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Name: Jessica Lynn Sorenson
Race: Female Human
Class: Mage/Mage Knight

Jessica Lynn Sorenson. A) General Attiude in Public/Personality -

Jessica's the friendly type. She makes friends easily and is very bright and optimistic. However if you piss her off, she'll make your life hell till you apologize or she gets tired of making your life hell.

B) Social Background/History -

Jessica comes from Granseal, where she lived with her parents till the age of 19. When she turned 19, she moved out and started to intenisfy her training in magic.

Jessica was born in Guardiana, but her parents moved to Granseal as ambassadors from King BlackHawk and Queen Lara. Jess always wanted to experience risks and danger, so she would venture out on many nights to go looking for a rush. It was when she was attacked by a pack of monsters that her magic finally revealed itself and she at last had a purpose.

Jessica's father got her a magic professor. She quickly learned the arts of fire, thunder, ice and healing magics. She is still in training to master these skills, but with her forte for learning magic, she'll master them soon enough.

Jessica is able to combine her magics to one powerful tempest of elements. This is a major drain on her physically, but is useful against certain monsters.

C) Hidden Secrets -

Jessica the descendant of Master Mage Kayzin from the first Shining Force. After the fall of Zeon to the second Shining Force, Kayzin settled down and sired a passle of kids. Through the years, the family slowly dwindled down to just Jessica's. She is the final lineal descendant of Kayzin. The reason her family slowly dwindled down to just Jessica's immediate family is a curse put upon them by Zeon as he was pushed back into the dark abyss by the second Shining Force. One that can only be cured by defeating the ultimate evil herself.

Jessica's promotion is also a hidden secret going back to her lineage. There was an ancient prophecy brought down through the lineage of Kayzin about the way the curse would be cured. It goes as follows:

"There will come a time when a mage knight our line will arise to defeat the ultimate evil and bring about the end of the curse on the line of Kayzin. This knight will be able to summon forth the blades of fire, water and lightning (The Hino Blade, Mizuno Blade and Denkouno blade)."

Played by: Scott