Shining Force RPG 2 session 2
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> Murmurs fill the dungeon as a new prisonner is tossed in the cell... <Narrator> The people inside inspect the new arrival, assuming he must be powerful to be in there with them... <Narrator> The two gruff guards who tossed David on the floor exit and lock the cell... <Narrator> The cell consists of 3 small cots, a small latrine in the far corner and a pump for water... <Narrator> Darin, Indigo, Delina, Jess and Reisha examine the unconscious David... <Jess> Hmmm...anyone a healer around here? * Indigo looks at the man before her, noting a strange resemblance to someone familiar. * Darin raises his eyebrow indifferently, but curiously. * Reisha least the newcomer is kinda cute when he's unconscious <Indigo> This looks like someone I knew before....years ago.... * Delina looks at the unconscious man "umm what can we do for him * Jess sits back on one of the cots....wondering who in the hell is behind the raiding party that catpured her. <Jess> No idea, Delina..I wish this room wasn't nullified, though. * Indigo nods at Jess. * Reisha nods to Jess <Indigo> If it weren't, I could summon an elemental to free us. I wonder who was behind the attack on my crystal tower though. <Reisha> They're afraid of us, I bet. They couldn't handle my magic even if I had my hands tied behind my back! <David> .......mmmfgh.. <Jess> They sure couldn't handle my magics.. <Delina> umm i think hes wakeing * David slowly opens an eye... <Jess> that's a good sighn. <David> ...whu....what.....? * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Nor mine. * David snaps awake and sits up! * Jess looks at Darin. "You've been quiet for a while...what's on your mind?" * Indigo looks at David. <David> Where the hell am I? * Reisha looks down at the man "You ok?" * Darin eyes Jess and paces restlessly. * Darin looks down at David.. "What did he say?" <Jess> in a cell. * David looks at Reisha. "I guess....uhm.....but...who are you?" * Reisha smiles <Jess> we were all captured for an unknown reason, sir. <Delina> yeah isn't it wonderful... * Indigo nods politely. <Reisha> I'm Reisha, thunder mage extraordinaire. <David> ...unknown reasons? By the flames of AmeShi. <Reisha> And your name is? * David nods to Reisha. "David Willcott." <Jess> I'm Jessica Sorenson, a magician.. <Indigo> AmeShi? Wilcott! I knew I recognized you! * David blinks <David> Do I know you, miss? * Darin looks over at Jess, eying her again.. * Reisha turns to Indigo "You know him?" <Indigo> I am Indigo Mysteria, elementalist. I knew your parents, Chamolo and Baine. We traveled together sixteen years ago to save the world. * Jess looks over at darin. <David> ! <David> THE Indigo? <David> The psychotic lady? <David> I mean! uh! The used-to-be psychotic lady! * Indigo laughs. * Reisha raises an eye <Indigo> I was insane for most of my life, yes. <Reisha> SO I'm a cell with least that's a comfort. * David grins meekly <David> ...I'm not a hero. Hell, I wasn't even out of the house long before I got captured. <Indigo> I was cured due to a little personality problem. But why did you leave home? * Darin continues to silently look Jess over. <Jess> Neither was I, David. I left to practice my magic when that raiding party captured me. * David leans on the bars of the cell. "To make a name for myself." <Jess> what in the hell would they want with...*Stops in mid sentence.* <Indigo> Ah. * Reisha nods to david "Same here." <Indigo> Took after your mother, did you? <Jess> I don't want them knowing my heritage... * David smiles slightly. "I guess. But I'm not a butcher." <Jess> Mitula knows they're probably listening to our conversation. * David turns and looks out the bars. "How shall we get out of here?" * Indigo chuckles, then looks at Jess when she mentions Mitula, blushing slightly. <Jess> if one of us could use magic, we could get out of here.. <Delina> i don't know you have any ideas? <Narrator> Guards at the front gate mumble and laugh hoarsely at certain comments made by others... * Reisha makes some motions to call down thunder, but to no avail.. * David frowns and then grins. <David> Hey! Guards! * David whistles loudly <Narrator> A VERY large, mean fellow turns around and walks over to the cell door... * Jess tries to hide herself slightly so no one recognizes her.... <Guard> Whaddya want, runt? * Darin raises an eyebrow, and speaks for the first time. "Are you nuts??" * David blinks and looks at the very large man. "Are you always this ugly or am I just lucky?" * David steps back from the bars, out of the large man's reach * Reisha whispers to david "What you planning?" * Indigo looks the guard in the eye unafraid, having seen worse than him in her time. * The Guard boils... "You little bastard child... Why I oughta..." * David grins a bit at Reisha and whispers to her... "Taunting him till he opens the door and tries to hurt me. Then I'll kick his butt and get the keys.." * Jess is just hoping no one recognizes her as who she really is... (To be told if we ever get out of here.) * Reisha smiles....