Shining Force RPG members

Name: Darin Moonshado
Profession: Swordsman/Champion


Darin doesn't care what others think of him, he just does what he has to, gets it over with, and that is that. He will go out of his way to help anything defensless, or a lady in distress. If there is a lady to impress, depending on the situation, he may show off, or he may just do what he has to do. He is pretty stright minded, though.


Darin has a twin sister, Kalla Moonshado. They were separated at birth, and left in places where their guardians hoped they would live happily. Kalla was left with an old man, who didn't want her, so she was given to Mage FireStar at the Castle Beyond the Clouds. Darin was left with a Guard of the Goddess, on the other side of Lunaria. Darin never knew about his sister, until just before he was transferred to Granseal, to train in the army. Darin's first sight of his sister was a love at first sight, then he noticed the MoonStone at her throat. He realized when he had time to think about it, that he wore a similar stone. His stone, however, was of the Sun.

Darin hoped that the SunStone could bring him luck in battle, and only believed it as such. As he trained, he heard legends of the Shining Forces, and though he hoped fervently that Evil would never return, he secretly hoped that he could one day become part of a Shining Force.

Hidden Secrets:

Darin and Kalla both wear opposing Stones around their necks. They are the decendats of a god and his human wife. They both have magic powers beyond belief, but have not discovered them. Darin knows nothing of magic, and Kalla started to learn about her Stone's power before she destroyed FireStar.


Darin, being trained as a swordsman, has only the morals of a knight in shining armor. Respect, love, and honor are the rules he lives by. His blade, gifted him by his sister, holds him true to these rules

Played by: Lucia