Shining Force RPG 2 session 16
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> Tyr sleeping peacefully in the healer's room, some of his friends looking over him, everything returns to a calm state... David and Reisha are off to their rooms to get some rest as are a few other members of the force. * Reisha is on the balcony of her room in the mansion, looking pensively into the night sky. * David sits on his bed, eyes rooted to the floor....he runs a hand over the sheath of AmeShi, thinking about the days events... * Dal *SHNORRS*... ^^; * David takes a deep breath and stands, heading out of his room and to Rei's...he knocks on the door softly, chuckling at Dal's snoring ^^; * Dal rolls over in his sleep and mumbles, "C'mon... is that the best you've got...? No wm..." *SHNOOOORRRRRRRRR*... * Reisha turns around, hearing a knock. * David pauses, knocking again....he wonders if she's asleep.. ^^; * Reisha trots back inside her room, up to the door, calling as she opens it. "Didn't I tell you I didn't want that life insurance?" :P * David blinks at Rei, eyebrow raised. "Uhhhh....hi...I thought...uh...maybe you were asleep...sorry if you were..." * Reisha snickers a little hal-heartedly, seeing David's reaction. "It's ok..." <David> Can I come in...? <Reisha> Let me think about that. ;) * Reisha yanks him inside. * David makes a soft squeak as he's yanked. ^^; * Reisha closes the door, sighing. * Dal snores louder, mumbling something about running away between snores... <Reisha> Actually, you're just the person I wanted to see. * David seems happy to hear that. "Really? I was hoping we You seemed out of it earlier..." * Reisha nods, and head out to the open balcony. "Yeah..." <Reisha> I couldn't get what happened today out of my mind... * David watches Rei go before following her....he rests his arms on the rail. "Why? Its not your fault..." * Reisha shakes her blonde haired head. "No,no.. it's not that.." * Reisha holds out her right hand, a few wisps of energy fizzling to life in it. * David raises an eyebrow at Rei... "Then what...?" <Reisha> I mean.. think about it... <Reisha> I've got all this power... <Reisha> And I can't even do a thing to save a poor kid... * David blinks and straightens slightly to look at Rei more levelly... <David> Its not your fault...nobody could do anything.. * Reisha rests her head on her arms, hair falling over them a bit mussed. <Narrator> Oh come on... Where's the mad sexual relief? <Reisha> Do you think I try too hard..? * David rests a hand on Rei's shoulder reassuringly... "Try too hard? For what? I think you're just trying to live up to everybodies expectations of you..." <Reisha> Maybe.. <Reisha> Hell with the world though.. I can never be happy no matter how good I get.. * Dal keeps on snoring, ruining the mood... ;) * Narrator stuffs a dirty sock in Dal's mouth. <David> Maybe you're looking for happiness in the wrong areas.....and besides, you're the mighty Reisha! Destroyer of puny males and monsters alike! You're good enough! <Narrator> Proceed, you two. * Reisha starts up a small laugh. "Hehehe.. you think so, eh?" * David nods. "I do... I think you're the best you could be in these circumstances....nobody is pushing you to be a goddess.....just go at your own pace..." * Reisha stands up straight, turning to face David. "You may be right..." <Reisha> But what about you? You've certainly been doign a good job of getting beaten every other town. :P * David's eyes flicker and change to a more darker blue, reflecting a sudden mood change at the subject...he exhales softly... "It's just....I dunno...its not really important.....just me, I guess..." <Reisha> Looks like we both have problems.. <Reisha> What a world, hey? ^^ * Reisha smiles a little. * David laughs softly and nods... "Yes....but I hope I helped you..." <Reisha> Oh you did... <Reisha> I'm so surprised you take all my crap and still come back for more.. <Reisha> Most people give up. :/ * David gets closer to Rei and slips an arm around her waist, holding her gently against him... "Hey...I don't give up easily. Especially on people I care about." * Reisha hangs an arm around David's neck in return. <Reisha> What is it about you... I'll never get it... * Dal zzzzzzzzzzzzzs... * David laughs softly, murmuring.. "Do