Shining Force RPG 2 session 19
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force exits Blyght... Seeing as though the town is now one giant grave... Sasha leaving for other adventures, the Shining Force moves on trying to find a new town to rest and replenish their now utterly spent energy... * Reisha trudges onward... * Jess looks around for some sort of weapon to defend herself, as her magic is still drained. * Tiernan rubs his eyes, silently walking along... * Kodah plods along, not looking overly enthusiastic * Indigo wanders about dazedly. * David stalks ahead in front of the group, eyes narrowed and AmeShi clenched in hand...he has been silent since the stake incident... <Indigo> Why...did...why did Sashie leave? <Tiernan> I don't know... <Reisha> And you just realized this now, Indi? ^^ <Tiernan> But maybe she's going to find her dream now... <Jess> we all have to make our own way in life, Indi. Looks like she is going hers without us. * David keeps an eye out for danger... * Tiernan holds his head. "My head hurts..." <Jess> and here I can't even cast. If we get attacked, I can do absolutely nothing. * Zoie puts her hand on Tiernan's shoulder. <Indigo> I fear for her. The curse will get her. * Indigo looks tired, drained. <Tiernan> Hey Zoie... <Jess> Indigo, Sasha is a resilient woman. She'll find her own way, with or without that damn curse. Trust me. <Zoie> Tier: focus on the road ahead not the pain. * David just continues to trudge ahead, walking slightly ahead of everyone else as if to avoid them... <Kodah>... <Tiernan> I'll try.... * Jess latches onto Darin. "What's on your mind, sir knight?" <Narrator> The northern coast slowly shows signs of life... <Indigo> When it does...I fear she'll be blasted to dust or something. No one of our family has ever successfully defied the curse. * Tiernan focuses on the road, his vision going in and out of he has a migraine... * Darin shakes his head softly... <Reisha> Curse smurse... Anyone can be big if they want to... * David clenches his sword harder and tenses slightly... <Reisha> That Sasha's got the spirit, I'll give her that. ^^ * Zoie reaches in her pouch and pulls out an herb and hands it to Tiernan "chew on this" * Reisha smiles wryly. <Tiernan> What is it? <Zoie> Just chew it... it'll help the pain. <Indigo> It's not that, it's just... I've heard stories about relatives of mine who tried to defy the curse. They usually met grisly, ugly ends. * Tiernan puts it in his mouth and chews, wincing a bit on the bitter flavor... * Reisha then looks to David. * Indigo stumbles on. * David is pale and his eyes burn with a dark fire...he continues to stalk ahead, though tensed and ready for anything... <Tiernan> Hmm...That's funny...It didn't help... <Zoie> That's funny it should have. * Reisha draws closer to him. "David... you all right...?" <Tiernan> It's okay...I just need to lay down and sleep! ^_^ <Zoie> Guess your body doesn't react the same to the herbs <Jess> you look distant, Darin. Is everything OK? <Tiernan> should.... * Darin looks at Jess at his side... seemingly in thought. <Darin> Huh? * Kodah keeps to himself, feeling very angry and confused <Jess> What's on your mind, Darin? You were looking like something was bothering you. * David slows a little to look at Rei, warring emotions in his eyes... pain and confusion....anger...mostly hurt.. * Indigo stumbles badly, leaning on her staff. * Reisha lets her look soften a bit. <Tiernan> really, really hurts... * Tiernan holds his head. <Reisha> Hey... ease up, David. We're out of the kitchen now... no cooked heroes this time... <David> Yeah...but who says that's what's wrong. <Zoie> I hate to use spells...unless absolutely necessary Tier, but you are in a lot of pain so I shall. * Reisha flashes him a genuine smile. :) * Darin shakes his head... to clear it... "I'm... I'm OK, Jess... really..." <Tiernan> No...No please save it... * David 's eyes brighten a little... <Reisha> Well, I know what's wrong... you think too much. ^^ <Jess> All right, Darin. But if something's bothering you, please tell me. <Zoie> No you need to have this done. <Tiernan> If we get into a'll need your magic. I'll be okay. <Tiernan> Please don't... * David tilts his head... "I think too much, mmm?" * Zoie closes her eyes and chants to herself. When she is done chanting, a blue light surrounds Tiernan. <Zoie> Let Mitula cure your wounds and comfort your weariness! Heal! * Reisha winks her left eye demurely. "Yep... that's gotta be it." * Tiernan stops for a moment, seeing if his headache goes away. <Narrator> == Zoie casts Heal lv. 1 on Tiernan... The spell force heals Tyr, but backfires and fizzles away... * Kodah raises an eye at Tyr and Zoie, wondering what they're going on about * Tiernan blinks... <Reisha> Think too much, and you'll drown in all those "what ifs" and "I should'ves"... <Jess> We need to find a town and fast. I think we can all use a rest after what we've just been through. <Tiernan> What...? But your heal spells always work... * Darin nods in agreement with Jess. * David gets a little playfulness in his look now and reaches out to touch Rei's shoulder. "If I drown in your presence, then I drown a happy man." <Zoie> I'm tired too Tiernan * Zoie falls to the ground. <Kodah> ?? <Indigo> Let me try. <Darin> Zoie! <Tiernan> Zoie... * Tiernan helps Zoie to her feet. <Jess> Zoie! <Kodah> Hey, what's going on over there? <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, sprinkle Zoie to awaken her. <Zoie> Thanks Tier... just a little dizzy. * Reisha hangs an arm around him playfully as well. "Then get your life rafts ready... I'm a damned ocean...hehe..." ^_^ * Reisha sombers up after that. <Jess> I think we're all spent Zoie. One reason we need to find a friendly town. Key word being friendly. <Tiernan> Be careful... <Narrator> == Neptune is summoned... A small cloud appears over Zoie's head and starts to pour water on her... <Reisha> So where are we going now, anyhow? * Kodah glares at the cloud. <Tiernan> Can't we camp out for the night, everyone? * Tiernan, standing next to Zoie, also gets wet O_o <Tiernan> Ah-! * David is now smiling and nods to Rei... "I don't know, actually...I suppose we could camp out..." <Indigo> It works! <Kodah> Now I have a headache -_- * Zoie looks up... and glares over at Indigo... "I didn't need to be drenched." * Tiernan stumbles back, shivering. * Dal is asleep on his feet. ^^; * Zoie puts her cloak over Tiernan <Johei> I know how to make camp! They taught me that! =D <Tiernan> ...I don't even want to know. :/ <Tiernan> Thank you Zoie... <Kodah> They? They who? <Indigo> I told Neptune to sprinkle you. * Reisha runs a hand through her hair... "Last time we did that I was getting dirt out of my clothes for days... ^^; <Zoie> I need to sit down... <Johei> The masters that taught me the code of the knight, of course! ^_^ <David> And other places too, I suppose hmm? ^_- <Kodah> Naturally... * David grins a little and then looks back to the group. "Okay, we set up camp!" * Tiernan holds his head again, looking a bit washed out. <Tiernan> Good... * Reisha snickers. "Now where is your mind at, Mr. Leader?" ;) <Johei> And after years and years.... I've learned to kill demons with one blow! Swish! Like that! =D * Indigo collapses. * Dal nearly dies of relief. "Good. I need sleep after all that mess..." * Darin nods... and looks at Jess. * Jess sits down. "Great. We can use a rest." <David> And Tier, I want to talk to you...later, alone. * Zoie sits down kneeling basically and closes her eyes. <Tiernan> ...Me? Okay David... * David raises an eyebrow at Rei but lets that go unanswered ^_- * Darin sits next to Jess. <Tiernan> Can I sleep for a little while? <David> Sure, Tier...get some rest, you all deserve it. <David> I'll keep guard around the camp... * Johei hmms and looks around. * Dal lies down on the ground and falls asleep in almost a second, snoring away. * Jess lies down, dozing quickly into sleep. <Tiernan> Thank you... * Tiernan practically collapses on the ground. * Darin nods at David, smiling slightly, and curls himself around Jess protectively. * Kodah sits down on a nearby rock and stares at the sky for a while, as if looking for answers <Dal> *SHNORRRRRRRRRRR* * David nods and saunters off a little to lean against a large stone...he leans his sword to the ground and looks around.. <Johei> We need trees to make an outer perimeter, and... we need to set up a watch system. <Johei> Who's got an axe? =D * Zoie falls over not able to keep her balance even kneeling anymore <David> Johei...go to sleep. ^_- * Reisha tries reaching for her bedroll that is stored away, and unfurls it. "Well... they say the night air is good for you complexion.." ^^ * Tiernan's face looks a bit pale, but he's sleeping peacefully enough. ^_^ <Johei> But the defenses! The defenses! If we don't make an outer perimeter, the other army might catch us off guard during the night! * David watches Rei, some emotion flickering through his eyes... * Kodah gives up watching the skies and watches Tyr sleep instead <Reisha> Now David... you see something that will beat the crap out of you, call me first this time, all right? :) <David> Johei! There are no other armies! Go! Sleep! I'll build a fire! <David> Yes ma'am. ^_- <David> Right away ^_- <Johei> ... you're right. o_o; <Johei> I can go cut up some trees to make a fire then! <David> Oh goddess... okay okay...if you careful. And don't go too far away. * Kodah wraps his cloak around himself to keep out the chill <Johei> Don't worry! No demon stands a chance against the powers of good. =) * Tiernan begins to shiver slightly, since he's sopping wet :p <Kodah> ... <Kodah> chance at all * Johei trots over to a tree and starts hacking away at it with his sword. * Reisha sighs, and lies down for the night. * Jess can be heard murmuring something in her's barely audible and no one can make out what she's saying. * David rolls his eyes and laughs softly before glancing at Kodah. "Kodah...go to sleep. That's an order from the Shining Force leader or something. Go. Sleep. Rest." <Johei> Hack, slash, hack, slash, like butter! Timbeerrr! ^_^» <Dal> Zzzzzzzz... *SHNORR*... <mumble> I wish I could score... Zzzzzzz... * Kodah slides a glance at David, "Sleep huh? Would it surprise you to know that I'm not tired?" <Jess> Mmmmm...Who...? * David stretches, his muscles twitching under his tunic... "No, Kodah...but you do need rest like everyone else...if not sleep, then just relax for once." <Kodah> I am resting. <Tiernan> ...Score...?...Mmm....Zzz... * Johei looks at his tree. <David> Good boy. ;) * David rubs his hands together, feeling a chill run through him... <Johei> I need fire... * Jess continues to murmur incoherently. * Johei looks around... * Tiernan wakes up, shivering. <Tiernan> ...David? <Johei> I need fire. <Kodah> What's up Tyr? * Johei nods. * David settles his gaze on Tier. "Yeah?" * Jess gets up in a cold sweat. "Not again." * Darin murmurs in his sleep... curling closer to Jess. <Tiernan> I...I don't know. <Tiernan> I feel...funny. <Tiernan> My head feels full. :/ <David> Hmm... <Tiernan> But anyway...David...did you want to talk to me? <Johei> I... need... fire... hmm... <Johei> I know! Indigo can light it! ^_^ <Jess> Then chop some wood, Johei. I'll make the darn fire. * David looks thoughtful, considering his words... <Jess> I am, after all, a magician. * Reisha tries to get to sleep with all that darn chopping.. :p <David> Could you walk with me a bit? * Johei proudly shows Jess the tree he chopped down. ^_^ <Tiernan> Sure. <Dal> Zzzzzz... * Tiernan stands up, slowly walking towards David. <Tiernan> ^_^ Where do you want to go? * Jess chants softly. "Mars, light this tree a blaze and bring us it's soothing warmth." She points toward the tree with her right hand. * David nods and smiles, standing...he trots away from the group at Tyr's side... "Anywhere...just away for a few minutes... I need to discuss stuff with you..." <Tiernan> Sure. ^_^ * Kodah watches Tyr and David walk off, then returns to his glum musings * Johei jumps away from the tree! O_o <Tiernan> David...what's going seem...sad lately :/ * Jess lies back down with Darin. "What is with that dream? Why now?" * David chuckles softly. "Personal problems. You know my head is full just like yours. In fact, that's what I need to talk to you about..." <Tiernan> Let's go talk near the sea. ^^ I like the''s nice to draw... <Tiernan> Okay...go ahead. ^_^ I'll listen. * Darin blinks awake... suddenly noticing Jess' movements. * Tiernan fluffs his wings. * Johei walks around the camp restlessly. * David nods and heads towards the nearest exit to the sea... " of these times when you wake up...maybe tomorrow...I might not be there...and I want you to take care of the group.." * Indigo snores. <Tiernan> ...What? O_o <David> what I'm asking is that...well, you lead the group...I want you to be the leader. * Dal snores louder. ;) <David> In my absence. <Tiernan> Where are you going? <Johei> Outer perimeter... defense... hmm... bush... <David> Nowhere...I'm just saying...if one day I'm gone just suddenly.... <Tiernan> You'll be back...right? <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> Sure...but I hope that never happens! ^_^ * Jess tries to get back to sleep. She closes her eyes and dozes right off. <Tiernan> You're a good leader...and friend...I'd miss you a lot :/ <Tiernan> ...I don't know if people like me...Sasha left...if you left...then it must mean... <Tiernan> No...That's silly... * Darin curls himself back around Jess. * David tilts his head to look at the sky... "No...Its not you..." <Tiernan> ...Good. <Tiernan> But please don't go anytime soon. Never...if you can help it ^_^ * David nods... "Could you do me another favor?" <Tiernan> Sure. ^_^ <David> I want...ehhh.....rrr.. * David seems lost for words. ^^; <David> Uhm...well... <Tiernan> Yes? <David> I...I need you to...protect Rei.. <David> I mean...if I leave...I mean.. <Tiernan> Oh! Of course! I try to protect everyone anyway... <Tiernan> You're the only friends I have.... * Johei settles down underneath a tree, unhooking somewhat his armor for comfort. * David smiles at Tyr, eyes warm... "Tyr, you're a great friend." <Tiernan> Really? ^_^ So are you! <Dal> ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz... *SHNORR* * David chuckles and puts a hand on Tyr's shoulder. "And I want you to try and get more rest...because you seem ill lately.." <Tiernan> ...I know. I don't know why either. :/ <Tiernan> I hope I get better soon. I don't want to be a burden... <David> I know...but you aren't a burden....just get some rest. ^_^ <Tiernan> Okay David. ^_^ You too. I'm gonna go back to bed.... * David nods. ^_^ <Tiernan> Night David. ^_^ <David> Good night, Tyr. :) * Tiernan begins to walk back to his bedroll, waves, then continues...but he's holding his head again as he lays down... * David goes back to his rock... * Jess appears restless. * Reisha is sleeping peacefully... but her face seems awash with emotion. * David leans against the rock... * Narrator kicks everyone until they pass out. * David stands up when everyone is asleep and approaches Rei briefly, leaning down to kiss her forehead softly...he straightens to look down at her.. * Reisha