Shining Force RPG 2 session 26
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> On top of a mountain top on a nearby island, a solitary soul stands tall, sadness and loneliness filling his eyes and heart. He gazes to the north, looking towards the place and the people he left behind. A sigh curls its way up from the pit of his stomach as he turns around to head further south... <Narrator> The sky dark, promising heavy amounts of rain, looms over the solitary traveller. To the right, a large cavern stands empty, ambers cooling down from the fire that burned not long ago. A sudden shadow covers the traveller... A snarl can be heard to the back of him. * Tiernan jumps and turns around, pulling out his booomerang. "Who's there?!" <Narrator> A large, bear like creature stands tall, threatening to crush Tiernan. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Tiernan> O...Oh no...! <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Mutant bear ===== <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack * Tiernan holds his fingers to his lips and whispers an ancient chant that is slowly building to a crescendo.. ! .1 "Immortals above! Grant me the power to make the first blow! Eagle Wing!" .6 *From high above, an image of a glowing eagle appears above Tiernan, showering him with feathers that quickly dissapear as soon as they appear!* <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Eagle Wing... His body flows with newly found agility... 15 agility increase! <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan spins around slowly, as tiny whisps of faerie fire swirl and grow around him. Planting both feet firmly on the ground, the faerie flames burst into life as a collum of white fire that surrounds him, giving him new strength! * Tiernan ducks into a defensive position and watches the bear wearily. <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Vigor... Power surges through his arms and legs, making him feel the strength of the earth pulse through them. 13 attack increase <Narrator> == the Mutant Bear attacks... His deformed paws fall down on Tiernan, sending him reeling... 7 damage. <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Tiernan cries out as a claw tears deeply into his shoulder. He puts a hand over the wound to stop the blood flow, then begins to chant softly. * Tiernan spreads his wings and concentrates. Then he snaps his fingers and points at The Mutant Bear! "Infinite Earth Mother! Lend me your power to crush my opponents! Exploder!" The earth shrieks as a tower of magma erupts beneath the Mutant Bear's feet! <Narrator> == Tiernan casts Exploder on the Mutant Bear... It yowls in pain as it's blasted out of existance! 37 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Tiernan smiles slightly, then puts his boomerang away. <Tiernan> I...I did it. <Narrator> A small gust of wind hits the mountain top... His hair flows out to the call , making him seem like he's matured... And at the same time, making him seem weak with exhaustion... * Tiernan sits down slowly, panting. "I hope it doesn't rain..." <Narrator> Suddenly, a clasp of lightning can be seen in the distance... A roar of thunder soon follows... The bolt brings the thought of Reisha to Tiernan's mind... * Tiernan hangs his head down and curls his legs to his chest, looking miserable. <Tiernan> I...I hope they're okay... <Narrator> The wind blows softly, calling to Tiernan... The breeze is soothing, telling him to follow it... As the wind glides across his face, he feels newly found vigor flowing through him, luring him to an unknown place... Rain starts to fall on him, matting down his hair... <Tiernan> ...I need to keep going.... * Tiernan pulls himself from the ground, adjusts his satchel, wraps his cloak around himself tightly to keep the rain out and follows the breeze. <Narrator> The breeze lures Tiernan along, giving him strength... Whispers can be heard coming from the wind, "Follow.... Future....." <Tiernan> ...Follow? Future? * Tiernan picks up the pace, walking along. <Tiernan> I hope my future is going to be better than things are now... ^_^ <Narrator> Tiernan follows the wind for a little while until it brings him to a cobblestone road... The road leads up to a small hut, smoke flowing out of its chimney... The odor of the smoke is oddly enticing, making Tiernan want to go in... Then, the door slowly opens... As Tiernan spots the woman, he gapes in astonishment... Her beauty captivates him, luring him in the house... <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force awakens after a very odd day... Everyone feels the dark sky sucking the air, making their awakening hard... * Kodah murbles in his sleep * Indigo stands and stretches. * Jessica slowly awakens, then shakes Darin. "Wake up, love." * Darin snores like nothing's wrong, lying flat on his back, sprawled out. * Aura blinks her eyes open.."wa..wher..eff.." <Kodah> ZZzzZZzz... <Darin> ZZZzzzzzzzz * Aura rubs at her eyes with the backs of her hands..."wha..i..hallway? where.." <Jessica> .oO(you know, if it weren't for his snoring...but hey, I kinda like waking up next to this knight.) * Reisha grumbles about her still missing pillow that Johei took.. :P * Meredith yawns and streches out in the chair she fell asleep in last night * Aura wonders why she's sleeping in a hallway when her painfull back reminds her * Indigo goes and smiles, then leaves a sugar cube for Johei since they sparred last night and goes for a nice long bubble bath. * Kodah rolls over one time to many and lands face-first on the floor <Kodah> Ow...floor * Aura hears a *thud* and hops to her feat * Meredith mumbles something about trouble in the air and goes about her morning routine. * Jessica looks down at Darin, smiling. She then starts to tickle Darin's ribs. "Wake up aleady, Darin." * Aura stands up to fast and falls to the ground <Aura> ..ow...pain.. * Kodah rubs his face and sits up * Johei shakes his head sleepily, waking up in a rather unfamiliar place... * Reisha rises from her bed rather groggedly, and takes a nice warm shower to ease herself into the new day. <Johei> This isn't my room, is it...? Amd why am I on the floor? @_@ * Indigo sings from the bathroom. ^_^ * Aura mumbles and makes her way into her room and hides under a blanket * Darin mrrrhfs and brushes Jess's hands away. * Jessica tickles Darin again. "Are you going to sleep all day?" * Aura mumbles and decides to take a shower.. * Kodah yawns and stretches * Johei looks at the bathroom, hearing singing, and decides to approach, opening the door. * Meredith walks downstairs, pulls out a book, and begins to read...waiting for the rest of the Force to assemble. * Aura blinks as she sees Johei at the bathroom door * Kodah ruffles his hair back into position and heads out the door * Darin pushes Jess's hands away again. <Darin> ZZZZZXXXXXXzzzzzzzzz <Jessica> Ok..time to play it a little rough. * Jessica uses her ice magic to create an ice cube. She giggles a bit as she shoves the ice cube down Darin's shorts. "Now I'll bet you wake up. <Indigo> ~It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood....~ * Aura wanders along the hallway and stops at the stairs.."eef...stairs.." * Darin snaps awake "GAHAAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!" <Jessica> ^_^ * Meredith sighs loudly. * Darin jumps about 3 feet into the air "JESSICA!!!" * Kodah slumps down against the side of the building and waits <Jessica> I thought that would wake you up. * Meredith blinks, puts her book away, and joins Kodah outside. * Aura steps down the top step and procedes to tumble down the stairs <Aura> ...ow...stairs.. * Indigo starts humming the Smurf song. ^_^ <Kodah> Morning * Reisha comes out of the bathroom much more refreshed, and slips into something more heroic than just a towel. ;) <Darin> I.... *voice is about 3 steps higher* .... Jessica... that ... is COLD.... do you have any idea ....... eerk.. listen to me.. I sound like a chipmunk! <Meredith> Something bothering you? * Johei checks himself entering the bathroom, on account of the intimidating smurf song and his rising hunger, quickly exiting the room and trotting down the stairs. * Jessica walks into hers and Darin's bathroom in their room to get a nice hot shower before. As she gets ready for her shower, she peers out the door. "But I can't have you sleeping all day, Darin. I had to do something." * Aura is kind of sideways at the bottom of the stairs in pain.."...ow..stairs.." * Reisha goes into the hallway and knocks hard on David's door. <Kodah> I don't think so. I think I'm still digesting over what I learned yesterday about Gerad * David grunts from inside and opens the door ;P * Johei stops himself just in time from bumping against Aura, making a screeching sound on the wooden planking. ^_^ * Meredith nods slowly. "I'm just adjusting to....them." * Meredith points inside the inn. <Johei> Chotto... are you all right? * Jessica steps into the shower and cleans up, also washing her hair. "This is a heaven send." * Kodah grins a little, "They do take some getting used to. They're not like the last Shining Force." * Aura rolls over and crawls away.."..ow..stairs..ow..stairs.." * Darin whines.. "But JESS..." he throws his hands into the air, and gathers stuff for his shower, and waits for Jessica to get out of the shower. * Reisha stands in front, hands on her hips, and her hair still a little wet. "Well, aren't you the picture of a morning eprson today.." ;) * Johei pokes Aura. "Hiii!!" ^_^ <Meredith> ^^; No kidding. * Jessica steps out of the bathroom in a towel, with one wrapped over her head. * David grins despite himself, clad in only his boxers. "Shush, you. I'm a heavy sleeper when I do sleep soundly!" * Aura eefs and collapses at the poke.."..oooow..." * Indigo steps out of the shower, drys herself, then pokes her head out the door. <Indigo> Has anyone seen my robe? <Kodah> Though actually, Indigo is almost excactly like she was in the previous Shining Force <Jessica> it's all yours cir knight. <Johei> You look strange. <Meredith> Yes...Something about her...insanity is troubling....I think she's more insane than she thinks she is. * David runs a hand through his hair ^^; <Reisha> Well, I'm going to be downstairs wrestling up some breakfast... Just wanted to check on you. ;) * Aura whimpers and just stays on face down on the ground <David> Sure sure. ^_- Save me a spot at the trough. * Jessica keeps drying her hair. "Wish all inns were this well equipped. That was a little slice of heaven compared to some of the places we've slept. * Johei pokes Aura again. "Hey... aren't you hungry?" * Reisha pats David on the shoulder, and laughs a bit. <Kodah> Personally, I think Indigo has no business having all that power * Indigo sighs, wraps a towel around herself, and goes hunting for her robe and staff. * Aura waves a hand back, trying to hit away Johei's.."..Sttooooopp.." <Meredith> Let's just say if Indigo wants to be a goddess, more power to her. She'll just be dead by the time she becomes one. * David smiles at Reisha, eyes flashing a little. "I'll be downstairs in a minute. Thanks." <Johei> What? ^_^ * Darin smiles... "We can only keep our fingers crossed.... " he walks into the bathroom, tugging on Jess' towel, making it fall off as he passes her. <Kodah> Hmm...perhaps * Reisha turns and heads down the hall. "K, you do that." ;) <Jessica> O_o; * David wanders back into his room, kicking the shut behind me and shuffling around inside, obviously putting on clothes. ^^; * Aura jumps up quickly, turns to Johei, and yelps, "Stop Poking meeee!" <Meredith> == Random cleaning man pops out of a side room and whistles at the nudie Jessica * Aura blinks, gets a head rush and collapses again * Jessica slams the door on the random cleaning man. <Aura> ..ow.. * Jessica then gets dressed into her armor and normal clothing. "Good thing I didn't have my weapon handy." * Johei scratches his head. <Narrator> A ball of dust curls its way under Aura's noise... * David wanders out of the room again, now fully clothed and looking awake as he heads downstairs.. * Indigo looks to the cleaning man. <Indigo> Have you seen my robe? <Johei> If you say so. ^_^ * Darin cleans himself up, beginning to feel refreshed.. * Aura eefs and sits up..pokes at the dust ball * David pauses, watching Reisha briefly before wandering down beside her.. * Reisha pokes her head around for the kitchen. :P <Narrator> The dust ball poofs and disperses... * Aura stands up...slowly..and wanders over to a chair to sit.. * Johei makes his way to the breakfast area and establishes a command center, providing himself of ample foodstuffs. ^_^ <David> Find anything, oh loyal thunder goddess? ^_- * Kodah brings his knees up to his chest and thinks to himself * Jessica walks downstairs. "Good morning, everyone." * Meredith just looks at Kodah quietly. * Reisha acks. "Yeah.. look who got here first.." She points to Johei. :P * Darin finishes his shower, and walks back into his and Jess' room, finishes drying, and dresses. * Aura wanders into the kitchen.."