Shining Force RPG 2 session 18
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> A day has passed... This is the presumed morning after the Shining Force's capture... They are in a cell of horridly small proportions... Two guards wait by the door, playing a game of cards... * Tiernan is asleep, his head resting on Dal's leg. * Jess stays as close to Darin as she can get. * David sits leaned against a wall while sitting on the floor....he is, of course, right next to Rei. ^^; * Dal sighs and watches Tyr sleep, the only thing he can do aside from totally going nuts. * Reisha is leaning against the wall near David, brooding as she awakens and recalls her situation. "Damn it.. damn it.. damn it.." * David looks at Rei, eyes still half shadowed from the day before... "What?" * Jess closes her eyes. "Why did I have to start casting? I got you all into this." * Sasha sleeps peacefully. <David> Yeah, right Jess. Who's the leader here, huh? HUH? Me. * David glares at Jess. <David> So be quiet. <Dal> No, it's me... I shouldn'tve tried to get David's money back. <Jess> you're also not the one they recognized as a magician, David. * Darin holds Jess close.. "Its ok, Jess, you didn't know." * Zoie sits on the floor and meditates * Tiernan mumbles in his sleep, sounding frightened. * David growls and seemingly gets the same look as yesterday... "It was my fault. I am the leader. It was my fault. And I'll get us out of here." * David 's eyes are narrowed and he looks psycho.. -_- * Dal doesn't press the situation further, seeing David looks rather ticked/psycho. ^^; * Tiernan curls up tighter into a ball, which isn't much tighter since he had to curl up into a ball anyway to fit in the cell. * The guard laughs loudly and starts to cough. "DAMN this flu season." * Darin just continues to hold Jess close. * David stands and approaches the bars... "Hey. You. With the cough." <Tiernan> Stop ...Gerad.....stop it....stop it.... * Dal looks at Tyr, concerned... * Jess hides the locket in her shirt. * The guard turns around... "Yeah you... The blonde freak with a bad temper." * Sasha sleeps! * Reisha cocks her head to the guard at that comment. <Tiernan> Dal...get...get...NO! Stop....everyone....get up... Gerad.. stop... hurting.... stop it... * Dal shakes Tyr awake gently... "Tyr..." * David bristles but seemingly keeps cool. "Anyone ever tell you you look like the rotted behind of a centaur?" <Dal> It's a nightmare, don't worry... * Tiernan opens his eyes. <Tiernan>'re okay. * Tiernan sits up, rubbing his eyes. * The guard gets up. "OH YEAH?? OH FUCKING YEAH?? Hah! Who cares? :P" <Dal> Yeah, for now... are you okay? <Tiernan> I...I think so.... <David> Mmm. Just what I thought. You don't have the balls. What is it these days with guards anyway? ^_- <David> Did your mommy bite them off? <David> Huh? <David> Did she? * Darin looks at Jess.. then blinks at David.. * The guard turns to the gaming table and dumps his cards on the table... "Full house." * Reisha joins David by the bars. "Nah.. that'd be too good for him.." :P * Dal winces and prepares himself for the ritualistic "shit's gonna happen". * Tiernan crawls to the bars, watching the two guards play cards. <Tiernan> What are you two doing? * Johei paces * Jess looks at Darin. "I can't let them recognize me. Hassan isn't far to the west of my actual home." <Narrator> The other guard chuckles... "Ahh freaks... Gotta love em. 4 kings, By the way." * David leans against the bars now and looks over at Rei.. <Tiernan> What are you two doing? <Tiernan> Please answer me. * Darin hugs Jess close. "It's ok.. " <Dal> Tyr, shh... they're bad... and they're playing cards. Once we get out of this, I'll teach you how to play... <Guard> Uhh... We're playing a game of poker. <Guard> Piss off, kid. <Tiernan> Piss...oh that must be another bad word. * Tiernan hmms. <Darin> I won't let anything happen to you while I live, Jess.. I promise you that. * Tiernan sticks up his middle finger. "^_^ Did I do this right, everyone?" <Tiernan> Was this the appropriate time to do it? <Narrator> The guard chuckles... "Yeh.. Bad word." * Dal sweatdrops. ^^; * Jess eyes the guard's cards, trying her best to summon up enough fire power to ignite the cards. * Tiernan crawls back to Dal. * Darin blinks at Tier when he realizes what he did. <Johei> This is impossible... we should be saving the world from the bad demons and we were trapped by thieves. =/ * David crosses his arms almost protectively across his chest.. <Narrator> == Jess' magic powers are drained. The spell fails. <Johei> This shouldn't happen to heroes, should it? =/ <David> .... <Tiernan> Sorry....people are blinking at me again. I must have done it wrong. <Dal> Hey! Uglies! You know it's me you want, so why're keeping these other freaks around? * David 's look darkens further... <Jess> .oO(Great. My magic is my only defense. Without it..I'm...) * The guard turns around. "Are you kidding me, Dal? PLEASE. Stop trying to play good little hero and sit the fuck down." <Darin> Tyr, I was blinking because of the .. courage .. you had to do that to them. <Tiernan> Courage...? <Reisha> You know these freaks of nature, Dal? <Dal> No, seriously, they're incompetent putzes. They're not worth hanging onto. <Tiernan> We have to get out of here... <Johei> What if we explain that we're all heroes and that we have stuff to do..? <Tiernan> ...Dal? <Johei> Maybe they would let us out! =D * Jess looks at Darin. "You'll really need to protect me now Sir Darin. I cannot use my magic." * Dal whispers to Rei. "Yeah, unfortunately." * David walks further into the cell, slumping down into a corner and watching the others from there. <Guard> Incompetent? They're the Shining Force... Are you dumb? Did your magic turn your brain to mush??" <Dal> Nah, you just haven't seen them in action. Trust me, they suck... Listen, I have a deal for you... <Tiernan> .... <Jess> .... <Guard> Deal? I'm listenin'. <Dal> You let these freaks out, I go to Hassan freely. <Tiernan> Dal? No...don't.... <Dal> No trouble, no shit happening. * Reisha watches Dal, hanging on his words. <Guard> HAH! Pathetic deal. I get nothing out of this. Forget it, shrimp. <Johei> Hey, I can fight well. =/ * Dal hopes that Tyr won't pick up his swearing. ^^; * Darin hugs Jess closer and whispers "Don't worry.. they'll have to kill me before they'll touch a hair on your head." <Reisha> Ergh... if only I could blast this bunch of pathetic pigs... -_- * Sasha mutters and wakes up slowlyh <Jess> my sentiments exactly, Reisha. * Reisha tries casting bolt... * Dal chuckles. "You didn't let me