seems to calm down as David kisses her... * David murmurs... "I'm sorry as well..." * David leans down to his bedroll and grabs his pack...he shoulders it and looks around... * David takes a deep breath and trudges off into the darkness... <Narrator> The Shining Force sleeps peacefully but for one member... David leaves the Shining Force for unknown reasons while his companions sleep.... The night passes and the morning sun peaks over the horizon.... * Tiernan sleeps like a dead weight... * Jess awakens, after a restless night of trying to sleep. * Kodah is already awake, resting in one of the nearby (non-burning) trees * Tiernan wakes up slowly, blearily... <Tiernan> Hmm... * Jess walks over to the sea and washes her face with the waters. "Why did that have to come to me last night?" * Darin slowly opens his eyes. * Reisha does the whole morning thing, waking up. ^^ <Tiernan> My headache's gone...but...I feel groggy... * Darin looks around ... spots Jess, and walks over to her.. * Dal still snores. * Reisha yawns, stretching. <Kodah> Morning Tyr. I don't mean to be rude but you don't look much better than yesterday <Tiernan> Yeah... * Johei is up and about, pacing around the camp. <Tiernan> My headache went away...but I still feel sleepy... * Jess looks down at her reflection. <Tiernan> How are you, Kodah? ^_^ <Darin> Jess? <Tiernan> ...Where's David? <Kodah> Dunno, last I saw of him he was heading off with you <Tiernan> ... * Reisha looks at Tiernan. "Didn't he go off with you last night or something..?" <Tiernan> ...You mean you haven't seen him since? <Kodah> Nope. <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> Last I saw...he was by that rock...and I went back to bed... <Tiernan> ...Oh no...! * Dal snores... "Nnnn... yeah, gimme some... mm..." * Tiernan runs off O_o * Jess stands up and looks at the picture in her locket. "Where's your advice when I need it?" she asks as she walks back to camp. <Johei> Maybe he went to eat something? I'm hungry! * Reisha blinks. "Tyr... wait up..." o_o <Kodah> Tyr? Where are you going? * Kodah hops down from the tree * Tiernan looks around the campsite, calling David's name * Reisha starts running after him... <Tiernan> David! Where are you?! <Reisha> You mean YOU don't know?? <Tiernan> N--No...I think... <Tiernan> Oh no...I should have known... * Indigo still snores. <Tiernan> I'm so stupid! <Kodah> Did David leave during the night? Did he pull a Sasha on us? <Jess> Darin, do you find anything...I don't know...wrong with me at times? <Johei> Did David get eaten by the demons? O_o <Tiernan> Yes! <Tiernan> He must have... <Tiernan> He told me...In case he ever left...that I should become the leader of the Shining Force...and to take care of Reisha... <Kodah> Why on earth would he...? * Dal 's last snore is cut off, and he wakes up... "Nnnnmm?" <Tiernan> He seemed sad... <Reisha> He... he did...? <Kodah> He left you in charge huh? <Tiernan> I don't know how to be a leader...not really. * Tiernan shakes his head. "I don't know what to do...." <Jess> we'll help you, Tyr. * Reisha suddenly gets flushed. "That... that stupid..." <Kodah> Well, now's a good time to start flexing those leadership muscles. What's our next move? <Tiernan> Well... * Reisha fumes. "Running away at a time like this!" * Dal looks around blearily. "... What's going on?" <Jess> I'm sure he had a good reason to, Reisha... * Zoie is still on the ground seemingly asleep, twitching every so often <Tiernan> We should go find the nearest town. David might be there... <Kodah> Okay then, lets get everyone up and collected and then we'll move out on your orders. <Kodah> Sound good? <Tiernan> ...I...Okay... * Tiernan gulps, hoping he did the right thing... <Tiernan> Sounds...good. <Johei> Right! <Kodah> Relax Tyr... <Tiernan> I'm scared I'll make a mistake... <Reisha> If he is... I'm giving him a piece of my mind... <Kodah> David wouldn't have offered you leadership if he didn't think you could handle it. <Jess> He couldn't have gotten far. * Dal wakes himself up, and shakes his head... "Tyr, you'll do fine..." <Kodah> He believed in you, now you have to believe in yourself * Reisha starts off, not even waiting for Tyr to move. <Tiernan> You think so? <Kodah> I know so. <Tiernan> Reisha! * Jess gathers her bedroll and stuff. <Tiernan> Please stay here! <Johei> That's right... as our new leader, you have to tell us to kill the demons and everything now. ^_^ <Tiernan> O_o; * Kodah gathers up his meager belongings and preps himself for travel * Tiernan looks at Johei. O_o <Kodah> ... * Tiernan begins to make meeping sounds! O_o * Indigo still snores away. * Reisha stops. "Well don't just sit there... you're the leader!" ^^ <Dal> Tyr, shhh... it's gonna be okay... * Dal hugs Tyr. * Jess ices Indigo awake. <Johei> We should start waking people up! * Tiernan hugs Dal, then looks at Rei. "As soon as everyone's awake..." <Tiernan> Can someone wake Zoie and Indi up? <Indigo> Hmmm... <Indigo> Sashie... * Kodah goes to wake Zoie up, since Jess is handling Indi. * Johei pokes Zoie. <Indigo> Be good... <Johei> Hi! <Jess> OK...time to get up, Indigo. * Indigo mumbles and slowly blinks her eyes open. <Kodah> Wakey wakey Zoie. Time to go * Reisha taps her foot impatiently... * Jess points to the air above indigo, calling forth her chilling Inferno to create a stream of water to wake Indigo up. * Zoie doesn't move * Indigo grumbles and wakes up. <Johei> Hiiii! Miss Zoie! We have to move quickly! * Tiernan looks at the ground, terrified of being a leader...he doesn't know how! Dammit :P * Reisha mutters to herself. .o(That fool.. I know why he ran off...) * Zoie still makes no movement. * Indigo looks about. <Kodah> I suppose we could just carry her if she continues to be obstinate <Indigo> Where'd Davie-boy go? <Jess> Gone somewhere. <Johei> What if we sprinkled some water on her? <Kodah> Hey Zoie, you awake yet? <Johei> I think it's supposed to wake people up. * Kodah pokes Zoie a little * Tiernan walks to Zoie, pulls out the staff the party found him with, and taps her with it softly "Zoie? Wake up..." <Kodah> Lets not douse her just yet. Give her a moment to come around * Zoie twitches <Tiernan> Zoie? * Tiernan taps her again. <Johei> Look! She moved! <Kodah> You awake? <Jess> Zoie...wake up. <Indigo> Where'd he go? * Jess gently starts to shake Zoie. <Darin> Zoie? <Johei> Where did who go? <Jess> David, I think.... <Indigo> Yes. * Kodah keeps glancing at Tyr, while waiting for Zoie to stir <Tiernan> .... <Indigo> Kara and Chamolo will be crushed if something happened to their son. <Tiernan> .... <Tiernan> We'll...find him...yes... <Johei> Oh! Tie- I mean... um... Lord Tiernan said he disappeared somewhere. ^_^ <Narrator> == Zoie suddenly starts to glow... <Jess> O_o <Kodah> ...? <Tiernan> Lord T...O_o What? Zoie?! <Indigo> Lord Tiernan? <Kodah> The hell? * Dal blinks. * Indigo looks at Zoie? <Indigo> Is something wrong? * Kodah steps away from Zoie * Tiernan pokes Zoie with the staff again. O_o "Does she normally do this?" <Darin> ....? <Johei> Look! Zoie is glowing like a Christmas tree! <Jess> Holy Mitula mother of Goddess? * Reisha gets knocked out of her anger at Zoie's aura... <Kodah> Not that I've seen. <Reisha> What the...? <Narrator> == Zoie glows brighter... <Indigo> Is something wrong Zoie? <Tiernan> ... * Tiernan gets an idea...and pokes her again <Jess> what is going on with her? <Kodah> Tyr...poke her again <Johei> She must be burning like one of those candles! We need water. <Tiernan> No... <Tiernan> It's the staff.... * Darin looks at Jess... "What's happening to her?" <Kodah> Poke her with the staff again <Reisha> Staff...? <Narrator> == The staff starts to flare... <Tiernan> O_o * Jess closes her eyes. "Hear me now, spirits. Show me what's wrong with my comrade." <Kodah> Ooookay...this is normal. Not. <Tiernan> ...should I poke her again? <Kodah> Try it. * Tiernan pokes her again <Jess> What is it about that staff that is causing this? <Tiernan> I don't know... <Narrator> A flash of light surrounds the Shining Force... Everyone feels his or her life energy replenish itself.... * Jess looks at Darin. "I'm at a loss." <Reisha> I don't know... but... <Darin> ...What's going on? <Jess> O_o <Jess> What the...? * Tiernan closes his eyes, some color returning on his face. * Kodah reels from the light, almost reflexively * Indigo takes the gems of Mitula out, then puts them away. <Indigo> I think we're all better. * Johei blinks. * Zoie slowly starts to wake up...shaking her head <Tiernan> ...Zoie? * Dal blinks as he feels the magic go through him... <Zoie> Wha? <Dal> What the heck is going on? <Zoie> is it morning? * Tiernan smiles, and hugs Zoie tightly. "Zoie!" <Tiernan> You wouldn't wake up... * Zoie oofs... "Hi Tiernan.. not so tight please." <Jess> Are you OK, Zoie? * Indigo looks Zoie over carefully. <Tiernan> Sorry... <Tiernan> This staff is great ^_^ Whenever we need to be healed, I'll just poke Zoie with it! * Reisha blinks as the light fades... <Zoie> I'm fine. *Shakes her head a few times to get her composure* <Johei> Right! Now that Zoie is awake we have to work hard to become the best shining force in the world! <Reisha> Somehow, that doesn't sound quite right Tyr.. :p <Tiernan> But it...worked... <Jess> First, let's concentrate on finding David, <Dal> Yeah. ^^; <Tiernan> ...Yes...Let's find the nearest town. * Zoie stands up, brushes herself off and grabs her staff... <Jess> Lead the way, Tyr. * Reisha waits for Tyr this time. * Tiernan puts the staff away...and leads the the direction they were heading yesterday... * Indigo laughs. * Jess follows Tiernan, latched on to Darin. * Johei walks behind Tiernan at a leisurely pace. =) * Gertee runs in and latches onto Tyr! <Tiernan> O_o Hello!? <Gertee> Oh my love! <Gertee> I have longed for you muchly! <Tiernan> Who are you?! Where did you c...what? <Tiernan> ...What's...what's love? * Tiernan blinks. * Zoie looks at the commotion <Johei> Look! A demon! * Johei takes out his sword * Gertee grins widely and runs a hand over Tyr's face. "Oh, you are even more handsome than I imagined!" <Johei> Don't worry Tiern- I mean, Lord Tiernan! I'll save you! <Zoie> Lord Tiernan? <Jess> Johei, allow me. <Jess> Tier, get out of the way. <Reisha> You're all fruitcakes... *sigh* * Gertee leaps back and hauls out a beaver! It chitters angrily! "Don't make me spank you all!" * Johei draws his sword with a metallic clink. <Darin> Lord Tiernan? * Jess softly chants "Mars, celestial spirit of fire, let your power shine through me. Bring forth your fiery judgment on these that would destroy your emissary. BLAZE 1!" Jess raises a hand toward Gertee as massive fireballs fall from the skies and impact into the enemy. <Narrator> == A Fireball impacts on Gertee... Gertee receives 8 damage. * Johei swings his blade at Gertee! * Gertee randomly bursts into flames and giggles like a retarded chipmunk on cocaine * Indigo nods to Jess. <Indigo> Good idea. * Indigo glows blue. <Johei> Perish, evil demon! <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, drown this creature by flood! <Jess> OK...time to pull out the big guns. ^_^ * Darin draws his Blade slowly... * Gertee bounces away from the group, dancing! "Hah ha ha heee hee heee!" * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases Gertee. Suddenly, the ground under Gertee opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks...CHILLING INFERNO 2! * Dal doesn't know what the hell is happening, but he draws his katana, ready to defend himself from... from... whatever that is... ^^; <Gertee> Oh yes! Thank you! <Gertee> Thank you! <Gertee> Hit me some more :D * Darin leaps at Gertee, slashing through her as hard as he can! * Reisha slaps Gertee upside the head in typical bimbo style. :P <Tiernan> Who ARE you? O_o * Zoie just stands back and shakes her head <Darin> WHAT are you?? * Johei charges Gertee, bringing down his sword two-handedly on her! <Gertee> I am the phaaaaantooom of the opeeerrraaa!!! * Kodah glares at Gertee * Gertee dodges and bounces around the group <Gertee> HEHEHEHEHE! <Tiernan> Phantom? She is a demon! <Johei> Demon! Demon! <Jess> Can't dodge this.... * Jess begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE 2!" Jess then points her right hand to Gertee as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. * Darin sheathes his sword, backs away... and goes to stand by Zoie. * Gertee throws the beaver at Johei. It clings onto his face and chitters ^^; * Dal looks at Indigo. "Is this thing related to you somehow? ^^;;;;" * Gertee looks at the ice. ^_^ * Gertee bursts out crying. ^_^ <Gertee> WAAAAH! <Indigo> Nope! <Gertee> NO PLAY NO MORE :D <Johei> Aaah! A demonic attack! * Gertee runs away ^_^ <Narrator> == Gertee is hit by a pillar of ice before running away * Zoie just stands and had her hand on her hip and leans on her staff with the other <Tiernan> I'm scared...that's!...What was that all about..? <Kodah> ...was this trip really necessary? * Johei throws the squirrel away! * Tiernan runs a hand over his face where he was touched. <Jess> Ya haaa! <Darin> What in the name of Mitula WAS all that? <Jess> That felt good. <Reisha> And this just HAS to happen when David's not here.. I'll have to give him a postcard... :P * Dal just gapes. * Reisha grins sarcastically. <Tiernan> ...Let's keep going <Jess> That was fun. <Indigo> See Tiernan, we're the best Shining Force in the world. We beat the demon! ^_^ * Johei sheathes his sword. <Tiernan> ^_^; Ah ha ha...yes...we did. Sure... <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> ....What did she mean by love...? What is that...? * Tiernan walks onward. <Johei> We have to work better on our defense... so we don't get surprised by evil demons like that again! We'll make the best defense in the world! <Dal> Tyr... don't worry, that person was really sick in the head... * Jess latches onto Darin. "That was fun...strange but fun." * Darin hugs Jess... * Reisha looks at Tyr long and hard for a moment. <Tiernan> ...Rei? <Kodah> (m) I didn't sign on for this kinda stuff <Reisha> Maybe you're asking the wrong person... * Reisha looks away. <Tiernan> ...I don't know....I don't know what love is. Is it an sadness? <Tiernan> ...Reisha... <Reisha> Yeah... it's an emotion all right.. <Johei> It's what people feel when they marry, I think.. <Indigo> Kodah: We're the Shining Force, of course things happen to us. We're heroes! ^_^ <Tiernan> O_o...Indigo wanted me to marry Sasha... * Johei takes out a little leather-covered booklet. <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> O_O * Tiernan gulps <Kodah> Great... <Reisha> It can be painful, or wonderful, depending on who you're talking about... <Indigo> Yeah! * Indigo smiles. <Tiernan> Sasha...loved me? <Indigo> You'd both be happy, and maybe have children. <Johei> It says in my manual that people love each other. =) <Jess>'s a feeling that you feel around only one person. Like I feel around Darin. * Dal shakes his head... "I'm not getting into this." * Jess looks up at Darin with a coot expression in her eyes. * Darin blushes... and returns the expression... with all the love in his heart. <Tiernan> I...I don't know...if I could...marry Sasha....I... * Reisha looks at Johei. "Don't believe everything you