Shining Force RPG 2 session 14
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force sleep peacefully... The night air cool, yet comfortable... Tyr seems restless, even in sleep... <Jess> -_- * Dal snores his ass off. ^_^ * Tiernan moans, and curls up into a little ball. * Sasha mumbles in her sleep. <Tiernan> S...stop it.... * Darin sighs in his sleep.. <Tiernan> ...stop....stop it...go away....go away... * Kodah lies quietly, sleeping dreamlessly for once * Reisha is dead to the world, but still keeps her beautiful face on even in slumber. :) * Indigo sleeps in peaceful repose, her hair fanning about her. :) * Sasha wakes due to Tyr's moans and mumblings. * Tiernan voices grows louder. "Get off!...Get off! STOP! GET OFF!" * Sasha sits up and looks at Tyr. <Sasha> Tyr.... * David is curled up, hair tousled and shirtless in his bed sac ;P * Sasha shakes Tyr awake. * Jess looks up, being a lgiht sleeper. <Tiernan> G-...Ah! O_o * Tiernan sits up, panting. * Darin snorts .. not waking up. <Tiernan> I...Sasha...? * Jess walks up behind Sasha. <Kodah> Zzz... * Tiernan looks around, and sighs. " A dream..." <Sasha> Just a nightmare Tyr. <Sasha> You woke me up. * Tiernan tries to calm himself down, still shaking slightly. <Sasha> Do you always talk in your sleep? <Tiernan> I'm sorry :/ I didn't mean to... <Tiernan> I don't know. I don't remember. <Jess> and me. Not that Dal's snoring wasn't keeping me awake anyway. * Reisha blinks sleepily from her bed roll. "What's all teh racket about..?" :P * Indigo continues to sleep peacefully, rolling over onto Sasha. * Sasha tilts her head and smiles and messes with Tyr's hair "Don't worry about it too much." <Dal> SHNOOOORRRRR... * Tiernan blinks O_o * Kodah rolls over in his sleep * Jess walks over and kicks Dal. "TURN OVER, DAMMIT!"" * Darin snorts again, and turns over. * David remains asleep, hands clenched at his pillow ;P <Tiernan> I'm sorry... <Sasha> It's really all right Tyr. <Jess> It's ok, Tyr. <Indigo> Mommy...why can't I shoot fireballs at the bullies? *mumble mumble* <Tiernan> You can...go back to bed ...if you want. <Tiernan> I'll be okay. <Jess> actually, I can't unless someone does something about Dal's snoring. * Sasha waltzes up to Dal and kicks his butt "SHUT UP!" <Tiernan> O_o * Sasha smiles and looks back at Jess "Better?" * Indigo flings an arm over her pillow. <Dal> SHNO-- wha?! <Tiernan> ..Is that how you deal with sleeping people? <Jess> Thanks, Sasha. * Dal blearily glares at Sasha... "Whaddya do that for...?" <Jess> ^_^ <Jess> your snoring is keeping people awake, Dal. Turn over. <Sasha> Tyr, nah, that's what I do to annoying people who snore ^_^ <Indigo> *mumble* I'll teach you....Neptune, Elemental of Water...summon you... *incoherent mumbling* ...wave... * Dal mumbles something uncomprehensible and falls back asleep, snoring softly... * David whimpers and rolls over ;P <Tiernan> Oh. * Darin turns over again * Tiernan gets up, and walks to Dal. * Reisha tries to go back to sleep but fails miserably due to all the snoring. <Jess> I hope that Neptune doesn't answer that summon. <Kodah> Zzz... <Tiernan> Like this? * Tiernan kicks Dal O_o <Narrator> == Neptune is summoned. <Narrator> == Neptune stands there, awaiting orders... * Dal grumbles and wakes up... "Tyr... why d'you...?" * Sasha looks wide eyed at Tyr. * Sasha laughs <Tiernan> Huh? <Tiernan> But Sasha said... <Dal> Why did you kick me...? * Jess grins, leaning against the cliff face. "What a night." * Reisha rises from her bedroll, and wideyes as Neptune is just standing there.. o_o <Tiernan> She said that I should kick people who snore... * Tiernan steps back. <Jess> Only if they're keeping people awake, Tier. <Sasha> Not bad Tyr. but do it only do it when he's snoring very loudly. <Tiernan> I'm...I'm sorry! * Sasha pats Tyr on the shoulder "It's okay." * David blinks slightly, sitting up to yawn... "What the...? there a party I don't know about??" * Dal sighs... "Tyr, snoring is something natural... hey, no, it's okay... just don't do it again, okay?" Dal smiles tiredly... * Darin snorts and turns onto his back... and promptly starts snoring... LOUDLY. <Tiernan> I won't.... * Jess looks up at the night sky. * Dal turns around and faces the big ugly elemental. "Um." <Reisha> Umm... I'll ignore the fact there's a huge Water elemental standing here.. <David> Water eleme-...*notices Neptune* Yiiii.. <Jess> I'll deal with Mr. Moonshadow, folks. <Narrator> == Neptune fades away, his summons useless. * Indigo rolls over and mumbles. * Tiernan sits down on the ground. <Darin> *SNOOOOOORE* * Sasha pats Tyr. "Go back to sleep Tyr." <Dal> Unh. Whatever. * David hops up, topless... " for some healthy beef jerky?" * Dal falls back asleep, snoring blissfully (but quietly). <Indigo> *mumble...mumble...mumble.....* Crest, time for dinner! *mumble* Oh...Sasha needs to be changed again...she's so fussy.... <Tiernan> Okay... * Kodah twitches slightly in his sleep * Darin snorts again, and rolls over onto his side, his arm reaching out... for ...something? * Reisha looks at David, still a bit sleepy. "Yeah... That's some great Jerky you got there, alright.." :P * Jess begins silently chanting as a small ice dagger forms over him. a firball melts it and it forms a stream of water that falls on Darin's head. * Tiernan curls up into a ball, feeling pretty stupid and lost based on what just happened.. :/ * David stares at Rei and blushes furiously... "Uh..uh... I meant..uhm, the food?" * Darin snorks, and rolls over onto his stomach. * Sasha sits besides Tyr. * Jess walks up behind them. "Strange night, wouldn't you agree, Sasha?" * Reisha smiles, and fixes her disheveled hair a little. <Indigo> *mumble* What do you mean she needs solid foods? She's only four.... *mumble* <Sasha> Don't feel bad Tyr for what you did, just don't copy what you see everyone else doing. * David coughs and sits on his bedroll... "So...what happened?" <Reisha> Yeah.. I could go for a snack... seeing as how I'm.. AWAKE.. <Tiernan> Don't copy? <Sasha> Jess, yeah, I still can't believe I'm hanging around you guys. <Tiernan> But...shouldn't I at times? * David reaches into his pack and waves the jerky around invitingly. "Heeeeere Rei Rei Rei!" <Tiernan> When we fight, when you eat...when you sleep? <Narrator> The sun crests over the horizon just slightly... <Jess> Oh well. Sasha has a point, Tyr. I guess you just have to live and learn. <Sasha> Tyr, sometimes, yes. but not all the time <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> How confusing... * Darin turns over onto his side, and mutters something unintelligible <Jess> life can be that way. <Sasha> What Jess said. * Reisha tries to swipe at it like a cat. :P * Jess looks at the locket around her neck and the pictre inside. "I know that all too well." * Indigo rolls onto Sasha and cuddles her like a teddy bear. * Sasha looks at Rei and David. <Sasha> What the hell are those two doing? <Jess> who knows. Let them have a moment alone, Sasha. <Tiernan> I don't know... <Indigo> *mumble* Teddy bear! :D I missed you Teddy.... * David laughs and hands it to Rei..he then overhears Sasha and blushes, looking away.. * Darin slowly opens his eyes... "What's all the noooiiissseee?" he whines. <Dal> Zzzzz... * Reisha takes the Jerky, laughing softly. <Kodah> Zzz... * Tiernan watches the sun rise...since this the first time he's ever seen it... <Reisha> Ah.. don't listen to Sasha, David... * Jess watches the sunrise. "This is the first time in a long time that I've had the chance to watch something like this." <Tiernan> ...pretty.... * Tiernan hms. <Jess> you got that right, Tyr. * Reisha smiles. "If you look away, you're gonna miss a great sunrise.. * Tiernan smiles