Shining Force RPG 2 session 20
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> David, returning triumphantly from his solitary journey, rejoins the group... The inn is cozy and warm, the Shining Force taking a break as David walks in... <Tiernan> ^_^ Welcome back, David. <David> Thank you... ^_- <Tiernan> Where...did you go? * David grins and backs away from Rei to unsheathe the new enchanted sword...long blade, the flames on it are a green color... <Darin> ... Wow.... <David> I have a new toy. ^_- * Reisha is still hugging him tightly. "Where the heck did you go off thinking you could ditch us like that?" ^^ <Jess> O_o; <Tiernan> Wow... * Reisha looks down and blinks. * Tiernan pulls out his sketchpad, and decides to draw David in that pose...with the now greenish flamed sword. <Tiernan> Does...this mean you're leader again? <Jess> I'd guess so, Tyr. * David tilts his head. "If you want me to be." <Tiernan> ...Of course I do... <David> Thank you. ^_- * Tiernan blinks. "Why wouldn't I?" <David> No reason, just thought I'd ask ;) <Reisha> Of course, you knucklehead. No one else is stupid enough to anyway. ;) * David sheathes the sword and smiles at Rei warmly... * Amy is sitting at the table staring strangely at David. <David> Hey, if this is torture...chain me to the wall! * Tiernan hmms to himself, flexing his wings, and works on his next big art project! * David winks. * Reisha swings a dagger. "Don't give me ideas, Davey boy." ^^ <Jess> hehehe... * Jess looks at Darin. "Looks like things are back to normal." * David laughs and stretches... "Okay, so what's the plan?" * Tiernan pulls his shirt up over his shoulder, sticking his tongue out in concentration. "I think I need colored's hard to draw green flames with a black pen :/" <Amy> <David> And who's the little girl? <Jess> We picked her up in this abandoned village. Her name is Amy. <Tiernan> ^_^ She talks funny...but she's really nice. <David> Mm ;) Does she speak....Swedish? * Reisha nods. * Amy nods her head at David greeting him. <Reisha> It seems she's got this funny jewelry with her too... <Tiernan> * Amy looks at Reisha "Isis..." <Amy> Gemini. * David leisurely drapes an arm around Rei's shoulders. "Yeah. Swedish. It's a language." * Johei hmms. * Reisha just nods back. "Yeah... those two." :p * Jess leans back and tries to relax. "This is the life." <Amy> Sqeed-ish? <David> No no. Swedish. <Tiernan> Where are we going to go next? The next island? <David> Probably, Tyr m'boy. ^_- <Johei> We go to the demon lair! Right Lord David? =D <Tiernan> ^_^ Great. It must be warmer... <Jess> Probably to find the way back to Grans. * Amy bites her lower lip. "People... you are?" <David> ...Johei? <Johei> It's time that we show everybody we're the best shining force! <Tiernan> Amy... <Johei> And so... with holy powers... we will whack whack whack them. ^_^ * David squeezes Rei before stepping forward. "I'm David Willcott." * Amy looks to Tyr. <Tiernan> This is David *Points* This is Reisha, Jess, Johei, Kodah, Dal, and Zoie... * Johei waves to Amy ^_^ <David> Johei? * Amy nods to all of them, smiling slightly. * Zoie looks up from her meditating. <Amy> Nice...meeting...all * Jess waves, almost about to fall asleep. <Johei> Yes? ^_^ <Tiernan> So what happened on your journey? <Tiernan> Why is your sword like that now? <David> Don't call me Lord ;P <Johei> I mean... yes, Lord David? <Tiernan> He called me Lord too. -_- It felt wrong. <David> I'm your friend, not some ruler :P <Johei> But you're the leader! Tiernan was the leader before, so he was Lord Tiernan. ^_^ * Reisha raises her hand. * David raises an eyebrow at Rei <David> Yes, Reisha? ;) <Tiernan> But...I'm just a normal boy...right? <Johei> If you say so, Lord David. ^_^ <Reisha> let's just cut the crap and get down to business, eh? ^^ * Jess is so relaxed that she falls asleep. -_- * David looks amusedly at Rei, his blonde hair in his eyes. * Amy sits at the table with Tyr's overcoat still around her, eating quietly. * Tiernan gives David his now finished drawing. "How is that?" <Jess> Zzzzzz..... <Reisha> While you were gone, see any sights on how to get off this island? <David> I was in a blizzard most of the time. <David> And that's very well drawn, Tyr ^_^ <Tiernan> Thank you! ^_^ * Jess is peacefully sleeping. * Amy looks at Tyr. * Zoie continues to meditate in the shadows of the room. * Tiernan looks at Amy. "Yes?" * Amy points to his wings... <Amy> Phoenix? <Tiernan> ^_^ Yes. Half phoenix. * David walks to a chair and hauls it out... "Hey. Rei. Take a seat." * Jess wakes up. "Can't moving on wait till morning? We do deserve a rest now and then." <Amy> Pretty. <David> We can wait. ^_- * Reisha takes the offer. "Don't mind if I do.." <Tiernan> ...Really? <Tiernan> My wings are pretty? * Amy nods. * David grins and pushes Rei's seat in for her. ^_^ <Jess> Good. * David sits next to her. ^_^ * Johei paces around the room. <Amy> Yes, I... find pretty. <David> I say we take today to relax! <Tiernan> Thanks. :) <Johei> I need to practice... if I don't, my master said my sword will rust... <David> So go practice, Johei. :) <Reisha> Relax huh? <David> Sure. ^_- * Jess rests her head on Darin's shoulder and is out cold again. <Reisha> Well... ^^ <Johei> Do you know if there's anyone I can fight with? =D <Amy> Relax...? <Amy> What... relax? <Reisha> I could go for some R&R come to think of it. :) * Darin blinks at Jess, and puts his arm around her. <Johei> It's much more fun than chopping. =) <David> Johei, there should be some practice grounds... <Tiernan> What is that strange cold stuff on the ground...? <Johei> Right! <David> Snow... :) * Jess opens her eyes and looks up at Darin. <David> I was trudging in it. :P <David> Then I fell down into a passageway. ^^; <David> But anyway! * Darin smiles down at Jess. * Johei takes out his sword and trots out the entrance, looking for a fighting partner. * Amy doesn't understand. * Amy tugs David's