Shining Force RPG 2 Session 28
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force moves on after leaving Tiernan behind, still pursuing Dark Dragon and the shrine of transition in the attempt of stopping him from achieving Arc Valley... * Indigo appears in a flash of white light. * Meredith walks along, adjusting her cloak from the chilly weather. <Narrator> The road ahead leads out of the mountain path... A few hours road ahead, a very small town can be seen in the distance... <Indigo> Hi hi! ^_^ What's going on? * Jessica turns to Reisha. "Did you feel something strange about that woman Tiernan was with?" * Aura skips on ahead. * Kodah squints his eyes, looking at the town * David rubs his lightly stubbling chin, thoughtful and withdrawn as he trudges towards the town... * Reisha rubs her head. "Not really..." <Meredith> What's the matter, Jessica? * Kodah keeps moving, not feeling particularly jovial today. <Jessica> I don't know. I just have this strange feeling. There was a dark aura around that woman Tyr was with. * Indigo skips along. <Reisha> What Jess, you jealous of him or something? Heh! ;) * Aura sings a twisted little song and skips. <Indigo> Oh! Tyr found a girlfriend? But I thought he loved my daughter. * Indigo frowns. <Indigo> Sashie will be mad. :( <Jessica> Why would I be jealous? I've got my Darin-chan. <Meredith> ...That's funny. I didn't feel anything. I think this is just a reaction of you missing him ^^; * David speeds up slightly, focusing on the town... * Jessica holds onto Darin. * Kodah glares at Indigo and clamps down on his tongue. <Meredith> I think he was just friendly with Celia. <Jessica> Maybe. We'll find out later. * Darin hugs Jess close... <Indigo> Oh, okay. Because I think Sashie would kill her if she thought this woman was taking Tyr from her. * Reisha wraps her blue cape around her body, looking smug. <Meredith> That's...rather obsessive. * Indigo smiles. <Meredith> . o O ( Insanity runs in the family, I see. ) * David hunches his shoulders in an attempt to distance himself from the others conversations. ^^; <Indigo> That's my daughter. * Aura sings softly about Sir Robin...and heads being bashed in, and skips along...getting a bit further ahead. * Indigo giggles. * Kodah picks up the pace, putting some distance between him and Indigo. * Indigo smiles. * David frowns to himself and leads the group towards the town, further in front of anyone else. <Meredith> Kodah...better today? * Jessica walks along...still unable to shake her strange hunches. * Meredith adjusts her glasses and looks concerned. <Indigo> Oh, sorry I was away. I had to pull the plug on the Elementals's video games. * Reisha trudges ahead. "Hey Davey... why the rush?" <Darin> You all right, Jess? <Kodah> Hm? Oh, hi. I'm not sure really. I wasn't too happy about leaving Tyr behind, but I guess its what he wanted <Meredith> seem to be very close friends with him. * Aura 's singing starts to get a bit louder ~And his head bashed in and his eyes gorged out and his liver removed and his bowels unplugged... brave brave brave brave Sir Robin!!~ * David blinks a little at Rei, his eyes a dull steely grey. "I'm just tired, really. I need a warm bed." <Jessica> I guess, Darin. I just have this strange there was a Dark Aura around that woman Tyr was air of evil. <Kodah> He reminds me of how I used to be when the Shining Force first came to Roft. <Meredith> Ah...innocent? ^_- * Reisha blinks as Aura raises her voice.. "Umm.. well with a motley crew liek this, I don't blame you." ^^ <Kodah> Maybe a little of that. I just wanted to help him the way I was helped. * Darin nods... "I felt it too... the Blade started vibrating a warning.... It didn't like that woman at all..." <Kodah> Gods know I certainly needed it. -_- <Indigo> You left Tyr? * Meredith frowns a bit. <Meredith> Kodah... <Kodah> Hm? * David chuckles lowly. "Mm. I also need to catch something related to a shave. I'm growing a tuft of a beard! Dad would be oddly proud, I think...gods, lets not even go there." * Meredith quiets down a bit. "...Nothing. Don't worry about it." * Kodah looks at Meredith for a moment, then shrugs and lets it go. * Reisha claps a hand on his shoulder. "What, daddy's little boy's growing up? Don't worry about it." <Meredith> . o O ( I can't help but feel sorry for him...but my pity is probably the last thing he needs... ) * Indigo calls the pointing hand. * Aura stops singing about Sir Robin, but continues her bouncy skipping. <Indigo> Pointing hand, find Tyr and bring him here. I worry for him. * David raises an eyebrow. "Hey. Don't tease. I just don't see myself as the big bearded type." <Kodah> Anyhow, do you believe us now about Tyr being what he is? I never did get to ask you about that. * Jessica gets her mirror out of her bag. "I think I really need to do something about my hair. After walking around in the rain, it's a mess." <Meredith> You mean being a phoenix? Yes, he certainly is one. <Meredith> I need to head back there and talk with him once our business with Dark Dragon is concluded. <Jessica> .oO(If he's even there...) * Kodah nods. * Reisha winks at him. "I don't see it either... but then, I can't stand a man with that. If you want whiskers, get a cat I say!" ;) <Meredith> It's too bad he seems to be amnesiac. It makes this all the more difficult. <Kodah> There's a lot we don't know about him. * Indigo skips aside, singing the Care Bear theme song and whacking random objects with her stout staff. * Darin looks at Jessica. "You don't look bad at all." * Aura picks a flower and skips along...slowly ripping out the petals viscously and throwing them behind her. * David grins despite the solemn mood he's in. "Well, I guess this tuft has to go! Can't have you afraid to go near me cause I have a miniforest on my chin." * Jessica looks up at Darin. "Flatterer." <Darin> I only speak the truth. * Indigo stops in her tracks. <Meredith> What DO you know, Kodah? Maybe that will help. <Indigo> I have an idea! <Jessica> RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Indigo has an idea! <Indigo> Let's let the town know that the famous Shining Force is on the way! * Aura starts to chew on the flower and continues her skipping. * Indigo glows orange. * Reisha grins. "What... afraid I'll get lost on my way to your mouth?" ;) <David> Oh my god no! <Kodah> Well...I've never heard of a Phoenix being kept in a "bottle" like that before. <Meredith> Bottle? * Aura baps Indi. <Aura> Stop it you! * David blushes at Rei and stutters. ^^; "Uhm!" * Reisha chuckles, but then acks as Indy starts glowing. <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, I summon you! Shoot a rain of multi-colored fireballs to announce our presence! ^_^ * Meredith calmly takes out her sword and baps Indi on the head with the hilt! <Reisha> Oh no... What's the nutcase doing this time? <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned. <Kodah> We found him in some kind of glass tube. Kinda like a pickle jar, except more...uh... <David> Gah!! She's going to burn the whole town down!!!! <Jessica> If she torches that town, I'm going to kill her. <Kodah> Nifty? <Meredith> Like...A stasis chamber? O_o <Narrator> == Apollo starts throwing fireballs around in the air like fireworks, one diving towards the Shining Force! <Meredith> Wow...that's OLD technology... <David> O_o * Jessica tries to dodge the fireball. <Indigo> Yippee! It worked! ^_^ <Kodah> Well it's...AK! o_O * David grabs Rei by the arm and leaps out of the way. "Move!" * Meredith spreads her wings and avoids the blast, cursing! * Indigo dances around. * Aura acks and blinks at the fireball heading right for her head! * Reisha jumps a few feet into the air to dodge the low flying debris. * Kodah dives out of the way of a fireball! <Reisha> Hey, you trying to KILL me?! * Darin pushes Jess out of the way and keeps himself between her and the fireballs. <Indigo> Don't worry citizens! The Shining Force is on the way! <Jessica> Mercury, spirit of ice, protect us and that town from this fiery barrage! * Aura stares at it, blinking. <Narrator> == Apollo disappears after a volley of about 40 fireballs! * David blinks at Aura and leaps at her, pushing her out of the way! * Jessica creates a solid sheet of ice above the Shining Force and the town. * Indigo raises her staff in a gung-ho manner. ^_^ * Reisha twirls her finger as energy crackles about it. "Oh you're going to get a charge outta this... Paralyze!" A field of intense static electricity then erupts around Indigo, delivering a huge paralyzing shock to his system, not to mention leaving their hair standing on end. ^_^ * Kodah dives into a bush, which immediately get hammered by a fireball afterwards. <Narrator> == Indigo falls on the ground, paralyzed... <Narrator's Aid> == Reisha learns Paralyze lv 1. * Aura acks and it thrown to the ground. * Indigo falls, her mouth stretched in a giggle of delight. * Kodah stands up out of the smoldering ruins of the shrub, looking burned and irritated. * David grunts and picks himself off the ground. " PARALYZED her?!" <Reisha> Now stay down for Mitula's sake! :P * Darin slowly gets up... and offers his hand to Jessica. <Jessica> Oh please let me try this new incantation on her... * Reisha smirks proudly. <Kodah> . . . . * David looks at Indigo's face seriously and takes it in. * Jessica takes Darin's hand... <Meredith> Nice! ;) * David bursts out into laughter. <David> Oh gods. ^^; * Indigo whimpers. * Aura grumbles and pulls herself do her feet, brushing off the dirt. * David sighs and hefts Indi up, carrying her. :P * Aura pokes at the frozen Indi. * Kodah shakes the charcoal off himself, mutters something dark and angry under his breath, and goes back to walking. * Jeyer drags behind, staying away from the party... * Darin helps Jess to her feet. <David> Hey, don't touch the merchandise! <Meredith> Okay...let's try this again. You saw him in a stasis chamber? * David goes back to leading the group. ^^; <Reisha> Don't worry... it'll wear off in a while. Maybe she'll learn not to mess with me this time. ;) * Meredith turns to Kodah. <David> Remind me not to make you angry, Rei! ^_- * Aura giggles and runs back to her skipping place, waaaaay in front of the group. <Jessica> Maybe next time I can try this new incantation on her. * Indigo resolves to just enjoy the ride. ^_^ <Kodah> *cough* I think so...that's what it kinda looked like *cough*. * Reisha pats his head. "I'll do that." <Meredith> Anything else? <Meredith> What was his condition? <Kodah> When he came out, he looked very confused and glassy-eyed. * Jessica walks along, still trying to remember her incantations... <Kodah> There were some people in the shrine before we got there. Maybe they did something. * David looks down at Indi with a sigh. ^^; "If only you weren't of control! It's not fair that anyone should be reduced to this!" <Meredith> Hm...Confusion might happen after stasis. What about his skin coloring? Breathing? <Kodah> His skin was very pale...and his breathing was real irregular for a while. <Meredith> ...Sort of like an electric shock... * Indigo tries to turn to David and speak. * Aura starts to hum Jesus Christ Superstar, and continues her skipping, picking up random things along the way! <Jessica> Kinda, Meredith. <Meredith> Actually...very much like one. <Reisha> What's that, who's asking for a electric shock? ;) * Reisha looks around. <Jessica> Not me, Rei. Though I was wondering how you got so good at thunder magic? * David trudges ahead of the group, hoping to get to the town soon. * Reisha smiles, flipping her hair behind her. "Well, my mother was a great mage, you know... it's all in the blood, baby." * Aura gets really loud at the, "Jeeeeesus Christ, Suuuuuperstar", part of the song, and then picks a large poisonous purple mushroom. <Narrator> The town gets closer into range... <Jessica> O_o; <Kodah> We had no idea how long Tyr had been in that thing. * Indigo manages to block her ears to Aura's singing. <Meredith> Hmm... * Reisha looks at Aura. "Want me to test out some new spells on Aura next?" ^^ <Meredith> ...Has he had any memories thus far? Flashbacks? <David> Uhm, no, please, Rei. ^^; * Kodah thinks. * Aura turns and raises an eyebrow at Rei. <Narrator> The town seems to be composed of a dozen buildings... <Reisha> I'm just teasing! Lighten up. :) <Kodah> Actually, I think he has. <Jessica> I hope you don't mind if I do. I've been itching to try out this new combo incantation. * Aura humphs and picks a smaller, more poisonous mushroom! * David holds Indi with one hand, the other reaching out to poke Rei's stomach. "Humph!" * Indigo tries to move now. <Kodah> He had a very strange dream, where he was being chased around by a bunch of devils, and he was doing some weird chanting. <Meredith> Devils? * Reisha gets caught off guard by the poke, losing some concentration on the paralyze spell affecting Indi. * Kodah nods. * Aura puts them both in her bag and dashes ahead, having seen another smaller, even more poisonous mushroom. * Jessica looks up at Darin. "What's on your mind, Love?" * Indigo begins to move about. * David acks. ^^; * Darin shakes his head... "Nothing in particular... really..." * Meredith arches an eyebrow. "You know, it's been quite a while since I've heard demons being called Devils. Usually devils are reserved towards a higher demon status." <Jessica> Want to tell me about it? <Indigo> That...that was good Rei! <Indigo> Paralyze is good, but I like ice. * Indigo glows blue. * David raises both eyebrows. "Indi...!"" <Meredith> Can I KILL her David? <Jessica> Oh gods... <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, freeze Rei solid to show her what I mean! <Reisha> Oh, she's asking for it... * Darin looks at Indigo... "Don't you DARE." <David> ! <Jessica> Meredith let me. * David SMACKS Indi! <Indigo> Owww! <David> Don't! <Indigo> This is magi sharing spells! She cast Paralyze, I cast ice. ^_^ <David> She gets the point! <David> Don't you REI? ^^; * David looks pointedly at Rei. ^^; * Reisha backs away. "Indigo... you missed that one by a mile." <Meredith> -_-; * Aura rushes back and pounces on Indi, hitting her a few times..."No Glowing!!" <Kodah> As far as I know, the term devil is only used to describe those who can manifest in the material world without being necessarily summoned. <David> . o O (I'm too young to deal with this..!) * Aura runs back ahead to get the mushroom. * Indigo owies. :/ <Indigo> I like glowing! * David puts Indi down. ^^; <David> There. You can walk now. ^^; * Reisha sighs, holding her head. "You think she'd learn..." * Indigo smiles and hugs David, then kisses his cheek. * Aura gets into a stand off with a chipmunk over the mushroom. * David blinks. ^^; <Meredith> No...Long ago, it was used for all in the demon race. <Indigo> Such a good boy! Kara and Chamolo must be proud. * Indigo skips off. * David grimaces. * David mutters... <Jessica> Indigo, next time you start to summon one of those damn elementals on a member of this party, I'll make you a test subject for one of my spell combos. <Kodah> Hm? I don't remember reading about that in Creed's books. <Meredith> was at least...500 years ago or something... * Jeyer mutters to himself... * Reisha tries to