Shining Force RPG 2 session 12
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The night settles in nicely... The moon shines faintly over the city, casting the city in an eerie glow... <Narrator> A few odd people stay awake, their thoughts keeping them from sleep... * Tiernan struggles outside to the balcony, almost looking as if he's limping. He plops down and looks up at the moon. * Tiernan sighs softly to himself. <Narrator> The moon shines a big fake smile, as if it's laughing at Tyr... * Tiernan blinks. <Tiernan> ....Even the moon thinks I'm strange.... <Tiernan> Everyone hates me so...why...? What did I do....? * Tiernan buries his head into his lap. * Zoie walks in * Zoie walks out in to the balcony <Tiernan> Who's there...? * Tiernan looks up. <Tiernan> Oh....hello Zoie... <Zoie> hello * Tiernan 's voice sounds strained for some strange reason or another. <Tiernan> Did you come here to laugh too...? <Zoie> why would I be laughing? <Tiernan> ...because....because I'm... <Tiernan> I'm strange.....odd... <Tiernan> People hate me because I am not like them... <Zoie> so? that doesn't give me the right to laugh at you <Tiernan> Really? I thought...I thought everyone hated me because of my wings... <Tiernan> Everyone in town whispered about me...or shrank away from me...I didn't even do anything... <Zoie> I don't know you that well, why would I hate you becuase you didn't look as I do? <Tiernan> I don't know...that's what I want to know... <Tiernan> Even Sasha ran off.... <Tiernan> I thought she was my..."friend..." <Zoie> ahhhhh <Tiernan> I don't know what to do....ugh... * Tiernan clutches his stomach. <Zoie> just be yourself, people can't fault you for that, and if they laugh without getting to know you, it's their loss <Tiernan> ....Really? <Zoie> really <Tiernan> But....why do they... <Tiernan> Maybe my wings are just evil.... <Zoie> maybe they are afraid of something different or maybe they are jealous <Tiernan> Jealous? What is...that? <Zoie> people laugh for the oddest reasons, usually to hide other emotions <Zoie> Jealous is, envious.. they wish they had them <Tiernan> They shouldn' just leave you.... * Tiernan thinks of the word Sasha used. "Heartbroken....yes..." * Kodah looms in the doorway leading to the balcony, listening * Tiernan looks behind him. "Kodah..." * Tiernan winces in pain. * Kodah nods to Tiernan as he's noticed <Tiernan> Why don't you...come out here... * Tiernan says this very innocently. * Kodah steps into the moonlight, his face betraying the bitterness he feels <Tiernan> Why do you look like that...? <Tiernan> Is something wrong? * Zoie looks at Kodah * Kodah shrugs, "Nothing of any weight really" <Tiernan> But.... <Tiernan> You look so... * Tiernan blinks, trying to think of the emotion. <Tiernan> I don't just don't look right... <Kodah> Unhappy is the word I think you're looking for <Tiernan> Unhappy? Yes...why do you look so unhappy? * Kodah shrugs again, "Life is sometimes harsh, I'm learing to deal with that" * Zoie asks Kodah why he is unhappy <Tiernan> Yes...I guess it is... * Tiernan stands up. "Is there...anything...." * Tiernan falters. <Kodah> Why am I unhappy? Well...I've had a lot taken from me <Tiernan> Taken? Why would anyone take anything from you? :/ <Tiernan> You seem like a nice person... <Kodah> There are a lot of reasons. Unfortunately I don't know any of them <Tiernan> There are a lot of things I don't know e... * Tiernan suddenly doubles up, and collapses! O_o <Kodah> You okay there? * Tiernan 's body shimmers for a moment, then his wings wink back into existance. * Kodah watches * Tiernan moans and sits up. <Tiernan> Oh no.... <Tiernan> I couldn't hold it... <Tiernan> Now you'll laugh at me too! <Kodah> Couldn't hold what? <Tiernan> My wings... <Kodah> Why are you trying to hide them? <Tiernan> Because they're evil. That's why people hate me... <Tiernan> And laugh... <Kodah> shouldn't worry about what other people think of you <Kodah> You should be more worried about how you feel about yoursef <Tiernan> That's what Zoie said.... * Tiernan stops to think. <Tiernan> I didn't know if it was really true... <Tiernan> Thank you, Kodah... <Kodah> No biggie really. In some ways I understand where you're coming from <Tiernan> Really? Like what? <Kodah> I've had my share of people who feared me <Kodah> Just because I was different <Tiernan> Why do they do this...? They don't even know me...but they fear me anyway! I didn't want to make them afraid of me! <Kodah> They fear you because they don't know any better...or someone told them to(said with renewed bitterness) <Tiernan> Oh... <Tiernan> Please don't be angry.... <Tiernan> You sound so angry.... <Tiernan> I'll leave you alone, if that's what you want... <Kodah> I'm not angry at you... * Tiernan stands up, flexing his wings a few times. <Narrator> Ehhhehehe... Should I do the cut scene afterwards? ^_^ <Tiernan> But....instead of being angry.... <Kodah> I just...have a lot of stuff hanging over my head <Tiernan> Maybe you should teach the people who don't know any better. * Tiernan thinks about this for a moment, smiles, and walks out. <Kodah> ... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Zoie> I think he's confused and scared <Narrator> The scene shifts to a dark alley... A lonesome man stands under a street light, awaiting something... Or someone... * Jeyer shifts impatiently.. "Where is he..?" * Jeyer sighs and tightens the belt around his waist... <Narrator> Sounds of horse hoofs can be heard in the distance... * Jeyer turns to the sound, seeing a carriage hauled by 2 horses go by... <Jeyer> ... Calm down, Jeyer.. <Narrator> Suddenly, behind Jeyer, a voice makes itself heard, "You summoned me?" * Jeyer leaps and turns around quickly! <Jeyer> !!... Dammit, Gerad.. Don't scare me like that. <Gerad> A thousand pardons, sir Jeyer. Now. What did you want with me? * Jeyer leans on something invisible, but it manages to hold him up. <Jeyer> I propose... An alliance. <Gerad> An... Alliance? For what purpose? <Jeyer> I know you're looking for Kodah. I have... "Issues" with him. And he is now travelling with powerful allies. * Gerad strokes his chin... "Hmm. Then they shall fall for allying themselves with such evil. * Jeyer shakes his head.. "You're stubborn, aren't you. How about this then." * Jeyer stands up and gathers energy in his hands... Suddenly, a small sphere appears between his hands. <Gerad> Impressive... What is it? * Jeyer groans.. "It is a tracking beacon... I tagged Kodah in my last encounter with him." * Gerad suddenly looks excited and reaches out for the sphere... * Jeyer pulls back and dispells the sphere... "Ah ah ah... Now now. You really believe I would give this up that easily?" * Gerad looks irritated. "What do you want of me?" <Jeyer> I... Simply want to journey with you to hunt down Kodah... And to be there when you suck the life out of him.. <Gerad> Such taste for vengeance... I cannot ally myself with such a being. I shall find Kodah on my own terms. Good day, sir Jeyer. * Gerad turns around and walks away... * Jeyer curses and whispers under his breath.. "You'll regret this move, Centaur... Just you wait." * Jeyer casts teleportation and poofs out of existance. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The sun once again arises over the horizon... A new day is born... * Tiernan lies curled up in his bed, still sleeping. * Reisha doesn't see the sun, more like the pillow, as she snores away. :) * Kodah is up early, and waits in the lobby for everyone * David leans against his windowsill, staring outside and lost in his thoughts.. * Jess is nowhere near the inn, staying behind Darin at the shrine. * Zoie having fallen asleep on the balcony awakens <Narrator> == Darin returns to full strength. * Tiernan murmers something in his sleep, and cootly extends his wings a couple of times. ^_^ * Tiernan awakens by falling out of bed! O_o <Tiernan> Ah--! *BOOM!* <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> * Reisha blinks several times and the sunbeams shine right in ehr eyes.. "Damn it.. morning.. want sleep more.." <Tiernan> Yes. I think ow was correct. * Tiernan rubs his now sore back and stands up. * Reisha shakes her grogginess off and gets ready... ^^ * Tiernan went to bed in his clothes, therefore, just walks out to the lobby looking for everyone else. <Tiernan> Hello Kodah... <Kodah> Morning <Tiernan> Are we going to get my new clothes soon? * Reisha staggers out of her room, scratching her head and mumbling something abotu coffee.. <Kodah> If you like * Tiernan smiles....right! ^_^ * David continues to just drift in his thoughts, eyes dark.. <Narrator> The innkeeper works on making breakfast in the back. * Tiernan hears something growl. O_o * Tiernan looks down. * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Tyr <Tiernan> I think I'm possessed. My stomach is growling at me... <Kodah> Let me guess, you don't know what that noise means, do you? * Tiernan looks worried. <Tiernan> No! What does that mean? * Zoie walks inside <Kodah> It means you're hungry <Tiernan> That's all? * Jess wanders into the room, hanging onto a fully healed Darin. * Reisha flumps on the door to David's room, falling inside rather ungracefully. ^^ <Reisha> .. I hate mornings.. x_X * David spins and leaps on the person in his room, grabbing his sword from his bed in the same motion and positioning the flaming blade at their throat! <Kodah> That's it, let's see if we can get you some breakfast * Darin looks around, wincing from a slight headache.. <Jess> Morning, people. How are you all doing this morning? * Jess hangs onto Darin for dear life. <Kodah> As well as can be expected * Reisha wakes up! o_O <Tiernan> Okay. * Darin looks down at Jess... "You ok?" * David growls, eyes dark and suddenly realizes just who he's pointing the sword at. * Kodah leads Tyr to the breakfast table * Tiernan follows. ^_^ * Jess smiles. "I am now that you're ok, Darin." <Reisha> It's me Rei..! Calm down there Davey.. ^^; * David erks and tosses the sword back onto the bed... "Uh...uh...morning, Rei....sorry....uhm... I'll be down in a second.." * Darin smiles nervously... * Kodah prods the innkeeper for some breakfast stuff * Reisha nods. ".. and here I thought I was a monster in the morning.." <David> Ah...ha ha...ha. * David clears his throat and packs up his things. * Tiernan sits down, looking at the silverware with a bit of quiet confusement * Reisha flips her hair behind her and walks out. "....I'll talk after I get some cofee..." * Kodah shows Tyr how to properly eat breakfast * David stops and looks at where Rei was, sighing.. "Damnit. Can I do nothing right?" * Jess looks at her robes for a second and then whispers to Darin. "I think they said something last night about shopping today. If I don't get rid of these robes soon, you won't want to see the results of one more battle. These things are pathetic now." * Zoie sits down alone ans sips tea * David suddenly gets really pissed off and puts a hole in the wall with his foot. * Reisha runs downstairs and assulats the nearest employee for a cup. * David ahems and walks downstairs to meet the group. * Tiernan tries to put a bit of egg on the fork like Kodah is doing * Tiernan blinks as the egg falls into his lap. <Tiernan> I don't think I can do this :/ * David mutters.. "Morning everyone." * Jess simply gets a cup of coffee and a danish. "This'll be it for me." * Darin looks at Jess.. "It doesn't look that bad, love.." <Jess> Morning, David. * David slumps into a chair by Tiernan and Kodah. <Narrator> The innkeeper puts a pot of coffee on the counter and backs away slowly.. o_o <Kodah> Keep trying, you'll get it <Darin> Good Morning David.. * Tiernan looks at the innkeeper. * Reisha manages a sly smile to the Innkeeper and takes the cup. ;) <Tiernan> There are a lot of people who don't know any better, aren't there? :/ * David taps his fingers on the desk, looking dark.. <Narrator> The innkeeper sweatdrops and goes back to the kitchen. ^^;; * Kodah nods to Tyr * Reisha sits down by everyone, and single-mindedly drinks. ^^ * Tiernan tries to put the eggs on his fork again. <Jess> she must have really been tired. *Points to Rei.* * Kodah teaches Tyr how to spear eggs with a fork * Zoie continues to sip her tea * Reisha slams the cup down for effect. "Damn right." ^^ <Tiernan> Oh! * Tiernan does so. ^_^ <Tiernan> That's much easier! * David mutters.. <David> I'm going outside. I'll meet you all there. * David stands and walks outside. * Tiernan spears all of his food onto the fork so it's absolutely crammed O_o <Kodah> Um...hold it Tyr <Tiernan> What did I do wrong? * Reisha looks a little better after a few minutes. <Kodah> One thing to remember, never eat anything biger than your mouth <Tiernan> Why? <Kodah> Becuase it can be bad for you * Jess sips at her coffee as she reads an article. <Tiernan> Oh. * Tiernan pushes some of the food off his fork <Tiernan> This okay? <Jess> Hey, Darin, can I ask you a quick question? <Kodah> That's better * Reisha glances at David. "Sory if I kinda startled you there... I'm a mess before my morning cup." ^^ <Tiernan> Okay then.. * Tiernan puts the food in his mouth and chews. ^_^ <Tiernan> This is good! ^_^ * Reisha blinks and realizes he's gone... :/ * Kodah resumes eating quietly * Darin nods at Jess <Tiernan> Thank you Kodah. <Jess> Why did your sword attack you like that, Darin? <Darin> ...... <Kodah> No problem * Darin pales... <Jess> It's been eating away at me all night, just wondering. * Tiernan eats his meal quietly. <Reisha> Say, anybody see where David went? <Jess> outside, Rei. * Zoie starts to scribble in her little book as she sips her tea <Darin> The Blade of Truth can not be wielded against anything that is not evil.. threat or no threat... It holds me to an oath I swore long ago..... * Darin trails off and stares off into space, seemingly lost in thought * Tiernan finishes his meal. <Jess> Oh.... * Reisha winks to Jess, swiping a bagel in her mouth and heading outside. ^^ <Tiernan> That was really good. My stomach feels better now. <Kodah> Excellent <Narrator> Sounds of metal clashing against metal can be heard not far away... * Darin mutters under his breath... "Kalla, where ever you are... I still worry...." * Jess takes Darin's hand in hers. "It's OK. I was just curious. What's wrong?" <Tiernan> my room, there was a big...tub.....what was that? <Jess> O_o <Tiernan> I thought it might have been the place to sleep but I wasn't sure... * Darin blinks.. hearing the noise.. "What's that?" <Kodah> Its a tub. You use it to clean yourself <Tiernan> Oh... <Tiernan> I haven't ...what is