( I get it ) <David> Huh! You couldn't if you tried! * Indigo smiles at David's strategy and laughs at the guard. * Darin eyes Jess and walks over to the corner, and hides her from view. * Jess whispers to Darin. "You recognize me, don't you?" <David> You want a piece of this, beefcake?! Come get some! * The Guard looks at David and bursts out laughing! "Not because I'm large that I'm dumb, you runt... The old, "Piss of the guard and knock him out" trick won't werk on me!" * David kicks the bars * The Guard walks back to the team, recites the said words and they all get a good laugh! * David growls. * Darin whispers back, "I do, my lady.. stay quiet.." He smiles faintly <David> How fuckin' lovely...err...I mean.. * Reisha enjoys laughing at the guard, but would like having her magic back even better * David stumbles over the curse word :P * Indigo calls out after the guard "No, but I remember when your grandmother guarded this dungeon. Frankly, she had far more guts than you will ever have." * David scowls and crosses his arms. <David> Anyone have any bright ideas? * Indigo is not *that* old, but couldn't resist. * The Guard snickers and walks back to the cell door... <Delina> umm i think i do * Jess tries to stay silent.... * David twirls and looks at the Guard.. :P * The Guard simply stares at Indigo, the middle aged lady * Indigo stares back. * Reisha gets an idea <Indigo> You could defeat me in here, like the coward that you are, or I could step out of that cell and we could have a fair fight. <Guard> You know, missie? If you weren't so old, Maybe I'd go in there and show you what a real man is. * Reisha walks up to the guard, smiling seductively 1"Why you smart man you!" * David blinks at Reisha.. <Delina> well your not one * Indigo sees Reisha and represses her laughter at the guard's statement, turning away to wipe her eyes. <Reisha> What's say you and me go for a little stroll...tell em about you brave guard exploits.. * Reisha swallows her pride for her freedom :P * The guard blinks and stares at Reisha... "I'd rather have the middle aged lady there. *points*" * Reisha blinks * Indigo turns back, raising a eyebrow but playing along. <Delina> *walks over to the guard* umm can you tell me one itsy bitsy thing <Reisha> OH... so you're one of those types... * Jess thinks to herself. .oO(And I'd rather have my magic right now. That guard would be toast if I could cast only one Blaze spell.) <Guard> Whut? * David examines the guard quietly <Delina> are they really desprate for dumb help or are you the exception * The Guard taps his foot... "K'mon, slut... I don't got all day..." * Reisha pouts "Fine...I bet you don't even like a challenge, going for an old lady you sicko.." * Jess stays silent, not wanting to let the guard know who she is.. <Guard> BAH! * Indigo smiles and walks towards the guard. <Indigo> One problem, the door. <David> Miss Indigo.. * Indigo is fighting down disgust but smiling. * Darin glances back at Jess, and whispers.. "You ok?" * Jess whispers. "I don't want that guard knowing who I am, sir." * The guard blinks and unlocks the door... * Darin nods at Jess. "I understand, my lady." * Reisha is surprised that Indigo's going for this * Jess whispers to Darin. "If they found out, the impact on Granseal and Guardiana could be disastrous." * David tenses a bit. * The guard opens the door slightly to let Indigo out... * Indigo steps outside and a few steps away, her back turned while she whispers to herself * Delina watches * The guard closes and locks the door. <Indigo> "Tirex, elemental of War, I summon you. Destroy these guards!" <Guard> Let's go, you sexy woman, you!... WHA?! * David runs a hand through his hair, blinking repeatedly. <Narrator> == Tirex is summoned... All guards lose 35 strength. <Narrator> Guard: WHAT?! *drops to his knees* * Indigo turns to the door and points. <David> Yes! * Jess still stays silent... <Indigo> Dao, elemental of Earth, shatter the door and bring down the roof on the guards' heads! <Narrator> One of the guards inches towards the alarm... * Darin watches, listens, and vows to himself to protect Jess with his life. <David> Indigo! The alarm! * Indigo nods. <Narrator> == Dao is summoned... The door is crushed under his powerful fist... <Indigo> Pio, elemental of Plagues and Illness, finish these guards!!! <Jess> NOW, LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! * Reisha throws the door open "Free..yes!" * Jess rushes from the cell... <Jess> don't think about it, sir. * David heads out the door and stops by Indigo's side. <Narrator> == Pio is summoned... The guards waste away to nothingness, rotting... * Delina runs out the cell * Darin runs from the cell. <David> the great Mitula. * David stares. * Indigo smiles. * Reisha stops by the rotting guard and slaps his face, knocking his head off <Jess> Not bad, Ms. Indigo. <Reisha> Serves you right, jerk. <Delina> that was awesome * Indigo nods and curtsies. <David> Lets go.. <Indigo> For a woman in her early 40's I'd say that was good. * Reisha smiles at Indigo <David> Actually...lets get our stuff first.. <Narrator> The room is small... A large table is in the corner with cards scattered all over it... <Jess> good idea. <Narrator> A door is to the left and stairs to the north... * David glances at the door. <Jess> maybe our stuff is behind there. * David heads for it... * David swings the door open, looking inside :P * Indigo goes for the door. <Narrator> The door opens and reveals a storage room... * Jess follows Indigo.. * Delina follows * Reisha goes to the door * David steps into the storage room * Darin follows Jess closely... * Indigo enters, looking around. * Jess looks around for her magic cane..."Where can it be?" <Narrator> Everyone's equipment seems to be accounted for... Except for David's daggers and cloak... * Reisha snatches up her daggers happily * David growls. <David> Where is my stuff..? <Reisha> David, where's your stuff? * Delina takes her stuff "what wrong David? * Jess grabs her cane. and hands Darin his sword. * Darin picks up his sword, the Blade of Truth and hold it to his chest lovingly.. <David> Great. My daggers and cloak are missing.. * Indigo takes her staff, the rainbow robe of the Final Judgement, herb pouch, and books. <Jess> can we get out of here? * David sighs. "Yeah. We can." * Darin smiles at Jess. * David heads out of the storage room and for the stairs.. * Jess smiles over at Darin.. * Indigo heads out. * Delina follows David * Jess follows Indigo <Narrator> The stairs lead to a large hall... * Darin follows Jess * Reisha heads out of the room, almost getting hypnotised by Indy's cloak ^^ * David steps into the hall and looks around cautiously.. <Jess> Hmm....which way outta here? * David heads down the hall.. <Narrator> The large hall has scattered guards, a large red carpet and a throne... <David> O_o; * David leaps back <Jess> This is not good... <David> A throne room? damn. <Indigo> What do we do? <Reisha> of all the luck.. <Narrator> 4 doors to the right and 2 doors to the left. <David> We could split up. * Jess shakes her head as she whispers to herself, "I am not going to tell them that bit of information. the impact on Granseal and Guardiana could be disastrous." <Narrator> The guards overhear talking from the stairs and peer towards them... <Indigo> But if we do it'll be easier to capture us. <Reisha> We'll cover more of us will definitewly find the exit...oh nuts.. * Reisha clams up * David erks and drops back down the stairs a bit, dropping low. * Jess gets silent. * Indigo presses against the wall. * The guards shrug and continue their watch of the hall... * Jess breathes a sigh of relief. * David inches forward. * Jess thinks to herself. .oO(That was too close.) * David whispers to Indigo. "Don't you have a spell to occupy those guys while we check out the doors? There are enough doors for each person except one. You can be the extra person. The one who kicks all the guards in the behinds." <Narrator> A sharp passage to the right opens up at the top of the stairs... * Indigo whispers "I deal mostly with elementals. Hold on...." * Reisha whispers to Indigo "Yeah..she's good at that.." * David glances at the passage.. <Jess> Hmmm... <David> ....we can do my plan or we can all go in the passageway.. * David looks at the group <Jess> that passageway seems safer, David. <Delina> i agree * Indigo whispers "Silaris, elemental of Death, visit upon these guards with your fearsome specter." <Reisha> Well, I'm not afraid of those guards..but I guess the passage is a little safer.. * David waits for the results of the spell.. <Narrator> == Silaris is cast... * Jess waits to see how Indigo's spell goes. <Narrator> == 8 of the 10 guards fall... <Jess> I'll deal with the rest...just go. * Reisha shrugs and moves up the stairs closer to david and the passageway * Indigo follows Reisha. * David glances at Reisha. "Right. Through the passageway then." * The other guards freak out! O_o * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases guards. Suddenly, the ground under guards opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks.... CHILLING INFERNO! <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling Inferno on the remaining guards... <Reisha> Let's go. I'm not just gonna stand here doing nothing.. * Delina heads to the passageway * David follows Delina <Narrator> == They both take 34 damage... Dispatched. * Jess follows the party after casting her spell. * Indigo follows behind. * David heads up the passageway. "Well, this is exciting. I'm sure my father and mother loved doing this." <Jess> Ms. Indigo, how did you learn to summon creatures like that? <Narrator> A small, narrow hallway leads the party to a large, ebony door... * Delina looks at the door * David looks at the ebony door. "This seems Oh well." * David attempts to open it. <Indigo> Oh, it comes naturally. Every female of my family line has been a sorceress for over 1100 years. <Reisha> Wow..first a hero, and now a hero's son..I bet I'll be famous too if I hang around with you guys. <Jess> Oh.... <Indigo> In addition, my father was a