Shining Force RPG 2 session 22
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force heads back towards the shrine north of the town of Unrest in the hopes of pursuing their adventure... The sword of Darkness, Darrel, awaits them patiently... * Jess tries a couple of practice swings with her new Rapier. "I hope I can get the hang of this thing." * Tiernan looks about the bleak, frozen landscape, humming softly... <Darin> Don't worry Jess.. you will.. * Darin smiles reassuringly * Reisha pouts. "I still can't believe we lost back there.. how humiliating.." :/ <Tiernan> ... <Jess> everyone loses now and then, Reisha. <Darin> We learned a lesson though... and we know better this time. <Narrator> The wind knicks at the team with invisible blades of cold, the weather seeming quite agitated... <Reisha> Yeah, but that doesn't mean you have to like it. :P <Jess> I know better than to cast that chilling inferno this time....that really kicked our asses. * Tiernan shivers and pulls his overcoat tighter around his body... <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> Kodah...are you cold? <Kodah> Yes...kinda * Indigo reappears in a flash of brilliant white light. <Tiernan> Hmm... <Indigo> Hi everyone! ^_^ Oooo...its' cold. Where are we now? * Tiernan takes off his scarf and hands it to Kodah. ^_^ * Reisha tries to conserve her heat in the cold, her temper warming her up ever so nicely. ^^ * Amy keeps a warm aura around her body to keep herself warm <Kodah> No thanks, I'll be okay <Tiernan> Here! <Tiernan> You're sure? * Kodah wraps the scarf back around Tyr's neck (gently) * Darin looks at Jess.. "You ok?" <Kodah> I'm sure * David wraps his arms around Rei's waist.. <Indigo> You guys look downcast. What happened now? * Tiernan smiles warmly. "Okay Kodah...but if you get too just have to ask me. ^_^" <Jess> should be...if I could get the hang of this Rapier. <Kodah> Will do * Reisha mutters a little as David wraps his arm around her. * Indigo blinks looking about. <Narrator> The sky slowly darkens... Dark clouds gathering to the north... <Darin> .. I don't much like the look of that... * David frowns a little down at Rei.. "Hey. Cheer up. It could be worse. I mean, Indigo could be growing a beard and it could overcome us, chanting 'I am the walrus!'." <Tiernan> What's going on...? <Jess> no joke... * Reisha blinks. <Kodah> I think we should work on finding shelter. Quick-like * Jess sheathes her new weapon and latches onto Darin. <David> Shelter sounds like a plan, K-man. * Indigo looks up. <Reisha> And I thought Indy was wierd now.. ^^; * Darin puts his arm around Jess. <Kodah> K-man? * David looks around for some sort of shelter. "You know you like my weirdness!" <Tiernan> The sky is angry...... <Indigo> Oh a storm. Hey, what's going on here? I was away again.... <Narrator> Suddenly, Bryann runs into David! <David> Ack O_O * David falls over! * Reisha loses her balance as David falls... "Hey!" <Narrator> Bryann then suddenly runs off, without so much a word or a pardon for running into David * Kodah blinks at the newcomer * David grunts and tries not to blush as Rei lands on him. "Stupid traveler! Where'd you learn to walk! The back of a caravan!?" <Tiernan> ...This day just keeps getting stranger and stranger... :/ * Jess shrugs.... <Kodah> Quite * Darin nods.. * Reisha acks, and gets off of David. <Reisha> Ohh.. the nerve of that guy! Remind me to toast him later! * Indigo sighs. <Jess> speaking of toast, shall we get going to that shrine again? <Indigo> Where's Amy? At least she listens... * Tiernan holds his hand out and watches the snow fall gently on it. "..." * David stands and chuckles. "Yes ma'am. Okay. Lets burn ground!" <Tiernan> It's pretty...isn't it? * Amy walks behind everyone. * Darin nods..and puts his arm back around Jess. <Kodah> Yeah, but like everything, too much can be bad for you * Indigo goes back to Amy and asks her how's she's feeling in the Elemental tongue. <Tiernan> I wish that wasn't so... * David nods to Tyr, smiling slightly. "Don't mind Kodah...he hasn't had his Wheaties today....snow is wonderful! Cold but...very beautiful!" <Tiernan> Really? What can I do with the snow? * Indigo looks at the falling snow. <Kodah> I think that world was made that way for a reason actually <Indigo> Snow? Is that what this is? * David grins and scoops down, building a snowball.. * David pelts it at Rei ;) <Tiernan> O_o * David runs behind Tyr! * Kodah blinks at Indy, "You don't know what SNOW is?" <David> That! You can do that! ;) <Tiernan> I didn't do that! O_o <Reisha> Urk! o_o <Tiernan> But it looks like fun! ^_^ * Tiernan bends down and scoops some up in his hands...and pelts it at David! * Reisha grabs a handful, and counters. "Oh, you want to start with me, eh?" * David acks and grins at Tyr! He dumps snow down Tyr's back and sticks his tongue out at Rei! <Tiernan> O_o Ack!! <Tiernan> C-ccooold! * Amy sighs * Tiernan hops about * Darin looks at Jess... debating.... * Kodah watches all the absurdity with muted amusement <Amy> Tyie gah winoo falsi ki ne (I don't understand what's going on) * Jess looks at Darin. "Something wrong?" * Reisha takes some snow and shoves it into David's mouth. :P * David blinks and coughs! ^^; * David spits out the snow and eyes Rei before scooping her up in his arms! * David trots over to a snow pile and dumps Rei in it ;) <Narrator> The snow David spits out has an odd yellowish color... A bitter mouth stays in David's mouth. * Tiernan looks at Amy and Zoie. "^_^ Would you like to try?" <Jess> heheheh.....this is funny * Darin puts some snow down Jess's back.. then walks away... * Indigo nods and murmurs back in Elemental "Nor do I". * Reisha laughs. * Indigo grabs a snowflake. * Tiernan scoops up some more snow in his hands, his fingertips going numb ^_^; <Reisha> First rule of winter wonderland kiddies.. don't eat the yellow snow. <Narrator> Yeah... It is NOT apple flavored snow... I learned that the hard way. Blech. <Narrator> O_o; * Narrator returns to Narrating <Tiernan> That voice again! <Amy> Where....? <Tiernan> Who said that.... <Tiernan> Didn't you hear it? <Narrator> The cloud formations to the north get darker and denser as the Shining Force approaches them... * Indigo speaks in Elemental to Amy again asking "How do you feel, having healed Tiernan?" * Jess keeps going.. * David gets a slightly serious look again... * Reisha looks at Tyr. "I told you to ignore that stupid voice." <Tiernan> ...I's just hard not to. * Kodah keeps trudging along * Amy keeps moving unsure as to what's going on. * Amy walks over beside Tyr. * Narrator whispers at Tiernan, "Ask Reisha if it's that time of the month." * Tiernan looks up at the sky. "No! :/" * David nudges some snow with his foot.. <Tiernan> Hi Amy... ^_^ * Indigo conjures up a floating gloved hand with an outstretched pointing finger over Tyr's head. :P * Amy speaks in elemental tongue to Indigo before walking up to Tyr "It feels.... nice to help....someone" * Reisha puts her hand on her face... * Indigo smiles. * Tiernan looks at the hand...and blinks. "What is that? O_o" <Indigo> ~Yes dear, shall I teach you how to control your power?~ * Indigo smiles. * Jess looks over at Darin. "Something on your mind, love? You've been too quiet as of late." * David reaches out to touch Rei's shoulder, moving slightly so she can see his concerned look....he doesn't talk loudly.. "Are you okay, Reisha...?" <Indigo> Something I'm working on. ^_^ * Indigo adds a flashing red triangle over Tyr's head too. * Reisha shifts her gaze a little. "Well.. I think I've had better days." * Tiernan begins to look frightened. "What is that floating over my head?" * David nods a little, hair falling into his eyes... "I know...if there's anything I can do..." <Kodah> Indy? What are you doing to Tyr? <Indigo> *she throws her voice through the pointing hand* I'm the pointer! My job is making sure you know where you are at all times. * Reisha folds her arms. "Well I know a few things..." * Tiernan litterally stumbles back in fear O_o <Reisha> Like not be so reckless like before. <Tiernan> Stop that! Leave me alone! :/ * Jess seems determined today for some reason... <Jess> let's just keep moving. OK? <Jess> Come on. * David gets a serious look... "If it makes you cheer up, I'll promise you I won't be so reckless anymore..." <Indigo> Hand: Well....okay..... * Jess keeps going north. * Reisha sighs. "I hope you don't break it.. I've heard way too many broken promises.." :/ * Kodah tries to swat away the triangle over Tyr's head <Reisha> You're the leader anyway. You go down, and then we all do.. * Indigo sends the hand around his head in an orbit, the triangle never leaving. * David gets a grim look.. "....I know.....I know the responsibility I carry..." * Tiernan gets back up and sighs. "So confusing..." * Kodah helps Tyr to his feet * Amy looks at Tyr and looks and Indy and the hand. <Indigo> Hand: Weeeeeee! Now you'll never get lost! :D <Narrator> The sky is dark and thick as the Shining Force notices the shrine in the distance... <Amy> Umm.... <Tiernan> But I wasn't lost before... <Indigo> Hand: And the triangle helps too.... <Kodah> What's that up ahead? <Amy> Tyr... was lost? <Tiernan> I don't think so... * David looks at the shrine now... "Where we're headed, I guess. Shelter. Maybe something more.." * Indigo looks at the temple and the triangle fades, then the hand drops into his hands. * Indigo shakes her head, brown hair flying. * Amy looks at the temple <Indigo> No, the Hand was just bothering Tyr. * Reisha runs a hand through her long locks. * Jess narrows her eyes at the entrance to the shrine. She finally speaks in a determined voice, "Let's get going.... I