finish... you know I was damn good back when I was in the guild. What makes you think that that legendary horde of gold I was keeping is gone? You could have it all." <Sasha> Ugh... what the hell happened? <Tiernan> You got shocked.... <Tiernan> And I used my magic to save you.... <Dal> All. Of. It. <Tiernan> You weren't breathing.... <Sasha> Mmm..... thank's Tyr, <Guard> Horde? Hah. I want proof, kid. <Sasha> Where are? <Tiernan> We're in a cell. :/ <Tiernan> I don't know why either. <Dal> Well hell, I can't damn show you when I'm locked up with nowhere to go. Let the freaks out first, then I'll show ya. <Sasha> Hmph, I'll get us outta here. <Guard> You know what? I'm almost tempted to... But I'll get my ass killed by the guildmaster. * Jess looks around. "It's because they tried to rob David, Tyr. I started to cast a spell and they recognized me as a magician. That's why we're here." <David> ... <Tiernan> Oh....but it's not David's fault or anyone's! * David twitches and hunches lower into the corner.. <Tiernan> David is a good leader! * Dal reaches in his pocket and pulls out a ruby, and throws it at the guard. "More where that came from, fellah." <Tiernan> I believe in him...he'll get us out! <David> .... <Tiernan> And even if he can't...I still believe in him...because he wants to change things.... <Tiernan> For good.... <Jess> I shouldn't have started that spell. * The guard catches it... "You got guts, freak... I'll give you that..." <Dal> C'mon... it's worth to take a *little* risk for this kind of loot... * Dal winks. ;) * David says nothing, just looking down. * The guard moves to the door to open it... * Darin sighs at Jess softly..unknowing what more to say.. or what more to do other than hold her. * Reisha grabs some of the bars, and starts pulling in futility. :P * Dal whispers softly to the others... "Get ready..." * Reisha turns her head. * Jess nods. <Narrator> A voice from the door makes itself heard. "FOOL! He has NOTHING. Step away from the door. NOW." <Tiernan> Ow! :( He's got a loud voice. <Narrator> The man jumps back as though pushed... <Darin> ... <Sasha> How did I know that was going to happen? <Reisha> What was that? <Narrator> A richly decorated man walks in and glares at Dal... "tsk tsk, boy... I thought I taught you to be more... Persuasive." <Dal> . o O (Fuck.) * Zoie looks up * Tiernan crawls up to the bars, looking at the newcomer. "Who are you?" * Zoie stands up * Jess looks at the man. "Who is this one?" <Johei> Are you here to take us out? * Dal glares at the man. "Piss off, you son of a bitch." * Zoie glares intently at the man * Reisha looks at the man, obviously loaded. "Who the hell are you?" <Tiernan> Are you going to hurt Dal? I won't let you if you are! <Narrator> The man grins... "Oh come now, Dal... Is that a way to treat your mentor?" * Darin glares at the newcomer. * David stands slowly but just remains silent, eyes narrowed at the man. <Tiernan> I won't! <Man> My name is Bryann of Hassan... I am the guildmaster of Hassan's thieve's guild and ruler of Blyght. <Sasha> Big whoop <Dal> Fuck off. Just because I have magic and more balls than you could ever have doesn't make me cannon fodder. * Dal O_O; <Tiernan> Please don't hurt him! <Tiernan> Why do you do this to him? Just because he knows magic? Magic can help people! <Reisha> Yeah.. what do you got against magic.. :P <Jess> What does this town have against magicians? * Darin tries to keep Jess somewhat hidden by shadows.. <Bryann> Oh come now... Since when have you been so insulting in nature? <Dal> Ever since you put a 100,000 gold bounty on my ass. =p * Bryann starts to growl.. "Magic is a plague on this earth. It MUST be dealt with. We are the ONLY ones that actually see this." <Jess> O_o <Johei> I can't use magic. ^_^ <Bryann> As for your bounty, since you left, it has been raised to 1,000,000. <Zoie> I refuse to take part in this... I will resist and die if neccessary. <Jess> magic? A Plague? <Dal> O_O; * Reisha smirks. "I think pompous guys like you are a plague of this Earth.. what's your point?" :P * David places his hands over Sasha's ears :P <Tiernan> It's not a plauge! It's people like you who are! People who kill innocents without a thought! People like you! <Jess> Johei: There are those of us that can. Like Reisha, Zoie, Tiernan and myself that can. <Dal> Look, they have nothing to do with this. Let'em go, and I'll let you kill me or whatever the fuck you want me to do. <Reisha> << heh >> <Bryann> Now what would be the fun in THAT? <Bryann> Please, Dal... Spare me! * David gently pushes his way to the front of the bars and loops his hands around them. "You need a tic tac." * Darin suddenly shivers.. and puts his pendant under his shirt. <Dal> . o O (No, spare *me*. =p) * Jess gets a real frightened expression. .oO(Just what does he mean by "fun"?) * Bryann turns to David and spits in his face... "Yes... I guess I do." * Zoie sits back down on the floor and places her hands on her knees and closes her eyes <Sasha> Hey, punk bitch, let us go or I'll kick your stupid hairy red ass! * Tiernan sighs and slumps against the bars, giving up hope. * David licks the spit off and raises an eyebrow at Bryann. "Like a llama. So whats the plan here, loser?" * Reisha growls at the man after mocking David. <Bryann> The plan, my fine freak boy, is to burn you at the stake. Marvelous, is it not? * Jess looks at darin. * Tiernan looks up. "NO!" <David> MM. couldn't you be more inventive? I'd like to die with some finesse. <David> Maybe crucified. * Darin gets a dark, fierce fire in his eyes. <Reisha> You and what army! * Tiernan crawls to Dal and puts his hands around him protectively. "I won't let you! No!" <Dal> How creative. Did you read that in your little kiddy books? <Johei> Burn? O_o <Johei> No no no! I won't let you do that! <Sasha> hmmm, burn like witches eh? <Sasha> How... fun <Johei> Give me my sword and I'll beat you in fair combat! <Jess> How cliche. <Dal> Tyr... shh, don't worry... * Zoie stands up.. <Bryann> No, Dal... Actually. I thought it would be ironic to destroy you with a taste of your own medicine... <Tiernan> No...I won't let you die... <Zoie> don't burn him <Zoie> burn me * David eyes the man. <Zoie> I dare you to, I don't think you have the guts * Darin blinks.. "Zoie??" <Jess> Zoie, no. <Dal> Zoie, no... I'm the one he wants... =p * Bryann smirks... "How endearing. The boy loves you, Dal. Oh! And the priest woman also! Such a merry little bunch." <Zoie> stay out of this Dal <Tiernan> Zoie... <Zoie> I know what I'm doing * Reisha tries reaching her hands outside of the