Shining Force RPG members

Name: Aura Sefrina Anila Pavana Ashni Blackwind
Race: Female Human
Class: Thief/Assassin

Aura Contemplating A) General Attiude in Public/Personality -

Aura is a very open person, she's deppressed perky when she's happy, but when she starts to think about her past, she broods. She can be very spiteful and cruel, but only to specific people. She is strongly bisexual, and isn't afraid to hit on females, no matter who they are.

B) Social Background/History -

Aura was abused as a child which made her turn out the way she is. As a young child she was forced to do unspeakable things by her uncles (she had 5, untill she killed them all), and now she kills anybody who acts, or even looks to much like her uncles.As a teenager she was used by the young men in her neiborhood because she couldn't protect herself. One day she was paid for her "services" with a silver necklace with an odd blue stone embedded in it. The giver of the stone brought her under his wing and tought her the ways of sorcery, and she was protected from the other men. She never figured out who the man was, but a small part of her died with him when he was killed trying to protect her from her uncles. She killed all but one, and now she has convinced herself that she has to kill the last one before she will be free.

D) Morals and Beliefs -

Aura has a small moral code, but what she has is strong. She strongly values friendship, and she will defend the friends she makes even if it kills her.She can kill almost anything without thinking, and can do so very cruelly, but if she starts to think about the life of the person she's killing, it gets harder and harder for her to kill them right. As a youngun' she had to steal to live, so she has no realy problem with stealing, it just depends who she's stealing from. She doesnt steal from young people, and never from women. She only steals from people who could care less about other people. ya'.

Played by: Lilith