Shining Force RPG 2 Session 29
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force, after a humiliating defeat at the hands of Volcanon, slowly return to their senses... The shrine of Mitula, somewhat oddly placed in this land, helped Kodah revive the Shining Force... A large crater is all that's left of Saith, the once peaceful little town... * Jessica starts to stir, still in Darin's arms. * Kodah sits by the statue, looking quite exhausted * David twitches in his sleep, growling * Meredith is still sorta sleeping, but she's mumbling something about the band practice in her head and how it has to stop. <Jessica> Guys? Are you all alright? <Hans> Ughh... * Hans puts his hand on his head * * Aura blinks her eyes open and sees legs in front of her * David kicks a little * Meredith is kicked by David and kicks back! <Kodah> ... * David grunts and whimpers softly, flopping over onto his other side * Aura looks up and sees she's curled up next to Jeyer * Hans tries to get up to his feet, but just falls back and onto the ground * * Indigo appears in a flash of bright white light. <Indigo> Hi hi! ^_^ * Jeyer, exhausted from his experience, is now resting... * Jessica doesn't want to get up..seeing how Darin's still holding onto her. * Meredith then kicks Indy in her sleep. * David opens his eyes slowly.. * Hans tries to get up again * * Indigo ows. :( * Kodah blinks, noticing that some people are stirring...finally * Aura tries to sit up and whinces * Hans falls back, but is caught by a column * * Indigo pokes Meredith and sits down. <Meredith> Ow. * David squints and his hand runs to where the wound that killed him was....only to find it gone or at least healed.. * Meredith stays asleep. * Aura inches close to Jeyer and feels his wrist for a pulse <David> ....? * David sits up slowly.. <Jessica> are you all alright? <Narrator> Jeyer has a pulse... Faint, but present... <David> This is a really ugly afterlife. * Indigo lies down and looks around. <Indigo> This is the afterlife? <Jessica> I think we're still alive, David.... * Aura frowns and checks his breathing.. <David> I would hope not, Indy. <Kodah> You;re all alive...I think * David grimaces at Jess. "Grand." * David stands slowly.. <Narrator> Jeyer's breathing is steady... <Indigo> Well, when I left you were all alive in that temple. I went looking for Grandma. <David> So what happened? * Hans shakes his head, and tries to get his eyes back into focus... * * Johei rubs his head gingerly, getting up on all four of his feet and looking around in a slightly unbalanced manner. <Kodah> Tyr...Volcanon kicked our collective asses * Aura gently shakes Jeyer <David> I remember that come we're still....breathing? <David> I remember getting killed.. <Indigo> Tyr? But Tyr couldn't hurt a fly?! He's so sweet and innocent. <Kodah> 'Cause we weren't killed <Kodah> Tyr is Volcanon Indigo <David> What..? <Jessica> no joke....the aura I sensed about Tyr was the same as the one I sensed about that woman, Celia. Could there be a connection? <Kodah> And something's wrong with him... <Johei> Volcanon? Huh? @_@ <Indigo> Really? Hmmmmm....I remember getting his answering service long ago.... * David slumps down into a sitting position with a grimace.. * Aura shakes Jeyer again.. * Jeyer groans and falls over <Jeyer> Ow.. * Meredith sits up, beginning to awaken. "...The evil presence is gone..." * Hans manages to walk forward * <David> For now.. * David looks over at Rei's form.. * Aura eefs and pats Jeyers head <Hans> The shrine... <Meredith> ...So who was it? <Hans> It wasn't destroyed... <Jessica> but we have to stop Tyr before he can destroy everything...but....what about Rei? Is she ok? <Meredith> Dark Dragon? <Kodah> I'm not sure <Indigo> Well, I'll have a talk with that young man! Volcanon or not, he has no reason to do this. I won't let him see Sasha if he keeps this sort of behavior up! <David> Still asleep, Jess.. <Aura> okay..? * Meredith blinks! <Meredith> Whoa! * Jeyer pushes himself back up, grumbling.. "I feel like a pile of bricks is holding me down.." <Hans> Does Reisha have a pulse? * Meredith stares at Indigo. "What did you just say?" * Aura pulls herself to her feet painfully and tries to help Jeyer up.. * David stands forcefully and walks to Rei, making sure she's alive.. <Indigo> Sasha is my daughter and she and Tyr are in love. If he keeps acting up, I won't let them go on dates. <Jessica> .oO(Another day, another useless thought from the resident psycho summoner.) <Meredith> No, what did you call Tyr. * Kodah looks at Merideth, "Tyr IS Volcanon Merideth..." <Meredith> ....He is?! <Indigo> Oh, a young man. Or phoenix. Or whatever.... <Meredith> Then where is he!? * Jeyer shakes his head... "I'll stay here, Aura.. Thanks anyways." * David looks at Jeyer next.. <Meredith> It's my job to locate him and take him back to Bedoe... * Aura frowns.."i don't want to leave you here.." <Indigo> I don't know. He was gone when I got here. <Kodah> I don't think he wantes to go with you. SOmething's wrong with him.. <Meredith> ....Wrong...? <Jessica> How do you propose to do that, Meredith? You saw how powerful he is...are you just going to hog-tie him and carry him to Bedoe? <Indigo> The last I remember, we were all going to an Inn together, then he wandered off and got lost, so we're looking for him. ^_^ Tyr is silly sometimes, and needs to be looked after. Sometimes I think of him like the baby son I never had. ^_^ <Jeyer> I don't have the strength to get up.. Can I just rest a while..? <Kodah> He was evil Meridith...he kicked our asses and enjoyed it <Johei> Tyr is a baby... wow.. :D * David rests his head in his hands.. <Meredith> ...Wait a're not saying the evil presence was.... <Meredith> ...It can't be true.... <Indigo> No, he has the heart and mind of a baby though. :D <Jessica> Volcanon....Tiernan. * Meredith hangs her head down and clenches her hands. "It * Aura nods.."as long as you think you'll be alright.." <Meredith> "It's impossible..." <Hans> I think we should all rest a bit... We are low on our strength, and who knows what's out there now <Jessica> I think he's being manipulated.... * Indigo nods. * David stands.. <Indigo> Tyr is very gullible. We shouldn't let him be manipulated. * Jeyer rubs his eyes and mumbles, "I'll be fine.." <Jessica> Meredith, if it's possible at all, we'll bring Tyr back to his senses... * Aura nods.."okay.." <Kodah> It is possible. And it IS happening <David> Enough....enough of this useless dribble. Now what do we do? * Indigo smiles and nods. <David> Where do we go next? * Meredith clenches her hands together again... <Indigo> I'll put him over my knee! ^_^ <Hans> Well, we need to get our strength back <Jessica> That's a good question. Did he say where he was going to go next? * David squints <David> I...can't recall. * Meredith raises her head and glares at Indigo. "Oh. Shut. UP." <David> ....Kodah? * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> I'll go look for him! If I can find Mitula, I can find him! <Kodah> We keep moving to Arc Valley. This whole mess CAN'T be a coincidence * Aura eefs and slumps to the ground..her arms hugging across her middle where she got slashed * David nods <Hans> I agree with Kodah. Arc valley sounds like a good suggestion * Indigo waves, filling up with brilliant white light to go off looking. <David> Arc valley...but can we first find a village near here? <Meredith> Oh don't you smile like that, you bitch! It's your fault Tyr is like this! If you hadn't cast the Final Judgement, he would be SANE right now! Just stay put and don't cause any more trouble, or...Or I'll kill you! I'll KILL YOU! <Indigo> Oh! I have a better idea! * Johei pokes Aura. <Jessica> hold on, Meredith..... <Hans> a village...? * David scowls and grabs Meredith's shoulder. "Nobody will be killing anyone." <Hans> Hmm... * Aura blinks up at Johei.."what..?" <David> Calm down. <Johei> Hi. ^_^ <Meredith> How can you defend that woman?! Do you have any idea what this could lead to?! * Indigo smiles and starts gathering her blue-silver energy up in a move that would be eeriely familiar to David's parents. :P <Jessica> the utter destruction of our world. I know. <Johei> Do you know what's going on? Everybody's making all these funny noises and I don't understand.. <David> Meredith....I got a friend's scythe through the gut. I know just a tad. * Aura eefs.."how can you be so happy?" <David> I know the world could end. <Meredith> ... <David> But can we work to save it? <David> Instead of squabbling? <Meredith> ...Sigh. I know, I know. But if she botches up one more time, I'm not responsible for my actions. <Indigo> This got through once, so it should work again. Tyr, incoming message! * Kodah stands up, "Sounds like sage advice to me David." <Johei> I dunno. ^_^ Why do you think? * David gets a thin smile, pained. "Of course, Meredith." * David nods to Kodah.. * Indigo fires her energy upwards in a tight beam to try to reach him, as she did so many years ago. <Meredith> ...Do you hate him now, David? <Hans> Indigo... do you ever stop talking...? <Aura> we just died you fr00t!!! <David> ....I. * David goes quiet <Meredith> Honestly? * Jessica starts to get up and supports Darin over her shoulder. "A little help here, please?" <Johei> Oh... we did? * Kodah dusts himself off, throwing another glance at the statue <David> I don't know. He killed me. He killed the woman I...anyway. I don't know. I don't think its him. <Aura> yes.. * Hans helps Jess lift up Darin * Aura tries to pull herself to her feet again.. <Meredith> ...But do you think it's Volcanon? <Jessica> Thank you, Hans. <Hans> Question, though... <Jessica> I think Tyr's being manipulated..possibly by that Celia woman. I sense a dark aura around her. <David> Possibly... but its not Tiernan... Tiernan is completely someone else...its like...Tiernan's....possessed... <Hans> Which way IS Arc Valley? <David> A shell.. <Johei> That's funny... that must be the reason I was feeling so warm and tingly outside.. ^_^ <Meredith> ....Well....Perhaps I can shed some light on how Tyr is so different than Volcanon... * Aura growls at Johei <Meredith> Give me a moment to think about it... * Kodah looks at Merideth <Jessica> let's get to a village first. <Indigo> Tyr's nice, Volcanon's distant and sometimes cold. * Indigo continues firing her beam. <David> Can we go to a village first? * Aura gets to her feet, and looks down at Jeyer.."can we at least get you out of the road? then you can rest.." <Narrator> == Indigo's summons fails... A corruption in the beam severs its connection. <Meredith> I can explain my theory while we walk... * David nods. * Indigo sighs. * Jeyer whimpers pathetically and tries to get up.. * Jessica nods. "Let's go." * Kodah gathers his gear amd looks over the rest of the group, "Everyone set to go?" * David bends down to gently lift Reisha's form.. * Aura tries to help Jeyer up.. <Indigo> Well, I'll have to do it the old-fashioned way...oh hey Jughead. <David> Yes.. <David> Someone help Jeyer. * Indigo waves to Jeyer. * Hans realizes something * * Indigo starts to flare with bright white light. * David has a bit of bitterness in his voice but holds Reisha protectively <Hans> Oh, no... I left all my supplies in the Inn... * Jeyer falls to his knees and growls... "Dammit... I hate feeling this pathetic..." <Hans> Well, I guess I'll need to start from scratch again... * Meredith helps Jeyer up. "...Wha...?" <Kodah> Jeyer...? Are you all right? <Jessica> let's go. <Indigo> I'll go hunting for Tyr the way I look for Grandma Mitula. Oh, Jeyer, you're hurt, it's a mortal thing, get used to it. * Aura whimpers and gets down on her knees to talk to Jeyer.."please..c'mon..." <David> Indigo, leave him be. <Meredith> Indigo, something tells me we'd be better off hunting Tyr in PAIRS. * Indigo blinks at David. <Meredith> No...not pairs. * Aura growls at Indigo <Meredith> Big freakin' armies. <Indigo> You almost sound like your mother there Davie. <Kodah> ... * David grunts. * Indigo smiles warmly. <David> Lets just go. <Indigo> She'd be so proud. * Jeyer growls at Indigo and casts Heat Wave lv. 1 at her! <Indigo> Ow! * David begins to look strained.. * Jessica is still supporting Darin over her shoulder, but seeing how she's not really strong enough to keep him up...she would be straining if it weren't for help from Hans. * Indigo falls then, then kicks Jeyer hard in the crotch. <Indigo> Creep! <Narrator> == Jeyer casts Heat Wave Lv. 1... The spell fails, a force pushing him down on the ground HARD... * Kodah blinks <Hans> Hand on, Jessica... * Hans gather light in his hands * <Hans> Strength up! * Aura frowns and wraps her arms around Jeyer..trying to help him up * Hans raises a hand into the air and Jessica gets alot of strength back * Jeyer seems on the brink of tears as he's helped up by Aura.. * Kodah walks over to Jeyer and looks him over * Johei scratches his head. * Indigo gives Jeyer another good knee and storms off. * Meredith looks at Kodah. "Do you sense what I sense?" <Meredith> Oh back off Indigo! <Narrator> == Hans Casts Boost on Jessica... Strength flows through her body... <Hans> How about now, Jess? <Jessica> it's better, Hans, thanks. <Kodah> I'm not sure, but something's not right here... * Aura gets Jeyer to his feet, and suports him by wrapping her arm around his middle, and his arm around her shoulder <Indigo> Jeyer's a creep, I never understood what Kara saw in him. * Jeyer sighs resolutely.. "Thanks, Aura.." * Kodah holds out his palm to Jeyer, "Jeyer, hit my hand as hard as you can, please." <Meredith> ...Anyway... * Jessica starts walking. "We need to go. Come on." * Meredith walks along, getting to where David is. * David cuddles Reisha to him.. * Aura smiles up at Jeyer.."you're tried to save me...least i can do is help you up.." * Indigo skips off ahead, then stops. <Indigo> I have an idea! ^_^ * Indigo glows blue. * Hans sees Indigo glow blue * Oh no! -_- * Jeyer glances at the necklace around her neck and looks on, trying to put some weight on his legs.. