Shining Force RPG 2 session 11
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force walks through the choking desert sands... The heat batters down on the poor souls, as they have been walking for what seems to be hours... <Jess> if it got any hotter, I think we'd all melt. * Sasha looks all hot and sweaty again, no thanks to this desert. <Darin> I agree, Jess... <Kodah> ... * Sasha looks at Tiernan * Dal sighs and wipes his brow with his shirt... <Reisha> I'm gonna dry up at this rate... ^^; * Tiernan slowly trudges along, half his body weight on Sasha, half on his staff. Sweat is dripping down his pale face, and sticking to his hair, which is sorta hanging messily around his face. <Sasha> How do you feel about all this heat? <Tiernan> ...It' * Tiernan thinks... * Zoie walks along at a steady pace. and says nothing * David trudges along, his eyes dark and thoughtful.. <Jess> tell me about it. <Tiernan> You...know when you...were was thirsty...?...I think I am now. * Indigo walks next to her daughter and Tiernan. * Kodah peels off his shirt as he walks, not enjoying this at all <Indigo> Sasha. What are we doing in the desert again? I forgot. * Reisha is trying not think of the heat, despite the matted appaearance of her blonde hair and clothing. ^^ <Jess> anyone have a bucket? I can conjure up some ice. <Tiernan> But...I'll keep walking...because you to. * David 's shirt is soaked and his impressive muscles are visable through the wet material but he hardly notices, obviously caught up in his thoughts.. <Jess> which...isn't a bad idea...hold on, folks. I have an idea. * Sasha looks at Indigo. <Sasha> You're 34 years old!! <Sasha> You shouldn't be losing your memory already! * Tiernan blinks at Sasha's outburst O_o * Darin looks at Jess.. "What do you have up your sleeves?" <Tiernan> S..something wrong? <Narrator> A little lizard scuttles between Sasha's feet and runs quickly away... * Reisha can't help but hold her glance a moment on David.. * Sasha sighs and looks about ready to collapse "Sorry, I'm just really really sweaty, and tired, and edgy... * Kodah tries to keep moving, knowing that if he stops moving, he might not be able to start again * Zoie pulls her hood over her head a bit more to keep the heat off <Indigo> Oh, well, I wasn't here. I was away on one of my trips and just returned to find you trudging in the desert. I can't help it it seems. * Jess begins chanting softly to herself. <Tiernan> ...I'm sorry.... * David keeps his gaze to the ground.. * Sasha sighs "It's okay, it's not your fault" * Jess gestures to all her friends as ice cubes appear in front of everyone. "Take these, you'll be able to cool down some." * Dal closes his eyes and quietly keeps trudging along, trying not to imagine mirages or anything of the sort. <Dal> Woo! * Kodah accepts the ice cube with a nod * Indigo takes an ice cube, her rainbow-colored robe shimmering. <Tiernan>! O_o * Sasha undoes the pin in her hair and lets her silver hair fall behind her shoulders. * Dal takes one, presses it to his forehead, and sighs as it promptly melts. * David doesn't notice the ice cube and it falls to the sand :p * Tiernan blinks and nearly drops the cube. "It's cold!" O_o <Jess> you OK, Tyr? <Tiernan> ...Yes. I'm fine.... * Darin blinks.. "Jess, you're a Saint!" He takes a cube and sets on the back of his neck, and it melts quickly. * Tiernan looks at the melting ice cube with a bit of confusion ^_^; <Sasha> It's supposed to be Tyr, it's supposed to cool you down. * Jess grabs hers and slides it across her forehead. "Talk about welcome." * Kodah applies the ice to his face, chest and arms, knowing it won;t last long <Tiernan> Oh...okay... <Jess> Thank Mitula for Ice magic... <Tiernan> But only my hand feels cooler... * Sasha takes her ice cube and slides it down her....ummmm..... * Indigo follows Jess's lead and notes something. <Sasha> Rub it across your face Tiernan. * Zoie sucks on the cube to get hte water out of it <Indigo> Sasha, I never realized you have silver hair. <Tiernan> Oh! * David just keeps walking, seemingly off in his own world.. * Tiernan does so, the ice cube quickly melting. <Jess> Hey, Darin, how did we get in this mess? <Tiernan> Much....Much better... * Jess smiles... <Darin> I have no idea... <Jess> let's just hope we don't run into any monsters or Gandar soldiers out here. This heat has just exhausted me. * Tiernan struggles onward...looking near collapse but not saying a word... <Sasha> When we get to a town... I'm gonna need a nice long hot bath after all this. <Kodah> Hrmp... * Darin throws his hair back, and brushes his damp bangs back from his face.. <Indigo> Do you have to mention heat dear? <Jess> if we even find a town, Sasha. We're out in the middle of nowhere. <Dal> I see nothing but sand. Are we still going in the right direction? <Tiernan> What...if we don't.... <Sasha> I expect to be well paid for all this! * David stumbles slightly but catches himself... * Darin blinks at Jess... "That's very true.. how do we know where we are, or where we're going? It all looks the same.." <Sasha> Don't worry Tyr... we will <Zoie> are we? if we came from that way *points* and need to get to twon which is that way *points* then how can we be going in the wrong direciton? <Jess> maybe I can modify my magic to make a cooling aura.... <Narrator> Darin feels nausea hit him... <Jess> Darin? Are you OK? * Darin stops short.. "Yeah.. I... just.." * Tiernan looks at Darin curiously. <Dal> I don't know... I can't tell where I'm going in this mess... * Darin blinks to clear his eyes.. trying to get them to focus properly. * Jess looks over at Darin... * Tiernan stumbles. * Sasha stops for a second and pulls off her boots, letting the small breeze cool her bare legs. * Darin feels a wave of dizziness hit him and he stumbles to one knee.. <Tiernan> Oh...! * Jess begins chanting again. "Mercury, spirit of water and ice, bring forth your cooling power. Rejuvinate my friend!" She gestures toward Darin. * Tiernan falls on his knees. * Dal shakes his head... "We have to get back to town, *now*... We're dropping like flies." He looks around, feeling helpless... * Sasha falls along with Tyr "Come on, you can do it." * Kodah watches the situation quietly * Indigo falls to her knees. <Indigo> Hold on. I'll drown the desert! * David stops walking and looks at the others. "What are you guys? Weaklings? C'mon." * Tiernan 's face is no longer pale, but very flushed. "I...I'll ....try..." * Jess is exhausted...she can't move, stand, speak, or cast anymore. * Darin tries to get back up. * Tiernan struggles to stand, using the ordinate cane as his support. * Jess drops to one knee... * Indigo glows blue. * Dal holds his head, feeling dizzy, and collapses... <Indigo> Hang on tight! * Sasha helps him up her wet hair matted across her face. <Kodah> ... * Tiernan doesn't make it, crumpling quietly in a heap. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, I summon you! *her voice grows parched* Drown this desert in water! * Jess falls flat of her face.... * Sasha kneels besides Tyr "Hey now, don't do this again!" * David stays standing but looks ready to pass out.. "No! Indigo! Negate that!" * Kodah watches as the group falls, one after the other <Zoie> uhm... <Narrator> Neptune is summoned... <Tiernan> ...I'm....trying...I...I'm so warm... <David> Oh by the breasts of Mitula! <Tiernan> My head...won't stop spinning <Narrator> Neptune appears, but slowly fades away, his powers useless in this barren place... * Indigo glares at David. * Zoie walks over to Tiernan * Darin looks at Jess... and barely whispers.. "Jess...." <Jess> -_- * Sasha throws a desert rock at David "Shaddup about the goddess' breasts!" * Tiernan is looking like he has a very bad case of heatstroke... * Jess is unconscious....exhausted from the trip through the desert. <Tiernan> Huh..? * David gets hit with it and grunts. <Dal> Can't... focus... <Indigo> Yes! That is sacrilege David! * Darin pulls himself to his knees and moves over to Jess. * Kodah looks up at the sky, wondering why the universe seems to hate him so * David collapses suddenly, out cold.. <Indigo> You must learn respect for the goddess. * Tiernan struggles to keep awake. <Tiernan> * Kodah mutters something unpleasant under his breath * Darin weakly takes Jess's hand in his own. <Tiernan> my...fault... <Tiernan> You....were find help... * Indigo lies down, trying one last time and glowing light-blue. <Tiernan> My....fault.... <Indigo> Atlas...E..Elemental of Air....blow away...the desert. * Tiernan's eyes are glassy as he looks up at the barren sky. "My....fault.." * Indigo collapses. <Sasha> It's okay Tyr, it's....not....your fault... * Dal passes out.. * Zoie sits on the ground dehydrated but not close to passign out yet <Tiernan> ...Sasha....everyone.... <Jess> -_- <Tiernan> * Tiernan finally passes out * Jess is longer able to move... * Kodah begins to loose strength in his limbs * Darin closes his eyes, and rests his cheek against Jess's hand in his own. * Sasha breathes heavily "I.....I.....don't want to die.....not here...." <Narrator> A small lizard scuttles over to Zoie and jumps on her leg * Zoie looks at the lizard <Zoie> hello lizard * Kodah sags a bit, wondering what he should do * Darin 's last thoughts before blacking out run through his mind. "At least I'm with Jess..." <Narrator> The lizard looks up at her, sticks out his tongue as a lizard would usually do and turns to the horizon, looking on... <Zoie> go that way eh lizard? * Sasha can barely stand anymore "" <Narrator> The lizard hops off Zoie's leg and scuttles a few feet forward. * Zoie stands and follows the lizard <Sasha> Hey.... Zoie where do you think you're....going? <Narrator> The lizard scuttles further, seeing as how he is being followed... <Zoie> following the lizard, animals usually have better senses than we do * Kodah watches Zoie for a moment, then looks at the sluggish group * Indigo is unconcious on the sands, still glowing light-blue from her summons of Atlas. * Sasha gets up groggily and starts walking slowly after Zoie <Jess> -_- <Sasha> Wait...up... * Tiernan lies peacefully on the sands, a stark contrast from when you first met him. Instead of being pale, he is now flushed. <Narrator> The lizard scuttles over to a dune and climbs to its top, then halts and looks on. * Zoie follows up the due and looks in the directionthe lizard is * Sasha continues walking over to Zoie and the lizard. * Kodah grunts, and walks over to Jess and Darin. He grabs them by the scruff and drags them after Zoie * Zoie motines for Sasha to stay back a bit * Sasha sits into the sand "Gladly..." * Zoie looks again in the direction the Lizard is <Narrator> A structure can be spotted not far from that position... * Zoie looks at the lizard and thanks it <Narrator> The lizard digs his way under the sand and dissapears... * Zoie motions for Sasha to come <Sasha> it? * Zoie points twords the structure * Sasha gets up again and walks over to Zoie. * Kodah sets Jess and Darin down, and waits for Zoie to do whatever she's planning * Zoie just keeps motioning to the structure whatever it is.. <Zoie> looks like the lizard had a plan <Sasha> It's a sign from heaven...or we're extremely lucky <Narrator> The structure seems to be a shrine of some sorts... Collumns hold up an old stone roof... Greenery can be spotted at its sides... <Zoie> you just need to know how to read things * Kodah shields his eyes from the sun and looks out towards the structure * Sasha walks over to Tyr, picks him up and slowly carries him to the shrine. <Narrator> The shrine opens up, leading to an oasis... The air seems oddly cool for a Desert... * Sasha breathes a sigh of relief and lays down Tyr and her boots beside him and goes off exploring for some sort of spring.... * Kodah reaches down and grabs Jess and Darin, and drags them to the shrine * Jess starts to cough as she awakens. "Where are we now?" * Kodah drops off Jess and Darin and goes back for the others <Narrator> The shrine opens up in the back, depicting a lucious paradise... A watering hole can be spotted a few feet away. * Tiernan moans softly and clutches some sand in his hands, trying to awaken... <Jess> Darin? * Jess shakes Darin. "Wake up." * Darin continues to lay unconcious. <Jess> asked for it. One Jessica Sorenson wake-up call coming up. * Kodah carries Dal and Indigo to the shrine, and drops them off as well * Sasha walks over to the water hole and cups her hands into the water and splashes it onto her face. breathing a sigh of relief. * Jess points to the air above Darin as small ice shards appear. A fireball melts the ice, making water, which falls onto Darin. * Indigo stirs in the cool air of the tower and slowly comes to. * Darin continues to lie motionless, though is now soaked with colder water. <Jess> Darin, wake up! * Indigo wakes up. * Sasha walks over looking quite refreshed and carries Tyr over to the spring. <Indigo> Where are we? <Jess> someone help me wake him up. * Sasha splashes some water onto Tyr's face. * Tiernan blinks and comes to. <Tiernan> ....We're still alive? <Jess> Darin! * Jess gets down right at Darin's ear. "WAKE UP!" * Sasha nods and kneels besides Tyr <Sasha> Feel better? <Tiernan> ...Good... <Tiernan> ....Weak...tired.. * Tiernan sighs and shakes some sand from his wings. * Jess shakes Darin gently. "Come on, Darin. You can do it...wake up." * Indigo staggers to the spring and splashes water on her face, then takes a deep drink. <Sasha> You're going to need some better clothes than those you know. * Darin coughs.. and slowly opens his eyes..."J... Jess?" <Tiernan> ....yes....they're....very warm <Dal> ... uhn... * Tiernan 's robes are long sleeved O_o * Jess gets right down into Darin's face. "That's me." <Sasha> What can you take off? * David sits quietly by the water, washing sand off his face * Dal looks around dazely... "Must be a mirage..." He passes out. ^^; * Indigo looks at Tiernan. <Tiernan> <Indigo> By the way. Who are you? <Tiernan> call me Tyr....if you'd like... <Sasha> Mom, I'm probably going to need your help.... <Darin> Jess... are we dead? <Indigo> Sure, and what do you need dear? <Sasha> Your clothes, what can you take off to feel a bit cooler? <Jess> If we are, then this must be heaven. But no. We're very much alive. <Sasha> Gimmie a second mom... <Tiernan> ...well.... * Darin tries to pull himself to his knees * Indigo goes to Sasha. <Tiernan> I think....the <Sasha> Are you wearing anything under that? <Tiernan> ...I don't know....I haven't...checked... * Sasha coughs * Jess looks right at Darin. She