Shining Force RPG members

Name:David Kane Willcott
Race: Male Human
Class: Swordsman/Hero

David Kane Willcott. A) General Attiude in Public/Personality -

David won't let himself get too close to people he happens to run into. When he does get mentally closer to them, he still shies away physically. He does tend to be polite when spoken to, speaking a gentle voice. He uses, as learned from his father, formal words when addressing people he doesn't know. (i.e. - Miss, Sir). When David does happen to be in the mood to talk, he is unusually exuberant and cheerful. He will joke and laugh. When this is over, however, he will again retreat into his shell.

B) Social Background/History -

David Kane Willcott was born to Kara Willcott and Chamolo Willcott in their home located at Granseal. Growing up, the young lad showed to have inherited his mother's stubborn side and his father's respect for the Gods and other people. When faced with a problem David would sit down and think it over. If that didn't work, he would try sheer force. He spent his spare time writing down his adventures. He was a very cheerful and happy child.

It was when he was reaching his teen years that his parents decided to start his practice at handling combat situations. They hired a man, Thomas Dermon, to train their son. Off David would go every night to the man's house to practice with his weapon of choice, knives, and he would return with a slightly darkened mood.

This did not go unnoticed by his parents and they inquired into the situation. When Thomas reassured them that everything was fine, they took him for his word and just assumed that David wasn't pleased with the progress he was making. When David started refusing to go to the sessions, his parents reluctantly removed him from Thomas' guidance. This did not stop the change in their son, however, and David became darker and moodier. More prone to fits of violence when something didn't go his way.

His parents tried to teach him themselves. Kara Willcott, formerly known as Kara Baine, taught him what he needed to know to survive using the knives. Chamolo taught him about the world and what he would encounter. They were good teachers and their son grew up to be strong and wise throughout his teenage years, despite his withdrawal into himself.

It came to be that David grew restless. He wanted out, wanted to explore the wide world his father had told him of. After arguments and fighting, it was agreed that David could indeed venture out. Perhaps even make a name for himself. Gathering up his things, David hugged his parents goodbye and walked out into the world. Little did he know what awaited him.


He has beliefs from both his parents instilled in him. From his father, he has learned that stealing is wrong. Also, he believes heavily that any comrades he gathers should not betray him. From his mother, he learned that anyone should be given a second chance if they ask for it. That often something very twisted and ugly can be reformed into something beautiful and holy. David also carries within himself a code that he follows very strictly: One should treat the opposite sex with complete and utter respect. No matter what.

Played by: Leeta