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FULL NAME: Kodah Emeriss
AGE: 31
RACE: Male Half-Devil
Hometown: Roft
Current Residence: None

Kodah is reborn! A) General Attiude in Public/Personality -

During the last battle against evil, Kodah was a nervous, clumsy, and somewhat dim swordsman. In the 16 years that followed, he's matured a great deal, becoming much wiser and much more coordinated. Not to say that he never fumbles from time to time, but he's not doing it constantly anymore. He's a bit brighter than before, but is still no rocket scientist, as it were. He's also learned to cope with, and accept, his half-devil heratige, despite all the problems it caused him. Nowadays, Kodah is a much more relaxed and refined man. The adversities he has suffered have made him strong willed. He still has fond memories of his days with the shining force, though he's not sure if he really is the hero type.

B) Social Background/History -

Kodah was originally born and raised in the small village of Roft. He lived there his entire life, until the Shining Force came to town and turned his life upside down. Since the last battle with evil, Kodah's life was a mixed bag. He returned home to a mixed welcome. Some thought him a hero, but many more now feared him, because of the devil blood that ran through his veins. This caused him and his family some problems for several years, but the Emerisses lived quietly, going about their normal business.

But one day, a stranger came to town. A noble and charismatic centaur by the name of Gerad. His ancestry could be traced all the way back to Chester and May, who were both members of the Shining Force that defeated Zeon 1100 years ago. He claimed to be a Paladin in the service of the Goddess Mitula. And he was very much a devil-hater.

He worked hard to instill a great love for Miltula's teachings, working closely with the church. But as the months passed, he began to rally the people to continue the fight against evil. His passionate words instilled great faith in the people of Roft. Unfortunately, that faith was turned against Kodah's family.

As far as the rest of the world knew, the entire Emeriss family met its end on that dark day. The details are sketchy, as most of the people involved weren't very forthcoming with information when Soldiers from Granseal came to restore order. As far as the town was concerned, Mitula had judged the Emeriss family and punished them.

In reality, the Emeriss family home was burnt to the ground by an angry mob. Kodah's grandfather Kade, and his mother Dania were killed in their beds. His father Jerol was cut down as he tried, but failed, to protect Nalya. Only Kodah's formidible Devil powers allowed him to escape with his life. He fled Grans Island entirely by way of the Ancient Road to the west of town, to Parmecia.

Kodah wanted to find help, but Gerad was relentless. He was determined to save Kodah's human soul, but the only way to do that was to kill him. Despite Kodah's strength and experience, Gerad was just too powerful. He used some kind of holy magic that Kodah could not beat, no matter how hard he tried. Kodah didn't dare stop running, not even for a moment, for Gerad was an excellent tracker. Finally, Kodah lost Gerad, using the secret passage to Devil's Tail. Exausted, he collapsed in the desert, too tired to move any further.

He awoke some time later in some dark place. He was greeted by some very unusual faces. There was a Devil Soldier named Mahth, a Death Monk named Glib, a Dark Madam named Yassi, and a Fairy named Soli. They explained that they were now under the remains of Creed's old mansion. This was the safest place for devils and devil-kin to hide, for evil power was strong here. They had stumbled across Kodah in the desert, and were planning to kill him, when someone realized he had devil blood in him.

Having nowhere else to go, Kodah chose to stay with these strange creatures, as there was greater safety in numbers, and he was too afraid to venture back beyond the mountains that separated Devil's Tail from the rest of Parmecia.

For 12 years, he worked and lived alongside with the devil outcasts that had made their home beneath the ruins. Many of Creed's old books were savalged, and Kodah enjoyed reading them all. Since he no longer had a sword, he had to learn how to fight with his bare hands. Mahth helped Kodah to learn how to defend himself properly. Glib taught Kodah to use his magic for things other than destruction. Yassi helped him to better understand how to call on his devil powers. And Soli kept Kodah from being overwhelmed by his feelings of loss. They all became good friends.

But one day, the inevitable happened. Gerad had never given up his search for Kodah. He found a way to get inside Devil's Tail, and resumed his hunt for Kodah. He was surprised to find so many other Devils here, but went about exterminating them anyways.

The five refugees were no match for Gerad, despite his advanced age. Mahth, Glib, and Yassi were cut down first, as they were the most vulnerable to Gerad's holy power. Kodah and Soli managed to escape, but were chased all the way to the western mountains. They scrambled up the mountain, hoping that Gerad couldn't follow. But Gerad wasn't dumb, and a well placed shot with a spear ended Soli's life.

"Why do you run from me Kodah? I offer you salvation!"
"You're trying to kill me! Don't you think I might take exception to that?!"
"If your soul is to be saved from eternal damnation, I must free it from the devil's blood that runs through your black heart. Its the only way!"
"You're crazy!"

Kodah continued to climb, keeping low and trying to stay ahead of Gerad, swearing vengence for everything he had done. After a long chase, Gerad cornered Kodah atop a precipice. Kodah tried to attack Gerad, but again, Gerad's holy powers drove him back.

"It grieves me that I must kill you Kodah, for I know that you have done no wrong. You have tried to live a good life, despite the evil that festers within you. You were a hero once, and for that, I salute you. May the Goddess Mitula have mercy on your soul." Kodah looked down at the rocks below him, then back to Gerad.
"Sorry, I don't feel like being cleansed today. And if I actually do go there, I'll see you in hell..."

Kodah stepped off the precipise and fell, hoping he wouldn't survive the fall. He closed his eyes, and his whole world went black as he fell.

He waited for the shock of the impact, but it never came. He opened one eye, and realized that he was on the ground. Puzzled, he sat up and looked around. He was lying in the middle of some grassy plain.

He had no idea where he was, and somehow he had cheated death. He got to his feet and started walking, knowing that no matter where he went, Gerad would come after him. Now that his only sactuary had been destroyed, he needed help, but was unsure where he could find it. But the first thing to do was to try and find someone willing to help him. And that meant figuring out where he was first.

D) Morals and Beliefs -

Despite all that has happened to him (or perhaps because of it), Kodah is a good and just man. He beleives in fighting to protect that which is precious, but his recent experiences have bruised his confidence. He is espeicially bitter about the fact that Mitula seems to have turned against him. He feels more alone than he ever has, and wonders why Mitula has turned on him so. Especially after everything he's done.

Played by: Kodah

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