..ow..ow..ow..ow..ow" <Meredith> ....What time is it, Kodah? * Indigo sighs, finds her robe, gets dressed, gets her staff, and goes to the innkeeper. <David> Hey, Johei! Save some for us! * Kodah notes Meredith's attention, "What is it?" <Kodah> Its um...I think 6-ish or so * Reisha sits down far away from the centaur. <Indigo> Innkeep, I'd like blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausages, boiled eggs, ham, orange juice, and a blueberry muffin please. ^_^ * Johei waves with a loaf of bread. "Oh, hi, David!" ^_^ * Jessica taps Rei and David on the shoulders. "Morning." <Reisha> Next thing you know, I'll find out he eat my pillow.. ^^ * Aura grabs the bread from Johei and finds some cheese <David> Morning, Jess. ^_- <Meredith> 6 <Meredith> Try 8ish... * Indigo waves to Johei. <Kodah> Really? * Reisha shrugs. "Eh? Oh, morning Jess." <Meredith> We should have been out of here by 6. * David sits down as well, yawning... "Pillow? Mm. More stuffing, less filling?" <Narrator> A note on the counter says, "The innkeeper left due to unseen circumstances... He says to serve yourself in the kitchen. -Insane asylum" * Aura chews on the bread and the cheese <Indigo> Oh yes, and make sure that's maple syrup for the pancakes. ^_^ * Indigo sighs. * Darin finishes dressing and slowly walks downstairs, feeling in a good mood for once. "Good morning!" * Jessica goes into the kitchen. "Who wants what?" * Johei juggles a bunch of buttered knives and bread, a toast on his mouth. "Indigo is a really good- mmff- opponent! Hi Indigo!" <Indigo> You can't get good help nowadays. Oh well, being a mother taught me how to cook. * Meredith sighs, picks herself off the ground, and whistles loudly. "We're leaving in 5 minutes!" <David> I'll have some water. ^^; <Jessica> yeah, Mom taught me too. <Reisha> Oh no.. don't tell me Indy's cooking.. o_o <Meredith> much you want to bet absolutely no one heard that, Kodah? <Indigo> Hi Johei! Hope I didn't beat you too badly last night! ^_^ * David nods to Meredith. <Kodah> Probably...most of them didn;t * Jessica fireballs Indi back to the table. "SIT GIRL...DOWN!" <Meredith> Well, David did. * Indigo gets up and starts the pancakes and meat, pouring herself some orange juice. <Meredith> That's a good start. * Aura wanders outside, waving iddly to the others..gnawing on her bread and cheese <David> That's because I'm the leader. ^_- I'm supposed to hear these things. <Jessica> Sir Darin, what will you be having? * Reisha rushes to the kitchen and gets some eggs, toast, and other niceties, followed by a pot of coffee. :) <Johei> A little... but I won! ^_^ You were the strongest person I've fought yet! <Darin> Just some juice for me thanks, Jess. * David pounds his fist on the table. "Hey, yo! We're leaving in five minutes!!! Get your stuff together and finish stuffing your mouths!" <Jessica> guys are no fun. * Reisha chucks another plate at David. "Think fast!" * Meredith holds her hand out and mutters. "Damn. Rain." * Indigo looks at the fireballs and frowns. * David grabs it * Aura stands next to Meredith and gnaws on the bread <David> ^_- Not fast enough. <Kodah> Rain's not so bad. At least not to me * Johei sets his bread rations down on his central table, gathering now the rest of his needs. ^_^ <Meredith> I don't find it so bad either...except when you're travelling * Jessica makes the juice fr Darin and grabs a couple of pieces of fruit for herself. "Damn, you guys are really uptight. Not sleep well last night? * Kodah shrugs, "You get used to it after a while" * Indigo flips the pancakes merrily and hums. * Reisha sighs to Jess while stuffing her face. "I slept horribly.. Johei walked off with my pillow.." ^^ * Aura pokes Meredith * Darin drinks his juice and bolts upstairs to gather his and Jess's stuff. <David> I...barely remember last night. ^^; <Indigo> I know! * Indigo glows orange. <Meredith> Yes? * Meredith turns to Aura. <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, cook this food! <Reisha> I think it's better you don't Dave. You were a real sad sight.. ^^ * Aura hands Meredith the cheese <Meredith> ...Oh. ^^; Thank you. <David> Gee, you're just saying that because you love me ^_- <Jessica> well, who wouldn't sleep well...Ahem..I don't think you want to know that. * Aura sits on the ground and chews on the bread * David bats his eyelashes in a playful manner. ^_- * Meredith takes some and nibbles on it, watching the rain fall. <Meredith> Three minutes! <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned... He arrives in a puff of smoke, outfitted in a sushi chef suit... Two meat cleavers in hand, he starts slicing and dicing at the speed of light, cooking everything with a mere breath... * Reisha sips some coffee. "Oh yeah, of course.." then more sarcastically, "Honeybun." ;) <Indigo> Three minutes for what? * David nearly spits out his water. ^^; <Meredith> Until we leave. <Jessica> hey, I'm ready. Got my Rapier at my side, and my armor on. * Indigo watches Apollo cook. * Darin comes back downstairs and eyes Apollo... "Uhm.. yeah.." * Jessica bites into her apple. <Indigo> Oh, I haven't had breakfast. We're in no rush. * Aura leans on Meredith's leg and tries not to fall asleep <Meredith> Yes we are, Indigo. It's pouring rain out...and we have a lot of ground to cover. <Indigo> Nah, we're normally getting up around what, 11? * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Thanks Apollo! <Narrator> == Apollo finishes preparing the food, throws it on the table in the main hall and poofs out... * Indigo sits down to eat, pouring syrup over her pancakes. * Aura absentmindedly latches onto Meredith's ankle and uses her foot as a pillow <Reisha> So, where we heading? Any clues about Tyr come up last night? <Meredith> Not while I'm here. * Meredith smiles slightly at Aura. "You're...a strange one...^^;" <Meredith> But not in a bad way. * Kodah yawns a bit, still a little sleepy * David brushes some of his scruffy blonde hair from his forehead and stands, pushing the water away. "Does it really matter where we're heading? We have nowhere else to be!" * Indigo starts eating and mumbles "Why are you so uptight. We're pretty casual and it's always worked before." * Aura looks up at Meredith and smiles groggily, then goes back to sleeping on her foot * Reisha plays with her fork. "What about saving the world and all that junk?" :P <Meredith> Because, Indigo, Dark Dragon is on the loose. We have no time to dawdle. <Kodah> ... * Indigo mumbles around her food. <David> Well, saving the world is important too ^_- * Meredith grins at David. "That it is." <Indigo> Oh, the lizard. We beat him before. He'll keep. * Indigo continues to eat. <Aura> zzzz...zzzzz....zzzzz... * David ruffles Reisha's hair and stands, heading beside Meredith. "Mmhmm." * Kodah ignores Indigo with great skill * Aura continues to sleep on Meredith's foot * Reisha looks up from her drinka t David, but doesn't say anything to risk spitting it out as well. ^^ * Meredith nods to David. "Just trying to