Shining Force RPG 2 session 13
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force heads out towards the swamplands, which can be apparent as the team moves along... The odor of rotting wood and plants fill the air... * Tiernan scrunches his nose as he walks. * Kodah plods along, thinking to himself * Jess holds her nose. "Man what a stench." <Sasha> Why am I still with these people...? * Dal pinches his nose, frowning at the smell... * Reisha does likewise. "Geez.. this place reeks.." :/ * David glances around, his eyes slightly dark.. <Tiernan> Reeks? * Tiernan blinks * Indigo appears from nowhere. <Indigo> Hi! <Kodah> Smells bad <Reisha> As in smells really bad.. <Tiernan> Oh... * Sasha groans at the smell <Tiernan> Okay... * Indigo blinks at the smell. <Indigo> Eeeeew! * Tiernan tries to avoid Sasha's gaze, still thinking she hates him :/ * Kodah looks at Indigo for a moment, but then turns away <Narrator> Insects buzz by in mass quantities... Some attempting to feed at a few of the group... <Sasha> Why am I doing this? I wouldn't even do this even if I got paid! <Indigo> So....where are we now? * Indigo waves her staff at the insects. * Zoie pulls her hood up * Reisha swats them away.. "Just why were we here again?" ^^ * Dal walks next to Tyr and whispers, "Don't worry, it's not you. ^^;" * Jess causes a aura of fire to surround herself, keeping the bugs away. * Tiernan winces and looks at his hand, where a misquito is feeding on it. <Tiernan> O_o Ack! * Tiernan flails his hand about O_o * Dal smacks the mosquito off Tyr's hand. * Kodah shows Tyr the proper way to swat at mosquitos <Tiernan> Ah---! Oh...thank you. ^_^ * Tiernan swats...a lot :P * David looks around.. "So..." <Kodah> So what? * Indigo looks around. <David> So why're we here again? * Jess walks on through the swamplands. "This place really stinks." <Indigo> So we're in a swamp? The last thing I remember was a town and a burning tent...oh, and David got sick, then I had to go somewhere. <Kodah> We're here because that jerk Gerad dropped a map pointing to this place <David> I'm now wondering if Gerad was mentally unstable. <Narrator> Did I hear the word jerk? Erm... Nevermind. <Indigo> Who's Gerad? <Reisha> Yeah but why in this forsaken place? <Kodah> ... <Jess> who knows. <Tiernan> The person who tried to hurt Kodah... <Tiernan> But we stopped him! ^_^ <Kodah> True...for now * Reisha smiles. "Yeah, boy did we ever.." :P <David> We did okay. * Reisha swats a few mosquitoes... <Kodah> He'll be back though....he always comes back... <Reisha> Maybe there's a cave or soemthing to get away from these damn bugs... <Indigo> Oh. * Indigo looks about... <David> Good idea, Reisha.. <Indigo> Ummm...the Faerie Queen or her minions aren't still about, are they? I remember that fight... <Tiernan> I don't think so... <Indigo> Oh good! * Kodah doesn't seem to be getting bothered by mosquitos * Reisha scopes out the swamp for any caves as they travels through the muck. * Jess continues to trudge along, thinking to herself about this trip. * Tiernan begins to look tired, and swats in several more places. * Indigo walks through the swamp unconcernedly. * David gently swats one off Rei's shoulder <Indigo> Sasha dear, come here! <Tiernan> ...Kodah...? <Kodah> Yes? <Tiernan> you think Sasha hates me...? * Reisha winks. "Thanks Davey... now if you could get the other million.." ;) <Kodah> I doubt it * David grins slightly.. "Sure....where are those?" <Tiernan> Really? She hasn't talked to me in a long time :/ <Kodah> Why don't you try and talk to her? <Tiernan> Really....Talk to her...? <Narrator> Yeah, you dork. :P <Tiernan> ... * Indigo goes to Sasha and begins to brush her hair. <Tiernan> Who keeps talking to me? ;_; <Kodah> If you want to know how she feels about you, then that's the best way to find out. * Sasha snaps at Indigo <Indigo> You really need to take better care of yourself dear. ^_^ <Tiernan> I..Okay... <Sasha> Back off! I'm NOT in a nice mood =( <Reisha> What's it this time Sasha? Feeling gold deprived again? ^^ * Tiernan stops a moment and is near Sasha... <Tiernan> <Jess> hehehe....Indi and Sasha remind me of my mother and me at times...though sometimes we're not on the best of terms at times. <Indigo> I'm your mother and I've seen you in foul moods. Remember, I had to change your diapers remember? * Indigo goes back to brushing, filled with a mother's calm. * Reisha laughs to David. "If I knew, I'd tell you.." ;) <Tiernan> Sasha...? * Tiernan looks very flustered... * David blushes and coughs, looking at his feet suddenly * Kodah trudges along, lost in his own thoughts again * Sasha grumbles <Tiernan> S--Sasha...? * Jess walks along silently with her memories. * Sasha throws her hands in the air <Sasha> Forget you all! * Sasha storms off in the oppisite direction * Tiernan blinks * Indigo goes after her, continuing to brush her hair. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> I....Sasha...! * Reisha looks at Sasha. "Hey.. if you get eaten alive by the bugs don't blame us.." ^^ <Indigo> I think you got your temper from your father. * David looks oddly at Indigo and Sasha.. * Tiernan hangs his head down. <David> Uh....hello? We need to follow the map! * David whistles to Sasha and Indigo * Sasha baps her mother "Will you quit following me?" <Reisha> Oh yeah.. the map.. just where are we heading anyway? <Narrator> A rather large millipede crawls by Reisha's leg... * Sasha starts moving at an even faster pace. * Jess puts her hand on Tyr's shoulder. "I think she's just in one of her foul moods, Tyr. She'll calm down sooner or later." * Reisha looks over David's shoulder, and suddenly shivers.. * Indigo grabs her arm and brings her back. ^_^ * Tiernan looks at Jess, something wet now on his face. * Reisha looks down and Eeks! o_O <Indigo> Come on dear, we'll talk. ^_^ * David blinks and looks at Rei and then at the millipede <Tiernan> Okay... * Jess gives Tyr a reassuring smile. * Reisha composes herself... <Reisha> Let's just get out.. of.. here.. * David raises an eyebrow and kicks the millipede away * Sasha runs away from Indigo "Lemme alone!" <David> Yes. Lets. * Tiernan wipes the wetness away and follows the others...although some of it still falls down his cheeks * Dal sighs and trudges along. <Indigo> I'll be along shortly everyone. <Jess> .oO(Somehow, I know how Sasha feels. I always did resent my parents for spending too much time with their work than me.) <Narrator> The millipede makes an eeping sound and crawls up David's pants * Kodah keeps moving at a steady pace * Jess shakes her head and walks on. * Indigo steps forward and fades, reappearing right in front of Sasha. * David makes a loud erking noise and freezes. ^^; * Reisha watches the millipede go up David's pant leg, wanting to laugh. "Are you some kind of critter magnet?" ^^ <Indigo> Come along dearie, we can talk on the road. ^_^ <David> uh...uh....uh.. * Reisha tries to bat it off... * Sasha leaps up into the air and lands behind Indi, then leaps backward again and continues leaping until she's FAR away from the group and Indi <Narrator> The millipede crawls in David's pants * Indigo just sighs and teleports to her again. <Indigo> Sasha, what's wrong? Why won't you talk to me? We used to be so close. * David twitches and calmly shakes slightly to try and get the millipede out. "" <Sasha> Quit