He annoys me... <Lara> I knew it... <Erin_> So... now what? <Baine> Yes, now what. <Lara> we return to Granseal. See if we can't find some leads there. <Baine> Alright. <Indigo> We were just in Granseal. Where are we now, and who are you people? * Indigo prepares her sorcery. * Baine growls * Yogurt sighs... We should get back to Granseal and report this to the king... <Lara> we have no time for infighting. <Lara> my sentiments exactly, Yogurt. <Indigo> We? Who's we? * Baine sneers and sheathes the powerful blade of AmeShi in the black scabbard she wears on her back. <Baine> Lets go. <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Darksol's lair, a small council is taken place... <Dorak> They defeated the zombies, sire... <Darksol> So they have... *snickers* <Darksol> We have to send someone more powerful after them... * Darksol snaps his fingers... <Narrator> A dark smoke appears in front of Darksol... <Jeyer> You summoned me, master... <Darksol> Yes, Jeyer... I want you to take care of the Shining Force... <Darksol> Take as many creatures as you deem necessary and get rid of them for me... * Jeyer nods, wraps himself in a thick, black smoke again and dissapears... <Dorak> Was it wise, sire? I do not trust him... <Darksol> He is faithful enough... He will get the job done, or suffer the consequences... <Darksol> Do NOT question me again, Dorak... * Dorak nods... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene ===== * Indigo is ready to summon Neptune. <Indigo> Okay, who are you people? <Narrator> The Shining force are now on the other side of the cave in, about a half of day's walk from Granseal... <FlameStrike> Yeah, like there are many dragons around here * Baine smirks <Yogurt> Can someone knock indigo out please?? * Lara causes the soulsword to dissapear as she walks along. <Baine> I will. <Lara> Baine, I'll leave that pleasure to you. <Indigo> Try it. * Baine draws AmeShi <FlameStrike> Yogurt, Using violence on women is not in my style * Yogurt sighs and fumbles through his rings... * Indigo raises her hands, chanting the words to summon Neptune. <Lara> well, I don't usualy attack unless I'm provoked. * Yogurt pulls out a ring, puts it on and uses it... * FlameStrike shakes Indigo, causing the spell to fail <Erin_> Yogurt, using violence period, is not your style. :P * Baine smirks and tackles Indigo, throwing her to the ground! * Indigo snarls, head-butting Baine. * Sleep is cast on Indigo... She slowly dozes off... * FlameStrike blocks Indigo * Baine falls off, Indigo.. * Indigo fights the spell as long as possible, cursing at them, until she falls asleep. * Baine has a cut on her forehead. <Yogurt> God... That girl is savage in this state... <Baine> Bah. * FlameStrike takes Baine as she falls off, helping her on her feet * Baine wipes her forehead and stands <Baine> Okay, now what. <Narrator> Someone carry her to Granseal... * Baine picks Indigo up <FlameStrike> I will <Yogurt> We'll see what we can do when we get there... <Baine> I got her, FlameStrike <FlameStrike> Lemme look at that cut... * Baine glances at FlameStrike. * FlameStrike looks at Baine's forehead and concentrates a little, using a lesser version of Aura to heal it <FlameStrike> Here. <FlameStrike> Now it's much better... * Baine smirks a little <Erin_> Don't wake her up... <Baine> I don't plan to. <Baine> I do plan to cut her a new nostril when she awakes, though. <Erin_> Crazy psycopath she is... * Baine yanks down her mask and lets out a heated sigh. :P <Lara> a bit on the strange side..that's for sure. <Baine> strange? * Baine smirks <Lara> oh well... * Baine steps on a cricket! <Baine> DIEEEEEE! <Baine> COMMIE BASTARD! * FlameStrike checks his wings <FlameStrike> Could someone check if there are cuts near the shoulders, please? <Erin_> You look fine, 'Strike. * Lara checks FS's cuts that I can see. <Narrator> The Shining force now wanders out of the mountains... <Narrator> Granseal is in sight... <FlameStrike> Thanks <Lara> well, we're almost there... * Yogurt, anxious