Shining Force RPG 2 session 10
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> Morning arises over the quaint town of Ratock... The Shining Force awakens to the beautiful songs of birds and the pleasing light that sneaks through the windows.... It's a beautiful day. * Sasha hurls a pillow at the chirping birds "QUIET!!" * Sasha goes back to sleep * Reisha is snoozing comfortably in her bed... a tiny smile on her lips. * Dal is awake, looking out the window * David lies in his bed, covers half off him and sleeping peacefully. * David suddenly falls out of his bed. THUD. <David> OW! SON OF A.. * Sasha sleeps some more, despite David's loud thud noise. * David sits up, rubbing his head * Reisha opens one eye and then another, wincing from the sunlight. <Reisha> Morning already...? :/ * David stumbles around, getting dressed and stuff :P <Narrator> Someone bursts into the inn, making quite a stir... * Reisha gets up, stretches, and goes about the morning routines.. getting herself all presentable to greet the day. ;) * David bursts out of his room, looking down at the someone! * Sasha groggily gets out of bed and prepares a bath. * Dal wakes up from his daydreaming. "Hunh?" * Reisha opens her door, and pokes a head out. "What the heck is all that noise?" :P * Sasha gets into the bath and starts singing to herself. * The man suddenly leaves, finishing his morning delivery. ^_^ <David> Eck.. <Dal> Uhn. * Dal keeps looking outside. ^^; * David stretches, his back popping and leans on the wall by his door with his arms crossed. * Reisha notices David and goes up to him. "Morning Davey... You're looking quite the stud today." ;) * David blinks and blushes deep red. "Ehhh...thanks...and you look your usually stunning self.." * Sasha climbs outta of the bath and gets her standard armor on and walks out the door, leaving her hair wet. <Sasha> So how is the little band of hapless heroes this morn? * Reisha smiles. "Hey.. look your best to greet the day, I say." ^_^ * David grins at Rei, eyes flashing to a light blue. "Thanks, Rei. And we're good, Sash." * Reisha runs a hand through her blonde hair, fixing a hairclip or two. * Dal shrugs and walks out of his room... * David stretches and looks around * Sasha looks at David and Reisha "That's good." <David> What's on the plan for today...mmn. * David thinks.. <Sasha> How 'bout some getting some money? <David> You always want money. ^_- <Reisha> Hey.. how about we get some grub or something... can't fight evil on an empty stomache. :P * Dal meets up with the rest of the group, and his stomach grumbles loudly at the mention of food. ^^; <David> Food? Hmmn. Sure...don't see the harm in that. <Sasha> Well, duh -_^, I'm a bounty hunter, besides a woman's best friend--in my humble opinion--is money. * David chuckles and shakes his head, his hair falling shaggily into his eyes as he does so ^_^ <David> Alright! To the inn's cafe! * Reisha fehs a little at Sasha's fixatedness, and casts a smile at David's hair in his eyes. ^^ * The innkeeper yawns grogilly... * David glances at Rei and saunters towards the inn's eatery :p * Reisha follows David... * Sasha walks down the steps to the innkeeper "We need some food, triple servings of eggs, ham, bacon, bread.... oh what do you guys want? " turns to Reisha and David. <David> Uhm... O_o I guess I'll have some.....bread...and mead. * The innkeeper smirks and whispers to himself, "No wonder you're so plump..." <Dal> What about me? ;_; <Reisha> Man... that better not be all for you Sasha. :P <Dal> Scrambled eggs and sausages... * Sasha grabs the innkeeper's collar "What'd you say?!" <Dal> ... this week if possible. * The innkeeper yawns again... "Nice ass, toots." * Sasha pulls out her sword and points at the guy's neck. * David sighs faintly ^^; <David> Can we not get kicked out of town! * Sasha makes a little blood gush out around the innkeeper's chest, nothing fatal of course. * Reisha pulls Sasha back a little... "Hey ease up... I don't see any price on this guy's head." :P <David> Sasha! * The guy pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to Sasha. "Your bill. Now piss off." * Dal sighs. * David sighs and sweatdrops ^^; <David> Leader my ass :p * Reisha sighs. * David crosses his arms and looks for some place to sit. * Sasha's eye light on fire, nearly losing her temper. <David> Sasha. Calm down. * David's voice holds a cool note to it.. <Reisha> Sasha.. let me order. Then do whatever the heck you want. ;) <Innkeeper> Don't push me further... Or I'll call the Gandar security squad. * Reisha orders some orange juice and pancakes, with a nice buttered toast on the side. <David> Yeah....uhm...Rei can handle the order....she has great people skills ;) <Dal> . o O (Charming. We're gonna get arrested because of breakfast.) * Sasha roars quite loudly and storms upstairs. * Reisha shakes a fist. "Darn right I do!" ;) * David watches Sasha go. * The innkeeper smirks. "Nice gal." <David> Cancel her order, Innkeep. ^^; Sorry about that. ^^; <David> We will have our orders though.. if you're not terribly offended. * The innkeeper nods... "I know her type... So... What'll it be?" <David> Just some bread and drink for me... * Reisha orders some orange juice and pancakes, with a nice buttered toast on the side. <Dal> Sausage and scrambeled eggs... * Dal's tummy growls loudly. <David> Alright...let's sit at that table.. *points to a random table* <Innkeeper> Coming right up, folks. * Reisha points at the guy. "And you better not stick me for butter.." :P * David chuckles and nudges Rei as he goes to sit down.. * The innkeeper goes to the back to cook up the food... * Reisha takes the hint and joins David. <David> We should go to find that treasure.. <Dal> Yeah... <Reisha> That one in the desert, right? * Dal waits impatiently for his food... <David> Yep...I've got the directions on the letter Sarah gave me.. * The innkeeper brings trays of food to the table where the Shining Force are sitting. * David runs a hand through his hair and casts the