Shining Force RPG session 9
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force RPG watches as Jeyer runs away from Darksol, who is trying to fry his sorry ass * Indigo looks at the scene without interest. <Jeyer> WHA..? <Indigo> *dead montone* Oh, I suppose we should go to sleep now. * Jeyer slams into a tree! * Baine blinks at Jeyer :P <Jeyer> ACK! <Baine> Jeyer?! O_o <Lara> ouch...that had to hurt. * Baine runs towards Jeyer! "Move, you idiot!" * Darksol aims a bolt at Jeyer and lets it fly * Kodah stands slowly and with anger * Jeyer blinks and tackles Baine away from the blast! * Indigo idly summons Dao to smash DarkSol. <Baine> O_o <Baine> Damnit! Jeyer!!! <Jeyer> Uh... Hi there, sexy... :P * Jeyer gets up and throws a shuriken at Darksol! * Baine leaps up and draws AmeShi. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Indigo walks forward blindly, and swings her power staff like a baseball bat at DarkSol's head. * Darksol shrugs off Dao's attack, and the shuriken bounces off of him * Yogurt digs in pouch for some ring or other * Kodah watches the scene, his teeth clenched very tightly * Baine grabs Jeyer by the sleeve and tugs him away <Baine> C'mon! * Darksol blocks the staff with a mere thought, then grabs Indigo by the head. * Jeyer gets pulled by the sleeve... O_o * Baine stops and looks at Darksol. "Shit...Indigo.." * Darksol is suddenly blasted away by an unseen force, slamming him HARD into a nearby tree. <Lara> oh great. * Indigo stares deadly at Darksol and kicks him between the legs hard to shatter what's there. * Flamestrike assaults Darksol * Baine keeps a death grip on Jeyer's sleeve :P * Yogurt comes up with a ring, looks at it, decides it's the wrong one, and continues digging * Lara leaps high into the air..she dives at Darksol, driving her blade down on his head. <Flamestrike> LEAVE HER BE!!! <Baine> O_o * Kodah looks at Darksol and growls lowly <Lara> hmmm? <Flamestrike> ??? <Baine> Shiiiiit * Chamolo walks back to the scene, grim faced, then blinks. "What the-" <Baine> Someone fucked his ass UP * Indigo looks over at DarkSol blankly. * Flamestrike catches the falling Indigo and lets her be <Lara> what the fuck just happened? * Darksol gets up and blinks. <Yogurt> Wasn't me... <Darksol> She is.. <Indigo> A kick between the legs could not do that. <Flamestrike> HA! It's Mitula! I bet on it! * Baine hugs Jeyer as if he were a big teddy bear :P <Darksol> Jeyer... This isn't over... I shall get you yet... <Baine> Get lost, Darksol! * Chamolo just blinks. * Erin remains watching the situation from a short distance... * * Flamestrike taunts Darksol "Oooooh! You FEAR her, don't you, son of a bitch?" * Jeyer glares at Darksol as he dissapears... <Lara> damn,'ve not been yourself all day. What's up? * Darksol dissapears in a whisp of smoke... * Baine glances at Lara. * Yogurt aha's and holds up a ring! * Jeyer sighs and slumps to the ground.. * Indigo just looks at the group deadly. <Chamolo> Sir're alive? * Kodah turns away from the Shining Force and walks away * Yogurt then notices Darksol is gone, sighs, and puts the ring back in the pouch * Flamestrike just looks at Indigo and exclaims "Oh, Shit!" <Jeyer> I... I'm fine.. <Jeyer> Just tired.. * Baine looks somewhere between shocked and relieved * Jeyer looks up at Baine, smiles and passes out.. <Baine> O_o * Flamestrike picks up Jeyer rather roughly and carries him to the inn <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Darksol returns to his troops... <Narrator> Dorak awaits him there... * Darksol gets rid of his minions, growls and teleports back to his lair... * Dorak blinks and follows... * Dorak enters the lair, Darksol looking through spell books frantically! <Darksol> Where IS that spell??? <Dorak> My liege..? * Darksol turns to Dorak, glares at him and says, "That sorceress... She has something I need..." * Dorak stands there, totally confused... * Darksol turns back to his books, grinning to himself... <Narrator> ===== end cut scene! ===== <Narrator> A few hours have passed, Chamolo and Kodah away from the team... * Lara is sitting on the front steps of the inn... * Jeyer wakes up slowly... * Baine is beside Jeyer, looking pensive. <Flamestrike> Welcome back into the living, Jeyerk <Baine> *mutter* stupid stupid stupid male....ugh.... * Jeyer turns to FlameStrike, groans and looks at Baine... * Erin is quietly reading... * <Indigo> Oh, you awaken... * Baine pokes Jeyer in the nose. "'Bout time." * Jeyer streches... You try dodging lightning for 2 hours, then come tell me you aren't tired... :p * Baine offers Jeyer a cup of water and eyes him. <Baine> You took alot worse during training, you know. :P * Indigo sits on the bed, looking at the door with eeriely detached eyes. * Jeyer takes the cup eagerly and drinks big gulps... <Jeyer> It's my old age that's catching up with me... *grins at her* <Indigo> *dead voice* Indigo had a mother and a father. One night, Indigo's not-so- better-half took over. Indigo entered her parents room with a butcher knife. She slit her mother's body in 147 different places. With her father, she sliced apart his extremities inch-by-inch, then made him beg her to die. I feel I should tell you how dangerous she is in her cruel personality. * Baine laughs softly and punches Jeyer gently in the arm. <Baine> Nah. I think love is makin' you soft. * Jeyer glances over to Indigo... O_o <Lara> hehehe..... * Baine doesn't seem to notice Indigo :P * Jeyer turns back to Baine... Uh... Yeah... Prolly... *looks back at Indigo with a puzzled look* * Vankarin ignores the Shining Force, doing his own thing... <Baine> Jeyer? Uhm.. * Indigo folds in on herself, curling up into a ball. * Jeyer shakes his head and turns back to Baine... Yeah? * Lara walks over to Vankarin. "You look lost in thought. What's on your mind?" <Baine> ....are you leaving again? * Yogurt tries to organize his rings... is failing miserably :P <Vankarin> I'm thinking of your destiny... <Lara> I was thinking of that a bit too.... <Jeyer> I don't know, Baine.. * FlameStrike looks at Indigo and puts a hand-claw on her shoulder <FlameStrike> "You all right, girl?" * Baine glances at the ground. <Baine> *mumbles something* * Yogurt holds up a silver ring with a black gem on it... "Can't remember what this one does... oh well..." * Indigo looks up at FlameStrike, her eyes absolutely dead and her skin pale. * Erin turns a page, and continues to casually read... * * Jeyer looks at her... I personally think it would be best... <Lara> s'kinda funny. I never thought just a simple demon hunter would wind up the leader of the Shining force. <Baine> personally, huh? <Baine> Yeah...whatevers best.. <Indigo> *dead voice* She is....she will be returned to her previous state... <Vankarin> And I never thought I'd be by the Shining Force's side ag.... n/m... <Lara> oh well.... <Jeyer> Do you want me to stay, Baine? * Baine lets out a loud laugh and eyes Jeyer. "Would you believe me if I said I don't know?" * Jeyer nods... I would, actually... You were never the one to know what you wanted...... <Indigo> *dead voice* I must go now.... * Yogurt gives up at length and throws all the rings back in his pouch * Baine's eyes darken. "Yeah....never know what I want.." * Vankarin wonders where Chamolo is off to... <Lara> come to think of it...Where are Chamolo and Kodah? <Lara> I'll go find them. <Vankarin> They both have alot on their minds... * Baine runs a hand through her hair and yanks on it a bit.. * Lara walks out to find Chammy and Kodah. <Vankarin> I'd leave them alone.. * Indigo shrieks a bloodcurdling shriek, seizures, then slumps. When she stands up, she seems her normal, self, twirling. * Vankarin grumbles as Lara leaves... But hey... That's just me... :P <Indigo> Oh hi everyone! Where are we? * Baine leans back and lies on the ground, eyes squeezed shut and thinking. * Jeyer glances at Indigo... * Jeyer gets up, moves to the window groggily and looks outside... <Indigo> The last thing I remember....the inn at Yeel....then something ripped into my mind....and now I'm here. <Yogurt> Hi Indigo ^_^ <Indigo> Hello Yogurt. * Baine