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of Air, I summon you! Go find Tyr and bring him to us! * Jessica's eyes flash red as a fireball ignites around Indigo. "NO MORE SUMMONING!" <Narrator> == Indigo's summoning is interrupted... * Aura kisses Jeyer's cheek gently, and tries to get him to walk.. * Indigo pouts, then composes herself and tries again. <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of Air, I summon you! Go find Tyr and bring him to us! <Meredith> Indigo...don't you get it...? Tyr's...not himself....wait, maybe he should come. THe rest of will run while he guts Indi...brillaint. <Jessica> good idea, Meredith. <Hans> Mitula might disapprove, but I feel like beating the bejeezus out of Indigo -_- * Jeyer glances at Kodah.. "Maybe a little later..?" * Indigo pats down her clothes. <Jessica> join the club, Hans. <Hans> You're telling me, Jess <Kodah> ... <Indigo> No no, I have an idea. Tyr can't fight me for a good reason. <Kodah> All right Jeyer. Later then. <Meredith> Why can't he fight you? <Indigo> Because if he does, I won't let him marry Sasha. <Narrator> == Indigo's summoning succeeds... Atlas flies overhead, scouting the area ahead... * Kodah shifts his pack, "Let's get going shall we?" <Meredith> WHO CARES?? * Indigo waves to Jeyer. * Aura slowly steps forward..trying to urge Jeyer along <Meredith> The fate of the world, sad to say, is more important than your precious Sasha! <Indigo> Bye Jerker! Put an ice pack on it. <Meredith> Get THAT through your head! <Jessica> David, can I impale Indigo on a ice dagger? * Aura glares at Indigo.."would you kindly SHUT UP!?!?" <David> No. * Jeyer motions Aura to let him go so he can try walking on his own.. <Meredith> ...Anyway... <Indigo> Yes, but Tyr cannot fight me because he loves my daughter, so that makes it important. * Indigo smiles and skips off. * Aura slowly moves from Jeyer.. * Kodah glares at Indigo <Hans> Indigo, that wouldn't stop me <Jessica> that wouldn't stop anyone.. * Meredith glares at Indigo. * Jeyer starts walking, almost tripping over a rock... But walks on his own nonetheless.. * Hans is about to get mad * <Indigo> But you've never been in love! ^_^ <Meredith> She's so blind to what's happening... -_- * Aura walks next to Jeyer.. * Kodah starts heading off, "Let's go people, we can't really wait around here." * Hans blushes heavily * O_O <Hans> Uhmm... Yeah, I have been, Old Lady! :P * Jessica follows Kodah, supporting Darin over her shoulder. <Indigo> Not to worry. I'll find the power, become a Goddess, and *then* put Tyr over my knee and....what did you call me?! * Indigo turns around, glowing orange. <Jessica> and why do you think I stay with Darin, Indigo? I love him. * Meredith laughs at the image of Volcanon being slapped on the butt by this pychotic moron. ^^ * Indigo glares menacingly at Hans, then smiles to Jessica. <Indigo> Love is beautiful, isn't it? ^_^ <Meredith> Oh my god! HA Ha.....sorry. Funny mental image ^^: Go on.. * Aura glares at Indi..."i sure hope you werent talking to all of us...because i will hurt you.." <Hans> Hmm... It appears that I've made an enemy...? o_O <Meredith> Everyone hates her Hans, it's not you. * Indigo giggles. <Jessica> she's psycho, Hans.... * Hans glances over at the pint-sized senior citizn summoner * _; <Indigo> Oh, but they usually get over it. I mean, I hit the King of Granseal with a tidal wave once, and he forgave me. ^_^ * Kodah looks out over the terrian, letting his senses open up to posibilities <Jessica> Only because you were traveling with the first shining force.... * Meredith steps up to Kodah. "Are you okay...?" * David just remains quiet, clutching Rei.. * Aura takes Jeyer's hand in her's somewhat absentmindedly * Indigo raises her arms over her head, makes whooshing airplane noises, and starts humming the Rainbow Brite music *really* loud. * Kodah begins to turn around...and looks at Jeyer * Jeyer blinks... And holds her hand back, squeezing it gently.. * Indigo looks back as she runs far ahead. * Jeyer feels Kodah's eyes on him... "Yes, Kodah?" * Darin coughs... * David looks down at Reisha, sighing softly.. "Rei.." * Aura smiles softly while she walks.. <Kodah> You...there's something... <Indigo> I thought you were staying behind Jughead, to nurse your shattered.... ummm...well you know. <Jessica> Darin? <Meredith> ..I sense it too. <Kodah> Do you have something from Arc Valley on you? * Indigo making a kneeing motion. <Hans> David, which way is Arc Valley? * David growls. <Hans> I mean, the whole city was obliterated <David> Indigo. Shut the hells up. <Meredith> Er...that's not what I sensed...but ^^: <Darin> .... J.. Jessica? <Hans> Do we have a way to tell directions? * Jeyer goes white even moreso than before.. * David looks at Hans. "Ask Kodah." <Jessica> are you alright? <Kodah> Just hang on everyone, I'm working on it * Indigo glows brown. <Darin> .. I.. I think so.. what happened? <Hans> Welcome back to the land of the conscious, Darin <Jessica> Tiernan happened.... <Darin> ... Thanks.. <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of Earth, show us to the Arc Valley, for yours is the ground of the planet. * Aura walks closer to Jeyer <Hans> Somebody, PLEASE make her stop! -_-; <Jessica> someone please stop that psycho from destroying the planet? * David hugs Rei tighter.. <Hans> 'Scuse me for a sec, Jessica <Narrator> == Dao is summoned... Dao blinks at Indigo... Then dissapears, completely confused. * Hans walks over to Indigo * Indigo sighs. <Indigo> We're going to have to have one of those talks, huh? <Jessica> Darin, can you walk? * Hans hits Indigo upside the back of the head and walks back over to Darin and Jess and helps support Darin again * <Meredith> Actually Indigo....Volcanon made the ground....and the Earth...and us. Dao just governs it.... <Darin> I.. c.. I can try... <Jeyer> ... Kodah. Can we not discuss this right now?... I beg of you. <Hans> That felt good! :) <Indigo> Oh! * Indigo falls forward, glares, and tries again. * David mutters. "Just another thing not to discuss right now." <Indigo> Dao, Elemental of Earth, show us to the Arc Valley. * Aura blinks...wondering what Kodah is talking about <Jessica> that would be a good idea, Darin. * Kodah raises an eyebrow at Jeyer, but lets it drop * David turns his attention back to Rei.. <Jessica> that way I can fireball Indigo. * Hans mumbles to himself * Maybe if we walk REALLY fast, we can lose the summoner... o_O <Kodah> Nevermind, the most important thing is that I think I can find a way to Arc Valley * Jeyer moves on faster, pulling Aura along absentmindedly... <Meredith> ...Anyway...are you okay...Kodah...? * Aura eeps and walks faster <Meredith> I know...That Tyr was... * Meredith sighs. "I can't believe this is happening..." <Kodah> Yeah, I'm fine * David sighs and leans down to kiss Rei's forehead before looking forward.. * Jeyer hears Aura eep and slows down, feeling ridiculous... <Meredith> ...You're sure? <Hans> Darin, can you stand? <Hans> On your own, I mean <Kodah> Let's just keep moving, shall we? * Aura looks at Jeyer's face and thinks.. * David squeezes Rei's unconcious form tighter in his arms, carrying her.. * Darin tries to stand on his feet.... <Meredith> ...You know... * Indigo looks back to see if Dao responded. * Jessica keep supporting Darin, so he can get his legs back under him good. <Narrator> == Dao did not respond... * Indigo sighs. <Meredith> It's funny...I think I understand why Tyr is so different than Volcanon....they are the same....but... <Indigo> You can't get good help nowadays! * Aura kisses Jeyer's cheek again.. <Indigo> Tyr, we're going to have to talk about the quality of your helpers, okay?! * Jeyer blinks and gives Aura a funny look... * Kodah looks out over the terrain again, then fixates on a direction <Jessica> Darin? <Meredith> Kodah? <Meredith> Are you listening to me? * Aura blushes and moves away from jeyer a bit * Meredith sighs. <Indigo> I know you're a busy God and all, but couldn't you give them the ability to understand more than one sentence commands? I mean, Gods! <Narrator> Large parapets can be seen in the distance... To the south... <Meredith> It's okay.... <Hans> Hmm... * Darin looks at Jessica... "I was afraid that I'd lost you for good, Jess... that I would never...." He is walking, though not sturdily. * Indigo shakes her head and runs for the parapets. <David> Meredith.... * Kodah jumps at Merideth's voice, "Ak!" o_O * Jeyer moves his gaze and starts in a coughing fit... <Jessica> I felt the same way after I woke up. <Meredith> You aren't fine, Kodah... :/ Not emotionally... <Meredith> But I guess that's expected... * Reisha moans softly in David's arms. * Meredith looks like she wants to cry. * Aura eeps and tries to stop Jeyer * David blinks, startled...he looks down at Rei.. <David> Reisha.. <Indigo> Last one there is a rotten Jeyer! * Indigo giggles as she races ahead. * Kodah's face falls a bit, "No...I...I guess I'm not. But...I...really...can't deal with this just now. If I don't keep moving I'm afraid I'll go nuts or something" :\ * Jeyer stops coughing and growls to himself, then mumbles under his breath, "Damn that infernal Zeon.." * Darin smiles softly at Jessica... * David looks sad and kisses her forehead again, hugging her some more... <Meredith> ... <Hans> Ok, I don't think Darin needs me to help support him. * Aura frowns, not knowing who Zeon is, and goes back to holding Jeyer's hand <David> Meredith..Kodah.....lets just...find some place to rest.. * Jessica smiles back at Darin, tiny tears starting to well up in her eyes. She holds onto Darin for dear life. <David> Some place semi-safe..? * Jeyer moves along, looking grim.. <Meredith> I agree...I...I need to think to myself for a while. * Hans stops supporting Darin * * David nods.. <Jessica> I think that castle should do the trick. * Indigo screams at the top of her lungs. <Kodah> Yeah...maybe some rest will be good... <Kodah> Wha? o_O <Indigo> The Shining Force approaches, make way! <David> nnh <Jessica> look due south of here... * Indigo glows orange. <David>! * Aura sighs...wishes Jeyer would actually notice that she likes him.. <Indigo> Apollo, Elemental of Fire, make a rain of fireballs shoot over the castle! <David> ... <Jessica> Oh Gods no... <David> Indigo... * Darin hugs Jessica close. <Meredith> THAT'S IT!! <Jessica> she's going to destroy the town.... <David> No...the summons aren't working. * Meredith bonks Indigo over the head, in an attempt to knock her out! * Hans steps a bit away from the large group, and looks back over his right shoulder * * Darin glares at Indi... * Kodah growls at Indigo <Narrator> == Apollo is summoned... A rain of fireball crashes over the castle. <Aura> god damn it indi.. * Meredith runs after Indi to knock her over the head :p * Aura growls at Indigo.. <David> ...or I could be wrong.. * David sighs, beginning to feel more and more unhinged.. <Indigo> Here comes the liberators of the world, never fear! <Kodah> IndiGOOOOO!! * Darin hisses..... "I swear I could KILL her!" * Reisha shifts a little as the fireballs make loud crashing noises. <Jessica> How did Lara ever put up with that psyco bitch? * Hans mumbles to himself some more * * David blinks a little and hugs Rei more protectively against him.. * Reisha opens her eyes slowly. <Hans> I'll need to find some herbs to replace my supply... And I'll need to make a new backpack... * David glances ahead and wonders if the castle has been burnt to a crisp. <Reisha> ........ huh? * Indigo waves her arms over her head and smiles to Johei. * Jessica walks on, holding onto Darin. * Kodah hustles towards the Castle, swearing mightily <Indigo> Hey Johei, if I ride on you, we can make a triumphal, heroic entrance! * David manages to smile as he continues to carry Reisha.. "Hey. Have a nice rest?" * Meredith smiles at Reisha. "Welcome back..." <Johei> Ride me? ^^; * Reisha blinks. "Sort of... we're still alive?" * Hans puts his hands into the pockets on his robe and feels something * Hmm...? <David> Yeah....we are...either that or we're cursed to an eternity of Indigo * Hans pulls out his flute * <Indigo> Sure! I'll stand on your back, and swing my staff, and you charge into town as the fireballs blast behind us! <Hans> Hey! I thought I lost it! <Indigo> In fact.... <Johei> That sounds like fun. ^_^ <Reisha> Eternity of Indigo.. damn, hell's a messed up place alright.. ^^ * Indigo drops back and jumps on Johei's back, then glows blue. * Kodah stands in front of both Johei and Indi, "I DON'T think so!" <Indigo> Atlas, Elemental of the Air, make a storm, with lightning flashing at our backs! * Reisha rubs her neck.. -_- <Johei> Onward! ^_^ * Meredith stands behind Indigo. * David blinks a little and coughs. "Can you walk on your own, Rei?" * Johei bumps against Kodah as he starts picking on speed. ^_^ <Narrator> == Atlas is already summoned looking for Tiernan, thus cannot fulfill the command <Indigo> Electro Thunderbolt Strike! ^_^ * Kodah refuses to budge from Johei's path * Indigo giggles. * Aura blinks at Indigo <Reisha> I think so. * Meredith raises her sword hilt, and WHACKS Indi over the head! * David gently puts Rei down.. <Meredith> NOW STAY! * David runs a hand through his hair, looking many many years older.. <Narrator> == Indigo falls over unconscious. :P * Reisha gets to her feet. "I bet you we're enjoying that way too much, lover boy.." ;) <Johei> Sir Kodah! You have to move or I won't be able to go onward! <Meredith> That's better. * Reisha then sighs. <Kodah> Any more tomfoolery and I swear to any gods that are left that I will break ALL of your legs! GO IT?! * David blinks in shock and laughs softly. "That I missed." * Johei blinks. "Why?" * Aura wipes at her eyes and starts to walk a bit faster.. * David looks down at the way his tunic is slashed open over his stomach.. * Hans puts the flute back into his pocket after looking at it for awhile * * David shakes his head.. <Kodah> Because, we are the Shining Force, and we DO NOT go around waving our banners, saying, "Here we are! Come attack us!" * Reisha looks down at the gash, still rubbing her neck where the dagger pierced.. <Johei> We don't...? * Darin sighs.. <Kodah> NO!! <Reisha> I can't believe what happened back there... <Jessica> No, we don't, Johei. * Hans looks over head and sees a small flock of birds pass by * <Johei> But then... * David sighs and looks at Reisha.. "Yeah...but....we're" <David> All of us.. <Johei> How will the bad guys know when we get there? * David looks about.. <Narrator> The hand of the Narrator smacks a bird, killing it * Hans sees one crap on Indigo * >:) >> <Reisha> Looks like it... * Meredith smiles. "Thanks Kodah." <Kodah> We walk into ordinary travelers. No show, no fanfare, no nothing! <Jessica> they have this uncanny way of knowing.... * Aura blinks at the dead bird lands in front of her <Kodah> Then we move on, as quietly as we came in. GOT IT?! * David rubs his stomach and sighs.. * Reisha sighs again. "Tyr... Volcannon.. this is such a mess.. and then after that.." <Hans> Well, we need Indigo NOT to summon once we're in town <Hans> We don't want to start a riot! <Jessica> Kodah, a question please? Was Indi this psycho when you two were with the previous shining force? * Jeyer gehs at the dead bird and side steps it, tripping and falling in a mudpit <Johei> Um... yes sir Kodah! But.. when do we fight demons then? <David> Reisha...... <Reisha> Urgh. I don't wanna think about it. * Aura acks and falls after Jeyer <Kodah> We fight ONLY when necesary <Meredith> She was a different psycho, Jessica, from what I've read. A more sadisitic psycho. * Jeyer oofs as Aura falls on him * Aura eeps as she lands on Jeyer and gets covered with mud <David> .... * David looks around.. <Reisha> Where are you going? * Jeyer growls.. "I can't take this anymore! No! Forget it, I'm staying behind.." * Reisha looks at the castle in the distance * Darin sighs again <Jessica> are you ok, Darin? <David> We're going to that get some rest.. <David> ...! <David> Jeyer.. * Kodah blinks at Jeyer, "Huh...? Now what?" <Meredith> Jeyer... * Aura blinks at Jeyer.."i'm not leaving you here.." * Indigo moans. * Meredith konks Indi on the head again <Meredith> Stay unconcious for more than five minutes, please. I need a break. <Indigo> OWW! * David growls and walks to the mud pitt, glaring at Jeyer as if wanting to hurt him. "Look, sulk all you want. You can't walk? We'll carry you. But you aren't staying here. Because I've got questions for you to answer." <Johei> Why are you hitting Indigo? Did she do something evil? <Darin> I'm worried, Jess... <Meredith> No, she's doing something annoying Johei. And if she doesn't stop, I * Jeyer sits up, still in the mud... "If you haven't noticed, Tyr, or as I prefer to call him, Zeon put a spell on me." <Jessica> worried about what? We're alive, Darin. <Reisha> Zeon...? <Kodah> ... <Meredith> I'll do....*turns to Jeyer* PARDON?! O_o <Jessica> O_O <Jeyer> I can't do ANYTHING.. I'm clumsy and I can't use my spells! <Indigo> Quit it Meri! And Jerker, quit slowing us down! My head hurts and I want to rest. * David sighs <Kodah> Did he say Zeon? <David> Indigo, shut the fuck up. <Meredith> He did. <Hans> Eh? Zeon? <Meredith> But you said it was Volcanon....who is it? * Aura blinks.."whos zeon..?" * Indigo moans. * Jeyer grumbles as he attempts to get up.. <Indigo> We destroyed Zeon, remember Jughead? * Kodah blinks, and thinks * Jessica creates a small field of cold around Indigo's mouth, using her ice magic. "Please let this freeze her damn lips shut." * Aura wraps her arms around Jeyer and helps him up.. * David looks strained and scowls, heading back to the front of the group.. * Darin blinks.. not believing.... anything of what's happening.. * Kodah whacks Indigo in the head, "IDIOT! Zeon's indestructible!" <Jeyer> Can someone kill of that annoyance of a sorceress? Being called Jerker makes it sound like I'm a sexual toy. <Indigo> Oww! <Indigo> I'm in better shape than you ninja-boy, if you want to go for it.... <David> CAN YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP AND GET YOUR FUCKING ASSES IN GEAR?! * Indigo turns around to face him. <David> JUST...GET...MOVING!!!! <Hans> Sorry, Jeyer, but she might come in handy in a fight. Her elementalist powers and her potential to be a decoy <Reisha> Good point, guy. * Jeyer grumbles and just moves along as fast as he can.. <Jessica> well, I can at least freeze her damn mouth shut. * Aura blinks at David..."what the fuck is your problem!? GIVE US a BREAK!! We just DIED DAMMIT!!!" <Narrator> == Jessica's spell succeeds... * Reisha shambles along, still very hurt.. <David> ......that is the point. <David> That is the freakin' point. <Meredith> Now...Jeyer....tell me. Which god is Tyr....Volcanon or Zeon? * Aura glares at David and continues to help Jeyer along.. * Indigo mumbles and hops about, swinging her staff wildly in all directions. * David scowls and then softens, sighing.. * Jessica starts back toward the castle. "We can talk about this in a more comfortable surrounding..." * Darin stays quiet.. his head hurting, and starting to feel ill <David> ...yes...Jessica is right.. * Jeyer grumbles as he moves along.. "He's both, okay?? Let's just GET to that castle, then I'll tell you ALL about it.." <Reisha> Got to keep going on... * Aura keeps her arm around Jeyer as they walk * Reisha rubs her head, clearing it. * David reaches out to touch Rei's shoulder.. <Meredith> Deal... * Hans follows a bit behind the rest of the Shining Force, by himself * * Jeyer sighs and whispers to Aura, "I'm sorry about the mud.." * Indigo looks to Johei to move, chipping at her mouth with the spike of her staff. * Aura smiles a bit.."thats okay..." <Reisha> I'm sorry David.. I'm just not in the greatest spirits after all this.. * Kodah grumps and pushes onto the town * Darin closes his eyes, his arm around Jessica, and letting her lead.... * Meredith quietly walks along... * Jessica leads Darin toward the town. <Kodah> Feh, what a mess... * Indigo continues chipping away with the spike of her staff. <David> I know, Reisha...I know... <Narrator> The Shining Force moves through the plains towards the castle town... As the team approaches the gates, they can see the militia guarding the gates... * David blinks tiredly at the militia... <Reisha> .oO( Trash.. am I really trash... damnit Tyr! -_- ) <Hans> Eh? A militia...? <Kodah> Hmm <Jessica> a military force? <Hans> Maybe they think that Tyr is heading this way...? <David> Who knows.. * Darin opens his eyes. "What?" * Aura sighs at the militia * Indigo waves to the guards, chipping the ice, then smashing it with her staff. * Aura hugs closer to Jeyer * David steps forward in front of the group... * Jessica holds the locket around her neck, which bears the seal of Guardiana. * Kodah keeps walking forward, figuring he'll find out about the militia soon enough * Reisha looks up for a second, and drops her head again. "Tell me these are the good guys." <Hans> Let's hope this militia isn't very hostile... * Darin puts his pendant under his jacket. <Jessica> I hope so. Maybe we'll see the seals on their armor and shields when we get closer. * Jeyer walks on, his arm wrapped around Aura... * David mutters... * Indigo holds up a book of the Sorcerers' Guild and shows her rainbow robes of the Final Judgement. * Indigo keeps smashing at the ice. * Hans pulls his hood down, and pulls out his Mitula pendant to where it's visible * <Kodah> . o O (Suuure Indi, why not put out a big sign saying, "Hi! This whole mess is MY fault. Come screw with me!") <Jessica> you idiot. I froze your lips together using the moisture in your mouth.... * David just walks.. * Aura sighs at Indigo.."shes gonna get us killed...again.." * Reisha just walks too, near David. * Meredith holds up a badge of the Vinosec. <Hans> Just keep Indigo quiet for a bit... The militia may think we're here to fight if she summons something <Meredith> I feel like a girl scout. -_- * Indigo keeps smashing the ice and mumbling. <Jessica> I froze her lips shut, Hans. <Jessica> ^_^ * Aura stays quiet back with Jeyer.. <Hans> Oh! o_O <Hans> Well, that solves everything! :) * Darin sighs and tightens his arm around Jessica <Hans> Let me get us through * Indigo thinks, then decides to try something. * David mumbles... "Damned Tiernan....damned Zeon...damned Volcanon..." * Indigo glows blue. <Hans> They probably won't let anything through * Jessica holds onto Darin. * Darin eyes Indi.."What the HELL is she doing?!" <Hans> So, just let me talk. Is that ok? * Meredith blinks at David. <Indigo> In her thought she says "Neptune, Elemental of Water, freeze Jess solid!" <Meredith> So you do hate him... <Kodah> ... <David> I don't hate him...perhaps I hate what he revealed. <Jessica> I froze her lips shut with my ice magic, Darin. The only way to shut her up. * Hans notices a specific flower on the ground * Ah! <Reisha> .... <Darin> Then why is she glowing, Jess? * Indigo concentrates, thinking that perhaps words are not necessary for her work, just thoughts. * Hans pulls it out of the ground, and pulls off it's roots * The guards glare at Indigo and then glance over to Meredith... "Vinosec.. Is this sorceress with you? We had an elemental attack the castle not long ago." <Hans> Take the ice off of her mouth * Aura sighs at indi.. * Hans tears the root open * David rubs his forehead... * Aura shakes her head.. * Hans then pours it's liquid into his hand * <Narrator> == Indigo's summoning fails. <Hans> This should knock her out. <Meredith> She is. You're welcome to put her in the brig though. She's...out of her mind. ;) * Hans slows down a bit * <Jessica> There's an understatement. <Reisha> Yeah.. I think you'd be doing us a favor. ^^ * Indigo frowns and flails with her staff angrily, flaring with white light, then blue, then black. <Hans> Jess, could you take the ice off her mouth for a second? * Jessica fireballs Indigo. "That should do the trick." * David steps forward to address the guards... "Sirs....please...let us enter, we are injured and ill....we desperately need to get rest and shelter...." * The guard grumbles.. "General Varhan, we have someone to arrest.." * Aura looks at the gaurds.. * Indigo falls from Johei's back and thrashes. * Hans quickly opens Indigo's mouth and slaps his hand against her mouth and the plant's insight juices go into her mouth. If effective, she will fall asleep in 5 seconds * <Narrator> A group of 12 guards grab indigo roughly and drag her off into the dungeon... <Hans> Let's hope this works... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... <Meredith> * David ehhs. ^^; * Indigo screams and kicks, headbutts, and thrashes against the guards. <Hans> o_O Well! THAT was useless! ^^; * Aura blinks.."they cant do that..can they?!" <Kodah> ... <Hans> WAIT! GUARDS! <Meredith> ...She needs a cool down time anyway. <Jessica> I think they can.... <Jessica> and they just did. <Meredith> We'll break her out when she's more....sane. <Narrator> == Indigo falls asleep as the guards drag her away... * Hans jogs up to the guards and stops them * <David> I am so not in control of this group. ^^; * Darin stays quiet... <Hans> I am a monk * Indigo slams her head against the guards's heads until she sleeps. <Hans> She and my friends are travelling with me on a trip of wisdom * Johei peers at Indigo, wondering what happened. <Hans> Could you please release my friend here? * Aura shakes her head at indi.. * David watches Hans tiredly and then looks at Meredith.. "Can you get these guys to let us in?" * Kodah stands by passively <Hans> It is said that Mitula was reincarnated into her body. * The guards glance at Hans... "No. She attacked the city of New Martilla. She will be tried tomorrow." <Hans> She would do terrible things to you! <Hans> Think of it, sir.. <Hans> All of your insides... Melt slowly and painfully! * Two guards grab Hans and pull him back to the entrance, ignoring Hans' rantings. * Jessica removes her hand from the pendant. "Maybe if I asked as an envoy from Guardiana...they would let us in." <David> Hans....let her be... <Hans> Nnngh! * Aura blinks..."oh no.." <Hans> Drat... * Meredith talks to the guards.... <Reisha> Forgot about her.. what about us! I'm tired, feel like shit, and nearly bought it an hour ago! ^^ * Hans walks back to the Shining Force * <Hans> Sorry. <Meredith> ..."Yes...and Volcanon....has lost his way....need shelter.... *A few other mumbled words*" <Hans> These guys don't seem to want to listen <Kodah> Let it go for now Hans * David shakes his head and staggers a little.. <Jessica> forget about Indigo, Hans... * Hans pulls his hood back over his head and tucks his pendant back under his robe * <Hans> We can get her out soon, I guess. * The guard at the entrance glances at Meredith.. "An odd party you have, Lady Meredith.." as he quickly flashes a symbol of the Vinosec to her... * Aura watches the gaurd.. <Hans> ...? * Jessica looks at the guard. * Hans walks up to Meredith's side and whispers to her <Hans> What's going on, Meredith...? <Hans> o_O * David rests his forehead in his hand. "May Mitula give me strength." * Jessica then looks to Darin. "Are you alright, love?" <Meredith> No kidding... <Meredith> We have entrance. Come in quickly. * Reisha rants a little more, not able to keep going because she's so beat. <Hans> Hm! O_O * Aura shakes her head.."what is going did i get stuck with these people.." <Narrator> The guard waves the Shining Force in... * Jessica walks into the castle, holding onto Darin. * Aura pulls Jeyer along with her * Hans slouches slightly, looking less monk-like * * Kodah nods to the guards and goes into the town <Hans> Say... What town is this again? * David heads in.. * Jeyer is pulled along. O_o; . o O ( I despise feeling this weak.. ) <Meredith> Don't know... <Hans> Hmm <David> At least we're somewhat secure here.. <David> Where's the nearest Inn.. <Hans> Well, wherever we are, we HAVE to be ready to leave tomorrow... <Meredith> Ah...New Martilla. <Meredith> That's it... <Hans> When Indigo wakes up... * Aura sighs and looks around.. <Hans> She'll blow through that place! * Kodah looks around the town <Hans> We'll have to get out of town quickly... Oh well. Sorry for being a bit of a pessimist. <Reisha> I don't care.. I just need to lie down sme.. <David> Lying down seems like a good idea.. * Jessica looks for an inn. <Hans> I'd have to agree... o_O * Hans thinks to himself... * <David> Though of some things I'm insanely curious.. * David glances at Jeyer.. <Hans> . o O( I wonder... Is there a weapon shop here? I need new gloves... ) <Jessica> yes. We all need some rest. *Looks at Darin* Are you ok, Love? * Hans looks at his leather gloves, which are now full of holes * o_O <Meredith> ...Let's rest.'d better explain what you meant by Zeon... <Meredith> I'm so confused... <David> And you'd better explain what Tiernan...Zeon...Volcanon said.... * David grunts.. * Aura stops supporting Jeyer so much.. <Kodah> ... <Reisha> Please don't remind me of that.. -_- <Hans> Hmm... * David mumbles. "Sorry." <Hans> I need to find some sort of flower garden... * David points at the building with a large sign on it that says 'INN' * Aura decides she should probably learn about..whoever they're taling about.. <David> Does that count? * Jeyer sighs.. "I'll explain.. Let's just... Get a room." * Hans looks left and right * <Jessica> yes, let's. * David heads for the Inn.. * Jessica follows David, half carrying Darin. <Reisha> I..n...n.. *gets a dazed look for a second* ^^ * Reisha heads for it. * Aura tries not to pull Jeyer along so much.. * David walks into the Inn, looking around.. * Meredith points "There's the inn." * Kodah keeps moving, not saying much * Jeyer glances over to Aura as he goes inside... * Jessica walks up to the counter. "Excuse me, sir?" * The Innkeeper turns around and looks at the group that just entered, blinking... "Looks like you're in need of rooms.. O_o" <David> That we are.. * Aura nods at the inkeeper.. <Jessica> yes...either a large suite or just a whole floor... * The innkeeper looks at the team... "So who's sleeping with who? I don't have enough vacancies for each of you to have a room... * David blinks <Reisha> Yes, Mr. Obvious. <Meredith> We'll bunk. It'll be a slumber party. :p * Jessica is holding onto Darin. "I'm with him." * Kodah blinks blearily, "I don't care at this point." * David blinks a little. ^^; <Hans> I just need to rest my feet. I never sleep... <David> Maybe I'll ^^; * Hans sits in a char near the wall * * Aura looks at Jeyer.. * Reisha points to David. "Hey, if we got to get cozy I'm sticking by big boy here." * David blinks and blushes. ^^; * The innkeeper tosses 6 keys on the counter... "That's all I got..." * David snatches up a key.. * Jeyer quickly snatches a key.. * David looks at Rei. ^^; * Aura grabs a key * Jessica takes a key. * Darin picks one up <Hans> Like I said, I think I'll just stay without a room... * Meredith picks up another * Darin hands it to Johei :P * Kodah leans against a convenient wall <Meredith> Anyway.... * Aura puts it back <Hans> That's about 2 people per room... <David> How much, Keep? <Meredith> Aura can stay with me. * Reisha just stands there, looking a mess. ^^ * Jeyer, without talking to anyone, takes his key and walk/crawls up to his room... <Meredith> Jeyer, wait! * Aura looks at meredith.. * Meredith grahs! "He didn't answer my damn question!" <Jessica> shall we, Darin? <Kodah> ... * Aura looks at Jeyer.. * Jessica smiles. * Jeyer stops and looks over his shoulder.. "What.." <Hans> Innkeeper, is there a garden nearby? <Meredith> ...Hold up a second... * Darin nods... * David blinks a little and offers Reisha the key to their room.. "Here.... go....get a bath and sleep...or sleep then get a bath..." * Aura keeps looking at Jeyer * Meredith walks towards him. "What did you Zeon...?" * Jessica walks up to hers and Darin's room. * Reisha looks at the key, then back up at him. "Fine.. but you're going to at least sleep on the floor instead of otuside.." :P * Jeyer grumbles.. "Let me get washed off.. And rest a little.. We can meet down here in an hour to discuss it." <Kodah> Fine by me <David> can have the bed, Rei... ^^; <Meredith> Deal. * David pays the innkeeper for the rooms * Meredith smiles. * Reisha swipes the shiny object. * Darin follows Jess * The innkeeper takes the money and nods at David. * Meredith then turns away from Jeyer and her smile dissapears. * Johei looks at his key and heads towards his room. <Reisha> Great.. cuase I can't stand up anymore! ^^ * Hans speaks a bit louder * inkeeper! * Jeyer continues on to his room... <Hans> Is there a garden nearby? * David grins faintly.. "Then go, before I have to carry you." * David walks to a chair beside a table and slumps in it.. * Aura watches Jeyer go.. * Reisha heads upstairs... * The innkeeper glances at Hans... "There is.. In the center of the castle... About ten minutes walk south..." * Aura looks at Meredith.."so I'm with you?" <Hans> Okay. Thank you, sir. <Meredith> Yep. :) <Meredith> But...there is something I need to do first... <Aura> huh..? * David mumbles tiredly.. "Please tell me I can hang myself now." * Meredith gives Aura the key. "You can go up first, if you want..." <Hans> Everyone, I'm going to gather some herbs for forty five minutes, ok? * David lets his forehead fall onto the table top. ^^: <Kodah> Fine * Aura shrugs.."okay..i'm gonna go take a shower.." <Meredith> Okay... <Hans> I'll try to get enough for each of us to have one or two * David closes his eyes and doesn't move. * Hans steps out the door * * Kodah snoozes, still leaning against the wall * Aura waves to Meredith and walks off to her room * Jessica goes into the room and drops her pack on the bed. "Do you want the shower first or should I take it?" * Darin walks into the room and sinks into a chair "You, love." <David> ...I have never been this tired in my entire life.. <Jessica> ok. * Reisha doesn't even bother showering.. she collapses on the bed.. o_o * Aura wanders into the room and doesn't make it to the bed..just collapses on the floor * Hans continues to the garden * * Jessica goes into the bath. Later, she walks out, dresses again, but her hair is still wrapped in a towel. * Aura winces and desides to take a shower.. * David mumbles and manages to pick himself up off the table, standing.. <Kodah> ZZzzZZzz... * Meredith walks to where Kodah is hanging out (Although she doesn't see him), pulls something from her pouch, sets it down on the floor, and kneels by it... * David heads to the Innkeeper.. * Darin is leaning back ing the chair, his eyes closed... * Aura crawls into the bathroom and closes the door behind her <David> Innkeeper...where can I get a good ale..? <Innkeeper> There's a tavern about two blocks down... <David> Thanks.. * Jessica looks at Darin, who is sleeping like a baby, and smiles. * The innkeeper nods. * Aura takes a looooong hot shower..crying most of the time * David nods and heads out of the inn and to the tavern... * Hans reaches the garden, due to the fast pace he was moving at * * Meredith mumbles something under her breath... <Hans> Wow. It sure is nice... * David proceeds to get some nice ale to warm his nerves. ^^; * Jessica taps Darin on the shoulder and slightly blows into his ear. * Aura leaves all her clothes and everything in the bathroom and wanders out..collapses onto the bed naked and cries into a pillow * Reisha is exhuasted, and laying on the bed crossways, draped oevr it in unconscious bliss. <Narrator> ===== An hour passes by... ===== * Hans arrives * <Narrator> Time passes and after The Shining Force is all rested and cleaned, they gather to the main room and sit down at a large table for discussions... Jeyer sits by the fireplace, looking at everyone, awaiting questions... <Hans> Sorry about being a bit late... <Hans> Ok... I got a nice amount of herbs... * Kodah yawns, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes * David rests his chin in his palm.... * Meredith pockets whatever she was kneeling by in her pocket, and nods to Jeyer. "What did you mean by Zeon, Jeyer?" <Meredith> I think that's the most important thing... * Aura sits down in a chair , slouched, trying to hide her bloodshot eyes.. * Jessica is sitting on the sofa, her arms around Darin. * Hans dumps out a pouchful of herbs. About 25 of them * * Reisha plays with a comb, running it through her hair.. <Hans> There were alot of herbs! * David looks like he hasn't gotten any rest at all, contrary to what to GM said ;) <Meredith> That's nice Hans. attention please. ^^; * Hans sits in a chair and pulls down his hood * * Jeyer turns his gaze from Aura to Meredith... "Tiernan is Volcanon... That I know. But I felt something else from him when we met him.. I couldn't figure it out at first, but it WAS driving me insane.." * Aura hasn't got any rest..has been crying for the past hour.. <Meredith> ....Is this what was making him ill? <Jeyer> Then it dawned on me... It was two opposing forces.. Something took over Volcanon. * David watches Jeyer coolly.. <Jessica> and that possessor is Zeon. * Aura listens.. <Darin> .... <Kodah> Zeon's posessing Volcanon....weird * Jeyer nods. "As far as I can tell, it was something trying to take over Tiernan. I doubt it was Zeon, but... It may have been one of his agents." * Darin sighs... "This.. just keep getting worse..." <Kodah> One of his agents? * Aura sighs.. mumbles under her breath.. "who are all these people.." <Jessica> so Zeon wasn't destroyed by the last Shining Force. <Meredith> ...A gizmo! <Jeyer> I'm thinking a high power gizmo... <Meredith> Gizmo <Reisha> Gizmo? <Kodah> That's one beefy gizmo then <Reisha> What the hell's that? <Meredith> Gizmo's suck life energy....that's probably why he was passing out so often! <Meredith> They're.... poltergists... <Kodah> Huh...that does make sense <Hans> Gizmoes can possess as well. <Jessica> good explanation... <David> So he was a shell. * Aura just listens <Hans> Basically, picture electricity that has a