innkeeper a grateful look. "How much for it?" * Dal snarfs his food. <Innkeeper> Your whole tab comes to 15 gold pieces... * David pays the innkeeper.. <Reisha> Hey. That's actually a good deal. * The innkeeper takes the money, nods and returns to work in the backstore... <David> Must be your good looks, mm? * Dal is done breakfast. ^_^; * David casually eats his food after stating that <Reisha> Flattery will get you everywhere, Davey. ;) * Reisha winks and digs in :) <David> Anyway it says that we cross the mountain path... head into the desert..then walk 1 hour south... then sharply to the east.. <Tiernan> «ooc: EVIL! » * David downs his drink and sits back slightly.. <Dal> It's pretty straightforward... can't see how we could get lost or something. * Reisha sips some juice.. <David> Unless we get attacked by random enemies along the way. <Reisha> Ain't it alwasy the way? * Reisha shrugs. <Dal> Bandits are easily dealt with... * David chuckles. "Overconfidence kills even gods." <Dal> Well, it's true! ^^; <David> You know..someone is going to have to get Sasha out of her room before we go. <Dal> Not me... I'd get my throat slit if I do that... * David sighs :p <David> I guess it'll be me. * David stands.. :p <Reisha> You sure about that? * David smiles at Rei. "Hey, the least she could do it kill me. Actually, she'd rob me first." * David chuckles and starts up towards Sasha's room * Dal sighs and waits for the fireworks. ^^; * Reisha stands up. "Let me get her.. no sense having you dead again." :P <David> I've got it! Hey, I'm the leader, after all! * David knocks on Sasha's door :P * Dal shakes his head and whispers to Rei. "She'll tear him apart." * Reisha whispers back. "If she does that, I'll blast her into tomorrow." ;) * David knocks some more ^^; * Dal sweats. "Think she went out the window?" ^^; * David continues to knock, feeling like a woodpecker * Sasha opens the door "Whaa..t?" <David> Uh....Sash, we're leaving now.. <Sasha> Oh, okay. * David smiles and nods, turning to walk back down to the rest <Dal> That was easy. * Sasha goes back into the room grabs her stuff and exits the room <David> It was... ^_^ * David blows hair out of his eyes and grins. "Lets go then." <Sasha> So, let's get going. * Reisha laughs. "Well, let's hope that was the worst challenge of today." ;) * David adjusts AmeShi and grins at Rei before sauntering out the door.. * Sasha walks down the stairs and as she leaves the inn she hurls a dart at the innkeeper, shaving the top of his head a bit. * Sasha smiles as she leaves the inn. * The innkeeper dodges and yells for the guards! <Innkeeper> GUARDS!! <David> Sa-...Sasha O_o * Reisha rolls her eyes... * Dal sighs. "Great." <David> Uhm, lets go to the mountain pass thing ^^; Now. ^^; * Sasha leaves the quiant little village toward the mountain pass. "Kay" * Reisha hurries outside... * Dal runs outside. ^^; * David blinks at Sasha hurrying ahead, lookg aggravated and follows.. <Reisha> Sasha.. do that again, and no gold for you for a week! :P <Sasha> I already have 1200 or so from sticking around you guys. <Sasha> Usually.... I'd have 3000 or more by this time. * David chuckles, running a hand nervously through his hair <David> So...anyone read any good books lately? ^^; * David glances at the group :P <Narrator> The town starts to grow distant... As is the greenery and wildlife as the team goes further down... * Dal shrugs. ^^; * Reisha chuckles. "Well, it sure wasn't a self-help book by Sasha here." ;) <David> Talkative group. ^^; <Sasha> I have, it's called "Bounty Hunting and it's Rewards" * David laughs softly. "Now now, nice." He blinks at Sasha afterwards. <David> Do I want to know why you have a book about bounty hunting? Or why one was even written? * Dal looks at the scenery. ^^; * Sasha pulls it out a thick book, roughly 600-800 pages, with the same title. <Reisha> Play nice he says... ^^ * Sasha tosses it to David "Catch" * David catches it quickly. <David> Thanks. * Reisha looks at the book. * David looks at the book also and then casts Rei a 'I think she's insane' look. * Sasha suddenly laughs insanely. O_O * Reisha nods back at David on that thought. * Dal *concentrates* on the scenery, a large sweat-drop beading on his forehead. ^^; * David blinks at Sasha * Reisha glances at him with a look saying "And she's got the laugh down pretty good too.." * Sasha smiles and continues walking. * David nudges Rei with his elbow and chuckles.. "Uhmmm...something wrong, Sash?" * Reisha sighs. "Are we there yet?" <David> I have no idea. Mountain pass. Then we head into the desert from there. <Sasha> I'm guessing this is gonna take a day or two. <David> a day or two? O_o * David looks at Rei while saying... "Well....a campfire doesn't sound that bad." * Sasha nods "If the pass is pretty far. * Reisha kicks around a little pebble on the trail. "I guess so..." :) <Narrator> The checkpoint is ahead... The forest and grass is more scarse... A few trader's posts and guards can be seen in front of a large gate which seems to lead into the Desert... <Dal> Finally. <Reisha> Well, that sure looks like the pass to me. * David looks at the checkpoint.. "Great.." <Reisha> Day or two my foot. :P <David> So much for camping out under the stars. <Sasha> Hey, who knows? The desert might be pretty large. * Reisha pats David's shoulder. "Hey.. they say desert nights are really nice... " ^^ * David smiles... "Mm. Maybe there'll be something worthwhile in the desert nights then." * David approaches the big gate thing * Sasha apporoaches the gate as well. * Sasha yells "Open up!" <David> uhmn. O_o Sasha.....maybe you should let me handle this.. I am the 'leader'... last time I checked. <Dal> Um, we don't need a repeat performance of this morning... lemme do the talking... * Sasha whaps David and Dal upside the head "Shaddup!" * David ows. O_o * Dal winces... "Dammit, girl..." * Sasha kicks the gate <Guard> Um. We cannot open up without a pass. <Reisha> Sasha, cool your jets already, and let the man handle this. :P <Sasha> I said open up! * David growls angrily, eyes a cold grey. "Sasha. We need a pass. So lets go find a pass. Okay?. Okay." * Reisha hehe.. feeling very oddly valley girl-esque tonight. ^^ * Sasha looks at David "Do you know where we can get a pass?" <David> I don't know. But we need one. So lets go find one. <Merchant> MITULA STATUES FOR SALE! SELLING MITULA STATUES! <David> Actually, hold on. <Second Merchant> Carpets for sale... Nice carpets! <David> Guard! I have a pass! *holds up Sarah's letter* <Third Merchant> Porn for sale! We got a terrific selection of porn! * Reisha sighs. "Just what we need.. an obnoxious merchant." :P <David> From the high priestess of Granseal! * Sasha looks at the merchants "Hmm, where did these guys come from?" * Sasha walks over to Merchant1 "How much?" <Merchant> 500 gold pieces. * Sasha walks away "Rip off" * Reisha keeps a wary eye on the porn dealer... * The guard takes the letter and reads... "This isn't a pass, kid. It's only a way to get to the cursed shrine." * Sasha pulls out a piece of paper and writes the words pass on it and shows it to the guard "Here you are." * David sighs ^^; "But the cursed shrine is through those gates....okay, where can we get a pass then?" * Dal wonders if the guards will accept bribes... * Sasha wonders if this'll work <Guard> Passes are only given out in Gandar... Sorry. * Dal dies. @_@ <David> Gandar..? <Dal> Great. * Reisha whispers to David. "Can I zap her, huh can I?" ^^; <Sasha> Well, that sucks. * David chuckles softly and shakes his head.. <Sasha> We have to go back... <Sasha> Well then, let's get going then. <David> No, we don't. Sasha. Down girl. Sit. Stay. <Dal> No way, there has to be a easier way. * Dal chuckles. * Sasha glares at David * Reisha shrugs. "I'm not in a guard seducing mood today either." :P <David> I'd rather you didn't seduce the guard :P <Narrator> A little black cat runs up to the team and leaps at David! * David ACKS and falls over! <Reisha> That cat again? o_O <Narrator> The cat sits on David's stomach and purrs. ^_^ * David stares at the cat. "Uh...hi there, kitty..." <Narrator> Something seems to be attached to the cat's collar... * Reisha goes over to David and stares at the cat... * David looks at the collar.. * Sasha looks at the cat and laughs "Well Davey, looks like that cat has a special friend." * Reisha glares at Sasha for that remark. :P <David> special...friend..? <Sasha> I wonder if it has a name... * David raises an eyebrow at Sasha * David tries to look at what's attached to the collar * Sasha thinks for a moment... <Sasha> How 'bout we keep this little guy? <Reisha> What's that on it's neck? That wasn't there last time... <Narrator> An official looking piece of paper with a Gandar crest is attached to the collar... * David takes the paper.. * David grins... <Narrator> The cat purrs... ^_^ <Narrator> The cat suddenly stops dead in his tracks. * David picks himself off the ground, holding the cat and the paper....he scritches the cat's head.. <Dal> Aw, it's so cute... ^_^ <Narrator> The cat looks to a hidden, dark corner of the checkpoint and hisses loudly, then growls... <Reisha> Huh? * David blinks and looks towards the corner.. * Reisha looks over at the corner... <Sasha> Hmmm, I wonder if it'll like the name Purrball? <Reisha> Not that I'm gonna listen a cat or anything... * Sasha glances over to the corner "Huh?" <Reisha> But I'd say something is hiding. ^^ <David> Sure Rei. ^_- * Dal glances at the corner, drawing a dagger... * Sasha pulls out another dagger and gets ready to throw it into the corner "Come out pal!" * Reisha reaches to the ground, and picks up a small stone. * Reisha chucks it to the corner with great accuracy. ^^ * David puts the cat down, pockets the paper and puts a hand on the hilt of AmeShi.. <Narrator> The cat snarls and his fur goes straight... * Sasha throws the knife into the corner! <Narrator> The guards blink and look at the situation... <Kodah> *The knife stops as it enters the shadow* <Kodah> Nice throw, except you have lots of power and no speed. Its like a sign saying "Get out of the way" * Kodah tosses it back * Reisha blinks as the knife stops still in the air and a vocie rings out. <Dal> Who the heck are you? <Narrator> The cat meows while growling at the voice.. * David draws AmeShi, the flames flickering wildly. "All talk. Who are you?" * Sasha feels a bit odd "Who are you?" * Kodah steps out of the shadows and looks the group over carefully <Reisha> Some Ninja friend of yours I hope David... ^^ * Sasha feels something strange with this fellow. * David glances at Rei and then at Kodah. <Sasha> You're not really human are you? <Narrator> The cat reshapes suddenly... Changing into a human form.... <Jeyer> Kodah! I'LL KILL YOU!! <Reisha> Huh? o_O <David> O_o <David> Kodah? What? Jeyer? Hunh? O_o * Jeyer leaps at Kodah and tries to lash out at him! * Kodah glares at Jeyer angrilly * Dal acks! <Reisha> What the... * Sasha glances at both Jeyer and Kodah "Huh, wha,,?" <David> Woah woah woah O_o <Dal> I can't believe I said it was cute! =p * Kodah ducks the swipe quickly and leaps to the other side of the room! * Dal steps in Jeyer's way and holds him back. "Wait, old man, who's this guy?" <David> Hey! You two! Stop it and act, nevermind. Can you two at least not kill each other so we can find out what's going on?! * Jeyer gets a face fulla dirt and growls madly.. "Kodah.. I never thought I'd see your cowardly face again." <Reisha> Jeyer.. was a cat.. and he wants this guy dead... somebody explain to me what's going on? <Kodah> (icily)Well, well, well Jeyer...nice to see you haven't changed <Sasha> Kodah.... where have I heard that name before....? * David waves AmeShi in confusion :p * Reisha summons some lightining magic around her hand just in case... * Sasha glances at Kodah "Wait a minute...." <Jeyer> SHUT UP! You damn coward! You let Nalya die!! <Sasha> You're "the" Kodah? <Kodah> Your concern for the welfare of my sister is noted, albiet far too fucking late... * Dal