help." * Johei munches on his food thoughtfully. <Johei> I think it <David> I appreciate it. Thank you. * David smiles ^_^ * Johei's important to save the world. * Aura curls up around Meredith's feet in her sleep, making her immobile * Indigo chews some more, then tears into her bacon. <Indigo> Hey Meredith, want some? I'll have Apollo cook you some. <Meredith> That's okay, I've already ate. * Indigo smiles and starts on her muffin. <Reisha> Indy, I can't believe you... cooking with Apollo.. ^^ <Indigo> You need a big breakfast to start the day. * David crosses his arms, his sword strapped onto his back. "Alright, people. Finish up. We've got ground to cover." <Meredith> I'm all right, Indigo. * Jessica keeps on chewing on her apple. "hey, I can walk and eat these." <Indigo> He's pretty good. You should Atlas and wind-surfing though! <Reisha> One day those guys are going to get up on the wrong side of the bed and you're going to be wearing that bacon. :P * Reisha gulps down the last and rises too. * Darin shakes his head and looks out the window at the rain * Indigo spends a good fifteen minutes on her breakfast, then gets up, stretches, and goes to get her things. * Meredith pokes Aura gently. "Wake up...." * David leans against the wall, looking somewhat amused. "Are we ready yet?" * Aura blinks.."mmm?" * Jessica gets up. "Are you sure there's no time for coffee? Look outside." * Aura realizes she's clinging to Meredith's feet..uncurls and shuffled away.."oh! sorry..^^;" <Meredith> We move through wind, snow, rain, or sleet. <David> We need to get a move on. We don't have time to.....dwadle? <Meredith> It's all right. <Meredith> ^^; Right. * Kodah stands and stretches again <Indigo> Actually, I remember one time we were rained in before... <Jessica> no time for stories... <Reisha> Oh well.. my hair's already wet.. :/ * Aura eefs and pulls herself to her feet <Kodah> The rain won't kill you <Indigo> Can't we wait until the storm clears? * Jessica starts for the door. "Nothing to lose but our health, right?" * David conspirately leans on Reisha's shoulder. "Its a good look for you. Besides, rain is your friend. You're into thunder and lightning!" * David stops leaning and heads for the door as well.. * Darin follows Jess "Yep.. and if we get sick.... we'll just have to die of pnuemonia on our feet, right Jess?" <Reisha> Oh, yeah of course! Too bad I can't control the weather.... I know a few I'd love to rain on.. ;) <Jessica> I guess so, Darin. <Jessica> but looks like something is about to "rain on our parade". * Darin nods. * Meredith walks out the door. * Aura shakes her head to try and wake herself up, and leans against the wall, waiting for th others <Meredith> Let's go! * Reisha snaps her fingers in a little mock gesture, looking outside. "Rain, rain go away..." * Indigo steps outside and frowns, then glows blue. * David chuckles and nods to Meredith. "Poster girl for optimism!" <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, stop this rain! <David> Lets rock. ^_- * Aura hops up and down.."leetss goooo" <Narrator> == Atlas goes unsummoned... A loud robot voice says, "Watching Yan can cook. DO NOT BOTHER." <Meredith> Yes...I seem to be...oddly optimistic today. Perhaps it was the cheese. <David> You know what they say. The cheese is in the middle! * Indigo frowns. <Reisha> AH, real cute David. ^^ * David looks innocently at Reisha. "Yes you are." <Indigo> I'm taking that picture thing from you Atlas! You're obsessed! * David heads onwards. ^^; * Meredith blushes and hangs her head down. "Ah by Volcanon....That was terrible..." * Reisha makes a slightly angry face, and follows the erstwhile leader. <Jessica> let's hope we see some action soon. I have been wanting to test some new techniques with my rapier and my magic. * Aura leans on Meredith again * Jessica follows Reisha. * Meredith stumbles a bit, then sets Aura upright. <Meredith> Stay. * Meredith walks along :p * David adjusts the sword on his back, grimacing to himself.. * Indigo points to the sky. * Aura wanders after Meredith.. <Indigo> You are entirely spoiled Atlas! * Indigo gets in a huff and stomps off in the wrong direction. * Reisha rubs her hands together, looking up at the skies. * David shakes his head at Indigo ^^; * Darin catches up to Jess. <Meredith> We should just let her go. * Kodah plods along after the group <David> She'll come back. ^^; * Meredith glances at Indigo. <Reisha> .oO( Wouldn't that be cool though, controlling weather? I betcha I could do it.. and rain on Indy, who actually desreves it, heh. ^_^ ) <Meredith> Yes...she's like Jeyer. We're a magnet to her. * David chuckles. "Hmmm. That's...unfortunate." <Jessica> now that you mention it, where is Jeyer....Oh well, forget it. * Aura hums to herself and starts to walk by Meredith * Indigo stomps back across their path and looks to the sky. * David rubs his side, grimacing again.. <Indigo> Okay, that's it! I'm getting my belt! * Meredith points to Indigo. "See?" <Reisha> Don't mention that guy... I'm glad he's gone. * David grunts.. * Aura pokes Meredith.."what happened to Jeyer?" * Indigo glares at the storm. * Meredith shakes her wings of water and points to an island that's somewhat nearby. "Is this a good place to head, David?" * Kodah looks up at the sky, ignoring the raindrops * Meredith looks at Aura. "No idea." <Indigo> And no picture box for a whole month! <Indigo> Now you go to your room! * Reisha goes back to concentrating on the storm above them. <David> Yep..unless you see some alternatives that look better? * Aura shrugs and continues her walking <Atlas> ~I am in my room, you psychotic bitch.~ <Meredith> If Indigo does NOT shut up... * David winces to himself... "Mmmnn. You get used to it." <Meredith> You do? O_o <Aura> i could make Indigo shur up if oyu wanted me to..