Shining Force RPG session 5
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining force is now at the docks, seeing to the evacuation of the citizens... The ships are being filled up, and the Shining Force's task is to keep the people calm... Lara and Vankarin are in the throne room, still talking to the king. * Yogurt starts overlooking the charts for the ship's voyage... * Baine glares at some of the people. "Shut up and remain calm." <Yogurt> Guys... You people board the women and children in the first 2 ships... The men should go on the 3rd and 4th... <Erin_> I am calm. <Baine> Maybe we could just let the men drown? <FlameStrike> That's not a good idea, Baine <Baine> Of course not. * FlameStrike organizes the people into the ships * Indigo stares around. * Yogurt snickers at Baine's comment and continues to argue with the ship's captain... <Indigo> Why is everyone running? did we get here? The last thing I remember was the temple of Mitula. <Yogurt> We're evacuating the city, Indigo... * Baine shrugs.. "Someone tell Miss Priss whats going on..." <Indigo> But why? * Baine kicks some men as they walk into the ship.. <Yogurt> The city is being assailed by monsters, because Darksol wants the tower adjacent to the castle... So we're evacuating Granseal for the safety of the population... * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> We defeated Darksol before, and we can do it again. It is our destiny. <Baine> Your destiny. * Indigo smiles brightly at Baine. <Indigo> And yours. <Erin_> So sure of yourself... never be sure of something until you've done it. And even then, don't be sure... <Baine> Not mine. Never mine. <Indigo> It is all around us, the magic in the air. * Yogurt turns his attention to the ship's sails... * Baine mutters about nothing but the stench of fish being in the air. * Yogurt runs over to the first ship, screaming at one of the sailors! <Indigo> Lara uses her Soulsword, I the powers of the elementals, Erin her bow, FlameStrike his talons, Yogurt his rings, and Baine your katanas. We wield our destinies in different ways, but to the same ends. * FlameStrike goes to look <Baine> My destiny is a katana alright. But not mine. Of my enemies. <FlameStrike> What's happening here, Yogurt? * Yogurt turns to FlameStrike... The lamps are too close to the sails... A fire could start... * Indigo skips to the center of the docks and raises her arms. <Indigo> *To the crowd* Okay everyone, now, we have to go, so I want everyone to form a line. <Narrator> * The crowd looks at Indigo puzzled... <Baine> Oh by the gods. <Indigo> You see, Darksol is about to attack the city, but we'll defeat him. The king says its' not safe for you to ber here though. <Narrator> Most continue on their tasks of boarding the ships... <Baine> Cute but her mind is lacking.. * Indigo blinks. * Baine mutters <Indigo> Okay, I see.... * Indigo summons Neptune to raise the ocean waves, but not to attack. <Narrator> The guards yell in protest! <Indigo> Now now, don't worry. * Indigo looks to see if she has the crowd's attention now. * Baine moans and ponders kicking Indigo's cute ass! * FlameStrike overlooks the boarding and helps some people with their baggages <Narrator> The crowd looks at Indigo as though she were a psycho... :P * Baine smirks and hauls down her mask, in a slightly happier mood than usual. <Indigo> Well, now that you're paying attention.....everyone, form two lines in front of me. <Narrator> Most of the people listen... <Baine> Indigo, you are hopeless you know that?... <Indigo> I am? * Indigo blinks. * Indigo turns back to the crowd. * Baine chuckles a little (which sounds oddly like musical wind chimes ^_^ ) * Erin_ absently flicks her tail... * <Indigo> *To the crowd* Now, five of you board that ship.... *she points to a ship*... and five board the other ship. No cutting! * Baine hmms and gets hypnotized by the movement of Erin's tail... :P * Yogurt moves back to the second ship to talk to the head of that ship... <Baine> We need a really big....BIG.....boot.. <Baine> Yeah, thats it. <Baine> A boot. <Narrator> The crowd disperses and boards their respectful ships... * Indigo turns to the others. <Indigo> You see? I got them to evacuate, whatever that means. ^_^ * Baine smirks at Indigo * Baine walks past Erin and decides not to smack her on the rump as she had planned. * Indigo looks very proud of herself. <Indigo> You see Erin? Magic can do ANYTHING! <Baine> It can't cause sexual pleasure with a