Shining Force RPG 2 session 15
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force floats in an empty void... Feeling wind rush by, chilling them to the bone... Other than the wind blowing, there is no way of telling they are moving. <Indigo> Where are we? * Kodah shivers, looking very much put out by this experience * Tiernan shivers violently. * Darin looks around, shivering..."What is this place?" * David shivers also... "Well....this could be worse...." * Indigo shivers, her teeth chattering as she tries to cover herself with her hands. <Kodah> Why is it, that whenever the Shinig Force comes around, I get plunked into situations like this? * Dal gulps... "This is... weird..." <Tiernan> It's....c-cold... <Indigo> Because we're heroes, and heroes always find strange things. ^_^ * David glances at Rei, who is still tugging him <Tiernan> ...I want out... <David> Tyr? You gonna freak on us? <Tiernan> Freak out? * Indigo looks about. * Kodah rubs his arms, trying to keep warm <David> know...get upset.. <Indigo> The last thing I remember is wandering through a demon-infested tower going "la-la-la-la-la".... <Tiernan> N--no...I'm....j-just....c-cold... * Dal holds Tyr tight, trying to keep him warm. * David shivers harder... "Aren't you...some bird, though...." * Reisha is shivering, letting go of David as she chitters her teeth. <Tiernan> ...Oh...well...yes....b-but....I---still feel...cold. <Reisha> What.. t-the.. h-hell.. o_o <Narrator> Little sparks of light can be seen appearing to the sides of the party. * Tiernan brings his hands together and attempts to generate heat from them, not knowing if magic will work in such a place. * David blinks at Rei and wraps his arms around her, holding her against him to give her some warmth... <Tiernan> Wh..what? * Indigo looks about, nodding at Tiernan. <Narrator> == The magic is nullified. <David> I...hope thats-s....our way...out... * Indigo sees the sparks. <Indigo> Hi! We're the Shining Force, can you help us? * Tiernan plops to the ground, dissapointed. * Darin looks around, and stays close to Jess. <Kodah> What the...? <Tiernan> K--Kodah...what is that...? * Reisha blinks at David. ^^ <Tiernan> D-dal? ...Anyone? <Indigo> See, we were in this tower filled with demons and somehow we got trapped here. <Kodah> I wish I could tell you Tyr, but I'm at a loss here * David narrows his eyes, not noticing Rei's look as he peers at the light... <Dal> I'm here, don't worry... * Tiernan nods to both Dal and Kodah...but still looks nervous :/ * Dal shivers violently, holding Tyr tight. "Where the hell are we?" <Tiernan> I...I don't know! <Narrator> The sparks make a small humming noise, showing no signs of sentient thought. <Tiernan> We went through that portal...maybe we're stuck.... * Kodah watches the sparks warily * Dal looks back to see if the portal's still there. * Indigo grabs for a spark. * Tiernan clings to Dal, trying to generate warmth. Apparently, being a Phoenix isn't helping regulate his body temperature or anything ^_^;; * David shivers harder against Rei but doesn't let go, not willing to let her suffer.. ^^; * Darin continues to cling to Jess, shivering violently... <Narrator> The spark fades through Indigo's hand and follows on to his path... <Indigo> Can you give us back our clothes and weapons and magic? We'll go away and leave you alone. We have a horsey to ride on if you want to. He's a knight. ^_^ <Reisha> D-David.. u-um.. y-you don't .. h-have to.. hug that.. c-close.. ^^ <David> .....uhh....uhh....just....just trying * Indigo feels her teeth clatter. <Tiernan> Indigo...I have clothes on... * Reisha holds onto david. "Think of.. y-yourself.. k-knuckledhead.." ^^ * Kodah chatters his teeth, not at all pleased <Tiernan> I...I don' being....c-cold.... * Indigo puts on her best Mom voice. <Tiernan> I don' e-e-either.... * Reisha trys throwing some random bolts of power out into the void.. <Indigo> Young sparks, you let us go right now or you'll be sorry! * Dal shivers... "Tyr... try to communicate with the sparks..." * David flashes Rei a warm look despite his violent shivering and then glances at the sparks... <Tiernan> I...w-w-w-w-want to be in th-e-e m-m-i-d-dle. <Narrator> == the magic is nullified. <Tiernan> O-Okay.. * Tiernan looks straight at the sparks. <Tiernan> P-P-Please! W-we're lost! H-Help us! <David> T-there be...a point to...all...this! * Reisha blinks. " mean.. that's not my m..m..magic" <Narrator> The sparks emit a louder humming noise... cries of a multitude of people can be heard... <Tiernan> We're c-cold...and w-we're hungry...and that's n-not a good co--co- combination! :/ * Darin eyes the sparks.. and wonders if his blade would have an effect on shedding some light on this... * Indigo shivers. <Narrator> The cries begin to raise in intensity slowly... * Tiernan shudders and puts his hands to his ears, as if the voices have more of an impact on him. * Indigo frowns and puts her hands on her hips, trying to ignore the cold. * David 's lips turn slightly blue, his grip loosening slightly.... " we have...sound...effects...I can't feel my....hands." * Reisha looks around shievring more and more with each passing minute.. <Tiernan> P-Please! <Indigo> Screaming won't do you any good. You let us go or we'll send you to your room! * Dal closes his eyes... "So cold..." <Reisha> G-get a grip.. D-David.. damn.. I don't t-think I-I can f-feel mine e-either * Darin shivers... as his lips begin to turn blue. He tightens his arms around Jess. <Narrator> A voice can be heard faintly, burried under the cries... "Follow... Path.... Chosen...." The rest is inaudible. <Kodah> What? * Indigo covers her ears, shivering with cold but catching the last part. <Tiernan> ....w-what p-path! I d-don't see any! <David> ....follow...the sparks! <Darin> P...Path? ... C..Chos...sen? * Indigo nods to David and follows the spark. * Reisha follows David, not able to do much else <Narrator> The sparks are condensed, leaving a small black corridor for the force to follow. * Kodah tries following the path, what else is there to do? * Indigo follows the path. * Dal gently pushes Tyr forward... * David barrels forward, determined to make it.. * Tiernan can barely walk, shivering so hard :/ * Darin follows the path as well as he can, his feet and fingers numb.. <Reisha> T-Thi..s is the l-last t-t-time I book a random f-flight.. <Narrator> A bright light can be seen further along... The force's movement is now more than apparent as they are propulsed towards the light like a runaway freight train. <Tiernan> I--I think...I--unders-stand..what K-Kodah...m-meant.....n-now... <Tiernan> P-Portals....are....evil... <David> rr.....we...can make it... <Kodah> Huh? <Indigo> Whoa! * Reisha suddenly gets jerked towards the light. "W-woah.." O_O <Tiernan> Ah-! * Tiernan cries out as he's pulled toward the light * Indigo giggles gleefully as she's pulled toward the light. * Kodah hisses * Dal tried to hold back his lunch... * Darin blinks as he lurches forward. * David grunts but doesn't complain... "Beats...freezing to...death.." * Tiernan closes his eyes and cries out endlessly at the horrid senstation! <Narrator> The cries slowly silence themselves as the sparks fade away... * David shudders, letting his eyes close.. * Tiernan stops screaming and drops to the floor, shaking. <Indigo> This is wonderful! I have to get one of these for the Crystal Tower! <Narrator> The light covers the whole party and in an instant, everyone is standing/sitting/lying down on black stone steps... <Indigo> Ahhh.... * David groans, lying on his back on the steps.. * Tiernan lies down on the stairs, still shivering. * Reisha falls right on her rump onto the stone staircase. <Reisha> Damn it..! o_o * Indigo relaxes, lying face-down on the stairs and trying to get over the cold. * Jess falls flat of her ass. "That really hurt: * Darin continues to shiver, and looks around for Jess.. <Jess> I'm right here, Darin. * Dal groans... "Are... we.. there... yet...?" * David shivers violently still, curling up... <Darin> Good... I didn't want to lose you back there. <Jess> but where is here? <Tiernan> A...Ah.... * Reisha tries to shake off the cold, and rouse David. * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> This is bliss. <Indigo> ^_^ <Reisha> No time.. to sleep on the job.. mister.. * Tiernan curls his wings around his body so tightly that he's a ball. <David> cold.... * Kodah shivers * Reisha sits down, rubbing her arms. "N-no.. kidding.." <Narrator> The view from this vantage point in the tower depicts that many islands are scattered north... The southern part shows the endless blue wonder of the sea. A town can be spotted to the east. <Indigo> I want one of those for my Crystal Tower. Let's find the wizard who made that so I can ask how I get one. I mean, I've paid all my dues to the Sorcerers' Guild and I've been a loyal consumer of the Spellbook of the Month club for years and I still don't have my very own portal. * Indigo pouts. <Dal> Town... warm... let's go... * Jess closes her eyes as she silently chants. "Mars, spirit of fire, bring forth your warming touch to end our cold." <Tiernan> K--Kodah.... <Kodah> Where are we? * Darin continues to shiver <Tiernan> I--Is it....over? <Narrator> == Jess casts Blaze successfully... * Indigo stands up. <Indigo> Can we go to the hot springs? <Kodah> I think so <Kodah> You okay Tyr? * David sits up slowly....and blinks.. "Ugh....where....?" * Tiernan opens one eye, but he doens't look any less tense. <Jess> There, a fire to keep us warm. <Tiernan> I...I don't know...I...I...I couldn't move...and I was breathing so hard! <Tiernan> I...I think I was...scared... * Darin moves closer to Jess's fire. "You are a wonderful person, Jess." He kisses her cheek. <Kodah> That's quite possible * Reisha looks out the window. "It looks like some island.." * Jess blushes. "Flatterer." * Tiernan is still lying down on the stairs. <David> island...? <Indigo> I'll make some hot springs for us. ^_^ * Kodah walks over to Tyr and offers him a hand up * Reisha directs David's glance out the window to the ocean, and then the archepelago to the north. * Tiernan gets up, abeit slowly. <Reisha> Sure.. looks like it. <Tiernan> Thank you.... <Indigo> Where do you want the springs? * Jess looks around. "What kind of place is this?" * David nods. "Bring your swimsuit?" <Kodah> You'll get used to fear in time Tyr. The important thing is not to let it control you * Reisha laughs, some warmth returning to her cheeks. "Don't you wish.." ;) <Tiernan> Okay Kodah... * Tiernan calms down, his breathing becoming regular again. <Tiernan> I didn't like that place at all :/ * David smiles and turns to the group. "Everyone standing and okay?" * Dal aghs and tries to warm up... "Yeah." <Tiernan> Dal! Are you all right? <Jess> so far so good, David. But I'm not sure for how long. * Indigo glows brown. <Indigo> Dao, create some holes in the ground! * Dal mutters some curses softly so Tyr can't hear, and grumbles.. "Yeah, sorta..." * Reisha squints eastwards. "hey.. that looks like a town.." * Tiernan blinks. "Oh...Okay." <David> A town? Our next trip, then. Get it together people! <David> Lets go to the town the lovely Rei spotted ^_- <Indigo> Ohhhh.... <Reisha> Hey.. where's there's a town.. there a nice warm bed.. ^^ * Indigo pouts. <Jess> I'm inclined to agree, David. We do need to get going. <Indigo> Hey! I've got an idea! <Tiernan> I'm glad everyone's all right <Tiernan> Can we get out of this place? <Kodah> I agree, let's get going <Dal> Okay, um, let's go... * Darin nods.. * Reisha looks around for the way down out of this high-rise. <Narrator> A spiral flight of steps exactly like the Midnight's eve tower can be spotted... * Jess puts out the mystic fire and readies herself to leave. <Tiernan> I don't like it. :/ It's not as evil feeling as the first leaves me....uneasy... <David> Steps hooo! * Indigo runs for the steps and down the tower. * Tiernan stands by Dal and Kodah, and walks down the stairs, fluffing his wings a few times. ^_^ * Darin offers his arm to Jess. * Kodah walks quietly * Jess takes Darin's arm and walks on down the stairs. <Indigo> Let's go! * David walks slowly down the stairs, eyes flickering in their color.. * Dal starts going down the stairs... * Indigo starts singing the smurf song again, skipping. * Tiernan looks at Indigo. O_o * Kodah gives Indigo the evil eye * Reisha walks down the steps not far behind the leader, examining the walls for any more uglies that want a beat down. * Darin raises his eyebrow at Indi <Tiernan> That song is as bad as that strange one's know...the voice from the heavens that says strange stuff to me... -_- <Jess> Lara said she was a psycho...looks like she was right. <Kodah> What? <Kodah> What voices? <Tiernan> Nothing.... <Kodah> ... * Indigo turns to Tiernan. <Narrator> Tyr... This is your conscience speaking... Dildoes are fun icebreakers in awkward situations. That is all. <Indigo> Mitula's voice speaks to me too. It can be hard, huh? * Kodah decides to let that slide, against his better judgement <Tiernan> Ah...I don't know. Once it said puberty was when you're really hairy and horny. I didn't understand it!...SEE!? There! THERE! * Reisha looks at Tyr, fixing her blonde hair a minute. "Man.. you certainly hear a lot of voices.." <Tiernan> I don't even know what a 'dildo' is! :/ <Tiernan> But let's just go. * Reisha stifles a giggle. <Kodah> Um...yeah <Indigo> Don't worry. You'll learn about puberty one day. ^_^ * Darin looks at Jess, shaking his head. <Tiernan> You must think I'm odd too, Kodah :/ <Reisha> Ah.. life's great mysteries... ;) * David seems oddly happy, a smile on his face as he heads further.. <Narrator> The stairs take the team down to a room similar to the Midnight's eve... But this time, the door is opened. <Jess> something wrong, Darin? * Indigo resumes singing the smurf song, then switches to the Care Bear theme. <David> Perfect. ^_- <Kodah> Not just make me think Tyr. That;'s all <David> I like this place already. Open doors. * Jess shakes her head. "Lara was definately right. That woman is a psycho." <Tiernan> Oh? About what? <Darin> Not really Jess.. just.. Indi.. <Indigo> Weee! * David heads to the door... * Indigo jumps into the door. * Jess walks on out the door with Darin in tow. <Indigo> I haven't felt this good since I was a child! ^_^ <Kodah> About who might be talking to you <Tiernan> I don't know. I don't like it. :/ He never explains things right. * Reisha gingerly walks out the doors, recent events making ehr quickly forget the cold. <Tiernan> Kodah...Dal...can I ask you something? <Kodah> Try to ignore the voice. It sounds like its just trying to be strange for its own sake <Dal> Hmm? <Kodah> Fire away <Tiernan> Well...David said he's my friend...and Sasha is my friend. Are you both my friends too? <Jess> Tyr, I'd like to think that we're all friends here. <Kodah> Most certainly * Dal tousles Tyr's hair... "Of course we are..." * Darin nods in agreement with Jess. * Indigo turns and smiles. <Tiernan> Really? ^_^ <Indigo> I'm your friend. <Tiernan> That's great. ^_^ * Kodah nods to Tyr <Tiernan> I like friends. David was right. :) <Indigo> As to the voices, are they good voices? <Tiernan> They are nice. <Tiernan> I don't know. :/ <Tiernan> He says odd things to me. :/ <Tiernan> I'd rather not talk about it :/ <Indigo> Hmmm....the voice that speaks to me is a really nice voice. What do your voices say? <Kodah> Ignore the voice then <Jess> the voiecs? I don't know about that. * Reisha sighs deeply. "Oh brother.." ^^; <Tiernan> He says that dildos are good icebreakers at parties <Jess> what's up, Rei? <Indigo> Oh okay.....well, I can understand that. It's hard. People don't understand the voices. <Kodah> Did he now? <Tiernan> I don't know what he means. :/ * David looks around, hair falling into his eyes.. <Indigo> Nor do I. <Narrator> The outside of the tower depicts no wildlife or greenery... The whole island seems completely flat... * Indigo looks around. <Kodah> Nice place...feh <Jess> O_o This is a wasteland if I've ever seen one. <Indigo> Why's everything flat? <Tiernan> ...this place seems.....sad. <Tiernan> Can the Earth be sad? <Darin> is.. .... <Kodah> I suppose it can * Tiernan pats the ground, and flexes his wings. "Cheer up! ^_^" <Dal> It's still pretty desolate... * Reisha puts a hand to her eyes. "Talk about