Shining Force RPG 2 session 25
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force, after a damn long pause(Seemed like a month) finally leaves town and heads out in the attempt to find Tiernan... Did he return in the Volcano's direction or did he go forward? The force goes forth to find the answer. * Indigo looks about as she walks. <Indigo> "Here Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix! Good Phoenix! Come here...." * David struts ahead of the group in a manly way, holding his sword poised for action! <Kodah> ... * Jessica wanders on, looking for Tyr. A worried expression is more than obvious in her facial features. * David sheathes his sword and runs a hand through his tousled blonde hair.. "We'll find him...don't worry..." * Reisha struts ahead similarly to Davids, but her hand is poised to shock him if he tries to upstage her. :P * Darin puts his arm around Jessica. "Are you all right?" <Kodah> I thought I straightened Tyr out the LAST time he tried to run off... * Indigo whistles. <Jessica> Just worried about Tiernan, that's all, Darin. <Indigo> Tyr! Where are you? Come home! <Darin> We'll find him... * Indigo glows blue. * David sticks his tongue out at Rei and then looks ahead... <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, I summon you! Find Tiernan, wherever he is! * Reisha shrugs. "Why does he have to pick now to run away.. talk about aweful timing.." <Narrator> == The summons fails * Reisha glances at David's little raz, and does the same to him. :P * Indigo frowns. <Indigo> Don't make me come up there Atlas! <David> Please do go up there! ^^; * Kodah mutters something about lobotimizing scorceresses * Indigo sighs. <Indigo> I think you Elementals need a sound spanking.... * David kicks a stone and watches it roll ahead of him :P * Jessica keeps looking for Tyr. .oO(Where could he have gone to?) <Pio> Oh yes... YES!! SPANK ME!! * Indigo shakes a fist up at the sky. <Atlas> Shut, up, Pio! Back into the cage with you! *Whack whack!* <Reisha> Indigo, I'm going do a lot more than spank YOU if you don't quit skitzing.. ^^ * David stares at Rei for that comment, eyebrows raised. <Indigo> Huh? <Indigo> Skitzing? What's that? * Indigo smiles. <Kodah> Can we please concentrate in the task at hand? * Reisha sighs. "Ehhh... I give up." ^^ * Jessica sighs. "We've been searching for how long now?" <Indigo> Oh! That must be one of those new terms you young'uns use. Well, I'm with it! * David rubs his forehead. * Indigo goes back to whistling for Tyr, then gets an idea! * Indigo creates that pointing white glove. <Indigo> Okay glove, go find that head you always hover around! * David stares at Indigo and sighs! * Reisha nearly facefaults. * The pointing white glove simply points at Indigo and summons his cousin, the giant laughing mouth. <David> Okay, is there anyone with a SANE mind that knows what to do? I say we go to the Volcano! <Kodah> . . . . * Indigo frowns. <Indigo> Go away you! <Reisha> Well at least someone's still thinking here.. * Indigo snaps. <Indigo> I have an idea! * Reisha pats David's shoulder. "let's go!" * Indigo closes her eyes, blue-white light gathering around her as she concentrates. * The white glove goes away... The giant laughing mouth goes chibi and sticks by Indigo, laughing in a high pitched manner * Kodah picks up the pace, trying to distance himself from Indigo...a lot <David> Oh great, now she's going to implode! Run for your lives! * David heads towards the volcano's location ;P <Jessica> terrific...what next? * Reisha follows the fearless leader. <Indigo> Volcanon, can you help us find Tiernan? <Darin> ...... <Narrator> A set of tracks catches Kodah's sight... * Indigo releases the light in an immense burst of energy towards the sky to summon Volcanon. <Kodah> Hm? * Kodah leans down to check the tracks over <Narrator> == The light dissipates and nothing happens. * Indigo frowns. <Jessica> what is it, Kodah? <Kodah> Tracks <Indigo> Okay, I'll try Grandmother next.... * David looks at Kodah and heads up to him. "Are they Tyr's?" <Narrator> The tracks go further south... <Kodah> Maybe...hard to say exactly <Indigo> Let's go find Tyr! * David looks down at the tracks, frowning.. * Indigo races ahead along the tracks, looking like a little girl.... * Jessica nods. Maybe those tracks are Tyr's. Let's follow them. * Darin nods, and crosses his fingers. * Kodah runs his fingers through one of the prints * Reisha smirks. "Well how about that.. a whole lot better than bread crumbs.." * David looks at the group and sighs, crossing his arms. "You guys are gonna follow them anyway. So go right ahead. I'll just be here to beat things over the head when we fight." <Indigo> Grandmother Mitula, please help us find Tyr! * Reisha follows the prints slowly, nodding to david. "Hey, don't take all my fun away, now..." <Kodah> I'm not sure if these tracks are Tyr's or not. They could be anyone's * Zoie hears her stomach gurgle as Indigo calls Mitula... * Indigo races ahead, spinning her staff over her head and giggling girlishly. * David mumbles. "You weren't supposed to agree, Rei. I was being sarcastic." <David> Kodah is right. * Kodah tries to ignore Indigo and keeps headsing towards the Volcano <Narrator> == No reply comes to indigo... * Reisha grins a little sadistically. "I know.. hehe." ^_^ <Indigo> Stay right there, the Shining Force is on the way to you rescue! * David looks at the ground, going quiet and withdrawing into himself as he follows Kodah.. <Reisha> Well, I think these tracks lead to the Volcano.. so they are probably Tyrs. * Jessica follows David and Kodah. <Jessica> Then let's get going, Rei..come on. <Reisha> Although why he wants to go there is beyond me... * Kodah looks back at David, "Aren't you the leader of the troupe? Or am I subbing for today?" * Reisha nods and heads off at a brisk pace. * David mutters.. "You can lead've got a much better respect...go right ahead...." * Indigo gets an idea and, still running, lowers her staff into the ground and pole- valuts skyward. <Kodah> Compared to what? o_O <Indigo> Hey Tyr, look, I'm flying, like you! Come see! :D * David doesn't answer and continues to look at the ground * Darin blinks at Indi... "What in the name of?? Are you inSANE??" * Darin shakes his head .. "what am I saying.. of course she is.." <Narrator's Aid> >> Indigo falls on her head. O_o * Reisha sighs heavily. "Well, I think the evidence is overhwleming for that Davey." ^^ * Kodah looks at David a moment more, then decides not to pry any further <Indigo> Weeee! :D Everyone, come up here! We can find Tyr faster this way! <Jessica> Ignore Indigo, Darin. Apparently she's no more sane than she was when she was traveling witht the last Shining Force. <Kodah> I can vouch for that * Indigo frowns down at them. <Indigo> I resent that remark! * Indigo rubs her head as she stands. * Darin sighs.. <Kodah> No, you RESEMBLE that remark <Indigo> I am too sane! <Jessica> .oO(Resemble that remark is more like it.) * David shakes his head, growling softly. * Darin coughs softly as he walks by Indi <Indigo> The Final Judgement made me sane for the first time of in my life! <Jessica> let's just follow these tracks... * Narrator yawns... "Are you guys done yet?" * Jessica grabs Darin and starts to walk. * Indigo gets in a huff and storms off. * Kodah shakes his head and keeps moving <Reisha> You know, I think I feel sorry for Sasha.. having a mother like that.. sheesh. ^^ <Jessica> no joke, Rei. * Reisha continues walking. <Indigo> *mutter* After all I've done to save the world and teach these rookies, the least you could expect is some respect for their elders! * Darin is grabbed O_o * David mutters something but continues following Kodah.. * Indigo continues storming off in the wrong direction, swearing extensively and making vague gestures of sorcery and summoning. <Kodah> . . . * Reisha catches up to David, ignoring the crazy lady. * David glances at Rei and then back at his feet. <Reisha> So, Davey boy, plotting our winning strategy? You look really deep in thought. <Narrator> The laughing mouth, now scared shitless, stops laughing and poofs out of existance * Jessica looks at Darin. "Something wrong? You've been awfully silent as of late?" * David mumbles.. "I'm not plotting anything...except maybe assisted suicide." <Kodah> ..? * David rolls his eyes at the obvious sarcasm in that :P * Darin looks at Jessica. "... I... I'm all right...." * Reisha runs a hand through her blonde hair, not quite hearing his mumbled comments.. <Narrator> The tracks suddenly cut short... <Kodah> What's this? <Darin> ..... <Narrator> The trail leads up to the blocked entrance, while another path leads around the volcano. <Jessica> Hmmm? <Kodah> In or around...does anyone think we can unplug this entrance? <Jessica> There are no tracks going around...could he have flown up to go into the volcano? * Indigo is still swearing and muttering as she approaches the entrance. She glows brown. <Darin> He must have.. <Kodah> Maybe <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, destroy this barrier! * David growls slightly louder. :p <Narrator> == the summons fails * Reisha looks to them both. "Eenie meenie...miney..." <Jessica> maybe I can bring it down....hold on. * Indigo unleashes a string of foul curses strong enough to make sailors blush, then begins to tear and scratch at the blockade in insane rage. * Reisha points at the entrance as a bolt of crackling lightning strikes from ehr fingertip. "!" ^^ * Jessica starts to summon a fireball into her hand. When it has grown to a massive size, she releases the fireball at the barrier of rocks. <Kodah> ... * David sighs and heads the alternate way. :P <Narrator> == The fireball collides on Indigo, blowing her back, leaving the barrier untouched... <Darin> ......O_O * Indigo goes flying, screaming suddenly and cursing more, flinging her staff at the barrier, the sharp metallic point gleaming as she tears at the ground with her fingernails and starts ripping up dirt in huge clods, still screaming. * Reisha frowns as the rock isn't touched much by her magic. "So much for that.." <Kodah> Okayyyy... <Kodah> Let's go around, shall we? <Jessica> Good idea. * David has, meanwhile, already gone the other way :P * Jessica starts around the volcano. * Narrator uses a vulcan death grip thingie on Indigo. "Calm down, psycho..." * Reisha drags Indigo with the group... * Darin follows the others, taking up the rear * Kodah heads after David * Indigo pants heavily, a river of sweat running down her as she grabs her staff. * Jessica stops for a minute so Darin can catch up to her. * Darin smiles at Jess. <Reisha> ~You take the high road and I'll take the low road.. and I'll get Tyr before ya..