you really need to?" He doesn't give her time to respond, leaning his face down to capture her lips in a soft kiss... * Reisha doesn't get time to speak, caught up in the thrill of the moment. * David ends the kiss slowly, reluctant to break away... he blushes furiously.. "Uhmm...I'm sorry..I mean...if that was too sudden... I mean...uh..." * Reisha pulls her lips away shyly for a minute, but she has a soft smile on her face. "And her people accuse me of being aggresive.." * David blushes more at that, swallowing almost bashfully.. ^^; <Reisha> You know.. I think you are more sure of yourself than I am... <Reisha> You just have trouble showing. * Dal shnooooooooooorrs. * Reisha hugs David tightly, bringing him clsoe once more. * David holds Rei close to him reassuringly.. ^^ * David clears his throat... "Uhn....Rei...?" * Reisha looks into his eyes. "Yeah..?" * David smiles warmly down at Rei, a hand carressing her cheek.. "I know I upset you earlier.... I still feel bad....I just...get like that sometimes...angry...and rather than take it out on the group...I take it out on strangers.." * David tries to keep the guilt from his eyes.. * Reisha nods slowly. "David.. you're not wierd for feeling that way.. a lot of guys get like that.." <Reisha> Look at me though.. I'm pouring my heart out to you here.. <Reisha> You know, I'm willing to listen too.. * Dal shnooooooorrrrrrrs... * David gently holds Rei's chin in his hand... "I know... I just.....its too soon for me....stuff has happened...and I can't deal with it...the group needs a leader...that would be me..." * David glances towards where Dal's room is for a second and then looks back into Rei's eyes.. <Reisha> Must be tough on you... * Reisha has a slight sparkle in them that wasn't there before. <David> It makes me act how you've seen me....I'm just afraid one of these days, it'll just rage out of control....Rei....don't hold back then, okay? promise me... * Reisha blinks several times. <Reisha> David... I don't think that will happen. <Reisha> Don't you get it? You're not like the others.. * David chuckles lowly... "I suppose thats a good thing..." <Reisha> I told you before.. would I even give you the time of day if you weren't? ;) * David shakes his head and grins now... "As long as you don't hate me, I think I can handle whatever happens..." * Reisha pats David's shoulder reassuringly. "It might sound weird coming from me... but I trust you." * David nods and squeezes Rei gently.. "Thank you, Rei..." * Reisha grins, the sadness long gone now. "Now that's a whole lot better than an apology.." :) <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Dark abyss... Neverending cold... This is the eternal prison of the damned... Trapped between two plains of existance, people who dared adventure themselves into this evil quest are forever stuck... Zoie the healer, is one of those people... Lost to the Shining Force, she hovers between existance and death... <Narrator> The wind chills her bones... She stands alone... Not knowing where she is. * Zoie walks around the strange area she's in * Zoie looks around and attempts to assirtain that which she is stuck in <Narrator> The empty darkness reveals nothing... <Zoie> "this is interesting... *taps at air* it's a void... how did I get stuck in heere?" <Zoie> more importantly, how to get out and back to normal <Zoie> <w> and I really hav eto stop talking to myself -_-; <Narrator> Zoie's words echo in the darkness, growing louder as they bounce off the darkness... <Zoie> <w> there has got to be a way out that is just escaping me at the moment <Narrator> Faint glows can be seen coming from the north... <Zoie> <w> or this could be a bad dream or vision... in wich case I'm still in bed but that makes no sense * Zoie starts slowly twords the glow <Narrator> The light is faint... A small glow can be spotted, nothing more... As Zoie advances towards it, the lights do not seem to come closer... <Zoie> <w> this is going to drive me insane * Zoie stands still and concentrates on the lights <Narrator> As Zoie concentrates on the lights, they start showing shapes of humanoid forms... <Zoie> <w> people or something close <Narrator> Faint... VERY faint whispers can be heard. * Zoie walks a little twords the forms <Narrator> A single word can be heard, others too low to comprehend... "..... closer.." * Zoie walks slowly closer, being careful to keep her wits about her as she does <Narrator> Men and women can now be noticed in the forms... The voices get a little louder.... ".............. Come....... Closer..." * Zoie takes a leap of faith and walks steadily closer <Narrator> The voices seem urgent.... "Don't..... " * Zoie stops <Zoie> w> this is getting old fast.. but there's got to be a reason behind it <Narrator> The voices are steadier... "Don't... Come closer....." * Zoie stays put * Zoie actually backs up a few steps <Narrator> Someone chuckles happily! "Can..... Hear me?" * Zoie responds "Yes" <Narrator> The voices once again speak... ".... Trying to.... To you.... Don't......" <Zoie> Trying to what? <Narrator> The people move forward slowly..... <Narrator> "Can... Hear us better....?" <Zoie> just a bit yes <Narrator> The people move closer... "Can you hear.... Better now...?" <Zoie> yes I can thank you <Narrator> The people are about 20 feet away... "Good! We seem trapped here.... And our movements restraint... Something... Is blocking our escape from this place..." <Zoie> *blinks* <Zoie> like flys in flypaper? <Narrator> "We... Try going eastwards... A large light sphere blocks our way..... That may be the cause..... We cannot reach it anymore." * Zoie looks over eastwards and attempts to go there <Narrator> The path to the east is dark... After a few minutes of walking, light appears in front of Zoie about 30 feet in front... * Zoie slowly walks to it <Zoie> <w> *slightlaugh* they always said head for the light <Narrator> The light becomes brighter... Words of encouragement echo in Zoie's head... "Come closer, young one.. Come..... Closer." <Zoie> <w> something isn't right here <Zoie> <w> this is too easy * Zoie concentrates on the light source blocking any verbose things from her head <Narrator> The words soothingly speak to Zoie... "Do not be afraid, child." * Zoie shakes her head in an attempt to keep her senses <Zoie> it's not fear, it's disbelief <Narrator> The voice grows fiercer... "Come closer." * Zoie 's resolved also becomes more stolid... "no" <Narrator> The light grows brighter, negative energy filling the air, slightly choking Zoie... "Come closer. NOW." <Zoie> You can kill me I will not comply <Narrator> The light moves in front of Zoie in half a second, changes forms and becomes a red demon... He howls madly and prepares to strike! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Abyss demon. ===== <Narrator> == Zoie can attack. * Zoie spins around slowly, spidery words of magic sliding off her tounge. She stops and points at (demon)! "Cries from the heavens, use your holy energy to vanquish this evil! Blast!" Massive waves of energy appear and plummel (demon)! <Narrator> == Zoie casts Blast lv. 1 on the demon... The holy energy beats the demon madly, making him yowl in pain! 23 damage! <Narrator> == Zoie starts to glow in a white aura of protection... <Narrator> == The demon can attack. <Narrator> == The demon lashes out at Zoie... His claws seem to bounce over Zoie's glowing form... The demon gapes unbelievingly... <Demon> ...... You.... YOU! <Narrator> == The demon enters in a bezerk like state and lashes out madly at Zoie <Narrator> == The demon's blows do not affect Zoie in any way. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 1 Abyss Demon ===== * The demon pants loudly, his eyes dark with anger... "You.." <Narrator> == Zoie can attack. * Zoie closes her eyes and chants to herself. When she is done chanting, a blue light surrounds abyss demon <Zoie> Let Mitula cure your wounds and comfort your weariness! Heal! <Narrator> == The dark area surrounding Zoie suddenly glows with white purity... The demon cringes... "No..! NOOOOOOOOO!!" The demon is hit for 524 damage! Dispatched. <Narrator> The demon's body glows bright red, power building... He puts his hands over his head, curls up in a ball and awaits his fate.... <Narrator> The demon's body forms into a bright red sphere, power building more and more..... * Zoie backs up a bit <Narrator> The demon's body starts to crack and waver..... <Narrator> The demon explodes, sending a massive field of energy crashing against EVERYTHING in a 