to get back to civilisation, walks faster... <FlameStrike> Yeah <Lara> I'm not EVEN gonna try to keep up...not after that last fight. <FlameStrike> Wait, Yogurt * Yogurt stops... Hmm? * Baine carries Indigo <FlameStrike> Aaahh... good ole Granseal... * Yogurt walks a little slower, waiting for the others... * FlameStrike checks his money purse * FlameStrike snickers <Narrator> The gates of Granseal are heavily barricaded... <Erin_> Hmmm... wartime measures? <FlameStrike> I think yes... <Narrator> Sentries are seen on the top of the wall... <Baine> Hm. * FlameStrike shouts "OPEN THE GATES!" <Lara> OPEN UP, DAMMIT! * FlameStrike's yell alerts the sentries of the Shining Force's position... Trumpets are heard, and the gates are opened... <Baine> Oh, gooooood-ie. <FlameStrike> Calm down, Lara... * Baine smirks * FlameStrike enters * Erin_ canters into town... * * Lara walks into Graneal. <Narrator> The Shining force walks in to notice that the town is rustling with activity... * Baine follows Erin, admiring her hooves :P <Narrator> Most of the townspeople are going towards the docks... <Baine> Hm. <Baine> Out of curiousity, lets go to the docks. <Lara> good idea, Baine. <FlameStrike> Just a second... we'll see at the docks * FlameStrike flies off * Lara walks over to the docks.. <Narrator> Townsfolks are also buying supplies, so the shops are swamped... <Baine> Hmm. <Narrator> The shining force walks over to the dock... They notice that ships are being loaded with people... <Lara> oh well...guess we won't be doing any shopping while we're here. <Lara> I wonder what's going on? <Erin_> Evacuation? <Baine> Hm. <Baine> Lets ask someone. <Erin_> Maybe we should go see the king... <Lara> good idea. <Narrator> Sentries are seeing to the boarding of the ships... * Baine kicks a passerbyer in the butt. :P <Narrator> The passerbyer bites Baine :P * Lara walks over to one of the sentries. "Where might we find the King?" <Baine> OW! Fucking goddamnit * Baine drops Indigo and leaps at the passerbyer! * Baine strangles him/her/it O_o <Sentry> The king is in the castle, preparing for another assault... <Erin_> Every action has an equal and opposite reaction... hmmm... <Lara> OK. <Erin_> Assault? <Lara> let's get to the castle. * Indigo wakes up from the bump, sees Baine, spits in her face, and stands, getting to a safe distance before resuming her summoning. * Lara runs to the castle. * The sentries hold Baine! * Baine gets spat on <Erin_> Assault by what? I didn't see an army on our doorstep... <Baine> Grr. <Sentry> The king should inform you on the assault... <Baine> Lemme go, you big mother fuckin jerk... :P <Lara> Sentry, let her go! <Lara> she's a member of the Shining Force. * Baine's eyes blaze with anger <Baine> DON'T make me use AmeShi! * Indigo is breathing heavily. * The sentries let Baine go and make the passerby go to the ship... * Baine smirks. "Pigs." <Indigo> Now where am I? * Baine walks over by Lara. * FlameStrike suddendly lands <Lara> now, we have to see the king about this assault. * Lara continues on to the castle. * Baine follows * Indigo narrows her eyes, but follows. <Narrator> The Shining force heads to the castle... * FlameStrike follows too... <Indigo> This King will tell me where I am and who these people are. <Indigo> If I don't.... <Lara> Yogurt, could you put her back to sleep? <Erin_> You'll do nothing, Indigo. It's foolish to act out of haste... <Baine> I'll help.. <Narrator> the gates of the castle are wide open, knights coming and going... * Baine glares frigidly at Indigo * Indigo glares back. * Yogurt arghs... <Indigo> First you kidnap me, then you drag me here. * Indigo turns to Erin. <Indigo> How did you know my name? <Lara> such intensity.... <Baine> Grrr <Baine> I oughta.. <Indigo> What? * Baine starts unsheathing AmeShi <Erin_> That's what I do. I know things. * Indigo turns to her and raises an eyebrow. <FlameStrike> Indigo, do something hasteful and i'll personally rip your throat and use our lungs as bowling