then grabs him into her arms, not wanting to let go. "Do you know how worried I was that you might have died?" * Tiernan blinks at Sasha's reaction. <Sasha> Can you check? * Tiernan looks down his robe O_o * Dal wakes up again... "Water...?" He crawls to the pool... <Tiernan> All I'm wearing is...underwear...I think. * Kodah stis down next to the water, feeling rather tired <Sasha> Hmmm... okay then I guess that'll do... * Dal dunks his head in the pool... <Sasha> Mom, can you do some sewing to Tyr's robe to make him feel a bit more cooler? * Sasha turns to Tyr "This'll be a temporary fix, at least until we can get to town" <Indigo> I think so. I sewed all of your clothes for you as a kid. <Tiernan> Oh.....okay... * Kodah takes a drink from the oasis and goes back to his musings * Tiernan takes off his robe O_o * Indigo goes to Tyr. <Indigo> Stand up. * Jess is still latched onto Darin, not far from tears. <Tiernan> Oh....okay.. <Narrator> Kodah catches a glimpse of his reflection in the water and notices it being deformed... * Tiernan stands up. * David gazes into the water.. * Sasha blinks at Tyr's half naked body and turns a dark shade of red before turning around. <Kodah> ?? <Tiernan> ...Why is your face turning red? * Kodah watches his reflection change, wondering what the deal is * Dal takes his head out of the water... "Ah... feels good..." <Narrator> David sees his reflection... It depicts him wearing a mask... * Indigo takes out a ruler and begins to measure him. <Sasha> N-n-nothing, I just--err--feel a bit hot that's all. * David blinks and runs a finger down his cheek.. <Narrator> Kodah's reflection depicts one of a devil with firey horns and twisted features... * Tiernan looks at his reflection to see why Sasha is doing that strange thing with her face... <Dal> ... hunh? * Dal looks in the pool... * Zoie loks in the pool <Narrator> Tiernan shows no relf <Indigo> big is your waist? <Kodah> ...... <Tiernan> ....? <Narrator> Tiernan has no reflection... * Kodah steps away from the pool, his expression darkening <Tiernan> ...I don't...understand. * David growls at his reflection. <Narrator> Zoie's reflection is also non existant... <Zoie> gee that's odd * Sasha looks at her reflection. * Indigo sighs and begins to measure Tiernan's waist. * Tiernan jumps! O_o * Jess checks out her reflection for a moment...just to check her hair. <Tiernan> O--Oh! O_o <David> This has got to be a trick. <Indigo> Hold still. * David speaks for the first time :p * Darin looks at Jess... * Indigo begins to measure his inseam and height. <Narrator> Dal's face in his reflection shows fear beyond measure... <Dal> ... * Dal looks away... * Tiernan looks at Indigo with a bit of confusion, but just let's her finish. * Darin walks over to Jess.. and looks in at her reflection at her. "You look fine, Jess." He then looks to see how bad he looks. <Jess> you look fine, Darin. <Indigo> There you go. <Narrator> Jess' reflection shows her eyes... Blood red... Evil... <Jess> O_o <Indigo> Hand me his robe dearie. * Darin looks at Jess.... * Indigo turns to Sasha and looks in the water. * Jess stands up, her face going pale. <Darin> Jess? <Narrator> Darin's reflection is one of a child... Childish features... <Jess> that can't be.... * Darin blinks.... <Jess> my.... * Sasha doesn't turn to face Tyr, just hands the robe outward to her mother's hands. * Darin backs away... <Jess> Darin? <Narrator> Indigo's reflection returns as if it were smashed... Destruction... <Tiernan> ...Did I do something wrong...? <Jess> do you think...... * Darin looks at Jess... then looks back into the water to make sure he wasn't dreaming. * David reaches out to touch the relfection.. * Tiernan sits down on the ground and curls his wings around his body. * Jess looks back down at her reflection. * Indigo gasps and drops the robe. <Narrator> Sasha's reflection returns an image of her face, casted in gold and gems... The face looks extremely sad... * Kodah watches Indigo and Tyr with an expressionaless fae <Sasha> N-no, it's just t-that--I--errr---well you're kinda bare.... <Tiernan> <Jess> that can't be my reflection. * Sasha looks at her reflection for a moment.... <Kodah> ... * Indigo picks up the robe and begins to loosen it. <Sasha> It's a portrait of our future selves, or what we don't believe we want to be... * David turns to look at Tier. "So she's being modest. Women shouldn't gawk at men, men shouldn't gawk at women...well, not in plain view." <Dal> I have a bad feeling about this pool... <Tiernan> So why am I not there...? <Tiernan> ....really? <Tiernan> I didn't know that....Sorry Sasha.... <Indigo> Perhaps you no longer exist in the future. <Kodah> (m) Or perhaps there's some truth behind the reflections * Tiernan looks at Indigo. "W---what?" * Sasha stands up and looks back at Tiernan, the color of her face returned to normal "It's okay...I'm sorry I reacted that way, I shouldn't have done that.." <Tiernan> It's okay... <Indigo> Well, let's see. Sasha I understand I think. * Darin shakes his head.. and sits back on his heels.. * Jess' face is still pale. "How could I look like THAT?" <Indigo> She's a mercernary, or at least, until we get home she is, and so perhaps she gains lots of money and finds it doesn't bring her happiness. <Dal> I'm no coward. * Sasha whaps her mother over the head "SHHH!!" * Tiernan just watches Sasha <Kodah> ... <Indigo> What dear? It is the truth. * Indigo turns to Tyr. * Sasha looks at Tiernan "Err ummm... forget you saw that!" <Tiernan> ...why? * Darin puts his hand on Jess' shoulder.. <Sasha> I'll explain later. <David> You're confusing him. :P <Indigo> You see, Sasha is a Mysteria. By birth that means she's a sorceress, but she's going through a rebellious phase and thinks that being a mercernary is better. We all go through that, but then the curse takes hold and we settle into lives as sorceresses sooner or later. * Kodah kicks at a small stone * Tiernan sighs. "People keep saying that...." * Sasha looks to her mother "Are you finished with sewing that robe?" * Indigo calmly sews, not showing her reaction to the water's image. <David> I am not a butcher...that image was wrong. It was a fear. This thing focuses on your pain. <Indigo> My little Sashie ran away from home shortly after her father died. I suppose Crest's death brought about her rebellious phase. But the curse will take hold sooner or later, never fear. ^_^ <Tiernan> Curses? :/ <Kodah> ... * Sasha gets a sweat drop <Indigo> Yes, the Mysteria family curse. Every woman of our family has been a sorceress for over 1100 years. We have no say in that, it's just the way it is. <Tiernan> No say....but....shouldn't people have a say...? <Indigo> There is a reason for the curse, but I'm not sure you'd believe it. <Jess> Why did it show my eyes like that? Such an arua of evil... <Darin> I don't know, Jess... Why would it show me so childlike? * David crosses his arms.. <Indigo> That's why mother called it a curse. We've never had any say. We are sorceresses, we have no choice. * Sasha mumbles "I need a bath..." <Tiernan> ...It's not nice :/ * Jess once again grabs ahold of Darin, burying her face in his chest. "Darin...." * Tiernan yawns and blinks in surprise O_o <Tiernan> ...O_o W--what was that? O_o * Indigo hands him the robe. <Tiernan> Oh...thank