20 mile radius! <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Three days have passed.... Tiernan feels better... His body regenerated... His spirits lifted by his ability to move around.... * Tiernan is sitting on the bed, seemingly doodling on a pad of paper, whistiling ^_^ * Dal is sitting next to him, looking at what he's drawing... * Tiernan is drawing a picture of everyone in the Shining Force...and it's VERY good. Surprisingly so. It's not quite complete yet, Jess and Johei just penciled in for now. <Dal> Wow, that's good... <Tiernan> Really? You like it? * Johei patters around the ground, swinging around with his sword at trees. ^_^ <Tiernan> I've been working on it for the past three days... * Dal shakes his head. "You must've been an atrist or something before you went to sleep... yeah, it's great..." ^_^ * Jess looks at the picture. "Nice, Tyr." <Johei> Have at you, demon! =D <Tiernan> Really? You think so? * Tiernan hmms. ^_^ * Darin looks over at the picture.. "Wow... You're really good, Tyr.. <Tiernan> I think it'd be be an aritist.... <Tiernan> I could draw people....just as they are...and make them happy.... <Dal> Well, maybe when all this is over, you can do that... ^_^ <Tiernan> That'd be fun. There's a lot I want to do! <Jess> you're one hell of an artist, Tiernan. <Narrator> Suddenly, a rather large earthquake hits the town... Everything starts to shake wildly. <Tiernan> Well...I don't know.... * Tiernan blinks. <Tiernan> What...What's going on?! <Jess> Uh oh...QUAKE! <Tiernan> W..what's a quake?! * Dal grabs Tyr and dives under a table! <Tiernan> Ak-! * Tiernan is dragged under the table, looking really confused. O_o <Narrator> The ground slowly stops shaking... * Darin blinks... * Tiernan begins to grow frightened, shaking a bit. <Jess> is everyone alright? <Narrator> The townspeople can be heard speaking outside... <Tiernan> I...I think so. What was that....? <Tiernan> ....Oh no! <Jess> an earthquake. * Dal peeks out from under the table... "That was... rather disturbing." * Tiernan crawls out from under the table, and sees that his drawing has ink spilled all over it. <Tiernan> picture.... <Dal> ... * Tiernan hangs his head down. "I worked so hard...." <Darin> ... <Dal> I'm sorry, Tyr... <Tiernan> Why are you sorry, Dal? <Dal> 'Cause I couldn't save it? <Tiernan> ....You didn't know... <Narrator> The healer runs in to the room Tiernan is in in a frenzy. "Quickly! Come outside! I have a feeling this has something to do with you people!" <Tiernan> ...I should have held on to it.... <Narrator> The healer then suddenly runs outside again <Dal> Well, think of it this way... the picture you were doing was practice. Now you can do even better on the next one! <Dal> . o O (I hope this works...) * Tiernan blinks. "Really?" <Dal> Hunh? * Dal runs outside. <Tiernan> H...hey! Wait for me! * Tiernan rushes after Dal. * Darin rushes outside. * Jess follows Darin. <Narrator> As the team exits the building, a large tower of light can be spotted to the east of the island... The light moves up endlessly, parting clouds, clearing the azure sky... * Tiernan gapes in awe O_o. <Dal> What the...? <Darin> ...what in the name of..... <Jess> Holy Mary mother of Mitula. <Tiernan> W...what? <Tiernan> Is this normal? O_o <Jess> Nope...sure isn't. <Healer> ... This light seems to be coming from the abandonned shrine.. <Tiernan> An abandoned the one I was in....hey! Maybe we'll meet another sleeping person! ^_^ <Healer> I... Sleeping person...? <Tiernan> Me... <Tiernan> It' think he would understand? <Healer> ... The shrine doesn't hold anyone.... But this is truly odd.. Could your team please investigate...? <Tiernan> I think we can do that....right? <Dal> Yeah... <Tiernan> I mean...I feel a lot better. ^_^ Just my shoulder's a bit stiff...that's all. Thank you for helping me, Mister Healer....Sir... <Dal> Let's get going. * The healer nods.. "I shall go calm down the townspeople.." * The healer walks away, gathering people as he goes... <Tiernan> Let's go...maybe we can find a sleeping person ^_^ * Tiernan runs off to the shrine. * Dal blinks. "Hey!" Dal runs after him... * Darin rushes after Dal and Tiernan. <Narrator> The Shining Force head out towards the shrine... After roughly half an hour's walk, they