face. <Meredith> Tyr was a shell? No... <Hans> Not a shell, but a puppet. * Kodah thinks * Jeyer frowns... "And that gizmo was probably introduced to him sometime back... I'd guess when he used his sacrifice spell and had to be healed." <Hans> But, I'm just suggesting... <Reisha> Issat so.. <David> Great.. <Jessica> and.....Holy....O_O <Hans> Well, how did you guys get separated in the first place? <Jessica> I GOT IT! * Aura frowns.. * Reisha puts down the comb, flinging her silky hair back. <Jessica> Reisha, do you remember the name of the priestess that healed Tyr that time? * Darin looks at Jess. "What?" * David glances at Reisha. . o O (Oh great, I have to sleep in the same room with her tonight? Cold showers. Joy.) * David looks back at Jeyer. ^^; <Reisha> Hey.. wait.. ehr name was... <Reisha> Celia.. that same person he got in god with? <Darin> Isn't that the one you had a bad feeling about, Jess? <Jessica> The one and only. <David> And we left him with this Celia person. Great. This gets better. <Kodah> ... <Darin> .... <Aura> celia? <Jessica> so it's a good bet that she possessed him with this Gizmo back then.... <Hans> So, what... Is this Celia perhaps a gizmo? <Reisha> Hey, how was I suppsoed to know she was a sadistic, lying bitch.. * Aura raises and eyebrow.. * Jeyer thinks of his actions in the past and feels bad all of a sudden.. <Jessica> No, but I did sense an aura of evil around her...... <Aura> do you think that bear thing he fought has anything to so with this..? <Hans> Hmm... * Kodah thinks for a long while * David rests his chin on the table, silent.. <Hans> Maybe... Maybe neither were possessed at that time! <Hans> And after you left, Tiernan got possessed <Hans> Could that be possible? * Reisha plays with a lock of her golden hair. <David> Maybe Jeyer should finish answering questions. <Jessica> but it makes sense. Tyr was passing out a that would constitute a Gizmo possession.... <Meredith> Yes. That's prudent. ^^: <Reisha> Yeah.. he's good at NOT doing that. * David winces. <Hans> Good point... * Reisha glances sidelong at Ninja boy. * Kodah flexes his fingers, calling the familiar inky-black aura once more * Aura pulls out the bone from the dead bear and puts it on the table in front of her.. <Jessica> So, is there any way to break that possession, Jeyer? <Hans> Well, as I've said before... I don't know much about this Tiernan, except he killed us... So, I'll just rest a bit... * Hans tilts his chair back &' * Aura pokes Hans' chair and he falls over * Jeyer sighs... "I have no idea." * Hans falls back and hits the ground, but doesn't seem to react * <David> Any other helpful little tidbits you could add, Jeyer? Facts, theories? * Hans pulls Aura's chair out from underneath her * :P <Jeyer> I just know this curse is a strong one and I feel hellishly restrained because of it.. <David> ...truths? <Meredith> ....Is Tiernan still 'alive'... * Jeyer glances at David.. "What do you mean by truth?" <Hans> Hmm... * David looks evenly at Jeyer. "You know what." <Hans> I have a question... <Kodah> ... <Reisha> Yeah.. I'd like to know myself.. <Hans> If Zeon was channeled through him... * Aura falls, hitting her head on the table, and slumping down onto the ground * Aura whimpers <Hans> Was it a gizmo or Zeon who possessed Tiernan? <Jessica> somewhere inside that shell, Tyr is still alive, Meredith. It's just a matter of "How do we break that curse". * Jeyer turns back to Meredith, attempting to ignore David "Oh he's still alive." <Kodah> ... * Jeyer blinks and jumps to Aura's side * David sighs and shakes his head, leaning back into his chair and looking further pained.. * Hans lies on his back on the ground, looking up at the roof * * Aura sits up and pulls herself back into her chair..her face now visible.. <Meredith> He can't be for long, though... * Jeyer whispers to Aura, "You look terrible.. Go get some rest.." * Jessica thinks. "Breaking curses is NOT the easiest magic to we'll have to find out how to do this and do it fast." <Meredith> Possession's primary purpose is to eventually destroy the host's mind. We don't have much time. * Aura shakes her head.."i can't sleep.." * Reisha twidles ehr thumbs, her mind wandering off.. * David closes his eyes.. * Jeyer sighs and whispers again, "We'll talk alone after, ok..?" * Jeyer goes back to his seat... * Aura nods..sits back in her chair.. * David opens them again to eye Jeyer.. <Jeyer> Tiernan isn't in trouble for now... The only trouble he MIGHT have is if Zeon takes over Volcanon completely. <Kodah> ... <Jeyer> But... The struggle they were having was so fierce, it could go on for a long while... <Reisha> Gods at war... * Hans closes his eyes <Jeyer> ... I want this curse off of me. It's driving me nuts! <David> So we'll find some way to help him.. * David grits his teeth. ^^; * Aura clenches her fists and stares at the bone.. <David> Jeyer.... <Meredith> ...Poor child... * Kodah continues to think, staring at his black aura * Reisha puts her head on the table. <Jessica> The question is how? We have no actual priest or priestess capable of breaking possessions...this one is a powerful one, so...what do we do? <Meredith> If I could consult the Vinosec... <Meredith> Maybe they'd have an idea. * Aura grabs one of her daggers and starts to carve at the it off.. * David rubs his forehead.. * Reisha starts sobbing quietly.... <Jessica> also, if I could get a letter to Guardiana castle, I could ask the scholars there too. * Darin sighs and fingers his pendant, which is glowing faintly. * Jeyer shakes his head... "I'm staying behind until I find a way to remove this spell on me... THEN I'll think about how to remove Zeon from Tiernan. You can go on, but I can't." * Jessica looks at Reisha. "Rei? Are you alright?" <Reisha> No.. I'm not alright.. * David blinks and wraps an arm around Rei, hugging her close.. "Reisha..." <Kodah> I...had a dream about Tyr...while I was...out * Aura looks up.."I'm not leaving Jeyer..." * David glances at Kodah and then looks back at Rei.. <Kodah> He said that Celia did something to him <Meredith> ...You did? <Jessica> Rei, if you need to talk to someone, I'm here, ok? <Reisha> You heard what Tyr said when we were fighting... <Kodah> He looked all bloody and torn <Narrator> A voice in the back of Reisha's mind whispers, ".... Castle gates..... Salvation..... Power." <Jessica> actually, he killed me first.... <Kodah> Then some dark hand came and took him away * David looks strained.. "I did.." <Kodah> It said, "He is mine now." <Reisha> I.. just need some time to think. <Jessica> saying I was "Destined to die anyway." * Aura goes back to carving at the bone.. * Reisha gets up from the table. * David blinks.. <Reisha> This is all over my head anyway.... <David> Rei.. * Reisha turns to the door, walking outside. <David> ... <Meredith> Do you think this was reality, Kodah? <Meredith> Is this the condition Tyr is in now? * Hans seems to have strangely fallen asleep! Rather strange seeing as he hasn't slept in about three months * <Kodah> I have no idea, but it seemed real at the time <Jessica> I'll go after her. I think it best. <David> .... <Hans> ... <Jessica> Darin, I'll be back. * David looks down at the table.. * Jessica walks out after Reisha. * Aura carves all the dried meat and blood off and pusshes it into a little pile.. * Reisha is walking to the gates of the town... <David> .... <Meredith> ...I hope for your sake...that we get your friend back...I'd like to talk to you alone sometime, Kodah....if you don't mind... * Jessica yells out. "REISHA!" <Kodah> Sure <David> Jeyer.... <Hans> ... * Aura watches Reisha go...decides not to follow...Reisha thinks she's insane anyway.. * Jessica runs after Rei. * Reisha turns around. "What do you want, Jessica?" <Hans> zzz... * Jeyer looks at David... "Yes?" <David> Jeyer...tell me what Tiernan meant.... <David> Tell me if I'm really your son.. <Jessica> Rei, I was wanting to know what's wrong. We all got a look into our darkest secrets, it seems. * David gets a really pained look * Jeyer's heart stops.. <David> ...and have I been living a lie..? * Darin gets up... and walks out of the inn, and goes to get some air. * Reisha holds otu her hand. "You really want to know? Tyr told everyone my deepest secret.. something that happens so long ago.." * Jeyer exhales and stares at David.. "I... I am.." <David> You... * Aura stares at the white bone.. <Kodah> ... <Jeyer> But.. You haven't been living a lie. It's... Complicated.. * Aura looks from David to Jeyer.. <Reisha> It made me what I am today... and I hate even thinking about it! <David> .....what of Chamolo... * Jeyer sighs and looks at the others asking for them to leave them alone with his eyes.. * Meredith nods and leaves. ^^; * Reisha turns back around. "Just go back to everyone.. I don't want to see them right now." * Kodah notes Jeyer's look, and goes to head outside out of respect * Hans opens one eye * <Jessica> and what makes you think that it's best if you left? <Hans> -_o * David seems confused and upset. ^^; * Aura just stays staring at the white bone..oblivious.. <Reisha> I don't deserve being in this group anymore... * Jeyer gehs at Aura and starts in a low voice.. "Chamolo is your father.. He's the one who impregnated your mother... But.. They told you of the story of how Kara "died" in Grans tower, didn't they..?" * Kodah kicks back against the outside wall of the inn, still concentrating on his black aura, as if it held answers <David> yes....the blow through the stomach.... * Meredith sits by Kodah, and pulls the object out her satchel again. <Kodah> Hm? Oh hi Merideth <Jessica> Rei....I don't know what to say here. All my life, up until now, I've had to live with guards watching my every you think I deserve to be here at all? None of us are perfect, but it's best if we stick together... * Aura starts to cry again and runs off to hide in a corner.. * Darin sits against a wall, and stares at his pendant... * Hans stands up * <Meredith> Hello... * Meredith puts the object on the ground... * Reisha thinks a minute. "David.." * Aura crys loudly...trying to stifle herself in her arms so she doesn't make so much noise.. * Jeyer groans softly at Aura and turns back to David.. "She.. I... I'm the one who saved her after they left.." * Hans sees Aura crying * * David blinks.. "Wha....they said...that Mitula had..." * Reisha shakes her head. "No.. if he knew everything, it'd destroy him..." * Hans walks over to her * <Hans> What's wrong, Aura? <Jessica> Reisha, how do you feel about David? * Meredith begins to whisper something softly. <Jessica> do you care about him at all? I've seen the way he cares for you. <Narrator> Reisha feels another pull... "Power.... Power beyond your wildest dream.." <Kodah> What are you doing? <Reisha> I know he's a great guy and everything... * Aura says in a deep painful evilish voice.."leave me alone..let me cry.." * Reisha think What's that voice.. power? <Hans> Hm...? * Aura quickly moves to another corner.. <Jessica> Reisha, the way he looks at you is the same way I see Darin looking at me. he loves you for Goddess sake. * Hans follows Aura * * Jeyer sighs.. "No.. I gave up my life energy to her... To revive you and her.." <Hans> Why are you crying? * Aura blinks at Hans..."leave me alone.." <Reisha> I know that, Jess. That's why i can't stay. * David blinks.. "'re saying...I'm....a part of you? But I'm also the son of Baine's and Chamolo's..?" <Meredith> Me...oh... <Meredith> Praying... <Reisha> I just want some time alone, ok? <Kodah> To? * Aura goes to another corner.. * Meredith points to the object on the ground...a minatue statue of Volcanon... <Kodah> Ah * Hans turns around and begins to walk off, but as he does, he says: * It's about Jeyer, Isn't it? <Meredith> ...That...doesn't bother you, does it? <Kodah> Nah <Meredith> Sure? * Aura hears what Hans says and lunges at him..punching him repeatedly * Darin sighs.. and rests his head his hands, his knees against his chest. "I can't let her.... " * Jeyer sighs.. "Yeah... I guess." <Kodah> I met Volcanon once. He was a decent fellow, for a god <Meredith> Oh? <David> I'm your son... * Hans takes all the punches * <Meredith> Yeah, you told his shrine in Bedoe, right? <Kodah> He's only the way he is because of Indigo and that Gizmo <Kodah> Yup * David says this more to himself than to Jeyer.. <Meredith> I know... <Jessica> I just want you to know one thing. You're hearing a voice telling you about some sort of power...the greatest powers in the world is the powers of friendship and love. A very wise woman taught me that at an early age. * Jess then hands Reisha the locket that Lara gave her when Jess was a little girl and walks back to Darin.