you... * Darin holds Jess close and smoothes her hair.. * Tiernan puts it on quickly. * Kodah watches the evening sky for a long while <Indigo> No, but we have no say in the matter. Sasha will realize that, in time. * Dal stays away from the stupid pool... * Indigo leans against the wall. * Zoie continues to stare blankly into the pool hoping for some sort of clue as to it's meaning <Indigo> And her daughter will be a sorceress too. It is the way it has always been and always will be, unless the curse is broken somehow. <Sasha> It's called a yawn. <Tiernan> it's normal? <Sasha> It usually means your tired. <Sasha> Yeah. <Sasha> Sometimes though you can yawn for no reason * Jess closes her eyes, tears starting to stream down her face. That reflection has really scared the hell out of her. <Tiernan> Okay... * Tiernan stands up, looking around. * Darin rocks Jess softly.. "It's ok, Jess.." * Tiernan looks at Zoie and sits by her. <Tiernan> H..hello. * Indigo smiles and hugs Sasha. <Dal> . o O (Why did tht show fear? Sure, if they find me, I'll be butchered like the freak I am, but still...) <Indigo> So you like him dear? <Indigo> Oh, I wasn't much older than you when I met your father. You have an advantage I didn't of course. You're sane. ^_^ * David sits back and relaxes his body.. <Tiernan> Hey...are you okay? * Tiernan stares at Zoie, waiting for a response * Sasha looks at Indigo "No, I'm not falling for him, I'm just curious with him.... that's all. Nothing else!" <Kodah> ... <Jess> Darin, can I ask a favor of you? * Tiernan looks at Zoie ^_^ * Zoie looks over at Tiernan and nods <Tiernan> What did you see in the pool? * Tiernan looks at his non-exisitant reflection <Darin> Yes, love, anything.. <Zoie> I didn't see anything, it was quite odd <Tiernan> Me neither... <Jess> don't let me turn out like that reflection showed...please. <Tiernan> Is this bad...? <Darin> I don't think you could if you wanted to, Jess... I just don't think its in you... * Tiernan sighs and looks into the pool, pulling his legs to his chest. * Sasha looks around for a private spring or something around the shrine... <Jess> I hope you're right.... <Indigo> Sasha, dearest, you can talk to me. I'm your mother. ^_^ <Tiernan> ...I don't even remember what I look like... * Tiernan closes his eyes. * Darin stares at the pool.. . o O ( Me... younger.. child-like...? ) * David saunters over to Tier and places a hand on his shoulder. "Hey there." * Tiernan opens his eyes and turns around. "Oh...Hello..." <Narrator> The sun sets, leaving the oasis cold and dark... <David> Names seem like you need a friend... here I am. ^_- <Tiernan> Friend? <Tiernan> a friend? * Kodah slumps against the wall of the shrine, feeling tired and miserable <David> Someone to confide in...I'll uhm....protect you and can talk to me... <Zoie> hm. no reflection and the others had nasty ones <Tiernan> ....Really? A friend sounds nice. * David nods and grins. "If Sasha confuses you too much, just feel free to ask what you want." <Tiernan> Okay... <Tiernan> Thank you... <Tiernan> Is Sasha a friend too? * Jess finds herself getting tired and rests against the shrine. She quickly falls asleep. <David> No problem...and I think she is... or she's trying to be one. ^_^ * Zoie sits and meditates on the relevance of the pool's visions or lace thereof <Narrator> The night is full, and COLD... The moon shines high up, reflecting a red aura on the water... * Tiernan shivers O_o * Indigo shivers, curling into her robes. * Tiernan pulls his wings over his body and stops shivering ^_^ * David blinks at the red aura.. * Jess wonders about the pool. * Kodah curls up against the wall of the shrine, shivering in his sleep * Dal is asleep in a corner, shivering in his sleep... * Tiernan blinks and sticks a hand in the pool. "Is water supposed to be red...?" * Sasha sleeps in a small corner of the shrine. <Jess> Darin, look at the water. <David> It's not usually red.... * Darin looks at the water... and shudders.. <Narrator> The water is cold and bites at Tyr. * Tiernan meeps and pulls his hand out. <Jess> what is it, Tiernan? <Tiernan> The water feels like that ice cube... <Indigo> Good night. And Sashie, be honest with yourself. <Jess> Then maybe this should have an effect. * Indigo smiles and goes to sleep. * Zoie runs her hand about a half inch over the waters surface * Jess tosses a small fireball at the pond. * Tiernan lays down and curls his wings around his body, falling asleep near the waters edge... <Darin> Jess.... I don't know if that's wise... <Jess> it's not enough to make a difference...just a very small fireball. <Dal> ... mn... not a coward, dammit... mm... <Kodah> ZZzzZZzz... <Narrator> The Shining Force settles down, hoping to get a good night's rest... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The moon settles over the sleeping Shining Force... A small figure, a few inches high, flies overhead, looking down at the team... * Zoie is still meditating <Jess> -_- <Narrator> The fairy lands and sits down on a tree, observing the Shining Force. <Narrator> It blinks once... <Kodah> Zzzzz... * Tiernan sleeps quietly, shivering every once in a while. * Zoie looks up <Narrator> Another fairy flies to her and sits down at her side. <Fairy> *whispers* Who are they? * Jess is asleep, her arm wrapped around Darin. <Fairy 2> *whispers* I don't know... See that one with wings? *points* * David is curled up, his hands twitching.. * Dal is snoring loudly... * Sasha sleeps like a little girl child. <Fairy> *whisper* He's odd... <Fairy 2> *whisper* Quite... * Tiernan wakes up. <Tiernan> Who's there...? *Yawn* * Zoie stares in the direction of the whispering <Tiernan> I'm what....? <Jess> Zzzzz.....*rambles incoherently* <Fairy> *whisper* You believe we-- eep! They heard us... o_o <Tiernan> ...what is odd? Why am I odd? Who are you? * The two fairies eep and fly away! <Tiernan> Wait! <Zoie> that was.. strange * Tiernan blinks. "I'm....odd....?" <Tiernan> Odd.... * Tiernan repeats that to himself a few times. <Jess> more.....minutes, Mom. <Narrator> The wind goes silent again, the voices seemingly having dissapeared... * David mumbles and curls up tighter.. <Narrator> ===== A few minutes later ===== <Narrator> Dust scatters down over the shining Force from above.... * Tiernan coughs <Narrator> All remaining members awake lose consciousness... * Tiernan flops over. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force awakens to whispering and flapping noises... <Dal> ... uhn? <Jess> Hmmm? Where? <Jess> Darin? <Kodah> Zzz...g'huh...? Whazis? * Tiernan opens his eyes and sits up. * David sleepily opens his eyes... <Tiernan> Are those strange winged things back again...? <Narrator> Everyone seems to have their hands tied behind their backs... * Darin murmurs.. and opens his eyes.. "Jess?" * Kodah sits up and blinks * Tiernan blinks O_o "I can't move my hands!" <David> What the... <Kodah> ....crap! o_O <Jess> Where in the world are we? <Dal> ! <Fairy> eep. They're awake! * Kodah struggles * The fairies scatter, getting away from the Shining Force... * Tiernan struggles to move his hands, panic on his face! O_o <Dal> What the hell is happening? What's with all the fairies? <Jess> what in the..... * Darin blinks.. <Tiernan> Who are you? <Queen Fairy> Stand down, fairies... They can't harm us. * Dal tries to wriggle out of his bonds... <Jess> can't move my hands.... <Kodah> Rgh...Soli warned me about days like this.... * David snarls. "Untie me this instant! What did we do to deserve such treatment?!" * Sasha awakens slowly to find she's all tied up <Sasha> Hey! Let me go! <Sasha> Who did this!? * Tiernan looks at Sasha, panic on his face. <Queen Fairy> We could ask you the same thing. You were invading the holy shrine with your offensive... "human" odor... * Kodah strugges, unable to break free from his bonds <David> We have a right to be here too, damnit! We can't help our odors! <Sasha> Now I KNOW I need a bath! * Sasha struggles to get free. <Tiernan> S...sasha....why can't I move my hands....? * Kodah clamps his mouth shut and continues to struggle <Queen Fairy> Why were you in the shrine?? <Sasha> Because you're hands are tied together. <Sasha> Like mine <Tiernan> ...oh...I thought they cut them off... * Darin looks at Jess, and struggles to get free. <Jess> I have no idea. I just woke up in there after collapsing in the desert. <Indigo> We are desert travelers who relaxed there. <Queen Fairy> How..? How did you find it?? <Jess> don't ask me... <Queen Fairy> We had it protected with a warding spell!! <Kodah> ... <Jess> first off, tell me what this place is. <Tiernan> Please....can...I move my hands again...? <Sasha> A little lizard pointed us here! * Tiernan looks at the Queen. <Queen Fairy> No! I don't want humans running around here without restraints. <Narrator> The fairies whisper in the background... <Tiernan> But...I didn't know.... <Jess> What do you find so offensive about humans? <Sasha> We'll be gone by morning, we just wanted to camp the night out here! <Jess> and what was with those reflections in the water yesterday. * Tiernan blinks and notices his wings aren't tied together <Indigo> Yes. <Queen Fairy> You people are so... Imperfect. <Queen Fairy> And your stench! <Indigo> No one is perfect. <Jess> 2 words for you, lady. Nobody's Perfect. (That's 3 words) <Queen Fairy> ... Reflections? <Kodah> I know why Sol chose not to remain with the rest of you fairies... <Dal> Just let us go and we'll leave. <Queen Fairy> I can't do that. You people drank from the spring, did you not? <Indigo> In the pool. We each saw strange reflections. * Indigo nods. <Indigo> So? <Jess> drank from the spring? <Jess> did we? <Tiernan> I just put my hand in it... <Queen Fairy> That water is holy. You vilified it with your presence. It lost its magical properties because of you! <Tiernan> I didn't drink it... <Sasha> Hello? <Sasha> Miss Queen Fairy <Darin> I didn't touch it..or drink from it. <Jess> neither did I. <Queen Fairy> We worked for hundreds of years to create that haven for fairies... And you destroyed it in one night! <Sasha> You could have put a sign in front of the spring saying "Do Not Drink" <Tiernan> We're sorry, Madam... <Dal> You should have left some indicsation or something. We didn't know. <Indigo> Some of us have elemental magics. We could probably restore what holy purpose it has to you. <Jess> I just looked into it for a second. It showed my eyes with this aura ofevil. * Kodah continues to struggle against his bonds, starting to get angry <Queen Fairy> There was no NEED to since the spring was warded against intrusion! You must have broken the seal in order to ruin our hard work! <Indigo> My reflection was smashed, destroyed. <Tiernan> . o O ( Maybe I can fly away with my wings...and get help.... ) <Indigo> What wards? <Indigo> I am a sorceress and I sensed nothing. Did you Jess, Sasha? <Queen Fairy> Again something I don't get. HOW could you even SEE your reflections in that spring is beyond me. <Jess> I'm in tune with the celestial spirits of the elements. I sensed nothing. <Dal> They say we're the Shining Force. Maybe something up there said it was okay. ^^; <Kodah> Maybe there are things about us that you underestimate <Tiernan> I'm....a mage. I didn't feel anything.... <Tiernan> Except hot -_- <Narrator> The fairies gasp at the mention of the Shining Force.. <Sasha> Heat Tyr... <Jess> I'm just a magician from Guardiana. <Tiernan> Yes... <Sasha> Better use of grammer <Narrator> The queen gapes at the people in front of her.. * Tiernan blinks at the Queen's expression. <Queen Fairy> Shining.. Force..? <Jess> that's what they say...for some odd reason. <Tiernan> Shining Force? Is that what we are called? <Indigo> Yes. <Sasha> Shining Force, Shining Force, I'm NOT PART OF THE SHINING FORCE!!! <David> I am David Willcott! Descendant of Baine & Chamolo Willcott! Members of the Shining Force! <Queen Fairy> ... It cannot be. The Shining Force cannot be born again.. Final Judgement denies it! * Darin remains silent <Jess> but I don't see how. The last shining force was led by the current queen of the Guardiana kingdom. <Tiernan> Final Judgement? <Indigo> I am Indigo Mysteria, member of the Shining Force of twenty years ago and descendant of Mitula. * Indigo blinks. <Kodah> ... <Indigo> Final Judgment....the spell that gave me both Light and Dark Elementals. What do you know of it? <Dal> Dal of Hassan... now, let us go? We're sick of being tied up. =p <Queen Fairy> The final judgement was ca-- YOU ARE THE DESTROYER?! * Tiernan's hands hurt :( <Tiernan> Destroyer? <Jess> O_o * Tiernan turns around to look at Indigo O_o <Tiernan> That's a bad thing, isn't it? <David> ...destroyer? ^^; <Indigo> Destroyer? <Narrator> The Queen rages and starts to grow in size. <Jess> Destroyer? Indigo? <Kodah> ..? <Sasha> The curse strikes again... <Indigo> Yes I cast Final Judgement twenty years ago. <Narrator> The other fairies scatter, dissapearing from the queen's anger. <Indigo> It is our family heritage dear. <Queen Fairy> DESTROYER! YOU MUST SUFFER FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! <Sasha> I'm Sasha Mysteria, Daughter of Indigo and Crest! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Dal> Great. <Tiernan> No! Wait! <Jess> terrific.... * Indigo looks at the Queen, raising an eyebrow. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Fairy Queen. ===== <Indigo> What did I do? * Tiernan struggles to free himself from his bindings. <Sasha> And infamous Bounty Hunter! * Dal tries to struggle out of his bonds! <Jess> How do we enter the equasion is what I want to know. <Narrator> == Fairy Queen can attack * David struggles hard.. <Tiernan> Don't hurt them! <Narrator> == Fairy Queen casts fairy dust on the Shining Force.... <Narrator> == Jess, Dal and Sasha fall asleep. <Jess> -_- * Indigo looks at Sasha. * Tiernan sees the three fall and struggles harder! O_o <Dal> No... <Dal> Zzz.. * Tiernan's wrists begin to bleed. <Indigo> Hey! Why are you attacking them? They have nothing to do with this! <Narrator> == The fairy dust dissipates the magical bonds holding the Shining Force... <Narrator> The fairy queen does not respond. * Tiernan breaks free and stands up! <Kodah> ..? * David leaps up and unsheathes AmeShi, the blade's angry flames flickering... * Indigo grabs her staff. * Tiernan blinks. <Tiernan> I...I have no weapon O_o * Indigo notes that Sasha is asleep and sighs in relief. <Indigo> Hey! That's my daughter! <Narrator> == Dal is asleep thus cannot attack. * Darin quickly draws his Blade of Truth <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. <Dal> Zzz... shnorrr... <Indigo> They think of me as a destroyer? But....Final Judgment was mine to cast. <Tiernan> Indigo...what was the Final Judgement...? * Kodah leaps at he Queen and bashes her face a few times <Narrator> == The queen staggers from the damage... 