bars. "I'll show you merry.. you..." * Tiernan glares at the man, anger being seen on his face for, quite possibly, the first time. <Dal> Yeah, 'cause I'm more likable than your ass-face could ever be. =p <Bryann> ENOUGH. You shall all burn in the town square at sunset. <Zoie> like I said you don't have the guts to try it <Johei> Just you try! As soon as I'm out of here, I'll teach you evil thieves a lesson! <Tiernan> I can't burn! ^_^ <Bryann> Have a nice... Last moment of life. <Tiernan> I'm a phoenix ^_^ * Reisha tries to summon up a bolt spell at Bryan, hands outstretched.. * Tiernan hopes that's the truth. ^_^; * Bryann turns on his heels and leaves quickly. <Zoie> life doesn't end at death... just remember that Hassan * Dal clams Tyr's mouth shut. "Shh, it might be our only hope." <Johei> It's not fair! They can't do this stuff! * David leans his forehead on the bars. * Tiernan 's mouth is clamped * Darin looks at Jess...praying that Zoie does know what she's doing.. and pulls Jess closer.. <Johei> I mean... we have to have a chance! They're not fighting fairly! * Jess looks at Darin. <Dal> They never do. =p <Tiernan> Mmm? <David> ..... * Reisha follows David's example. "It's no use.." * Tiernan 's mouth is still clamped shut ^_^;; <Johei> But they can't do that! =/ * Dal takes his hand off Tyr's mouth. ^^; * David slides a hand over to Rei's and squeezes it gently. <Tiernan> Dal....but if I live....what about you? <Tiernan> And everyone? <Zoie> nobody is going to die... <Jess> Tiernan, if our magic gets restored by sunset, I can create water using my chilling inferno. <Tiernan> Why would it be? <Dal> ... look, none of you are gonna die... 'cause we're gonna escape... somehow. <Jess> for some odd reason, inside this cell, we can't use magic. I wonder how they sealed magic if they don't use it. * Zoie sits down again and closes her eyes and starts to talk softly to herself * Reisha tenses her hand as David's touch them, sighing gloomily. "This is not happening.." <David> ..... <Sasha> You know you people really need to lighten up! <Sasha> We're going to make it, trust me on this. * Dal punches the nearest wall. "Sure, we will." <Sasha> We're the Shining Force after all. <David> ... <Reisha> I don't even have my daggers... <Johei> Right! <Darin> Zoie said that none of us are going to die.. I say we trust her word. <Narrator> The guards yawn... "Let's bail for a few... There's no way they can escape anyways..." <Johei> And we can beat up these people when we get out! <Sasha> We can't be defeated by being burned, come on its rediculous. <Jess> and every kingdom in the world except for Granseal and Guardiana. * Tiernan coughs. * Reisha checks her cape's hidden pockets just to make sure. <Jess> and every kingdom in the world except for Granseal and Guardiana is after us for some odd reason. :P <Guard> Yeh... I'm hungry... Let's go fetch some grub. * The guards leave. <Zoie> weapons are but an extention of your soul... think of it that way, why should a dagger make you any more or less couragous or willing to fight this. <Sasha> Hey! Bring me a piece! <Reisha> Zoie.. what am I supposed to do with no weapons and no magic..? <Tiernan> the world a bad place? * David's eyes get a sudden gleam to them as he gets an idea... "Dal..." He whispers lowly, almost inaudibly....his tone is oddly vacant.. <Narrator> A small spider scuttles into the cell... <Dal> ... yeah...? <Jess> my sentiments exactly, Reisha. My magic is my only defense. I don't even have a weapon. <Tiernan> ... <Dal> Tyr, it isn't. There's just some bad people in it. <Zoie> Reisha: why should you need them? if you believe in yourself anythign is possible <David> Could you pick the lock on this cell? <Tiernan> Okay.. <Sasha> I've been in worser situations than this.... * Darin eyes the spider... <David> If you had the right instrument? <Sasha> Can't think of anything right now. <Dal> I could if I had my lockpicks. =p * Reisha remains silent at that... * Zoie puts her hand out near the spider and waits for it to walk onto it <David> ......Rei? Are you still wearing the hairclip? <Tiernan> «ooc: The spider humps Zoie » * Sasha pulls out a bobby pin that keeps her hair in a bun <Sasha> Will this work? <Dal> Maybe... <Narrator> The spider crawls on Zoie's hand and stops there. <Reisha> I just.. * Sasha hands it to Dal. * Darin looks at Zoie... and the spider.. * Dal takes the pin and tries to pick the lock... * Zoie moves her hand closer to herself and looks at the spider * Reisha turns to david. "yeah.. are you going to try it as a pick again?" <Zoie> so little fella.. come to say hello? <Dal> Gimme that other one, too... two picks always work better... <Tiernan> I wish I had my notepad.... * Jess looks around wondering what's going on. <Tiernan> I could draw...drawing makes me feel better... <Narrator> The spider looks back... His eyes staring coldly at Zoie... * Reisha remoevs it from her hair and chucks it at Dal. "Go for it.. not like I can lose anything else.." * David looks at Dal and then to Rei, suddenly wrapping his arms around her waist protectively. "Hey. We'll get out of this. You're not dying on my shift." <Zoie> that's ok fella I didn't expect you could answer <Dal> C'mon, damn you... friggin' rusted lock... * Dal takes the pick and keeps working... * Tiernan waits. <Narrator> The lock clicks... <Dal> Ah! <Jess> al right, Dal! * Reisha runs her eyes over David. "Where have I heard that before..?" ^^ <Johei> Yeah! =D * Dal hands back the hairpins. "Let's get the hell out of here..." <Narrator> The spider leaps off Zoie's hand and starts to change shape... * Darin smiles * David winks at Rei and squeezes her before releasing her. "Lets roll." * David freezes and looks towards the spider. * Darin looks back over at Zoie.. and the .. spider? <Narrator> The body reforms into Jeyer... <David> .... <Jess> Jeyer? * Reisha affixes it back in it's golden home, and is about to take a step out when suddenly she spots Jeyer. <Jeyer> I wouldn't try to escape if I were you.. *sends a quick glare at Kodah..