Shining Force RPG 2 session 21
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force rests peacefully in the local inn after suffering defeat at the hands of the sword of darkness... The warmth seems to have left the room, even though a raging fire burns in the foyer... * Indigo reappears and begins to rest. <Indigo> So what happened? * Kodah nurses his injured pride in silence * David sharpens his sword, staring into the fire... <David> We lost to a freakin' sword. * Tiernan is in his room, as he has been since he got back. He's been sleeping the entire time... <Indigo> A sword? *blinks* Who wielded it? * Darin tightens his arms around Jess slightly.. * Amy sleeps in her room peacefully, who does not know that the Force was totally bruised, battered and beaten to a pulp by an ugly sword. <David> I think I speak for all of us when I say this royally bit the big blue baboon. * Jess looks at the picture in her locket. * Indigo blinks, kicking up her heels. <Indigo> You lost to an unwielded sword? <David> Yes. <Kodah> Why exactly did we tangle with that thing anyway? * Darin looks at Jess.. <David> Because we're not the sharpest crayons in the box. ^_- <Kodah> I could have told ya that <David> Kodah, how do you get your hairy styled like that? ^_- <Kodah> Your parents asked me that question for years. And I still don't have an answer <Kodah> I guess it's the devil blood that does it * Indigo blinks. <Jess> or the sharpest knives in the drawer. <Indigo> Ummm....okay. * David laughs lowly. "Ah yes...the devil blood...." <Indigo> I know! I'll ask Grandma to look in on you when I'm gone. <Kodah> ... * Indigo props her head up on some pillows. <Indigo> You'll like Grandma. * Kodah decides to excuse himself and check up on Tyr * Indigo smiles. * Kodah knocks quietly on the door to Tyr's room <Tiernan> Mm? Who's there...? <Indigo> David, did you eventually destroy the sword? <Kodah> You in there Tyr? <David> No :P <Tiernan> ...Yeah... <Kodah> Can I come in? <Tiernan> ...I guess so.. <Indigo> Hmmm...okay. * Kodah steps inside and looks for a chair * Tiernan 's voice sounds tired and distant, like he's very depressed over something. <Indigo> I want to go ask the Faerie Queen something, okay? <Tiernan> Hi...Kodah... <David> Sure, Indi. Behave. <Kodah> How're ya holding up? * Tiernan pulls the blankets tighter around himself, looking cold. <Tiernan> I...I don't know... <Tiernan> I tried to sleep...but I kept having that dream again... <Kodah> Which dream? <Tiernan> ...The one with all the blood and fighting.... <Kodah> Ah * Amy sleeps in her room quietly.... <Tiernan> ...What's wrong with me Kodah? I'm so scared... <Kodah> I don't know Tyr, I'm not a specialist on this time of stuff <Kodah> Maybe you should talk to Zoie. Maybe she can do something for you <Tiernan> Maybe...but I... <Tiernan> ...What happened yesterday? Why was I at that shrine? <Kodah> Dunno <Tiernan> Can.....can David tell me? <Kodah> Have you asked him? * Amy suddenly screams in her sleep. <Tiernan> ...Who? <Kodah> The hell...? * Tiernan tries to get out of bed, but slumps back down. <Tiernan> My head still hurts... <Kodah> I'll go look, you stay put <Tiernan> Okay Kodah... * Kodah heads off towards the scream * Tiernan looks worried. * Kodah knocks on the door to Amy's room * Amy awakens sitting upright in a bolt, breathing rapidly and heavily. <Kodah> Amy? You all right in there? * Amy looks around a bit... <Amy> Tiernan? * Indigo hears the scream and goes to the room, asking if Amy's all right in Elemental. <Kodah> No, its me Kodah. Tyr's still kinda out of it * Amy gets up shakily and walks over to the door and opens it slowly. <Indigo> Amy? You can talk in our language now? * Amy looks at Kodah with a few tears streaming down her face. <Amy> Dream.... <Kodah> A bad dream? * Amy nods <Kodah> Ah <Amy> Home.... <Kodah> Something bad about your home? <Amy> I... blew it...up <Kodah> Oh? <Amy> Isis.... <Kodah> Was it an accident? * Amy holds up the ring. * Kodah looks at the ring and thinks <Kodah> The ring had something to do with it, right? <Amy> Isis, desmauri... I.... desmauri. <Amy> I.... * Amy