Shining Force RPG members

Name: Sarah Willcott
Race: Female Human
Class: High Priestess to King Granseal

Sarah is humble, as well as cute. :) A) General Attitude in Public/Personality -

Like her brother, Sarah is very humble, calm, kind, and polite towards everyone she meets. She has a very strong beliefs in both the immortals and justice, and will strive in any way possible to see that good prevails. However, there are some differences between her brother and she. While her brother is quiet and painfully shy, Sarah is more outgoing and isn't afraid to strike up a conversation. Despite being almost ten years younger than her sibling, she's very wise and perceptive. She's a big fan of uncovering mysteries and getting to the root of difficult problems. Because of her Vicar status, she's very well received in public, but compared to Chamolo, she isn't as well known because she tends to travel more than he does.

B) Social Background/History -

Sarah was born to the former High Priest of Granseal, the same priest who adopted Chamolo in his infancy. Sarah, however, is his true daughter, but her mother died during childbirth. Sarah spent her life in a monastery, learning the ways of becoming a priestess. When her father died, her training changed and she was taught in the ways of becoming a high priestess, in case something happened to her brother. When Sarah was twenty, to help her brother ease the load of his current job, she became the first woman to truly become a 'high priestess'. Not to say her brother isn't the high priest anymore, but seeing that her brother was overworked and had no time for his family back at home, they broke the rules, as did their father, and for the first time two high priests are in Granseal. Each take turns with the royal duties, and currently, it's Chamolo's turn. During this time, Sarah has been wandering the world, helping those in need. It's on her journey that she made a remarkable discovery...

D) Morals and Beliefs -

Sarah is a kind, loyal young woman, who firmly stands for what she believes in. She's quick to forgive others if they wronged, and want to change...she's not into the seven deadly know.. gluttony, stealing, etc.

Played by: Lucca