Shining Force RPG session 1
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The bolt of lightning struck right outside the Inn, shaking its very foundations... The Shining Force are about to leave to investigate... * Lara rushes out of the inn. * Baine follows, pale * Chamolo follows Lara. "Where did the thunder strike?" * Indigo wakes up, rubs her eyes, and groggily heads outside to see what interrupted her beauty sleep. <Baine> Probably on Jeyer.. * Baine mumbles.. <Flamestrike> I feel a dark presence.... maybe this is the night that the lord of Dragons has chosen to have me join him... But if I die, i will die protecting my friends... <Lara> let's find him. * Vankarin follows, looking dazed. <Baine> Yes, lets.. * Lara looks for Jeyer. * Baine murmurs and gets a cold look. * Flamestrike jumps outta the window and lands with perfect grace <Narrator> Many of the townspeople surround a patch of land that is smoking... <Indigo> I think he's on the path to redemption, this is probaly something else, maybe just a normal storm. * Baine pushes them away * Baine kneels by the land.. <Lara> I don't think so, Indigo. * Chamolo looks at the patch of blackened dirt... <Baine> ... * Lara looks at the smoking land. <Erin> Hmm... * Baine growls lowly.. * Flamestrike looks too <Lara> something evil's around...I can feel it. * Indigo looks at it. <Narrator> All that is left on the charred earth, is Jeyer's mask... Torn and burnt... <Chamolo> I agree...but what? <Baine> Grrrrrrrrr... <Chamolo> ...Oh dear... <Indigo> How odd. <Lara> Oh great. * Baine draws AmeShi. * Baine faces the party.. <Chamolo> That was Jeyer...I fear.... <Chamolo> ! <Vankarin> Darksol did this... <Indigo> I'll talk to the elemental of the the morning *Yawn*. * Baine growls. <Flamestrike> Uhmmm.... i think Baine's pretty pissed... <Lara> looks like Darksol strikes again. This obviously has to be his doing. <Baine> Darksol... <Chamolo> I can understand why...*Shuts up* <Baine> Darksol.....he....Jeyer...I... * Vankarin walks over to Baine and puts a hand on her shoulder... I'm sorry, Baine.. <Chamolo> Baine... <Lara> I think Baine's seriously pissed. * Chamolo puts his hand on her other shoulder. <Indigo> Don't worry. I'm sure destiny has a plan for him. * Indigo yawns tiredly. * Baine squeezes her eyes shut and drops AmeShi... * Vankarin moves away slowly.. <Indigo> Well, I suppose we should do something. * Chamolo follows Vankarin's lead... <Lara> let's leave her be for a while. I think she needs to be alone. <Chamolo> I agree... * Chamolo looks concerened, though. * Baine just stands there, eyes closed and fists clenching * Indigo nods and moves away, swaying. * Lara walks back to the room, concerned about Baine, but leaving her to her mourning. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Darksol, not too far away from the scene, is with troops and seems to be looking frantically for something... Or someone... <Darksol> Where did he go??? *growls* * Darksol sends 2 pegasus knights up north... <Darksol> He better run... Because I will kill him with my bare hands.. <Narrator> two orks come back, running towards Darksol... <Ork> Darksol! We've picked up his trace... He's headed towards Roft! * Darksol stares at the ork for a minute, not saying a word... Then, commands his troops towards Roft! <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Indigo> I think we should go night-night and worry about it *yawn* in the morning. <Lara> I agree. We can all use a bit of a rest. * Chamolo looks sad and stares out the window. * Flamestrike nears Erin. * Lara , with all that's happened, can't help but think of Guardiana. <Indigo> I think that lightning was wrong or evil somehow. * Erin looks up. * <Chamolo> It was, Indigo... <Lara> I could feel it too, Indigo. <Lara> what a mission.... <Indigo> Hmmmmmmm.....*yawn* Well, the elemental of the air has much to answer to me for. <Vankarin> Let's try to rest, people... We have to head out early tomorrow... <Chamolo> Miss Indigo...I think Darksol was the one who did this...not the Elemental of Air... * Indigo blinks. <Erin> Don't mind her... she thinks magic is responsible for everything... <Lara> yes...I could feel it too. His presence hearby. <Chamolo> Oh...All right.... <Indigo> Oh. I thought that *yawn* DarkSol commanded evil, not the air. * Chamolo walks slowly back to his plush chair. <Indigo> Erin: Remember I did contact the divine, so I'm not crazy. <Lara> you got a recording, Indigo. <Flamestrike> What's a "recording" anyway? <Erin> There's a balance, yes... but you look at it so one- sidedly... <Indigo> Yes, I'd like to know that too. <Lara> beat me...but it sounded good at the time. :P * Chamolo just listens to everyone prattle. ^_^ * Indigo sways. <Indigo> Well, I'll try again tommorrow, this time with Mitula. <Narrator> The Shining force suddenly hears a scream from outside the inn... <Chamolo> ! * Flamestrike flies outta the window <Chamolo> Not MORE problems.. * Erin races out the door. * <Lara> What the hell? * Chamolo grabs his staff and flies outta the room in a mad dash. <Indigo> Huh? Not twice in one night, I have to sleep... * Lara rushes out again. * Indigo twirls and follws the others. <Lara> no rest for the weary. <Chamolo> Still... <Indigo> How are we to save the world without night-night? <Lara> you got me, Indigo... <Narrator> Baine is standing next to a dead body, her hands all bloody... <Chamolo> Baine?! * Flamestrike flies near the racing Erin * Baine blinks at the blood on her hands.. <Lara> Baine? What happened? <Erin> You okay? * Indigo peers at Baine. <Chamolo> Miss Baine...please don't tell me... <Chamolo> You did this? <Baine> I....he.. <Indigo> Oh, is he sleeping? * Flamestrike .oO Uhmmm... i think this means trouble... * Indigo totters forward. * Chamolo blinks at Indigo's complete stupidity. * Flamestrike nears Baine * Baine chews on her bottom lip and kneels by the body, not appearing to have heard the others... <Flamestrike> Did you do this? <Baine> such a waste.. <Chamolo> Did you do this, Miss Baine? * Baine wipes her hands on the clothes.. * Lara looks at the corpse. <Baine> Oh....hi, guys.. <Indigo> Well, maybe it'll go away after night-night. *yawn* * Baine smiles thinly up at the group <Chamolo> Baine.... <Erin> What happened? <Lara> What happened, Baine? <Indigo> So what did happen anyways? <Flamestrike> Uhmm.... let's see... There's a dead body there. You've your hands stained with blood. All omens are against you. Now tell me, did you kill this man? <Baine> I heard the scream and came to see...he...the blood...tried to stop... * Baine looks at her hands again <Vankarin> FlameStrike's right... It all points to you... * Indigo nods. * Baine sighs deeply. <Lara> this does not look good. : * Chamolo blinks. "Did you Miss Baine...?" <Flamestrike> If she says that he did NOT do this, i believe her. <Indigo> Well, it'll take care of itself. Let's go to sleep and I'll have Dao bury this person in the morning. * Chamolo looks sad, almost a bit let down. * Indigo shrugs dismissively. <Flamestrike> Now there's the problem... WHO did this? <Lara> I'll believe her too, but look at all the evidence. <Narrator> A crowd starts to build and moves towards the Shining Force... * Indigo looks up. * Baine notices the crowd.. * Flamestrike examines the corpse to see the source of the blood. <Indigo> Hello noble people of Yeel. Your heroes and heroines are busy at present, please return later. <Baine> Wee...people coming to visit.. * Indigo waves tiredly. <Villager> Oh my god! Someone killed the elder's son!! * Erin considers kicking Indigo... * <Lara> The Elder's son? * Indigo blinks. * Baine chews her bottom lip.. * Chamolo stares at Indigo. "Quiet." <Narrator> The people rush over to the scene! <Flamestrike> Please remain calm. We're presently trying to know WHO did it. <Indigo> Well, time to bury him I guess or whatever, time to summon Dao. <Flamestrike> No * Baine still has some blood on her hands.. <Erin> Where is the Elder? * Indigo begins to summons Dao to bury the body. <Erin> Summon anything Indigo and I'll feed you an arrow! <Villager> THAT NINJA WOMAN KILLED THE ELDER'S SON! * Chamolo claps his hands in prayer for the departed soul. <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, return this man to your stony embrace. * Baine flinches.. * Indigo slumps over. <Flamestrike> Uhmmm... I don't think