Shining Force RPG session 6
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force has defeated Darksol's minion named Jeyer... He has woken up to notice he is tied up and held captive by the Shining Force... * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Jeyer> I... Was def..eated? <Lara> now there's an understatement... * Jeyer struggles a little to free himself... <Indigo> Yes, you were. Light triumphed over Darkness. * Yogurt nods happily to Jeyer ^_^ * Chamolo quietly looks over Jeyer, then nods. "Yes, you were." <Lara> you have a real flare for the obvious, Jeyer. <Indigo> I know how you get your power too. <Chamolo> Jeyer, I need you to answer a question for me... <Jeyer> Agh... Untie me... I pose no more threat... <Indigo> Will you join our quest? * Jeyer stares at Chamolo blankly. And what is that? <Chamolo> Where is my father? * Baine remains silent, hand on the hilt of AmeShi.. <Chamolo> I don't know what these people will do to you, but I know I'll leave you alone if you tell me. * Lara just holds her soulsword at the ready. <Jeyer> Chamolo... Your father is with Darksol... I cannot tell you anything more... * Yogurt scampers around behind Chamolo and watches Jeyer * Chamolo sighs. "I was afraid of that..." <Vankarin> Jeyer... Why was Darksol trying to capture Chamolo? <Indigo> We can use all the help we can get, and you would provide us with great help. We can feed and protect you, and you can save the world and win Baine's heart! <Lara> well, what does Darksol have in store for the other kingdoms on this world... * Baine growls at Indigo.. * Indigo twirls happily. * Chamolo head suddenly shoots up. "Yes, please tell." <Jeyer> Darksol wants to convert possible members of the Shining Force to his side... * Yogurt looks up at Chamolo, "We'd better go find Dark Sol then, eh?" <Chamolo> Yes, it appears so. <Indigo> But we are of the Light, and thus incorruptible. * Chamolo shakes his head sadly. <Lara> possible members of the shining force? <Baine> Oh, shut up. <Jeyer> So he doesn't have to face them.. * Baine crosses her arms and looks at Jeyer. * Lara 's face pales. <Chamolo> Well, he may have a point there.... * Jeyer looks back at Baine... <Yogurt> That is a wise move ^_^ * Indigo twirls, unconcernedly. * Chamolo turns to Lara. "Miss Lara, I have a request to ask of you. Please let me join with you." <Indigo> Oh well, it didn't work. <Lara> the more the merrier, Chamolo <Indigo> ^_^ <Jeyer> Well, you must be happy, Baine... You've defeated me... * Baine 's eyes darken a bite.. * Chamolo smiles. "Thank you!" <Lara> and don't call me Miss Lara....just call me Lara. <Narrator> Chamolo joins the Shining Force! <Chamolo> Okay mi...Lara. <Baine> didn't have to be this way.. <Indigo> Welcome aboard Lara! <Lara> just because I know the prince of's not as if I'm some sort of queen. * Indigo rushes over and hugs Chamolo. <Chamolo> Sorry, that's just the way I treat everyone. * Lara's thoughts rush.... * Chamolo hugs back. :) <Indigo> Wow Lara, you're a princess? <Lara> No, Indigo... <Chamolo> I think she just knows the prince. <Indigo> You're sooooo lucky. <Indigo> Oh. * Baine sighs softly. "Well...Shining Force....what do we do with Jeyer..?" <Jeyer> But it did, my dear... <Jeyer> I had to follow orders... * Baine glances at Jeyer. "Orders are like rules. Meant to be broken." <Indigo> I say we take him with us! We could use a new ally! * Indigo prepares to hug Jeyer in. <Chamolo> But he's... * Jeyer looks around with uncaring eyes... Yes, Baine... When Darksol controls your soul, broken rules mean your death... <Chamolo> I don't think it's wise. <Indigo> He's a ninja, and he's seen the error of his ways! * Baine sighs softly. "Damnit." <Lara> still, Darksol may still have some measure of control over him... * Yogurt hmms <Chamolo> Darksoul turned him into a higher devil...he may be too far gone, Indigo... <Indigo> Besides, what else can be done with him? DarkSol will not forgive his failure. Sending him back will mean his death. <Chamolo> At least...I assume... * Indigo looks at Chamolo. * Baine sheathes AmeShi quietly.. <Yogurt> Yes, I think it would be best to bring him along! Listen to the gopher people! <Indigo> You're a priest. Don't priests believe in second chances? * Lara causes the soulsword to disappar. <Jeyer> Yes.. One way or the other, I am dead... * Baine hauls down her mask and closes her eyes, tilting her face to the sky.. * Chamolo nods. " now may not be the time to let him in." <Indigo> Besides, he can use the negative powers of the enemies to aid us. What do you say Jeyer? <Lara> but his power may just heal the enemy... * Jeyer glares at Indigo... Are you always this na´ve? <Baine> Yes, she is.. * Baine opens her eyes and smiles thinly. <Lara> just