Shining Force RPG 2 session 24
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<Narrator> ===== Session Start! ===== <Narrator> The shining Force walks back to town after defeating Gerad (yet again). The team, who is worried about Tiernan's reaction to losing Dal trek down to the small tribal village at the bottom of the volcano. * Indigo reappears in a bright burst of white light. <Indigo> Hi everyone! :D * Kodah stays by Tyr's side, trying to discern the cause of his suffering. * David falls over at Indi's abrupt appearance. :P * Jess walks along, wondering just what in the hell it is about Gerad's appearing everywhere before they do. * Reisha jumps as she is right next to Indigo's poofing-in spot. "Indy... give me a warning next time! Sheesh..." <Indigo> So, what do I miss? <Narrator> The SFRPG runs in to a Vandal! Oops... Wrong game. *erases the Vandal* <Jess> Only a fight with Gerad. * Tiernan has stopped moaning...but remains in the same unconscious state. <Kodah> ... * David rubs his head and grunts. "Freakin' bursts of light..." <Indigo> I can't, since I never know when or where I'll do that. <Indigo> Who's Gerad? * Kodah facefaults! <Jess> The Centaur that's trying to kill Kodah, Indi. * David hops back up and cracks his back, resuming the trek. <Kodah> EXCUSE ME?! O_o <David> Kodah...breathe. ^^; * Kodah tries to repress his sudden irritation. <Indigo> Oh, never heard of him. Not the nice horsey who I ride on, that knight? * Reisha fixes her hair. "That hay-for-brains centaur with an attitude... not Johei." <Narrator> Tiernan falls off Johei. * David chuckles lowly. "Hay-for-brains..." <Indigo> So, who won? * Kodah acks, and tries to get Tyr back on Johei's back <Jess> We're alive aren't we? * Reisha sighs. <David> We won. :P Sort of. * Tiernan doesn't move or react at all. <Indigo> Oh, good. The last thing I remember is we were going to Arc Valley to tame Dark Dragon. You guys didn't want to take the shortcut through Zeon's dimension. * David crosses his well-muscled arms, grinning faintly. * Jess holds onto Darin as they continue the journey. <Kodah> (Icily) No Indigo, we'd rather not. * Tiernan breathes heavily. <Indigo> I still don't understand. It should be safe, and if not, we can always ask Grandma to take away from there. <Kodah> Besides, Tyr is in no condition to do any serious traveling. <Reisha> The poor kid... <Kodah> Especially through Zeon's back yard...of all places. * David nods a little, eyes flickering in their color as he brushes some of his sandy blonde hair away from his forehead. "Lets just get to where we're going, hmm?" <Indigo> It wasn't so scary. Well, we were too busy conquering evil to be scared as I recall... <Narrator> The town comes into range... It seems to be a colony of dwarven origins. * Darin nods, keeping a protective arm around Jess. <Jess> Looks like a dwarf town. * David stretches and yawns... "While the kid rests, we could get some much needed sleep..." <Jess> Very much needed, David. * Kodah works on keeping Tyr from sliding off Johei's back again. * Reisha runs her eyes over David's sturdy frame. "That's a good plan by me..." * Darin nods... "Sounds good to me too." * Tiernan 's face is pale and sweaty...he continues to breathe in an irregular fashion... <Reisha> Maybe they have some interesting artifacts or clues in this place too... wouldn't hurt to look around. * Indigo strolls along. * David flexes his hands a little and grins. "I think I'll go run some errands before sleeping..." <Indigo> Hey, what happened to Tyr? <Kodah> We're not sure. * Indigo glows blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, unleash your refreshing rains on Tiernan to awaken him! <Jess> O_O; <Darin> ...Uhm... <David> Oh gods. ^^; <Jess> Not good... * Kodah gets drenched in the process of Tyr getting dunked. * Tiernan gets drenched. He doesn't awaken...but he does shiver. A lot. <Kodah> . . . . . . . <Narrator> == Neptune is summoned. Rain batters down on Tiernan with full force. Tiernan takes 2 damage. <Reisha> Indigo... will you knock it off...? You're going to kill him...! * David grahs and rubs his forehead. ^^; * Reisha calls some electrical energy to her hands. * Jess shakes her head... <Indigo> It should wake him up! ^_^ * Kodah rummages around in his pack for a dry blanket. * Tiernan doesn't wake up, wench. :p <Darin> If you don't kill him first, you twit! <Reisha> Maybe I ougtta give you a wake up call instead... *grumble* :/ * David bursts out into soft laughter but quickly stifles it. ^^; <Kodah> Indigo...I'm going to say this only once. If you do something like that again...I will kill you. Understand? * Indigo frowns, calling off Neptune. <David> Kodah...jeez... ^^; <Indigo> Oh, you always say that Kodah. ^_^ Remember the time I flooded the river? <David> Can we just not kill each other! <David> Indigo! * Kodah drapes the blanket over Tyr, snarling under his breath and shivering slightly. <Jess> Lara told me of the time you almost killed the king of Granseal too, Indi. <Reisha> Please David? Can a zap her a little? Pretty please? ;) * Darin grumbles under his breath. * David raises a handsome eyebrow at Reisha and grins. "As tempting as that" <Indigo> I vaguely remember that. My dark side took over and I used a tidal wave against him. <David> Anyway... ^_- time ask me if you can summon anything, okay? * Reisha calls off the impending spell. "Fine... fine..." * Tiernan shivers despite the blanket draped over him. <David> And if you don't, I'll let Rei fry your booty. * Reisha grins. :) * Indigo giggles. <Kodah> We need to get Tyr somewhere he can dry off and get some clean clothes. Pneumonia isn't what he needs now. <Indigo> Well, that