Shining Force RPG 2 session 17
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force exits the cave, Zoie returned to the party, the group restored... In the distance, an unusual smoke cloud settles over the town of Aisen... <Indigo> I wonder what the smoke cloud up ahead is. <Darin> Who knows.. but it certainly can't be good. * Tiernan looks up at the town. <Tiernan> What...? * Zoie looks at the smoke and still thinks she needs a shower * Tiernan blinks a lot. "That's...not normal it?" * Sasha sighs "I need a bath, and food" * Dal has a sinking feeling... <Indigo> Don't worry dear. I'll make a hot spring for you! * Dal shakes his head and says to Tyr, "No... its not..." <Indigo> Let's see...... * Indigo glows brown. * Tiernan blinks and rushes towards the town, wondering what could be making such an odd thing. O_o <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, open a hole in the ground! * Zoie touches Tyr's shoulder, no smoke over the town is not normal * David blinks at Indi. O_o <Narrator> == Dao's summons go unanswered. A disturbance in the magical property of the earth can be felt, sapping all magic... * Indigo frowns. * Tiernan blinks and feels weakened due to the magical imbalance... <Tiernan> This...this is.... <Narrator> The town can be spotted flaming as the team approaches its borders... <Dal> Hey... <Sasha> This is weird. <Indigo> Dao, why are you so stubborn? I just want to make hot springs for my daughter! * Dal holds Tyr steady. "You okay?" <Dal> O_o <Tiernan> There's...a magical imbalance...something is wrong.... <Dal> NO! * Indigo stamps petutantly then crosses her arms. <Dal> The town's on fire! <David> This can't be right. <Indigo> Oh yes, the town's ablaze. <Indigo> And I can't seem to use my magic. <Tiernan> O_o Oh no!! * Dal runs towards the town... * David rolls his eyes and dashes towards town * Tiernan rushes after Dal. "W...wait!" * Zoie slowly follows, being cautios * Reisha goes toward the town. "Crap.. somebody's starting a barbecue without us!" * Indigo follows again. <Indigo> along* <Narrator> The Shining Force heads towards the burning town... Fighting can be heard, children wailing, women crying... <Indigo> What is going on here? * Indigo goes up to a crying woman. <Sasha> Ah, the usual yelling and screaming. <Indigo> Miss, what is happening? * Tiernan looks disturbed, covering his ears. * David looks around and then seemingly focuses on the fighting sound.. <Narrator> The woman cowers, ignoring Indigo. * David runs off towards the sound of the fight! * Zoie looks around trying to grasp what's going on <Tiernan> Wh...where is everyone going? Wh...what's going on?! <Narrator> A giant beast runs by David, knocking him over in mid run * David blinks and falls over! * Darin blinks several times... unwilling to believe what is going on... * Indigo looks to Sasha. * Reisha turns and sees him fall. "David..!" * Dal draws his daggers. "Dammit, what's going on?!" <David> ....ow.... <Indigo> What do you mean the normal screaming and yelling? * David stands slowly and looks towards the beast.. :P * Sasha pulls out her sword and runs after the beast. * Tiernan stands by, looking shocked...unmoving...confused... <Sasha> COME BACK HERE!! * Indigo looks after the beast, then screams to the villagers. <Indigo> GET ORGANIZED! We can't help if you're milling about! * Reisha tries to get david to his feet. "You in one piece?" <Narrator> The beast runs through every male still standing, decimating them... <David> ...yeah. But those guys aren't. * David squeezes Rei's shoulder before running after the beast * Indigo sighs. <Indigo> Okay..... <Tiernan> Wha...what....I.... * Indigo closes her eyes. * Reisha chases after david, bringing some arcane words to mind. "Heck if I'm letting you go alone..." * Tiernan looks at the flames and destruction, wide eyed. * Dal feels slightly sick as he watches the carnage. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, tidal wave the village. Put out the fire and get these people organized. <Dal> Umm... O_o; <Narrator> == The summons goes unanswered <Dal> Indigo... um... that'll tear down the village... <Dal> . o O (Phew.) <Indigo> Really? <Indigo> Oh, the tidal wave usually gets everyone together. * Tiernan staggers back a step, coming dangerously close to a burning house.... * Zoie grabs Tyr <Tiernan> Ah-! <Zoie> hey now you don't wanna get singed <Tiernan> What's...what's going on...? this happening?! <Narrator> The beast continues to run through everything in its path. * Indigo slinks off into the shadows, following the others but not visibly. <David> ....fuck this! <Tiernan> O_o <Zoie> I have no clue Tyr, but right now, we should get safe and let the people who know how to fight in to try and stop it <Dal> Um, someone do something about the rampaging ugly, here... * David draws AmeShi, the black flames flickering angrily and tosses it blade first towards the beast! * Tiernan overhears David. "....Fuck?" * Reisha tries to cast a few bolts of lightning ahead of the thing... <Dal> ... that'll do. ^^; <Indigo> David, I know you have your mother's temper, but don't do anything stupid. Our magic is useless and the beast is powerful. <Zoie> Tyr: I'll explain later * Darin looks at Tyr.. "Don't ask..." <Tiernan> But I can fight! <Narrator> David's blade embeds itself in the beast's left shoulderblade * Dal blocks Tyr's ears. "Bad words, you don't wanna know. ^^;" * Tiernan blinks at Dal. * Indigo smiles and sighs at the same time. <Tiernan> Why are you covering my ears like that? ^_^ * David growls and hunkers down, zooming towards the beast to retrieve the sword ^^; <Narrator> The beast howls loudly and starts to claw at his back <Indigo> Exactly Kara's response to a situation like this. <Zoie> Tiernan: explain it later ok? <David> Hey! Big dumb and ugly! <Narrator> The beast rips out the sword and tries to crush it <Reisha> Leave him alone, you animal farm reject. * Darin breaks out of his shock and draws his Blade. * Dal grins. "You don't want to hear David when he's peeved." * Sasha joins David in stabbing * Reisha tries electrocuting the beast. :P * Tiernan pulls out his boomerang, copying the others. * David blinks and growls lower and leaps towards the beast, kicking it hard in the wound he made! <Indigo> Sasha! Get back here! It's dangerous! <Narrator> The beast yowls, turns around sharply and bashes David away, dropping AmeShi * Sasha beats the living crap outta the beast * David yelps and goes flying into a building O_o <Tiernan> ...Sasha! <Sasha> of a.... * Dal attempts to throw every single dagger he has into the beast. * Tiernan covers his ears. "S...stop...STOP IT! Stop hurting them!!" <Narrator> The beast growls and kicks Sasha HARD. <Sasha> bitch! * Sasha flies high into the air and crashes into another building. * Reisha gets steamed up after it throws David, hurling a volley of daggers and thunder magic at it. * David groans, slumped against a blackened wall ^^; * Indigo runs to Sasha and holds her head, then throws her pointed, sharp-ended metal staff straight for the creature's eye. * Tiernan tries to summon magical energy into his palm. <Narrator> == Tiernan's spell fizzles. <Narrator> The monster, now totally distracted by the Shining Force, decides to attack. * Tiernan sighs in desperation. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Zoie tries to start her combat spell <Tiernan> Why have you done such a thing? Why? You hurt innocent...innocent people! * David grunts and pushes himself up the wall into a standing position using his legs only before steadying himself and rushing into the battle to stand beside Rei... * Indigo grabs Sasha and pulls her bodily, trying to get hurt to safety. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 1 Wild Beast ===== * David edges forward and hooks AmeShi's blade on his boot, flipping it up into a ready position in his hand...he ignores the blood running down his cheek from a gash above his eye ^^; * Reisha sighs, seeing David... * Sasha pushes her mother way and charges up to the front line ready to attack the daggone beast. <David> This jerk is so dead. <Reisha> This is really not our day... <Tiernan> Sasha! Be careful! * David crouches beside Rei, AmeShi ready to spill some blood... * Zoie again tries to get her combat spell to work, and starts to get frustrated at it * Reisha tries to summon up her magics once more.. <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. o_O * Sasha leaps at the beast slashing hard! <Sasha> Die die die! * Indigo frowns. <Zoie> oh hell lets just try and heal the sucker <Narrator> == Sasha slashes at the beast, knicking his shoulder... 