* <Reisha> Not him again.. <Johei> ..? <Jess> look, if we don't get out of here, we're as good as dead. <David> And why is that, Sir Jeyer? <Dal> What?! Thanks, but I'd rather not be extra-crispy. =p <Tiernan> O_o Who are you? <Jess> He's Jeyer, a major pain in the neck. * Jeyer snickers... "You wanna try escaping? Fine... Open that wooden door over there *points* * David blocks the cell door's path so it can't be closed again without someone moving him. * Sasha pockets the bobby pin and walks on out of the cell and stretches * Johei trots outside, looking for a weapon <Jess> and what would you suggest we do? Just wait to get barbecued? * Tiernan follows everyone else, blinking at Jeyer...a lot O_o <Narrator> No weapons can be spotted. * Zoie stays <Reisha> Just what are you trying to pull, Jeyer? * David looks wary and opens the other door, the way out.. <Jess> I don't think I want these thieves feasting on barbecued Jessica Sorenson tonight. <Jeyer> What am I trying to pull? I'm trying to help your ungreatful asses like I always do. If you don't want my help and want to try to escape, fine. I'll leave. * Darin stays.. * Jeyer starts to cast a teleportation spell. <Jess> wait. Let's hear his plan. <Dal> Wait. <Jeyer> Oh now you wanna trust good ol' Jeyer? How sweet... * Dal hangs onto Jeyer. * Reisha takes a few steps out of the cell, cautiously. "Somehow I know we're not going to like this... " <Jess> I am always open to suggestions, Jeyer. <Tiernan> Why are you so angry, Mister Jeyer....I your scares me... <Zoie> fools, remember who's more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows. <Narrator> As the door opens, David spots around 20 other locked gates, all more complicated than the other... After a little investigation, tons of trap holes can be spotted. <David> ..... * Dal peeks. <Dal> Ergh. <Jess> What is your plan, Jeyer? * Jeyer glances at Tyr and snickers.. <Johei> This is all so complicated.. <David> Ninjas of Hassan, Thieves of Hassan...jeez. <Reisha> What's out there, David? Welcoming party? <Tiernan> Why are you laughing at me like that? <David> Lots of fun. Mainly, locks. Traps. A lot of each. <Reisha> That doesn't sound reassuring.. ^^ * Jeyer turns around and looks at the party... "Now. Stay in the cell. And learn to trust me. I'll get you people out of here.. As much as I hate saving Kodah also.. <Tiernan> You hate Kodah? Why? * David smirks and closes the door, wandering back into the cell. <Jeyer> Just wait until sunset.. <Tiernan> He's my friend.... * Dal looks skeptical. <Zoie> trust is not something that you can ask freely, you must earn it <Sasha> Hmph, whatever * Jeyer growls softly as he hears Tyr speak.. <Sasha> How do these guys get out? <Tiernan> What's wrong with you? * Reisha heads back to the cell, begrudingly. "I guess we have no choice here.." * David leans against the wall, eyeing Jeyer and recalling the stories his mother told him about. <Jeyer> Zoie.. I have been helping this party since.. Agh. Trust me or not. It's your loss. I'll be waiting with my plan at sunset.. Until then.. <Sasha> I am not going back into that cell. * Tiernan takes a step towards Jeyer, looking concered, and not knowing Jeyer is a pigheaded bastard :p <Tiernan> Why do you hate Kodah....? He's a good man. <Zoie> <m> I've compassion for strangers, an affinity for danger, won't you be my sacrifice...... -_-; * Jeyer glances at Kodah, Tyr then gazes at David for a few second before teleporting away without an answer to Tyr's question.. * Darin stays where he is, near Zoie, still holding Jess. * Tiernan sighs. "He's got so much...much...anger..." <Dal> So... um... <David> <David> Well. <David> He has his reasons. * Tiernan steps back into the cell with everyone else. <Reisha> That guy is a load of trouble.. <David> We trust him. * Sasha mutters and heads back into the cell. * David closes the cell door. * Dal sighs. * Reisha folds her arms, back to the cell bars. <Zoie> I am going to stay put, if I burn I burn, what's the worst that can happen, I'l die and my soul will come back and haunt them for eternity. * David sits down again, leaning back onto the wall.....he gazes up at the ceiling.. * Tiernan coughs a bit and sinks down against a wall. * Reisha tries sparking a few more magicks again.. <David> How are you, Tyr? * Dal sits down next to Tyr... <Tiernan> I'm okay... <David> ...that's good.. <Tiernan> But this place is's making me do this strange thing.... <Tiernan> Like this... * Tiernan coughs. <Dal> I could have gone through maybe half of that hall without any problems... the rest would have been chance. * Zoie closes her eyes... "I am at peace.... I am one with my soul... I am not afraid" <David> Ah. The air, yeah. It's just bothering your lungs. It's okay. Nothing harmful....just what you're doing is a reaction, called coughing. <Tiernan> Okay. * Johei sits down beside a wall <Sasha> I hate this <Tiernan> Me too :/ <Johei> Well... wake me up when it's my turn to fight the bad guys. ^_^ <David> Yeah won't need to put up with it much longer. <Sasha> I wanna get out, and I want a bath <Narrator> Time slowly passes... <Reisha> Forget about a bath, I want my magic.. * Dal rests his head on his knees, slowly panicking... * Tiernan falls asleep against the wall. * David glances up at Rei and leans his chin on his knees. * Sasha mutters curses * Reisha slides down the bars with ehr back, coming to rest to the floor. <David> So... * Reisha closes her eyes, and leans her head back. <David> So. ^^; Hey, did I mention I'm sorry for leading you all into this? * Tiernan wakes up slowly, rubbing his eyes. <Reisha> David.. how many time have I told you to stop apologizing.. <Dal> It's not you, David... <Tiernan>'re a good leader. * David shakes his head, unbelieving... "It's true though. I'm the proclaimed leader. Yet so far.....we've gotten into so much sh-...stuff....that....that its just not right." <David> Sasha dying...Tyr almost dying..... <Tiernan> It's not your fault. It was mine... <David> I led you into that battle, Tyr. <Tiernan> I should have told you when I tried to save Sasha that I wouldn't really be hurt... <Tiernan> mean with Gerad... * David nods. <Tiernan> I'm not angry about taht. <Narrator> Dammit, stop trying to find who's to blame! You people are so... So... BLAH! :P <David> I led you to everything. I led you all to everything. <Reisha> Just shut up all of you... you're just getting me more depressed. * Reisha holds her head with her hands. * Dal fireballs the Narrator. =p <Tiernan> David....please don't blame yourself for that! It's because of your quick thinking that I lived! ^_^ * David eyes Tyr... <Darin> ...... * David then looks at Rei.. * Narrator watches Dal's spell fizzle... Cuz... HEH. I decided to! * Narrator goes back to Narrating * Reisha looks really lost.. <Reisha> My magic.. damn it... -_- <Dal> Look. Everyone. I think we should rest, 'cause whatever Jeyer's got planned, we need to be ready... * David looks down for a second and gathers his wits together, sliding closer to Rei and wrapping an arm around her shoulder.... "It'll be back...." * Johei snores. ^_^ * Darin