don't get her majorly pissed. <Chamolo> Unfortunetely, from what I've seen...yes. * Indigo blinks. * Chamolo adjusts his glasses and grins a little. <Indigo> I am NOT naive! <Lara> when she's pissed, she can be a real little viper bitch. * Indigo stamps her foot childishly. <Baine> Get over it. <Indigo> Am not, am not, am NOT! <Baine> So again, what do we do with Jeyer? <Jeyer> Darksol, at this moment, knows of my defeat... And is probably already rallying troops to dispatch me... Or even come here himself.. * Indigo stamps her foot each time, then turns back to Jeyer. <Chamolo> Himself?! <Baine> Hmm... <Baine> Darksol himself.. <Indigo> Well, we'll beat him and redeem you then. <Chamolo> He's too powerful, Indigo... * Indigo shrugs dismissively. * Baine feels like killing Indigo with a rusty spoon <Lara> this doesn't sound good. <Indigo> Oh. I'll just chat with Volcanon. <Indigo> No problem. He'll give us the power. * Indigo starts glowing again. * Baine opens her mouth to say something.. <Chamolo> Volcanon? He's...not really known for helping humanity, Indigo.. * Baine shuts it. <Lara> sure...just chat with Volcanon...I can see that. Remember the second Shining Force? * Baine kneels by Jeyer. "And what do you suggest we do with you?" * Indigo speaks through her glow. "No." * Chamolo let's Lara tell the tale. * Indigo seems to be focusing energy, glowing silver, then blue and radiating energy. <Lara> I'm not much on telling stories. <Chamolo> Well, let's just say that Volcannon didn't care much if humanity lived or not. * Jeyer sits there, looking unamused... * Indigo is really starting to glow now. <Indigo> Well, I will....convince him. Our since my mo...mother was his friend....perhaps he will...aid us now in...her name.... * Indigo bites her lip. <Indigo> * Indigo falls to one knee. * Baine glances at Indigo <Chamolo> Indigo... * Jeyer suddenly gets up, his hands and feet released from their bounds... * Jeyer sheaths a small jewel encrusted dagger back in his garb and walks away. <Chamolo> HEY! <Lara> oh great. * Chamolo rushes after Jeyer. <Chamolo> Wait! * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Jeyer stays put. <Chamolo> Why run away? <Jeyer> I shall not fight you people again... <Chamolo> You said so yourself...Darksoul will kill you. * Baine just watches Jeyer.. * Indigo lets the silver-and-blue energy pour over and through her, not noticing anything but the glow is brilliant. <Jeyer> I have to leave this place... Darksol will try and kill me... Do you people even listen? And if I am with you people, you shall ALSO die! <Chamolo> What about Baine? * Baine blinks and looks at Cham. "What about me?" <Lara> I think this is his way of protecting Baine, Chamolo. * Chamolo ahs. <Jeyer> And what about Baine? What do you want me to do? * Baine blinks more. * Indigo looks over. <Chamolo> This is a difficult situation... * Jeyer turns towards Baine... <Indigo> Please...stay....death will come eventually, it will are with us or not.... * Baine furrows her brow a bit in concentration and eyes Jeyer.. * Indigo is sweating and crackling now. * Jeyer sighs... Night is soon upon us... I shall spend the night with you, but no more... I shall depart in the morning... * Chamolo goes over to Indigo and puts a supportive hand under her shoulder. <Chamolo> All right. I think that's resonable. <Chamolo> But I'm not the leader. * Baine crosses her arms and gets a frigid look in her eyes, thinking some more.. * Indigo sways, focus the energies and powers, and goes for it. <Lara> I have no complaints...we'll move out in the morning. * Jeyer doesn't dare look at Baine... * Lara 's thoughts begin to wander toward the distant kingdom of Guardiana. * Baine drops her arms and sighs softly. "So. What now?. We stand around like fools? Is there an inn we can use?" * Jeyer walks back to the Shining Force... <Chamolo> I was just going to ask that question. * Chamolo smiles. <Jeyer> There's an Inn over there... But I shall not be welcomed... <Baine> You will if I say you will be. <Indigo> <Chamolo> Indigo...he won't listen...please stop straining yourself. <Baine> I can be very convincing.. * Jeyer nods... You haven't changed, Baine... * Indigo fires the energy forth in a giant beam of silver-blue energy, into the sky. <Chamolo> ?! * Baine ponders kicking Indigo in the throat :P * Indigo falls to her knees. <Lara> Indigo, are you alright? <Indigo> I summoned...he came for mother...why won't he come for me? <Narrator> Suddenly, a voice starts talking... "I'm sorry, but the God you have summoned is not in service... Please check your incantations, or try your spell again... This is a recording... * Baine grabs Jeyer by the elbow and heads for the Inn :P * Indigo shakes her head. <Baine> Lets