balls. <Yogurt> GUYS! Let's just hurry, okay? * Indigo is not impressed. <Erin> You have a slight mental condition, Indigo, that prevents you from realizing your situation... * Baine hears Yogurt and lets AmeShi go, following Yogurt. "Lead on, rat." * Lara picks up the pace to a run in the direction of the castle. <Indigo> My situation? First I was with those worthless idiots who are my parents, then I'm here. * Erin follows the others... * <FlameStrike> Erin, dear, do you think a priest or healer could cure her? <Yogurt> Argh... Stop calling me that, dammit... * Yogurt walks in the castle... <Erin> I doubt it... we'd probably need one of those dead gods... * Indigo follows at a distance, just enough to safely summon an elemental if need be. * FlameStrike picks up a stone and plays with it <FlameStrike> They'll call us "The Shining Psychos"... * FlameStrike pokes Erin <Erin> Yeah? * FlameStrike whispers something in Erin's ear <Narrator> The king's chamber is just up ahead... * Baine runs a hand over the blade of AmeShi <Narrator> The doors are closed... <Narrator> Sentries stand in front of the door... * Lara has already made the soulsword disappear. <Baine> Let us by. <Lara> we have to see the king..let us pass. * FlameStrike hands Erin a closed packet <Sentry> The king is in conference... Please wait... * Indigo is whispering the words to summon an elemental. * Erin takes the small package... * <Indigo> Why should I? It is bad enough that I am knocked out and dragged around by these....things, why should I wait for a doddering old fool?! <Erin> I heard a tale of a village called Mist once... I hope this package isn't like that... <FlameStrike> Open it and you'll find out <FlameStrike> Because if you don't i'll disembowel you * Erin unwraps the package. * A ring...? Where did you get it? <Erin> What's it do? * FlameStrike simply whistles * Baine smirks coldly. "Smooth." * Erin looks at it perplexedly... * * Indigo is randomly hitting passersby, and once summons Neptune to wash away a passing cart. * FlameStrike DOES NOT let Indigo do that <Erin> I... uh... Thanks, 'Strike. * The sentry opens the door and looks in to the king... * Erin smiles a bit. * * FlameStrike smiles to Erin * FlameStrike immobilizes Indigo * The king signals the sentry to let the Shining force in... * Lara walks into the king's presence. <Sentry> You can go in now... The king shall see you... <Baine> 'bout time, you worthless male twits! * FlameStrike drags Indigo in by a ear * Baine walks in * Erin saunters in... * * Indigo breaks the immoblization, and jumps back, snarling. <Indigo> Do not touch me! <Narrator> A tall, blonde fellow stands in front of the king... * Erin turns the ring over and over in her hands, pondering the ramifications of this event... * <Chamolo> ...Thanks for your help anyway, your Majesty. I believe I can take it from here... * Baine raises an eyebrow and looks frigidly at the fellow. <FlameStrike> Come in and don't cause trouble, looney * The king gets distracted by the entrance of the Shining force and looks at them... <King> Good, Chamolo... <King> Come forward, Shining force... Tell me what you've learned... * Lara advises the king of all they have learned. <Baine> We've learned that Indigo is a psycho bitch * Baine grins coldly * Chamolo eyes go wide at the mention of "Shining Force, but he keeps his cool and steps to the back, and listens. * Indigo hangs back, looking at the king with distrust and suspicion. <FlameStrike> We already knew that, Baine <Erin> Galam is destroyed. Utterly. <Indigo> And I've learned that I'm a step away from flooding this place and all in it with Neptune, the elemental of water. <FlameStrike> The King of Galam is no more... * Baine growls.. <Lara> it was all one of Darksol's traps. * The king keeps cool... <FlameStrike> Indigo, you'll soon learn NOT TO ANGER A DRAGON!!! <Indigo> And you'll learn not to anger ME! <King> SILENCE! <Indigo> Why? <FlameStrike> Now STOP and BE QUIET before i lose my patience <Baine> Ah, fuck. Shut