*evil grin* <David> Well, not really, but you can try. ^^; * Indigo sighs and shakes her head. * Reisha mumbles a few words under her breath. <Indigo> I had this problem with Sashie. What you need is a role-model. * Kodah ignores Indi...a lot * Aura grins and walks a bit faster * Indigo strumps along, then glows light-blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, I summon you~ <Indigo> ! * David shakes his head some more and hunches his shoulders a little.. <Narrator> == Neptune goes Unsummoned... The robot voice says, "We're ALL WATCHING YAN CAN COOK!" * Reisha continues mumbling. "..if she was already wet.. and the charge is right..." <Narrator> Then the white pointing glove and the chibi laughing mouth pop out, pointing and laughing at Indigo... <Meredith> Mother... -_- * Jessica taps Darin on the shoulder. "How did you sleep last night?" * Johei carefully pokes the empty space where Indigo used to be. * Aura blinks as indigo disapears right before her eyes <Meredith> What the hell? * Darin looks at Jessica. "Need you ask my love?" <David> Who cares, lets keep going.. <Meredith> Ah well. Let's move on now. ^^: Yes. Move. Before she comes back. * Aura stops walking and just stands there blinking <Kodah> Move is good * Jessica never stopped moving. * Jessica looks at Darin, smiling. ^_^ * David grabs Aura by the sleeve. ^^; <David> C'mon. * Meredith doesn't just walk, she RUNS. * Aura eeps! and starts to walk * Kodah hustles to keep up * Johei follows behind. * Aura walks fast <Kodah> Don't stray too far ahead Meredeth, you dont; want to get jumped <Meredith> ...I'd rather be jumped by a mutant bear than her. :p * David walks along a tiny bit slower than usual but still keeping up * Aura starts to run after Meredith * Reisha keeps up ehr pace, still pondering something weather related.. ^^ * Kodah jogs along, keeping up with Meredith * Indigo yanks the plug on the Elementals' T.V. * Aura runs in front of meredith and stops * Meredith stops to avoid coliding into Aura. ^^; * Kodah skids to a stop, as not to slam into Meredith o_O * Aura grins and starts to run again * Jessica holds onto Darin and continues to walk on. <Meredith> Careful, Aura! ^^; <Kodah> What was THAT all about? * Aura trips over a stick and stumbles and rolls over and starts to run again <Kodah> Oh boy -_- <David> Wow...Aura is the bouncy pup of the litter.. ^^: <Meredith> Hmm.... <Kodah> And these are the few who would save the world...oh I could just curl up and die right now -_- <Reisha> If you ask if we can keep her, I'm leaving. ;) * Aura grins and stops running again * Meredith pats Kodah on the shoulder, feeling his pain <David> Drat. ^_- * Aura looks back at Kodah, "I heard thaaaat!!" <Narrator> The Shining Force walks up a mountain path, seeing a cave up ahead... * Aura looks at the cave and starts to run faster <Jessica> Hmmm? <Jessica> want to check out the cave? <Meredith> looks like someone was in there. I'd look. <Kodah> Why not? Maybe Tyr's been there <Reisha> Well, we'd be a little drier.. * Aura runs into the cave and disapears into the shadows <Jessica> ^_^ * Reisha shakes the water off her blue cloak. * Jessica stays attached to Darin's arm as she heads into the cave. * David looks somewhat like a drowned rat, heading into the cave.. ^^; * Meredith walks into the cave, shaking the water out from her hair. * Kodah wipes some of the rain from his face as he looks into the cave * Aura hides in the shadows and watches the others * David's tunic, however, is clinging to his upper body so his muscles are visable ^^; * Reisha follows everyone, eager to dry off. * Darin looks rather pensive * Meredith notices David's bulging muscles and sweats a bit. ^^; <David> ...I should take to wearing a cloak.... its somewhat cold. ^^; <Meredith> . o O ( DAMN he's good looking... ) <Narrator> The cave, seeming pretty small with a low roof, is damp with blood... A stench coming from further down reveals something died not long ago... * Aura stares at David, eyes wide * Reisha eyes David with a slight stare. "You're just doing that on purpose." :P <Kodah> Hmm... * David raises both eyebrows. "Eh? What? Doing what on purpose?" O_o <Kodah> Yech... <Reisha> Forget that.. * David wrinkles his nose. "Okay, something died. Question is...what?" * Aura suddenly realizes that she's standing very close to something very bloody and quite dead * Reisha shakes her head in distaste. * Jessica takes a sniff of the air. "Whoah. What died in here?" * Aura crouches down and pokes at it gently... <Darin> ..... * Meredith blinks, and sees a corpse in the corner of the cave. <Meredith> ...A Mutant Bear did. <Narrator> The corpse tumbles and rolls over... It's the corpse of a decapitated, mutant bear... <Jessica> Mutant bear? <Darin> ...... what? * Aura startles <Kodah> Great...whatever happened in here, I think the bear lost the fight * David blinks. "A mutant bear? You with two heads or something?" <Meredith> Can you tell how it died? * Aura blinks and pokes at the headless neck..thuroughly curious <Kodah> It got decapitated <Jessica> that would kill it, all right. <Reisha> Looks like it was utterly blown away by whatever it was. * Aura digs her fingers into the flesh at the neck and tries to pry out one of the vertibrea * Kodah goes over and examines the dead body <Jessica> I have to wonder what killed it. <Meredith> ...Was it magicically or by a weapon? <Reisha> probably magical.. there's no cuts... <Narrator> The bone pops out... <Jessica> O_o; Magical? <Kodah> Hmm... * Jessica takes a closer look. * Aura grins and looks at it..turning it over in her now red hands <Reisha> I wonder if our good old bird boy's been here. * Darin blinks. "That might be possible..." <Meredith> ...The boy has that much power to blow a bear that size apart like that? <David> Tyr? did this? <Kodah> Maybe <Kodah> I beleive so <Jessica> Hmm....several of these wounds are burns...could be from his exploder spell. <Kodah> But there's no proof that it was Tyr that did this * Aura runs her hands over the matted down, blood covered fur * Reisha backs away from Aura a little. ^^ <Kodah> However, whoever did this can't have gone too far * Jessica backs away and grabs ahold of Darin again. * Aura mumbles.."poor thing.." and wanders out of the cave, covered in blood * Darin puts a protective arm around Jessica. * Meredith walks outside. "You're right. Let's go." * Jessica starts out of the cave. * Kodah spins on his heel and heads for the cave entrance <Reisha> Oh well.. * Reisha leaves the cave. * Aura puts the bone into her belt-pouch and walks out into the rain * Reisha goes out into the rain again, checking if any places got stained from the enclosure.. ^^ * Kodah steps back out into the rain, wondering if Tyr was really here or not * Aura stands in the rain and watches the blood wash off of her and pool on the ground at her feet.. * Meredith sighs. "So...anything up ahead, David?" * David shakes his head.. "Nope.." * Reisha pokes Aura. "You ok?" <Narrator> Footprints can be seen in nearby mud... * Aura looks at reisha, shakes her head, and looks back at the blood, an odd look on her face * Aura sees the blood pool into one of the footprints and walks after them.. <Kodah> Hmm...footprints * Reisha steps away again. "Oooookay there...." * Reisha elbows David. "I think we got a psycho on our hands, guy." ^^ <Jessica> -_-; * Kodah looks off in the direction that the footprints are heading * David grimaces in pain, seeing red spots in his vision. "Uhnn. Yeah.." <Reisha> Of course.. Indy's probably worse. * Aura hears what Reisha says..stops for a