24 damage. <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack. * David leaps at the fairy queen and with a roar he drives the flaming blade of AmeShi upwards and then downwards on the fairy queen's body... * David leaps back, crouching! * Indigo glows black. <Indigo> Doom, Elemental of Death I summon you! Finish her! * Indigo points to the Fairy Queen. <Narrator> == David's attack hits the Fairy queen hard... 27 damage. <Indigo> The Final Judgement was a spell that sealed my two personalties and ended my insanity. I could choose the Light Elementals: Dao, Neptune, Apollo, and Atlas, or the Dark Elementals: Pio, Tilin, Doom, and Solor. I chose the middle path and was granted the use of Light and Dark Elemental usage. I became a master elementalist that day. <Narrator> == Death is summoned... A black mist surrounds the fairy queen... The fairy drops 20 defense points. <Tiernan> Oh... * Tiernan blinks, shaking his head. <Narrator> The Queen snarls and glows violet.... <Narrator> == The Queen Fairy can attack. <Narrator> == The Queen Fairy casts faerie fire on Darin... <Indigo> Final Judgement was mine to cast and my decision to make. It is not my fault if she can't accept it. <Narrator> == The faerie fire surrounds Darin, burning at him wildly... 15 damage! * Darin winces... <Tiernan> Darin... * Tiernan puts his hands to his head and concentrates <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt lv. 3 on the Fairy... It takes 11 damage. <Narrator> == Jess and Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan holds his fingers to his lips and whispers an ancient chant that is slowly building to a crescendo.. ! "Immortals above! Grant me the power to make the first blow! Eagle Wing!" *From high above, an image of a glowing eagle appears above Tiernan, showering him with feathers that quickly dissapear as soon as they appear!* <Jess> -_- <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Eagle wings... His agility raises 20 points. <Narrator> == Jess wakes up, her attack being cancelled this turn. * Jess stands...preparing her magic for her next attack. * Sasha sleeps like an innocent girl child * Sasha looks kawaii <Narrator> == Sasha is asleep thus, cannot attack. * Indigo smiles at her daughter and wraps her in her cape. <Indigo> Ohh...she looks just like she did when she was a baby. <Tiernan> Sasha....wake up... <Indigo> ^_^ <Narrator> == Darin can attack. * Tiernan's brow furrows. * Darin leaps up and slashes through the Queen Fairy with all of his strength. The Blade of Truth glows with a bright white light! <Jess> O_o * Darin blinks.. and stares at the Blade.. "Oh.. NO!" <Jess> DARIN! <Narrator> == Darin slices through part of the Fairy Queen's wing, dealing massive damage! 23 damage! The blade retaliates, dealing 23 damage to Darin. <Indigo> Hmm? <Tiernan> W....what? <Jess> DARIN......NO! * Darin falls to the ground, the blade clattering next to him. <Kodah> ..? <Indigo> Oh no! <Jess> DAAAAAAARIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <Tiernan> O_o Oh no.... <Dal> Zzzz... (^^;) * Jess rushes over to Darin, cradling his form in her arms. "Not like this....." * Tiernan turns back to the Queen, wings spread wide "You will not get away with this....This...This is wrong!" * Indigo nods to Tiernan, preparing her attack. * David doesn't seem to notice, his gaze steely and focused on the fairy queen.... <Narrator> == Zoie can attack. * Jess bows her head as tears stream down her face. "Not to you...Darin. There was so much....." <Narrator> == Zoie casts Heal Lv. 2 on Darin... Darin is restored 14 HP. * Darin opens his eyes, and stares at the blade.. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Fairy Queen ===== <Narrator> == Dal wakes up, losing his attack. * Darin murmurs.. "She's not evil... I can't attack her..." <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Jess eyes the fairy queen. "You want to play that game, YOU OVERSIZED JACKED UP BITCH! I'LL SHOW YOUR SORRY ASS FIRE!" * Tiernan spreads his wings and concentrates. Then he snaps his fingers and points at Fairy_Queen! "Infinite Earth Mother! Lend me your power to crush my opponents! Exploder!" The earth shrieks as a tower of magma erupts beneath Fairy_Queen's feet! <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Exploder lv. 1... The spell blasts through the fairy queen. 23 damage! <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack. * Indigo glows red. <David> Die. * David leaps above the fairy queen and slams AmeShi downwards on her, leaving a fiery path! * David leaps back <Indigo> Tion, Elemental of War, I summon you. Destroy her! <Narrator> == David lashes out at the Fairy Queen, dealing extensive damage... 22 damage. * Indigo points Tion towards the Queen's damaged wing. <Narrator> == Tion is summoned... A large war chariot rolls out of nowhere and tramples the Fairy Queen... 40 damage! <Narrator> == The Fairy Queen can attack... <Narrator> == The fairy Queen casts Suicide Blast. <Indigo> You're still here? <Narrator> == The Fairy Queen flies in the center of the Shining Force and folds inwardly... A red sphere forms from her body and detonates with deadly force... Each player takes 20 damage. <Narrator> == Darin is Exhausted. * Tiernan cries out, and stumbles back! O-o <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Indigo falls. * Kodah cries out in pain! <Indigo> Ouch! * Jess stumbles backwards. "Damn....and I had a spell ready for her sorry ass." * Darin falls back to the ground.. unconcious <Jess> DARIN! * Kodah winces and holds his wounded arm * David mumbles.. <Kodah> Was this trip REALLY necessary? * Dal yells in pain and gets knocked down. * Jess rushes over to Darin once again. "Darin...." * Tiernan blinks as one of his wings is hanging at a limp angle * Sasha grumbles "Ow ow ow ow" * Tiernan notices strange red luquid leaking from it. * Zoie casts Aura on the party... Everyone regains 11 HP... * Indigo smiles and hugs Sasha. <Tiernan> Thank you, Zoie... <Indigo> Are you all right? * Indigo nods. * Jess takes Darin into her arms. "I won't allow you to die on me now, Darin Moonshadow. DO YOU HEAR ME?" <Indigo> Thanks Zoie. <Dal> Geez... what a waste... <Narrator> The fairy Queen's throne dissipates into a tree stump... The surroundings look like forested area... <Dal> ... was asleep the whole time. =p <Tiernan> Dal...what is this strange liquid leaking from my wing? <Kodah> ... <Dal> So, how was the battle? ;) <Jess> Darin? <Indigo> Oh, pretty good. She blew up. <Sasha> That's blood Tyr! <Tiernan> Blood? O_o * Darin lies lifeless on the ground <Jess> DARIN!!!!! <Dal> Um... that's blood... * Kodah leans against a tree, thuroughly annoyed * Dal looks at his wing... <Dal> It's broken. <Tiernan> Broken? Is that why I feel pain? <Jess> NOOOOO!!!! Not him.....Oh for the love of Volcanon....WHY HIM? * Dal wonders how the heck to set a wing back... ^^; * Kodah looks around, trying to get his bearings <Sasha> That's exactly why you feel pain... because