sleeve. <Amy> Relax...? <David> Ah. Yeah. :) <Reisha> What... were you trekking blatantly into danger and peril without me? * Jess smiles and decides to listen to David's story. <David> Relax...take it easy.... * Tiernan sits down at the couch and draws some more. <David> You know, just...have fun? <Jess> Rest, Amy. * Amy looks confused. * David grins at Rei brightly. "I was thinking of you the whole time I was near collapsing!" <Jess> sweet, right, Rei? <Darin> Aww... * David blushes :P <Jess> Anyway, what happened next, David? * Darin looks at Jess and flashes her a grin. * Reisha blushes too... * Amy shrugs. <David> Ah...well...I had fallen into that was really, really cold... <David> And dark...but I kept going... ^^; <Reisha> Probably because he knew I'm scarier than any demon could be... ;) <David> Anyway, there were torches on the walls...when I passed, they light by themselves... ^^; * Amy pulls out her strange looking recorder, and starts playing a soft, mysterious, and catchy melody. <Jess> It's cold everywhere on this island? * David grins and wraps an arm around Rei's waist. "So I started to run...ended up in a large room...with two statues..." <David> of the statues started to talk to me... O_o <David> And it was...what was his of the people at Tyr's tomb-like place where we found him... <Jess> Maika? <David> Yeah...something like that! <Reisha> You mean those two thieves who almost offed Jeyer that other time? * David nods. ^_^ <Reisha> What the heck were they doing there... :/ <David> I'm not sure. ^^; * Jess shrugs. "Strange coincidence maybe." <David> Anyway, after talking to that guy.....and hearing blah blah about my destiny... <David> We fought! <Jess> But it would be a good idea to check out that place where they were in the morning. Might hold some answers as to this quest. * Reisha notes the tone of David's voice when he says that. ^^ <David> Anyway...we fought, I won, and ta da! * David motions to the sword on his back. <Reisha> Why does that not surprise me? ^^ * Amy after her song ends she slowly puts her recorder on the table and sighs heavily... <Jess> And AmeShi changed to what we see now? <David> The winning part or the fighting part ^_- <David> Yeah. ^_- * Reisha winks. "Both." ;) * David squeezes Rei a little and grins. <Jess> Maybe we should check that place out come morning. <David> Maybe. ^_- <Reisha> So now your family's sword is even stronger... I wonder what else is down in there... <David> There was another form down there... * Amy stands up, and walks outside. * Reisha 's eyes light up with desire. <Jess> Another form? * David raises an eyebrow at Rei. "You aren't going without me." <David> And yes, another form ^^; <Reisha> OH I forgot... we wanted to relax today though... ;) <Jess> Then let's check that place out. But first, let's rest till morning. <David> Yes. ^_- * David leans over to kiss Rei's temple and then he stands... "I think I'm going to go have a bath or maybe take a walk..." * Darin tightens his arm around Jess, nodding agreement. <Jess> Hmm...I wonder if there are any decent shops in town. I need something a bit warmer than this *Looks at her outfit* <Reisha> This time don't wander off and go on some crazy destiny thing, k? ^^ <David> Yes ma'am. ^_- <Jess> I almost froze when we got into town. <David> You think YOU almost froze? Hah. ^_- * Reisha laughs.. and kisses David's cheek. * Darin looks at Jess... * David brightens at that and smiles. "Okay! Anyway! Uh, if you'll excuse me, oh beautiful lady!" <Reisha> You're excused, you chunk of stud you. ;) * David raises both eyebrows and laughs, bowing grandly before heading off towards the practice grounds... * Reisha sighs, running a hand through her hair... "Hmm..." * Reisha goes off to look for a nice warm bath to soak in... :) * David saunters to the training grounds and finds Johei ^_- <Narrator> The cold air isn't as noticeable as before... The sun shines over the town... David finds Johei sparring with another Centaur... * Tiernan is still on the couch, drawing a picture ^_^ * Jess leans in closer to Darin on the sofa at the Inn. * David leans against a post, eyeing Johei. He unsheathes his sword. "Hey. Johei." * Darin slides his other arm around Jess, and kisses her forehead softly. <Tiernan> Done! <Johei> Huh? Oh, hi David! <David> Hi...up for a sparring match? * Tiernan walks outside. <Johei> Another match? Sure! ^_^ <Tiernan> Ah! O_o It's cold out! <Johei> Hold on a second, while... I... finish... <Tiernan> ...Amy? You out here? * David nods and watches Johei. * The centaur parries an incoming blow from Johei a little too early. * Amy is looking towards the direction of her village. <Tiernan> Amy! * Tiernan 's breath comes out as little frosty clouds. ^_^;; * Amy looks at Tyr, a slight glint in her eyes. * Johei brings his sword down with full strength, hitting with the flat of his blade! <Tiernan> ...Are you sad...about your home? * Amy nods slowly. <Tiernan> ...I thought you might be... <Tiernan> I don't really have a home... * David drives the sword into the ground and hauls off his shirt and vest, placing them on a nearby fence... <Tiernan> ...But I drew this... * The centaur trips and falls to his side from the blow. <Johei> Yeah! ^_^ <Amy> What? * Johei helps the centaur up, putting his sword away in his scabbard for a second. <Johei> Thanks a lot. =) * Tiernan gives the picture to Amy. It's a picture of Amy's village...the non-burned non-trashed version. ^_^; "That way, you'll never forget the good times you had in it..." * David hauls the sword out of the ground and takes some practice swipes... * The centaur nods and looks for another sparring partner, being outmatched by Johei... <Johei> Okay David! Are you ready? ^_^ <Tiernan> I don't know how accurate that is...but... <David> Always ^_- * David flips in front of Johei! <Johei> Right ho! On your guard! <Amy> Ade vorma Tiernan. Ade vorma... * Amy smiles <Tiernan> ...Ade vorma? * David grins and nods, bringing his blade up! He tenses... * Johei brings out his long sword with both hands, preparing himself. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Sparring match: Johei vs. David ===== <Amy> It... ummm... very pretty. <Tiernan> ^_^ I--I'm g-g-glad you like i-t-t... <Narrator> == David can attack. * Tiernan begins to shiver from the cold, since he's only wearing his shirt...Amy has the overcoat and scarf. ^_^; * David leaps at Johei, slapping at Johei's knees with the flat of his new sword easily, doing a backflip away playfully... * Johei brings his sword down quickly to stop David's strike! * Amy takes the overcoat off and walks behind Tyr, placing the overcoat on him. <Tiernan> N--no. * Tiernan puts it back on her. <Narrator> == David's attack is deflected <Tiernan> You have it. :) <Narrator> == Johei can attack. <Tiernan> I-I can go back inside for a while... <Amy> But... you... cold no? <Johei> Come on, be serious! =D <Tiernan> You'll b--be even more cold. :/ * David raises an eyebrow <Tiernan> D-Don't worry about me. * Johei dashes quickly at David, using his four legs to generate more speed and brings the flat of his blade to bear at David's arm! * Amy takes Tyr's hand into her two small hands and closes her eyes. * David rolls to the side, trying to dodge! * Amy chants a little bit and Tyr feels a strange warmth overcome him. * Tiernan blinks. <Tiernan> What...? <Narrator> == Johei's attack hits David's arm fully. 6 damage. * Amy opens her eyes and takes a step back. * Amy smiles <Narrator> == David can attack <Tiernan> How come I feel warmer? <Amy> I... make a uh... spell... <Tiernan> Oh! ^_^ I see. * Tiernan flexes his wings a bit. <Amy> To warm you. <Tiernan> Thank you. :) * David grunts and comes out of the roll, leaping at Johei! He lands in front of the centaur and fakes to the left, jabbing with the sword in the right to hit Johei's neck with the flat of his sword! * David leaps back! <Narrator> == David's sword knicks Johei, not dealing any extensive damage... 6 damage. * Amy sighs * Johei tries to deflect any attack coming at him near his center chest and face, bringing his sword up quickly! <Tiernan> Don't be sad, Amy... * Tiernan sighs... <Johei> Ouch! That smarts! ^^; <David> ^_- <David> Ha ha! <Johei> Okay! My turn! =P <Narrator> == Johei can attack. <Amy> My... home... blew up... by... me, I use... Isis... to...make.... people go away. <Tiernan> But it wasn't your were trying to protect everyone... * Johei charges David, swishing his blade to the side just as he nears range to strike him in the shoulder! * David tries to duck under the blade! <Narrator> == As David tries to dodge, the sword clanks on the side of David's head, knocking him down... 8 damage. * David grunts O_o <Narrator> == David can attack. <Johei> Hehe... careful. ^_^ <Amy> Isis...can't use.... my people.... uh... hmmm... no like... * David grins and thrusts his body between Johei's legs, coming up behind him to strike the centaur on the back of the head with his sword gently! * Reisha starts up a hot bubble bath while all the action is going on. "Calgon... take me away..." :) <Tiernan> :/ But your heart was in the right place, wasn't it? * Johei attempts to sidestep David's attack, trying to get in a counter! <Amy> right... place...? * Jess leans back. <Tiernan> didn't use Isis for evil... <Tiernan> You used it for good! * Calgon runs in to Reisha's bath and licks her profusely <Amy> Isis, evil... * Darin softly begins to massage Jess' shoulders. <Narrator> == David's attack succeeds, hitting Johei at the back of his head... 5 damage. <Tiernan> You're not... * Reisha picks up Calgon and boots the ecchi perv into the next lifetime. ^^ <Narrator> == Johei counters... * David erks and attempts to roll from the attack! * Amy lowers her head. <Tiernan> ... <Amy> If.... Isis used.... many times.... I... become evil.... * Tiernan hugs Amy. :/ <Tiernan> ...Then don't use it anymore. :) <Tiernan> Or...maybe you can use it for good. * Tiernan is still hugging Amy. ^_^; * Johei swings at David's torso in a centrifugal-inspired rotating hit with the dull side of his sword! * David yelps and continues to try and roll away from the attack! * Tiernan stands back and lets Amy be alone for a while. <Narrator> == David gets smacked with the blade again, plummeting to the ground... 12 damage! Critical! * Tiernan looks up at the sky, white flakes beginning to fall from it... * Tiernan blinks. <Johei> Wai! Are you okay? ^_^ * David grunts and shakes his head... "Ow..." * Amy hugs Tyr "Thank you." <Narrator> == Johei can attack. * Amy goes back into the inn and into her room. * Johei attempts to whack David in the head with the side of his sword! ^_^ * David grunts and rolls close to Johei, right against his body! <Narrator> == Johei once again connects, but deals less damage... 3 damage. * David leaps up and smacks Johei in the face with the hilt of his sword! <Narrator> == David attacks prematurely. * Johei tries to put in a late block with his arm, hoping to catch the blow before it connects! <Tiernan> ... <Narrator> == David's sword flares at it hits Johei... The sword breaks Johei's defense as a thunderbolt crashes down on Johei! 62 damage! Critical! <David> O_o <David> Holy hairy tits of Mitula. O_O * Tiernan shivers, the spell wearing off. <Johei> Aaaack! O_O <Narrator> == Johei falls <David> Johei O_O * Tiernan heads back inside, seeming down...and tired. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * David sheathes the sword and cringes. "Oh man, Johei! Are you all right??" * Darin falls asleep with Jess leaning on him. * Johei twitches. @_@ <David> Uhm...uh...uhmm... ^^; <David> Good match ^^; <Johei> Waki waki waki... wooo... @_@ * David coughs and discreetly casts Heal on Johei. * Johei pats his smoking hair with a hand. <Johei> What was that? @_@ * Tiernan is sitting on the couch again, looking out the window where the snow is falling on the ground. <Narrator> == Johei recovers... <David> My sword. ^^; * David pats Johei on the arm... ^^; <Johei> I want... one of those... hahaa... ^_^; <David> Eh, heh ^^; Okay...well...I'm gonna go get a bath now...good're good ^_^ <Johei> Thanks... you're not bad yourself... ^_^;; * David nods to Johei and picks up his shirt and vest...he walks back to the inn/mansion/place where the group is staying... * Tiernan looks down, a few tears coming down his face. "Wh...why...?" He shakes his head in frustration. * Johei looks at his sword and experimentally swishes it in the air <Johei> Go boom! Go boom! Come on! He could do it! * David stops and raises an eyebrow at Tyr. "Hey. You okay, firebird?" * Tiernan wipes them away. <Tiernan> Oh...sorry. * Tiernan turns to David. "I just feel...very sad..." <David> Sad? About? * David slips his tunic on... <Tiernan> I'm...not sure... <Tiernan> Part of me feels bad for Amy... * Reisha sings a song as it carries from the bathroom through the mansion. ^^ <Tiernan> Part of me... <Tiernan> I still don't know who I am... <Tiernan> I want to know... * David raises an eyebrow towards Rei's room and then looks to Tyr, nodding... "Yeah... can I ask you something?" <Tiernan> I look at the sky...and I wondered if I ever saw that white stuff in ...ask me something? Sure. * Johei sheathes his sword, making a mental note to try that lightning stuff again later. ^_^ <David> ...before I was fighting to gain this enhanced AmeShi; I was talking to Maika...he mentioned something about a relation to you.... <Tiernan> ...Charade? <David> mask.... <David> A hidden secret... <Tiernan> ...And Maika...? That man's evil, David...he tried to hurt me... <David> I know he did... * Johei trots back to the inn, his straw-colored hair on end and still smoking a little from that thunderbolt, looking not unlike a cooked, inverted broom with four legs. ^_^ <Tiernan> But I don't know...I don't know what he's talking about....I... * David tilts his head, eyebrow raised... <Tiernan> What is this about David...? * Tiernan begins to look a bit frightened. <David> I'm just curious. I believe the exact words were... 'so he still plays his charade and calls himself Tyr..'...if I remember correctly. <Tiernan> Are you saying my name's not Tiernan?...But...but... <David> Maybe its not... <David> Maybe it's something else? * Reisha whistles. "~ Scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me... ~" ^^ <Tiernan> ...No...No I have to be Tyr...that's the only thing I know is real... <Narrator> Tiernan suddenly feels faint and loses his balance... * Tiernan tumbles off the couch, holding his head. * David blinks and moves to steady Tyr... <David> Tyr? <Tiernan> A...ah... * David kneels and looks at the young phoenix in concern... * Tiernan holds his head, as if he's in a lot of pain. * David picks Tyr up... * Tiernan closes his eyes, beginning to sweat. "W...what...where...?" * Reisha finally finishes her bath, and comes downstairs in a silky robe, with a towel over her blonde hair, still damp... <David> Shh. Calm down, firebird. It's me. David. You're still here. * David stares at Rei and almost drops Tyr ^^; <Reisha> Ohh... that's SOO much better! ^_^ * Tiernan suddenly lets out a loud scream and scrambles away from David's arms, falling to the floor and crawling backwards to a corner in the wall! O_o <David> Uhhh. <David> O_o * Reisha blinks, and looks at Tyr. "Huh?" * Tiernan opens his eyes, and they're wide and unfocused. O_O * David blinks at Tyr, slowly inching closer... "Tiernan...?" <Reisha> What's his problem? :/ <Tiernan> ...What are you doing?! Why?...Stop it! STOP IT! * David glances at Rei as if he doesn't really know... * Tiernan closes his eyes, tears coming down. "Stop hurting everyone! Stop fighting!" <David> Shh... at rest, my friend... * Reisha goes over. "Is he having that weird voice thing again...?" * Tiernan opens his eyes, seeing David come closer, and lashes out with his hand, striking him away! "No! No! Don't hurt me!" * David grunts in pain! * Tiernan closes his eyes again, panting. "All the blood, all the blood..." <David> ...Ow...the kid has a nasty left hook. * David rubs his jaw... * Reisha kneels down. "Hey... easy Tyr... it's us, Davey and Rei! What the heck's wrong with you?" <Tiernan> ...No! NO! * Tiernan pushes Rei down and runs outside, as if his life depended on it! O_o * Reisha stumbles backwards from the force of the push. * David catches Rei! <Reisha> That kid has some serious problems right now... o_o * David gently steadies her... "I gotta go after him..." <David> You...uh...stay here...get dry. Uhm. Yeah. Put clothes on. * David coughs. * David runs after Tyr! * Reisha blinks, and nods coyly. "OH... hehe... right..." ^^ <David> Tiernan? Tiernan! * Tiernan isn't anywhere in sight. * David calls out to the phoenix, outside now... <David> ...Tiernan!! * David whistles loudly. "Tyr!!! Heeeere, phoenix, phoenix!" <David> Damnit. * David looks around for Tyr's tracks. * Johei comes back to the inn. <Johei> Hey? What happened? Was that Tyr running? <Narrator> The fresh snow shows a single path heading out of town... <David> Did you see him? Where'd he go? * Reisha comes out of the house in more suitable attire... * David stares at the path. "He has no protection from the cold." <David> Agh. <David> I'm going after him. <Johei> Um... that way? * Reisha catches up. "Any luck there, David?" <Johei> Hey! I can go too! * Johei nods with his broomstick hair. ^_^ * David steadies the blade on his back... "Yeah. He's headed outta town. I'm following him. If you're coming, hurry up. And, uh...nice to see you're dressed." * David runs off after Tyr ;) <Narrator> The tracks run out of town... They head off towards the shrine to the north... * Reisha gets all red-faced for a second. "That guy..." <David> ...The shrine... * Johei gallops through the path. * David heads for the shrine... <Reisha> Well, let's move people! * Reisha follows the group. <Narrator> The