stammers. <Kodah> Desmauri? I don't know that word * Indigo asks Amy what Desmauri is in the Elemental tongue. <Amy> Desmauri ki ne fhan (Desmauri is what I am) <Amy> Desmauri.... witch... <Amy> I... witch. * Kodah thinks some more * Tiernan waits for Kodah to return, curling the blanket tighter around him and shivering wildly. <Amy> Desmauri. <Narrator> O_O IT'S A WITCH! HANG HER!!! <Narrator> Erhm. *coughs and returns to Narrating* <Amy> I blew up...home.... with Isis.... <Indigo> The ring? <Kodah> Do you know why? <Amy> I.... not allowed... to use Isis. <Indigo> Why not? * Kodah racks his brain, trying to remember more of what he read <Amy> Woman, killed.... mommy... gave Isis to me.... <Narrator> A small spider lowers itself over Amy's bed and parks itself in front of her face <Amy> I made... Isis.... blow....up home, to make woman.... go away. * Amy shrieks at the spider * Indigo reaches out with the tip of her staff to remove the spider, then flings it against the wall and throws her staff into the spider, point-end first. <Kodah> What woman? <Tiernan> (From Afar) What's wrong...? <Amy> Tiernan, where.... Tiernan? * Kodah grumbles and goes to inform Tyr <Narrator> The spider gets crushed, then can be distinctly heard say, "Ow." And can be seen regenerating. * David runs to Amy's room after using the washroom ;) "What in the name of Mitula's earlobes is going on!" * David stares at the regenerating spider. * Jess runs in. "What in the name of Mitula is going on here?" * Kodah knocks on Tyr's door again <Tiernan> Kodah...? Is that you? * Indigo blinks, then picks up her staff and drives the point in through the spider again, twisting it. <Kodah> Yup * Darin stumbles in.. "What the??" <Tiernan> Come in... * Kodah look in the room, "Amy just had a bad dream and the saw a spider." <Narrator> The spider once again goes "OW." but louder and regenerates, then scurries away. <David> Weirdness... <Jess> strange place. * Darin blinks at the spider.... <Tiernan> Oh... <Tiernan> Is she okay now? * Amy pulls on her clothes and wanders over to Tyr's room. <Kodah> She's a bit upset, but I think she's fine <Tiernan> That's g-- <Amy> Tiernan? * Tiernan blinks and holds his head, pitching over slightly. * Kodah steps aside as Amy walks over <Jess> Tyr? * Amy walks over to Tyr's bed and sits down. * Indigo looks for the spider, then follows the others. <Amy> Tiernan.... * David shrugs and walks to Tyr's room as well, leaning on the doorframe. <Tiernan> I'm...I'm sorry....I just feel...tired... <Jess> Then you need to rest, Tiernan. Go on back to your room and get some sleep, OK? <Tiernan> ...This is my room. O_o * Indigo pats Tiernan. * Kodah puts a hand on Tyr's forehead and grasps Tyr's wrist with the other, checking his pulse <Jess> right. :P.... <Tiernan> ...What are you doing, Kodah? * Darin chuckles at Jess... "I think You may need more rest, dearheart..." <Kodah> I'm checking you over. You do not look well. In any shape or form * Amy puts her hand on Tyr's forehead and gently says a few soothing words. <Jess> I've got too much on my mind right now, love. <Tiernan> Amy...? * Darin hugs Jess.. * Amy's hand is surrounded by a faint aura, suddenly Tyr feels warmer and sleepier. <Jess> anyway, I'm going out for a little while, I'll be back shortly. I just need to take a walk to clear my head. <Amy> Rest... Tiernan... <Amy> I stay... watch you. * Tiernan sinks back into bed... <David> That voodoo that you do. ^_- * David heads to his room ;P * Jess turns and walks out.. * Kodah releases Tyr and crosses his arms, thinking * Darin looks at Jess.. worry creasing his features.. * Tiernan quickly sinks into slumber. * Amy stands up and looks at Kodah carefully. <Kodah> Something's wrong with him. This isn't like any illness I know of <Amy> You... not human.... <Indigo> Tiernan does have phoenix blood child. <Kodah> Hm? What gave it away? The red eyes? The fangs? The inhuman aura? <Amy> All. <Kodah> Don't patronize me Indigo, instinct tells me so, not healer's dogma <Amy> Tyr very sick.... he need...cure... <Kodah> First we have