18 damage. <Narrator> == Dal can attack * David growls lowly.. * Dal rushes to the beast, trying to impale his dagger in its back and trying to slice it open. * Reisha blinks. "Why would you want to heal the darn thing? How's that gonna help?!" <Indigo> Dear, come back here. You're not a fighter and Crest and I were still arguing about that when he...passed... <Zoie> worked before on something that was out of control, calms it down * Tiernan looks about, hearing the screams and cries of the people... <Tiernan> Shouldn't them? <Zoie> calm beast, you can deal with it easier <David> First we take care of this thing, Tier. It's hurting people as well. <Narrator> == Dal's attack succeeds, but the monster's hide is incredibly hard to pierce properly... 21 damage. <Tiernan> Okay David... <Narrator> The beast yowls madly! <Narrator> == The beast can attack. <David> We'll take care of the people after...I swear. * Dal woo-hoos. ^_^ * Zoie backs off * Indigo calls to the people. <Tiernan> ^_^ Nice Dal. * David brings the blade up to block and can't help but inch in front of Rei ^^; <Indigo> The Shining Force is here, you can go back to your homes! <Indigo> Go on, shoo, shoo! * Indigo waves her hands at the villagers. * Reisha shakes her head to Zoie, and notices David edging in front of her. "David.. maybe you should worry more about yourself.." ;) <Narrator> == The beast runs towards Indigo, finding she's the most loud mouthed one of the party <David> Hey! I'm fine! Besides...uh...its.....a reflex? ^^; <David> Indi! <Darin> Indi! <Indigo> Ahhhhh! <Narrator> == The beast tramples Indigo dealing her 12 damage. * David narrows his eyes.. <Indigo> OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! * Zoie readys her blast spell and hopes it works * Indigo rolls about. <Tiernan> Indigo! <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack * Tiernan chucks his boomerang low, causing it to arc up beneath the Wild Beast's chin and sending the Wild Beast sprawling backwards! * David twirls AmeShi in his hand and awaits his turn almost eagerly... <Narrator> == Tiernan's attack hits the Beast hard... It staggers slightly. 17 damage. * Zoie waits her turn <Narrator> == Johei can attack <Narrator> == Johei takes a defensive stance. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack <Tiernan> Take that! ^_^ * Tiernan blinks and wonders about something... <Narrator> == Kodah takes a defensive stance. * Tiernan flexes his wings several times and tries to fly up at least somewhat into the air. <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. * David growls... "Come on...come on..." <Narrator> == Tiernan starts to lift slightly... * Reisha starts focusing her anger * Tiernan smiles as he's about to fly at least two or three feet up into the air. "I'm getting stronger!" ^_^ <Indigo> Your coming back... <Sasha> Very good Tyr! * Indigo holds her stomach. <Sasha> Keep it up! <Tiernan> Is it...? Is flying considered magic...? * Dal blinks. "Cool..." * Reisha points her finger at 3 Wild Beast. "Force of Lightning, crash and burn...zap my foe with power in turn! Bolt!" A column of intense electricity leaps from her hand, frying them to a tender crisp. <Tiernan> Thank you! ^_^ <Tiernan> Reisha! I don't think your magic.... <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt 3... Thunder pummels the beast... 12 damage. <Tiernan> Hey! It is coming back! ^_^ <Reisha> Let's see him squirm after this... <Narrator> == David can attack. * David narrows his eyes further and gets a demonic grin.. * David leaps onto the beast and slides AmeShi back into the wound it first made in the beast's shoulder. He yanks the blade back and forth in the wound cruelly, ripping the flesh further! * Reisha holds up a few fingers in victory. "Hah! So it is.. maybe he's weakening.." * Tiernan tries to copy Reisha's "thumbs up" sign....but instead sticks up his middle finger, smiling. "^_^ Yes!" * Indigo laughs. <Indigo> Nice try Tyr... * Zoie shakes her head at Tyr <Tiernan> What... did I do wrong? * Reisha blinks in surprsie at Tyr.. <Zoie> nothing, again, explain it later <Narrator> == David's blade hits the same spot it hit earlier... The beast snarls in pain and claws at his back... 25 damage. <Indigo> Uhhh...Tyr....we haven't had the talk about obscene gestures, have we? <Narrator> == Zoie can attack * David tugs the blade out and leaps away back to the group <Zoie> ok beastie * Tiernan's face darkens and he looks down, realizing he made yet another mistake... <Reisha> Tyr.. 'flip the bird' that way and you'll be making some enemies.. ^^; * Zoie spins around slowly, spidery words of magic sliding off her tounge. She stops and points at wildbeast! "Cries from the heavens, use your holy energy to vanquish this evil! Blast!" Massive waves of energy appear and plummel wildbeast! <Tiernan> O..okay... * David notices the look on Tyr's face and slips back besides the boy, clapping a hand reassuring on Tyr's shoulder. "It's okay. Keep faith." * Dal shakes his head. "Don't worry... it's just when all this is over, we gotta talk. ^^;;;;" * Indigo smiles and hugs Tyr. * Tiernan looks down at the ground. <Narrator> == The blast spell sends waves of energy to cut the beast in several places... The beast reels and crashes into a burning house... 16 damage! The creature catches on fire! <Narrator> == Darin can attack. <Reisha> Woah.. looks like you're giving him a taste of his own medicine! <Tiernan> Thank you...David... * Darin leaps at the Beast, driving the Blade deep, and slicing across its chest.. * Indigo jumps and hugs Tyr then drops. * David nods to Tyr and leaps back up beside Rei, glancing at her. "How's it goin, beautiful?" * Tiernan blinks, then smiles at Indigo. ^_^ * Darin leaps back away from the flaming beast. <Narrator> == Darin's blade flares, but fades to normal as the blade penetrates the creature's flesh... 26 damage! * Darin blinks... * Reisha runs a hand through her golden hair. "Doing just fine.. bad hair day though." ;) <Narrator> == Indigo can attack * David laughs softly and winks at Rei before crouching again and getting back to business. * Indigo glows red. * Tiernan starts chanting magic under his breath, closing his eyes. <Indigo> Tio, Elemental of War, devastate this thing! <David> Mm. Hopefully big ugly'll drop dead soon. * David drags the blade of AmeShi in the dirt.. <Narrator> == The elemental of War is summoned. * David sheathes AmeShi and stands tall... <Narrator> == Its blazing chariot rolls in... The dark knight's spear at the ready, charges through the Beast, dealing massive damage... 42 damage. <Narrator> == Jess can attack. <Narrator> == Jess takes a defensive stance. * David starts to chant under his breath... <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 1 Wild Beast. ===== <Narrator> == Sasha can attack. * Sasha jams her sword into the beasts gut then begins chanting.... <Sasha> Sky, cover the ground with your fury! <Sasha> Bolt2!! * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> You *did* pay attention to my lessons! Ooooooo! * Indigo rushes and hugs Sasha tightly. ^_^ <Narrator> == Sasha attacks the monster with a double bolt/sword tech... The monster takes 34 damage. <Narrator> == The monster falls to one knee <Narrator> == Dal can attack * Dal says under his breath... "This is getting ridiculous..." Dal casts Blaze on four of his daggers and throws them at the beast! <Narrator> == Dal casts a double tech... Blaze daggers... The daggers hit the beast and send him ablaze even more... 32 damage. <Narrator> == The beast can attack. * David once again edges in front of Rei slightly.. <Narrator> == The beast, extremely hurt, removes itself from its battle frenzy and runs north towards the water at a blistering pace... * Reisha takes a cue from Tiernan, and sticks a rather obscene finger up at the fleeing monster. ^^ <David> Hey! Get back here! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Darin> What the..? * David frowns and turns to Indigo.... * David chants softly and motions arcanely with his hands....he thrusts a palm out towards Indigo and yells "¤Heal!". White light bomabards Indigo and all wounds start to heal! * Indigo smiles. <Reisha> Teach him to mess with the best... :p <Darin> Can't take the heat? *snickers* <Indigo> Thanks David. Your mother's temper but your father's healing skills. :) <Tiernan> Wait!! * David feels himself blush. "I'm not sure if that was an insult or compliment but thanks anyway, Miss Indigo." * Tiernan tries to fly after him, but finds he's not strong at flying....but he tries anyway. <Indigo> It was a compliment dear. Your Dad healed us all many times, and your Mom was a great warrior who I respected, though we did argue a lot. You have the best of both of them. * David blinks at Tyr's actions... "Don't wear yourself out all at once, Tyr!" <Narrator> The beast is already out of sight... <Dal> Tyr, wait! <Narrator> The buildings continue to burn, the villagers trying to extinguish the flames... <Indigo> No no Tyr, let them go! <David> Which must be small, Indigo, cause everyone knows my mother was a Neptune to douse the fires, would you? * Indigo looks at the villagers. <Indigo> Everyone, get out of here! I'll handle the fire! * Indigo glows blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, tidal wave the village and put out the fire! * Tiernan falters, staggers in midair, and crashes into a pile of boxes * David heads towards Tyr and helps him up... <Tiernan> Ow... @_@ * Dal runs to Tyr. "You okay?" <Tiernan> ^_^ Wow...There's....two of you! * Reisha gives David a hand. "Don't be so hard on yourself.. not your fault if your parents were messed up." <Reisha> Besides, they were heroes, after all... <Narrator> == Neptune is summoned... Neptune, being much more mentally stable than its summoner, summons rain clouds over the town, letting them pour down onto the flames... * David looks at Rei, a flicker of some deeper hurt and emotion passing over his eyes before nodding. "I guess." <Indigo> Neptune! I said tidal wave not rain storm! * Tiernan staggers slightly, holding his head. * Indigo goes to Neptune. * Zoie pats Indigo's shoulder.. seems like Neptune didn't think a tidal was needed <Indigo> I have to have a talk with you. <Narrator> == Neptune shrugs in an odd way and dissapears, letting the rain do its work... And running away from Indigo. <David> a little. Don't push yourself. * Indigo stamps her feet. * David watches Indi in slight amusement <Indigo> Okay, I'm going to have to go to the elemental plane and get all 8 elementals together. We need to have a serious talk about discipline. <Indigo> I may be gone for a bit..... <Reisha> Indy.. I think you need a serious talk abotu discipline. :p <Zoie> after that I feel even grungier than I did -_-; shower/bath sounds better and better * David looks around for a villager to talk to..... "I need to find out what happened here. Besides the obvious." <Indigo> Yeah, they've been acting weird lately. Especially Neptune and you can manage without me for a while, right? * David wipes at the red gash over his eyebrow, spreading the blood a little but otherwise ignoring it entirely... he walks towards a villager... <Narrator> The villagers walk slumped, trying to salvage what's left of their town... * Reisha fixates her glance on David, wishing more and more she could actually heal a bruise at least. <David> Hello...uhm...sir? miss? Anyone? What happened? <Narrator> The healer walks by and sees the Shining Force... <Tiernan> The town...all the people.... <Tiernan> Everyone.... <Indigo> Hi! * Indigo waves to the healer. * Tiernan feels tears fall down his face, not knowing why he's crying now. <Healer> ... Aahh.. You have returned.... That beast... You attacked.. It seems to have returned... And done *motions around him* this in rage.. <Indigo> Don't worry, we're the Shining Force! We're here to save you! <David> Hm. <Indigo> What beast? <Indigo> Hey, does this have something to do with that Faerie Queen...I'm really curious about that. <Zoie> beast? the one that just ran wimpering off? <Reisha> Wait.. was that the same thing that got you ebfore, david..? * David walks back to Rei and leans a little on her shoulder, his vision blurring suddenly... "We didn't kill the beast'll be back...." <Zoie> <m> don't tell me that was the demon -_-; <Healer> ... Legends tell of a beast of great fury that attacked the town centuries ago... It lived on an island to the north.. <Zoie> <m> I thought it died.. * Dal pulls Tyr aside and hugs him. "Don't worry, it'll be okay..." <David> ...possibly, Rei....or it could've been a really hairy and ugly villager :P <Healer> We... Sealed the entrance... Never again having to deal with it... It seems we were wrong.. <Indigo> Hmmmm..... * Tiernan hugs back. "But...those flames....everyone....why did....?" * Darin looks over at Zoie. "What's that you're muttering about, Zoie? You ok?" * Reisha puts David's arm around her shoulders. "Maybe.. but you don't look too hot.." <Zoie> <m>oh gods it was the demon...... it must have gotten out when we all did <Indigo> Well, never fear! The beast was too weak to do serious harm and now it's gone. Go back to your simple little lives, okay? ^_^ * David glances dazedly down at Rei and smiles a little.. "Gee, thanks! It'll be okay...not used to being thrown into a wall, really.." <Indigo> Did what Zoie? <David> Hey...Healer-type....need us to handle the problem? <Indigo> I wouldn't say that... I really wouldn't *looks at the ground semi out in left field at this point* <Reisha> Well, I sure hope you don't make it a habit, Davey boy. :P <Indigo> We wandered down from that tower filled with demons and through the magic portal, then we were here. * Reisha supports a little mroe of david's meight, should he falter suddenly again. <Indigo> Well, if it comes back, we'll destroy it, or I'll tidal wave it out to sea. * Zoie falls and sits on the ground.... <Zoie> it died... it had to die... I saw it die * Darin walks over to Zoie.. "You all right?" * David chuckles and squeezes Rei's shoulders gently, his gaze blurring again... he mumbles.. "I do wish things would stop getting foggy..." * Tiernan takes a few steps into the charred remains of Aisen, not understanding why.... <Indigo> We finished it! Trust me, freed demons usually return to the Underworld. * Zoie doesn't hear Darin, as she's off in thoughtland <Indigo> It's in all the magical studies. * David clears his throat and speaks louder now. "Zoie? You know something about this?" <Narrator> The healer listens in on the conversation.. <Zoie> when I was seperated from you guys I came across a bunch of people being held by a demon... I destroyed the demon, or so I thought, and those are the people you saw exit before I did, if it survived and got out the same way I and the people did.. * Reisha keeps a firm grip on the weary leader, listening in to Zoie. * David shakes his head to clear it and frowns, trying to concentrate on Zoie... "So we go and we take care of it, right? No big deal....we hurt it so we can beat it..." * Tiernan walks off into one of the charred houses, simply looking around. * Darin blinks... "Are you certain that beast is the same demon?" <Sasha> Who cares if it was the same! <Zoie> Darin: I'm not sure, but it would seem to make sense.. <Reisha> Either way, we've got our work cut out for us, it seems. <Indigo> Well, don't worry. We chased it off, and if it comes back, we'll finish it. After all, no demon can stand against the Shining Force. We defeated Zeon, Lord of Evil, so no petty demon can ever stop us. * David closes his eyes... <Zoie> this wasn't a petty demon.. -_-; * Tiernan suddenly lets out a choked scream <Indigo> But still, less than Zeon, and thus no match for us. ^_^ * David snaps them open again. "What? Tyr?" <Sasha> Tyr? * Indigo turns to Tyr? * Sasha looks around * Tiernan staggers out of the house, runs and vomits. <Indigo> Tyr? What is it? <Sasha> Tyr? <Dal> Tyr? What's wrong? * Indigo goes to him. <Indigo> your overconfidence is going to get you in trouble someday <Tiernan> Th...the house...a child.... <Reisha> Huh? What's up with Tyr..? <Tiernan> It's...head.....cut....cut off! * Tiernan shakes. * David grimaces at Tyr. "I take it he's not used to seeing carnage." * Indigo goes to the house. <Indigo> Oh.... * Indigo turns to Zoie. * Reisha nods slowly to david. "I guess so.. maybe you just get desensitized to it.." <Indigo> But....I have a reason to be.....we're heroes! <Zoie> heros or not, humility would suit you from time to time, remember that <Indigo> Hold on. I'll take care of this....... * Indigo glows orange. <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, burn away the evidence of this devastation. Destroy it! * Tiernan crawls to a wall, leans on it, and shakes, crying. "I want to leave....I want to go..." <Indigo> What's humility? * David manages to seperate from Rei and he nods to her dizzily before stumbling to Tyr....he places a hand on Tyr's shoulder and tugs him away from the house gently. * Darin walks over to Tyr.. not knowing what to do... or say... <Reisha> What the heck Indigo.. just hold up a minute! <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned... Rain still falling over the town, Apollo cowers back to his