Shining Force tries to follow the hysterical Tiernan to the best of their ability, but he seems to be running at an amazing pace... <Narrator> The abundant snow slows down the Shining Force's progress... Large hills have formed... <Reisha> How could Tyr go through all this without even a good coat or anything...? <Narrator> As the Shining Force moves on, they see a form in the distance... And they also spot a large shrine... <Jess> Hmmm? What's this? * Reisha points. "Is that him... and what's that shrine..?" <David> ... <David> Tiernan...? <Jess> TYR! * Tiernan keeps running, not seeming to hear the party at all. <Reisha> Tiernan.. hey Tyr! * David dashes after Tyr! * Zoie runs and tries to grab Tiernan... <Narrator> Tiernan runs into the shrine, the Shining Force behind him... * Reisha calls out, trying to catch up to phoenix boy. * Zoie keeps running after him. <David> Deja vu! * David runs into the shrine! * Jess runs into the Shrine after David. * Tiernan pants, tears coming down his face, and snow completely mixed into his hair. He turns around a corner, disappearing from view. <David> Tiernan! Stop! * David skids around the corner... <Reisha> This wouldn't happen to be that place you were running around would it? <David> Probably! * Reisha runs beside David... * Tiernan turns around another corner. You can see quickly that his face and lips have a bluish tinge. <Narrator> A large room with a single opened door lies in front of the shining Force... Tiernan runs down a flight of steps inside the next room... <Jess> let's follow him. * Jess runs after Tyr. * David pants, skidding around the next corner... "He's cold...too cold..." He stops and blinks at the running boy... "This could be fun." * David takes off again <Narrator> The steps lead down to the room David was in to fight Maika...Tiernan stands frozen in front of Darrel, who is still in stasis in a portal of dark energy... <David> ... <Tiernan> ... <David> Tyr...? <Jess> Tyr! * David steps forward, in front of the group... <David> Everyone be careful! * Tiernan freezes in place, tears streaming down his cheeks. <Reisha> You got that right... * David slowly approaches Tyr... "Tiernan...hey...what's goin' on...?" <Tiernan> ...No...No... <Tiernan> Get away...all of you! Don't hurt me... <David> We won't...I promise you... * Zoie walks slowly towards Tyr. "Kill me if you want to, I don't think you will though." <Jess> I'm not going to hurt you, Tyr. We're friends. * Tiernan turns to the party, eyes wide and still unfocused. "No...No...I saw you...I saw you slaughter all those people...why?" <David> Slaughter...? All those people...? <Tiernan> The's all over...ALL OVER. * Tiernan holds his head. <Jess> Slaughter? Who? I haven't killed anyone? <David> Tyr... <Tiernan> Please...keep away...I don't want to hurt you! * Zoie continues to walk slowly, arms out and slightly up showing her hands. * Tiernan pulls out his boomerang, shaking violently. "Don't! Keep back!" * Zoie continues. <Tiernan> KEEP BACK! * Tiernan begins to back up to where Darrel is... <David> No! <David> Zoie! <David> Stop! * Zoie walks up close to Tyr. * Zoie glances back at David... "Not this time..." <David> He's going to hit Darrel! * Tiernan chants, beginning to glow red. * David drops back beside Rei... * Tiernan continues to step backwards. * Tiernan spreads his wings and concentrates. Then he snaps his fingers and points at Zoie! "Infinite Earth Mother! Lend me your power to crush my opponents! Exploder!" The earth shrieks as a tower of magma erupts beneath Zoie's feet! <David> ...No... <Tiernan> Keep away! Don't make me hurt you anymore! <David> Tiernan... * David keeps his voice soft... <Darin> ... <David> Tiernan...come on...its all right... <Narrator> == Tiernan's exploder spell hits Zoie, but seems weakened... Zoie takes 13 damage. <Jess> Tyr, listen. We're not going to hurt you. We are your friends. <Reisha> Tyr... cool your jets... it's us! <Tiernan> No you're not! You won't stop fighting! You're devils! Every one of you! * Zoie staggers up and casts her heal on Tyr. * Zoie closes her eyes and chants to herself. When she is done chanting, a blue light surrounds Tiernan. <Zoie> Let Mitula cure your wounds and comfort your weariness! Heal! <Narrator> == Zoie casts heal on Tiernan... The spell seems to calm down Tiernan... * Tiernan stops panting, his eyes becoming focused again. He blinks. <Zoie> Tiernan? can you hear me? <Tiernan> ...Wha...David? <Tiernan> ...Where...? <David> ...Tiernan? You with us, buddy? <Jess> Tyr? You back to normal, bud? * Darin looks on silently... * Tiernan falls backward, bumping into the field where Darrel is floating. <David> No... * Tiernan then collapses to the ground, shivering violently. * David quickly walks towards Tiernan, picking him up... <David> I got you,'s all right... * Tiernan is unconscious. * Zoie looks at Tyr then falls to the ground from the hit she took. * David shrugs his vest off his shoulders and covers Tyr with it... "Someone pick Zoie up...we all need to get out of here." * Jess says a silent prayer to the goddess as she points to Zoie. An aura of holy light surrounds Zoie and their wounds begin to close up. HEAL 1! <Narrator> == Jess' heal spell restores Zoie... * David looks down at the unconscious Tyr in his arms... * Tiernan 's eyes twitch, as if caught in a bad nightmare... <Jess> Zoie, are you OK? <Zoie> I'm fine thanks. <Narrator> == The dark energy around Darrel wavers and fades away slowly, making Darrel start to descent... * Jess smiles. No problem. * Zoie walks over and places her hand on Tyr's head * David hands Tyr to Zoie... * David draws his sword and steps in front of them. * Zoie takes Tyr... * David eyes Darrel... <David> You guys get out of here... <Zoie> So little phoenix boy, a little disorientated? Well, let's get you home... * Zoie starts to back up carrying Tyr. * Darrel uncrosses his arms from his chest and slowly opens his eyes... * David remains