to find out what's wrong with him <Indigo> Well, the fact that he can fly.... * Amy nods. Gently putting one of her hands his wings a sliding it across them. * Tiernan stirs a bit as Amy touches him. <Kodah> Something feels wrong. I just can't put my finger on it * Amy glances at her bracelet in the opposite arm of Isis. <Amy> Gemini.... cure? <Kodah> Hm? <Kodah> Can Gemini cure Tyr? Maybe. It depends on how Gemini works * Amy holds up the sapphire and gold embroided bracelet just above Tyr's eyes and starts chanting softly. <Kodah> But I don't recommend we try hell... <Narrator> == The effect fizzles. * Amy sighs. <Kodah> Gemini makes sick people well right? <Tiernan> umm... * Tiernan stirs again. <Kodah> If so, then either Gemini wasn't enough, or Tyr's not sick at all... <Indigo> Wait a minute! * Indigo turns to face the wall. * Indigo begins muttering... * Amy shakes her head "Gemini.... oldest.... mother...." <Indigo> "Grandma Mitula, please add your powers to Gemini's to heal my friend, okay?" * Indigo turns back to Amy. <Indigo> Try again please. <Amy> She.... know.... many spells. * Kodah's eyes go flat at the mention of Mitula's name <Amy> Mitula? * Zoie blinks suddenly, feeling paranoid. <Amy> Goddess? * Kodah bites his tongue, keeping his opinions to himself * Amy looks at Tyr again, then back at Gemini. * Amy holds her arm over Tyr's eyes again and chants * Indigo nods and stretches out her hands, hoping Mitula heard her. <Kodah> ... <Narrator> == An aura surrounds Tiernan... The aura suddenly flares for half a second and breaks into sprinkling light as it fades away... * Amy steps back for a second. * Tiernan stirs and opens his eyes. * Amy approaches the bed and looks down at Tyr <Amy> Tiernan? <Tiernan> Amy? * Tiernan sits up and rubs his eyes. * Amy smiles <Amy> You... you.... awake! <Tiernan> I feel better...a little woozy...but better. What...what did you do? * Kodah hrmphs * Indigo smiles. <Amy> I made.... Gemini... heal.. you <Indigo> Thank you Grandma, for helping her and him. ^_^ <Amy> Mitula... made Gemini.... heal too! * Amy sits on the side of Tyr's bed and smiles at him. <Tiernan> Really? <Tiernan> ^_^ She sounds nice then. <Tiernan> But... <Amy> I-I glad... you okay... <Tiernan> ...No..Miltula couldn't have done that....if she wants to hurt Kodah... <Tiernan> Can...Can I rest for a little while? * Indigo blinks. <Amy> Mitula... harms? <Indigo> Hurt Kodah? I'll talk to her about it. * Kodah glowers <Tiernan> ...I'll talk about it later... * Tiernan looks a bit fearful that he stepped into a subject that's not comfortable... * Amy stands up again and looks at Tyr. "Rest, you.... be strong!" * Indigo looks around. <Tiernan> Okay Amy...^_^ * Kodah decides to step out of the room before his bad mood spreads * Tiernan 's smile does not meet his eyes, however... <Indigo> In fact, I'll go talk to Mitula right now and go back to the Faerie Realm. See you later! * Amy quietly walks out of the smiling at Tyr. * Indigo fills with brilliant white light and disappearing in a blinding flash. * Darin wanders outside.. looking for Jess... * Amy walks downstairs and outside, bumping right into Darin. * Kodah sits down in a chair and grumps * Darin blinks... "oof.. Hi Amy.." he smiles. * Amy looks up a Darin and blushes slightly <Amy> I.... sorry. * Darin smiles. "It's ok." * Amy looks at Darin... kinda shy and at a loss to find anything to say. * Darin smiles, not needing to say anything, as he scans the area again, looking for Jess... * Amy quietly moves off and pulls out her recorder and starts playing on it. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Tyr now resting peacefully, Jess wanders around town, her thoughts awry with problems... * Jess wanders through the streets of the town of Unrest. * Amy wanders down towards a clothing shop and peers in through the window at the clothing there. <Narrator> A small boutique catches Jess' eye... The garments in it are ravishing... <Jess> Hmmm.... * Kodah rubs his temples, trying to curb his anger * Jess wanders into the shop. * Amy enters the shop to get a better look at the clothing <Narrator> A stocky little man is at a counter, looking at a shirt that seems to need modifications... He lifts his head as he hears a bell cling... <Man> Aye, welcome miss... May I help ye? <Man> Or should I say, misses. <Jess> Maybe. I'm looking for a certain look that will also be a bit more practical on this trip I'm on. * Amy blushes a little bit... and tries to think up the word.... * Jess looks behind her. "AMY? What in the world are you doing in here?" <Amy> .... * The Man hmms... "Aye... I see the problem. Let me see what I can think up." <Amy> Dresses? * Amy looks at Jess. <Amy> I.... born? * Jess follows the store clerk. * Amy looks confused at Jess * Jess looks over the shop. "Nice selection, sir." * Amy follows Jess * The man nods.. "Aye... Crafted them all meself.." then shuffles through a rack... * Amy looks at the man. <Man> Gah. This skirt.. Been here for ages... I don't know what possessed me to make it. This cold weather be not handy for these clothing... Aye.. * Amy taps Jess' shoulder and looks at her. <Amy> Crafted? <Jess> Nice....I like it. * Amy looks at the skirt. <Jess> apparently, he made all of this, Amy. * The man blinks. "Aye.. It looks like it would suit you, m'lady... Forsooth I should make you wear this in such weather... Unless. Eye'll BRB." <Jess> Sir, I happen to like that, may I have a look. <Jess> OK. <Amy> Nice. <Jess> very. <Amy> But... cold... outside... <Amy> Warmer.... dresses? * Jess spots a nice blouse/jacket set. to go along with it. "But what will I do about an armor of some sort?" <Jess> I'm a magician, Amy. I can keep myself warm with my fire magic if I need to. <Narrator> The man returns with a plated armor and long, skin colored stockings... "Aye, now I know what possessed me to make these.. Indeed." * Darin wanders slowly up the street a bit, still looking for Jess.. <Jess> It's perfect, sir...and these to go with them. * Jess shows the clerk the set she picked up off the rack. * The man strokes his chin... "Aye. Fine taste, ye have." <Jess> anyone using that old Rapier over there? I am fascinated by that draconian shape on the hilt. And it appears to be just the size of weapon I'll need when I can't cast. * Jess points to a rapier hanging on the wall. * The man looks at Jess... "Aye, you may take it... Expensive, it be though." Then turns to Amy. "Something ye be lookin' for, miss?" <Amy> Dresses? <Amy> I... looking for dresses. * Jess checks her bag. "I do have my guardiana express card, though it's probably reaching it's limit." * The man gets a broad smile and chuckles wholeheartedly. "Yes yes. Dresses for ye petite size... Aye. In the rack over there, deary" then points to a large rack to the back... * Amy walks into the back room where the large rack is and looks through the selection of dresses. <Man> Guardiana express? Haven't heard that in ages... Hmm. Old folks who passed through here a decade or two ago... Aye... Charming lads. Doesn't ye have any gold?" * Jess checks her bag again. "Of course." She hands the clerk a small pouch. In it is more than enough to cover her stuff. * The man smiles and counts the gold.. "Aye... Great doing business wit'cha. Thank ye kindly." Then moves off to tend to Amy's needs. <Jess> OK.... * Jess wanders out, "Maybe that was all I needed. Just to let my worries go for a while." * Amy picks out a lavish silk blue dress and a long sleeve jacket to go with it. * Darin wanders down the street... right into Jess as she comes out of the shop. <Jess> Oof..Oh, Hi, Darin. <Darin> Pardon me, m'lady, I wasn't paying attention to where... .... Jess? * The man grins... "Nice choice, miss." <Jess> that's me. <Amy> I... like.... this <Amy> I.... have? <Darin> I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to run into you.. <Man> Nay, miss... Not unless ye have a few gold coins... <Jess> it's ok, Darin, trust me. But I'm glad you didn't run into this thing at my side. *Looks down at the rapier she just bought* <Amy> Gold coins? <Darin> Jess.... wow.. <Man> Aye... Money... Gold... * Amy reaches into her pocket and pulls out two gold