Shining Force RPG session 6
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force is now in Yeel... The townspeople held hostage by Jeyer, Chamolo negociating with him... * Indigo skips to Chamolo. * Baine growls lowly.. <Indigo> Hi hi! I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. * Flamestrike sees Jeyer and reprimes the urge to charge at him and cut his throat <Vankarin> So this is Jeyer... <Baine> Jeyer.. <Indigo> We're members of the new Shining Force. * Indigo points to Jeyer. * Vankarin walks towards Chamolo... <Indigo> He's a bad man, don't trust him. <Flamestrike> Yes, Vankarin... And soon, he'll be a DEAD jeyer * Chamolo looks at the shining force... * Jeyer smirks... <Baine> Jeyer....why are you doing this..? <Chamolo> Jeyer...leave these poor people out of this... <Flamestrike> So, bastard... what brings you here to meet your doom? <Jeyer> Baine... Because I was ordered to, my dear... * Baine shivers a bit.. <Baine> Don't. When have YOU ever followed orders? <Jeyer> As for you, Chamolo, you heard my terms... <Flamestrike> Ok, these are my terms * Chamolo sighs. "And you'll let these people...and my father go?" <Indigo> Wait Chamolo. I can negotiate a better deal! <Flamestrike> You will withdraw all yout troops * Baine mutters about idiotic people.. <Flamestrike> You will publicly excuse with all the townspeople <Chamolo> Miss Indigo, right? The one with the multiple personalities? <Flamestrike> And you will put your head between your legs and KISS YOUR ARSE while doing this <Flamestrike> Otherwise, i'll kill you <Jeyer> Oh... Lizard boy... That's quite a good speech... <Baine> Shut up, FlameStrike. <Indigo> Multpiple personalities? What do you mean? I'm always this way. * Jeyer grins... * Baine glares at FS. * Flamestrike attacks Jeyer <Chamolo> You don't know what Sir Jayer is capible of...*Sees FS attacking* wait! * Jeyer snarls, leaps back and casts Rayjin on FS. * Erin shakes her head... * * Baine sidles up to Cham. "Oh? I was trained with him." <Indigo> Yes we do! We fought him and made him go away, disgraced him before his master! <Narrator> The bolt of power strikes FS, knocking him back! <Chamolo> Then you should know to keep your friends back. He wants me, not you. I don't want to see innocents get hurt because of me. * Flamestrike parries the bolt strike, but is knocked back <Jeyer> Don't try that again, FlameStrike... <Flamestrike> I want to see HIM GET HURT <Jeyer> Because next time, you shall die... <Flamestrike> otherwise, lackey? <Baine> Do you THINK I can keep them back? <Indigo> Oh, no one will. * Chamolo chuckles. "Perhaps not..." * Baine crosses her arms and eyes Jeyer. * Indigo prepares to summon Neptune. <Baine> All of you idiots just stop. <Flamestrike> Only because you are a pathetic lackey of your master, ready to hide behind your monstrous allies at the first sign of danger <Indigo> You see, my mommy's friends, the gods and goddesses of good, can beat his master. * Jeyer eyes Baine back... And you... You shall be fun to dance with again... I hope you've learned from our last encounter... <Flamestrike> And you are NOT man enough to face my wrath * Baine shivers yet again and her eyes darken a little.. * Chamolo looks toward the tied villagers. .oO( If they distract him long enough...maybe I can free them...) <Flamestrike> Because you are no more than a lowly worm of the earth <Flamestrike> And you will die as such! <Erin> Don't you think we can be a little more rational here... <Baine> FlameStrike, shut the fuck up before I shove AmeShi up yer nostril. <Jeyer> FlameStrike... How small is your brain? <Baine> And listen to Erin for once. * Indigo twirls. <Erin> Maybe think this out a little more instead of trading insults... * Indigo thinks, then... * Flamestrike loses all control and charges at Jeyer * Baine scowls. <Indigo> I've got it! I'll try to call the gods like I do the elementals! * Jeyer growls and casts Death level 3 on