where he is, watching Darrel warily with AmeShi in front of him... <Darrel> Ahh... The two masters... And the hero... All in one room... * Jess eyes Darrel. <Jess> Two masters? <David> ... * Darin blinks... <Jess> What two masters? * Darrel touches down on the ground and looks at the Shining Force with a serene gaze... * Zoie continues for the Exit trying to get Tyr out of there as quickly as possible. * David looks warily at Darrel, willing to fight if need be.. <Jess> What does he mean by two masters? <David> I'm sure he'll bless us with the knowledge. * Darrel turns his gaze to a glare at Zoie and Tiernan... "Now now..." *casts paralysis on Zoie* <Reisha> Oh boy... I don't like any of this... <David> Darrel. Leave them be. <David> Rei...cover them, would you? * Tiernan drops to the ground because Zoie is now paralyzed. ^_^; * David looks at Darrel... * Darrel turns his gaze towards David... "Hero... They must be part of this also. They cannot run." <David> A part of what, is my question. <Jess> A part of what? * Darin blinks again... <Darrel> You have fought... Alone with my opposite... Maika... The Sword of Light. It cannot be so with this... Your journey calls for your force to fight this battle. * Reisha stands by the two. "Right..." <Zoie> .oO (What have I gotten myself into?) * Darrel uses a Holy rain... The shining Force recovers fully... Zoie's status is restored. Tiernan slowly awakens. * David eyes Darrel... <Darrel> The world... Is dying... You humans do not see it... But it is happening... *turns to Tiernan and Zoie* <Jess> OK...what now? Do we have to fight this thing? <Darrel> We must... Restore the masters. <David> The masters? <Jess> What masters? * Darrel snaps his gaze back to Jess. "You shall know in time." * Tiernan stops shivering, sitting up. <Tiernan> ...Where...? * Darrel casts temporal displacement. * Tiernan opens his eyes, looking normal. <Narrator> Light fades away slowly... The Shining Force reappears in a dark void. <Zoie> Yes the world is dying, but two people alone cannot undo what has been done, it will take everyone, everywhere to do it. <David> ... <Darin> ... <David> Not this again. <Tiernan> Wh...what's going on?! <Jess> Hoo boy. <Tiernan> Not more of the again... * Zoie holds Tyr's hand... "Calm... calm" * Tiernan shakes his head, trying to calm down. * Darin looks around... and puts a protective arm around Jess. <David> What, you special glowy people can't afford to mix it up in a normal temple or what? <Jess> I hope we survive this. <Zoie> We'll survive <David> We will, Jess. * Darrel casts a mirror spell... <Darrel> Our powers are nothing in the real world... <Tiernan> Who are you? * Tiernan looks at Darrel. "You're...different...yet..." * Zoie squeezes Tyr's hand... "Keep in control." <Narrator> == The Shining Force duplicates itself... The mirrored group looks ghostly as they appear on Darrel's side... <Tiernan> O_o * David sheathes AmeShi and drifts back beside Rei, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder... "This could be tough..." <Jess> I hope that mirror of me doesn't have my combos. * Tiernan begins to chant, bringing his hands together. <Jess> If that dopple Jessica has Chilling Inferno, we'll know how a frozen pizza feels. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Shining Force mirrors ===== * David steps away from from Rei to draw AmeShi... <David> Tyr...I swear we'll get through this. Keep strong. * David moves to the front of the group. <Reisha> I mean... I like my reflection... but this is ridiculous... <Darin> ... <Zoie> <m> So quick to fight yourself instead of trying to find out what lies within... <Tiernan> David...what happened...? Why am I here? <Narrator> == Dal can attack. <David> It'll be explained...concentrate on the now, okay? We need to get past this first... <Narrator> == Dal takes a defensive stance <Tiernan> Okay... <Jess> Now that I think of it, this outfit is really not me. and look at my hair. :P <Narrator> Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan holds his fingers to his lips and whispers an ancient chant that is slowly building to a crescendo... ! "Immortals above! Grant me the power to make the first blow! Eagle Wing!" From high above, an image of a glowing eagle appears above Tiernan, showering him with feathers that quickly disappear as soon as they appear! * David eyes his reflection... <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Eagle Wing... Tiernan gains 17 agility. <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Darin eyes his clone... "I look awful... But... hmmm..." * Tiernan spreads his wings and draws himself in close, then spreads his wings and arms wide! "Infinite Earth Mother, gather your power unto my hand and bring forth your heated fury! Exploder 2!" With a mighty shout, he thrusts his hands forward, as dozens of magma spouts erupt beneath The Shining Force Mirrors! <David> Hmm ^_- Maybe the reflection Rei'll let me sweep her off her feet ;) <David> But probably not ;) <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Exploder 2 on the Mirrors... The magma powerfully hits the forms, dealing extensive damage... 37 damage each. <Tiernan> Reflections...are twisted...opposite...The mirror David is probably cruel and evil... <Narrator> == Johei can attack. <David> And I'm not? ;) <Narrator> == Johei takes a defensive stance. <Tiernan> You're good.... <David> Maybe this David likes to press flowers! ;) <Zoie> Reflections can also be a part of us that we try to suppress <Narrator> == The Mirror Tiernan can attack. <Jess> I don't have TAHT bad of a bitchy side. * Tiernan blinks. "Um. I'm attacking! ^_^;;;" <Narrator> == The mirror Tiernan throws his boomerang at Jess. <Narrator> == The boomerang smacks Jess' bitch up, dealing 15 damage. <Jess> O_o; <Jess> Ouch...THAT HURT! <Tiernan> Jess! :/ * David growls in amusement and crouches.. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack... <Zoie> <w> I cannot fight myself... I am who I am, my mirror is a part of me.. <Narrator> == Kodah takes a defensive stance. <Narrator> == The Mirror Reisha can attack. * David raises both eyebrows. * Reisha shifts slightly. <Narrator> == The mirrored Reisha casts Bolt 3 on the Shining Force... The team gets electrocuted for 12 damage each. <Tiernan> A--aaah! * David grunts in pain. <Jess> Now THAT did hurt. * Tiernan is thrown back a few feet. * Reisha jumps. "Ahh... hey, only I'm allowed to do that! o_o * Jess drops to one knee. <Darin> ...Ow... <Darin> .. Jess? <Tiernan> Now I'm angry! :/ <Darin> Jess! are you all right?! <David> ...Cripes, Rei...its bad enough to be shocked once by you ;) * Tiernan pulls the boomerang strapped to his waist off in one fluid motion. He launches himself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the power he wields... <Reisha> Cute David... :p * Jess starts breathing heavily as she gets up, looking rather beat up. "Actually, I'm feeling rather mangled right now, Darin." <David> Hah! Why yes, you are! * David turns back to the battle. :P * Reisha smirks and starts building up a static charge. "Ohh... I'm gonna enjoy this..." * Darin hugs Jess close... <Jess> as soon as I can cast, though, they're toast. * David twirls AmeShi... <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! <Reisha> Have a taste of the real thing, buckos! * David bites back a comment and just awaits his turn. ;) <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt 3 on the mirrors... They get hit badly... 25 damage each. <Narrator> == The mirrored David can attack... <Narrator> == The mirrored David casts heal on the mirrored Reisha... She regains 15 HP. <Narrator> == David can attack. <David> O_o <David> Oh man...this is gonna hurt me more than you! * David leaps at the reflected Rei, crouching in front of her...he drives the enhanced blade of AmeShi up her body, ripping at her...he then slashes downwards!! "Hiiiiyaahhh!" * Reisha raises an eyebrow at that... <Narrator> == David slashes Reisha hard, dealing 47 damage. * David leaps back to the group... <Tiernan> That seemed odd... <Narrator> == Zoie can attack. * David looks slightly darkened now, not having enjoyed that at all ^^; * Zoie opens her eyes and smiles, raising her hands to the sky. She whispers a soothing, musical mantra... "Whisper of the Goddess...hear my prayer...and help us in our time of trouble! Aura!" * A swath of light encircles the party, and seeps gently into their bodies!* <Narrator> == Aura lv. 1 is cast on the Shining Force... Everyone regains 14 HP. <David> ...Rei...remind me to buy you a drink or something after this.... ^^; * David crouches lower... <Narrator> == The mirrored Zoie can attack. <Narrator> == The mirrored Zoie casts Aura lv. 1 also. The mirrors regain 15 HP. <Reisha> Yeah. Maybe I'm already drunk... Seeing double... :p <Tiernan> Hey! :/ * Tiernan looks down at the mirror Zoie. "Don't do that!" * David chuckles.. "Okay guys...take out the stronger mages...Zoie, Rei, Jess, Tyr specifically..." <Narrator> == Darin can attack. * Darin murmurs softly... "Forgive me, love..." * Darin leaps and slashes at the mirrored Jess, driving his blade into her as hard as he can... <Tiernan> It's not Jess, Darin. Attack her! <Narrator> == Darin lashes out at Jess... The blade hits her hard, sending her reeling... 31 damage. <Narrator> == Mirrored Darin can attack. <Narrator> == Mirrored Darin lasholdout at David... <Darin> Don't worry! He can't hurt us! <David> O_o <Tiernan> David! <Narrator> == Darin slashes David for 18 damage. <Darin> If his Blade is like mine... he can't hurt us... * David grunts! <Darin> O_o <Tiernan> Don't you see? He's the his blade will hurt us... * David looks at his bleeding arm... <Narrator> == The sword flares and Darin takes 18 damage. <David> You know. I really. Really. REALLY. HATE. GETTING. INJURED. <Darin> But the blade will hurt him as well. * David snarls and the flames on AmeShi crackle loudly... <Reisha> Hang in there David... <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> I'm so sorry...I don't know why were here...but it must be because of me... <Narrator> == Indigo can attack. * David 's eyes flicker in their color... "Tiernan. Right now, just fight." <Narrator> == Indigo's bubbly head decides to take a defensive stance. * David 's blood falls to the 'ground'.. <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * Jess raises a hand toward her enemy as a solid sheet of ice encases Mirrors. Suddenly, the ground under Mirrors opens up and a massive blaze rises from the cracks...CHILLING INFERNO 2! * Tiernan glides down to the ground. "This is my fault..." <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling inferno (Pardon the oxymoron) lv. 2 on the mirrors... The mirrors take 21 damage each. <Darin> Tyr.... <Narrator> == The mirrored Jess can attack. <Narrator> == The mirrored Jess casts Chilling Inferno on the Shining Force... The Shining Force takes 15 damage. <Darin> Ow... * Tiernan cries out! <Jess> SHIT! She's got my combo. * Zoie staggers a bit * Darin winces <Zoie> This has to end... now -_-; <Reisha> Oww... I'm not feeling very good right now... >:| * David pants, his breathing labored... <Jess> join the club, Rei. * David drips more blood, from more wounds... * Tiernan's eyes begin to look unfocused again, panting hard. "I'm so sorry..." <David> ...rrr... * David staggers a little... <Narrator> ===== Monster Count: Mirrored Shining Force ===== * Darin looks at Jess... and moves to protect her at all costs... <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan spreads his wings and draws himself in close, then spreads his wings and arms wide! "Infinite Earth Mother, gather your power unto my hand and bring forth your heated fury! Exploder 2!" With a mighty shout, he thrusts his hands forward, as dozens of magma spouts erupt beneath The Shining Force Mirrors! <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Exploder