concentrate on the town rather than new ways to torture the summoner. * David trudges ahead of the party further now, oddly withdrawn more so now. * Aura and the chipmunk circle around the mushroom, staring at each other... * Jessica tries to remember her thunder incantation. * Indigo smiles and races for the town, leaping and bounding and humming the Digimon theme for the heck of it. ^_^ * David shakes his head and mumbles. "I should've just stayed at home and became a priest!" <Meredith> Hm...This is...the town of... * Meredith hmms. "I used to know this town name..." <Kodah> It was always my understanding that Demons were more of the rank and file, while Devils were more of the aristocracy. * Aura grabs the chipmunk and growls..."My mushroooom!!" * Jessica looks around town. "This is a nice looking little burg. Wonder what it's called." <Meredith> That's true in the modern age...but during the battle of Arc Vall...ey...O_o * Reisha shrugs. "beats me." * David blinks a little at the town... * Meredith thinks. O_o * Indigo screams out, "Hi town!" <David> I don't care, as long as there's an inn... * David grimaces. ^^; * Indigo jumps and waves her arms. * Kodah raises an eyebrow, "Something wrong?" <David> Indi! <Indigo> The Shining Force is here! ^_^ <Narrator> The town screams back, "AAAAAAAAAH!!! A PSYCOPATH!!!" <Reisha> You sure I shouldn't shock her again? <Jessica> oh please let me try out my new incantation on her. <David> Indi...uh...uh...tell me my parents were! <David> when you knew them! * Aura yelps as the chipmunk bites her and rolls out into the path, strangling the not so small chipmunk. * David tries to distract Indi ^^: <Meredith> I'm wondering if he's from the time of the Arc Valley battles. O_o <Indigo> Oh! * Kodah looks questioningly at Meredith. * Indigo smiles. * David smiles uneasily back. ^^; * Darin sighs... and shakes his head. <Kodah> That's a long time ago. <Meredith> A very very long time ago. O_o <Reisha> What are you mumbling about Meredith? I heard Arc Valley in there somewhere... :) <Jessica> Will she ever gain any semblance of sanity? <Indigo> Well, Kara was...cold. She was often withdrawn and moody. * David raises an eyebrow. * Aura wonders why this chipmunk is so large as she continues fighting it. <Darin> Probably not, Jess. <Meredith> I'm wondering if Tyr was from the era of the Arc Valley battles... * Aura finally throws it to the other side of the path and grabs the mushroom. <Kodah> There wasn't a lot of anything around back then. <Indigo> I mean she was sweet underneath, but I think Chamolo really brought that out of her. Before, she was ruthless and icy. <Meredith> Anyway, I remember the town name now. That *points to the town* is the village of Saith. * David blinks. "Ruthless and icy. Hmph." <Kodah> Saith...why does that sound familiar...? <Meredith> Well...there were humans, gods, and devils. The world was still relatively new... <Indigo> Chamolo on the other hand, he was shy and sweet and kind. Actually a lot like Tyr now that I think of it. <David> Maybe we'll have to fight a big blob of mucus on a ship to get to another remote continent! * Aura puts the mushroom in her bad and humphs at the chipmunk. <Jessica> Could this have been the battle between Zeon and the second Shining Force, Meredith? <Reisha> What are you on David? :P * David blinks! "Dad was like TYR?!" * Indigo nods. * Aura skips on ahead again. <David> You're kidding. <Indigo> Almost exactly like him actually. * David looks somewhat shocked. ^^; * Kodah shoots a glance at David, "Not exactly David..." <Meredith> No... * Jeyer grins... "He wasn't as innocent... But close enough." <Indigo> He brought out Kara's good side though. ^_^ <Meredith> The Arc Valley battle was way WAY into the past. <Kodah> This was back when the Devils were still wrestling over who would be King Jessica. * Jessica taps David on the shoulder. "I know someone you should ask, if we ever get anywhere near Guardiana. She's a lot better source of information than Indigo." * David looks back at Jeyer questioningly... <Indigo> Well yes. I think Chamolo was having some problem about virginity and morality. <David> ! * David facefaults! * Jeyer snickers while looking at David and walks on... * Aura starts to wonder what everybody is talking about. * Reisha kicks a stone. "Say, what happened to finding that cozy inn, eh?" * Jessica is still watching for an Inn. * David grimaces. "Virginity and morality. Lovely." <Indigo> It was a while ago, but I recall that Chamolo seemed to have quite a difficult time being seduced by Kara at those inns along the way. She had to work hard at it. <Narrator> The town, being so small, has no inn... The only thing remotely close to it is a small, rundown tavern... <David> ! * Reisha does a double take at Indy's comment! * Reisha busts out laughing! * Indigo scratches her head. * David blushes and looks at his feet. ^^; <Indigo> Or was that the other way around? * Meredith laughs despite herself. <David> Oh gods, kill me now. * Kodah shakes his head, "I love how Indigo guts all the important details out of her information." -_- <Reisha> Haha... oh, boy, that's a riot. ^^ <Indigo> No, that doesn't seem like your father. But he wouldn't hurt a fly, I remember that. ^_^ * Reisha walks toward the tavern-type place. <Indigo> ^_^ <Jessica> Well, you know what happened, and that's what's important, Kodah. Indi's a psycho. * Aura dashes back and starts to walk with the rest of the group. <David> Gah. ^^; * Kodah sighs. * Jessica follows Reisha. <Reisha> Don't worry David. I guess all her hard work paid off... ^^ * Meredith grins. "Maybe have a drink with me, Kodah? ^_- Talk about how we're all going to go insane by the time we get to Dark Dragon?" <David> ! * David grimaces. * Darin goes with Jessica. * Aura stays back by Jeyer and keeps quiet. <Indigo> He healed us a lot, and we protected him. He's the son of a devil you know, and we confronted his father. Your grandfather. <Kodah> Sure, why not? <David> Thank you, Rei. ^^; Its a good thing I inherited my dad's ways more than my mother's :P * Jeyer glances at Aura and moves a little away from her, muttering to himself still... <Meredith> Wrong, Indigo. His father was a high priest...and he was POSSESSED by a devil...a Reaver...but was quite human. <Kodah> You know, when they say that the sequels to something are never as good as its predecessor, they're not kidding. Just look at the Shining Force... * Reisha composes herself "Well, that's the breaks... gotta make the most of what you have." * Meredith sighs. * Aura looks at Jeyer and sighs... * Aura moves up towards the front again. <David> Thanks, Kodah. We try to be the most dysfunctional group in existence, really. <Indigo> Hey! I resemble that remark! I'm twice as good as I was the first time around! <Jessica> You're not lying, Kodah. I wonder what Lara would say about this group? * David grumbles and speeds up, sprinting to the town now. <Meredith> (w) We need something to motivate us...or this bickering will drive us apart. * Reisha turns around. "Hey, no one will ever match Reisha, past or present! I'll tell you that!" She holds out her finger for effect. * Indigo giggles. * Kodah watches David head off, "Hmm...I think I might have hit a bruise there..." * David disappears into the town before everyone else. <Indigo> Later I'll tell you about Kara and Jeyer. Well, back before Jeyer was... * Jeyer glares at Indigo... <Indigo> Actually...Jeyer's always been an annoying freak but... * Aura kicks Indi. <Meredith> So <Reisha> Wow Indy. That makes me feel so much better. ^^ <Kodah> Yes. * Jessica waits for Indi to get what she deserves. * Meredith walks into the tavern. * Jeyer grumbles... "At least my sanity is safe..." * Darin blinks at Indi. * Kodah follows, keeping an eye out for any wanted poster with his face on them. * Jessica follows Kodah and Meredith. * Indigo ows and runs into them waving her arms. * Darin follows Jessica. <Indigo> The Shining Force is here! You are all safe now! * Reisha goes inside. * Aura stays outside the tavern and sits against the wall. * Kodah picks out a table and sits. <Narrator> The insides of the tavern are fairly empty... Save for a handful of drunken men in the corner and a monk at the bar... The barkeep wipes the counter, unaware of the Shining Force's entry... * Indigo enters and looks about. * Meredith sits by Kodah. <Jessica> Rei, paralyze Indigo again. <Indigo> Innkeep, we'll need rooms for the night. Don't worry. We're the Shining Force and we're good for it. * Reisha glances about. <Meredith> Barkeep! <Reisha> Actually, this whole place is a good candidate... ^^ * David is sitting on the steps to the rooms. * Jessica gives Indigo a magical hotfoot. "SHUT UP, YOU DAMN PSYCHO!" * Meredith waves her hand to the barkeep, trying to get his attention. <Narrator> The barkeep turns to Indigo and in a hoarse, deep, broken voice says, "No vacancies, toots." * Indigo leaps about and falls into the drunken men. * Indigo stands up. * Hans glances over at the troupe of people then looks back to his glass of water. <Indigo> But we are legendary warriors on a quest to save the world! <Narrator> One of the drunken men stands up and pukes on Indigo before running to the bathroom. * Meredith laughs! ^_^ * Kodah holds his face in his hands, "I hate my life..." * Aura humphles and saunters inside the tavern...stands just inside the door. * David shakes his head silently and rests it in his hands. * Reisha folds her arms, and walks to the bar... * Indigo icks and flings her staff after the man, letting the sharp, pointy end go flying right into his rear end. * Indigo glows blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, clean this gunk from me! * David mutters, not too quietly... "Wonderful job I'm doing as a leader, yep, uhun, okay...bah." <Jessica> Guardian of thunder, hear me now. let your power shock some sense into that psychotic summoner. <Reisha> Hey, barkeep. You going to give us *thwacks Indy before it comes out* a room or what? * Jessica hopes that incantation is right as she points right at Indigo, trying to shock some sense into that damn psycho. * Meredith looks at David. "We just have to keep a lid on Indigo somehow. She's slowing us down." <Narrator> == Neptune is summoned... Indigo's clothes disappear suddenly and water starts pouring down on her in the middle of the tavern. <Indigo> Whee! * Indigo dances and takes a shower. ^_^ <Meredith> ...Agh! Saggy breasts! (Grimaces at the sight of Indigo) * Hans gets soaked! * ... * Reisha slinks downward. "How about we stay for free if I get rid of her?" <Narrator> The barkeep snickers loudly. <Reisha> ^^; * Aura blinks at Indigo... <Narrator> == Jessica's spell fails. <Indigo> Hey! I'm only 34! * Kodah growls under his breath. * David sighs loudly and stands... "If anyone wants me, I'll be beating on someone at the practice range!" <Jessica> guess that wasn't right... * David wanders out... * Kodah notes David leaving <Kodah> Hmm... * Indigo dances and pirouettes, grabbing her staff from out of the man's rear then summoning her hopefully cleaned robe to her, the robe of the Final Judgement. <Jessica> Damn psycho. * Reisha then walks away, defeated. "I'm getting outta here before I go nuts too..." ^^; <Narrator> Indigo's robe wraps around her still young body (Oh hell yeah... :P), clean as a whistle... <Jessica> Same here, Rei. <Meredith> offense...but I think you hurt David's feelings... * Jessica walks out behind Reisha. <Kodah> I think so too. I better talk to him. <Meredith> I'll stay here....I need to rest my feet. * Reisha steps outside, stretching. * Indigo smiles and wanders upstairs to her room. * Darin stays quiet... but walks out of the tavern after Jessica. * Kodah nods to Meredith, stands and heads after David. * Reisha eyes the surroundings for the errant leader. * Jessica walks up to Reisha. "What in the world are we going to do about that psychotic summoner?" * Kodah heads towards the practice range, since that's where David said he was going. * David is eagerly disarming a beginner of swordplay at the cleared small range for practice, his tunic tossed onto a small pole in the corner. <Indigo> Barkeep, I'll want bacon, boiled eggs, pancakes, waffles, orange juice, blueberries, and milk for breakfast tomorrow. I wake up at 8 o'clock sharp and I'll expect breakfast then. I may even give you a tip of ten coins. ^_^ <Reisha> Oh Jessica... I think you got that one wrong... it's what CAN'T we do to her! ;) * Meredith drinks her mead. :p <Indigo> Oh, throw in a side of ham too, and toast. * Kodah leans against a fence and watches David for a while. * The barkeep groans, "NO VACANCIES, YOU FREAK. N-O V-A-C-A-N-C-Y!" <Indigo> With butter mind you. <Jessica> It seems we can't kill her, but I do wish that spell had worked. <Reisha> But right now, I need some air... I hate places like that with a passion. * Indigo nods primly. <Meredith> ...Indigo...are you some sort of cow? O_o * David growls loudly, seemingly only aware of one thing...his opponent. * Reisha goes to observe David. <Indigo> Oh no Meredith. ^_^ But a girl has to keep her strength up. * Indigo frowns and glows light-blue. * David swiftly knocks the beginner down with a slap on the back of the knees with the flat of his sword. "Yield..." <Meredith> ...And her weight... * Meredith snickers and takes another sip of her mead. * Aura sighs...staring into her drink. * David places the tip at the beginner's throat... * Jessica turns to Darin. "I think I'm getting a headache from putting up with Indigo." <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of the Air...make some vacancies here... <Narrator> == Apollo goes unsummoned. * Kodah waits for a break in the line then steps into the practice ring. * David's muscles twitch as he slowly, almost reluctantly draws the blade away and drives it into the dirt... * Indigo frowns. * David blinks and eyes Kodah, eyes lighting up with acknowledgement and a slight darkness. "Oh. Hey." <Indigo> Meredith, summoning burns up a lot of calories, so I stay at a perfect weight of 105 lbs. <Meredith> Lucky you. :p * Reisha puts a finger to her mouth, watching him intently with her blue eyes. <Indigo> Now if you'll excuse me a moment, I need to make us some vacancies.... * Aura drinks down her drink in one gulp and orders another. * Hans finishes his drink. * Kodah stretches a bit, then slips into a defensive posture, "Ready for something a bit more challenging? You seem to have a lot on your mind." * Meredith bangs her head against the table. "Gah...I'm supposed to be motivating these people...and their apathy is rubbing off on me!" * Indigo turns sharply and goes upstairs to the rooms. There are shouts and thumps and one loud cry of "Legendary Heroine, coming through!" as she starts turning people out. * Aura gulps down that drink in 2 gulps. * David narrows his eyes and yanks the sword up almost roughly... "Why? I mean, either which way it doesn't mean anything. All I can do is beat people up. I can't lead. I don't wanna fight you. You win Kodah. Happy?" * The barkeep groans... "I need a new career..." <Reisha> .oO( That boy's got such a mean streak... ) <Kodah> Is winning all that you can see at the end of a journey? * Jessica