Shining Force RPG 2 session 3
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The team, now joined by Baine, head towards the castle to meat(Typo on purpose) with the king of Granseal... * Reisha smiles excitedly..meeting royalty ^^ * David remains passive, watching his mother strut like she used to in the old days :P * Delina quietly follows * Sasha walks besides her mother <Narrator> The throne room is just ahead... It seems to be heavily guarded... * Jess quietly walks toward the castle * Indigo walks besides her daughter, long used to dealing with royalty, so not affected by it. <Baine> Let me in. I am Kara Willcott and I need to see the king.. <Indigo> Don't mind the king dear. He's a funny old man, but harmless. <Guard> Ah... Good. The King is waiting for you, Miss Baine. * Baine nods * the guards open up the way... <Jess> as long as he's as easy to get along with as Queen Lara, we'll be fine. * Baine walks on... <Sasha> Who says I mind? * Jess follows. * David follows his mom carefully, eyeing the guards.. * Indigo whispers to Sasha "I once attacked him with a tidal wave, but he was nice enough to forget it." * Delina follows * Indigo smiles and heads on in. * Sasha follows <Narrator> Inside the throne room, about 10 guards are by the king's side... * Reisha looks at the the castle in awe <Narrator> The king's subjects are running around frantically... <Reisha> (I'm gonna have a throne like that someday :P) <David> Eesh... <Narrator> . o O ( In yer dreams, peon :P ) * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> We didn't do anything yet though, so why are they running? * Baine kneels slightly to the king... "My liege. " * Sasha looks at the people running around in circles "Daily excerises? * The king, noticing Baine kneeling just now, gestures for her to stand back up... * Indigo nods to the kind. "Your Majesty." * Jess bows to the king. <King> Now now, Kara... No need for pleasantries... * Baine stands. <Baine> Sorry, sir. * The king spots David... <King> Welcome back, young Willcott... * David is unable to stop from blushing. "Ahh.....thank you, sir." * Sasha walks up a bit * The king gestures to the people with Baine... "Who are these people? Friends of yours?" * Reisha stiffens up a bit as the King looks at her * Jess blinks twice, then looks at Darin. .oO(Something about that guy. What is it?) <Indigo> Your majesty, may I present my talented daughter: Sasha Mysteria. * Indigo waves to Sasha. <Baine> Ah....these people are friends of my sons...and this is Indigo.....the one who fought by my side...she also has a daughter.. * The King blinks at the sight of Indigo... "Ahh Indigo... It has been a long time. You've aged." <Indigo> As have you. * Indigo smiles. * Sasha waves her hand once "Hello" * Jess bows to the king. "Pleased to meet you, majesty." <Indigo> You remember me as a girl, insane? * The King then glances over to her daughter... "At least you've produce a heir to your heritage." * Indigo smiles and laughs. * The King nods to Jess. <Indigo> Yes, though she does not wish the curse she has inherited. * Reisha bows kind of awkwardly to the King <Sasha> At least? * Baine allows a smile to grace her lips and then looks at the King.. * The King also nods to Reisha. <Reisha> I-I'm Reisha, your Majesty.. * David smiles slightly at Reisha's nervousness. * Reisha doesn't know why she's nervous.. <King> Well, welcome... All of you. We'll need all the help we can get. <Indigo> For what? <King> Now... Down to business. * Baine nods. <Jess> wouldn't have it any other way... <Sasha> What's going on? <King> I was assaulted earlier in my room. <Jess> Oh who? <Indigo> Really? By who? * Reisha blinks * Sasha smirks (Someone wants this guy?) <King> It was dark... And shadowed. <Indigo> And why would you need us? Surely your guards can handle this matter. * David says nothing.. <Baine> ....dark and shadowed..? <Reisha> How'd they get in? This place is..well..a castle :P * Jess taps Indigo on the shoulder.."maybe they can't...and don't call the king Shirley." <King> He told me I was to hand over all my finest knights and fighters or suffer the consequences... * Indigo blinks at Jess. <Baine> How odd. Someone wishes to gather more power? <Indigo> What consequences? <King> Some of my aids came in and he ran off. <Jess> has there been similar attacks on other kingdoms? <Sasha> Where did he go off to? <King> Actually, oddly armored fellows have been gathering up the land's best fighters. <Indigo> Then I think it might be prudent