FlameStrike... * Erin shakes her head... * Dammit, FS, you're gonna get yourself killed... * Indigo begins the process, starting to glow. <Narrator> The cloud of death swirls around FlameStrike, menacing to steal his very soul... <Baine> Indigo. * Chamolo, during the commotion, slowly sneaks to the hostages and begins to untie the ropes of a little girl. <Jeyer> Move another inch, Dragon, and you shall die... * Indigo is too wrapped up in trying to summon the gods to notice. * Jeyer is unaware of Chamolo's actions... * Baine growls and picks up a stone. She throws it at Indigo. "Stop that." * Erin swats Indigo. * The gods are long dead... give it up... * Indigo blinks. * Flamestrike calms down a little and stands where he is, breathing heavily and regaining control of himself <Indigo> Then why....? <Jeyer> Baine... Shall we spar once again? * Baine walks closer to Jeyer.. <Baine> Yes. * Indigo goes back to her summoning. * Baine unsheathes AmeShi. * Chamolo frees the girl and then goes to a young woman. * Jeyer grins... Good... <Chamolo> .oO (It's working...I pray he doesn't find out...) * Baine leaps back and glares at Jeyer, eyes alive with many emotions. * Jeyer unsheaths a blade that is an exact replica of AmeShi... <Chamolo> .oO( May Mitula protect me...and them...) <Indigo> Excellent idea Chamolo... <Chamolo> ! <Chamolo> Shh... <Chamolo> Don't speak.... * Jeyer looks at Baine... Do you like it? Nice blade, isn't it... * Chamolo mouths these words * Indigo begins twirling. * Baine growls.. * Erin whacks Indigo over the head. * Damned fool girl. * Chamolo frees the young woman and then goes to a blacksmith. <Indigo> Mitula, goddess of healing and light, come to this plane of existence! <Baine> How many innocents have you slaughtered with it? * The death cloud around FS slowly dissipates... <Baine> How many more must die? * Flamestrike slowly staggers back to the group <Jeyer> Why Baine... Why do you say that? I never hurt innocent people... <Baine> YOU ALL HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE! <Baine> I HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE ONCE! <Jeyer> And you were good at it... * Baine flinches.. * Indigo continues the summmoning, calling Mitula to appear. * Chamolo frees the blacksmith, and goes to a old bag (AKA Old woman ^_^) <Baine> Too good. * Flamestrike mutters an apology * Jeyer smirks at Baine... Then join us again... <Flamestrike> Sorry, Erin... Vankarin.. you all... * Baine chews on her bottom lip.. * Jeyer readies his blade, having said this... <Baine> I.. * Vankarin glares at Baine and Jeyer... * Baine clamps her eyes shut and shakes her head violently.. <Baine> No. <Baine> Never again. * Chamolo struggles with a large knot. "Come on...untie..." * Jeyer shrugs, slides back a step and mutters, "Then you shall die.." * Flamestrike stands ready to jump into the fight * Baine snarls and starts to circle around Jeyer..."Good. Death is all I deserve." <Indigo> Mitula, I command you to appear! * Indigo sounds very commanding, a true sorceress. <Erin> You never learn, do you Indigo? So blinded you are... * Chamolo unties the old lady, and unties a boy. * Jeyer slashes at Baine, forcing her to draw the real AmeShi... * Baine growls and parries <Flamestrike> (to Erin) Shall we help her? * Jeyer diverts his attention, hearing someone untie the ropes... * Baine leaps in and slashes downward sharply, aiming at his shoulder. <Erin> Now we help. * Erin knocks an arrow! * Jeyer! * Jeyer snarls and casts and summons a horde of Monsters! * Flamestrike recovers quickly from his dizziness * Erin lets it fly! * * Chamolo blinks. "Oh no..." * Baine leaps back, AmeShi at ready.. * Jeyer blocks the arrow easily... <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Flamestrike quickly runs to the villagers' side <Flamestrike> RUN! <Erin> Shining Force, attack! <Flamestrike> I'll stop them! * Erin spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * * Chamolo