sits down on the front steps. * Hans drops 20 coins on the counter to pay the barkeep. * Meredith motions to Hans. "Hey." * Hans glances over at Meredith with cold eyes. * The barkeep snatches up the 20 coins and groans as a mob of angry customers run to him yelling. <David> I'm supposed to lead. How can I even do that? I'm a failure...! Everyone keeps going off on their own, doing whatever. We won't survive if they keep doing that... * Aura drinks down another drink...and decides she's buzzed enough to go fight somebody. <Meredith> Whoa. Easy there. I don't bite. * David's voice sounds weary and sad... <Kodah> Have you ever wondered why people are off doing their own thing? * Hans puts a bag onto his back. * Reisha mutters reaches into her robe and withdraws a dagger, throwing it at David's feet. <Meredith> Fine...don't talk to me. *Humphs* * Aura wanders around outside...looking for someone to fight with. * Indigo comes downstairs. * David blinks and jumps a little, snapping his gaze to Rei as he answers Kodah. "Because I'm never going to be as good as a leader as the great Lara?" <Indigo> Okay, there are vacancies now! ^_^ * Hans picks up a key off of the counter. A room key * Reisha steps out of the crowd lined up. "Hey, hey.. that's no way to talk, now." ;) <Kodah> Why are you even comparing yourself to her? Are you planning to BE her at some point? * Jessica puts a hand on her rapier as she walks back in. * Hans turns around and walks over to the stairs <Narrator> The barkeep tries to negotiate with the current customers and reluctantly gives them vacancies at his own house, grumbling loudly. * Meredith sighs. "Friendly country...this place..." * David raises an eyebrow at Reisha.. "No, Kodah...I just don't want all of you to die. You're all my responsibility. She led the first group through, why can't I? That group had Indi too!" * Aura looks around for Jeyer, deciding he'd be fun to fight with * Hans begins to walk up the stairs. But, as he goes up the first step, a small bag falls out of his backpack. It is an herb bag... * David sheathes his sword and leans down, grabbing the dagger.. * Hans doesn't seem to notice it fell off <Jessica> Let me try to solve this situation with Indigo. <Jessica> Eh? * Jessica picks up the bag. "Excuse me...SIR! HEY!" * Indigo makes a list of her breakfast and bath expectations and room service, giving it to the barkeep. She smiles sweetly, pats his hand, and goes upstairs. * Kodah shakes his head, "You're missing a valuable point David." * Reisha bends down to pick the knife up and come face to face with David. * Jeyer stands outside the tavern, staring up at the dark sky, frowning deeply * Hans is gone. He vanished like the wind. * Meredith raises her eye at Hans. "A healer. Impressive. Healers are becoming rare these days...with Mitula...hmm..." * Jessica runs after Hans. "Excuse me...sir?" <Reisha> You know, you aren't cute at all when you get like this. * David murmurs, eyeing Rei's face. "Life isn't cute..." <David> And Kodah...what is the point? <Indigo> *from upstairs* Remember, 8 o'clock! ^_^ * Aura saunters over to Jeyer..."Hey...wanna fight!?" <Kodah> You're trying to lead like Lara did. * Reisha frowns a little. "No, life's an ugly piece of trash, when I think about it... but that doesn't mean you have to end up another piece of garbage." <Kodah> That won't work. * Jessica knocks on Hans' room door. "Sir...excuse me." * Jeyer glances at Aura... "That's not a smart thing to do, Aura..." * Hans opens up the door. He is now in different clothing. He is wearing a white robe, cape, and hood. His eyes are bright green and some of his white hair is visible, as the hood is down. <Hans> Yes...? <Jessica> You dropped this. * Darin walks into the tavern again... and looks around for Jessica * Jessica hands Hans his bag. <Hans> Hm? *Notices the medicine bag* * Meredith decides to follow Jessica for the hell of it. :P <Hans> Ah! Thank you, young lady! * David steps back, away from both Rei and Kodah. "Look. I don't have much in life. Yeah, Rei, maybe my whining is somewhat pathetic. But I don't want to lose you because of some stupid decision I made. And Kodah, you're a friend. The same applies to you. Why would I want that? To hell with it..." <Jessica> No problem. <Darin> Meredith!... Have you seen Jessica? * David grabs his tunic roughly, slipping it on... * David grabs his sword... * Aura humphs and pokes Jeyer..."Why were you so nice to me before?...Now yer just...just a...a...mean...thing!" * Reisha plucks the dagger out of the ground, replacing it inside her robes. She regards David with a cool gaze... * Hans reaches to his side and pulls up his money pouch. * Hans hands Jessica 100 gold. <Jessica> Anyway, you'll have to excuse that summoner...she's a bit of a psycho. <Hans> Thank you. <Reisha> What are you going to run away again? <Hans> I can see that... * David narrows his eyes. "No." * Jeyer acks as he is poked. "I'm simply thinking... I won't fight you. You wouldn't survive the experience..." <Jessica> Hey, I don't want your money, sir. I was just being nice! *Hands the money back to Hans*. * Kodah shakes his head again, "Boy, that's awfully conceited of you David" * Meredith waves to Jessica and...Hans. <Meredith> We meet again, healer. <Hans> Are you sure, young lady? <Meredith> You dropped this... <Jessica> Yes. * Hans notices Meredith. <Hans> Greetings... * Meredith hands Hans a ten-cent gold piece. "Rolled underneath my table. I believe this belongs to you." <Hans> Healer, eh? Not exactly... I'm a monk. * Aura flips off Jeyer and wanders off. <Kodah> You're automatically assuming that the only reason someone in this group will die is because you make a mistake. * Hans glances at the coin. <David> ... <Hans> Hmm... <Hans> No. It isn't mine. <Meredith> Same difference. A healer who can fight. * Hans flips the coin over to Meredith. <Hans> Your point? <Meredith> Oh? <Kodah> You're forgetting that we can make our own mistakes, and THAT is something NO leader can control. * Jeyer smirks at Aura and returns to looking at the sky, deep in thought... * Meredith smiles then. "Very well. Perhaps it's Indigo's...sadly enough." <Jessica> That a healer is rare in this day and age. * David gets a really dark look but says nothing... * Reisha holds her hands to the sides. "Well, even I can make mistakes... rarely..." * Aura curls up in a corner and sighs... * Jessica says a silent prayer to the goddess as she points to Meredith. An aura of holy light surrounds Meredith and their wounds begin to close up. HEAL 1! <Hans> Aye. <Reisha> But if you dwell on what you do wrong, how are you ever going to get ahead, eh? <Hans> Most of my friends were killed... <Narrator> == Jessica casts Heal lv. 1 on Meredith...? <Hans> My fellow monks... All killed... Oh well... * Indigo slides down the banister and collects her coin. <Indigo> Thank you! ^_^ <Kodah> Another important point, you are NOT leading the same group that Lara was. * Meredith blinks. "Hmm....But you're more of a wizard than a healer, Jessica. I mean those who are really blessed with Mitula's magic." * Aura stares blankly off into space. * Hans pulls his hood over his head. <Meredith> Those types of healers are rare... * Darin raises an eyebrow... "Indigo, have you seen Jessica?" <Hans> I was about to leave. <Kodah> Believe me, I was there. * Indigo runs off to bop the drunk who puked on her with her staff and comes back. * David rubs his temples... <Indigo> Not since she went outside, no. <Kodah> You can't lead those who don't want to be lead. <Darin> Thanks... * Hans steps out of his door and closes it. He pulls his hood down further and nods to Meredith. * Hans walks over to the stairs. <Jessica> Hey, Monk...what's your name? <Hans> My name...? * Darin walks over to the bar and orders something... anything heavy. * Jeyer frowns, then looks resolute and goes off to find Aura... <Jessica> Yes. <Hans> Just call me Hans. * Meredith blinks, and looks out the window, paling a bit. * David looks back and forth between Rei and Kodah... "...You may be right." <Jessica> I'm Jessica. My friends call me Jess. <Meredith> Meredith Analise... * Reisha smiles. "I'm always right." ;) <Hans> Nice to meet you, Meredith and Jess. * Indigo gets an idea! <Jessica> I'm sure we'll meet again. <Meredith> Likewise... <Hans> Good day to you two. * David wipes at his forehead... * Meredith sounds very detached...not really paying attention. * Jessica walks downstairs and finds Darin. <Hans> May Mitula shine upon you. * Aura chews on her necklace while she thinks... * Hans walks down the stairs. <Kodah> Leaders cannot lead without support from those that they are leading. * Jeyer finds Aura curled up in a corner and sits down by her... "So... What's your story, kid?" * Indigo bounces up and down. <Indigo> I have an idea! * Jessica tackles Darin. "HI!" <David> Then tell me what I We do, Kodah. We need to save this world... * Aura sighs..."what do you want to know...?" * Indigo rushes off to go see if she can find some building materials. * Hans steps outside and notices a stick on the ground and a rusty dagger... <Kodah> I can't tell you what to do David. But I can give you some advice. * Darin blinks... and looks at Jess as his eyes refocus. * Hans picks up the stick and begins to whittle... <Jessica> ^_^ <Darin> ... J... Jess is that you? <Jessica> Where ya been? * Jeyer stays seated, not looking directly at her... "Why are you here? What brought you to be among this rag tag party?" <Jessica> The one and only. * David eyes Kodah... "I guess that will have to do..." * Meredith looks at Hans. "May I strike up a conversation with you, or do you want me to leave?" * Darin points to the drink in front of him. "I've been here." <Indigo> Barkeep, where is the town's building materials? * Aura shrugs..."I don't know...the bird woman thing was trying to kill me...I was just looking for my uncle..." <Hans> I don't mind, Young lady. <Kodah> First off, if those around you don't follow your words, then let your actions speak. And if the group doesn't follow, then let them fall where they may. * The barkeep glances at Indigo... "Brick." * Meredith sits down by Hans. "So, tell you live here, or are you travelling?" <Kodah> This group is too stubborn (and psychotic) to learn any other way. * Hans sits down and continues to whittle skillfully. Obviously, he has done it a lot. * Reisha turns. "Maybe I should go back and check if Indy's made more of a mess.." ^^ <Hans> I don't live here... <Kodah> How many people out of this group do you think have ACTUAL military experience? * David looks at Rei fondly and nods. "Try not to kill her..." <Hans> I'm always travelling * David looks at Kodah. "None? Slim? Few?" <Indigo> Where can I find the bricks? * Meredith nods. "It's actually the first time I've traveled this far in a long while..." * Reisha waves a hand. "Nah... that'd ruin the fun." :) <Kodah> Hardly any. * Reisha walks off... <Kodah> They don't know HOW to follow orders. * Jeyer stares in the distance... "You didn't answer my question... Why are you here? How did you get to BE here?" <Hans> I've been travelling for about 15 years now... <Jessica> Let's go for a walk, Darin-chan. <David> How do I teach them to? <Darin> Okay. * Jessica takes Darin's arm and starts walking. <Kodah> You can't. They will have to learn to do so on their own. <Meredith> That's a long time to travel...Must be lonely... * Aura looks at the ground. "I'm trying to find my uncle...that's why I'm here...I don't know what you mean..." <Kodah> If they want to survive, they will have to. <Hans> It is... <David> We don't have time though...I mean... we're going to Arc Valley...and there...there something big is going to happen...there isn't much time left... * Darin follows Jessica. * Jeyer stays silent for a few seconds, then whispers, "Why?" <Meredith> ...Often times...I am lonely as well. I'm in a profession where my own 'boss' might not exist...ha ha ha. * Meredith laughs bitterly. <Hans> I'm condemned to walk this earth for a longer time than a human... <Kodah> And if they don't survive because they wouldn't follow orders and have to pull a stupid, its no fault of yours. <Indigo> Huh huh? Where are the building materials? * Jessica walks toward the practice range where Kodah and David are talking. <Meredith> An elf. I see. * Aura cracks her knuckles..."So I can kill him." <David> I don't want them to die. I don't want you to die. * Hans grins <Hans> Very astute. <Kodah> It's not an easy thing for a leader to accept. * The barkeep growls... "The quarry up north! Lemme alone!" <Kodah> But in many ways, this is war. <Kodah> People die in war. <Kodah> Nothing will ever change that. * Meredith stretches out her wings a bit. "I can relate in my own way." * Jeyer nods knowingly... "So that's what I was feeling... Anger..." * David sighs. "Yes. They do. It doesn't make it easier to know that." <Indigo> Great! * Indigo races off for the quarry. <Hans> Why do you travel? * Jessica leans on the fence, listening to the conversation. <Kodah> I know, nothing will make it easy. But it's an important lesson for a leader to learn. * Hans blows through the flute he whittled * Aura smiles oddly and stares off into space..."I want to kill him...slowly and painfully...I want to savor his dying breaths..." * Hans stands up and reaches his hand into a burning candle in its holder. * David frowns. <Indigo> Excuse me, Quarry master, I need to talk to you! I need lots of stone for the Mysteria School of Magic I plan to open here! * Hans picks up some burning hot wax and smears it across the flute. <Narrator> The quarry is devoid of human life.... * Hans barely seems to notice the heat of the wax. <Indigo> I would teach at my Crystal Tower but...oh! * Jeyer turns to Aura and blinks... "All...right. I guess..." * Indigo notices no one is around. <Indigo> Oh well. * Indigo glows brown. <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of the Earth, remove this stone and build me my school! * David shakes his head... "I don't know. I'm weary. I just want a full night's rest. Either which way, this group will have to get its act together..." <Jessica> What do you think, Darin? Do you believe we have a chance to win this? * Aura gets a few tears in her eyes..."He needs to pay for what they did...all 5 of them...there's only one of them last one to kill.." <Narrator> == Dao is summoned... He appears, wearing nothing but a tight G-string! * Meredith blinks! <Narrator> == Dao goes about to do Indigo's bidding, wearing nothing but a G-string... <Indigo> Dao, have you been in Neptune's closet again? What did I tell you about wearing her clothes? <Darin> I do, Jess, so long as we work together... <Meredith> a...GOD this planet is getting fucked up by the day! <Kodah> Back in the precious Shining Force, there was a Tactician named Erin, who answered many of my questions and helped me a great deal. If you like, I will be happy to aid you in the same way David. * David nods, looking older than he really is... "Thank you, Kodah." * Jeyer sighs and wraps his arms around Aura, pulling her closer... "Yes... I know how that feels... Payback... Revenge..." and starts turning grim... * Hans finishes the flute. * Jessica waves to