following me! * Sasha storms away from Indigo * Indigo teleports to her again. <Narrator> The millipede latches on hard. * Reisha gets a devious look on ehr face and tries shocking David's leg. <Indigo> You're my daughter and I'll keep following you until you calm down and talk to me! <David> Wha....YIIIIIIIIIIAAAAH! O_o * Tiernan is quiet now, and just looks down at the soggy ground, his wings wrapped around his body <Narrator> == David gets shocked. He takes 1 damage. * David glares at Rei ;P <David> Gee, thanks! <Reisha> Hey.. got any better ideas how to get a hungry millipede off? :P * Jess pays no attention to what's going on around her...too caught up in her thoughts. * Reisha glares back at David, with some mischief in her eyes.. <David> Sure. If I was alone I'd just take my flippin' pants off and shake the millipede out.. ^^; <Narrator> The millipede crawls up on David's chest... * David reaches into his tunic and hauls the millipede out! <David> Hah! <Narrator> == The millipede bites David's hand. David takes 1 damage. David is poisonned. * Kodah waits for Sasha and Indi to make another circut around the group, "Indigo, may I see you for a moment?" <David> .... * Reisha watches David, blinking.. * Tiernan looks up and walks off in the opposite direction... * David throws the FLUFFING GOD DAMN MILLIPEDE AT THE GM! * Indigo looks at Kodah. <Indigo> Wait. * Indigo glows brown. * Narrator blocks and lets the millipede go back to its swampland... <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, restrain my daughter until we can talk! * David looks sickly because of the poison. "Ow....stupid bug.." * Reisha looks at david's hand muttering about stupid bugs.. <Reisha> That was some attitude that bug had.. you alright? <David> Sure....I feel a little sick...but I'm fine.. ^^; <Kodah> Indigo, does the phrase, 'over-enhanced-maternal-instinct' mean anything to you? <Indigo> What are you talking about Kodah? * Reisha tries looking at the map again... <David> Anyway...uh...lets check out the map.. ^^; * Dal sighs. ^^; <Kodah> Can't you see that you're smothering your daughter with too much attention? * David looks at the map from over Rei's shoulder ^_- <Narrator> The map depicts the present location, true south being the next direction... <Narrator> Tyr is nowhere in sight. <Indigo> I'm her mother! <Jess> you're also not letting her grow up on her own, Indi. <Indigo> I have to protect and raise my baby girl, especially with her father gone. <Reisha> Hmm.. well it looks like we're going south.. wherever that leads.. <Kodah> You may not have noticed...but your BABY is a bit on the young-adult side <Indigo> She used to be such a good girl, then her father died, and she ran away..... * Indigo cries. <David> Yeah...we need the group to get together now.. * Reisha looks up.. <Reisha> Hey.. where's that TYr..? <Kodah> Did you ever stop to think WHY your daughter ran away? <Indigo> M...maybe she inherited my insanity, maybe she had a split personality the whole time... <Jess> better yet, Where's Darin? Anybody see him? <David> No idea..... <Kodah> Maybe you should ask her <David> Lovely...okay....we need to get the group focused and together.. <David> Tiernan! Sasha! <Reisha> If they landed in some huge spider web, I think I'm going to get sick.. <Jess> DARIN! <David> Happy thoughts, Rei.. <Indigo> I raised her to be a good girl, to live with the curse as best as she can, the way I and all of her ancestresses before her have had to live. I...I don't want her to be unprepared when the curse takes effect... * Jess looks around.... * Indigo is sitting under a tree, sobbing. <David> Come on people! We have a map to follow! <Kodah> Did you ever stop to think that maybe you overdid it? * David sighs and looks around. ^^; * Reisha calls out a few times. "Hey Tiernan....Darin... you out there..?" <Indigo> No. From what I remember of my mother, before I stabbed her to death, she raised me the same way, and so did Father. * David feels sicker and mutters.. "Lovely...damned millipede poisoned me...." <Kodah> And so you;re going to raise Sasha the same way so she can stab you too? <Jess> you really think that's wise, Indi? * Kodah snaps his fingers, and summons a tiny succubus, who flies over to David. After she bestows a quick kiss, David is restored. <Kodah> There * Reisha stops walking, surveying the swampy surroundings... <Indigo> I was insane. I cut off Father's ummm....well, you known, bit by bit with a steak knife before I stabbed him in the heart. <Narrator> == David's poison is lifted. * Reisha blinks as a tiny succubus kisses David... she looks a little jealous... ^^ * David blinks slightly and coughs, blushing.. "Uh...thanks, Kodah.." <Reisha> .... anyway... <Reisha> Tiernan! You out there? <Indigo> Sasha will be a sorceress some day, as I and every female of our line have ever been. She has to be ready. I trained her, until she ran off. I don't know why. Crest and I were good parents.... <Jess> TYR! <Kodah> Have you ever asked Sasha how she feels about all you attention? <Narrator's Aid> There is no answer. <Indigo> What need is there to ask? I'm her mother. <Jess> TIERNAN! * Indigo looks at Sasha. <Kodah> Plenty <Reisha> I don't know.. Tyr's pretty vulnerable to wander of by himself.. <Indigo> Dao, don't hurt her, just hold her. <Kodah> Have you ever considered the idea that maybe she resents all the attention? <Indigo> How can she? She's my daughter. * Indigo is still sobbing. * Reisha raises a hand, and yells into the arguing mess. "Hey people!" :P <Kodah> If you have to ask that then you have no busines BEING a mother <Indigo> I...I need to take her be examined. <Dal> Yeah? <David> By Mitula's tits..... * Kodah stomps off, thouroughly disgusted * Indigo looks at David. <Indigo> Don't blaspheme David! * Kodah heads back to the group <Reisha> In case you didn't know, we're trying to stick together here.. <Narrator> Mmm.. Mitula's tits... * David looks frustrated <Indigo> She doesn't really like blasphemy you know. I've talked to her. <Reisha> And now Tiernan's gone. * Indigo looks about. <Indigo> Dao? Where are you? <Reisha> Anybody see where he went? * Kodah's ears perk up, "Tyr's missing?" <David> He is. * Reisha folds her arms commandingly. <Kodah> Great... * Kodah starts looking around for Tyr * Indigo goes to Sasha and looks closely at her. <Kodah> Tyr! Where are you?! <David> TIERRRRRRRNAN! Where the heck are you?! <Narrator> A score of spiders scuttle south west... <Narrator's Aid> There is no answer still. <Jess> TYR! TIERNAN! HEY, TIERNAN! * Indigo hugs her. * Indigo looks up. * Reisha notices the spiders out of the corner of her eye.. <Indigo> Hey nice guy! Where are you? <Kodah> Hey Tyr! This isn;t a good place to wander off on your oen you know * Reisha takes a couple of steps to the southwest, looking for where the spiders went. "I have a bad hunch.." <Dal> Wuh-oh. <Jess> not good... <Jess> let's follow the spiders. <Kodah> ... <David> uh...what if they're just spiders? <Indigo> I'll stay here until Sasha talks again. * Kodah heads after Reisha * Indigo points to her daughter. * Sasha walks off.... looking for Tyr, and ignoring everyone. <Indigo> Dao will hold her here, so don't worry about her running off. * Indigo sighs. <Reisha> You do that Indy.. and get us some bug spray while you're at it... <Indigo> Dao.... * Indigo