depends, but I'll try to remember! <Indigo> Let me warm him up! <Kodah> NO! * Indigo glows orange. * Reisha covers Indy's mouth. <Zoie> I don't think that's such a good idea Indigo. * Indigo starts a muffled summons of Apollo and stops. * Kodah turns towards Indigo and snarls hatefully, exposing his fangs and his black, pupiless eyes. * David sighs... ^^; <Kodah> Don' <Indigo> *The words come out* "Apollo, Elemental of Fire...." * David walks over and slugs Indigo in the stomach. * Reisha shocks Indy, not really caring anymore. ^^ <Jess> Indi, don't make me stick this rapier right through your ass. * Zoie walks over to Indy... "One more word out of you and..." * Indigo doubles over, her breath flying out. <David> Indigo...darling...this is my group. <David> You will obey my orders. <David> Do you understand? * David narrows his eyes. <Indigo> I'm an' *wheeze* * Darin looks at Jess... then at Indi. <Narrator> A large clasp of thunder falls down on Indigo. <Indigo>'re like your... *wheeze* mother... *pant* <Indigo> Ouch! * Indigo looks up. * Reisha blinks. * Jeyer walks on, grunting... <Indigo> Atlas, quit that! <Reisha> Hey... I didn't do it... *whistling* ^^ * Jess walks on toward town. * Kodah tries to calm down, turning his attention back to getting Tyr to town. * Tiernan remains unconscious and shivering. * David gets closer to Indigo... "I mean it...behave. Treat me as your leader." * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> A dwarf spots the team coming towards down and stops his smithy work to prod the team. <Indigo> I have been. * Indigo gives David a confused look. <David> No. You haven't. * Kodah notes the dwarf, "We have an injured friend. Is there an Inn close by good sir?" * Jeyer turns around and looks at Indigo... "You know for a legendary sorceress of the Shining Force... You... Ahh nevermind." <Indigo> Very much like your mother. Kara always seemed annoyed by me, ever since we met, and I never figured out why. It could have been my insanity at the time, but... * Reisha points to the dwarf. "Hey... David... munchkins at twelve o clock.." * Indigo shrugs helplessly. * Jeyer turns around and looks at the Dwarf... * Jess looks at Darin. "Why are we doomed to have to put up with that nutball summoner?" * Indigo blushes. <Indigo> Legendary Sorceress...I like that... <Dwarf> Aye, lad... An inn a cou-- MUNCHKIN?! * Darin shrugs at Jess. * Reisha stares down at the dwarf, flipping her hair to the side. "Well, you're no giant..." * Kodah gives Rei the icy stare of 'shut-the-hell-up' * The dwarf glares at Reisha. "Why ye be callin' me a munchkin, ye half bit wizard?" * Zoie rolls her eyes and continues onward. <David> Oh goddess. * Indigo looks at the Dwarf. <David> Rei...please...behave. ^^; * Tiernan falls off the horse yet again. <Reisha> Half-bit? Why I oughtta... <David> Uhm... * Reisha bites her lip. <Jess> Calm down, Rei. <David> Mr. Dwarf sir... ^^; * Darin glares at Rei... * Kodah gives up and decides to carry Tyr to the Inn. <David> Don't call her a half bit wizard...and don't mind her quick tongue...she's very...uh.... <David> Strong willed. ;P * Indigo notices the dwarf and gives it the same look she gave her toy doll, an "awww- ain't-it-cute" look. * The dwarf snorts loudly. "Oughtta what? Fry me with ye little parlor tricks?? BAH! Ye wizards are all alike." He then turns around and points to the inn. "There be yer inn. Tell da fine woman at da counter Smithy Darius sent ya." <Jess> Excuse Indigo...she's a...what would you call Indigo? Nut?" * David grimaces. ^^: * Kodah hurries to the Inn, before the entire team gets chased up a tree so the dwarves can set fire to it. <David> Uhmmm... ^^; * Darin looks at the Dwarf. "Thank you sir." * Jess follows Kodah. * Reisha folds her arms, trying to keep cool. "You're pushing it..." <Indigo> I'm Indigo Mysteria, legendary sorceress of the Shining Force. ^_^ * Darin turns and heads to the Inn. * David grabs Rei by the elbow and tugs her to the inn. ^^;;; * Indigo smiles at the new title, then heads off with the others. <David> Come along... ^^; Leave the short...munchkin...alone. ;) * Reisha gets tugged. o_o * The dwarf flashes a grin at Reisha and whispers, "Aye, m'lady... Aye." <Zoie> <m> Titles... who needs them anyhow, just a way of making someone even more overconfident... * Kodah mutters some unpleasant things under his breath. <Indigo> A munchkin. You know, I got this book from the Spellbook of the Month club, about this two-bit wizard in a place called Oz. There were a lot of munchkins... * Jess whispers to Zoie, "Or a way to make a two-bit nutcase summoner more annoying." * Reisha mutters under her breath... * David whistles ^^; * Kodah nudges the door to the Inn open, and looks for the Innkeeper. <Kodah> Hello? <Zoie> <m> there is something to be said for modesty... <Narrator> A small, stocky woman wipes the counter. "Aye?" * Tiernan is dirty, wet, pale, sweaty, and unconscious. * Reisha stops herself before she makes another munchkin comment. ^^ <Kodah> I need to rent one of your rooms good sir. My friend is ill * David pokes Rei in the stomach good-naturedly. "Forget him. He's too short to have much brain matter. Now, you go get a room and stuff...and no fighting!" * Indigo smiles to the innkeeper. * Jess nudges David. "One of us should find the town healer." <David> I'll do it. ^_^ <Indigo> I'll cook dinner. <David> I have to run some errands anyway... ^^; <Jess> Ok... * Darin puts his arm back around Jess. <Reisha> I never get to have any fun anymore... fine, David. Let's get Tyr inside. I promise no more funny stuff. <David> O_o Rei...I didn't mean it like that... * The dwarven female smiles back. "May aye help ye