growls lowly. * Lara walks around town, looking for Kodah and Chamolo * Indigo simply faints. * Yogurt waddles away from Baine "I don't like grumpy people..." <FlameStrike> Uhmmm... well, you were pale and dead-looking for a while and you said... no, better not * Baine sits up and mutters. "I need a shower." * Jeyer thinks, "I wonder if I can join her... :p * Baine takes off her tunic, tosses it at the back of Jeyer's head and walks into the bathroom, shutting the door quickly. :P <Baine> * The sound of water running is heard. :P * Indigo twitches and sits up. <FlameStrike> Uhmmm... i need a shower too, nowth * Jeyer thinks, "Damn :P" <FlameStrike> now that i think of it * Baine yells. "AAAARGH!! COLDDDDD!!!" * Yogurt giggles * Indigo dances and goes outside, just disappearing. * Jeyer chuckles... * Baine's arm slithers out from the bathroom door and holds out a hand for her tunic :P <Baine> *grumble* Damned cold.. * Yogurt goes over to the bathroom door "Need a heat ring, Baine?" <Baine> Perverted rat! :P * Jeyer hands her her tunic... :p * Baine hauls the tunic in and walks out a minute later, hair wet and shivering. * Lara just keeps looking around for Cham and Kodah. <Jeyer> Want me to warm you up, darlin? * Baine blinks. "Uhm." * Baine raises an eyebrow. "That was forward of you." * Jeyer grins... Aren't I always forward? :P * Baine shakes her head and sends water spraying Jeyer. :P * Baine snickers. :P * Jeyer acks! <Baine> Nope. But now you're wet. :P <Jeyer> Nyar... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Lara is walking around town, looking for Chamolo and/or Kodah... * Lara peers into several buildings... <Narrator> Rowdy singing is coming from the bar. <Lara> hmmm...I think I'm getting an idea... * Lara walks into the bar... * Kodah and Chamolo are up at the bar, quite nicely plastered <Chamolo> Shing it aghain, Kodah! <Lara> so that's where they went to... <Kodah> Shure.... <Kodah> o~ Today is Monday! o~ <Chamolo> Today is Monday! <Kodah> o~ Monday's a happy day! <Chamolo> Monday's a happy day! * Lara quietly walks up behind Chamolo and taps him on the shoulder. <Chamolo> Whaash? <Kodah> o~ Is everybody happy? <Chamolo> You bet yer ass we're happy! <Kodah> You bet yer ass we're happy! <Lara> okee...whatever. <Narrator> ===== cut back to the inn! ===== <Vankarin> Lara's taking a whole lot of time... I'm going to look for her... Who wants to follow me? <Baine> I'll go. :P <Yogurt> I'll go... I'm bored here... <Baine> She might be in trouble.. <Jeyer> I wouldn't mind streching the ol' muscles... * Indigo is still out there....somewhere (as in, in the city). * Baine elbows Jeyer lightly. "I can think of other ways to stretch 'em." <Erin> I'll hold down the fort. Besides, I have some serious reading to do... * Jeyer blinks at Baine... And I'm forward??? :P <Baine> Okay, Erin. Sounds like a plan. * Baine grins at Jeyer and walks out of the room! <Baine> C'mon, slow pokes! * Vankarin follows suit, as does Jeyer... * Erin sighs, and goes back to her book... * <Narrator> The sounds of singing are heard nearby... <Narrator> They seem to be coming from the pub... <Baine> Ah... <Baine> Oooh boy. :P * Baine enters the pub.. :P <Kodah> o` Tuday iz thurzdaaaay.... <Chamolo> Tuday iz thuuuursdaaaaaaaay *Burp* * Baine blinks and wrinkles her nose.. <Kodah> o` Thurzdaayz a drinkie day! <Baine> Oh gods.. <Baine> Lara? O_o * Baine looks at Lara <Lara> hey...don't look at me.. <Chamolo> Thursdayz a drinkie daaaaaaaaay * Jeyer looks at the people, then at the bar, then looks at Chamolo and Kodah... * Yogurt follows Baine into the pub * Kodah chugs a beer in as few gulps as possible <Narrator> The people in the pub seem to ignore Kodah and Chamolo's presences... * Lara is sipping on Coffee. * Chamolo chugs more ^_^ * Baine chuckles lightly and taps Cham on the head. <Baine> Yo, tipsy. <Narrator> Hmm... <Chamolo> Hhhhhuuh? HEEEEEEY...babbeee... <Kodah> Tuday izz fridayeee...... * Baine blinks. <Jeyer> I wouldn't mind a little alcohol myself... It's been a bitch of a month... :P <Chamolo> Youhz got a boddday 'dat don't quit! * Baine blinks more.. O_o <Kodah> Fridayees.....sumptin'......*burp* <Baine> Uhm....thanks.. * Chamolo burps in thanks. * Kodah slumps a bit on his stool * Jeyer orders a mug of ale, then glances over to Chamolo... <Baine> Wanna lay off the booze there, guys? :P * Baine tries to remove some beer for Cham's hands. :P <Lara> I'd think they'd have to... <Chamolo> Youz should have some, it sssssssoooooo gooosh <Yogurt> They probably don't... <Chamolo> No! Miiiineee <Baine> Okay, fine. :P But tone it down a little, okay? * Baine looks mildly concerned :P * Chamolo falls off the stool! * Jeyer takes his ale and starts gulping at it... <Baine> O_o <Lara> those two are plastered...:P <Jeyer> O_o <Jeyer> We noticed, Lara... <Chamolo> Ouch, I feel on my keeeyz * Baine acks and starts to help Cham up :P <Chamolo> Thanks baaaybeee. <Baine> What do we do with drunk and drunker? * Jeyer orders a drink for Baine... :P <Kodah> Where'd dey but da bafroom in dis place? I goota go..... * Baine blushes lightly :P * Kodah staggers into a wall <Chamolo> Me too...wanna come too baaiineeee? * Lara keeps sipping on her coffee... * Baine takes the drink, slugs it back and puts the glass back down. :P <Baine> Uhm...I'll pass... <Chamolo> Youz be mizzing ooout! <Baine> Eh, heheh...I'm sure.. ^_^; <Kodah> Sorry mizz, didn't see ya theyr... * Jeyer pulls Baine closer protectively... :P * Baine blinks * Kodah flops onto the floor and oogles at the ceiling <Chamolo> Hey, whaz ya doin? <Kodah> Heyee, hoo took tha sky awayee? <Lara> Good lord....I had an uncle that was that bad an alcoholic. * Jeyer finishes his ale... I'm holding Baine... What does it look like? :P * Baine glances at Jeyer and then at Cham.. :P <Lara> maybe we should knock them out and let them rest for a while. <Chamolo> Yaa shouldn't bee shooo protecive..and...ah noo...I forgot what i waz gonnaaaa say! * Kodah mimes the backstroke on the ground <Lara> get over the effects of the alcohol. <Yogurt> Ahhh, sure, why not? I'll have a drink or to.. it's harmless... <Baine> Oh gods.. <Baine> He's gonna hurt himself.. <Kodah> o` I am a lineman fer da countee...... * Baine seperates herself from Jeyer and steadies Chamolo. :P <Baine> Try not to puke on me! * Jeyer orders rounds for everyone :P <Chamolo> wee...pretty colors... <Lara> none for me, Jeyer... * Kodah staggers back to his feet and over to the bar again <Kodah> Hoo ran off wid ma beer nutz? * Baine patpats Cham's head. * Chamolo spins around "Look at me...I'mah hummingbird! Feeeeeee" * Lara grabs Kodah. "You've had enough." * FlameStrike buys a mug of ale for himself, not taking Jeyer's * The bartender looks at Chamolo and Kodah... These two had enough... <Baine> Oh gods.. O_o * Baine grabs Cham in a bear hug, stopping him from moving. :P * Kodah oogles at Lara, "Hoo're you?" <Baine> Stop :P <Bartender> LAST CALL! <Chamolo> strip? <Chamolo> Okay! :D <Baine> Uhhh.. O_o * FlameStrike sits on a stool and quietly drinks his beer <Lara> oh shit. <FlameStrike> Need a hand, people? <Baine> No no!! <Yogurt> Uhhh... dunno, what do you have? <Baine> Don't strip! <Chamolo> Noooo? <Baine> ^_^; <Kodah> Last call fer wot? <Chamolo> Why? <Jeyer> Aww... Last call?? <Baine> Because....uhm.. <Baine> Uhm.. <Baine> Clothes are nice <FlameStrike> Uhmm... ok, i'm gonna help... * Lara knocks Kodah out with a stungun styled move <Bartender> We close in 1/2 an hour, people! <Chamolo> But yo' body is like a hourglass...itd got curves baybee! * Baine continues keeping a hold on Cham. <Kodah> Ga nite ^_^ *flop* <Baine> Uhm, thanks.. ^_^; * FlameStrike stands up, grabs Kodah and Chamolo ignoring their protests and carries them back to the inn... * Jeyer gets mildly annoyed.. <Chamolo> Leeegooooooo!! <Chamolo> I kick youz in tha nuts! * Baine gets carried too O_o <Baine> FLAMESTRIKE! :P <FlameStrike> I have armored nuts, Chamolo <Baine> Set us down, you big lug! <Kodah> Heyee, I didna know I could fly....weeee! :D * FlameStrike sets Baine down <Baine> We've got it under control :P * Chamolo flies with