plain... <Zoie> humility, some self control and refection.. not jumping in and bragging and boasting * Indigo stamps her foot. <Indigo> Okay, that's it! I really need to talk to you all! * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Oh. I've never had that. ^_^ * Tiernan follows numbly. <David> Tyr...this is what we fight against, the deaths and the carnage....we fight for these people...the innocents...this is why we prevent this... * Indigo nods. <Tiernan> I...I understand...this is what the Shining Force is... <Indigo> Yes, to prevent evil like this from covering the world. <Tiernan> I want to be a part of it. <David> You are. We can stop this. Right now, you must be strong for those who cannot be. * Indigo smiles and hugs Tyr, then looks about. * Reisha joins Tyr with David. "Life's not all happy clouds and gumdrops, sad to say.." <Tiernan> What are gumdrops? * David squeezes Tyr's shoulder and falters a bit, eyes going dazed and glassy.... * Tiernan nods and wipes away his tears. "You're right. Okay David..." * David shakes his head.. * Reisha blinks.. "Well, something sweet..." She gets cut off as David goes woozy again. <Indigo> Actually, it can be Rei. * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> One half of me lived a life of sweetness and gumdrops for many years. <Johei> I like sweets. ^_^ * David takes a deep breath to steady himself and releases Tyr's shoulder....he glances to Zoie... "Zoie.....if this is the demon, we have to stop've fought it before right?" * Indigo climbs on Johei's back. <David> <<LOL Indi!>> <Indigo> Yeah, giddyup! ^_^ * Reisha shrugs. <Tiernan> Indigo! :( He doesn't like that... * Indigo kicks with her heels. ^_^ <Johei> H-hey! ;_; * Dal ums. ^^; <Johei> Ow!! <Reisha> I wonder what the other half was up to.. :P <David> Uhm....Indi.... ^^; <Johei> Stop doing that! I'm not a horse! ;_; * Reisha whaps Indy off of Johei. "Will you just chill already.." * Sasha grabs her mother's hand and pulls her off the horse. * Indigo is busy saying "Yee-haw" and other such stuff. <Sasha> Quit acting like a little kid! * David suddenly stumbles and falls to his knees, hissing slightly as his vision goes black and he can't see... "Agh...I think I should steer away from being thrown into walls." * Tiernan sighs. <Johei> Look... David is drunk! o_o <Indigo> But I wanna ride a horsey Sasha! Your grandmother wouldn't get me a horsey and I've always wanted one! * David rubs the back of his head and glances away from Johei, not seeing him or anyone. "Ha ha. Funny guy." * Sasha slaps Indi <Tiernan> But Johei isn't a horse... <Sasha> Cut it out! * Reisha once again, huals the big lug up to his feet. "NO kidding.." <Tiernan> He's a Gerad.... * Sasha storms off. <Johei> That's right! Like- who? <Tiernan> Gerad.... <Indigo> Yeah, like Erin! ^_^ <Tiernan> He's not a nice man.... * David slumps back against Rei and looks towards the ground. "So....uh.....yeah. I can't see. Just randomly. Now what? We going after the demon?" * Tiernan shudders slightly, idly rubbing his still sore shoulder... <Johei> Is he a demon...? <Indigo> Erin was a funny horsey, she was so....tempermental. <Tiernan> I don't know...but he hurts people... <Johei> Then... he must be a demon! * Johei waves his sword! <Indigo> I tried giving her a saltlick and a sugar cube, and she still wouldn't let me ride her! I even gave her hay and oats. *cries* <Johei> In the name of truth and justice... we will vanquish him! * Indigo sobs.... * Tiernan smiles at Johei. "Well..." <David> Hey. Hello. Group. Shut up for a second and lets decide our next step shall we? * Reisha just hold David, trying to get a grip on all the looneis she's fallen in with. ^^; <Dal> I'm all for it. =p <Indigo> Don't you mean *sob* that in the name of the moon we will *sob* vanquish evil? <Johei> Moon? @_@ <Johei> Where? <Tiernan> Moon... * David seems kind of weary now and blinks blankly at the ground. "Guys.....for the love of Mitula...FOCUS!" * Tiernan shakes his head, curling his wings around his body. * Indigo bawls like a baby, then hauls herself up on Johei's back and turns to David, standing before him. <Johei> -_-; <David> ...we need a we go demon hunting now? It took off towards..... uhm.... north...? <Johei> If I give you a ride... will you stop doing that? ;_; <Indigo> Well... *sob* I guess... *sob* <Tiernan> Yes....north.... * Indigo turns and smiles. <Indigo> Yep! ^_^ * Tiernan 's voice is distant.... <Indigo> I have an idea! * David takes a deep breath... "North it is.....Tyr, I wanna talk to you when we make camp." * Indigo jumps about <Indigo> We can stop the demon from here! <David> I want to know, Indi? How? <Tiernan> Sure David... <Indigo> Work this time! * Indigo glows brown. * David blinks.. "What...? What are you doing...?" <Reisha> Not again.. -_- <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, crack the ground open. Make a big fissure in the direction the demon went to swallow it whole! * Tiernan sighs at Indigo, finally thinking she's insane. * Indigo points north. * Reisha covers Indigo's mouth. "You didn't hear that.." ^^; <Darin> Indi... * Jess rolls her eyes. "What is she up to now?" * David groans at the issued command but keeps his eyes fixed on the ground... "Lets....just....go.....please?" <Johei> RIight! Let's go kill demons to the north! =D <David> Yes. * Indigo struggles out of the restraining hand. * David leans slightly more on Rei. "Uh...lead the way, Rei!" * Tiernan nods to David, still looking horribly disturbed by what happened in Aisen.... <Johei> Let's go! ^_^ <Jess> let's just kick some demon ass. * Indigo looks to see the fissure crack the ground. * Johei trots off in some random direction. ^_^ <Jess> YO, JOHEI! It's off to the north. * Reisha raises an eyebrow. "Well now.." ;) <Johei> Right! To the north! <Reisha> If you say so, oh fearless leader.. * Tiernan walks northward, his gaze at the ground. * Indigo jumps on Johei's back. * Reisha grins. * Johei turns around <Johei> Ow! * Darin eyes Indi.. and shakes his head. * Jess follows Tyr. <Indigo> Weeeee! ^_^ * Dal follows along. ^^; * Reisha flings a stray lighting bolt at Indy, and tromps northward! <Narrator> == The ground cracks open <Indigo> Watch out for the fissure! It'll slow the demon until we get there. * Jess whispers to Darin. "Lara told me she's always been a bit of a fruitcake." * David tangles hand in Rei's sleeve and hesitantly follows her path... * David stumbles every so often ^^; * Darin whispers back "I thought she was a fruitcake since the moment I laid eyes on her.." * Tiernan nearly falls into the fissure! O-o * Johei trots off to the north briskly. =D <Tiernan> AH...ah! <Indigo> Yeah! Split the ground till it cracks and gets that demon! <Tiernan> Stop it Indigo! :/ <Indigo> Huh? * Darin grabs Tyr. "You all right?" <Tiernan> I almost fell into your hole... <Tiernan> Yeah...I'm okay...I guess.... * Reisha grasps David's hand firmly. "No lagging behind, mister.." ;) <Indigo> Oh, everyone, stay away from the fissure! <Indigo> It's going to trap the demon! ^_^ <Johei> Really? <Narrator> The Shining Force notices to the north of the town, a place where there are no buildings, a large hole with a busted boulder next to it... <Jess> why do I doubt that? <Indigo> Yep! The fissure will grow deeper and wider as it goes, swallowing the demon up! ^_^ <David> time ask, okay? <Darin> .... <Indigo> Huh? Why? <Reisha> Indigo.. I don't know why I try... * Reisha takes a break to investigate the boulder closer. <Indigo> ? * Indigo scratches her head. * Tiernan stays to the back, looking absolutely ailenated from what's going on...or maybe he's afraid to become involved any further... <Indigo> Why does everyone get mad at me? Kara got mad at me a lot.... * Reisha looks at the hole, then the boulder, and back. * Dal looks at Tyr... "Are you okay?" <Indigo> Of course, I think my evil, sadistic personality was in charge then... * David seems unsure of what to do and he looks towards Indigo's voice, having to rely on his ears. "Well...uh....I'm just saying....ask first, kay? Just so we can approve the plan..." <Indigo> Let's go look at the hole! ^_^ <Tiernan> I'm...I.... <Tiernan> I don't know.... <Reisha> Well, I'd say somebody just busted out of here.. maybe our little feral friend. <Indigo> Well, okay! <Indigo> Let's see..... <Tiernan> I feel....scared....I keep seeing that child without a head...I keep seeing Gerad attacking me and everyone....I see so many bad things.... <Jess> Tiernan? <David> he back in there Rei? Can you see? * Jess looks at Darin. "I'm getting worried about Tyr. He's just not acting like himself today." <Indigo> Dao, turn