~ * Jessica smiles up at Darin. * Reisha whistles, playing catch up with David. * Indigo is still squirming and screaming in irrational rage. * Darin slips his arm around Jess. * Reisha looks down at Indigo. "I think I know why Sasha got so tough.. she had to deal with you all the time." :P * Narrator's_Assistant whaps Indi over the head. "Shut up, wench!" * Jessica slips her arm around Darin's waist. "Indi's not changed at all in 18 years. She's still nuts." * Kodah pushes on, intent on finding Tyr <Indigo> Sashie? She gets it from her father. * Indigo smiles softly. * Reisha phantomimes saying a prayer. "Praise Mitula for that..heh." <Narrator> The path around the volcano is narrow, the water almost touching the feet of the Shining Force... <Indigo> But the curse will kill her. * Indigo sighs sadly. * Zoie's stomach gurgles again <Reisha> What are you babbling about now? <Jessica> eh? <Darin> mmmm? * David wanders back to the group :p * Jessica notices what's going on with Zoie. "What the..." <Indigo> The curse of the Mysteria family. We all *have* to be sorceresses, those who try to be something different are killed. * Kodah keeps moving * David moves to Kodah's side * Indigo looks to Zoie. * Reisha folds her arms. "Hey rules are made to be broken..." * Kodah nods to David * Zoie says nothing and moves on... <Indigo> Are you okay? Why don't you ride on the horsey? <Indigo> But this lethal. <Zoie> No thank you. I'm fine. <m> psycho. * David blinks at Kodah and nods back. <Indigo> Hey what's a psycho? During the last eighteen years, a lot of my fellow sorcerers kept calling me that at the Sorcerer's meetings. * Indigo pokes at the walls of the volcano with her staff. * David grumbles and rolls his shoulders, trying to untense them.. <Reisha> What's got your goat today, David? :/ * Kodah keeps an eye out for Tyr (and trouble) * Indigo sighs. * Darin walks along sliently.. <Indigo> Come on, let's go get Dark Dragon, then we can tame him and fly around, looking to Tyr. * David looks at Rei, tilting his head. "Didn't sleep well." * Reisha smiles. "Hey, if you're worried about Tyr, you shouldn't be. With us on the case, he's as good as found." <David> Of course I'm worried about Tyr....but thats not why I didn't sleep well.. * Indigo starts scrambling up the sides of the Volcano. * David rubs the back of his neck.. <Reisha> That so? What, Indy keep you up rambling a lecture to her summoned creatures? ^^ <David> Nah...had some bad dreams, thats all...childish, really... * Indigo smiles down to David, then climbs down and hugs him. <Jessica> Not really. I've been having the same nightmare off and on for 5 years... really scary stuff, but I wonder what it means? * David blinks and returns the hug. O_o <Indigo> Well, we all have nightmares dear. Don't worry, I'll give you some sleeping potion to help you sleep tonight and tuck you in extra-tight. I'm sure Kara and Cham wouldn't mind. <Kodah> . . . <David> O_o * Reisha snickers. "This is so wrong.." <Indigo> Now, don't be scared dearie. They are only bad pictures in your head. * David hides behind Rei. "No, thats okay! Besides, its their faults I'm having these bad dreams! potions!!" * Indigo stands on tiptoe and kisses David's forehead. <Jessica> hehehehe.....When she gets like that, she reminds me of Lara when I was little. <Indigo> Awwww..... :D <Reisha> Umm.. could we PLEASE not do this here... * Indigo pats David's head. * Reisha covers David from Indy's motherly wrath. ^^ <Indigo> There there dear. No be scared of nightmares. :D * Indigo goes back to climbing the Volcano. * Kodah shakes his head and keeps moving . o O (And these are those would will save thw world. Nothing ever changes...) * David once again cowers from Indi behind Rei! * Jessica keeps moving too. * Reisha turns around. "David, look what you made her do.." <David> Me?! She wants to poison me! * Reisha lifts her finger. "No way I'm letting that happen..." * Indigo calmly scrambles up the Volcano. <Reisha> Next thing you know, she'll break out the diapers and baby powder in battle. <Indigo> Hey, I'll check from up here! * Indigo catches that. * David raises an eyebrow. "Thats....disturbing, Rei." <Jessica> no joke, Dave <Indigo> Hey, that's a good idea when we see Amy again! * Reisha acks! O_O * Indigo smiles, remembering to do that as she climbs. <Reisha> Oh for heaven's sakes... <Indigo> Ouch! * Reisha holds her head. <Indigo> That hurts! You guys check down there, I'll get up here somehow! * Indigo goes back to climbing. <Narrator> Someone with wings can be seen up in the distance... * Reisha waves to her. "Yeah you do that.." :P * Kodah sighs, trying to increase the distance between him and Indigo * Reisha grabs David's arm and leads him away from Indy. * David blinks and is dragged O_o <Indigo> Hey! I see a winged figure! <Kodah> ...? <Jessica> Where, Indi? * Indigo climbs higher and begins jumping up and down. * Indigo points towards it. <Indigo> Over there! * Kodah looks * Jessica looks where Indi is pointing. <Reisha> Don't tell me she's actually saying something rational today.. <Indigo> Hey Tyr, over here! <Darin> ... <Narrator's aid> The winged figure doesn't hear Indigo. The only way you can confront him/her is to climb up to their level.. * Reisha peers at where Indy's pointing. * David mutters, looking as well. "You never know..." <Jessica> .oO(What do you know, she's actually good for something.) <Kodah> How do we get to him? <Jessica> Hmmm...maybe my fire magic can create a thermal updraft that'll carry us to him? <Narrator> Another form can be spotted... The two seem to be in melee... * Indigo climbs to the lip of the volcano and begins screaming. <Kodah> Hmm? <Indigo> Uh...guys, there's a fight going on! <Reisha> Uh oh.. if that's our boy, he looks like he's in hot water.. <Jessica> we may want to get up there and fast. <Kodah> Great -_- <Narrator> The volcano hiccups and burns Indigo's hair <Narrator's Aid> You hear the clang of...a sword? <Jessica> what? <Indigo> Ow! * Kodah looks up at the long climb without enthusiasm * Indigo beats the flame from her hair. <David> Do we climb or what?! <Indigo> Stupid volcano! * Jessica uses her fire magic to create a thermal updraft in the air to carry her aloft. <Darin> I say we get up there.. as soon as possible! <Indigo> Climb on up, its' not so bad! * Reisha tries looking for some handholds. "I knew I should have been to the gym more often.." * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> I have an idea everyone! * Kodah tries to find a good spot to get started * David flexes his muscles and cracks his knuckles. ;P * Indigo begins gathering her blue-white energy again. <Indigo> Tell me which is which, and I'll blast Tyr's attacker! <Jessica> No, we're on our way, Indi. * Kodah starts climbing <Reisha> Indy! Do that and you'll be the first sorceress spark plug! * Jessica grabs the nearest ledge and starts climbing. <David> Indigo. If you fire that energy, I'll chain you to the rear end of a centaur and make it sit down! repeatedly! * David starts climbing <Indigo> Why? * Reisha follows behind David, a lot slower than he is.. ^^ <Indigo> I'll blast Tyr's attacker I said! <David> Because you'll probably fry Tyr. <Narrator's Aid> You hear another clash of swords...then a shot of some sort of magic... <Jessica> Oh no.... * Kodah keeps climbing with a steady pace. No sense rushing and falling to his death * Jessica starts climbing faster..."Come on, arms, don't fail me now." * Reisha mumbles. "I'm gonna tear a hole in my new cloak at this rate.." * David climbs quickly, having done this in training before....he glances down at Rei. "Having trouble?" <Indigo> Okay, I'll try something else! * Indigo glows blue. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, blow Tyr's attacker away with a whirlwind! <Reisha> No way.. I'm just.. conserving my strength for the fight! ;) * Reisha huals herself up, panting a little. <Kodah> Urf.. <Jessica> COME ON, EVERYONE. HURRY! <Narrator> == Atlas is summoned... A magical force makes him dissapear. <Jessica> O_o; <Narrator> The two forms are now visible enough to notice they're both female... <Indigo> Huh? <Indigo> Hey! <Jessica> if Indi's summons don't work...then....maybe.... <Darin> ......O_O * Indigo glares to the two women. * David blinks and reaches down, steadying himself with one hand on the rockface...he grabs Rei's hand and hauls her up beside him, helping her get proper foothold. "Oh great." <Indigo> You ruined my spell, and you're not Tyr! * Jessica climbs up beside Indigo. * Female_Warrior unbrandishes her sword at Indigo. "Who are you?" <Jessica> Recognize any of them? * Indigo gathers her energy and prepares to fire it. * Indigo draws herself to her full height, her eyes flashing. * Kodah keeps climbing * Reisha thanks David and turns t face the two. "Those are girls duking it out... but where's Tyr?" <Indigo> I am Indigo Mysteria, Sorceress extraordinare and member of the first and second Shining Force. Who or what are you? <Female_Warrior> If you are here on a peaceful mission, I will not fight you. But if you're sent by Dark Dragon, I will relieve you of your life! <Kodah> I think you can rule out the (urf) Dark Dragon reason. We're the (hurk) Shining Force <Indigo> We're going to tame Dark Dragon, now where's Tiernan? * Jessica steadies a hand on the hilt of her Rapier. "We don't want a fight, but we are prepared to defend ourselves. <Female_Warrior> Tyr who? <Kodah> may now proceed to be depressed <Indigo> The half-Phoenix boy! * Aura backs away from her atacker.. <Indigo> If you've hurt him...... * Female_Warrior lowers her blade slowly. "That's impossible, Miss Indigo." * Indigo frowns angrily, her energy gathering and crackling, then lowering somewhat. <Indigo> How so? * Jessica eyes the Warrior. * Female_Warrior points her blade at Aura. "No. You don't go anywhere. Stay put." * Reisha clambers up to Indigo's position. * Darin blinks, but stays silent... * Aura glares at her atacker..."don't tell me what to do..." * Kodah finds an outcropping to rest on for a moment * David follows Rei, staying silent.. <Female_Warrior> Phoenixes....they are not... * Female_Warrior hesitates. <Indigo> Well <Indigo> ? * Reisha catches her breath... <Female_Warrior> Excuse me for a moment. * Female_Warrior turns to Aura. <Reisha> What's all the shouting about? <Female_Warrior> Give me good reason why you are not a spy for Dark Dragon. I saw you following me around. <Indigo> I think she knows where Tyr is. <Kodah> We're looking for a friend. This had nothing to do with your being here <Indigo> We're trying to find our flying friend Tiernan. * Aura raises an eyebrow..."following you around? why would i want to follow a giant bird?" * Indigo is speaking through clenched teeth, some of her insane rage from earlier still in her system. * Female_Warrior sighs, and you all finally notice she's the 'winged one' you saw. Quite odd...a half birdwoman. "Don't joke around. I saw you." <Jessica> no idea, but it looks like both of them are in the middle of one hell of a battle. but which one needs defending? * Kodah dusts himself off and tries to get a good look at the 2 combatants * Reisha looks at the warrior. "Well how about that.. a bird warrior.." <Indigo> You saw us trying to find Tiernan you.... * Aura shakes her head.." i would only follow one person, and you are not he.." * Indigo takes a deep breath. * David keeps quiet... * Female_Warrior looks at Aura for a while, then sheathes her sword. "All right, but if you make one move against me...well, you'll regret it. Understand?" <Indigo> You could be related to him though. He has wings too. * Female_Warrior adjusts her glasses. <Kodah> Sheesh... <Narrator> A deranged, glistening hedgehog on crack rolls up to David and licks his face, then rolls away * Aura glares..." if that will keep you from atacking me, then fine, i'll play nice.." * Female_Warrior smiles wearily. "Deal then." * Indigo looks about. <Indigo> Have you seen any other flying people about? * Reisha claps her hands. * Aura glowers and taps her foot, arms crossed <Reisha> Well that's all well and good you two... * Female_Warrior turns to Indigo. "As for your question. It's impossible. longer exist in this world...." <Kodah> You obviously haven't seen Tyr then <Female_Warrior> I would be intrested in seeing him, yes. <Female_Warrior> I'm sure Bedoe as a whole would be. * Jessica takes her hand away from her Rapier. "Looks like this is over." <Indigo> He has big orange wings! ^_^ <Jessica> Bedoe? Isn't that where the Volcanon statue was? <Kodah> Correct * Female_Warrior nods. "Yes, Volcanon...resides there..." * Reisha thinks a minute... <Jessica> I thought Dark Dragon destroyed that statue 18 years ago. <Indigo> I remember Volcanon! Kind of creepy and he speaks too loudly... * Female_Warrior coughs and adjusts her glasses again. "I'm sorry, let me introduce myself." <Kodah> The Shining Force before this one spoke with Volcanon * Aura flips her longish brown hair behind her shoulder and looks over all of the people * Indigo nods to Kodah. <Female_Warrior> I'm Meredith Analise. <Jessica> I know. That was one of the stories Lara told me, Kodah. <Kodah> Hello. I'm Kodah <Indigo> Yeah, I remember. The guy seemed like a jerk. <Jessica> I'm Jessica Sorenson. <Aura> *mumbles to herself* i should probably introduce myself shouldn't i.. * Meredith gives Indigo a peevish look, and mutters under her breath. "Ingnorant..." * Indigo nods to Meredith. * Reisha runs a hand through her blond hair. "Reisha Grandstream.. Mage extraordinaire." * David speaks up, standing tall. "I am David