spoon! <Erin_> Magic can't do everything... you're mistaken... and blinded... * Baine winces and pinches herself on the arm. <Indigo> And when I learn how to harness all the elementals, I'll be able to anything. ^_^ * Baine hauls up her facial mask and gets a cold look again in her eyes. <Erin_> You won't be able to feed the poor, or stop wars, or prevent killing, or greed, or countless other things... <Erin_> Magic is more of an an illusion than anything, and it's got you fooled. <Baine> I just love a good kill, though. <FlameStrike> I only know 3 magic spells... And that's enuff... <Indigo> Dao is the elemental of earth, he can grow the food. Neptune can wash away the armies, and those who can summon the powers of magic can cast spells to change people's minds. I know there are spells that can let you control someone's mind. <Baine> Magic is just as good as words and as human bodies. <Baine> There is no real difference. * Erin_ scoffs. * Okay... when you finally amass all that power, you can prove it. I'm sure you can succeed where the old, dead gods even failed. <Indigo> Really? But our bodies cannot control the waves or the fire. <Baine> We can move water with our fingers, Indigo. <Baine> We can create fire with our tools. * Indigo blinks. <FlameStrike> I can breathe fire <Indigo> We can? Mommy and Daddy told me that only magic offers any hope for the future of the universe.... * Baine looks at Erin. "Yup. She is a lost cause." <Erin_> Then they were blinded too... * Baine walks over to Yogurt. "Whats up, little chipmunk-type?" * Indigo blinks. * Yogurt looks at Baine... Uhm... Just making sure the ships land at the position of New Granseal... <Indigo> It is the principle my family has followed for hundreds of years. <Baine> Will we be going there also? <Baine> I can sail a ship, if need be. <Yogurt> No... We'll be staying... We'll go through the north to get to Volcanon's shrine... <Baine> Hmmm. <Baine> Okay, then. <Indigo> Volcanon? <Baine> Call me if I am needed. <Erin_> That's probably why you, or your parents don't percieve the errors of such methods of thought. The balance was probably forgotten long ago. <Yogurt> Volcanon is the king of the Gods... * Baine walks to Erin. "Might I ask you a question?" <Indigo> Oh. * Indigo looks forward. <Indigo> I'll have to talk to Volcanon. He's really allowed things to get out of hand and someone has to tell him what is going on so he can fix it. * Indigo looks determined. * Baine hmms and kneels, poking at Erin's left hind-leg... * Erin_ kicks a small bit. * Stop that. * Baine nods and stands. "Sorry. I was just...uh....curious..." <Indigo> Hey I can speed us up! <FlameStrike> Don't, Indigo! <Indigo> I don't know how to summon the elemental of air, but if I summon Neptune, she can cause the waves to rush us along! ^_^ * Baine looks at AmeShi and then at Indigo :P <Baine> must...resist..temptation.. <Indigo> Oh, why not? The natural water and wind are too slow. * Indigo pouts. <Yogurt> We're not going with them, Indigo... <Indigo> Oh. We're going to have a firm talking-to with Volcanon then. * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Good. Someone needs to tell him to do his job. * Yogurt groans... * Yogurt suddenly stops moving... <FlameStrike> What's up now, Yogurt? * Baine notices. "Chipmunk? What's wrong?" <Indigo> Hmmm? * Indigo looks at Yogurt and rushes over to him. * Yogurt looks up at the 4th ship and points to the sail... <Indigo> What's wrong cutie? <Yogurt> FIRE!!!! <Baine> Ack. <Indigo> Oh. Well, I'll fix it. * Yogurt throws a rock at guards and points to the top of the main sail! * Indigo begins to summon Neptune to raise the waves and put out the fire. <Baine> Indigo! <Baine> no! * FlameStrike stops Indigo <Baine> You'll flood the whole damn ship! * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> The summons fail... All magic abilities are cancelled in the area... <Indigo> But, it would put out the fire... * Baine leaps on to the 4th ship * Indigo feels strange and falls to her knees. * Baine starts climbing the main mast.. * Yogurt rushes over to the ship to try and put it out! <Indigo> magic! I....I can't summon the elementals.... <Baine> I must be insane... * FlameStrike flies on to the main sail * Indigo begins swaying. * Baine starts beating out the flames, her legs locked around the mast. :P <Narrator> The flames start to spread slowly... <Baine> Shit, FlameStrike! Get me some water! * FlameStrike takes a bucket and starts dousing the flames * Baine arghs and continues beating at the flames, while FS douses the flames. * Indigo tries to stand, sways, and falls. <Narrator> The flames are stubborn and continue to burn the fine cloth of the sail... <Narrator> The villagers start panicking... <Baine> Grrrr! * Indigo falls back to instinct. <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, Neptune, Elemental of the Water. I command you to appear and aid me! <Baine> O_o * Indigo sounds desperate, as if she's cracking up. * FlameStrike throws the bucket to Baine * Baine growls deeply and beats more frantically at the flames.. "GO OUT YOU GOD DAMN-" <FlameStrike> You douse the flames with water, i'm gonna try something else! * Baine gets hit in the head by the bucket <Baine> FUCK! * Baine falls O_o <Narrator> The villagers start to run from the ship... * FlameStrike goes INTO the flames and douses them with his own body * Indigo continues to call on the elementals in desperation and even growing insanity. * Baine lands on the deck of the ship. <Baine> Ow.. * Baine winces.. <Baine> Bah. * Baine rubs the small bruise on her forehead and mutters about her reflexes. <Narrator> The flames start to die out slowly, but keep on burning the upper part of the sail... <Narrator> The summons fail time after time... * FlameStrike shouts to Indigo "Magic Powers are useless here! It's a dead-magic zone!!! Stop crying!" <Indigo> Magic is my life. Without it, I cannot function! <Baine> You still.....unh.....have it... * Baine holds back from passing out and stands. <Indigo> But the elementals won't answer me! <Baine> So?... * Baine sways a bit, her head throbbing.. <Baine> Maybe they unh went out for a drink...or something.. <Indigo> My magic is based on summoning the elementals to do my bidding. If they can't respond, then I am powerless. <Narrator> FlameStrike finally stops the flames from burning the rest of the sail... <Narrator> The people cheer at the bravery of the Shining Force! * FlameStrike uses Aura on Baine <FlameStrike> Whew... we made it <Yogurt> Ah... Well done, people! * Baine mutters stuff.. <Baine> Yeah. Perfect. * Baine stares at her hands and sighs. <Baine> Alright. So, now what? * Indigo doesn't seem to realize that it's over now, as she keeps trying to summon the elementals. <Narrator> Repair crews start the task of patching the sail... <Baine> I'll just be over here.. * Baine sits down and closes her eyes.. * FlameStrike flies back on the docks * Baine levitates a few minutes later. * Baine mumbles words no one can understand.. * Indigo moves around, causing random damage and continuing to try summon Neptune. <Narrator> A dark and sinister laugh comes from the top of the sail... * FlameStrike stops Indigo * Baine remains as she is, ignoring the laugh.. * FlameStrike ignores it too * Indigo looks up, crying. <Indigo> Oh, please go away. * FlameStrike continues to help the people <Narrator> Dark mist forms on the top of the ship's mast... * FlameStrike whispers to Indigo "Ignore him" <Indigo> Who is it? <Jeyer> Baine... Well, well... Still weak, I see... * Baine snaps her eyes out * Baine lets out a loud hiss.. * Jeyer snickers... You never were the one to withstand pain, my dear... <Baine> You... * Jeyer leaps down in front of Baine... * Baine narrows her eyes * Indigo looks at this. <Jeyer> The one and only... *grins evilly* * FlameStrike flies next to Baine <Baine> What do you want... * Baine is seemingly attracted and yet repelled by Jeyer. <Jeyer> Now now, Baine... Is that the way to treat an ex fellow in arms? Tsk tsk... * Indigo goes over and curtsies. * FlameStrike looks at Jeyer <FlameStrike> Did you start the fire? <Indigo> I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. * Indigo gestures. "She is Baine, a ninja, and this is FlameStrike, a dragon. We are members of the new Shining Force." * Baine growls softly.. <Indigo> Our destiny is to put an end to all evil. * FlameStrike stands before Erin. * Jeyer glares at FlameStrike and Indigo... Pathetic... And yes, I DID start the fire, lizard... <Baine> Shut up, Indigo.. * Baine stares at Jeyer.. * FlameStrike cracks his knuckles "HOW DID YOU CALL ME?" <Baine> Why are you here? <Jeyer> So this is the measly Shining Force... HA! I can't believe you people defeated a fire gizmo... * FlameStrike casts Strength on himself <Indigo> Currently, we are evacuating Granseal. You see, an attack is expected by an evil being called DarkSol, so we're getting the people to safety before talking to Volcanon