slightly. * Sasha looks at the sun rising, "Yeah..." * David looks up at Rei and coughs into his palm.. "More beautiful than any sunrise, if I may risk sounding like a stupid fool.." * Indigo blinks as the sunlight gets into her eyes. * Darin rubs his eyes, and looks towards the sunrise.. "Whoa..." * Darin touches the pendant around his neck... seemingly lost in a memory.. <Sasha> David, you have a hairless chest, that means you aren't a stupid fool =) * Jess walks over to Darin. "Something wrong?" * Sasha grins. <Indigo> Go 'way! * Indigo waves an arm at the sun. <Indigo> I'm sleeping! <Tiernan> ... * Tiernan looks down his shirt to see if he has a hairless chest too ^_^;;; * Darin looks at Jess.. "No.. just... I havne't seen a sunrise since the day I got my Blade.." <Tiernan> ^_^ Hey! My chest is hairless too! * Reisha elbows him a little. "Hey, you're not.. and belive me, I've seen a whole load of them.." <Jess> Oh? Why? * Kodah rolls over again and yawns * Sasha gets a sweat drop on her forehead. * Indigo curls up next to a tree and tries to ignore the sun. <Sasha> (Why am I still hanging with this crew?) <Tiernan> That means I'm not a fool! ^_^ * Reisha watcehs the sun come up, rubbing her eyes at the bright light. * Tiernan smiles a little more. * Dal rolls over on his back and snores a little louder... * Reisha stands up, and stretches. "Oh yeah.. a new day..." * Indigo staggers to her feet and glares at the sun. <Narrator> The sun peers over the horizon half way, lighting the ground... Sending a soothing heat across the land... <Jess> somehow, i can tell this is going to be a great morning. <Reisha> More monsters, danger, treasure, and other such stuff. :P * Kodah flops onto his back and works on waking up * Tiernan hmms <Jess> wouldn't you agree, Rei, Tyr, Sasha? <Tiernan> Yes. ^_^ <Tiernan> <Indigo> I'm warning you Sun! Go away and leave us in peace. I'll....*yawns deeply* drown you! *yawns* * Tiernan looks at his clothes, which are dirty... <Sasha> Yeah <Reisha> You got it, Jess! <Tiernan> Is there any place to...take a... * Tiernan thinks of the word. <Tiernan> Bath? <Jess> what about you, Darin? You look lost in pretty deep thought. <Sasha> Tyr, I hope there is, wandering in that swamp has gotten me very filthy as well. * Reisha blinks. "Uhh.. well if you can find a lake there, Tyr.." * Darin blinks .. "Huh?" * Kodah sits up and rubs his eyes for a while * Indigo staggers and falls back into her tent. <Jess> see. Just my point. Always getting lost in thught like that. What's on that mind of yours? * Sasha looks at Kodah "Morning sunshine" <Darin> Well... there is quite a bit... <Kodah> Murnum... *blink* <Tiernan> Great... ^_^ * Darin looks at the sun.. and stretches. <Tiernan> I'm gonna go look for one... <Tiernan> Don't worry, I'll be careful this time... * Reisha picks up her bedroll, and rolls it up neatly packing it away. * Indigo finally wakes up. <Tiernan> Is that okay? <Jess> Don't wander too far, Tyr. I don't want to wind up fighting more of those elemental spiders again. * Dal mumbles softly and opens his eyes... "... already...?" <Indigo> Oh, Morning already? <Sasha> Tyr, I'm coming with you, I don't want you getting lost again or in trouble. <Reisha> Yeah.. remember what happened last time you wandered off.. ^^; * Tiernan deflates slightly. <Tiernan> Y...yes...I know. * Indigo gets up and stores the tent wherever goods are kept, then goes and hugs Sasha and David before looking about the clearing for breakfast. <Jess> don't want that to happen again. That spider took quite a long time to kill, even after finding it's elemental weakness. * Tiernan walks off, looking a little sad that everyone is treating him so oddly :/ * Sasha follows Tyr. * Darin packs up his things.. and walks over to stand next to Jess. * Kodah stands up and stretches <Narrator> ... Don't you just wanna smack 'im? Damn, Tyr... :P * Narrator goes back to Narrating * Jess looks back at the picture in the locket and closes it, looking up at the sky. <Tiernan> Who said that? ;_; * Tiernan walks off... * Dal stretches and watches the sun rise.... "When's breakfast?" <Darin> You ok, Jess? * Reisha thinks she hears those damned voices again.. <Jess> I will be. Just a trip down memory lane. That's all. * Kodah goes about getting breakfast <Indigo> What's for breakfast? * Darin hugs Jess.. "What's for breakfast?" <Narrator> A bird flies overhead and takes a crap on Jess <Jess> look what happened. It's in my hair for Mitula's sake. * Reisha looks at Jess and starts cackling. ^_^ <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Sasha and Tyr wander for a while and finally find a clear water source in which to bathe... <Tiernan> Hmm. I think this is okay... * Sasha looks at the lake "Looks good to me" <Tiernan> Well.... * Tiernan looks at Sasha. "I guess I should go...that whole not seeing me nude rule..." <Sasha> Hey, I don't want you getting lost or anything, so stay here. <Sasha> We'll take turns. <Tiernan> Okay...who goes first? <Sasha> If you want to go first, go ahead. <Tiernan> All right...thanks... :) * Tiernan walks down to the lake, until you cannot see him.... * Sasha turns away from Tyr and waits. <Narrator's Aid> You can hear Tyr humming a song to himself. After a good while, it abruptly stops * Sasha listens for a moment "Hey Tyr? You still there?" <Narrator's Aid> There is no answer. * Sasha begins approaching the lake. <Sasha> Tyr...? <Narrator's Aid> No one is in the lake! O_O <Sasha> Great.... <Sasha> I should've known Tyr wouldn't be able to swim. * Narrator burps <Narrator> O_O * Narrator returns to Narrating * Tiernan suddenly pops out of the lake....totally nude, as one might suspect...and despite the fact that Tyr is rather childish, he doens't...erhm...have a childish body. He doesn't notice Sasha at first, then blinks O_o <Tiernan> AHHH! O_O * Tiernan dives back in the water, face turning red O_o * Sasha blushes a little. <Sasha> have a nice body Tyr! * Sasha grins. * Tiernan comes up so he has his nose above water. <Tiernan> O_o I don't get it...I thought you weren't supposed to see me nude either! * Sasha strips off her armor. and enters the lake totally nude. <Tiernan> O_o * Tiernan shies away a bit O_o <Sasha> And you're not supposed to see me nude either. <Tiernan> O_o But you took your clothes off.... <Sasha> Let's say... a fair trade <Tiernan> You're strange... O_o <Tiernan> You contradict yourself... <Sasha> And you're strange too Tyr. <Tiernan> I am? <Tiernan> ... <Sasha> It's a compliment Tyr. * Sasha dives into the water making a big splash. <Tiernan> I haven't heard it be a compliement yet... * Tiernan fluffs his wings and sighs. ^^; * Sasha pops up behind Tyr and splashes him. <Tiernan> Ah! O_o <Tiernan> Is this a moment where I copy you? * Sasha nods "Yep" * Tiernan splashes Sasha! * Sasha laughs and splashes Tyr back. <Tiernan> Hey...this is kinda fun! <Sasha> It's supposed to be. =) * Tiernan splashes Sasha again ^_^; <Narrator> A small lizard scuttles by and leaps at Tyr. <Tiernan> O_o Huh? * Sasha dives under water and swims deeper into the lake. * Tiernan looks at the lizard in his hands. <Tiernan> Hello. <Narrator> The lizard dives underwater swims for the shore line... <Tiernan> Hmm. <Tiernan> Sasha? Where did you go? We should probably be heading back... * Sasha calls out from the middle of the lake "Hey Tyr! Come out here!" <Tiernan> Oh...okay... * Tiernan swims to where Sasha. <Narrator> Sasha and Tyr end their bathing, get dressed and head back to the team... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force, nourrished and ready to move on, await Sasha and Tyr... * Kodah checks his gear and waits for the group to assemble * David yawns and brushes some of his hair out of his dark blue eyes.. * Indigo putters about. * Jess wraps herself in her old robes. "Blasted bird." She casts her chilling inferno over her head to bring a steady stream of water over her hair. The bird doo is washed off. * Reisha is still getting a good laugh out of Jess's misfortune. * Tiernan comes back toward the party, looking a cross between embarrsed and happy. <Reisha> Still think it's a good morning, eh Jess? ;) <Narrator> == Jess hath gained a new level of intelligence... Which is saying alot. ;) * Darin hugs Jess. <Jess> Thanks,Darin. I needed that. <Tiernan> Hello everyone. <David> So...what now? * Indigo looks at the returning Tyr and frowns a bit, then smiles. * Sasha walks back with her hair wet. <Jess> Hmmm...No idea.. Where does that map lead to? * Kodah nods to Tyr as he returns <Sasha> Everyone ready to go? <Tiernan> I'm ready! <Indigo> Well Tyr, if you were anyone else I would worry about you being alone with my daughter, but since you' need not fear. ^_^ <Tiernan> ....What? * Tiernan blinks at Indigo O_o * Kodah rolls his eyes * Reisha idly wonders why Tyr's looking embarassed... still a good laugh or two left in her. ^^ * Sasha grins "Really mom?" <Indigo> You're too sweet and innocent and child-like to ever pose a threat to Sashie. ^_^ * Jess wonders about her luck today. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> ...Child like? <Kodah> Ignore her Tyr * Indigo nods. <Indigo> You're like the son I never had. ^_^ <Tiernan> What do you mean, Indigo...I'm not a child... <Dal> Hey, the guy doesn't want to be treated like a kid. Ease off on him. <Kodah> Tyr is not a kid <Indigo> No, but your spirit is that of a child, so I need not fear you being alone with Sashie. * Reisha gets up, brushing some of the grass off her cape and tunic. * Tiernan begins to look a tad defensive. "I'm...not a child...!" <Jess> O_O <Jess> Is Tyr beginning to get a bit of an attitude here? * Sasha walks over to her mother. <Dal> Tyr, it's okay, you're not a kid... * Indigo smiles and hugs him. <Kodah> Leave Tyr alone, he's not a kid <Indigo> I know, you're just so sweet dear. ^_^ * Tiernan shakes his head. * Reisha puts a hand on Tyr's shoulder. "Cool it Tyr.. nobody's trying to put you down..." <Darin> I would be sick of people calling me a child too, Tyr, don't sweat it. <Sasha> Mom, Tyr is certainly not a child <Narrator> The sun shows the time to be near 11 in the morning... * Sasha suddenly gets a grin on her face. <Jess> I wonder. <Sasha> Definitely not one. * Tiernan calms down slightly. "I'm sorry...I overracted..." * Indigo smiles to Sasha. <Sasha> It's okay Tyr. <Jess> It's OK, Tiernan. <Indigo> I was your age when I met your father. ^_^ <Sasha> My moms a little screwy in the head. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> We should get going. It's late... <Jess> I'm not going to comment. <Reisha> It's ok Tyr... I for one say you should treasure your innocence.. sometimes it goes so quickly.. :/ <Kodah> I agree. Let's go * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> No, not any more. * Indigo looks to Tyr. * Dal gets up, stretching... <Jess> we really should get moving. Darin? You ready? <Indigo> Sashie's shy. Maybe I should tell you a bit about her early childhood... * Tiernan waits for everyone to get ready * Sasha brushes her wet hair from her face. "Shall we go?" <Tiernan> She doesn't seem shy to me... * Kodah walks over to Tyr, "Ready to go?" * Jess nods to Sasha. "I think I'm ready." * Sasha whispers in Tyr's ear "Just listen to what my mom has to say." <Indigo> You have to get to know her. ^_^ * Reisha blinks... and smiles.. <Tiernan> I am. <Reisha> Oh, is that right, Tyr..? ;) <Kodah> Let's go then * Indigo smiles to Tyr. <Tiernan> Well...yes...kind of.... * Tiernan smiles at Reisha * Reisha starts giggling again. "I'm not gonna ask.." ^^ <Indigo> You see, her dad, my dear husband Crest, was a shy, sweet musician. He loved me despite my insanity, and we wed. <Jess> Might be a good idea, Rei. <Jess> Now, can we get going? Before I find that bird and toast it. * Kodah makes motions to leave * Sasha starts walking along. * Darin snickers. "Yeah.. if Jess misses, then she'll get a temper..." <Tiernan> O_o You don't mean me, do you Jess?! * Reisha ahems. "Oh.. yes right.. where was that map again.." :P <Jess> No, Tier, I don't. I mean that blasted pigoen that used me for a bombing run. <Tiernan> Oh... <Tiernan> It...went the bathroom on you? <Jess> you can say that. <Indigo> Birds sometimes do that. <Tiernan> Well, i won't do that to you! <Tiernan> It's not nice ^_^ * David raises an eyebrow and chuckles. * Reisha looks at David demandingly. "SO, where are we heading, fearless leader?" ;) * Jess laughs. "I know that, Tiernan. Just don't worry aobut it." * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> You're a nice bird Tiernan. ^_^ * David reaches out swiftly and pokes Rei's nose. "I'm not sure yet." * Reisha gets poked, eyes sort fo crossing on david's finger. <Tiernan> Let's go! ^_^ <Indigo> Well, Tiernan, do you want to know all about Sasha? <Tiernan> Yes. <Jess> Whoever has the map better take the lead. * Sasha starts walking. * David chuckles at Rei's expression <Reisha> I think we were heading to a tower... but don't listen to good old Reisha.. Nooo.. ^^ <Jess> I have no idea where we're going. * Jess follows Sasha. * Darin offers Jess his arm and nods, motioning to follow Sasha. <David> Tower works. Lets go. ;) * Jess grabs Darin's arm as she goes. <Narrator> The Shining Force heads off in search of the mysterious tower of the midnight's eve... * Dal follows everyone else. ^^; * David struts after Sasha, being a lemming. <Indigo> Well, Sasha was such a sweet little girl once.... * Reisha smirks at that, and joins David and the rest of the merry party! * Kodah walks next to Tyr, feeling more comfortble around him than anyone else <Tiernan> I still think she's nice... <Tiernan> Hi Kodah ^_^ <Narrator> A small path by the swamplands is opened up for the team, making them evade the swamp almost completely... <Kodah> Hello Tyr <Jess> This is almost too easy. <Indigo> Oh, but as a child she was so sweet and pretty and nice. She was growing up to be a sorceress, as every female in our family has been, whether they want to be or not. <Darin> At least we don't have to go through the swamp.. * Reisha nods to Darin. "Amen to that." ^^ <Tiernan> I still think she's sweet and nice and very good at what she does... <Tiernan> But..that's just me. ^_^ * Tiernan flexes his wings a bit <Indigo> Well, you see Tiernan, our family is cursed. Every female has to be a sorceress. It doesn't really matter what we want. Its' just the way it is. <Tiernan> I know...I heard. <Indigo> So anyways, Sashie learned to be a musician from her Dad and I was teaching her to be a sorceress. <Indigo> But then Crest died. He was such a sweet man, but he died....and Sasha went a little...wild after that. <Narrator> The coastal line has beautiful flocks of birds flying by... Some wildlife scurries about, unnafected by the Shining Force's presence... <Tiernan> It's sad...when someone dies... <Indigo> She tried to turn her back on her heritage. I tried to raise her properly, but then she ran away and became a..a..a bounty hunter of all things! * Indigo stops, sighing. * Jess looks out at the coastline. * Reisha marches on, casting a galnce upwards at the birds and letting out another laugh. :) <Indigo> She became a mercernary and has done I don't know what and....and.... <Jess> Don't even start, Reisha. * Indigo begins to sob. <Tiernan> Hey...Don't cry... <Narrator> A bird flies overhead and tries to bombard Reisha * Tiernan looks concerned. * Kodah takes in the scene without emotion <Indigo> And...