Willcott. Leader of the Shining Force." <Indigo> As I said, I'm Indigo Mysteria. I was in the first Shining Force eighteen years ago. * Meredith hmms, her eyes widening for a moment. "Are you...there. That answers my question." <Aura> if anybody cares, I am Aura Sefrina Anila Pavana Ashni.. <Narrator> The Shining Force notices David has a large hickie on his cheek where the hedgehog licked him... * Kodah nods to Aura * Indigo giggles. * Reisha blinks. "Try saying that three times fast.." <Indigo> Hey David, look in a mirror.... * Aura raises an eyebrow.. <Meredith> I am actually here to look for you. <Indigo> Really? <Meredith> You could consider me...Volcanon's messanger, in a sense... <Kodah> Oh? * Reisha eyes David, stifling a laugh. <Jessica> Volcanon's messenger? <Meredith> Sort of... <Meredith> Perhaps we should speak in a less open place? * Indigo blinks. * Aura frowns, then starts to search the ground for something.. * Kodah shrugs <Indigo> He didn't strike me as a personable type when we met. He was...creepy and weird. <David> I agree, Meredith. <Indigo> In fact, I didn't know Volcanon even spoke to mortals. Well, there was that one time when I got some kind of divine answering machine, but Volcanon's a weirdo. * Indigo shrugs. * Aura starts to get a little mad and glares at the ground as she searches it <Reisha> Sure.. I got to hear this... <Kodah> Volcanon's messenger eh? Does he know all about what's going on then? I;d like to know * Meredith looks to Indigo. "That's because he body. The only way he can talk to others is through that statue." <Jessica> which Dark Dragon destroyed 18 years ago. Was it ever rebuilt? <Indigo> Kind of lowly for the King of the Gods, isn't it? <Meredith> It is a long story. Please...I'm fearful of Dark Dragon overhearing this. His spies are everywhere. <Kodah> Hmm... * Indigo smiles brightly. <Kodah> Where would be safe to talk then? <Indigo> Don't worry, I have a plan to tame Dark Dragon, so please speak freely. <Meredith> Hmm. That is up to your leader. * Reisha points. "What about toungue-twister girl over there?" ^^ * Jessica taps Aura on the shoulder. "Need help?>> <Meredith> I want to keep an eye on her, if you don't mind. Bring her along... * Jessica starts looking around for whatever it is that Aura's so bent on finding. <Indigo> Hey, what about that fight going on? * Aura raises an eyebrow at Jessica.." i threw a small dagger at her, and i'd like to find it..its a bit important" <Jessica> ok. I'll help ya find it. <Aura> thank you <Jessica> no problem. * Meredith begins to walk down the mountain. "Let's hurry. Time is against us..." * Jessica searches for the dagger. * Indigo follows. * Aura stomps on the ground.."wher is it, dammit!?" <Indigo> Don't worry, we can always tame the Dragon. I've beaten Dragons before. It's really simple. <Meredith> And case you're wondering....I didn't see anyone else come up this mountain. Winged or no. And I've been here all day. * Reisha nudges David. "Well you heard the woman... lead on. Maybe we'll get another lead." ^^ <Jessica> Where in the world is that dagger? * Kodah follows Merideth <Narrator> A shiny object can be spotted about 20 feet away from Jessica... * Jessica walks over and grabs the shiny object. * Aura yelps and runs over and grabs it from Jessica quickly * Darin blinks... and eyes Aura. <Jessica> splendid artistry in it. Looks quite valuable. <Indigo> So, what do you have against Dark Dragon>? <Aura> it is Very valuable, thank you! <Jessica> come on, Aura. We'll talk later. * Jessica starts down the mountain. * Aura slips it into a small sheath on the inside of her leg * Meredith tucks her wings under her cloak and walks down the mountainside. * Narrator snores... "Hunh?? WHA? OH!" * Aura walks behind Jessica with a sigh * David follows Meredith, alongside Reisha <Narrator> == Aura and Meredith join the Shining Force! *Cue cheesy music* * Kodah watches Merideth for a bit, wondering how she got those wings * Reisha blinks. "HEy David, you hear some cheesy music all of a sudden?" * Meredith turns to Kodah. "Something the matter?" <David> Nope...must be the wind whistlin' through Indigo's ears. ^_- * Indigo blinks, then fetches out a dark herbal potion. * Reisha giggles. "Damn.. must be pretty empty in there." ^^ <Indigo> Oh David dear, it's time for your sedative..... <Kodah> I've just seen very few humans with wings, that's all. I mean no offense * Aura takes the small blade out of its sheath and plays with it as she walks * Indigo smiles wickedly. <Meredith> It's because I'm not fully human. You're...half devil, correct? * Indigo takes out a sharp needle. * Reisha acks! "Hey, knock it off sister!" * David glares at Indigo and cowers behind Rei <Indigo> Guess where this has to go.... * Reisha whaps Indigo. <Kodah> You're very perceptive * Jessica snickers as she holds onto Darin's arm. * Darin sighs quietly, and shakes his head.. * Meredith whips out her sword and points it at Indigo in a flash! "Back off." * Indigo giggles as she's whapped and puts the needle away. <Meredith> We don't have any time to dawdle. ...Good. * Meredith puts the sword away. <Indigo> You're awfully tense. <Reisha> Hey, I like you already Meredith. ^^ <Narrator> . o O ( I wonder when they're gonna realize Meredith is PMSing... ) <Meredith> Once I tell you what's going on, you'll understand why. * Indigo summons her energy in fiery burst, then drops it to make a point. * Kodah keeps moving <Jessica> does it have to do with a ninja named Jeyer? I always did have my suspicions that he was up to something. <Meredith> Jeyer? Ugh. No. * Aura slips the knife back in its sheath and tries to catch up with Jessica * David eyes Indigo warily, still halfway behind Rei <Indigo> You know our resident unreliable flake? * Reisha points at Indy, and wlaks off with David. "I don't know her.. honest.." <Narrator> The hedgehog rolls up to Jessica and bites her toes, then rolls away. <Meredith> I've heard of him, but I've heard so many mixed rumors about him, but no, I have not seen him. <Jessica> what is with that hedgehog? <Jessica> .oO(Good thing I'm wearing steel toed boots. ^_^) * Indigo blinks. * Kodah shrugs <Indigo> I know! <Indigo> It's like Yogurt! Hey Kodah, remember Yogurt? * Aura blinks and gives Indigo an odd look <Kodah> Naturally <Jessica> Yogurt? The overgrown Chipmunk? * Meredith snickers, the first time you've seen her crack a smile. * Darin blinks <Indigo> Yeah him. I shoved him in a garbage can once. Well, this guy must want to tag along too! <Kodah> . o O (Make the hurting stop...please -_-) <Jessica> I used to love to hear those stories. They were my favorites. * Reisha whispers in David's ear. "Now she's talking about Yogurt and chipmunks..." <Aura> . o O (isn't yogurt a food product? what? overgrown chipmonk?) * David raises an eyebrow. "Of all the things I wanted to hear you whisper in my ear, you're talking about Yogurt and chipmunks?" * Reisha hurries down the mountain side. <Kodah> So Meredith, if you know that I'm half-devil, then why haven't you asked me the next logical question? <Narrator> The trip back to town is an extremely fast one(shoves the gun away from his temple) <Indigo> I think he showed up...oh, when Kara was getting violent in a store, just after we met. Kara liked to get violent. ^_^ <Meredith> You mean, why aren't you trying to kill me? <David> .... :p <David> Good ole Mom. <Meredith> Not all devils are evil. * Reisha blushes at David. "Hey, just what do you mean by that?" ;) * Aura sighs and wanders along beside Jessica <Jessica> Tell that to Gerad, Meredith. <Meredith> Gerad, eh? * Kodah grins a bit, "Finally, someone who's intelligent" <Narrator> The hedgehog rolls back in and chews on Meredith's ear <Meredith> What do you know of the Paladin? * David raises an eyebrow at Rei. "Ohhh, nothing...hey, I made you, you look even more pretty when you blush." * Meredith blinks... "So it's YOU he's after..." <Kodah> Quite so * Indigo thinks. <Jessica> Only that he's trying to kill Kodah. But I did recognize the crest on his was the crest of...*pales as she thinks* <Meredith> Well well well... <Indigo> The Paladin.....I think I remember something like that.... <Indigo> Hey, isn't demon hunting Johei's job? * Reisha blinks. "Oh hey.. sweet talk..I always like that..I just hope you don't get to see how pretty I am when I'm angry." ;) * Aura walks backwards up the mountain * Johei perks! :D <Jessica> .oO(They wouldn't send a knight after Kodah. He was a friend of theirs for a long time.) * Meredith pulls Aura along. :p <Aura> eak! * David eh hehs and sweatdrops. "Well, long as I don't piss you off, I'm fine, right?" <Meredith> C'mon miss. <Jessica> that couldn't be the right crest on his shield.... * Kodah plods along <Reisha> You learn fast, kiddo. * Aura glares at Meredith, " i'm coming already!" <Meredith> Anyway, Kodah...I'll explain as much as I'm able once we find a safe place. * Reisha gives him a peck on the cheek. <Indigo> Hey Meredith, how did you send away Atlas when I summoned him? He should have blown you away. <Meredith> ....Hmm? It wasn't me. My magical skills are fairly weak. * David blinks and blushes faintly, grinning a little. "Always was a smart cookie." <Meredith> I prefer a blade than magic. * Meredith brushes off the thing on her ear :p <Kodah> I'd like an explination, thank you Merideth <Aura> i know some magic.. <Meredith> You'll get it, Kodah. <Jessica> funny, I thought it'd be best if you could master both. That way, if you can't use magic, you just switch to the blade. <Indigo> Oh, like my daughter. She likes to fight too for some reason. I always liked using magic, since its's easier, and its' fun too! * Kodah turns to Aura, "What kind?" <Narrator> The hedgehog shows a toothy grin and rolls away again <Meredith> I know a little..but not a lot. * Reisha grins back. "Well, ya sure ain't crummy.." <Indigo> I can cause the Elementals to make tidal waves, and earthquakes, and plagues..... <Jessica> Meredith, do you know know what kingdom Gerad is from? Usually a Centaur doesn't get that well equipped unless he serves as a knight for a certain kingdom. <Meredith> How wonderful for you. *sarcastic as hell* ^_^ * David takes Rei's hand and kisses the knuckles. "Ah, its kind of hard to be crummy next to a goddess!" <Kodah> ... <Meredith> He's from Gaurdiana as far as I know. * Indigo laughs. <Jessica> O_o; <Meredith> Why? <Jessica> Guardiana? * Reisha gets all starry eyed at that comment. <Meredith> Yes....why? <Indigo> I tidal waved the King of Granseal once. My other half thought it was funny. ^_^ <Reisha> Someday that'll be true Davey.. someday.. ^_^ * Aura walks a bit faster <Jessica> Because I know the royal family of Guardiana. They wouldn't send a knight after someone that's been their friend for almost 20 years. <Indigo> Hey ummm...didn't Lara come from there? <Kodah> Mitula sent Gerad after me, not Grnaseal. They king and queen would never do least I don't think they would * David raises an eyebrow at that... "Big plans, apparently.." <Meredith> Kodah is right. It wasn't the King and Queen. <Jessica> Yes, Indi. She's the Queen... <Meredith> (w) And yet, he is wrong at the same time. * Reisha holds out her hand to make a point. "WEll if you're gonna dream, dream big, I say.." <Indigo> Oh yeah. Lara was like David, always so serious. She never had fun or anything. <David> ! <Jessica> Lara was like a big sister to me while I was growing up, Indigo. <David> Hey, I have fun! * Meredith hmms. "We're almost to town." * Reisha finds herself chuckling... <Indigo> Maybe she changed in 18 years. The Lara I knew was grim and cold and least, that's what I remember. * Aura runs ahead of Jessica, then stops to let her catch up <David> Just don't talk about my mom and dad :p <Kodah> ... <Reisha> Well David's mom can't be that bad... look how he turned out. ;) <Indigo> She always bossed the rest of us around. * David grimaces ;P <David> You have no idea, Rei! * Aura rolls her eyes at Reisha <Indigo> Oh, Kara was nice, but was kind of well....violent..... * Meredith chuckles under her breath again, and Kodah can hear it, but no one else. "That woman is ignorant as hell. By gods..." * David