Kodah :D <Lara> then let's get them outta here. <Baine> Yeah...back to the Batcave, Robin :P <FlameStrike> That's what i'm doing, Lara <Kodah> I can see ma houz frum here.... <Baine> Be careful with them, Strike.. :P <Chamolo> I can see Baine's panties! Ooh! Kawaii Panstu :D <Baine> o_O * Jeyer orders 4 more drinks for himself and downs em one by one... :P <Baine> I'm not wearing any! <Baine> Uhm.. <Baine> I mean. * Yogurt follows everyone else eventually... * Jeyer growls.. <Chamolo> Yay! Strip! Strip! * Baine blushes beet red :P <Jeyer> Someone stop me, cuz I'm gonna deck this idiot.. * FlameStrike flies in the skies, Chamolo and Kodah with him <Chamolo> rightzh Kosdah! <Baine> Its okay, Jeyer.. ^_^; <Baine> Really.. ^_^; <Baine> He's outta it :P <Kodah> Yeah! Show us da goodz * Baine blushes more at the comments :P <Chamolo> Take it aaaaaaaaaaaal down! * FlameStrike watches Kodah and Chamolo talk to the air <Lara> O_o * Jeyer snarls.. They'll both be out of it if they don't shut up.. <Baine> shhh! Cham!! <Lara> Jeyer, they are out of it.... <Chamolo> Jeyer's a big big loogie in mah noooose! <Baine> Oooh boy. :P * Chamolo snorts to show the loogies :) * Jeyer holds back from slugging Chamolo.. * Kodah begins to snore rather loudly <Baine> Cham...shhh..behave! <Jeyer> Let's get these guys back to the Inn.. <Chamolo> O_o...oh feel gooooood.... <Baine> Yeah.. ^_^; <Lara> .oO(Good lord...I'm glad Prince BlackHawk's not here to see this.) <Chamolo> O_O Really really no feel goood... <FlameStrike> .oO(Good lord... too bad Bleu's not here to see this...) <Vankarin> .oO (Good lord... I shoulda stayed with the king of Granseal... ) * Baine steadies Cham some more and starts dragging him towards the inn :P * FlameStrike walks away from Chamolo * Chamolo pukes on the front steps <Baine> ugh.. <Baine> Watch that first step, guys :P <Chamolo> Whoa...a pea! See the peeeeeeaaaaaa * Kodah hangs with the consistency of a bean-bag in FS's grip * Yogurt ews * Chamolo then passes out on Baine ^^; <Baine> Jeyer! Take Kodah, would you? ^_^; * Baine hehs :P <Erin> .oO( Probably gone and gotten themselves gibbled... I wish they'd all act a little older... ) * Jeyer glances at Kodah.. * Yogurt stands in front of the steps, digging through his pouch yet again for another ring * Baine gringerly wipes Cham's mouth :P * FlameStrike takes Cham and Kodah (for real this time) and flies to the inn <Jeyer> How 'bout I take Chamolo, and you take Kodah.. <Kodah> *snore* <Chamolo> *Hic* * Yogurt aha's and holds up a ring * Baine looks at Jeyer. "What? I've already got Cham. No one has Kodah." :P * FlameStrike lands at the inn * Jeyer sighs, walks up to the room, goes to lie down on the bed... * Yogurt activates it and Cham's puke is vaporized... along with half the steps... oops ^^; * Vankarin groans... Yogurt...... <Yogurt> Sorry ^_^ * Baine puts Cham on a nice soft bed. :P <Lara> I'll meet you up in the room.... * Vankarin shakes his head and walks up to the room... :P * Baine mutters about drunken idiots :P * FlameStrike puts Kodah on his bed * Erin looks up as the rest of the group returns. * Wow... some of you aren't staggering... or singing "We Are the World"... I'm impressed. * Baine removes Cham's glasses for him and places them on the floor. She also brushes his hair outta his eyes before getting up and turning to her own bed. :P * Yogurt climbs up the remnants of the steps to find his way to his room <Kodah> *snore* * Jeyer sighs and dozes off... * Baine hops onto her own bed and settles down. ^_^ * Lara appears on the balcony....apparently, she climbed a rope up... <FlameStrike> Uhmmm... i'm not -THAT- idiotic, Erin... <Baine> Sure you are. :P <FlameStrike> I'm not talking to you :p * Lara grabs a chair, pen, and paper. She sits down and starts writing. <Baine> Too bad. ;) <FlameStrike> And i'm stronger than you :p * Baine patpats AmeShi, which is right next to the bed. <Baine> Ha, right. :P <Narrator> The shining Force now gets a good night's sleep... <Narrator> Morning arrives slowly but surely, and Indigo has still not returned... * Kodah groans a bit and puts a hand on his forehead <Lara> anyone know what happened to Indigo? * Chamolo moans and pulls the sheets over his face * Lara was up at the crack of dawn. <Erin> Dunno. I haven't seen her. * Baine rubs her eyes and yawns, stretching cat-like. <Baine> Good morning. ^_- <Kodah> Ow...... * Yogurt decides to be ridiculously cheerful this morning... <Chamolo> So bright...owww.... <Baine> Are our two drunkards up? <Baine> Oh yes, they are. ^_^ <Lara> looks like it.. ^_^ * Kodah staggers into a sitting position * Jeyer is nowhere to be seen... * Baine is unusually cheery :P * FlameStrike is sleeping on the roof * Chamolo sits up, swaying back and forth. "Oh god..." <Kodah> Where am I? * Baine glances at Jeyer's bed.. * Baine rushes to Cham and steadies him. :P <Chamolo> Good question...where are we...? <Baine> Easy there, spunky.. <Lara> looks like your old boy ran off again, Kara. <Chamolo> spunky...? <Baine> You're at the inn. :P <Erin> Back at the Inn... <Kodah> Huh? <Chamolo> Why...? * Baine growns softly at Lara. :P * Kodah looks around, "Oh....." * Chamolo then remembers.. "Oh god!" Then runs off to the bathroom ^_^ * Baine chuckles lightly and sits on Jeyer's bed. <Lara> anyway... <Baine> Wonder where he went.. * Baine frowns softly. * Kodah pulls his knees up to his chest and sits there * Jeyer's gears are still next to the bed... <Baine> ^_- * Baine resists the urge to root through his stuff :P <Chamolo> * Lovely sounds come from the bathroom * Lara seals the folded paper she was writing on with her family seal. Hopefully a messenger can get this to Guardiana.... <Baine> Kodah? Uhm... * Vankarin walks over to Kodah... So... <Yogurt> This is weird... <Kodah> Are you sure you want to be seen talking to a devil? <Baine> Oh, Cham! That sounds so healthy! :P * Chamolo staggers out. <Chamolo> Ugghhh... <Baine> Drink? ^_- * Baine offers water to Cham <Chamolo> Drink....okay.... <Erin> Feeling better, Cham? <Vankarin> Dammit Kodah... Snap out of your dream world... * Chamolo barely forces it down. "Thank you....and no...I'm not..." * Lara walks downstairs and asks the manager to get a messenger to deliver the message. * Erin giggles... * <Baine> Cham...what DO you remember from last night? :P <Chamolo> I have never been...more my entire life... <FlameStrike> Hey you two, puke what you have to. I need a shower <Chamolo> Enough. <Yogurt> Maybe next time you won't be quite so... zealous in your pursuit of drunkenness... * Baine chuckles <Kodah> Dream? I wish this was a dream. My life was a dream, and a darn nice one too. Now I'm stuck in a freaking nightmare.... * Lara walks back to the room. "Probably not much...those two were pretty much plastered" * Baine patpats Cham. "You think I have a nice body, eh?" ;) <Vankarin> Kodah... We can get your sister back... Join with us! <Chamolo> I wasn't really persuing it....All I had was one beer...then sort of grew from there... * Yogurt snickers <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> I said that?? <Baine> Yep. :P <Baine> You also wanted me to strip. * Baine grins wryly :P <Lara> hehehe.... * Chamolo blushes beet red, then makes some excuse about going to the bathroom, and guessed the bathroom ^_^ <Kodah> Are you nuts? I'm a devil Vankarin! Technically I'm your enemy * Baine laughs a bit <Yogurt> oh well... I think I have an anti-nausea ring around here somewhere... you want to borrow it? <FlameStrike> That's the right word. "Technically" <Vankarin> What lineage of devil did you inherit from? <Chamolo> YES PLEASE! <Chamolo> Oh...and do you have an anti-headache ring too? <Baine> Poor Cham.. ^_^ * Yogurt kigs around in his pouch for a bit... <FlameStrike> Don't think all dragon are good... <Baine> Did I mention you almost got Jeyer to slug you, too Cham? <Chamolo> My head is gonna split open... <Kodah> (glumly)My father is a devil, who served Creed over a thousand years ago.... <Chamolo> Oh great... * Yogurt comes up with two rings and hands them to Chamolo "These should do it" <Chamolo> I'm so sorry, Miss