sorcerer too, so I just picked it up. * Reisha smiles * Indigo smiles at Reisha. <Narrator> The ebony door opens up with a little effort... * David overhears Reisha but tries not to blush :P <Indigo> Most likely. That was what happened to me. <Jess> if you only knew, reisha.. * David steps through the doors.. * Indigo follows David. * Jess follows Indigo. <Narrator> Everyone's lungs are filled with the sulfurous air inside the room... <David> O_o * Jess covers her nose and mouth... * Indigo coughs. * David makes a small wheezing noise * Reisha coughs * Delina cough and gasps <Reisha> Ack..what is this, a volcano or something? <Narrator> The only thing lighting the room is a large metal brazier... <David> ....this isn't good. <David> There could be anything below us. <Indigo> *cough* The brazier, knock it over! *cough* <Jess> now THERE'S an understatment. * David frowns at Indigo's comment <Narrator> Another connecting door is seen near the brazier... Light seems to be pouring out from under it... <Jess> toward taht door.... <Indigo> Light and heat are *cough* often connected.... * David cautiously steps forward * Indigo nods and heads towards the door. * Jess walks toward the door, cautiously. <Narrator> The door doesn't seem to give off any heat... The light seems to be sunlight. * Jess tries to open the door. <David> sunlight. Freedom. * Reisha follows, holding a bit of her cape across her mouth <Narrator> The door creeks open as Jess pulls on it... Sun bursts into the room... * David squints * Jess shields her eyes.. * Indigo blinks. * Delina blinks adjusting to the light <Jess> we're free... * Reisha moves her cape to shield her eyes too <Reisha> Oh boy..sunlight... * David frowns * David looks at his bare waist, where his knive holders used to be.. * Jess starts out of the room...away from that smell of sulphur. * Indigo follows Jess. <Narrator> The team exits the room only to be confronted by a team of 10 knights and a mage at their lead... * Delina follows Indigo * Reisha looks at David <David> Fuck. <Jess> oh shit.... <Indigo> Oh dear. <Delina> oh great <Reisha> C'mon we are free..I'm sure you can buy back those...erk * Reisha bigeyes <Jess> any swordsmen here that can take out that mage? <Mage> Ahh... I see you have escaped. That is not good... <Jess> well, it wasn't hard as stupid and non-resistant to magic as your guards are. <David> No, really? Dumbass.. * Indigo gives the mage a withering look. * The mage boils slightly and sweatdrops * Reisha quickly hands David a couple of her throwing knives 1"Hope these help.." * David blinks <Mage> You cannot go any further. <Indigo> You might want to train the guards to rein in their lust a bit. Assuming of course, they have brains to train, or that you do. * David smiles at Reisha. "Thank you, miss." <Jess> I beg to differ. <Reisha> No prob...Now time to rock and roll it would seem... * David looks at the mage and steps forward. "We'll go further if we damn well please. Step aside." * Reisha grins <Mage> I cannot let you people go... Prepare yourselves. <Indigo> For your pathetic attempts at magic? * The mage prepares a spell... * Indigo smiles sweetly. * Jess prepares herself for hand surrounding itself in fire, the other in ice. * David raises a knife and tosses it at the mage's throat <Reisha> No, YOU prepare YOURSELVES, sissy boy. * Reisha glares at the mage * Darin draws his blade, and steps over to Jess.... <Narrator> Mage: Ultimate power of earth... CRUSH! * Indigo prepares a truly nasty elemental for the occassion..... <Narrator> == The earth cracks open at the team's feet! * Jess once again prepares her chilling inferno.... * Reisha recalls her spell wordings and motions * The mage deflects the knife with his staff in a quick and fluid move! <Jess> this is not good.. * Indigo looks at the crack and smiles. <Reisha> ..Hmm..maybe I should have rephrased that.... <Indigo> Not bad.... * David growls angrily <Jess> Hmmm.... <Narrator> The earth opens up to swallow the team... * Indigo summons Dao and orders him to crush the mage. * Reisha trys to jump aside the crack forming <Jess> maybe you'd like a taste of my magic, pal. * Indigo tries to leap. <Mage> Dao? How pathetic. *dispells the summons of Dao with the snap of his fingers.* * Jess tries to jump aside... * Jess raises a hand toward Mage as massive fireballs fall from the skies and impact into the enemy. * Indigo blinks. * Darin glares at the Mage and attacks! <Jess> Mars, lord of the flames, LEND ME YOUR POWER! * The mage laughs! <David> ...this isn't going to turn out well. <Indigo> Ioro, elemental of Pestilence, infect and destroy him! <Mage> Weaklings! * The mage deflects all spells directed at him and casts a binding spell on the team... <Narrator> == Loro is summoned... The mage and his knights are unnafected. <Narrator> == The binding spell stops everyone. * Reisha thrusts her hands forth as she starts falling "Lord of Thunder , come before we..." * Delina is binded she grumbles in her head * Reisha is bound! * Indigo is bound. * Jess is BOUND. * Reisha struggles * David