and then returning to beat DarkSol. <Baine> Flamestrike. Stay. * Indigo looks around. * Jeyer ignores FlameStrike, moves closer to Baine and whispers, "To destroy you, my sweet." <Indigo> I wonder where they are.... * Baine clenches and unclenches a fist... <Baine> Me, hmm? * FlameStrike attacks Jeyer * Jeyer dissapears before FlameStrike can touch him... * FlameStrike growls * Jeyer appears at the end of the docks... <Indigo> There are a couple of others. Lara. She's a demon hunter. And then Erin, our strategist. She's a pegasus. * Baine is looking somewhere between turned on and pissed off :P <FlameStrike> So, you hide, bastard, uh? <Jeyer> My my... This one has quite a temper! <FlameStrike> This one is gonna kick your sorry ass into oblivion, minion of Darksol <Baine> You work for scum like Darksol now, Jeyer..? <Indigo> Now, help us get everyone to safety. We're expecting a minion of Darksol. * FlameStrike attacks Jeyer again <Jeyer> Darksol? Now... Who is that again? <Baine> Indigo...shut up.. <Baine> FlameStrike, stop that.. * Jeyer grins evilly... <Indigo> Darksol is an ancient evil, that was beaten by the last Shining Force. <Indigo> He's been resurrected though. * Jeyer leaps over FlameStrike and flips over to the end of the dock... * Indigo doesn't hear Baine. * Baine mutters something about giving away all the secrets. <FlameStrike> Nobody calls me a lizard and returns home with his bones whole! <Baine> FlameStrike.. * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Now now, be nice. * Baine walks to Jeyer. <Indigo> This could be the next member of the Shining Force. <Jeyer> Now... Let me introduce myself to you measly people... Jeyer of Mist, at your service... *takes a bow* * Indigo curtsies. <Baine> At our service? Thats new... <Indigo> I think I already told you who I am... * Jeyer chuckles at Indigo's innocence... <FlameStrike> Come on, son of a bitch! Stop escaping like the weakling you are and fight! <Jeyer> That's new?? Oh oh... Such delightful sarcasm, my dear... * Jeyer summons monsters to his side... <Baine> Mmm.....don't care for one on ones, do you? <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Indigo> Oh. <Jeyer> You'll get your fight, FlameStrike... * Baine draws AmeShi.. * Indigo curtises to the monsters in confusion. <FlameStrike> HE IS MINE! <Baine> Shut up. <Narrator> ===== 5 Sea bats, 2 Pegasus knights, Jeyer of Mist ===== <Baine> He is mine. <Baine> You take the others. * Baine glares at FlameStrike with ferocity. <FlameStrike> You do as you wish, but Jeyer is MINE. If you want him too, come and kill him with me. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Baine> This is NOT between you, you big dumb DRAGON! <Indigo> Oh stop it! * FlameStrike doesn't notice Baine, pure rage in his eyes <Narrator> == Erin attacks Sea bat 1... The arrows barely hit the creature... 3 damage... <Indigo> If it's so important I'll wash them away! * Baine clenches a fist and her whole body flickers like a flame.. <Narrator> == Baine and Jeyer of Mist attack simultaneously... <Jeyer> Well well, Baine... I see you've been keeping in shape... *grin* * Baine winces * Baine laughs and runs towards Jeyer. She slashes viciously upwards with the enchanted blade of AmeShi, leaving a huge burning gash on Jeyer's body. <Baine> its apparent you haven't! * Jeyer parries the attack... * Baine 's eyes burn with lust.. ;) * Baine 's eyes also burn with battle lust...heh :P <Narrator> == Baine slashes at Jeyer... The attack is parried... 1 damage for force of block... * Jeyer glares at Baine... Brute and strong as ever... But still drop dead gorgeous... * Baine blushes ever so slightly.. <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack. <Baine> Why, sound like you want inside my pants...I thought you just wanted to kill me? * Jeyer chuckles and awaits FlameStrike's attack... <Narrator> == FlameStrike attacks Jeyer... * Jeyers grins... Oh this will be fun... * Baine tries to keep her mind off of sex :P <Narrator> == FlameStrike claws at Jeyer and then bites at him... Jeyer parries the clawing by pushing the claws away, but is bitten on the shoulder! 5 damage! * Jeyer winces... * FlameStrike spits a large piece of Jeyer's shoulder and says "This serves you well" <Baine> Jeyer...just give up... <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! <Indigo> Let me show you the powers of the elementals of nature. You see, I studied the ways of magic all my life, so I know a lot of magic and how it works....and now comes the part where Baine tells me to shut up and get on with it. * Indigo summons Neptune against Jeyer, though she is unsure if the tidal wave will hit only him. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Neptune... <Narrator> == Indigo's summons works, but does minimal damage... 2 damage to Jeyer <Narrator> == The sea bats can attack! <Baine> This is insanity... <Narrator> == Sea bat 1 to 5 lash out at FlameStrike. <Narrator> == The bites of the sea bats deal minimal damage, due to FlameStrike's scales... 7 damage... * Baine keeps an eye on Jeyer * Jeyer glances at Baine and blows her a kiss... * Baine blushes more and mutters something under her breath about needing a cold bath.. <Narrator> == The pegasus knights can attack. <Narrator> == Pegasus knight 1 attacks Indigo, while Pegasus knight 2 attacks FlameStrike * Baine notices none of the enemies are focusing on her.. * Indigo ducks and cowers, then emits a high-pitched scream, like that of a little girl. <Narrator> == Pegasus knight 1 knocks Indigo over with his spear... 6 damage... <Baine> Damnit...wheres Erin when you need her brains.. <Narrator> == Pegasus knight 2 slaps the spear across FlameStrike's face, not making him budge an inch... 3 damage * FlameStrike tries to catch the spear and break it <Erin> I suggest we focus on the creatures and leave Jeyer alone... * Baine sneers and sheathes the powerful blade of AmeShi in the black scabbard she wears on her back. * Baine closes her eyes and concentrates <Indigo> I don't understand Erin. We always attack all the creatures for some reason. <Erin> Indigo... Jeyer seems mostly unnafected by our attacks... I say dispatch the creatures to minimize damage on us, THEN deal with Jeyer... <Narrator> == FlameStrike grabs at the spear, but the knight pulls it out of reach... * FlameStrike tries to decide between listening to Erin or killing the one that called him "lizard" <Indigo> Well, okay... <Narrator> == Yogurt can attack! <Narrator> == Yogurt pulls a ring out... <Narrator> == Yogurt uses the ring and starts laughing uncontrollably! * Baine doesn't notice, her mind focusing on the enemy.. <Yogurt> OH NO! *laugh* I... *laugh* Used the... *Laugh* chirrup ring! *ROFLMAO* <Narrator> ===== 5 sea bats, 2 pegasus knights and Jeyer remain ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack... <Narrator> == Erin picks up an arrow and aims it at the torso of a pegasus knight... <Narrator> == Erin's arrow plants into its torso, making Pegasus knight 1 fall to the ground below... 6 damage... <Narrator> == Jeyer uses innate abilities to quicken himself... <Baine> Concentrate, Kara.... <Jeyer> Oh how this is gonna be fun... <Jeyer> Prepare yourself, my dear Baine... * Baine breaks her concentration and growls softly.. <Narrator> == Jeyer casts Rayjin on Baine... <Jeyer> Feel the power of unholy thunder! *raises his arms* <Narrator> == Rayjin is cast upon Baine... The bolt of power descends towards her mercilessly, causing 10 points in damage! Baine falls to her knees! * Baine moans.. * FlameStrike looks at it and immediately uses Aura to heal himself, Baine and Indigo <Baine> W-why, imp-impressive.. <Narrator> == FlameStrike uses Aura on the party... The effects are reduced for an odd reason... Everyone receives 2 HP only... * Baine remains on her knees, staring at Jeyer.. * Jeyer stares back at Baine... You should have stayed with us, Baine... <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack... <Baine> I-...No...its wrong....the killing.. * Baine's eyes darken with slight sadness <Narrator> == FlameStrike attacks Jeyer. * Erin groans and shakes her head... Noone listens to me... <FlameStrike> Sorry, dearest, but i want his head to hang on my wall... nobody calls me lizard and gets away with it! <Narrator> == FlameStrike lashes out at Jeyer, as Jeyer dissapears into mist... "We shall meet again, Baine..." * Baine moans softly and falls foreward <FlameStrike> COME BACK HERE, BASTARD!!! * Erin glances at FlameStrike... Uh... Smart, 'Strike... * FlameStrike helps Baine to her feet and gives her a Medical Herb <Indigo> Oh dear. I had a strategy to beat him too.... <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * FlameStrike seems to calm down <Baine> ...Jeyer....bastard.. * Indigo pouts and rants in disappointment, then half-haertedly summons Neptune against the monsters and goes to a corner to sulk. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Neptune... <Narrator> == Neptune comes back with full force, pounding heavy rain on the pegasus knights and bats... 6 damage each... Sea bat 1 dispatched. * Baine stands without aid now, fury burning in her eyes and complete coldness radiating from her.. * Baine slowly unsheathes AmeShi.. <Narrator> == The sea bats can attack! <Narrator> == Sea bat 2 and 3 attack Baine... <Narrator> == Sea bat 4 and 5 lash out at Indigo... * Indigo is still pouting and sulking. <Narrator> == Indigo is bit by the bats for 4 damage, while Baine is bit for 3 damage... * Baine doesn't even flinch... * Baine just growls. <Narrator> == Baine can counter! * Indigo cries. * Baine rushes in and slashes at Bat_2's wings, then jabbing at Bat_2's face with the hilt of AmeShi!!! <Narrator> == Baine attacks Sea bat 2... The sea bat is utterly pounded by the simple, yet effective attack! 20 damage, dispatched! <Narrator> == The pegasus knights can attack! * Baine grins wolfishly, her eyes burning with fury as she twirls AmeShi.. <Narrator> == Pegasus knights 1 and 2 defend... <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack... <Narrator> == FlameStrike attacks Pegasus knight 1. <Narrator> == claws at the pegasus knight, dealing lots of upper body damage... 8 damage... Dispatched... <Narrator> == Yogurt can attack! * Baine coolly decides to try a different approach.. * Baine sneers and sheathes the powerful blade of AmeShi in the black scabbard she wears on her back. <Narrator> == Yogurt puts the chirrup ring back in his... "pouch" and pulls out another ring... <Narrator> == Yogurt uses the ring... It summons the elemental Gauntlet... <Narrator> == Gauntlet pounds Pegasus knight 2 to a bloody pile of broken bones... 30 damage, dispatched! * Baine awaits her turn, her fists burning with flames <Narrator> ===== 3 sea bats left ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack. <Narrator> == Erin strings an arrow to attack Sea bat 3. <Narrator> == The sea bat receives the arrow square in the head, bursting his skull open... <Narrator> == 12 damage, dispatched... <Narrator> == Baine can attack. * Baine remains stoic as she gazes upon her enemy. She clasps her hands together, bringing her two index fingers out in front of her and pointing at Bat 4 and she casts the spell of Katon. Black fire surges up from the ground under Bat 4 and scorches it with the darkness of pure hatred. <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon on Sea bat 4... <Narrator> == Katon's flames seem to burn hotter than usual... The use is more exerting on Baine, but is many times more powerful... <Narrator> == Katon Level 2 is learned! * Baine is so totally pissed off :P <Narrator> == The flames burn both of the bats, frying them both to a fine crisp... Kentucky fried bats, anyone? 15 damage each, dispatched. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Lara: 0 XP, Baine: 55 XP, FlameStrike: 35 XP, Erin: 40 XP, Indigo: 34 XP * Baine crosses her arms and growls softly.. * FlameStrike goes to check on Baine * Indigo seems sad at the loss of life. <FlameStrike> Are you all right? <Indigo> I think I could have defeated this Jeyer in one stroke.... <Baine> No. <Baine> And no, Indigo. You wouldn't have. * Baine turns away and looks around for anymore trouble. * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> I had a strategy to win, next time I'll use it. <Baine> Jeyer is strong. Very strong. * Yogurt runs to the party and pats Baine on the back... Looks like you've learned a new spell level... Good job! <FlameStrike> I realized it... but i still want his head on the wall of my cavern * Baine growls at Yogurt.. * Yogurt backs off slowly... Eeep..? * Baine's eyes are completely and utterly frigid <Baine> Where do we go now. * FlameStrike goes to check on Erin (that wasn't wounded, as far as i know) <FlameStrike> You all right, Erin? * Erin ignores FlameStrike. * Indigo feels the pain from her wounds and begins bawling like a baby. * FlameStrike uses his Aura powers to heal everyone <Narrator> The townspeople come out of hiding and cheer at the Shining Force's victory! * Indigo smiles, feeling better. * Indigo stands and goes to the people. * FlameStrike is pretty battered <Indigo> You see! Good triumphed over evil! * Baine has a hand on AmeShi, squeezing the hilt so much her hand is turning white.. <Narrator> The people slowly continue to pack for the departure, now with more confidence... <Indigo> We drove off the bad man, and now the power of the light shall go forth to do battle