recognize that place." <Kodah> The sooner we get out of the wind the better. We'll freeze to death out here if we're out in the open too long <Amy> That temple... * Tiernan blinks. "I don't remember coming here the first all..." * Kodah stops and narrow his eyes at the temple <Reisha> Let's just go already. * David places his hand on the hilt of his sword.. <Kodah> Wait... <Tiernan> Kodah? <Darin> hmm? * Tiernan tries to get the hands to leave him alone -_- <Kodah> There's something not right about that temple... <Jess> I know. I feel it too. <Tiernan> It''s like the Tower of Mightnight's Eve... <Tiernan> Evil here.... <Kodah> I suggest we prepare for the worst if we go in there <Indigo> Mightnight's Eve? <Reisha> Well, I don't think freezing out here seems any more right than that temple. :P <Darin> ... <Tiernan> .... <Tiernan> I have to know why I came here.... <Jess> let's just get in there It's better than freezing out here. <Indigo> Is that the tower where all the demons were? * Amy cautiously looks around. <Tiernan> Yes... * Amy shivers a little... <Amy> Cold.... * Indigo hugs Amy. * Tiernan hugs Amy as well... * Kodah 's hackles go up as the group approaches the structure * David draws the enhanced AmeShi and heads forward... * Amy blinks <Tiernan> ...Do you think... * Tiernan blinks. * Jess draws her rapier out of it's sheath. <Tiernan> That I could try that spell that helps me find information? <Amy> Um... uh.... <Amy> Th-than-k... you? * Indigo nods. <Indigo> You're welcome dear. <Kodah> Which spell is that? * Darin draws his Blade of Truth <Indigo> Why don't you stay close to me? I'll help you. <Tiernan> The one where I don't remember what I'm saying but I seem to say things that are true... * Reisha just walks forward, getting impartient. <Narrator> Thunder can suddenly be heard rumbling in the distance... * David tenses.. * Indigo looks up. <Narrator> Bolts of concentrated electricity start appearing in the distance... <David> .... <David> This could be bad. * Kodah bares his fangs <Indigo> Looks like Atlas is really getting worked up. * Indigo smiles. * Reisha smiles a little. <Amy> I, wan-t t-to stay w-with Tiernan. * Tiernan blinks. "What is that?" <Reisha> Well.. at least I know I'm not the only one in a bad mood.. ^^ <Tiernan> That flash of light... <Narrator> A dark figure stands on one of the crashed pylons of the shrine and another dark form floating in front of the entrance... * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Okay dear. <Amy> Who....? * Indigo looks at the figure. <Tiernan> O_o Huh? Who is that? <David> ....we've got company... <Kodah> Who goes there? <Indigo> Hi! We're the Shining Force and we need shelter from the storm! <Jess> .... <Darin> .... * Kodah fixes Indigo with the icy stare of agonizing death * Reisha looks at the figure. "Who the heck is that?" * David drops into defensive position and glares at the figures..."Indi. Save the hallmark greetings for Christmas..." * Indigo turns and blinks at Kodah. * David inches forward, trying to get a better view.. * Tiernan finds himself taking several steps closer...almost involunaterily, but also out of curiousity. <Narrator> The man on the pylon quickly turns his gaze at the Shining Force, eyes glowing a bright white, then quickly turns back to the other form at the entrance and utters the words, "Rayjin final.." as he extends his fingers towards him... <David> O_o <Tiernan> Oh no! O_o <Darin> .... <Kodah> ?! <Indigo> Rayjin? <Tiernan> Stop!! * Jess finds herself taking quite a few stps closer to Darin, instinctively. <Reisha> Don't tell me it's Jeyer again... <Indigo> Hey David, your mom had a spell called Rayjin, didn't she? * David twitches ^^; <David> Uh! Yes! <Jess> JEYER..... * Indigo turns to the figure. <Tiernan> No more blood spilled! Please stop it! <Indigo> Hey! Is that you Kara? It's me, Indigo! I'm with your son! <Narrator> A large bolt of power crashes down at the dark presence holding its ground in front of the entrance... The powerful spell crashes at him, not affecting him one single bit. * Kodah takes a small step back, falling into a defensive posture <David> ..It's not my mom. ^^; <Indigo> But only Kara could do that... <Narrator> The dark form laughs maniacally as he absorbs the spell... * David brings AmeShi up, peering towards the forms.. "No...this is different..." * Jeyer growls, paying no heed to the Shining force... Simply at the task at hand... * Jess assumes a defensive stance. "Mitula be with us. I hope I know enough about using this thing to do any good. <Kodah> Absorbing a Raijin Final...not too shabby at all * Kodah narrows his eyes at the Mitula remark, but says nothing * Tiernan takes several steps closer.... <Tiernan> What are you doing...? O_o <David> Tiernan. Be careful. I mean it. <Kodah> Hold up Tyr, we don't know all the details yet * Zoie looks over at Jess and then at the floor and then just moves her eyes up * Reisha juggles a few bolts of electricty herself. * Indigo prepares to summon Doom. * Jeyer starts off in a headlong rush, unsheathing his Katana from his left and throwing it in his right hand in a single fluid movement... Then suddenly turns it up, blade tip pointing outwards at the form, running silently, but blazingly fast... * David watches Jeyer... * Tiernan watches silently... * Amy is just silently amazed at this. * Jess watches the fight... <Indigo> Jeyer....again? <Kodah> Again * Darin's jaw drops... <David> ....tell me, what did my mother see in him again? <Indigo> I have no idea. * David mutters.. * Kodah watches the scene, wondering what Jeyer is doing. But he has his suspicions <Reisha> You know... <Narrator> The sword imbeds himself in the belly of the form, making a sickening sound as it slides through flesh and bone... Jeyer then twists his blade inside the wound, the sickening sound of bone grinding against metal resonating far louder than supposed to... * Tiernan is standing a little too close for comfort...but he's not moving...which is good. O_o <Kodah> Jeyer is a masterful Ninja. That in and of itself has somewhat of a draw David * David twitches... "Familiar move." <Reisha> I can't believe what a showoff that guy is. * Tiernan cringles visbily.. <Indigo> Kara was cold but friendly once you got to know her. Jeyer was always a jerk as I recall.... <Jess> that's what Lara told me, anyway. <Indigo> But then again, he's our jerk, so we should help. Let's all attack the guy he's fighting at once! * Kodah waits for Jeyer to either finish, get toasted, ask for help, or tell the force to piss off <Jess> Good idea.. * Tiernan nods slowly and begins to chant under his breath. <Narrator> The form looks down at Jeyer, smirks, seemingly unnafected by the painful attack... He extends a finger and touches Jeyer's forehead, whispering the words, "Soul shriek", words barely inaudible, but again, they echo across the whole area... <Kodah> ! <David> .... <Jess> O_o; <Tiernan> ? * Jeyer freezes. <Indigo> What's that? <Indigo> So let's go! <Tiernan> Sir!! Look out! * Reisha raises an eyebrow. * David's blade's flames flicker maddeningly suddenly.. * Indigo glows jet-black. <David> Indigo. Stay. Sit. Beg. Roll over. * Tiernan looks unsure of what to do next... <Indigo> Grandma, I hope you're watching... * Jess holds her Rapier ready..... * Amy remains silent. <Narrator> == A dark pit opens up under Jeyer... Thousands of ghastly shapes float up and lash out with phantom claws and teeth, shreding Jeyer in every direction. 436 damage! <Reisha> Umm.. something tells me even Jeyer might have bitten off more than he could chew this time.. <Tiernan> Stop! * David twitches but holds his ground.... * Zoie watches Indigo intently <Kodah> For the love o_O * Jeyer winces and crumbles to the ground, lifeless.... <Kodah> That was unnecesary * Tiernan 's face hardens. <Zoie> talk about overkill <Indigo> Hey, you can't do that! <Tiernan> I could revive him... * David starts forward more, moving past Tyr to crouch defensively in front of the force... he glares at the dark form.. <Narrator> The form looks at the Shining Force with a grin that paralyzes the whole team... His blood red eyes glowing brightly, he starts uttering arcane words... <Jess> O_o;;; <David> ! <Jess> Oh shit.... <Tiernan> ....I can't move...! * Darin pulls Jess close to him .... * Kodah chokes, as his whole body suddenly locks up <Amy> No.... <Kodah> Devil...magic... <Indigo> That was an act of sorcery and I command you to appear before the Arcane..... *she stops* * David growls and struggles to move! * Reisha grimaces. "Hey buddy.. I've had a bad enough day without some dark bozo getting on my nerves.." >:| * Tiernan falls to his knees. * Kodah struggles to move, but without success <David> You coward! * Reisha struggles to get her magic going! <Narrator> The form, oblivious to the insults and taunts thrown at him, continues his arcane work... <Kodah> This...guy's strong... <Zoie> <m> this is grand... absolutely grand.. <Jess> no joke, Kodah...he's one hell of a sorcerer. * Tiernan tries to chant his magic, unsure if it will work since he cannot make the guestures along with his words... <Indigo> You must a council of mages.....for this. I, Indigo Mysteria, master elementalist....command it! <Darin> .... <David> .... <Reisha> Ergh.. just let me.. get one good shot * David closes his eyes and tries to summon some power to move.. <Kodah> He's the one...who's...defiling know it! <Narrator> The ground starts to rumble... A loud rumble... As the form's black aura surrounds him, slowly reshaping him... His body spawns scales all over... His head splits in three distinct heads... And his body grows... Larger and larger... <Zoie> Indigo.. pardon my ouburst.. shut