growls.. <Mage> Ahh... This is a lovely sight. Now... <David> Let us go, you pissant! * The mage slowly walks towards the party. <Indigo> Is this the best you can do you pathetic, sorry excuse for a second-rate street magician? * Jess gives the mage a "Go to hell in a handbasket" look. <Delina> ..... * The mage snickers at Indigo's comment and faces her... <Indigo> You must have flunked out of the magic academies. <Mage> Now you die, Indigo Mysteria...... You and your pathetic lot... <David> Grr.. * The mage starts casting death level 4 on Indigo. <David> Miss Indigo! * Reisha mutters to herself "Odin...release us from these us...I promise I'll be good.."" <Jess> INDIGO! <Indigo> Though of course you're nothing more than a lowly flunky yourself, trying to impress your goons whom you need to validate your own self-worth. I pity you. * Sasha leaps off a building and slashes down at the mage! <Jess> O_o * Delina blinks <Jess> What the? * Indigo looks and her eyes go wide. <David> Wha-... * Reisha blinks as the mage is struck <Narrator> The mage loses his concentration and leaps back, but gets slashed across the face * Sasha pulls back her sword and prepares another strike <Mage> ARGH! Damn you! * The mage growls... <Reisha> ..ok...I guess its better than nothing.... * Indigo is astonished. * Indigo whispers "Sasha, is that you?" * Sasha dashes forward and slashes at the mage again * The mage casts a blaze level 4 spell on Sasha... <Narrator> The mage is hit on the arm and loses his concentration yet again! * Reisha tries to break free..maybe the mage has lost his concentration the spell <Sasha> Wanna go for three? >=) * Indigo also tries to escape. * The mage growls... "This isn't over. Knights! Finish them!" * Jess attempts to escape the mage's binding. <Jess> this should be fun. * The binding spell is over and the mage teleports away. * David drops into a fighting crouch * Delina takes an arrows and knotches it aiming at a knight * Reisha stands up free "Alright! Now its our turn!" * Delina lets it loose <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== 10 knights. ===== * Indigo escapes, smiles at Sasha, and then turns her attention to the knights. <Sasha> Oh yeah, more fighting! * Sasha gets into a fighting stance * Sasha keeps her eye on a Knight, not paying attention to anyone else * Jess collects her full magic power to cast on the knights..."High attack power? Low Magic Endurance....this should be alot of fun." * Reisha nods, grinning at Jess 1"No kidding..." <Jess> just wait till they get a load of my chilling inferno coming up. * Indigo stands in an odd posture, so no one can guess what she'll do. * David has his eyes narrowed, the odd color of them reflecting his mother's battle lust which he inherited. <Narrator> == Delina can attack! * Reisha is itching to zap somebody * Delina leyts the arrow fly * David remains motionless... <Narrator> == Delina fires at a knight... * Darin shifts his Blade of Truth in his hand waiting for a chance to shed some blood. * Jess begins chanting. "Lords of the elements of ice and fire, lend me your power that I may decimate those that would threaten us." <Narrator> == The knight doesn't see the arrow coming and it plants right through his shoulder! <Narrator> == 23 damage! * Indigo makes a gesture as of summoning an elemental.... * Jess is surrounded by a blue and red aura as she continues chanting. * David remains still......he only moves when he closes his eyes....his breathing slows a bit.. * Jess looks at darin as she chants out her spell... <Narrator> == Indigo and David can attack! * Indigo goes to whatever knight is attacking Sasha, rips off the crotchguard, jumps back, and delivers one of her patented bone-crushing kicks to the man's groin, then runs back to the others, laughing like a schoolgirl. :P * David leaps at the knight Indigo attacked and bringing his one remaining knife down diagonally across the knight's chest with amazing grace. He lands in a crouch and hesitates for a moment before bringing the knife upwards in a vicious slashing uppercut! * David quickly and nimbly leaps back <Narrator> == Indigo attacks knight 1 and David attacks knight 1 also <Narrator> == both of the attacks are no match for the knight's armor and he takes a SEVERE pounding... 24 damage, 36 damage. Dispatched. * Indigo laughs. <Indigo> Still got it! * Reisha laughs widly <Narrator> == Reisha can attack! <Reisha> Now its my turn... * Reisha concentrates, chanting quickly "Spirit of Thunder I call down thy wrath.. strike down the enemies in our path!" * David crouches almost mechanically and his eyes flicker to watch Reisha.. <Reisha> Eat Bolt 2 Suckers! :P <Narrator> == Reisha casts bolt 2 on the knights... <Narrator> == The knight's steel plates work as a catalyst for the lightning attack, causing massive damage... 