releases the last hostage, and pulls out his staff. <Indigo> Oh, and I was so close... <Narrator> ===== Leader: Jeyer, 2 hell hounds, 3 vampire bats, 3 pegasus knights ===== <Baine> Jeyer... <Chamolo> Mind if I assist, Miss Erin? * Jeyer turns back to Baine and glares at her... <Flamestrike> Erin! Behind me! <Erin> Be my guess, Chamolo, just be careful. :) <Chamolo> Right... <Erin> I'll be fine, FS. I'm not helpless! * Chamolo runs behind Flamestrike. * Baine flinches under the glare a bit and then sighs. "So be it." * Flamestrike stands on front of Erin, Chamolo and the villagers and assumes a fighting stance <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Vampire Bat 1 ! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Vampire bat 1 * Baine twirls AmeShi.. <Narrator> == The vampire bat is knocked with the full force of the arrows! Critical! 14 damage! * Jeyer blows a kiss at Baine mockingly... * Baine shivers and smirks. "Tempting, but no thank you." <Chamolo> Nice.... * Baine glances down at her hands..... <Narrator> ===== Jeyer and Baine attack simultaneously! ===== <Jeyer> Now... Let's see if your anger can defeat me... * Baine laughs and runs towards Jeyer. She slashes viciously upwards with the enchanted blade of AmeShi, leaving a huge burning gash on Jeyer's body. <Baine> Anger....rage.. <Narrator> == Baine slashes at Jeyer, while Jeyer prepares a Katon level 3... <Narrator> == Jeyer is hit by the full force of Baine's attack, dealing him 12 damage... While Katon burns Baine's arm viciously... 13 damage... <Baine> Nnh. * Jeyer winces... That was a good attack... * Baine's eyes dance with pure anger and hatred.. <Chamolo> Miss Baine! <Baine> Never again.. <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack! <Narrator> == FlameStrike tends to the villagers, parrying attacks for them... <Flamestrike> QUICK! RUN AWAY! <Narrator> == Chamolo can attack! * Chamolo raises his cane into the air, and chants quickly. <Narrator> == Chamolo casts Heal level 1 on Baine... <Baine> Eh.. <Narrator> == A fairy circles Baine, sprinkling pixie dust on her... The dust makes most of Baine's injuries fade... 8 HP regained... * Baine shoots a thankful gaze at Chamolo. * Chamolo nods. * Baine grins darkly at Jeyer and twirls AmeShi.. <Chamolo> Be careful, Miss Baine... <Narrator> == The pegasus knights can attack! * Flamestrike stands ready to receive the charge * Jeyer stares at Baine, studying her... <Narrator> == Pegasus knights 1 and 2 attack FlameStrike, while Pegasus knight 3 lashes out at Lara! * Baine hauls down her mask and licks her lips at Jeyer.. "You want a piece of this..?" <Baine> Come get some. * Baine hauls the mask back up. <Chamolo> Incoming! * Jeyer chuckles... <Flamestrike> Don't worry, Chamcham * Chamolo looks amused. "Chamcham?" <Chamolo> That's...unsual... * Baine smirks coolly.. <Flamestrike> Well, a friend of mine had that name * Baine sheathes AmeShi. <Chamolo> Ah. I see. <Narrator> == Pegasus 1 and 2's attacks deal 6 damage to FS, and he counterattacks! <Flamestrike> GRRROOOOOOOOOOWWWWWLLL!!!! <Narrator> == FlameStrike casts strength and throws Pegasus knight 1 at 2... * Flamestrike picks up Pegasus Knight 1 and THROWS HIM against the others <Narrator> == Both pegasus knights fall hard to the ground, dealing 8 points of damage on each. <Chamolo> We have to keep the monsters at they don't attack Miss Baine! She'll be overwhelmed... <Narrator> == The other pegasus knight lashes at Lara, dealing 6 points of Damage... * Baine stoically awaits her chance for attack.. <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Narrator> == Lara summons her soul sword and slashes at Pegasus knight 3... 