David from the fence. "And Darin and I'll be more than glad to help ya too, David." Jessica then smiles. <Kodah> Being a leader doesn't mean you have to walk alone. * Hans begins to play a calm song on it. * David raises an eyebrow at Jessica and nods, smiling faintly. * Aura rests her head on Jeyer and starts to cry softly... * David looks back at Kodah. "Walking alone is something I definitely don't want to do." * Indigo smiles as her school is built. * Jeyer does his best to comfort Aura, feeling a little uncomfortable... * Hans finishes the song and puts the flute in his left hand. * Indigo grabs a bell and starts ringing it loudly. <Kodah> No one should, beleive me. I did so for 14 years. Well, actually I was running...but let's not get into semantics. * Meredith rises. "It's getting late...." <Jessica> Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go hurt Indigo now. * David chuckles softly. "Kodah...thank you." <Indigo> Hear ye, hear ye! The Mysteria School of Magic is now open! You can train under the world-famous Indigo Mysteria, heroine of the first and second Shining Force and descendant of Mitula herself! Come on by! * Hans begins to step forward, but he stops and turns back to Meredith. * Darin holds Jessica's arm... "Don't... don't..." <Kodah> No sweat. <Jessica> Eh? <Hans> I'm going to the shrine of Mitula. Do you wish to come? * Aura can sense Jeyer's discomfort and turns away from he doesn't have to deal with her. <Indigo> The first class is free! ^_^ <Hans> I saw your friends walk off to its general area. * Kodah slides into a defensive posture again, "So, still need to get out some aggression?" ^_- * David claps a gentle hand on Kodah's shoulder in thanks and heads towards where Rei is... * Indigo keeps ringing the bell. <Meredith> Me? <David> No thanks...I have a fiery mage to deal with... ;) <Meredith> Hmm...sure. Why not? * Jeyer sighs... "See, even this I screw up..." <Hans> Well, is anyone else here? *Chuckles weakly* <Kodah> Heh, suit yourself. <Jeyer> No wonder no one trusts me. * Hans begins to walk over to the shrine. * Kodah waves to David and Rei, then saunters off. * Aura whimpers...turns back to Jeyer and hugs him. * Jessica holds onto Darin. "OK, I won't go fight" * Darin nods, slightly.. "Thank you..." * Jessica smiles. * Jeyer is suddenly hugged... He blinks. * Hans puts his flute into his right pocket. He then pulls out two leather monk gloves. He slips them on. * Kodah decides to walk around town a bit, feeling much better. <Indigo> We even offer day-care! ^_^ * David sneaks up behind Rei and drapes his arms around her shoulders. ^_- * Meredith follows Hans. * Aura smiles slightly to Jeyer. * Kodah passes by the Shrine to Mitula, then slows... <Hans> So, Miss Meredith, are you skilled in a profession? * Indigo goes and gets a dunce cap and pats it on Dao's head, giggling. <Kodah> ... * David hugs Rei a little. ^^; "Uh, hi! Just wanted to thank you..." * Jessica notices Meredith and Hans. "Want to follow them, Darin?" <Indigo> See, we already have a class clown! ^_^ <Kodah> ...Aw hell...why not? * Darin turns to Jess... "All right... " * Jessica follows Meredith and Hans, still holding onto Darin. * Hans glances over his right shoulder and sees Jess. * Kodah goes into the shrine. <Hans> Hi Jess. Who's that with you? * Jeyer looks down at her and smiles back, feeling something he hasn't felt in a long time... <Jessica> just curious, I guess. * Reisha hugs back a bit. "Well, thanks is a lot better than 'I'm sorry'..." ;) <Hans> A... *Lifts pinky up* friend...? *Grins* * Hans notices the shrine about 50 yards ahead. * David tilts his head and grins. "I try. C'mon, lets follow the others." <Jessica> Darin's more than my friend, Hans. * David gently tugs Rei by the hand now towards the shrine... * Aura smiles at Jeyer..."Thank you" * Kodah walks up to the statue of Mitula, and looks up at it for a loooong time. * Meredith follows like a lemming...lost in her own thoughts...looking worried. * Jeyer looks down at her and whispers, "You're welcome, I guess..." <Hans> Miss Meredith is something wrong? * Reisha gets tugged, thinking about something... * Meredith blinks. "I think our time with the Final Judgement is running out...or something is going to happen." * Hans didn't even turn his head to see her expression. He apparently could sense her mood. <Jessica> Eh? <Meredith> I can feel the Earth recoiling. * David looks a bit happier and much more relaxed. ^^; <Hans> Well, here we are. * Hans removes his leather shoes. <Hans> Please remove your shoes, friends. * Hans steps into the shrine. * Indigo drifts over from her school to the shrine to watch the others, curious. * Aura smiles at Jeyer..."You're one of the few people here who's actually said more than one word to me." * Meredith nods, removes her boots, and steps inside. * Kodah finally kneels before the statue, and begins to pray. <Jessica> .oO(This is going to be hell, Why did I get these thigh-high boots?) * David winds up behind Jess and Darin...he releases Rei's hand to take his shoes off before wandering in... * Jessica removes her boots. * Indigo removes her shoes and looks up at the statue of Mitula. <Kodah> ... * Jessica walks into the shrine. * Hans reaches the main altar. He begins to speak to a man. <Meredith> . o O ( And no one seems to care. Perhaps I'm being paranoid... ) * Hans continues to speak to the man. Apparently, it is a foreign language. <Indigo> The founder of the Mysteria line. I should pay my respects more often. * Indigo sounds serious. * Kodah notes that the Shrine has become very crowded, and begins to look nervous. * Reisha rubs her head, looking at her boots. "You know I'm not really into this church thing..." <Jessica> What do you think is wrong, Meredith? <Meredith> ...I am not sure... * Reisha takes them off hesitantly, and goes inside with everyone. * Hans nods to the man and walks over to a strange design in the floor. He begins to mumble and incantation. * Indigo picks up her boots. <Jeyer> Well... I dunno why, but you seem to be the only one here who didn't shun me completely... Except David, but I'm not gonna rumble with that boy just yet. :P <Jessica> there's a strange feeling I'm getting from the elemental spirits. * Hans continues to mumble the incantation. He speeds up on speaking it. * David fidgets, sort of staring up at the statue. He mumbles, not too loudly.. "The Goddess Mitula...the one who saved my mother and I..." <Indigo> Well, I'm going to go see if I can find Grandmother. * Kodah's hackles continues to rise as more and more people file into the shrine, until he finally has to stand up and leave. * Indigo gestures to the statue. * Indigo flares with brilliant white light and vanishes. * Reisha watches the David praying, walking up to the statue. * Hans finishes the incantation. A golden field of light surrounds him. His hair levitates up into the air. A circular wind blows about his feet. It then stops <Jessica> Blast, now that could blind someone. * Aura smiles at Jeyer..." That's because you look" Aura's voice breaks and she looks sad again. * Jeyer suddenly goes blank and whispers, "He... Mitula..." * Kodah leans against the outside wall of the shrine, taking a few deep breaths. <Reisha> .oO(I wonder if I could get a shrine like this someday... ^_^ ) * David looks somewhat in awe, blinking... * Jeyer snaps out of it and looks at Aura... "Look like who...?" <Jessica> O_o * Hans steps out of the design. He is covered in sweat from the spell. * Aura wipes at her eyes and clams up. * Reisha blinks at the guy. "What was that..?" * Hans steps into the next room. * Kodah grabs his hands to try and stop the shaking. <Hans> Please follow me, friends. * Jessica follows Hans, dragging Darin along. <Kodah> Dammit... * Hans steps into the next room. He sees Kodah. * Meredith nods, gets up from the pew she was praying at, and follows Hans, still weary. <David> friends...? Gah. * Jeyer shakes his head.. "I won't force it out of you... I'm not like that anymore..." * David follows Hans, curious... "This temple feels...odd. Weird and familiar. Like home, but not." <Hans> You guys might feel a burning feeling, but ignore it. <Jessica> There is a holy aura about this place. * Aura taps on an odd blues stone on an even odder silver necklace..."he gave me this.." <David> I just love burning sensations don't you Rei? :P * Jeyer glances at the necklace and gasps... "What the...??" * Reisha snickers. "That depends." ;) <Hans> It will be from your bodies adapting to the holy environment. <Jessica> Well, Darin might argue that I'm a hot-blooded little thing, but...that's another case entirely. * David raises an eyebrow at Rei, grinning. "Not even going to pursue that thought...!" * Aura runs her fingers over the stone..."It gives me power..." * Hans suddenly opens his eyes wide * Jeyer looks grim and whispers to himself, "Power... If you only knew..." <Hans> What is this...? <Reisha> Hehe... say David, you think they'll ever build a shrine like this for me someday? ;) * Hans glances over to a wall. On the other side of it is the outside. Kodah is there * Aura looks at Jeyer..."Wha-?" <Hans> This energy... This aura... <Jessica> What? * Jeyer sighs and shakes his head... "Nothing..." <David> If your beauty continues, milady! ;) And if your might is always unparalleled! <Hans> Is it... Demonic...? * Kodah closes his eyes and start using his calming exercises. * Aura gets a look on her face..."Tell me..." * David looks at Hans, curious even more now. ^^; * Jessica looks between Kodah and Hans. "Kodah?" * Reisha hugs him. "Wow... I got my high priest lined up already!" ^^ * Jeyer looks away and stares at the sky, not saying a word... * Reisha turns to regard Hans. * David blinks and blushes, an arm slipping around Rei's waist. * Hans steps outside. * Hans looks over at Kodah. <Hans> Eh...? <Hans> It's you... * Hans steps down from the stairs. <Reisha> I guess Kodah's freaking that monk out. * Aura frowns..."Alright...then...don't tell me..." * Kodah blinks at looks at Hans, "Hm? Can I help you?" <Hans> Sir... You are partblood demon... <Hans> I can sense it... But you are near the Mitula shrine and aren't in pain... <David> Yeah...but it seems like this monk guy is easily freaked. ^^; * Jeyer starts shaking and says in a low tone, "You're not ready... I can't tell you..." <Kodah> Devil to be precise. Greater Devil. Shall I leave town, or should I light myself on fire now and get it over with? <Hans> No, no! * Aura frowns and chews on her other necklace... <Meredith> Hey now... <Jessica> Damn, Kodah. Don't be so hard on yourself. * Meredith steps in front of Kodah. <Hans> You are apparently good at soul if you are so close to a Mitula shrine and are of devil heritage. <Jeyer> I'm sorry, Aura... I wish I COULD tell you... * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Hans. <Jessica> Wait a minute. Kodah, didn't you meet Mitula when you were with the last Shining Force? * Aura sighs..."Fine..." * Hans puts his hand into his pocket and pulls something out. He flings it at Kodah. * David squeezes Rei absentmindedly, watching the scene with interest... * Kodah catches the thrown item, looking at it curiously, "Yes Jessica, I did in fact meet Mitula." <Jessica> I thought so... <Meredith> You met Volcanon as far as I know... * Reisha acts like a nice plushy for the moment, wondering what to think. * Hans narrows his eyes slightly and smiles. <Meredith> You've gotten around Kodah. ^_- * Hans points to Kodah's hand. What he caught was a Mitula medallion. <Kodah> Yes, I met Volcanon too. I suppose I have gotten around. What is this Hans? <Jessica> That's what Lara told me when she used to take care of me. * Aura pulls out one of her daggers and plays with it... <Hans> That thing should've burned your hand off. * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Hans. * Jeyer suddenly gets up and glares out in the distance... <Meredith> ... <Meredith> The earth again... <Kodah> Hm? <Jessica> Meredith? * Hans pulls his hood over his head. * Aura looks up at Jeyer..."Did...did I say something wrong?" * David frowns. "We really don't have time for this..." <Hans> So, what is your name? * Meredith waves her hands around as if to shush the party for a moment. * Kodah notes Meredith. * Reisha looks at Meredith. "Huh? What is it now?" * Jeyer frowns... "No... Something bad's about to happen..." then disappears, his body fading away... * Hans glances over at Meredith. * Aura blinks..."Oh...don't leave..." <Meredith> ...I'm not sure. Being from Bedoe...I'm connected to the Earth and Sky itself, just as the rest of it's inhabitants are. And I hear the earth crying... * Jessica looks over at Meredith. <Kodah> Crying? * David tenses despite himself, his arm dropping from Rei's waist and heading to the hilt of his sword... * Aura puts out her hand to Jeyer's fading-ness. <Jessica> The celestial spirits...there's this feeling I get from them...feeling of pain...Something's about to happen. * Kodah draws in a sharp breath... * Jeyer appears inside the shrine by Kodah's side... "Kodah. Do you feel that?" * Aura whimpers and slumps back into the corner...and starts to cry softly... <Kodah> Yes...something...big. * Kodah starts to look around. * David narrows his eyes further and heads by Kodah and Jeyer. "What is it...?" <Kodah> Its like it's everywhere... * Jeyer whispers, "No... Not big... immense. Gigantic." * Jessica follows David and starts to watch all around. * David glances around and frowns... * Jeyer turns sharply towards David and says, "An evil like I've never felt before. So powerful it defies a God's power." * Kodah heads for the center of the road, trying to get a clearer view of the area * Reisha blinks, looking around too. "Sounds pretty bad..." * David nods.. "And its happening now...great..." * Hans head back to the inn. <Jessica> there's an understatement, Rei. * Jeyer follows Kodah and looks around... "I don't SEE anything! What IS this??" <Kodah> I don't know...I can feel it in my bones...I just can't tie it down... * Hans suddenly pauses and looks up at the sky. * Aura wanders to the shrine where everybody else is. * Jeyer suddenly winces... "It's giving me SUCH a headache..." * Hans suddenly breaks into a sprint back to the inn... * David draws his sword and keeps it at ready... * Jessica pulls her rapier from its sheath. * Hans reaches the inn. * Hans steps inside. <Hans> Barkeep...? * Reisha gets and aura of magic about her, wondering what exactly si going to show up... <Narrator> The barkeep is nowhere in sight. * Kodah shudders as the familiar inky-black film courses up from the ground to surround him. * Aura sits in the middle of the road and stares at the sky. <Kodah> Oh boy...not good... * Hans pulls out a 10 gold coin. <Hans> Eh...? <David> ... Kodah? * Hans puts his money away... <Jessica> KODAH! <Hans> Maybe the old man was serious about quitting... * Hans senses a terribly evil force. <Hans> (!) <Kodah> Don't panic, its just my devil powers reacting to...this...thing. * David nods... * Hans runs to where the presence is at, with great speed. * Aura lies on the road...staring up at the sky...just feeling all the evil power that suddenly swept through... * Reisha rolls up her sleeves. "Whatever