it's broken <Tiernan> It hurts... * Dal nods... "Huh, yeah... here, let me try to set it, but this might hurt a lot... okay?" * Jess closes her eyes as she pictures the last battle i her mind. "That sword attacked him. Just what is it?" <Sasha> We need to put some bandages around it to it heals back in place. <Tiernan> Okay... * Tiernan closes his eyes and waits for Dal to finish. * Indigo nods, offering her staff as a brace. * Kodah heads back to join the others quietly * Dal clenches his teeth and quickly sets the wing's bone back. * Tiernan screams in pain O_o <Jess> Kodah....can you come here please? <Tiernan> A--ah! O_o <Kodah> ...sure * Kodah heads over towards Jess * Dal winces... "Sorry." <Tiernan> N--Not your fault.... <Jess> What is it about that sword that made it attack Darin? <Kodah> Ya got me * Dal takes his shirt and wraps it toght around the wound. "This'll have to do for now, but we'll have to go to a healer or something when we get back in town." <David> Lets head south. <Tiernan> Okay....thank you... <Kodah> He mentioned something about the Queen not being evil, that's all I know <Sasha> South? <Sasha> Fine <David> South. <Indigo> Not evil? <Jess> We'll have to get him to a priest with special training. can you help me carry him? * Indigo raises an eyebrow. * David sheathes AmeShi, the flames going out.. <Kodah> Yeah, sure <Tiernan> With my wing broken...I can't hide <Indigo> It's too bad she blew up. I wanted to know what she was talking about with Final Judgment. Maybe she meant my other half. * Kodah reaches down and hoists Darin over his shoulder <Kodah> So where the heck are we going now? <David> South. * Dal looks at Tyr. "No problem. Does it hurt a little less?" <Jess> to the next town. South of here. <Sasha> South Kodag <Tiernan> A little bit...thank you. <Indigo> I remember that my other half led the armies of DarkSol. * David starts off to the south after picking up Darin's sword * Indigo looks to Tiernan and walks alongside him to keep him company. * Kodah mhrmphs, adjusts Darin a bit, then heads south * Sasha follows David "Come on Tyr." * Jess follows David, tears in her eyes. * Tiernan walks along, without support from his cane. <Dal> Don't worry about your wing. We'll think of an excuse. <Tiernan> Excuse? Oh...okay. O_o <Kodah> ... <David> How about.. 'excuse me but Sasha was a bit too rough with me'? <Tiernan> O_o Huh? * Tiernan looks very confused O_o * Indigo laughs. <Tiernan> But Sasha didn't do anything....she was asleep most of the time! * Sasha looks at David <Narrator> The Shining Force leaves the forested area and go south to Fortress Ariss... <Indigo> Sasha always was rather argumentaive. :P * Sasha kicks him in the shin, hard * David grins and goes ow. ;) * Tiernan watches Sasha yet again O_o <Tiernan> Ow? <David> Yeah...she kicked hurt. A little. ;) * Jess bows he head as she talks to herself. "All this magic..and still couldn't help when it was needed. What is the use anymore? Why?" <Tiernan> Oh. Okay. * Indigo smiles. <Kodah> The use is whatever you mkae it out to be Jess * Indigo reaches into a pouch and pulls out a collection of photos in a small book. <Indigo> Tyr, I have some pictures of Sasha when she was younger. You can get a good sense of who she is. ^_^ <Tiernan> Really? I'd like to see them, if I can. * Sasha gapes <Sasha> No! * David snickers.. ;) * Indigo smiles, opening the book. <Sasha> No No No No AND NO! <Jess> Kodah, I couldn't even help the one person I cared for most. I spent most of my adult life learning magic and when it was needed, it was of no use whatsoever. What do you make of that? <Tiernan> O_o <Tiernan> What did I do wrong? :( <Indigo> Here's Sasha when she was a baby. That's her father and I, trying to feed her. * Indigo points to a picture. <Narrator> Fortress Ariss is up ahead... The gates are wide open... <Tiernan> That's nice :) <Sasha> Errr, nothing Tyr, it's I just don't want you to see my baby pictures! <Tiernan> She's very pretty. <Kodah> Life is full of tough breaks. What you do after one of those breaks is what counts, not what you didn't do during the bad break <Indigo> Yes. ^_^ * Tiernan looks at Indigo's face. "Why are your lips doing that...?" <Tiernan> That upward curve... * Indigo smiles and points to another one. Sasha is all made up in a pretty pink dress with red bows and a bunny rabbit next to her. <Indigo> Oh, I'm smiling. <Tiernan> Smiling? <Indigo> This was Sasha when she was four. ^_^ * Sasha hopes against hope that her mother doesn't show the nude baby pictures =P * Jess heads into Ariss. * David struts through the gates. :P * Tiernan tries smiling, but it looks slightly funny. ^_^ <Tiernan> She looks pretty there too. * Sasha also hopes that she doesn't show the time when she almost burned a tree down when she was learning her magic. * Dal goes through the gates. <Tiernan> Oh.. * Tiernan gapes at the city O_o <Tiernan> I've never seen anything like this.... <Kodah> ... <Narrator> The fortress has scattered commerces all around, a few inns can be spotted not far from the entrance, and a large shrine devoted to Mitula lies in the center of the city... * Indigo pulls out the picture of Sasha after she burned down a tree trying to learn magic, walking up to the gates as she does. * Tiernan looks at the picture. "What's she doing?" * Kodah's face darkens at the sight of the shrine <Indigo> She was trying to learn magic, the dear. I think it was a bit too hard for her.... * Indigo gasps at the city. <Jess> this is small compared to Granseal, Galam and Guardiana, the 3 largest kingdoms in the world. <Tiernan> Oh...maybe I can teach her a bit someday. <Jess> Kodah, I'll take Darin into the shrine. * Tiernan smiles and almost has it right ^_^ <Kodah> You do that <Tiernan> I do what? * Jess takes Darin's body from Kodah and walks into the shrine. * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Good. * Indigo takes out another picture. <Indigo> Oops. That's Sasha as a baby in the bathtub. <Narrator> The priests see Darin's broken form and take him from Jess, promissing to give him the best of care... "He shall be okay in the morning..." <Kodah> (m)Sure, he'll be just fine... * Tiernan walks up to the priestess. "Excuse me?" * Sasha meekly walks over to Indi and Tyr "Mom, you didn't show her when I was swimming with those for boys in the nude, or the time I burned the tree down, or destroyed Dad's favorite plant did you?" * The Priest blinks. "Yes..?" then spots the wings and gapes.. <Tiernan> ...Is something wrong? Can you help me? One of my wings <Indigo> I showed him the tree picture, but the one with the boys or the plant picture. I was looking for them and came up with the baby picture of you in the tub. <Jess> and if you don't mind, I'd like to hang around for a while. I want to see about Darin, and learn mor about magical healing. <Priest> Err.. I can.. Help you... I guess. *The priest cautiously touches the wing, trying to see if they're real... Then notices the damage done to them...