second and stares at the footprint in from of her.. * Jessica shakes her head. "Darin? do you think Aura's a bit.....strange? * Reisha shrugs and follows the trail. * Aura suddenly breaks into a run after the footprints..disapears from the groups view <Darin> ... I .... She definitely isn't quite in Indi's category yet, Jess.. but .. she's close.. * Kodah looks at Meredith, "Well, do we follow these prints before the rain destroys them?" <Jessica> Indi's in a class by herself, Darin. She's a psycho. <Meredith> We do... <Meredith> Let's follow them. <Jessica> I have to agree with Kodah. <Reisha> Oh brother. If it isn't one thing, it's another.. * Kodah stumps off, folling the prints * Reisha starts jogging. "Hey, girl, wait up!" * Aura runs as fast as she can after the foot prints.. <Narrator> Aura trips over a root in the loose soil from a nearby shrub. * Jessica follows the group. * Darin follows the others. * Aura screams and goes flying in the air <Kodah> ? * Jeyer appears out of thin air and catches Aura in mid flight! * Aura blinks and looks at Jeyer, eyes wide <Jeyer> We do have to stop meeting like this, my dear... *smirks* <Meredith> ...Jeyer. *nods* <Aura> ..thank you.. ^^; <Kodah> Jeyer...? I wondered if you were still with us * Reisha nearly runs into Jeyer, stopping short. * Jeyer puts Aura down on her feet... <Jessica> does he always have to make an entrance like that? * Jeyer oofs and falls in the mud * Aura blinks and stares at the ground.. <Kodah> Let it pass Jess * Kodah helps Jeyer back to his feet * Reisha points at him. "Hahah! The great Jeyer in a mudhole!" ^^ <Reisha> And me without my camera... <Meredith> -_- Dear....Volcanon...Above. Why me? * Aura glares at Reisha and patpats Jeyer before starting to walk after the footprints again * Jeyer winces and gets up, cleaning himself off with a purity spell... Then turns to Kodah and says, "I would have been with you guys earlier, but I had to rest a little longer than you guys... And since noone bothered to come wake me." * Reisha taps her foot. "Oh, we figured you'd pop up sooner or later.." <Kodah> To be fair Jeyer, you weren't exactly in plain sight once you finally crashed * Jessica gives Jeyer a sort of half smile. "Well, I would have had breakfast ready, if someone *nudges Darin* hadn't tried to oversleep." * Darin eyes Jessica "Well if SOMEONE hadn't worn me out last night..." <Kodah> Can we continue on? Please? -_- * Jeyer sighs... "Ok.. Nevermind.. What exactly did I miss?" * Jessica whispers to Darin, "They don't need to know that." <Meredith> Nothing much. We're following footprints now because we saw a Mutant Bear corpse blown apart. ^^; * Aura sighs and listens to the others as she walks after the slowly disapearing footprints * Darin whispers back "Need to know what?" <Kodah> It might have been Tyr <Jeyer> Uhm. Allright. <David> Yeah...we're slowly wandering towards some sort of goal. ^^; * Reisha goes back to following Aura. <Jessica> (w)What we were doing last night, Darin. <Darin> (w) Like they didnt' know anyway? <Kodah> Regardless, we're following these footprints, before the rain destroys them completely <Jessica> (w)We weren't that loud were we? * Meredith walks along. ^^; <Darin> (w) Uh... well.... * Jessica follows the group. * Aura looks back at Reisha and keeps walking * Jeyer glances at Darin and Jessica... "Yes you were that loud." * Darin turns purple and shuts his yap. * David rubs the odd red spot on his side and walks along, wet blonde hair dangling in his eyes... * Jeyer moves on, enhancing the footprints with magic... * Reisha snickers softly. * Jessica turns as red as her jacket. * Kodah plods along, still ignoring the rain * Aura humms and walks a bit faster, but decides against running * Reisha picks up the pace. "Sheesh, Aura... why are you in such a rush?" * Aura shrugs and keeps walking.."donno.." <Narrator> Up in the distance, constant smoke can be seen raising itself out into the sky, seemingly oblivious to the rain... * Kodah notes the smoke with interest * Meredith blinks at the smoke. "Too small to be a widespread fire..." <Meredith> More like from a chimney... <Jessica> smoke....could be a fireplace. <Reisha> Where there's smoke there's fire, alright. Maybe a campfire. <Jessica> which would be so comfy right about now. * Aura walks faster towards the smoke.. * David hmms.. "Possible." <Reisha> Of course, not in this kinda rain.. * Reisha makes her onward, casting a backwards glance at David and making a funny face. ^^ * Kodah heads towards the smoke, shaking some of the rain off himself <Narrator> A little cottage can be seen as the force gets closer... Smoke is pouring out of its chimney... * David raises an eyebrow at Reisha and returns the funny face, a hand over his side protectively as he follows her <Jessica> now THIS looks welcoming. <Kodah> Hmmm...mabe whoever killed the bear stopped by here? <Darin> Yes, Jess it does.. * Jessica starts for the cottage. <David> Again, possible...lets just get there.. <Meredith> Hmm. <Meredith> I'm going to keep watch outside. I want to investigate the place. <Meredith> You guys go inside. :) <David> Sure, Meredith...if you get into trouble, call for us, hmm? Don't hog the fun ^_- <Kodah> Whatever works <Meredith> Um. Yes. Sure David. ^^: <Reisha> Works for me. <Jessica> ok, you stay outside and get pneumonia. We'll go in and warm up. <David> just sounded like Rei. ^^; * Meredith pulls out her sword and looks about. ^^; "Being a half birdwoman makes me a little more resilliant to rain." <Reisha> Hah.. it's catching.. ;) * David wanders up to the cottage and knocks on the door. "Uh...hello?" * Jeyer peaks inside a window... "Uhm.. Birdboy's inside... *points*" * Reisha whispers into David's ear. "The next symtom is being irresistably gorgeous." <Kodah> Tyr's inside? <Kodah> Thank goodness * David raises both eyebrows and casts a somewhat amused look at Reisha, blushing, before opening the door.. <Reisha> Not like I believe you Jeyer. :P * Jessica looks in the window. * Reisha has a look for herself, behind David as he opens the door. * David steps inside warily.. "Tyr...?" * Darin waits for Jess at the door. * Jessica drags Darin in. "Get in here and warm up, sir Knight." * Jeyer glances at Reisha... "Closed minded... Tsk tsk, Reisha... Not the sign of a future world leader..." * Jeyer follows everyone inside... * Kodah slips inside the cottage <Jessica> Tiernan. Hi. * Tiernan jumps from his seat at the table and spins around in his chair. "O_o You...Oh no!" * Reisha sticks her tongue out at jeyer, and turns to regard Teirnan. <Kodah> Hello Tiernan <David> That's not the greeting we normally recieve from people...wait, yeah, it is. ^^; <Jessica> yes, it's