up, you goddamn twits and let the king speak. <Chamolo> *mutters* My goodness....this can't be the real Shining Force....too quarrelsome... <FlameStrike> Excuse her, my king <King> Indigo! FlameStrike! Quiet... * Indigo is whispering words of ancient sorcery.... * FlameStrike is pulling Indigo's ear to make her lose concentration <King> Now that Galam is destroyed, I guess we have no choice... * Indigo grits her teeth and keeps concentrating. <King> I shall evacuate the last of Granseal... <Erin> Chamolo, is it? I've learned that strange times, make for strange, uh, bedfellows... Despite all this arguing you're seeing now, we really do work well together in battle. * Chamolo blinks. "Ah, you heard me...miss....miss...?" <Erin> Gallant. <Chamolo> What was your name again? I don't beleive I heard it. <Erin> Erin Gallant. <Chamolo> Erin Gallant...that name sounds familar, Miss Erin... <Lara> shouldn't we make arrangements to evacuate the neighboring kingdoms as well, Highness? <FlameStrike> This is just because she (points Indigo) suffers from Split personality, and right now she is in her Bastard Mode... the other half is sweet and very, VERY naive * Indigo snarls at the king. <King> It is not truly necessary... <Chamolo> Um...okay...I think I understand. <FlameStrike> Indigo, if you don't stop you'll get your ear like a cocker's <Indigo> I know not what you are talking about. I was kidnapped and dragged here. <King> Darksol is looking for this place only... The destruction of Galam was just a means to stop us from building a resistance... <Indigo> If you don't stop I'll flash-flood this place or tear it down with an earthquake! <Lara> why would he be interested in Granseal only? <FlameStrike> Yeah, yeah <Baine> Indigo, shut the fuck up and listen for once.. <FlameStrike> Sure Indigo <Lara> this makes no sense at all. <King> Darksol wants the tower adjacent to the castle... Where Zeon is sealed... * FlameStrike heartedly thanks Baine <Chamolo> Please don't Miss Indigo.. ^^;; * Indigo raises an eyebrow, then summons Dao. * FlameStrike shakes Indigo to make her lose the spell <Indigo> Elemental of the Earth, destroy! <Lara> hmmm.... * Baine yanks her mask back up <King> Zeon's minions destroyed Granseal once... I know they'll do it again... I want the loss of life to be minimal... <Baine> Grrr.. <FlameStrike> The fact is... <FlameStrike> To free Zeon, Darksol needs the Gems... And the gems are in OUR possession. So he'll look for US and then free Zeon, IF and only IF he can get the gems * Chamolo leans against his cane and watches Indigo with some amusement...even though it looks like he doesn't like doing it. <Lara> well, the gems area attached to my soulsword, though. * Indigo smiles at Dao. <FlameStrike> And i swore to defend you people with my life, if necessary <King> Nonetheless... The gems aren't his main purpose... * Lara summons the holy blade, showing the gems attached to the hilt. <Erin> We're playing into a big trap, I'm sure of it... DarkSol has something planned here, and I'm not quite seeing it... * Baine fixes her attention on Chamolo, glaring very coldly :P * Chamolo realizes what he's doing, and straightens, looking very guilty. * FlameStrike extends a clawed hand to Chamolo, while using the other to pull Indigo's ear * Erin mumbles... * If only I weren't so blind... Father would know... * Indigo bites FS's hand and spits in his eye. * Chamolo shakes FlameStrike's Claw. "Pleasure meeting you." <Lara> well, we can use all the help we can get...what can this gent here do? <King> Darksol has always been the one for planning situations that aren't predictable... * Lara points to Chamolo <Chamolo> You mean me? <Chamolo> Well, I would like to help...however... * FlameStrike looks as Indigo breaks her teeth on his hand <Lara> we've been doing good so far.. * Chamolo looks a little pale, like there's something else going on. "...I'm needed in another town." <FlameStrike> Tsk, tsk... That's not wise to bite a DRAGON's hand... * The king groans at