holds Jeyer back. "Stop..." <David> What the...uhm...damnit. <Jeyer> .... <David> Sir Kodah? <Kodah> If you were so concerned, why weren't you there 12 years ago to help her? Hmmm? <Jeyer> Kodah, you heartless bastard.. You never approved of my love for Nalya. WHY did you let her die?? <Sasha> You were there with my mother and father fighting Zeon weren't you? <Jeyer> YOU DAMN WELL KNOW WHY! * Reisha looks back and forth between the two men... <Kodah> Let her die? LET HER DIE! YOU SPINELESS BASTARD! <David> Sir Jeyer? <David> This is insanity O_o <Dal> Damn stright. ^^; <Reisha> Well somebody's loaded for bear today. <Dal> Explain yourself, old coot... what the hell's going on? * Jeyer grabs Dal off his back and throws him against a wall. * Kodah grins his teeth together in anger * Sasha whaps Jeyer upside the head as well as Kodah "SHADDUP BOTH OF YOU!!! YOU GUYS ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE!!" <Jeyer> I... *starts a spell* Was prisoner... *starts to glow* * Dal gets thrown against the wall. "Dammit!" * Jeyer turns around, eyes glowing red as blood and casts Rayjin level 5 on Sasha. <Dal> STOP! * Sasha curses <Narrator> == Sasha is hit by Rayjin level 5. The lightning blows her off her feet. <Kodah> ... * David growls and slams AmeShi into the ground, the air ringing with the explosion of fire. "SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU CALM DOWN!" * The guards blinks. "Hey! Enough of that!" * Sasha goes flying into the wall. * Reisha summons a huge lightining bolt that rends the earth between the two men! "KNock it off already!" :P * Dal gets up, wincing. <Kodah> Excuse me, but I haven't even lifted a finger yet <David> Yes well...well...damnit, we haven't even been introduced. * David hauls AmeShi back up and sheathes it, eyeing Kodah * Sasha pulls herself up and growls at Jeyer "Old punk bastard." <Kodah> Hmm...since you;re carrying Ameshi, then you must be David * Jeyer glares at Sasha... "Shut up, you little arrogant slut." <David> David Willcott. Kodah Emeriss? <Reisha> You know this guy? * Kodah straightens up a bit, "That would be me" * Sasha laughs * Reisha shakes her head. "Wait.. don't tell me..." * Jeyer turns his gaze at Kodah.. "You better watch your back, Kodah.." <Sasha> Yeah, whatever pimp. * Jeyer casts teleport... <Kodah> I have been...for 12 years. I'm used to it by now * David sighs. ^^; <Reisha> Another old face, am I right? ^^ <Kodah> I suppose you could say that * David nods to Rei and then looks at Kodah again. "What're you doing here?" <Dal> I'm Dal of Hassan. Now why does Jeyer want to see you rot in hell? =) <Kodah> Because the woman he loved, my sister Nalya was killed 12 years ago. And neither he or I could save her <David> Well, that sounds awfully.....pointless to try and kill you about. <Kodah> Jeyer is very skilled at being angry * Sasha turns to Kodah "Name's Sasha, Rose, Mysteria." <Reisha> No kidding... if either of you kill the other it's only gonna make thing worse. <Kodah> I have no intention of killing him. I have bigger problems * David crosses his arms almost protectively. "Well....sir....are you by chance going our way? into the desert?" * Reisha follows up with an introduction. "By the way Kodah, name's Reisha Granstream... mage extraordinaire." <Kodah> Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. It depends * Kodah bows politely to Reisha * Reisha smiles. :) * David raises an eyebrow. "Depends? Well...if you are, you can come with us it you'd be great to have you along." <Sasha> David, what was that thing around Jeyer's neck? <David> The pass we needed. ^_^ <Kodah> I can only stay with you so long as a certain someone doesn't track me down again <Reisha> Great.. we're in debt to Jeyer again... :P * Sasha grips David in a headlock "Yes! All right, nice going blondie!" <David> Erk O_O <Dal> ^^; * Sasha laughs. * Reisha shoves Sasha offa him. :P * David coughs. "Been....working out?" * David coughs more and reaches into his pack, hauling out the pass. He waves it at one of the guards. "Hey! Here's your pass!" <Reisha> Hey Sasha.. Only I'm allowed to do that to him! <Sasha> Yeah, a little... thought I have no idea how I got so strong * Reisha puts David in a headlock after he shows the pass. ;) * Kodah looks everyone carefully, trying to see if he recognizes anyone else in the group <Sasha> I guess I'm just naturally powerful. * David chokes and blushes. "Rei! Save it for....I mean....I need to breathe!" * Reisha lets go. "I'm only playing David.. lighten up." ^^ * David blushes more and seemingly looks very uncomfortable for some odd reason...he also seems plagued by thoughts now... "Yeah....lighten up..." * The guard grumbles... * David nods slowly * Kodah winds his way around a chair and sits in it <David> Anyway.... let us through the gates! * Reisha looks at the guard very domineeringly. "Well, you got yer pass.. so open up already." * The guard turns and opens the gate to let one person go through at a time... * Sasha walks through the gate. * David nods to everyone and walks through after Sasha <Sasha> Thanks * Kodah trudges after the group, not looking all that thrilled * Dal follows David... * Reisha puts on her big grin. "Haha... I think we got that one down already." :P * Reisha heads on through... * Sasha looks around. <David> Walk an hour south.. * David heads south.. * Reisha trudges on beside the fearless leader. * Sasha heads south. * Kodah walks silently behind the force, glancing around warily * David smiles at Rei.. "'re you?" <Narrator> The Shining Force head out into the desert... The sun beats down on them hard... The trip will be a long and tedious one... <Kodah> ... * Sasha looks around, not a tad bit hot, well, sorta. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== * David starts getting droplets of sweat on his forehead * Sasha looks up into the sky and observes the birds..... wait a minute, birds?! <Narrator> The shrine is dark... Natural light is impossible in this place... A single torch lights the way for the two explorers... <Maika> So... You know where to go? I sure as hell don't... <Darrel> I say this way... *points east* <Maika> You sure..? I don't wanna get lost... * Darrel starts walking, not humoring an answer to that question... <Maika> ... Dammit, Darrel.. What's with you lately? <Darrel> ... * Maika shrugs and moves ahead, leaving Darrel behind... * Darrel grumbles.. * Maika turns the corner and gasps. "Uhh.... Darrel? Uhh... come see this...?" * Darrel walks faster... "What..?" * Darrel gapes as he turns the corner... <Maika> Is this what we came here for...? * Darrel closes his mouth and nods slowly... "It seems so, Maika." * Darrel walks into the room and is pushed back by an energy field. <Darrel> Wha..? Dammit. *looks around* * Maika blinks and spots a little control box... <Maika> What's this red button? * Maika pushes on it... <Narrator> The field dissipates. <Darrel> ... You coulda told me sooner you know... <Maika> ... Sorry, Darrel. :p * Maika goes in... * Darrel follows... * Maika looks at a control panel... "What the hell are all these buttons for..?" <Darrel> Probably to open that. *Points to the center of the room* <Maika> ... So what are we waiting for...? * Darrel looks at a piece of paper and starts pressing a combination of buttons... * Maika whistles... "This place is creepy.. Let's hurry... * Darrel nods... * Maika walks around... "Man.. The ancients are so odd..." * Maika looks at the object in the center... "Hey Darrel? There's another console here... And a red button is flashing..." <Darrel> Uhh... Don't touch that until I tell you to. <Maika> Sure thing... I guess. O_o <Darrel> This place is odd.. I gotta look for a new line of work... * Darrel presses the last button and nods to himself.. "Ok... Press it now." * Maika nods. "Sure thing..." and presses the button. <Narrator> The ground starts rumbling... <Darrel> What the hell?! O_o * Darrel look at the panel. "What..? WHY WAS THIS PRESSED??!" <Narrator> A massive shockwave emenates from the walls and knocks Darrel and Maika off their feet, rendering them unconscious. <Darrel> X_X <Maika> X_x <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force arrives by the obelisk, tired and hot and sweaty and... Hentai. O_o * Dal thwaps the Narrator! * Narrator dodges and shifts his position on his chair. * David grunts, sweat dripping off his muscular frame <Kodah> ... * Reisha fans herself with her hand, hair matted with sweat. "Hot, hot..." -_- * Dal wipes his forehead with his shirt... * Reisha sees the Obelisk up ahaead na hopes it's not a mirage or something. * Kodah strips off his vest and tunic, storing them in his pack * David looks at the obelisk <Narrator> Alot of strange symbols can be seen on the obelisk... <David> Mm. Can anyone read this? * Sasha looks very hot and sweaty all over. <Narrator> A small lizard scuttles by... * Sasha looks up at the obelisk. <Dal> Not me... * Reisha goes up to the thing and inspects it, wiping some beads of sweat off her forehead with her cape. * David runs his fingers over the symbols.. <Reisha> It doesn't look like any modern writing, that's for sure.. <Kodah> Nope <David> Grand. * David leans against obelisk * Sasha walks over and tries to remember what her mother taught about symbols, then suddenly remembers that she never did teach anything like that.... <Narrator> The obelisk slides a little... <Sasha> David! <Reisha> Hey.. it moved! <David> Ack O_o <Kodah> ..? * David pushes against the obelisk <Narrator> The obelisk slides easily away... <Reisha> Talk about dumb luck... <David> Wow. :p <Narrator> Stairs leading down to an underground can be spotted. <David> Great! <Dal> Hmm. * David walks the stairs <Reisha> Hey, I'm not complaining.. it got us in. :) * Dal follows. ^^; * Reisha looks down the stairway before setting foot inside. <Kodah> ... <Narrator> The stairs go down about 80 feet before giving way to a long, dark tunnel... <Reisha> I wonder what's hidden down here anyway... * Reisha makes her way down. * David stays close to Rei * Sasha walks around and whistles "Dark place" * Reisha sighs as it seems a lot cooler than outside. ^^ * Dal lights a torch with his fire magic. * Sasha snaps her fingers and a fire ball appears in her hand <Sasha> Ahh, light. <Narrator> The long corridor is made of stone only... Bland walls... The end of the corridor lets the team go right or left... * David looks a bit confused.. "right or left...right or left.." <Sasha> Hmmm.... I say we go left. <Reisha> Ah yes... the eternal question... * Reisha heads right to spite Sasha. :P * Sasha heads down the left passage <David> I...uh...right.. * David follows Rei ;) * Dal follows David and Reisha, not quite trusting Sasha's sense of direction. * Reisha smiles smugly as she realizes the team agrees with her. <Narrator> Sasha ends up in a large treasure room... * Sasha's eyes go round and starts looting the chests <Narrator> The right side brings to a large room... * Sasha stuffs all the treasures in her pack and returns to the main room, this time going right. <Narrator's aid> Rising up from the floor, there appears to be some kind of gray laquer coffin, suspended by a tangle of tubes and metallic strings. The stillness of the area makes it seem more like a tomb than an ancient stronghold. <Dal> O_O; <Narrator's aid> The coffin is closed tight. * Reisha wideeyes. "Holy cow.. what is that?" o_O <David> Woah.. * David heads to the coffin.. <Sasha> Wonder what's inside? * Sasha walks over to the coffin and inspects it. <David> Lets find out. :p <Narrator> A large green button flashes on a panel on the top of the coffin... * David tries to open the coffin. * Sasha helps David open the coffin. <Narrator> The coffin is sealed tight. * Reisha looks at the button. "I'm thinking this might either open it, or hit us with some death trap... I think I'll push it anyway." ;) * Reisha dpresses the flashing button. <Narrator's aid> The coffin swings open with a metallic groan O_o <Narrator's aid> Within the coffin lies a