curls up, keeping Jess close.. and dozes. * Tiernan sighs and slumps against Dal a bit. <Tiernan> I want something good to happen....only bad things happen to me... <Tiernan> Do you think I'm cursed? <Zoie> Tiernan: there is often good within the bad if you look for it * Reisha looks like she's going to cry, but doesn't let it show. <David> No. Hey.....uh.....we rescued you! That's a good thing, right? ^^; <Tiernan> ....Yes....I guess. :) * Dal pat-pats Tyr, but his hand shakes as he does so... * David looks at Rei with concern in his eyes and he runs his fingers over her cheek lightly. "Hey. Besides, your magic isn't all you are. You've got that whole...Rei-ness about don't need the magic, anyway! You can stomp baddies with your big boots!" * Tiernan sighs and falls back to sleep. * Reisha blinks, and starts up intoa small giggle. "Boots.... hehehe...." <David> ... ^^; You do wear boots right? * Darin snores softly. <Reisha> Too bad I can't get a couple shots in right now.. it's make me feel a whole lot better.. <Reisha> Get some stilleto heels too.. * Reisha starts raising to a laughter... <Reisha> Then I'd rule a kingdom with my iron legwear. :p * Reisha drops again. "But first we've got to get out of this joint.." <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> An assembly takes place... Many of the thieves of all guild houses in each town attends... Gerad sits at a table, pleading his case. <Gerad> I only want one. The others you may keep. <Bryann> Ahh, but why should we? Are you also against magicians? * Gerad frowns.. "No... I am not. And I cannot believe I am dealing with criminals. But I need a man you are holding. I will pay whatever you request." * Bryann chuckles... "Anything? That is an interesting offer indeed." <Bryann> Well now, sir... Gerad is it? I want this and this alone: * Gerad looks up, waiting for the offer.. <Bryann> I... Want you to get your horse ass up, turn on your heels and leave. <Gerad> ... What?! How dare you..! <Bryann> We do not deal with pathetic bounty hunters. Finders keepers. Now leave before I'm forced to make you leave... * Gerad glares at Bryann... "By Mitula's will.. You shall regret this day.." * Bryann chuckles... "Oh please. A lousy freak Goddess with an oat eating freak of nature are going to punish me? Hah!" * Gerad scowls, turns heels and leaves. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene. ===== <Narrator> About an hour left before sundown... The Shining Force waits... Patiently... For their execution. * Tiernan is sleeping, his head on Dal's leg again ^_^; * Dal is trying to stop himself from shaking. * David still has an arm tenderly around Rei... * Darin sighs in his sleep * Tiernan is woken up by Dal's shaking <Tiernan> Dal? * Zoie continues to sit and meditate <Tiernan> Are you okay? * Tiernan sits up and rubs his eyes AGAIN :P <Dal> ... sure... I'm just fine, Tyr... * Reisha looks into David's hazy eyes. <Tiernan> you're not... <Tiernan> You're scared... <Reisha> David... If we don't get out of here... <Dal> You should get some more sleep... I... no, no, no... I'm not scared, I... * David tilts his head slightly... * Tiernan hugs Dal in a conforting way. <Tiernan> I won't let anything bad happen to you.... * Dal hugs Tyr back... <Dal> Thank, Tyr... <Reisha> ... * Tiernan smiles up at Dal. ^_^ <David> doesn't end here. I won't let it. <Reisha> No.. it's nothing like that.. <David> Then what...? * Reisha sighs again, and turns away. "Nothing.. forget it..." * David gets a momentary look of hurt at Rei's turning away... * David looks down at the floor.. * Reisha turns her head back. * David looks crestfallen, his gaze rooted to the floor... * Darin snores. * Tiernan looks at everyone's unhappiness, wishing he could take it all away.... <Reisha> .oO( The poor guy.. I'd hate to see it if... ) * Reisha shifts positions a bit, and starts to rub David's shoulders. <Reisha> C'mon now... pick that head up.. * David blinks in surprise, his shoulders incredibly knotted with tension that has seemingly been there for all his life. He blinks at Rei... "Wh....Rei..." <Reisha> Leaders have to inspire people.. <David> ... and I'm the leader.... * Reisha tries working otu some of the knots, finding herslef relaxing a bit as she does so. <Tiernan> it almost sundown yet? * Darin snores softly. * David blinks hazily... "I....uh....don't...know?" <Reisha> Do any of us know...? * David flexes his muscles under Rei's touch and smiles faintly... "Not sure. Don't really care anymore." <Narrator> The sound of doors unlocking can be heard... * Darin snorts awake * Tiernan stands up. <Narrator> The last door opens... Bryann walks in. <Bryann> So... Had a nice, productive day? * Dal looks up. * Reisha pulls her hands away, her face a lot calmer than yesterday. * David glares at Bryann. * Tiernan puts his hands protectively around Dal again. <Dal> Piss off, jackass. <Bryann> Oh... I wanna mention this right away... Some Centaur freak came looking for one of your companions... <Tiernan> Leave...him...alone.... <Reisha> Yeah. You could say that. * Dal gets up. * Tiernan jumps! <Tiernan> G--g---gggerad? <Bryann> Why is it you always have freaks on your tail, Dal? It's uncanny... * Darin tightens his hold on Jess.. * David narrows his eyes but doesn't move from beside Rei. <Dal> Yeah, freaks like *you*. =p * Bryann snickers... "Yes, yes... I see you never lost that sharp wit of yours... Hah. Men, tie them up." * Tiernan doesn't let go of Dal. <Dal> Tyr... it'll be okay... shh... * Darin refuses to let Jess go. * David stands in front of Rei and glares at the men, fists clenched and ready to fight before they can take her. <Tiernan> But... * Reisha rises slowly, beside David. * Dal holds Tyr protectively. <Narrator> The thieves force each and everyone of the members out, tie their hands behind their backs and push them along... <Reisha> David... let them come. It's not like I'm giving them the satisfaction of seeing me squirm. :P * Tiernan resists as best as he can! * Zoie walks along as ordered <Zoie> Tier: don't resist, dont' give them any pleasure in this * David grunts and his hands are tied behind his back, being shoved along... ".....bad memories..." * Darin says nothing.. and jus tdoes as he's ordered.. his mind still on Jess. <Tiernan> I don't want them to... * Tiernan struggles anyway. * Reisha is visibly uncomfortable, bound.. but looks calm. <Narrator> Tiernan is pushed roughly while Dal is being tied up... <Tiernan> Dal...! * Tiernan urks as he's pushed forward. * Dal shakes his head... * David narrows his eyes as images flood into