that noise? * Jess runs outside. * Darin gets up and follow Jess * Tiernan gets up and follows everyone else. <Kodah> ..? * Zoie gets up and walks outside * Kodah lags behind the others, feeling caution would be a good idea <Narrator> A man can be seen thrown to the floor by another man... It seemed to have hurt alot... * Reisha gets outside, munching on the bagel, and ntoices the sound.. <Tiernan> Hey! Stop that! You're hurting him! :/ <Jess> that's this fight about? <Jess> .oO(Probably a drunken brawl.) <Reisha> Looks like *munch* somebody's got problems. ^^ <Zoie> sad... people resorting to violince to solve a problem * David growls and glares down at the man, rage in his eyes... <David> You bloody idiot. Get outta here. <Narrator> The man on the ground cowers and tries to crawl away! <Tiernan> D...david? <Jess> too true, Zoie..but they're probably drunk. You know how easily drunks get into fights. * David kicks the man hard as he tries to crawl * Reisha blinks and goes up to David... <Narrator> Guards stand at an arm's length from David... * Tiernan looks on in shock. <Narrator> The man yelps! <Zoie> I don't think he's drunk *points at David* * Darin just stares... <Reisha> What the heck's going on.. why're you kicking this guy? <Jess> no joke..what's on his mind? <Kodah> ... * Reisha tries to seperate David and the Man. <Narrator> The man gets up and runs to his training partners... * David glares at the guards... "He was...he was in my way." <Tiernan> Why is... <Jess> No idea, Tyr. <Reisha> And you beat him just for that? Seriously.. <Narrator> The guards clutch the hilt of their swords... "Please move along, or we will be forced to arrest you." <Tiernan> So you hurt people who are in your way? Is that how it works...? * Reisha stands there, hands on her hips. * Kodah raises an eyebrow at David * David twitches and growls at the guards before moving on... "'s just....something..." * Jess grabs David. "Come on....Rei, give me a hand here, OK?" <Reisha> You really got up on the wrong side of bed this morning, didn't you? :/ <Narrator> The guards glare at David before dispersing the crowd that built up... <Tiernan> So it is okay to hurt others....? * Tiernan looks very lost and confused. * Reisha assists Jess in carting David a ways away. ^^ <Narrator> No, Tyr... It's just ok when Narrators hurt their players. :P <Tiernan> Who said that? O_o <Jess> What has gotten into you, David? You just don't go attacking people who don't attack you first. * David blinks and his arms twitch at the girls touches, his reflexes trying to kick in.. "Someone explain to Tiernan whats right and not." <Kodah> I wouldn't copy David's methods if I were you Tyr * Darin shakes his head to clear it... and goes over to where Jess, Rei and David are. * David glances at Jess, his gaze haunted.. "N..nothing." <Tiernan> Why not? Isn't he the leader? <Kodah> Just because he's a leader doesn't mean he's a good role model * Zoie stands to the side * David clears his throat and rolls his shoulders. "Okay. Okay. Lets just go. Wait, where are we going? Whats the plan?" <Tiernan> So he's a bad person? <Tiernan> No..that can't be right... <Kodah> Not necesarily <Jess> but a person can let his emotions get the better of him...which at times is not a very good idea. <Tiernan> Oh...I think I understand... * Reisha looks into David's eyes a minute... "Relax, David... save it for the bad guys.." :P <Tiernan> Can I....get my clothes...please? <Kodah> If you wish <Tiernan> Thank you... * David blinks, his eyes still dark.. "Bad guys...right...okay... yeah...uhm. Sure, Tier." <Tiernan> I'm sorry I'm such a bother to everyone...asking so many questions * Reisha snaps a finger. "Right.. shopping's a good plan." :) <Kodah> Don't worry about it Tyr <Jess> while we're at it, I'm going to find myself a better outfit too. These robes are really becoming a mess. <David> I'll stick to these clothes... <Tiernan> Okay...if you say so. <Narrator> I need more whipped cream undies... Err. *goes back to narrating.* <Tiernan> Who said that?! * David glances at Rei and then rubs his forehead, feeling ill. <Tiernan> I remember where that store was... <Tiernan> But...the man there didn't like my think I should hide them.... <Tiernan> For now... * Reisha puts a hand on his shoulder. "man.. I think you needed that coffee more than me.." * Tiernan closes his eyes and clasps his hands together as if praying. With a faint rustle, his wings burst into a shower of feathers and faerie fire. Then as subtle as a whisper, it all vanishes. <Jess> cool trick, Tyr. <Tiernan> Really? You like it? <Jess> yeah. ^_^ * David untenses at the touch.. " wouldn't have helped... I'm okay." <Tiernan> Thank you. * Tiernan tries to find his way back to the tailor shop <David> Anyway...lead the way, oh Tiernan of the frozen and studly. <Tiernan> Huh? O_o * Jess latches onto Darin. "What do you think, Sir Darin?" <Tiernan> I'm not cold...and my body isn't made of studs. * Reisha giggles... <Narrator> The tailor shop lies two blocks down. * David laughs. "It was a joke." * Darin blushes slightly.. and shrugs... <Tiernan> A...joke? <Jess> you look pretty lost in deep thought, I was just wondering. * Darin is still a little wrapped in his thoughts... <David> Makes you laugh...other people laugh.. <Tiernan> Oh.... <Reisha> Tiernan.. you've still got a lot to learn.. ^^ <Darin> Huh? * Tiernan finds the Tailor Shop ^_^ <Tiernan> Here! * David smiles for the first time today and patpats Tier's head. * Darin looks at Jess.. "I'm sorry..." <Jess> see, you were pretty zoned out. What's up? * Tiernan is pat patted. <Tiernan> Um. * Reisha feels a little better seeing David smile. <Tiernan> ^_^; <David> Let's go shopping, shall we? <Darin> Just thinking about what happened... and.. <Jess> yes, let's. Right, Rei? * David bows and lets Rei go before him. "M'lady." * Tiernan walks into the store. * Jess digs in her pouch. "haven't had a chance to use this in a while. Guardiana express. Never leave home without it." <Tiernan> Hello? Sir? * Reisha nods to Jess and takes the invitation. :) <Reisha> But of course, sir David... ;) * Reisha heads inside.. * David laughs and smiles, following Rei in.. * Jess follows David and Rei in. <Tailor> Can... I help you? <Tiernan> Do you remember me from yesterday? <Tiernan> I asked if you could make me some new clothes... * Jess looks over at Reisha. "Let's see what we can find, eh?" * David leans against the counter, lazily eyeing the styles of clothing he can see.. * The Tailor looks at Tiernan.. "Oh right! Something's different... But.. Anyways. Yes! Let me get your clothes..." <Tiernan> ^_^; Oh. Okay. * Reisha rubs her hands. "Oh yeah.." ^^ * Jess wanders around, looking at all the ladie's fashions. "This is going to be fun." <David> You can find something to show off that beautiful figure of yours, Rei.. ^_- * Darin eyes a few things .. that would look fabulous on Jess.... * Reisha luaghs, posing a little. "Don't you know it!" :) * Jess looks around. "I like this skirt, and this about the shoes. What do you think, Rei?" * The railor returns with a pile of clothes and hands then to Tiernan. "Here you go... There's a changing room to the back there..." * Reisha hunts around for a nice new cape.. <Reisha> I think trash the shoes.. they're last season. :P <Tiernan> Oh! ^_^ <David> last season? ^_- <Tiernan> Thank you...I'll be right back. * The tailor nods. "Can I help any of you?" * Reisha fingers some Silk material.. "Ohh.. now this is my for a hero.." * Tiernan carries his clothes into the dressing room, starts to take off his robe, then remembers the 'no nakedness in plain view' rule and shuts the door. * David tilts his head, watching Rei... * Jess wanders into a fitting room with her outfit to try it on. "Perfect fit. I like this look." Jess digs around and finds a magician's circlet that she had stored away. "This'll look so great with this." * Jess comes out of the fitting room to show off for Darin. <David> You got any black tunics, sir? * Reisha looks to the tailor. "Hey, you have any Robes and capes in this? *points to a deep blue fabric* * Darin blinks at Jess.... and his jaw falls to the floor. <Jess> So, what do you think, Sir Darin? <Tailor> Hmm... Dark shades are in the back there... *points to a rack next to the robes* You should both find what you need there. ^_^ * Tiernan comes out of the dressing room. His robe is now gone. (obviously) He's wearing a cream colored shirt which is loose, black pants, brown boots with a fur trim, and a brown overcoat which has a small gold chain on his right shoulder. He's also wearing a yellow and black scarf. * David nods and heads back there, searching for a new tunic.. * Jess spins slowly for Darin to get a good look at her new look. <Tiernan> does this look <Darin> . o O ( That skirt is so ... SHORT!!! But it shows her off so ... beautifully... wow... ) <Reisha> Gotcha... c'mon, David. <Kodah> Looks good Tyr * Darin babbles at Jess.. before finally getting out a few coherant words.. "You look incredible, Jess..." <Tiernan> Really? ^_^ * Reisha heads to the back, head bobbing up and down at all the styles.. <Tiernan> Let me see something.... * Tiernan closes his eyes and opens his arms wide. Suddenly, a faint glimmer can be seen coming from him as two small, pale red wings materialize on his back. With a faint rustle of feathers, they fuse to his back, and become soild. <Tiernan> Oh! He did add the wingholes. ^_^ * Jess looks at the shoe rack. "These will be the perfect addition." She grabs a pair of red heels and puts them on. <Kodah> Excellent <Tailor> ... Oh! Right... You were the kid with the wings... I Forgot. ^_^ * David hauls out a black tunic, grinning at the thinness but strength of the material.. "Perfect.." <Tiernan> ^_^; That's okay sir. <Jess> Now, there we what do you think, people? * Reisha pulls out a few tunics in blue, tinged with gold at the frills and holds them up to David. "What'cha think? Too guady?" <Narrator> I think you should get yer ass in my trailer right now. :P * Darin looks around for a new cape... "Do you happen do have anything in a dark gold color? Or in red?" <Jess> it'll look perfect on you, Rei. <Tiernan> Who said that!? * David tilts his head. "I think you'd look beautiful even if you were wearing a burlap sack." * David looks at the tunic in his hands and ponders it.. * Tiernan looks himself over in a mirror. <Tailor> Dark gold..? No... I doubt I have that... But.. I do have a shades of red in that *points* rack... <Jess> David, go ahead and get it. I'll put it on my Guardiana Express, OK? * Tiernan then stops and examines himself a little too closely, his eyes far off. <Tiernan> I....I look like this....? * Reisha pushes a hand out lightly at David. "Oh.. knock it off, loverboy!" ;) <David> Okay...lemme put it on... ^^; * Darin nods, thanks the tailor, and heads for the rack. * David grins and winks at Rei before heading to the dressing room... * Jess follows Darin. "Want some help?" * Darin smiles.. "Sure.. " He glances down at his torn tunic and the badly damaged jacket over it. * Tiernan plops on the ground and simply looks at himself, trying to inprint an image of himself in his mind. * Reisha slings the two over her shoulder, and hunts around for the matching cape. * David doesn't take long (only having a tunic, afterall) and wanders out wearing the new tunic thats as dark as the night and it clings to him slightly to show his rather impressive muscles. ;) * Reisha passes by david on ehr way to the fitting rooms, and stops for a second... * David looks down at himself and tries to decide whether or not he likes it. * Reisha smirks. "Now that's one shadow I'll always notice." ;) <Tiernan> How strange.... * Tiernan touches his hair lightly. * David looks up at Rei and blushes, coughing and heading to the counter... * Tiernan sees David in the corner of his vision and stands up. * Reisha winks and heads in to change. * Darin pulls out a deep red tunic... and a matching red jacket, and holds it up.. "What do you think, Jess?" <David> Hey, kiddo....uhm.....whats wrong? * David eyes Tier * Kodah stands by and waits for everyone to finish <Tiernan> ...I never knew what I looked like until now.... <Tiernan> It's so strange...I don't remember... <David> Well you know now...why? <Jess> I think you look very dashing, Sir Darin. <Tiernan> I look...different...the way people treat makes a little more sense now.. * David raises an eyebrow. "Tier, don't live in the past. Create your future. It's like you were reborn've got a gift....use it wisely." * Darin heads for a fitting room, and changes.. returning a few moments later. "You sure this is my color, Jess?" <Tiernan> Really? * Reisha slips on the new duds, and comes out looking a lot more fancy and foxy. :) <Tiernan> You think so...? <Jess> hey, would I lead you wrong? * The tailor pulls out a box from under his counter and dumps it on the floor... A few trinkets and boomerang fall out... <Tiernan> But...there's so much I want to know... * David nods....and then snaps his head towards where Rei is, gawking at her... "O...oh my." * Tiernan blinks and points to the boomerang. "What's that?" <Tailor> Agh... Stupid worn out b-- Err... It's a weapon... It's a boomerang... You throw it and it comes back to you... <Tiernan> A weapon! That's just what I need...I don't have one... * Reisha shakes her head, her blonde hair dancing for a minute.. * Tiernan fingers his staff. "And I don't want to break this..." <Reisha> Like it? * David picks his jaw off the floor and coughs... "Hey...Rei! Looking good! Very good...very very very good...uhm...yeah!" * David nods frantically <Tiernan> Can I have that...boomerang David? <Tiernan> Please? <Jess> Tier, I once heard a wise man say something. It's not what a person looks like on the outside, but what they are like on the inside. that means appearances are't everything, it's the goodness of a person's heaert. * David blinks at Tier.. "Yep...if ya want." <Tailor> ...? You want it? Here... Take it... *hands it to Tiernan* I'm trying to ger rid of all this junk... <Tiernan> Thank you. :) * The tailor shakes his head and picks up the stuff that fell out of the box... * Reisha luaghs and stands proudly.. her old clothes draped over her left hand. * Tiernan smiles and puts the boomerang on a belt loop * David looks back to Rei and eh hehs, blushing. <Jess> and Darin, I think you really look Dashing like that..honestly. * Reisha walks slowly up to others... * The tailor grabs the box and dumps it outside... <Tiernan> Hey! O_o <Tiernan> There might be other things in there... <Reisha> Now I could get to like