up already. The more you insult him, the worse it will get I'm sure. <Tiernan> Kodah...! It hurts....! <Kodah> Oh no... Oh god no o_O <Indigo> You will answer for this...and accept the judgment of the council for your crimes! * Tiernan pales... O_o <Jess> it's....Holy Mitula DRAGON... * Indigo gasps as he transforms, then speaks to Zoie. <David> ...... <Kodah> Dark Dragon...not again <Tiernan> Dark Dragon...! <Indigo> I was required to give that command.... <Darin> Merciful..... * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> It was destroyed...we destroyed it. * David growls... "Not again......why don't you just stay dead!!" <Reisha> I think we're screwed.. o_o <Jess> merciful * Zoie growls at the words Jess spoke <Tiernan> can he be alive.....he was killed....wasn't...he? <Amy> Dark.... Dragon.... <Jess> I was told that Dark Dragon was destroyed by Lara's Force Sword. <Kodah> Aparently not <Indigo> We defeated it once, Kara, Erin, Lara, myself and the others. We can do it again! <Narrator> The temple rumbles as its stone lift upwards... <David> ....technically mom was dead during the fight <David> but anyway <Reisha> You mean that's that Drak Dragon people were babbling about? <Jess> yeah... <Narrator> Dark dragon starts to grow his dark, leathery wings and takes flight, hovering over the shrine... <Kodah> of the three dark powers who vyed for control over all devils <David> ...if this is how it be it.. <Indigo> You fool lizard! You think you're frightening? Ha! You were defeated, shown to be the lowly worm you are. Back to your pit~ <Indigo> ! <Reisha> Hey.. dragon or no.. nobody's beating me twice in one day..! :/ * Indigo cannot move, but her green eyes blaze with defiance. <Kodah> Indigo...SHUT UP ALREADY! <Narrator> The shrine lifts itself into the darkened sky slowly, leaving the Shining Force on the ground... As it slowly lifts itself up... * Reisha tries harder to extricate herself. <Tiernan> What's happening?! * David growls.. <Jess> that must be the....Shrine....of..... <Darin> ....... <Indigo> The Dragon thinks it can intimidate us. <Zoie> Were you required to say that as well indigo? <Kodah> We you born stupid Indi, or do you freaking practice!! <Indigo> No, I just wanted to. The Dragon irritates me. ^_^ <Narrator> Dark dragon laughs an omnious laugh... Sending chills down everyone's spines as the shrine lifts itself too far overhead, moving away to the east slowly, Dark dragon dissapearing inside the large gates... <Reisha> he's taking the shrine..? * Amy shivers * Indigo blinks. <Darin> .... <Tiernan> This is.... <Jess> ...... <Indigo> That's new. I guess the lizard does learn new tricks. * Kodah glares hatefully at Indigo <Amy> East.... <Narrator> As the shrine floats away, someone falls off the edge, plummeting towards the ground... <Zoie> Indigo, a word of advice.. speaking just for the sake of hearing your own voice is not a good thing to do. <Kodah> ? <Indigo> I was born insane Kodah, not stupid. ^_^ Besides, I use Dragons for pillows. Ask Flamestrike, I kicked him around enough. ^_^ <Tiernan> Sir Jeyer! <David> ....? * Jess runs toward the falling figure and jumps, trying to catch the person. <Kodah> Dark Dragon is not Flamestrike you putz! <Narrator> Yeah... Dark Dragon is j00r d4ddy <Indigo> Well, he has the same weaknesses I assume. Kick him in the eye, hit the wing joints.... * Darin blinks..still in shock.. * Tiernan tries to run towards the falling man. * David shakes it off surprisingly well and follows Tyr! * Indigo looks towards Jeyer. * Tiernan then lifts himself into the sky to catch him in the air! O_o <Narrator> Jess' efforts to try and catch the body are successful... Jeyer slumps over Jess, making her tumble to the ground. <Indigo> If I remember, Jeyer can teleport.... * Darin runs to Jess' side. * Tiernan blinks and glides back to the ground. "Is he dead?" <Jess> Ouch.... * Kodah hurries over to Jess and Jeyer * David skids to a stop by Jeyer and Jess......he looks down at Jeyer, kneeling beside the still form...he runs his hand over Jeyer's neck, trying to find a pulse.. <Darin> Jess.. Are you ok? Is he ok? * Indigo walks over to them. <Jess> I'll be...fine... * Jeyer breathes shallowly, but breathes nonetheless... He is unconscious... <Indigo> Jeyer, do wake up now. * Darin sounds terrifed shocked and worried. * Reisha finally gets moving.. and joins the group by Jeyer. <David> .... * David chants.. * Jess tries to pick herself up off the ground. * Indigo pokes him with the pointy metal end of her staff. * Darin helps Jess up <Reisha> That is one tough guy. * David places a light hand on Jeyer's head..... "¤Heal..." <Tiernan> ..... * Amy walks over to the crowd. * Tiernan spreads his wings wide. <Tiernan> I could save him....with my magic.... <Indigo> Grandma Mitula, please aid Tiernan in healing Jeyer. * Jess says a silent prayer to the goddess as a green aura surrounds Jeyer. "Heal...1!" <Amy> Dark Dragon.... Devil.... * David heals Jeyer along with Jess * Zoie looks up at Indigo yet again... and just stares.. * Kodah stands back and watches the scene <Tiernan> If I heal him....I'll be unconcious for a that okay? <Indigo> Well if you don't he may die....again. <Kodah> Dark Dragon, one of the three great Dark powers. Only Zeon and Dark Sol can match Dark Dragon's power <David>, we need you...don't worry. He'll be okay. We'll take him with us. <Reisha> I think david has it covered.. <Narrator> == The heal spells slowly fill Jeyer with vigor... His body accepts the light, raising him slowly... <Tiernan> You're sure? I'll wake up eventually...he might not... * David nods to Tyr. "I'm sure." <Tiernan> Okay... <Kodah> Just be patient Tyr, he's coming around <Indigo> I thought DarkSol and Dark Dragon were servants of Zeon. That's what I remember... * Jeyer opens hie eyes slowly, wincing at the still present soreness... "... Damned.. Damned Dark Dragon.." * Jess keeps pouring healing magic into Jeyer. "Goddess, heal his body and calm his soul. HEAL 1!" <Tiernan> No...they all fought for power... * David looks at Jeyer.. "Hey....wake up, gramps. C'mon. You can do it." * Indigo frowns, trying to remember. <Kodah> They are, only because Zeon defeated tham <Amy> Dark Dragon.... Zeon... Dark Sol <Jess> Thank Mitula you're ok.... <Indigo> Oh. And we defeated Zeon, which makes us the most powerful! ^_^ I mean, the first Shining Force that is... * Jess looks down at Jeyer. * Indigo smiles at Jeyer. <Tiernan> ..... * Darin looks at Jeyer.. then at Amy... <David> ...well. One crisis averted, another born... * Kodah galres at Indi, "You are so naieve it makes my head hurt..." <Indigo> You survived again. That's what....six lives down, three to go? * Jeyer tries to lift himself up but crumbles back at the dizziness.. ".. The.. Shrine.... What about.. The shrine..? It's gone.. Isn't it.." <Tiernan> Are you all right now, Mister Jeyer? <David> It is.. <Jess> yes, unfortunately. <Tiernan> Yes...Dark Dragon took it away to the east... * Kodah eyes Jeyer, only slight syumpathy showing in his face * David offers a hand to Jeyer * Zoie walks over and just looks at Indigo and shakes her head a few times before walking away * Tiernan points in the direction it sped off to. <Amy> Reborn... * Indigo looks at Amy sharply. <Jeyer> ..... I failed.. <Indigo> Reborn? Whatever do you mean? Zeon is dead. <Tiernan> ...he cannot truly die.... <Kodah> Zeon doesn't die Indi <Indigo> I forget who delivered the final blow, but he is gone. <Reisha> Yeah, jeyer? Well join the club. ^^ <Zoie> just because you lose you life once doesn't mean that your sould won't be reborn again <Tiernan> He is part of each of us....he is evil incarnate..... * Indigo blinks at that concept. * Tiernan 's voice trails off. * Jeyer turns his gaze at Reisha.. and just stares right through her.. <Indigo> Really? You mean Mom and Dad, the ones I killed, might be alive somewhere? * Darin glares at Indigo.. * David sighs slightly and reaches down, grabbing Jeyer's hand and helping him up. <Zoie> so maybe are their mother and father, and theirs etc * Reisha stares back, not in the mood to be intimidated. <Zoie> <m> and let me tell you I'm sure that your grandparents wouldn't be pleased right now.. <Indigo> I know that the founder of my family, Mitula, is alive, but she's different.... * Kodah just watches, not feeling like agitating Jeyer right now <David> Now children. No fighting at the dinner table. Don't talk with your mouth full. Elbows off the table. Use proper utensils. * David keeps his voice light, despite everything, in an attempt to boost the group's mood somehow :P * Reisha back down at David's comment. * Jess holds onto Darin. <Indigo> Well, I'm sure they understand. *uncertain look* I mean, I was insane when I sliced off Dad's ummm...well...privates, then stabbed he and Mom to death. I'm sure they've forgotten all about it. ^_^ * Tiernan doesn't say anything. <Kodah> So what do we do now? Dark Dragon didn't just snatch that temple out of a sense of real estate <Tiernan> What's 'privates?' * Indigo goes and sits down, watching Jeyer. <Reisha> So Jeyer old pal... What the heck were you doing risking your life for some Shrine, anyway? <Zoie> <m> forgotten? is she for real? trust me they aren't happy campers.. -_-; <David> Tyr, your equipment. In your pants. ^^; * Zoie looks at Tiernan "privates, that ares between your legs" <Indigo> Ummmm....well's between your legs. <Tiernan> I don't keep my boomerang in my pants. * David blushes despite himself and coughs. <Zoie> not your boomerang.. * Reisha can't keep a straight face. o_o <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> I said something wrong again... <Zoie> no you didn't * Jeyer still stares