* Think about it, Reisha. <Meredith> I could kill that woman... * Jeyer jumps up and runs over to Aura to stop her! * Aura keeps hitting Hans and crying.."Never EVER Talk to me!!" <Kodah> I was just happy that he didn't squish me at the time ^^;; <Jeyer> Aura! *holds her arms as best he can* <Hans> ... *A trickle of blood comes out of his mouth* * David blinks and stands.. * Hans wipes it away... * * Darin starts crying.. <David> Woah.. * Aura is crying uncontrollably.. * Meredith laughs. "He won't squish you. ^^;" * Aura goes limp and just cries.. <Meredith> Well...not THEN anyway... * Reisha hands it back. "Jess.. this is a tough world. I stopped believeing in that so long ago.." <Kodah> True <Jessica> keep it for a while. Could bring you the least. * Jeyer holds Aura and sighs, glancing over at David.. "I'm.. Sorry... I didn't tell anyone.. I.." <Meredith> ...You know...I was thinking...that Volcanon has got to be the lonliest thing on the planet. * Hans turns and walks off, not even saying a word... * <Kodah> Hm? How so? <Reisha> It's yours.. go enjoy your time with your man. * Jeyer picks up Aura, struggling to hold her and takes her up to her room... <Meredith> ...Well...he was know what that means, right? <Reisha> I've got things to sort out. <Kodah> Yeah * David is left standing, blinking tiredly.. * Aura burries her head in Jeyer's arm and cries * Reisha hands it back rather forcibly. <Jessica> Ok...just remember one thing, Rei. I'm with you in spirit. We all are. * Hans walks over to the table with the herbs on it and he puts them all back into the bag... * * David sighs, glancing around.. * Jessica puts the locket back around her neck and continues to walk back to Darin. * Hans puts the bag onto his back and steps out the door... * <Meredith> Well...I was thinking...he must have not had any friends. * Jeyer lies Aura down on her bed and sits next to her, holding her close, sighing.. "Accursed shining Force.." <Meredith> I mean, people can worship him, but it's not the same thing... * David wanders to a smaller table and collapses in a chair.. * Reisha closes her eyes for a minute, sighing. * Aura just cries.. * Darin is sitting agianst the outside wall of the inn, his head in his hands, crying. <Reisha> .oO( let's see what this is all about... ) * Jessica finds Darin crying. "Darin? What's wrong?" * Hans notices Darin as he steps outside * * Reisha walks to teh gates again.. <Hans> Eh...? <Kodah> Hm...I never thought of it like that before... <Meredith> And...also...being non-corporal means he has no he could never touch or feel anything... * Hans notices another trickle of blood come out of his mouth. Hans wipes it off * * Darin takes a deep breath, calms himself... and looks up.. "N.. Nothing.. why?" * Jeyer looks down at Aura and says in a low voice, "Can you tell me what all that was about..?" <Hans> What's wrong, Darin? <Meredith> At least, i don't think he could...maybe that's why emotions and experiences were so...different for him. Tyr is Volcanon...just... a different version of him... <Jessica> you're crying...that's why, Love. <Kodah> Hmm...weird <Darin> N.. No I'm not. * Hans notices Jessica with Darin. He then smiles and walks off * * Aura realizes shes crying and tries to stop.."i..i..c.cant.." <Jessica> those tears in your eyes say differently. Now, tell Jessica Lynn about it. * Reisha fidns herself by the gates to the city, peering around for that voice tugging at the back of her mind.. * Jessica sits down beside Darin. <Reisha> Why am I even following a stupid voice... <Narrator> The guards aren't anywhere in sight... * David runs a hand through his hair... <Darin> I... I'm so worried about Kalla... <Jessica> Kalla? Who's that? <Jeyer> And why not? Why can't you tell me? * Hans mumbles to himself * <Hans> Maybe I should have left Aura alone...? * Darin fingers his pendant... <Aura> ..because..its about you.. <Meredith> Maybe that's why he's so aloof....but that's partially his fault...I know...but still...he had to have been so lonely...or maybe he didn't understand that he was lonely...I don't know. It's just speculation... <Meredith> But I know he's a good being... <Aura> ..and my joyous past.. <Jessica> it has to do with your stone.....right? * Jeyer sighs.. "Well aren't I the best person to tell if it IS about me?" <Meredith> He... <Kodah> We'll have to ask him when we find him and kick that Gizmo out of him * Meredith sighs, looking at the statue. "Yes...We will, hmm?" <Narrator> Reisha feels a tug to go along the castle walls... Towards the river... * Darin nods.. "And with my sword... She gave me that blade when we parted..." * Aura wipes at her eyes.."well..i.." <Kodah> There has to be a way. I know it <Jessica> Kalla your old girlfriend? * Reisha goes outside, and skirts the castle walls... * Jessica clutches her knees to her chest. <Aura> you remind me of him...thats whats remind me of him.. * Hans notices Reisha but remembers how Aura broke down when he tried to help her, and he decides just to keep on walking... * * Jeyer blinks.. "Who's him...?" <Meredith> Yes... * Aura clutches her necklace.. * Darin doesn't answer for a moment and stares at the SunStone.. <Meredith> I owe it to him...he... * Meredith sighs. "Is the reason I'm living and breathing right now." <Aura> the only thing thats ever mattered to me..and i don't even know his name.. * Kodah nods * Hans stops at the fountain in town square. Nobody is around... * <Darin> No, Jessica... * Jeyer sighs... <Jessica> Darin? I didn't get to hear what Tiernan had to say, so I'm just speculating. * Jeyer just holds her, not knowing what else to say.. * Meredith pockets the statue. "And the entire world will blame him for whatever actions he takes...even though it's Zeon...this is all so confusing..." <Darin> Kalla is my twin sister. <Meredith> But it'll get sorted out in the end...I know it. <Jessica> if you remember, he killed me first...saying I was "Destined to die anyway."....what TWIN SISTER? <Reisha> .oO( Power... I want it... I need something to stop this feeling I have... ) <Narrator> Reisha stops at the side of the river suddenly, awaiting something.... <Kodah> We all have to beleive that this all will work out for the best. Although I have trouble with that some days * Aura sighs and leans against Jeyer.."my fucking uncles ruined my life and he saved me and kept me alive..then they killed him..." * Reisha looks at the river water flowing by. * Darin looks at Jess.. * Hans looks at the fountain for a few moments, then walks back to the inn... * <Meredith> Anyway...I have to get some sleep... <Jessica> I wonder what he meant. "Destined to die anyway" makes me wonder. * Meredith smiles at Kodah. "It'll work out. Don't worry." <Kodah> Sleep well then <Meredith> You too... * Kodah nods again * David sighs and stares without seeing at the far side of the room * Meredith walks back inside. <Darin> You would be desined to die over my dead body, Jessica... As for Kalla .. yes.. she's my twin.. <Reisha> Why am I here anyway... * Kodah goes back to contemplating his aura * Aura wipes at her eyes and hugs Jeyer tight * Hans suddenly stops and turns around * David doesn't even notice Meredith walking by :P * Reisha sits down, looking at ehr reflection. * Hans looks at the fountain again * Jeyer nods grimly, hugging her back.. "I'm sorry, Aura... I wish I could help, but... I'm just so confused..." <Hans> Mother... Father... *Sigh* *Turns around and walks off...* <Aura> i..i know.. * Aura keeps hugging Jeyer.."you should get some rest.." <Jessica> Darin....if it's one can protect me from it..not even the man I love.... * Darin sighs... <Darin> I .... * Hans thinks as he walks back... About his rival, Tarquin * Jeyer pulls back slightly and stares at her... "Look who's talking." <Darin> Jessica.. if it takes all of my heritage then I will change it. <Hans> Hmm... He left before I did and seemed in a hurry... Plus, he went to the route of my home... * Aura looks sheepish <Hans> My home was about 100 miles away, but maybe he was the one who killed them... * Jeyer smiles faintly at Aura.. "Get some rest, ok? For me?" * David sighs and thinks about Reisha.. * Aura nods.."okay..." * Darin looks at Jessica... * Kodah clenches his fist and narrows his eyes, formulating a plan * Hans punches a wall * ... Damn you, Tarquin... * Jeyer kisses her forehead, whispers, "Good girl..", stands up and walks towards the door slowly... <Jessica> Tyr's words, that Scroll that I was given, the dream I've had for 5 years....I have to know what it all means... * Aura wipes the tears out of her eyes and smiles softly * Kodah stands up and goes for a walk * Reisha looks at ehr reflection in the stream. "I should be ahppy.. good looks, talent, being on the famed SF..." <Darin> Scroll? * Aura snuggles down into the bed.. * Jeyer pauses at the door for 2 seconds... Then walks out and heads to his room... <Narrator> The voice echoes in Reisha's head again... "But you want power.. You want to be a God." <Jessica> My father gave it to's some sort of prophecy. I never was able to translate it...until Meredith read it for me. It's about some Magic Knight of sorts that can end the curse on someone's lineage... <Darin> Odd... * Kodah heads for a reasonably open area in town, and does some warm-up excersizes * David stands and looks at the inn door.. <David> I should to wouldn't want that.... but... agh..! * Hans notices Kodah * * Reisha stands up. "Yeah.. if I had that people woudl respect me... and not treat me like trash in teh gutter.." <Hans> Hey Kodah... <Kodah> Hm? What's up Hans? * Aura sneaks out of her bed and checks ti see if Jeyer is asleep <Hans> Hmm... I think I got Aura upset, but besides that, I guess nothing... * Hans pulls his hood down * * Darin sighs softly. "We should get some rest, love..." * David sighs and gazes at the door before turning to walk up the stairs, heading to collapse on the floor of the shared room... * Jeyer is fast asleep... He seems to be in slight pain... <Jessica> I think so too. <Kodah> I wouldn;t worry about that just now. We have bigger concerns * David closes his eyes and curls up, fitfully drifting off to sleep.. * Darin stands up shakily.. and offers Jess his hand. <Hans> Yeah... So, what do we do about getting Indigo out of jail? * Aura sneaks into Jeyers room and curls up next to him on the bed...and falls asleep <Hans> Her elements have been lazy on her lately. * Jessica takes darin's hand and stands up. "I'm still worried about Reisha, though." <Kodah> There's probably a reason for that. But she'll never figure that out <Hans> Ok... <Darin> She's strong.. I think she'll be okay. <Jessica> I hope so... * Hans does vertical push-ups in a handstand * <Kodah> In the meantime, letting the situation calm down would be best. No sense fanning the flames just yet <Hans> So, do we head out at morning or shall we stick around a bit more...? * Jessica starts walking to hers and Darin's room. <Kodah> Indigo will be able to get back to us without much trouble. She's done so before * Darin follows Jess, an arm around her waist. * Hans gets back up to his feet * Reisha flicks her hair behind her, brushing herself off. "But I don't know if that's ever going to happen.. especially now.." <Hans> I'll take your word for it ^_^ <Narrator> The Shining Force, after an emotionnal few hours, settle down and get some rest... Or at least try... * Hans reaches into the bag onto his back and hands Kodah two herbs * <Hans> Here you go <Kodah> Hm? What's this? <Hans> Herbs I got earlier. <Hans> Rather strong too. <Kodah> Ah, thank you * Kodah accepts the herbs <Hans> All monks nowadays know herbalism <Hans> Maybe in Arc Valley I could look for healing seeds! <Kodah> Well, most Monks do... <Kodah> I don't think you want seeds from there :\ <Hans> Why's that? <Kodah> Arc Valley is where Evil power gathers. That power permiates the very ground and wind <Hans> Hmm... <Hans> ... <Hans> Well... It's late... * Kodah nods <Hans> Do you ever sleep? o_O I don't need it myself. <Kodah> Not as much as I used to. About an hour or so each day is enough for me. But I like to dose from time to time <Hans> Well, I'm going back to the hotel.. * Kodah nods <Hans> I don't like the looks of these streets at night... * Narrator plugs his ears.. "GAAH! Make Jess stop moaning! PLEASE! I BEG YOU!!" <Narrator's Aid> Just cut to commerical! ^_^ <Kodah> I'll walk you there. Just because I don;t sleep much doesn;t mean I don;t get cold <Narrator> The last of the Shining Force settles down... <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Reisha stand to the side of the river, her surroundings slowly fading to darkness... Her thoughts becoming the only apparent thing to her... Her world slowly fading... * Reisha stomps her foot. "Why am I sulking out her at this hour... maybe I should go back.." <Narrator> The voice talking to her becomes more pronounced... More present... "The power, Reisha... You want it.. I can give it to you." <Narrator> A form starts to fade into view... * Tiernan floats above Reisha, his face in a sly grin. "Only I can...give you what you crave...and you KNOW it..." * Reisha backs away. "You!" * Tiernan floats down to the ground, completely unarmed. "I'm not here to hurt you." <Reisha> Why should I even listen to you.. after what happened before... <Tiernan> Because you know...that