sweatdrops. ^^; <Kodah> True * Meredith smiles at Kodah. "So it's not just me then." <Indigo> She yelled at me for curteysing to some monsters when we first met! <Kodah> No, its not jsut you <David> Gee, no, really ^^; <Jessica> I hope not everyone has the same impression of her. I always knew Lara as a kind person. She always took care of me when my parents were out of the kingdom on their business as diplomats. <Meredith> I don't, Jessica. * Aura just listens..mayhaps she can learn something.. <Meredith> I have heard that your friend is a warm and caring woman. <Reisha> Sounds like she's smart, Indigo. Not like some other people I know.. :P <Narrator's Aid> A bird suddenly takes a crap on Indigo's head. * David mumbles. "She's a homocidal maniac." <Jessica> Thank you, Meredith. I'd love to go back to Guardiana someday. I've been away since I was 10. * Indigo screams and flings her sharp-pointed staff at the bird. * Indigo glows blue. <Meredith> I've been there a few times. It's a lovely city... <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, strike that bird down with lightning! * Kodah tries to ignore Indy * Aura blinks at Indigo.. <Bird> SQUAAAAK! <Aura> Its a bird, psycho! * Bird flies away! O_o * David hides his face on Rei's shoulder dramatically, sighing. "Kill me. Kill me now." <Jessica> and from what Lara's told me, Indigo's not changed a bit in 18 years. <Indigo> It's bird stew! <Kodah> . o O (And THIS was the one who decided the fate of the world. Gawd...) * Reisha pats his head. * Aura tries to stay far away from indigo <Reisha> Sorry, don't do requests. ^^ <Jessica> you might want to stay as far away from indigo as possible, Aura. She's not well. * Kodah looks at Merideth, "Can we hurry? We need a magic-proof net or something" ^^;; * David frowns. "Damn. And here I was, thinking to ask you for a favor!" <Meredith> I could knock her out. * Indigo grabs up her staff and shakes it at the air. <Aura> Um..alright.shes weird.. <Jessica> The first Shining Force had to knock her out several times. <Meredith> But then she'll wake up more enraged than ever... <Indigo> Come back here and I'll strike you down with lightning! <Indigo> Or a fireball...yeah...a fireball..... * Aura shakes her head then runs up next to indigo * Kodah sighs <Jessica> tempting. *Gathers a small fireball in her hand.* <Meredith> Come ON Miss Indigo. * Reisha grins. "Hey favors later.. let's find us a ncie quite place to hear the bird out." :) <Jessica> Darin, are you ok? <Aura> indigo, its a cant help that you happened to be beneeth it.. <Darin> Jess.... ... I.. I... <Darin> I'm fine.. * Indigo walks on. * David nods and continues to head towards the town <Jessica> ok. Just if you need to talk, I'm here. <Indigo> It should have better manners then to use the bathroom on people. It's lucky it was not impaled on my staff's pointy metal end or fried by my lightning. * Meredith turns around. "Miss. Indigo." <Indigo> Yes? * Aura nods in agreement, "yes, it should, but isn't killing it a tad bit harsh? i mean, you could eat it, but thats not a very apatizing looking bird.." <Meredith> We need to get to town. Now. The sun is setting. Any dullard with an OUNCE of intelligence can see that getting inside is ideal now! If you do not move, I will sit here and contiune to insult you! And I've been told I'm good at it! So march! * David goes completely blank and then bursts into laughter. ^^; <Reisha> You tell her, girl! * Meredith winks ^^; <Aura> . o O (how does this group keep from killing each other, it is so confusing o_O ) <Narrator> ===== one hour later.... ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force sits peacefully at a table at the inn... A variety of different food is scattered across the table, Indigo bloated from the food in the corner... * Kodah hasn't touched much food, strangely enough * Indigo sighs and burps, using her staff's pointy end as a toothpick. * Reisha twirls a fork idly. * Aura sits far away from everybody and watches * Jessica is sitting close to Darin, her arms wrapped around him. <Meredith> All right... * David chews lazily on a piece of roast meat, resting casually against a wall behind him. <Indigo> Huh? * Indigo looks up, sleepily. * Meredith rests her elbows on the table. "I assume you have questions, right?" * Darin has his arm casually around Jess. <Meredith> I've been sent here to answer them. So ask me anything you'd like. * Indigo burps. * Reisha pokes David with it. "En garde!" <Indigo> Yes, actually. <Kodah> I have some questions * David blocks with a bone from the meat! ;P <Jessica> several, Meredith. * Aura picks up a peice of meat and throws it at the ceiling <Indigo> What's your connection with Dark Dragon? <Reisha> Sheesh.. parried by a T-Bone steak.. <Narrator> The hedgehog, who followed the Shining Force in, curls up in Aura's lap and falls asleep <Meredith> Nothing except that he needs to be stopped * David grins at Rei warmly. "I have many skills!" * Aura blinks <Meredith> Next? * Aura gently pats the hedgehog.. <Kodah> What is Dark Dragon's plans <Kodah> ? <Reisha> I bet.. let's hope lsitening is one of them. ;) <Aura> uum...anybody...why is this hedgehog following you? <Meredith> We have speculations that he might want the now devoid Arc Valley. Even we are not totally sure... <David> Because it has a death wish, Aura. ^_- <Aura> Ah.. <Aura> its so cute though.. <Indigo> Arc Valley? But that's where we destroyed Xeon. What is there? <Meredith> Currently, nothing. <Jessica> Where does Tiernan, Jeyer and the rest of us fit into this equasion, though? <Narrator> The hedgehog opens his eyes and grins crookedly at David, eyeing his toes... <Kodah> Xeon can't be destroyed <Meredith> Tiernan ....I am not sure about him. <Meredith> Or Jeyer. * Aura pokes the hedgehog * David eyes the hedgehog <Indigo> Jeyer's an unreliable flake, forget him. <Narrator> The hedgehog eeps and eyes David back. <Meredith> All I know is that Phoenixes can not exist at this time. So the knowledge of one walking around is a complete contradiction. * Reisha listens intently to the story of the Valley, fork poised to impale the naughty critter if it tries anything. ^^ * Aura tries feeding the hedgehog a peice of meat * David hides behind Rei for safety ;P <Indigo> But Tyr's half-Phoenix.... <Narrator> The hedgehog breaks his gaze with David and glances at Indigo... <Meredith> That's also an impossiblity. * Indigo raises her staff, pointy end aimed at the hedgehog. <Narrator> The hedgehog refuses the meat... <Kodah> I have another question. What the hell is Mitula trying to kill me? <Indigo> Try it and die vermin. <Meredith> Half Birdwoman themselves are rare...but half Phoenixs are unheard of. <Aura> damn hegehog won't get out of my lap.. <Meredith> As for Mitula... <Meredith> ...We have speculations that the 'Mitula' that commands not her. <Narrator> The hedgehog snickers at Indigo * Kodah blinks * Indigo blinks. <Kodah> How do you know this? * David glances at Meredith. "So who is it?" * Aura tries to pick up the hegehog <Indigo> Hey...well...I'll go ask her then. She's my grandmother, in a sense, and she can clear it all up. <Reisha> A fake goddess, huh? <Meredith> I know this because currently...for one reason or another....Both Volcanon and Mitula are missing. <Kodah> Missing? <Indigo> Really? * Indigo blinks. <Meredith> They've almost been missing for two decades. * Aura pokes the hegehog <Indigo> Wait a minute....I've talked to her though, and when I disappear, I go visit her. <Kodah> Mitula's not trying to kill me...who is? * Reisha twirls a lock of hair, thinking... * Indigo sits up, her face intent. <Narrator> The hedgehog eeps and glances at Aura in a, "Stop poking me or I'll poop on you" kinda glance... * David chews lazily on a breadstick <Meredith> That is why the Phoenix you know is an impossiblity. The last phoenix on this earth died not that long ago. Volcanon himself creates the Phoenix. And he has not been seen or felt in that time. * Aura stops poking the hedgehog and blinks at it <Meredith> I would assume it's someone who works with the enemy, Kodah. * Kodah goes very quiet <Indigo> And it can't have been two decades. She helped the first Shining Force win against Xeon, and then...I showed her Sashie when she was born.... <Narrator> The hedgehog blinks one and hops off Aura's lap, looking for a place near the conversation. <Reisha> .oO( Mitula missing.. well I know a good replacement or two.. heh.. ^_^ ) * Aura blinks <Aura> hey, werent you guys worried about spies.. <Indigo> Meredith, earlier we all saw a pool where each of us saw a different vision. * Meredith blinks as well. "Indigo....It's a possibilty you have been meeting with the fake this whole time." <Aura> can hedgehogs be spies? <Meredith> Yes, so? <Aura> i mean, it has been following us ever since you mentioned the dragon thing.. * Meredith hmms and picks up the Hedgehog. * Reisha looks at the hedgehog warily. <Meredith> Well, you're right. I have heard of shapshifters. Perhaps we'll stick it in the fireplace. <Narrator> The hedgehog eeps and licks Meredith's hand, purring in an odd fashion <Hedhehog> O_o;;; <Indigo> That doesn't make sense. She wouldn't know of my family line, that was kept a secret long ago, after that battle 1100 years ago. Only the real Mitula could know of the Mysteria line, of our curse and my daughter. <David> I bet its Jeyer. It keeps looking at me in a weird way. * Meredith dangles it near the fire. ^_^ <David> Then again, maybe it just wants to mate ;P * Kodah grins at the Hedgehog, keeping his thoughts to himself <Narrator> The hedgehog bites Meredith's hand and runs away to a corner! * Reisha laughs! * Indigo pokes the Hedgehog with her pointy staff. ^_^ <Kodah> It wouldn't be the first time Jeyer has used an alternate form <Meredith> ...I think I know who you are now. * Aura grabs the Hedgehog and holds it tight <Meredith> Reveal yourself, Jeyer. Or Indigo will poke you through. <Narrator> The hedgehog turns blue... And starts to resemble sonic! <Jessica> Jeyer? * Aura eeps at the glowing hedgehog in her lap <Kodah> Jeyer * Indigo keeps poking. <Darin> ...... * Jessica puts a hand on her Rapier. <Indigo> Jeyer, that has to be one of the sorriest disguises I've ever seen, even from you. * Aura shakes the Hedgehog.."Stop Glowing!!" <Narrator> The hedgehog snaps Indigo's staff with a thought and blips out from Aura's hands... <Aura> ack! <Indigo> Hey! <Meredith> Stop that...thing! O_o * Aura looks around for the hedgehog <Hedhehog> Don't you people ever give me a break? Jeez! * Aura crawls after the hedgehog <Narrator> Jeyer's form shapes in the corner of the inn... <Jessica> Why don't you quit spying on us, Jeyer? * Indigo aims a kick towards the hedgehog's face with a steel-toed boot. * Reisha just sighs non-chalantly. <Kodah> WHy are you always trying to spy on us Jeyer? <Meredith> Well, mister whoever the hell you are...That is the most lame disguise I've ever seen in my life. * David offers Rei a drink. :p * Aura bumps into Jeyer's knees <Indigo> Stupid.... * Indigo repairs her staff and glares at him. <Meredith> I'll be informing the Vinosec about you, Jeyer. I don't trust you. <Reisha> I really hate that snooping little prick. <Jeyer> Because most of you chase me away even though I've been the most help your sorry party's had since the beginning. * Reisha takes the drink. ^^ <Aura> ow! * Kodah shakes his head, sadly * Aura rubs at her forehead and looks up at the Jeyer person * Jeyer shrugs... "So don't trust me, MEREDITH... I know things you'd only dream of knowing." <Indigo> Jeyer, get real. Kara kept you around, and the rest of us put up with you. <Meredith> Really now? <Jessica> you've also been the one who drove certain members of this party away, Jeyer. Can't you see that we're 1 person short here? <Meredith> Mind sharing? * Jeyer snickers... "Indigo... You're one to speak of putting up with..." <David> .... <David> I trust Jeyer. <Kodah> Okay okay, enough picking on Jeyer. Can we get back to the task at hand now? <David> And yeah, we have a task here. * Jeyer glares at Jessica... "*I* did not chase the boy away." <Indigo> This is the task at