this is, I'm going to zap it..." * Hans reaches where Kodah is. <Jessica> Hopefully now, that spell will work. * Jeyer falls to the ground, clutching his head in his hands and says, "Dammit, I seem to do this way too often!" as he winces... * Kodah watches with curiosity as his black aura starts to crackle and spit viciously. <David> Everyone be ready but careful...Jessica, cover Jeyer... <Jessica> Ok... <Hans> What in the name of Mitula...??? * Jessica heads over to Jeyer. <Jessica> Hang in there, Jeyer. I've got ya covered. <Kodah> This...has never happened before. <Jessica> Darin, give me a hand. * Jeyer stands up and raises his head, his eyes a deep, dark red... "I'll be ok, Jess... My ancient blood is reacting in a very odd way, that's all..." <Reisha> David, this is getting too weird. <Jessica> Then you take it easy. Let us deal with this thing, whatever it is. <Narrator> == The evil keeps growing... * Aura lies in the middle of the road...spread out like a cross out in the open ground...staring at the sky... * David tenses... "I know, Rei...I know...this is not good..." <Hans> Eh...? * Reisha shakes a fist at the sky. "Hey, wherever you are, come on out and let's settle this thing!!" <Jessica> The cries from the's getting louder. * David blinks as the flames of the newly empowered AmeShi flicker wildly... * Jessica holds the Rapier ready as she listens to the spirits. "This is NOT good, people. Stay alert." <Meredith> ...No. I'm not being paranoid. Something is very very wrong. * Hans tightens his gloves. <David> But what is it, Meredith...? <Kodah> No kidding! * Hans throws off his robe cape and hood. * Hans is now wearing baggy navy blue pants and his leather shoes. * Aura starts to hum some eerie music off the top of her head... <Hans> This isn't good... <Meredith> I wish I knew...I really do. Volcanon would know for sure...or Mitula. Dammit. I REALLY wish Indigo didn't use her Final Judgement like that. I REALLY wish both of them weren't missing. * Hans suddenly glances over at the Shining Force. <Hans> You are the Shining Force, correct? <Jessica> You got that right, Meredith. * Darin draws the Blade of Truth, and it glows slightly... <David> No, we're the pool cleaners. <Kodah> Yes, we are. (barely) <Reisha> You got that right, buddy. <Jessica> ... <Hans> I thought so. <Darin> Yes Sir! <Meredith> We are. * David shakes his head and inches closer to Meredith. "So now what...we wait for this thing to descend upon us?" <Meredith> I suppose we do... <Jessica> Which direction is this thing coming from? <Hans> I heard about a large bounty on this man's head. *Points to Kodah* I heard he was with the Shining Force. You are called Kodah, are you not? * Reisha is still glaring around. "I'm not the patient type... Couldn't you tell?" ^^ * Kodah starts becoming distracted as his aura starts to boil, "Yes, my name is Kodah." * Aura stays still, but her eyes dart around...looking for whatever "it" is... * Hans smiles. <Hans> May I come with your band? I would hate to travel for a millenium alone. * Aura smiles happily, still humming the earie tune... <Kodah> Feel free. <Narrator's Aid> == Hans has joined the Shining Force! == <Narrator> Up ahead, a rather large group of ghastly forms approach, their eyes glowing deep red... As are Jeyer's eyes... <David> .... <Meredith> Demons! <David> This is it...! * Meredith whips out her sword and takes the sky. "Finally, some target practice!" * Kodah hisses. * Reisha cracks her knuckles. "All right... I've been waiting for this! Time to cook!" ;) * Aura stops humming and stares at them... <Hans> Ok then... * David gets into the battle position best suited for the foes... "Let's rock..." * Hans assumes a fighting position. <Jessica> Let's hope that spell works this time! * Jeyer, in a prophecy like state says, "This is only a first taste. Keep your strength." * Kodah slips into a defensive posture. * Darin blehs... and immediately takes a defensive stance. * Jeyer pulls back from the Shining Force, attempting to avoid the fight... * David glances back at the group, edging his way to the front as the leader... <Jessica> We're with you, David. * Jessica glances over and nods at David. * Reisha takes up a position behind ye old heroic leader, juggling magical forces. ^_^ * David nods and turns again to look at the demons, AmeShi flickering maddeningly... <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Narrator> ===== 12 greater demons. ===== <Jessica> .oO(Oh please let that bolt spell work this time.) <Meredith> Well...let's do this... * Aura pulls herself up into a crouching position, as if ready to pounce...the closest to the demons...yards ahead of the others <Jessica> O_o; <Meredith> A dozen! Mages! Beat down on their defense, and David and I will pick them off! <Narrator> == The greater demon can attack! * David doesn't look fazed and nods. <Jessica> GOT IT, MEREDITH! * Kodah concentrates, and his black aura begins to spin. <Jessica> .oO(I have to try to cast a combo....Chilling Inferno?) * Meredith begins to look like the tactician she is! <Reisha> Hey, I don't need to be told what to do... I enjoy my work! ;) <Narrator> == The greater demons position themselves into a sign of power... The ground starts to glow an eerie red... A small ball of energy forms and starts to burrow underground... <Meredith> ^^; Very well, Reisha... <Kodah> Watch it! <Hans> I've seen this technique before...!! * Aura growls...inching closer to the demons... * Hans crack his knuckles. <Narrator> == Demon burrow lv. 2 is cast. The blast from the stones and the demon energy hits the whole Shining Force for 12 damage! <Hans> Nngh! * David winces and growls loudly, clenching the hilt of AmeShi tightly.. <Darin> ...ow.... <Hans> Grr... * Kodah gets knocked off his feet, but quickly recovers. * Aura shudders..."Ow!" * Jessica is knocked back a couple of steps. * Meredith is rocked back. "S...Strong...This is not good." * Hans puts his hands to his side. * Reisha gets hit, knocked back a few feet... <Hans> I'd best be prepped to heal... * Jeyer gets hit by the blast and growls... * Aura crouches and holds out her ice ball forming... <Reisha> OH, you are SO going to regret that! * Darin gets a better grip on his blade. "You'll PAY for that..." <David> Stick together...all of you...stick together....healers, heal....fighters, fight...mages, do whatever the hells you can do against these demons.. <Jessica> OK... * Meredith smiles at David. "Right...!" <Kodah> Got it! <Hans> who here besides myself can heal. * Darin nods. <Kodah> I can, but only one at a time. <Meredith> We are the Shining Force...and we may not be perfect...but we believe in Justice! And peace! That is what we fight matter what the hardship! * David murmurs... "I can." <Darin> Jessica can. <Hans> Ok. I know a good technique for this... <Narrator> == Meredith and Kodah can attack! <Hans> Leave the healing to me! <Jessica> Mars and Saturn, spirits of thunder and fire, let your fury be felt.... <Reisha> Enough with the heroic garbage... let's kick their butts! :P <Meredith> Heh! ^^; Heroic Garbage fires me up! * Meredith extends her hand, and a ball of flame erupts from it. She leans forward and breathes in the magical flames! But instead of burning herself...she gains power! "Flame Vigor!" * Kodah raises both his hands, calling forth-curling vortices of energy from the earth and sky to envelop his allies! "Boost 2!" * David murmurs softly under his breath, the flames of AmeShi shivering almost with anticipation... <Narrator> == Kodah casts Boost lv. 2... The Shining Force feels an invisible force making them move easily and at the same time, protect them! Everyone gains 12 defense and 7 speed! * Kodah finishes his spell, then slips into a combat posture, looking for an opening to attack. * Reisha feels all tingly. "Hey... killer, Kodah!" ^_^ * Jessica sheathes the rapier as an aura of red and blue surround her hands. * Hans gathers energy for a massive spell. * Aura starts to form large balls of ice in each hand...growling... <Narrator> == Meredith casts Flame vigor... Her weapons and equipment feels lighter as the strength flows through her body... 14 attack! <Kodah> Just doing my job. <Meredith> Ooh...much better... <Narrator> == Aura can attack! * Meredith adjusts her glasses and eyes the enemy for a weakness. <Hans> they are going to try to exhaust our strength. <Hans> Focus on one specific enemy! * Aura stands up, and screams out as she throws the ice balls, as hard as she can at the closest Demon. "Freeze 2!!" <Kodah> Not if we use our strength wisely. * Reisha starts glowing golden. "Nobody's killing my charge till I'm good and ready..." <Narrator> == Aura casts Freeze level 2! The ice blasts into the demon, making him yowl in pain! 14 damage! <Narrator> == Reisha and David can attack! * Aura starts to form another one, as soon as she throws them... * David grins maliciously... * David growls and dashes forward to the demon that has taken the most hits. He skids into a crouch and slams the blade home into the demon, leaping up with all his might to rip the mighty blade upwards and out of the demon's top. He rolls back to the group with a loud snarl. * Reisha raises her hands high. "Odin, O Lord of the sky...bring down your power to maim and fry! Bolt..." extends her hands forward "...3!" Lightning gathers seemingly out of thin air, decimating all foes! * David pants softly and tenses again, drawing the blade back into ready once more. "Nice shot, Rei." <Narrator> == David attacks the same demon Aura attacked... The flickering flames of AmeShi with its powerful blade decimate the demon! 65 damage! Critical! * David grins wolfishly... <Meredith> ...It's not dead!? O_o <Meredith> ...Shit... <Hans> They're greater ones. <Kodah> ... <Hans> Be on your guard! They can take A LOT of hits! <Meredith> Who commissioned these devils? Dark Dragon? <Meredith> We'll find out soon enough! <Narrator> == Reisha's lightning courses through the rest, seemingly not phasing them much... 15 damage each! * Reisha looks a little strained. "They sure can take it..." <Kodah> Hardy bastards... <Narrator> == Hans can attack! <Hans> Rrrgh... That insane little summoner would come in handy! <Jessica>'re not last this time... <Kodah> That's debatable. <Meredith> Believe it or not... * David murmurs... "Reisha...conserve your a lower level spell on just the weakest enemy..." * Aura starts to form one big ice ball, swirling in between her two hands.. <Meredith> I have to agree with Hans. -_- * Hans raises his hands above his head. Energy flies into the air from his hands and it rains down on everyone in the Shining Force. Hans screams "AURA LEVEL ONE!" and everyone feels rejuvenated! <David> We don't have time to regret. Let's just do this. * Reisha turns. "You want to tag-team them one by one? Works for me!" <Narrator> == Hans casts Aura lv. 1... The team recovers to full strength. * David allows a small smile and then it disappears, his whole form stoic and tensed for battle... <Narrator> == Darin can attack! * Hans lowers his arms, seeming to be panting and a bit lower in his energy. <Meredith> Thank you! * Darin glares at one of the demons and rushes it, driving his Blade through it and slashing as hard as he can... then backing away quickly. <Narrator> == Darin's blade hits the demon with full force, its holy power decimating the evil spawned creature! 98 damage! Critical! <Meredith> How much power do these things have?! <Meredith> I've never seen anything like this... <Kodah> Quite a lot it seems o.o;; * David mumbles... "Don't lose hope..." <Narrator> == Jessica can attack! * Jessica extends her hands toward the beasts as the ground lurches under them, bringing up a huge wall of flame...Jessica's eyes flashes a bright blue as she tries to bring forth a barrage of lightning upon her enemies. "THUNDER AND FIRE UNITE TO THE GLORIOUS FIRESTORM...FLAMING STRIKE LV. 1!" * Darin blinks... "Mitula help us..." <Meredith> ...Mitula isn't here, Darin. You must fight for yourself... <Jessica> .oO(Please let this work!) * David licks his lips, edging closer... * Aura inches dangerously close to the demons... * Darin blinks at Meredith... "That was an expression of awe, Meredith..." <Narrator> == Jessica casts Flaming strike lv. 1! The spell, seemingly weak, manages to hit the demons nonetheless... 7 damage each! <Hans> Fire is nothing to them! <Hans> Who knows ice? <Jessica> Then let me try this... <Jessica> I do.... <Hans> Try using ice, Jess! <Jessica> OK... * Aura holds the growing ice ball in her hands...growling... <Reisha> Don't look at me... I'm strictly a thunder kinda gal! :P <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 12 demons ===== <Hans> Thunder does moderate damage... <Hans> Maybe if I can get an attack through to one... <Narrator> == Kodah and Meredith can attack! * Meredith nods and dives toward one of the demons, snarling! She slashes her sword across the demons neck, then kicks him HARD in the belly as she flies back toward the group! * David looks at the flickering flames of AmeShi... "Souls of the dead, scream nightly, powers of the grave, strike rightly...serve me, sword, as you have served the one before me...give me all the power you have and don't deny me..." * Kodah follows up behind Meredith... * Kodah gathers his power until a black aura flickers into being around him. A moment later, Kodah surges forward and unleashes a massive attack in the form of a dragon's head! "Shichisenko!" <Narrator> == Meredith gives the demon a punishing blow and as she leaps back, Kodah's attack hits the creature full force! Combination damage! 102! Critical! Dispatched! <Meredith> Yes! Got one! <Kodah> About time. <Narrator> == The demons can attack! <Jessica> Keep us healthy, Hans.... * David tenses noticeably. "Watch out...!" <Hans> You can rely on me on that, Jess... * Hans charges another spell. <Hans> If they do small damage, I am going to use strength on us. <Jessica> That won't help a mage...but thanks anyway. * Reisha stands her ground. "I'm watching, I'm watching..." :P <Narrator> == The demons reform into another attack, having lost one of their members... <Hans> HIT THE DIRT!!! <Kodah> Here they come! <Narrator> == The sky darkens even more than it presently is... * Hans dives to the ground to dodge! * Jessica tries dodging. <Meredith> ...Oh this is going to cost me... * David narrows his eyes. "Meredith! Drop!" * Meredith does so! * Reisha looks up. "I know that isn't mine..." <Narrator> == A large bolt of dark, ancient power strikes the center of the Shining Force, sending a dark arc of power coursing through everyone! 