folks? Ye not seem ta be from around 'ere." * Jess wraps her arm around Darin's waist. <Jess> We're not. Our friend is ill and we need rooms. * Reisha puts a hand firmly on the counter. "Sure can... we need a room. Our friend's in bad shape..." <Indigo> Yeah, we come from a long way away. <Kodah> No ma'am, I need a room for my friend. He's quite ill. <Indigo> Oh, and don't use water on him. * Indigo whispers to the Innkeep. <Indigo> They get mad if you do. * Reisha hisses at Indy. <Jess> Smithy Darius sent us, madam. * The innkeeper nods and blinks at Indigo... "A--Aye... 20 gold pieces." and pulls out a couple of keys. * David sighs softly and rolls his shoulders... "I'll go get the healer..." * David slips away... * Tiernan shivers in Kodah's arms. * Jess looks around as she nudges Darin. "Now I know why they say that dwarves are well known for their craftsmanship. Look at the decor around here." * Reisha wanted to ask David something, but lets it drop as he disappears. * Indigo hands her 20 gold pieces. * The innkeeper smirks. "Darius... Always getting me business. Aye. thank ye." * Kodah hefts Tyr up a bit, and takes the one of the keys from the Innkeeper. * The innkeeper pockets the 20 gold pieces and hands the keys to the party. * Darin nods to Jess, then whispers something in her ear. * Jess whispers back into Darin's ear. * Reisha takes the key, looking at it a minute. * Kodah carries Tyr to one of the rooms and fumbles to get the door open. <Indigo> The Munchkin? Does he sing for you? * Darin chuckles and takes the key. * Tiernan 's clothes are sopping wet and dripping all over the floor. Thanks Indy. :P * Reisha goes to help Kodah. <Kodah> Help me get these wet clothes off him Reisha, please <Kodah> He'll freeze if we don't. * Jess goes with Darin to their room. <Reisha> Gotcha. * Kodah goes to get some dry blankets from one of the beds, checking to see if there's a fireplace in the room. * Reisha starts taking off the sopping wet trenchcoat and scarf, before working on the shirt... <Reisha> I can't believe the nerve of that Indigo... * Indigo smiles, going up to the others, humming "We're off to see the Wizard..." * Tiernan remains unresponsive. <Jess> Can I please set her ass on fire? * Kodah sets down the blankets and goes to start a fire. <Darin> No, Jessica... <Indigo> How is he? <Kodah> Reisha, as soon as you get those wet clothes off of him, wrap him up in those blankets please. * Reisha smiles inwardly a little as she finishes taking off the clothes and thrown a couple of blankets around the phoenix-boy. * David returns shortly with the healer, carrying a small bundle in his hand... <Reisha> I really do feel sorry for him... :/ <Indigo> I wish Sasha were here. She could comfort him. <Jess> Should we check on Tyr before turning in, Darin? * Kodah manages to get a fire started and then goes to help wrap up Tyr * Darin nods... "I am worried about him..." <Jess> Then let's go. <Indigo> He's a phoenix, right? So if we set him on fire, won't he come back to life fully-healed? * David clears his throat, stepping into Tyr's room... "The healer is here." <Reisha> Indigo... just shut up. You're not helping. :P * Jess makes room for David and the healer. <Kodah> Thanks David, bring him in please * David motions and the healer comes in. :P <Kodah> Him or her...whoever...blarg. <Narrator> Suddenly, Jeyer burps. <Indigo> Excuse yourself Jeyer. <Jeyer> Err. Pardon me. * Reisha sits at the bedside, turning to face David and the healer type person.. :) * Indigo looks at him with the stern look of a mother. * Jeyer then heads for his room and faints la maiden. * Kodah stands away from Tyr to let the healer work. * David looks at Rei and offers her the bundle... "Uhm, here." * Indigo looks at the healer. * Reisha takes it, looking confused. "Huh?" * Indigo smiles. <David> Uhm...its <Indigo> Hi Miss! Please heal my friend. <Reisha> Ohh... right... just didn't expect it at a time like this... * Reisha peeks inside the bundle a little. "Hmm..." <David> I know... I figured it was better than sneaking into your room... ^^; You might think I was some sort of freak... * Reisha starts giggling. "Not as big of a freak as Indigo... hehe.." * The woman healer, taller than the rest of the townspeople walks in... Surprisingly, she's a fully sized human. "Aye... What seems ta be da problem?" <Reisha> I wonder what it is... <Indigo> Tiernan's sick. <Jess> We don't know, Madam. * Reisha pulls away the wrappings, and gazes at the armband in her hands. <Indigo> I summoned Neptune to wake him up, but it didn't work. I think fire would help... * David fidgets a little. ^^; * Reisha blinks. <Reisha> Woah... <Jess> He started seizing, then this...we think he's in shock. <Reisha> This is... beautiful... * Reisha stands up. * The healer glares at Indigo, her hands on her hips. "Nay, miss. Nay." * David blinks a little... ^^; * Reisha pokes David in the stomach... * David oofs. O_o <Indigo> But he's a phoenix. According to legend, if a phoenix is burned they return to life. <Reisha> Hey, how did you know blue was my favorite color? Somebody rat me out? ;) <David> ^^; It was either that or red...lucky guess...? ^^; * Reisha slips it on her left arm. <Reisha> Lucky... for you. * Narrator shoves a raisin up David's nose. "BE WORRIED ABOUT TYR, YOU ROMANTIC PUTZ!" * Reisha goes up to him and kisses his lips... :) * Jess looks to Darin. "I'm really getting tired. Haven't rested well since we saw Dark Dragon and all. I think I'll just turn in now." * The healer inspects Tiernan with the little information she has... * David blinks and kisses Rei back briefly, grinning and blushing. ^^; * Darin looks at Jess.... and nods... "Now