flat..." <Indigo> Well, if Dao is sad, the ground can be sad too.... * Jess closes her eyes and concentrates. "I can feel a very sad feeling from the spirits of earth on this island. Even a dark presence. I don't like it one bit." * Kodah looks around <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, I summon you! <Narrator> == Dao is summoned. <Tiernan> ...It's not cheering up. :/ <Indigo> Dao, talk to Tiernan there. He'll cheer you up! <Kodah> Give it time Tyr. There's a lot of ground and only one of you <Tiernan> Okay.... <David> Lets just head to the town. * Indigo points to Tiernan and moves Dao towards him. * Reisha looks around for that town she spied earlier. * Tiernan blinks at Dao O_o <Indigo> Tiernan, meet Dao, the Elemental or Spirit of the Earth. <Tiernan> Hello Sir. ^_^ <Indigo> Dao, this is Tiernan. He's a phoenix. * Tiernan waves to Dao happily ^_^ <Tiernan> Half Phoenix. <Tiernan> I think. <Tiernan> But I'm not sure... <Indigo> Don't be shy now Dao! ^_^ <Narrator> Dao makes a weird grunting noise and dissipates back to his plain of existance. * Indigo slaps him on the back and moves off to let them talk. <Tiernan> .... * Tiernan 's face falls. <Tiernan> He didn't like me.... <Indigo> Ohhh.... <Indigo> Dao, you apologize right now! * Tiernan 's entire body seems to droop <Kodah> Dao doesn't have much to say to anyone Tyr. Don't take it personally <David> Focus. C'mon. Town. You know you wanna go to the town. Do that Inn thang. <Tiernan> Okay Kodah....but still. :/ <Indigo> Neptune is more personable.... * Dal patpats Tyr. "Don't worry... I heard elementals aren't very sympathetic..." * Tiernan walks along with David. <Jess> this place...there's something about this island..I don't know what it is. * Indigo frowns and stomps towards town. <Tiernan> How come? :/ Everyone should be nice to you are! * Kodah walks after Tyr * Reisha pats David on the back. <Reisha> Yeah.. the Inn thing. :P <Narrator> Zoie seems to have dissapeared from the party. <Tiernan> When you're nice to me...I feel good. I want everyone to feel that way too. * Dal sweats... "Um... we can't always be nice to everyone... but ah... I'll always be nice to you..." <Jess> well, maybe when we finish this mission, our fight will bring peace to everyone, Tyr. * Dal sweats more. * Tiernan smiles. ^_^ * Reisha goes hunting for that town.. <Tiernan> Well, I know you can't be nice all the time...but most of the time. :) * David follows Rei, deciding everyone else are nuts * Jess looks at Darin. "Is something wrong?" * Reisha glances sidelong at David. "Well at least I'm not the only sane one here.." ^^ * Kodah plods along quietly after the group * David winks at Rei. "Never said I was sane. I just know when to follow a beautiful woman!" * Jess follows rei and David. <Narrator> The town is already noticeable in the distance... It seems to be alive with populace at its outer edges. <Tiernan> ^_^ I hope we get something good to eat. I'm hungry. <Jess> same here, Tyr. Same here. * Reisha grins fiendishly for a minute. "Don't you know it!" :) * Kodah tries to stifle the sound of his stomach growligng * Dal 's mind goes "$Cha-ching!$" when he thinks of how much he can filch from all those people..." * David brushes his hair out of his eyes, a spring in his step.. * Tiernan hums lightly under his breath * Jess tries to shake the sudden feelings of dread in her mind. "What is it about this place that gives me these feelings?" she thinks to herself. <David> So....anyone read any good books lately? <Tiernan> What's a book? <Jess> Only spellbooks, David. Been trying to learn how to cast healing magic. * Darin looks at Jess.. "You ok?"" <David> don't know what a book is....hold on.. <Dal> It's a bunch of papers with stuff written on them bound together... <Reisha> Well.. I haven't touched many books lately.. that dust in them is murder on my skin. :P * David slips a small pack off his back and rummages through it while walking... <Tiernan> Oh! That's right! You read off them. <Tiernan> Like that map we found! ^_^ But that's a big picture. <Narrator> The town draws closer and closer... Children can be seen running around... Parents scolding... A normal little town. <Jess> don't know, darin. This island. The elemental spirits seem to be shouting in my mind. I can't quite place why, though. * Tiernan flexes his wings happily. * Darin hugs Jess. * Kodah looks gloomily at the town * David finds a nice big book * David offers it to Tyr <Tiernan> Cheer up Kodah! You look as sad as the Earth :/ * Reisha has a stray thought about home for a second.. back in Anapest.. * Tiernan looks at the book <Tiernan> What is this about? * Kodah gives Tyr a half-grin * Tiernan blinks <David> History of the Dark Dragon. ^_^ * David closes the pack and reshoulders it.. <Tiernan> Dark Dragon? <Narrator> The sunlight warms the Force as they head towards the town... * Tiernan thumbs through it. * David nods and casually slips an arm around Rei's waist... <Reisha> Wow.. never thought you were the intellectual type, davey.. :P <David> Hey...I'm not just all muscle, you know... * Jess just walks along silently, clinging to Darin. * Reisha pokes his head playfully a few times and walks on with him. * Darin walks silently alongside Jess, his arm around her waist. <Tiernan> ..." However, fate was against them, and Darksol revived the demon named Dark Dragon. * Tiernan reads from the book to himself... * David chuckles.. <Jess> Tyr, was that the story of the last shining Force? Or the First? <David> I got that from the castle of Granseal....they let me take supplies... <Tiernan> However, the Shining Force defeated Darksol and Max, armed with the Chaos Breaker, was able to reseal Dark Dragon... at a price. <Tiernan> Oh! The first! Hey! The Shining Force is us, isn't it? ^_^ <Jess> that's what they say. <Narrator> As the Shining Force arrives near the town, a woman spots them. Others slowly turn around as she calls out her noticing of visitors from the west of the island. <David> Yep...apparently so. ^_- <Dal> Um, I guess... <Kodah> That's the rumor <Reisha> Here you can take everything and you bring a book along... * Tiernan puts the book into his satchel. * Reisha is cut short by the woman's calls. * Dal blinks. <Darin> Looks like we've been spotted <Jess> Hmmm? * David smirks and eyes the woman.. <Tiernan> Hello Miss! ^_^ <Jess> talk about a flair for the obvious. <Narrator> The townspeople gather to greet the Force... <Jess> Hi! <Kodah> ... <Narrator> The woman that spotted them is the first to speak. * David lazily strokes Rei's side before letting his arm fall away and crossing both of them over his chest.. * Jess smiles at the people. * Tiernan wants to read that book again. :) <Woman> Welcome, strangers. ^_^ My my, aren't we lucky... We haven't gotten any visitors in years. And now, we get three groups in one day. ^_^ <Jess> Three groups? <Dal> ... three? <Tiernan> Three? Who else came? <Reisha> Three you say? ^^ <Kodah> ? <Darin> Three? * Tiernan fluffs his wings curiously, the orange and red shining brightly in the sunlight. <Jess> .oO(this is all too strange. It's as if someone has been following us, and made it here before we did.) * The woman blinks.. "Why yes.. An odd, moody fellow wearing a weird robe showed up this morning... And a horseman after that.... Odd fellow... *blinks* Much like this one. *points to Johei* <Tiernan> ....Gerad..... <Kodah> ... <Jess> and probably Jeyer too. <David> Lovely. * Tiernan looks afraid and glances at Kodah. <Tiernan> Who's Jeyer? <Woman> Yes! Sir Gerad. ^_^ Do you know him? <Kodah> Great, both Ickum AND Stickum * Reisha sighs. "Just peachy..." <David> Jeyer is the ninja who trained with my mother, Tyr.... <Tiernan> Who's Ickum and Stickum? ;_; <Jess> Jeyer? Just someone who wants to kill Kodah. <Tiernan> Oh... <Kodah> Gerad and Jeyer <Tiernan> Why would he want to kill you? You're nice people! :/ <Tiernan> I don't understand... * The woman frowns.. "Is... Something wrong?" <Kodah> ... <David> you for welcoming us, Miss. <David> Where are we exactly? <Tiernan> N-Nothing! ^_^ * Tiernan puts on a fake smile. <Jess> everything's fine, Ma'am. .oO(Though don't be surprised if your town winds up a