this... * Tiernan runs outside! <Jess> lookin pretty hot there, Rei. <Tailor> Trust me kid, there a-- Ahh the hell with this. :P * Tiernan stoops down and searches through all the 'junk' the old man threw out * David blinks out of his trance and looks at the floor. * Darin blushes at Jess... "But, I could never outshine you, m'lady." * Jess smiles at Darin. * Reisha goes up to David, and lifts his head up with a finger. "You sure you're ok today?" <Narrator> == Tiernan digs out a bright red stone, a small statuette and a ring... Everything else seems useless. <Tiernan> I found something! * Kodah looks over Tyr's shoulder <Tiernan> What are these things, Kodah? * Jess latches onto Darin's arm. <Kodah> Hmm... * Tiernan holds them up so Kodah can see. * David stares into Rei's eyes, letting her see the pain there for a second and then nods. "I'm fine... you look great....really really great..." * Kodah looks over the bits * Darin looks down at Jess... and smiles.. putting his arm around her * The tailor blinks, looks over to Tiernan, chuckles to himself at what he holds in his hands, shakes his head and returns to his work... <Jess> So, how do we pay for all this..the monsters we have fought didn't give us any kind of gold. * Reisha says nothing for a minute, and then let's her hand drop. "So do you.. now lighten up today.. no sense being all tense.." * Tiernan puts the ring on his finger, and the stone in his pocket.. <Kodah> Well, the Ring looks like a Power RIng there Tyr. I saw a similaer one in with the previous Shining Force * David nods slightly and brushes some hair off Rei's shoulder. "True enough. Thanks." <Tiernan> Power ring? <Tiernan> Hmm. <Kodah> Makes you stronger <Kodah> The statue is of Mitula <Tiernan> Mitula.... <Tiernan> And the stone? <Kodah> That's all I recognize <Tiernan> Would you like the statue of Mitula, Kodah? <Kodah> No <Tiernan> Oh? * Reisha shrugs her shoulder a little, and smiles back at David. <Tiernan> Anyone? <Jess> let's move on. We do have places to go and things to do. * Tiernan takes off the ring, and puts all three items in his hands. "Who wants these?" * Reisha turns to see what everyone else is up to. ^^ <Jess> Tyr, you keep them, a momento of the trip. * David gazes at Rei for a second and then looks to Tier. "Yeah. I'll take the statue. She saved my life, you know." <Tiernan> Okay. ^_^ * Tiernan hands David the statue. <Kodah> I kinda like the stone * Tiernan hands Kodah the stone. <Tiernan> And the ring...? <Reisha> You know, that ring goes great with my whole ensemble.. * Tiernan hands Reisha the ring. * David admires the statue and grins, slipping it into his pouch. "Rei'll probably lynch it offa you." <Tiernan> There.... * Tiernan smiles. "There's a nice feeling in my chest now. " * Reisha smiles and takes it. "hehe.." ^^ <David> It's called puberty. Lets go. ;) <Tiernan> Huh? O_o * Reisha slips it on her finger, admiring it for a minute. <Kodah> Giving things away can sometimes feel good. But sometimes it doesn;t <Tiernan> Good? <Tiernan> So when I feel good, it's puberty? <Kodah> Makes you happy <Tiernan> And what is puberty? * David laughs!! <Kodah> No, it's not puberty <David> Lets just go! <Reisha> Long story Tyr... ^^; * Tiernan's face falls.. <Tiernan> Stop laughing at me... <Jess> good idea, David... <David>'s a joke.. I'm laughing at my joke.. ^^; <Kodah> Ignore him Tyr <Tiernan> ... <David> I'm not laughing at you.. O_o <Tiernan> You aren't? * Reisha huggles an arm. "He's just a silly guy Tyr.." :P <Tiernan> Agh...nevermind. <David> Lets just go before I insert both feet in my mouth.... ^^; <Tiernan> So...okay.... <Tiernan> When I'm happy.... <Tiernan> What do I feel? * David smiles at Rei.. * Jess keeps holding onto Darin for dear life. "Can we go on and take care of business?" * Darin nods.. * Darin hugs Jess. <David> You feel...good...that feeling in your chest is happiness..not puberty...see, that was my joke.. I'll even explain puberty later if you's not something you discuss in a group :P * Jess tightens her hold around Darin. <Tiernan> Oh! So it's happiness! <Tiernan> Okay. * David obviously feels bad and tries to make up for his blunders.. ^^; <Tiernan> But you better explain this puberty thing later. ^_^ <Narrator> Puberty is where you get really hairy and REALLY REALLY horny. :P <David> Sure thing. ^_^ where to now? ^^; <Tiernan> WHO SAID THAT?! * Tiernan looks around in confusion O_o <Jess> Any way the wind blows, I guess. * Reisha blinks at Tyr's outburst. "Ah just ignore it...It'll go away." :P <Narrator> People walk quickly in the streets, whispering to eachother... People look around and glance at the Shining Force once in a while... <Tiernan> But it's such a scratchy voice! It grates on the ears! :/ * David eyes the people threateningly :P * Reisha walks with a nice spring in her step.. hard to belive since this morning. ^^ * Jess just walks along, holding onto Darin's arm. * Tiernan follows along silently. * David smiles at Rei's bounciness and looks around... <Tiernan> Where are we going...? <David> I have no idea. <Tiernan> Oh. Okay. O_o <Narrator> Some kid runs up to David, stops dead in his tracks and looks up at him. <Reisha> Beats me.. <David> Eh? * David looks down at the kid. * Reisha looks at the little kid and David. * Tiernan looks at the young child. <Narrator> The kid's eyes are dark silver, which are mesmerizing to David... <Jess> eh? Whats with the kid? <Reisha> Somebody you know, Davey? <Tiernan> Hello. <Kid> You're the people the big mean horseman's looking for! <Kid> ... Aren't you...? <Jess> horseman? <Reisha> Huh? * David blinks and falters slightly.. " Horseman?" <Tiernan> Horseman? <Jess> Big mean horseman? A Centaur? <Kodah> ...! <Jess> does anyone here know any centaurs? <Narrator> A woman runs up and grabs the kid. "I told you not to run away like that! Come on!" <Reisha> A centaur is it.... * The woman walks quickly with her child... * Kodah 's expression darkens...a lot <David> Wh....uh....that kid..wait.. * Tiernan notices Kodah's expression * David blinks.. <Tiernan> Did she not understand you, Kodah? * Reisha notices Kodah's expression. "Looks like you've seen a ghost or something.." <Jess> I'm not understanding what's going on here. What Centaur? <Kodah> .... <David> How odd....uhm....lets just keep going? <Jess> good idea. * Darin raises an eyebrow, but stays silent, nodding agreement with Jess * Tiernan puts a hand on Kodah's shoulder, looking worried. :/ * Reisha starts walking again... * David lazily slips an arm around Rei's waist as he starts to move again... "Lets just hope nobody else stops us...." * Tiernan follows * Reisha slows for a second for David, frowning. "You know.. trouble always seems to find us.. it's like clockwork.." <Reisha> Guess it comes with the territory, huh? * Jess looks up at Darin. "Why is it that we can't go a single day without some sort of trouble?" <David> It does...doesn't's a whole hero/heroine thing...requirement! * Kodah pulls his hood over his head * Darin shrugs at Jess * Tiernan keeps looking back at Kodah.. * Reisha flexes. "Hey, I think it's great living on the edge! makes you feel alive." :) * Jess notices Kodah. "What's with him?" * David laughs and squeezes Rei a little.. "I dunno...Kodah, whats eating you?" <Kodah> ... <David> Okay...don't share...but