Character Information for Dal

It's been a long time coming, but here's the character information for Dal of Hassan for Shining Force RPG 2... hope the character story entertains you. ^_^ Please note that this information is for OOC purposes only, and that your characters shouldn't know about them unless you're told.

Kathy Vaughan


Level 11

Attack:     40
Defense:    23
Speed:      35
HP:         45
MP:         15

Sorry about the lack of picture, but I really don't know how to draw. ^^;;;;


Dal stands at 5'5" and has an average build, weighing 150 pounds. He has sand coloured hair, slightly tanned skin, and has dark green eyes.

General attitude in public

In public, Dal is a very private person, always seeming to conceal some big dark secret... however, in the comapny of those he trusts, he seems more open, not hesitating to join in a celebration or having a drink. Befriend him, and you'll have a dark but loyal ally on your side. Be on the wrong side of his blade, however, and you'll find yourself floating face-down in the river.

Social background

Dal has been in Hassan's thieves' guild since he was a kid; the guildmaster found him in an alley one night, decided that he'd make a fine recruit, and had him trained in the art of thievery. At sixteen, he was one of the finest thieves in the guild, bringing back riches from his numerous hits (targets of mugging, or break-ins), and making both him and the guildmaster very wealthy. Unfortunately, this couldn't last after his deep, dark secret was discovered (see hidden secrets), and he fled to Tristan, keeping a low profile.

Hidden secrets

Dal followed what little rules there were in the thieves' guild. There's just one slight problem, however; the guildmaster and all the other thieves in the guild loathe magic and those who cast it, calling mages and magic-wielding priests "freaks" and such. Unfortunately for Dal, he broke the "hate all freaks" rule by actually knowing some magic. Even worse, the guildmaster knows about this, and he'll stop at almost nothing to get his head on a silver platter. A bounty is on his head in Hassan, and the thieves' guild made a deal with the assassin's guild to catch him dead or alive.

It's likely that if any thieves' guild in anything larger than a medium-sized city finds out that he's in their town, he'll be pursued. Word travels fast in the darkness...

Dal won't let the other people in the party know he knows magic, and he won't use it unless his own life is threatened.

Morals, beliefs

Morals... what morals? He lies, he steals, he gambles, he cheats, and the ladies of Hassan's house of ill-repute know him awfully well. However, when he's out at night for a few choice "hits", he'll never anyone who obviously looks poor; instead, he'll go after the proverbial drunken noble and won't hesitate to relieve him of all his valuables after knocking him out. Also, he won't kill a hit unless it's absolutely necessary; after all, there's no need to get himself noticed.

He also has a soft spot for anyone who looks innocent and vulnerable; he'll never hurt or be rough with anyone like Tiernan, and he's grown to caring for him as if he was family.

Magic skills

Dal has some of the lower-level spells from the Fire sphere; he wouldn't have any of the higher spells, since he discovered his in-born talent by accident, and hasn't had any formal training.