pieces <Amy> Gold coins? <Jess> you like, Darin? * Amy shows them to the man * Jess does a little spin to show Darin her new equipment. * Darin looks Jess over... "W.. wow.." <Man> Aye.. *looks at the two gold coins, then looks at the dresses* Aye. That be good. *extends his hand* * Darin is completely speechless.. <Jess> don't know how I'll fare with this sword, but in times when magic won't work, I guess this will. * Amy looks at the extended hand, and places the coins in them <Darin> If you'd like any help in training, I'd be glad to assist such a lovely lady * Darin bows slightly. * The man chuckles... "Ye not from around here, are ye." then smiles at Amy. "Thank ye." <Jess> I'll take you up on that offer, sir Knight. * Darin offers his arm to Jess. <Amy> Not here.... from... village far away... <Jess> now, let's get inside, this place is really getting cold. * Jess takes Darin's arm and starts to walk back to the house. * Amy smiles at the man and holds up the dresses "I.... have?" * The man nods... "Aye... I see... Aye, miss. It be yours now." * Amy nods. <Amy> Thank... you * The man smiles at her... "M'pleasure!" then returns to his desk... * Amy walks out of the store and back to the inn. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Back at the inn, Tiernan rests peacefully... Kodah stands outside the door and waits for the young boy to awaken again... * Kodah gets the sudden urge to check on Tyr again <Narrator's Aid> Kodah can hear someone moving about Tyr's room, opening drawers and closets. * Kodah slips close to the door, listening carefully <Tiernan> *huff* There....all ready... * Kodah strains his ears, trying to ascertain where in the room the voice is * Tiernan's voice sounds like it's right by the bed.... <Tiernan> I just...have to make it outside....then... * Kodah opens the door and looks into the room, "Tyr?" * Tiernan turns around sharply, a bag slung over his shoulder. "Kodah! O_o" <Kodah> What the hell do you think you're doing? <Tiernan> ...Oh... * Tiernan hangs his head down. "I'm....leaving....." * Kodah crosses his arms and looks critically at Tyr, "Now why would you go and do a dumb thing like that?" <Tiernan> Because I'm a burden... <Kodah> Are you now? <Tiernan> You know too...I'm sick...and ...what if this was the reason I was put in that strange machine? <Tiernan> If it'll only get worse... <Tiernan> I already caused enough trouble...You lost in the shrine because I ran in there... <Tiernan> I...I..don't want to cause anymore trouble... <Kodah> So you figure that running away will make it all better? <Tiernan> .... <Tiernan> I wouldn't cause you any more trouble.. <Tiernan> Why...? <Tiernan> I was going to tell he wouldn't worry. <Kodah> Because if you leave, we'll have to drop everything that we're doing in order to find you <Tiernan> ... <Kodah> If you leave, you'll cause us a lot of trouble. You know why? * Tiernan looks like is trying to hold his feelings back. "I..I...I don't know what to do anymore!" <Kodah> You could try and trust us Tyr * Tiernan finally begins to cry tears of frustration. <Tiernan> I trust you...I do! It's not that... <Kodah> Then what is it? * Kodah sits down next to Tyr <Tiernan> I...I just don't know what's happening to me... <Tiernan> And...and this time...we were lucky...but what if I have another strange dream and I hurt you all? <Tiernan> I know I hurt Zoie...I remember now... <Tiernan> I think I'm understanding more what happened... <Kodah> I'm hearing a lot of 'what ifs' here Tyr <Kodah> You can 'what if' yourself to death you know <Tiernan> But they could happen.... <Kodah> Tyr if you spend all your time worrying about the 'what ifs', you never get anything done <Tiernan> But.... <Tiernan> If I get too sick to help you... <Kodah> Then we'll handle it. Like we always have <Tiernan> Really? * Tiernan wipes some of his tears away. <Kodah> Really * Tiernan hugs Kodah, letting out a few quiet sobs. <Kodah> Easy there Tyr. It'll be okay <Tiernan> I just have all these strange feelings... <Tiernan> I don't know what to do anymore...I <Kodah> Just try and tackle all