hand! <Meredith> David, I'm telling you as a friend that this man is up to something. <Jeyer> His own GUILT chased him away. <Indigo> We've already figured out that something is screwy with Grandmother and Volcanon, so let's pick on the failed Ninja! <Kodah> ... * Aura sits in front of Jeyer and just listens to everything <Jessica> my instinct tells me you've been up to something from the beginning, Jeyer. I don't trust you becauseof those ulterior motives of yours. * Darin glares back at Jeyer... "He felt no guilt when last I spoke to him." <Reisha> Well, I didn't see you giving him candy and flowers either, Jeyer. <Kodah> ... <Meredith> Well then, Jeyer. Do you have any clues as to where he could be? The people of Bedoe would be very intrested in knowing a phoenix was indeed alive. * Jeyer shakes his head and bores of this situation.... * Indigo narrows her eyes. <Indigo> No teleporting until you answer Jeyer! * Aura takes this time to tie Jeyer's shoes together <David> Everyone shut up and focus on the situation, for Mitula's hairy tits! <Meredith> O_o * Jeyer moves his hand in a dual pattern... "Mute level 4... Paralysis final." <Meredith> I will not comment on that. * Indigo glares at David. "Such sacrileige..." <Narrator> The Shining Force holds in place, unable to move and not able to speak a word. * David sticks his tongue out at Indi <Kodah> ... * David is stuck with his tongue stuck out :P * Meredith falls on her behind, a look of anger on her face. * Reisha glares at Jeyer. * Aura is stuck to Jeyer's feet * Meredith gives David an "I told you so" look. * Jessica has her eyes narrowed at Jeyer, a hand on the hilt of her Rapier...but she cannot draw to defend herself. <Jeyer> Enough. I've had enough of your pointless bickering. I've had enough of this sorry excuse of a Shining Force. It's time I revealed MY plans and revealed where your precious Tiernan comes from. <Kodah> ... * Indigo would frown if she could. * Aura thinks to i even in this for a group? why am i all forzen and stuck to his feet what is going on.. <Reisha> .oO( Well fine, just shove it down our throats.. like a angry boyfriend. *grrs metally* -_- ) * Jeyer turns to Kodah... And dispells the spell holding him. <Kodah> ...what was THAT all about? <Jeyer> You're the only person I told... The only person I've trusted with my... Motives. * Aura wishes she could kill Jeyer right about now..he's starting to piss her off.. <Meredith> . . . <Kodah> ... <Jeyer> This is the only way I can make THEM listen to the truth... <Jessica> .oO(I knew he was up to something.) <Kodah> Are you sure this is wise Jeyer? <Aura> . o O (oh lord am i gonna hurt him when i get unfrozen..he's messed with the wrong person..) * Jeyer turns to the rest of the Shining Force... "Arc Valley is deserted... As Meredith said. The Gods have deserted it or were taken from it." * Jeyer glances at Kodah.. "Do I have a choice?" <Kodah> ...I suppose you don't * Jeyer turns his attention back to the frozen Shining Force... "Now... My purpose in this: Volcanon held the world together... His presence lost has left the world vulnerable." <Jeyer> I've learned that Arc Valley should be restored to power... When someone achieves its doors. ANYONE. * Meredith would nod in agreement, if she could move. <Jeyer> The only people able to are people with strong will. The people able to whom I know about are the following: The fake Mitula, Gerad.... And Dark Dragon. <Kodah> ... <Reisha> .oO( You're fogetting one other person Jeyer... >:| ) <Jeyer> Those are the people who MUST NOT at ALL cost attain Arc Valley... The others who may are myself... I've seen potential in others, but I'm the only one with the necessary preperation to be able to attempt it. <Kodah> ... * Meredith wants to say something, dammit! >:/ <Jessica> .oO(Talk about your delusions of grandeur.) <Aura> . o O (can you say, full of it? ) <Meredith> . o O ( What gives this insane bastard the right...? ) * Jeyer sighs, knowing this'll probably chase him away from the Shining Force forever... "I plan to get to Arc Valley before they do. Then I might be able to keep Arc Valley safe from Dark Dragon. Until Volcanon's whereabouts are... *snickers* known. <Reisha> .oO( This guy's full of crap! I'll show him potential...grrr.... ) <Jessica> .oO(Who says this world even NEEDS a god?) * Jeyer glances at Reisha... "Hold that anger in, young mage..." * Meredith mouths as best as she can. "Lies." <Aura> . o O (i have more potential than this guy Ever had...Ooo..i wanna hurt him..) * Reisha shakes a little in the paralysis. .oO( Bite me. ) * Jessica tries her best to draw the Rapier from it's sheath. * Aura tries to move .. * David's mind is blank and he just looks at Jeyer.. * Jeyer dispells the spell. "Now PLEASE learn to think RATIONALLY about this. Dark Dragon has the shrine of transition in his posession. He HAS victory in his grasp. What else can ANY of you do?" * Jessica, having had enough, gets right into Jeyer's face. * Jeyer utters a word under his breath and awaits the Shining Force's reaction... * Aura yelps and knocks into Jeyer (with all of the force she was trying to use) and knocks him over <Meredith> You fool. <Meredith> Don't you get it? * David rubs his forehead <Kodah> Okay...Jeyer. I'd like to know something. Do you know WHY this fake Mitula is trying so badly to off me? Being that you're in the know and all <Jessica> AND WHAT GIVES YOU THE GODDESS DAMN RIGHT TO EVEN ATTEMPT THIS, EH? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THIS WORLD EVEN NEEDS A GOD? <Narrator> Aura is blown away from Jeyer... <Meredith> You hone...nevermind, Jessica said it. * Aura screams and runs at Jeyer * Reisha stands there, shaking with rage at Jeyer. * Meredith holds Aura back. "Not yet." * David sits back casually on the bench. :P * Darin stands a step behind Jess, and simply glares at Jeyer. <Meredith> Jeyer, don't you understand? <Meredith> If Volcanon's protection is not recast...the world will come apart at the seams! <Jeyer> Because noone else SEES the need for this. And haven't you noticed the number of creatures increasing? The SUDDEN magic bursts being dispelled? * Aura fumes and tries to rush at Jeyer <Reisha> .... <Narrator> Aura again is pushed away from Jeyer... <Meredith> You do not have the knowledge to hold the world together. No one does. Being a god is not as clear cut as you believe. * Aura flies back into a wall and slumps to the ground * Kodah waits for Jeyer to respond to his question (though not exactly counting on it, being that Jeyer seems rather occupied) * Jeyer glares at Meredith... "And what? DARK DRAGON DOES? Are you people even CONSCIOUS of the CHAOS we'll suffer if he DOES attain Arc Valley? Are any of you THINKING??" <Jessica> The fate of this planet should NOT be determined by those with just power, or prestige. It should be determined by those with the courage to change the world. WE'LL DEAL WITH DARK DRAGON, DAMMIT! <Reisha> I'm thinking all right.. of how many ways I could hurt you right now. <Meredith> Of course you idiot! But it's not something that you do alone. Everyone must work together. And your methods and motives are seflish, not just! * Reisha folds her arms. "but I'm not going to sink to that level..." * Aura starts to crawl towards Jeyer.. * David shakes his head and stands, walking over to Jeyer slowly. He gets as close as he can to Jeyer, non-threatening. His voice is low, soft. He turns to face the group. "All of you be quiet. Jeyer. Sir Jeyer." * Jeyer growls softly.. "Didn't you listen to me, Meredith? You KNOW what the shrine of transition symbolizes!" <Meredith> Of course I do. That is why the Shining Force was born. * Indigo blinks back into existance. * Jeyer blinks and looks at David.. <David> Meredith. Be quiet. <Meredith> ... * Kodah allows David to take the fore * Jessica eyes David. "You'd better have a plan, Wilcott." * Indigo sighs in frustration. <Indigo> What is going on? <David> Jeyer. You wish to save this world. You wish to claim the power to be a god, so you can help the world? Fine. Take it. But you cannot do it on your own, sir Jeyer. And you cannot do it with your alternative agenda. And don't lie. I know you have one. I've known for a while." * Aura moves closer to Jeyer and stops at about 5 feet from him, and waits.. * David gazes at Jeyer levelly. * Indigo stares at Jeyer, an amused smile on her lips. * Reisha 's lips are still quivering in subdued rage. <David> So what is it, Jeyer? * Aura's eyes are almost glowing with anger.. * Meredith sighs lowly. (Whispered) You just made a big mistake, David... * Jeyer glances at David... "Yes. I have an alternative agenda. Most of you do also. I don't want to claim Godhood and protect the world forever. I want to keep it from Dark Dragon in the hopes of restoring the rightful Gods to power.. With a partial favor in return." * David nods. <David> I thought so. * Indigo shakes her head at Jeyer with mock-pity, raising her staff, then glaring at him coldly. * Aura moves closer.. * Jeyer glares back at Indigo... "Oh quit that, you stupid sorceress. You're the reason the world is in this whole mess." <Indigo> We're supposed to let this flake become a God? He couldn't even be a spy without screwing up! <Kodah> ... <Jessica> what? * Indigo glares and hisses, glowing pure black. <David> Explain, Jeyer... <Indigo> Watch your words Ninja.... <Meredith> ...So she's the one who caused it. <David> Indigo, stop it. Just stop it. * Reisha looses some of her rage. "What?" * Meredith glares coldy at Indigo. "You...." <David> All of you stop it. Jeyer has answers. <David> Listen to them. <David> Now. * Aura gets within 2 feet of jeyer, and stops again.. * Jeyer grins... "Yes... Our resident psycho caused Arc Valley to be abandonned." <Meredith> With the Final Judgement. I knew it. * Indigo blinks. <Meredith> Am I right, Jeyer? <Jeyer> Yes... The final Judgement. That one time when greed would cause the world to go awry... <Indigo> Final Judgement, my ultimate spell....I was within my rights to cast it. <Jessica> one spell did all that? <Meredith> Yes. * David steps back from Jeyer <Kodah> Yes. I was there. * Jeyer turns to Indigo... "You recall what the Final Judgement told you when you chose what you did?" * David goes back to his bench <Meredith> The world is now unbalanced. Thanks to YOU. * Indigo thinks. * Meredith fumes. <Jeyer> Let me refresh your memory.... * * David takes a long drink of mead :p <Indigo> Light and Darkness. Something about that. I gained the power to summon all 8 Elementals. * Jeyer casts a time warp spell... The Shining Force is pulled in a time rift, back to the time of the Final Judgement. <Indigo> And my robes became rainbow...whoa.... <Meredith> O_o Agh! Warn be before you do that! * Reisha looks condescendingly at Indigo... and takes a few steps back as space warps around her. o_O <Darin> ................ * Jeyer grins.. "My pardon, Lady Meredith." * Aura blinks and wonders what the hell is going on <Kodah> ... * David blinks dazedly and stands O_o * Meredith grins thinly back. :p * Indigo gets dizzy.... <Reisha> What the..? <Indigo> We have rules about time warps you know pal! Make sure there's a railing somewhere nearby! * Aura curls up in a ball..all of this suddenly far too much for her to take.. <Meredith> Indigo. <Meredith> Shut. <Meredith> Up. <Indigo> No. * David snickers. "Nicely put, Miss Meredith." * David wanders over to lean on Rei's shoulder :p * Meredith nods. "I'm not in the mood for her anymore." <Indigo> He's accusing me at the one thing I can do well, so of course I'm going to defend myself. |* Indigo sounds surprisingly lucid for a change. |<Narrator> A large, booming voice shakes the heavens... |<Narrator> "Indigo Mysteria... You have summoned the final judgement... What is your |<Narrator> decision?" |<Kodah> What the hell?! o_O |* Crest slowly wakes and gets up |* Kodah bolts upright, smacks the center support for the tent with his forehead, and | brings the whole thing down |* Indigo looks at the sky, now glowing a rainbow of every color. |<Kodah> Augh! |<Indigo> I choose to use the powers of all eight elementals for good! <Meredith> Very well, but you'll see the truth soon enough. * Meredith blinks at Kodah. "The one in the tent is you? Cute... ^_-" * Indigo looks back on that scene with pride. * David raises both eyebrows. <Jessica> I think king Michael told me that Lara slept through all this. * Indigo points out Kara and Chamolo. <Indigo> There's your parents David. <Kodah> ^^;; <Meredith> Nice hair, by the way. * Jeyer frowns... "This... This is the part. Listen closely." * Aura mumbles to herself and holds her knees tight to her chest |<Kodah> Help! |* Kodah thrashes around in the fallen tent, looking for a way out |* Kodah manages to pop his head out of the cocoon he made out of the tent, looking | rather startled o_O |<Kodah> What happened? |* Chamolo wanders out O_o |* BlackHawk looks outside. "What's going on?" |<Narrator> "The final judgement holds three choices... Good, neutrality and evil... By |choosing this, Indigo Mysteria, you are choosing to break the sacred rule of the final |judgement. Is this what you want?" * Reisha looks over the scene. "So.. the old Shining Force.." * David notices his father. "Excluding my mother, Rei. She was dead. But anyway." |<Jessica> King Michael...he was at the Final Judgement? |* Kodah inches his way along, trying to see what's happening |* Indigo nods. |<Indigo> It is possible to use even the dark elementals for good, as Pio just proved! |* Kodah does his best impression of an inchworm, until he sees Indigo in action o_O |<Narrator> "Then it is settled. Indigo Mysteria, from now on, your final judgement has | been chosen..." |<Narrator> Light and darkness swirls around Indigo... |<Narrator> They reshape her robe yet again... * Reisha blinks at that. "Perhaps I shouldn't ask.." o_o <Narrator> . o O ( I sucked so bad back then. ) * Darin just watches with wide eyes.... * Kodah cringes at the sight of himself, inchworming along -_- * Indigo looks at her rainbow robes, the same now as then. * Meredith puts a hand on Kodah's shoulder. "You were cute. :)" <Indigo> Crest..... <Kodah> I was a putz -_- <Jeyer> Indigo... Broke the rules. No matter how good she wanted to do, she broke the rules. <Meredith> A nice putz. * Indigo sighs sadly and a tear comes to her eyes. * Aura closes her eyes and tries to block everything out * Indigo looks up. * Jeyer dispells the time warp spell, returning the Shining Force to the inn... <Meredith> Indigo, don't you see? You broke everything that held the world together? * David stumbles a little O_o <Meredith> You broke the rules.... <Indigo> And your point? The Final Judgement was mine and mine alone to cast. * Meredith growls! * Aura is cutled up in a tiny ball about a foot in front of Jeyer * Reisha catches David. * Jeyer growls softly.. <Jessica> and as such, now we've got to deal with Dark Dragon again. <Meredith> My point is because of you this world is going to DIE. <Kodah> ... * David looks thankfully to Rei and then blinks at Indigo and the rest.. * Jeyer looks down at Aura and picks her up, supporting her to a chair.. "I'm sorry, young one.." <Jessica> Jeyer, Meredith, HOLD YOUR HORSES! <Indigo> Besides which, if I hadn't, you would have had *Two* Indigo's to deal with. I'm sure you remember the other one. Bad as I may be now, she was ten times worse. * Aura curls up in the chair and mumbles something about just looking for her uncle <Indigo> And she *liked* causing pain if you recall.... <Meredith> Indigo, because of your actions, your daughter will most likely die once Volcanon's protection fades. * Jeyer sighs and slumps by Aura.. <Meredith> Your friends... <Meredith> Your village...the whole world. <Indigo> We'll do now what was done then. Destroy Dark Dragon and things will work themselves out..... * Indigo shrugs. * Aura uncurls a little and patpats Jeyer, then curls back up again <Meredith> No they won't. <Meredith> Killing Dark Dragon will not solve the problem. * David sighs and offers Rei some more drink ;P * Jeyer holds his head in his hands and winces.. <Jessica> We have to undo that which was done, Indigo. Don't you see that? * Reisha doesn't respond to all of this, and takes another drink.. :/ * Kodah looks back at Jeyer, "You didn't answer my question." <Indigo> It cannot be done..... <Meredith> Exactly. See what you've done? <Meredith> It might not be undone. That doens't mean we won't try. <David> We will try. <Jessica> I'll do my damnedest to help out. <Reisha> Well, the world may be screwed, but I'm not retiring yet. * Darin nods * Jeyer looks up at Kodah, squinting.. "The fake Mitula uses you as an excuse to blindly control Gerad as she gains power.. That's all.." * David looks at Jeyer.. <Kodah> Are you all right? <Indigo> Even if I could reverse the spell somehow, it would destroy what's left of my mind. I never really had sanity before, I still don't entirely, but reversing the spell will reverse its' effect, and that will bring back *her*. My other personality. The ruthless warlord and sorceress, and she'll destroy the world no matter what. <Jessica> so Gerad's not acting on orders from the Royals of Guardiana. * Meredith growls at Indigo. "You think of yourself over thousands!? <Indigo> So you see, either way.....the world's finished. * Aura uncurls slightly <Jessica> Then there's only one thing to do.... * Jeyer shakes away the questions about how he feels and turns to Jessica.. "Gerad acts on his own fanatical belief of Mitula.." <Indigo> No, I think of my other half, who would gladly destroy those thousands. * Jessica draws her Rapier from it's sheath. * Reisha sets her drink down. "No way Indigo.. not if I can help it." <David> Jess, please don't kill Indigo. ^^; <Indigo> My better half kept her in check....the silly, fun side of me. That's why I switched back and forth all the time.... <Jessica> not yet at least. <Meredith> Indigo... <Meredith> You are one pathetic person. * David again looks to Jeyer * Kodah stands up and walks out of the Inn * Indigo smiles. * Reisha nudges David. * Zoie feels oddly out of place... * David blinks and gets nudged ;P <Meredith> You're allowing your daughter to die...nevermind. This is pointless. * Aura shakes her head at Meredith <David> It is, Meredith. Just let it go. ;P <Jessica> Meredith, do you understand any of the ancient writings? I have this piece of a scroll that I was given before I left Guardiana 10 years ago, that I want you to read. * Aura uncurls * Meredith walks outside the inn to get some air. * Jeyer looks as Kodah walks out of the inn and just sets his head on the table and closes his eyes... <Indigo> I was born this way, with two personalities. I killed my mother and sliced apart my father's privates before killing him too. * Indigo shakes her head. <Aura> Meredith, Get Back HERE! * Meredith stops at the door O_o <Indigo> I don't even remember them really.... <Meredith> ....Yes Aura...? * Reisha whispers in his ear. "You with me on that? The world can't die.. not yet." <Aura> You helped cause this argument, Get back here and help finish it!! * David smiles at Rei and nods, murmuring back... "I agree, Rei....there's too much to do that isn't done yet." * Indigo shakes her head. * Meredith blinks at Aura. "It's too late to get through to Indigo. We have to work for saving the world. With or without her cooperation." <Indigo> head....I'm losing it again.... * Reisha nods. "You don't know the half of it... and I just might have a solution.." * Kodah leans against the side of the Inn and slumps down to the ground * Aura stomps over, grabs Meredith, and drags her back to her seat * David eyes Rei. "Please don't do anything that would get you killed, alright?" <Meredith> Indigo, maybe the final judgement wasn't so final after all. <Aura> Sit And Talk It Out!! <Meredith> Maybe it can be changed. <Indigo> I'm sure Kodah can tell you all about my split personalities and the trouble they caused... * Meredith is pushed back into her seat -_- * Reisha grins. "Of course not..." * Jessica hands Meredith a piece of an old scroll written in an ancient script. * Jeyer starts to glow in an eerie white aura, his form turning ghostly... * Meredith looks at the script and reads. * Aura sits back in her chair and glares at everybody * David kisses Rei lightly without saying anything and then looks at Jeyer.. <Jessica> do you understand it, Meredith? <Meredith> " It says: There will come a time when a mage knight our line will arise to defeat the ultimate evil and bring about the end of the curse on the line of Kayzin. This knight will be able to summon forth the blades of fire, water and lightning" * Reisha looks a little more mellow after the kiss. <Meredith> And when did Jeyer decide to become Casper! * Aura glares at Jeyer, "Stop it You!" * Indigo looks over at Jeyer. <Indigo> Showing off again? <Indigo> I can change colors too you know.... <Jessica> Meredith, I want to talk to you about that piece of scroll later, ok? * David slips an arm around Rei's waist and raises an eyebrow. "Hey, he's a christmas ornament." <Meredith> All right. * Indigo leans against the wall. * Reisha smiles a little, but doesn't comment... <Meredith> Excuse me... * Meredith walks outside <Aura> Meredith! <Indigo> I really don't see a solution to this. If the spell could be reversed, my dark side will be back at full force, and she'll gladly kill you all and destroy the world. If not, the world's doomed anyways..... * Jessica follows Meredith. "I need a breath of air. I'll be back later." * Aura blinks <Reisha> David, there's no way Dark Dragon or Jeyer are going to become immortal.. and I'm going to make of that. <Meredith> Sorry...I think someone needs to have company right now. * Aura wanders outside * David blinks at Rei, tensing faintly. "Do I wanna know how?" * Meredith sits down by Kodah. <Indigo> Besides which, Jeyer as a God would probably be worse than anything my dark side can do.... <David> Indigo, shuddap and have some faith ;P <David> Go take a bath! * Johei patrols the outside, looking for any vague pretext to do something. ^_^ * Kodah looks up, "Hey, what brings you here?" <David> And take a nap! * Aura notices Meredith isn't watching her like a hawk anymore, and decides that she can take her leave * Reisha buttons her lip. "Oh that's going to be my little secret.." ^^ <Meredith> Hum. Just getting some air. You seem worried. * Darin wanders out in the same direction Jess went... suddenly not feeling well.. * Jessica steps outside and leans against the wall. * Aura wanders outside <Jessica> are you alright, Darin? <Indigo> That's an excellent idea! <Kodah> Its not so much worried...well, that's not true. I AM worried. But I'm also upset * David cups Rei's chin in an oddly tender moment and looks into her eyes. "I meant what I said about not getting yourself killed." * Indigo goes upstairs to take a nice warm bath, followed by a nap. <Darin> No... no I'm not all right... <Meredith> Why? Because of what Jeyer said? <Jessica> what's wrong then, Love? <Kodah> Yeah...I want to beleive him * Aura tries to find out which direction she was going in <Darin> ... What am I doing here Jess? This is way over my head.... <Meredith> You can't, Kodah... <Meredith> But David unfortunately does, and he IS the leader. <Kodah> I know * Reisha looks back at him, but you can tell she's hiding something behind those baby blue eyes... <Kodah> But its not just that. Its this whole thing with Gerad <Meredith> He is telling the truth about that, I think. <Reisha> I appreciate your concern, David.. it's cute... :) * Aura starts to walk in the direction that they came from <Kodah> If what Jeyer said about him is true, and this fake Mitula is just yanking him around for no reason..then...its just all so...pointless <Jessica> look at it this way, Darin. If it weren't for this trip, we wouldn't be as close as we are now. I know that doesn't mean much, but I am really looking forward to being with you away from a battlefield. <Meredith> Seems like it. When someone wants power, they'll step on anyone to get it. * David drops his hand away and sighs faintly.. "Cute.....yeah....just be careful." <Kodah> But why ME? Why me of ALL people? <Meredith> In a sense, Gerad is a victim like you. <Meredith> are probably one of the only half