his mind of some time past...he tugs on his bindings roughly.. <Zoie> <w> tie my hands, break my body but you will never own my soul.. <Narrator> The rest of the guards tie up the remainder of the party and shove them out the door. * Reisha looks to David as if she understands. "..." <Tiernan> Ow! Stop it! * Bryann grins... * Reisha mumbles to herself. "'d better be ready Jeyer... so help me.." <Dal> Get it over with, Bryann. =p * David tugs harder, causing the rope to cut into his wrists.. <Narrator> The Shining Force is led out of the holding cell and dragged outside into the town square... hundreds of thieves are waiting by the podium... Cheering as the Shining Force is led out and dragged on top... <David> .... * Tiernan cries out as he's pushed. "Stop it!" <Dal> . o O (Chances are I'll be the first to die... =p) <Zoie> <w> my soul will live on long after my body has past, and you will never be rid of the scurge that it will bring to your existance. * Reisha glares at all the onlookers, prideful till the end. <Narrator> Zoie is shoved by a man holding her... "Stop whispering to yourself, wench. Move!" * David says nothing, his eyes blank of emotions and his face stoney... <Reisha> Yeah.. cheer now.. while you can... :P <Zoie> As you wish... but remember my soul is at peace, can you say the same? <Narrator> David and Reisha are attached side by side. * Darin closes his eyes and prays that if Jeyer fails, that Jess doesn't watch his demise.. <Narrator> The man grunts and decides to ignore Zoie's comment. * David glances at Rei, some emotion flickering across his eyes.....he tugs again on his ropes... <Narrator> Zoie is then tied up by Reisha's side... <Narrator> Dal is tied up in the middle of the podium... * Reisha notices David as he becomes her neighbor in infamy, as well as Zoie. <Narrator> In front of the whole crowd. *** Narrator sets mode: +o Sasha * Dal struggles wildly. <Narrator> Tiernan is tied up by Dal's side.... <Narrator> the rest are tied up to the back and right of Tyr... <Reisha> Well, if I'm going.. at least it'll be in a balze of glory! Heh! ^_^; * Tiernan struggles against the binds. * David turns his head to look at Rei..he whispers softly.. "Rei...I..." * Sasha mutters * Reisha tries to smile, but just can't seem to, as she turns to look at David. <Sasha> If you plan to help us Jeyer, better do it now. <Reisha> David.. I think I know what you want to say... <Tiernan> I don't want to die.... <Tiernan> I don't want you to die either Dal... <Tiernan> I want...out... <Narrator> The group's mouths are gagged one by one... <Dal> You won't die, Tyr... you w-... <Reisha> I just wish I could say the same... * Darin looks over at Jess, tears filling his eyes.. * Dal tries to bite off the guard's fingers as he gags him. =p <Tiernan> Dal I...- * Tiernan is gagged. * Zoie closes her eyes and stands perfectly still <Narrator> The guard screams in pain and slaps Dal HARD across the face... * David bites into his gag, his gaze drifting in front of him now... * Reisha is then gagged.. the rest of her words inaudible. <Narrator> The crowd silences itself... <Narrator> Bryann starts to talk... * Sasha growls * Dal whimpers in pain behind the gag... <Bryann> Today... Alliance of thieves... We bid farewell to yet another group of UNPURE, IMPERFECT beings... And erase a MISTAKE of our guild... * Tiernan begins to cry, looking at Dal and feeling absolutely helpless. * Darin closes his eyes as his tears spill over.. * David makes no movements, just seeming to give up suddenly.. <Bryann> Today.... Dal of Hassan... Who has shamed us ALL by learning the craft of magic... DIES. * Dal glares defiantly at the crowd. <Narrator> The crowd cheers loudly for a minute, then silences itself again. * Bryann grins... "Now... Shall we let the TRAITOR speak?" * Tiernan shakes his head violently. <Narrator> The crowd voices its opinion, the majority opting for Dal's last words... * David keeps his gaze directed to the ground, body limp.. <Sasha> When I get outta here I'm gonna rip this guy's friggin' head off <Narrator> Bryann walks over to Dal as two guards untie his gag... * Bryann glares at Dal... "Now, traitor.. Any last words before you BURN TO A CRISP?" * Reisha looks at David, trying to will him to pick himself up, hoping against all on Jeyer's words.. ^^ <Dal> You guys think I'm a freak... but you... all of you... are the biggest freaks in the world! * Bryann chuckles... "Nice words... Anything else, peon?" <Dal> Yeah, c'mere... * Tiernan gives Dal a look that he believes in him. <Narrator> Bryann moves in closer just slightly.. * David's eyes drift shut.. * Dal spits in his eye. ^_^ * Bryann growls.. "Yes... I would think so." *wipes off the spit and turns around as the guards gag Dal again... * Dal tries to bite the guards again. <Dal> . o O (Jeyer...) <Reisha> .oO( Jeyer... we're running out of time.. I'm not ready t go just yet... I still have to find it... ) <Narrator> the guard, wiser, evades the bite... <Sasha> Jeyer you liar, where are you. <David> . o O ( ........just let me die..... ) * Tiernan continues to cry... <Bryann> Now.... LIGHT THEM UP! * Dal looks helplessly at Tyr. * Two guards holding torches light the pillars... * Tiernan cries harder.... <Narrator> Fire spreads quickly on the dry hay surrounding the pillars.... * Dal struggles like crazy... * David remains limp.... * Reisha stiffens as she starts to smell smoke wafting into ehr nostrils.. o_o <Narrator> The sky darkens suddenly... All light draining but the fire burning at the Shining Force's feet... * Zoie continues to keep her eyes closed <Narrator> Thunder can be heard in the distance.... * David opens his eyes and slowly raises his eyes to blink at the sky.. <Zoie> . o O ( everything in this world can be resisted if it cannot be seen by the eyes, the eyes are the decievers of most danger. ) * Reisha looks up... * Darin tries to breathe through the smoke.. turning to look at Jess... * Tiernan coughs through the tears * Reisha tries concentrating on the lightning... * Sasha looks up <Dal> . o O (Oh, by Mitula, please let it rain...) <Sasha> (...rain...) * Darin looks up... <Reisha> .oO( Maybe I can do something... maybe it'll rain..! ) <Narrator> In front of the Shining Force... On top of a large tower near the center of town... A shadowed creature stands tall on top... Momentary bolts of lightning crashing behind it... Its dark hair blowing in the wind... Eyes glowing bright red.. His arms crossed over his chest, Katana at his side.... * David blinks some at the figure... * Tiernan opens his eyes. <Narrator> Silence