at Reisha blankly.. "I'm... I.." *lets out a low whimper* <Tiernan> Just ignore me...I'm stupid anyway... <Reisha> Ok.. how did our conversation end up there.. ^^; * Amy is slightly confused at it as well. * Darin keeps quiet.. listening.. but paying more attention to Jess. <Indigo> Well, from what I've seen, when you get kicked there, you'll know. <Kodah> Don't worry about it Tyr. I'll explain later <David> You're not stupid * Tiernan's face suddenly reddens. "Oh. OH." * David looks at Jeyer. "Hey. Get some composure." * Jeyer groans and painstakingly lifts himself to his feet, shaking away the dizzy feeling.. * Kodah looks off to the east, wondering what's there * Indigo grins, looking at her spiked boots and chuckling, remembering the good times. * Reisha looks at Jeyer. "Oh pull yourself together. It's not like you to whimper." * Tiernan looks down. "It's THAT...isn't it?" * Indigo nods. <David> Yes it is ;P <Indigo> Yep! <Tiernan> O_o I see. <Zoie> Indigo: just keep in mind that you are not alone in this universe, and every action you take affects those around you,from the uttering of a word to the smooshing of an ant. * David moves next to Rei, eyeing Jeyer warily.. <Kodah> Anyone know what's east of here? * Jeyer's eyes dart around to the Shining Force... Each members... His gaze lingering over David finally... <Indigo> You mean like when I summon an elemental? <Jess> what were you doing out here, Jeyer? Just out of curosity. <Zoie> anything you do <David> ... * David returns the gaze firmly <Zoie> life is not all fighting and killing <Indigo> I know. I remember the peaceful times, raising my little Sashie. Sasha.... * Jeyer, staring at David, answers Jess... "I... Was trying to prevent Dark Dragon... From reaching Arc Valley." <Tiernan> ! * Indigo buries her head in her hands and begins to cry. <Tiernan> Arc....Valley? <Jess> Arc Valley? <Tiernan> The place where Zeon was sealed? * David's eye color flickers a little... "Arc Valley, huh? This is bad..." <Kodah> ... * Darin pales.. <Kodah> The place where Devil Power grows... <Jess> This is really bad... * Indigo looks up at that. <Amy> Arc Valley... myth? <Zoie> <g> great grandkids? <Kodah> Arc Valley is real Amy <Indigo> Arc Valley? Is that were we fought Zeon before? I remember we were in a dark dimension, he was a face before us... <Tiernan> ...The Gods cleansed the land of evil....and now Dark Dragon wants to pollute it again... <Reisha> ARc valley, hmm.. <David> ....well. We'll just need to...get to the Arc Valley, reclaim the shrine, defeat the dark dragon...piece of cake. * David sheathes AmeShi.. <Jeyer> If Dark Dragon gains access to Arc valley before the Gods are returned to their rightful place, he'll rule this world with unlimited ressources... The world plummeting into chaos and despair.. <Indigo> We had been captured and were in darkness... * Indigo nods to David. <Zoie> <m> great grandkids, that's scary... <Kodah> ... <Indigo> No problem! <Tiernan> We have to stop him! * David nods to Tyr <Reisha> Peachy.. and we're going to have to stop it, right? ;) <David> Of course, Rei.. ^_- * Kodah looks strangely at Zoie <David> We're the Fixits of the World ;) <Indigo> The Dragon is a wimp, but how do we get the shrine down? * Indigo is still crying, but then she brightens. * Jeyer shakes his head.. "To be honest.. Now that he holds the gate.. I.." *looks at David desperately..* * Zoie looks back at Kodah <Reisha> The only thing I'm fixing for is unloading some tension... :P <Tiernan> He's not a wimp... <Tiernan> He is strong....I felt it... * Kodah is about ready to throttle Indi, but restrains himself <Jess> Jeyer, it's not over yet. There is still a way to win. <Indigo> I know! We'll beat the Dragon, tie him to the shrine, and whip him until he drags the shrine down! Yeah, that'll work! ^_^ * David steps forward and places a hand on Jeyer's shoulder. "It is okay. Despite everything, all thats happened.....I have faith in what we can do." <Zoie> restrain yourself Kodah.. she'll learn.. soon enough.. <David> We will defeat it. It will be hard. <David> But we will. <Kodah> I hope so... * Jeyer turns to the distant east to stare at his failure.. * Indigo stands. * Darin remains silent... <Zoie> oh trust me, she will <Indigo> I know all the commands too! <Kodah> So what's the fastest way to get to Arc Valley? <Indigo> Whoa means stop. Giddyup means go faster.... <Reisha> Indy.. will you just get a clue already? Sheesh.. ^^; * Jeyer turns sharply to look at Kodah, all hatred drained from his soul.. "Kodah.. We... Need to talk. In private." <Indigo> We could be captured and go back into Zeon's dark dimension again. It's the only way I know. * David rubs his forehead.. <David> Okay. <David> Lets make camp. * Kodah turns to Jeyer, "Oh? What now?" * Indigo looks about. * Kodah stands next to Jeyer, waiting <Indigo> Now let's see, the entrance to Zeon's world is in the northeast somewhere....if I could only remember past my insanity.... <Kodah> Shall we talk here or move elsewhere? <Zoie> we need a plan, a subtle plan * Jeyer lays a hand on Kodah's shoulder, pulling him gently away from the Shining Force, attempting to discuss in silence.. * Kodah goes with Jeyer, somewhat wary * Tiernan is silent..thinking to himself. * David looks down at Reisha expectantly, needing some sort of witty sarcastic comment. <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> The darkness of the sky fades... Light returns to the island as the shrine moves away... Jeyer now walks a little ahead of Kodah, his eyes turning to the shrine... After several steps, he turns to note they are far enough from the Shining Force and he turns to Kodah... <Kodah> Well? <Jeyer> Kodah.... I have learned the error of my ways.. I'm sorry for blaming you for... Her.. Death.. *his voice trails off, distraught* * Kodah's expression softens <Kodah> For what its worth Jeyer, I can understand why you were angry <Kodah> I was upset that I couldn't save her, and I imagine it was just as hard on you * Jeyer's eyes snap back to reality quickly, looking grim.. ".. I would suppose so.. Kodah... I... I have a selfish reason for being here on this dark day.." <Kodah> May I ask what that reason is? <Jeyer> ... By listening to the earth... To the surrounding energy.. I learned much about the predicament of our world.. I learned of the Gods.. And their plight.. And I have learned the heavens are devoid and empty.. As is Arc Valley. <Jeyer> I started studying the ancient's records... And I learned.. That this happened aeons ago... When the ancients roamed the earth.. Greedy ancients tried to control Arc Valley... And failed.. That is when our current deities took their control of the world.. * Kodah nods to Jeyer * Jeyer looks ready to cry from the pressure of this knowledge.. "I... I want to attempt to reach Arc Valley. And become a God.. To stop Dark Dragon... And.. To bring back Nalya." * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Jeyer, "That's pretty ambitious of you" <Kodah> Being a god might not be as cut-and-dry as you think * Jeyer sighs.. "Yes.. Yes I guess it is.. But.. I need the Shining Force's help.... To do so.. But.." <Kodah> But...? <Jeyer> But none of them must know.. <Kodah> Why? <Jeyer> ... They just can't.. Trust me on this.. ESPECIALLY not David... He.. Musn't know.. * Kodah shakes his head, "Jeyer...secret plans and secret agendas have been biting me in the ass since I was born. I want to trust you. But something in my gut cries out against it. I need to know why * Jeyer looks trapped.. "Because..... In my dreams.. I dreamt of the force's future.... I dreamt about what would happen.. Someone will try and stop me inside the group.. I don't know who.. But... I trust you... For some odd reason." * Kodah looks questioningly at Jeyer <Kodah> You think David's the one? <Jeyer> ... Yes.. Yes I do.. He reminds me so much of Baine.... <Kodah> Does that bother you? <Jeyer> It... It does. Baine had a pure heart.. With a tough exterior... She's try and stop me from doing this.. * Kodah hangs his head and thinks <Jeyer> I just need you to keep this secret for now.. And I want your approval... I guess. <Kodah> I'll have to compromise here Jeyer. I can't promise you my support just yet. But I will keep your secret. This is a bit sudden, and frankly a bit strange * Jeyer nods.. "Yes... All right." *extends his hand* "No hard feelings?" * Kodah pauses for a moment, then shakes Jeyer's hand, "No hard feelings. I'm in enough of a fix as is. And I need all the friends I can get." * Jeyer shakes back, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.. "Let's get back to the Shining force.. We need to follow the shrine." <Kodah> I agree * Jeyer smiles faintly at Kodah and starts back to the Shining Force... * Kodah follows, feeling not quite so cold anymore <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Kodah and Jeyer return to the Shining Force, Jeyer heading out to pick up his Katana which is lying in the snow... <Kodah> Is everyone ready and accounted for? * David adjusts his tunic, hair falling in his smokey grey-blue eyes... * Indigo looks up as Kodah and Jeyer return, then she turns to Amy. * Darin looks up... <David> I believe so, Sir Kodah.. <Indigo> Sweetie, don't worry. Nothing bad will happen. <Kodah> Never mind the Sir stuff, just Kodah will do * Indigo nods to Kodah. * David smiles a little. <Jess> I'm here.... * Tiernan looks nervous and cold, staring up at the bleak sky...alone. <Narrator> Jeyer returns, wiping his slender blade with a cloth, white flames flickering around it faintly... * Reisha just stands around pondering something. <Indigo> Oh I'm here. I mean, I fade in and out, but I'll catch up with