* <Kodah> ... * Tiernan is befuddled by the priests behavior... * The Priest applies his hands on the broken wing and whispers a few prayers... The wing reshapes and heals, restoring it to its normal form... <Tiernan> Ahh...thank you sir... * Tiernan smiles, and gets it right ^_^ <Priest> ... Well now.. I shall go to other business... * Tiernan flexes his wings a few times. ^_^ * The priest looks at Jess... "This way, then.." * Jess follows the priest. * Sasha looks wided-eyed at her mother "Oh god..." * Kodah leans against a nearby wall * Sasha blushes brightly and walks off.... <Indigo> Oh! And the one of you in that wonderful pink dress with the bows and the bunny. * Tiernan looks at his robe. "Indigo...didn't you say this robe was temporary...?" <Indigo> Yes. Sashie said that actually. <Tiernan> ....Do you think I could get real clothes? <Sasha> Sure Tyr... <Tiernan> Where should I go...? * Sasha walks over to the preist "Do you know where the tailor shop is?" <Priest> Erm... Yes. It's about two streets down... You cannot miss it. * Indigo smiles. * Kodah walks off to do his own things * Sasha thanks the priest and beckons Tyr to follow her. * Tiernan follows. <Indigo> Have fun you two. I'm going to see if there is an Elementalist Guild here. <Tiernan> Okay. Thank you. * Sasha walks by Indi and steals the picture book and continues walking to the tailors. * Dal goes off and buys himself a new shirt... ^^; * Tiernan follows Sasha like a shadow ^_^ <Dal> (With money swiped from the unsuspecting merchant. ;) * Indigo smiles as she keeps the really embarrassing photos in the other book and the one back at the Crystal Tower. * Indigo goes off into the city in search of an Elementalist Guild. <Narrator> The people stare at Tiernan and whisper as he passes by... * Sasha arrives at the tailor shop with Tyr. <Sasha> Excuse me sir? * Tiernan blinks. "The people are doing what the winged ones did...why do they keep doing this..." * Kodah takes position on one of the high walkways and watches the hustle and bustle of the city <Tailor> Yes? May I help y--? *blinks at Tyr* "Err... You?" <Sasha> Don't worry about it too much Tyr. They've never seen a half-human half- phoenix like you. <Sasha> I need some clothes that would look great on him please. * Sasha points to Tyr. <Tiernan> ....It's my wings? * Tiernan looks at them. <Sasha> Yeah. <Tiernan> Why? It feels funny...with everyone starting at me... <Sasha> They've never seen ones like yours before. <Tailor> Ahh... Ehm. Right away. *goes to the back and comes out with a pile of assorted rolls of fabrics... <Sasha> Besides, you shouldn't worry about it. <Tiernan> Still....I don't like it... :/ <Tiernan> Okay... <Tailor> Now... I say green would go well.. Since... Of... The wings and all.. Erhm. White might blend in well too... <Tailor> Your pick, basically. <Tiernan> ...Hmm... * Sasha scans through the picture book to find all the embarrassing photos.... <Tiernan> I like....the black, the brown, and the cream colors.... * The tailor pulls out a tape measurer... * Tiernan stands still, remembering what Indy said. <Tailor> Hmm... Now. Let's see... *starts measuring Tyr's inseam* * Tiernan stands still ^_^; * The tailor hmms.... "Black pants... Yeah." * The tailor jots down the measurements, feeling uneasy about the wings... * Tiernan doesn't like the tension he feels from everyone :/ <Tailor> How about a variation of yellow for a shirt...? Oh and I have is brown overcoat that would go perfectly with the whole ensemble. <Tiernan> That sounds fine, Sir. ^_^ * Tiernan smiles...almost right ^_^; * Sasha removes all the embarrassing pictures in the book, the first magic spell, the plant, the nude swim with the boys, the time when she cooked the pet bird, when wet the bed..... <Tailor> Err..... Ok. I should be able to throw this together for morning... <Tiernan> Thank you very much. <Tiernan> I guess we can go, Sasha... <Tailor> Should I... Erm. Make holes for your wings..? In the back..? <Tiernan> Oh....I....I guess so...I can make them dissapear too....see? * Tiernan closes his eyes and clasps his hands together as if praying. With a faint rustle, his wings burst into a shower of feathers and faerie fire. Then as subtle as a whisper, it all vanishes. * The tailor sweatdrops... * Tiernan smiles right this time ^_^ <Sasha> Great, cause I need a bath and a nice warm bed to sleep on.... * The tailor blinks.. o_o;; "Erm.... Yes. Ok. Good." <Tiernan> ....Okay...let's go back * Tiernan's smile vanishes when he picks up those strange vibes again :/ * Dal whistles happily as he made more money than he spent on his shirt. ;) * Sasha closes the book and accendently drops the embarrassing photos. <Sasha> What's the matter Tyr? * Tiernan picks the photos off the floor. <Tiernan> Are these yours, Sasha? * Sasha gapes and nods "Y-yes" * Tiernan hands them back. <Tiernan> Here you go. <Tiernan> Let's go back now... * Sasha takes them back nervousily "Thanks" <Sasha> Okay * Sasha leads Tyr to an inn. * Kodah watches as Tyr and Sasha walk through the ciy from his vantage point * Tiernan 's still looks sad as he follows Sasha back. <Tiernan> I don't like this feeling at all.... <Sasha> What is it? <Tiernan> N-nothing... <Sasha> What do you feel? <Tiernan> ...A strange ache in my chest... <Tiernan> An empty feeling. <Sasha> Are you... hungry? <Tiernan> No....not that... <Tiernan> It's higher up... * Tiernan points around his heart area. <Sasha> Does it feel tight? Like are you having trouble breathing? <Dal> (Iya na kanji. ^^;) <Tiernan> ....It just feels empty... <Tiernan> I feel empty... * Sasha sighs and mutters "Heartache...." <Tiernan> It doesn't matter...let's go back. * Sasha apporoaches the inn. <Sasha> Excuse me? * Dal figures out which inn everyone's staying at and catches up with Tyr and the others. <Tiernan> Hello Dal... <Sasha> Hey Dal * Sasha enters the inn and calls out to the innkeeper "Excuse me?" * Kodah finally gives up his vantage point and heads for the inn quietly <Innkeeper> Lemme guess... Rooms... * Dal wavies, and he's wearing a self-satisfied smirk on his face. ^_^ <Tiernan> Yes please... * Tiernan sounds quiet. <Sasha> And a bath please. <Innkeeper> How many? They come in the rooms, miss. <Sasha> I guess two or three. <Innkeeper> 3 rooms? That'll be 30 gold pieces... * Sasha pays up <Innkeeper> Thank you. Here are your keys... *tosses 3 set of keys on the counter* * Sasha picks up the keys and hands two of them to Dal and Tyr. <Innkeeper> The 3 rooms on your left up the stairs... * Sasha walks up to her room. <Tiernan> . o O ( The inkeeper treated me normally...because my wings are wings...must be evil....that is why people fear me... ) * Dal takes the keys, and nods to Sasha in thanks... * Tiernan follows the others, head bowed down. <Dal> Hey, Tyr... you okay? <Tiernan> .... <Tiernan> I'm... * Tiernan just rushes off to his room. :( <Dal> ... * Sasha looks at Tyr,.. <Dal> . o O (Poor kid...) <Sasha> Hey! <Dal> What's with him? * Sasha walks over to his room "I dunno, but I'll find out," * Sasha knocks on the door. <Dal> Whatever. <Tiernan> Yes...? * Dal goes in his room and counts the money he filched. <Sasha> It's Sasha. <Tiernan> ....Yes? O_o * Tiernan comes out. <Sasha> Let me in. <Sasha> What's the problem? <Tiernan> ....I...I'd just like to be alone right now :/ I'm sorry Sasha.. * Tiernan closes the door with a sigh. * Sasha sighs "Fine, but tomorrow, I wanna know what the problem is!" * Sasha storms to her room and slams it shut. <Tiernan> . o O ( And now she hates me too.... ) <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====