and conquer the darkness! * FlameStrike goes in a quiet place to rest a while, all his strength drained by the Berserk Rage and the use of his powers <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Darksol's lair, commotion and bustle roams the halls... <Jeyer> Sir Darksol! I am sorry! This was just to assert their strength! <Darksol> SILENCE! You failed on this opportunity! Do NOT lie to me, fool! <Darksol> You shall look past this relationship you have with the young ninja! If you cannot deal with that, I shall remove you from the battle and send someone more fit for the task! * Jeyer cringes, stiffens and nods at Darksol. Next time, I shall not fail, my lord... <Horester> He shall! I do NOT trust him, sir! <Narrator> The voice comes from the shadows behind the throne... <Darksol> Ah, Horester... How little confidence you have in him... <Darksol> Let the pitiful man get killed before you judge him! * Darksol snickers... * Jeyers grins at Horester... <Darksol> Now leave me... I have rituals of summoning to prepare... * Jeyer dissapears, while Horester returns to the shadows... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The townspeople of Granseal are now in the ships and ready to depart... Lara, the king and Vankarin stand on the docks, ready to board ship 1... <FlameStrike> Uhmmm... i need to get some sleep... * Indigo dances and twirls on the ship's deck. * Baine watches Indigo, now a bit more calm.. <Indigo> We won, we won! Yay! :D <Indigo> *To the crowd* We have vanquished Darksol and Jeyer! The battle between good and evil is over, and good reigns supreme! * FlameStrike sits on the floor of the ship, almost totally drained. <FlameStrike> Indigo, Stop it... i'm tired.. <Baine> ....we haven't beaten anyone yet.. <Indigo> Stop what? * Indigo jumps up. <FlameStrike> Stop talking and screaming and all... i am tired... <Indigo> I have a *brilliant* idea! <Baine> Mmm...that makes two of us. <FlameStrike> You are healed, i am not... * FlameStrike falls asleep <Baine> Ha....whatever.. * Indigo begins to shout over to the king. <King> Thank you, Shining Force... For everything you've done and have yet to do... We are greatful... * FlameStrike wakes up and groggily goes to meet the king <Indigo> Your majesty, I have an idea. If we can get the people behind us, we can clear out those nasty monster lairs! <King> I hope you are able to meet us in New granseal to warn us of your progress... <Indigo> It is a foregone conclusion, but we'll keep you informed. ^_^ * Baine rolls her eyes <FlameStrike> Well, let's depart now * Indigo pats the king on his head and smiles. * Baine turns from the King and everyone else.... <King> Indigo... That is your primary purpose... To meet new members and to strengthen the Shining Force... * Baine leans on the railing, looking down at the water * FlameStrike bows to the king and boards the ship * Yogurt tottles on <Indigo> Rightsies! ^_^ * FlameStrike resumes sleeping * Indigo nods and pats the king on his head again. * FlameStrike unfolds his wings in his sleep and mutters "Erin... i'll... protect you..." <Vankarin> People! Let's get off the ship... We need to get going soon... I suggest we go to Yeel first and foremost... <Baine> Yes, dad.. * Baine mutters * Vankarin bows to the king... It was a pleasure serving you, my liege... Until we meet again, I shall be faithful to your honor... * FlameStrike folds his wings and then growls in his sleep * Vankarin glares at Baine, then looks to Yogurt... Children... Eh... *winks and smiles* <FlameStrike> Jeyer... bastard... i'll make you regret... harming my friend... harming Baine... i'll rip... your head off... * Yogurt smiles * Baine mutters something really really REALLY nasty under her breath.. * Indigo hugs the king and then takes Vankarin's arm and begins skipping to the ship. * FlameStrike continues to sleep, occasionally muttering something about Baine, Erin and Darksol. * Vankarin slaps FlameStrike on the shoulder... Wake up, friend... We need to depart... <Baine> Lets just go, gods be damned.. * FlameStrike wakes up "Hmm?" <Indigo> Oh don't say that. Mommy's friends are gods and goddesses, and their feelings will be hurt if you say that. * Vankarin shakes his head... We need to leave, FlameStrike... <FlameStrike> Ok... * FlameStrike stands up <FlameStrike> Say, was i talking in my sleep again? <Indigo> Yes you were. <King> You have extra supplies and money in that chest... *points to the only chest lying on the docks* * FlameStrike