read... nobody could write a book on that..." <Tiernan> ... <Narrator> The Shining Force longs the coast and spots a deserted town... <Indigo> Hey! <Johei> Really? But this is the special manual that my master gave me. It's supposed to help me become the best knight! <Tiernan> I'm...There! A town! Look! * Indigo runs into the town. * Tiernan flexes his wings happily ^_^ <Dal> -_- It's deserted... <Tiernan> ...Wait Indigo! It's...! <Jess> not a person in sight. * Reisha shrugs to the centaur. "Whatever.." * Reisha looks over the town.. <Johei> I'm sure people must love each other. ^_^ <Tiernan> ...Maybe David's hiding.... <Kodah> Maybe <Tiernan> Can everyone check the houses? <Jess> Yeah. <Reisha> HE better be hiding, if he knows what's good for him. :p <Johei> Yes sir! <Narrator> Two figures can be seen lying in the middle of the town... A woman... And a little child... * Tiernan nods. "Meet back here in 5 minutes..." <Dal> Sure, Tyr... <Tiernan> ...Who... * Indigo runs to her. <Kodah> ...? <Jess> Look there. <Indigo> Hi Miss! * Tiernan runs to the woman and child... * Jess runs over to the lady. * Dal runs to the two... "Are they..." * Reisha checks the houses instead... ^^ * Tiernan shakes the Girl. "Are you okay?" <Jess> Let me try something. <Narrator> The Girl is unconscious, but breathing... <Narrator> The woman is dead... * Darin rushes to Jess's side * Jess says a silent prayer to the goddess as she points to Girl. An aura of holy light surrounds Girl and their wounds begin to close up. HEAL 1! * Johei looks at the figures and at the houses, unable to decide where to go first. <Tiernan> ...I could use my sacrifice skill...but then I'd be unconscious...for an hour at least... <Narrator> == The Girl gains 13 hit points from the heal spell... <Tiernan> Zoie...can you try healing her please? * Tiernan continues to shake the Girl. <Zoie> Yeah. * Kodah watches the scene quietly * Zoie closes her eyes and chants to herself. When she is done chanting, a blue light surrounds the Girl. <Zoie> Let Mitula cure your wounds and comfort your weariness! Heal! <Indigo> Poke Zoie with the staff Tiernan! ^_^ <Tiernan> ...O_o <Tiernan> ...Good idea! O_o * Johei makes up his mind and starts checking houses. <Kodah> How about no. <Zoie> Don't you dare poke me. <Narrator> == The Girl recovers fully... <Tiernan> -_- Oh okay... * Zoie glares. <Tiernan> Miss! Wake up miss... <Kodah> We have no idea what effect that stick will have on Zoie a second time <Tiernan> ...Sorry...Zoie... * Girl mutters and groans, blinking slowly she looks up at the first person she sees, Tyr. <Tiernan> ...Hi. ^_^ <Tiernan> Are you okay? * Girl screams and rolls over backing up slowly. <Tiernan> O_o * Indigo smiles to her. <Tiernan> ...Oh no...She's afraid of my wings... <Indigo> Hi! We're the Shining Force! <Jess> Darin, let's check some of these house for other survivors. * Darin nods... <Girl> Ye, dimose ye fortaass! * Jess runs to another of the houses. <Tiernan> What are you doing..? * Reisha is still checking the deserted residential area... <Girl> Sono ye tee gimooss! * Indigo picks the Girl up. <Tiernan> Please! Stop! <Tiernan> Indigo! Put her down please! * Girl blinks and squirms in Indigo's hands. * Indigo smiles to the Girl and puts her before Tiernan. <Tiernan> Please...don't be afraid... * Zoie stands behind Tiernan. * Girl blinks a moment. <Tiernan> I'm Tiernan...I found you unconscious... * Zoie has one hand on Tiernan's shoulder. <Zoie> <w> you're doing fine Tyr * Jess looks around the house. "Just awful." * Girl glances around the deserted town. * Darin nods... * Kodah just watches passively. * Tiernan smiles at Zoie. ^_^ <Darin> This is horrible... <Girl> Zee mono tyie... <Jess> Who could have done something like this? <Tiernan> ...I don't think she can speak our language... * Indigo thinks. <Indigo> Let me try. * Girl looks at Tyr. * Indigo opens her spellbook, trying to cast a spell to understand languages. * Tiernan smiles warmly at the Girl... * Darin shrugs... "I don't know, Jess..." <Girl> I... can...speak... <Tiernan> ^_^ You can speak my language... <Tiernan> What's your name? <Kodah> That does make things easier * Girl nods. <Jess> Well, let's rejoin the others. Doesn't look like there's anyone else alive here. <Tiernan> Don't worry...Nothing bad will happen to you...I promise! <Girl> ... <Tiernan> Please tell me... <Reisha> Where is he... * Darin nods, and offers Jess his arm.. and his shoulder.. * Reisha comes full circle, bumping into the others. * Jess takes Darin's arm and heads off to rejoin the others. <Girl> Ze mono tyie.... gi foss los ye. * Indigo stands behind the Girl, smiling. <Tiernan> ...What are you saying...? <Tiernan> I don't...understand you... <Girl> I... I am...sorry. <Tiernan> It's okay... <Girl> Amy. <Tiernan> You know...when I first met my friends...I couldn't remember or say my name either...Amy? <Tiernan> That's a pretty name... ^_^ * Tiernan fluffs his wings. <Kodah> Hmm... <Tiernan> What happened here Amy? * Reisha folds her arms. "This place is a ghost town..." <Jess> Good question. This place is deserted. No one and nothing left. <Amy> I... uh... how you say...? * Tiernan blinks. * Amy clenches her fist tightly and waves it to the Force.... <Jess> This is just horrible. What or who could have done this. <Indigo> Easy now little one. * Johei comes out of the last dwelling, approaching the group again. * Tiernan blinks at Amy's fist...wondering what she's doing... <Dal> There was a fight here? * Amy gestures her hands as opening them up as if it was an explosion. * Reisha looks the Girl over a few times. "Wait.. let me gues.. army? Demons?" * Amy nods to Dal. <Dal> And everything blew up?... <Tiernan> Sounds about right... <Amy> Yes... fight. <Indigo> Ah. <Jess> A man with a sword surrounded in black fire? <Kodah> ... * Amy shakes her head <Tiernan> :/ I'm sorry Amy.... <Tiernan> We should have been here sooner to help you... * Jess looks at Darin. "Who could it have been?" <Tiernan> But you can come with us, if you want. You'll be safe. <Amy> Blew up? * Amy nods * Reisha looks at Jess. "You're not saying David would do this.." o_o <Amy> Yes, I.... I... blew up. <Johei> Sword in black fire? <Indigo> Spontaneous combustion hmmm? <Kodah> ...? * Indigo smiles. <Dal> He's not the type to do that... <Indigo> Amy, did you blow up like this? * Indigo glows orange. <Jess> he has been acting rather psycho lately, Reisha. I don't know, but there's a chance that it could have been David. <Amy> No... <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, blow up that building! <Dal> O_o <Dal> Indi! <Kodah> Indi!! <Indigo> Oh. <Tiernan> Indigo! N...what's that word? Negate that! <Amy> Blew...up.... <Reisha> Come on... he wouldn't wipe out a whole village... <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned. <Tiernan> -_-; * Amy points to the deserted city all around her. <Tiernan> Amy... <Indigo> Sorry Apollo, I was trying to demonstrate something. You can go now. * Tiernan puts a hand on Amy's shoulder...hoping that's okay. ^_^; * Amy then points to herself. <Tiernan> Amy? You're not safe you want to come with us? * Reisha looks slightly disturbed... :/ <Narrator> == Apollo grumbles something understood only by Indigo and the Girl... "Damned wench..." * Amy lowers her head as a few tears stream down her face. <Narrator> == Apollo returns to his plain... * Tiernan blinks at Amy's tears... <Tiernan> Hey...don't cry... <Kodah> ... <Indigo> Hey! * Tiernan looks pained ^_^; <Indigo> You take that back! * Indigo hugs Amy tightly. * Jess takes a handkerchief out of her jacket pocket, and hands it to Amy. "Here, lets