go, everyone. <Chamolo> Maybe another time ^^;; <Indigo> I failed. I don't believe it but I failed. * Indigo looks dejected and is crying. <Chamolo> Indigo... * Lara looks at Baine and thinks..."Which reminds me to check up on Prince Mike when next I'm near Guardiana." * Jeyer is dragged along by Baine... :P <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Darksol makes preperations to hunt down Jeyer back in his lair... <Horester> Darksol... Let me lead the team... I want the honor of killing that traitor... <Dorak> No! It shall be my task! <Narrator> The two keep arguing for a few minutes until Darksol gets annoyed... <Darksol> SILENCE! * Horester and Dorak suddenly silence eachother... <Darksol> I shall lead the hunt... Jeyer shall be punished accordingly... <Darksol> Horester... You shall lead an army to the town of Roft... Recruit the man by the name of Kodah... Bring his sister along also... * Horester nods and departs in a smoke cloud. <Darksol> Dorak, you try and get more monsters for our army... We must defeat the Shining Force at all costs... Zeon SHALL be revived... * Dorak nods, bows to Darksol and walks out of the throne room... * Darksol gets up and teleports away, in preperation for the hunt... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back at the Inn, The Shining Force are earning a well deserved rest... * Indigo looks very sad. * Lara is trying to sleep..but her thoughts keep focusing on Guardiana...and the crown prince. * Jeyer sits next to the window, away from the team, staring out at the black night... * Chamolo leans back in a large chair, sighing. "I've haven't slept in days...I'm looking forward to it..." <Indigo> No one of my family has EVER failed at sorcery in centuries. It seems so...wrong. * Indigo lies back. * Baine has her legs up on a table and is sharpening AmeShi. * Indigo goes over to Jeyer. <Baine> You should get some rest, Chamolo. It might come in handy. <Chamolo> Thanks Baine. You should too. <Baine> Nah. I'm the big tough warrior babe. I can handle it. * Baine grins a little. * Jeyer sighs, and turns to Baine... <Indigo> Jeyer, why are you upset? I'm sure DarkSol will come, though I'm not sure if my magic would detect him. * Baine feels Jeyer watching her and looks at him. * Chamolo takes off his glasses, puts them on a nightstand, and closes his eyes. * Lara removes the band from around her head, and lets her hair falls down to her knees as she gets up and walks over to Vankarin. * Indigo seems a bit depressed. <Indigo> I could try to sense DarkSol's presence with my magic if it makes you feel better, but I don't know, after today, if my magic works right... <Lara> come on,'re as good as any summoner I've met.... * Jeyer looks at Baine's every movements, not speaking a word... * Indigo seems about ready to cry again. <Lara> Summoning Volcanon is not an easy job... <Baine> Indigo. Just get some rest. * Baine puts AmeShi into its sheath and runs a hand through her hair.. <Lara> besides, I said that Volcanon is not prone to help humanity.. * Indigo seems to brighten a bit. <Indigo> Maybe I'll try Mitula next time! <Flamestrike> Volcanon is the god of the Phoenyxes, if i don't go wrong... * Baine eyes Jeyer. "So." * Lara walks out on the balcony and looks off to the east...her mind wandering. * Jeyer looks at her... So. * Chamolo grumbles, and tries turning in another posistion. <Jeyer> They sent me to kill you, Baine... You're of the Shining Force now... * Indigo lies down, smiling. <Baine> I only joined them at first for the money. <Indigo> Yeah, I'll try Mitula next time! Thanks for the idea Lara! * Chamolo sighs, and gives up, grabbing his glasses again. "Too wound up to sleep." <Flamestrike> Mitula is dead, Indigo... * Lara looks at the moon in the skies.."How many times have I looked at that very same moon from the grounds surrounding that castle...and with Michael at my side....What will become of all of this when this mission is over? Why am I asking so many questions?" <Jeyer> And I joined them because of my family... We all had our reasons... You're fighting for a holy cause... While I am trying to kill you... <Baine> Bah.. <Indigo> That's what you said about Volcanon, yet I seem to have contacted something divine today. The others were there, they can tell you. <Baine> I'm only here for muscle. <Baine> I have no "holy" purpose. <Baine> I don't deserve any. <Jeyer> But you are here, nonetheless.. * Chamolo looks over at Erin. "What are you up to, Miss Erin?" * Indigo smiles at Baine. * Erin looks up. * Me? Nothing much... just thinking... <Indigo> Of course you do, like I keep telling you. You have been chosen by destiny, as I have. Acccept it. * Jeyer looks away and back at the window... I am without any