you sooner or later, you know that. * David blinks and looks at the flames on Jeyer's sword... <Kodah> So what's the fastest way to Arc Valley from here? * Jess looks at her Rapier, then to Darin. "Mind giving me a quick lesson on how to use this?" * Jeyer looks up from his blade at David and sheathes it, the flames dissapearing... <Tiernan> ...I wish I could just fly there.... <Darin> I can try, Jess... * David raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything.... <Kodah> We'll figure out something Tyr. Hvae faith * Reisha shrugs to herself, and looks at Jeyer. <Indigo> I think if we go northeast, we'll reach the entrance to Zeon's dark dimension. We can cut through there to Arc Valley, like we did twenty years ago. * Tiernan looks at Kodah and smiles. ^_^ <Kodah> Fun -_- <Tiernan> Is that possible? <David> Dark dimension....great.. ^^; * Jeyer smiles at David.. "AmeShi wasn't the only one of its kind, David.." Then turns on his heels and looks to the east.. <Kodah> Unfortunately, yes * Jess stands up and takes what she thinks is a decent stance. "So, how about that lesson, Darin?" <Indigo> Though I could've sworn we came out at Granseal when we were done....I wish Erin or Kara were here. Their memories are better than mine. <Reisha> Heh.. maybe I can get a good discount on flaming daggers.. :P * Indigo smiles. * Kodah heads after Jeyer, a bit uncertain about many things <Indigo> I know! I'll ask Mitula! * Darin draws his sword.. "What exactly do you wish to learn, Jess?" <Jess> if we were anywhere near Guardiana, I know who we could ask, Indi. * David cracks his knuckles and looks at Rei affectionately. "Flaming daggers? Why don't you just light the ones you have on fire, mm?" <Tiernan> Where is Granseal?....Guardiana? <Jess> How to better posture myself to where I'm not so clumsy with this thing. * Dal twitches at the mention of flaming daggers. <Indigo> I'll catch up to you....whenever, with the answer. Remember, I show up in flashes of light. <Kodah> You'll see soon enough Tyr <Reisha> Nah.. now thunder... <Jess> Guardiana is on the mainland, the extreme east. <Tiernan> ^_^ Are they nice? <Indigo> Try not to get yourselves killed while I'm gone! ^_^ * David laughs and stretches... * Reisha eyes David. * Jeyer walks steadily at the front of the Shining Force, his eyes peering at the shrine, as if drawn to it... <Reisha> I do know a few things I could light on fire.. :P * Indigo glows white, filling the area with searingly brilliant white light and vanishing. * Darin smiles.. "Ok, Jess... " He takes a stance.. "with a light blade like that, you should stand kinda like this.." * David breaks out coughing, a blush coloring his cheeks. "Uhm...yes...." * David walks slowly after Jeyer.. ^^; * Jess copies Darin's moves. "Like this?" * Tiernan looks up at the shrine as well...wondering... * Amy quickly catches up with the group, following quietly, still not too sure what's going on, but if Dark Dragon is up to something it must be bad. * Reisha chuckles smugly to herself, and follows him. <Tiernan> Amy....Come over here! ^_^ * Kodah plods along quietly * Amy runs up to Tyr. * David rubs his left arm.. * Darin nods... and moves Jess a little .. molding her slightly to be in a proper position.. <Jess> Hmm...Interesting. You're a pretty good teacher, Sir Moonshado. <Narrator> A giant mountain can be spotted on the other island... <Tiernan> Are you okay Amy? * Darin smiles, "Why Thank you Jess.." * David mutters about sore muscles and blows some hair from his eyes... * Darin moves her, imitating a few slashes and whatnot. "Remember each and every muscle movement.. it's important.. " <Tiernan> Kodah...what is that mountain? * Jeyer clutches the hilt of his blade, feeling the warmth flowing to his hand.. * Tiernan points. "Do you know?" <Kodah> Don't know to be honest * Amy nods to Tyr. * Jess allows Darin to continue to instruct her. "I see. every movement is very important." * Tiernan grins at Amy. "Are you confused as to what's happening?" * Amy nods again * Reisha comes from behind and squeezes David's midsection like a vice grip. "Hey, don't you get lazy now.." * Jeyer starts talking without turning his gaze... "The natives at the base of it call it Garnash mountain... It is said to lead to the earth's core.." * Darin puts Jess in a defensive stance... "Defense is very important... Remember this.." <Jess> Always... <Kodah> Garnash...hrm * David blinks and blushes, smiling back at Rei. "Who? Me? Lazy? Hah. I'm the epitamy of the working man!" <Tiernan> Well....basically Dark Dragon is a very evil Devil....strong too...and he tried to take over the world once...I read it in my books! ^_^ <Jess> Garnish? What kind of garnish? I'm getting hungry here. * Tiernan flexes his wings a bit. * Amy nods * Darin chuckles at Jess.. then tells her to pay attention. <Tiernan> But one of the Shining Forces defeated him...but he revived again....and we got to stop him! * Reisha smirks. "Hah.. well you do do a great job of kicking butt and looking good while doing it." <Amy> Dark Dragon.... very...ummm... scary... story <Reisha> I should know.. ;) <Jess> I am paying attention, Darin. Trust me. Now, what's next? <Tiernan> Don't worry Amy...I'll protect you.... * Jeyer looks ahead, noticing water seperating the two islands... He scans the coastline for a way to cross... <Tiernan> I'll protect everyone! I promise! <Darin> Repeat what I've taught you, slowly, so I can correct you. * David laughs lowly and looks to the ground. "Mmm. If you say so.....ah, don't inflate my head'll swell and I'll fall over from the weight!" * Jess mimics the moves that Darin taught her... <Jeyer> There doesn't seem to be a crossing.. No bridge.. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> ....But I bet I can fly acress! * Darin raises an eyebrow.. impressed with how Jess naturally moves with the blade... <Reisha> David.. you're deliberately trying to make me luagh aren't you? <Tiernan> If I fly across, maybe I can find a boat on the other side...! <Jeyer> Yes, Tyr... But what about us? <Tiernan> Or something to get everyone across! * David looks back to Rei and grins boyishly, hair drifting into his eyes. "Possibly. Is it working?" <Jeyer> Ahh.. Yes. Good idea. <Jess> how about I make an ice bridge for us? <Tiernan> I'll be back! ^_^ * Kodah blinks as Jess * Reisha let's go, putting a hand to her chin in thought. <Darin> Too slippery, Jess. but good thought.. * Tiernan steps back a few steps, gets a running start, and lifts himself gracefully into the air, flying toward the mountainous island in the distance... * Jeyer looks at Jess... "It would take too long to create..." <Kodah> Be carefully Tyr <Reisha> I think your delivery needs a little work... ;) * Jess continues her training. .oO(Hope I'm getting this right.) * David rolls his eyes and runs a hand through Rei's hair gently before hauling it away.. "Mm. Possibly." * Darin smiles at Jess "You're a natural.... incredible.." * David glances at the group.. "Careful, Tyr." * Tiernan becomes a little speck in the distance ^_^ * Jess smiles. "You think so? I'm still not very comfortable with it. Maybe it'll come to me first time in battle." * Darin makes a few minor corrections in Jess' movements.. * Kodah waits patiently for Tyr to return <Narrator> Tiernan gets to the other side with little problem... As he scouts the shores, he finds a raft attached to a large post... <Darin> Once these become reflexionary, it will all feel right. * Reisha turns her attention to Tyr, a little less angry now. <Tiernan> Here! * Tiernan sits on the raft and tries to untie the large knot. * David watches Tyr, smiling thoughtfully to himself.. * Jess speeds up a bit, making her swings a little faster. "Am I still doing this right?" <Darin> Perfectly, Jess... <Narrator> The knot frees itself after some effort, the raft being slowly pulled downstream by the current... * Tiernan grins with satisfiaction as the knot finally unties....he pants a bit for breah from all the flying...then takes the ore and tries to padle to shore...although the current is doing the job for him. ^_^; * Tiernan hums happily and paddles to everyone else. ^_^ <Narrator> The raft floats quickly to the other side... <Tiernan> How was that? ^_^ * David smiles. "Nicely done, Tyr! Very very good!" <Tiernan> ^_^ <Tiernan> Well, let's get on! ^_^ <Reisha> Hey.. three cheers for the winged wonder. ^^ * Tiernan blushes a bit from the praise... * Jeyer climbs on board... * Amy smiles at Tyr and steps aboard the raft. * Jess gets on the raft. * Darin helps Jess aboard then gets on himself * David helps Rei on board as well and hops onto the raft.. * Tiernan begins to paddle everyone to the other island...humming happily ^_^ * Reisha gets onboard with David's help. <Narrator> The ride to the other side is about as easy and is done in much less time... * David gazes into the water.. * Jeyer leaps on the hard soil as the raft docks... <Tiernan> There! We're on the other side already! * Tiernan hops off the raft. * Darin helps Jess disembark. * Reisha ponders splashing David.. :P * Jess gets onto solid ground with Darin's help and offers him her hand to get up to the docks. * Kodah hops off the raft without fanfare * David chuckles and hops onto land, slipping his hand into Rei's to help her off as well <Reisha> Well.. aren't you the gentleman? <David> I try, m'lady. ^_- * Darin smiles and gets off the raft, taking her hand and kissing it. <Tiernan> We did it, huh Kodah? ^_^ <Jeyer> I'Ve studied this island before... The native town is on the other side of the mountain... And the mountain is quite large.. Thus passing through the caves to get to the town would be necessary to save us