July 19th, 9:23 PM, Session 23 was played out, but I'm not putting it up until the epilogue session is over and done with... Also, look for a total revamp of the page coming soon... We'll also be moving to soon... I don't know when, but the main URL of this page will have a redirect for a few weeks after the new domain is up...

July 12th, 9:45 PM, Session 21 and 22 are up... Sorry for the delay... Text stats are also up, and new graphical stats will be coming soon... Also, I will be starting a new casting for SFRPG continuation... "Many will apply, few will win!" As a commercial would say :P Most of my old players are bailing after this, so we will have about 4 to 5 openings... The char creation file is: sfchar.txt. Fill in your character sheet and E-Mail it to: and I'll get back to you ASAP... Also, I want the characters to have creative hidden secrets... So make em good or I'll refuse the character. :P

June 27th, 11:15 PM, Session 20 played out well... Log's up... For people who were following Baine and Cham, this is a must read... Saturday June 27th's session was postponed, even tho I shouldn't have... Cuz what I did in the session's place was a waste of time. The stats aren't up, I'll do them when I'm fuckin good and ready... Don't ask about them.

June 15th, 1:26 AM, Session 19 was postponed until... Well... The 13th! And... The 13th's log, (Log 19) is up! and... It's interesting! And... Cham and Baine STILL don't do jack shit... Those two are starting to piss me off... :P I got JEYER out of the way, but NOOOOOOO... It seems Chamolo doesn't have any balls or something... Oh well... Read log, be happy, may peace be with you... *fires up snes9x v1.0* Oh yeah! I almost forgot... WELCOME ABOARD, CREST! Your stats and pic'll be up soon! *holds back a pun*

June 1st, 8:26 PM, Session 18... There goes Jeyer again, god dammit! :P Do Chamolo and Baine GET IT ON? I wonder... Log is up... FlameStrike is revealed as the shapeshifter... Shining Force gets to Creed's mansion... Etc. Enjoy!

May 17th, 5:42 PM, Session 17... Kodah SORTA redeemed himself... SORTA... ;) Well, log's up... No battles... I'm gonna do a tally on the following XP for the chars and raise the stats by next saturday... Finals have been a bitch, thankyouverymuch... :P

May 17th, 5:42 PM, Argh... Damn you, Kodah! Yer gonna suffer for this... :P Well, Session 16 went... Well... Well... :P 'cept for the fact one of my players chased away my NPC! The little... *beep*!! ;) Log up... Most players leveled up... I'll have new stats ready in a few days... ^_^

May 11th, 11:20 PM, Well shiver me timbers... I decided to put a pic of BlackHawk up... The one supplied to me by the creator of BH... Only framed it SF style... Enjoy!

May 11th, 11:00 PM, Session 15... Hmm... 2 players left before hand... Oh well... They had good reasons... :P I just finished editing the log file and uploading it... Prince BlackHawk of Guardiana desc online... No pic yet, people... Sorry...

May 5th, 11:30 PM, Well well... 3 updates in under 6 hours... New record... :P Lessee... Well, Shining Force RPG's Kara Baine was quite eager to RP again, have no clue why, so we gathered up the team and did an unscheduled SFRPG session tonight! Again, I have too much imagination... New NPC meets the team! a MUST READ!

May 5th, 07:16 PM, heh... Forgot to mention... I took down "Ode to my ISP"... I think it's unnecessary to leave it up since PearleNet's been gracious enough to reimburse me 73 dollars from my original 110 dollar sum... Soooo... Here's to PearleNet! May it lose many more clients! ^_^

May 5th, 07:15 PM, Ok... There was a liiiitle mistake with the dedication... Like... Someone told me it was Ashe's grandmother... (Glares at Lucca) But it was his aunt... Sorry for the slight confusion on the matter, if there was any... It was the thought that counted... :P (Again glares at Lucca) ^_^

May 3rd, 11:15 PM, Session 13 was played a day late due to conflict of schedule... New char up, Kiwi, many many plot twists revealed... New stats are up also... This session is dedicated to the memory of Ashe's grandmother who passed away... Our hearts go out to you!

April 26th, 03:15 AM, PearleNet's gone... Lalala... Yes yes... I ditched PearleNet... Best of all, they refunded me for 4 months! ^_^ New ISP, new log, new love, life is good... :P

April 19th, 03:07 AM, PearleNet sucks... Lalala... Session 11 done and online... Enjoy :P

April 14th, 02:13 AM, Inspiration hit... New menu buttons... ^_^

April 13th, 09:50 PM, Well, unexpected turn of events in the Shining Force RPG... Yes yes... a NEW PLAYER HAS JOINED! :P Welcome aboard, JeanFiend! She will be playing Darton the warwolf! Stats and char desc online!