Baine...... * Erin quietly goes back to her reading... * <Vankarin> For your information, Creed worked with the Shining Force... <Chamolo> * More lovely sounds come from the bathroom. <Baine> Ugh. :P <Kodah> Or so we've been told...... * Chamolo staggers out... <Baine> Chamolo, maybe you should lie down again. :P <Vankarin> I know that for a fact... I've spoken to Creed... <Chamolo> Good idea... * Chamolo plops down on the bed. * Kodah looks at Vankarin, "You've what?" * Baine picks up Cham's glasses and gently hands them to him. "And please, no more Miss Baine. Call me Kara." <Chamolo> Kara....okay...I can do that... <Chamolo> Thank you... <Chamolo> I'm sorry if I embarrassed you last night...I feel awful... * Baine nods and grins. "Its okay. You were sloshed." <Vankarin> I've met Creed... He came to Guardiana once to update our logs of the Shining Force's history... <Kodah> .... <Chamolo> Yeah.... <Baine> Be glad I wasn't the drunk probably would've seen me table dancing... * Lara does a double take..."You're from Guardiana too?" <Chamolo> Table Dancing?! O_o * Baine nods. ^_^ <Baine> Nude too :P <Baine> Its happened before.. :P <Chamolo> Nude....happened before?! O_o <FlameStrike> Well, actually, Creed came to Bleu's cave once... i was there, although practically an hatchling... <Baine> Yeah.... ^_^; <Vankarin> Yes, Lara... * Chamolo turns green ;) <Lara> talk of a coincidence.... * Vankarin turns to Lara... Coincidence? <Yogurt> I gave you that anti-nausea ring... or was it the laxative ring? I can't tell them apart... * Chamolo O_o * Baine sighs gently and looks at Kodah and Van. * Chamolo rushes off to the bathroom. <Lara> well, I happen to be a friend of the royal family...that's what I meant, Vankarin. <Vankarin> So you know Prince BlackHawk... <Lara> that I do...we met about 4 years ago. * Chamolo comes out and looks...well...dead... <Lara> I've been back several times since then.... * Kodah looks at Vankarin, "So....does this mean.....I'm not evil?" <Baine> Cham....uhm.. * Chamolo then facefalls on the bed. * Vankarin nods... I'm not surprised, really... He always seems to know the adventurers.. :P <Lara> No,'re not evil. <Baine> 'nother drink? ^_^; <Chamolo> If it's coffee... * Baine looks for coffee and finds OJ.. ;) * Lara smiles..."I sent a message to him just today" * Vankarin turns to Kodah... No you're not... Is your father evil? No... Is Creed evil? No... You are a member of the Shining Force now, even if you don't want to be... * Baine hands that to Cham :P <Kodah> I was always taught that devils and thier kin were evil..... <Chamolo> Oh good.... * Chamolo drinks it, then realizes what it is...his stomach lurches... <Baine> O_o <FlameStrike> Yeah, there's people who thinks DRAGONS are evil... <Chamolo> time....remember...OJ's..bad! * Chamolo rushes off to the bathroom YET AGAIN! <Baine> Oh gods. ^_^; * Baine blushes lightly :P * Vankarin looks at Lara and shakes his head, chuckling... * Kodah pulls his knees in tighter and goes quiet <FlameStrike> Well, who wants to have breakfast with me? I'll offer. <Baine> It could be worse, Cham! You could've ended up NUDE in the pub! <Lara> that sounds good to mme, Flamestrike.... <Chamolo> Ughh... <Chamolo> * Oh no! More lovely sounds! <FlameStrike> Erin, Indigo, Baine? * Yogurt digs around some more... * Vankarin sighs... <Vankarin> Let's pack up gears, people... * Baine shakes her head at FS. "Not hungry. I only eat at supper." :P <Erin> Thanks anyways 'Strike, but I'll pass... I still ahve another 1,143 pages to go... <Vankarin> We need to find Indigo and head north... * Baine looks at Van.. <Baine> What about Jeyer? <Yogurt> Oh, "here's" the anti-nausea ring... Chamolo! <Lara> I think Vankarin has a point... * Baine points at Jeyer's gear <FlameStrike> Hey Vankarin, wanna come with us? <Vankarin> Jeyer can take care of himself... * Baine looks concerned.. * Lara grabs her gear and is ready to head out. <Vankarin> Indigo, on the other hand, is quite unstable right now... <Lara> I can grab that free continental breakfast on the way out... * Baine hears the lovely sounds coming from Cham and flinches. "Guess you're right. I'm needed here." :P * Kodah slowly get up and leaves the inn without a word * Baine looks concerned for Cham and Jeyer * Chamolo uses the ring, and let's out a nice, long sigh. "It's gone...phew. ^_^" <Chamolo> Now if I just can get rid of this headache.. <Baine> Ah...sorry about the OJ, Cham.. * Baine blushes lightly :P <Chamolo> Oh, it's all right Kara... * FlameStrike goes with Lara to have breakfast * Chamolo then uses the headache ring, and the headache goes away. <Chamolo> Yogurt...I could kiss you right now.. <Chamolo> But i won't ^_^ <Baine> Ugh. <Baine> Chipmunk breath? :P * Vankarin gathers his stuff up... * FlameStrike shouts "Don't! He's furry :)" while climbing down the stairs <Chamolo> Heh. <Yogurt> Thanks. Rather not be kissed... <Yogurt> Well, I'm ready... * Baine shakes her head. "You still plastered or what?" <Vankarin> K'mon people! * Lara nods. * Baine shoulders her gear and Jeyer's :P <Chamolo> No...just happy my stomach's not trying to eat itself anymore... * Baine tosses Cham's to him. ^_^ <Chamolo> Thanks! * Chamolo heads downstairs. <Baine> No problem. ^_^ * Baine follows <Yogurt> Can I have my rings back? It's not like I don't have doubles... but you know how it is... <Chamolo> Oh.. * Chamolo hands them back * Erin stands up, eyes still glued to the book and follows the group, seemingly navigating without any trouble... * <Yogurt> Thanks * Yogurt stuffs them in his pouch <Narrator> The Shining force leaves the Inn and heads for the town gates... * Kodah is standing by the town gates, wearing a travel poncho and a carrying a sling bag over his shoulder. * Baine hums happily * Baine is unusually cheery. ;) * Vankarin walks over to Kodah and puts a hand on his shoulder... Glad you could make it, friend... * Yogurt waddles after everyone else <Kodah> It seems I have no choice, really. I can't get Nalya back alone * Chamolo follows. "Yogurt, you might want to let Kodah use those rings next." <Baine> Nice poncho, Pablo! <Narrator> Kodah joins the Shining Force! <Yogurt> He never asked... * Jeyer walks back to the party, unnoticed, pulls his gears off Baine's shoulder and walks out... <Baine> O_o * Kodah looks the group over with a glum expression * Jeyer turns back to the group with a fridgid look... Let's head north, people.. * Baine blinks at Jeyer and her eyes go a bit cold also.. <Baine> Okay. * Jeyer continues to walk north, Vankarin following suit... * Lara follows Vankarin. * Kodah follows without a word * Baine looks a bit pale and follows * FlameStrike follows, staying on the front ranks... * Chamolo looks a little more depressed now. <Narrator> The path leading north seems wide and smooth, making it an easy walk... * Erin trails along behind... still reading... * <Narrator> The path seems to have footprints... <Chamolo> Hmm...footprints. * Lara examines the footprints. <Narrator> They look like the ones of Indigo... They are heading north... * Baine nods silently. * Lara follows the footprints..signs of a halfway decent tracker. * FlameStrike follows too <Kodah> .... * Baine wonders if she should talk to Jeyer.. ^_^; * Vankarin looks at Jeyer in the front, who is walking faster than most of the people... * Chamolo hmms. <Vankarin> Uhm... Jeyer? Could you slow down?? <Baine> Jeyer? * Erin maintains her canter... oblivious to her surroundings. * <Chamolo> Something's up... * Kodah trudges along, seemingly unaware of his surroundings * Jeyer reduces his pace a little, but still not slowing down to the groups pace... * Lara picks up her pace. * Baine glances at Cham and trots faster to walk beside Jeyer.. <Baine> Jeyer..? * Baine is almost whispering.. :P * Chamolo part runs, part walks to keep up with the J-man. * Jeyer stares out at the front of the road, not turning towards Baine... <Baine> Please don't tune me out...whats wrong..? <Jeyer> Nothing... Let's just move... *sounds utterly cold* * Baine flinches and slows, falling behind Jeyer... <Baine> ...okay... * Chamolo now eyes Jeyer with much suspicion... * Lara summons her soulsword while walking. * Baine feels like someone is stabbing her. ^_^; * Vankarin starts talking to Lara about Guardiana... * Baine is shaking a bit and sighs a bit.. * Lara chats with Vankarin. * Kodah kicks at some stones as he walks * Chamolo ows as one stone hits him in the shin * Baine feels a new emotion.. O_o Rage.. O_o * Kodah mumbles, "Sorry Chamolo...." <Lara> <<Don't even go there, Jean.