battlefield. I have a bad feeling about this.) * The woman nods. "As we are not used to getting visitors, we don't have any accomodations for all you people.. But. We will do our best to house you. ^_^" <Tiernan> . o O ( I won't let anything happen to Kodah.... ) * The townspeople nod and in approval <Jess> Thank you, Miss. You are kind beyond words. * David nods.... "Thank you." <Tiernan> Thank you, ma'am. :) * Jess bows to the lady and the rest of the townspeople. * The woman nods, smiles and turns around with the rest to prepare rooms for the team. * Kodah tries his best to look inconspicuous * Reisha nods ehr thanks. "Thanks.. any diea where the INn is here, anyway?" ^^ <Dal> . o O (Sleep...) * The woman stops dead in her tracks.. <Dal> ... what's wrong? <Jess> What's wrong? <Tiernan> Is something wrong, Ma'am? :/ * David's hand unconciously drifts to AmeShi strapped on his back.. * The woman turns around and says, "... The horseman fellow... Gerad... He is at the outskirts of town... Waiting for someone. Please be careful if you are to go meet with him." <Kodah> Thanks for the tip <David> Thank you....we'll remember that.. <Tiernan> Thank you. * Tiernan looks at Kodah again, worried. * Dal sighs. "Hell'll break loose..." * The woman nods.. "As for the other odd fellow... He simply walked on through.. And left." <Reisha> You can bet we'll stay away from that clown.. <Jess> .oO(Hopefully we won't meet up with him at all.) <Tiernan> What's a clown? ^_^ * David feels his mood darken slightly... * The woman blinks and goes to prepare rooms for the group. <Kodah> Someone who tries his best to amuse others with strange antics and wild clothes <Tiernan> Like me? :/ <Tiernan> Am I a clown? <David> No. <Tiernan> People say I'm strange... <David> You're not. <Kodah> Nope * Jess giggles to herself. "You know what would be so appropriate? If they housed Gerad in the stables." <Kodah> We respect you. We don't respect clowns <Tiernan> Respect....? * David's eyes change to a darker blue and he wanders from the group a bit.. * Tiernan hmms to himself. * Reisha shakes her head to Tyr. "I never said that." <Jess> What's wrong with david? <Tiernan> O_o I never said you did, Reisha! I'm sorry! * Tiernan bows his head down. * Darin sighs... lost in thought for a moment <Jess> something up, Darin <Darin> Hmm? no... just.. thinking.. * David shakes his head absentmindedly and trots off farther, going off on his own to explore the town without explinantion to the group... * Tiernan pulls out his book again * Kodah works a crick out of his neck, muttering darkly to himself about a certain centaur's questionable upbringing <Tiernan> ^_^ I like this book! It has pretty pictures and neat stories! <Jess> remember how your sword brought Gerad out of his trance the last time we fought him? * The woman walks back after a few minutes... "We found a place to house all of you. ^_^ Please follow me!" <Jess> Thank you. <Tiernan> Oh! Okay. * Tiernan puts his book away again. * Kodah follows, half-expecting an ambush * Jess follows the woman. * Tiernan follows the woman * Reisha wonders where david has gone... * Dal follows, half-sleepwalking... * Tiernan looks at Dal curiously. <Tiernan> He looks so strange when he does that. ^_^ <Narrator> The Shining Force follows the woman to a large mansion, are greeted and directed to rooms of their own to settle down and rest... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Silent and omnious, a large black walled shrine lies nestled underground. The only sign of life that can be seen is a singular torch attached to the wall and a humanoid form moving his hands in an odd pattern. * Jeyer casts Key of the Ancients. <Narrator> == The spell fails. * Jeyer growls softly.. "Why isn't this working? This SHOULD work. It worked at the midnight's eve, for crying out loud.. And this IS an ancient's temple.." * Jeyer searches through his mind for something that might help.. Then spots an engraving on the wall.. * Jeyer tries to read the old text... ".... Force..... Seal.. Oh for crying out loud. - _-" <Narrator> * Jeyer curses softly.. "I can't afford to wait for them. I HAVE to go on.. My son.. I..." *growls* * Jeyer pulls out a small chest from his bag, places a vial with red liquid in it, deposits it on an altar, transforms into a small spider and crawls inside the keyhole... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene. ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force, now well rested, awakens to the light of morning... * Jess awakens, still kinda shaky from the prior day. * David is not there. ^_^ * Kodah yawns and rolls out of bed * Darin still snores blissfully * Dal *shnorrrrrrrs*, not waking up at all... * Reisha awakens from the fluffy bed, instantly looking for David after the morning routines.. * David is not there, as said before ^_- * Tiernan lies curled up in the bed, breathing softly. <Reisha> Where the heck is that big oaf? * Jess walks into Darin's room to roust his ass out of bed. "Darin, Wake up,"She says softly into his ear,"It's morning already.>> * Kodah goes to get a quick bath * Reisha asks for David at the registry counter. * Darin mumbles.. "Mrhhmnph.." <Jess> Darin..wake up...we can't get moving if you don't GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THE BED! * Tiernan is still asleep. * Dal Okay, thanks, y'all. ^_^ * Darin blinks.. and sits bolt upright ... "WHAAAA?!?" * Tiernan looks like he's having another dream...but it doens't seem to be a nightmare. * Darin falls out of the bed. * Jess smiles. "Good morning, Sir Darin." * Darin blinks up at Jess, confused... "Wha?"" <Reisha> Seen this guy about yeah tall, and eyes like mood rings? :P * Dal is still asleep, snoring very loudly. <Jess> just your morning wake up call. ^_^ <Darin> oh... * Darin rubs his eyes sleepily.. * Tiernan sighs softly and clutches the pillow. <Jess> I guess we should get everyone else out of the bed...Tyr, Dal, Kodah. * Tiernan smiles in his sleep. * Darin pulls his shirt on.. "Just as long as you don't scare the snot out of them like you always do with me, Jess." he winks at her, and kisses her forehead. * Dal *SHNORRRRS*... <Narrator> A man yawns, reading an old book and says, "That blonde fellow? With the large sword? He left early this morning... He looked pissed." * Reisha gets frustrated and looks for the exit. "If he's getting into a fight again.." * Jess walks into Tyr's room and shakes him slightly. "Wake up, Tyr." <Narrator> Narrator spits on Tyr. "Wake up." * Tiernan turns on his back, and opens his eyes slowly, smiling still. "Hello Jess..." <Tiernan> ^_^ How are you? <Jess> looks like someone was having a nice dream. * Kodah heads down to the lobby after his bath <Jess> and I'm just fine..thanks for asking. <Dal> ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz... <Tiernan> Yes...I dreampt I could fly...I mean really fly! * Darin goes into Dal's room. "Dal? Wake up!" <Narrator> A small cry can be heard outside... It seems to be Reisha... <Dal> Nunh.... five minits... <Tiernan> I was flying all over the world and watching everything! I could see so many things I've never seen before! * Darin shakes Dal's shoulder. "Dal! Come on!!" <Kodah> ? * Jess turns around. "Oh shit. Let's get going." * Tiernan sits up. "Reisha....? Reisha!" * Jess runs out to the sound of the cry. <Dal> Hun... oh... yeah, sure... * Tiernan hops out of bed, puts on his overcoat, and rushes outside * Darin runs out of the room at Rei's cry * Dal crawls out of bed, and checks to see what the commotion is... <Jess> REISHA! * Kodah looks around for Reisha <Darin> Reisha! <Narrator> Reisha can be spotted kneeling by David's bruised body... <Jess> What happened? <Tiernan> Reisha! Are you all right?...D--David! O_o <Dal> O_o What happened? * Darin stops when he sees David and Rei.. <Kodah> The hell...? <Darin> Wha?? * Tiernan kneels by David. "David!" * Reisha is yelling out seeing David. "Damn you David..!" * David doesn't move, seemingly still out of it.. ^^; * Darin rushes over to David. * Reisha tries to revive him, muttering.. <Reisha> Stupid... idiot... <Tiernan>'s not fair! :/ Phoenixes are supposed to heal people! They can use their fire to