Shining Force RPG 2 session 23
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<Narrator> ===== Session start! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force, after having left Dal behind in a cave in, attempt to escape the volcano... But something turns terribly wrong with Tiernan... * Tiernan is on the ground, his body stiff and twitching violently. * Kodah kneels by Tyr's side, making sure he doesn't accidentally swallow his tongue. <Jess> Tier? * Amy looks down filled with sorrow at Tyr. <Darin> Tyr? * Tiernan's eyes open slightly and you can see they're rolled up into his head... <Amy> Tiernan? <Darin> ... <Darin> I'm out of my league here... <Amy> Be... all right. * Kodah grabs a stick and places it between Tyr's teeth, so he can't bite off his own tongue either. <Jess> I think we all are, Darin, but we've got to keep going... * Jeyer looks on, not as much worried as annoyed... * David kneels on the other side of Tyr and tries to snap him out of it... "Hey...Tyr! Snap outta it, kid!" * Tiernan continues to twitch, accidentally biting into his lip. Blood runs down his chin... * Amy kneels beside Tiernan. <Kodah> Damn... * Jess points to Tiernan as she chants softly. "Goddess Mitula, let your tender mercy shine down upon him...HEAL!" * Kodah turns Tyr over onto his side, and waits. * Johei trots in circles around Tiernan. <Narrator> == Jess casts Heal lv. 1 on Tiernan... his wounds heal, but he stays in his state of shock, although appeased... * Tiernan finally stops twitching, his breathing shallow. <Kodah> ... <David> ...maybe he's okay now? <Kodah> Maybe... * Amy tries to blink back her tears. "Tiernan, please... be all right" <Jeyer> He might... He might not. We must move him to the town. <Jess> We've gotta get him to a healer of some sort. The town should have someone there who can help. <Darin> I hope so... <Jeyer> We're close to the exit... Someone grab him and follow me... I'll scout ahead. * Jeyer dashes away silently. * Kodah gently lifts Tyr off the ground, glaring at Jeyer as he goes * David follows Jeyer, moving swiftly... * Jess starts for the exit. * Amy stands up slowly, sniffing slightly. * Amy quietly follows Jess as usual. * Tiernan moans softly, almost sounding like a whimper of a hurt or lost child, but remains unconscious. * Kodah follows the group, trying not to jostle Tyr <Johei> Do you want me to help you, sir Kodah? <Kodah> If you could that would be appreciated. * Jeyer looks towards the exit, moving effortlessly through the shadows... <Johei> You can set him on my back... I can carry him easily! ^_^ <Kodah> Good point, but I'll stay close to him if you don't mind. <Johei> Okay! Let's follow Gerber! * Kodah eases Tyr onto Johei's back, "And could you drop the 'Sir'? It doesn;t suit me." <Johei> Okay, sir Kodah. ^_^ <Kodah> ... * David creeps up behind Jeyer... "See anything interesting?" * Darin stays close to Jess... * Jeyer turns the corner and stares out, then whispers back, "The road seems clear." * Tiernan's face is pale and sweaty...he breathes rapidly and shallowly... <Jess> Then let's get moving. <Jeyer> Let's go. * Jess leaves the cave. * David nods and creeps ahead.. * Jeyer runs around the mountain path and keeps scouting, attempting to discern any ambushes. * Kodah casts Cure on Tyr, hoping to ease his suffering slightly <Narrator> == The cure spell appeases Tiernan momentarily... * David drags Reisha along ;) * Johei pads behind, keeping his sword out and ready just in case. * Tiernan looks still for a moment...then, several moments later, he goes back into a shallow breathing pattern... * Kodah notes this, and wonders. * Jeyer turns the corner and gasps, running back quickly <Kodah> What is it Jeyer? * Jeyer motions for silence as he slowly peeks around the corner <Kodah> ... * David blinks and draws AmeShi quietly.. * Jess draws her rapier. * Darin rests his hand on the hilt of his blade.. * Johei tiptoes with his four feet, trying to keep Tiernan in place and his sword ready at the same time. * Jeyer looks back at the Shining Force and points around the corner whispering, "Gerad..." * Kodah hisses. <Darin> ... <Johei> Who? * David narrows his eyes and hisses softly... "Attack? Or not? <Johei> Is it a demon? <Jess> Worse... <Jess> He's after Kodah... <Kodah> ... <Kodah> He should be able to sense my presence soon. <Johei> A demon lord! * Jeyer looks at the Shining Force and shakes his head... "I might be able to make him leave..." <Kodah> He works for Mitula, Johei. * David nods. "Leave is good..." <Johei> ...? @_@ * Tiernan whimpers. <Johei> A... good demon is chasing you? <Kodah> Please try Jeyer, I am not in the mood for him just now. * Jeyer turns the corner and starts talking to Gerad. <Kodah> ... <Narrator> The Shining Force can hear people talking but none of the words are discernible... <Kodah> <w> We'll fill you in later Johei, just be quiet for now <Johei> If you say so, sir Kodah. ^_^ <Kodah> . . . <Jess> ... * Jess waits, Rapier in hand. * Kodah places a