>> * Baine mutters to herself idly.. "Its probably your fault, you stupid twit.." <Narrator> A large cannyon can be spotted to the north of the Shining Force's position... * Vankarin suddenly stops talking to Lara and stays on his spot, not moving... * Lara looks down the canyon wall. <Chamolo> What's going on? * Baine stops also, looking at Van. <Baine> Trouble? <Lara> what's up, Vankarin? <Vankarin> Prism flowers... * Kodah bumps into Erin before realizing the group stopped <Kodah> Sorry.... <Baine> Prism what? :P * Erin stops, and looks up. * Prism Flowers? Really? <Lara> a kind of monster. * FlameStrike mutters a curse <Baine> Oh, great. <FlameStrike> If i recall well, they can't move... <Vankarin> Prism flowers... Large flowers that generate beams of energy that can burn you to a crisp... <Baine> How do we get past them? <Chamolo> Prism flower...the ones that shoot lasers... <Vankarin> ... Hack our way through.... <Chamolo> Think that's wise? <Kodah> Swell <FlameStrike> I could try to fly over them * Baine grins and draws AmeShi.. <Baine> Why not.. <FlameStrike> I can carry one or two of you with ease * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Jeyer kept on walking... * Chamolo pulls out his staff. <Baine> Jeyer..? * Baine blinks * Jeyer is almost in the prism flower's range... <Chamolo> Jeyer! What are you doing?! * Baine's eyes go wide and she starts to run towards Jeyer :P <Chamolo> Get back here... <Chamolo> Baine! Wait! * Chamolo rushes after her * Jeyer enters the prism flower field... A prism flower charges up and fires... <Erin> Great... rushing in like maniacs... <Baine> Jeyer!!! <Kodah> Is this what the Shining Force does? Run headlong into stuff? * Lara rushes into the fight. <FlameStrike> No, it's just that Jeyerk idiot * Jeyer unsheaths a Katana from his gears, leaps over the laser, and slashes the prism flower in half... * Jeyer keeps on walking normally... * Baine blinks. O_o <Kodah> ^^;; <Chamolo> ....What was that all about...? <Lara> O_o * Yogurt digs around in his pouch of rings for a bit for no reason at all * Baine skids to a stop... "You bloody...goddamn.." * Baine starts cursing up a storm :P <Narrator> Indigo stands in the middle of the prism flowers... <Baine> ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A MOTHER FUCKING HEART ATTACK?!?!? <Chamolo> Baine! Look! * FlameStrike flies, catches Indigo and flies away * Baine blinks <Baine> Indigo? ^_- * Chamolo points to Indigo being dragged off. * Baine acks. <Baine> Idiotic Baine...idiottttt.. * Baine mutters <Kodah> .... <Narrator> The prism flowers fire at Baine all at once... <Baine> Ah fuck O_o <Chamolo> BAINE! * Baine attempts to dodge O_o * Chamolo pushes her out of the way <Lara> KARA! * Jeyer stands there, not moving... * Baine lands on her face, being pushed outta the way. ^_^; <Kodah> Um..... <Baine> Oomph.. * Chamolo lands on top of Baine, then hops off. "You okay?" <Baine> Ugh, yeah.. ^_^; <Baine> Thanks.. :P * Chamolo helps her up * Baine grins sheepishly and nods. * FlameStrike looks at Indigo * Baine glances at Jeyer.. * Jeyer then leaps into one fluid movement, and slashes 3 of them in half before they can fire... <FlameStrike> WHAT in hell were you doing in there? * Indigo looks back with strange eyes. <Chamolo> What is going on with Jeyer...? <Baine> ....he's pissed. :P <Lara> he's kicking some ass..that's what. <Indigo> Picking flowers. <Baine> At me...I think... * Baine sighs a bit. * Jeyer then starts casting a Rayjin... <Baine> ogh. * Indigo sounds like a lost little girl and begins a counting game. <Chamolo> Oh... * Kodah sits on a rock and waits for an explination * Jeyer summons all his might, and radiates of power and destruction... * Indigo starts humming wordlessly, meandering back into the prismflower field. * Baine blinks a bit.. <Jeyer> Feel the wrath of unholy lightning!! RAYJIN!!!!!!!! * Kodah looks at Erin, "Does stuff like this happen all the time to the Shining Force?" <Narrator> The rayjin hits all the flowers at once, frying all of them... <Erin> Usually they're a -bit- more responsible... * Indigo picks one up and puts it in her hair, then twirls and giggles insanely. <Erin> ...when they're not arguing with each other... * Baine looks torn between wanting to go to Jeyer and wanting to stay where she is :P <Baine> Yo! Jeyer?? * Jeyer falters... <Lara> O_O <Indigo> Weeeeeeee......looks at all the pretty shadows. * Baine tries staying where she is and calling to him :P * Kodah hurmphs and turns back to watch the show(for lack of a better term) * Chamolo looks rather confused. ^_^ * Indigo points. * Yogurt sorta looks on... confused as well * Jeyer shakes his head, then gets back up painfully... <Baine> Jeyerrrrr.....uhm...don't suppose you wanna talk about this? ^_^; * Baine starts slowly towards Jeyer.. :P <Indigo> Ooooo....there's a constellation (points to empty air), and there's a man with a sword...oooo...and a grizzly bear....*insane laughter* * Chamolo then looks at Indigo.. O_o <Lara> Indigo? * Indigo twirls, loses her balance, and falls on her back, laughing insanely the whole time. * Jeyer ignores Baine behind him and continues to walk north... * Baine looks down. * Baine turns to the group. "Great. Indigo has lost it." * Erin says to Kodah, pointing at Indigo. * And then there's her... she was loco from the beginning. <Lara> you're not lying, Kara. :P * Chamolo pats Baine on the shoulder. <Jeyer> Let's move... We have to get to the crash site.. *in a weak voice* * Lara moves on to the north. * Baine glances at Cham and then starts after Jeyer. :P <Kodah> This is the great and powerful Shining Force then. We're doomed..... <Lara> let's go, folks. * Chamolo sighs. * Kodah stands up and trudges after the group * FlameStrike follows too <Narrator> The path cuts east suddenly... * Baine stops, goes back for Cham, grabs him by the elbow and drags him along. :P * Erin opens her book to page 1,822 and resumes her reading... * <Baine> slow poke. ;) <Chamolo> Ack! * Indigo rolls after them, bowling over Erin. * Indigo giggles and points at Erin. * Erin staggers a bit and snarls. * Watch it! <Indigo> Hehehehehehe.....pretty horsey....hehehehehe.... * Kodah sidesteps the rolling weirdo <Lara> Indigo's done flipped...:P * Chamolo dodges Indigo <Chamolo> Indigo flipped long ago. * Lara jumps, letting Indigo just roll right under her. * Vankarin looks at Jeyer walking in front of him and thinks, "He knows.." * Erin returns to her reading... ignoring the immature and insane Indigo... * * Indigo jumps up! <Indigo> The world is round! Teehee... * Indigo falls back and rolls into Jeyer. <Narrator> The eastern horizon makes out a temple... <Narrator> The temple is still far away, thus noone knows if it is empty or not... * Baine is silent, eyes showing anger and coldness and worry :P * Chamolo walks along... * Kodah keeps a fair idstance between him and Indigo * Indigo stops rolling, gets up, and just starts walking away to the west, a blank look in her eyes. * FlameStrike catches Indigo <Lara> let's check out the temple. * Jeyer stops moving, and walks back apprehensively... <Indigo> Where are we going mommy? * Baine eyes Jeyer.. <Lara> what's the prob, Jeyer? * Jeyer stays silent... <Baine> Jeyer..? <Kodah> Now what? <FlameStrike> We're going for a walk, Indigo <Lara> something's up... * Vankarin walks up to Jeyer and whispers to him, "You know you must..." <Chamolo> No kidding, Lara... * Baine is pale with worry. :P * Jeyer turns to Vankarin, his face starch white... <Indigo> Weeee...... <Chamolo> Jeyer, what's going on? * Indigo absently summons Neptune to make a big flood. * Jeyer turns away.. Nothing.. * Jeyer