the fissure in this direction! Oh, wait! David, I'm asking, okay? * Reisha goes near the maligned boulder laying near the hole, trying to peak down into it. <David> Uhm. Indi....drop the fissure idea for now....hand to hand is better... <Dal> Tyr, don't worry... <hugs> Everything'll be okay, you just had a troubling day... * Darin sighs, and nods at Jess.. "Ever since he saw what happened back there... when he went off alone.. and saw that child.. and all of those helpless people...." <Tiernan> I...I...guess so.... <Jess> maybe things'll start to look up after we kill that demon, eh? <Johei> Yeah! =D * David just stands there, his gaze still centered on the ground as he listens to everyone around him <Darin> Hopefully.. <Indigo> Dao, don't turn the fissure here, just let it run for a bit and stop it or something. * Indigo goes to Tyr. <Narrator> The hole leads to a long tunnel... Light penetrates on both end of the tunnel... <Indigo> I don't remember the first time I saw death, but I remember the realization of it. Don't worry, the pain fades in time. <Tiernan> Look....look at that....I wonder where it goes.... <Jess> let's check it out. Could be a clue. * Reisha nods. "I wonder too.. maybe this is a path just like that tower.. <Johei> Yeah! There's always hope at the end of the light! =D <Tiernan> It does....really? <Johei> Or... was it light at the end of a tunnel? * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Yes, it does. ^_^ <Tiernan> Okay...Thank you, Indigo... <Jess> what sense is there in standing around here? We're not getting anything done like this. Let's check it out. * Reisha laughs, patting Johei's equine back. * David mumbles and stumbles forward only to hit the broken boulder. ^^; * Tiernan follows everyone into the Tunnel, trying to cheer up <Reisha> Well, let's find otu shall we? :D * Dal follows... * Jess follows everyone into the tunnel. * Johei trots off beside Tiernan. ^_^ * Indigo rides along on Johei's back. ^_^ * Reisha falls back, grabs an arm of David, and brings him along. "Watch it now.. it's dark in here.." <David>'s dark everywhere. ^^; * David stays close to Rei, thankful for her help ^^; * Jess stays real close to Darin. * Indigo smiles, riding along on Johei's back. <Narrator> the Shining Force arrives half way inside the tunnel... A small hissing noise to their back can be heard... <Tiernan> What's that? * Indigo turns and looks. * Reisha tries bringing forth a few sputtering jolts of light to help push the darkness away. * Jess conjures up a fireball to light their field of vision. <Darin> ... What was that? <Reisha> Something's in here.. <Johei> Ooh @_@ <David> ....lovely. <Tiernan> No...Not more...not more death...nonono.... <Dal> I don't like this. * Jess looks back behind her at where the hissing sound is coming from. * Dal sighs. <Indigo> No more death Tyr. <Tiernan> You promise, Indigo...? <Narrator> At the entrance of the cave, a large bunch of dynamite sticks lie on the ground... all linked to a single cord... Which is mere seconds from blowing up. <Jess> HOLY SHIT! <Johei> Look... candy bars? * Reisha advances forward and suddenly wideyes. O_O <David> ....this is not a good sound. <Indigo> I can't promise, but most evil creatures don't die, just return to the bad guy dimension. <Narrator> 4... <Narrator> 3... <Narrator> 2... <Narrator> 1... <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, flood the sticks! * Jess tries to find cover. <Dal> RUN!!! <Reisha> Everybody.. get your ass in gear.. now! * Dal runs! ^^; * Indigo glows blue. * Jess runs like hell. <Johei> Huh? * Jess begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE 2!" Jess then points her right hand to sticks as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. * Darin runs... * Indigo kicks her heels into Johei! <Indigo> Giddyup! * Reisha flees from the impending blast! <Tiernan> W...what! <Tiernan> Wiat! <Narrator> The dynamite ignites, sending sparks of firery rock spewing from the entrance... The rocks knick Jess during her casting... Jess takes 6 damage. <Darin> Jess!! <Jess> Ow.... <Indigo> Jess! Are you hurt? <Jess> I'll be..fine...just let thing. * Darin rushes to Jess' side.. * Reisha brings David with her to a safe distance, panting. "Of all.. the dirty.." <Narrator> Tiernan is knocked back, taking 3 damage. <Narrator> The entrance is sealed. * Tiernan hits a wall with a sickening smack * Jess says a silent prayer to Mitula as a bright emerald green aura surrounds her. Her wounds start to heal. HEAL 1! <Dal> Tyr! <Narrator> == Jess is restored. <Darin> ... Now what? We're sealed in here... <Johei> Funny candy bars @_@ <Jess> Tyr, are you OK? <Dal> Damn... you okay? * Indigo prods Johei towards Tyr. <Tiernan> I...I...Ow... <Tiernan> What was that? <Jess> someone tell Indi that Johei is NOT a horse. * Johei looks at Tiernan <Johei> Are you okay? =/ <Reisha> Somebody is obviously got issues with us.. <Tiernan> I think head just hurts a little * Tiernan stands up. <Tiernan> Thank you, though. :) <Johei> Well.. it doesn't matter, because you're an angel, so you'll be okay. ^_^ * Indigo smiles and reaches down to hug Tyr. * Jess places a hand near Tyr's wounds as a emerald green aura surrounds it. Tyr's wounds start to heal. <Tiernan> ...Angel...? Me? <Johei> Well, you have wings, so you must be an angel, right? =) <Tiernan> But birds have wings too! <Tiernan> Are they angels? O_o <Johei> ... @_@ <Johei> I don't know... are birds angels, Indigo? <Tiernan> ...are they? O_o <Indigo> Some are angels in disguise, yes. <Narrator> == Tyr's wounds are healed. * Reisha rubs some dust out of her eyes. "Everyone alright?" <Jess> yeah...I think so. <Indigo> I am. <Johei> Oooh... O_o <Dal> Yeah... * David blinks dazedly and his vision clears, a foggy outline of Rei appearing... "Wow....uhm..." <Tiernan> You're an angel, Indigo?! <Tiernan> Oh wait...nevermind. You're just okay. ^_^ <Johei> Yeah! =D <Johei> Let's go destroy that demon! ^_^ <Reisha> Well, everyone besides David. :P <Indigo> Me? No. The founder of my family is the goddess Mitula though. * Reisha smirks a bit, and looks back at the rubble that was an entrance. * David smirks and slips an arm around Rei's waist, suddenly kissing her! * Indigo dismounts so she doesn't hurt Johei. <Tiernan> Mitula...another Immortal...what's she like? ^_^ * Tiernan fluffs his wings, starting to go back to his old self. <Indigo> She's very nice and sweet. She's the Goddess of Healing and Light. :D <Tiernan> ^_^ I want to meet her! <Indigo> I'll tell her that. ^_^ * Reisha spins around as she's embraced by David suddenly! ^^ * Jess starts for the exit of the cave. * David kisses Rei for a few seconds and then ends the kiss, blushing. "Sorry. Near death situation. You know how it is!" * Reisha blinks, blushing slightly. "Yeah.. right.. although you're not dying on my shift, Davey." ;) * David laughs and winks before looking around... <Reisha> I guess we've got no choice.. usless any of you were miners in a past life.. :P <Jess> well, I can't cast our way out of here. Let's just get moving. <Tiernan> There won't be anymore of those strange blasts...will there? That hurt... <Dal> Let's hope not... <Jess> I hope not. I don't know how many more times I can cast that new healing spell of mine. * David laughs and heads towards the unsealed end of the cave.. * Jess motions for Darin to catch up to her. * Dal follows, wondering how he got mixed up in all this... * Reisha moves alongside David, ready to catch him. * Darin goes over to Jess.. and takes her hand. * David raises an eyebrow at Rei. "I can see now, you do realize. The blast cleared something in my head. I do appreciate the thought, however. Thanks, Rei." * Tiernan follows beside Dal, smiling at him. ^_^ <Narrator> The cave opens up to a large broken land... The earth is devoid of grass, the smell of sulfur is eminent... Geysers are scattered over the land and the sky is omniously dark... <Dal> Oh, how so very cheerful. <Tiernan> this land is angry and sad! :( <Jess> Holy Mary mother of Mitula. This is not the best of lands to be in. * David wrinkles his nose at smell. "Lets just keep going. Avoid the geysers." * Tiernan walks along, getting slightly jumpy from all the gysers going off ^_^; * Jess latches onto Darin. <David> Hmmm... * Dal proceeds with caution. <Jess> you know something. I really don't like this place? <David> Why? ^_- <David> I think with some drapes...maybe a could be homey! <Darin> I don't either... <Narrator> A path slowly forms between the geysers... A flock of Zerglings run by... <Jess> yeah, if your home is a toxic waste dump. * David nods towards the path and speeds