12 damage... * yogurt does some cheering dance <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * Indigo summons Neptune and unleashes the tidal wave against Jeyer and the monsters. <Indigo> Well, I hope you don't mind getting wet! <Narrator> == Indigo summons neptune... <Flamestrike> "Bleu, why didn't you teach me the spell of lightning?" FS slowly says to himself <Narrator> == Neptune appears and makes hard rain pelt at the enemies... Hell hounds 1 and 2 take massive damage, 10 each, the bats are unnafected, the pegasus knights are out of range, and Jeyer receives 4 points of damage... * Indigo twirls and dances! <Chamolo> Well...she knows her magic.. <Narrator> == The hell hounds can attack! <Indigo> Told you so Erin! The elementals are fairy tales too! * Flamestrike stands ready to receive the attacks <Narrator> == Hellhound 1 spews fire at Indigo, while the other one leaps at Erin! <Erin> Elementals and gods are different things! * Erin twirls her bow rapidly, deflecting the attack!* * Flamestrike desperately tries to catch the one that's going at Erin * Chamolo thinks he'll have to cure even more ^^;; * Indigo yells and falls over. <Narrator> == the fire damage is weakened by the water, thus only dealing 4 damage... * Indigo scurries out of range. <Narrator> == FS doesn't have time to get to Erin, the hellhound slashes at Erin, causing 5 damage... <Flamestrike> NO! FREEZE IN HELL YOU LOUSY MUTT! * Erin quietly surpresses the pain... * <Narrator> == Vankarin can attack... <Flamestrike> I'll heal you, Erin! <Narrator> == Vankarin slashes at Hellhound 1... <Narrator> == Vankarin pulls out his battle sword and slices the hellhound in 2... 35 damage! dispatched! * Vankarin grins... That was easy... * Chamolo oogles at the display of power... <Narrator> == Yogurt can attack! <Narrator> == Yogurt takes a ring from his pouch... <Narrator> == Yogurt uses it... <Narrator> == The ring does nothing... <Yogurt> O_o DOH! <Chamolo> Better luck next time... <Yogurt> Blarghers... :P <Narrator> == The vampire bats can attack! <Narrator> == the Vampire bats fly towards Chamolo * Flamestrike stands again ready for the attacks <Baine> Careful, Chamolo. <Chamolo> Oh gre- *Thrusts his staff up in defence* <Narrator> == FlameStrike intercepts 2 of the vampire bats, but the 3rd one passes through and bites Chamolo... <Narrator> == The vampire bat drains 5 HP from Chamolo... * Chamolo lets out a small moan of pain, then regains his balance.. <Narrator> == Monster call... 1 HellHound, 3 vampire bats, 3 pegasus knights and Jeyer. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Baine murmurs Archaic words under her breath.. <Narrator> == Erin fires at Vampire bat 1 again... * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Vampire Bat 1 !! * <Narrator> == The arrow passes through the bat, litterally! 8 damage, dispatched! <Chamolo> Excellent marksmanship, Miss Erin! <Flamestrike> Good job, Erin! * Erin smiles. * <Narrator> ===== Baine and Jeyer attack simultaneously! ===== * Baine smiles slightly. * Baine closes her eyes as her body flares with black fire....she points a finger at Jeyer and casts ¤Katon Level 2 on Jeyer, scorching him with pure rage. <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon level 2 on Jeyer, while Jeyer casts a Rayjin level 1... * Jeyer raises his arms in the air... Again, I shall smite you with unholy thunder! <Baine> Grrr.. <Flamestrike> Chamcham, heal her! I'll think about the others! * Flamestrike points to Baine <Chamolo> All right! <Narrator> == Both spells collide on both opponents at the same time! The brute magic emmenates from both of them... 11 damage on Baine, 13 damage on Jeyer! Both are knocked to the ground! * Baine lets out a low moan.. <Baine> ...just let me die... * Jeyer screams and falls to the ground! <Narrator> == No... Unconscious... For the time being... :P * Baine passes out.. <Narrator> == The monsters look about frantically as they see their master lying on the ground... * Chamolo shakes his head sadly. <Narrator> == They dissapear in a puff of smoke... <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Baine lies limp on the ground.. <Indigo> It's over! Oh. I was going to summon