glows brown. * Reisha heads after the spiders.. <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, hold my daughter! <Kodah> Tyyyr! Where are you?! * David follows Rei.. <Reisha> Hey Tyr! * Sasha continues walking looking for Tyr. <Sasha> Hey Tiernan, where the hell are ya? * Indigo sighs and follows. <Narrator> More spiders head south... <Jess> TIERNAN!!!!!!!!!! <Indigo> Tiernan! Come on, we're your friends, remember? The Shining Force! <Reisha> Hmm.. they're heading south.. * David struggles through the swamp.. " here often?" <Indigo> I know! <Indigo> Let's knock down the scenery! That'll get his attention. * Indigo glows blue. <David> Lets not and say we did O_o * Reisha looks at david sacastically, "Oh yeah.. great picnic spot.." :P <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, flood the swamps to help us find our friend! * Jess looks around, and silently wonders to herself. "Where did they go to? Darin, Tyr? This is getting way too weird." <Reisha> Uh Indy.. o_O <Narrator> == The summons goes unanswered... <Dal> Hmm. <Reisha> Maybe this map ahs something to do with it.. they're going south.. * Indigo frowns. * Reisha keeps moving. <Indigo> What is with the Elementals today? * Indigo assumes her stern lecture pose. <Kodah> Indigo, if you try one more stupiud summon you're going to be sucking silt, understand? * Jess looks around again for Darin. "Where is he anyway?" <David> I swear....we're going to need to get him like....a leash...or maybe duct tape him to.....Indigo or Jess.. <Indigo> I'm going to have to have a serious talk with those Elementals.... <Indigo> Hmm? * Reisha laughs... "Or maybe Sasha if we wanted to be devious.." ^^ <Jess> hey, don't even think about that, David. These clothes are band new. <Indigo> Dao never showed up to hold Sasha for our talk and now this.... <Indigo> I'll keep an eye on him. ^_^ * Reisha calls out Tyr's name a few more times, heading south still.. * Kodah keeps following the Spiders and keepign an eye out for Tyr * Jess yells out for Darin or Tyr, silently wondering, "Where in the world are they?" <Narrator> The spiders all do a sharp turn west, tons more heading in that direction... <Reisha> I'm telling you.. if they ended up where I think they did.. o_o; * David hmms.... "Then we get industrial bug spray." <Jess> DARIN! TYR! WHERE ARE YOU?! <Kodah> Hey Tyr! Enough with the hide-and-seek already! * Reisha readies some lightning just incase.. * Jess conjures up a fireball. "Gotta be prepared." * Reisha turns west after the spiders.. * Jess follows Rei. <Narrator> The spiders head south east, their numbers so large, they spread out many feet around.. * David draws AmeShi and follows Rei carefully.. <Dal> . o O (I hate spiders...) <Kodah> ... * Dal follows everyone else. ^^; <Reisha> This isn't good.. <David> It could be worse. It could be snakes. <Narrator> A small snake crawls up David's leg. <Reisha> Gee.. thanks for the cheerful conversation Davey.. ^^ * David rips the snake off and beats it on a tree! * Kodah keeps moving <Narrator> The snake eeps and slithers away. * Reisha tries her best to keep cool around the swarms of spiders.. <Reisha> Tyr, you better be here! <Narrator> The spiders scatter suddenly... The area starting to light up... A small grove can be seen up ahead... * Kodah watches carefully * Dal blinks. * David tenses and readies AmeShi, heading for the grove.. * Reisha follows David, dropping behind him.. * Jess follows Rei, a few steps behind. <Narrator> Three large spider webs can be spotted... A multitude of small spiders crawl all over it... <Kodah> ..? * Reisha looks up... <David> Erk.....uh...Tiernan? You here, buddy? <Narrator> The one on the right has Darin, who seems unconscious... The left one holds Tyr... <Jess> Oh no.....DARIN! <Kodah> Crud... <Reisha> I knew it! * David stares and erghs, heading for the web with Tiernan in it.. <Dal> ... ergh. * Jess conjures up a fireball. "I'll try to burn them down from there." <Narrator> Spiders climb on David, covering him slowly... <Reisha> Let's burn the webs and free those two... can you handle it Jess? * Tiernan 's body is still, his face white and covered with spider webs. <David> AAAH O_o <Jess> you got it, rei. <Reisha> David..! o_O * David rolls backward and swats the spiders away. "GETOFFGETOFFGETOFF" * Darin doesn't move... his face deathly pale. * Jess throws her fireball at the web holding Darin. MARS....FIRE.....IGNITE! <Narrator> The spiders crawl away from David... * Reisha rushes to David, and knock sthe spiders off with a few particles of thunder in her fingers.. * Kodah moves to one side, looking for the right moment to make his move * David stares and coughs, inching closer to Rei.. "Uh....thanks..." <Reisha> Don't mention it.. <Narrator> The fireball propulses itself towards the spider web... Suddenly, a rather large red spider falls down from the tree branches overhead and gets impacted by the fireball... The fireball disperses.... <Jess> Oh cripes.... <David> Agh. Boss time. * Reisha concentrates and hurls the stored electricity in a ring around Tiernan's holding place. * David brings AmeShi to bear and grins almost joyfully... * Jess begins her incantations... * Reisha looks over her shoulder.. <Narrator> The bolt of lightning heads toward spider web... Again, a rather large yellow spider leaps down and blocks the bolt, absorbing it... <Reisha> Oh crud.. o_o * David inches towards the yellow spider and slashes at it ^^; <Narrator> The small spiders push David back, crawling all over his body... <David> Agh O_o <Jess> and me without a weapon..... * David leaps back <Narrator> Another large spider, much larger than the two others lowers itself between the two... A dark blue color.... * Reisha tries unloading a dagger right at the yellow spider's eye... <Kodah> ... * Dal stays back, biting his lip. <Jess> that one must be water or ice elemental... <Narrator> The dagger is deflected by the smaller spiders... * David narrows his eyes and snarls, twirling the fiery blade.. * Reisha fumes. "Why is it never easy.." <Narrator> The large spider's eyes glow deep red as a thought passes through the whole team's mind... "*hissing voice* You have invaded our sanctum... We shall feast on your flesh for days to come..." <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <David> Oh shut up and fight. <Jess> O_o <Jess> no matter what, you won't stop me from getting to Darin...EAT THIS! <Dal> ... ew. * Kodah cracks his knuckles and gets ready <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Elemental spiders: Red spider, Yellow Spider, Blue spider. ===== * Reisha shakes the thought out. "In your dreams.. we'll hang ya by those 8 legs over a roasting fire.. then who'll be featsing.." :P <Jess> Rei, concentrate on the Blue Spider with your thunder magic, OK? <Jess> that red one is mine.... <Reisha> Going to give it a chill, Jess? I got you.. <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal concentrates, surrounds his daggers with a blazing fire, and throws them in a blur at the yellow spider! <Narrator> == The daggers fly towards the yellow spider... They plant into its flesh, but do not seem to cause too much damage... 6 damage. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. * Sasha looks at Tiernan and Darin "Now how in the hell did you guys get stuck up there?" <Sasha> I leave leave for one moment and you guys are just helpless without me <Jess> that doesn't matter, Sasha...let's just get them down from there! <Jess> Rei: So is thunder.... <Narrator> == Kodah casts Detox on Tyr... * Kodah snaps his fingers, and summons a tiny succubus, who flies over to Tyr. After she bestows a quick kiss, Tyr is restored. <Narrator> == Tyr is free of the poison that binds him... He slowly awakens... <Kodah> Wake up time Tyr! * Tiernan stirs and his eyes flutter open <Tiernan> Where....? * Tiernan looks down <Tiernan> a---AH! O_o <Narrator> == David can attack. * Tiernan struggles to free himself from the webbing O_o <Reisha> Tyr! We'll get you down.. keep your wings on.. ^^ * David leaps at the blue spider and snarls animalistically, slashing at it three times with the fiery blade of AmeShi! <Narrator> Tyr gets more stuck as he wiggles around. <Sasha> Tyr, don't move too much! You'll get more stuck! <Tiernan> This...this stuff is smothering me! O_o <Sasha> Wait until we get rid of these spiders! * Tiernan stops and gasps deeply for breath. <Narrator> == AmeShi slashes through the blue spider quite easily... It takes 40 damage. * David leaps back and smiles wryly.. "That was fun. Lets do it again." <Narrator> == The blue spider can attack. <Tiernan> Look out! <Narrator> == The blue spider screetches... A handful of spiders cover the wound and merge with it... The blue spider gains 40 HP. <David> .... <Kodah> ... <Reisha> Dman it.. * Tiernan looks on helplessly. <Narrator> == Reisha and Zoie can attack. * Reisha grins and flexes her magic muscles... <Narrator> == Zoie defends. * Reisha concentrates, chanting quickly "Spirit of Thunder, I call upon thy wrath..strike down the enemies in our path! Bolt 2!" The sky above rumbles loudly, as lightning rains down all around Blue Spider! <Narrator> == The bolt of power crashes down on the blue spider... It takes 31 damage. * Kodah circle around towards Darin <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. <Reisha> Yeah.. that's the way alright... <Jess> alright, Reisha! * Tiernan tries to struggle in a way where he won't become stuck, but it doesn't quite work ^_^; <Reisha> Get that red one Jess... cool it off... ;) <Jess> got chilling reception coming up for the red spider. * Sasha hammers down with thunder magic on the yellow spider <Narrator> == Sasha casts bolt on the yellow spider... The yellow spider absorbs the attack. It gains 0 life. <Kodah> ... * Reisha pokes Sasha. "Earth to Sasha.. it absorbed by bolt, remember?" :P <Narrator> == The yellow spider can attack. * Tiernan blinks. "Oh no..." <Narrator> == the yellow spider, still crackling with energy, throws a large bolt in Jess' direction <Jess> O_O * Tiernan struggles more as the strange wetness reappears on his face. <Jess> anyone got a magic barrier? <Narrator> == Jess takes the bolt full force, throwing her back. <Narrator> == Jess takes 12 damage. * Jess is knocked backwards.. <Reisha> Jess...! <Jess> I'll be fine... * Jess gets up slowly...and continues her incantation. <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * Jess begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE Lv.2!" Jess then points her right hand to Red-Spider as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. * Reisha smacks Sasha. "Stop worring about your mother and choose your targets better.. you'll get us all killed.." <Narrator> == Jess casts Freeze lv. 2 at the red spider... The red spider loses its brightness as the spell hits it... 32 damage. * Sasha glares at Sasha "Shut up! What do you know?" <Narrator> == the red spider can attack. <Narrator> == The red spider defends. * Tiernan stops struggling, his body shaking... <Reisha> Obviously a lot better than you judging by the pain that blue one's feeling.. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Red, blue and yellow spiders. ===== <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal concentrates, and casts Blaze on the Blue spider. <Narrator> == Dal casts blaze lv. 1. * David sheathes AmeShi.. <Narrator> == The flames burn at the spider, reducing its size under the flames... 22 damage. * David chants softly, eyes closed.. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. <Tiernan> I...I can't...I can't breathe... * Tiernan gasps again <Narrator> == Kodah casts Detox on Darin... * Kodah snaps his fingers, and summons a tiny succubus, who flies over to Darin. After she bestows a quick kiss, Darin is restored. <Kodah> Would someone with an edged weapon cut Tyr and Darin loose already?! <Narrator> == Darin is freed from his poison... He awakens. * Darin slowly opens his eyes... "Wha? What happened.. wh.. where am I?" <Narrator> == Zoie and Reisha can attack. * Reisha tries flicking a few daggers around the hulking yellow spider aiming at Tyr's bonds. <Jess> Indigo, try to summon Dao on that yellow spider! * Indigo reappears. * Tiernan keeps gasping for air. O_o <Indigo> What spider? <Jess> the yellow one, Indi * Reisha shrugs and just zaps blue guy again and again... "Encore.. Bolt 2!" :) <Narrator> == Indigo can attack. <Narrator> == Zoie defends. * Indigo glows black. <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt 2 on the Blue spider... Same effect, it takes 31 damage. <Indigo> Doom, Elemental of Death, kill that spider! <Jess> NO, INDI....DAO! * Tiernan begins to go slack against the webbing, lacking precious oxygen. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Doom... Doom summons a black haze around the spiders... All three are unaffected. * Reisha tries flicking a few daggers around the hulking yellow spider aiming at Tyr's bonds. (repost) ^^ * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> What's going on? <Narrator> The daggers knick at the spider web ever so slightly. <Narrator> Part of it tears... <Narrator> == The blue spider can attack... * Tiernan's hand becomes free, and it dangles in the air * Reisha frowns. "That stuff is tough... can you move Tyr?" <Tiernan> I...i...*gasp*...i'll try... * Darin struggles against the webbing around him.. he feels his strength leaving him, as he panics.. * Tiernan tries to get out of the webbing as best as he can. <Narrator> == The blue spider screetches again... The spiders gather and merge, healing him for 40 HP again. <Jess> Darin, hold tight, I'll get you down soon! <Narrator> == David can attack * David chants quickly and levels a finger at Jess. <David> ¤Heal.... * David casts Heal on Jess. A white light rains down on Jess, healing all wounds.. <Jess> Thanks, David..I needed that. * Indigo watches. <Indigo> What's going on? <Narrator> == David casts heal on Jess... Jess regains 13 HP. <Jess> These spiders have Darin and Tyr. * David nods and takes out AmeShi, crouching. "We're having tea and cupcakes. Duh, woman." * Tiernan finally becomes free, and lands uncerimonously on his butt ^_^; He gasps for air! O-o <Narrator> Tiernan squishes tons of spiders as he falls... * Dal gets Tyr out of the way. * Jess gets a gleam in her eyes as she chants out her freeze spell once more. <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. * Tiernan follows Dal, still gasping for air <Narrator> == Sasha lashes out at the yellow spider. <Tiernan> Th-ank you....Riesha... * Reisha extends a hand to hual him off the spidery mound.. * Darin writhes in panic, suddenly aware that he can't breath. * Tiernan takes