to gather your armies and smash them quickly. * Reisha wonders if this might have any connection to the rumors she heard.. <King> That is the problem. We do not know where their base is located. * Indigo frowns. <David> .....sire. How do you intend to deal with this? * David speaks up.. <Indigo> We were captured by some strange people and escaped....they could be connected to this. * Jess stands there, thinking... <Sasha> So you want us to do a recon mission to find it eh? * The King turns to look at David... "I intend to comb the land to find their home base... They are not from this land. That I know." * David nods.. * The king blinks at Indigo's comment. <King> When was that? * Reisha nods to Indigo <Jess> not long ago... <Indigo> Just before we got here. <Reisha> Yeah, and after we escaped the whole place vanished... * Delina nods <Indigo> I was kidnapped from the Crystal Tower and somehow brought there. We were in a cell where magic did not work. <Sasha> The base faded away imeddiatly after we left though * Jess looks at Darin again. .oO(What am I sensing about him? It's too odd.) <King> That must be them. <Indigo> There was a mage in command with odd spells. He was an idiot. <Indigo> No worse than his soldiers though. <Jess> not a very good mage at that. * Reisha smiles * Darin tosses a warm glance at Jess. <Reisha> Nothing I couldn't handle. <Indigo> Without his blinding spell he is a mere eighth-rate conjurer your Majesty. <David> Very confident.. <Jess> nothing WE couldn't handle, Reisha. * Reisha sweatdrops <Reisha> Of course ^^ <Indigo> Or rather a poor, pitiful excuse for a wannabe eighth-rate petty conjurer. <King> Ahh... Good. Very good. You are to go find out what they are doing here... And if possible, destroy them. * Sasha sighs "I need shower..." * Indigo nods. <Sasha> Excuse me your majesty but I'm not really part of this tag-team band... * Indigo looks at Sasha and then whispers to Baine "She is like you when we were younger old friend." <Sasha> So I'm not going anywhere with them, unless you pay me * Baine smiles at Indigo. "I noticed.." <Sasha> 200 gold should about do it * The Kings shrugs. "If they deem you necessary, I shall pay." * Indigo blinks. * Jess whispers to Darin. "Mercenary little bitch, isn't she?". jess then motions toward Sasha. * Reisha winces <Indigo> She is my daughter! Of course she is necessary! * `Darin nods.... <Reisha> Pretty steep.. * The king looks at one of his aids and asks him to fetch 200 GP from the treasury. <King> Then it shall be done, Miss Indigo. <Indigo> Besides, 200 Gp is not much. <Baine> Sire. I am wondering if I can have a word with you. * Indigo smiles at Sasha. * Reisha shrugs <Indigo> I am very glad you'll be here my daughter. <King> Yes, Baine? * Sasha turns to her mother and nods smiling * Baine steps forward and says lowly to the king, so as the others cannot hear... "I know I am not one with the stealth and skill anymore....but I wish maybe that my son could take AmeShi when you deem him worthy..?" * Sasha wonders what Baine is talking about * Sasha shrugs and leans against a wall. * The king scratches his chin, pondering... * Jess blinks. "The sword that I heard Queen Lara talk about so often?" * Darin eyes Jess again, as Baine talks to the king.... .oO(I never noticed how charming she was... though I have never seen her this close before......) * Indigo reads her book. * Jess notices Darin eyeing her...and looks back out of the corner of her eye. .oO(Something about that guy...what the hell is it?) * The king speaks in a low voice... "AmeShi is part of this city's history... But if you deem it necessary, I'll allow it." * Reisha wonders what they could be talking about... * Indigo nods. * Baine bows to the King. "Thank you, sire.." * The king nods. <King> Now... I suggest you go to the local inn for the night. Tell them the king will take care of the payment. <Indigo> Okay! * Baine nods. <David> ... * Darin raises an eyebrow. * The king turns his attention to somewhere else and suddenly snaps back. <King> Oh! I almost forgot. <Jess> Hmmm? * Sasha pulls her weight off the wall and looks at the King * Darin tears her eyes from Jess and looks at the king <King> I sent Chamolo and a team of knights up north at the Galam ruins. <Indigo> Great! <Jess> excellent... * Indigo goes up to the king and whispers "Why don't you come with us your Majesty? It is your realm and we could use another sword. Besides, you won't be killed, no one ever kills the heroes." * Reisha wonders when