up towards it. * Dal turns to David... "You're starting to sound like Indigo..." <David> Hey, I am the son of Kara Baine...resident psychotic butcher of the Shining Force past! <Tiernan> This place is strange.... <Reisha> Funny.. you were so bummed about that a while ago, and now you're telling the world.. <Reisha> :) * Dal chuckles, taking a few steps back as he does. ^^; <Jess> something's not right about this joint..that's for certain. <Tiernan> It's strange...I don't like the way it looks...but or those gysers...but another part of me feels...right here... <Narrator> Suddenly, a large creature unburrows itself from under the ground, large, spidery creature and runs north quickly. <David> ...? <David> Well. ^_- <Johei> Look! A demon spider! <Jess> O_o <David> Seems like everybody is going north! <Jess> let's go north then. <David> We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of....hell? ^^; * Reisha blinks, the gaseous landed air starting to annoy her. <Dal> . o O (Do we *have* to...? ^^;) <Reisha> I bet this place makes even Hell look comfy. * David nods to Jess and trudges after the spider creature. ^^; <Tiernan> Hell? <Tiernan> Where's that? ^_^ Is it nice? <Narrator> A large demon like creature with large spikes as arms runs to the east, then turns sharply north. <David> Big mean bad place, no...its like...the opposite of nice. ^^; <Darin> No, Tyr... it's a very bad place.. <Jess> or at least Galam castle. <David> * Dal erghs as the creatures dart away... * David reaches out to touch Rei's shoulder in a slight reassuring manner. <Tiernan> Okay...then I won't go to hell! ^_^ Ever! <David> Good idea, Tyr. ^_- <Jess> Very good idea, Tyr. <Tiernan> And I definetely won't go to this place you keep talking about called Fuck! ^_^ * David makes a strangled noise. * Dal bursts out laughing... "Ah... Tyr..." <Tiernan> ...what? <Dal> Fuck isn't a place... it's... ah... <Tiernan> It's a greeting then! * Dal tries to put things gently and gives up. "It's a bad word. ^^;" <David> Uhm... ^^ Fuck isn't a place...its a bad word... ^^; * Reisha bugs out laughing. <Tiernan> Like "Fuck you, Dal!" ^_^ <Tiernan> ...oh, it is? O_o <Tiernan> Words can be bad? <David> Yeah. ^^; It's okay, you'll learn more as you go.. <David> From Sasha. ;) <Reisha> Tyr.. we've really got to have a talk about language and gestures.. :P <Dal> Yeah... ^^; You don't tell someone to fuck off... it gets people mad... ^^; <Narrator> A large, mechanical, four legged creature runs by and fires a charge of energy at a creature flying overhead... The creature explodes in mid flight and the other creature scurries up north also. <David> .....why do I get the feeling there's a party going on north. <Tiernan> .... * David continues north. ^^; <Tiernan> I'm so stupid.... <David> You're not stupid, Tyr. Seriously. It's okay. <Tiernan> Brains and courage.....I don't have that... * Reisha watches as strange things goon around the group. <Tiernan> Okay David....I guess... * Dal shakes his head. "No you're not... you're learning..." ^^ <Tiernan> Learning? * David smiles back at Tyr. "Just keep strong. It'll all work out." <Narrator> Something invisible bumps into Sasha from behind, knocking her over... * Jess looks around. "What in the name of the gods is this place?" <Reisha> If I didn't know better, I'd swear we were strolling on a battle field.. <Tiernan> Sasha! <David> How...romantic? ^^; * Tiernan helps her up. * Sasha looks down at the dirt for a moment * Sasha looks around her. <Tiernan> Sasha...are you okay?! <Sasha> All right, who did it? * David crosses his arms and continues to trudge north with the group.. :p <Jess> I think we're in the middle of a battlefield here. * Sasha looks at Tyr. "I'm fine <David> And? ^_- <Sasha> But I'd like to know who did it. * Sasha pulls out her sword <Sasha> WHO DID IT?! <Dal> Geez, calm down, it wasn't any of us... * Tiernan backs away from Sasha ^_^; <Jess> Woah...hold it, Sasha. <Johei> It wasn't me. ^_^ <Darin> ... <Jess> it sure wasn't me. * Sasha looks at Dal "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you did it pig boy" <Reisha> Maybe it was that voice we always hear.. * Reisha shakes her head. "nahh..." :P <David> It was Miss Cucumber in the kitchen with a ladel. <Sasha> All of ya are looney! * Sasha storms off. <Tiernan> Hey! <David> Uh... Sasha O_o * Dal sighs. "We have better things to do than to push you around..." =p <Tiernan> Dal didn't do it...I.... <Tiernan> Why is Sasha so... <Tiernan> So... * Dal mumbles. "Geez, must be that time of the month for her... =p" <Jess> angry? No idea. <David> hotheaded, Tyr? ^_- <Tiernan> Yes! Angry :/ <Tiernan> She was happy when I first met she's angry all the time... * Sasha keeps walking ahead of the group * David looks amused at Sasha's attitude * Sasha turns around and glares at David. <Tiernan> Sasha wait! * Sasha picks up a rock and throws it at him! * David brings his hand up and catches it. * Tiernan gets pelted by the rock instead -_- <Dal> O_O <Tiernan> Ow! <Darin> O_O <Sasha> Tyr! <Jess> What are we doing here besides getting mad at each other? <Tiernan> Sasha...why did you do that? <Darin> Sasha! <David> Can we just keep going ^_- * Sasha dashes over to Tyr and kneels down beside him * Tiernan holds his cheek, where he got grazed by the rock. <Sasha> Ooh sorry <David> And Sasha, try not to bludgeon Tyr with rocks ^^; <Tiernan> It's okay... <Sasha> That was meant for David <Reisha> I dunno Jess.. admiring the scenery? <Tiernan> Oh.... * Sasha looks at David "Quiet mortal pimp!" * Tiernan stands up. <Tiernan> Pimp? * Dal tries to calm himself down and tries *not* to succumb to the temptation of breaking her neck. =p * David raises an eyebrow * Sasha helps Tyr up. <Tiernan> :( I assume that's a not so nice word too <David> Ah, who cares. * David continues on north.. <Dal> No, it's not... =p <Jess> We're not going to find out anything of why we're here if we just stand around. Let's get MOVING! * Dal follows David... <Narrator> No unusual activity can be spotted other than those... Odd situations... * Reisha is right behind David... * Sasha walks besides Tyr. <Tiernan> Hi Sasha. :) * Jess walks along, still hanging onto Darin. <Narrator> A large area of creatures can be seen feuding up ahead... * David eyes the area.... <Tiernan> This place is strange....but.... <Tiernan> I don't know... <Sasha> What? * Jess shakes her head.. * Tiernan flexes his wings out, smiling and boyishly putting a hand behind his head. "It feels familiar in some way." * David takes out AmeShi.. <Tiernan> Maybe it's because I'm...a fire bird? <Sasha> You remember something about this place? <Sasha> Like maybe an exit? <Tiernan> ...remember...? <Tiernan> No... <Tiernan> I don't remember anything... * Sasha sighs <Reisha> It would make sense.. you are a Phoenyx... <Sasha> Oh well. * David advances on the area with the fueding going on ^^; <Tiernan> Phoenix...yes! That's right! ^_^ I'm half Phoenix! <Narrator> The whole area is filled with fighting creatures... Some flying, some on the ground... The large creature can be seen running around, destroying the puny monsters scattered around the place... <Sasha> Well, I could tell that <Johei> Look! Demonic creatures! @_@ <Narrator> The fighting area is quite large... <Tiernan> Should we fight them? <David> Everyone... <David> Be careful.. <Sasha> If they get in our way.... yes <Reisha> Wow.. this place makes a sale at the Granseal bazzar look like a picnic. :p <Narrator> Suddenly, 4 human forms pop out from behind geysers and fade away to nothingness... <Dal> Geez... * Darin draws his Blade and watches his (and Jess') back. <Narrator> 4 red dots appear on each side of the crowd of feuding creatures... <Sasha> Huh * David brushes some hair from his eyes and looks around warily....he notices the red dots..." Huh..." <Sasha> What's that? <David> We're about to find out, I figure. <Narrator> Some of the creatures pull out of combat.... * Tiernan narrows his eyes at the dots <Sasha> Well, be careful, just incase. * Sasha twirls her blade <Tiernan> They're.... * Tiernan shakes his head. <Narrator> Suddenly, 4 large forms can be seen falling on the 4 spots there the dots used to be... <Reisha> If they're running, I suggest we should stand clear.. <Narrator> They slowly descend upon the earth... Creatures try to flee, but they are too late.... <Darin> ...... <Sasha> They might be allies. <David> Let us just wait. * Tiernan blinks...a lot. <Reisha> Holy... <Narrator> The 4 forms impact on the earth and blow up every creature in a 50 feet radius... The Shining Force is unnaffected. <Tiernan> O_o W--wo!! <Darin> ..... * David