continues to walk towards the shrine... <Chamolo> It has to be something. You've been acting oddly all day.. <Indigo> See daddy? I can make water.....oooooo....pretty water.... <Lara> someone knock that nutball out. * Yogurt digs for a "breathing water" ring * Baine glares coolly at Van. "Do you know whats going on, old man? Huh? Will you tell us??" <Lara> what's the prob, Vankarin? * Baine is almost completely ready to flip out. ^_^ * Vankarin continues to walk, but turns to the Shining Force... It's his destiny... He's afraid of it... That's all I can say... <Chamolo> I...I see. <Baine> Grrr, blah! * Baine gives Vankarin the middle finger and growls lowly. * Vankarin turns and continues to walk towards the temple, ignoring the vulgar gesture... :P * Lara continues behind Vankarin. <Indigo> Wow. * Indigo reaches into her pouch and pulls out a knife she uses for cutting herbs. With it she slits her wrist. <Lara> O_o <Narrator> The temple is only a few steps away... Monks can be seen training on the pallissades... <Baine> Great. Monks. <Baine> This brings back lovely memories. * Baine mutters <Chamolo> Indigo! <Lara> Chamolo, heal her. <Indigo> Wow....this is a place like mommy goes too. <Chamolo> What are you doing?! * Vankarin groans... Could someone heal her? * Chamolo quickly heals her wrists, and tries to snatch her knife away * Indigo offers no resistance, looking at the temple. <Narrator> As Jeyer walks towards the gate, the monks stop training and move towards the gate... * Baine looks at Jeyer.. * Chamolo takes the knife, putting it in a safe place. <Kodah> .... * Yogurt digs for a heal ring... ends up using a sleep ring instead <Indigo> Night night.... * Indigo slumps over, asleep. <Yogurt> Uhh... will that do? <Narrator> A wise old monk walks out of the gate... Jeyer freezes in front of him... * Chamolo catches Indigo before she hits the ground, and slings her over his shoulder <Chamolo> It'll do. <Yogurt> Okay ^_^ <Monk> Welcome, descendant of the Nazca... We were expecting you... *talking to Jeyer* <Chamolo> Nazca?! * Baine blinks.. <Narrator> The Shining force stand in front of Jeyer, the descendant of the nazcas... <Baine> Jeyer is a descendent of the Nazcas? O_o <Chamolo> O_o <Kodah> The who? <Lara> the Nazcas? Jeyer? * Jeyer slowly turns to Baine... Yes.. <Jeyer> I am.. * Baine blinks.. "Th-that would explain a few things.." * The monk looks quite pleased... <Chamolo> Nazca... * Chamolo looks impressed ^_^ <Monk> Come... Come! We have been waiting for you! Let us talk inside! <Yogurt> You're a Nazca? Or rather, their descendant... but you know what I mean... * Baine blinks a bit <Kodah> Who the heck are the Nazca? <Chamolo> An old race, Kodah.. <Kodah> And......? <Chamolo> Um... * Lara stays silent, taking all this in. <Monk> Let us talk of this inside... We have a feast waiting... <Chamolo> They had old techology that surpassed ours.. <Kodah> Oh <Lara> excellent... <Chamolo> Feast...good..I'll pass on the wine, though. <Baine> feast? * Baine perks * Chamolo laughs. <Kodah> So what? <Baine> Lets go ^_^ <Narrator> The Shining Force is led to a grand dining hall... * Baine gapes at the dining hall <Lara> O_O <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> <Kodah> Great, and I'm not hungry.... <Narrator> A score of monks carry trays of food onto the main table for the Shining Force... <Baine> O_o <Yogurt> Ooooh, nice place... reminds me of somewhere... can't remember where though <Baine> Right on. ^_^ <Baine> Pass the turkey :P <Chamolo> How do these people eat so much without getting...well..large! <Lara> This place is almost as grand as Guardiana palace. * Jeyer sits with the monks... <Lara> we get alot of exercise. <Chamolo> Hehe * Vankarin looks around, unimpressed.... * Baine licks her lips and eyes the food.. * FlameStrike sits educately and waits for the monks to start before eating * The monks start to eat slowly... * Chamolo says a small prayer of grace before scarfing the food ^_^ * Indigo wakes up at the smell of food. * Baine starts eating the food....alot of food...a humongous amount.. ^_^; * Yogurt shtuffs his face * Lara starts to eat... * Kodah picks at what's in front of him without enthusiasm <Monk> You may ask us any questions... We shall answer them... * Erin waits for Cham's prayer to finish before beginning to eat... * * Indigo looks over at Chamolo with a semblance of sanity in her eyes. * Chamolo finishes and eats ^_^ * Baine eats so much food that she eats more than Gabrielle.. ;) <Indigo> Chamolo? Can you put me down? <Chamolo> Oh! * Chamolo puts Indigo down <Chamolo> Sorry.. <Baine> I've got a question! Uhm....whats the meaning of life? * Indigo eats the food, trying to be normal, but still giggling every once in a while for no reason. * Baine sips some wine ;) <Kodah> .... * Jeyer looks at the monk... So it's true then... The Nazca ship is north of here, isn't it... * Lara just sips on some warm need for the wine. <Monk> The meaning of life cannot be passed on to you, my child... You must look for the answer inside yourself... <Baine> That was deep. ^_^ * Kodah mutters under his breath * The monk turns to Jeyer... Yes... The Nazca ship is still at its crash site... * Baine drinks some more.. ^_- <Chamolo> Yes...very deep.. <Indigo> So what is sanity? <Baine> Something you lack. ^_^ * Indigo tries to look serious, collapses into helpless giggling, and sits up again. <Monk> Sanity... Ah to define sanity... * Yogurt finds some of his food to be cold... so he pulls out the trusty ol' fire ring ^_^ * Baine feels a bit light headed and goes cross eyed. :P <FlameStrike> There's no sanity or insanity in this world... Only the thousands of aspects of craziness <Lara> as Kara's something that Indigo lacks.. <Indigo> Just because the sun is green does NOT mean I'm insane! * Jeyer looks at the monk, getting paler... Then... I.. * Kodah pushes his food away <Baine> This is good stuff.. ^_^ <Lara> you're not lying, Kara... <Monk> Yes... You must go to it... Your destiny calls to you... * Baine offers some wine to Lara and Cham :P * Yogurt aims it at the food and activates it with every innocent intention * Lara respectfully declines the Wine..."I try to stay away from that stuff.." <Narrator> The ring fizzles :P * Chamolo eats politely ^_^ <Baine> All the more for me. ^_^ <Chamolo> careful...advice from someone who knows. <Baine> See, you can't get wine like this in pubs :P <Baine> This is good wine.. ^_^ * Jeyer turns away from the monks... * Indigo sips at the wine and tries not to throw up. * Yogurt looks at the ring and pokes it * Baine waves at Jeyer. ^_^ <Indigo> I no feel good.... * Jeyer growls, gets up and walks out of the dining hall! <Chamolo> How much did you have, Indigo? <Baine> Gee, someone pissed in his cornflakes :P <Lara> I think she had a little too much. <Indigo> One sip. Why is the room blue? <Baine> Well! I think he needs a time out! * Baine stands, pushing her chair into the wall <Baine> He needs a spanking! <Baine> ^_^ <Kodah> .... <Lara> heheheh.... * the monk shakes his head... He is not ready... <Chamolo> Baine...wait.. <Chamolo> O_o You're not...drunk...are you? * Baine sits on the table and titters. ^_^ <Chamolo> Oh no...she is.... <Baine> Me? Drunk? Naaah <Lara> I think she is. <Baine> I'm fine.. ^_^; * Erin quietly tries to keep eating... * * Baine falls up <Baine> :P <Baine> ow * Chamolo groans and leans back into his chair <Chamolo> Baine....okay...sit down. * Vankarin sneaks out while people aren't looking and follows Jeyer... <Chamolo> And no more wine. You had enough. <Baine> I guess I should.. :P <Indigo> Wow, Baine can fly! Weeeeeeeeeee! * Baine sits in Cham's lap. ;) <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> Okie dokie. ^_^ <Yogurt> Oh well... guess I'll eat it cold :/ <Lara> hehehe... <Chamolo> Kara! Wrong chair! <Baine> But I like this one. :P * Chamolo feels he probably deserves this -_- <Chamolo> But you're sitting in my lap... <Baine> So? ^_^ * Baine sips some more wine. ^_- <FlameStrike> Stop complaining, Sucker :) * Erin sighs... * So immature... <Chamolo> So...we're in front of important