I'm pretty certain you and this horseman fellow have a past. A past that will maybe catch up to you in a bad way? * Reisha puts an arm around David as she gets squeezed... <Jess> and probably all of us too. judging from our past track record. * Darin nods at Jess * David nods in agreement and looks down at Rei.. <Reisha> Hey, we all have our little skeletons in the closet... I can't argue there. <Jess> too true. <Reisha> Not like it should run our lives though.. <Tiernan> I don't have any... <Tiernan> I don't have a past... * Reisha looks back up at David after that remark. ^^ * Tiernan bows his head down * David smiles and winks down at her before looking back at Tier. "I'm not sure if that's a blessing or curse for your part, Tier." <David> Some of us wish we didn't have a past... <Kodah> ... <Reisha> I think it would be great to have no past.. ntohing holding you back from living life.. <Jess> anyway, let's not worry about that horseman, centaur, whatever the hell, till he shows up. <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> I want to know... <Tiernan> It hurts not knowing.. * Tiernan walks quicker. * David nods. "Okay, this subject is touchy. Lets just all prance mindlessly through the streets and wait for the horseman to run us over." <Reisha> Maybe you'll find out someday, Tiernan.. it's a big world out there. <Tiernan> I hope so... <Jess> that it is. To think that most of it we spend locked away inside the walls of a castle or town, when we could see the world and experience life. I am really enjoying this trip. * Reisha just haplessly follows David. <David> This trip has been....interesting, to say the least.. ^_- <Reisha> Oh yeah.. but it's not over yet, I'd think.. :) <Tiernan> Oh! O_o * Tiernan looks in a store window. <Tiernan> Look at that....that looks intresting... * David seemingly feels content with his arm around Rei.. <David> Mm? What does? * Tiernan points to some art supplies. <Jess> let's leave this town and go on somewhere else, OK? * Jess starts to walk toward the town gates, Darin in tow. <David> But I like this town! ;) Yeeeeeeeeeesh! Lets all follow the grumpy duo. ^^; * Tiernan sighs and follows. * David follows Jess and Darin * Reisha laughs, and follows... * Tiernan looks back longingly at the store. " I wanted to try that..." <David> Maybe another day, Tier...there's always tomorrow. ^_^ <Tiernan> That's right...there is, isn't there? * David nods and looks really happy.. * Reisha nods. "I bet the next town'll have stores to the sky.. <Tiernan> O_o There'll be stores in the sky? <Reisha> Umm.. figure of speech.. I mean a whole lot of them.. :P <Tiernan> Oh... <Narrator> The gates lie up ahead... <Reisha> You knuttoTiernan, you're really cute being so innocent.. maybe a lot of us would be happier that way.. :/ <Tiernan> Happier? Why? * David gets a slightly darker look.. "Just...because." <Tiernan> I feel confused so much... <Jess> but it leaves alot open to learn. * Reisha sighs, and hugs David a little tighter.. * Tiernan thinks about this for a while...and blinks at David's look * David snaps out of his defensive look and squeezes Rei reassuringly before heading out of the town gates.. * Jess casually walks toward the gates... * Tiernan hums softly to himself.. <Narrator> A centaur stands outside the gate... He inspects everyone who goes through the gate... <Kodah> ...crap <Tiernan> Kodah? <David> Eh? * Darin eyes the centaur cautiously.... but subtly.. * Jess looks in the direction Darin does. "Hmmm..." * Kodah moves to the side, watching the Centaur warily <Tiernan> Who is that...? <Narrator> The centaur feels eyes upon him... * Reisha looks dead at the centaur a second. "I think that's him.." ^^ <Narrator> The centaur turns and looks in Darin's direction... * Tiernan finds himself involunatrily stepping in front of Kodah * David lets his arm drop from Rei and tenses, ready for battle.. * Reisha maintains a calm and cool demeanor, letting go of David. * Darin narrows his eyes, as if in thought.... and makes CERTAIN that he stands between him and Jess <Narrator> The centaur walks towards Darin, then spots the rest of the team... <Narrator> He suddenly feels a presence... "Kodah. Show yourself." <Jess> Hmmm? * Tiernan keeps in front of Kodah. "What do you want, Sir?" <Tiernan> We....there is no Kodah here.... * Jess whispers to Darin. "What do you think we should do, Darin?" <Narrator> The centaur blinks and looks at Tiernan... "Lies fill your words, young one. You are hiding Kodah from me. * Reisha shrugs. "Kodah.. never heard of him.. stupid name too.." ^^ <Tiernan> N--no... <Tiernan> There is no Kodah here.... <Jess> strange name...Kodah...isn't that part of a musical arrangement? * David stays silent, his gaze piercing and cold.. * Tiernan begins to look frightened...more for Kodah's sake than his own <Narrator> The centaur pulls out his spear. "My name is Gerad. Prepare to defend yourselves." <Tiernan> No! <David> Fine by me, goatboy. * David draws AmeShi, the flames flickering hungrily.. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Kodah> Hold it! * Darin stands his ground.. "Fine.. prepare to get the whomping of your life!" <Reisha> So much for the subtle approach... * Darin looks at Kodah * Kodah steps out of hiding, "You are a very persistent fellow Gerad. I would think you would have gotten the hint by now." <Gerad> Ahh Kodah... You show yourself... How typical of you. <Tiernan> Kodah! Don't! <Tiernan> You won't hurt him! * Jess conjures up a massive fireball. "Time for you to find out what it means when I say I'm going to open up a can of WHOOP ASS!" <Gerad> You know I must do this, Kodah. * Tiernan steps in front of Kodah again. "You'll have to step through me...!" * Reisha does a few motions in the air, preparing a spell or two or three... <Kodah> You kinda forced me to...considering you;re willing to kill anybody to get to me * Tiernan holds his hands out, and spreads his wings wide. <Kodah> You think you have to do this. I happen to disagree with you * David stays tense, AmeShi level and steady.. <Gerad> Mitula spurs my actions. I must kill anyone who harbors evil willingly <Reisha> What's wrong with you people? You and Jeyer seem to have some kind of death wish... :P <Jess> harbors evil? * Darin draws his Blade of Truth... <David> Kodah isn't evil. <Tiernan> Mitula would not want to kill someone who is as nice as him! * Gerad looks down at Tyr. "Step out of the way, boy." <Tiernan> No! * Tiernan stands firm <Jess> Darin, hold on..he says Mitula spurs his actions. you might want to stand back. <Jess> what with that sword of yours and all. * Gerad looks at Tyr's determination... "Insulent fool." * Kodah pushes his cloak and hood aside <Tiernan> Go away! Mitula wouldn't want to kill innocent people!! * Darin stays where he is.. "Jess.. anyone willing to kill for no reason, without explination... " he stops.. "I will not let down my guard.." * Reisha smirks at Gerad. "Touch him and you're Kentucky Fried Centaur." :P * Gerad twitches at Darin's words. "Explanation, knight? You need me to explain that Kodah harbors blood of a greater devil in his corrupt veins?" <David> He harbors the blood but he is not an evil being. <Darin> I have seen no such thing from him. * Tiernan blinks at this. <Jess> well, he's about to be fried centaur. When my fireball hits his sorry ass. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> But he's not evil... * Tiernan stands even firmer in place. <Tiernan> I won't let you hurt someone who doesn't deserve to die... <Jess> Just because he has the blood of a devil, he is not an evil person. <Kodah> Save your breath people, this bastard already killed my family and many of my friends. He won't stop now. WHat's a few more drops of blood in an ocean of carnage? <David> Then we'll stop him. <Tiernan> He...killed your ... <Gerad> ... It is Mitula's will, boy... Now remove your presence, or I shall impale you where you stand. <Tiernan> No. * Darin nods at David. <Reisha> Maybe he's the real devil then, Kodah. <Tiernan> I won't move. <Tiernan> Mitula is misguided then...or perhaps you do not understand... <Darin> If you want Kodah, you'll have to go through US first. * Gerad shakes his head... "Then so be it." <Narrator> ===== Monster: Gerad ===== <Jess> anyone want CENTAUR BARBECUE? * Kodah flexes his fingers, not lookinh forward to this * Tiernan tenses * Reisha sparks some cracking barbs of electricity in the air. "if you want to mix it up, fine by me... Don't say I didn't warn ya!" ;) * David licks his lips. "Time to party." * Tiernan looks at Kodah. "I won't let him hurt you. I promise..." * Tiernan turns back to the battle at hand! * Tiernan pulls out his boomerang. <Kodah> I want to beleive that Tyr, I really do, but you don't know this monster like I do... <Tiernan> I'll try hard... * Jess begins chanting her magic. "Hear me now, Mars, celestial spirit of fire. Let your blazes become my weapon. Fry this one who would kill with absense of malice. BLAZE2! <Narrator> == Dal can attack. <Narrator> == Dal throws his daggers at Gerad * David twirls AmeShi and crouches.. <Narrator> == Gerad repels the blades with a flick of his spear. No damage. <Tiernan> He is strong... <Tiernan> But....I won't give up... <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. <Tiernan> Kodah, please...defend yourself... <Narrator> == Kodah casts Boost * Kodah raises his hand, calling forth the energies of the earth and sky! <Narrator> == Kodah gains 10 defense and 10 agility. * Tiernan chants softly under his breath... <Narrator> == David can attack * David leaps at Gerad and slashes down across the furry little goat chest, the flames of AmeShi leaving a fiery path along the wound.. * David leaps back * Darin holds his Blade tightly... and begins debating about what he should do.. looking at the Blade in his hand.... * Reisha whispers to David. "Now that's using your anger at the right time..." * David blinks at Rei, his pupils dilated and nods a little before fixing his feral gaze on the centaur <Narrator> == Gerad tries to block with his spear, but David's speed masters him... Gerad takes 26 damage. <Narrator> == Tyr can attack * Tiernan spins around slowly, as tiny whisps of faerie fire swirl and grow around him. Planting both feet firmly on the ground, the faerie flames burst into life as a collum of white fire that surrounds him, giving him new strength! <Narrator> == Tyr casts Flame Vigor... Tyr gains 15 strength. * Tiernan returns to his defensive position <Narrator> == Reisha can attack * Reisha twirls a bit. "Eat this, stable boy!" * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! <Narrator> == Reisha's lightning falls square on Gerad, his armor enhancing the spell! 18 damage! * Gerad winces slightly. <Tiernan> Please give this up, Gerad...we don't want to kill you either...can't you see hurting innocent people is wrong?...even I can see that... <Reisha> Knights and electricty don't mix.. so give it up, already. ^^ * Gerad does not respond, entranced by his task. <Narrator> == Jess can attack * Jess conjures up a massive fireball between her hands. She brings her hands apart as the fireball splits into two. She then tosses the 2 fireballs at Gerad, hitting him square in the horse chest. <Jess> play with fire, and you're bound to GET BURNED! <Narrator> == The fireballs crash against Gerad, dealing substancial damage... Gerad takes 12 damage. <Narrator> == Darin can attack. <Darin> ..... <Jess> GO DARIN! * Jess cheers Darin on. * Darin sighs.. "If I don't do it.. I'll never learn.." * Darin leaps at Gerad, slashing as hard as he can through the centaur's chest! .... The Blade of Truth glows white! <Tiernan> Oh no...this happened before :/ * Darin closes his eyes.. ."Not again..." <Jess> Oh no....NOT AGAIN! * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Darin <Jess> Darin, GET BACK! * Reisha looks at the glow... <Darin> Nothing stops it's will, Jess... <Reisha> Wait.. it's not gonna... * Darin opens his eyes.... "It's debating..." <Narrator> == Darin attacks Gerad with the Blade of Truth... Gerad takes 21 damage, The blade retaliates, dealing the same damage to Darin. * Darin winces.. and falls to one knee... <Jess> Darin, stay out of the fight. We can take him. * Darin picks up his Blade... and curses it... sheathing it at once.. he is now useless in battle.. <Narrator> == Zoie can attack. <Narrator> == Zoie casts Heal lv. 2 on Darin... <Narrator> == Darin recovers 11 hit points. * Gerad snaps out of his trance, realizing he was attacked with the blade of truth... <Tiernan> Stop this, Sir Gerad! * Reisha holds her ground, preparing another spell.. <Kodah> ... * Jess continues her chanting. * Tiernan holds his arms out, and spreads his wings wide! * Gerad shakes his head.. "Must concentrate.." <Narrator> == Gerad can attack. <Narrator> == Gerad takes a step back and readies his spear... * Tiernan stands firm! * Gerad whispers soft words to himself, then raises his spear yelling, "HOLY LIGHT.... BLAST!" <Kodah> Oh no o.O <Reisha> Looks like he's serious. <Jess> HOLY SHIT! <Narrator> == A giant bolt of white fire slams down on the whole team, excluding Darin... Everyone takes 17 damage. * Tiernan meeps quietly but still stands firm, determined on protecting Kodah. * Reisha tries to focus on defense quickly... * Tiernan winces. * Jess falls to one knee. * Reisha gets dizzied, reeling.. * Reisha shakes her head. "Watch where you're aiming paley.. you almost burnt my new tunic!" :P * Darin blinks... and looks around... wondering why he wasn't affected.... * Gerad returns to his trance. <Narrator> ===== Monster Count: Gerad. ===== <Narrator> == Kodah can attack * Jess tries to stand once more. "Guess I've got to go all out here.....Powers of Mars and Mercury, celestial spirits of fire and ice, let your power shine through me. Become my weapon and decimate this centaur." An aura of aquamarine blue fire surrounds Jess as she keeps up her incantation. * Kodah dashes at Gerad, trying to strike him down! <Narrator> == Gerad tries to parry the attack, but Kodah's speed is blazing... Gerad takes 22 damage. <Kodah> How is it Gerad? To feel pain? How does it feel to recieve rather than give?! * Tiernan stands in front of Kodah again. * Gerad stays in his trance... <Reisha> This guy is sure spacy for the warrior type... <Narrator> == Tyr can attack. * Tiernan rears back and throws his boomerang! As it flies, it splits into 7 parts and slashes madly at the enemy from every angle! <David> Maybe he's on drugs. The stupid bloody camel. <Kodah> Watch yourselves, he would not be in thsi trance if it were not to his benefit <Jess> and