*sob*...I don't know what happened to my little girl anymore! * Reisha is looking up and dodges. :P * Indigo falls to her knees, sobbing. <Narrator> The bird seemingly dohs and flies back to his flock * Reisha raises a fist at it. "Not on my time, pal!" * Dal looks at Indy weird and keeps walking... <Tiernan> Hey! <Jess> Oh for the love of Volcanon. Get a grip, Indigo. We all make our own way in life. We make our own choices. Whether they're for the best or the worst, is for fate and ourselves to judge. * Tiernan puts a hand on Indigo's shoulder. "Are you all right?" <Indigo> No! <Indigo> I'm worried about Sasha. Free will is all well and good for some...but we are cursed to this profession and family legend has it that horrible things happen to those who try to buck the curse. I'm worried for her. <Tiernan> ...Jess... <Tiernan> Who is Volcanon? * Reisha goes forward, keeping her eyes peeled for any other.. distractions. ^^ <Jess> I think some god that Queen Lara told me about when I was just a child. I forget all the stories she told me. <Narrator> A black form can be spotted in the distance.... * Narrator baps Jess * Dal spies the black form. "Is that the tower?" <Narrator> ANSWER TYR! * Narrator goes back to Narrating <Reisha> Would'ja look at that... * Dal hears the booming voice from the heavens and throws a rock at the sky. "Shush!" * Kodah narrows his eyes and instinctively reaches for his sword * Indigo doesn't hear, sobbing still, face-down in the sands. <Tiernan> But who is he? <Tiernan> A god? Just a god? * Reisha thinks. "Hey.. that parchment said something about Midnight's Eve.. that tower certainly is black as night.." <Jess> Tyr, I really wish I remembered. <Darin> Volcanon is a god.. of Creation... if I recall properly.... <Tiernan> Creation...what did he create? <Jess> and I think I was told that he resembeled a Phoenix. <Tiernan> Like me? <Jess> Tell ya what, Tyr, if we ever get anywhere near Guardiana castle, I'll look it all up for you. <Tiernan> That sounds good to me, Jess. ^_^ <Narrator> The black form in the distance slowly forms into a tower with many levels... Dark forms float about, but noone can see what they truly are... <Jess> This is too creepy. * Reisha blinks. "Woah.." <Darin> What are those... things..? <Dal> Fun and games... * Dal sighs. <Kodah> ... <Jess> Wish i knew... <Sasha> Look like demons <Darin> Demons... * Tiernan shivers... <Darin> Not good... <Tiernan> Devils... <Reisha> Devils? <Kodah> ...... * Indigo isn't paying attention, still crying in the sand. * Reisha looks at Tyr questioningly. <Jess> Maybe they have weaknesses like those spiders. <Tiernan> ...Hmm? <Sasha> Well, whatever they are. They better not get in my way. <Narrator> The large, dark gates can be spotted from the Shining Force's stance... <Reisha> You said something about devils in there... <Narrator> A Centaur seems to be in front of them, examining them. <Tiernan> Well...they look like devils to me...I don't know... <Jess> whatever it is, it doesn't look friendly. <Kodah> (w) Crap... <Reisha> Let's hope that they hate Lightning..hehe.. ;) <Jess> or fire and ice, Rei. * Darin eyes the Centaur... * Dal stays on his guard, not knowing if the centaur's on their side or not... * Johei hmms, poking the gates <Jess> Darin? What is it? <Tiernan> I hope it's not Gerad... <Kodah> ... <Darin> That Centaur... <Reisha> Not him again... <Jess> join the club, Tyr. Join the club. * Sasha draws her weapon * Indigo looks up and slowly stands. * Jess begins chanting softly, almost inaudible. <Indigo> The horsey people? Erin! ^_^ <Kodah> Gerad is nothing like Erin... * Johei turns around, realising he's not alone O_o <Johei> Who are you? This place is dangerous! <Tiernan> ...I don't think that's Gerad....he looks younger than me! * Sasha runs up and attacks Johei "Eyahaaa!" <Indigo> What do you mean? I can't ride this horsey? <Tiernan> Sasha! Wait! <Kodah> ..! * Reisha watches the centaur turn around, and sees Sasha. o_O * Jess throws a fireball between Sasha and Johei. "calm down, sasha. That's not Gerad.: * Dal sighs. <Johei> Waah! <Dal> We're the Shining Force. Who are you? <Reisha> Hey..! Wait a minute, there Sash! * Indigo walks around the firewall and goes to Johei. * Johei takes out his sword o_o; <Indigo> Hi! I'm Indigo Mysteria, and you can be my horse! ^_^ <Johei> Oh! You're the Shining Force? =D * Indigo begins climbing on Johei's back. <Dal> Yeah. Doesn't seem like it, hunh? * Dal grins a bit. <Johei> I'm not a horse! I'm a knight! =/ * Reisha blinks as everyone seems to be going bonkers.. ^^ <Johei> Get off! ;_; * Reisha playfully zaps Indy. * Kodah sheathes his sword, but does not release it <Jess> Lara was right. That woman is a froot loop. * Indigo pouts. <Sasha> Mom! <Indigo> I can't ride you? <Reisha> Indy.. you don't ride Centaurs without permission. Immortals.. :P <Johei> No ^^; * Johei shifts away from Indigo carefully <Johei> Well then... hi! ^_^ * Indigo pouts. <Tiernan> Hello. :) <Johei> I'm Johei, apprentice knight! =) <Indigo> You're just like Erin. She wouldn't let me ride her either. Well, if I give you a saltlick can I ride? * Dal shakes his head. "Anyways... what's with the spooks?" He looks up, trying to see the top of the tower. * Reisha goes over to Johei. "Hi.. I'm Reisha.. the only sane one here." :) <Sasha> Apprentice knight? * Sasha laughs <Sasha> You look like an expert. <Jess> I'm Jess Sorenson, magician. <Kodah> ... * Dal looks hurt. "I'm sane..." <Johei> The only sane one? ^^; <Sasha> sorta <Johei> But... isn't this the Shining Force? O_o <Dal> Unfortunately... ^^; <Sasha> I'm Sasha Mysteria, * Jess nudges Darin. "Do I look insane to you?" * Reisha nods. "that's what they say." ^^ <Tiernan> I'm Tiernan... <Johei> Nice to meet you, Sasha! =D <Tiernan> I have no last name :/ <Sasha> Bounty Hunter Extrordanare! <Indigo> She's my daughter. ^_^ <Narrator> According to that reflection of yours, yes you are, Jess. :P <Narrator> Erm. Back to narrating I goooooooo! <Jess> Who said that? <Johei> No last name? That's funny. ^_^ <Dal> Dal of Hassan. Yeah, this is the Shining Force... like I said, it doesn't show... <Indigo> And Apprentice Sorceress..... <Darin> No, you are not insane, Jess. * Tiernan looks down <Tiernan> Yes...I guess that is funny...when you think about it... * Tiernan sighs <Indigo> I'm a Master Elementalist! ^_^ <Darin> I'm a Guardsman.. though.. ..... *trails off* * Johei looks at Tiernan * Jess looks at Darin. "Problem?" * Reisha patpats Tyr. <Johei> You have wings? O_o Are you an angel? =D <Darin> No.. I'm.. just .. thinking Jess.. * Reisha looks up to the looming shadow of a tower. <Tiernan> Me? <Tiernan> An..angel...? <Tiernan> No..I'm half Phoenix! ^_^ <Reisha> Well, if he's an angel, then that must be the Gates of Hades right there.. :P <Narrator> The key found at the cliff's edge starts to glow in a dark shade of black.... <Johei> Cool! ^_^ <Tiernan> ^_^ <Jess> I guess the key opens up that tower. <Johei> The Gates of Hades...? I thought they were Midnight's Eve Gates @_@ <Jess> I don't like this.. <Darin> I don't either... <Indigo> Who's Midnight Eve? <Tiernan> I don't like it...I can just feel the devils crawling around this place... <Johei> ... oh, that's right! I'm an apprentice knight, and I came here to get rid of the demons. =) <Jess> Anyway, let's get moving again. * Tiernan shivers slightly, and nods. <Johei> If you want, you can help me. =) The more, the better, right? ^_^ * Reisha stands proudly. "If any of them come around, just leave it to me!" ;) <Indigo> Sure! ^_^ <Jess> I guess. <Tiernan> Do you guys think I should have a last name? <Jess> It's up to you, Tier. <Tiernan> ...I don't know any good ones :/ <Kodah> You don't have to have one if you don't want one <Indigo> Well, if you marry Sasha you can use ours. :D <Sasha> Well Tyr. would you like the Mysteria last name? * Sasha gets a sweat drop <Sasha> Mom! <Jess> O_o <Johei> How about Nicholi? =) It's my last name! <Sasha> I'm not getting married this soon! * Reisha starts laughing again. ^^ <Tiernan> I think it'd be confusing to have the same last name as someone here... <Indigo> That's what I said dear. That's what I said..... <Tiernan> M...married? <Jess> I can see that having a mother and daughter in the party is going to be fun. * Dal shakes his head and waits for the insanity to end... <Johei> You're getting married? ^_^ <Sasha> No! <Tiernan> What is marrige? * Darin remains slilent .. O_o <Reisha> Let's just skip the arranged marriages and get on with some heroic-type action.. * Reisha looks at the gates, sizing them up. * Jess clings to Darin. "if we live through this trip, I hope so." <Sasha> Marriage is when two people who feel deeply for each other spend the rest of their lives together and have children * Dal pokes at the gates... <Indigo> Right, like Crest and I did. ^_^ <Johei> Do you know how to open these? I've been camping out here for a few days, but they keep shut =/ <Reisha> Where's that key? * Darin looks at Jess, a smile coming to his lips. <Tiernan> ..Oh. O-o <Tiernan> That's pretty final. <Sasha> Do you understand Tyr? <Jess> who has the key? <Tiernan> I think so. * Tiernan blushes. <Indigo> I'll blast the gates down/ ^_^ * Indigo glows red. * Sasha walks up to the tower "Well, how do we open this thing?" * Dal pulls out a little black key and says, "I have the key..." * Reisha looks over Dal. "Dal.. my friend..! I knew we could count on you!" ;P * Dal puts the key in the keyhole and slowly turns it... * Tiernan looks nervous.. <Dal> Sure, sure, suck up to me now... ;) <Tiernan> I feel them... * Tiernan gulps. * Reisha lets her face drop. "We're all in this mess together, you know." <Narrator> The door grinds slowly... An irritating screetch of metal against metal can be heard... The demons floating overhead suddenly halt their chaotic dance and look down. <Kodah> ... * Dal sweats. ^^; <Sasha> Here we go. <Jess> Well, now that all that is taken care of...let's just get in there. <Jess> Off into the lion's den. * Reisha eyes the demons warily, getting excited all of a sudden. * Indigo waves cheerily as she strides towards the door. * Sasha draws her weapon and gets ready for a fight <Tiernan> Look out.... <Indigo> Hi there minions of Evil! Don't mind us. Heroes passing through and all..... * Tiernan shakes..."I feel's evil...." <Johei> Right! Let's destroy those demons! =D * Dal d'ohs quietly and heads for the door... * Jess begins chanting very softly to herself. * Reisha weaves some magic rings of electricity around her hands for effect, and heads inside.. (Dragging David by the ear, of course ^^) <Indigo> Yeah! <Sasha> Tyr, I know, I can feel it too. * Indigo skips along merrily and smiles. * Darin feels the Blade vibrate, sensing Evil all around.. <Jess> I hope we can live through this. * Kodah follows the group quietly, keeping his hand on his sword * Tiernan closes his wings tightly around himself. <Indigo> No big deal. ^_^ <Darin> We will, Jess... we will.. <Indigo> La-de-da...^_^ <Reisha> Not like we haven't trounced evil minions before.. * Reisha looks at Indy oddly. * Dal readies a couple of dozen daggers... ^_^; <Sasha> Yeah <Sasha> We bad. <Jess> Well, we weren't THIS seriously outnumbered before either, Reisha. <Johei> Don't worry! I'm here to protect you all! ^_^ * Johei brandishes his sword =D <Reisha> Hey, bigger and better challenges for bigger and better heroes.. <Indigo> 1 or 1000, we'll handle them all, somehow! ^_^ We're the Shining Force! ^_^ * Sasha has her sword ready and is poised to attack any evil minion of hell * Tiernan doesn't say anything. * Johei nods at Indigo! ^_^ <Johei> That's right! Evil doesn't stand a chance! =D * Kodah rolls his eyes * Indigo begins swinging her baton like in a parade. * Reisha looks around the chambers, leading on... * Reisha looks back at Indy again. <Reisha> Uhh.. hey Sasha... <Sasha> Yeah? <Jess> Sasha, was your mother always this much of a fruitcake? <Reisha> Your mom forget her prozac again? <Sasha> I think so. * Johei hums to himself as he trots along, ready to destroy any major evil lifeforms that come his way. ^_^ <Sasha> Well, my mom was always a fruitcake. * Indigo giggles. <Sasha> Of course, this is pretty bad <Sasha> But I've seen worse. <Indigo> Why do you think you don't have a grandmother or grandfather dear? I killed them! <Jess> at least she's not as bad as as she was back when she was travling with the last shining force. * Reisha hehs, and trudges onward. "I'd hate to see worse..." <Sasha> Huh? <Tiernan> Can everyone see all right? * Jess conjures up a fireball for light. "This should help us see." * Reisha holds up an electrically charged hand, sheeding some light, if erractic. <Indigo> Well, I cut off your grandfather's ummm...privates inch by inch with a butcher knife before stabbing him and your grandmother to death. <Narrator> The tower seems to absorb any light emmenated inside... The demons floating about simply stand at their position... * Tiernan 's hair falls into his eyes, and he blows it out of his eys with a *puff* <Sasha> You did mom? <Sasha> Really? <Tiernan> :/ Hmm. * Reisha frowns as the light has little effect. "Darn it.." <Jess> Ouch. I'll bet that hurt. * Jess throws the fireball into the air. * Reisha hears the comment and turns around. "Well, see I'd normally say that was a good thing Indy.. but.." :P <Narrator> The fireball is absorbed by the tower's darkness... But stairs can be made out in the back of the tower... Leading up. <Jess> is it just me or does this place give everyone else here the creeps? <Tiernan> ...I don't like this place.... * Indigo nods. <Sasha> It's just you Jess <Indigo> I was insane at the time dear. My...other personality took over. <Sasha> That's nice mom <Indigo> I'm sure Lara told Jess about my other side. <Darin> It's not just you, Jess... <Johei> Strange place... * Reisha shrugs. "We've seen worse..." <Jess> That she did, Indigo. and about the numerous wounds to FlameStrike's wings because of it. <Indigo> Well, I thought he was a pillow. <Indigo> But at least he didn't put in the toybox like my teddy bear. :D <Jess> and what about summoning neptuen int he middle of the Granseal castle throne room? * Tiernan closes his eyes, face relaxing...he seems to be concentrating on something * Reisha heads to the stairways, trying to make out the details as they draw closer.. <Indigo> My other personality was responsible for tidal-waving the King. * Jess follows Reisha, her eyes narrowing and mentally going through her incantations. <Reisha> Onward and upward.. <Tiernan> ... * Dal is just following along, staying on his guard. * Indigo continues to skip and spin her staff. * Darin just follows, his hand on the hilt of his Blade <Jess> .oO(Who does Indi think she is? The baton twirler for the Univerisity of Granseal marching band?) <Narrator> The flight of steps lead to the outside again... The steps seem to spiral around the tower from the outside... To where the demons were frozen... <Jess> This might not be a good thing. <Reisha> You know Indy.. I knew a great therapist once.. too abd I whacked him oevr the head with his mug of ale. :P * Darin puts a protective arm around Jess.. "I dont' think it is at all.... " He looks around.. <Indigo> Awww...that is too bad. * Reisha looks at the demons... <Jess> let's just hope those demons don't awaken. * Kodah looks on warily <Indigo> But I don't think too many