raises both eyebrows.. * Tiernan falls on his butt in surprise <Darin> This... could be.. bad.. <David> Interesting... <Sasha> Whoever they are, they're good. <Narrator> The last creatures that survived run east... * David twirls AmeShi.. <Narrator> Their tails between their legs, cowering... <David> Nice. <Reisha> Now what could be east.. I wonder.. ;) <David> Their mothers, maybe. ^_- <Dal> ... that was weird. <Narrator> To the west, a large, barricaded bridge can be spotted leading to another isle... <Tiernan> Are you all right, everyone? <David> Yep. <Tiernan> Great. :D <Darin> I am.. * David looks towards the bridge. <David> Hmm. <David> Curiouser and curiouser. <Sasha> Hmmm... * Reisha points to the bridge. "Onward..?" <Dal> Yeah... * Tiernan runs ahead of everyone! ^_^ <David> careful... * David sheathes AmeShi and follows the hyperactive phoenix boy. * Sasha quickly follows Tyr. <Sasha> Hey slow down! * Tiernan stops by the bridge, inspecting it. <Tiernan> It's all blocked up :/ * David crosses his arms.. <Reisha> Well...Let's unblock it then! <Sasha> Good idea! * Sasha begins casting bolt2 <Narrator> The large bridge holds a single sentry... <David> ....spoken like a true...Reisha-type person. ^^; <Narrator> He waits behind the fence, reading a book... <David> Wait wait wait. * David heads to the sentry <David> Uhm.....hello...sir? ^^; <Narrator> The man turns around and looks at David with his 1 good eye... <Tiernan> Sir! What are you reading? ^_^ * Sasha casts bolt2 on the Sentry! <Tiernan> Sasha! no! <Man> Yeh? Wha de HELL do yew wan? * Reisha stand ready to call down the fury of the heavens, btu catcehs herself as Sasha beats her to it. "OH well.." <Man> Why are yew in Da Crafted Land HMM? <David> admire the scenery! Say, can we cross here? ^^; <Tiernan> <Narrator> The sentry is hit by a bolt of lightning. <Narrator> The sentry dies. <Jess> destruction before distraction? <Tiernan> ....No! Not more death! <Sasha> Talk is cheap. <Sasha> Let's go * David erks and glares at Sasha. "The next time you do that, I will fucking slit your stomach until your're wearing your guts on your boots." * David kicks the barricade down and storms off. * Tiernan winces at everyting... * Sasha walks across the bridge. * Jess follows everyone. * Tiernan follows along. * Dal follows, shaking his head... <Narrator> Sasha touches the gate and a spark of lightning courses through her body. <Narrator> Sasha is blown 20 feet back * Sasha flies and hits her head against a big stalagmite fall downs as the stalagmite crushes her. <Tiernan> SASHA!! * Tiernan rushes to her, checking to see if she's unconcious or dead. <Tiernan> Get up! * Reisha gapes. "Ok.." o_o * Jess rushes over and triest o heal her with her new healing magicks. * David blinks and pokes at the gate ^^; * Sasha groans and pushes the stalagmite off her. <Narrator> David gets shocked. 1 damage. <David> Ow. * David pokes at it again. <Narrator> David gets shocked. 1 damage. * Sasha laughs like a looney. <David> Ow! * David pokes at it again :P <Narrator> David gets shocked. 1 damage. * Sasha walks over to the gate. <Darin> David... <David> Ow ;) <David> Sorry. ^^; * Reisha tries checking the fried guardsman for a clue of some sort. * Darin pokes at the gate... <Narrator> Darin gets shocked. 1 damage. <David> Hm. ;) * Sasha pokes at the gate <Narrator> Sasha gets shocked. 1 damage. * Darin pokes it again.."It's like static.." <Narrator> Darin gets shocked. 1 damage. * David heads to Rei <David> Hey.....see anything? ^^; <Reisha> Will you guys knock it off... Before I finish the job? :P * Sasha leans her hand on the gate. * Jess walks over to the guard's corpse. "Wonder if there's anything I can swipe from him." * Tiernan sighs, and runs through the gate! <Narrator> Sasha gets a large shock. 6 damage. <Narrator> Tiernan gets a major shock! Tiernan takes 12 damage * Sasha leans her back against it. * Tiernan cries out and gets blown back 10 feet <David> Tyr! ^^; <Narrator> Sasha gets a larger shock takes 10 damage. * Jess tries to loot the guard's corpse. <David> Rei...please tell me you found something...before the group electrifies themselves. ^^; * Sasha looks at everyone <Sasha> There is a barrier people * Dal doesn't even *try* to go through the gate. ^^; <Narrator> The guard is behind the fence. <David> More, I mean ^^; <Sasha> Pretty powerful one too <Reisha> CRipe.. we can't get to him.. <David> Lovely ;P <Darin> Wait! <Darin> Tyr can.. he can fly! <Tiernan> ^_^ That's right, I can! <Tiernan> But does it go up into the sky...? <Reisha> Right on! :) * David crosses his arms. * Tiernan lifts himself into the air much more gracefully than before, and tries to fly over the gate! <Reisha> Give it a shot Tyr.. just be careful.. <David> ...Kentucky Fried Tiernan? ^^; <Narrator> Tiernan tries to lift himself over the fence... His foot hits the top of the fence, getting shocked... 2 damage. Tiernan starts to fall on the other side of the fence. * Darin crosses his fingers and watches Tyr <Sasha> Hmmm * Jess watches Tyr...praying that he makes it. <David> uhhh.. O_o Tyr! Try to cushion your fall with your hands! ^^; * Sasha runs really fast through the gate <Tiernan> Ahh! O_O * Tiernan plummets to Earth with a crash! <David> ....okay, don't. ^^; <Narrator> Sasha gets a deadly shock. Sasha takes 46 damage. Sasha falls. * Tiernan pulls himself up <Tiernan> ...Sasha!! <Tiernan> Is she okay? Is she okay? <Reisha> Damn that Sasha.. -_- * Jess checks on Sasha. <Narrator> Sasha is not breathing. <Tiernan> ...Is she okay?! <Jess> Oh cripes.... <Narrator> Tiernan finds a switch by the sentry's body. * Darin looks at Sasha... his eyes wide... * Tiernan begins to sound really panicked * Jess says a silent prayer to the godess as she points to Sasha. An aura of holy light surrounds Sasha and their wounds begin to close up. HEAL 1! <Narrator> == The healing fails. * Tiernan flips the switch * David reaches out to poke the gate <Narrator> The fence makes a humming sound that slowly fades away... The gate unlocks. <David> Hah. ^_^ * Jess tries Heal 1 again. <David> So....someone pick up Sasha...and lets keep going. <David> Staying here won't help. <Tiernan> No!....Wait.... <Tiernan> No! She's not....she's not....She can't be!! * Reisha goes over to Sasha, looking ehr over. "this is bad.." <Narrator> == The heal spell fails. <Jess> She needs to get to a healer and fast. * Tiernan clasps his hands together. "Phoenixs can save people...Why can't I do it! WHY?!" <Reisha> Tyr.. is there anything you can do here..? * Tiernan starts concentrating hard. * David says nothing, looking onward.. * Tiernan 's body starts glowing a firey orange. <Narrator> == Tiernan starts to glow with a white aura... Which are surrounded by faint blood red colors... <David> ....? * Jess starts to shiver. She looks in her pack and gets her old red jacket. * Tiernan eyes open, and they're glowing with the same color. His voice has surprising authority, compaired to the soft tone he usually speaks in. "Stand back, everyone!" * Dal steps back. * Jess stps back. * Darin takes Jess' hand and takes several steps back. * Reisha looks on at Tiernan, hearing that similar tone from back at Midnight's Eve... She steps away from Sasha's prone form. * David raises an eyebrow and takes a step back.. * Tiernan spreads his wings wide, and flames ripple across his entire body! Then with a shriek, his body is consumed in flames! The flames spiral outward from his body, and wrap around the wounded and unconcious Sasha, bathing her in phoenix fire! After the flames subside, Tyr lies lifelessly on the ground, his life force spent. <Dal> ... Tyr?! <Jess> TYR! <Darin> .... Tyr?... TYR! <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Sacrifice lv. 1 on Sasha... Sasha is restored to full health. Tiernan falls. <Dal> TYR!! <Jess> Now how are we going to bring HIM back? <Reisha> Hold on a.. Tyr.. o_o * Tiernan is alive...he's just in a state of deep sleep...or something ^_^; <Darin> He's half Phoenix.. he SHOULD be all right.. in a while.. <Narrator> == Tiernan learns Sacrifice lv. 1 <David> .... * David walks forward and picks Tyr up. <David> Lets go. * David's voice is low and deadly sounding....he heads into the gate, not caring if the group follows or not.. <Reisha> Hey.. wait up..! * Reisha runs after him. * Dal rushes to catch up to David... * Darin looks at Jess and offers her his hand. <David> It would be efficient for Dal to carry Sasha. <Dal> Here... lemme <Dal> ... * David speaks in the same, emotionless tone as he trudges onward.. * Tiernan 's breathes softly, his face half buried in David's chest.... <Dal> David, wait