it! <Reisha> No problem kid.. ;) <Tiernan> Help Darin too! :/ If you can... <Jess> DARIN, HOLD ON! I'VE GOT YOU AS SOON AS THIS THING IS FINISHED! <Dal> You okay, Tyr? <Tiernan> I...i think so now...I can breathe again... <Tiernan> Thank you for finding me. :/ * Sasha bangs on the yellow spider <Narrator> == Sasha deals 17 damage on the yellow spider. <Tiernan> «ooc: ^_^ Not just me then » * Reisha looks at Tyr. "Don't tell me, Sasha's screaming got to you?" ^^ <Tiernan> Yeah... <Narrator> == The yellow spider can attack. <Tiernan> It was eyes started to leak....I wonder why... <Narrator> == The yellow spider climbs up on its web, out of firing range... <Narrator> == Then heads over the blue spider, still out of range... <Reisha> You were crying.. I'll explain later, ok? ^^ <Tiernan> Okay... * Tiernan mumbles to himself. "Crying...?" <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * Jess begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE 2! Jess then points her right hand to red-spider as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. <Narrator> == Jess casts freeze lv. 2 at the red spider... The red spider makes a weird popping noise as the fire around itself dies out more... 31 damage. <Narrator> == the red spider can attack. <Narrator> == The red spider follows the yellow spider, taking a position over the blue spider. <David> this some kind of weird spider orgy? * Reisha digs her heels into the ground... <Tiernan> What is it doing...? <Jess> Reisha, Tyr, get Darin down from there. I'll concentrate my magic on that blue spider. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Red, yellow, blue spider. ===== * Tiernan blinks... <Reisha> David, where the hell is your mind right now? Concentrate on the battle! :P <Tiernan> I...if you can distract it, maybe I can get him down... * David eyes Rei... "Mm. You kn-....okay, yeah, the battle." <Jess> I'll use my magic to do just that. <Narrator> == Dal can attack. <Tiernan> Great...thank you... * Tiernan's eyes narrow as he looks for a way to Darin. <Dal> Goddamn piece of shit... * Tiernan blinks. "What's shit?" * David steadies himself and the flames flicker brighter on AmeShi.. * Dal throws flame-enveloped daggers at the blue spider! * Darin shudders...his eyes closing as he gasps for breath. <Dal> ... <Dal> Don't ask, Tyr, just don't ask... * Dal sweats. ^^; <Tiernan> Um... O_o <Jess> this might get a little warm.. <Narrator> == Dal attacks the blue spider. <Narrator> == The daggers pierce the blue Spider's hide easily, dealing massive damage. 34 damage. <Jess> Hurry, Tyr....use that boomerang of yours. <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan spreads his wings and draws himself in close, then spreads his wings and arms wide! "Infinite Earth Mother, gather your power unto my hand and bring forth your heated fury!" With a mighty shout, he thrusts his hands forward, as dozens of magma spouts erupt beneath Yellow Spider! <Tiernan> Take this! <Jess> to hell with it..I'll that web and get him down from there. <Jess> Reisha, take care of the spider, OK? <Tiernan> Just hang on Jess! Once you attack, I'll try to reach him! <Reisha> Sure thing Jess.. I'm just getting started! :P <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Exploder lv. 2 on the yellow spider. It takes the full extent of the spell, shrinking at the attack... 32 damage. * Jess nods at rei. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. * Reisha curls her fists up, drawing in power for another volley... <Jess> Indi, use water neptune on the red spider. <Indigo> Huh, what? <Indigo> I thought you wanted me to use Dao. <Jess> to hell with it...just fight,. <Jess> my mind is so clouded with worry over Darin it's not even funny. * Indigo blinks. * Tiernan blinks and sees and opening. He tries to run to Darin! <Narrator> == Kodah attacks the blue spider... <Indigo> This is confusing. I had to go see someone for a few minutes and now we're in a fight.... * Kodah dashes forward and plants an explosive strike into the Blue Spider's chest! "Rekkuzan!" <Narrator> == The blue spider staggers from the blow... 39 damage. Critical! <Narrator> Tiernan finds his way to Darin. * Kodah moves back away from the spider, waiting for another opening * Tiernan tries to reach up to Darin, but he's too high! <Narrator> == David can attack. <Tiernan> I--I can't reach! * David leaps at the blue spider with a savage roar and hacks at it with his sword! <Jess> Use your boomerang, Tyr... * Tiernan pulls out his boomerang and throws it at the webbing! * Darin starts to feel weak, his mind running rampant with thoughts... he struggles for air.. <Narrator> The boomerang cuts through the webbing, freeing Darin... * Tiernan acks as Darin falls on him! O_o <Narrator> == David slashes at the blue spider, causing massive damage... 42 damage! Critical! Dispatched. * Jess gets ready to cast. * David walks back to the group and grins, crouching... <Tiernan> D--darin....are you...okay? * Tiernan squeezes his way out. <Narrator> == The small spiders cover the blue spider's carcass, regenerating it... It gains 40 HP. * Darin falls to the ground, not quite unconcious, but very weak... he tries to get up... and nods slightly at Tyr. <David> .... <Narrator> The number of spider slowly diminishes... <Dal> ... damn. <Kodah> You have got to be kidding... <David> If I only had half the power my mother had.. <Tiernan> Great.... <Jess> time to take out the trash.... <Narrator> == Indigo can attack. * Tiernan drapes one of darin's arms over his shoulder, and tries to lead him back to Jess. <Jess> How is he, Tiernan? * Indigo shrugs and glows blue. <Tiernan> He'll be okay. ^_^ <Tiernan> He's just a little tired. * Jess breathes a sigh of relief. * Darin tries to move, but only succeeds in thrashing slightly.. still weakened.. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, wash them away. Flood the entire swamp if need be. <Jess> Now, time for that red spider to PAY! <Narrator> == Indigo summons Neptune... * Tiernan gets back into battle position. <Narrator> == Neptune showers down heavy rain on the spiders... The small spiders are washed away..... The red spider takes 36 damage, the yellow spider takes 42 damage, the blue spider is healed for 15 HP. <Narrator> == Reisha and Zoie can attack. <Narrator> == Zoie casts Aura on the group... Everyone regains 10 HP. * Jess kneels down and checks on Darin before going back to her spells. <Tiernan> Don't worry Jess...he is all right... * Indigo leans against a tree. * Kodah circles around the spiders, looking for an opening * Darin closes his eyes... slowly regaining his strength now that he can breath. * Reisha zaps the blue one again! "Die darn you!" <Reisha> Bolt 2! <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt 2 on the blue spider... It takes 32 damage. <Narrator> == The yellow and red spiders can attack... <Tiernan> Look out!! O_o <Narrator> == The red and yellow spiders merge together and dives at the team... <Dal> O_o <Kodah> o_O <Tiernan> O_o Ah!! <Jess> O_o <Darin> .... * Dal gets the hell out of the way! <Jess> HOLY MARY MOTHER OF MITULA! * Indigo jumps aside. * Tiernan steps in front of Sasha, to take her part of the damage, if possible ^_^; * David edges in front of Reisha <Reisha> Incoming! <Indigo> I don't think Mitula had a mother to be honest...I'll have to ask