18 damage on everyone! * David leaps in front of Meredith and defends! <Jessica> That hurt. <Meredith> Gaaah! * Reisha lights up...! "YOEOWZA!!!" * Hans is flung over about 10 feet. * Kodah reels from the attack, but gets back onto his feet once again. * Jeyer flinches, feeling like he should attack... <Meredith> Damn it! Now I have static cling in my feathers! >:/ * Aura stumbles and drops her ball of ice, hitting herself accidentally. * Hans gets back up to his feet, his left hand over his right elbow. * Hans raises hands above his head. <Jessica> I'll never get the static electricity out of my skirt now. * David winces and stumbles a little backwards...he turns to Meredith and helps her back up before moving back into his original position... <Meredith> Thank you, David...but watch yourself! :) * Reisha shakes a fist at the demons. "I'll show you how to do it, you demonic freaks...! You ruined my hair!" * Meredith takes back to the sky! <Narrator> == Aura takes an extra 6 damage! She falls unconscious! * Jeyer starts to glow dark red and growls madly... * David nods and then looks back at Reisha worriedly before looking back towards the demons... <Hans> Aura! <Narrator> == Jeyer can attack! <Hans> Damn! <Jessica> Jeyer? <Meredith> Damn... <Kodah> Incoming! <Hans> I've had travelling groups, but this has never happened. * Aura crumples to the ground in front of the demons. <Hans> I have never had one of the people I was healing fall unconscious... <Meredith> Jeyer...something is going on with Jeyer... * Jeyer starts to float, great red flames flickering around his form... * David murmurs. "He'll help us. Don't question it." <Jessica> What in the name of the Gods? * David focuses his gaze on Aura's form... <Meredith> I didn't say he wouldn't. But this is NOT normal... * Jeyer glares at the demons, grinning in a demonic way himself... <Reisha> Hey.. you know Jeyer could almost pass for one of those guys... <Meredith> . o O ( Wouldn't surprise me if he was...actually... ) * David narrows his eyes... * Jeyer's form suddenly blurs as he points at a demon and says coolly, "Heat... Wave." <Narrator> == A wave of flames and condensed heat flows outward from Jeyer's body and collides violently with two demons! They fall back, their skin virtually melting from the heat generated! 56 damage each! <Kodah> Yipe. o_O <Jessica> Youchers... * David nods... * Reisha gapes... <Hans> O_O *eyes widen* Damn!! <Meredith> By Volcanon.... O_o * Jeyer's body stops glowing, leaps towards Aura and teleports her away from the fight protectively! <Reisha> I still hate his guts and everything... but damn that was good. <Meredith> Agree with you totally, Reisha! * Reisha rubs her palms. "Now time for the encore!" <Narrator> == Reisha and David can attack. * David crouches... * David runs at the demon Aura first struck and leaps into the air, slashing downwards at an angel. He then sharply brings the blade back up on the angle, whipping around to dash back to the group. * Reisha points her finger at Greater-Demon. "Force of Lightning, crash and burn...zap my foe with power in turn! Bolt!" A column of intense electricity leaps from her hand, frying them to a tender crisp. <Narrator> == David's blade slices through the remainder of the demon, his body evaporating to nothingness! 41 damage! Dispatched! <Meredith> Ha! <Hans> o/` Crispy critters... A good wholesome bunch! o/` * David grins and twirls AmeShi... <David> We can do this, people...! Keep it up! <Meredith> I swear more peaceful times...we must go sparring. <Jessica> Mercury, spirit of ice, bring me your power that I may bring down these demons... * David tilts his head a little and nods to Meredith. <Narrator> == Reisha casts Bolt on a demon... The demon braces for the impact of the spell... A bolt of lightning crashes down on him, throwing him backwards! 14 damage! <Hans> Dangit... I am anxious on trying out a physical attack, but I need to heal a lot. >_< <Narrator> == Hans can attack! <Kodah> Just hang on until we whittle down their numbers some more. <Jessica> your healing is a big help, Hans...keep it up. <Jessica> my Freeze spell should do the trick... <Reisha> Just do what you do, and keep doing it, Monk-boy. ^^ * Hans raises his hands into the air, and does the same as before. His energy flies into his allies' bodies. He then screams "Aura Level one!" and everyone is rejuvenated! * David raises an eyebrow at Rei, murmuring. "Monk-boy? I never got a cute petname..." * David turns back ;P <Hans> I have been working out alot besides mentally. I have been wanting to test out my strength. <Narrator> == Hans casts Aura lv. 1 on the Shining Force... The Shining Force recovers 16 HP each! <Narrator> == Darin can attack! * Reisha smirks. "I'll think of one when I don't have a horde of RAVENOUS DEMONIC creatures trying to kill us, k? ;) * Darin charges another demon, swinging away, burying his blade deep in the thing's hide and slashing through it as hard as he can. <Narrator> == Darin's blade slashes through the demon like a hot knife through butter! 96 damage! Critical! Dispatched! <Narrator> == Jess can attack! * Jessica begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE 2!" Jess then points her right hand to demons as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. <Narrator> == Jess casts Freeze lv. 2! The ice blades circle through the whole demons, cutting and freezing their red, fiery skin! 17 damage each! One dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 8 Greater demons ===== <Hans> Awright! <Meredith> We're getting there... <Jessica> we're wearing them down...keep it up, people. <Hans> 1/3 done! <Hans> I say 1-2 more rounds... This and next <Narrator> == Kodah and Meredith can attack! <Reisha> All right girl... that's the way, alright. ^_^ * Reisha juggles some more electricity... <Kodah> Here we go again... * Meredith performs the same maneuver as before, and dives at the nearest demon, gutting it with her sword and kicking the blade deeper in with her foot! She then yanks it out, wipes the black blood away, and flies back into formation! <Jessica> Hey, Reisha...hit them as hard as you can! * Kodah charges at another demon. * Kodah kicks the devil hard in the face, then crosses over with another kick to the chest! <Jessica> Their hides is made of fire...maybe they'd like a little water. * David growls... <Hans> They might give out stronger attacks the less there are... <Meredith> How comforting... <Hans> Like they are building up rage. <Narrator> == Meredith and Kodah pummel a demon, it not being able to stand the blows, disappears in a cloud of smoke! Combined damage! 56! Dispatched! <Hans> I've seen it happen with trolls, orcs, and ogres. * Meredith smiles at Kodah. "We work well together!" <Reisha> Well, I'm not about to let them go postal just yet... <Jessica> Most goblins can call in reinforcements. <Hans> Yeah <Kodah> Teamwork has many advantages <Narrator> == The demons can attack! <Meredith> These are no ordinary goblins. <Jessica> no shit, Sherlock. * Meredith gives Jessica a glare. <Jessica> ^_^ <Jessica> Give 'em hell, Meredith. <Reisha> Well, they'd probably like that. :P <Narrator> == The demons break formation and each attack a member of the Shining Force... Except for David. * David blinks... <Hans> Uh oh! <Meredith> Damn! * Hans braces himself * Meredith braces herself! <Jessica> O_O; Oh no....and here I'm not really fit for upclose combat... * Kodah raises his hands in defense. * Hans builds up a fiery aura. <Narrator> == A demon slashes Jeyer... Jeyer clutches Aura closer to protect her! Jeyer takes 12 damage! * Jessica draws her rapier in defense, trying to counter attack. <Narrator> == The demons slash the rest of the Shining Force, dealing them 14 damage each! <Meredith> Agh! * David looks around him... * Meredith clutches her bleeding side, growling! * Hans grabs his left elbow! <Hans> AAAGH! * David snarls louder, his eyes glinting a light metallic blue... * Reisha blinks. "Jeyer...?" She gets caught in the shoulder, falling down. "Dammnit..." * Jessica drops to one knee. "This is NOT good..." * Hans looks at his elbow. It is gushing blood. The elbow is out of joint. * Kodah wipes some black gruck from his mouth, standing up straight again. <Hans> Damned overgrown lizards with wings! <Narrator> == David and Reisha can attack! <David>'ll pay for that... * David leaps on a demon, doing a dizzying array of slashing, almost like a whirlwind. The flames of AmeShi suddenly spark loudly and the wounds caused by the blade almost seem to bubble. David grins as he runs back to the group. <Jessica> Go get 'em, David, Rei...HIT 'EM AS HARD AS YOU CAN! * Reisha growls lowly. "You're lunchmeat, pal!" <Hans> We need to get this thing over with! <Narrator> == David's blade slices through the demon, causing him incredible and excruciating pain! The demon evaporates into nothingness! 68 damage! Critical! Dispatched! * Hans raises his hands above his head * Reisha concentrates, chanting quickly "Spirit of Thunder, I call upon thy wrath...strike down the enemies in our path! Bolt 2!" The sky above rumbles loudly, as lightning rains down all around the Greater Demons! <Hans> I only have a few auras left in me! * David snarls and pants.... * Hans looks up at the moon <Jessica> I've got a water spell that should work. <Hans> Water should be great. <Kodah> Hang in there Hans. <Narrator> == Reisha's bolt 2 spells hit the demons full force, throwing them back! The shock of the spell seems to be fed by anger. 14 damage! <Hans> I'm not used to fighting greater demons... <Narrator> == Hans can attack! <Jessica> Well, get used to it...this world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket because of our psychotic this world is going to be full of them. * Hans explodes with energy * DAAAAAHH!!! * A huge burst of healing light spreads through the whole party, seeming faster and stronger than an average aura. <Hans> I know that, Jess. * David worriedly looks back at the group... * Reisha goes back on a knee, holding her messed up arm. "I'm not quittin' yet..." <Narrator> == The aura spell heals the Shining Force fully... Hans falls over and squirms under the Narrator's hand for the bad DBZ reference. <Hans> Oww!! >_< <Meredith> You are not Goku! Snap out of it! * Meredith turns back to the battle! * David smiles slightly as the wounds are healed...he turns back to the battle.. * Hans bites narrator's hand. <Hans> :P <Narrator> The pointing finger and the chibi laughing mouth point and laugh at Hans while the Narrator's hand withdraws. <Narrator> == Darin can attack! <David> ...I wish I had attack magic...! * Hans has his teeth buried into the hand. <Hans> :P * Hans lets go. * Darin rushes a demon and slashes away! <Jessica> GO DARIN! <Reisha> David, I got the magic... you just worry about the action up close and personal... * Reisha stands back up, starting to cast again... <Jessica> Let Rei and me handle the magic, David. * Hans raises his hands into the air. <Narrator> == Darin lashes out at a demon. The blade clearly severs it in half! The demon implodes! 89 damage! Critical! Dispatched! * David murmurs softly... "...If it comes to it, I can cast Heal..." <Narrator> == Jess can attack. * David straightens and twirls AmeShi, the flames crackling angrily in protest... * Jessica makes a gesture toward the skies as an dragon made of pure ice forms in front of her. Suddenly, an enormous fireball hits the ice form. The Ice dragon becomes a form of pure water and jets out toward Demons. CHILLING INFERNO WATER DRAGON LV.2! * Meredith narrows her eyes. "The tide of the battle is finally starting to turn..." <Kodah> About time. <Jessica> New variation on that spell. ^_^ * Kodah waits for an opening to attack. <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling Inferno Water Dragon... (Oxymoron lv. 2) The dragon swirls around its enemies, tearing through them! 23 damage each! One dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Monster Count: 4 Demons ===== <Narrator> == Kodah and Meredith can attack! <Darin> Wow, Jess... <Jessica> Always wanted to do that. * Meredith flies toward the nearest demon, and slashes it from ear to ear, growling, and then flies back! * Kodah's black aura flares up wildly! <Hans> They are all near death <Kodah> Savage! Cunning! Cruel! Cleanse thy talons upon the unworthy! * Kodah rears back and releases a guttural shout! As he does, the ground beneath his enemies heaves, as it is transformed into a blizzard of demons and devils! They viciously claw and bite anything in their way as they travel up into the sky and dissipate in a cacophony of howls! <Hans> If we don't get damaged terribly, I am going to attack once, ok? <Jessica> if these things aren't dead by Kodah's attack already. <Hans> Good point...! <Narrator> == Meredith slashes a demon as Kodah's dark attack decapitates the creature... 47 damage! Dispatched! * Kodah's black aura calms somewhat. <Narrator> == The demons can attack.... <Reisha> Wow... Kodah and Meredith have got teamwork down to a T. * Jessica is about to use Chilling Inferno one more time... <Narrator> == The demons all turn on Jeyer! <Jessica> JEYER! <Meredith> Jeyer! <Hans> JEYER! LOOK OUT! <David> Oh by the nine hells...! <Kodah> Look out! <Reisha> Jeyer... move your ass, now!! * Meredith flies to push Jeyer out of the way! <Narrator> == Jeyer ignores them, protecting Aura... The demons claw at his back, tearing through his defense... 37 damage! <Darin> Jeyer! Watch your back! <Hans> NO! <Meredith> Gah, damn! Too slow! * Hans charges a healing spell. <Narrator> == The demons jump back to a defensive stance... <Jessica> Does anyone need me to heal? If not, I'm going to hit them with the water spell again. <Reisha> .oO(Why is he protecting that girl.. he's going to get himself killed.. ) * Jeyer, in a rasp voice, manages to say, "I'm fine... Just... Kill them..." <Hans> Heal Jeyer, Jess. I'm gonna try an attack * David growls... "Sir Jeyer..." <Meredith> Jeyer... * David shakes his head and turns back to the battle... <Hans> Don't worry, Jeyer. <Narrator> == David and Reisha can attack! * Kodah turns back to the enemy, rather intent on killing them. <Meredith> Don't loose focus! We've killed more than half! <Reisha> This better not be a ploy to get me to like you any more Jeyer... but you're not eating it here. <Jessica> Got it...Hit them hard...I'm going to heal Jeyer. * Reisha looks at Ameshi... <Hans> Mitula isn't going to claim your soul tonight, Jeyer! * David tightens the hold on the hilt, the flames flickering more angrily than ever... * Jeyer gets a full body shudder and whispers, "Bite me, you damned lightning mage..." * David snarls...! <Reisha> Heaven's Fury! Blade of Thunder tear the very ground! * David closes his eyes and loudly yells, leaping at a demon and leaning into the fall, his blade slashing into the demon underneath him as gravity takes hold. He tugs the sword out and turns, running back... * Reisha lets go a spark of energy that surges into the sword as he strikes... * Darin glares at Jeyer "Watch what you say to the lady, and don't piss me off." * Jeyer ignores Darin's statement, rocking back and forth... <Meredith> Stop bickering! * Jessica goes over to Jeyer. "Just hold tight, man. I'll heal you." <Hans> He's about to slip unconscious. <Hans> Someone keep him awake! <Jessica> Not if I have anything to say about it. <Hans> His heart rate will slow if he passes out, and he might die! * Darin backs up and stands over Jeyer and Jessica protectively. * Jessica slaps Jeyer in the face... "Stay awake..." * David glances at Rei from his position and edges his way forward, more so in front of the group than ever... <Kodah> Oh for cryin' out loud, this is Jeyer we're talking about! <Narrator> == Reisha casts a combination spell on AmeShi... AmeShi clashes with the demon with a powerful fury, empowering AmeShi greatly! The blade collides with the creature, utterly destroying it! 65 damage! Dispatched! <Jessica> Wake up, Jeyer... <Hans> But I don't know him well, Kodah, so I can't say much <Meredith> ... * Jeyer growls softly... "I'm FINE... Concentrate on THEM..." <Meredith> ...The's getting worse... * Reisha swipes a lightning encased fist in the air. "Take that!" * David snarls.. "SHUT UP AND FIGHT!" <Meredith> Hurry! <Jessica> Fine then...I'll cast my Chilling Inferno... <Jessica> I was just, and I don't know why, CONCERNED ABOUT YOU. <Meredith> GO JESSICA! <Narrator> == Hans can attack * David eyes the demons... <Meredith> Don't bicker with him! GO! The Earth is seriously making noise now! <Kodah> And that...THING is coming closer! <Jessica> Got it, Meredith...these demons are TOAST! <Meredith> You sense it too, Kodah? * Hans pulls his right fist back. He charges at one of the demons. He leaps up, and punches it in the snout, and then falls to the ground in front of it. He then punches it in the gut five times, and leaps back! <Kodah> Yeah... <Narrator> == Hans attacks a demon... He pummels it violently, making it fall backwards! 