single prone form. His skin is cadaverously white, and his eyes are open and blank. A mop of green hair rests listlessly aginst his open and innocent face. <Narrator's aid> His body is wrapped in a long robe, obviously of fine quality, but unknown material. Delicate lines of gold and white are woven into the fabric in intricate patterns and glyphs. Clutched in the hands of the occupant, is a strange staff, very ornate and beautiful, unlike anything anyone has ever seen. * David raises both eyebrows.. <Dal> Hmm... * David reaches out and touches the green hair. "Odd coloring.." <Reisha> Woah... * Sasha looks at the green hair man "Hmmm, nice looking fellow" * The boy doesn't move... <Reisha> Is there such a thing as green haired vampire? ^^; <Reisha> He sure looks pale enough to be... * Sasha pats the guy on the cheek "Hey buddy wake up" <David> Careful.. <Sasha> He must've been asleep for a couple years to look so pale. <Narrator's aid> The boy still doens't respond, although you can see he's faintly seems like he's shivering slightly, like he's in shock <Sasha> Hmmm.... * David grabs the boy and hefts him out of the coffin.. <Sasha> He's almost dead. <Narrator> Two bodies, neatly layed down on their backs can be spotted in the corner of the room... * David blinks at the bodies.. * David looks down at the guy in shock in his arms * The boy doesn't resist, his body limp like a ragdoll. <David> Someone check those two. * Sasha wonders if CPR might wake him, and tries it. * Sasha gives CPR to the boy. <Narrator's aid> The boy is breathing, ninny :P * Reisha looks at the two people in the corner... * Dal takes some water out of his canteen and splashes it on the boy... * Sasha checks her pack for anything that might wake the guy up. * Reisha checks if they're alive or anything. * David gets a wet shirt from Dal :P <Narrator's aid> The boy finally reacts by shivering once, then closes his eyes. <Sasha> Hey, he moved * Sasha shakes the boy "Hey, you awake?" <Dal> Hey, it's working... * Tiernan coughs <David> Sasha. <David> Don't hurt him. * Tiernan opens his eyes partway, looking very disorented and confused. "...." <Tiernan> ..who...? <Dal> You okay? * Sasha stops shaking him and looks down "Good you're awake." * David looks down at the boy. "Hey. Welcome back to the living. Name's David Willcott." * Reisha leaves the two for dead, considering she doesn't see them making any motions.. <Sasha> Name's Sasha. <Tiernan> <David> Take your time.. <Sasha> We found you in a coffin, near dead. * Tiernan shakes his head slowly in confusion, looking groggy. * Sasha helps the boy up. * Dal makes him drink a little water. * Reisha looks at the others and the boy. "Sleeping beauty awake?" ^^ <David> Yep. * Tiernan tries to stand up, but stumbles, not strong enough. <David> Careful, boy.. <Tiernan> I...don't...understand...I... * Tiernan speaks as if he's trying to speak with absolute effort. <David> Take your time.....don't force it. <Sasha> Take it easy! * Tiernan speaks as if he is trying to remember HOW to speak O_o <Sasha> Don't force yourself. <Tiernan> * David raises an eyebrow <Reisha> Do you think he was sleeping for so long he forgot to speak? <Sasha> Are you thirsty? <David> Possible, Rei. <Tiernan> Thirsty...I...?...I...don' <David> Who are you..? <Sasha> Is there a parchness in your throat? * Tiernan stops dead in his to speak O_o <Tiernan> I....? * David blinks.. <Tiernan> I....don't....know... * Tiernan collapses O_O <Dal> You don't... ack. <David> Ack <Sasha> Your name--hey! * Reisha tries to help Tiernan up before he falls all the way. "Hey now.." <Sasha> Well now.... this is quite annoying. <David> It's not annoying. The poor kid was obviously put in there was so long he's weak. * Dal glares at Sasha. "Hey, would you like it if we said the same thing if you were in that situation?" =p * Tiernan seems to have fainted :/ * Reisha tries to heft Tiernan up. "I think he needs more time to recover or something... Maybe we should get him out of here." * Sasha picks him up "Let's get him outside, he needs sunlight" <David> Yeah.. * Tiernan is still shivering. * Darrel groans and starts to move... <Dal> ... hunh? * David frowns. "Rei, can you remove your cape and put it over him. He seems co-....oh great." * Reisha turns her head. "Umm.. I think those two aren't as dead as I thought.." * Darrel gets up and squints... "Who..? Oh God... You people." * Darrel kicks Maika awake! * Tiernan is still clutching the ordinate staff, even though his fact, he's holding it so tightly his knuckes are turning white. O_o <Darrel> WAKE UP! Those wanted people are here! WAKE UP!!! <Reisha> Wait a sec.. it's those guys from the Inn. <Reisha> o_O * Maika ows and gets up, holding his head... <Dal> Charming. * Sasha carrying Tiernan "Just who do you think you people are?" * David raises both eyebrows <Dal> Guys, we don't have time. Just leave us be and you won't get hurt. * Darrel turns to Sasha and blinks... "Leave that man! He's ours!" <David> He's not yours. <Darrel> We have explicit orders to bring him dead or alive to Gandar. * Dal casts Blaze on a dagger and throws it at Darrel! <Reisha> Finder keepers, pal. :P <Darrel> Preferably dead, he said. * Darrel sidesteps the dagger... "Tsk tsk, little man..." <David> Hah. * David draws AmeShi. <Sasha> Shut up! <David> You'll have to get past me first. <Sasha> There is no way you're taking him. * Tiernan moans softly. <Dal> Little man... no one calls me that! * Maika blinks... "We fight, Darrel?" * Reisha calls the static electricity in the air to her... * Darrel grins... "Yes. Let's." <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * David twirls AmeShi and growls. <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Darrel and Maika. ===== <Reisha> Hey, if you want to rumble that's fine with me. ;) <Maika> Aren't these odds unfair? <Darrel> Since when has that ever stopped us? <Dal> I say they're pretty fair. <Maika> Good point, Darrel. <Narrator> == Darrel and Maika can attack. * Reisha points to