us. Your friends..remember? <Tiernan> ...H...Hi. * Tiernan looks down. <Kodah> Mind if we sit down? <Tiernan> ...I...sure. * Kodah takes a seat * David wanders over to take a seat.. * Reisha waves. "Hey, Tyr.. you elft, without a forwarding address.." ;) <Tiernan> ...I...I guess I did. <Kodah> So...the obvious question, is why. Why Tyr? Why did you leave like that * Jessica waves at Tyr. "Long time no see, friend." * Reisha leans on a log wall. <Tiernan> Because...I...I'm a burden to you. <Narrator> A homely looking woman, tall and stunningly beautiful walks in from the kitchen holding a large cauldron... "Tyr, dear! I.. Oh... We have visitors!" <Darin> What? <David> .. O_o <Tiernan> ^_^ Oh hi! <Darin> Who told you that, Tyr?! * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Tyr * Darin stops ... and blinks at the woman... <Tiernan> Celia, these are the friends I told you about. ^_^ * Reisha raises an eyebrow too. * Tiernan looks fairly happy all of a sudden and fluffs his wings a bit. * The woman heads towards the fire and puts the cauldron over the fire... * Jessica nudges Darin, "Hey...don't let your eyes fall out of socket." <Kodah> Tyr, we've HAD this conversation once already. Didn;t anything that I said to you last time sink in? <Reisha> Woah... looks like Tyr's been keeping occupied.. ^^ * Tiernan turns to Kodah. "There's...more to it than just that... :/ But it'd make no sense if I told you." <Celia> Oh! Nice to meet you all. My name is Celia.. Tyr came to my door all wet and tired.. I took him in. ^_^ * Darin whispers to Jess "Tyr... has a ... ?!" * Kodah leans forward, "Try me." <David> Hello, Celia... thank you for being so kind. :) * Tiernan looks uncomfterble. "I think if I stay with'll all be hurt." * Jessica nods to Celia then whispers to Darin, "A what?" <Jessica> hey, that comes with being part of this Force, Tyr. * Darin raises an eye brow at Jess, smiles at Celia, and whispers back at Jess. "You see her don't you??" * Reisha shakes her head. "hey, hey now.. nobody's going to get the better of this group with yours truly around." <Kodah> That's awfully conceinted of you Tyr. We're all up to our necks in trouble. We're going to get hurt wether you're with us or not * Tiernan shrinks back from Kodah. "I...I didn't mean..." <Kodah> But if you leave us, we're going to be further handicapped, 'cause we'll be worrying about you instead of what we should be doing at the time * Jessica looks at Darin. "It's not important right now." * Darin glares at Jess "I didn't mean it that way." <Jessica> and we just don't abandon our friends, Tyr. We have so very few of them. <Tiernan> But you shouldn't be worried about me...I'm happy here. Celia is really nice, and she said I could stay here if I helped around the house ^_^ * Celia nods and seeing this conversation is taking a serious turn, decides to return to the kitchen and let the contents of the cauldron boil... * David tilts his head, eyeing Tyr.. * Reisha plays with a lock of hair, shaking some water out of it. <Tiernan> I just think it's better that I stay least till I'm not sick anymore. <Jessica> Tyr, how do I put it to where you'll understand? We're all real fond of you, and were worried sick when you left. You're one of the only friends we have...and we'd hate to lose you. <Kodah> Do you not want to travel with us anymore Tyr? If you don;t then tell us <Reisha> There's still a lot ahead of us... and you came this far with us, right? <Tiernan> ...I...I like you all friends... <Tiernan> But...I...I don't think I can help least not now. <Tiernan> So no...I can't travel with you...for a little while. <Kodah> Were you the one who killed that mutant bear in the cave? <Tiernan> ...Oh! Yes, that was me. <Tiernan> It snuck up behind me and scratched my arm. :/ * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Tyr, "And you still have doubts about your own power?" <Kodah> After that display? <Reisha> You certainly got that monster good. I'll give you kudos for that tyr. ^^ <Tiernan> ...I...I want to make sure I don't faint anymore...or get sick. <Tiernan> I feel okay now, but I might get sick again. <Jessica> no joke, Rei. Tyr, that was one of the most amazing displays of magic that I have ever seen the aftermath of. Hell, man, we might all get sick after being out in that rain like that. * Darin nods. <David> If he wishes to stay here, it is his choice. Tyr, I respect your choice and hope maybe you'll rejoin us some other time.. <Tiernan> Thank you, David. :) * Tiernan fluffs his wings. <Kodah> Do you want to stay Tyr? * Reisha goes over to David and pulls the edges of his face into a frown. "Aw, you know you're sad without Tiernan around!" ;) <Tiernan> Yeah...I do...but I'll see you all someday soon! I promise! * David blinks and takes Rei's hands, gently pulling them away from his face. ^^; "Hey now...since when am I Mr. Potato Head?" * Kodah stands up and smiles at Tyr, "Well then, I hope that you're nice to your host. And we will be back to check up on you." :) <Tiernan> ^_^ Okay. I hope you find Dark Dragon and stop him. I'll be thinking about you! <Tiernan> ...and what's a Potato head? <David> A toy. ^^; <Jessica> and us of you, Tyr. Good luck, and Goddess be with you. <Tiernan> What's a toy? * Tiernan looks confused <David> Something you play with to pass the time. ^_- * Jeyer stands in the corner, a small grin making its way on his lips... * Reisha rests her weight on his head, giggling. "Well, if he's a toy, I have first dibs.." :P <Kodah> But next time Tyr, if you want to leave someone's considerate enough to tell them, and not just run away...okay? * David blinks at Rei and blushes furiously. ^^; <Tiernan> ...But I left you a note...but yes...I'm sorry. <Tiernan> I won't do it again. ^_^ <Kodah> Good <Tiernan> Be careful everyone...I'll miss you. <David> We'll miss you too, Tyr. :) * Reisha makes a sad face, but winks soon after. "I guess my charms don't work on you, eh Tyr? Stay good, ok?" ;) <Tiernan> Okay. ^_^ I'll stay good! * Kodah ruffles Tyr's hair playfully * Tiernan laughs. ^_^ * David shuffles his way to the door and steps out, looking for Meredith. ^^; <Tiernan> Goodbye Everyone... :) Take care... <Kodah> Will do * Narrator whispers in Tiernan's ear... "Celia's nekkid in the kitchen cleaning carrots... Hint hint!" * Reisha blinks as David gets up and she nearly falls over. ^^ * Tiernan looks up. "Stop saying those things to me! :/" <Tiernan> Sorry. ^^; That voice again. * Kodah pokes his head out the door, "Hey Meredith, before we go, at least some in and see who we've been talking about" <Tiernan> Meredith: Oh, sure. ^^; * David tugs Meredith in.. ^^; <Narrator's Aid> == Meredith walks inside, and blinks. O_o <Tiernan> ^_^ Hi. Who's this? <Kodah> Tyr, this is Meredith * Reisha waves a hand. "Ahh.. just ignore em, Tyr.. Unless it's Celia.." <Kodah> Meredith, Tyr * David takes his place by Rei's side. ^^; "Sorry 'bout that." <Tiernan> Hi Meredith. ^_^ * Reisha nudges Tyr a couple times. * Tiernan looks at Reisha. "Huh?" <Tiernan> Meredith: Incredible...there really is a phoenix.....on this world... * Reisha smiles. "hehe.. nothing, nothing.. just losing my footing..." <Kodah> Hm? * David slips an arm around Rei's waist and looks back and forth between Meredith and Tyr. <Tiernan> Meredith: Nothing. Hey...young man. Have you been to a place called Bedoe? <Tiernan> Bedoe...? * Tiernan thinks. "I don't remember if I have..." <Tiernan> Where is that? * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Meredith <Meredith> It' Parmecia... <Meredith> Do you mind if maybe later I take you visit it? ^_^ <Tiernan> Sure! I like seeing new places. ^_^ <Meredith> . o O (This child is so...oddly....perky...) <Meredith> I'll hold you to it then. * Meredith nods to Kodah and the others. "We better go..." <Kodah> Right <David> Yeah, we should.. * Reisha whispers to Tyr. "HEy, you betetr make you know who happy.. I'm going to be watching you, kid..." ;) * David looks at Rei oddly and lets go of her, heading to the door.. <Tiernan> Okay...^^ * Tiernan 's smile dissapears, but he nods to everyone. "Good careful..." * Kodah nods to Tyr as he leaves, "You be careful it?" * Narrator whispers in Tiernan's ear, "Reisha wants to threesome with you and Celia... Say yes!" * Tiernan looks up at the sky again. "Stop that! :/ And my answer is no!" * Tiernan looks down, and looks embarrased. "Sorry...I'll be careful Kodah..." * Jessica waves good bye to Tiernan. "So long, Tier. We'll miss you." Jessica Sorenson then walks out of the cottage. <Kodah> Remember, just because you've left the battlefield, that doesn;t mean you're not a target anymore <Reisha> Ok Tyr, you remember what I said ok? And tell that voice to go shove it. :P * Reisha giggles and walks out, waving. <Tiernan> * Darin waves to Tyr. "Don't be too much of a stranger Tyr! Good luck to you" * Tiernan blinks. "" <Tiernan> ^_^; Ah well. Good bye everyone! I'll see you again soon! <Kodah> See ya around Tyr * Narrator whispers in Reisha's ear, "I am your conscience... Jump in David's boxers and suck it hard... You can thank me later..." * Kodah nods once more to his friend, then heads out the door * Reisha grits her teeth as some unknown voice. * Tiernan sighs and shakes his head. "^^; Reisha hears it too." <Kodah> So, where to now? * Narrator whispers in David's ear, "Reisha is really horny right now... Ask her if she wants to fuck... You can thank me later." * David blinks. "I will not! Hey, wait a I'm hearing them!" <Meredith> Hearing what? <David> A voice....oh, nevermind. ^^; <David> And where to now? ^^; <Meredith> Hmm <Jessica> whichever way leads to the shrine of transition. * Meredith laughsh and points to the road. "Follow the Yellow brick road!" * Reisha whacks David's head really hard. <Kodah> The what? <Narrator> ~Go weeest! That's where all the action's gonna be! Go WEST! And then maybe join the navy! Go west! And then sleep at a YMCA! Go WEST! And... Oh fuck it.~ <David> O! <Reisha> You'll thank me later. :P <Meredith> Um...West? <Meredith> ^^; <David> Ow! I mean! Rei! <Kodah> West is as good a direction as any * David rubs his head and blinks, heading west.. ^^; * Kodah heads west, looking rather glum <Meredith> Kodah? What's wrong? * Reisha sighs, and goes westward. <Kodah> I was hopping that he'd come with us <Meredith> Well, he said he would eventually, right? <Meredith> Don't think of this as a permenet goodbye * David pokes Rei in the shoulder. "Hey, you, cheer up." <Kodah> I know, but it's just not going to be the same without him <Jessica> you said it, Kodah. * Darin nods... <Meredith> He seemed....perky. <Reisha> Hey, I'm fine... don't worry. Just going to miss Tyr the slightest bit, s'all. <Darin> he always added light to the party... <David> Okay, guys, its alright...he's not dead, here! He's alive! <David> And he's apparently rather happy! <Kodah> Yes...he can be very perky at times <Meredith> He's also with a sex kitten. I don't think he's so badly off. <Kodah> It was a refreshing change * David nods to Meredith. ^^; <Kodah> He may not figure that out for a while -_-;; <David> Kodah...he's saw him....let it be.. :) <Darin> I can just hear it..... "What is a sex kitten?" * Reisha laughs a little. * Meredith hmms. <Kodah> Yeah... I suppose the least I can do is be happy for him <Meredith> Right. :) Now... * Meredith seems oddly perky herself. <Meredith> Let's move, Shining Force! <David> Ah, she laughs...amazing. ^_- C'mon, people, lets step lively! After all, if we're not careful Indigo will find us! <Meredith> Yes, that too! * Kodah grins slightly at that <Reisha> Hoo boy.. that's one fate I'm not looking forward too.. ^^ <Darin> Mitula forbid! * David chuckles and trudges onward west.. ^^; <Jessica> tell me about it. <Narrator> The shining Force moves on, leaving Tiernan behind... When they'll meet again, noone knows... Only fate will decide... <Narrator> ===== Back at the cottage... ===== * Jessica follows david, while holding onto Darin. <Narrator> Tiernan sits peacefully in the dining room, slurping down more soup... Celia stands in the doorway, looking at him eat, a wicked grin on her face... * Tiernan stops and puts the bowl down. "That was great, Celia." * Celia smiles... "I'm glad you liked it... Tyr." <Tiernan> Should I help you clean the dishes? <Celia> That would be nice of you, yes. ^_^ * Celia turns on her heels and heads back into the kitchen... * Tiernan begins to clear up the table, humming. * Celia grabs a plate and starts to dry it with a towel, humming a soft, pleasant tune... * Tiernan picks up the last bowl and begins to walk to the kitchen. * Tiernan walks into the kitchen, then suddenly stumbles, dropping the bowls the floor. At least one of them shatters into many pieces. * Celia jumps and turns around quickly! <Tiernan> ...A...Ah... <Tiernan> I...I... <Celia> Tyr? Are you allright? * Tiernan's hands fly to his throat... <Tiernan> C...Can't.... * Tiernan 's eyes roll into his head and quietly collaspes. * Celia runs to Tiernan kneels besides him... * Celia opens his eyelids and checks to see if he's conscious... "Oh yes. That worked quite nicely. And right on time, to boot!" * Celia changes forms and watches her surroundings change also... "Yes... Quite nicely.. GAHAHAHA!" * Celia casts a teleportation spell, warping Tiernan and her out of the now cold and dark cavern... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====