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Makes you wonder, doesn't it? :PGraphical stats

Name: Reisha Granstream
Race: Female Human
Class: Mage

Reisha exudes confidence. :) A) General Attiude in Public/Personality -

Reisha is a real extrovert socially, and loves meeting new people. Unfortunately, she's also a hopeless exhibitionist, always trying to prove to everyone that she's #1. This can range anywhere from flaunting her magic talents, to picking up the hottest guy in a local tavern, much to all the other women's dismay.(This can also lead her to some real nasty fits when she fails ^_^) Despite the self-centered woman she may appear to be, Reisha does have a softer side, but she doesn't show this very often, and only to her close friends.

B) Social Background/History -

Reisha was raised in a small seafaring town called Anapest, near the shore of the ocean. While growing up, Reisha was always put down by the other the children of the town, hence the root of her insecurity. She diligently studied Thunder magic handed down by her mother Gildra, one day hoping to prove to everyone that she was not a failure. In her town many travellers gathered, bringing their many stories of the world with them, and it was here that she happened to hear rumors of an ancient power. Some said it could bring the person who finds it their wildest dreams, and others felt it was evil, a remnant of some forgotten left so. Either way, Reisha hastily packed her bags and set off for Granseal, the source of the rumor, determined to show everyone once and for all that "failure" and "Reisha" don't belong in the same sentence.

D) Morals and Beliefs -

Reisha is generally a good person, but usually helps out others more to enhance her image rather than for a pure reason. She's also not afraid to fry somebody that pushes her around or ticks her off, no matter how high and mighty they are. ^^

Played by: Storen