hand on Tyr's forehead, hoping he'll stay quiet. * Tiernan 's skin feels cold and clammy to the touch... <Kodah> ... * Tiernan also doesn't stop moaning. ^_^;; <Narrator> A sudden warrior's scream can be heard and the sound of metal colliding with metal rings through the air... <Jess> O_O; <Darin> ... Uh oh... <Kodah> That doesn't sound promising. <Jess> No, it doesn't. <Johei> We have to go help! <David> Wait! <Jess> You stay here, Johei. <David> No! <David> Stay! Shh! <Kodah> Hold it, just be patient Johei. <Narrator> Someone yells the word, "Katon!" as a great fireball crashes down from the skies. * David peers out around the corner first, making sure... <Johei> But- <Narrator> Jeyer and Gerad are fighting fiercely. <David> Okay. Lets go. * Tiernan whimpers again on Johei's back, as if to say. "Stay!" * Kodah pulls Tyr from Johei's back. <David> Defensive around Tyr. Don't let him get hurt. * Tiernan lets out a cry. * David nods to Kodah and runs out... * Jess gets into position. <Johei> David! Do we go and help... er... Cheyer? <Narrator> == Jeyer can attack. <David> Attack Gerad! * Kodah takes position in front of Tyr <Narrator> == Jeyer lashes out at Gerad with Kazen'rah... <Narrator> == Gerad takes 168 damage. * David stands in front of the team, twirling AmeShi... * Jeyer rolls back into a defensive stance. <Narrator> == Gerad can attack. <Narrator> == Gerad summons a holy barrier <Narrator> == Gerad gains 50 defense * Jeyer glares at Gerad... "Nice trick... Holy barrier won't defend you against this..." <Narrator> == Jeyer can attack. <Narrator> == Jeyer lowers himself impossibly low to the ground and disappears.... <Narrator> == The Shining Force enter the battle. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack <Johei> An evil centaur! * Gerad looks in his usual trance during battle. * Kodah raises both his hands, calling forth-curling vortices of energy from the earth and sky to envelop his allies! * Jess readies her rapier. * Johei lifts his sword's blade to a horizontal position, tensing his body to charge the evil creature. <Narrator> == Kodah casts Boost lv 2. The speed encircles the Shining Force, raising defense and speed by 11 and 10. * Kodah drops into a defensive posture, intent on keeping Gerad away from Tyr. * David flips forward to where Jeyer disappeared and crouches defensively in front of the team, as if to protect them... * Tiernan lies out on the ground, his wings open wide, and still. <Narrator> == Johei can attack * Johei dashes with all the speed he can muster to Gerad, thrusting his sword into his midsection with the combined strength of his arms and the charge! <Narrator> == Johei lashes out at Gerad... Gerad not bothering to raise any shield or defense takes a hit to the midsection... The blow seemed absorbed by an invisible shield partially... 23 damage! <Johei> He's protected by some sort of barrier! <Jess> Then let's break it. <Kodah> You're now seeing the problem I had with him for so long <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. <Johei> Don't worry! We'll beat him together! I'm sure Mitula will grant us victory! =D <Narrator> == Reisha takes a defensive stance <Narrator> == David can attack. * Jess readies herself. * David rushes Gerad, slashing sideways with the flaming blade of AmeShi and then freezing, jerking the blade upwards over Gerad's upper body...he flips back to his original position! <Narrator> == David's attack hits the magical aura, removing some of the force of the blow... Nonetheless, Gerad reels back from the hit... 27 damage! <Narrator> == Darin can attack. * Darin rushes forward slashing into Gerad! <Narrator> == Darin's blade absorbs the barrier and glides through, slashing Gerad for 21 damage! The sword flares... <Narrator> == Darin takes 21 damage! <Darin> ...Oh ... no... <Jess> DARIN! <Kodah> Damn! <Jess> OK...heal time. * Darin winces..."He... he's not evil... I can't attack him..." <Narrator> == Jess can attack. <Jess> Then bring him out of that trance. * Jess says a silent prayer to Mitula as a healing light surrounds Darin. "HEAL 1!" <Johei> He's not evil? But then, why is he attacking us? <Darin> Thank you, Jess... * Jess nods. * Kodah almost looks indignant, "NOT evil? I'm sorry but I can't swallow that!" <Narrator> == Jess casts Heal Lv. 1 on Darin... Darin recovers 14 HP * Darin glares at Kodah... "If he was evil, the Blade of Truth would not have attacked me!" <Jess> Now, Darin. Just sit back and let us deal with him, or you can have your blade bring him out of that trance like you did last time. <Darin> I intend to, Jess... * Kodah growls something under his breath. * Darin picks up his blade and closes his eyes... concentrating... * Tiernan moans softly from the back, the first time he's done so in a while. <Narrator> ===== Monster Count: Gerad ===== <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. * Kodah draws up an inky black film from the ground that clings to his body, growling dangerously. * Kodah rears back and releases a guttural shout! As he does, the ground beneath his enemies heaves, as it is transformed into a blizzard of demons and devils! They viciously claw and bite anything in their way as they travel up into the sky and dissipate in a cacophony of howls! <Johei> Ahh!! What is that!? <David> It''s...the Snackwells Cookie man! * Johei turns around wildly, trying to shield himself with his blade. <Narrator> == Kodah casts Devil Magic lv. 1... The demons lash out violently at Gerad, making him fall backwards. He quickly gets back on his feet, hurt beyond measure. 