priests...and this is rude! * Lara can't help but snicker. <Kodah> .... * Yogurt puts the fire ring back in the pouch and digs around for another fun ring * The monks stare at the Shining Force, baffled that they are truly the Shining Force... <Baine> No...rude would be mooning them! * Indigo dances over to a monk and kisses him on the cheek. * Kodah puts his face in his hands and moans quietly * Erin stands up and says to the monks. * I'm sorry... if you'll excuse me. I need some air... * Erin exits the room... * <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back on the northern balcony, overseeing the grand land, Jeyer stares out blankly at a small hill.. * Vankarin walks in behind him... <Vankarin> Jeyer..? You can't run away from this... * Jeyer starts shaking... Don't you think I don't know that?! * Vankarin sighs... We all have our parts to play... This is your part... * Jeyer starts to weep softly.. And what if I refuse? What then? <Vankarin> I think you know the answer to that, Jeyer... * Jeyer stops himself from crying, turns towards Vankarin and says, "I don't want to leave her..." * Vankarin looks at Jeyer... I know... But... You don't have a choice, Jeyer... * Jeyer snickers... So this is how it's gonna be... Peachy.. Leave me alone, old man... Go back to the Shining Force... YOUR destiny still needs to be played out... * Vankarin looks at Jeyer... turns around and whispers, "If only you knew, Jeyer... You'd love your destiny... If only you knew.." <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Baine is straddling Cham and feeding him pieces of meat :P * Vankarin slides back in the room... <Baine> Here comes the airplane. ^_^ <Chamolo> Baine! C'mon..don't you think you should OW! Let me go! * Yogurt is digging for a ring to sober Kara up... * Vankarin sits down, not saying a word and continues his meal... * Indigo gets on a table and starts dancing and spinning. <FlameStrike> Uhmmm... You all right Erin? * Kodah still has his face in his hands, "I didn't sign on for this...." <Lara> You OK, Vankarin? * Baine falters for a second and eyes Cham. * Indigo is stepping all over the food, but dancing. * Vankarin turns to Lara and gives her a half smile... Yes I am, Lara... <Lara> what's up with Jeyer? * The monks look up at Indigo and seem insulted... <Erin> Fine... except we have a drunken sex fiend going wild, and a mad woman spinning on the table of complete strangers. As fine as I could be, I suppose... <Indigo> Weeeeeeeeeeee! * FlameStrike stops Indigo * Baine blinks a few times and slumps against him, coughing. "Oh man..." <Indigo> Oh, let's dance FlameStrike! <FlameStrike> Excuse her, please... Her brain does not work too well... <Vankarin> I told you all I could about him... <Chamolo> O_o Yes? * Yogurt holds up a ring in triumph <Lara> and to think that this is the Shining Force.... <Yogurt> Aha! <Baine> Ahhh....I'll just get up now. <Yogurt> Kara... put this on ^_^ * Indigo grabs FlameStrike and starts dancing with him, smashing a monk's food into his robe on accident. * Baine hops nimbly off Cham's lap. * Baine puts the ring on * The monk gets up and yells, "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! They cannot be the Shining Force!" * FlameStrike doesn't let Indigo do that * Kodah holds up his hand, "Can I be excused? I think I have a small shred of dignity left waiting for me outside...." * Indigo peers at the monk. * Lara excuses herself.... * FlameStrike immobilizes Indigo <Indigo> Oh, a bunny! <Baine> This is bad. :P * Baine looks at Indigo :P * Chamolo sighs. <Baine> Please tell me I didn't cause this. ^_^; <Monk> They are indeed the Shining Force... * Baine ahems <Chamolo> Kodah, I'll follow you, wait. <Yogurt> Uhh... it was part you, and part Indigo... * Chamolo tip toes out with Kodah :P <FlameStrike> Do you have some room that can be locked? * Baine frowns. <Baine> I think I'll go visit Jeyer.. :P * The monks whisper their dissaproval... * Erin continues to read her book, in the light of nothing better to do outside... * * Baine looks at Van. "Can I see him?" * Jeyer suddenly walks in and stares at the Shining Force... <Lara> what a mess.... <Kodah> Eeg O_o <Baine> Ah.. <Baine> Jeyer.. <Baine> Can we talk, maybe..? ^_^; * Jeyer's eyes burn with an intense fire... No... No time... We must go.. <Kodah> Go? Go where? * The monks nod... The Nazca ship awaits... You must go... <Kodah> The what? * Baine sighs softly and her eyes turn cold. "Fine." <Lara> So it's still around? * Chamolo blinks <Yogurt> Ooh, that's a fun thing! <Kodah> What's still around? * Indigo looks like she's trying to giggle. <Monk> The crash site is north of here... <Yogurt> The Nazca ship, silly <Lara> then let's go <Monk> Kodah... The nazca ship was an ancient ship used to fly by the Nazcas... * Kodah looks confused <Kodah> Ships don't fly.....right? <Monk> The second Shining force raised it from its slumber, but it was shot down by the prism flowers... It crashed north of this shrine... <FlameStrike> The nazca ship DOES fly <Lara> this one did...according to legend. <Erin> The Nazca were radically advanced... you bet it did... * Chamolo listens quietly <Lara> So....shall we get going? * Jeyer nods and walks out of the room... <Kodah> So..... we're going to see a busted boat that used to float throught the air? * Baine also listens quietly, fists clenching and unclenching... * Indigo tries hard, breaking the immobilization. * Lara follows Jeyer. * Baine follows Jeyer.. <Indigo> I can make it work.....or the Elemental of the Air can. <Erin> I guess so. <Kodah> ....Why? * Indigo skips along behind them. * Vankarin follows suit... * Chamolo follow <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Darksol, back in his lair, is holding a council with his minions... <Horester> The Shining Force are near the Nazca ship... <Darksol> Yes... I know... We need technology in there to finish the incantations... <Dorak> Send me, my liege... I need to get my hands dirty... <Darksol> I've told you time and again, I cannot let you! * Dorak frowns and backs away into the shadows... * Darksol turns to Horester... Horester, take all troops you need... Get me that atom splitter at any cost!! * Horester nods and walks out... <Narrator> * Darksol looks at his scarred hand... She shall be mine... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force now stand in front of the entrance to the Nazca ship... <Lara> well, how do we get in there. <Chamolo> Incredible.. * Baine is quiet, glaring at the ground. <Kodah> This is it? It looks like a pile of rocks <Jeyer> The entrance is sealed... * Indigo twirls up to the entrance. * Indigo summons Dao to smash their way in. :P <FlameStrike> Uhmmmm... I could try to force it open... <Narrator> The summons fails... * Lara watches Indigo hit th wall face first <Jeyer> No... <Indigo> Hmmmm....silly Dao. He won't come... <Jeyer> I must open it... It is...... My destiny.. <Chamolo> ...Why is this such a difficult desicion...? <Indigo> Destiny.... * Indigo twirls back to Lara. * Jeyer's hand start to glow ominously... He touches the door, sending his energy flowing through it... * Kodah mutters something about Shining and Nut Farms.... <Lara> O_o <Narrator> A cloud of mist is formed overhead... A voice cackling is heard... * Lara summons the soulsword. * Chamolo recognizes the voice... * Indigo looks up, instictively preparing to summon an elemental. * Chamolo blinks...."Oh no...." * Yogurt stands there like an idiot ^_^ * Baine glances at Chamolo and the looks for the source of the voice. <Horester> Why hello, Chamolo... <Chamolo> Father... <Kodah> You.... <Chamolo> What are you doing here? * Lara readies herself to fight. <Horester> I am following my orders... <Chamolo> Which are? <Horester> First of all... *raises his hands and summons a horde of monsters* <Horester> Second of all, you will soon find out... <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Kodah> What have you done with my sister you twisted bastard? * Chamolo whips out his staff * Erin spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * * Kodah clumsily draws his sword * Indigo just giggles, holding her summons ready. * Baine slowly draws AmeShi, the flames on the blade crackling loudly.. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * FlameStrike cracks his knuckles and neck a la Piccolo... * FlameStrike assumes a fighting stance. * Yogurt digs in his pouch for nasty damage dealing rings <Narrator> ===== 3 arrow launchers, 2 gargoyles, 2 harpies ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Arrow Launcher ! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Arrow launcher 1... <Narrator> == The arrows pierce its defense, inflicting major damage! 16 damage! <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine casts Katon lvl 2! <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon lv2 on the harpies... <Narrator> == the fire burns through the harpies wings, inflicting massive damage, making them fall to the ground... 14 damage each. * Baine smiles with battle lust, her eyes dancing with pure madness. ^_^ <Narrator> == Lara and FS attack simultaneously... <FlameStrike> DORAH! * Lara rushes in with her soulblade... <Narrator> == Lara attacks the Arrow launcher, and FlameStrike attacks the Gargoyle... * FlameStrike performs a series of clawings and bites, ending with a roundhouse kick aimed at Gargoyle 1's Head * Lara leaps into the air and brings the edge of her blade down on the Arrow Launcher. <Narrator> == The Gargoyle, being made of stone, doesn't seem hurt too much... 6 damage... Lara slashes clear through the arrow launcher... 18 damage, dispatched! <Narrator> == Chamolo and indigo can attack! * Indigo giggles and summons Neptune to unleash her tidal wave on all the monsters. * Chamolo lashes out on the last Arrow Launcher! <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune, while Chamolo attacks Arrow launcher 2... <Narrator> == most of the monsters resist the neptune attack, inflicting minimal damage... 4 damage each... <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes at Arrow launcher, crushing part of it... 12 damage. <Narrator> == The gargoyles attack! * Chamolo twirls his staff above his head, looking menacing. * Baine raises both eyebrows * Indigo dances around happily. <Narrator> == Gargoyle 1 attacks FS, Gargoyle 2 attacks Baine * Jeyer manages to break the seal during the fight... <Narrator> == The Gargoyles slam down upon both opponents, causing 6 damage to FS and 7 to Baine... <Baine> can bet you'll pay for that.. * Baine narrows her eyes.. <Narrator> == Arrow launcher 3 can attack! <Narrator> == Arrow launcher 3 attacks Indigo... <Lara> INDIGO...LOOK OUT! <Narrator> == The damage is minimal, because Indigo keeps moving away from the arrows... 2 damage... * Indigo simply smiles down at the wounds and pets them. <Indigo> Pretty kitties.... <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! * Chamolo blinks O_o * Kodah closes with one of the harpies <Baine> Uhm... <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Harpie 1... <Baine> Weirdo.. :P <Chamolo> You can say that again. <Baine> Nah...its a waste of breath. ;) * Kodah wraps his blade in flame and performs a rising slash against the enemy, "Ryuuenjin!" * Chamolo laughs in spite of his serious look and posture. <Narrator> == The harpy is without defense... 18 damage, critical! Dispatched! * Kodah lands poorly after the leap, but manages to roll away from the charred harpy <Chamolo> Nice Kodah! <Kodah> Oof! <Baine> Lets see me do better... ^_^ * Baine twirls her blade... <Lara> smooth move, Kodah. <Narrator> == The other monsters stand their ground. <Kodah> The landing needs work ^^;; <Narrator> ===== Monster count. 2 arrow launchers, 2 gargoyles, 1 harpy ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Baine waits her turn, skillfully twirling AmeShi.. <Narrator> == Erin launches a flurry of arrows at the harpy! <Narrator> == The harpy is helpless... 17 damage, dispatched! <Chamolo> Anyone need healing? * Indigo continues dancing and singing, speaking to people that no one else can see and responding to voices that no one else can hear... * Baine's lip curls into a wolfish smile.. <Kodah> Not yet.... * Lara eyes an arrow launcher. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine snarls and twirls AmeShi in her hand, the black flames on the blade growing more and more angry. With a loud roar, she launches AmeShi at Gargoyle and AmeShi imbeds itself in Gargoyle's stomach. The black flames send agony through Gargoyle's body. <Narrator> == Baine attacks Gargoyle 1... * Baine slowly hauls the blade out.. <Narrator> == The gargoyle is split in half by the attack! Critical! 28 damage! Dispatched! * Baine's eyes flicker with battle lust and she grins. * Chamolo starts twirling his staff again, eying both the monsters and Horester. <Narrator> == FS and Lara can attack! * Horester stares at Chamolo, then quickly heads for the Nazca ship's entrance... Jeyer being already inside... <Chamolo> Wait! <Kodah> Horester! * Lara rushes at Launcher 2. She slashes through the launcher several times before launching herself into the air...light gleams off her blade as she brings it down on the Arrow launcher. * Chamolo growls. * Indigo just twirls along. <Narrator> == FS attacks Gargoyle 2, and Lara attacks Arrow launcher 2... <Narrator> == FS body slams the gargoyle, shattering him to pieces! Critical! 24! dispatched! <Narrator> == The arrow launcher doesn't stand a chance... 18 damage, dispatched! <Narrator> == Chamolo and Indigo can attack! * Indigo smiles and summons Dao to unleash his earthquake against any remaining monsters. * Chamolo lashes out the remaining arrow lancher! <Narrator> == Indigo casts Dao and Chamolo attacks the Arrow launcher... * Baine gets pom-poms. "Gimme a C! Gimme a A! Gimme a M! Gim-...oh, fuck it!." * Baine throws the pom poms away * Baine gets AmeShi back. :P * Chamolo oogles at Baine. <Narrator> == Dao crushes the Arrow launcher, and Chamolo gives it the finishing blow... 33 damage total, dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Lara: 34 XP, FS: 28 XP, Baine: 35 XP, Erin: 23 XP, Indigo: 36 XP, Kodah: 49 XP, Chamolo: 36 XP * Kodah rolls to his feet, ready to act, and realizes its already over.... * Yogurt stops digging through his pouch of rings * Indigo giggles insanely. * Chamolo rushes into the caverns in hot persuit of Horester, without a word. <Kodah> Horester! We've got to follow him! <Yogurt> Aww, over already? <Indigo> Silly shadow. * Lara follows Horcester into the ship. * Indigo twirls after Chamolo. * Baine follows Cham :P * Kodah races after Chamolo <Narrator> The inside of the Nazca ship is dark... No lights are lit... * Yogurt hops off after everyone else * Chamolo is out of sight now. ^_^ <Narrator> Although a faint light can be seen coming from the east... <Baine> Uhm... <Indigo> Weeeee........let's play! <Baine> Follow the Yellow Brick road or something! * Indigo rushes ahead towards the light heedlessly. <Kodah> Crud.... * Lara follows the light to the east. <Narrator> A dark mass zooms over the Shining Force and out of the Nazca ship! <Baine> O_o * Kodah lags after the others, being more cautious <Kodah> Yow! <Indigo> *Indigo's voice* Now now Mr. Beamer, be nice... <Yogurt> This can't be good... <Baine> Aaaah!!! :P Its a Government test ship! <Baine> O_o <Indigo> I wonder what that was.... * Chamolo's voice can be heard from ahead. "What was that?" * Jeyer can be seen standing under a faint light... <Indigo> Oh well! *giggle* <Baine> Jeyer? * Kodah looks after the black mass * Jeyer stares at the wall... * Baine walks towards Jeyer.. * Indigo looks at Jeyer, but doesn't recognize him. <Narrator> The black mass dissipates as it exits the ship... <Kodah> Crud.... <Chamolo> That was Horester...he got away...AGAIN! * Chamolo pounds his fist into a wall. * Chamolo then walks back to the others. * Jeyer whispers, "Baine.. I need you to do something for me.." <Baine> ...what is it? <Jeyer> Take out that dagger I gave you.. * Baine hauls it out.. <Jeyer> Now... Kill me.. * Baine blinks. <Chamolo> What? <Baine> What?! <Kodah> Urk! <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====