heal people! Why can't I do that? .... * David groans softly, a black eye visible on his face and some dried blood on his shirt.....he slowly comes into awareness.. <Jess> I know how you feel, Tyr. I've been reading a spell book to try to learn healing magic too. <David> ....uhhhnn.....ow....? * Reisha is looking down into your face. "So what's your story now, toughguy?" <Tiernan> David! ^_^ <Narrator> AmeShi is covered in blood... And a patch of fur is stuck to the dried up blood... <Kodah> What happened to you? <Dal> ... fur? * David blinks up at Rei and reaches for AmeShi absentmindedly.. "Uh...well...see... * David winces, pausing as a shock of pain goes through him ^^; <Tiernan> You didn't attack anyone, did you? :/ <Reisha> What am I going to do with you... * Reisha shakes her head. * Tiernan stands up, boyishly putting a hand behind his head. * Jess looks down at David, then to the fur on AmeShi. "maye a closer look at that fur wil tell us something." * David picks the fur off his blade... "Well.....uhm....see...I got into this fight..." <Jess> let me look at that fur, David. <Kodah> We gathered that * David stumbles over his words ^^; * Jess looks closely at the fur that David picked from AmeShi. * Reisha tries to hual him up. "Boys will be boys I guess..." <Tiernan> You mean I should fight like David does because I'm a boy? <Jess> If this is horse hair, then we know what attacked him. * David leans into Rei, grunting slightly in pain... * Dal shakes his hair violently... "Nononono... don't fight like him..." <Tiernan> Oh... <David> I'm....I'm not sure what it was...didn't get a good look, pummeled me... ^^; <Tiernan> How terrible. :/ <Jess> could it be Gerad? <Tiernan> Are you in pain? Can you walk okay? * Tiernan looks concerened for his friend... <Narrator> The fur isn't from any normal animal... It has magical properties to it. * Reisha just sighs at Tyr, and supports David. <Jess> wait a minute..... * David nods slightly... "Some pain...but I can walk...really." <Tiernan> Oh no :/ * David looks at Rei apologetically. <Jess> There's some magic about this fur. <Narrator> A woman walks by and blinks as she spots David... <David> magic...? lovely.. ^^; <Tiernan> Hello Ma'am! ^_^ <Woman> Why.. What happened to him...? *blinks* I'll go get the town's healer! * The woman rushes off south * Reisha looks back at him. "DOn't worry about apologies.. it only makes it worse." <Jess> This is obviously a mystically summoned creature that did this. * David winces and looks down, feeling worse and worse. ^^; * Tiernan pulls out his book again. ^_^ <Kodah> ... <David> Whatever it was, it was my fault really... I shouldn't have stormed off.. ^^; <Tiernan> Kodah, look at this! ^_^ * Darin looks at Jess. <Reisha> Next time you storm off, let me know so I can watch your back.. * Tiernan shows Kodah a large picture of Max sealing Dark Dragon. * Kodah looks, "Whatchagot there?" <Tiernan> Isn't it neat? ^_^ <Kodah> Hmm...who's that? <Narrator> The woman comes back with a man in a white robe... He moves towards David and starts chanting softly... <Tiernan> Max! The leader of the first Shining Force! * David steps back slightly, eyeing the man warily ^^; <Jess> Hmmm? <Narrator> == The healer casts Heal lv. 4. David is fully restored. <Darin> hm? * Jess looks between David and the Healer. * David blinks and smiles slightly. "Uh, thanks." <Kodah> that's Max huh? * The healer nods. "What happened to you, my boy?" <Tiernan> Yeah! He looks so much stronger than me... <Tiernan> I hope I can be as strong and brave as he is someday! <Kodah> Strength isn't everything Tyr <David> ....I went out looking for trouble....found it.....and 'it' beat me.. <Tiernan> It's...not? <David> Supposedly it was an animal of some kind, with fur...magical, so I've been informed.. ^^; <Jess> looks like it, but what was 'IT'? * Reisha rubs her chin. "magical, you say.." * David glances at Rei, still feeling a bit bad about being such a hardhead. ^^; <Kodah> Nope. All the strength in the world won';t help you if you don't have the brains to back them up, and the courage to use it <Healer> ... How... Odd... We've never had any of those problems.. Hmm.. <Tiernan> ...Do I have courage and brains? <Jess> Hmmm.....let me think. <Darin> Yes, Tyr, you do. <Kodah> I beleive so. Do you think you have them? <David> Well.....anyway.. ^^; <Tiernan> Really? I...well, if you say so.... ^_^ * The healer shrugs.. "I should notify the townspeople... Please try and stay out of trouble, young man." <Darin> As long as you believe in yourself. * David seems fidgetty still ^^; <Tiernan> If you believe in me, I do! <David> Sure. ^^; <Darin> I certainly believe in you. * The healer walks towards a warrior's hall and enters. <Jess> we should find that creature and either capture or kill it. It could attack the local citizens. * David exhales. :p * Darin smiles at Tyr, then nods at jess. <Kodah> What I think about you doesn;t matter Tyr. It's what you beleive about yourself <David> Yeah. Uhm. * Tiernan looks happier then you've seen him be in long time. ^_^ * David rubs his head, sheathing AmeShi.. <David> So now that I've been a complete jerk....lets go shopping? ^^; Does this place have weapon shops? <Tiernan> It didn't have an <Jess> you have AmeShi. Why would you need another weapon? * Reisha shrugs. "I'd think so.. if you're up to the challenge.." :P <David> I meant for you people. ^^; * Dal mutters softly, "Hehe, *I'll* take Ameshi..." <David> You do and I'll break every bone in your body and strangle you with your entrails. * Darin nods at Jess.. "I was thinking the same thing.." He turns to David "I have my Blade of Truth... annoying as it may be, she's all I need." * David seems deadly calm ^^; * Jess turns to Darin. "can I ask you a small favor, sir knight?" * Tiernan looks at the book, reading about the war with Zeon and Dark Dragon in Arc Valley... * Darin looks at Jess. "Anything, dearheart." * Jess whispers in his ear. "I would like to learn the finer points of using a sword. Something tells me I'll need it." <David> I think we should do something about Gerad. Yes. A battle would be fun right about now! ^^; * David saunters ahead of the group slightly. ^^; * Dal sweats... ^^; <Tiernan> No! * Tiernan looks up from his book. "Let's...not fight him..." * Darin smiles at Jess, and whispers back..."And you're asking me? I'm flattered, Jess." * Reisha smirks. "Listen to you.. loaded for bear.." :P <Tiernan> I don't want Kodah to get hurt... <David> Mm. So then...what do we do? <Dal>.. J O (Edgy little bastard today, ain't he... ^^;) <Kodah> ... <Jess> just get the hell outta dodge before there's any trouble? * David glances at Rei, a flicker of emotion behind his stoic gaze. <David> Sure. Lets just leave then. ^^; <Tiernan> There was a tower near here...maybe we can go there! <Reisha> Question is.. where... <David> Whatever......a tower...yeah...okay.. * David crosses his arms almost protectively in front of him and nods. <Jess> as flast as this land is, we should be able to see it on the horizon from outside of town. <Tiernan> I don't like this land. :/ It's so sad. <Tiernan> I want it to be happy. <Kodah> Assuming Gerad doesn't try to jump us as we leave town <Reisha> I wonder... towers... <Tiernan> Happiness should be felt by everyone..... * Reisha taps a foot. <David> We'll handle him if he does. * David smiles slightly at that * Tiernan looks fearfully at David, but puts on a smile, believing in David's leadership! <Jess> What is it, Rei? <Tiernan> Y--yes! We'll stop Gerad if he tries to hurt Kodah ^_^ <Reisha> If there's other towers around.. you think they'd form a road, maybe? * David nods.. <Jess> Hmmmm. <Narrator> A kid runs up to Tiernan and looks up at him, holding his hands behind his back. <Tiernan> Hello... <Narrator> The kid rocks back and forth on his heels, still looking up at Tiernan. * Tiernan smiles at the child. "What's your name? I'm Tiernan." * David eyes the kid warily, tensing... <Narrator> The kid doesn't say a word. * Darin watches curiously. * Reisha watches the kid and Tyr's exchange. * Tiernan takes a step towards the boy. "Is something wrong?" <Narrator> The child takes a step back. <Tiernan> You