dry those tears." <Amy> Desmauri ye fonono noos... kai ye fooss. <Kodah> Not knowing the local lingo make for awkward travels <Tiernan> I wish I could understand it...I don't though... * Reisha blinks. "I don't think we're getting anywhere like this..." <Tiernan> Amy... <Jess> No joke.... <Tiernan> Do you want to come with us? Just say yes or no... * Amy tries once more to tell the force what happened. * Tiernan decides to stop asking :P * Amy clenches her fist and shows the ring on her hand to the force. <Amy> Isis... * Kodah looks at the ring <Tiernan> ...That ring... <Dal> ... Isis? <Tiernan> Isis... <Jess> Isis...Holy Mitula mother of goddess. <Reisha> Hmm..? <Kodah> Isis who? <Darin> ... <Johei> What? * Amy points to the deserted town. * Tiernan flexes his wings in a confused manner. <Tiernan> The ring did that? <Amy> Blew up.... * Reisha gazes at the Girl's ring. <Tiernan> The ring blew up the town? * Amy nods to Tiernan <Reisha> So you mean... <Amy> Yes! * Tiernan smiles ^_^ <Indigo> Oh, I see. <Tiernan> Er wait... <Reisha> You blew up the town? <Narrator> The ring looks unfamiliar to all... It seems to be carved in an intricate fashion... It looks extremely valuable... <Tiernan> I shouldn't be smiling...even if I figured it out. :/ * Dal looks around. "Yeah, that can explain a few things... ^^;" <Kodah> The ring did all THAT? <Jess> she used the ring and the town blew up. <Amy> But... Isis...uh...sleeping. <Indigo> Well, I'm used to sudden, destructive displays of power dear, I'll help you control it. * Amy looks at Jess and nods <Amy> Yes. * Reisha puts her hand to her face. "OH man..." -_-; <Kodah> Isis is sleeping? <Reisha> What if David was here when that thing went off...!? * Tiernan looks at Reisha... <Dal> ... * Reisha grumbles to herself. <Indigo> Ask my friends here. I've tidal waved, earthquaked, and firebombed more stuff than I can remember. ^_^ <Tiernan> I'm...sure he didn't... <Jess> Is Isis a spirit inside the ring? * Kodah thinks <Amy> I wake, Isis... and uh... used it. <Amy> Gemini... <Dal> Amy. Did you see a man with a sword with fire all around it? Try to remember... <Indigo> Can you wake Isis whenever you want? <Kodah> Gemini? <Jess> Isis...Gemini...sound like summoned creatures. <Indigo> The Twins! ^_^ * Kodah thinks, trying to make sense of it all * Amy shows her other hand with the blue gold bracelet <Kodah> What's that? <Indigo> I can call people too Amy. Dao, Apollo, Atlas, Neptune, Pio, Tio, Famine, and Doom. * Amy shakes her head. <Tiernan> Amy...Oh...David...we better go :/ <Amy> No, not... summon * Tiernan fidgets....not knowing what to do ^_^; <Kodah> Not a summons...just awakening? <Dal> Tyr, let's take her to the next town so they could take care of her. David's prolly waiting for us there. <Amy> Ummm.... desmauri.... *points to Gemini* kynoos *points to Isis* <Johei> Where are we going to go now? <Reisha> I sure hop he is... <Tiernan> I've been trying to ask her to come along...but she's not listening to me :/ <Kodah> Desmauri...and kynoos <Indigo> Desmauri and Kynoos? <Indigo> Can you speak this language? * Amy nods <Dal> So let's just take her. If we leave her here, she'll die. No one's here but her. * Indigo begins speaking in the tongue of the Elementals. * Kodah thinks again <Jess> I think Indi speaks her language. <Tiernan> Amy...we need to go...can you come with us? <Johei> Right! We have to save her! * Amy bites her lower lip... trying to find the right words to say. * Indigo asks Amy to come with them in the language of the Elementals. <Tiernan>'ll die if you stay here... * Jess is amazed at the gross naieve'te coming from Johei. <Tiernan> The Shining Force helped me when I was all alone... <Tiernan> They'll help you too. <Tiernan> No <Amy> I... come with you. * Reisha walks up to Amy. <Tiernan> WE'LL help you. * Amy nods * Indigo smiles. <Jess> we'll help you, Amy. * Tiernan smiles. * Reisha extends her hand. "NO sense sticking around." <Indigo> Good. <Tiernan> Let's find the next town then! ^_^ * Indigo begins asking Amy about her life in the village, speaking in the Elemental tongue. * Tiernan leads the party, getting slightly more at ease with leading...only slightly. * Amy looks at Indigo and smiles. * Jess walks along, latched onto Darin. <Kodah> I think...I think I read something about Isis and Gemini... <Amy> Ye tooss cfager ti desmauri (My home was the home of the witches) * Kodah furrows his brow, trying to remember * Reisha walks along silently, glancing at Jess and Darin every moment or so. <Indigo> ~The witches? Are they like sorceresses?~ <Kodah> I think...they are a part of the ancient's religion * Johei walks along, feeling a bit useless. <Tiernan> Ancients... <Tiernan> Dal... <Dal> What? <Tiernan> Am...Am I doing okay so far? ^_^;;; <Kodah> They're beings that attained immortality. Not gods per se, but certainly immortal. To help mankind I think <Jess> I know Gemini's a sign of the Zodiac. <Dal> Yeah, you are. ^_^ <Jess> you're doing fine, Tyr. * Dal fluffs Tyr's hair. ^_^ * Kodah baps his forehead, "Damn...what was the rest...?" <Jess> Darin, have you ever had a dream that would NOT go away? * Tiernan grins. ^_^ * Darin nods... "Yes... I have, Jess..." <Amy> Kynoos Isis wy, ne tyie cooss (We watch over exiled witch Isis, she was half witch) * Indigo holds Amy's hand. <Reisha> Great Tyr... great... * Reisha walks on morosely. <Tiernan> Where's the town? I hope we're close... <Indigo> ~I see. Why was she exiled?~ * Kodah gives up trying to remember, and moves on * Johei shuffles through his manual, looking for some tip on confusing situations. <Jess> That's one reason I couldn't sleep last night....The same dream I've been having since I was 15. * Jess walks along. * Darin looks at Jess as he walks... "Want to tell me about it, Love?" <Jess> OK...I will. * Tiernan hums to himself, looking much happier ^_^ <Tiernan> Do you guys see a town yet? <Jess> It starts out, I'm watching this brown haired magician fighting a demon...probably Zeon. Then, I'm holding a sword and standing in the middle of a graveyard, looking at a grave with my last name, "Sorenson" on it and some voice tells me that I can break the chain of deaths. I have been wondering what it all means. <Kodah> No town yet <Dal> Nope. <Jess> none that I can see. <Tiernan> .... <Tiernan> We'll find it! We have to! <Johei> Who has the map? <Tiernan> ...I don't. <Indigo> ~Amy, you hear me?~ <Jess> Don't look at me. <Amy> Weenoss kai ne tyie foss desmauri foi ne gi toos fo lei ne tyie winee kahn timooss Gemini (She was the product of human and witch, she revealed our kind to the world and used her powers to take over it, Gemini and seven others sealed her power into the ring, Gemini keeps it from waking and we wear them) * Kodah pulls out the map and looks it over <Kodah> Let's see...where are we? * Tiernan smiles at Kodah ^_^ <Narrator> Following the coast line reveals the water level drops as the team goes more inland... The water level seems lower on a section that links to another isle... <Johei> Maybe Indigo knows! <Indigo> ~I see. Can Isis get out?~ <Narrator> The isle's name is the isle of unrest... <Kodah> What a pleasant name... <Jess> Tell me about it. <Tiernan> Are we near a town, Kodah? <Amy> Gi tifooss (I don't know) <Kodah> Gimme a sec <Tiernan> Okay. ^_^ <Narrator> A town can be spotted not far off the coast of the isle of Unrest... It remains nameless on the map... <Reisha> An island of Unrest and a nameless town... Groovy. * Tiernan hugs Reisha. <Tiernan> We'll find'll see! <Tiernan> Don't be sad :/ * Amy holds her stomach. * Amy taps Tyr. <Narrator> The weather seems to drop as the Shining Force moves towards the island... <Kodah> A town's a town. * Reisha blinks in surprise as Tyr hugs her. o_O <Amy> I.... uh...ummm. <Reisha> Uhh.. sure Tyr.. ^^ <Indigo> ~Bye Amy!