so <Erin> Where's this elder? * Lara slowly shakes her head..."This doesn't look good at all." <Flamestrike> Baine, please unsheath your AmeShi <Narrator> The mob's getting wrestless... <Baine> I.. <Baine> AmeShi.. * Erin is tired, and her patience is beginning to run out... * * Baine looks by the body.. <Baine> uhm.. <Narrator> the elder suddenly walks through the crowd to his son... * Chamolo stops praying, and realises the situation. "Oh drat..." <Flamestrike> Wait. The wounds are DEFINITELY made by a Katana... but not by AmeShi... <Baine> AmeShi is over by the body...uhm.. <Indigo> Well, okay Dao, bury the body. I would be elaborate but I'm so very tired. <Lara> if it's made by a Katana but not AmeShi....then, who did it? <Elder> No... * Indigo gestures to the body. <Flamestrike> I don't know... but SOMEONE will pay for this * The elder kneels next to his dead son... <Erin> You will disperse the summons, Indigo. Now. * Baine is pale and is starting to shake <Elder> Do not burry him here.. <Lara> hmmm..... <Indigo> Too late, he's on the material plane and I don't know how to send elementals back once they're here. * The elder gets up and stares at the Shining Force... <Chamolo> Then please send him back, Miss Indigo. You can do that. * Indigo is sounding half-sleep. <Flamestrike> Simply tell him to buzz off <Chamolo> If you can summon gods, you can send him back. <Elder> I want your group out of here.. NOW.. * Chamolo rolls his eyes, though ^_^ <Indigo> We saved your people. * Baine looks down.. <Chamolo> Indigo...let's go <Baine> I'll guys stay.. * Erin snaps. * Well next time think before you act! You don't bury someone late at night in the middle of a bloody town. * Indigo sways tiredly. * Chamolo pulls Indigo along, muttering sadly. <Chamolo> No, Miss Baine. Let the elder grieve for his son. Let him be alone. <Elder> All of you... Out of Yeel THIS MINUTE! <Indigo> I wouldn't, Dao would. He's the elemental of the earth and.... * Indigo turns to Dao. <Narrator> The mob of people shout their approval! <Indigo> Didn't I give you an order? * Chamolo tugs Indigo along. * Baine murmurs... * Lara starts to walk out of town. * Baine picks up AmeShi and gently sheathes it.. * Baine follows the group.. <Narrator> Dao dissapears back into the earth... <Erin> Fine... let's go... I'm tired and I don't feel like fighting... they're innocent... it'll be better if we go... * Indigo looks upset. <Indigo> Hey! How DARE he disappear on me! I am the sorceress, you have to do what I say Dao! * Flamestrike begins to breath heavily. * Chamolo sighs sadly. * Indigo collapses back against Chamolo. * Baine stays a bit beind the group, looking at the ground. <Narrator> A group of men carry the body over to the morgue, with the Elder at his side... The other villagers see to it that the Shining force leaves the village... <Indigo> Well, I'll talk to him about that later. Dao is so efficent at burying things... <Lara> oh well...could be worse. <Lara> at least we don't have the Cypress army after us. <Flamestrike> Shining force... stop... me... * Chamolo let's go of Indigo...hoping she's calmed down. <Indigo> I don't get it. Elementals don't turn on those who summon them, and I summoned Dao. He is supposed to be mine to command... <Erin> ? * Baine hauls out the burnt remains of Jeyer's mask and fingers it gently.. <Erin> What is it, Strike? * Flamestrike clutches his head with his talons <Chamolo> Flamestrike? <Narrator> the Shining Force heads out of Yeel... They head towards the closest city to them... Roft... <Lara> What is it, FlameStrike? <Indigo> Huh? * Flamestrike yells <Chamolo> Flamestrike! <Indigo> What....? * Indigo leans against Chamolo. * Chamolo blinks. <Flamestrike> Stop me... i'm raging... again... <Chamolo> Calm Flamestrike... <Lara> raging? This is a first for do you calm a raging dragonman? * Indigo looks up. <Erin> I dunno... <Flamestrike> I don't... know why... it's... happening now *GRAAAHHHH*... <Vankarin> Knock him out... *snickers* * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Indigo> Your destiny is to control the beserker rage. You will learn to harness it even as I learned to harness my sorcery. <Chamolo> Why is this happening to him? * Lara baps FlameStrike with the hilt of the Soulsword. <Erin> The last thing I think we want to do is hit... * Flamestrike hardly notices <Indigo> Because it is his destiny. He must learn to channel it. <Erin> ...him. :P * Baine remains silent, not even noticing the group. :P <Lara> I'm open to suggestion here. * Flamestrike 's veins are clearly visible on his skin. * Chamolo still doesn't really know what's going on... <Indigo> Oh, let me.... <Chamolo> Does he do this often? <Lara> beats me. This is a first for me. <Flamestrike> *Grrrrrroowlllllll* I... must... calm... down... * Indigo summons Dao again to drop a big rock on FS's head to knock him out. <Erin> Beyond me... Despite a lifetime with my nose in a book, I still know so little... * Flamestrike takes the rock in his hands before it falls on his head and keeps it in them * Indigo blinks. * Flamestrike slowly, calmly drops it... <Indigo> No no! Let's try this again! <Flamestrike> No! * Indigo orders Dao to drop another rock on FS. <Indigo> Now, stand still! <Chamolo> Breathe in, <Lara> give him another rock...maybe he'll start juggling them. * Flamestrike takes it too... and then drops it with great pain... * Flamestrike appears to calm down a bit * Vankarin groans... Great... This is the Shining Force.. * Flamestrike is still shaking... <Indigo> Okay, Dao, try again and FlameStrike, don't catch it this time! * Baine runs a finger along the material of Jeyer's mask * Chamolo looks really, really....really confused. * Flamestrike dodges it this time <Lara> Indigo, will you get a clue. That is not gonna work/ * Erin paws at the ground... * <Baine> Indigo, shut up you idiotic skyte. Stop that. * Flamestrike 's facial expression slowly changes back to normal... <Vankarin> Can we move along people???? <Flamestrike> *Hanf* *Hanf* Uhnnn... <Indigo> No FlameStrike, stand still, or I'll have to summon Neptune to hit you with her tidal wave. <Lara> I don't think it necessary, Indigo. Let's get moving. <Erin> Great... send him into a rage again, why don't you? * Baine pulls her mask up and stuffs Jeyer's mask in her tunic. * Chamolo considers knocking Indigo out, for her own health. * Indigo blinks. * Flamestrike blinks <Indigo> Well, night-night. * Lara starts walking again toward Roft. * Indigo falls asleep on Chamolo's shoulder. <Flamestrike> Why did THIS happen NOW? <Baine> Careful you don't become infected, Cham. <Chamolo> Maybe you're upset about Jeyer's death... * Flamestrike starts walking too, apologizing about a hundred times to Erin * Chamolo blinks at Baine. * Baine flashes a small grin at Cham and motions to the ditz on his shoulder. * Erin replies all the while that she certainly didn't need apologizing to. * * Chamolo smiles a bit at Baine. * Lara keeps count of how many times FS apologizes to Erin. "104 times...I think that's enough, Flamestrike." * Indigo snores loudly. * Chamolo blinks. <Baine> Can I kill her, pretty please? <Flamestrike> Uhmmm... sorry... <Chamolo> I wouldn't.. * Chamolo just hefts her over his shoulder and let's her sleep ^_^ <Flamestrike> No, you can't Baine * Baine grumbles. * Vankarin sighs, ignores the Shining force and moves along with Yogurt at his side... * Indigo half-mumbles the spell to summon Neptune. <Chamolo> But let's not wake her up...shall we? <Baine> Yo, old dude and furry rat! Wait up. <Lara> good idea. <Erin> Good plan... I've had too much of her for one day as it is... <Yogurt and Vankarin> You people are all crazy... :P * Lara whispers to Erin. "I've had enough of her for a lifetime." * Erin giggles. * <Indigo> *mumble* Neptune, Elemental of the Water, *mumble mumble* summon you.... <Flamestrike> To Vankarin: Hey wise old gramps, whaddaya think about that? * Chamolo stuffs an old sock in Indigo's mouth. * Baine chuckles <Baine> a sock? * Lara snickers a bit. "Thank you, Chamolo." <Erin> Socks... silly things... ^_^ <Baine> Where did you get that? Or do I need to know? <Flamestrike> Uhmmmm... That was pretty evil... but works well :) * Chamolo shrugs. "Well...I had nothing else..." * Indigo continues the chant around the sock. <Lara> I don't think I WANT to know. <Vankarin> I think you people should