devils on this earth <Reisha> Why I'm always careful.. I came this far didn't I? * Reisha grins. * Darin stares at Jess for a moment.. then turns away slowly... "But .... In the meantime.. I am just ... useless in all this... " he sighs. "I'm just a palace guard.... not a hero.." <Meredith> People fear things that are different. <Kodah> ... <Meredith> I have been feared too in the past. <Kodah> ..? * Indigo finishes her bath and goes to sleep. ^_^ <Jessica> No, Darin Moonshado. You are a Hero, more valiant than any other. Remember when we were in that cell when we first met? * David smiles faintly at Reisha, eyes doing that color change thing.. "You should go get some sleep or a bath, Reisha..." * Meredith is silent. * Aura suddenly flops down in the middle of the road <Narrator> Jeyer's form starts to revert back to solid form, his glow fading away slowly.. <Kodah> Even if Gerad is a victim too, I can't find it in myself to feel sorry for him <Darin> .... <Kodah> Not after everything he's done * Reisha blinks, blushing a little. "Hey.. don't go getting like my fatehr now...That's freaky." ^^ <Jessica> you didn't know who I was, but you protected me. You have the heart of a hero, even though your mind doesn't want to admit it. * Indigo rolls over in her sleep and calls down "Now go away Jeyer! You're giving me nightmares!" <Meredith> Maybe not. But at least you finally understand why. * Meredith hmms. <Meredith> I am intrested in this winged friend you have. <Kodah> You mean Tyr? <Meredith> Yes. * Aura decides to sleep where she is, she's so tired out.. * David runs a finger down Rei's nose lightly. "Sorry. Just trying to help you relax. You're all stressed out." <Darin> ..I'm no hero, Jess... I was only trying to impress a pretty lady.... * Jeyer mumbles as he opens his eyes wincing.. "You're the nightmare, you freaky bitch.." <Kodah> Yeah, you may find him interesting <Indigo> I heard that! Don't make me come down there! <Darin> I managed to do that.. and fall in love with her... but.. I am still no hero.. I don't belong with the Shining Force... <Kodah> If he's not a half-phoenix, then I'm willing to bet he's involved with them in some way <Meredith> ...I...If the Bedoeans hear about this, they might want him to come to Bedoe for study. * Reisha pokes David's nose. "Hey, I got my panic button right here." * Jeyer looks around the room, groggy.. "Gaah shut up, destroyer of worlds.." <Meredith> Invovled with them? * Jeyer blinks.. "Where's Aura...?" * David chuckles and looks at Jeyer. "No idea, sir Jeyer..." <Indigo> What was that? Do I need to sedate you? I know where to put the needle you know! You won't be sitting for awhile either! <Kodah> His magic is very much like that of a phoenix. Fire and flame, and even some self-scrificial magic to benefit others * Jessica takes the ribbon out of her long, black hair and ties it around Darin's sleeve. "And now, you do. You live by a knight's code, so you obviously know what it means to be named a lady's champion, right?" * Aura sighs and falls asleep in the middle of the road.. * Reisha bidahhs Jeyer. "Why don't you use your.. ahem.. GODLY.. powers to find her, eh?" ;P <Meredith> I'm not saying that he's not a phoenix...but...Phoenixes shouldn't techincally exsist anymore. * Darin blinks... and .. blushes.. * Jessica smiles. <Meredith> sounds like magic the Bedoean Magi use. <Kodah> Technically is not necesarily actuality * David rolls his eyes ;P <Meredith> I know... * Jeyer gets up, shrugs off the pain and turns to Reisha.. "Yes.. I've stopped dreaming about it myself.. When will you..?" <Meredith> But how old is he? If he's your age, I'm sure he can take care of himself. * Jeyer walks out of the room and looks around for Aura... * David blinks a little.. * Johei pokes Aura with his sword. * Indigo snorts and goes to sleep. :P * Reisha's happy face drops. <Kodah> I'm sure he can handle himself. We're not sure how old he is. He was discovered under unusual circumstances * Aura squirms away from Johei <Jessica> I would like nothing more than to leave this fighting behind me, but if we're to make a life for each other, then we've got to finish this. For our world, but mostly for the love we've found with each other, Darin. I believe in you. <Meredith> Tell me about it. It might answer some questions. <David> Rei...? What was THAT? O_o <Johei> Hi! Let's fight! * Jeyer blinks as he sees Johei... "Uhm.. Johei..?" * Aura blinks here eyes open and looks up at Johei.."what the hell.." * Kodah tells the tale of how the Shining Force came across Tyr to Merideth * Jessica stands on her toes and kisses Darin. * Jeyer walks over to Johei and pushes him slightly away, kneeling by Aura... <Meredith> Intresting... * Aura whips out an arm and hits Johei on the back of his knees, nocking him to the ground <Meredith> Describe this temple to me tha you found him in again? * Darin kisses Jess back.. * Kodah does so * Reisha frowns, and has another sip. "Nothing David.. it's nothing..." * Johei kneels forward a second, using his other two legs to stand up again. ^_^ <Johei> Okay! Since you're ready, you go first! * Jeyer places his hands on Aura's temples and casts a heal spell.... * David frowns as well and lazily massages Rei's shoulders. "Relax, Rei. Just relax and let things go for now." * Meredith hmms. "It sounds like a Shrine to Volcanon...maybe. It COULD be Mitula. It sounds rather ambiguious. I wish I saw the writing on the walls. Then I would know for sure." * Darin blushes... "Thank you, Jessica. I needed that.. I just hope we can leave all this behind us soon... so we're still young enough to settle happily.." * Aura blinks * Reisha finishes it, and stands up. "Relax.. right.. maybe I'll take that nap or something..." <Kodah> I'm afraid I can't describe the writing. Nothing in Creed's books was like them <Johei> Jeyer! It's not fair if you help! * Meredith hmms, and pulls out a large book * Darin whispers.. "Which is more than I could ever hope for...." * Aura smiles at Jeyer * Meredith flips open a page, and points to a page filled with scribblings. "Did it look like this script?" * Jeyer glances up at Johei... "Can you go bother someone who's up for fighting? She's tired out..." * David slumps a little.. "Alright...yeah....g'night then, Rei....I guess...." <Jessica> your hopes will come true, Darin. Now, let's get back inside. I've got a few questions to ask Meredith. <Johei> Okay... then you fight me! * Kodah looks the script over * Aura patpats Jeyer then curls back up to sleep * Jeyer turns back to Aura and smiles faintly and picks up Aura in his arms... "Maybe another time, Johei..." * Reisha kisses his head, and walks upstairs, her blue cape flowing. "Goodnight.." <Kodah> It was more circular. More like a bunch of lines in a spiral. Except they went all over <Johei> How am I going to become stronger and kill those demons if no one wants any practice? :/ <Meredith> Ah! <Meredith> I think I know what you're talking about. * Darin nods... and offers Jess his arm. * Jessica walks back into the Inn, holding onto Darin's arm. * Johei wanders around. * Aura smiles in her sleep * Meredith flips to another page, adjusting her glasses. "This?" * David watches Rei go silently and sits down on the bench, alone, staring at the table and drinking a mug of mead.. * Jeyer walks back towards the inn.... <Kodah> Hm...that's closer. Except it was not so big <Meredith> Hmmm.. * Meredith flips again. <Meredith> This? <Johei> Everybody's sitting around and glowing colours and talking about all sorts of silly things... <Kodah> No...that's not it either. It was all one color <Johei> I know! I'll ask David... he has that funny sword.. * Johei trots over to the inn and bursts inside, looking around for David. * Jessica walks up to Meredith. "Do you have a moment to answer a couple of questions, Meredith?" * David blinks at Johei.. O_o <Johei> Hi! Let's fight! <David> O_o * Jeyer goes up the stairs to a room and lays Aura down on a bed... Then closes the door and leaves it slightly ajar... <David> Johei, uhm... O_o I can't right now, I'm getting drunk off my ass ^_^ I'll tell you what...Lady Indigo is in her room... <David> She'll fight you. ^_^ <David> She's right upstairs! <Johei> Oh, are you sure? ^_^ * Aura snuggles down into the bed and sleeps soundly <David> Yep. ^_^ <Johei> That's great! Thank you David! <David> Just poke her with a stick! <David> You're welcome! <Johei> I don't have a stick... <Johei> Will my sword do? <Meredith> Ah... * Jeyer walks down the stairs and leaves the inn, his back to a wall... * David hands Johei a fork. "No, use this!" <Meredith> Then it has to be this... * Meredith flips to a page in the back of the book. * Johei looks at the fork... "Oh... right!" <Meredith> This? <David> Go get 'er! * Jessica looks over Meredith's shoulder. "I can't read a bit of this." <Kodah> That's it! * Johei makes his way up the stairs and starts opening doors looking for Indigo. <Meredith> Ah! This! * David takes a long drink of his mead and snickers ;P <Meredith> The Aceients. * Jeyer glances over to Meredith and Kodah at the mentions of the Ancients.. * Reisha enters the room and lays on her bed, hugging the pillow. "I'll show Jeyer.. I'll show the whole world what I can do.." <Kodah> If you say so <Meredith> This is what the old Sages of Volcanon would write....thousands of years ago. <Jessica> Thousands of years? * Johei opens a door! * Reisha acks as Johei opens her door! o_o <Meredith> That shrine you were in was incredibly old. Perhaps one of the oldest known. <Kodah> ... <Johei> Hi! Let's- oh, hi Reisha! * David bursts out laughing from downstairs ;P <Meredith> Does that answer any questions for you, Kodah? <Reisha> Hey! Get outta here, hay brain! I'm trying to get some sleep! :P <Jessica> .oO(Dad told me that piece of scroll was over thousand years ago...could it be....) <Johei> Okay... good night! * Reisha chucks the pillow at Johei. * Johei closes the door and tries another room. <Kodah> Well, that still doesn't tell us how long Tyr was there * Johei calls out, "Thank you for the pillow!" <Meredith> No it doesn't. People in stasis can be there for five days to five thousand years. * David pounds on the table, laughing ^^; * Jeyer walks over to Kodah and Meredith.. "What's this about the ancients...?" * Johei bangs open the next door, to find... <Kodah> Hey Jeyer. Feeling better? * Aura opens her eyes <Meredith> Jeyer, this script was found in the shrine Tyr was found. * Reisha grumbles. "Damn.. and that was a ncie pillow.." -_- <Aura> what the..go away! * Meredith points to it. "Can you make anything of it?" <Johei> Hi! Let- oh, you again? <Johei> Okay.. * Johei closes the door. * Aura makes faces at Johei <Johei> I'm sure it has to be this one then.. * Johei bangs open the next door. * Jeyer squints and reads it... "Here.... Something.... Heaven's doors.. Mm.. I need to brush up on my ancient.." * Indigo looks up, grunting. * Aura curls up to go to sleep again <Indigo> What the....? <Meredith> Heaven's doors? <Johei> Hi! Let's fight! ^_^ <Kodah> ... * Indigo rubs sleep out of her eyes, then glows orange. * Johei trots up to Indigo and pokes her in the arm with the fork. <Indigo> asked for it..... <Johei> Okay! You go first! Then it's my turn! <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, blast this centaur with flame! <Meredith> Doors of Heaven... <Meredith> I KNOW I've heard this somewhere, but I have forgotten... <Jessica> Doors of Heaven? Arc Valley maybe? * David snickers loudly, listening to the commotion upstairs :P <Meredith> It's possible... <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned... He blinks at both of them and yells, "THIS IS A MADHOUSE!! AAAH! STOP SUMMONING ME, YOU WEIRD WOMAN!!" and poofs out. * Johei scratches his head. * Indigo growls and sits up in the bed. <Kodah> Hmm... <Narrator's Aid> == Pio pops in "You go boy!!" and pops out * David finishes his sixth cup of mead ;P * Aura grumbles <Johei> Okay! It's my turn, right? * Jeyer leans slightly on Kodah, feeling faint.. <Indigo> Yeah, I guess.... * Aura crawls out of her bed and wanders out into the hallway <Kodah> Hey.... * David stumbles upstairs