the people's bickering and fighting... <Erin> Sorry, your Magesty. <King> You may go, Chamolo... <Chamolo> I hope you can forgive me, Miss Lara. * Indigo kicks, snarls, curses, spits, and screams at everyone and everything. <Erin> No one seems to listen. * FlameStrike stops, still pulling Indigo by one ear <Lara> how does he know my name? * Baine gets an odd look and kneels before the king. "Sire, if I may request....may I be taken off the team?" <FlameStrike> YOGURT! * Chamolo bows to the king. "Thank you for your audience, Majesty. I will report If I find the High Priest." * Indigo is pulling hard enough to rip her ear out and still keeps pulling to free herself. * FlameStrike immobilizes Indigo * Chamolo then shakes Lara's hand. "Till we meet again, Miss Lara. Be careful." <FlameStrike> YOOOOGURT! <Lara> see ya. * The king nods at Chamolo and looks back to Baine... <FlameStrike> Please put Indigo to sleep before i lose my calm... * Chamolo turns and walks out the door. <FlameStrike> ... and put her to sleep myself, but WITHOUT the ring... * Indigo somehow overcomes the immobilization to kick FS in the eye with the sharp end of her boot. <King> No, Baine... I need your abilities in the Shining force... <Lara> Baine, we need your help. I'd appreciate it if you'd reconsider. * Yogurt groans... * Baine lets out a low sigh O_o Her first sign of non-angered emotion :P <Baine> Alright. * Lara extends her hand to Baine in a show of friendship. "What do you say?" <FlameStrike> Ok, NOW you made me mad... * Baine stands and faces Lara. <Baine> Hmm. * FlameStrike knocks Indigo out * Baine grabs her hand and shakes it. * The king summons guards to hold indigo... <Lara> :) <Baine> Got nothing to lose except my life.. <FlameStrike> I can take care of this myself, my liege <King> Shining Force... I want you to supervise the departure of the ships... <Lara> you got it. * Indigo comes to in the guards' arms, and summons Neptune against the king in her fury. * Baine smirks. "What? No death-defying mission?" <Lara> INDIGO! * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * FlameStrike shields the king with his wings and body * Baine tackles Indigo and brings her down, knocking her out! <FlameStrike> KNOCK HER OUT BEFORE I KILL HER!!! <Indigo> I will not tolerate this! * Lara knocks out Indigo with the hilt of her sword. * The king asks a guard to take Indigo out... <Erin> Attempted Regicide... has she no scruples? <Lara> someone have her HEAVILY sedated. <Baine> Someone should get her sloshed. <Baine> I bet she'd be fun at parties. <FlameStrike> Put her on blocks * Baine smirks <Lara> I don't want to think of that little viper bitch sloshed. * The guards tend to Indigo... <Baine> Bah. * Baine runs a hand over AmeShi <Baine> Lets go. * Ingido is carried out by the guards and brought to a priest... :P <FlameStrike> Ouch... My wings... <Narrator> Someone opens the gates behind the Shining force... * Baine glances at 'Strike. * FlameStrike snarls in pain * Vankarin walks in to greet the Shining force... <Erin> Maybe you'd better stay on the ground for a while, 'Strike... it might get worse in the long run if you continue the ry if it's hurt... <FlameStrike> No Sweat, dear... I can heal this... <King> Vankarin will join up with you after the ships depart... * FlameStrike uses his healing powers to heal his wings * FlameStrike smiles to Erin <Vankarin> Wha..? Your highness... I didn't think you'd summon me to tell me this! <FlameStrike> Thanks for worrying <Baine> Hm. <Vankarin> I don't want to desert my castle AND let my king go! I... * The king cuts Vankarin off... You shall do as I say! <Erin> It'd just suck to lose the ability to fly long term... * Vankarin nods obediently and grumbles.... Yes your highness... <Baine> Ah, don't worry Vanny... you can ride with me. <Lara> well, shall we get going? * Baine grins sort of leeringly at Vankarin :P * The king dismisses the Shining force, sending them to the docks... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====