move along... Cuz from what my instincts tell me, Darksol awaits us north... <Chamolo> What is so odd about socks? * Baine eyes darken. <Baine> Darksol. <Chamolo> We are moving, Sir Vankarin. * Indigo has a nightmare and starts kicking and thrasing. <Chamolo> OW! * Chamolo gets kicked guess. * Baine growls softly. "Sure you don't want me to put her out of our misery?" <Erin> We could just set her down and leave her to the wolves... * Chamolo gets a pained look, but still hangs on to Indigo * Flamestrike looks at Chamolo and SUFFERS <Flamestrike> OOOOOooowwwwwww... that must HURT! <Baine> Tempting, Erin.. <Baine> Cham, hand her to me. * Lara watches Chamolo's eyes go crossed. "That had to hurt." <Chamolo> Y--yes it did (He sounds like he's 10! O_o) <Baine> or something. ^_^; <Flamestrike> That would not be kind * Yogurt sits on FlameStrike's shoulder and looks around at the crazy people :P * Flamestrike tries to use his healing powers to fix Chamcham's... uhmm, you know * Chamolo mumbles someting about not kicking private areas. <Erin> Toss her over my back... I can carry her... if we want to bring her along... * Chamolo sounds rather breathless. <Baine> Do we? :P <Vankarin> Yes... We do... :P <Lara> put her on Erin's back. We may need her, as annoying as she is. <Flamestrike> No, i can't allow it. I'll carry her myself <Chamolo> O--okay.. * Baine offers Cham a drink of water from her backpack.. :P <Flamestrike> Better, Cham? * Chamolo puts her on Erins back. "Thank you, Miss Erin...I mean it." <Erin> Leave her be, FS... in case she wakes up or soemthing... <Chamolo> Much better. :) <Flamestrike> But you'll be tired... Besides, it's not right that a sorceress is carried by a goddess :) <Narrator> The Shining force now approach the ruins of Galam... * Chamolo can't help to roll his eyes at FS ^_^ * Baine makes gagging noises :P <Erin> Goddess? Ach... Flattery... I hate it... * Lara just rolls her eyes. <Flamestrike> Uhmmm... jump on the back part of your feet... that REALLY helps... * Vankarin groans... Uhm... Let's get through this area quickly.. <Flamestrike> Flattery? ME? * Chamolo looks a little sorry for FS. "No score, my friend. ^_^" <Baine> No, the other dragon with the huge boner... * Baine rolls her eyes <Chamolo> O_o <Flamestrike> I'm not flattering you. I'm somply saying what i think :) <Chamolo> Miss * Chamolo blinks. ^_^ <Flamestrike> Cham, jump with the back part of your feet <Baine> I didn't mean that. I think I'm actually joking. * Vankarin takes a path to try and evade entering Galam... * Chamolo blinks. * Lara follows Vankarin. * Chamolo shakes his head and follows Lara. * Baine hums a old tune, sounding oddly sorrowful for a tough ninja like herself. :P <Indigo> *mumble* No no daddy, I no wanna summon Dao, I wanna make a big flood, like a worldwide flood, and water all the gardens in the world at once.... * Lara kinda hums a slow song to herself. * Flamestrike mutters something about criminal flooders and their connections to Gransealan mafia... * Chamolo kepts quiet, thinking to himself. * Baine slings her arms around Cham and Lara. "So....did I ever tell you guys that you can call me Kara?" <Chamolo> Kara? <Baine> Its my first name, you know. <Lara> didn't. <Indigo> *mumble* I'll make mommy proud. I'll order the the King of the Gods to rid the world of evil. <Baine> Baine is my last name. <Chamolo> I don't beleive you did, Miss...Kara. <Lara> OK,...Kara. * Baine grins, looking oddly happy. ^_- * Indigo is paying half-attention. * Baine grins some more and continues to walk with her arms slinged around Cham and Lara. ^_^ * Chamolo smiles, picking up the pace. "When do you think we'll reach Roft? <Narrator> The Shining force finally exits the vincinity of the Galam ruins... <Lara> . o O(I just hope she's not this way when we get to Guardiana. Those people have been rumored to read minds.) <Baine> Roft....hmm....hopefully soon.. I wouldn't mind some stew.. * Vankarin breathes a sigh of relief... * Indigo rolls over, punching her pillow (the side of FS's head). * Flamestrike hardly notices <Indigo> *mumble* Hard pillow, make softy. * Flamestrike wonders about flying into the air and dropping Indigo from there * Indigo tries to fluff the "pillow". * Flamestrike hardly notices the feeble attempts <Yogurt> From my calculations, we should get to Roft quite soon... I'm sure we can even see the walls from this point... <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, fluff my pillow for me... <Chamolo> Wonderful. My feet are beginning to swell.. * Baine chuckles. <Baine> Not used to travelling? * Vankarin pulls out his big, badass sword :P <Chamolo> No...not really.. * Indigo summons Dao without any purpose just to shake things up (like city walls). ^_^ <Flamestrike> Wanna have a seat, Chamolo? * Vankarin glides a whetstone over it while he walks... * Flamestrike extends a arm to Chamolo <Chamolo> No, It's all right. I need to get used to walking. thank you anyway... <Baine> Mmm....when I was in the Clan, we travelled from town to town.. <Indigo> *mumble* Lumpy bed, Dao make soft... <Baine> I don't really remember it.. <Lara> well, I usually walk from town to town. <Flamestrike> Uhmmm... the gramps really loves his big scrap of metal... Human toys... * Lara has already made the soulsword disappear. "No need in keeping that thing around if we're not going to fight." <Vankarin> I take care of my weapon... Can you say the same? :P <Flamestrike> Of course! <Lara> I always do. <Indigo> *mumble* Neptune make wet, drown ground, make soft. <Vankarin> Well then... I wouldn't call it a "toy"... <Flamestrike> I wash my weapon, i sharpen my weapon, i use my weapon. * Chamolo pats his staff... <Narrator> The Shining force can now see Roft clearly... Cuz the gates are right in front of their faces :P * Baine slams into the gate * Baine falls over ^_^; * Indigo rolls over, wedging her foot into FS's eye. <Chamolo> Baine! Loo-...too late -_- <Lara> Kara, you alright? <Baine> Ow...fuck....uh, yeah. * Lara helps Baine up. * Baine nods to Lara <Narrator> The gates are opened for the Shining Force... <Chamolo> Well, we're here! <Lara> you really have to watc were you're going. <Baine> Oh sure. Now they open them. <Indigo> *mumble* Pillow lumpy, Dao shake.... <Flamestrike> "Well... it makes me happy just to think i'm suffering instead of Erin-sama...", Flamestrike thinks loudly... * Indigo summonds Dao to shake things up, her sharp boot still in FlameStrike's eye. <Erin> -sama? * Erin somehow doesn't seem impressed... * <Flamestrike> Uh? * Baine rubs a small cut on her nose. * Flamestrike goes to Erin "Shall i wake her up?" <Chamolo> If she keeps talking about Pillows...I'll... <Erin> You're the one that has her. I'll leave that decision to you. * Chamolo shakes his head. <Narrator> The town bustles with activity... People shopping, kids playing, birds chirping in the sky... <Baine> Don't worry, Cham...she isn't always like this..I think.. * Indigo keeps punching FS's head, mumbling. * Lara can't help but find Indigo's antics a bit hilarious. * Baine raises both eyebrows * Indigo rolls over onto FS's wing. <Baine> How......boring. :P * Chamolo looks around the town. * Kodah staggers about with a particularly large load of wood in his arms, and proceeds to walk right into the Shining Force. Baine in particular <Lara> boring, Kara, but peaceful. <Baine> Ow! <Kodah> Yah! O_o * Baine falls over AGAIN * Flamestrike screams as Indigo falls on the floor <Baine> #$%#$^^%$ <Chamolo> Kara! * Kodah collapses <Lara> O_o <Baine> THASSIT <Flamestrike> RAAAHHH! * Indigo bumps her head and wakes up. * Baine draws AmeShi <Lara> this just isn't our day. <Kodah> O_O <Lara> calm down, Kara * Vankarin looks at Baine... * Baine glowers at the guy :P <Kodah> Ah! I'm sorry! It was an accident! <Indigo> Huh? How'd I get here, and people again. * Flamestrike screams in pain <Vankarin> Baine... Calm down... <Baine> WHY DO I ALWAYS FALL DOWN?!?! :P * Baine mutters * Baine sheathes the blade.. * Indigo stands up, narrowing her eyes as she summons Neptune. <Erin> Such a bumbling group we are... I mean, it was bearable at first but even now... we haven't really improved any... * Kodah looks up at Baine with a wild expression <Baine> I'm calm...peaceful... <Chamolo> Because...because...hmm.. * Baine breathes deeply.. <Lara> oh no....not the viper bitch personality. * Baine offers a hand to Kodah. <Indigo> *mumble* Bad enough you kidnap me, now....take this! <Chamolo> Viper bitch? <Chamolo> Oh dear ^^; * Indigo summons Neptune to flood the town. <Kodah> Uh.... <Chamolo> No! Don't! <Erin> You'll know it when you hear it Chamolo... * Baine kicks Indigo in the stomach. :P * Kodah hesitantly takes Baine's hand <Narrator> The hand of the Narrator stops the flood :P * Baine hauls Kodah to his feet. * Indigo head-butts Baine in the face, trying to break out a tooth. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Baine falls OVER YET AGAIN <Baine> #$%#$^&$%&$%& * Lara baps Indigo with the hilt of her sword. * Chamolo sighs, and hits Indigo on the head with his staff, knocking her out. * Kodah falls over with Baine O_O * Indigo howls like a lioness and scratches Baine's face, raking it with her nails. <Kodah> Hey! * Baine acks! * Baine blinks and looks up at Kodah O_o * Flamestrike is in utmost pain and can't do anything... * Baine blushes. * Kodah scrambles away <Kodah> Sorry! Sorry! * Baine flips up quickly. * Vankarin grabs Indigo and holds her! <Baine> Thats okay.. * Flamestrike screams in pain, hand holding his broken wing * Baine draws AmeShi.. * Indigo falls, but before going out summons Dao to shake the town down. * Chamolo looks at FS and begins to heal his broken wing.. * Baine approaches Indigo.. <Chamolo> Hold still.. * Vankarin muffles her, thus stopping the summons... :P * Indigo kicks Vankarin between the legs. * Baine sneers at the downed form.. <Flamestrike> I can't... concentrate enough to heal me... * Kodah looks at the group with a panicked expression <Erin> She's so immature... maybe we could find an orphanage to take her off our hands... * Baine steps on Indigo's face. ^_^ <Chamolo> Don't worry, I have it covered... * Vankarin doubles over in pain... <Lara> I'll handle her. * Chamolo feels for Vankarin ^_^ <Vankarin> Dammit!! This is the LAST time I hire mages through a favor! * Indigo screams and rakes her nails into Baine's rear, drawing blood. <Flamestrike> Thanks, Chamcham... * Lara causes the sword to disappear and knocks Indigo out with the Diamond Cutter. <Baine> OW! * Chamolo puts finishes his healing spell, and FS wing resets. "No problem." * Baine flinches <Baine> Oh great. <Baine> Now when I fall, it'll hurt more. * Flamestrike heals himself totally... * Vankarin kicks Indigo's empty head in! :P * Erin shakes her head... * * Baine mutters and stands behind Chamolo. :P * Chamolo turns toward Baine and begins to heal the cuts on her face. * Kodah scrambles away from the psycho girl O_o <Baine> Thanks.. ^_- * Flamestrike screams in RAGE this time, and takes Indigo by the neck and raises her in the air * Vankarin continues to kick Indigo even when she's unconscious! <Flamestrike> *NOW* you stop acting like a bitch, or i'll KILL YOU RIGHT NOW! <Chamolo> O_o Stop! You'll kill her! * Indigo moans and wakes up. <Flamestrike> I'm not strangling her... <Baine> EVERYONE STOP. :P <Indigo> Oh, you... <Baine> Idiots! :P * Vankarin is almost tempted to pull out his sword and pierce her empty head... * Indigo summons Neptune to smash FS with her tidal wave. * Chamolo sighs. "Why does everyone blame me..." * Flamestrike squeezes a little, thus ruining the summons * Baine squeezes Cham's shoulder. :P * Chamolo grins at Baine. <Baine> Be strong. :P <Erin> I'm not blaming you Chamolo... * Indigo sighs, pretends to go limp, then falls and shatters FS's wing again. * Baine grins back and raises an eyebrow at the rest of the group.. <Chamolo> Hard to be when we've got incredibly crazed girls with us....oh no, now I have to heal his wing again! * Flamestrike doesn't let go... So indigo can't break his wing <Erin> Fine. <Erin> I've had enough... <Flamestrike> I can feel the changes in your lifeforce. And if you try to escape, i'll kill you. * Kodah loks at the group, with an expression that can only be described as one of terror * Vankarin knocks Indigo out... <Flamestrike> Don't even try to pretend being knocked out * Erin is pissed... She reaches into her quiver and draws an arrow... * * Chamolo looks at Kodah... * A massive crowd surrounds the impending fight... * Baine goes BOO at Kodah! * Kodah flinches <Baine> Heh.. <Chamolo> Don't worry, we have it under control, Sir... <Baine> Everything is fine, boyo. <Lara> at least I hope we do. * Flamestrike explains the double personality thing to the villagers, and tells them we're the Shining Force... <Lara> I swear, that little viper bitch is gonna be the end of tis team. * Erin puts the arrow away and sighs... * Some team we are... * Indigo is now unconscious... <Baine> Could be worse, Erin...we could all be wombats from Mars. <Erin> Not much worse... <Chamolo> We'll pull together, Miss Erin..we have to.... <Flamestrike> Yes, we will :) <Lara> I'm sure we will... <Flamestrike> Life is good 'cause it's various! * Erin closes her eyes. * Yes... we have to... * Baine rolls her eyes. <Baine> Anyway. <Lara> but some one get Indigo a psychiatrist and I do mean fast. <Baine> Who is that guy who plowed me over? * Baine points at Kodah :P <Lara> no idea. <Chamolo> Who are you, Sir? * Chamolo adjusts his glasses. * Vankarin walks over to Kodah and extends his hand in friendship... <Flamestrike> Cham, i'll never thank you enough... * Baine ponders how sexy Cham would be without those glasses...and without clothes.. ^_^; <Chamolo> No problem... <Kodah> Uh.... * Baine ahems. <Chamolo> Um...What did I do? * Kodah warily takes Vankarin's hand <Vankarin> My name is Vankarin... This is Baine, Chamolo, FlameStrike, Lara, Yogurt and Erin... <Kodah> Uh huh..... <Flamestrike> (to Kodah) Sorry about the fight... but that's a problem of our group <Lara> and the little viper bitch over there is Indigo. <Chamolo> Pleased to meet you, Sir Kodah.. <Baine> Yeah.. *snicker* We tend to hate each other occasionally. <Flamestrike> And THIS (brings up the unconscious Indigo) is Indigo <Kodah> Um...I'm Kodah....uh welcome to Roft...I guess <Lara> Thanks... * Flamestrike tries to move his wing <Chamolo> Pleased to meet you, Sir Kodah.. <Lara> pleased to make your aquaintance, Kodah. I'm Lara Mano. * Chamolo looks at FS. * Baine eyes Kodah with a predatory gaze.. <Baine> Hmm. <Chamolo> Need another curative spell? <Flamestrike> Ouch... that really hurt... <Kodah> Um...can I go now? ^^;; <Baine> Sure. <Flamestrike> No, thanks Cham... i'll heal myself if need arises <Chamolo> I don't see why not. <Lara> don't see why not. <Chamolo> All right, FS. * Kodah goes to collect his dropped firewood * Flamestrike helps Kodah * Baine mutters about people knocking her over * Vankarin helps Kodah... * Kodah ulps a bit as FS comes near <Kodah> Um...thank you * Lara throws Indigo over her shoulders in a fireman's carry. <Vankarin> You know, you seem awfully familiar, Kodah... Have we ever met? <Flamestrike> This is the fear of the things that you do not know... <Kodah> Huh? Um...I don't think so * Chamolo wonders where his sock went... <Flamestrike> Or of the things that are large, red and tough... <Vankarin> Hmm... Your face seems familiar... * Kodah inches away from FS * Flamestrike nears Kodah <Kodah> I'm sorry, but I haven't seen any of you before ^^;; <Chamolo> ...great, I lost my favorite sock.... <Flamestrike> Why do you back away? Do i scare you? * Baine hands Cham the sock she picked up. "I do believe this is yours." :P * Kodah back away, "Sorry've got chores to do" <Chamolo> Oh! Thank you, Miss Kara! * Kodah turns and practically flees * Chamolo stuffs the sock back in his pack. * Flamestrike returns to the party, his face an expression of sorrow * Baine raises an eyebrow at Kodah.. "We seem to have that affect on people." <Vankarin> I vote that we get a room at the local Inn and get some rest... <Lara> you're not lying...especially with this lead weight onn my shoulders. <Vankarin> And some food too... :P <Baine> Yeah. <Baine> And some food too! <Flamestrike> What lead weight? * Baine blinks at Van <Baine> Oh, thats just scary * Lara points to Indigo on her shoulders. * Vankarin chuckles... Great minds think alike... * Flamestrike points to Indigo in his hand <Baine> Insane and battle lust minds think alike * Chamolo hmms, and sniffs the air. "I smell rolls..." <Baine> Mmm...rolls and stew.. <Narrator> The Shining Force heads towards the Inn, people blinking as they pass, some running away... <Chamolo> I