she can get to fry some baddies :P * The King chuckles... "Ahh, Indigo... I am too old for these adventures." <Baine> ... * Indigo laughs. <King> My old bones couldn't keep up... And besides, I have to supervise the rebuilding of Galam. <Indigo> No you're not! I'm 34 and I'm not too old. * Indigo smiles. <Sasha> Your majesty, my pay? <Indigo> Besides, you can lean on my staff, but if you insist.... * The king turns to Sasha, annoyed... "It shall be sent to the inn tonight." * Jess turns to walk to the inn. * Sasha nods "Thank you" * Darin walks over to Jess.. and stays behind her. * Sasha turns to leave the castle <King> Baine... If you wish to be by Chamolo's side, I can send a team of knights to escort you to Galam. * Sasha walks out and heads over to the inn * Delina follows the group * Indigo waves. <Baine> .... I would like that, sire. I wish to be near my husband. * Jess quietly heads to the inn... * David groans. * The King nods. "Then it shall be done." <Indigo> Well, see you O King! I have to make sure Sasha doesn't get in trouble. * `Darin follows 3 steps behind Jess. * The king calls for half a score of knights. * Indigo turns and follows Sasha out. <Baine> Thank you.. <Jess> Darin, you don't have to follow that far behind me, you know. * David hesitates and looks at his mom.. * The King smiles at Baine. "You are welcome." * Darin blinks..... "You know that I follow you?" <Jess> that I do. * Jess stops and allows Darin to catch up to her. * Darin speeds up, then falls in step with Jess. * Jess notices the stone that Darin carries with him. "What's that?" * The knights arrive and are prepared to lead Baine to the Galam ruins. * Reisha tags along with the group happily awaiting what's to come.. * David hugs his mom and words are exchanged....then his mom goes with the guards. * David runs off to the group.. * Indigo walks along, enjoying the scenery. * Darin blushes.... "It's the SunStone... it's some kind of heirloom of my family... Kalla, my twin sister, has one.. only hers is the MoonStone... In the brief time that we had met, that was all we learnd about it..and all we know of our parents." <Narrator> The sun has set... Night is son to come... * Sasha mumbles "I need a nice hot steamy bath, or shower, which ever =P" <Jess> Oh...I felt some kind of faint aura about that stone, or was it you? I can't tell right now. <Narrator> The inn is just a few steps away... * Reisha can't wait for a nice bed... * Indigo laughs. <Indigo> I want food and a good bed! * David is quiet, blonde hair ruffled and cool grey blue eyes glittering in the faint light.. <Delina> look theres the Inn... * Darin sighs... and tosses his hair over his shoulder... and shrugs at Jess... then looks her over once again.. <Narrator> The inn is almost deserted, but for the woman at the counter. * Sasha walks up to the counter <David> Ma'am.....the king sent us....he's paying for our rooms... <Jess> .oO(He sure is looking me over alot. Hmmm...I wonder.) * Reisha looks a David a moment, then at the solitary woman at the inn * The woman blinks. "Ahh... You are Kara Baine's son! I shall prepare rooms for your team. ^_^" * David blushes lightly. * Darin smiles at Jess, and wonders what is on her mind, unable to see past her calm eyes. <Reisha> That's right...your best rooms for us heroes! * The woman scurries off quickly to prepare the rooms and to get the keys. * Reisha smiles * Indigo smiles. * David chuckles softly at Reisha. * Sasha clasps her hand on David's shoulder "So, how does it feel to be the son of a hero?" <David> mean son of a butcherer? * Reisha winks at David * The woman comes back with keys for each person... "Enjoy your rooms and have a good night. ^_^" <Reisha> said being famous was pretty ^^ * Indigo looks at Sasha and David. <Sasha> Whatever... at least you're not the daughter of a woman who was once insane * David looks mildly amused * Indigo holds in a laugh. * David coughs and looks at his key.. <David> I guess I shall retire for the night.. * Jess heads up to her room. * Indigo watches Sasha. * Darin stifles a yawn and starts for his room... * Sasha takes her key and looks at the woman "Does my room come with a bath or something?" <Indigo> I think it would be best if you slept in my room dear. I know you're tough, but still, you're only 16. * Reisha nods to david <Woman> All rooms come with washing facilities, one bed, and an honor bar. ^_^ <Reisha> Same here..I need some shut eye if we're going to be kickign some evil butt tomorrow. * Indigo