27 damage per knight! * Reisha winks at the knights toasting "Metal's definitely not in this year boys.." <Narrator> == Darin, Sasha and Jessica can attack! * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases all-knights. Suddenly, the ground under all-knights opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks.... CHILLING INFERNO! <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling inferno on the knights... * Darin screams and attacks, slashing with his blade * Sasha dashes forward slashing at the fourth knight! <Narrator> == Sasha attacks knight 4 and Darin attacks knight 2. <Narrator> == The chilling inferno seems to be warded off just slightly by the armors, but still hurt the knights... 20 damage each. * David says nothing, eyes flickering in their color. <Narrator> == Sasha gives the final blow to the knight... 32 damage. Dispatched. <Sasha> Ha ha! Yeah, that's what you get! <Narrator> == Darin's sword slices through the knight like a can opener... 35 damage. Dispatched. * Reisha curiously watches David's eyes flicker... <Jess> well, maybe just a freeze 2 next time... * Indigo smiles proudly at Sasha. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 7 knights. ===== <Narrator> == Delina can attack! * Sasha steps back observing the battle scene * Delina aims at the middle knight and lets another arrow fly * David stays crouched, muscles quivering.. <Narrator> == Delina fires an arrow at knight 5 <Narrator> == Knight 5, in all the confusion, gets the arrow planted through his head! 20 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> == The knights make an attack, even though they're scared... <Narrator> == 2 knights rush at Darin, 2 at Sasha, and 2 at David! * David brings the knife up in a quickly attempt to block. * Darin blinks and prepares to kill some knights. <Narrator> == Darin tries to evade the knight's attacks, but to no avail... 15 damage! * Indigo frowns as the knights attack Sasha. <Narrator> == Sasha looks to fend off the attacks, but the knights are surprisingly fast... 18 damage. * Reisha gets ready to do some nible dodging just incase * Indigo narrows her eyes. <Indigo> That's it, no more Ms. Nice Sorceress..... * Sasha falls back kneeling "Ow, damn that hurt!" * Sasha clutches her wound * Indigo goes over and offers her hand to help her up. * Reisha takes a moment to ponder who the healer is :P <Narrator> == David manages to dodge one of the knight's attacks, but the other one slashes his arm... 8 damage! * David frowns. <Indigo> Are you okay dear? * Sasha looks up at the offered hand and lowers her head "....Mother....I-" <Jess> Are you ok, Darin? <Jess> Darin? * Indigo smiles softly. <Indigo> Nothing to be ashamed of. * Indigo hugs her tenderly. <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack! * Reisha sighs as Indigo and Sasha embrace <Sasha> Err, Mom, watch the wound * Indigo smiles, standing back. <Indigo> Will you be okay for the rest of the fight? <Narrator> == David and Indigo can attack! * Sasha stands slowly, "Yeah, I'll be okay, for now at least..." <Jess> tell ya what, Dar? they're gonna die..I'll kill 'em off for ya. * David chants quickly and levels a finger at Sasha. <David> ¤Heal.... * David casts Heal on Sasha. A white light rains down on Sasha, healing all wounds.. <Narrator> == David casts heal level 1 on Sasha... * David crouches again, as if nothing happened, and brings his knife to ready.. <Narrator> == Sasha gains 10 HP. * Indigo hisses and turns to the guards. <Indigo> Ioro, Elemental of Pestilence, wipe them out! * Sasha stands up, feeling a little better "Thanks" <David> No problem. <Narrator> == Indigo summons Loro... <Narrator> == Ioro surrounds the knights with disease and plague... <Narrator> == Knight 3 is unnafected... Knight 6 drops to 1 HP... Knight 7 drops to 0 HP, Dispatched. Knight 8, 9 are unnafected... Knight 10 drops to 1 HP. <Narrator> == Sasha, Jess and Darin can attack! * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases all-knights. Suddenly, the ground under all-knights opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks.... CHILLING INFERNO! * David waits, some blood rolling off his arm and onto the ground * Reisha readies a dagger with one of the weakened knights name on it <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling Inferno on the remaining knights... * Sasha takes a flute from her pouch and throws it up in the air it fills the room with a familar melody, Apollo appears and shoots waves of fireballs at the knights! * Indigo smiles at the melody. <Narrator> == Sasha uses a summon flute... Appolo crashes fireballs at the knights... <Indigo> That was the one your father played Sasha.... <Narrator> == Darin attacks a knight... * Reisha is honestly impressed * Sasha smiles "I know..." <Reisha> You people sure are tough..must run in the family. * Reisha grins <Narrator> == The combined spells and attack from Darin dispatches the rest of the knight, leaving nothing at all to confront them. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Darin: 34 XP, Delina: 26 XP, David: 16 XP, Indigo: 38 XP, Jess: 32 XP, Reisha: 20 XP, Sasha: 29 XP * David stands and slides the knife into his boot. * Sasha walks over to a knight pulls his helmet off and stores in her pack * Jess drops to one knee. "I've never had to use my spells with that kind of intensity before." <Delina> yey <Sasha> Well, I'm off * Sasha begins to walk out of the area * Reisha walks over to david "You're arm's busted up pretty bad.." <Narrator> Behind where the knights stood lies a large iron gate... The gate is opened and leads outside... * Jess stands and brushes herself off. <Jess> let's get the hell out of here, OK? * David looks at Reisha and nods a bit, smiling. <David> Iron gate. Lets go. * Reisha smiles <Reisha> Don't have to tell me twice! * Jess starts walking toward the gates... * David turns and heads for the gate.. * Indigo follows Sasha. * Sasha is already past the gates * Reisha follows behind David, waving a wuick thanks to Sasha <Indigo> Sasha wait up! * Delina follows everyone * Sasha stops and turns around "Hunh?" * Indigo catches up. <Indigo> Sasha, where have you been? You disappeared a year ago and I haven't seen you since..... <Sasha> Mom, I've been, doing things. <Narrator> After the last person steps outside the gate, the building at their back fades into nothingness as though it never existed... <Jess> that was something.... <Delina> weird <Sasha> Making a living for myself <David> What the hell? * Reisha looks back and wideyes <Narrator> No evidence of it is left... <Jess> ot was all an illusion. <Reisha> Woah... * Darin shudders.. * Indigo blinks at the illusion. <Jess> are you OK, Darin? * Sasha ignores it <Reisha> Its a shame those guards weren't illusions :P <Indigo> I was worried sick dear. <David> Hmm. <Narrator> The team depicts from the location they are in, that they are west by about 1/2 a day's walk from Granseal... Close to the oceanside... <David> Granseal.. <David> ...we can go to my home. If you people need a inn, there is one in Granseal. <Sasha> I'm sorry I worried you mom, but I have to get going now. * David looks at the others. <Indigo> Did.....did our ancestress contact you while you were away? I asked her to...wait, where are you going?! <Sasha> To collect my bounty * Reisha stands proudly "I'd appreciate it..I was on a trip that way before I was so *rudely* interrupted." <Jess> and I'm from Granseal myself...well, in a way.. <Indigo> Bounty? Sasha, are you a bounty hunter now???! * Sasha nods * David smiles at Reisha a bit before looking to Indigo and Sasha <Sasha> Yeah, that's why I came here. <Jess> Haven't I seen you around Granseal castle, Darin? * Darin smiles at Jess.. <Indigo> What of your training. I mean, as a female of the Mysteria line you did inherit the curse...... <Sasha> Mom, I don't think the curse exists anymore.... * Darin nods "Aye, my lady, you have." * Indigo smiles tightly. <Jess> I thought so... <Indigo> Trying contacting *her* then. <Jess> anyway, can we get going toward Granseal? * Reisha smiles back, actually feeling positive for once (I'm with heroes! This is going to be cool!) <Sasha> Mom, I'm no magician, I can't! <Delina> yeah <Jess> I'd hate for an international incident to start because of one person's dissappearance. <Delina> how far are we anyways * Sasha turns away "I guess I'll go with where ever you guys are all going for now..." <Indigo> You have the magical blood in you Sasha, and the curse that comes with it. <Jess> about a half a day's walk.... * David smiles. * Indigo sighs softly, and nods. <David> Are we all ready? * Indigo nods again. <Delina> then we better hurry ,i'm hungry * Reisha nods <Jess> I am. * Sasha pulls out her sword twirling it aimlessly in the air "Yeah, whatever." <David> Lets go. * David heads off. * Sasha heads towards Granseal * Delina follows David <Reisha> I could use some feet are killing me.. * Jess starts toward Graseal * Reisha heads off after david and the others * Indigo follows along. * Darin follows Jess closely.... <Narrator> The Shining Force heads towards Granseal, walking at a normal pace... * Jess looks over at Darin. "Just what is it you do in Granseal, anyway?" * Sasha keeps her sword out <Narrator> The road seems quiet and quite normal... No dangers are in sight... * David is quiet, eyes flickering in their color. <Darin> I am a guard... perhaps you have seen me near the gates of the castle on duty? * Reisha juggles a dagger absentmindely, whistling a bit * Indigo reads a book of sorcery and every so often looks at Sasha sadly. * Darin smiles at Jess again. <David> ....wonder if my parents will make me stay... <Jess> maybe...but I usually am nowhere near the gates unless I am leaving town to practice my magic... <Jess> with all I have to do, It's a miracle i get a chance to work on my magic at all these days. * Sasha stays a few steps ahead of the group * David sighs in frustration. * Darin smiles warmly at Jess... and begins to walk a little closer to her * Indigo goes to Sasha. <Indigo> has life treated you since you ran away? * Jess smiles, somewhat, and keeps on walking toward Granseal. * David crosses his arms.. * Reisha turns to David "Hey, what's wrong? You'd think you would be happy to see your folks.." <Narrator> The road is without obstacle and the walk is quite easy... * David raises an eyebrow at