Sasha. "Take care of boy and please don't spaz out this time, k?" ^^; <Narrator> == Darrel unsheaths a sword black as the night... * Sasha steps behind the force "Go to it guys!" * Tiernan begins to stir... <Narrator> == Darrel lashes out in thin air, seemingly causing nothing. <Reisha> Fancy sword, know how to use it or is it just for show? :P * Tiernan opens his eyes slowly. * Darrel grins... * David growls, eyes a dark grey.. <Narrator> a few seconds pass before a black rift opens up at the point of slash... <Dal> O_O; * Tiernan's eyes widen in confusion O_o <Reisha> ?! <David> Oh great. <Reisha> Ok, I take that back. ^^ * David keeps his ground by Reisha <Narrator> == The rift sends a dark mist to surround the Shining Force... Defense points of all team members drop to 0. * Tiernan coughs as the mist envelops him. * Darrel sheathes the sword and stands proudly of his attack. <Narrator> == Maika unsheaths a sword as white and pure as snow... * Reisha shakes her head a few times. "What the hell.." <Tiernan> Wh...what is...happening... * David growls and steps in front of Rei, seemingly protecting her.. * Tiernan's eyes are still misty and disoriented. <Narrator> == Maika slashes in the air also... <Narrator> A while rift of light opens up.... * Reisha takes a step back... behind David. * David narrows his eyes and holds AmeShi out in front of him <Narrator> == The light clashes with the dark rift... All of the Shining Force's defense points are redistributed to Maika and Darrel. <Tiernan> Someone...please... <David> Lovely.. * David looks at Tier... "Mmnn?" <Sasha> Hey... you woke up. <Tiernan> Wha...what is...happeni *coughs* happening.... <Sasha> There's a fight going on, some people seem to want you. <Tiernan> Why..? <David> We won't let them take you. * David twirls his sword and awaits his chance to attack.. <Sasha> But don't worry about it, we won't let them take you <Sasha> I have no idea why they would want you though. * Reisha is seething. "I still have my magic..." * Tiernan looks at David, clairty being seen for the first time in his eyes. He nods. <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal hands blur as he throws a dozen daggers enveloped in fire magic in Maika's direction! <Tiernan> M...magic... * David readies AmeShi to strike.. <Narrator> == Dal attacks Maika... The daggers deal more damage being affected by fire magic, but the high defense repulses most of the attack... 4 damage. * Dal watches the daggers bounce off Maika. ;_; <Narrator> == David can attack * David leaps at Darrel and swipes at him with AmeShi, the flames flickering madly... * Tiernan looks at Maika and Darrel. " You....don't.... belong.... here...." <Narrator> == David attacks Darrel... The blade deals little damage, but the flames again extend that damage. 5 damage. * David growls and leaps back. * Darrel blinks at Tiernan... <David> I don't care what happens. You're not getting this kid. <Sasha> Hey, what is your name? <Sasha> Do you remember? <Tiernan> <Tiernan> I.... <Darrel> We'll just see about that... * Tiernan holds his head. <David> Yeah, yeah we will. <Reisha> I hope you can rememebr a little more than your name... <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <Sasha> Well, do you mind if I give you a name till we find out yours? <Reisha> Let's see you defen’´�2ainst this big boys! Bolt..... <Reisha> 3! <David> Hah! go Rei! ^_^ * Reisha sends a searing surge of electrical energy at the duo! * Tiernan watches Reisha... <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt 3... The lightning fills the air with power... The lightning courses through Maika and Darrel... 14 damage each. * Maika yelps. "Dammit. We need better magical defense, don't we Darrel." <Darrel> Next attack, then... * Tiernan holds his head tighter. <Tiernan> Hurts... <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. <Reisha> Shut up and just admit you're outclassed! :P <Sasha> Hey, hang in there just a little longer kay? <Darrel> We are not, little third rate mage... You, on the other hand... * David snarls * Sasha is holding Tiernan thus cannot make an attack =P <David> Shut up, punk. <Dal> Yurp. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Darrel and Maika ===== <Darrel> Shall we go again? <Maika> I do believe so, yeah... <Narrator> == Darrel and Maika can attack. * David growls and stands protectively in front of Rei <Tiernan> Please....stop this... <Narrator> == Darrel unsheaths his sword again... <Darrel> No can do, kid... You gotta die... <David> Hah. <Reisha> Why the heck does he have to die? <Narrator> == Darrel slashes in a different pattern than before... * Dal stands on his guard... <Sasha> Sorry buddy, but sometimes you gotta fight. <Tiernan> No....not you... <Tiernan> Them.... <Narrator> == A large dark pulsar appears on the pattern... * Tiernan points <Darrel> Because... He is a threat. <Tiernan> ...Me...? A... <Narrator> == The pulsar crashes into the Shining Force as those words are spoken. <David> Grrr. <Tiernan> I don-don't understand. <Narrator> == The Shining Force is engulfed, taking 20 damage each. * Reisha tries to defend herself as the black energy draws near. * David grunts * Tiernan cries out * Dal owchies. ^^; <Narrator> == Maika unsheathes his sword... <Maika> My turn? Yes... My turn... * Reisha goes down to a knee. "Damn.. that's some powerful.. stuff..." * David stays in front of Rei.. <Narrator> == Maika slashes in another pattern... * Sasha groans <Narrator> == A large light pulsar appears... * Tiernan's voice is not quite so shakey as before, but still quiet "Please stop this!" <Maika> A little magical defense, Darrel? <Darrel> I'm not opposed... *grins* <Sasha> Ya know, you're not exactly light, can you stand on your own now? * Tiernan moans and falls to his knees, clutching his head. * Reisha stands back up, trying to shake off the stars. * Tiernan's head snaps up towards the two. <Tiernan> this...leave this place! * Tiernan stands upright! <Tiernan> Leave now! <David> You heard the kid. * Tiernan