people know how to deal with split personalities anyways. * Tiernan's eyes are still closed, yet he follows you perfectly, not tripping on anything * Indigo smiles and skips on up the stairs. * Johei looks around <Reisha> Ah, they're just scared I bet. Smart for them. ;) * Reisha heads up the spiraling staircase.. * Dal whispers to Reisha, "You're hoping that, at least..." * Dal follows... <Jess> This place...there's such an aura of evil around it. I can't feel the presence of the celestial spirits around here. * Indigo begins tap-dancing up the stairs. :P * Reisha looks at him after that comment. "C"mon.. you're ruining my fun.." _ <Dal> I just don't like it here... let's just get this over with... * Kodah continues to remain on alert * Tiernan suddenly begins to speak in a strange tounge, unlike anything you've heard before...his voice sounding distant and detached. "Ikas miryon zikaa treisha itte...." <Johei> You people are weird. ^_^ Are you really the Shining Force? * Reisha stops, turning her head around. "What was that Tyr..?" o_O <Kodah> Tyr? <Jess> Tiernan? <Darin> Tyr? You ok? * Dal shrugs... "You just gotta be realistic..." <Dal> Hunh? <Indigo> Hmm? * Tiernan keeps on chanting, either ignoring or not hearing the party. <Tiernan> Ainogn Nost... <Indigo> Are you speaking the language of magic? <Dal> Tyr? Tyr? /me walks up to him and puts a hand on his shoulder. <Kodah> in there? <Reisha> Ok.. now Tyr's going off the deep end... * Darin looks at Dal... * Indigo takes out a spellbook and begins to try to research it. <Jess> sounds like the language of the mages of old. * Dal puts a hand on Tyr's shoulder. "Tyr? * Tiernan opens his eyes. "The tower's a gateway between two continents... It was taken over by demons because a tear in the teleportation field let the creatures from the abyss loose...But they cannot move further than the tower..." <Kodah> ? * Reisha blinks. * Tiernan closes his eyes again and staggers back. <Johei> ...? * Dal holds him steady... "You okay?" <Reisha> I..if you say so... <Tiernan> ...W...hat? * Reisha starts appearing to be wierded out. <Jess> What just happened? * Darin blinks... <Kodah> Tyr? You okay? * Dal shakes his head... "I don't know... you said something about the tower being a gate and such... don't you remember?" * Indigo looks to Tiernan. <Tiernan> Oh...I...I tried to use try to find out why I kept having this strange feeling...about the tower... <Reisha> Tyr, you just spurted some stuff about this tower... how do you know? <Tiernan> But...i forgot...what I was...saying... <Tiernan> What did I say...? <Jess> something about a teleportation point between two continents? <Indigo> You said that Tower is situated between dimensions, the demons come from the abyss but can't move further than the tower. <Reisha> Something about this tower is a tear in a field.. and the demons are let loose? <Jess> if we defeat the demons, shouldn't we be able to close the tear? <Tiernan> Probably.... <Reisha> I'd think so... * Tiernan sags against Dal. <Jess> Then, let's kick their asses. <Johei> What are you all talking about? o_o; * Dal holds him steady... "It's okay, don't worry..." * Tiernan looks up at Dal. "Thank you..." * Reisha moves ahead again... <Jess> there's a tear in the dimensional wall somewhere in this tower. If we defeat those demons, we should be able to close that tear. * Dal shakes his head... "No prob..." He helps him up the stairs... <Reisha> Tyr, if you have any more revelations, warn us first..! ^^ * Darin just listens to the conversation, unable to understand more than half of it.. <Tiernan> Okay... <Tiernan> I didn't really expect to work... <Sasha> So, let's go find that wall and those demons! <Indigo> So let's go! * Indigo points to the demons below. <Indigo> We can start with them or tear the tower down! ^_^ <Reisha> I mean... this place is freaky enough as it is. * Johei follows, understanding nothing but gathering that, since everybody seems keen on destroying demons, it must be all right ^_^ <Jess> If we bring the tower down, we might inadvertantly let the demons loose. We can't have that. <Narrator> The first bridge path depicts no demons at all... The next bend seems quiet enough... * Reisha hmms as she walks onward... * Tiernan struggles along with the rest of the party, trying to recover energy from his last spell... * Sasha follows Reisha <Sasha> Those demons better show soon * Indigo skips along, turning cartwheels. * Sasha gets into a very bad mood. <Tiernan> something...wrong...? <Reisha> Yeah, Sasha.. I'm really loaded for bear right now. :P <Jess> I still can't feel the presence of the celestial spirits...this is not good. * Reisha thinks a minute, concentrating. "Hey... when I think about it.. you're right, Jess." <Tiernan> I shouldn't have done that spell...I've worn myself out... <Narrator> The second bridge pass again shows no demons... <Narrator> The third bridge section also seems clear... <Jess> this is just too eerie, Reisha. * Sasha gets annoyed "Where are these stupid demons?!" * Reisha is losing some of her confident air... <Johei> I wish I knew =/ All that waiting for a tour around the tower! * Indigo continues singing. <Reisha> Indy.. you're probably scaring them off with that darn singing.. * Darin remains slient... keeping on his guard.. <Dal> It's okay, Tyr... Want me to carry you? * Jess closes her eyes, concentrating. "Mercury, spirit of water and ice, let your humble emmisary feel your power. Bring forth a shard of ice." * Indigo smiles and sings the Smurf song. * Reisha nearly gags at Indigo. o_o; <Tiernan> ...I...I'm...not sure Dal... <Darin> Jess? <Narrator> == The shard of ice appears in Jess' hands... * Tiernan staggers a bit.. "Well...maybe for a few minutes...until I regulate my mana again..." <Jess> I guess our magic will work here, Rei. <Reisha> Looks like it... * Dal gently picks him up and carries him... "You're light as a feather anyways... ^_^ * Tiernan grins, and...actually laughs O_o <Jess> Just had to see if it was possible to cast in this tower, Darin. I'm OK. <Tiernan> ^_^ Thank you Dal. * Kodah grins a bit * Darin nods.. * Reisha heads on once more, getting more trigger happy with each passageway.. <Dal> Hey, now that sounds good... ^_^ * Tiernan smiles, and closes his eyes...internally regulating his magical power. <Narrator> The third bend is again devoid of demons... The gateway is close at hand... The top of the tower opening up to the Shining Force... <Dal> I'm getting paranoid... ^^; <Reisha> If they're all gathering up there.. <Jess> This can't be a good thing. <Johei> Why? =) * Tiernan breathes slowly, meditating again. <Johei> It'll take less running around chasing them if they're all together up there =D <Kodah> ... * Reisha rolls up her sleeves, grinning evilly. "Good point.." ^_^ * Reisha goes up, up, and up some more..! <Narrator> The Shining Force watches their ascent end as the top of the tower lies before them... * Jess follows, not liking this one bit. * Tiernan is still resting on Dal's back <Reisha> Well, we're here... * Darin tightens his arm protectively around Jess. * Indigo still is singing the Smurf song, skipping and smiling. <Darin> And I don't like it one bit.. this place is creepy.. to say the least.. * Dal carries him up the stairs... <Jess> Sir Darin, you have a flair for the obvious. <Darin> Then if I said you were beautiful, Jess? *smiles and winks despite the gloomy atmosphere* <Narrator> The large gates are spread wide opened... Dark shapes writhe inside... Over a large lit insignia... <Kodah> ... * Reisha looks all around, taking note of the insignia.. * Dal gently puts Tyr down... <Johei> All right! Finally! =D * Tiernan opens his eyes. <Tiernan> Good timing...I'm