arrive to a flight of steps going underground... The large pillar of light seems to have pierced a hole about about 100 feet from the step's location... <Tiernan> See! Look! Just like the desert shrine! ^_^ * Tiernan runs inside! * Dal follows... <Narrator> The light from the beam lights the inside of the shrine... Ancient markings can be seen on the walls... An altar with a small chest sit to the left... While the large pillar of light towers in the center of the room on a round stepping stone... <Tiernan> Look at that.... <Narrator> The pillar slowly starts to flare... Someone walks out from the light.... * Tiernan gasps! O_o <Narrator> The pillar flares again..... Two more people exit... * Dal stands on his guard... <Darin> .... <Tiernan> Wh---who are you? <Man> ... We... We are free! <Narrator> The pillar glows blue... And in about 2 minutes, a dozen people exit.... * Tiernan just looks confused. <Dal> What's going on here? <Narrator> The people silently rejoice and smile at eachother, then turn to the Shining Force to greet them. <Narrator> A man walks forward and speaks, "Where are we?" * Tiernan walks toward the people, a peaceful look on his face. "A shrine near the village of Aisen, Sir." ^_^ <Man> ... Aisen! We DID return! <Narrator> the pillar flares in white purity, blinding everyone... * Tiernan cries out and covers his eyes. * Dal squints... "Who...?" <Narrator> The light parts ways... A ravishing image of a woman wearing a breathtakingly pure white robe walks out.... As the light closes, the person changes forms and appears... The woman is Zoie. <Tiernan> Zoie! <Dal> ! <Zoie> well that was an experience <Tiernan> There you are! We were worried about you! <Zoie> thank you, I was worried as well, it was the strangest place <Tiernan> Were you trapped in that void? <Zoie> I seemed to be trapped.. there was an odd demon in there.. <Tiernan> Hmm. <Narrator> The people start to leave.... "We're back on the Broken isles... How... Joyous." * Tiernan smiles. "Hey! The treasure chest!" <Narrator> The people walk out, revelling as the sun hits their faces... Everyone cheers and hugs eachother... <Tiernan> Can I open it, everyone? * Dal ums... "Wait, lemme check it first... you never know..." * Darin looks on, very curious.. <Tiernan> But... <Tiernan> Okay....I trust you Dal. ^_^ <Narrator> The chest reveals no traps... Nothing seems odd about it. <Tiernan> Is it okay? Can I open it? * Dal shakes his head... "Sometimes bad people put things to hurt those who want what's in the chest... yeah, it's clear, you can open it." Dal steps back, giving Tyr room. * Tiernan smiles and opens the chest! <Narrator> The chest creeks as it opens... Its contents are of a small vial filled with a thick red liquid... <Tiernan> What is this? * Tiernan shows it to Dal. <Dal> ... I don't know... * Dal takes the vial and looks at it closely... <Narrator> A small spider, unseen and unfelt by anyone, infiltrates itself in Dal's equipment as he picks up the vial... <Narrator> The vial's contents are of unknown origins... <Tiernan> May I see the Vial? * Dal shrugs. "I don't know what it is... maybe we could ask the healer once we get back." Dal hands it back to Tyr. * Tiernan opens the vial and holds it under his nose, trying to recognize the smell. <Narrator> A sweet smell of powerful wine makes its way out of the vial... <Tiernan> This....this....smells nice. * Tiernan sniffs again <Dal> O_o I wouldn't drink it if I were you... <Darin> What IS that? <Zoie> Is there a town near? I really need a long bath. * Tiernan takes another sniff, liking the smell. * Tiernan closes up the vial and gives it to Dal. <Dal> Yeah, let's bring it to the healers... ^^; * Dal takes the vial and sticks it in his pcoket. <Tiernan> Yeah...only a half hour walk, Zoie. ^_^ * Tiernan fluffs his wings and stands up. <Zoie> Good. Can we go? I'm tired from that last experience. <Tiernan> Sure...I guess so. ^_^ * Dal heads back to town... * Tiernan follows Dal. * Darin follows Tyr and Dal. <Narrator> After facing this ordeal, Zoie is reunited with the Shining Force... The force heads back to town to gather their belongings and move on to the next part of their quest... What that is, noone is sure of.... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====