you'll only be hurt what Hargo did to you... * Reisha holds her hand out. "DAMNIT! Don't even say that name!!" * Tiernan steps back slightly. "All right....but you know...that he has deflied you...power is the only thing that will make you...strong again..." <Tiernan> And as a god...perhaps I can share a bit of Arc Valley with you. Then, no one will ever hurt you again... <Tiernan> Ever. * Reisha looks at Tyr, not blasting him like you think she would... <Tiernan> To be above them...Reisha...the ones that hurt you...that is your dream. Don't deny it. You were destined to be above those who hurt you! <Reisha> You're right. I want to be above them all... * Tiernan smiles and extends a hand to Reisha. "Then come with me..." <Tiernan> No one...not myself...not David...not one...shall ever harm you again. You will achieve greatness... * Reisha eyes him.... <Reisha> David wouldn't hurt me.. he's only hurt himself.. <Tiernan> You believe that? <Tiernan> Close your eyes, Reisha.... <Reisha> I think so. That's probably why I'm here right now. <Tiernan> You need to see the truth...of your pathetic existance if you stay with...him. * Reisha closes her eyes. "Sure.. give me your best shot." <Tiernan> == Reisha suddenly feels a sense of vertigo as her vision spins. Suddenly, she sees a room... a small, homely kitchen, and a person slumped over the kitchen table, a whiskey bottle in his hand... * Reisha takes in her surroundings.. <Tiernan> == Reisha is there as well...older....looking fat and a stained apron and her hair all frizzy and in a hat. <Tiernan> == You finally recognize the figure slumped over the table as...David. And he's all dirty and needs a shave.... <Tiernan> == David begins to drunkenly ask for his supper. Reisha, almost in fear, begins to prepare it... * Reisha watches the scene, shaking her head in disgust. <David> Where the fuck is my dinner, woman!? <Reisha> Coming, coming. ;_; <Tiernan> == Suddenly, David gets even more furious, stands, and strikes Reisha! <Reisha> Hey.. it's not like this is re...HEY! * Reisha grrs. * Tiernan 's voice can be heard softly in Reisha's mind. "THIS is why you stay behind?" <Reisha> ..... <Tiernan> == The food Reisha was cooking falls to the floor... <David> Clean that up! <Tiernan> == David leaves the room. Reisha stares over the spilled food for several minutes, then falls to her kness, crying brokenly....the dream begins to fade. * Reisha starts trowing a tantrum. "Stop this freaking slideshow, right now..!" <Tiernan> Open your eyes. * Reisha opens them. :P <Tiernan> So you see now, Reisha? * Reisha hangs her head. "I don't have any gaurantee that's how it will turn out..." <Tiernan> Would you doubt a God? * Tiernan once again extends his hands. "Either be the strong...or the the strong Reisha..." <Reisha> Yeah I would.. if I'm one myself! <Tiernan> Then you will spend the rest of eternity being hurt and abused. * Reisha thinks for a moment. <Reisha> WHy do you care, anyway? <Tiernan> Because out of all the people of this're special, Reisha... <Tiernan> You are the chosen one for power.... <Reisha> What about all those other people.. like Jeyer.. who want it just as bad as me. <Tiernan> They are foolish and egotistical....not as capible at handling power as you would be. I want to create an alliance of power...with you, Reisha. <Reisha> An alliance of power... <Reisha> So.. does this mean even the great Volcannon respects me? * Reisha laughs. <Tiernan> Yes. It does. <Reisha> .oO( This could work out... ) <Reisha> Alright. * Tiernan still has one of his hands extended. "Reisha....Let's go." <Reisha> One thing first. <Tiernan> Yes? * Reisha points. "I want you to promise me that you won't strike down any of David's band. Including him." <Tiernan> ...Deal. <Tiernan> They will not be harmed. <Reisha> Fine then... * Reisha holds out her hand. * Tiernan takes her hand. "To a great partnership." <Reisha> .oO( And to something I've been wanting to do a long time... ) <Narrator> The darkness fades around Tiernan and Reisha, Tiernan's laughter echoing in the distance.... <Narrator> ===== end cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The morning sun peaks over the horizon... The Shining Force are all resting peacefully, save for Jeyer... * Jeyer sits in a chair in the corner of the room, staring at Aura sleeping on his bed... His mind races with images of David... Thoughts about how awkward everything has become... And wondering if he should just leave... * Jeyer sits up and moves to Aura's side, shaking her gently... "Wake up.." * Aura blinks her eyes open.."wah.." * Jeyer mock scowls down at her... "Now what are you doing in my bed, miss?" * Aura blushes.."i meant to leave before you woke up..." * Jeyer smiles.. "Bah. What am I going to do with you." then starts coughing a little... * Aura blinks..."you okay..?" * Jeyer regains his composure... "Yeah.. I'm fine... This spell is just annoying.. Let's go wake up the others." and extends his hand to her... * Aura smiles and takes Jeyer's hand * Jeyer pulls her up gently and puts his arm around her waist... * Aura smiles up at Jeyer.. * Jeyer smiles back down... <Narrator> Suddenly, a loud crash can be heard, people screaming in the distance and horns are blown... * Jeyer blinks.. "What the..!" * Aura turns quickly.. * Jeyer rushes out of the room * Aura races towards the door and bursts out of the room * Hans is already standing outside, waiting for the rest of the force... * * Jessica runs past Jeyer, Rapier in hand and going through her incantations. "What in the hell was that?" * Kodah is out in the town square, looking around <Narrator> People are running outside of the inn in panic * Darin is on Jess' heels, the Blade of Truth in hand. <Jeyer> Jeyer: I have NO idea! Let's go check. * Aura makes a ball of ice glow around her fists as she runs outside <Hans> Maybe Indigo busted out...? * David skids to a stop beside Kodah, blinking sleepily.. "Where....where's Rei..? Whats going on?" * Jeyer follows quickly * Meredith rushes outside! * Hans grabs someone * What's going on?? * Aura looks around frantically * Meredith rushes outside! :p <Narrator> == Pio is cast. Pio runs about, knocking off people with sickness and disease... <Jessica> my moves and listen to my's time you started learning how to use that magic of yours. <Jessica> OH shot... <Hans> Eh...? <Jessica> Oh shit....that is. * David looks around.. "Oh damn...its Indigo..?" <Meredith> Okay. <Meredith> I am killing her now. * Hans raises his hand into the air * CURE POISON! DETOX LEVEL 1! * Indigo growls from above the castle, her voice echoing into the whole castle "You mortals DARE to hold the descendant of the Goddess Mitula as a prisoner? Feel my fury!" * Darin nods at jess.. <Meredith> Chinise water nipple torture sounds great. * David blinks around a little, frowning a little more.. <Narrator> == Doom is cast by Indigo. Death roams the streets, killing off soldiers * Hans hits his face * I thought it was something worth FIGHTING! -_- <Hans> What on earth...? <Meredith> Holy...! * Aura blinks at indigo.. <Meredith> She's lost her mind! <Jessica> She is worth fighting.... <Darin> Goddess... <Hans> Indigo is killing people! <Hans> Death...? <Jessica> if we don't stop her....she'll kill everyone. <David> Woah.. <Hans> I thought she was a summoner!! * David draws AmeShi.. <Narrator> == All the elementals are cast, all directed at the barracks! The whole militia of Martilla is pounded by the elemental powers, destroying them utterly! * Kodah growls <Hans> Someone! Hit her with a spell! <David> oh no.. <Meredith> I'm going to kill her. <Meredith> Enough is enough! * Meredith whips out her sword and charges at Indigo! * Jessica closes her eyes as she begins chanting. "Hear me, Mars, spirit of fire....bring forth your blazing ardor upon she who would destroy us all." * Jessica softly chants "Mars, celestial spirit of fire, let your power shine through me. bring forth your firey judgement on these that would destroy your emmisary. BLAZE 2!" Jess raises a hand toward Indigo as massive fireballs fall from the skies and impact into the enemy. * Kodah charges Indigo! <Hans> I say let's go! * Aura throws the ice ball at Indigo, as hard as she can.. <Hans> Shall we? * David crouches.. <Kodah> Indigo! Stop it!! <Narrator> == Indigo is hit with Blaze lv. 2! She freaks out and teleports away! <Hans> We HAVE to stop Indi! <Jessica> ok, where is the psycho bitch. <Darin> Damn! Where did she GO? <David> Awwww, gods.. <Hans> Rrrg... * Kodah skids to a stop <Hans> Hmm... <Meredith> You know.. <Meredith> This week...has just SUCKED. * Hans looks left then right... * <Kodah> Damn...what the hell is wrong with her now? <Hans> You're telling me...! <Aura> oh god.. * Jeyer sighs and slumps.. "I'm thinking back to wherever she pops up when she leaves reality.. In other words, lala land.." <Hans> God. Don't tell me we have ANOTHER possession! * David frowns.. <Meredith> ...Wait! O_o * Meredith hmms. <Hans> Look at those spells she casted! <Meredith> Jeyer, you remember me telling you about the fake Mitula going after Kodah, right? * David takes a head count. ^^; * Hans raises his hand into the air * First of all, let me cast detox on this block... * Hans notices a tall building * Jeyer looks up at Meredith... "Uhm. No. That would be too insane. You CAN'T be insinuating that." * Hans runs into it, and within moments is upon the roof * <Meredith> Yes I am! * Aura looks around.. * Hans raises his hands above his head * <Meredith> She must be meeting with the fake Mitula! SHE must be driving her insane! O_o <Kodah> What? o_O <Kodah> That idiot!! <Jessica> and that fake mitula could be........CELIA. <Meredith> ...You think? <Meredith> We've got no proof of that. <Darin> ............ * Jeyer gaahs! "She said it! Why did you say it?" <Kodah> Its a good bet I think * Hans chants * Please. Heal the epidemic that has struck these people! <Jessica> it's a good assumption at this time... <Meredith> Well, at least one mystery is solved. <Meredith> Sort of. * Hans continues to chant. A large white ball forms above his head. His eyes are closed * Aura looks around...wandering randomly along the streats.. <Jessica> but what happened to Rei? <Meredith> ...Reisha's gone? <David> .... <Kodah> Feh, some Sorceress...can't tell the difference between the real Mitula and a fake one...BAH! <Meredith> She's probably just sleeping in. <David> She didn't come back to the room... <Meredith> ... * Hans opens his eyes * Detox level 2!!! *The spere of light spreads throughout most of the town, curing it all of the poison and disease spells * <Meredith> Maybe she went for a walk? * David looks nervous and worried. <Narrator> == Hans casts Detox lv. 2... The affected soldiers are cured. <Jessica> she was leaving town when I Talked to her last night. <David> ...leaving town...?! * Hans jumps down from the roof of the building and lands on the ground and runs back to the shining force * <Jessica> yeah...heading to the town gates. <Kodah> ... <David> ... * Aura disapeasrs around a building.. <Meredith> ... <Jessica> I tried to talk her into staying...but she wouldn't listen to me. * David murmurs.. "Rei...?" <Meredith> We'll find her. <David> She...I.... <Hans> Hmm... * Meredith puts a hand on David's shoulder. "Be strong, David. It'll work out." * Hans sees that most of the people within the area are still injured <Jessica> what if Tyr got to her.....she was hearing voices...saying something about a power....I remember her murmuring something about it before she left. * David clenches his fists but nods.. <Hans> Hold on... I need to heal these people! <David> ... <Meredith> Tyr? * Kodah thinks again * Hans runs back up to the roof of the building and raises his hands above his head * <Meredith> What are you, Nancy Drew? O_o <Jessica> Tiernan...Volcanon/Zeon.. * David darkens <Meredith> You've got no proof! <Jessica> just going through all possibilities, Meredith. <David> Yeah..and she wouldn't go with him, would she.... <Meredith> ^^; Or she could have just ran away. <Meredith> Exactly! * Hans begins chanting * All that is good, pure, and holy. Please lend me your energy and let me heal this mass of the wounded! * David mutters.. <David> ...always telling me to stop sulking and apologizing...hmph.... <Meredith> ...and will you say anything about how my god is a bastard today, David? <Jessica> what about that voice though.... * Aura has disapeared, wandering aimlessly, looking for Indigo * Hans closes his eyes and a gigantic electrical surge goes throughout the city * AURA LEVEL 1! *Everyone suddenly feels healed* * Meredith sighs and shakes her head. "Sorry, that was wrong of me to say." <David> .... * Hans jumps back down to below and runs back up to the shining force * <Kodah> ... <Meredith> ...Just remember, David...that he's being controlled. <Meredith> Somewhere...deep inside...Tyr still exsists....and if you hate him for something he has no control over...he's as good as dead. * Jessica thinks to herself.... * Hans appears slightly