her.... * Jess positions herself between the spiders and Darin. <Narrator> == They crash into the ground, sending a wave of fire and lightning in a 100 feet radius, making the earth rumble loudly. The team takes 20 damage each. * Indigo stands near Sasha to protect her. <Indigo> Ow! * Reisha falls over backwards.. * Indigo falls to her knees. <Jess> Owie..... * Kodah reels! * David grunts.. * Tiernan screams and hits a tree! O_o * Jess is knocked to one knee... <Narrator> == The spiders return to their regular forms and scuttle back to their original places. * Darin winces... the strength he regained knocked back a notch or two.. (or three...) <Tiernan> Oh....that hurt... <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. <Jess> you got that right. * Tiernan stumbles back into position * Jess slowly stands back up...chanting softly. * Sasha beats the living crap outta the yellow spider <Narrator> == Sasha attacks the yellow spider... It takes 18 damage. * Dal gets knocked down. <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * Jess begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE 2! Jess then points her right hand to red-spider as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. <Jess> DIE DAMMIT! * Reisha gets to her feet. "This isn't my day..." <Narrator> == Jess casts Freeze Lv. 2 at the red spider... It jerks in an odd position and melts away to nothingness as the spell hits it. 32 damage. Dispatched. <Narrator> == Darin can attack. * Kodah wipes some blood from his cheek and gets ready to act again <Tiernan> Y--yes! We got one! <Indigo> That takes care of one. * Indigo goes to look after Sasha. * Jess drops to one knee. "Thank Mitula that one's finished...Now for the other two." * Darin draws his blade and aims carefully at the Yellow Spider... and hurls himself at it slashing as hard as he can in his weakened state. <Tiernan> I'm...tired.. * Tiernan wobbles. <Narrator> == Darin's blade glides through the yellow spider, cutting it cleanly in half... 25 damage. Dispatched. * Jess is clearly exhausted..... <Narrator> ===== Monster Count: Blue spider. ===== * Dal catches Tyr... "You just rest, okay?" <Narrator> == Dal can attack. <Tiernan> But...the spider.... * Darin collapses to his knees.. * Dal rushes up to the spider and stabs it in its chest with a blodd-curdling yell. "DIE!" * Dal can't answer Tyr... * Tiernan falls on his ass and watches Dal fight <Narrator> Dal attacks the blue spider... It makes a gut wrenching sound as the blade slides through its hide, then plops down in death spasms... 28 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Tiernan> We...did it! * Kodah sighs in relief <Indigo> Whatever it was, yes. ^_^ <Reisha> Finally... * David sheathes AmeShi and looks to Rei.. "You okay?" * Jess checks on Darin once more. "Are you,U§v Darin?" * Dal collapses, exhausted. <Reisha> I've had better days.. but yeah. * David squeezes Rei's shoulder and looks around.. <Darin> I.... I'll be fine... just... so ... exhausted.. that poison took a lot out of me... <Jess> I think we've all seen better days after that fight. * Tiernan is sorta left alone, but he's smiling anyway, glad the spider is dead. * Darin smiles at Jess weakly. <Kodah> ... <David> We should set up camp or something.. <Narrator> Sunlight slowly takes over in the once dark grove... Swampland seeming more alive than before... An opening southwards seems to lead out of the swamp... * Jess returns the weak smile with one of her own. * David blinks. "Or we go south." * Darin goes over to Tyr, and extends his hand. "I owe you.. Thanks." <Jess> and hope it leads to a town. * Indigo tends to Sasha and Tiernan. <Tiernan> No problem... <David> A town would be nice.... * Tiernan takes the hand and hauls himself up. ^_^ * Reisha nods to David. * Jess hauls herself up to her feet. <Tiernan> Reisha... * Jess stands up, legs wobbly. <Reisha> Yeah, Tyr? <Tiernan> Can you...tell me what Crying is now? * Darin stumbles over to Jess, and offers her his support. * Tiernan blinks <Sasha> I'd would perfer to get to a nice warm bed right now and wash off this swamp shit off my body * Reisha rubs her head. "OH.. hehe...well.." * Jess gladly accepts Darin's offer and props herself against Darin. * Kodah heads south, anxious to leave teh swamp behind <Narrator> == Zoie casts Aura on the party. The group recovers. <Tiernan> What is crying...? * Jess follows Kodah. <Reisha> Crying is hard to explain.. a lot fo times it means you're sad... but it can also be tears of happiness sometimes.. * Darin slides an arm around Jess, half to support her, half ... just cuz. * David lazily links an arm around Rei's shoulders... "C'mon.....we can explain to him on the way." * Indigo picks Sasha up and dusts her off. <Sasha> It's an emotion Tyr, usually when someone is very upset they cry. <Tiernan> How strange... <Tiernan> Oh... <Tiernan> Sasha... * Tiernan gulps. <Tiernan> Do you...hate me? <Sasha> Or they can be very happy and cry too. * Sasha blinks <Sasha> Hate you? <Tiernan> Yes... * Reisha atkes David's offer. ^^ <Tiernan> You were angry at me back at the inn... * Sasha smirks "Now how can I hate you?" <Tiernan> I...i don't know... <Tiernan> I thought it was my wings... * David smiles at Rei warmly and walks south.. "C'mon, Tier and Sasha and people....lets move out..." <Sasha> I wasn't angry at you! I was just in a bad mood that's all. <Tiernan> Oh...really? <Reisha> Lead on, Commander.. * Tiernan smiles. * Jess latches onto Darin nd holds on for dear life. "Do you know just how scared I was for you, Sir Darin?" * Reisha smiles a tad mickingly. ^^ <Tiernan> I'm glad! It's better to be friends than hate each other, isn't it? <Sasha> And your wings are very beautiful, you should be quite proud of them <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> b...beautiful? * David takes one of Rei's hands and kisses the knuckles. "Aye, m'lady....lead I shall." <Narrator> The swamp opens up south to a large open space... The open sea can be spotted from afar... A steep cliff seems to stop the team from advancing towards it. In the middle of the cape, a large obelisk stands, many ancient runes carved on its ancient stone... <Darin> No, Jess.. I don't... but.. I never should have walked away from your side... I'm sorry... <Kodah> What's this? <Tiernan> What is that? * David raises an eyebrow. "Good time, possibly?" * Reisha blushes a little. "And I thought chivalry was dead" * Sasha nods "It's a description, it means that you have very pretty wings." * David winks at Rei and lets her hand go, opening the map.. <Tiernan> No, I know what beautiful means... <Jess> I'm just glad you're OK. Seeing you like that made me want to kill those things jus to rescue you. * Kodah looks at the Obelisk <Tiernan> But I never thought my wings were pretty... * Indigo goes and studies the runes, concealing her smile. <David> this the big X thing? * Darin hugs Jess close. <Sasha> Well, I think so. <Tiernan> You're a nice person, Sasha. <Tiernan> If only we could get closer to those strange carvings... <Jess> How do we get past this cliff? * David nods to himself and rolls the map back up.. "Yeah...hmm...puzzling, indeed.." * Tiernan flexes his wings behind his back a few time, in a almost curious gesture. <Narrator> The runes can be partially read by Indigo... Most of them are surrounded by odd