up, I'll carry him... * David stops and turns to Dal, his face dark and a sneer on his lips. "Carry. Sasha." * David turns and continues to walk. * Dal nearly chokes. * Reisha shudders for a second at David's mood swings.. seeming to change like the night and day. * Dal carries Sasha, but he looks as if he could drop her and really not care. =p <Darin> <<Reposting last post for Jess' benefit.. move to new location ;P>> * Darin looks at Jess and offers her his hand. * Jess takes Darin's hand and gives him a look of concern. * Darin starts after David. * David silently continues across the bridged area to the other island, holding Tyr and his body tensed visably.. <Narrator> On the other side of the gate, a town can be spotted due west, straight ahead... The town looks bleak, but at least the land looks healthier than the last island... * Reisha tries to put her arms around David. "David.. are you alright..?" * Jess has a very concerned look in her eyes, as if wondering what in the hell's going on." * Dal looks disgusted, as if he's holding a poisonous snake in his arms. ^^; * David glances at Rei, a flicker of emotion in his shadowed eyes... "I'm....I'll be okay. I just need to kill a monster." <Reisha> The way you look now, you'll end up following behind him. <Narrator> The town is dark... Omnious... The roads are dark... The buildings are dark... And people seem to move in the shadows... <Jess> maybe, but we need to get Tyr and Sasha back to 100% first, David. * David darkens even more at Jess' comment. "Yes. Yes, we must." * Tiernan moves ever so slightly in David's arms, but does not awaken. <Narrator> Everything in the town seems bolted down... The whole place looks like a trading outpost of some sorts... * David looks down at Tyr and then looks around for an inn. <Narrator> People walk around... Helping themselves to eachother's goods... Without the others knowing they even took them... * Dal looks nervous... * David glares at the townspeople, pure hatred in his eyes.....he continues to look for an inn of any sorts. * Reisha looks around. "Is this a thieves' town?" <David> Wouldn't THAT figure. * Jess looks around at the merchant's wares. * Dal looks to see if there's any of "those" posters on the walls... =p <Narrator> Someone bumps into David.... * David kicks at the person hard, snarling. "Watch it you moron." * Tiernan moans slightly in David's arms from being joustled * Dal grabs the guy who bumped David and takes back the money he stole from him. =p <Narrator> The man yelps and suddenly, 12 fellows in black capes in the surrounding area pull out daggers. <David> .... <Dal> O_o <Reisha> Oh brother.. <Jess> Oh great.. * Reisha reaches for hers as well. :P <Darin> .... <Dal> Wait... <Jess> .... * David just stands there, holding Tyr protectively and eyes narrowed.. * Dal motions to the Shining Force. "Get out of here... it's me they want..." <Narrator> One man speaks for the others... "This is the town of Blyght... Now now... Your manners are poor... You must be..... Out of towners.. *grins evilly*" * Jess begins an incantation silently. <Narrator> the man hears the incantation and gapes.. "Mage.... FREAKS! EVERYONE, QUICKLY!" <Dal> Shit... <David> ......... <Reisha> I don't suppose any of you local yokels would direct us to an Inn, rather than an unnecessary thrashing. ;) * Dal tosses Sasha out of the way. * Johei looks around in confusion <Narrator> A swarm of 80 thugs run out from different areas and run towards the Shining Force. <Jess> O_o * Darin stands protectiviely in front of Jess. <Jess> and here I was trying to keep that quiet. * Reisha gestures, the dagger fizzling to electrical life with a popping sound. * Tiernan still doesn't awaken... ^_^; <Dal> Ho boy. <Reisha> Got a problem with it, punks?! :P <Narrator> 4 thieves leap at Reisha and kick her to the ground with lightning fast agility * Jess points to the lead thug as an ice dagger forms at his throat. * Reisha tosses the dagger up in the air, acting like a lightning rod.. only to fall down with a thud. <Johei> Hey! Stay away! * David drops Tyr and leaps on the theives that are hurting Rei, slashing them with AmeShi viciously! * Johei draws his sowrd, approaching the nearest thugs! <Dal> Dammit, leave them alone, we're just passing through! <Narrator> The man falls... 12 other thieves leap at Jess, beating her madly.... * Dal grows and throws his daggers with lighting speed... * Jess softly chants "Mars, celestial spirit of fire, let your power shine through me. bring forth your firey judgement on these that would destroy your emmisary. BLAZE 2!" Jess raises a hand toward thugs as massive fireballs fall from the skies and impact into the enemy. * Tiernan falls harshly to the ground. * Reisha tries to free herself, kicking some of the thieves in the nether regions. :P * Darin tries to protect Jess. <Narrator> 4 other thieves fall... The Shining Force is captured. * Johei starts hacking at the crowd! <Narrator> Johei is immobilized... <Narrator> The Shining Force is suddenly caught in nets... Their magic powers feel drained.... * Tiernan is unconcious and cannot do much of anything ^_^ * Dal struggles wildly. <Narrator> The thieves suddenly confiscate the weapons... * Jess reaches for Darin. * Darin struggles ... reaching for Darin.. <Johei> My sword! You thieves!! <Man> Thieves... That we are. * David snarls and just stays near Rei, looking down at her. <Johei> You are? O_o <Johei> Well then... give it back! Or we'll have to punish you! * Tiernan slowly begins to stir within the net, murmuring quietly to himself. <Narrator> The men suddenly burst out laughing! <Man> Punish us?? The thieves of Blyght? Most powerful ally of the Hassan thieve's guild?? You MUST be joking. LOCK THEM UP! We shall send them to Hassan for sentencing in the morning. * Jess looks at Darin. "What could they have against magic users?" <Johei> We are the Shining Force! Just you wait! * Darin looks at Jess.. "I don't know..." * Tiernan stops moving, slipping back into unconciousness. <Dal> Hassan?! * The man blinks. "Shining Force...? What a marvelous turn of events. Yes... Indeed." <Jess> Hassan? <David> Johei. Shut up. * The man turns to Dal in surprise... "Yes... Hassan... Why should y-- Wait a MINUTE." * David wraps his arms around Rei within the net, glaring at the thieves... <Reisha> Grr... * Tiernan lays alone. ;_; <Jess> Oh no....I was told about that place.... * Reisha scratches at the net hopelessly, falling back into David's arms, defeated.. :( * Jess grabs onto Darin and refueses t let go. <Man> Oh all mighty Heratai... You have blessed us today! Oh yes indeed. * Tiernan mumbles. "". <Dal> Shut up and let them go, it's me they want, not them. =p <Man> EVERYONE! Dal the traitor freak has returned! <Narrator> The people whisper amongst themselves... * Dal sighs. * Darin holds Jess close. <Dal> Face it, jackass. I'm not half as freaky as *you* are. <Narrator> The man chuckles.. "Oh how BLESSED we are. Dal returns to DIE, the SHINING FORCE falls into our hands AND we capture these lovely freaks. <Narrator> The man growls and kicks Dal in the stomach. "Shut UP, freak." <Tiernan> Dal.... <David> Why don't you shut the fuck up and remove your head from your ass, it seems jammed quite far. * Tiernan opens his eyes slowly. * Darin blinks at David.. <Tiernan> ....oh no -_- More trouble. * Dal coughs and clenches his teeth... <Jess> Dal...are you alright? <Man> Oh no.. The mean little BOY wants to hurt us! *a few chuckles can be heard from the crowd.* * David narrows his eyes.. <Man> Take them away. The stench of these freaks is more than I can bear. * Dal coughs and whispers... "Yeah... look, I'll try to get you guys out of this..." <Tiernan> Wait! <Reisha> Speak for yourself, asshole! <Dal> Funny, I thought is was your shit filled ass that I was smelling. <Tiernan> I'm...I'm not part of the Shining Force! I...just collapsed by the road! <Narrator> The man turns on his heels and says outloud, "Oh yes... Dal... You try to... This'll be VERY entertaining..." <Tiernan> Isn't that right sir! ^_^; I don't know you! <Reisha> When I get out of here, I'm going to give you the beating of two lifetimes! <Narrator> The man snickers and walks away, ignoring Dal's last comment. <Tiernan> I....oh no :/ * Jess closes her eyes. "I'm sorry, guys. It was my incantation that got us in this mess." * Reisha flails at the net again, fired up. <Narrator> The other thieves grab the nets with large hooks and attach them to chariots... The Shining Force is so dragged to a large holding cell to await their impending doom... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====