honor... * Chamolo walks over to Erin, and sits down. "About what?" * Baine reaches out and places a hand on Jeyer's arm. "Everyone has honor. It just wanes in some people." <Erin> All manner of subjects, I suppose... no one thing in particular... kind of a confusing jumble... * Lara sits on the edge of the balcony, staring at the moon and thinking... * Indigo turns to Jeyer. * Chamolo nods. "I couldn't agree with you more. Lots of pressure, if you ask me." * Jeyer looks at Baine, and withholds a comment.. <Indigo> And you Mr. Jeyer, have more honor than you realize. You fought for your master with pride and courage, did the best you could. None could ask for more. * Baine draws her hand away, eyes going cold.. <Erin> Almost too much pressure... * Indigo folds her hands on her chest, smiling serenly. <Jeyer> But Indigo... I fought at the sides of a coward... Thus, that makes me a coward as well... * Baine picks up AmeShi and unsheathes it again, gazing at its blade. <Chamolo> It must be hard...I'm in the same boat as you, Erin...people assume we're just as good as our parents..but we're completely different people. <Indigo> Perhaps. But you showed courage in not returning to him like a craven dog. That is bravery and with it you can change your life. I know you can. * Indigo sits up. <Erin> Still, there's always that feeling of not living up to expectations, you know? * Jeyer nods... Perhaps, Indigo... Perhaps.. <Chamolo> Know about your father, you mean? Yeah, I recognized the name...but don't worry, it's obvious you don't want others to know. * Baine drags her feet off the table and stands <Chamolo> I won't make it public unless that's what you want. * Lara summons her soulsword and just stares at the gems on the blade. "Some leader of the shining force I'm turning out to be,"she thinks aloud,"I can't keep my personal feelings from interfereing in this mission. * Erin smiles. * Thank you. Kinda hard living in the shadow of a legend... <Chamolo> Tell me about it. *Sigh* <Baine> I need to vent. Is there anywhere I can go to do so? Practice range or something? * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> I know you can Jeyer, as I know our holy mission, whether Baine will admit it or not. * Jeyer moves towards Baine, grabs her arm and pulls her away from the people... <Flamestrike> I think Bleu somehow knew it... * Baine blinks * Baine is pulled away O_o <Flamestrike> I mean, that i was going to join the Shining Force * Lara notices Jeyer and Baine. O_O * Indigo smiles. * Jeyer whispers to her... Baine... I feel Darksol.. He's near.. <Indigo> Ah, kids. * Baine narrows her eyes. "Darksol.." * Baine practically seethes with anger * Chamolo taps his hands against the table, looking a little nervous. * Lara keeps looking at the gems on her sword. * Indigo looks around. <Jeyer> I need to leave.. He'll kill you all if I don't... <Baine> Jeyer. Stay. <Baine> Don't run. Why not fight him with us? * Jeyer pulls something out of his garbs... A small dagger, encrusted in jewels... Take this... * Indigo shrugs and goes back to lying down, then to sleep. * Baine blinks at the dagger and raises an eyebrow * Chamolo heads back to his fluffy chair and tries yet again to sleep, and succeds this time. * Jeyer shakes his head and sighs.. Darksol is too strong... He'll kill you.. * Jeyer pulls down his mask, lowers Baine's mask also and kisses her passionately... * Baine blinks in surprise and smiles a tiny bit. ;) * Indigo sleeps in the warm and cozy bed, muttering about destiny. * Flamestrike stands perched on the window in a Spawn-Like pose * Jeyer hauls his mask back up and runs out of the room... * Baine blinks and stands there like an idiot, dagger in her hands. <Narrator> After a few minutes, a powerful bolt of lightning can be heard, seen and felt hitting upon the ground... * Flamestrike is away for a few mins... changing clothes * Baine narrows her eyes. * Chamolo jolts awake. "Whatzat?!" <Baine> No.. * Chamolo fumbles for his glasses and falls out of the chair * Vankarin wakes up from the noise... * Baine glances down at the dagger in her hands.. * Indigo mumbles and looks up. * Erin looks up from her thoughts... * * Lara looks around.."What was that?" * Flamestrike looks up, still in Spawn-like pose... <Indigo> A storm....night... * Chamolo grabs the glasses, and hasitly puts them on. "Is it..?" * Indigo rolls over. <Indigo> I'll tell whatever elemental is responsible to stop. I wanna sleep. * Indigo mumbles something. <Lara> someone wake Indigo up...this is something we should take a look into. * Chamolo rushes outside * Lara ties her headband back around her head, and goes outside. * Baine follows almost in a trance-like state. <Narrator> ===== Unexpected session end! =====