drawings... One of them looks like Indigo summoning the 8 elementals... * Dal is nearly asleep on his feet... <Kodah> Okay, so if this is the X, why was Gerad interested enough in it to have a map? <Dal> Oh... cute... <David> Who knows....whats the runes Indi is lookin' at.. <Narrator> The 8 elementals look menacing, as they attack a large city... * David heads over and eyes them... "'s" <Tiernan> Indigo.... <Jess> O_o <Narrator> Another of the drawings shows Dal, pursued by a mob of oddly dressed characters... Seemingly thieves... <Kodah> ... * Darin blinks.. * Tiernan takes a few steps forward, so he can see better * David blinks.. <Tiernan> And that's Dal!....but why are those men chasing you? <Narrator> Yet another, shows Tyr casting his exploder spell... His shadow being one of a legendary bird.... * Tiernan stops and blinks at the picture of himself. <Indigo> The 8 Elementals....and I am summoning them...but why are they attacking a city? * Tiernan looks at his shadow. <Tiernan> O_o I'm lost.... <David> Seems someone was having fun sketching odd... * Dal shakes his head... * Sasha looks at the runes "That's not a bad picture of you mom or you Tyr." <Narrator> Kodah, on yet another part of the obelisk, can be spotted in a fight against a blazing centaur... <Dal> . o O (Don't tell me...) * Jess looks at the runes. <Indigo> I dimly remember summoning a tidal wave against Granseal when I was insane, and one against the King of Granseal....but I couldn't summon all 8 then. * David looks a picture of himself, curious.. <Kodah> Hmm...that's me...and Gerad I'll bet <Tiernan> Is it our future...Gerad wasn't on fire... <Narrator> Jess sees a picture of herself, with a sad expression, holding a dead corpse in her arms... <Jess> O_o <Jess> This can't be our future.... * Darin blinks at Jess's picture.... and quickly takes her hand.. * Tiernan takes another step forward. * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> David spots himself... On top of the obelisk... Holding up AmeShi towards the sky, radiant and true... * Reisha wonders if the artists got her good side.. * David tilts his head.. * Sasha looks at the runes "These remind me of that spring...." * Jess takes Darin's hand and then buries her head in his chest, tears streaming down her face. <Indigo> Does this have to do with the reflections we saw in the faerie pond? <Kodah> Maybe... <Darin> I was thinking the same thing, Indigo.. <David> Wow. Uh. I look. Heroic. * Darin looks for one of himself.. * David shakes his head. <Tiernan> But I didn't have a reflection there... <Dal> I don't like this. <Narrator> Reisha seems to be casting a bolt spell... But the form of the spell is chaotic and looks to be extremely powerful.... Her hair flutters wildly... <Indigo> My reflection was shattered and destroyed, and this obelisk shows me commanding all 8 Elementals at once to attack a city...perhaps I lose my mind again. <Narrator> The blade of Truth can be seen planted on the ground... near Jess' picture... But no picture of him can be seen... <Tiernan> Lose...your mind....? * Reisha blinks at it. "Wow.. now that's my kind of artist.." ^_^ <Tiernan> How can one lose their mind...? <Darin> * David raises an eyebrow at Rei's picture. "Interesting...very interesting....doesn't capture the beauty of the real life though." * Darin tightens his arms around Jess.. <Indigo> I was insane for most of my life until the Final Judgment when I got the power to summon all 8 Elementals. The Faerie Queen said I brought destruction on her kind. * Reisha pushes David away with a hand gently at that comment. <Narrator> Sasha's picture simply shows her by a large amount of treasure..... <Tiernan> Sasha! Look! <Indigo> I had two personalities: One was sweet and kind, one was sadistic and cruel. I was insane when I met my husband... * Indigo smiles. * Tiernan points to her picture. <Indigo> But not when I conceived Sasha. * David blinks but doesn't ask, just letting himself be pushed.. <Sasha> Treasure...? Again? <Tiernan> Isn't that what you want? * Jess keeps her face buried in Darin's tunic, not wanting everyone else to see her tears. <Sasha> Well, not that way.... <Narrator> Zoie stands not far from Tyr... Her splendor unsurpassing... She seems quite radiant, an intricately made robe wrapped around her petite form... The stone almost glows radiantly. * Indigo looks at the other pictures. <Tiernan> Wow...Zoie looks pretty too. * David looks at his again.. "I look like a cheap action figure." <Narrator> A passage written in basic language can be spotted at the bottom of all the drawings. <Dal> I look as if I'm in deep shit. <Tiernan> What do you want most, Sasha? <Indigo> David, the noble hero....Kara and Chamolo would be so proud. * Indigo smiles softly. * Reisha giggles. "Yeah.. and I bet with all that lightning around me I could power a small city.." :P * David flinches faintly. " glad I could make them proud." * Darin softly murmurs to Jess.. "It won't happen, Jess... I promise... I won't leave you.." * David looks at the writing.. * Sasha looks at Tiernan... and remains silent "You wouldn't understand..." <Narrator> Another centaur is carved by the text... He seems noble enough, with a look of wisdom in his features... * Indigo looks at the centaur. <Tiernan> Why wouldn't I understand? <Indigo> Hey! A horsey, just like Erin! * Tiernan looks concerened <David> Lady Erin had wings.. <Narrator> The writing reads as follows... "The midnight's eve. Dark, midnight's eve. The key lies in its opposite, the key lies with a phoenix." <Tiernan> I have wings too... <Narrator> A white stone can be spotted at the end of the text... <Sasha> Because, it's something that I could understand * Reisha hmms... <Indigo> A phoenix...where have we seen a phoenix before.... <Dal> Um. <David> Tiernan is a phoenix. <Tiernan> Hmm? * Dal points at Tyr. * Tiernan turns around <Indigo> He is? * Jess whispers "I won't let it happen, Darin." <Tiernan> I am a she? O_o * Indigo looks at Tiernan. * David reaches out and touches the white stone <Indigo> Oh, you are male! <Tiernan> O_o * Tiernan looks at Indigo as if she's crazy * Jess reaches over and touches the stone as well. <Indigo> Well, I see why Sasha likes you then. ^_^ <Narrator> As David touches the stone, it inserts itself into the obelisk... * Indigo touches the stone under her drawing. <Narrator> It slowly starts to sink... <Narrator> The ground rumbles... <Darin> ...... <Jess> O_o * Tiernan blinks. <Tiernan> Wh..why is it doing that?! <David> Uh....please tell me that wasn't the 'blow up and kill everyone' button. <Tiernan> kill?! O_o <Reisha> I hope not.. o_o * Darin holds Jess tightly.. <Dal> Me neither, but I'm not sticking around to find out. <Narrator> The obelisk slowly dissapears into the ground... <Dal> Hunh? <Indigo> I don't think so. How else would the prophecy of these obelisks come true? <Tiernan> That was strange... <Narrator> Out into the sea, over the cliff, a white platform with a large brown box descends from the heavens... * David raises an eyebrow. <Darin> Huh? * Indigo looks at the platform. <Tiernan> O_o Oh my... <Jess> O_o <Narrator> It seems far out into the sea.... <Indigo> Let's go get it! <Tiernan> How can we? * Jess curiously eyes the platform. <Narrator> The platform descends at the same rate as the obelisk. <David> Tyr...can you fly? <Tiernan> Fly? * Tiernan