and collapses on the floor besides Rei's door ;P <Kodah> Jeyer you don't look so hot <Jessica> are you ok, Jeyer? * Meredith blinks at Jeyer. * Johei trots over and baps Indigo's head with the flat of his sword! <Indigo> Ouch! * Aura kicks Johei, yells,"SHut Up I'm trying to SLEEP!!" and wanders back into her room * Reisha flings open her door, thinking it's Johei again... <Indigo> turn! <Reisha> Ok, you four legged freak, I'm gonna... <Johei> Ow! * Reisha blinks. * David coughs and rubs his eyes, the room spinning * Reisha looks down. <Kodah> I think that those Door's of Heaven are referring to Arc Valley. I remember reading something about that in Creed's books * Jeyer sighs.. "I shouldn't have cast that spell.." <Reisha> Oh.... hey David. * Indigo gathers her blue-white energy and blasts Johei at full-force with the energy burst. * Kodah helps keep Jeyer standing <Kodah> You might want to take it easy Jeyer <Meredith> you think your friend is....? * Aura grumbles again * Meredith trails off. <David> Uhhh....whoops...wrong room? Sorry, Reish....Reiaah....Rei! I'll just...collapse...over there! <Jessica> you go get some rest, Jeyer. We've still got stuff to talk about here. * David points at the stairs * Johei attempts to side-step whatever is coming at him! * Reisha tries to help David stand. <Kodah> Think he's what? * Aura wanders back into Indigo's room <Reisha> Jeez.. you're blasted. ^^ * David blinks a little and leans into Rei. "Ehhmm. No I'm not! You are! Aaahhhhaaa!" <Meredith> Somehow connected? They say that wonderous things once lived there, as well as people. * Jeyer looks grim at the discussion.. <Kodah> Maybe <Meredith> Until the demons tried to take it over. * Reisha darkens. <Jessica> Think Tyr could be connected in some way to Arc Valley? <Meredith> It's possible. * Aura steps in between Indigo and Johei <Reisha> Ok boy, I'm going to let that oen go this time.. * Jeyer blinks and looks over the text again... "Could you please hand that to me?" <Kodah> ..? * Meredith hands the book to Jeyer. "Of course." <Indigo> Ummmm......please don't stand in the way of the energy blast. <Narrator> == The blast hits Johei and pushes him back on the wall. 12 damage * David rubs his forehead.. "Uhmmm...sorry? I....uh....yeah...don't feel so hot.. I'm just gonna go...leave you alone...cause...uh...don't wanna...annoy you..." * Aura baps indigo <Aura> Stop it * David gets paler by the second. ^^; <Meredith> Jeyer...Gah... * Reisha picks up David and pushes him along to his room. * Indigo laughs. <Aura> i want to sleeeeeeep <Reisha> Save it, Davey boy.. I have way too much experience with this. <Aura> you're making to much Nooooooise <Johei> Ow! That was good! * Jeyer grabs the book and slides down to a sitting position, reading the text, squinting... <Indigo> It'll be over soon. * Johei baps Aura aside and smacks Indigo on the head again with the flat side of his sword! * Jessica sits down between Kodah and Meredith. * David erfs and grimaces... "Okay....uh....sorry.....really...I am...." * Aura hits the wall witha thud <Meredith> Can you read that, Jeyer? <Jessica> Darin, you go get some rest. I'll be up shortly, ok, Love? * Reisha points at him. "What did I tell you about apologizing?" <Narrator> == Johei's blade smacks Indigo and it turns her on! 5 damage! Indigo gains the skill Masochism! * Indigo holds her head, then stands, sighs, and picks up her staff. She calmly walks behind him and drives the sharp, metallic end at about the point where she guesses his crotch would be. * Jeyer, transfixed by the text, doesn't answer... * Aura curls up and whimpers <Johei> Ouch! My leg! <Indigo> This will hurt for a while Johei. <Meredith> Jeyer? <David> No apologizing? But...I feel bad...and yeah, its pathetic... but... don't want you to be upset.. * Meredith shakes him lightly. <Narrator> == the staff pokes Johei, dealing 4 damage * Reisha finds David's room, and opens the door. <Johei> I didn't know cutting and stabbing was allowed... * Jeyer blinks up at Meredith.. "Uh.. Hunh..?" <Jessica> Hmm...wait a minute...Isn't Volcanon a phoenix? * Johei scratches his head. <Reisha> It is pathetic. It's really not your style. <Johei> Is it all right? <Jessica> in a way at least? * Aura uncurls and wanders back over to Johei and Indigo <Meredith> His statue is, yes. * David sighs and looks down, pushing away from Rei.... <Kodah> I don't think he himself is a phoenix * David collapses at the foot of his bed.. <Jessica> do you think it possible that Volcanon could have taken a human form when the Final judgement was cast? <Aura> please be quiet..can't you kill each other tomorow..i wanna sleep ;_; <Indigo> Well, sort of. You see, I'm allowed to do that because I'm no fighter, so I have to defend myself, but you can't, because you're a trained fighter you see. * Jeyer drops the book and holds his head in his hands... * Reisha shakes her head sadly... :/ <Meredith> Then again, phoenixes are created by him. I don't know, Jess. <Meredith> Jeyer? * David curls up and shivers. <Johei> Ah, okay... <David> G'night, Rei.. <Kodah> Come on Jeyer, spill it. What's going on with you? :\ * Johei lifts Aura and puts her aside. <Jessica> what's wrong, Jeyer? * Reisha hefts him into the actual bed. <Johei> Okay! My turn! * Jeyer growls softly.. "Nothing.. I... I just need rest.." * Aura whines and stomps her feet <Reisha> C'mon... you're going to get a cold for Mitula's sake. * Johei runs circles around Indigo, spinning her around! * Jeyer shakes his head and winces... <Aura> nononono! <Kodah> Then maybe its time you got some <Jessica> Then go rest, Man. We'll all be ready to go by mroning. <Aura> sleep! * Reisha wraps the covers around him. <Jessica> Hey, Darin, a favor please? * Indigo spins around and around, getting dizzy. She falls down and blinks, then slowly gets up. <Indigo> My turn! <Johei> That was my dizzying magic! * Jeyer glances up at Jessica.. "But you hate me.. So I'll stay behind as usual." <Meredith> We'll discuss this in the morning, everyone. I think sleep is important... * David looks at Rei and sighs.. "Okay.....go get some sleep...really...thank you.." * Reisha gets this odd feeling for a second, and shrugs it off... * David continues to shiver despite the warmth. * Aura pulls one of her knives out of its sheath and points it at Indigo * Indigo goes and grabs up a heavy vase, then smashes it over Johei's head. <Aura> no! stop! sllep! <Indigo> Oh put that away! * Aura whimpers <Johei> Ow! @_@ * Indigo strikes the dagger with her staff. <Jessica> who says? I don't agree with a lot that you've said or done, true, but I can learn to work with you for this purpose. As long as we understand that I'm not totally keen on you taking the mantle of godship yourself. * Aura cries and crawls around on the floor looking for it, finds it, and curls up in a corner to sleep <Reisha> Night then, Davey. And watch the mead next time, eh? * Jeyer looks down at the ground.. "The current choices aren't better, Jess.." <Meredith> I admit, Jeyer, I don't fully trust you. But David does...and I must trust him too. You have my trust for now. * David nods and curls up further... "Yes ma'am...." * Reisha closes the door, her back to it for a minute. * Indigo steps to the door and calls down.... * Johei rubs his head, stunned... good that he has a granite head. :) <Indigo> Hey, I have an idea! I'm the descendant of a Goddess, I'll claim the power and be a full Goddess myself, then undo the problem! * David punches the mattress before closing his eyes.. <Meredith> I know that's not the answer you want to hear...and NO INDIGO. You become a GODDESS and I'll KILL YOU. * Reisha sighs to herself. "I've seen this so many time before.. but why do I feel sorry.." <Jessica> Look, Jeyer. We've all got questions regarding ourselves and this world which will be answered on this trip. You go rest. I've got a few questions to ask Meredith. I think we'll all be better by morning. * Aura decides that she can't get to sleep here and wanders out of the room <Indigo> But you won't be able to, and I can prove my line of descent! * Indigo turns back to see Johei's next move. * Reisha walks back to her room once more for the night. <Jessica> Darin, you go on to bed. I'll join you later, ok, Love? * Aura curls up next to the door to her room and falls dead asleep * Jeyer gets up groggily to his knees and staggers up to a room, not replying to anything said by the two.. * Johei slaps Indigo on the side of the head with the side of his sword! <Meredith> Oh trust me, I could when I have a lots of bedoean knights with me. * Indigo stumbles, then turns to Johei. * Indigo glows red. <Indigo> Tio, Elemental of War, blast him! <Meredith> Anyway, Jessica... <Narrator> == Tio is summoned... His chariot tramples Johei... 34 damage! <Meredith> You have a question? <Jessica> yes, about that scroll I handed you. * Meredith nods. <Jessica> You seemed to be able to read it. <Johei> ... oooh.... @_@ <Meredith> Right. * Indigo smiles produly. <Indigo> proudly* <Meredith> It's basic old style script. <Jessica> it spoke of a mage knight in the Line of Kayzin. Who was Kayzin. I've never heard the name. <Meredith> He was in the second shining force. <Meredith> The one lead by Bowie of Granseal. <Indigo> That's what I'll do, I'll become a Goddess and mother the whole world! I'll find Sashie, and make her the Princess of the Gods, and I'll resurrect my dear Crest.... * Johei stumbles to his feet, looking kind of lost. <Indigo> Your turn Johei! <Johei> Oookaay! <Jessica> Oh...that answers my questions. I've been having the same dream for 5 years now. I wonder if it could have any meaning to do with that scroll. <Meredith> Anyway, When Zeon was killed by the Shining Force, he put a curse on Kayzin family line. <Meredith> That's a rumor, though. <Indigo> I'll make everything pretty, my way! <Meredith> And based on that scroll, most likely a fact now. * Johei rushes Indigo and whacks her on top of the head with the harmless side of his blade! * Indigo pouts. <Narrator> == Johei's blow knocks Indigo unconscious, the force of the blow seeming to be enhanced by external sources. O_o <Jessica> in the dream, I'm watching a brown haired mage fight a demon, then I'm standing in a large cemetary with a sword in my hand. This voice keep telling me I can stop the deaths. Does that mean anything? <Johei> Hey... :D I won! <Meredith> Maybe the Deaths of your family members. Do people in your family line die young? <Jessica> My Aunt died at the age of 30. That was before we came to Granseal from Guardiana. * Johei drags Indigo over to her bed and puts her there with her feet on the pillow. <Johei> I know! I have to tell David! I bet he'll want to fight me then! <Meredith> That is pretty early. <Meredith> Perhaps this curse is to thin your family line to nothing. <Jessica> very mysterious. No one knows what caused it. it sure wasn't natural causes. She just keeled over in the middle of the marketplace one afternoon. <Narrator> Something walks behind Johei and hits him over the head, knocking him unconscious too * Johei starts off a little unsteadily to the hallway, looking around for something that looks like David's door. <Meredith> Yeah, sounds like it. <Meredith> I would bet if this curse was lifted, people in your family would not die of such strange circumstantces. <Johei> ! x_x <Jessica> I'm also the only one in the Sorenson family to be able to use magic too. * Meredith hmms. <Meredith> Perhaps your the one mentioned in the scroll. <Meredith> Anyway... <Meredith> I'm very you mind if we can discuss this in the morning? <Jessica> anyway, I'm going to turn in. talk to you later. <Meredith> Right. ^_^ * Meredith walks toward the inn, to her room, and passes out :P * Jessica grabs Darin and takes him to a room. <Narrator> The Shining Force settles down for the night... Scattered all over the inn, passed out... The inn goes back to quiet.... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The innkeeper sits in the corner of the backstore, clutching her knees, trembling... "Scary... People... Must... Run... Need... Run..." <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====