Shining Force RPG 2 opening session 1
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> Darksol destoyed, Zeon eliminated, Dark dragon dead... After these events, the people of Granseal rebuilt their great city over the ruins of the Grans tower. <Narrator> Harmony and peace should be ruling over the world, but war has stricken Grans island a few years after the destruction of Grans tower... <Narrator> Old heroes became favorites to lead the people... <Narrator> The war raged on for a year before peace treaties were signed... The foundations of peace on Grans island are still shaky... <Narrator> This story takes place 16 years after the Shining Force destroyed evil in Grans tower... The time for David Kane Willcott to leave out on his own has come... <Narrator> David is in his room, packing his gear to prepare his departure... <Narrator> His parents are downstairs, trying to think of a way to say goodbye to their only son... <Narrator> And so starts his adventure... * David stomps around his room, hauling things off various hooks.....and shoving them into a small knapsack... * David looks at the knives and belt on his bed, frowning darkly. He slowly clips the belt around his waist and slips the knives into their sheathes. * David hefts the knapsack over his shoulder and heads downstairs, not looking back at his room. * Baine is leaning against a wall downstairs, looking at the ceiling...lost in her thoughts......she blinks as her son comes downstairs. "...done already?" * Chamolo sits down in a chair, looking up. "Appears he is." * Baine sighs wearily. * David scrunches his nose up. "Didn't figure I'd need much." <Baine> Are you SURE you want to do this...? <Chamolo> I think he already made his choice, Kara... <Chamolo> All we can do is wish him the best. *Sigh* * David nods. <David> Dad has a point. <Baine> ......damnit. You'd better take care of yourself. Don't start any fights, okay? * Chamolo stands up. "Just promise me you'll be careful, and come back to us in one piece. * David smiles at his parents. "I will be careful. And I will return. You'll see!" * Chamolo smiles. "He's got your courage, Kara...and your drive." <Baine> Mmm...but he has his father's smile and looks... <David> Oh god. I'm leaving now before you two start making out! * Chamolo laughs, and gives his son a quick hug. "Take care." * David returns the hug. "You too, dad." * Baine hugs her son. "Don't break too many girls hearts...." * Chamolo steps back and looks at his son proudly. "My little boy has grown up. ^_^" * David returns the hug and chuckles, shifting the knapsack. * David crosses his arms. "I guess I should go...." * Chamolo nods. "Goodbye, son..." * Baine chuckles. "Uh huh. That'd be a good way to start out on your own." * Chamolo smiles. * David smiles at his mom and dad....and waves....before turning and walking out the door and into the outside world. ^_^ <Narrator> David, thinking it would be good to advise the king of his departure, heads for the castle... <Narrator> Being the son of Chamolo and Baine, he is accepted inside without any questionning and directed to the throne room to meet with the King... * David coughs and straightens his hair.. :P <King> Welcome, David... Your parents tell me you plan on adventuring outside of Granseal now that you are old enough. * David nods.. <David> Yes, my liege... <King> Aaah. That is good! Shall you be needing any supplies from the castle? We shall gladly offer you anything you may need. * David smiles a little but quickly returns to his stoicness. "I will get some supplies, if his liege does not mind the fact I have no money...." <David> I assure you I will pay for everything I take as soon as I make some money.. * The king smiles... "Ah, but David... It is Granseal's pleasure to help a young adventurer out. Especially if he is the son of two well decorated war heroes. You do not need to repay anything." * David bows his head to the king. "I am in debt to you, sir." <King> It is my pleasure, David. Now... Follow these knights and they shall lead you to the storage rooms for your supplies. <David> Thank you. *nods and heads to the knights.* <Knight> Follow me, sir. * David nods and follows the knight.. * The knights head towards a flight of stairs leading to the basement of the castle... The other knight follows in behind David. * David walks along, examining his surroundings <Narrator> David is led to a long corridor with many doors... The knight stops and says: <Knight> These doors lead to all the supplies you'll need. Take what you can carry and come back to me once you are ready. <David> Much obliged. * David nods and heads through the doors... <Narrator> The first door carries herbs of all sorts... All seperated in bottles to preserve them... Each bottle labeled with the herb that is inside. * David hmms and examines a bottle.... <Narrator> == Available herbs: Healing herbs, Healing fruits, Antidote herbs and wake up herbs. * David smiles and opens his knapsack....he shoves 3 healing herbs in his pack.....1 healing fruits.....2 antidote herbs and 2 wake up herbs <Narrator> David exits the room and enters the next... This room is a large library filled with ancient tomes... Most are unreadable. * David frowns and searches for a readable text. :P <Narrator> == David picks up a book entitled, "The history of Dark Dragon." * David shoves it in his knapsack * David looks for any other books <Narrator> == David spots a novel entitled, "This old ruin." * David hmms * David picks it up and eyes it <Narrator> The novel depicts what to look for in ancient ruins... Symbols of importance... Valuable artifacts, etc. * David stuffs it in his sack and looks for anything else. <Narrator> Nothing else seems to be of interest. * David looks for another door <Narrator> The next door David goes through seems to be the castle treasury... Over 10,000,000 gold pieces seem to be stored in here... <David> holy.. * David ehhhs and takes 200 GP. <Narrator> Nothing else of interest can be seen in the room. * David looks for another door <Narrator> The following room is an armory... Tons of shiny and seemingly expensive weapons and armors are hanged on racks. <David> Woah.. <Narrator> == Available weapons: Steel dagger, Gem dagger, rusty knife, blunt knife, speed knife. * David blinks. * David takes two speed knives.. * David turns to look at armor.. <Narrator> == Speed knives enhance power by 8 and offer possibility for 2 consecutive attacks. <Narrator> == Available armors: Leather armor, breast plate, cloak of displacement, gold plate. * David chews on his bottom lip. * David takes a gold plate. <Narrator> == Gold plate offers 50 defense points and reduces speed by 5. * David looks for anything else. <Narrator> Nothing else of interest can be seen in this room. * David looks for another door <Narrator> No more rooms can be spotted. * David heads back through the doors. * The knight spots David with his gold plate and whistles... "My my... What a nice piece of armor..." * David shakes his head. "Wasn't sure if I should take this one or seems a bit too rich...." <Knight> If you want to change armors, now is the time... Since we're going to close the supply room for the night. * David chews his lip, thinking. "Actually.....there was another thing back there....hold on..." * David runs back and comes out wearing the cloak of displacement. <Narrator> == Cloak of displacement adds 25 to defense and increases speed by 5. * The knight smirks... "This suits you much better." <David> Yeah. It's not as heavy. * The knight nods and leads David outside of the castle... <David> Thank you, kind sir. * The knight nods to David. "Be careful out there. And don't hesitate to return to the castle if something goes wrong." * David nods back and heads out. "Tell the King I said thank you." * The knight takes up his post, remembering David's words to relay to the king. <Narrator> The town is silent as David exits... People go about their daily routine... The sun is setting in a few hours time, leaving time only to reach the northern ruins... * David heads for the northern ruins.. <Narrator> The path to the ruins, as David notices, is deserted... He recalls his parents talking about how the northern castle was destroyed... It is rumored that monsters still live in the ruins, but noone has had affirmative report of it. * David wraps the cloak tighter around himself and presses onwards.. <Narrator> As David follows the road up north, he realizes the road is slowly fading... Decay and lack of maintenance have left the road vulnerable to nature's touch... <David> Oh great. * David stops a bit and looks around.. <David> I could make camp off to the side of the road...but then I'd be fair game to any robbers....hmm... <Narrator> A small forest can be spotted not far from the ruins... <David> Hmm.....good.. * David heads for the forest.. <Narrator> David reaches the forest after a few minute's walk... As he enters, a small grove seems to open up just a few steps away... * David walks to the grove and settles down, making camp. <Narrator> As David finished building camp, darkness is fully settled... * David hrmphs and leans against a log, sharpening his knives.. <Narrator> A slight rustling can be heard in a nearby bush... <David> ? * David stands, bringing his knives to bear on the bush. "Hello?" <Narrator> Something runs behind a tree... <David> ....come out! * David takes a step towards the tree... <Narrator> Something snarls and leaps out from behind the tree! Something else kicks out the campfire! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== 2 ??? ===== * David growls and leaps back, away from the tree and the campfire.. * David twirls his knives. <Narrator> == David can attack! <Narrator> == David attacks the creature in front of him... * David leaps at the first thing and attempts to drive his knives into it's body! <Narrator> == The creature seems to try and grab the weapon, but only gets hit by it! 36 damage! David can attack again! * David brings the hilts of the knives down onto the creature's skull! <Narrator> == The creature faints, but gets caught by the blade anyways! 26 damage! <Narrator> == Creature counter attacks! <Narrator> == The creature lashes out at David, dealing 21 damage to him! <David> urgh.. <Narrator> == Creatures can attack! <Narrator> == The first creature starts casting a spell while the other one wraps his arms around David. * David growls and struggles <Narrator> == The first creature casts a knockout spell on David! <Narrator> == David falls unconscious! * David ....falls unconscious :P <Narrator> The creatures gather up David's supplies, tie him up and carry him away to an unknown destination... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====