those feelings one at a time <Tiernan> It's hard though... <Tiernan> I...I miss Sasha a lot... <Kodah> I know its hard. But you just have to keep at it <Kodah> I'm sure you'll run across her again. Its not that big of a world * Tiernan nods slowly, and sits up. "I..I guess I should unpack my bags, huh?" <Kodah> Please do. I'll help if you need it * Tiernan smiles slightly, flexing his wings. "Okay. Thank're really good friend." * Kodah pats Tyr on the shoulder, then moves to help him unpack <Tiernan> I think I need to tell you abut my dream...when everyone comes back... <Tiernan> I remember more and more of it each minute... * Kodah nods * Tiernan puts several of his shirts into the drawer, which doesn't take long..Tyr doesn't have that many clothes. * Amy walks upstairs and over to her room, but stops. <Kodah> Please do. I'll help if you need it * Tiernan smiles slightly, flexing his wings. "Okay. Thank're really good friend." * Kodah pats Tyr on the shoulder, then moves to help him unpack <Tiernan> I remember more and more of it each minute... * Kodah nods * Tiernan puts several of his shirts into the drawer, which doesn't take long..Tyr doesn't have that many clothes. <Tiernan> Hey Kodah... <Kodah> Hmm? * Amy decides to check on Tiernan once more to see how he is. <Tiernan> I was reading this book...and it talked about something called 'birthdays'. What are those? <Jess> Darin, maybe we should check on Tyr. * Amy walks down the hall to Tyr's room. <Kodah> Its a celebration on the day in which a person was born. A way of celebrating that person's being in the world for another year <Tiernan> .... * Amy enters the room and sees Tiernan and Kodah talking. <Tiernan> I guess I'll never have one of those. <Amy> Tiernan! <Kodah> Not true * Tiernan turns around and smiles at Amy. "^_^ Hi!" * Jess wanders to Tiernan's room. "Just thought we'd check up on you, Tyr. Howya doin?" <Amy> Feel... better? <Tiernan> Yes...I'm still a little tired, but better than I was... * Amy holds her new dress up in Tyr's sight. <Amy> Nice...? <Tiernan> Oh! That's pretty....! <Tiernan> ^_^ * Amy smiles <Tiernan> ...Guys? I'm...sorry about the shrine.. * Tiernan shuffles his feet. <Jess> it's not your fault, Tyr. We all were to blame for that. <Tiernan> I think I remember what I was dreaming about now... * Darin looks at Tyr and listens .. <Kodah> Let's hear it then <Jess> look at it this way...we learned something control our anger. I know I learned not to rely only on my magic too. * Tiernan sits down on the bed. <Tiernan> I was talking to David...first... <Amy> Dream....? <Tiernan> Then I had a very bad headache.... <Amy> Tell dream? <Tiernan> And I fell...I felt like I was falling forever... <Tiernan> And when I woke up...I was in this huge field....but the grass wasn't was red...because blood was all over it... <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> These...I don't know what they were...I think they were devils...they were fighting each other...and not just devils...but humans too...they wouldn't stop! <Tiernan> They just kept killing each other...! <Tiernan> ...and then about two devils came after me... <Tiernan> I think in reality they were David and Reisha...but I'm not sure... <Tiernan> They said it was okay...but it wasn't! They were leering at I punched one of them... *Mimics punching with his left hand* and then I pushed one...and I ran.... <Tiernan> ...I ran and ran and I was covered with wouldn't come off either... * Tiernan begins to cry... <Tiernan> But...then I saw a shrine....and I thought it would be a safe place... * Jess puts a hand on Tiernan's shoulder, trying to be reassuring. <Tiernan> So I ran inside, and the same devils were after me again! <Tiernan> Only there were more! <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> So I ran into this room, and I thought I saw someone... <Tiernan> And that person felt good to me...but it wasn't a person, it was a statue... and it was all broken... <Tiernan> So I don't even know who it was supposed to be... <Tiernan> And then the devils came in...and they said they were my