April 12th, 4:01 AM, Session 10 online... No battles... Some plot twists with Indigo and Jeyer... a MUST READ... ^_^

April 4th, 12:54 AM, Well, it's definitive... PearleNet just lost a client... I'm cancelling my account... Getting a more stable ISP... :P Session 9 went well, although I had to leave due to PearleNet's utter suckiness... Log's up... So's a new pic of Kodah, minus the smile :P

March 31st, 3:28 AM, Kodah Emeriss... Our new player... Stats, char desc and pic are up... Go see! ^_^

March 29th, 10:36 PM, NORMAL SESSION!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ^_^ Well, my ISP behaved this saturday... MIRACLE! I wasn't lagged more than 2 seconds! YAY! :D Soooooo... We have a BIG log this time... BIIIIG log... Jam packed with details... Fun fun fun... Stats updated, log 8 up... Enjoy! ^_^

March 26th, 12:22 AM, Minor update... Still flaming my ISP... Refer to main page... Scroll down to my "Ode to my ISP" *grin*

March 18th 10 pm, Session 7... Refer to Session 6... My ISP was up to its old tricks again... Go figure.......... PEARLENET, YOU DICK LICKING, PIECE OF HORSE SHIT ISP! YOU FUCKIN CRAP FILLED SHIT INFESTED PIECE OF HORSE CRAP! I'M SERIOUSLY GETTING PISSED OFF AT YOU GUYS! GET YER FUCKIN ACT TOGETHER, YOU POMPOUS TWITS! ISP's info E-Mail... Flame away, people...

March 16th 9:51 pm, Major update here... Well, mostly for me, that is... Changed the directory structure of the page to make it easier to update... I also added the stats to each characters on their description page... I worked ALOT on this, so you people better be happy! ^_^

March 15th 8:50 pm, I got over last night's mishap... After flaming my ISP... Got me something worth while tho... Got 1 month free... ;) NEways, fairly major update... Modified the menu, seperating the news from the contact the GM html, I also seperated the Shining Force RPG chars into 2 sections: Players and NPCs. Right now, in the NPC list, I've put in Vankarin, Yogurt and Jeyer. Pics for all 3 are also there... Enjoy... :)

March 15th 1:19 am, Session 6... Oh how I loathed this night... My ISP's been having technical difficulties for the past week... I got disconnected right in the middle of the most crutial scene of the RPG... And couldn't connect again! I spent an hour trying to reconnect... When I finally did, everyone had bailed... NEways... I guess it'll be finished in session 7... The log of tonight's short, measly session is up... Go have fun laughing at my miserable life...

March 8th 10 pm, Session 5 played out quite nicely... Yet again, chars were MIA, (Glares at Lara and Erin) But all in all, it was quite good... And... Uh... Hentai... BUT that was edited out... ^_^ Enjoy log 5!

Febuary 27th 8 pm, well, session 4 scheduled for 2 morrow... Yay... I updated the character's section and fixed 1 or 2 typos... I should also add a few extras to the page this weekend... Also, I'd like to welcome our newest character to the team... Chamolo, AKA Lukka... ^_^

Febuary 22nd 3 am, Shining Force session 3... Well, the 1st hour of the session was dedicated to solving a slight scheduling problem with one of my players, so not much was done... We had the RPG NEways, 1 man short, and 2 left during the RPG for reasons they could not evade... Well, no fights in this one folks, but I managed to leave off quite nicely NEways... Log's up and HTMLized for all to see...

febuary 15th 1 am, Well, the Shining Force session 2 wasn't what I expected, but it was... Okay... the log of the 2nd session is up. Check out the menu's logs section. :)

febuary 14th 2 pm, Happy Valentine's day, people! The Shining Force RPG was discontinued, due to loss of my net account... Joy... As you may have guessed, I'm baaaaaack! The Shining Force RPG session 2 is today, febuary the 14th... My lucky day... *smirk* Also, the log of the first session is up in the logs link in the menu. Descriptions of characters and pictures are soon to follow... As soon as I get off my lazy ass and write them, that is... ;)

November 29th, was the debut of the SFRPG! I was missing some of my players, but all & all, the 1st session was very well played out! The character pics and stats of the new Shining Force shall be online by the end of the week. I'll also have the log of the 1st session HTMLized at that date.

As of November 25th, The shining Force RPG has a complete cast! I a1ctually got more players than I hoped for! :)

I'll have a page up soon with the current players, most of them with a picture, and their current stats. I'll also put up the progress of the SFRPG on an adjacent page which will contain HTMLized logs of the Shining Force RPG for everyone to see! :)

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