alll rested now ^_^ <Tiernan> Thank you Dal... <Indigo> Let's destroy them! Then the world will be safe! * Tiernan opens his eyes. <Narrator> The demons suddenly stop their dance and turn to the Shining Force... <Jess> time to kick some ass. <Sasha> Here we go <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> You're not welcome here, Devils! Go away! * Johei points his sword at the demons! * Reisha glares at the demons, then takes up a casual smiles. <Reisha> You know, I was starting to get worried you weren't going to show. ;) * Darin draws his Blade... <Indigo> Begone! * Indigo stands tall and commanding, glowing all colors of the rainbow. * Dal concentrates, a small fireball glowing in his hands... <Indigo> I command you to depart! <Sasha> Go back to hell devils! * Jess doens't make any speeches, just begins to chant her spells. <Sasha> And stay there! <Kodah> . . . . * Darin remains silent... shifting his grip on his Blade from time to time. * Tiernan cups his hands together, red light pouring from them as he chants... <Johei> Come on, demons! Prepare to meet your fate! <Jess> celestial spirits of the elements, let your power become mine. * Reisha begins weaving magic, static electricty filling the air. "Well... any last words?" ;) * Sasha draws her sword and swings it in an intimidating fashion <Narrator> The demons gather into a pack and lunge at the Shining Force. <Narrator> === Combat! === <Jess> back off! <Kodah> Crap... <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 6 Lesse Demons. ===== <Dal> Woo-hoo. <Darin> .... * Reisha grits her teeth. "It's about damn time..." <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. * Sasha leaps and slashes down on the first demon! <Narrator> == Sasha lashes out at the first demon... It takes 22 damage. <Sasha> Take that SOB! <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal transforms the fireball in his hands into a dagger of pure flame and hurls it at a demon! <Narrator> == Dal's daggers light up the demon 1's hide... It bellows loudly... 33 damage. <Tiernan> Nice Dal! =) <Dal> Woo-hoo! ^_^ <Narrator> == Tyr can attack. * Tiernan spreads his wings and draws himself in close, then spreads his wings and arms wide! "Infinite Earth Mother, gather your power unto my hand and bring forth your heated fury!" With a mighty shout, he thrusts his hands forward, as dozens of magma spouts erupt beneath <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Exploder 2 on the lesser demons. <Narrator> == The ground under the demons opens up and blasts them with a hot blaze... 24 damage each. <Narrator> == Johei can attack. <Jess> Nice shot, Tiernan! <Narrator> == Johei attacks Demon 1. <Tiernan> ^_^ * Tiernan flexes his wings proudly <Tiernan> Thank you! <Dal> Cool... <Dal> ^_^ * Johei swipes with the edge of his blade at demon 1! <Narrator> == Johei's blade slices through the demon like a hot knife through butter... The demon takes 31 damage... The demon evaporates. Dispatched. <Narrator> == The demons shift position to make up for the loss... <Johei> Like a cake! =D Evil stands no chance! <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Demon 2 * Reisha bides her time juggling sparks from one hand to the other, as her charge builds up... * Kodah slams his fist into the demons face a few times <Narrator> == The demon staggers slightly from the assault... It takes 21 damage. <Narrator> == The demons can attack... <Tiernan> That was great, Kodah! * Tiernan smiles! ^_^ <Kodah> THanks * Jess's voice reverberates through the entire room. "Here me now, Mars and Mercury. Combine your powers of Fire and Ice so that I may defeat the demons that stand before me." * Indigo glows red. * Reisha takes up a defensive stance. "I'm ready for you, boys..." <Narrator> == Each demon calls for more of their allies... <Narrator> == 2 more demons appear. <Tiernan> Oh no... <Dal> Oh, great. <Darin> Oh great.... <Johei> Great! ^_^ <Kodah> ... <Narrator> == Reisha can attack <Reisha> Hey, no problem.. more for me.... * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt 3... The demons try and evade the spell, but its radius is too great... they all take 19 damage. * Jess closes her eyes in deep concentration as she readies her spell. An aura of blue fire surrounds Jess. Her voice continues to reflect through the area. "Ice and fire obey your oath to me. Become my sword to strike these vile creatures down." <Narrator> == David can attack. <Narrator> == David defends. <Narrator> == Zoie can attack. <Narrator> == Zoie defends. <Narrator> == Darin can attack * Darin attacks the nearest demon, hoping that his Blade is strong against these evil things.. <Narrator> == The blade of truth flares as it decimates its foe... The demon takes 42 damage. <Darin> whoa... * Jess gives Darin an approving glance as she keeps her concentration on her spell. <Tiernan> You're all doing great! Keep it up! * Darin stares at his Blade <Narrator> == Demon 2 is dispelled. * Reisha gives a thumbs up to Tyr. ;) <Johei> Nice sword! =) <Narrator> == Indigo can attack. <Darin> Thanks.. <Indigo> Tio, Elemental of War, I summon you. Destroy these demons! <Reisha> I'm just gettin' my batteries warmed up... <Narrator> == Tio is summoned... His spear gone, sword in hand, he lashes out at the lesser demons... Two fall to his mighty blade... <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases Lesser-demons. Suddenly, the ground under Lesser-demons opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks...CHILLING INFERNO 2! * Darin smiles at Jess broadly. <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling Inferno 2 on the demons... The fire and ice combination whip at the demons mercifully... Each demon takes 22 damage. <Narrator> == The demons attack another turn. <Narrator> == The demons use another summoning spell... <Tiernan> Stop taht! <Kodah> This is getting annoying <Narrator> == 3 more demons appear. <Tiernan> That's enough, you Devils! Go back from whence you spawned! <Reisha> These demons remind me of a bad advertising slogan... <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 7 demons. ===== <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. * Sasha rabidly beats a demon! <Tiernan> Sasha! O_o <Narrator> == Sasha lashes out at a demon... The demon takes the full blow, unable to block... 28 damage. <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal throws a volley of daggers at the nearest demon! <Narrator> == The demon gets knicked and cut by the blades... It takes 24 damage <Tiernan> How can we destroy them...? They keep multiplying! <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan chants again * Tiernan spreads his wings and draws himself in close, then spreads his wings and arms wide! "Infinite Earth Mother, gather your power unto my hand and bring forth your heated fury!" With a mighty shout, he thrusts his hands forward, as dozens of magma spouts erupt beneath <Reisha> We have to kill them all at the same time, I bet... <Narrator> == Tyr casts Exploder on the lesser demons... The fire again burns at them wildly, dealing massive damage... 29 each. <Tiernan> Good....good! <Narrator> == Johei can attack. <Dal> Yay. ^_^; * Johei slashes at one of the lesser demons with his centaur goody power! <Narrator> == Johei slashes at a lesser demon... The blade cracks open his skull, making it dissipate... 