a two day walk. <Jess> *^_^* <Kodah> Yes, we certainly did <Jess> Then let's do. <Tiernan> Then let's go through the mountain then. :) <Jess> Uhh...are there monsters in that cave? <David> The caves it is then, Jeyer. ^_^ <Kodah> The faster we move the better, so shortcuts are a must <Darin> I agree. <Reisha> I'm game for anything or anyone.. * David notices he's still holding Rei's hand. He coughs and releases his, blushing faintly. * Reisha rubs her hands. :) * Tiernan runs up the mountain trail...much mroe energetic than he has been the last few days. <David> Yes. ^^; Lets go! <Amy> Tiernan...? * David follows Tyr. ^^; * Jess shrugs. "Oh well. Let's go.:" * Amy quickly runs after him. * Darin takes Jess' hand and follows Tyr, sliding his arm around Jess' waist. <Tiernan> Oh....Sorry Amy...! * Jess walks contentedly along with Darinm following Tyr. * Kodah tromps off after the troupe * Tiernan slows down. <Tiernan> And everyone. ^_^; * David slams into Tyr! ^^; * David falls over! <Tiernan> Ow! O_o * Reisha catches David. <Kodah> ? * Tiernan falls over as well, tumbling a bit. <David> O_o <Jess> this is no time for slam dancing, David, Tyr. * David looks up at Rei and coughs. "Wow. Nicely caught. Uhhh, sorry Tyr." * Darin blinks at Jess. * Tiernan falls flat on his face. O_o * Reisha mutters something about "love being blind" or somesuch.. <Tiernan> Uhn... * Amy looks at David and Tyr, trying to hold back a giggle * Tiernan gets up, wiping the dirt from his face. "It's okay..." <Tiernan> I wasn't looking. I'm sorry.. * David tries to regain some composure and stands uneasily. "I didn't notice you's my fault! No worries! Uh, lets keep going!" * Narrator moons David, then returns to Narrating * Tiernan nods, and continues up the trail... * David follows Tyr, though slower this time.. ^^; * David rubs his left arm again and looks at the sky.. <Tiernan> Are you okay, David? <David> Mm? Yeah, why do you ask? ^^; <Tiernan> You were rubbing your arm... <David> Ah...well... my left arm sorta kinda gets stiff from using AmeShi... <David> Haven't gotten much time to rest it.. <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> Oh....:/ <Tiernan> Then you should rest and let me fight for you sometimes! ^_^ <Reisha> Well.. I can give you a patented rub like last time.. if I was in a better mood, of course.. ;) * David blinks and smiles. "Thank you, Tyr...maybe I'll take you up on" * David blushes at Rei. "Eh, heh. Well, uh, yeah!" <Tiernan> aah...uhh? * Jess looks over at Darin and smiles. * David averts his gaze to his feet, thinking that safer. ^^; * Reisha looks thoughtful.. <Reisha> Well.. if we get a chance to stop and rest I'll consider it. * Reisha snickers. ^_^ <David> ! * David trips and falls on his face. ^^; * Darin smiles at Jess. <Reisha> What am I going to do with him.. * Reisha gets David to his feet. * David wipes off his face. "Well. Uh. Yes. Lets go to those caves!" * Kodah shakes his head and keeps going <Jess> can we get going, please? * David nods and heads for the caves.. ^^; * Jess follows David, still holding on to Darin. * Tiernan whistles happily, flexing his wings. ^_^ * Jeyer walks off, completely silent... <Tiernan> ...Jeyer? <Tiernan> Hey...wait up... :/ <Narrator> A path can be spotted leading into the heart of the mountain... * Reisha follows the bumbling leader. :) <David> Ah...there... * Jeyer turns around and looks at Tiernan.. "Hmm..?" * Kodah walks along, nursing his own thoughts * David brushes his blonde hair from his eyes and smiles.. <Tiernan> You just seem sad....that's all. I wondered if something was wrong. <Tiernan> We'll get to Arc Valley soon...and we'll stop Dark Dragon... <Tiernan> We have to! * Jeyer blinks at Tiernan.. "Yes... Yes." Then turns and proceeds walking up the path... <Tiernan> .... * Tiernan follows Jeyer, wondering what's WITH that man.... * Kodah looks at Jeyer, then at Tyr, and shrugs * David stretches and yawns despite himself, followng the others.. * Jess puts an arm around Darin's waist and walks on...."It sure is quiet." * Amy moves along quietly, too shy to start a conversation * Darin tightens his arm around Jess.. "Yeah... it is.." <Narrator> A small piece of grassland can be spotted... A small, but beautiful selection of flowers lie scattered in the enclosed area... <Jess> how beautiful...even in this world crisis. * Darin nods... <Tiernan> Wow.... * Reisha looks at the flowers, getting an odd sense of calm. * Tiernan bends down and fingers the flowers... <Tiernan> Pretty.... * Jess leans down and picks one, putting it in her hair. * David leans down to pluck a flower up...he offers it to Rei.. <Kodah> A nice change from all that snow * Tiernan picks one and smells it, inhaling deeply. * Reisha blinks, looking at the flower.. <Tiernan> Hmmm.. ^_^ <David> Here... ^_^ Uhm....a flower for a flower...? * Reisha reaches out and takes it. * Tiernan then picks a few more and gives one to Amy, Kodah, and Dal ^_^ <Jess> What do you think, Darin? <Reisha> Corny.. but still sweet. :) <Tiernan> For friends! * Kodah accepts the flower, grinning slightly * David laughs and blushes.. "Well....corny...I" <Kodah> Thanks Tyr :) <Narrator> A cave entrance can be spotted up ahead... * Darin looks at Jess... in awe how such a simple flower can transform someone from lovely.... to stunning... "Jess... You...." <Tiernan> ^_^ And I'll have to give some to everyone else too...but they're all picking their own.... * Reisha pats David's head. <Tiernan> No problem, Kodah. ^_^ * David blinks and grins. * Darin kisses Jess instead of talking. <Reisha> Don't worry so much. It makes me feel like a kid again getting a flower.. * Reisha puts it in her hair. * Jess kisses Darin back. .oO(Flatterer.) * Narrator kicks Darin! "Dammit, you're supposed to be mentally preparing to DIE! Erhm." *returns to Narrating* * Amy takes the flower. <Jess> O_O;; <Amy> Very... pretty * Kodah stands by and waits for everyone to finish what they're doing <Tiernan> ^_^ You're.... * Tiernan blinks. * David gazes at Rei... "If I told you you're beautiful, you'd probably call that corny too right?" * Jeyer snickers.. "I never tire of that guy.." * Tiernan whispers. "You're pretty too Amy..." * Reisha smiles, a sort of innocent smile that you don't see too much. * Amy blushes. <Jess> you know, Darin, you're a serious flatterer...but I wouldn't have you any other way. <Amy> Thank.... you.... <Tiernan> ^_^; * Amy smiles * Jeyer enters the cave, scouting up ahead to see how far it stretches... <Darin> I wasn't flattering.. I was speaking the truth. <Tiernan> ^_^ It's no problem...but we'd better keep going...or it'll get too late and we won't have the sun to guide us anymore... * Amy glances over to Jeyer, and walks into the cave following him * Kodah stands by the cave entrance, as a reminder to the rest of the group as to what they're actually doing here <Reisha> It'd say it was a nice compliment.. ;) * Jess smiles... * Darin again kisses Jess' hand.. and starts over to Jeyer.. * David laughs and shakes his head, blonde hair flying slightly...he heads for the cave... * Tiernan walks to Kodah, then into the cave * Jess follows Darin. * Jeyer smirks as he spots Kodah, then looks ahead to see that the corridor is well lit about 100 meters down the corridor... * Reisha goes inside... <Jeyer> That's odd.. I expected this place to be pitch black.. *walks ahead warily* <Tiernan> ^_^ Well....I don't mind being able to see! * David tenses and works his way forward up beside Jeyer... <Kodah> ... * Jess follows, an arm around Darin and the other on her rapier. * Jeyer tenses up, seeing David by his side, suddenly thinking about Baine again... * David peers forward, eyes narrowed and breathing carefully controlled.. * Amy cautiously walks through the cave. Glancing warily around smooth cavern walls. <Tiernan> What's wrong everyone....? <Tiernan> Isn't being able to see okay? <Jeyer> The path opens up ahead.. You feel like taking the lead, David, or should I? <Kodah> Well lit caves are suspicious <Jess> nothing...yet...or at all, I hope./ <David> I'll do can follow behind..... * Reisha gets some adrenaline pumping, hoping there's a nice monster or two that doesn't like lightning.. ^^ * David slides ahead, taking the lead.. <Kodah> Usually yes. But not so in caves like this Tyr <Tiernan> .... * David draws AmeShi, the flames flickering angrily.. * Darin rests a hand on the hilt of his blade.. * Jeyer follows, drawing his white blade.. * Kodah flexes his fingers, his whole body tensed for action * David wields his sword in a very manly manner ;) * Jess rests her free hand, the one not around Darin, on the hilt of her weapon. * Reisha looks like a owman of action! ;) * Tiernan blinks... * David walks further into the caves.. <Reisha> So when are we going to meet something nasty and scaley and all that junk? <David> Don't talk about Indigo that way. ;) <Jess> I hope we don' a matter of fact. <Kodah> Let's hope we don't unless we have to * Reisha stifles a laugh. "Ok.. you got me that time.." * David grins at Rei and winks before turning his attention back to the caves.. <Narrator> The corridor opens up and draws into a large room... Molten rocks and volcanic activity can be spotted down, a single walkway letting thempass... <David> Mmm.. <Tiernan> Indigo isn't scary...she's....she's... <Tiernan> What's the word... <Kodah> Irritating <Tiernan> Annoying? * David starts up the walkway, leading the group...he holds the sword at ready.. ;) <Tiernan> Yes....annoying...that's it. <Tiernan> Lava.... <Tiernan> Look at all of that Lava! ^_^ <Jess> we're in a.....volcano. * David glances at the lava... "As long as you don't bathe in all that lava, Tyr.." <Kodah> Heh * Jeyer creeps up behind David and holds his arm, stopping him.. "Hold.." he whispers softly.. * Reisha looks at it. "Boy, looks like I'm not the hottest thing in here after all.." :P * David stops * Jeyer motions everyone to silence... <Kodah> ..? <Jess> funny, Rei. * Amy looks at Jeyer questionly. * David places a finger to his lips, looking at the group and then looking ahead.. * Darin look at jeyer... * Tiernan stops * Jeyer whispers, "Don't any of you feel it..? Something's not right.. Someone's watching us.." * Kodah looks around warily * Jess stops and looks at Jeyer... * Amy nods slowly.... * David nods slightly, tightening his hold on the sword.. * Darin 's blade vibrates slightly... <Tiernan> ...Yes....maybe... * Tiernan pulls out his boomerang... <Amy> Someone..... <Jess> somehow, yes, I do....there's a strange feeling in the spirits... * Darin nods.... and draws tje sword.. * Jeyer's eyes dart left and right, attempting to spot the unknown watcher.. <Reisha> Well, if there's a peeping Tom, I'll poke his eyes out. <Tiernan> Don't worry Amy...I'll protect you....! <David> ....this is a bad place to fight, Jeyer...we could fall.. <Kodah> ... <Kodah> That may be the idea <Narrator> The lava starts bubbling.... <Jess> O_o;; * David glances down and stares. "Uh oh." <Kodah> Smells like a trp to me... * Jeyer groans.. "I was afraid of this.. RUN!" * Amy tightens her fist. <Darin> .... <Jess> I think we're in deep shit. * Jess cuts a high trail... * Amy starts into a run <Tiernan> What...what's going on?! * David twitches and takes off at a run! <Reisha> Uh oh.. I thinkw e'd better motor. <David> Tyr! Run! Now! * Darin runs, follwoing the others... * Kodah runs for it, grabbing Tyr arm! * Reisha runs off down the walkway.. * Tiernan nods and runs behind everyone else...getting dragged ^_^; * Amy is running in the opposite direction everyone else is, to the exit =P * Jess makes a wall of ice behind the party to slow down the trap. * David grunts and feels his arm throb in pain...he sways slightly but keeps running for the exit.. * Jeyer runs towards the exit stealthily <Jeyer> Further down the corridor-- AMY! * Tiernan stumbles a bit, trying to keep up with everyone else. <Kodah> Amy! Wrong way!! <Tiernan> Amy!! <Jess> AMY! * Tiernan jerks himself from Kodah's hold. "I have to help her!" <Darin> .. .... * Jeyer leaps back and casts a teleport spell quickly, appearing by Amy's side. <Kodah> Tyr no!! <David> No, Tyr! Jeyer has her! * Tiernan stops.. "Jeyer's got her..." * Amy stops and looks at Jeyer. <Tiernan> Thank you Jeyer! ^_^ <Kodah> Come on Tyr, lets move * Jeyer grabs Amy and runs quickly as the Lava sentinel lifts itself to try and lash out <Jeyer> HURRY! Further down the corridor! GO! * Tiernan runs down the corridor. * Jess keeps running. * David keeps running, eyes narrowed in concentration.. * Jeyer runs with Amy tucked over his right shoulder * Darin takes Jess's hand and follows Tyr <Reisha> Cripe... c'mon everybody.. * Reisha tries to get scarce.. fast. :) * Jess cuts the proverbial high trail. * Jeyer runs down the corridor and throws a little ball into the corridor, causing the entrance to cave in and block the sentinel from passing... <Tiernan> We made it! <Jess> looks like we've got a 2 day walk ahead of us. * Jeyer deposits Amy to the ground, doubles over, clutching his side.. * David skids to a stop, panting roughly... * Amy looks up at Jeyer. <Tiernan> Jeyer! Are you okay? <Amy> s-sorry! <Darin> You ok, Jeyer? * Jess walks over to Jeyer. "Let me have a look, Jeyer." * Reisha panting too. "Damnit.. that was too close.." * Jeyer removes his hand to see a little blood on it.. "It's just a scrape.. The sentinel must have slashed me as I ran past it.. <Tiernan> ....Is everyone here? No one got trapped? <Amy> I... heal you... * David closes his eyes.. <Jess> Still, I'm going to heal you. It's best if we're all at 100%. * Jess casts heal 1 on Jeyer. * Jeyer quickly surveys his surroundings.. "Yes... Everyone's here." * David still pants roughly and coughs.. "Nnh." <Tiernan> Great! ^_^ <Reisha> That was one warm up we all didn't need.. <Narrator> == The heal spell restores Jeyer fully... The blood stops pouring out of the wound and new pink flesh forms over the broken skin... <Kodah> ... * Jeyer moves his hip, feeling much better.. "Thank you... We must move on.. It can still catch us." <David> Lets keep....going.. <Kodah> Let's go then * Tiernan nods. * David tries to catch his breath and heads forward.. <Tiernan> Are you okay, Amy? * Jeyer quickly heads out in front of the party... <Jess> yeah. being a LAVA sentinel, it can bring up enough heat to turn that rock into nothing. * Amy nods slowly. * David drifts back behind Jeyer, not feeling great.. <Tiernan> ^_^ Good... * Jess follows Jeyer.... * Reisha puts a hand on David's shoulder. "Hang in there, tough guy." * Darin puts his arm around Jess again.. and walks beside her * Kodah herds the group along * David looks at Rei and smiles, eyes dazed....but he nods and keeps walking... <Narrator> The light of the corridor is extremely low... Jeyer unsheaths his blade, the white flames lighting the way ahead.. * Kodah brings up the rear, not being really bothered by the lack of light <Tiernan> It's dark in here... * David absentmindedly slips an arm around Rei's waist, his other hand grasping AmeShi and the flames flickering to light the way a little.. * Jeyer squints ahead.. "Another room.. This one isn't right in active molten lava, it seems.." <David> ...thats a good thing.. <Reisha> Oh fine.. use me as a crutch.. ;) <Tiernan> Yeah...I guess so...only it's colder in here. * Reisha hugs David playfully. <Jess> good thing. I'd hate to run into another lava sentinel. * David smiles at Rei, feeling better, and returns the hug....he remains tensed for trouble.. <Darin> So would I .. though.. who knows what else we may meet.. * Jeyer cautiously enters the room, looks to his right, then turns left and blinks as two figures are standing there... A chubby man and a slender figure... <Tiernan> ...Huh? <David> ...? <Jess> not again. <Darin> ... <Tiernan> Who are you....It can't be Darrel and Maika....we...we saw them at the shrine last... * Jeyer turns his blade and readies himself for a fight... Then blinks, noticing the roof of the cave is low... And seems to be unsteady... <Reisha> Deja vu? <Kodah> ..? <David> ....who are they? <Darin> ...... <Tiernan> ....? <Primuss> Ahh... Darrel... Yes. Master Dark Dragon holds Darrel now. <Tiernan> Oh no... <Jess> PrimWuss...perfect. <David> ...lovely. :p * Germain stands stoically without a sound. <Kodah> ..! <Tiernan> You work for Dark Dragon....? * David releases Reisha and steps in front of her and the rest of the group, standing beside Jeyer with AmeShi at ready... * Darin draws his blade * Jess draws her new sword from it's sheath. <Primuss> Why yes... He promises a place in Arc Valley... How could I refuse? <Reisha> So, we get Dark Dragon's stooges to play with? <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> Arc Valley was purified so people like you couldn't pollute it! <David> Hey, you wanted something to fry Rei... ^_- <Tiernan> I can't let do this! <Reisha> I'm not complaining.. ^_^ * Primuss grins.. "Us fighting you? Hardly... But this might cheer you people up.." The floor in front of Primuss and Germain suddenly bursts open, a large, twisted and demonic creature standing in front of the team... <Jess> get ready, pal. Your ass is grass and I'm going to SMOKE IT! <David> ... O_o <Kodah> !! <Tiernan> Ahhh!!! O_o * Kodah growls * Tiernan is thrown back a bit. <Reisha> Ok, now that would classify as dark and scaley. * Primuss fades away, cackling loudly, Germain following, still silent. <David> ...time to party. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Darin> ......... <Narrator> ===== Monster: Dark Presence ===== <Jess> Ohh great.... * Tiernan pulls out his boomerang, looking carefully at his new enemy... <Reisha> Yeah.. I'll handle the fireworks. :P * Darin shifts his blade in his hand... <David> Don't you always ;) * David crouches! * Jess has sword drawn and ready, but starts chanting her freeze spell. "I hope no one thinks of me as a real snow queen for this." * Reisha begins building up a static charge in the air nearby, grinning. <Narrator> == Dal can attack. <Narrator> == Dal takes a defensive stance. <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack * Tiernan holds his fingers to his lips and whispers an ancient chant that is slowly building to a crescendo.. ! "Immortals above! Grant me the power to make the first blow! Eagle Wing!" *From high above, an image of a glowing eagle appears above Tiernan, showering him with feathers that quickly dissapear as soon as they appear!* <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Eagle Wing... His agility raises 12 points! <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan spins around slowly, as tiny whisps of faerie fire swirl and grow around him. Planting both feet firmly on the ground, the faerie flames burst into life as a collum of white fire that surrounds him, giving him new strength! <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Flame vigor... His power increases by 14 * Reisha grabs David, and kisses him passionately, then slaps him to his senses. "That's so you don't get cocky this time." ;) <Narrator> == Johei can attack. * David blinks dazedly O_o * Tiernan looks at the monster with a deadly gaze. <Narrator> == Johei takes a defensive stance. <Narrator> == Jeyer can attack. * David blushes and coughs, turning to focus on the battle. ^^; * Jeyer clutches the hilt of his blade and rushes towards the creature at a blistering pace... His blade's flames flicker wildly as he leaps, going in a sidelong slash just bellow the creature's neck, almost beheading him completely. 