that I know he's in good hands... I'll join you..." * Indigo pats Tiernan on the head, then walks out. <Indigo> I'll be in the kitchen! * Kodah waits for the healer to do her thing, figuring that she knows what she's doing. * Tiernan suddenly spasms after Indigo touches him, his hand twitching. * Jess nods and wraps an arm around Darin's waist, going to their room. <Reisha> But... what's the leader doing off buying jewelry in a time of crisis, hmm? <Kodah> ?? * David eh hehs and glances at Tyr uncomfortably. " see...hey look, he's twitching!" * Tiernan's eyes twitch and he moans softly... * Indigo blinks, feeling the twitch. <Kodah> What's wrong? * Reisha turns. "Oh... he is..." ^^ * Indigo goes back and touches him again. * David coughs and thwaps Indi! ^^; <Indigo> But he responded, and don't hit your elders! * The healer winces... "He seems in some catatonic state... Aye... This is bad." The healer starts applying her hands at two pressure points on Tiernan's head, sending healing waves through him. * Indigo wags a finger at David and rests her hand on Tyr's head. * Narrator kicks David to unconsciousness <Indigo> Come on Tyr, you'll make it. * Reisha watches the healer, with an arm around David's waist, daintily squeezing the stuffing out of him. * Tiernan stops twitching slowly... <Kodah> ... <Narrator> Tiny beads of sweat start forming on the healer's forehead... She seems to be forcing her healing greatly... * David blinks at the healer, a supportive arm around Rei.... <Indigo> Tyr, are you alive in there? * Indigo closes her eyes, making the disembodied white-gloved hand appear over Tyr's head and point downward at him before going to the kitchen. * Kodah stands by, waiting to offer help if needed. <Indigo> He'll be hungry when he wakes up! * The healer pulls back, completely exhausted... Tiernan starts to stir... <Tiernan> * David mumbles... "I'm gonna shove that hand up her a....oh, look, Tyr is stirring!" * Kodah swats the white hand away. * Reisha whaps Indy in place of David, and goes back to watching. * Tiernan opens his eyes partway, slowly... <Tiernan> ... <Kodah> Tyr? Can you hear me? <Tiernan> ...Ko...dah...? Kodah... <Kodah> Hey, nice to see you back with us. <Reisha> Hey... you with us, Tyr? * Indigo starts some bacon and cheese toast in the kitchen, and some tea. * Tiernan turns slowly to Kodah, blinking. " this...?" <Kodah> Don't try to move yet Tyr. You've had a bit of a bad spell <David> It'll be okay, for now... * Tiernan looks around each person in the room, slowly...then he stops and looks down. <Tiernan> ...It wasn't a dream...was it? <Tiernan> ... <Kodah> ...No, it wasn't. * The healer slowly gets back to her feet... "I... Couldn't heal him... Completely... Aye, something was stopping me... Must be eye am tired..." * Indigo calls upstairs. <Indigo> How's he doing? * Indigo continues her work with the bacon. <Tiernan> Dal...I should have stayed... * Kodah looks at the healer, "Do you know what was resisting you?" * The healer shakes her head... "Nay..." <Reisha> No way we could leave you in that hell hole, Tyr... <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> But... * David nods in agreement with Rei. <Tiernan> ...What happened?...Why am I in bed...? <Tiernan> I was looking at the cave...when everything became dark... * Indigo wanders up, with a plate of cheese toast, bacon, and hot tea. <Indigo> Here you go Tyr! ^_^ * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Indy. * Tiernan winces, not quite ready for Indi's cheeriness O_o <Indigo> Nurse Indigo will cheer you up! ^_^ * The healer ducks out... * David groans and sweatdrops, letting his head rest on Rei's shoulder briefly before returning to normal... "Indi! Back off, you fr00t!" <Kodah> You had a seizure Tyr, and then you went into shock. We brought you to town so that you could get healed. <Tiernan> What's a seizure...and shock? * Indigo sets down the tray next to him. <Indigo> Shock is like this.... * Indigo shakes violently. <Tiernan> O_o * Tiernan meeps. O_o <Kodah> A seizure is when your body starts to spasm and you can't stop it. Shock is when you body starts closing blood vessels to protect itself from harm. <Tiernan> I did THAT? <Indigo> I could demonstrate better...hold on. * Reisha mutters. "What else could she shake loose in that head of hers..." ^^ * Indigo glows sky-blue. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of Air, hit me with your lightning! <David> Indi...! * Reisha puts a hand to her head. * Kodah stands between Tyr and Indy. <Reisha> Just chill Indy... we get the point. * Tiernan eyes are wide. O_o <Indigo> Oh, okay. <Indigo> Cancel that Atlas. * Kodah whews. * Indigo watches her glow die. * David whispers to Rei... "I wish she'd get a point." <Tiernan> ...It happened again, Kodah... * Kodah turns back to Tyr, "Hm?" <Tiernan> ...I got sick again... <Indigo> Anyways, you eat up now. <Kodah> I know Tyr...I know <Tiernan> ...I...I'm sorry Indigo...I'm not very hungry... <Indigo> But it'll go cold. :( <Tiernan> ... <Reisha> Don't worry Tyr... stuff happens. Anybody can lose his or her cool under pressure... <Tiernan> Maybe I'll have some of that...that brown watery stuff... * David smacks Indi. <Indigo> Tea! ^_^ <Indigo> Owwwwww! <Tiernan> Tea...yes...some of that... ^_^ * David leans down to steal a little bit of cheese from Tyr's plate. * Indigo turns to the others. * David chews on it. <Indigo> Now go on...shoo...Nurse Indigo is on the case! ^_^ * Indigo spins into a nurse's uniform. <Tiernan> <Tiernan> it really scared of Indigo? * David leans down to steal another piece...he offers it to Rei. "Here! Try it!" <Kodah> Not really Tyr...not really. * Reisha munches on the