don't have to be scared....I'm not going to hurt you.... <Narrator> The child blinks. <Tiernan> Can I know your name? <Kid> That horsie guy talked about you.. <Tiernan> Gerad talked about me? * David opens his mouth but closes it, putting a hand on Rei's shoulder instead. ^^; <Tiernan> What did he say...? <Jess> Horsie guy? Gerad...I should have known. * Reisha turns her head to look at Rei, a face of mixed emotions. <Darin> ... <Kodah> ... * Tiernan takes another step closer. "Can you please tell me?" * Jess puts her arm around Darin, thinking of all kinds of harmful spells she can cast on Gerad. * David twitches, his eyes shadowed with some kind of pain...he also look really sorry.. ^^; <Kid> He... Said. Something.... Something about evilness. And how he was a warrior and that he hated evil. Are you evil..? You don't seem evil.. But the horsie guy wouldn't lie... Would he..? * Darin puts an arm protectively around Jess' waist. <Tiernan> ..I...Don't think I am.... <Tiernan> I think the horseman is misguided.... <Kodah> Gerad's full of himself <Jess> if anyone is evil, youngster, it's surely not Tiernan. * Reisha narrows her eyes a minute in concern to him, but doesn't let it show too much. <Tiernan> He doesn't know that my friend Kodah is really good! He just thinks that because Kodah is a little different, that he's evil...and that's not so! <Narrator> The child blinks and points at Kodah. "You scare me! :0" <Narrator> the child runs away. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> W--wait! * Darin blinks <Jess> looks like we've got an encounter coming with Gerad anyway. <Kodah> Story of my life Tyr. Just let it go * Reisha looks back at the kid. "What scared him so much.." <Jess> you still have friends, Kodah. Us, for example. <David> .... <David> I think we should confront Gerad. * Tiernan steps in front of Kodah. * David's voice is low and slightly emotionless. * Reisha smiles wryly. "You too, huh?" <Tiernan> I'll protect you, Kodah. I promise.... <Kodah> ...thanks Tyr <Jess> we may have to...I don't like to have to fight that centaur, but it looks like we'll have to. <Reisha> Well, the second beating is always more fun.. * Darin nods * David nods and flexes his hands... "Lets go." <Kodah> But this isn't going to stop until either Gerad or myslef is dead * Reisha cracks her magical knuckles persay, letting a slight charge out of her palms. <David> Then I guess he's gonna die today. <Tiernan> I won't let him hurt you! Ever! * David begins towards the outskirts of town... * Jess conjures up a small fireball. "Well, we could have fried centaur for dinner, what say?" * Tiernan's look of determination slowly returns on his face. <Tiernan> I won't let him hurt you, Dal...David..anyone! * Jess follows David. <Kodah> You're a good person Tyr. Never let anyone else tell you otherwise * Dal chuckles... "Thanks, Tyr. ^_^" <Tiernan> Thank you, too! ^_^ <Tiernan> And you, Dal! ^_^ <Tiernan> Everyone here is good! * Darin smiles at Tyr. * Tiernan walks in front of Kodah, so that he's protected once the confrontation starts * David just quietly walks, gaze rooted to the ground...he mumbles something about 'not being as good as Tyr thinks'... <Dal> . o O (I'm good, sure... pure as a white rose, un-hunh... ^^) * Kodah walks with the group, his expression dark * David sighs softly.. * Jess prepares herslemf mentally for the coming fight... <Narrator> The Shining Force heads towards the outskirts of town... A lowly Centaur sitting in his encampment... <Tiernan> There he is... * Tiernan spreads his wings out, and opens his arms a gesture of defense.... * Reisha nudges David with an elbow. "Hey.. your shoelace untied or something? Hold that head up.." <Jess> Time to kick ass. <Kodah> ... <Jess> and here I thought he'd be housed in the stables. <Darin> would have been more suitable.. <Tiernan> Gerad.... * David brings his gaze to Rei's, the same emotions on his face as earlier... "Sorry...." * Gerad looks up slowly, spotting the Shining Force arriving... <Reisha> I said stop apologizing.. it really doesn't suit you.." * David opens his mouth but closes it, just nodding instead and then looking towards Gerad.. <Tiernan> Mister Gerad...we don't want you to hurt Kodah...please let us by... * Gerad lifts himself to his feet and readies his spear. * Tiernan tenses. * Jess prepares to cast. * Darin draws his Blade of Truth. * David draws AmeShi. "We just want past." <Tiernan> Please Mister Gerad! Can't you see Kodah is a good man? * Reisha turns her attentions forward. "Well if it isn't manure breath.. fancy meeting you here, hmm?" ;) <Gerad> Again, you do not understand, young one. *spots Darin's sword and nods to Darin respectfully* <Kodah> ... * Dal stands on his guard... <Tiernan> I do understand! You don't! Have you ever met Kodah....talked to him? <Jess> No sense in trying to talk to him, Tyr. We'll just have to kick his ass. <Kodah> Why Gerad, you don't look so hot. Still licking your wounds? <David> Down, Jess. * Darin refuses to nod back, ready to defend Kodah to his last. <Tiernan> He's good! He takes care of others! Please! Listen to me! * Gerad ignores the insults thrown at him. <Tiernan> Please! He's my friend! I won't let you hurt him! * Tiernan holds his arms out wider * David's eyes flicker in color suddenly and he growls lowly.. <Gerad> Again, you people have nothing to do with this confrontation. Now please let me finish this with Kodah and him alone. <Tiernan> No! * Tiernan stays in his spot, blocking Gerad. * Jess begins chanting softly to herself as an aura of fire surrounds her. "WANNA BET? <Darin> No way. We stand as at team! <Tiernan> It does matter to us! We're friends....friends help each other... <Tiernan> Do you have any friends....Gerad? * Reisha shakes her head. "Nope.. not even if you say please." :P * Gerad takes a step backward and sighs... * Tiernan just stares at Gerad, wondering. <Gerad> That is irrelevant. Now... Prepare yourselves... * Kodah watches Gerad with an icy expression * Gerad readies his shield and spear. * David slashes at Gerad suddenly and then steps back, his gaze deathly. "Bring it on." * Tiernan tenses, chanting some sort of spell.... * Gerad starts charging towards Tiernan. * Dal readies himself... <Jess> that shield won't help against a magician, Gerad...OH SHIT, TYR! * Tiernan has his eyes closed, but opens them too late.... <Darin> Tyr! <Dal> TYR!! * Jess throws a massive fireball between Tyr and Gerad. <Kodah> !! <Tiernan> !! <Reisha> Tyr.. what the heck are you doing..! o_o * Gerad lifts his spear up, uses his shield to block any attack... The spear pierces through Tyr's shoulder... As Tyr falls to the ground, he is trampled by Gerad's hooves. <Kodah> Tyr!! <Jess> TIERNAN! <Dal> NOOOOO! <Narrator> The fireball misses the target. * Tiernan cries out! <Darin> TIERNAN!! <Jess> TYR.... * Kodah glares at Gerad, "Bastard!!" * Tiernan lies weakly on the ground, coughing up blood.... <Jess> Now, you've done it.... * Gerad runs by, turns around and looks towards the team... <Darin> You're going to PAY for that you bastard. * Reisha glares at the horseman. "You're dead meat..." <Narrator> Gerad: He... Was warned. Now... <Dal> You're going down, you prick... <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Tiernan somehow pulls himself up, shoulder bleeding, leg at an unatural angle, he bites down a scream of pain.... <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Gerad the Centaur. ===== * Tiernan stumbles in front of Kodah and holds his arms and wings out again, barely concious. You notice both of his wings are broken as well. <Narrator> == Gerad can attack. <Tiernan> D...don't....Kodah... * Jess feels her rage begin to build at the sight of Tyr lying on the ground. "Hear me now, Mars, spirit of fire, let your power become mine. Give me the strength to annhilliate this centaur who seeks to kill us all...." <Tiernan> Don't.....attack...him...... <Tiernan> Don't....die.... <Tiernan> Pl...ease.... * Kodah snarls at Gerad. It does not sound human in the slightest * Tiernan chokes on the blood. <Narrator> == Gerad attempts to lash out at Kodah. * Darin glares at Gerad. * Tiernan steps in Gerad's way! <Tiernan> N...No! * David narrows his eyes... <Kodah> Tyr! NO!! <Narrator> == Gerad's spear hits Tiernan's head HARD was he swings it across to hit Kodah... 