Dao. Hmm....well.... * Chamolo quickly rushes up to Baine, and chants a healing spell.. * Indigo starts glowing again. * Flamestrike raises a clawed hand and shouts "HEALING ZONE!". Suddendly all the wounds on the heroes are healed <Narrator> == Baine: 48 XP, FS: 15 XP, Indigo: 20 XP, Chamolo: 10 XP, Lara: 0 XP, Erin: 35 XP * Erin drops to the ground. * We need to get her to a church... surely a high priest can help... * Chamolo places his staff on Baine, and shouts. "Heal!" * Baine's wounds are healed...but she isn't awake :P <Chamolo> .oO( This should revive her...) * Jeyer lies unconscious next to Baine, the fake AmeShi completely destroyed to pieces... * Baine moans softly.. <Indigo> Hmmm... <Baine> Nnh... * Flamestrike looks at Jeyer's unconscious form * Indigo goes over and takes the pieces of the fack AmeShi. * Chamolo taps Baines face lightly. "Come back to the living now...wake up." <Narrator> * FlameStrike's Aura heals the whole party to maximum health... Only Baine is not fully healed... <Flamestrike> I should kill you for what you've done... But i'll leave that pleasure to Baine * Baine's eyes snap open and she pants, as if afraid for her life...... <Indigo> I'll keep these. <Baine> Whu.. <Baine> Nnh. * Indigo places the fake AmeShi in her pouch. <Flamestrike> Don't worry... I healed you <Chamolo> Ah...thank the gods. *extends a hand to help Baine up* * Flamestrike points to Jeyer * Baine blinks a few times and accepts the hand. * Vankarin goes about picking up the spoils of victory... <Baine> Jeyer..? <Flamestrike> He's yours. Do as you wish <Chamolo> Be careful. Jeyer is still alive...but unconcious. * Baine kneels by Jeyer and examines him. <Flamestrike> I shall forfeit my vengeance * Indigo begins to touch Jeyer's forehead. <Indigo> I have an idea... <Erin> Put that sword of yours through his head... * Jeyer is completely burned, but still breathing... * Indigo tries to analyze his magic. * Baine looks at Erin and visably flinches... <Chamolo> But... * Flamestrike goes to check on Erin <Baine> Get me some rope. <Flamestrike> You all right? <Baine> Quickly. <Flamestrike> (to Baine) Fool... He's a ninja. He'll escape in NO TIME... <Erin> You'd think I was a child... Yeah, I'm fine. * Chamolo rushes off to grab some rope. * Vankarin comes back with 750 gold pieces... * Baine hisses at FS. "I trained with this man. I am the same as he. I know what he can and cannot escape." * Chamolo comes back with some twine. "Here." <Baine> Thank you. <Chamolo> Welcome. * Flamestrike appears rather offended at Erin's comment... <Indigo> I think I know how he does what he does. * Baine takes it and ties Jeyer's hands tightly... * Baine then places her fingers on his temple.. <Chamolo> Tie his feet as well. I have a few questions to ask him myself... <Chamolo> I'd rather like it if he didn't escape... * Baine presses hard and you all hear a crunching noise. <Indigo> You see. He's a greater demon, and he uses negative emotions as the source of his powers. <Flamestrike> I'd better go... If i lose control again, i could kill him... <Baine> He cannot move his feet now. <Indigo> The more we try to hurt and hate him, the more powerful he gets. <Baine> Do with him what you will. Just do not kill him. <Flamestrike> I would have severed his spine * Chamolo nods. "I don't hate this man. I pity him." * Baine growls at FS. * Jeyer starts to stir... <Indigo> Right! Love, pity, kindness, that is what will weaken him! <Flamestrike> Hey, i do not know ninja techs <Baine> You hate him? I am worse than he. <Baine> I am a thousand times worse. * Jeyer slowly opens his eyes, seeing completely blurry... <Chamolo> I don't think so, Miss Baine. You just saved a whole village. <Indigo> Oh pish! * Baine stands and looks down at Jeyer. <Flamestrike> Bullshit. You chose the right path at last <Indigo> You're nothing like him! <Baine> Wakey wakey, Jeyer. <Jeyer> Ba..ain..e.. <Narrator> ===== Unexpected session end! =====