don't blame them for being afraid of us...with her... <Baine> Wonder if we scare them. <Flamestrike> I sure do, Baine... *sigh* <Baine> Maybe we can let Indigo get taken by some slavers :P <Narrator> The door of the Inn stands in front of the Shining Force... <Flamestrike> Good idea! We could even make some money outta that <Chamolo> Slave owners? That's too cruel, even for her! <Baine> True.. <Baine> Back in the Clan, slavers were a common thing.. <Flamestrike> I'm joking, of course... * Baine mutters a little * Vankarin enters and moves to the counter... <Chamolo> Maybe we should invest in a sleeping potion. When she gets in the evil mode, we sprinke some on her. She falls asleep. Problem solved. * Kodah is talking to the innkeeper, "Here ya go, four chords of firewood like you asked" * Lara walks into the inn. * Vankarin blinks. * Baine mutters. "If he bangs into me and knockes me over, I will scream." <Flamestrike> Oh! Kodah! Come here, i have to talk to you a while.... <Vankarin> Uh... Look who's here... :P * Kodah sees the Shining Force and his face looses a bit of color <Kodah> Ei.... <Chamolo> Listen, why are you so afraid of us? <Baine> Yeah. Is it our good looks or what? <Kodah> Um....afraid? * Indigo moans and gets up groggily. <Flamestrike> Ok, Kodah. It's obvious you are scared of us. Now tell me WHY. <Lara> seem afraid of us for some reason. <Chamolo> seem to be terrifed of us.. <Indigo> Hmmmm....? What happened, where am I? <Kodah> <Baine> *mutter* Not that I can blame you with that little skyte.. <Vankarin> Uh... Guys? She's awake! <Flamestrike> You broke my wing falling and a fight erupted... * Indigo looks at Kodah and twirls to him. <Kodah> Ulp! <Baine> oh gods <Indigo> Hi! I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress! Who are you? <Chamolo> Twirling? She's in her good mode again. <Flamestrike> I know. You recognize that from HOW she wakes up... <Chamolo> -_- Someone shoot me... <Kodah> I..I'm...uh.....K....Kodah ^^;; * Indigo spins in front to trap Kodah between her and a wall. <Lara> oh by Mitula herself...she changes personaliies more often than Clinton changes girlfriends. * Baine dramatically leans her face in Cham's shoulder. "Take me with you, good sir!" * Chamolo chuckles at Baine. * Flamestrike nears Indigo and puts a restraining hand/claw on Kodah * Baine grins * Kodah bigseats and looks for an escape route <Indigo> Now....I was going to do something today...let me think.... <Indigo> Oh that's right! Summon Mitula! <Flamestrike> Uhmmm... ask them. I'm pretty DANGEROUS when i'm angry. Don't make me angry and tell me *NOW* why you are scared of them. * Indigo twirls and goes into her summoning trance, the silver-blue energy travelling up and down her body. <Kodah> I...uh....that is * Flamestrike growls * Chamolo watches Indigo make a fool of herself...again. * Yogurt stares at Indigo... <Baine> *sigh* Maybe she needs a nice kick in the head? <Baine> Please? * Kodah ulps again as FS growls * Baine wiggles her foot * Indigo concentrates, speaking slowly in an ancient language and she summons the energy to summon Mitula. * Yogurt turns to the Shining Force... Is she dumb or what? :P <Flamestrike> I-SAID-NOW! <Lara> Kara, I wouldn't suggest it. <Indigo> Mitula, goddess of healing, I command you to appear... <Baine> Bah.... * Kodah's eyes roll back and he passes out <Chamolo> AHEM. Anyway...back to the orginal question...why are you so afraid...oh dear... <Vankarin> Will you people leave this poor boy alone?! * Baine blinks at Kodah O_o * Chamolo looks at Kodah.. "Hello..." <Baine> Woogh. * Chamolo begins to chant a healing spell. <Flamestrike> Uhmm... i didn't mean to scare him to THIS point... * Indigo is too busy summoning to notice, not a normal summons either. This one would have dire reprecussions if interrupted. <Chamolo> I'll just heal him, then we'll go. <Baine> Yeah. * Chamolo casts cure on Kodah. * Kodah blinks a few times and comes around <Lara> we may just have to set up camp outsie town. <Flamestrike> However, i think someone spread some rumor in this town... * Vankarin shakes his head and pays for a room... <Kodah> Uh? Whazzit? * Baine glances at her hands. "Don't want anything to happen like last time." <Chamolo> Sorry about that. If you want us to leave, we will. Sorry about this. <Flamestrike> Something like "The shining force is a band of assassins" <Flamestrike> Sorry, Kodah... <Chamolo> Hm...that's a fast rumor... * Kodah looks up at FS with a wide eyed look, "Um...its...its okay. Really * Indigo gathers more energy, speaking now in her old tongue. <Baine> Ahem..the ditz is doing something.. * Baine nods her head towards Indigo <Kodah> Um... <Flamestrike> Please, will you tell me why are you scared of them? I can understand you're scared of me, but why are you scared of them? <Chamolo> Let's see if she gets another 'answering machine' <Lara> leave her be....maybe she'll get another recording. * Baine chuckles.. <Indigo> Mitula, I command you to appear....NOW! <Kodah> Well, we usually don't see strangers walk into town and start trying to kill one another....this is a quiet place ya know.... * A voice starts talking... "The Goddess Mitula is dead... Get a clue, ditz!" :P * Indigo focuses the silver-blue energy into a beam then fires it towards the skies, forgetting about the roof in the way.... <Flamestrike> Pike it, Berk! If the gods really were alive and cared, do you REALLY think you would be here??? <Kodah> O_O <Kodah> Oh geeze..... <Baine> Well..uhm...Kodah...we aren't bad people.. <Baine> well <Baine> I am.. * Chamolo blinks. " really....really...need some lessons...on discipline...." <Baine> but...they aren't. :P * The Innkeeper protests! <Lara> you're not a bad person, Baine. <Baine> and Indigo is a ditz * Kodah backs away from the group, "Who are you people?" O_O <Baine> as you can see :P <Chamolo>'re not bad.. <Flamestrike> We are the SHINING FORCE, ijit <Innkeeper> WHO'S GONNA PAY FOR THIS??? <Kodah> The what? <Baine> FS, and you wonder why people are afraid of you? Eesh. :P * Chamolo looks pained. <Lara> the roof? <Chamolo> I wonder if I still have money.... * Indigo continues the spell unto completion, firing the beam into the air and blasting through the roof, then stops and slumps. <Flamestrike> I wonder why people are afraid of YOU people. * Baine squeezes Cham's shoulder again and eyes the Innkeeper. <Innkeeper> Yes! The bloody roof!! <Flamestrike> I can understand why people are scared of ME * Chamolo hmms... <Baine> How about we sell Indigo's body? <Flamestrike> To innkeeper: Nobody * Baine grins fiendishly * Chamolo pulls off a ring on his finger. It's gold. "Will this pay for it?" <Indigo> Hmmm....I wonder what is wrong. Well, it gets easier each time I do it and I think I'm getting better, took much less time. * Lara walks over to Indigo. "Next time you try something like that, DO IT OUTSIDE, DAMMIT!" <Baine> O_o * Flamestrike stops Chamolo. "NO!" <Chamolo> Huh? * Chamolo blinks. <Flamestrike> How much do you want, Landlord? <Innkeeper> Oh you'll pay to fix that roof all right... * Kodah looks confused * Indigo blinks. <Innkeeper> 300 GP... <Indigo> Oh, no problem. Dao'll fix it. <Flamestrike> Put that ring back on your finger * Indigo summons Dao to fix the roof. <Baine> Cham, put that back on...eesh...keep looks nice :P <Chamolo> But... * Chamolo sighs, and slips it back on. <Flamestrike> 200 and not a copper more! <Lara> .oO(Damn little sorceress is more trouble than she's worth.) * Baine flashes a apologetic smile at Cham and leans against a wall. * Yogurt looks at the pile of wood, then digs his face in his pouch... <Indigo> Don't worry, Dao will fix the roof for free. * Yogurt pulls out a ring, slips it on and uses its effect... * Flamestrike takes INDIGO's coins and gives 300 of them to the innkeeper * Chamolo leans against a wall, watching the little fuzzball. * Yogurt suddenly becomes incredibly fast! He takes the wood and runs to the roof. <Kodah> Wha-ha O_O <Kodah> Hey! <Flamestrike> Here. You damage the roof, you PAY for the roof... * Indigo shrugs. <Chamolo> Wait Flamestrike.. * Chamolo points to Yogurt. <Indigo> Is this supposed to mean something in some way? <Lara> that little furball is up to something up there. <Narrator> After about 2 minutes, the hole in the roof is patched and fixed. <Chamolo> Ah...whew... <Chamolo> Thank you very