56 damage! * Kodah looks satisfied, as the black film peels away from his body and sinks back into the ground <Johei> Sir Kodah! What did you do?! <Kodah> ... <Kodah> I'll tell you later, there's no time just now! <David> He summoned the powers of the All Mighty Sock God, Johei! :P <Narrator> == Jeyer suddenly appears out from behind Gerad and raises Kazen'rah, its flames flickering wildly around the slender edge... His eyes glow a deep shade of red as an evil grin portrays on his lips... Then dives the blade in Gerad's back violently! * Kodah raises an eyebrow at David * David raises both eyebrows at Jeyer's move... <Johei> The.... mighty sock god...? <Tiernan> ... <Johei> o_o; * Tiernan remains motionless. <Narrator> == Gerad yowls in pain! 243 damage! <Darin> ... <Narrator> == Gerad's form flickers in and out of existence and beams away, leaving no trace. <Kodah> Damn!! * David sheathes AmeShi... <Johei> He disintegrated? <Jess> Holy...! * Jeyer stares blankly at his blade... Then drops it to the ground, disgusted at what he just did. * Kodah swallows his anger, and returns his attention to Tyr, dropping another Cure spell on him. * David walks towards Jeyer. "Sir Jeyer?" * Jeyer turns his gaze upon David... "Sir...?" <Kodah> Eh? What now? * Johei stands around in the middle of the former battlefield, confused beyond measure. * Tiernan doesn't react to Kodah's curing... * David leans down and picks Jeyer's blade up...he hands it to Jeyer. "Here. Do not be ashamed. He deserved no less." * Kodah checks Tyr over again. * Tiernan seems even more pale, cold, and sweaty than before...his breathing shallow... * Jess attempts to ease Tyr with Heal 1 again. * Jeyer takes his blade slowly and sheathes it... "I promised myself I wouldn't kill like that... Never like that..." <Kodah> We need to get him to a proper healer. Now, or we might lose him <David> I...can see why. It strikes a memory...but nevermind. We need to get Tyr to a healer like Kodah said. <Jess> Then let's beat a hasty path to the next town. <Kodah> Johei, I need you to carry him again. * Jeyer nods and goes ahead to scout the town... <Johei> Eh... yes, Kodah! * David flexes his hands and grabs Rei by the elbow, dragging her along. ^_^ * Johei trots over to where Tyr is lying. * Kodah helps Tyr onto Johei's back again * Reisha bites David's elbow! * Tiernan whimpers, almost sounding like he's in pain. * David enjoys it! * Kodah heads after Jeyer when Tyr's in place <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The warped dimension ripples around, a solitary mound of soil floating adrift in the desolate world... A centaur knight stands battered, barely able to stand, staring up at the celestial form that lies over him... <Mitula> Gerad...Again, you went into battle unprepared... * Mitula waves her hands an a holy aura envelops Gerad, healing his many wounds. <Mitula> I had precious little time to whisk you away from the fight... <Gerad> I... I am sorry, my Goddess. *Feels vitality return to him and stands tall* They ambushed me... Jeyer... That traitor... Is helping them. <Mitula> Jeyer...I see. Then we must get rid of him before we can advance further. He is a nuisance... <Mitula> Then, we go after the accursed half-devil... * Gerad nods. "Yes... But I need help... to do so. I do not think I can defeat Jeyer alone... He is a powerful being." * Mitula paces back and forth, thinking... <Mitula> First, the problem is that you underestimate the Shining Force. They are strong, and will be more powerful when you meet them next. You might have to change your strategy...find out a new attack or power that they will never be able to prepare for. When the time comes...I will assist you. <Mitula> But for now, you must pick yourself up and carry on. * Gerad nods. "I shall return to Guardiana to hone my skills with your blessing, my Goddess." * Mitula smiles. "Very well. I'm counting on you, my good knight..." * Gerad nods and uses a teleportation spell, poofing out. * Mitula smile turns sly, and she giggles. "It's all going according to plan..." * Mitula waves her hands around her body and transforms into a blonde woman in a tight black dress...She transforms into Celia...the woman last seen in Aisen... <Celia> But...It's going too slowly for my tastes... <Celia> Maybe it's time I created a bit more mischief...ha ha ha... * Celia laughs and winks out of existence! <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====