winded * Nothing like a good workout in the morning! ^_- * David growls. "Maybe so. But I'm going to find Reisha.....any hatred for Tyr can wait." <Meredith> Fine. <Jessica> I'll help you, can use someone skilled in magic. <Hans> Maybe Reisha heard this before we did and went to help? <Jessica> Darin, what about you? What are you going to do? * David sighs.. "I'm sorry, Meredith....I didn't mean to offend you...I just..." <Darin> I go where you go, Jessica. * Kodah sits down on a nearby bench and thinks...a lot <Meredith> It's not me,'s the fact that Tyr is your friend. Don't abandon him...Somewhere, he's counting on you to set him free. <Hans> Ah! Wait guys! <Jessica> well, I'm worried about Rei....I'm going to help David find her. * Hans gives everyone two healing herbs he gathered the night before * <David> I know...I know....and we will free him.. * Meredith smiles. <Meredith> Now let's find Reisha. * Jeyer just moves away from the whole party... * David nods, looking honestly worried.. * Hans holds onto three healing herbs himself * <Kodah> ... <Hans> Kodah, let's go look for that little summoner <Meredith> Besides....Like you said....Reisha is a good person. She'd never side up with Zeon willingly. * David nods, eyes dark and thoughtful.. <Kodah> Huh? Oh, yeah... <Hans> If we let Indigo rampage on like this, who knows how many people will get hurt <David> where to begin.. <Hans> Hmm... <Narrator> == A large bolt of lightning strikes down on Meredith out of the blue... Meredith takes 23 damage! <David> ! <Meredith> AAAAAAAAAAAAHH! O_o <Kodah> ?! <Jessica> How about at the gates...or right up ahead... <David> What?! <Hans> MEREDITH! <Darin> Meredith! * Meredith gets blown back about twenty feet! ^^; * Kodah snarls and looks around for the source of the attack! <Reisha> "Guess again, bird girl." * David blinks.. <David> ...Reisha?! * Hans casts a healing spell in his hands and runs over to Meredith * Hang on! <Jessica> that voice..REISHA! * Hans kneels down and casts heal on Meredith <David> What...but...where...? <Hans> You ok, Meredith? <Narrator> == Hans casts Heal lv. 1 on Meredith... Meredith recovers 15 HP <Meredith> >> "Hmm hmm hmm. You apparently don't know Reisha as well as you thought you did, David. Some leader." <David> .... <Meredith> ...I'm fine... * David darkens considerably.. <Jessica> What are you doing, Reisha? Aren't we suppoed to be your friends? * Kodah growls, and his black aura springs into being again <Meredith> ....That's....! <Hans> Hmm... <Hans> ...? <Meredith> ...Good...Lord...That's! <Hans> Kodah! <Narrator> == Reisha and Tiernan fade into view fully... Tiernan's dark aura seemingly surrounding Reisha also... <Hans> Tiernan! <Darin> ........ <David> <Meredith> Where are you hiding?! Both of you...Oh...crap. * David steps forward... * Hans clenches his fists * <Kodah> ... <Hans> DAMN! * Reisha grins, flignign ehr hair. "Who needs friends when you've got power." <Meredith> == Tiernan is back to back with Reisha. "We meet again." <Jessica> I can't use water or ice against her....she's thunder would almost be useless too.... <Hans> Indigo can wait I guess... <David> are you doing.. <Hans> I don't think physical damage would do much good either... <Tiernan> Don't blame me for this, David. She chose this willingly. <Meredith> Lord Volcanon... <Jessica> we've got to get through to her somehow.... * David looks at Tiernan and then at Reisha.. * Kodah clenches his fist <Jessica> or damage Tiernan enough to break the spell... <Meredith> Tiernan smiles at Meredith: So...the peon is here. * Reisha juggles some huge bolts of electrical force on a finger tip. * David steps forward again... <Hans> Dave, try to jog her memory! <Tiernan> You have a choice, Meredith. You've spent your entire life serving me...either you leave these fools now, or you become a heretic...and will suffer as such. <Reisha> I'm doing what I've always wanted to do, David. <Kodah> ... <Meredith> ... <David> Yeah but.....but.....with him...? He's...he's evil....he's not Tiernan, he's evil..! <Meredith> ...Go to hell. * Jessica holds her rapier at the ready. "What do we do, fearless leader?" * Jeyer snickers.. "He doesn't know that." <Hans> I don't think I'm of much help here.. <Meredith> Tiernan: I know exactly who I am! <Hans> She's OBVIOUSLY under control <Tiernan> And you just sealed your fate, Meredith. <Jessica> Darin? Remember what I told you. Listen to my incantations and watch my moves. <Reisha> How do you know that for sure? Maybe you can't even comprehend his level of thought or action. Ask yourself that. <Tiernan> Because of what Reisha asked me, I will not hurt you...but I am warning you, to travel to Arc Valley is to sacrifice everything. It is a mistake waiting to happen. <David> Reisha.. <Kodah> You are SO pathetic Volcanon. If you were really the god you think you are, you would feel the blackness behind your every though and deed <Jessica> you're not going to dissuade me from saving this planet, Zeon... <Darin> .... * Reisha stands there, blue cape flowing at Tyr's back. She looks over David, not saying a word. <Tiernan> And I'm getting lectures on a being who is darkness in himself, half devil? * David murmurs helplessly... "I love you....don't do this....please..." <Tiernan> Stop calling me Zeon! <Tiernan> I am Volcanon, dammit! <Kodah> I at least acknowledge my black heart Volcanon. You live in denial <Jessica> This may be useless, but I'll try it anyway... <Meredith> Tiernan: You live in denial that you can make a difference. <Kodah> I have yet to be proved wrong <Reisha> Stop it David.. stop trying. I've already made my choice. * Jessica sheathes her rapier as she begins to chant. Her arms strethching over her head. <Tiernan> And yet I distroyed you last time, eh? The only reason I do not wipe you from this planet is because of Reisha's request. I am a man of my word. <Hans> Reisha, you never made a choice! * David flinches... <David> ...yes she did, Hans... <Hans> You never even HAD a choice! He's controlling you! <Kodah> Suuuure you did <Tiernan> I am not. * Reisha shakes her head. <David> But I will never stop trying, Reisha...I will never stop.... <Tiernan> She chose this willingly. <Hans> Reisha loves David! Why on earth would she chose power over him??? <Reisha> This is for the best. So just deal with it.. <Meredith> Tiernan nods to Reisha in a gesture of "It's time to go" "I have given my word to Reisha not to hurt you...but cross us again and you will all suffer the concequences...~" <David> .... <Kodah> ... <Jessica> hear me now, Mercury and Mars. let your power become mine...reveal your chilling touch and your firey ardor to he who would kill us all..... <David> ....Reisha.... * Reisha looks at David again. .o(I hate doing this, but...) <Meredith> Volcanon! Wait! <Reisha> David. It's over.. Goodbye. <David> .....n-no...! * Jessica stretches her hand out toward Volcanon as an ice dagger appears...a fireball melts it into a stream of water. "Don't make me use this spell." <Reisha> Don't come looking for me, unless you want to lose your life.. * Hans shouts * ATTACK UP! *Hans increases in muscle size. He is ready to dash at Tiernan* <David> ...... * Reisha turns into a bolt of lightning, and crackles and sputters out of view. <Narrator> == Hans casts Boost on himself... 15 attack. <Hans> Rrrg... *Energy dies down* <Meredith> == Tiernan smiles a smile that chills you to the bone, and fades out with her. * David's sword blade droops to stab into the ground bonelessly.. * Jessica releases the water blast at Tiernan...but it just goes into a nearby wall. <Kodah> ... <Meredith> ...So it's true.... <Kodah> He has no idea...he really doesn;t... * David walks forward numbly to wear Reisha had been standing.. ".....Reisha..." <Meredith> What do you mean, Kodah? <Meredith> That he has no idea Zeon is controlling him? <Kodah> Volcanon...he doesn;t know he's being manipulated <Meredith> I know... <Meredith> That's why...we have to help him... * David closes his eyes.. * Jessica walks over and puts a hand on David's shoulder. "We'll get her back, David." She gives David a smile. * Kodah only nods <David> .....if it takes my life...I will follow her... * Hans sighs once * Jeyer moves off in the shadows.. * David turns to look at the group.. <Meredith> David... <Hans> And that it won't take, David <David> We need to help Tiernan, right? <Meredith> Yes. <Kodah> Right <Jessica> yeah. <David> We can help him at Arc VAlley. * Darin nods. * Hans cracks his knuckles & <Hans> Wait... <Hans> Do you guys thing Indigo has left town? <Jessica> WHO CARES ABOUT THAT PSYCHO BITCH... <Hans> She could massacre thousands, Jessica!! <Meredith> And what about Jeyer's curse? <Jessica> we <Hans> Think about the people! <David> If we cure Tiernan, then the curse should be defeated.. <Meredith> And... <Jessica> we'll deal wtih the psycho later...we have a job to do right now. <Meredith> If we cure Tiernan....Reisha will return to her senses. <Meredith> Because her source of power will be cut off. <Jessica> Then let's get goin to Arc Valley. * Kodah calls up his black aura into his fist again, thinking * David murmurs and looks to the sky... "I don't care, do you hear me Reisha...? I don't care if it will cost me my life...I am coming after you. Like it or not." <Meredith> Although... * Hans growls a bit then sighs... * Fine... Let's go to Arc Valley I guess... <Meredith> There's just one...HUGE...problem <Meredith> How do we get there? <Meredith> Do you have ANY idea? <Kodah> I do <Hans> The prophecies <Hans> maybe? <Meredith> How Kodah? * David looks at Kodah.. <Hans> Hm? * Jessica turns to look to Kodah. <Kodah> There are portals that lead to Arc Valley <Kodah> I can sense them <Meredith> Yes but WHERE? * Kodah turns in the direction that Jeyer headed, "He knows." * David walks back to the group and yanks AmeShi out of the ground, sheathing it.. * Jeyer moves away from the conversation... Going back to his room.. <Meredith> ... * Jeyer stops cold. <Meredith> Jeyer wait! <Jessica> get back here, Jeyer. <David> Jeyer.. * Jeyer mumbles to himself.. "We need the shrine of transition.. I keep telling you people." <David> Where do we get that, then? <Jeyer> ... Dark Dragon has it. Remember? <Meredith> Where did the shrine end up when Dark Dragon took it? <Meredith> Do you know? <Hans> Buried in the ocean...? * David nods.. "Hmm." * Kodah walks over to Jeyer * Jeyer sighs.. "He was going east. We should find him and probably Tiernan on the island to the east of here. <Narrator> " <Hans> Tiernan? Uh oh... Bad news! <Jessica> Then let's get a move on.... * David nods <Kodah> Jeyer...I think we should talk later. Alone <Meredith> ...Zeon is getting exactly what he wants... <Jeyer> Let's go to the castle docks. <Meredith> He's sullying Volcanon's name...and Volcanon has no clue. <Jessica> ok. <Meredith> Smart bastard, that Zeon.... * Jeyer nods slowly to Kodah. * Hans puts a backpack onto his back he made much earlier in the morning * <David> We'll stop him, Meredith...keep faith in that.. <Hans> Not smart. Just lucky. * Meredith nods. <Hans> I have a feeling his luck is running out <Kodah> Zeon's no fool. But he's underestimating our resolve <Hans> I know <Kodah> He's trying to divide us and distract us at every opportunity * David nods and walks beside Jeyer.. "to the docks..." <Kodah> There's a reason for that <Hans> Now... One thing... <Meredith> So we give up. * Kodah nods to Merideth, "Exactly" <Hans> Did he take Reisha to the evil side because she's special or is Zeon doing this to the Shining Force one by one? * Jessica follows david. "I'm not giving up." * Jeyer looks over at David and cringes slightly. "I'll... Go find Aura.. And I'll meet you there." <Kodah> He want us to give up <Meredith> He's trying to drive David insane. <Meredith> Think about it. David is the leader. if the leader falls... <Hans> You're right.. <Meredith> David has gone under so much stress...this could be the final crack <Hans> Kind of a good strategy... but nothing I admire.. <Kodah> He wanted Reisha because he wants to weaken our leader. David has to prove that he won't be so easily defeated * Darin follows Jessica... <Hans> Ah... * Meredith sighs. "There's one thing I'm worried about too..." * David narrows his eyes and heads to the docks.. <Hans> Whichi is? <Meredith> And this could just be speculation.... <Meredith> But we have Zeon and Dark Dragon...right? <Kodah> Hm? <Meredith> Well...Mitula is still missing... <Hans> right.. <Meredith> And...what about Darksol? <Hans> ...! <Meredith> He was a lacky to Dark Dragon, but with the final judgement... <Kodah> Hard to say. But I'm sure he's not just hanging around <Meredith> This could turn into another Arc Valley massacare... <Kodah> He will be doing whatever is to his benefit <Hans> Yeah... We NEED to hurry to Arc Valley! <Hans> We don't need anymore blood on our hands <Narrator> The Shining Force moves to the docks to arrange for a boat ride to the next island... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====