much, Yogurt! * Flamestrike snickers "Little Yogurt is useful :)" <Lara> quick little fuzzball. <Kodah> I spent all morning chopping that.... <Baine> Yes, Indigo. It means you are a di-...ah hell, why do I bother being nice and sweet and kind? Eesh. <Flamestrike> Good boy, Yogurt <Chamolo> Sorry Kodah.... * Yogurt runs back in quickly and pulls off the ring, then slips it back in his pouch. * Chamolo gives him an apologetic look. <Indigo> Hmmmm, I'm going to have a long talk with that Earth Elemental. How DARE he not respond to ME?! <Flamestrike> Kodah, i'll bring down a tree or two in 5 minutes if you want * Yogurt takes a bow... Ring wielder, at your service... ^_^ <Kodah> UM...that's okay, really! I..I can do it again, no problem ^^;; <Lara> now I think we can use a rest. * Indigo smiles at Yogurt, <Indigo> Hey cutie. ^_^ * Flamestrike looks at his pouch <Flamestrike> Uhmmm... Who wanna do shopping with a dragon? * Indigo takes her coins back. <Flamestrike> I'm off to the Weapon Shop! <Baine> ooh <Baine> weapons shop <Lara> how about armor. * Flamestrike goes to the weapon shop * Baine grins wolfishly. ^_^ * Lara follows, looking rather tired in the eyes. <Vankarin> I say we repay the innkeeper for the wood? * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Why would I need a weapon? <Chamolo> Yes... * Chamolo looks at his ring again... <Indigo> Repay? <Baine> Cham, are you desperate to part with something that nice? * Kodah looks at the innkeeeper <Indigo> Oh, I'll have Dao knock some trees down or Neptune flood them down! * Vankarin pulls out 20 GP and tosses them on the counter... <Chamolo> No...I just...well, It's the only thing I have to pay of debts... <Vankarin> That should cover it... * Indigo looks confused and slightly disoriented. <Baine> Keep it, Cham...we have money.. <Chamolo> It long as he's not stingy... <Vankarin> Let's follow the people to the shopd... :) <Kodah> Um...nice to meet you all, but uh...I.. I gotta get home and finish my chores ^^;; * Kodah exits the inn quickly <Lara> that kid is terrified of us. <Chamolo> Strange boy... * Indigo holds her head, screaming. <Baine> Argh <Baine> Indigo is freaking out <Chamolo> What now? <Indigo> Get out....wait I' attention....I.... * Lara is not far from falling out. * Indigo passes out, unconscious. <Baine> O_o * Baine catches Indigo * Chamolo blinks. <Baine> Geez.. <Chamolo> I think she's finally beginning to really crack... <Chamolo> This is not good... * Baine picks Indigo up and carries her. :P <Lara>'s not. * Lara falls to one knee... <Chamolo> Lara? <Baine> O_o <Baine> Lara? You getting messed up too? <Lara> I'll be fine...I don't need a soulsword is all I need. * Vankarin groans... Lara, Baine... Take indigo to our room and get some rest..? <Lara> I'll catch up later. <Indigo> *mumble* I'm Indigo, no wait I'm Indigo, how can you're too freaking nice, why don't, won't listen I'm a good girl....shut up.... * Baine glances at Van... "Why me? I'm perfectly fine.." :P <Chamolo> I'm fine as well. * Baine has beads of sweat rolling down her forehead. ^_^; * Lara gets up slowly. <Vankarin> Well someone needs to carry her, you know... :P <Baine> I think that you have a point.. ^_^; * Indigo makes strangling gestures and kicks out, screaming and flailing wildly. * Flamestrike is already in "Ye olde weapon shoppe", so can't help * Lara starts to walk to the inn. * Baine GETS KNOCKED DOWN AGAIN <Chamolo> Baine! * Chamolo tries to haul her up. * Baine grits her teeth and tries not to scream curse words <Baine> Thank you, Cham. * Chamolo helps Baine carry her upstairs. * Baine mutters <Chamolo> Erin...we might need restraints... <Chamolo> Can you please get some for me.... <Erin> Sure thing. :) <Baine> yes...preferably before I have to BREAK HER ARMS AND LEGS. <Chamolo> Thank you. * Baine grumbles. <Indigo> *mumble* Not enough room for two of have to, you do!.... <Baine> what is it with people knocking me over, anyway? Geez.. * Indigo kicks out for the third time, in a fight with something. * Erin goes off to get some rope... * * Chamolo flings open a door. * Baine gets...take a guess? :P * Baine lands on her butt. * Chamolo helps Baine up. <Baine> ... * Lara assists Baine back to her feet. <Chamolo> In here! <Indigo> *mumble* Meanie... * Lara lies back and closes her eyes.... <Lara> -_- * Flamestrike buys Iron Arrows too * Baine wipes her forehead after placing Indigo on a bed.. <Baine> Gods, why is it so hot? * Baine mutters. <Chamolo> Maybe beacuse you carried her up a flight of stairs? <Lara> I don't know, Kara. Could it be that you had a little lead weight on your hands <Baine> I mean, its hot but its cold, y'know? * Baine sits down on the edge of Indigo's bed. * Indigo makes a strangling gesture, going for her throat. <Baine> O_o * Baine stops the hands * Chamolo gently pulls her hands away. <Baine> Stupid ditz.. * Baine mumbles.. <Chamolo> RESTRAINTS PLEASE? <Baine> Wheres Erin? * Chamolo calls downstairs <Lara> Zzzzzzzzz....... * Baine looks for the girl with the restraints :P * Erin returns with several cords of rope... * * Baine glanes over at Lara. "Least she's asleep." <Chamolo> Thank you.... * Indigo lashes out, locking her hands on Chamolo's throat. <Erin> Just in time, I see. <Chamolo> ACK! <Baine> ! <Indigo> *mumble* No.... * Chamolo tries to pry her off! * Flamestrike goes to "Ye Olde Armor Shoppe"! * Baine rips the hand off Cham's throat! <Erin> This should hold her down... * Chamolo gasps for air * Indigo takes her hands off, then goes back and forth. <Chamolo> Tie...her...please... <Erin> Arm & a leg for this rope... * Baine sits on Indigo's stomach and starts tying her hands to the bedpost. :P * Flamestrike doesn't go to the Armor Shoppe, cause it does not exist. * Erin dexterously begins tying... * * Flamestrike asks the shopkeeper for bargains or special items. <Indigo> *mumble* Why do they interfere sister? * Chamolo throat has red marks. "She's strong! Stronger than I thought..." <Lara> Zzzzzzz..... <Baine> You okay, Cham? I mean, can you breathe and all the essential stuff? * Baine turns and ties the feet.. <Chamolo> Yeah, I'm fine...thanks.. <Lara> -_- <Baine> You know what we need...a really nice big mallet.. <Baine> a really big mallet.. <Baine> a huge mallet.. * Chamolo sits down and rubs his throat, eying Indigo. * Baine gets off of Indigo and leans against a wall <Baine> ....a monster mallet.. <Baine> with spikes. * Baine glances over at Lara. "Lucky." <Lara> Zzzzz....*Rambles incoherently* <Chamolo> Yeah... <Chamolo> Wonder what she's rambling about.... <Baine> Probably about that guy BlackHawk... <Baine> Whoever he is.. * Indigo mutters and lashes out, the only thing holding her down being the restraints. * Baine sighs a little and takes the burnt mask out of her tunic.. <Chamolo> You okay, Baine..? <Baine> Yeah...I didn't know...he didn't tell me.. <Chamolo> Baine... <Baine> And now I don't have anything or anyone. * Indigo stops and just slumps, breathing shallowly. * Baine mutters.. * Flamestrike returns to the Inn, the arrows wrapped in a nice package. <Lara> Zzzzz....*Rambles incoherently again* <Chamolo> Baine, you'll find someone else...somedy.. <Baine> Bah. He's the only guy who understood. <Chamolo> Why? <Chamolo> Or is that my business? * Baine stuffs the mask in her tunic again and frowns slightly. "Long story...messy ending..." * Vankarin yawns, picks up his sword and exits the room, saying he needs to pick up supplies... * Indigo tries to strangle herself again, screaming, then stops and slumps again. * Flamestrike climbs up the stairs and opens the door <Chamolo> I see... <Flamestrike> Hello, people! <Baine> Er....hi, Strike. <Flamestrike> Look what i have for you? <Chamolo> Hello Flamestrike....I see you have weapons. :) <Lara> -_O * Vankarin nods at FS as he leaves... <Lara> hmmm? * Lara starts to stir. "For crying out loud, woke me up." <Flamestrike> This is for you! * Baine doesn't seem interested, running a finger over the hilt of AmeShi :P * Flamestrike throws the power staff to Chamcham <Chamolo> Thanks! * Chamolo catches it. * Lara tries to go back to sleep. * Chamolo throws some money to repay Strike <Flamestrike> Oh, i see Indigo went mad again <Baine> Yeah. * Flamestrike catches the purse <Flamestrike> Thanks, pal <Baine> She seems to have a talent for that. <Flamestrike> Yeah, i agree. <Lara> -_- * Baine hauls down her mask and inhales deeply.. <Flamestrike> However, this is for her... * Flamestrike drops the Staff. <Flamestrike> Hey, Erin! <Baine> smells like sweaty fish sex.. * Erin looks up. * Yeah..? <Flamestrike> This is a bonus ;) * Flamestrike hands the package to Erin <Erin> Bonus? * Baine rolls her eyes.. * Baine looks at the dagger on her thigh.. <Lara> Zzzzzzz.....