closes his eyes and opens his arms wide. Suddenly, a faint glimmer can be seen coming from him as two small, pale red wings materialize on his back. With a faint rustle of feathers, they fuse to his back, and become soild. <Sasha> Whoa! <Reisha> What the..? * Reisha blinks. o_O * Sasha takes a few steps back. * David blinks * Darrel blinks... "This confirms it.. I knew it." <Sasha> He became a giant chicken?! * Maika blinks also... <Sasha> Or something... * Dal sweats. ^^; <Dal> Now what... <Narrator> == The pulsar floats in place in front of Darrel and Maika... * Tiernan spreads his wings and draws himself in close, then spreads his wings and arms wide! "Infinite Earth Mother, gather your power unto my hand and bring forth your heated fury!" With a mighty shout, he thrusts his hands forward, as dozens of magma spouts erupt beneath Makia_and_Darrel! * Darrel blinks at the attack... "Uhh..? I think we're fucked." <Reisha> That looks almost like... * Sasha's jaw drops. * Maika groans... "You always had a flare for the obvious..." <Narrator> == Darrel and Maika are blasted by the magma spouts. Darrel takes 34 damage, Maika takes 37. <David> Hah! Go kid go! * Reisha feels the intense heat and is a little taken aback. ^^ <Narrator> == The pulsar is dispelled. <Dal> Awright! * Tiernan blinks and falls to his knees, panting. <Darrel> Let's make a quick escape while we still can, Maika...? * Darrel teleports out. <Maika> Yes... Let's. * Maika also teleports out. <Dal> Cowards! <David> Hah! * David twirls AmeShi and then sheathes * Sasha kneels besides Tyr. <Sasha> Hey, you okay? * Reisha sighs. "I knew they had no balls from the beginning." :P <Tiernan> ...Yes....I ....think... <Tiernan> So...tired... <Tiernan> ...Tiernan... * Tiernan shakes his head. <Sasha> You shouldn't have done that, I don't think your--what? <Tiernan> My name...Tiernan....Tyr... <Sasha> Tiernan? <Tiernan> Y...yes... <David> Tiernan....good, we're getting somewhere. <Sasha> That's.... exotic.... * Tiernan sighs and slumps into Sasha's arms. <Reisha> Tiernan... well, Tyr, you just kicked some... nevermind. ^^; <Narrator> Well Sasha sounds like an exotic stripper but you don't see anyone saying so, right? <Narrator> Erm. Anyways. * Narrator returns to narrating. <Sasha> What's with these wings.... * Tiernan's wings are pale red and mixed with yellow...very soft ^_^ * Sasha examines Tiernan's wings.... * Reisha looks at the wings again. "if I didn't know any better.. I'd say these were.. Phoenix feathers." <Dal> I think it's cool. ^_^ <Reisha> But that's a legend.. o_O <Sasha> Hmmm, I know these... they're phoenix feathers all right. <Narrator> Sluuutt... Sasha is a sluu-- err. *goes back to Narrating again* <David> Phoenix? <Sasha> He's a phoenix.... or a hybrid phoenix. <Sasha> But... how is that possible? * Reisha leans back. "Oh brother... no wonder those guys wanted him dead..." * David wraps an arm around Rei's waist. * Tiernan awakens once again. <Reisha> If he's got magic like that... <Tiernan> ...Why are you all staring at me like that...? * Reisha notices David's arm... * Tiernan blinks. <David> Yeah. Why are we all staring at you like that. Lets all get out of here. * Sasha helps Tiernan to his feet "Do you mind not passing out like that again please?" * Tiernan curls his wings around himself. <Tiernan> I...I don't mean to...I...I'm just....tired. <Reisha> Good point. :) * David looks at Rei warmly * Sasha pats him on the shoulder "Yeah well, we'll get to a bed soon so until then, try to stay awake for a little bit. Is that okay with you?" <Tiernan> I'll try....Miss.... * Tiernan blinks. <Tiernan> Miss... <Sasha> Sasha. <Tiernan> Sasha... <Tiernan> Thank you. <Sasha> Sasha, Rose, Mysteria. Just call me Sasha. <Tiernan> All right... <David> Okay...lets go people.. * Tiernan looks down at the staff still in his hands. * Reisha puts an arm around David's shoulders, in a bit of pain from those two's attack. ^^ <Tiernan> What is this? <David> It appears to be a staff.. <Sasha> It's called a staff. <Tiernan> Oh... * Tiernan actually looks like he didn't know what that was called... O_o <Sasha> You were holding it when we found you. * David squeezes Rei protectively and looks for the nearest exit <Tiernan> ...why? <Sasha> I have no earthly clue. <Tiernan> .... <Reisha> Beats me.. maybe it's the treasure Sarah talked about. <Tiernan> I see... <David> Maybe Tiernan is the treasure. <Reisha> Could be. :) <Tiernan> Treasure... <Sasha> A person being a treasure... oh now come on.... <Sasha> You really think that? <Reisha> What Sasha? Mad cause you can't put a price on that? ;) <Sasha> I found a swarm of treasure in that left passage.... <Sasha> Well..... errr.... <Tiernan> Price....? <Sasha> I....ummmm... * David looks around. "Come on, people. Are we leaving or staying?" <David> And you're confusing Tiernan. * Tiernan looks at Sasha ^^; <Tiernan> You can call me Tyr...if you want... <Reisha> Right, right... <David> Tyr? Okay.. * Sasha looks at Tiernan "Thanks" <Tiernan> For what...? <Sasha> Well, ummm nevermind, let's just get out of here. <Tiernan> ...all right... <Reisha> Sounds good to me... although I'm going to hate being in that sweltering heat again.. * David chuckles at Rei.. "You can cool off in a nice plush inn room." <Tiernan> It's warm above? <David> Yeah.. * Sasha starts walking out of the shrine "Come on people, let's go!" <David> It's a desert. Hot and sandy. <Reisha> Ooo.. now yer talking my language, Davey boy. :D <Dal> A little *too* warm. * David grins at Rei and then starts towards the exit * Sasha is supporting Tiernan as she exits the room. * David keeps his arm around Rei ;) * Tiernan clings to Sasha, cuz he'd fall if he didn't! * Reisha doesn't look like she minds the arm one bit, and is still sort of hanging around David as well. :) <Narrator> The Shining Force exits the shrine, heading out into the choking sand and heat of the Gandar desert, in hope of finding shelter close..... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====