lv. 2 on the mirrors... They all take 36 damage. Reisha is dispatched. <David> ... * David twitches... * Tiernan falls to his knees. <Tiernan> I'm so sorry...! <Tiernan> David... * David makes a sound between a growl and a howl of fury O_o <Reisha> Well... I suppose me being dead is a good thing... :P <Reisha> Err figuratively speaking... ^^ <Jess> No,'s not a good thing. <David> Rrr... <David> Rrreeeii... <Tiernan> ... * David purrs... O_o <Narrator> == Mirrored Tiernan can attack. <Narrator> == Mirrored Tiernan throws his boomerang at Tiernan. <Tiernan> O_o * Tiernan tries to block with his wings! <Narrator> == Tiernan takes 12 damage from the attack. * Tiernan falls back * David snarls like an animal, his body tensed... <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! <Reisha> And again! * David growls... <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt lv. 3 on the mirrors... The mirrors take 22 damage each. Jess is dispatched. <Narrator> == David can attack. * David snarls and leaps at the mirrored Tiernan, slamming the hilt of AmeShi into the reflection's face! He then twirls, slashing across the reflection's face and ripping the looks off it into a bloody mass! He continues to pummel the reflection maddeningly, in a rage!! <Tiernan> O_o * Tiernan begins to shake... <Narrator> == the Mirrored Tiernan takes blow after blow, not surviving the pummeling... 78 damage! Critical! Dispatched. * Reisha blinks. * David leaps back, crouched and snarling... <Reisha> Thank Mitula that wasn't you Tyr... ^^; * Tiernan begins to cry. "I'm sorry...sorry..." <Narrator> == The mirrored David attacks. The mirrored David lashes out at David, rage also in his eyes... <David> ! * David tries to roll away! <Reisha> David... heads up...! <Tiernan> No! <Jess> DAVID! <Darin> David!! * Tiernan tries to get in the mirrors way * Reisha tries to toss a dagger at the reflection David... <Narrator> == The mirrored David hits David full force, making him fall to the floor... 16 damage! Dispatched. <Narrator> == David falls. * David groans...and slumps forward... <Tiernan> David... <Reisha> Noo..! o_o <Narrator> ===== The Shining Force loses. ===== * David lies in a pool of his own blood... <Tiernan> This is my fault...all my fault... <Tiernan> ALL MY FAULT! <Jess> O_o * Reisha goes to David, trying to wake him... <Reisha> David... don't bite it yet... o_o * David is dead. Lifeless. Blood smeared on his face and hair... * Darrel shakes his head in disapproval... "You... Are not ready. Too much anger... So much anger.." *tsk tsks and casts a teleportation spell... The Shining Force reappears at the edge of town, fully healed, as though nothing happened... * Reisha starts cursing before she gets teleported. "You ^&^&(>> %$@#$!" * David twitches and stumbles forward a bit O_o * Tiernan sinks against a fence, crying. * Reisha then blinks as she's outside. "And %^... ah...?" o_o <David> * Darin looks around... and then looks at Jess... <Narrator> The people in the town look at the Shining Force and blinks, not knowing what happened.... Nor wanting to inquire... * Jess looks at Darin. "What do we do now?" * David looks a little confused but straightens... <David> Okay...uhm... <Reisha> David... you big idiot... risking yourself like that... * Tiernan stands up... * David cringes away from Rei... <Jess> I shouldn't have casted Chilling Inferno. That mirror of me had my combo and did exactly like I did. <David> Tiernan...? * Reisha slumps on the ground. <Tiernan> I... <Reisha> Damn mirrors... I should have cracked them all... *mumble* -_- <David> Tiernan.... * Tiernan sinks to the ground, exhausted. <David> ... <David> It's okay, Tiernan... <Tiernan> I'm so sorry... * David sits beside Rei and looks at her, wrapping his arms around her... "Sorry, Reisha. I'll try to be more...intelligent, next time." <David> And Tiernan...don't be sorry...its all right.....seriously... <Jess> We need to find a way to beat our mirrors... <Reisha> Yeah, yeah... <Tiernan> ...I'm so tired.... * Reisha still looks disgruntled. <Jess> And I need to find a defense other than magic. <Tiernan> ...Wh...what happened? What's happening to me...? * David kisses Rei on the temple... "I'll make it up to you." <Darin> You have me, Jess... *smiles* * David releases her and stands... <David> Tyr? Okay...what do you remember? <Tiernan> ...I... * Jess smiles. "Maybe, Darin, but without my magic, I have no offense or Defense. I'd be useless to the team." <Tiernan> I had this strange dream... <Tiernan> ...Can you help me to the inn, please. I feel so tired... * Darin looks at Jess seriously. "I doubt that... and besides, you'd never be useless to me..." he puts his arms around her. * David tilts his head... "Okay...wait...we all need rest...sitting in the snow is not incredibly bright..." * Reisha shakes her head. "Nobody can make things up to me... I can't stand losing..." :/ <Darin> I say we all rest... and try again tomorrow.. * David nods and heads to Tyr...he picks Tyr up...and walks over to Rei. "Not even if I kiss up to you really really more than usual?" * David smiles faintly... * Reisha tromps off to the Inn. "You can always try..." ^^ * David follows Rei... <Tiernan> (w)...David...what's wrong with me...? <Tiernan> Who am I...? <David> Shh...nothing, * Jess follows Reisha. * Reisha zaps a nearby fence with a stray lightning bolt. <Tiernan> ... * Darin follows Jess. * Tiernan closes his eyes, looking pale and worn. <Reisha> Geez... even that didn't make me feel better... <David> I'd offer you a foot massage, but I'm afraid that I could end up eating my own feet. ^^; <David> Anyway! * Reisha goes inside. "Hah!" :) <Narrator> The Shining Force tries to rest, after having faced defeat at the hands of their own selves... Battered and beaten, they try to rest, in the hope of regaining their wits to move on and put this humiliating defeat behind them.... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====