would turn red, if he wasn't already * FlameStrike goes over to the chest <FlameStrike> What was i saying, Indigo? <Indigo> You were taking about Erin, and protecting Baine from Jeyer. ^_^ * Baine mutters <King> Make use of them... Medical herbs are scarce in the northern parts... * Yogurt wanders over to the chest <FlameStrike> Uhmmm... let's just hope nobody heard me... <Baine> Is any of the money my pay, by any chance? * FlameStrike opens the chest <Yogurt> Wow, this looks nice! <Narrator> The chest contains 2000 gold pieces and 20 herbs... <Indigo> What do we need gold for? <Yogurt> Suppiles dummy :P <FlameStrike> If you don't want it, we'll take your share too <King> This is the Shining Force's pay... * Indigo looks confused. <FlameStrike> We're 5, right? That makes 4 herbs and 400 gold each <Narrator> The sailors are ordered to raise the anchors and to set sail... <Indigo> Well, okay. I guess I'll take it, since it was a gift. Maybe my grandchildren will have some use for it.... * The king waves to the Shining Force as the boats depart... Goodbye, Shining force, and good luck! * Baine rolls her eyes... "We'll need it."" <FlameStrike> You can say it Baine <Baine> It. <Narrator> the Shining force gathers their gear, heal and rest themselves before departing towards the western town of Yeel... * FlameStrike continues to talk about Erin in his sleep <Vankarin> Well, I guess we should leave... <Vankarin> No point in staying in this ghost town... * Baine shrugs, eyes betraying a hint of anger. <Baine> Yeah. <Indigo> Oh, did the fireball hit here too? <Vankarin> Gah... No, Indigo! We're leaving Granseal! :P * Vankarin shakes his head and thinks, "What is the IQ of this girl, dammit??" :P * Baine crosses her arms. <Narrator> The Shining Foce continues on towards Yeel... <Yogurt> Wow, that was hard <Vankarin> Maybe we can recruit more people in Yeel... <Baine> Gee.. <Baine> I do so hope! * Baine bats her eyelashes in a sarcastic gesture * Yogurt picks his nose * Baine smirks coldly <Vankarin> I hope so, because the way things are going now, we're never gonna beat Darksol... <Yogurt> We've done it once :P * Vankarin glares at Baine... Start getting serious, GIRL... <Indigo> We'll win. You're a knight aren't you? Strike with steel and honor! <FlameStrike> Yogurt, according to what Bleu said, you did NOTHING :) <Vankarin> Yes... But remember the quality of warriors you had back then? <Yogurt> I was there :P <Yogurt> I had to hold Max's Sword! That was a hard job! <Vankarin> Yes... We'll see... <FlameStrike> And Bleu was a Great Dragon :) <Baine> Serious? * Vankarin chuckles... * Baine laughs! * Baine snickers more <Indigo> I'll use the elementals, and the others will....well, whatever they like doing, and we'll win. <FlameStrike> And there were lots of powerful fighters <Yogurt> Well Van, you guys might be able to meet the chalenge.. * Baine turns away and watches the skies... * Yogurt mutters someting * Lara walks by Vankarin, looking towards the western horizon... <Indigo> Mommy's friends: the gods and goddesses, told her so. <Yogurt> Besides Darksol is a wimp! I saw him Cry during the final battle! * FlameStrike walks by Erin, looking if she still has the ring he gave her * Vankarin laughs! * Erin gives FlameStrike the cold shoulder... <Narrator> The small village of Yeel can be seen in the distance... <Indigo> Here we are! <Narrator> The Shining force arrives at the gates of Yeel... There seems to be some sort of commotion in the north... <Vankarin> Hmm? <Vankarin> What is happening? * FlameStrike apologizes to erin for not following her warnings and explains her about the "lizard" thing * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Let us go. I will bring peace, if I can. Erin is the strategist, but I think I'm the peacemaker. ^_^ * Erin looks at FlameStrike, then flies up to see what's going on in Yeel... * FlameStrike runs towards Yeel * Indigo skips toward Yeel, singing. * Erin sees Jeyer standing in front of a tall, blonde fellow... They seem to be talking... The villagers are all binded behind Jeyer... * Baine narrows her eyes and her lip curls in a snarl.. * FlameStrike screams some obscenities and charges Jeyer * FlameStrike casts Strength on himself <Narrator> The tall man turns around and gasps as the people charge towards them... Jeyer grins... <Baine> Jeyer... <Narrator> The Shining Force remembers the man as Chamolo Willcott... The healer they met in Granseal... <Vankarin> ==== Session end! =====