*Starts rambling incoherently again.* * Indigo looks up, totally lifeless, neither personality dominant. <Indigo> *totally dead voice* Oh hello. <Flamestrike> A little gift :) * Erin you wrapped up a weapon? * O_o <Erin> Thanks... * Chamolo blinks. <Flamestrike> To the best sharpshooter i've ever seen ;) * Erin smiles. * <Flamestrike> Well then, don't i even deserve a kiss for that? <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force rest themselves while Vankarin heads to the item shop... * Vankarin enters the quaint little shop and heads for the counter... * Kodah is bustling back and forth, organizing new supplies <Vankarin> Hello? I'd need a few items, please... <Kodah> Where do you want these Antidotes? <Kodah> Urk O_o * Vankarin blinks. <Vankarin> Kodah? O_o <Kodah> Uh..yeah. That's me <Vankarin> Hi... Finally I get to talk to you alone without the shining Force picking a fight behind me! <Kodah> Oh...great ^^;; * Vankarin grins... They're good people, but tend to always cause somekind of trouble... * Vankarin becomes serious... Kodah... I finally know why you seem so familiar... You emmenate a strange aura of magic... Somewhere in your bloodline, there was a greater devil, wasn't there? <Kodah> Excuse me? O_o <Vankarin> I can feel strong magic in your blood... <Kodah> have me confused with someone else. I've got no magic * Vankarin shakes his head... Kodah... You seem like a capable warrior... And I do feel magic in you... Would you be interested in joining with us in our fight against Darksol? * Kodah blinks * Kodah blinks again * Kodah blinks a third time <Kodah> Excuse me? O_o <Kodah> You have GOT to have me confused with someone else <Vankarin> The Shining Force fights to free the world of Darksol... I believe you would be a great addition to our ranks... <Kodah> Look here...whatever your name is.... <Kodah> You and your Shining whatzits have already seen how much backbone I have. What makes you think I'd be of any use to you? <Kodah> Other than an extra target that is <Vankarin> Call it a gut feeling... * Vankarin shakes his head... Just... Think about it... We'll leave town in the morning... If you don't want to, I won't force you... * Kodah goes back to his chores, "Don't get your hopes up. I'm not a fighter. And everyone here in this town knows it" * Vankarin nods. Okay... * Vankarin buys his supplies and leaves the store... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Morning arrives... The Shining Force is fully rested... * Indigo looks at FlameStrike with eerie, dead eyes. * Lara starts to stir again. "I slept like a baby." <Indigo> *dead monotone* Thank you. * Chamolo is in the bathroom, freshening up. And the door is locked! :P <Flamestrike> I wasn't talking to you, Indigo... <Indigo> *monotone* I am....Indigo? Hmmm...I suppose I am. It doesn't matter. I had to separate them anway.* * The town's regular activity slowly starts... * Chamolo comes out, with a smile. <Chamolo> Hello everyone. Rest well? <Lara> you bet, Cham. :) <Chamolo> Great :) * Baine shakes her head, still not feeling quite right. "Sure..." <Indigo> *I did not rest. I had to keep those two apart.* <Lara> I hope I didn't keep everyone up with my incoherent ramblings last night. <Baine> Can I get into the bathroom now? :P <Chamolo> Oh! Sorry. <Indigo> Would you untie me now? <Flamestrike> My turn! <Chamolo> Of course you can. * Flamestrike runs into the bathroom * Baine pushes past Cham :P <Baine> Ha ha! <Narrator> Arguing can be heard in the distance... Doesn't seem serious... * Chamolo falls down! * Flamestrike locks the door * Baine FALLS DOWN AGAIN <Chamolo> Ouch! <Baine> Damnit, FS!@ * Flamestrike comes out * Baine lands on Cham.. ;) <Flamestrike> I was only joking * Flamestrike smiles to Baine * Lara puts her hair up in it's usual ponytail and walks outside to see what the comotion is. <Baine> Strike.. I...argh. :P * Chamolo mumbles. "Could you...get" * Indigo just sits up, breaking the ropes, takes her staff and goes outside. <Baine> Yes :P <Chamolo> Miss Indigo....? * Baine flips up and removes her tunic, throwing it in FS's face as she goes into the bathroom and closes the door ;) * Chamolo O_O <Baine> * The shower turns on. ^_^ <Chamolo> she some sort of exobishionist?! <Narrator> Lara can see a large man in a dark robe holding a girl further to the north... Some people are looking at the scene... Kodah is arguing with the man <Erin> Yes, I think so. ^_^; * Chamolo blushes. * Flamestrike shouts through the door "Hey Baine, your robe is here on the doorknob!" <Baine> *muffled* Uh huh. Thanks. * Lara rushes over. "What's going on here?" <Chamolo> O_o * Flamestrike goes to see the arguing * Chamolo thinks he's gonna run outside, yes! * Chamolo dashes to where Lara is...and sees Kodah. <Horester> Stay out of this, woman... This is none of your business! <Indigo> Oh, a fight... <Kodah> Let her go! <Lara> I'm prepared to make it my business, sir. <Chamolo> What's going on? * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Chamolo eyes narrow. * Chamolo pulls out his new staff. <Horester> I shant let her go, boy... She has devil blood... She is needed by Darksol! * Kodah clumsily draws his shortsword, "I m...mean it!" * Indigo prepares to summon Neptune and wash this guy away. <Lara> Not if I have anything to say about it. * Baine appears a few minutes after Cham arrives, hair dripping wet but fully clad. :P <Chamolo> I don't think so.... <Baine> What the..? ^_- * Horester cackles! Bring it on, boy... <Baine> Great. :P <Chamolo> We've got trouble... * Baine mutters. "Trouble...can't a girl wash her hair in peace? Bah." <Kodah> Let my sister go.....please. SHe doesn't have any devil blood in her! <Chamolo> At least I slept... <Chamolo> Let the girl go, foul beast! <Baine> Yeah. Let her go. <Lara> let her go or eat soulsword. <Baine> Darksol scumbag fiend. :P * Horester shakes his head... <Horester> I cannot do this... <Kodah> Just give me back my sister and go away! * Chamolo feels an eerie sense as though he's seen Horester before... * Chamolo blinks.... * Chamolo pales.... <Chamolo> You....? * Baine raises an eyebrow * Flamestrike walks on to Horester <Chamolo> I....have we met....? <Flamestrike> YOU are gonna drop that girl. NOW <Horester> Have we met? ha... Good question, son... <Chamolo> Yes, have we met? * Lara just stands there, prepared to strike should she have to. <Chamolo> Answer me! * Kodah notices the Shining Force for the first time <Indigo> Drop her, you are outnumbered and outgunned. <Flamestrike> I believe he's your father... <Chamolo> What? * Horester laughs madly and summons a horde of creatures... <Flamestrike> He called you "son", and remember the other demon saying that "your father was with Darksol"? <Chamolo> You can't be serious! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Flamestrike> I am <Kodah> Oh boy O_o * Baine gets a cold look.. * Chamolo doesn't beleive it, and pulls out his staff * Baine draws AmeShi <Narrator> ===== 4 smoke spirits, 3 dark snipers, 2 vampire bats ===== * Erin spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * * Flamestrike stands on the front <Baine> Time to spill some blood.. * Flamestrike cracks neck and knuckles a la Piccolo * Indigo just stands where she was in the front, uncaring of the danger, or of anything else either. * Lara swings her sword a la Yohko. * Baine ties the remains of Jeyer's mask around the hilt of AmeShi.. * Chamolo numbly pulls his staff out * Kodah watches the enemies appearing all around him and looks frightnened <Chamolo> Don't worry Kodah....we'll protect you. <Narrator> == Erin attacks first! <Lara> Hey, Baine, Hit the first bat with a Katon. * Baine glances at Lara, eyes dark with rage.. * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Dark Sniper 1 ! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Dark sniper 1... <Narrator> == The arrows pierce his defenses, which are minimal, dealing 12 damage. <Flamestrike> Good shot, Dearest! * Chamolo rolls his eyes and gags. <Erin> Dearest? O_o <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Erin> Shoot me... * Flamestrike winks to Erin * Baine snarls, fires burning within her.. * Chamolo gives Erin a very sympithetic look. * Baine closes her eyes as her body flares with black fire....she points a finger at Bat and casts ¤Katon Level 2. on Bat , scorching it with pure rage. <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon lv. 2 on the vampire bats. <Narrator> == The vampire bats are both hit by the fire, dealing heavy damage... 14 damage each. <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack! * Flamestrike goes BERSERK! <Flamestrike> RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! <Narrator> == FS dives into the monsters, slashing wildly * Baine crouches low.. <Narrator> == The smoke spirits aren't affected much by the attack, 1 damage on each, the snipers are totally defenseless, 6 damage each, and the vampire bats are out of reach <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Narrator> == Lara slashes at Vampire bat 1... * Lara leaps high into the air, diving at Bat 1. She hits the bat with a punishing downward slash. <Narrator> == Lara deals major damage to the vampire bat... 16 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> == Chamolo can attack! * Baine twirls AmeShi and the flames on the blade roar angrily.. * Chamolo lashes out at a vampire bat! <Narrator> == Chamolo attacks Vampire bat 2... <Narrator> == Vampire bat 2's body crushes under the weight of the power staff! 12 damage, dispatched! * Chamolo grins, and twirls the staff above his head ^_^ <Narrator> == The snipers attack... <Narrator> == Sniper 1 fires at Erin, dealing 3 damage, 2 at FS, dealing 4, 3 at Lara, dealing 3... * Chamolo grins. "Missed!" <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! <Chamolo> At least, you missed me. <Baine> Missed me too. * Indigo decides for a change of pace and swings her power staff at Sniper 1's head. <Lara> IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? <Narrator> == Indigo attacks Sniper 1... <Narrator> == Sniper 1 tries to block with his weapon, but fails... 10 damage, dispatched. <Chamolo> How many more...? <Narrator> == Horester takes this opportunity to escape with Nalya... <Kodah> No! Nalya! <Chamolo> WAIT!! * Horester dissapears with a puff of smoke. * Kodah tries to get around the monsters but is blocked <Kodah> NO! * Chamolo looks at Horester...wondering.... <Narrator> == The smoke spirits stand back and do not attack. * Chamolo looks at the spot where he was... <Narrator> ===== Monster count. 2 snipers, 4 smoke spirits. ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Chamolo> Who needs healing? <Flamestrike> I'll think about that! <Flamestrike> Kara, cast magic on the spirits! * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at Dark Sniper 2 !!* <Baine> Did I say you could call me Kara? ^_- <Narrator> == Erin attacks Sniper 2... <Flamestrike> Yes you did :) <Lara> you said so last night, Kara. :) * Chamolo looks at FS. "You want healing?" <Narrator> == The arrows zoom quickly past its defenses, which are nill, thus dealing 14 damage. <Flamestrike> No, Cham... I'll use Aura! <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Chamolo> All right! <Baine> I said it to Lara and Cham. ;) <Flamestrike> Then you forgot it * Baine smiles a bit too sweetly at the sniper.. * Baine snarls and twirls AmeShi in her hand, the black flames on the blade growing more and more angry. With a loud roar, she launches AmeShi at Sniper-2 and AmeShi imbeds itself in Sniper-2's stomach. The black flames send agony through Sniper-2's body. <Narrator> == Baine attacks Sniper 2... * Baine hauls the blade out slowly.. <Chamolo> Ouch...That's got to hurt... <Narrator> == Sniper 2 cannot block the attack and gets hit fully. 23 damage, dispatched. <Lara> that had to hurt. * Baine smiles coolly <Chamolo> Nice Miss Kara! <Baine> Thanks. <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack! * Baine flashes a warm look at Cham and then eyes the leftover sniper * Chamolo blinks. * Flamestrike takes the 2 archers and bonks their heads together with all his might * Flamestrike takes the remaining sniper and slams him on the ground with all his might <Narrator> == FlameStrike attacks Sniper 3. <Narrator> == Sniper 3 is picked up and hurled to the ground at an incredible speed and force... 17 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> == Chamolo can attack! * Chamolo pulls out his staff again, ready to attack! * Chamolo lashes out at the smoke clouds....whatever they are! <Baine> Go Cham! Yeha! <Narrator> == Chamolo attacks a smoke spirit. <Narrator> == The power staff seems to hurt the creature... 8 damage... <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Narrator> == Lara slashes at Smoke spirit 1, slicing it in half... 18 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune on the smoke spirits... The water dissipates one of the smoke spirits, and leaves the others in lamentable shape... <Narrator> == 18 damage on 2, dispatched. 15 on 3 and 4... <Narrator> == The smoke spirits can attack! <Narrator> == Smoke spirit 3 and 4 lash out at Chamolo! <Chamolo> Oh dear....O_O * Chamolo tries to defend! <Narrator> == They deal lesser wounds, being in such pain themselves... 6 damage. * Chamolo is still rocked back. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Narrator> == Erin fires a flurry of arrows at smoke spirit 3 :P * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Smoke Spirit 3 !! * <Narrator> == The arrows dissipate the creature completely. 10 damage, dispatched! <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Narrator> == Baine attacks Smoke spirit 4 * Baine laughs and runs towards Spirit. She slashes viciously upwards with the enchanted blade of AmeShi, leaving a huge burning gash on Spirit's body. * Chamolo gapes. ^_^ <Narrator> == The damage to the spirit is fatal, of course. 24 damage, dispatched! * Baine grins. * Baine sneers and sheathes the powerful blade of AmeShi in the black scabbard she wears on her back. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Chamolo grins and puts his staff away. * Kodah walks numbly to where Horester vanished, his sword hanging uselessly in his hand <Baine> Darksol scumbags <Chamolo> Kodah... * Chamolo puts a hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry...we tried..." <Narrator> == Baine 57 XP, Erin 38 XP, FS 38 XP, Lara 45 XP, Chamolo, 65 XP, Indigo, 49 XP * Erin gains a level! * ^_^ * Chamolo still looks a little shaky... * Baine doesn't know if she does or doesn't.. <Chamolo> You don't think Flamestrike was you? <Kodah> (Tears begin to well up in Kodah's eyes) * Vankarin walks up to Kodah... I told you... Even Horester said so... * Baine resists the urge to hug Cham :P * Erin quickly drops back to the ground, stepping lightly back onto terra firma. * * Chamolo stiffens. "No! Of course not. That's absurd." <Vankarin> I don't know, Cham... But I do believe so... <Chamolo> .....You....You do? * Vankarin nods slowly.. * Chamolo looks down at the ground.... * Baine blinks. <Chamolo> can't be....not my father.... * Chamolo's hands clench.... <Chamolo> He promised me he would he unharmed....he lied... * Vankarin squeezes Chamolo's shoulder sympathetically and talks to Kodah... * Baine puts a hand on Cham's shoulder. * Chamolo is slient...and keeps clenching his hands over and over. <Vankarin> Kodah... You must join with us... I'm telling you, it's your destiny... <Kodah> No.....we're not devils...I won't believe that....there has to be another reason... <Chamolo> He promised....bastard.... <Vankarin> What can I say, Kodah... Horester confirmed it... * Kodah falls to his knes and cries, "Its not true!" * Vankarin groans... * Chamolo suddenly straightens, and pushes Baine away. "I..I need some space." * Baine nods <Baine> I understand. * Chamolo silently walks off to another part of the city... <Narrator> loud crashing noises can be heard coming from the south, and heading up north... * Baine raises an eyebrow at the noise <Narrator> A figure can be seen running, trying to dodge lightning bolts. <Jeyer> S'cuse me! Move it! HEY! OUT OF MY FUCKIN WAY! <Baine> O_o <Baine> JEYER?!?! * Kodah seems unaware of the situation * Darksol fires at Jeyer! * Jeyer runs past Baine... Hi Baine! Bye Baine! <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====