31 damage! <Narrator> == Darin can attack! <David> ...We can do this...! <Hans> *Pant pant* <Jessica> Let's take them APART! * Darin leaps at one of the demons and slashes through it as hard as he can. * Reisha takes a couple deep breaths, gathering more mana. "I'm behind you all the way... David..." <Narrator> == Darin's blade cuts the Demon in a diagonal arc, severing his head and arm... The demon evaporates to nothingness! 88 damage! Critical! Dispatched! <Jessica> I think I'll finish this now.... * David's whole body shakes, his muscles twitching from the strain of the constant fighting... "Nnh." * Hans is out of most of his energy due to casting the auras. * David grimaces and forces his body to respond, crouching one more... "Rei..." <Meredith> We're almost there, David! Don't give up! <Meredith> Only one! <Narrator> == Jess can attack! <Jessica> NOT FOR LONG! * Kodah cracks his knuckles. <Meredith> Right! * Jessica makes a gesture toward the skies as an dragon made of pure ice forms in front of her. Suddenly, an enormous fireball hits the ice form. The Ice dragon becomes a form of pure water and jets out toward Demons. CHILLING INFERNO WATER DRAGON LV. 2! <Hans> Try to get some stamina back! * Meredith looks VERY panicked now! * David nods and grips AmeShi tighter, the flames crackling viciously... <Narrator> == Jess casts Chilling Inferno Water Dragon lv. 2 on the remaining demon... His eyes go wide as the dragon rushes in to hit him... The full force of the creature makes him buckle... The demon literally gets crushed under the weight of the blow! 44 damage! Critical! Dispatched! <Meredith> it....dammit!... <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Kodah tries to get his raging black aura under control again. <Jessica> YEAH! <Meredith> Don't celebrate! * Hans sighs a sigh of relief. * David blinks tiredly but doesn't let down his stance... "Its not finished..." <Kodah> We're still in trouble here! <Meredith> The Earth...! <Reisha> Not yet?! <Jessica> I can sense it too.... * Hans runs over to Jeyer * David growls lowly... <Hans> Hold still, Jeyer. * Hans summons up his remaining energy to give Jeyer a massive healing spell. * Jeyer keeps shaking... "I... Won't heal.. Don't bother..." <Darin> ... <Hans> Eh? What the...? * Meredith eyes widen. "It's here!" <Narrator> The ground starts to rumble violently.... <Jessica> OH no.... <Kodah> Uh oh... * Reisha shifts her weight. "What the..." * David stumbles a little... * Hans staggers back up to his full height. <Narrator's Aid> == Suddenly, the ground heaves even further, as the very earth itself lets out a shrieking howl! You swear you see the ground itself bleed as the now throbbing earth hurls itself upward...demolishing Indigo's school and everything else in a 200 yard radius in a heartbeat! Dust and debris fly into the air, making it difficult to see. A harsh voice laughs, sending a chill down your spine. * Meredith cries out and is thrown back by the blast, knocked unconscious! <Narrator's Aid> == When the dust clears a slender, pale figure floats above you! His wings, large and outstretched, are deep black, with a flame red coloring at the tip. However, the black areas on his wings seem less like feather, and more like voids that suck you into fearful dread when you stare at them too long... * Kodah tries to shield himself from the debris. <Narrator's Aid> == His clothes, a tattered, bloody cream colored shirt and black pants are disheveled and ignored, as if mortal concerns such as clothes are beneath him. His tousled, green colored hair falls in front of his eyes, as if to conceal them, but the bit of his eyes that you can see, while normal looking, hide something terrifying underneath. <Narrator's Aid> == His lips are wide with a smile, but there is no happiness or joy in it...only malice. He twirls a large scythe in his hands, almost as tall as him, with uncanny ability as he peers down at his former friends... * Hans notices the figure. <David> ... * Tiernan grins maliciously at the group, "Hi..." <Jessica> Oh no...It can't be...! <Kodah> Wha...? <Hans> Who are you...? * Reisha falls down on her rear in shock... * Darin blinks..."Oh... Goddess... No..." <Jessica> TIERNAN! * Tiernan laughs! <Kodah> Tyr?! <Reisha> Tyr?! * Hans looks closely at the figure. * David steps forward... "Tyr...? What...?" <Tiernan> ...Hmm...You still call me by that name...? What fools you are... <Hans> Phoenix wings?... <Kodah> What...? How...? Wait... <Jessica> What are you talking about, Tyr? <Hans> A phoenix is rare enough, but a mix between a phoenix and another species...? * Tiernan points his scythe at David and smiles. "Back, Warrior...or you will live to regret it." * Hans glances over at the Shining Force. <Hans> An enemy of yours? <Jessica> he is supposed to be our friend. <Hans> I see... * David blinks, frowning as he does move back but not much.. "Tiernan...what is this?" <Darin> No Hans.... He ... was a friend... <Tiernan> Friend...hah...idiot human peons...that is what you are... * Reisha gets to her feet. "Hey! Why are you threatening us? Tyr, this isn't funny." * Kodah looks absolutely stunned. * Hans narrows his eyes, attempting to read Tiernan's mind. <Hans> (!) * Hans grabs his head in pain. <Hans> AGH! I can't read his thoughts! <Hans> He has a block over it! <Tiernan> You find this funny, dear Reisha...? You are more demented than I thought. The illusions is time to face reality... <Hans> A strong one too! * Kodah blinks, not quite able to put his thoughts into words yet. * David growls. "You're not Tiernan. Who are you?" <Tiernan> In fact...let me...dispense the illusions and lies once and for all...That would be prudent...wouldn't it? <Tiernan> ...Oh...You're right...I was him...for a short while...Until I learned the truth... * Reisha shakes her head. "That isn't the innocent child that we knew talking..." * Jeyer turns to gaze at Tiernan, still shaking violently... * Hans looks away from Tiernan and looks at something else <Kodah> Truth? * Tiernan smiles slyly. "The truth of my immortality..." <Jessica> No joke, Rei... * Reisha points. "Just who are you, anyway?!" <Jessica> What is he...? <Tiernan> If you must address me, human maggots...You may address me as your master. * Tiernan pauses, then grins further. "Volcanon." <Kodah> Master?! * Kodah facefaults! * Jessica gets a flashback..."You're Volcanon in a human form..." <Kodah> WHAT?! o_O <Hans> Hold it, Bird boy! <Reisha> the God? * David keeps a tight hold on AmeShi. "...Volcanon...?" <Tiernan> That is right... <Darin> ... <Hans> Who do you think you're calling 'human'? * Reisha face drops. "Shit." <Tiernan> is all the same. <Tiernan> It must be eliminated... * Jessica holds onto Darin. <Hans> We have something in common at least... *Points to his slightly pointed ears*. * Darin holds Jessica closely.... * David growls... "We'll fight you...! I'll fight you!" * Kodah growls. <Hans> Elves were once nearly human... <Tiernan> Oh, so you will, eh? <Hans> That means that you are part human as well! * David narrows his eyes... <Tiernan> Spurn an old friend like that? I'm VERY insulted David. I thought you had more class than that. <David> I thought YOU had more class! * Tiernan smirks at Hans, "For the moment, I am...yes...but not for long..." <Reisha> Tyr... I don't know what you're planning to do... <Kodah> ... * Jessica looks right at Tyr. "You are not Tiernan. You're not the boy that was our friend." <Tiernan> You're right, Jessica. He is dead.... A... * Tiernan smiles at David. "Charade." <Hans> Hmm... * Reisha stands. "...But I'm not going to back down from anybody! Not even an immortal one at that!" * Hans picks up a rock and flings it up at Tier to see if there's a magic barrier! * Kodah shakes his fist in anger. * David grits his teeth... <Tiernan> == David notices that underneath Tyr's shirt...he can see his skin doing a strange muscle like twitching...once, twice...then it abruptly stops. <Reisha> You're going to bring back the old Tiernan, or I'm going to make you history the way you should've been! * Darin glares at Tyr... <Narrator> == The rock deflects and slams back towards Hans at a deathly speed. 12 damage! <David> ... <Hans> Nngh! <Tiernan> ...Don't you GET IT? I AM him...Only I know now my destiny. * Jessica glares up at Tiernan, her face showing a mix of determination and fear. * Hans puts his hand over his shoulder <Hans> Yep! Nngh... Barrier... <Tiernan> Enough of this...You wish to fight me? You are sorely outclassed. * Hans casts heal on himself. <Darin> And you would use that "destiny" to destroy people who befriended you?! <Jessica> Tiernan... <Tiernan> Destiny, as humans say, Darin...Can be a bitch. <Tiernan> For you. * David tenses, muscles twitching as he gets ready to attack... <Darin> With friends like YOU we don't need enemies. <Reisha> I'm even more of one. <Kodah> Grrr... <Tiernan> Soon I will obtain Arc Valley...and you all stand in my way. * Reisha charges for a bolt spell, and attempts to hammer Tiernan with it! <Kodah> Not if I have any say about it! <Darin> I'm certainly not backing down! * Tiernan sidesteps Reisha's spell. "Tsk tsk, little has been mage." <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <David> ...I will fight you every step of the way, demon whore...this I swear... * Jessica uses one arm and draws her rapier. "Since you aren't the Tiernan we knew...I'll just have to fight you." * Tiernan smiles evilly at the party. "So I had a few secrets buried within me...but you all have plenty more. You're no saints. Let' everyone." <Narrator> ===== Monster: Tiernan/Volcanon ===== <Narrator> == Kodah can attack. <Reisha> Has been nothing... I'm heading for that Valley, not some demon! <Tiernan> After all, you're simply children who are rebelling against the one who created you, hmm? * Tiernan laughs. "You WISH." * David blinks slightly and brings AmeShi up into attack position... * Kodah charges at his former friend! <David> We won't back down. * Hans looks at the Mitula Medallion around his neck. * Jessica holds her blade parallel with her arm, which is outstretched aiming at Tiernan. "This is all I have...everything into one all or nothing strike." * Kodah dashes at the enemy and unleashes a series of rising uppercuts that carry him and the enemy high into the sky! Kodah then uses the enemy to cushion his own body after they both plummet back to earth! "Kugashoryukaku!" <Hans> . o O (If Volcanon created life... What would effect would Mitula have on him...?) * David looks at Reisha briefly... * Tiernan remains emotionless at Kodah's attack. * Reisha has her brow furrowed... she's fired up, more than he's ever seen her... <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Tiernan with a ferocity that does not become him... Tiernan takes the hits. 67 damage! Critical! * David looks back at Tiernan... <Narrator> == David and Reisha can attack. * Tiernan is rocked back, growling almost inhumanly. "Bastard!" <Kodah> Give me back my friend you monster!! * David dashes towards Tiernan, the blade of AmeShi singing with fiery anger as he slashes with everything he has left in his body towards his former ally and friend. * Reisha holds her hands perpendicular to her body, gathering a ball of force. "Maybe this will shock the sense back into you!" <Tiernan> Your friend is dead, Kodah. He was ignorance...and I am truth. Truth destroys ignorance. <Narrator> == David slashes at Tiernan... The blade hits him with little or no feel, dealing lesser damage... 24 damage. * Reisha releases a huge crackling Bolt 3 at Tiernan as David finishes his attack... * Tiernan smirks. "For the Son of Kara and Chamolo, I expected better. Tsk tsk tsk..." * David leaps back, growling.. <Kodah> Truth is relative you bastard! And I won't believe your truth! * Tiernan shakes his finger in a tsking gesture. <David> Shut up, you bastard. * David twitches and crouches... <Narrator> == Reisha's bolt spells crashes down on Tiernan, not phasing him one bit... 23 damage! <Tiernan> Pathetic. <Narrator> == Hans can attack! <Reisha> Pathetic, nothing. Don't think I like doing this... * Hans takes his Mitula Medallion off from around his neck. He leaps up at Tier and passes by him and lands on the ground. He didn't attack. But, Tier looks down and sees that he has the Medallion around his neck! * <Hans> If he's evil, it should hurt him. <Narrator> == Hans' medallion is hung around Tiernan's neck... Tiernan grimaces, feeling uncomfortable wearing the bauble, then tears it off and throws it to the ground in disgust. 1 damage. * David growls... <Hans> o_O Well, I guess THAT didn't work! ^^;;; <Tiernan> Mitula...humph. Stupid bitch. <David> ... <Narrator> == Darin can attack! <Hans> Damn you! <Tiernan> Dare try YOUR luck, knight? <Jessica> Darin... * Jessica steps between Darin and Tyr. "You will not harm him." Her eyes are narrowed as she keeps her eye on Tyr. * Darin glares at Tyr and feels his rage burning... the SunStone at his throat starts to glow as he charges towards Tyr. "YES I dare try my luck!!" As he gets close to Tyr, a bright flare of light engulfs the area round him and Tyr. * David stays in front of the group, the leader till the end... * Darin attacks under the cover of the flash. * Tiernan cries out and covers his eyes! <Narrator> == Darin casts Flash! The spell's energy blinds Tiernan! <Narrator> == Darin slashes Tiernan while blinded, sending him reeling backwards! 34 damage! <Narrator> == Jess can attack! * Jessica starts running at Tiernan with extreme speed, beams of pure magic shoot from her blade aiming at the 9 critical points in her target's anatomy. With almost goddess like speed, she strikes at all 9 places almost as if at the same time.. 9 HEADED DRAGON STRIKE! <Tiernan> ...So you finally learned magic, eh? That's not all you'll be learning today...ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA! * Darin lands back next to Jessica, and drops to one knee... the Stone still glowing sullenly... <Reisha> Tyr... just stop it! Don't make me hurt you even more... <Tiernan> You think this even knicked me? You have a lot to learn weakling. * David growls... <Narrator> == 9 heads? The sexual potential... Erhm. Jessica casts 9 headed Dragon Strike... The spell rips through Tiernan, but again, doesn't seem to phase him. 27 damage! * Tiernan shrugs off the attack. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Tiernan/Volcanon ===== <Narrator> == Tiernan prepares an attack... * Tiernan smiles. "And's time to end the fiasco...Don't you think...?" * Darin stands between Jessica and Tyr. * Tiernan raises his scythe into the sky! * Kodah guards himself! * David stands in front of everyone, his sword poised for defense! * Jessica rushes in front of Darin. "I'll not let you die on me, Darin." She uses her body to shield Darin. <Tiernan> Earth, she who obeys my command, allow me to make blow after blow! Haste! * Hans holds his hands up in front of his head and crouches. <Darin> .oO(Women *rolls eyes*) * Reisha grits her teeth, standing right behind David... * David glances over his shoulder at Rei, his eyes blazing as if trying to say something...he quickly looks back to Tyr... * Jessica looks back at Darin. "Don't worry about me. I am a magician." * Darin walks to Jess's side. "You're not leaving without me, Jessica Lynn." <Reisha> .oO(Tyr... that poor kid... ) * Hans mumbles a prayer to himself silently. * Jessica takes Darin's hand. "Then we fight him together." * David mumbles under his breath... "Rei..." * Tiernan smiles as his body is fused with the powers of agility! He gains several attacks in a row, his wings fluttering at almost a maddening pace! <Narrator> == Tiernan casts haste... 100 agility is gained. * Darin squeezes Jessica's hand... and conveys a clear message with his eyes to her. <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Kodah growls. * Jessica gives Darin a nod. <Tiernan> Now...I fear it's time for my retribution... * David growls and stands tall... * Darin shifts his blade in his hand. <Reisha> David... you're a great leader... Don't let anyone else tell you differently. You've got us this far... * Tiernan flies toward Jessica and whispers in her ear, "It's useless to fight me, dear, obnoxious Jessica...You're destined to die anyway!" * Tiernan swipes at her with his scythe! <Darin> JESSICA!! * Jessica tries to dodge the strike. * Hans casts an aura spell, but stops halfway, leaving a protective barrier up around each member of the force. <Jessica> O_O <Hans> (!)! * David growls in frustration as Jessica is hit... <Narrator> == Jessica gets hit by Tiernan's scythe... The sharp pain from the blow passing through Jessica's body easily! 82 damage! Dispatched! <David> ...No... <Tiernan> Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm... <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. <Darin> Oh... Goddess NO!! <Hans> Grr...! <Kodah> Damn! <Hans> BASTARD!!!! <Reisha> No matter what happens... don't regret anything... * David looks at Reisha frantically... * Tiernan then flies toward Darin. "'re not quite alone on this world. Did you had a sister?" * Darin drops to his knees and cradles Jess in his arms... * Hans runs at Tiernan * <Hans> DARIN! RUN! * Hans jabs a punch to the side of Tier's head! <Tiernan> And unfortunately...she's next to die after you! * Tiernan slashes at Darin with his scythe! <Darin> I know of Kalla, yes.... And you won't be able to find her. <Narrator> == Hans is blown back 20 feet! <Hans> NNGGH!! * Darin winces... but doesn't resist... <Hans> DAMN! <David> ...No... * Reisha pulls out her knives from her cloak, cradling a jeweled one in her hand. <Tiernan> But I already know where she is... <Narrator> == Darin gets hit by the scythe... 89 damage! Dispatched! * David snarls and slides in front of Rei, blocking her from Tyr... * Darin collapses, Jess still in his arms... * Tiernan smiles and laughs insanely, turning to Amy! <Tiernan> Oh...if it isn't Dark Dragon's little spy... <Amy> Gershwin? <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. <Tiernan> Oh now now now...Don't lie to me. You worked for Dark Dragon. Your mission was to kill us all...but you had the dire luck to fall in love with me. <Tiernan> Love is overrated anyway...Sad that you had to fall for an illusion...a memory. is your turn to become one. <Kodah> What?! o_O * Amy stays blank... * Hans looks in his medicine for a revival herb... * Tiernan impales Amy where she stands, killing her instantly! <Narrator> == Amy gets impaled... 128 damage... Dispatched! * David narrows his eyes... "" * Reisha has a faint tear in her eye, as David protects her. "Overrated... eh..." <Narrator> == Amy's body fades away... * Tiernan files up into the air and cackles! <Tiernan> It is...Dear Reisha... <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * David 's eyes widen. "No...!" * Tiernan floats down to her level. "Tell me something, Reisha...When that man raped you...did you want it as much as I think you did? I bet you did, considering what a slut you are!" * Kodah growls as Tyr flits from ally to ally, taking them down with unbelievable ease. * David goes pale at that, freezing. * Reisha yells up. "Shut up! You don't know anything!" * Reisha chucks the dagger at Tyr! <Tiernan> ...Oh I know everything... *Catches the dagger with his hand! * ...And you know nothing....Trash. *Throws the knife back at her! * <David> ...No!!! * David lunges forward, trying to get between the knife and Rei!! <Narrator> == The dagger dives in Reisha's jugular, killing her instantly. 122 damage! Dispatched! <Reisha> I'm not trash... I'll be the same as you one day... a g... * David falls to the floor... <Tiernan> A goddess. You wish. <David> No... <David> No... <Reisha> Ugh...! * Kodah shakes visibly with anger. <David> R-Reisha... * Tiernan then smiles at Hans. "You believe in you not...?" * Points to the medallion on the floor. * * Reisha crumpled onto the floor, bleeding profusely. She looks like she wanted to say one more thing... but never got the chance... <Hans> ... * David crawls next to Reisha, brushing the hair from her eyes... <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. * Hans clenches his fist. <Tiernan> Let me tell you something...She is mortal just as I was...and will not help you. She abandoned you. All of you... Realize that now as I strip you of your life! <David> ...Reisha... * Tiernan slashes at Hans with his scythe! <Hans> *Grunts* Go to hell...! <Tiernan> Oh but Hans, we're already there... * David closes his eyes and quickly stands, opening them once again to reveal a cool blue gaze that resembles Baine's... * Reisha doesn't move. For the first time since he's known her, she looks... pitiful... -_- <Narrator> == Tiernan cuts Hans through with the scythe... He slumps to the ground in a heap... * Hans grabs Tiernan's neck with one hand in an attempt to squeeze and snap it, but he is too weak from all the hits he's taken. * David holds AmeShi out in front of him, snarling... <Tiernan> Nice try... <Hans> Ugh... * Tiernan then turns to Kodah. "Hello...FRIEND." *Sarcastic* <Narrator> == Hans takes 110 damage! Dispatched. <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. <Kodah> Erk! o_O <David>,! Get out of here!!! <Tiernan> Humph. Friendship...Another thing that is overrated. Gods are meant to have a solo existence...and you simply do not amount to anything anymore Kodah... * Kodah tries to avoid the scythe's path! "You're not getting me without a fight!" <Tiernan> ...Hmm...You know. You won't just have Mitula trying to kill you anymore...You'll have ME trying to off you as well! * Tiernan slashes at him with his scythe! <Tiernan> ...Life sucks half-breed...doesn't it? <Tiernan> Best to give up while we're ahead... * David trembles faintly but keeps himself steady, AmeShi blazing... <Narrator> == The scythe chops down Kodah at a speed that even he can't evade... 187 damage! Critical! Dispatched! <David> ... <Tiernan> Well now...David... * Kodah holds the gash in his abdomen, as if he could hold back the flowing ichor with will alone. <Kodah> Damn... * Kodah collapses. <Tiernan> It's just you...and me... * David looks at Kodah...and then at Tyr... <David> ... * David crouches, bringing AmeShi back... * Tiernan smiles and you see the strange twitching under his shirt again, the muscles tensing and moving. <Narrator> == Tiernan can attack. <David> You are not a are a pitiful wretch... <Tiernan> ...First, I must ask you what you and your precious former sensei did in your spare time...What if Reisha found out about your little scandal...or your good parents? * David grits his teeth roughly... <David> Shut up!!! <Tiernan> Oh...and Jeyer! * David snarls... <David> I'll...I' son of a bitch... * Jeyer doesn't force himself to turn to look at Tiernan... <Tiernan> Did you know your....ahem...Son had relations with a convicted phenophile...? * David closes his eyes... <Jeyer> ... <Tiernan> That's right...You heard me. <Tiernan> Son. <David> N-no... <Tiernan> Why don't you tell him the truth...'daddy'? * David opens his eyes, looking frantically at Reisha's body and then at Jeyer and then at Tyr... <David> Lies...lies... <David> All of them... <Jeyer> ... It seems even a God doesn't understand... * Jeyer clutches Aura closer, trying to hide her from all this... <Tiernan> ...Maybe it's you who doesn't understand, watch might learn something! * Tiernan slashes at David while his defenses are down! <Narrator> == David takes the scythe across the gut... 125 damage! Dispatched! * David jerks forward roughly as the scythe rips through his stomach cleanly, his blood pouring down to the floor and bubbling from his mouth as he gasps... * Tiernan licks the blood off the scythe, and turns to Jeyer. * Jeyer growls softly... * David falls forward, catching himself on his hands before sinking to the ground... <Jeyer> Go... AWAY, Zeon... * Tiernan blinks. "What are you babbling about?" <Tiernan> I am Volcanon. Get your immortals straight! * Jeyer growls and spits at Tiernan! "You heard me, you impure beast... You're nothing more than a puppet to an even stronger God... You are pathetic to my eyes..." <Tiernan> Lying son of a bitch...How clueless you are! * Jeyer smirks painfully... "How does it feel to be controlled by your sworn enemy...? How does it, VOLCANON?" <Tiernan> I have no idea what you're talking about, peon! But I will silence you shortly...after...I finish her! * Tiernan slices at Aura's prone body! <Narrator> == The scythe glides through Aura! 120 damage! Dispatched! * Jeyer howls and turns on Tiernan, his force unleashed! <Narrator> == Jeyer casts Ancient Anger! <Narrator> == A deep, powerful energy emerges from Jeyer's body! The field seems to grow beyond the boundaries of time... A large, white gate appears in front of Tiernan... * Tiernan eyes widen, and he spins toward Jeyer in realization. "YOU!" <Narrator> == The gate slowly opens, the other side being of pure white... The land behind it... Grandiose and endless... Plunges Tiernan into a paralyzed state.... <Tiernan> Damn! <Narrator> == Suddenly, a large flare of light emerges from the gate and hits Tiernan square in the chest! Tiernan flies back with a deep gurgle! 423 damage! * Jeyer slumps to the ground as the gate fades away... * Tiernan clutches his chest, some blood coming out from his mouth. "Good...Job...Very...good job...I'm almost...impressed. But you just made a dire mistake that will cost you dear." * Tiernan slashes at Jeyer with his scythe! * Jeyer glares at Tiernan... "Did I...? I think not..." <Narrator> == Tiernan's scythe hits Jeyer fully, paralyzing his whole body! 246 damage! Critical! Jeyer falls unconscious! * Tiernan smiles sadistically and raises one of his hands up into the air, a ball of darkness gathering in it...then hurls it at Jeyer's body! <Narrator> == The ball of energy collides violently on Jeyer's body! 138 damage! Critical! Jeyer screams out unconsciously! * Tiernan spins around slowly in the air. "A little curse...Dear Jeyer...Let the Earth which I created rebel against you. can keep your powers. More fun for you...Too bad that gravity will now defy you...and you'll be too slow to even walk on your own!" * Tiernan laughs insanely, and warps away as the town burns to ash around you! <Tiernan> ~I'll be back for you later...keeper...~ <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! (tm) ===== <Narrator> Kodah awakens slowly, floating in a dark, empty void... His senses are numbed as he slowly comes to... <Kodah> Oogh...that sucked big vein-ridden pulsating donkey dong... X_x <Narrator's Aid> == You hear faint crying... <Kodah> Huh...? Wazzat? <Narrator's Aid> == "Kodah...?" <Kodah> Who's there? * Kodah tries to look around. <Narrator's Aid> == The voice sounds like Tyr's...but not the harsh voice you just heard...the soft spoken one that was once your friend. <Kodah> that you? <Tiernan> ...Kodah! <Tiernan> ...Help...please...I...I didn't...I can't... <Kodah> Where are you?! <Tiernan> I don't's so dark here...It hurts... <Tiernan> Claws...Blood...Celia...she...she...I'm so scared... * Kodah tries to move around. <Kodah> Damn! <Kodah> Celia? What about Celia? <Tiernan> She...she...I don't know...she's ...not a nice person... <Narrator's Aid> == You hear footsteps coming slowly toward you. <Kodah> Did she do something to you? <Tiernan> ...She put something in me...I don't know... <Kodah> Rgh, damn...Tyr! Keep talking, I'll find you...somehow. <Tiernan> I...I want to sleep...So hard... <Kodah> No Tyr! Don't go to sleep! <Tiernan> ...Hard to walk... * Kodah struggles to move, becoming more desperate. <Narrator's Aid> == Kodah finally sees Tiernan in the distance. His skin is almost as pale as when you first saw him in the stasis pod. His clothes are ripped to near shreds, and his body is cut and bruised in many places. Some blood still flows from them as he stumbles ahead. <Kodah> Oh my god...Tyr. * Tiernan looks up at Kodah with haunted eyes. "I...I can't..." * Kodah tries to summon enough strength to heal Tyr, but can't quite find the power. * Tiernan falls to his knees. <Kodah> Tyr...hang on! <Tiernan> Cold... * Kodah tries to move towards Tyr, putting all his effort into it. <Tiernan> I...I don't know what's happening...but I ...I'm sorry...I... * Tiernan starts to cry... <Kodah> Don't you dare give up on me Tyr! <Narrator> == A large, demonic hand lunges for Tiernan, grabbing him roughly! * Tiernan screams! <Kodah> Tyr!! <Tiernan> Kodah!! Get away! He'll kill you! Get away!! * Kodah struggles to move! <Narrator> == The hand squeezes Tiernan and pulls him back slowly... <Kodah> Stop it!! TYR!! * Tiernan's wounds bleed more...his eyes roll up into his head and he passes out from the pain. <Kodah> RGH! <Narrator> == The darkness settles around Kodah... <Kodah> Dammit! <Narrator's Aid> == A dark, sinister voice speaks. "He's mine now..." <Narrator> Kodah suddenly shakes awake and returns to the carnage of the battlefield... Everyone around him is unconscious... <Kodah> Gah! <Kodah> Wha...where am I? * Kodah blinks, as the events of a few minutes ago return to him. * Kodah struggles to stand, and begin the arduous task of rousing the group back to consciousness. <Narrator> Kodah starts the process of picking up the pieces left of the shattered image of the Shining Force... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====