friends...but they weren't! <Tiernan> ...and then...I woke up...and you were all there...and then I don't remember anything else. * Kodah thinks <Tiernan> Why would dream about something like that? <Kodah> Don't know <Jess> I don't know, Tiernan, but I can say that I know how you feel. <Tiernan> How could you know...? <Jess> I've been having a recurring nightmare ever since I was 15, that's how, Tyr. <Tiernan> Oh... <Amy> Phoenix.... live long time.... maybe.... past.... you.... forget? <Jess> I know there's a deeper meaning to it, but I can't figure it out. <Tiernan> ...You think that's a memory, Amy...? <Amy> But.... <Kodah> Hmm <Amy> You... not...look old... <Amy> But... maybe... are old... <Amy> May be... memory. <Darin> She could be right... <Jess> you know what they say, Amy. You're only as old as you feel. <Tiernan> ....If that was one of my memories...what was my past life like...? <Kodah> Troubled at one point it sounds like <Tiernan> ...where do we go now? <Kodah> Well, what are we trying to accomplish at this point? <Amy> Mother... told me story.... about... people... who... forget.... and they see them.... in dreams.... <Jess> we'll surely wind up back here. We've got a date with destiny against that sword of Darkness, but we really need to find a way back to Grans island too. <Jess> or at least the Parmecian mainland. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> ...Where's Parmecia....? <Tiernan> Is it nice? <Jess> It's the mainland continent east of Grans Island, Tier. <Kodah> It used to be... <Amy> Parmecia? <Amy> Continent? <Tiernan> You know.... <Jess> my actual home is on that continent. Haven't been back in over 10 years. <Tiernan> I used my magic in that you think it would work again? <Kodah> Maybe <Jess> might....doesn't hurt to try. <Amy> Place beyond.... home? <Kodah> The world is much bigger than you may think Amy <Jess> a lot bigger. <Amy> I.... want... see it! * Tiernan begins chanting under his breath... * Amy shivers a little. <Kodah> ..? * Darin nods.. and suddenly.. gets a very.. lost look.. * Tiernan stops. "^_^; I'm trying out that spell again. If it works...I should glow." * Kodah nods * Tiernan goes back to chanting. * Kodah waits to see what happens <Narrator> == Tiernan's aura starts to glow white... * Jess looks at the pictures in her locket. She then closes it, smiling somewhat as a small tear comes to her right eye. <Tiernan> Izstae mouna lartiva monst... * Darin looks at Jess... putting a hand on her should comfortingly. * Tiernan bows his head down slightly. "Up north...wrapped in white snow...the Shrine....only by working together will we succeed where we have once failed..." <Tiernan> Only then...will we find the prize.... * Tiernan stops and falls backward. <Kodah> ? <Kodah> Tyr? You okay? <Darin> Tyr? <Tiernan> Uhmm...did it work? <Jess> if we have to go back to that shrine, then let's get going. There's no time to waste. <Kodah> You mentioned something about the shrine up north <Tiernan> ...then it worked ^_^ <Tiernan> That's where were were before! * Jess pulls her new Rapier out of it's sheath. "Somehow, I'm itching to use this for the first time." * Kodah nods <Tiernan> ...And I don't feel as tired this time...I must be getting better at my magic. ^_^ <Tiernan> Let's go... * Tiernan stands up, wobbling slightly, but rights himself. * Kodah stands, stretches, and gets ready to move <Tiernan> I hope I won't be any more trouble this time... <Kodah> Regardless of what happens we'll cope with it <Jess> let's go, folks. * Tiernan walks out the door. <Tiernan> Let's see if I can remember the way again... <Tiernan> North, right...Then let's go! * Kodah follows Tyr * Jess nods and follows Tyr. * Amy follows Tyr. * Tiernan walks along. ^_^ * Darin follows <Narrator> With this, the Shining force once again heads towards the north shrine to try and face Darrel, the sword of darkness, for another showdown... Their last defeat being so bitter, this success would probably be the sweetest achievement the force has accomplished as of yet... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====