21 damage. Tiernan falls. * Jess glares at Gerad, her hair flying wildly in the air around her. An aura of pure white hot flames surrounds the magician. "Time to die, Mule boy!" * Tiernan chokes down more blood, and crumbles into a heap * Reisha builds up a huge a charge, filling with anger. <Dal> No... NO! <Jess> TYR!! <Reisha> How dare you...! * Tiernan blood pools on the dusty ground...staining his clothes and hands... <Kodah> Dammit!! <Jess> THAT'S IT....GERAD, YOU'RE AS GOOD AS DEAD! * David just stays silent, his anger building and the black flames of AmeShi flickering madly now.. <Darin> Tyr... * Gerad feels himself weighed down by that hit... <Kodah> Tyr... <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. <Kodah> You...bastard!! I'll kill you! * Kodah begis to seethe with a hateful energy <Tiernan> == Tyr's words echo in Kodah's mind "Don't die...don't attack." * Jess's eyes flash a brilliant crimson red, the flames around her beginning to heat up even hotter. "Oh hear me now great spirits of the plains of fire, let your power come forth and burn hotter than the fires of damnation. become my sword to destroy this centaur!" * Kodah glares at Gerad, as black ichor seems to weel up from the ground, wrapping Kodah in shrieking balefire * Kodah rears back and releases a gutteral shout! As he does, the ground beneath Gerad heaves, as it is transformed into a blizzard of demons and devils! They vicously claw and bite anything in their way as they travel up into the sky and dissipate in a cacaphony of howls! * Tiernan's face pales to the point it looks striking against his dark red blood....his lips are white...his chest shallowly rising and falling. <Narrator> == Gerad howls in pain as the demons attack him! Gerad takes 62 damage! * Gerad starts to glow, his form distorts and pops out of existance. * Kodah begins to relax slightly, and the black ichor peels away and seeps back into the ground <Narrator> ===== Victory?? ===== * Jess dissipates her fire aura. * David looks cautious and steps towards where Gerad was.. * Kodah breathes heavily, lost in the moment of his rage * Reisha is ready to hurl electric death on gerad when he poofs. "Huh..?" * Tiernan 's entire body is seeped in a puddle of blood. * Jess walks over to Tyr. "Tiernan....TIERNAN!" * Dal hmms. * Tiernan doesn't move. <David> He needs a healer. * Kodah begins to snap out of his fugue * Dal runs Tyr... "God..." <Darin> Tiernan?! <Reisha> Where Zoie when you need her.. of all the..! * Tiernan coughs, more blood coming out of his mouth, mixed with salivia....he's still very unconcious. <Kodah> Tyr...Tyr! * Kodah hurries to Tyr's side * David slowly sheathes his sword.. * Dal says softly... "Someone get a healer... now..." <Jess> Darin, go get the healer! * David chants... * Kodah tries to heal Tyr as best he can, knowing that he can't save Tyr by himself * Darin runs off for the healer * David holds his palms out to Tyr and casts ¤Heal <Jess> .oO(wait a minute...I was learning healing magics at the last shrine we stopped at. Let's see if I can remember that incantation.) * Reisha goes over to Tyr, wondering if this was such a good idea after all... <Kodah> Come on Tyr! Don't die on me now! * Tiernan's body seem to be broken and twisted. His head is bleeding from a massive cut, both of his wings are broken, along with his leg. The wound on his arm has bled so much that his once yellow shirt is deep red. <Narrator> == The two heal spells help slightly, but his bruises are too extensive... * David eyes Tier... * Kodah continues to pour healing magic into Tyr <Dal> God... I'd do anything so that he survives... even if it means for me to have to go back to Hassan and face those pigs... * David says nothing, just watching Tyr.. * Jess puts her hand on Tyr's forehead as she begins chanting again. "Holy Mitula, hear the cry of your humble servant. Let your healing touch come forth. Do not allow this young man to die like this!" <Kodah> Tyr is not dying! Not on my watch! <Narrator> == Jess casts Heal lv. 1... The spell works. Tiernan is partially restored again... <Narrator> == Jess learns heal lv. 1 <Jess> Tyr....I won't die here. * David crosses his arms.. * Reisha loks around angrily. "Where's Darin with that healer.." <Narrator> A healer arrives at the scene with a few townspeople and Darin... * Kodah keeps trying to inprove Tyr's condition * Tiernan 's breath is growing fainter and fainter... <Jess> I tried...... * Reisha looks at the healer. "Well.. do something...!" * Darin goes to Jess' side. <Narrator> The healer casts Heal lv. 4 on Tiernan... His wounds go from critical to serious... <Darin> O_O <Jess> What can we do to bring him back? <Darin> I don't know... * Tiernan breath grows slightly stronger...only slightly... <Healer> He took massive injuries.. Quickly, men... Let's get him back to town! * The townspeople pick up Tyr, trying not to move him too much and head to town... * Tiernan lets out a soft, inchoerant cry of pain. * Kodah watches Tyr be carried off, his head still swimming with what just happened <Healer> We must heal him under better conditions.. Please come with me. * Dal follows the men... <Reisha> Hold on Tyr.. the show's not over yet... * Jess follows the healer. * David follows the healer.. * Darin follows the healer, at Jess' side. * Reisha follows the band, wishes inside that she knew some healing magic at least.. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Gerad's form materializes over a large chunk of earth floating in a wavery abyss... Odd red, blue and green lights swirling around. <Gerad> Why...? Why now? Why did you have to pull me out of battle? * Gerad puts his shield and spear away... <Narrator> A shaded humanoid form floats down near Gerad... A sweet, soothing voice speaks to him. "Because, Gerad... I could not let you hurt the boy any further.. You should not have attacked him..." <Gerad> ... My pardons, my Goddess. But I could not let him stand in the way of my service to you. * The shadows part from the humanoid form, showing Mitula... "He must stay alive. You nearly killed him with your foolish actions." * Gerad bows "Million pardons, my Goddess. I shall be careful in the future." * Mitula, seeming agitated, calms down and again speaks softly, "I shall send you to the next isle so you may prepare for the next attack.." * Gerad nods and dissapears from sight. * Mitula changes forms, becoming an ebony skinned woman, wrapped around in a revealing, colorful satin gown. <Mitula> That fool.. Everything was done according to the plan. That naive centaur. Now to take care of our little phoenix boy.. * The woman dissipates out of existance... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene. ===== <Narrator> Back at the temple, Tiernan is layed down in a bed... The healer by his side, trying to figure out what to do next... * Tiernan breathes softly, shallowly...his face ghastly pale. * Dal is sitting next to the bed, looking concerned, keeping quiet so the healer can concentrate... * Jess bows her head. "Maybe we shouldn't have been so quick to jump into that fight?" * Reisha is seated by the bedside, holding David's hand. <Kodah> ... <David> its my fault....I led us there. As the leader, I take responsibility. * Darin puts his hand on Jess' shoulder... <Reisha> I hate to admit it... <Kodah> Gerad was waiting for us. If this is anyone;s fault its Gerad's <Tiernan> == Jess remembers Tyr saying maybe we shouldn't fight Gerad.... * Jess looks over at Darin. "I tried to heal him, Darin. I honestly did...but.." She rests her head in her hands as the tears start to flow. <David> is my fault. I refuse to avoid the punishment. If Tyr doesn't make it....then... * David says no more, leaving the threat in the air and gazing down at Tyr... * Darin puts his arms around Jess, pulling her close so she can weep on his shoulder.. * Reisha sighs at him. "Clam it David.. you're not the only one who rushes into things.." <Kodah> ... * The healer sighs... "I wish Celia would arrive. She could surely help." * David squeezes Rei's hand to show