Darin's blade seemed to break that trance... <Reisha> What if something's controlling him? <Narrator> == Tyr attacks with his boomerang... The multiple angles of attack take Gerad's defense by surprise... Gerad takes 24 damage. * Darin again draws the Blade of Truth..."He was affected.... by.... " he shakes his head... "I'm going to attack him again.. My Blade seems to knock some sense into him..." * Tiernan catches the boomerang with his right hand. <Reisha> Darin, can you handle another backlash like that? You're still weak. :/ <Narrator> == Dal can attack <Jess> he can if someone keeps healing him... <Narrator> == Dal refrains from attacking, his weapons useless... <Darin> No.. I ... have a different idea... <Narrator> == David can attack. * David dashes to the centaur and leaps up into the air, slashing downwards on Gerad...he then spins from his crouch, slashing across the centaur's belly... * David runs back.. * Darin holds the Blade in front of him, and softly speaks, as if to the Blade. "You see the haze, you've broken it under my false attack... you have the Healing power to knock some sense into him..." <Narrator> == David lashes out at Gerad... Gerad takes the full extent of the damage... <Narrator> == Gerad takes 26 damage. <Narrator> == Reisha can attack * Reisha cracks her knuckles... * Reisha concentrates, chanting quickly "Spirit of Thunder, I call upon thy wrath..strike down the enemies in our path! Bolt 2!" The sky above rumbles loudly, as lightning rains down all around Gerad! <Tiernan> Kodah, are you all right? <Kodah> So far <Jess> so good... <Tiernan> Good, let's keep it that way.... <Tiernan> I won't let you get hurt.. <Narrator> == Reisha's bolt 2 pierces Gerad's defenses again... Gerad takes 14 damage. * Jess smiles. "I'm going to enjoy this." <Narrator> == Jess can attack * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases Gerad. Suddenly, the ground under Gerad opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks.... CHILLING INFERNO! <Reisha> Let's see if that wakes him up... <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling inferno... Gerad, still in trance, feels nothing of the spell, but his torso gets badly hurt... 13 damage. <Narrator> == Darin can attack... * Darin looks again at the Blade... "Don't fail me... Break his Trance!" He rushes Gerad, slashing through him again, and then leaps back... and waits for the Blade's Reaction... * David narrows his eyes, growling.. * Jess waits for the blade's action. <Tiernan> Be strong, Darin! <Reisha> Don't get offed again Darin... <Jess> come on, Darin. I believe you can do this. <Narrator> == Darin's blade tries to deal damage to Gerad, but fails to... Gerad snaps out of his trance. <Darin> ... It .. it worked.. <Tiernan> Gerad! Stop! This is pointless.... * Gerad shakes his head and glances at Darin.. "What is this power you hold..? I t--" * Gerad falters... "I am badly hurt. You are formidable foes. Until we meet again." * Gerad turns and runs out of town. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Darin blinks... and stares at the Blade... and murmurs something under his breath.. * Tiernan smiles and untenses. "See Kodah! I told you nothing would hurt you!" * Reisha ponders getting a dagger shot in quickly, but he's way out of range.. * Zoie casts Aura lv. 1 on the team... Everyone returns to full strength. * David looks blank, still crouched.. <Kodah> Well...I'll be... <Reisha> What a persistant guy... <Tiernan> Are you all right? <Tiernan> Is everyone okay? * Reisha folds her hands, and glances down at David... <Kodah> I beleive so <Tiernan> That's great... * Reisha waves a hand in front of davey's face. * Darin shakily sheathes the Blade of Truth... * Tiernan puts his boomerang back in his belt loops <Narrator> Something can be found on the ground where Gerad was standing... * Tiernan blinks and looks at the object Gerad dropped * David breathes hard and kisses the hand suddenly, sheathing the blade of AmeShi....he straightens and takes deep breaths... * Tiernan picks it up. * Jess rushes over and grabs Darin. "Thank Mitula you weren't killed again. <Narrator> The object is a small tube... It seems to contain a scroll of some sorts... * Reisha draws the hand back, and puts an arm around David. * Tiernan opens the scroll and looks at it. * Darin hugs Jess... <Reisha> You know, you've got something into you today, alright.. <Kodah> Whatcha got there Tyr? * David smiles uneasily. "Hey... I'm dealin''s no problem.. I am buff man, hear me roar.." <Tiernan> I don't know..I'm reading it... * Tiernan shows it to Kodah. * Reisha pats his back reassuringly, and laughs. "Oh yeah, Mr. Toughguy.. I'm shaking!" :P <Narrator> The scroll depicts a map... It seems to show the path through a swamp west of Ariss... <Tiernan> It's...a big picture :/ <Reisha> Hey, what ya got there Kodah? * Kodah looks at the scroll <Jess> Looks like someone finally sees the big picture. ^_^ <Tiernan> It's not that big... * Reisha snickers softly.. * David strokes some of Rei's hair and eyes the scroll. "That's our next stop, people." <Tiernan> Where does it go? <Jess> let's go where that map leads...maybe some key to our trip will be at the end of it. <Tiernan> Let's go... <Reisha> If it leads to adventure, I'm all for it... let's just hope we don't see any horses with attitudes for a while. ^^ <Jess> what do you think, Sir Darin? <Kodah> I agree, Gerad won't be beaten for long * Darin nods... "I say we go for it." <Tiernan> If he comes back, I'll protect you again, Kodah.... <Tiernan> Because you're my friend.... <Jess> as will we all, Kodah. We have to stick together. <Kodah> Thanks Tyr, I appreciate that * Tiernan smiles cutely...and actually looks like he's smiling and means it ^_^ <Tiernan> It's nothing...really. * Reisha lifts a finger. "We're a team... and an unbeatable on at that!" <Tiernan> like that. * David nods.. * Darin nods in agreement with Rei... "Exactly!" <David> A team.. * Kodah looks at Tyr's scroll, "It looks like you have a map here Tyr" * Jess nods. "Precisely, Rei." <Tiernan> Ah. I see * Tiernan hands the map to David. "Will you lead us there?" * Jess high fives Reisha. <David> Of course... * David takes the map and nods.. * Reisha smiles in her usual concieted way, but it's not just about herself this time. ^_^ * Reisha slaps Jess's hand back. ;) <David> It's my job as the resident leader-type guy person! <David> So lets go. ^_^ * Tiernan nods! * Tiernan flexes his wings a few times. <Kodah> Hmm...looks like there's an X in the Swamplands * Darin smiles at Jess.. and offers her his arm <<if she hasn't already claimed it ;)>> * Jess stretches for a moment, then latches onto Darin. * David glances at Rei and starts forward.. * Kodah looks at the group, "Anyone interesting in what's pointed out on this map?" <Tiernan> I am... I wonder where it goes? <Jess> let's check it out. <Narrator> The Shining Force heads out yet again for another part of the ongoing adventure... They travel west towards the swamplands, in hope of finding a way to end their odd journey... <Kodah> To the swamp * Reisha catches up to David, not wanting to be left behind in all her self-righteous glory. ^^ * Tiernan blinks. <Tiernan> you have a cramp? You're walking so stiffly. <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====