~ * Indigo fades away. * Amy holds her stomach, then imitates an eating movement <Jess> She's hungry. * Tiernan begins to shiver... * Jess gets closer to Darin. <Johei> I'm hungry too. Why don't we eat something? =) * Darin looks at Jess... <Jess> Is there a town nearby? An Inn would look so good right now. * Jess shivers. * Kodah puts the map away and heads for the town * Darin wraps his cloak around Jess. <Darin> I agree... an Inn does sound wonderful... * Tiernan notices Amy looks cold. <Jess> When we reach town...Darin...I have to...find some...warmer clothing. * Reisha starts to notice the temperature, despite her hot headed attitude.. * Tiernan nods to himself, takes off his overcoat, and puts it around Amy's shoulders. <Tiernan> There... <Tiernan> ^_^ Now you'll be warm. <Reisha> Tyr.. what.. * Amy shivers a bit at the foreboding atmosphere and low temperature. <Darin> We'll see what we can find, Jess... * Darin pulls her closer. * Reisha smiles. "You know, you remind me a lot of someone.. a long time ago.." <Tiernan> ...Me? * Kodah continues to plod along, seeming unconcerned with the weather * Amy looks at Tyr, blushing a little and smiles and nods. * Reisha nods. "Yeah... a shame we lost touch..." <Johei> Sir Kodah! How far is the town? <Tiernan> Was he a *shiver* nice person? <Reisha> .oO( More like me... damn cruel life.. ) * Dal throws a blanket around Tyr. ^^ * Tiernan blinks. "Thanks Dal." ^_^ <Dal> No prob. ;) * Amy looks at everyone. <Tiernan> Are you warmer now, Miss Amy? <Kodah> Not overly far, just be patient and we'll get there <Amy> Person...uh...? * Reisha rubs her shoulder a little, losing her brief smile. * Tiernan walks along... <Tiernan> You know... * Jess continues to walk along...shivering in the cold. <Kodah> Hm? * Darin pulls Jess closer to keep her warm.. * Tiernan pulls out a notepad. "I draw a little Amy. Would you like me to draw you someday?" ^_^ <Jess> * Tiernan keeps trying to cheer Amy up. * Johei plods along normally, his insulating layer of armor making him impervious to the cold. ^_^ * Amy looks at Tyr with a confused look, not understanding. <Tiernan> Look! I'll show you! * Amy looks at the notepad that Tyr has. * Kodah plods along quietly * Tiernan pulls a small ink pen from his pocket, stares at Amy's face, and begins to draw while walking ^_^; * Amy looks at Tyr drawing. * Tiernan then shows a fairly nice picture of Amy's face. "That. :)" <Amy> Oh! <Tiernan> It would be better if I had more time on it... <Tiernan> keep it ^_^ * Tiernan tears it off the pad and gives it to her.» * Amy nods brightly and takes the little picture. <Tiernan> ^_^ <Narrator> The town borders become visible... Snow outlines the land... The town is built in such a way to avoid the snow to be covered in snow... The houses look warm and comfortable... The people seem hospitable... The Shining Force heads towards an inn spotted not far from the town's entrance to get some food.... <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene!(tm) ===== <Narrator> White snow falls furiously over a single form covered by a long overcoat... Frost and snow gathers on him, making him stumble a few times as he forces himself along on this vast wasteland... His eyes determined, he continues on... A faint glow coming from his sword, lighting his way and keeping him partially warm... * David trudges onward, shivering despite his calm exterior....he seems to be heading northward....his lips are blue from the cold and his eyes are misty with determination and something else.. <Narrator> David's vision is blurred by the dark sky and the snow blowing in front of his face... * David squints and waves AmeShi, trying to get the flames to light his way further... <Narrator> The sword flickers wildly as snow hits it... The remnants of what seemed to be a path can be seen... <David> cold... * David stumbles towards the path... <Narrator> The path is worn out and covered in snow... Barely visible... But David's instincts make him go on... * David gasps harshly, his breath catching in his laboring lungs...he continues onward, the sword drooping slightly... "I...I..." <Narrator> AmeShi starts glows brightly... David spots a crashed pillar up ahead... * David shudders from the cold and then looks towards the pillar... "y....yes....yes....there....I'm..." * David struggles to make it to the pillar, his legs losing feeling.. <Narrator> As David walks towards the pillar, the ground at his feet gives way... David falls into a trap door... * David barely has time to react, his breath catching further as he plummets...he begins to yell someone's name but just falls.. <Narrator> David slides down a frozen path... He notices a few frozen corpses stuck in the packed snow as he slides down... <Narrator> He suddenly falls face first in a snow pile which stops his descent... * David grunts in pain and jerks his face up, gasping at the sheer coldness.. * David pants from the freezing temperature and looks around him.. <Narrator> David sees a long corridor in front of him... The darkness at its end depicts nothing special... <David> ...R...Rei...I...rr...must...must go...on... * David staggers to his feet and inches his way onward... <Narrator> As David walks forward down the corridor, a set of torches flare and light themselves... * David 's eyes widen slightly and he flinches, almost expecting something to hit him...he narrows his eyes a few seconds later and tightens his hold on AmeShi, walking further down the corridor.. <Narrator> David walks another 15 feet and another pair of torches light themselves on either side of the wall... <David> * David shivers harder and shakes his head, crouching slightly and starting to run down the corridor now... <Narrator> The corridor's end can be spotted better up ahead... <David> ...Almost...there...rrr... <Narrator> A long series of torches flare as David runs... They all light themselves at every 15 feet... The light and warmth seeps into David... * David begins to get warmer and smiles faintly, his run getting quicker.... <Narrator> The torches continue to light themselves... David can now spot a large open room at the end of the corridor... * David pants, sweating beading on his forehead...he runs, not quite sure what it is he's doing.... "I'll...I'll make you prouder....I'll do anything..." <Narrator> The room lights up as David steps inside it... The torches all burst alight with one flash of light that partially blinds David... * David hisses and flinches at that, a hand going up to shield his eyes.. <Narrator> The light recedes and David slowly gains his vision... Two forms can be spotted standing in two circles of light and darkness respectively in the center of the room... * David tenses, eyes narrowing...his hand snaps to AmeShi, unsheathing it...he edges forward... <Narrator> The two forms have their hands crossed over their chests, eyes closed, floating on place... The two are dressed in fully white and black jumpsuits... * David looks wary and approaches further, coming to stand between the two...he looks at each one respectively... <Narrator> The one in white opens his eyes... * David blinks in surprise and steps back.. <Man> Ahh... You have arrived... Finally... Surely you remember me... Maika? <David> tried to hurt Tiernan. * David looks wary, eyes studying the white clad form... * Maika floats down and touches the ground, the circle of light fading away... "Yes... He still plays his charade