her some reassurement.... <Celia> Did you call for me, sir? <Healer> ... Ahh.. Celia. Finally. <Narrator's Aid> == A young woman, roughly David's age. She's garbed in a priestess outfit, her shiny blonde hair freely falling down her back. * Kodah sits and lets the healers do their thing, still slightly out of it <Celia> I'm so sorry I'm late, sir... <Celia> What is wrong? * David eyes the newcomer... * Celia gazes on Tyr and gasps sharply. "Oh the poor boy!" <Celia> Who did this? * Jess snaps. "WHAT IN THE NAME OF VOLCANON DO YOU THINK IS WRONG? DON'T YOU SEE THAT BOY LYING THERE ON THE VERGE OF DEATH?!" <David> A centaur. <Kodah> Chill out Jess * Celia is unfazed by Jess' shouting. <Dal> Who cares who did what... someone help him... please... <Celia> It's all right ma'am. I'm sorry. <Reisha> Stop all the yelling.. My nerves are already shot..! * Celia speaks with a soft, musical voice * David sits beside Rei, letting Celia do her thing.. <Celia> Sir, I'll assist you. <Healer> Celia... Your magic could help this boy. You are stronger than me.. Even though you are my apprentice. * Celia nods. * Celia stands before Tyr, waving her hands around his body, invoking holy powers... <Kodah> ... * Jess walks away silently, thinking of what was done, and basically beating herself up for rushing head first into that fight. <Celia> Mitula...hear my prayer....heal his wounds.... * Reisha loks very frazzled to David, like she feels powerless for once. * The healer turns to the Shining Force... "Please wait outside... We shall call you once we are done." * Darin gets up and goes after Jess. * Kodah nods, stands up, and walks outside to wait * David nods and helps Rei up, putting an arm around her comfortingly as he leads them out.. <Narrator> Tiernan's wounds slowly start to heal... Very slowly. * Dal sighs and exists the room. * Reisha doesn't decline the arm and heads out.. * Celia stops chanting for a moment, and looks at the healer. "Is everyone gone?" <Healer> ... Yes. They are. * Celia's voice drops and octive and she begins to laugh. "Thank the devils. I thought they'd NEVER leave!" * Celia laughs and her form wavers to an ebony skinned woman in a bright satin dress. <Celia> Lock the door, puppet! * The healer locks the door. <Celia> Excellent. You have the box with you? <Healer> Yes... Mistress. * The healer pulls out a small box from his robe. * Celia looks at Tyr's face, roughly dragging her nails across it. "Don't worry boy...this won't take long. " * Celia opens the box, and whistles. "Come out, Gizmo!" <Narrator> A gizmo appears, its twisted form wavering in and out of existance. * Celia quickly wards the room so the others are unable to detect the evil radiating within <Celia> You know what to do, Gizmo..... <Celia> Now go! <Narrator> Its twisted, permanent smile widens itself as he slowly seeps into Tiernan's body.. * Celia laughs. "Oh, this is pleasant. Went without a hitch." <Celia> Now... * Celia chants and a light radiates on Tyr's body, then vanishes. <Celia> So the half-devil cannot detect gizmo... <Celia> Perfect... * The healer sits there, zombie like, not saying a word. <Celia>'s it... * Celia drags her fingers across Tyr's face again, laughing. <Celia> Let them back in healer. Our work is done...we just wait for the fruits of our labor... * Celia morphs back to the sweet, priestess form <Celia> I'll heal him completely now. <Celia> After all...we want our dear, sweet phoenix to live... <Celia> Don't we? *Chuckle* * The healer drools on himself before opening the door. *** Flara is now known as David <Healer> Your friend is better now.. You may come in. * Celia once again pumps enough healing magic so Tyr's major wounds are gone. * Jess doesn't walk back in, unable to face Tyr now. * Darin stays with Jess. <Celia> He will awaken shortly. * David walks in too, his arm still around Rei.. <Celia> But he will need bedrest for a couple of days. * Dal walks in, sitting back down where he used to be... "Is he okay?" * Dal ohs. <Celia> He will be fine, sir. :) <Reisha> Great. * Kodah walks over to Tyr * Reisha seems a little unenthusiastic. <David> So...I guess....another day at the mansion we were staying in...? <Celia> Oh shoot! I forgot, I'm needed to tend to an elderly lady who fell off a horse....I will speak to you later. Take care! <Healer> Celia... Your help is as always appreciated. You may return to your duties, young one... <Celia> Thank you, Sir. * Celia hurries off * Jess stands outside, not knowing what to do now, but knowing that she cannot even stand to face Tiernan after not listening to him. * Tiernan's hand moves slightly. * Darin looks at Jess.. "Jess?" * Tiernan's face begins to twitch, his eyelids fluttering. <Jess> I can't bring myself to face him again, Darin. Not after we blatently didn't listen to him and jumped into that battle. I just can't do it. <Kodah> Hey awake? <Dal> Tyr! How are you feeling? * Dal smiles gently. <Darin> It wasn't your fault, Jess.. none of us could have known.. * Tiernan turns his head towards Kodah's voice, but doens't open his eyes. <Tiernan> K..kodah....I'm so tired....I can't <Tiernan> Where.......? * David strokes Rei's shoulder softly, trying to make her feel better.... <Dal> Shh. You're at the healers, and he told you to get a lot of sleep, so that's just what you're gonna do. <Jess> still. We should have listened, and look where Tyr wound up as a result. <Dal> Don't worry, everything will be alright. ^_^ <Kodah> You're resting in bed. Gerad was beaten * Tiernan finally opens his eyes partway. <Tiernan> You're all....all.....right... * Tiernan smiles... <Tiernan> I'm so glad..... <Kodah> Yeah... * Reisha softens up a little at David's touch, but she still seems distracted by something. <Kodah> Though you gave us a good scare Tyr <Darin> We were upset, Jess... <Tiernan> I....I couldn't....let Gerad....hurt you....anymore... * Darin sighs and puts his arms around Jess. <Kodah> Fortunately, he didn't, thanks to you <Reisha> Tyr.. you've got guts.. I'll tell you that.. <Tiernan> * Tiernan coughs. * Jess clings to Darin. "I just don't know what to do anymore. Should I go in and see him? Or just stay out here?" * Darin glances in the doorway.. "I think you should go see him..It looks as though he'll be ok.." <Tiernan> I'm sorry....I scared....everyone.... <Jess> OK..I will. <Reisha> Don't you start apologizing too.. <Tiernan> But.... * Jess quietly walks into the house...not saying a word. She doesn't even know of the right words. <Tiernan> You...said I scared you... <Reisha> I think it's more our fault for not listening to you in the first place. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> It's...okay... * Darin keeps his arm around Jess' waist. <Jess> Reisha has a point. <Tiernan> Kodah's...okay....everyone's...okay...that's all that matters....I'm....not angry with anyone.... <Dal> Let's let him rest... <Reisha> Still, I should've... * Tiernan tries to move, and let's out a sharp intake of air, in pain. <Dal> Shh. Rest... don't move... <Tiernan> Dal.... <Darin> Don't move, Tyr.. just relax.. rest.. <Kodah> ... <Dal> Yeah? * Reisha shuts her mouth turns around. "Rest up Tyr.. I think I need some air.." <Tiernan> Thank you.... * Tiernan smiles at everyone, closing his eyes. <Dal> No prob... * Dal winks. ;) * Reisha tweaks David's cheek a moment and leaves the room. * Tiernan whispers. "Thank you...everyone....' * Tiernan falls asleep * Reisha passes Jess and Darin. "You're going to miss your chance.." <Jess> I know..I'm just going to stay here tonight and watch over him. It's the least I can do. * Kodah watches Tyr for a while * Darin stays with Jess. <Jess> maybe we'll get a chance to talk later. <Jess> Darin, I'll be fine. You go get some rest, OK? * Reisha looks for a balcony or somesuch. ^^ <Darin> I'm not leaving your side, Jess.. not while you're like this.. * Jess just finds a place next to Tyr's bed and sits there. <Narrator> Tiernan surviving his ordeal, sleeps... The gizmo doings its evil work behind the blocked barrier... Slowly achieving his purpose... While his unsispecting friends watch over him... Not knowing what's happening to him. <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====