spreads throughout the area suddenly, but for a small breeze blowing.... * Reisha sees the dark figure looming over the town... <Narrator> The figure utters two simple words, sending fear in the hearts of everyone at the gathering... <Reisha> .oO( Tell me he's here to save us... ) <Figure> .... Rayjin.... Final. <Narrator> After the last word spoken, large clasps of lightning start to crash down on every single thief in the gathering... The blinding sound and light of thieves dying, running and screaming sends chills down everyone's spines... People try to run but to no avail... The lightning kills all unworthy..... <Darin> ... <Reisha> .oO( Rayjin.... Jeyer. ) * Tiernan looks up and his eyes widen at the destruction. * Reisha gasps at the raw power flowing through the air. <Narrator> The man leaps off the tower and onto the platform by Bryann's side as more and more of his men drop like flies.... * Jeyer unsheaths his katana and leans back on himself... "Bryann of Hassan... Betrayer... Your fate is sealed..." * Dal erks as his pants catch on fire and work up towards his fun stuff. =p * Bryann gapes.. "Je.. Jeyer?! It cannot... CANNOT BE!!" * Jeyer, with lightning fast speed, runs around the pillars and cuts up every rope holding the Shining Force captive.... * Tiernan tumbles to the ground * Dal rolls around, trying to put out the fire. ^^; * David grunts and rips his gag off... * Reisha falls down to the stage, ripping her gag off and regaining her balance in one swift motion. <Sasha> Much better. * Tiernan pulls his gag off. * Jeyer suddenly stops cold and throws a vial on the ground quickly.... Rain starts to pour suddenly... Drowning the whole area with tears of the gods... * Sasha leaps up and draws her sword. * Bryann gapes unbelievingly..... "No.. No..!!" * Darin looks up into the rain.. <Sasha> Nice tactics <Tiernan> He's so powerful! Is he an immortal? * Reisha wipes some ashes off her boots. "It's about damn time...!" * Dal nabs a dagger off a fallen thief, rips the gag off, runs behind Bryann and slams his dagger between his shoulder blades. * David says nothing and looks around for AmeShi.. * Bryann tries to evade, but still gets partially hit.... <Jeyer> Enough, Dal. You are without honor if you kill him in such a manner. <Sasha> I have no idea Tyr. <Dal> Screw honour, I want him dead! <Narrator> Bryann tries to run, but is suddenly frozen.... <Tiernan> Dal!! <Narrator> He slowly floats back to his original position on top of the now extinguished platform... <Narrator> Dal hovers back slowly.... <Reisha> Just what is he doing? <Dal> No! No, I'm going to kill him! He's hunted me down for so many years, at least let me finish it off!! <Darin> ..... <Tiernan> too? <Jeyer> ... This is the end... The final chapter, Bryann... You'll fight your last battle here... Now. Against Dal. An honorable battle. Your last. *throws a Katana at both of them* * Dal catches it, wide-eyed. "I don't even know how to use this!" * Bryann gapes and catches the Katana.... "I..." <Tiernan> You can do it, Dal! <Tiernan> I believe in you! <Jeyer> ... I suggest you learn... If you want to survive. * Dal glares balefully at Jeyer. * Jeyer leaps back and looks over the two, holding their weapons... * Reisha looks around, to see if any of the thieves are left standing. <Bryann> ... Well now, freak.. Looks like I'll have to kill you myself.. <Dal> Just try... * Dal holds the katana awkwardly... <Narrator> None of the thieves are left standing... All that's left is Jeyer, the Shining Force and Bryann..... <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Duel: Dal of Hassan vs. Bryann of Hassan ===== * Tiernan cheers for Dal in the background! <Narrator> == Dal can attack. <Sasha> Go Dal! * Dal rushes towards Bryann and tries to strike at him with an upwards slash! <Sasha> Kick his punk bitch ass up! <Reisha> C'mon Dal.. make that scum sucker pay! <Narrator> == Bryann throws up his blade to parry, but fails miserably, not knowing how to handle a sword properly... 11 damage. <Narrator> == Bryann can attack. <Narrator> == Bryann slices horizontally with the sword at Dal.... <Bryann> ... Take.. THAT..!! <Narrator> == Bryann's clumsy action hits Dal, but not as hard as it was supposed to.... 7 damage. <Narrator> == Dal can attack. * Dal winces... * Dal concentrates, casting Blaze on the sword, and slashes with the flaming blade at Bryann! <Tiernan> Dal...! * David continues to say nothing, eyes dark.. <Dal> DIE! <Darin> .... <Narrator> == Dal's sword blazes, much like AmeShi... As it deathly crashes down upon Bryann.... 23 damage! <Narrator> == Bryann counterattacks! * Dal blinks and says under his breath, "Whoa, cool!" <Narrator> == Bryann slashes with an upward arc at an undefended point in Dal's defense... Then roundkicks Dal upside the head. 17 damage. <Tiernan> Ah-! O_o * Dal gets knocked down. * Tiernan winces for Dal :( * Jeyer, arms crossed over his chest, looks on, growling softly at the scene.. * Dal gets up, holding his side... "Cheap bastard..." <Narrator> == Bryann can attack <Narrator> == Bryann attempts to slash Dal befor he gets up... His blade clumsily hits Dal's shoulder.... 8 damage. <Tiernan> Stop it! * Bryann grins.. "You.. You're.. Mine.... DAL.. Traitor.." <Narrator> == Dal can attack. <Reisha> Get him Dal.. for all it's worth, I take back every bad thing I ever said! ^^ * Dal growls and quickly slashes at him diagonally from the right, ending the attack with an vertical slash up his chest! <Dal> Shut up! <Narrator> == As Dal starts his attack, Jeyer directs, palm out, a field of light towards Dal.... As he starts his attack, he feels power flow into him... His shape reforms... A dark cloth wraps itself around his body... New vitality courses through his body.... The blade hits Bryann full force! 