Reisha. "Sure. But you don't know my parents. Or do you?" * Sasha sheaths her sword and looks onward * Reisha scratches her head for a moment <Reisha> I don't think said they were famous, right? <David> Well...they aren't famous.....but they defeated Darksol...or my dad did mother died... <David> Indigo was there...she was a part of them.. <Reisha> I've never really been to a big city before..from a backwater kinda village" :P * Sasha calls back without turning her head "So was my dad" <Jess> I remember. Queen Lara told me of mother is Kara Baine, right, David? * David nods. * Indigo nods to David, then blinks at Jess. <David> My father the priest, my mother the ex-butcher.. <Indigo> Queen Lara? Oh, she got promoted then.... <Jess> Oh.... <Reisha> Must have been exciting beating a dark God like that... * Indigo smiles to Reisha and laughs. <Jess> You forget that she married Prince BlackHawk. She is the queen of Guardiana and Cypress. <Indigo> It was more terrifying than you know. <David> exciting? I guess....I believe my father described it as 'hellish'. :P * Reisha imagines her poking Darksol's eyes out with her dagger... <Jess> my parents are their ambassadors to Granseal. * Darin eyes Jess and smiles at her. <Indigo> Yes, that would be one word for it David. * Reisha grins <David> My mother doesn't recall much of the battle. <Indigo> Ah. * Sasha pulls out the flute her father once played and tries to play it, failing miserably.... * Jess eyes Darin. * Indigo nods. * David shakes his head and mutters something. <Indigo> Because she was killed by Zeon's claw through her chest. <Reisha> Maybe if I hang around with you guys, I might get to beat some evil guy too! That would be awesome! <David> .....gut, actually. Her stomach. <Narrator> The gates of Granseal are close... There seems to be alot of commotion at the gates... * Indigo listens to Sasha's music and smiles. <Jess> Hmmm? What's going on? * David glances at the gates.. <Indigo> Don't give up dear, you'll get it. * Indigo looks at the gates. * Darin blinks... "What the?" He begins to panic * Reisha gets her attention drawn to the gates * Sasha stuffs the flute back in her pack and looks at the commotion "What's going here?" * Sasha approaches the gates <Jess> it'll be alright, Darin....I hope. <Reisha> Maybe its the welcoming party? <Jess> we can only hope, Reisha. <Narrator> As the team approaches the gates, Baine and Chamolo can be seen outside their house getting ready to go to the castle. * Indigo sees them and smiles. <David> ...? <Indigo> Hey Kara, Hi Cham! <Narrator> An unusual number of Knights are guarding the gates. * Indigo waves to them. <Jess> What's going on here? * David looks at the knights.. <Narrator> The knights wave the team in, seeing as tho Indigo and David are at the lead... * Sasha waves over to Baine and Chamolo, remembering them when she was younger. <Narrator> Chamolo and Baine turn around... * David heads for his parents.. * Darin looks around...and looks at one of the knights. "What's going on?" <David> Mom? Dad? * Reisha stays close behind David, not wanting to draw the wrong kind of attention from the Guards ^^ * Sasha quickly follows David * Jess looks for her parents too find out what's happening. * Indigo stands back and beams. * Chamolo looks at David, smiles faintly and whispers something in Baine's ear before departing to the castle... <Baine> David! * Baine watches her husband go * Sasha looks at Chamolo heading into the castle * Jess looks around at the comotion.... * Sasha removes her helmet and looks around * Reisha looks at the woman <<Must be his Mom... >> * Baine steps forward and hugs David.. <Baine> Who are your friends? * Sasha watches Baine and David embrace, and looks at her mother * Baine eyes the newcomers, her similar to David's....flickering in their odd coloring. * Indigo smiles at Baine. * Darin eyes Baine, and smiles. * Jess looks to Baine.. <Baine> Żm go! Friend! Fallen in with these rugrats? * Reisha waves at Baine "Hi, I'm Reisha..and you must be David's mom..." * Indigo laughs. * Baine grins at Reisha and then at David. <David> ... -_-;; * Sasha looks at Baine and gives a small wave "Hello" <Indigo> Well, they're not that bad as fighters, including your son here. He takes after you. <Baine> Pleased to meet you, Reisha! <Baine> He's got his father's kindess, though.....ah....speaking of my husband.. * Jess doesn't know what to say... <Indigo> Oh Kara, meet my daughter, Sasha Mysteria. She's a lot like you when we were younger. <Baine> Someone infiltrated the castle...threatened the king....Chammy went to the castle and I'm about to go too. Would you like to accompany me? * David hehs.. <Jess> don't mind if I do.... <Indigo> Sure. * Baine smiles and heads for the in tow. * Sasha follows * Jess follows Baine, wondering just what's happening. <David> ...this is going to be a long day. <Narrator> The team heads to the castle, Baine now with them... The King awaits them, and they want answers to what happened while they were gone... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====