cheese idly. "How did I end up with these wackos..." ^^ <David> No clue. ^_- But you like us cause we're insane. * Kodah resents being called a wacko. <Indigo> I'm not a wacko! Not anymore anyways! * Reisha puts David's head in a headlock. :P <David> NNERK! <Tiernan> What's... a whacko? * David squirms. O_o <Indigo> A crazy person dear. <Tiernan> Oh! <Indigo> Like oh...that weirdo on the ship. <Kodah> I wouldn't worry about it Tyr. What's important now is for you to get your strength back. * Reisha gives him a noogie, laughing. ^_^ <Tiernan> ...Okay...but... * Tiernan trails off... * David gaahhs! "The hair! Watch the hair!" * Reisha let's go. <Indigo> Now eat your food before it gets cold dear. <Tiernan> ... * David coughs. "Wow...been working out?" * Tiernan looks down. "Okay..." <David> Tyr! If you don't want it, I'll have it! * Indigo sits on the edge of the bed. <David> Don't force yourself O_o <Reisha> Hey, with people like you and Indy, life's one big exercise... in patience.. hehe..." :) <Indigo> I'll tell you a bedtime story when you're all done. * Kodah ruffles Tyr's hair a little, "Try not to worry right now Tyr. We're doing everything we can to make things better." <Tiernan> can have it David. <David> Thanks. ^^; * Narrator starts snoring loudly * David picks up the food <Tiernan> ... * Indigo smiles and makes a shooing gesture at the others. <Tiernan> Okay... * David looks at Rei invitingly. <Indigo> Now go on children, go on. I'll tell you your bedtime story later. Now shoo. * Kodah sits down across from Tyr, looking tired and stressed * Reisha sticks her tongue out at Indy. "Yes mom..." :P <Tiernan> Why do you look so...sad Kodah? * David sticks a piece of cheese in Rei's mouth and runs off ;) <Reisha> MMmurrrff! * Indigo turns to the food. * Reisha chases after him. "Mmmm...mmrrff!" :P <Indigo> I'll have to make a new meal... * Narrator drools on his sleeve and snorts. * Indigo goes downstairs and gets some materials, then comes back up. <Indigo> Now, I'll teach you how to cook! <Indigo> Go on everyone! Shoo! * Reisha spits the cheese out at him, thocking David in head. ^^ <Tiernan> Hey...Kodah...? Where are my clothes...? * David falls down, dropping cheese and the other food on himself. ^^; <David> Ow! Assault with cheese ;_; * Reisha acks. <Reisha> Whoops... ^^ <Kodah> They are...being dried... <Tiernan> When did we get wet? <Reisha> You big dummy... * Reisha picks up the food off him... * Indigo sits on the edge of the bed and fluffs Tyr's pillow. <Kodah> (grumpy) That was Indigo's doing... <Indigo> Now cook something, you need fire. * Tiernan erks as Indy fluffs his head instead. -_- * David blushes and grunts, sitting up. "Its your fault! You hit me with cheese! That's gotta be illegal!" * Indigo glows orange. * Indigo doesn't notice fluffing Tyr's head. * Reisha busts out laughing, and grins. "Hey, I know every dirty trick in the book... and I use 'em too!" :P <Tiernan> Ow. Ow... Ow. ;_; <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, create a cooking flame in here! <Kodah> Indigo...that's not Tyr's pillow, that's his head! <Kodah> Indigo, there's a freaking fire in the fireplace!! <Indigo> Oh! <Indigo> There is? * David smirks and sweeps Rei's legs out from under her, catching her as she lands on top of him! "Hah! Dirty trick this!" <Kodah> YES!! * David stuffs a piece of leftover cheese in Rei's mouth <Indigo> Oh! * David hops up and runs off ;) * Tiernan sighs. * Reisha gets caught unawares, falling into David's arms. "Nice one." <Indigo> Cancel that Apollo. * Indigo stops glowing. <Indigo> Now, first, you set your food in the fire... * Indigo tosses food in the fire. <Kodah> . . . . <Tiernan> Indigo... * Narrator snorts and wakes up! "HUNH? NO I DIDN'T EAT THE LAST JELLY DONUT!!" and passes out again. <Indigo> Then you wait, but you can make the fire hotter! <Tiernan> I...I'd awhile... * David sits outside Tyr's door, watching Rei in amusement. ;) <Tiernan> Can alone...? Please? <Indigo> Like so...huh? <Indigo> Well, okay, but I'll be right outside! ^_^ * Reisha looks at David expectantly. "Well?" <Tiernan> ^_^ Okay Indigo...thank you. * Kodah herds Indigo out of the room, "You can cook later Indigo, Tyr wants to sleep." <Indigo> I'll come back in to tell you your bedtime story! <David> Well what? ;) Hey, I supplied the food... ;) You made me wear it! * Kodah turns back to Tyr, "I'll be just outside if you need anything." <Tiernan> Okay Kodah... <Indigo> I have one from my Spellbook of the Month club, about Three Little Pigs... * Tiernan looks down. <Tiernan> Thank you... <Reisha> And how good it looks on you too... * Indigo beams. * Kodah nods, and shuts the door behind him * David raises an eyebrow at that, having the decency to blush. "Uhhh." * Kodah sits down next to the door, quite exhausted. * Tiernan just looks at the fire for a long time... * Indigo pulls out a thermometer from her uniform. <Reisha> Haha... got you. ^_^ <Indigo> I should go get his temperature.... <Kodah> Not now Indigo. Let him sleep. * David growls at Rei and leaps up, poking her in the stomach. ;) * Reisha picks herself up, brushing some dust off. * Darin snores loudly from his and Jess's room. <Reisha> So... think we should let Tyr get some rest? <Reisha> I know I'm beat... <David> Oh yeah. The kid is bushed. I should go get a bath... ^^; * Indigo skips around. * Jess is sound asleep herself. <Indigo> I'm going to find the Munchkin and get him to sing me a song. * Reisha chuckles to herself. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Jeyer lies in his bed, pondering somberly on the day's events... "That... Boy..." * Jeyer shakes his head... "This has to be taken care of..." * Jeyer leaps to his feet and opens his door slightly. * Jeyer grunts to himself as no one is in sight... * Jeyer walks over to Kodah and nods to him... "How's... The boy?" <Kodah> I think he's still asleep. Physically I think he's recovering. Emotionally...I'm not so confident. * Jeyer nods. "I would think so. I've been observing the team during... That period. I've realized how much he got attached to certain party members." * Kodah nods <Jeyer> He is a slight hindrance, isn't he? This is not the first time something like this has happened... <Kodah> A few days ago I would have been offended if you called him a hindrance...but now...I'm beginning to worry... * Jeyer nods. "Yes... Something is closed in him. Something troubling. He is a mystery to even myself. I sense trouble with his staying in the Shining Force, though. <Kodah> Trouble? Are you saying we should send him away? I'm not so comfortable with that. <Kodah> The fact that we STILL don't know what's wrong with him does concern me though. * Jeyer frowns. "I would think you'd see this objectively... He's troubling your progress constantly... And now that Dark Dragon has the Shrine of transition... The Shining Force can't afford a fumble." <Kodah> I've never been much of an objective person Jeyer. You know that. <Jeyer> Yes... I know. *reminds himself of Kodah back in the days and chuckles.* Ahh, how I miss the old days.. <Kodah> Sometimes I do too...although I must say I don't miss falling off the road into thorn bushes anymore! ^_- <Kodah> I can happily live without that. * Jeyer laughs. "Yes... You were quite a klutz back in the days... Yes." * Kodah chuckles a little. * Jeyer shakes his head... "I'll go back to my room... I just wanted to check... On the boy." * Kodah nods, "As far as I know he's still sleeping. But I haven't heard anything from his room for a while." * Jeyer nods to Kodah and heads back to his room, plopping down on his bed, growling at himself. * Jeyer mumbles, "He had to be in front of the door..." * Kodah goes back to his quiet vigil. * Jeyer gets up in a quick, agile movement and locks his door. * Jeyer then starts meditating. * Indigo is by the door too. :D * Jeyer separates his mind from his body and floats into Tiernan's dreams.... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== * Jeyer reroutes himself into Tiernan's dream, the hub having directed him to another sickly dream of the Narrator. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Tiernan stands in a dark room, floating naked... He feels strangely at peace... * Tiernan closes his eyes, feeling at peace with himself. * Tiernan opens them, and calls out. "Hello?" <Narrator> Images race through his mind... Voices whisper softly, barely inaudible around him... <Tiernan> Who...who's there? <Narrator> The images are of all the times Tiernan has fallen... The images of all past instances where he has been a burden... <Tiernan> ... * Tiernan looks down, covering himself with his wings. <Narrator> The voices speak louder... Whispering... "Hindrance... Burden... " <Tiernan> I know... <Tiernan> I don't know what to do... <Narrator> The voices get louder... "You... Burden... LEAVE..." <Tiernan> friends...? <Tiernan> But where will I go...? * Tiernan begins to weep. <Narrator> The voices dim down slowly... "Away... Leave... Anywhere..." <Narrator> Then fade to nothingness... <Tiernan> ... <Tiernan> Leave...Yes... <Tiernan> I have to...but... <Narrator> Suddenly, an image flashes in Tiernan's head... A very vivid scene... <Narrator> The Shining Force stands in battle with Dark Dragon..... <Tiernan> Everyone! <Narrator> David attacks... Deals 45 damage... Reisha casts Triangle bolt... 32 damage.... <Narrator> Dark Dragon lashes out at Tiernan... Its jaws open and spit out soul shrieks at Tiernan... <Tiernan> No!! <Narrator> Tiernan flies back from the damage.... 167 damage... Dispatched. * Tiernan cries out and crumples into a ball, sobbing. <Tiernan> Is this my future...? I don't want to die! <Narrator> Tiernan feels his whole body ripped apart. His eyes focus on the Shining force who rush to Tiernan's side.... <Tiernan> ...No...wait...WAIT!! <Narrator> Dark Dragon opens his mouth and spits out a soul shriek at all the members, dropping them one by one as they run towards Tiernan... <Tiernan> No!! <Tiernan> Stop it!! <Narrator> The whole Shining Force lay in a puddle of blood, Dark Dragon shrieking out in victory in the background.... <Tiernan> I'm so sorry...*sob* So sorry...I'm...It' fault... <Tiernan> fault... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Jeyer pulls out of the dream and searches through the router... "DAMMIT, THIS NETWORK IS FUCKED!" * Jeyer finds the gateway and runs back to his body... <Narrator> ===== End cut Scene! ===== * Jeyer returns to his body, smirking... "Yes... That went quite nicely..." * Jeyer, feeling faint, lies down to rest, ignoring all happenings in the background... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Indigo goes in to check on Tyr, with a fresh plate of food and tea. * Tiernan 's door is closed. * Indigo blinks at the door. * Kodah is still standing by the door. It doesn't look like he's gone anywhere all night <Indigo> Tyr, it's me! Indigo! I brought food and your story! ^_^ <Narrator's Aid> * No Answer. * Reisha is resting in her room, a smile crossing her face as she sleeps. * Indigo kicks at the door. <Narrator's Aid> * No answer. ^^; <Kodah> Tyr? Are you awake? * Indigo steps back and goes blue. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of Air, blast down the door with your winds! * Kodah goes to open the door a crack * Jess stumbles out of hers and Darin's room. "Indigo, you could wake the dead...shut up." <Narrator's Aid> * Kodah sees that no one is in the room. His bed is made and a note is on the bed. <Kodah> !! <Indigo> Tyr's not answering; I think he's hurt! * Kodah snatches up the notes and reads it. <Narrator> == Atlas blows Kodah into a wall. * Indigo rushes in behind Kodah. <Kodah> He's not here you goob! * Darin blinks... and falls out of bed... * THUD * <Indigo> Oops. * Kodah yelps and crashes to the ground, but has a death grip on the note. * Indigo puts a finger to her mouth and blushes, giggling slightly. <Indigo> Sorry, Atlas thought you were the door. * Kodah swears and tries reading the note again. <Narrator> Atlas groans and bops Indigo before returning to his plain. <Kodah> Remind me to kick your head into your shoes Indigo <Indigo> Ow! We're going to talk about that Atlas! <Narrator's Aid> == Everyone - I'm sorry. I realized last night...I had a dream...I think it was an omen or something. I realize that all I'm doing is causing you pain. I'm a burden and can't do anything right. But it's not just the dream that told me...I've known it all along. Thank you...for everything... -Tiernan <Kodah> ... <Narrator's Aid> == Some of the ink is splotched by wetness...tears? * Indigo reads the letter over Kodah's shoulders and falls to her knees, crying. * Kodah throws down the note and heads for the door. <Indigo> Tiernan, come back! * Indigo sobs. * Jess is still groggy. "What?" * Kodah looks around for the Innkeeper. <Narrator> The innkeeper can be heard in the backstore... * Darin blinks from the floor... "What's going on, Jess? <Indigo> No barrier can stop Death! * Indigo glows black. <Kodah> Innkeeper! Can I ask you something? <Indigo> Doom, Elemental of Death, I summon you! Find Tiernan and bring him back! * The innkeeper turns and looks at Kodah. "Aye?" <Kodah> Did you see anyone leaving the Inn last night? <Narrator> == The summons fails. * Indigo blinks. * Indigo glows brown. * Jess thinks to herself..."Oh no...Tyr!" <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, find Tiernan and bring him back! <Innkeeper> Aye... That wounded boy... He snuck out earlier." <Narrator> == The summons fails. <Kodah> Did you see where he went? * Jess gets into her normal clothes and armor, grabs her rapier and runs out of the inn. * Indigo frowns and glows green. * Reisha comes out of her room. "What's all this damn racket... I'm sleeping here..." * Darin blinks at Jess, gets up, dresses, grabs his stuff and runs after her. * The innkeeper looks hesitantly and shakes her head. "Nay, lad." <Indigo> Pio, Elemental of Plague, bring Tiernan back! <Narrator> == The summons fails. <Kodah> Thank you anyway. * Indigo stamps her foot. * Kodah heads out the door. * The innkeeper nods and returns to her work. <Indigo> What is wrong with you Elementals! Don't make me go to your plane and have a long talk with you! * Reisha looks over at Indigo and the note she's holding. <Kodah> Hey Jess, wait up. <Darin> Jess! * Indigo hastily slings on her clothes, grabs her staff, and stomps off. * Jess stops and starts looking around. * Jeyer opens his door, feeling very groggy, trying to figure out what the commotion is about.(Ha ha. :P) <Reisha> Oh great... don't tell me he's at it again. <Indigo> I'll have you all in for a nice, loooooong talk! You hear me? <Kodah> We need to ask around town and see if anyone saw which direction Tyr went. <Narrator> == The Elementals say in unison, "Bite me!" * Darin runs into Jess... * Reisha raps on David's door, and drags him out to join the search. * Jeyer walks down the stairs and looks at the people... Then heads towards Kodah. <Indigo> Don't talk to me like that! <Jeyer>Kodah... What happened? <Kodah> Tyr took off during the night. * Jess walks up to a random person. "Have you seen a young man with wings around here?" * Jeyer sighs and shakes his head... "And now you intend to go looking for him... Why did he leave?" <Indigo> I need you to find Tyr! <Kodah> He left a note saying that he was too much of a burden on us... <Indigo> Where'd he get that stupid notion? * Jeyer frowns somberly... "He must be far ahead by now... Or far back." <Kodah> He can't have gone that far. <Indigo> Yeah, he can't fly! If I could get these elementals to do their jobs we could find him. <Jeyer> I beg to differ... That speed spell of his is helpful. And he can fly. * Indigo looks at the ground. <Indigo> Don't make me come down there! * Indigo glows blue. <Narrator> == Pio warps out of the ground and gives Indigo the finger <Narrator> == Pio plops back down <Kodah> I bed to differ as well, he's in no condition to make a major cross-country jaunt. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, bring Tiernan to me! <Reisha> Indy, we've got bigger birds to fry than your stupid elemental friends... <Narrator> == The summons fails * Indigo takes off her belt. <Indigo> Okay, NOW I'm coming down there! After we find Tyr! * Reisha goes out the door, and looks around. * Jess walks around asking any random passerby if he or she's seen Tiernan. <Jeyer> True... But he still could have gained much ground with his spells. He is a resourceful boy. I suggest we move on and hope to cross his path... Going back can't be an option. * Darin follows Jess around. <Indigo> Sure it can be! * Indigo is still holding her belt. <Kodah> Sorry Jeyer, but I can't do that. * Reisha calls out. "OK, Tiernan. Not funny... you can come back now." <Indigo> We'll retrace our steps. Tyr gets confused easily, we should spot him soon. :) * Kodah heads out, asking around to see if anyone saw what direction Tyr went in. * Jess hears Jeyer and then storms back up to the ninja. "And JUST WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD WE WANT TO DESERT A FRIEND LIKE THAT?" <Jeyer> Kodah... If he were to go back, he'd have to trek along the volcano's edge... And that is a very long journey. If he has any wits about him, he would go forward. <Indigo> Jeyer, you go tame Dark Dragon with this. * Indigo hands him her leather belt. <Indigo> Use it to find Tyr once you tame him. * Jeyer glares at Jess. "Because a FRIEND can manage on his own. Dark Dragon will ruin YOUR world and YOUR friend will NOT survive if YOU decide to chase him. <Kodah> That may be so Jeyer, but I have to be sure. I'm not abandoning him. * Jeyer groans. "Bah. The whole lot of you are misguided." <Indigo> You can fly about on Dark Dragon and track him down. We'll go back over land. * Jeyer then looks for traces of Tiernan. <Kodah> What point is there to winning a war if you have to abandon your principles in the process? <Jess> Maybe that person is a VITAL part of this team? We're not all here because of our individual merits, Jeyer. We all worked TOGETHER to get here and I'm not about to abandon Tiernan just because you think he's a hindrance. I overheard some of your conversation with Kodah last night. <Indigo> Remember, the key to beating a dragon is to be firm. Show no fear. Whack it with a belt a few times and kick it in the eyes. <Jess> Indigo, don't make me cast Blaze on your sorry ass. * Darin watches Jess... waiting for her to calm down... * Indigo blinks. <Darin> . o O ( Jess was awake last night?? ) <Indigo> I know how to handle dragons. Ask Flamestrike! * Jeyer growls... "I don't know why I bother with you people. What GOOD are principles if you don't have a LIFE?" * Reisha stomps around, getting more ticked with each moment and no Tyr. <Indigo> Remember, dragons are weak at the point where their wings connect to their bodies, and at their eyes. So hit him there, then spank him and Dark Dragon will be yours. You have to find Tyr if we don't. <Kodah> Abandon the difference between yourself and a devil and you become the devil Jeyer. * Jess storms off. "That son of a bitch has no heart. I'm now beginning to realize." <Indigo> He's always like this Jess. We learned to ignore him! <Jess> As I said, Indigo, don't make me fry you. * Darin follows Jess... " I agree with you... helpful as he is... " * Jeyer shakes his head... "And you people have no brains. Good luck... Because you're sure as hell going to need it." <Jess> Damn psycho. * Jeyer casts a teleportation spell. <Reisha> Bite me, Jeyer. You're not our boss... :P * Kodah casts a dark glare at where Jeyer stood, then turns back to his search. <Indigo> Ah, he'll be back. He can't stay away. We're like magnets to him. ^_^ <Jess> He's colder than the largest glacier. <Indigo> I'll go get Dark Dragon; you stay here and look for Tyr on the ground. * Indigo starts walking off. * Jess leans against a building. * Darin slowly approaches Jess... "Jess?"" * Reisha ahems. "C'mon people... let's move out and find our little phoenix before we have to do this all over again..." ^^ * Jess turns to face the wall and leans her head on her arm. Her voice doesn't get above a soft whisper. "Why...Why in Mitula's name did I wind up involved in this?" * Darin softly rests a hand on Jess's shoulder, the other one taking the hand of the arm resting against the wall... "Jess?" <Narrator> The townspeople, as the Shining Force ask around, state they saw a boy with wings heading towards the outskirts of town... Heading towards the southern bridge leading to the next isle... <Jess> (w) Maybe they're right. I do get too attached to people...but I can't... * Jess turns around and buries her face in Darin's tunic. * Reisha taps her foot. * Kodah notes that David is largely comatose this morning, so decides to be more assertive, "SHINING FORCE! Assemble in the town square ASAP!" <Reisha> Great! At least somebody's awake today. :P * David spits. "I resent that!" <Kodah> You can resent it later! * Jess gives Kodah a magical hotfoot. * Reisha bops David playfully. * David blinks. "Yes mastah." <David> Ow. * Darin holds Jess close... <Kodah> Listen up! It sounds like Tyr's going to the next island ahead of us, so that's where we're headed. With any luck, we'll catch up with him. <Kodah> Any questions? * Jess looks toward Kodah. "Yeah. What in the world are we waiting for?" * David raises his hands. "Can we sing a joyful tune while we toddle along?" <Reisha> Well one actually. Let me get some coffee first... ^^ <Kodah> Make it quick people, you got five minutes to get ready. Then we're going. <David> Five minutes...? *glances at Reisha* * Reisha snickers... ^^ * Reisha goes back to the Inn and gets prepped, ignoring David. * David just waits. <Narrator's Aid> == Five minutes pass... * Kodah notes that the five minutes are up. * Reisha comes back, looking MUCH better. "Ok boys... let's get this manhunt on the road." * Darin looks at Jess... "Boys?" <Kodah> Everyone ready? If not, too bad. We're going. * Indigo nods. <Indigo> I'll get the Dragon to help! * Jess looks at Darin. "He must be blind." * Kodah starts heading for the edge of town. * Reisha follows along (dragging David of course). * Indigo head off with them. <Narrator> The Shining Force gathers themselves and return to the road, again looking for Tiernan. Jeyer was right; he DID head forward and not backward. Will the Shining Force ever realize they should listen to Jeyer more often? HELL NO! Cuz Jeyer's just a pathetic NPC! And Jess is prolly PMSing. :P (Narrator's Aid Inserts: ^_- Maybe it's the Narrator that's PMSing? *Duck*) (Narrator Inserts: Maybe Narrator's aid wants to be demoted to Narrator's Cabana boy?) ==== Session end! =====