68 damage. * Jeyer leaps back to his position, lowering his body closer to the ground in an odd defensive stance, eyes glowing brightly.. <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt Lv. 3 on the Dark Presence... The lightning courses through its body, dealing it much pain. 18 damage! <Narrator> == David can attack. <Tiernan> .... * David leaps at the Dark Presence, landing crouched in front of it. He slashes upwards, catching it under the chin, and actually leaps with the swing, doing a backflip to the group smoothly! * Jeyer looks at David's attack, nodding his approval.. <Narrator> == David's blow makes the creature rock back, but seeing as it seems to be attached to the ground, it simply rocks back to position, although the hit is now painfully obvious on its form. 37 damage! * David darkens slightly.. <Narrator> == The Dark presence can attack. * Tiernan tenses..."It's coming..!" <Darin> ...... <Narrator> == The dark presence casts Blaze Lv. 3 on the Shining Force. <Jess> O_O; * Kodah tries to shield his face! * Tiernan covers his body with his wings! * Darin tries his best to cover Jess with his body. <Jess> Fire elemental.... <Narrator> == Large, flaming boulders crash down on every member, sending them staggering back, burning their arms and legs... 17 damage each. <Tiernan> Aggggh!!! It burns!! * Kodah tries to beat out the flames on his person <Jess> That hurt... <Narrator> == Zoie can attack * Zoie mumbles something about ungreatful grandchildren and casts Aura Lv. 1 on the party. A warm, soothing light surrounds the shining Force, restoring 13 hit points each. <Kodah> Much better, thanks Zoie <Tiernan> Ah...Thanks Zoie! ^_^ * Darin glares at the creature... rage rising in his eyes.. <Jess> Thanks, Zoie. <Darin> Thank You Zoie. * Zoie nods, still mumbling to herself.. <Narrator> == Darin can attack * Darin leaps at the creature.. slashing downwards with his Blade, the blade shining with a defiant light, he leaps back to where he was.. glaring at the creature, eyes still full of anger. <Narrator> == Darin attacks the Dark Presence, its blade slashing through the tough skin, cutting out a fairly huge chunk of flesh... The creature yowls in pain... 32 damage. <Narrator> == Jess can attack * Jess rushes at the Dark Presence, Rapier in hand. She surrounds it with the chilling power of her freeze spell as she slices through the monster with a one handed slash. * Jeyer crouches low, looking at the creature, analyzing its movements... * Kodah waits for the right moment to attack * Jess leaps back to safety beside Darin. <Jess> Good enough, Sir Darin? <Narrator> == Jess casts freeze and attacks with her rapier... Her attack takes yet another chunk of flesh off the demonic creature... 25 damage! * Darin looks impressed... "Wow, Jess... I'm impressed!" <Narrator> == Kodah can attack * Kodah charges the Presence! * Kodah steps back in preperation to strike. As he does, etherial clones of Kodah rush forward and strike the enemy several times, before Kodah himself surges forward to deliver the final blow! "Reppasempuujin!" <Tiernan> ^_^ Ooh!...Cool! <Narrator> == Kodah pummels the creature with amazing skill and power, sending it in yowling fits at the pain enduced... 63 damage! Critical! <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Dark Presence ===== * Kodah hops back away from the creature, satisfied with his performance <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack * Tiernan rears back, as flames crawl up his arms and swirl around his boomerang. Then with a mighty heave, he hurls the 'rang at the Dark Pressence , and it scythes completely through it in a curtain of fire! * Kodah steps to one side, trying to find another opening <Narrator> == Tiernan attacks the Dark Presence... His boomerang knicks and cuts at the creature, sending it reeling again... 58 damage! Critical! * Tiernan catches the 'rang on it's return trip. <Tiernan> Take that! <Narrator> The creature yowls again and counter attacks <Narrator> == The Dark Presence opens his twisted and deformed mouth and dives in to try and bite Tiernan... * Tiernan goes on the defensive! * Dal leaps in front of Tiernan to protect him! <Tiernan> Dal! No! <Jess> DAL! <Darin> DAL!! <Kodah> ! <Tiernan> Stop it please!! <Narrator> == The Dark Presence chomps down on Dal's torso, its teeth digging deep in his flesh... The creature pulls back, Dal still in his mouth... 23 damage! <Tiernan> DAL!! <Darin> ..... <Kodah> Cripes! <Narrator> == Dal attempts to attack <Darin> Dal... <Jess> DAL! HOLY CRIPES! <Narrator> == Dal stabs the creature in the eye with his Katana! The blade glides through the creature's eye, sending it in a world of excrutiating pain! 27 damage! <Tiernan> Let him go! Please!! <Narrator> == The Dark Presence pounds the walls around him and the ground! * Tiernan begins to get hysterical, attempting to run towards him and help! <Narrator> == The Dark Presence now yells in an unbearable way and attacks! <Kodah> Watch it! <Jess> WATCH OUT ! <Tiernan> Dal! ;_; * Darin stands in front of Jess, taking a defensive stance <Narrator> == The Dark Presence casts a Blaze Lv. 4! <Jess> DARIN NO! * Tiernan's eyes are wide with hysteria... * Jess has the wild eyed look of fear, anger, and uncertainty combined. <Narrator> == The blaze spell expands a large fireball, its energy making the walls shake wildly... As the spell starts to hurl itself towards the shining Force, the ceiling cracks and a large boulder crashes down... The ceiling caves in completely in a blink of an eye over the fireball, burrying it, the Dark Presence and Dal under an impossible number of stones... <Kodah> Dal!! <Tiernan> DAL!!! Nooo! <Jess> DAL! NOOOO!!!!! <Darin> DAL!! <Narrator> == The stones start to glow in red hot energy under the tons of rocks..... * Tiernan starts screaming Dal's name at the top of his voice. <Darin> .... DUCK!!! * Jeyer gapes.. "The blaze spell is still in effect! Don't duck, RUN!!" <Tiernan> No! NO! I can't leave him!! * David grabs Tyr and hefts him up, running! * Jess makes tracks, grabbing Tyr. "There's nothing we can do, Tiernan,....LET'S GO!" * Jeyer gets up and runs quickly! "We have no TIME! We'll all die if we don't go! NOW!" <Kodah> Hurry up Tyr! <Tiernan> No! Let go of me! Let go! Please! * Kodah runs! * Darin runs, grabbing Tyr's other arm, helping Jess support him. * Tiernan sobs hyseterically "Let me go...Dal...!" <Jess> I can't do that or I'd lose one more friend. There's nothing we can do here, Tyr. Let's not let his sacrifice be for nothing. <Narrator> == The rock becomes molten lava and compresses, sending an explosive charge coursing into the room and the corridor alike! The force of the blast propulses the Shining Force many feets ahead, flying! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Jess goes flying aka Usagi in the SM R movie. * Kodah leaps and rolls to a stop, bouncing quickly to his feet afterwards * Darin lands flat on his face.. * Tiernan cries out and hits the ground HARD. * Jeyer does a backflip and lifts himself to his feet * Tiernan gets up shakily... <Tiernan> He's going to come out...isn't he...? * Jess lands flat of her ass. <Tiernan> ISN'T HE? * Jeyer turns sharply back <Jess> No, Tyr. He couldn't have survived that. <Kodah> ... <Jeyer> ... The whole room caved in from the blast.. No way to get back in... Or out.. * David looks silent, holding Reisha.. * Tiernan takes a step back....tears falling down his face... <Tiernan> No.... * Tiernan suddenly stops crying, his eyes going blank. * Jess puts a hand on Tyr's shoulder. "There was nothing we could have done. If we had stayed, we would have been killed too, and Dark Dragon would have free reign to destroy everything." <Tiernan> ... <Jess> Tiernan? <Jess> Tyr? * Tiernan doesn't answer...he just looks at the debris... * Darin pulls himself up.. and looks at Tyr.... * Jess notices Tyr's expression. "Tiernan, I'm telling you the truth. Why won't you listen to me?" <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> ... * Darin steps forward.. and puts his hand on Jess' shoulder... * Jeyer looks up ahead.. "We're almost out... We just need to walk a little while longer.. We should go.. Come on." * Jess looks over at Darin. <Darin> Let him be, Jess... <Jess> I just want him to know...that his friends are here for him.. remember that, Tyr. <Tiernan> ... * Jess walks away. * Darin follwos Jess... "You ok?" * Jeyer scouts ahead, motionning for the others to come.. "Let's go.. Everything's clear..." <Jess> actually, Darin, I'm not. How many people have to die before we really know what's going on? * Kodah follows the path, watching Tyr a bit * Jeyer flinches at that statement.. * Darin pulls Jess into his arms... and holds her.. * Tiernan stays rooted to his spot...still staring blankly. <Jess> I have a feeling that someone here knows something that they're not telling me *Eyes Jeyer*. I want to know what it is before anyone else dies. * David says nothing, leading Rei away.. * Tiernan suddenly closes his eyes tightly and lets out a cross betweena moan and a choked, gutteral shout. His body jerks forward, then he falls backward as his body spasms and seizures widly! <Kodah> Tyr? o_O * David twitches and looks back at Tyr! * Darin turns and looks at Tiernan.. * Jess looks over at Tiernan. "Tyr?" * Jeyer turns to Jess and starts to speak... Then spots Tiernan and clamps his mouth shut quickly, just blinking. * Kodah hurries over to Tyr, "Tyr?!" * Tiernan spasms widly, his body jerking about! O_o <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====