and calls himself Tyr..... How unsettling." <David> ...Charade? And what are you doing here of all places? <Maika> That is of no matter... And what I'm doing here... Is fulfilling my destiny, dear David... As are you... * David eyes Maika... "Yes. I suppose so." * Maika starts to flare... The light engulfs David.... <Narrator> Suddenly, everything goes Dark... David stands in a vast dark void.... <David> Wh... <Narrator> Maika stands before him in a battle stance.... <Maika> Are you ready to prove yourself, hero? * David narrows his eyes and brings up AmeShi.. "Yes." * Maika narrows his eyes... "Then so be it..." <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Duel: David Vs. The Sword of Light. ===== <Narrator> == David can attack. * David leaps at Maika with a snarl, AmeShi's black flames flickering...he slashes at Maika with cold precision! <Narrator> == Maika does no effort to dodge the blow... Maika takes 40 damage. <Narrator> == Maika can attack. <Narrator> == Maika's body changes form... He shapes into the Sword of Light... <Narrator> == David can attack... * David narrows his eyes into slits and leaps at the sword, driving AmeShi's razor sharp blade into it and yanking cruelly! <Narrator> == David's blade hits the Sword of Light... The Sword of Light starts to flare as AmeShi hits it... Sword of Light takes 22 damage. <Narrator> == Sword of Light can attack. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light casts boost on itself... <Narrator> == The Sword of Light gains 22 defense and 13 agility. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light takes a second turn. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light casts power on itself. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light gains 15 attack. <Narrator> == David can attack. * David leaps at the sword, grunting as he swings downwards at the sword......he then slashes upwards.... * David leaps back! <Narrator> == David's slash clings against the newly built defense of the Sword of Light, dealing pitiful amounts of damage... The Sword of Light takes 4 damage. <David> ... <Narrator> == The Sword of Light can attack. * David brings the blade up to try and block... <Narrator> == The Sword of Light flares and throws a bolt of power at David... <Narrator> == AmeShi absorbs part of the blow, but David still takes 16 damage. <Narrator> == David can attack. * David leaps at the sword again, crying out in slight rage as he swipes at the sword with AmeShi's blazing blade! <Narrator> == David's furied hit slightly pierces the Sword of Light's defense... The Sword of Light takes 11 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == The Sword of Light can attack. * David crouches and brings AmeShi up! <Narrator> == The Sword of Light slashes at David... Its blade tip glides through AmeShi like a ghost sword... David takes 21 damage. * David cringes...he staggers to his feet... "Nnhh..." <Narrator> == The Sword of Light's boost spell wears off... <Narrator> == David can attack. * David chants softly and motions arcanely with his hands...he thrusts a palm out towards David and yells "¤Heal!". White light bombards David and all wounds start to heal! <Narrator> == David casts heal lv. 1 on himself... David regains 17 HP. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light can attack. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light flares... A bolt of power flies towards David... * David tries to block!! <Narrator> == David's block is ineffective... David takes 21 damage. * David grunts and staggers back, eyes becoming clouded... "Rrr....Reiiiisha..." <Narrator> == The Sword of Light's power spell wears off... <Narrator> == David can attack. * David chants softly and motions arcanely with his hands....he thrusts a palm out towards David and yells "¤Heal!". White light bombards David and all wounds start to heal! <Narrator> == David casts Heal lv. 1 on himself... David regains 16 HP. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light can attack. <Narrator> == The Sword of Light casts Power on itself... The Sword of Light gains 15 attack. <Narrator> == David can attack. <David> ... * David leaps at the sword, desperate as a rage filled scream is torn from his lungs...he drives AmeShi at the sword wildly! "RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!" <Narrator> == AmeShi flares brightly as it slashes through the Sword of Light... A massive buildup of energy severs the Sword of Light in half! 42 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * David lands crouched and stands slowly.. <Narrator> The Sword of Light which lies broken on the floor reshapes into Maika... <Maika> Very well... You have proven yourself... My destiny forces me... * David nods. * Maika transforms into white light and floats around David... AmeShi absorbs the light slowly... It reshapes itself, growing larger and brighter.... * David stares in slight amazement... <Narrator> AmeShi gains the Sword of Light's abilities! AmeShi's attack power is raised by 12! * David twirls AmeShi in a test...he smiles... <Narrator> David suddenly starts to float... * David tenses... "What the..." <Narrator> The voice of Maika echoes in his head... "Now... You need to return to your force... You cannot advance further without them..." <David> B-but... <Narrator> David suddenly starts dropping through the darkness... * David thrashes, falling! <Narrator> Maika's voice whispers, "You do not need to prove yourself to them... You never did... You are... Their leader." The voice fades to nothingness and everything around David reshapes into white snow.... He falls face first into a snow pile. * David grunts and snaps his head up again... "For the love of Mitula!" <Narrator> David looks up to notice he is in front of a town... <Narrator> A kid blinks at him.... * David smiles faintly and sheathes his new sword... Kid: Wha...? You fell from the sky! o_O Are you OK, mister? :0 <David> Hi there, little boy...can you maybe tell me what town this is...? And where I am? Maybe where the inn is? <David> And yes, I'm all right. ^_^ * David seems happy... <Kid> Oh... Well... This is the snow fortress of Unrest... :o There was a group asking for a man like you.... <David> ...A group? Where did they go...? * The kid turns around and point to the inn... "They went in there..." * David see's Rei's picture in his mind and smiles wider, standing tall.. "Thank you.." * David trots towards the inn leisurely... <Narrator> The door opens quickly and knocks David over <David> Ow! * David falls over ^^; * David grumbles... "Why do I always get hit by the doors..." <Narrator> Reisha stands over David and looks down at him, blinking.... * David blinks up at Rei, a sheepish look spreading on his face. ^^; * Amy sitting at the table nearby glancing at Isis looks to David. * Reisha blinks a few times, playing with a dagger... * David stands slowly so he's not being loomed over ^^; <Reisha> SO you finally decide to grace us with your presence... :p * David smiles faintly at Rei, something oddly alive in his eyes. "Wouldn't call it gracing. More cursing." * Reisha suddenly starts laughing. * Dal has a piece of paper with the headings "Score: Reisha, 0, David, 0" on it. ^^; <Reisha> David... You're taking all the fun out of this! * Tiernan watches from his corner, glad that David's back ^_^; * Reisha drops the knife and hugs him like a vice grip. ^^ * Jess is snuggled up with Darin on the sofa near the fireplace. * David chuckles lowly and hugs Rei back gently, but firmly.. * Amy looks at Reisha and David, puzzled, <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====