28 damage! Bryann is exhausted. <Tiernan> Yes! :D <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Dal promotes from Thief class to Ninja class! Dal's blaze spell lv. 1 becomes Katon lv. 1! * Reisha clenches a fist and raises it. "All right!" * Dal holds the blade at Bryann's throat. <Sasha> Nice work Dal! * Bryann pants loudly.. "... F..Fr.. Fre..ak.." <Tiernan> He is not a freak! <Tiernan> He's my friend! * Darin cheers. * Jeyer nods his approval and silently returns to the shadows.. * Dal motions someone to cover Tyr's eyes and grins. "Not as freaky as you, jackass." * David covers Tyr's eyes. ^^; * Dal slits Bryann's throat. * Tiernan blinks as his eyes are covered * Bryann coughs up some blood and looks up in the eyes of his killer before his whole body gives up and slumps lifelessly on the ground.... * Reisha just stares at Dal as he gets his revenge. * Dal kicks Bryann under the podium. ^^; <Dal> It's okay now... * David uncovers Tyr's eyes :P <Tiernan> What happened? <Reisha> Well, Dal.. <Dal> Um... he died... I didn't want you to see it, since you went through so much today... ^^; * David doesn't say anything, strangely silent.. <Reisha> I have to give you credit.. you're a lot braver than I ever thought. * Dal blushes. *^_^* "Well... ^^;" <Narrator> The rain slowly stops... And the sun peaks through the carnaged town of Blyght... Clouds dissipate... Birds start to fly overhead.... <Dal> Okay. Let's get out of here so I can get some sleep. ^^; * Reisha looks around the town as the light peeks thorugh. <Reisha> Great.. Jeyer disappears into the sunset once more... <Narrator> At the docks, a solitary boat slowly starts to float away..... Sasha is missing from the party. <Reisha> And leaves us with a mess. <Tiernan> Where did Sasha go? <Dal> I don't know... <Tiernan> don't think...that thunder.... * David shakes his head and looks for an inn... * Reisha shrugs. "I haven't a clue.." * Tiernan sighs. * Reisha wonders where her gear is anyway... <Narrator> The boat sails away into the deep blue sea... A solitary soul can be spotted on the boat as it leaves to the vast horizon.... <Dal> Um. I honestly don't think we're welcome here. <Tiernan> Oh....but... <Reisha> Whoever survived that magic is obviously not on our Christmas card list. Let's get our stuff and find a way out of this island.. * Tiernan blinks and impulsively hugs Dal. * David doesn't say anything and just waits for the group to move. * Tiernan blinks and impulsively hugs Dal. * Dal hugs Tyr back... "See? Told you it was going to be okay. ^_^" <Tiernan> ^_^ I'm so glad you're okay... * Reisha looks around for any clues to where Ameshi, etc might be hidden, making ehr way slowly to the docks.. * David follows Rei quietly.. * Reisha makes sure to kick a few dead theives along the way for good measure as well. :P <Reisha> I was right... <Darin> About what, Rei? * Reisha grins to David. "I do feel better after doing that." ^_^ <Narrator> Reisha heads towards the dock... Equipment can be seen scattered by a crate.... Swords, daggers and books... * David just raises an eyebrow, obviously plagued by thoughts... * Reisha points to the crate. "Bingo..." <Tiernan> There! Oh...I see a notepad too! ^_^ I can draw again! * Tiernan fluffs his wings happily ^_^ * Reisha rummages through it's contents, chucking out various things to the ground. * Dal doesn't think he needs to take back his daggers, but does so anyways. <Narrator> An enveloppe lies over one of the bags... It's signed, "To the Shining Force" * Darin joins Reisha, and searches for his Blade. <Reisha> Hmm.. what's this? * Reisha pulls out the envelope, holding it between her fingers. * Tiernan retrives his weapons and belongings ^_^ * Reisha slides a thumb over the edge, opening it. <Reisha> Wonder if it's from Jeyer..? <Narrator> The letter inside goes as follows: <Narrator> Dear Shining Force, <Narrator> Well, it was one heck of an adventure... But I've got more pressing matters on Grans.. Maybe one day, I'll be able to tell you what. Tell my mom I'll be fine and to stop worrying about me! That is, when she returns from one of those god awful plains she always goes to.. And Tyr... We had fun.. I'll never forget you... <Narrator> To all of you, may your journey be a successful one... <Narrator> Signed, Sasha Mysteria <Tiernan> ....Sasha... <Darin> .... <Tiernan> I'll never forget you either...I'll miss you... <Dal> ... hunh. <Reisha> Well.. looks like miss treasure hunter has gone on to bigger and better things... * David bends and collects AmeShi, along with his other things slowly.. <Tiernan> .... * Dal looks at Tyr, concerned. "Are you going to be okay?" * Reisha picks up a few daggers from the crate, and finds herself thumbing over the books.. <Tiernan> I think so...I'll just miss her. <Tiernan> She was the first girl I ever met... <Tiernan> Or remember... * Reisha smiles... "It's always the first you remember the most..." * Darin gathers his blade and his other things.. <Tiernan> Yeah.... <David> .... <Dal> Well... * Reisha pulls out a leather bound book. "Hmm.. look at this.." <Reisha> It looks like some kind of historical book. * David glances at Rei and heads over. <Reisha> Not like I read much though.. ^^ <Tiernan> Really? * Tiernan looks it over. "Can I have it when you're done?" ^_^ * Reisha hands it to Tyr. "Go ahead..." * Tiernan takes it. "Thank you." ^_^ <Tiernan> What's it about? <Reisha> The Shining Force... * Dal blinks. <Reisha> Ironic, isn't it? ^^ <Tiernan> ^_^ Neat! * Tiernan flips through the book. * Reisha gets back up, dusting ehr hands off. <Reisha> Well.. I wonder if there's any other boats we could use.. maybe get off this isle. <David> ....yes. Lovely. Lets go. <Tiernan> Ooh.... <Tiernan> Zeon... * Tiernan reads up on Zeon ^_^ * David rolls his eyes and looks for a boat or something. <Narrator> No boats can be seen... The dock is completely deserted... <Tiernan> This Zeon person....he sounds ....bad. * Tiernan reads more, getting engrossed in the book * Reisha frowns. <Reisha> Well there goes that idea... <Dal> Now what? =p <Reisha> I guess we'll have to walk. * Tiernan reads. ^_^ <Reisha> Maybe there's another tower or something. <Tiernan> Let's go. ^_^ * Reisha shrugs, and heads out of town at a slow pace. "I'm not getting any younger standing here.." * Tiernan puts the book away, running out of town. ^_^; * Dal follows everyone else, wishing for a nice cozy bed to sleep in and snore... ^^; * Tiernan suddenly stops for a moment. * Dal looks at Tyr. "What?" * Tiernan bends forwards, panting. <Dal> ... Tyr? * Tiernan then stops, shaking his head. <Dal> Tyr, what's wrong? <Tiernan> Sorry...I felt dizzy for a moment...but I'm better now. :) <Dal> You sure? * Tiernan nods. <Tiernan> I'm fine. It was strange though... <Tiernan> Maybe I'm just tired from all that happened today. * Reisha grabs David's arm on the way out, heading for whatever my lie ahead... <Dal> Probably. I'm sure as heck tired. ^^; * Tiernan laughs a little ^_^ <Tiernan> Let's go to the next town. * Dal still can't believe what happened. "Yeah..." <Narrator> the Shining Force heads out... (Or what's left of it. :P) The last events cleared Dal's spirits... His mind a little clearer... Jeyer helped the Shining Force, regardless of his feelings towards Kodah... The future holds more mystery than this day.... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====