blinks. <David> Uh...with your wings <Tiernan> I never tried... <Narrator> As the obelisk dissapears, the platform levels itself at the height of the cliff. <Indigo> Yeah, you're a bird, so you should have nothing to worry about! ^_^ * Tiernan nods. <Tiernan> I'll....I'll try! <David> Careful.. * Tiernan flexes his wings, runs off the mountain, and tries to go splat on the ground. One or the other. ^_^ <Narrator> The wind catches in Tiernan's wings, lifting him ever so slightly... <Reisha> Watch that wind.. Tyr.. <Tiernan> Ah...this is difficult! * Tiernan puts more effort into it! * David tenses slightly.. <Indigo> Flex your wing muscles! <Narrator> Tiernan glides halfway to the platform... * Tiernan pushes himself to the limit! <Indigo> You'll have to make minute adjustments with your wings to compensate for wind shear and to glide! * Tiernan flexes his wing muscles, like Indi said ^_^ <Narrator> The wind picks up in Tyr's wings again, lifting him higher... <Reisha> Yeah.. what Indy said. ^^ <Tiernan> I'm almost there! <Jess> .oO(Just don't overshoot the platform.) <Narrator> Tienan arrives at the foot of the platform. <Tiernan> I...*huff* made *Puff* it!! * Tiernan smiles and waves to everyone, showing that he's okay * Tiernan grabs the object on the platform * Darin smiles. <Indigo> Good! You even got landing down. Most first-timers have problems with that. * Jess smiles slightly. <Sasha> Bring it down! * Reisha waves back.. * Tiernan nods. holding the box to his chest, he once again has a running start, and jumps off the pedestal! * Tiernan glides in the air, trying to flex his wing muscles, but he looks very tired. <David> You can do it Tiernan! <Jess> Come on, Tyr. <Tiernan> I...I'm almost there... <Narrator> The wind pushes Tiernan back slightly... <Tiernan> Ahhh! * Tiernan struggles against the wind. <Darin> Don't give up, you've almost made it! <Indigo> Adjust your wing muscles! * Tiernan struggles even harder against the wind sheer! <Dal> Go, Tyr! <Narrator> Tiernan manages to touch down on the cliff side with the box. <Reisha> Atta boy Tyr.. bring it home! * Reisha smiles. * Tiernan takes two steps, then collapes, exhausted <Jess> come on, Tiernan, you can do it. <Jess> or just bring the stuff down without the box.. <Jess> someone wanna do the honors of opening the box? * Reisha goes to pat Tyr on the back, but ends up supporting him instead. ^^ * Sasha opens the box <Tiernan> I..did it... * Tiernan smiles weakly. <Sasha> Good job Tyr! <Dal> That was great, Tyr... ^_^ <Tiernan> Really? ^_^ <Darin> Great going Tyr ^_^ * Indigo beams at Tyr. ^_^ <Jess> great work, Tiernan... ^_^ <Tiernan> I'm glad to help. ^_^ <Narrator> Sasha opens the box to find a map of Gandar's isle, an intricately, beautifully, black carved key and a parchment. * Jess grabs the parchment and starts to read. "I wonder what this says." <Tiernan> I'm tired now....I hope we can sleep soon... * Dal looks at the key... <Tiernan> From those spiders jumping on this... * Dal hugs Tyr. "Don't worry, you're safe." <Reisha> Me too, Tyr... me too. ^^; * Tiernan blinks <Darin> I know how you feel Tyr.. <Tiernan> Dal...why did you squeeze my body like that? <Narrator> The parchment states, "Welcome, Shining Force... Congratulations legendary phoenix... Your destiny lies in the midnight's eve." <Jess> don't we all <Tiernan> It was nice. :) <Jess> legendary phoenix? I think that means you, Tier. <Dal> Midnight's eve... that doesn't make sense... <Tiernan> I'm legendary? <Indigo> Be proud Tyr! You're a legend. ^_^ <Dal> ... it's a hug. It's comforting and makes you feel good... * Jess keeps reading. <Dal> Well, usually. <Tiernan> I like it... <Tiernan> ^_^ * Tiernan seems stronger now, and looks at the key and note along with the others. <Narrator> The rest of the parchment is blank. <Jess> Hmmm..... <Jess> Someone grab that map. Let's see where itleads to. * Darin picks up the map <Darin> hmm... * Jess looks over Darin's shoulder at the map. * Reisha breathes out a heavy sigh.. she's bushed.. ^^ <Narrator> The map shows of a path to a large tower... It uses a path to go past the swamp... <Jess> well, we should check that out too. <Jess> who's got that key? * Dal looks at the key... "Nice..." <Indigo> Sasha! Bedtime! Say your prayers and I'll kiss you goodnight. ^_^ <Tiernan> Prayers...? <Sasha> hmmmM? <Jess> Indigo, lighten up. Sasha's just about the same age as I am, for crying out loud. <Sasha> Mom... look, I am 17 years old, I'M NOT A CHILD ANYMORE!!! <Indigo> She's 16. <Sasha> Seventeen! <Tiernan> ...Miss Indigo...I think you're making Sasha upset :/ <Indigo> You'll always be my little girl dearest. ^_^ <Tiernan> I can't beleive I flew... <Tiernan> ^_^ It was fun! <Indigo> She's my daughter. I have to make sure she gets enough sleep so she won't be cranky. ^_^ Her bedtime was....sunset when she ran away, but she's older now, so her bedtime is 10! ^_^ <Tiernan> But I'm tired :/ I can't fly for long... <Darin> I'm exhausted.. how about you Jess? * Tiernan doesn't know what to say to Indigo, since he doesn't really know the concept of 'bedtime' * Reisha puts a hand on Tyr. "You did your best.. I bet you'll fly the skies in no time if you practice.." ^^ <Jess> I'm about to fall out, Darin. <Indigo> You'll get better Tyr! ^_^ <Tiernan> I'd like to fly high...and see the world... <Tiernan> Is that...a good dream to have? <Jess> Indigo, when I was her age, I was about to move out..and did when I was 19. <Tiernan> I want to watch over everyone... ^_^ <Reisha> Be the best in whatever you do! That's my motto! :D <Indigo> My mom flew all the time. In fact, she'd just come back from flying the day I killed her. ^_^ * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> She's not ready to leave the Crystal Tower yet, not for good. She doesn't know how to live with the curse that she and every female of our line carries. <Tiernan> I think I should go to bed first before I fly ^_^; <Sasha> Tiernan, let's just get sleep and let my mom talk. <Tiernan> Okay. :) <Darin> Sleep is good... Jess? <Narrator> Sleep together, Sasha? <Indigo> That's a good idea. ^_^ You'll get sick if you stay up too late. :D <Jess> I have to agree. * Sasha finds a good spot and lays down. <Tiernan> that voice again... * Darin lies down where he is, and holds his hand up to Jess. * Tiernan murmurs and lays down, curling his wings around his body... * Jess lies down right beside Darin, her arm draped over Darin, <Tiernan> Sasha.... * Indigo goes over and tucks her in tight, then brings out a teddy bear. <Tiernan> I hope you find your dream...and it makes you happy. <Indigo> You forgot this when you left the Tower. ^_^ <Sasha> Yes? <Sasha> ... thank you Tyr. <Sasha> I hope so too. <Tiernan> You're welcome. * Darin smiles.. and murmurs "Sweet dreams, Jess..." * Indigo goes and lies down in her sleeping bag. <Jess> -_- * Sasha thwaps the teddy bear "Please stop treating me like a kid mom!" * Jess is already sound asleep. * Reisha whips out a bedroll, laughing at Sasha and Indy. * Tiernan falls asleep, breathing softly. * Darin drifts into slumber... <Indigo> When you stop acting like one dear. You'll understand one day. ^_^ <Narrator> The Shining Force settles down to rest, the sun setting over the sea side, a warm sea breeze helping the team fall asleep... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====