Shining Force RPG members

Name: Tiernan ("Tyr")
Race: Elf/Phoenix Hybrid
Class: Winged Mage

Tiernan seeks the knowledge to his past...A) General Attitude in Public/Personality -

Thoughtful, optimistic, quiet, self-concious, respectful. These traits are the first things that come to mind when evaluating Tyr. However, he has a problem with dealing with and understanding emotions. In fact, when the party first meets him, don't be surprised if he barely shows any emotions at all. There will be other times though, when he'll almost get too emotional, but this is very rare. He speaks with a soft, quiet voice, and barely gets incredibly angry or incredibly happy, although he can get happy or slightly angry on more muted level. Most of the time though, he's shy, sad, and somewhat lonely...feeling like an outcast from society due to his missing memories and wings. Tyr is actually a very intelligent boy, for what he does know. Although many common, basic things are unknown to him, what he does know, he knows in spades. He has a habit of being somewhat spacy at times, or daydreaming, staring off to space when he's deep in thought...but he's a good listener to those that want advice. If someone decides to be his friend, he'll be loyal to them no matter what, even if that means sacrificing his own life.

Tyr is a very lost, self conscious young man. He feels incredibly lonely in a society that frowns on his strange wings and skills, and is often isolated, or at least, that's how he feels. He's very polite with everyone, and respectful...but he's rather quiet and weary of others. He longs for a day when people will treat him as a normal person.

B) Social Background/History -

Tyr's social background is a big mystery. He has no knowledge of his past, whatsoever. The only thing he knows is that he was found in a desert shrine, dressed in sacred robes, clutching a magical staff, in stasis. Because he was in stasis, it's also unknown how long he was there. He could have been there for 5 days or 500 years...One of Tyr's goals is to discover who he is, and why he was guarding that staff...

D) Morals and Beliefs -

Tiernan is a just, nice boy, but his morals too are somewhat shaky, because he has forgotten some of the more basic ones. He is very impressionable, which means if he hangs around someone too long, he'll begin picking up their habits. This means he could turn out to be a very just young boy...or, if caught by someone evil...a cold blooded killer. For now though, he's kind and thoughtful, and believes in good over evil. He treats everyone with respect and honesty, since that's how he'd like to be treated himself. He's not sure, however, about the immortals...since he doesn't remember much about them, except their names and what they do...

Played by: Lucca