34 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> == the lesser demons can attack. <Johei> Wham! Next! =) <Narrator> == The lesser demons summon more of their allies... <Tiernan> Stop that! Stop it! * Tiernan grows fustrated :/ This will never end! <Dal> It won't work, Tyr... * Dal grumbles... <Narrator> == The demons summon 4 more. <Tiernan> If only my magic was stronger... <Dal> Something to shut them up... * Kodah swears under his breath <Narrator> == The demons start to move..... <Dal> Like a silence spell, or something... <Reisha> We need a way to weaken all of them.. try to spread your attacks out... * Reisha readies herself. "What are they doing now.. the Macarena?" :P <Tiernan> ......They're going to strike! <Tiernan> Everyone! Look out! <Narrator> == The demons suddenly join together and form into a giant being.... * Kodah gets ready to defend himself * Tiernan wide eyes O_o <Kodah> Oh....boy <Narrator> == All actions this round are cancelled. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Dark Archon. ===== <Tiernan> O_o It's huge!! <Johei> It's.. ugly! <Kodah> Aim for a joint or something! <Dal> My God. <Reisha> Okay.. so it's big and ugly.. probably mean too. <Tiernan> It does not matter! We'll send this devil back! <Narrator> == The Dark Archon can attack. <Tiernan> Look out!! * Reisha stiffens. "Come one ugly.. show us whatcha got.." <Narrator> == The Dark Archon smashes a fist against Sasha... <Tiernan> Sasha!! <Kodah> Crud! * Sasha looks at the fist <Sasha> Woo <Tiernan> Evade it...Sasha!! <Reisha> Sasha, don't get too cocky... ^^ * Sasha takes one step to the side and avoids the fist completely. <Reisha> That's my job. <Narrator> == The dark archon's attack was dodged. * Tiernan hugs Sasha! "Thank goodness you're okay!" <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. <Narrator> == Sasha defends. <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal ums, and attempts to toast it with a Blaze spell... <Narrator> == The Dark archon gets hit with a blaze spell... Its hide burns, but the damage isn't extensive... 12 damage. <Narrator> == Tyr can attack. <Dal> Ergh. <Dal> -_-; * Tiernan spreads his wings and concentrates. Then he snaps his fingers and points at ! "Infinite Earth Mother! Lend me your power to crush my opponents! Exploder 1!" The earth shrieks as a tower of magma erupts beneath 's feet! <Tiernan> I keep missing enemy's tonight. <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Exploder lv.1 on the Dark Archon... The lava doesn't affect him as hard as the lesser demons... 23 damage. <Narrator> == Johei can attack. * Tiernan frowns. * Johei rushes the Dark Anchon, impaling it with his blade! * Kodah circles around, looking for an opening <Narrator> == Johei attacks the Dark Archon... The dark archon gets impaled, dark fluid oozing out as the blade is pulled out... 28 damage. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. <Narrator> == Kodah attacks the Dark Archon... * Kodah gathers his power until a black aura flickers into being around him. After it does, Kodah dashes forward and attacks the enemy with a chi-fueled haymaker! "Shoryuhengezan!" <Tiernan> ? Shroywhat? * Dal blinks. "What'd he say?" * Kodah spirals back down to the ground and moves back towards the Shining Force <Narrator> == Kodah sends a volley of punches charged by the light of Mitula, hurting the Dark Archon badly... 47 damage, Critical! <Dal> Um... cool... ^^; <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <Reisha> On the menu for tonight.. one fried Archon.. extra dark. ;P * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! <Tiernan> Will you not die, Devil? :/ <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt 3 on the Dark archon... The bolt hits him fully, making him fade in and out of existence for a fraction of time... 22 damage. <Narrator> == David can attack. <Narrator> == David defends. <Narrator> == Zoie can attack. <Narrator> == Zoie defends. <Narrator> == Darin can attack. <Narrator> == Darin slashes the Dark archon. <Narrator> == The blade of truth flares brightly as it glides through the dark matter... The dark archon squeels loudly as the light engulfs him... 102 damage! Critical! * Reisha blinks. "Wow.. if only I had some sacred magics right now.." * Tiernan smiles <Narrator> == Indigo can attack. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Tio. <Narrator> == Tio comes back with his spear and impales the Dark archon... The dark archon screams loudly and flickers out of existance... 54 damage, dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Tiernan> ...and so this tower is clensed ^_^ <Dal> Phew... -_- <Narrator> The tower stays dark... <Kodah> Whew... * Tiernan smiles, and supports Dal for a change. ^_^ <Dal> Heh... thanks, Tyr... <Narrator> The only thing lighting the tower is the portal that lies before the Shining Force... * Reisha flexes her arm, cracking some knuckles. "That wasn't so bad.." <Tiernan> Now...where do we go? <Tiernan> In the portal? <Dal> I think so... * Reisha looks to the portal... <Tiernan> Then let's go.. <Kodah> Once more into some strange portal...sheesh <Reisha> That wouldn't happen to be the transfer point those demons used, would it? <Tiernan> You've done this before, Kodah? * Dal steps through... <Narrator> *snores, then suddenly snorts and wakes up* Dammit! I forgot something... <Kodah> Yeah <Narrator> Johei has joined the Shining Force! *cheesy music* * Dal slaps Narrator around a bit with a large trout <Tiernan> I'll go in first.. <Tiernan> And make sure it's all right... * Narrator dodges, beats Tyr with cheesy music and returns to Narrating. <Tiernan> Oh..erhm <Tiernan> I'll go in second then! ^_^;;; * Tiernan blinks and sticks his hand partway through the portal, to test it. <Narrator> Dal dissipates into the light... <Kodah> ...I guess we're going then <Narrator> Tiernan's hand tingles as it goes into the light... * Kodah steps into the portal <Narrator> Kodah dissipates into the light... <Tiernan> goes nothing.... * Reisha shurgs, "Oh well.. I guess a vacation anywhere but here sounds nice.." * Tiernan steps in the portal. <Narrator> Tiernan blows up <Narrator> JUST KIDDING! <Narrator> Tiernan dissipates into the light * Reisha takes a running start, and dashes inside the portal.. (still dragging david, of course..) <Narrator> Reisha and David dissipate into the light. <Narrator> The rest follow the team... <Narrator> The Shining Force enters the portal, knowing it'll lead them to a continent linked to this one... Shall it be Grans? Shall it be another? <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====nt those demons used, would it? <Tiernan> You've done this before, Kodah? * Dal steps through... <Narrator> *snores, then suddenly snorts and wakes up* Dammit! I forgot something... <Kodah> Yeah <Narrator> Johei has joined the Shining Force! *cheesy music* * Dal slaps Narrator around a bit with a large trout <Tiernan> I'll go in first.. <Tiernan> And make sure it's all right... * Narrator dodges, beats Tyr with cheesy music and returns to Narrating. <Tiernan> Oh..erhm <Tiernan> I'll go in second then! ^_^;;; * Tiernan blinks and sticks his hand partway through the portal, to test it. <Narrator> Dal dissipates into the light... <Kodah> ...I guess we're going then <Narrator> Tiernan's hand tingles as it goes into the light... * Kodah steps into the portal <Narrator> Kodah dissipates into the light... <Tiernan> goes nothing.... * Reisha shurgs, "Oh well.. I guess a vacation anywhere but here sounds nice.." * Tiernan steps in the portal. <Narrator> Tiernan blows up <Narrator> JUST KIDDING! <Narrator> Tiernan dissipates into the light * Reisha takes a running start, and dashes inside the portal.. (still dragging david, of course..) <Narrator> Reisha and David dissipate into the light. <Narrator> The rest follow the team... <Narrator> The Shining Force enters the portal, knowing it'll lead them to a continent linked to this one... Shall it be Grans? Shall it be another? <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====