Shining Force RPG members

Name: Meredith Analise
Age: 21
Occupation: Historian/Scientist/Consultant of the 'Vinosec'
Race: Half Human/Half Birdwoman
Class: Birdwoman/Sky Warrior

Meredith AnaliseA) General Attitude in Public/Personality -

Meredith is a intelligent, clever young woman. When not in combat or dealing with Vinosec affairs, people will find a woman who is quietly outgoing, but tends to keep her true feelings to herself. Her duties in the Vinosec have given her a wealth of knowledge about the Gods, science, and the world in general. Because of this, she's a bookworm,  an inventor, and, quite obviously, a very curious person. There's nothing she loves more than to unravel a mystery or discover a part of history people have long forgot. She's not ecstatically outgoing, but her kind demeanor and her tendency to help others more often than she doesn't have made her one of the best missionaries the Vinosec has ever had. Because of her half human, half Birdwoman body, she's unknowingly served as a linchpin between the sky dwellers and the ground-dwellers, and due to her youth, is a breath of fresh air compared to the older, more prudish members. Her job, however, requires her to be somewhat secretive, and some of the smarter "common folk"  have been put off by that secretness, misinterpreting it as being aloof.

However, if there's anything to truly note about Meredith, is that she has the heart of the warrior. When in battle, or dealing with Vinosec affairs, her personality takes on a different light. Cool, calculating, and even more secretive, Meredith is quick to come up with ideas and, at times, is impulsive to act on them, compared to the other members. She's stubborn, but driven, and has a tendency to loose her temper or become frustrated with others if they're either not taking her seriously, or hampering her process. In battle, she'll fight until no one is standing, and never give the enemy quarter, as she was taught by the Bedoean knights years ago...

B) Social Background/History -

Meredith is what some people would call a paradox...a mix of two races that should have never happened...part birdwoman, part human. Her father, a birdman, fell in love with a human woman, and despite protests from both sides, they ran off and eloped. A year later, the woman became pregnant with twins, but during the pregnancy, Meredith's father unexpectedly died. The two children, each born with normal human bodies, but blessed with brownish white wings, were sickly and near death upon birth. Desperate for some form of help, the woman ran into the nearby town of Polca, and begged the people there to save her children, but they were so repulsed by their wings that they sent the woman away. Undaunted, the woman journeyed to Bedoe and the Birdpeople too, sent the woman away. Running out of options, the woman ran to Volcanon's shrine. Knowing the rumors that Volcanon held a grudge against the 'ground-dwellers', the guards tried to keep the woman out, but she pushed past them into the inner sanctum. There, she begged and pleaded in front of a statue, which was created in the God's likeness, to save her children. The full details of what happened then are unknown, since Meredith's mother never told her children the full story, but according to her, Volcanon appeared, and agreed to save them. His motives for saving a complete stranger's children, however, remain unclear.

This mattered little to Meredith, whose family was indebted to Volcanon for saving their lives. The people of Bedoe finally accepted the family, since Volcanon appeared to accept them. Because of that gratitude, Meredith wanted to serve and help the God who helped her at a very young age. She started training with a sword as early as four, as did her brother, Cody. The two still kept a strong tie with the God, even though he had not been heard from since a short while after the children were saved. He was only heard from again when the Shining Force, lead by Lara Mano, saved Bedoe from the Devils.

Eventually, both Meredith and her brother Cody, due to their strong fighting skills, intelligence, and deep faith in Volcanon, were indicted into the secret group known only as the 'Vinosec', at the age of 18. This group served under Volcanon, and knew a great deal about history, current events, and world happenings that the common people did not. Their purpose was to aid Volcanon, and the people as best as whatever means nessicary. The group is small and selective, having only seven joining was a great honor for the two...and they have been serving in the group ever since. Until recently, her duties were based in Bedoe...but this year was to be the year that a new Phoenix...the very symbol of Volcanon himself was to be reborn from the ashes. When the Vinosec were unable to find the egg that the Old Phoenix would help 'hatch' into this generation's phoenix...something was horribly wrong. This, and the fact that Volcanon had not been seen for almost two decades prompted the group to disband and scour the world for any clue to the Immortals whereabouts.

D) Morals and Beliefs -

The one thing Meredith has tons of as well is faith in both the Vinosec, and her God. But, as of late, her faith has been shaken slightly by the news that her God may be missing, or in danger. Determined to discover that her God, and all the other Immortals, are indeed all right, her faith and determination is one of the key reasons the Vinosec scattered across the world to discover any clues about the missing Immortals. Meredith doesn't believe in killing others, unless it is a just cause. She's very much into justice and defending the innocent and vulnerable...and the ones you care most about.

Played by: Lucca