is in her mothering tone and mood. * Darin stops... "Bar?" * David raises an eyebrow at Reisha and gets a faint trace of a smile before turning and heading to his room... "Good night..." * Delina takes her key and heads to her room <Jess> just what we need...a knight drunk off his ass. * Darin grins at Jess and goes to his room. * Reisha waves and head up to the rooms.. <Jess> take it easy on the hooch tonight, Darin. <Sasha> Mom, I'm sixte---oh nevermind * The woman goes about her business... * Darin smiles evilly at Jess, winks at her, then closes his door. * Indigo smiles. * Sasha heads upstairs to the room she and her mother will be sharing for the night. <Indigo> We'll share the bed dear. I'll take the upper half. * Jess heads into her room, walks to the window and looks ouside for a while, wondering about a little of everything...the mysterious knight, Darin, this mission.. * Indigo heads on upstairs. * Sasha gets undressed, and turns on the shower. =P * Darin fixes himself a drink, then stares out the window at the stars.... "Who is she.... really..?"9 * Narrator follows Sasha in the shower. :P * Reisha flops down on the bed happily * Indigo thwaps the narrator and tells him to leave her daughter be. :P * Delina hops into a warm bath <Reisha> Ahh...zzzzzz <Narrator> ACK! You stupid Indigo slot. :P * Narrator leaves * Indigo settles down on the bed and arranges it. * Sasha turns and walks over to the Narrator "Come on in big boy!" * Narrator whispers something in Sasha's ear, "After the RPG, sexy thang..." <Narrator> The team settles into their rooms, clean themselves off and rest until the coming morning... * Indigo frowns and does a nagging, Marge Simpson-esque sound. :P <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The night settled over Granseal... <Narrator> The darkness fills every inch of the city... <Narrator> The silence of sleep engulfs the whole city... Everything silent and resting... <Narrator> All but one house... <Narrator> A dark shadowed person infiltrates himself in Chamolo and Baine's humble abode... <Narrator> A faint glow emenates over the dormant fireplace... <Narrator> The shadowed person grins at the sight of the legendary AmeShi... <Narrator> The thief heads for the sword and extends his hands to take the katana... <Narrator> Ameshi glows brighter at the touch of the thief, trying to repulse him... To save itself... <Narrator> With alot of strain, the thief lowers AmeShi's energy back to a faint glow and runs away into the night... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The morning sun raises itself over the horizon, marking the beginning of a new day... The city slowly awakens itself from its slumber... The team wakes up to prepare themselves for their journey back to the castle. <Narrator> Back to the hidden castle. * Sasha steps outside her room in a tank-top and leather short shorts. =P * Indigo stretches and yawns loudly. * Delina sits up on her bed yawning * Indigo goes to wake Sasha up, but doesn't see her, so she showers, dresses, and heads down * Narrator walks out in a long red bathrobe with a pipe in his mouth. :P * David walks out of his room, topless and wearing just his pants.. :p * Jess wakes up, dresses and walks out of her room, ready for the journey. * Sasha heads downstairs and calls out the innkeeper * Reisha stretches, dresses, and heads downstairs refreshed * Indigo is wearing only her rainbow robe of the Final Judgement, still looking very good for a 34-year-old woman. ^_- * David leans against the wall outside his room, half dressed. :p * Delina vhanges her clothes and pokes her headout of her room * Darin still snores loudly from inside his room. * The innkeeper yawns and rubs her eyes, walking into the main hall... "Good morning... Sleep well? ^_^" <Sasha> Hey miss! Can't I get anything to eat? * Jess knocks on Darin's door. When he doesn't answer, she walks in and shakes him. "Wake up, Darin..." * Reisha nods to the woman <Sasha> Yes I did <Reisha> Very! <Woman> Oh yes... Right away, ma'am. ^_^ <Indigo> Oh yes. * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> I like her. She's nice. <Woman> What shall I have prepared? * David walks downstairs to the innkeeper and the party.. <David> Some fresh juice and maybe some fruit for me. <Indigo> I'll have bacon, sausage, waffles with honey syrup, eggs, toast, jam, and orange juice. ^_^ <Jess> Darin? Wake up! <Sasha> Eggs, toast, bacon, hashbrowns, an orange, and a waffle <Woman> O_O;; <Indigo> Oh, and some sliced ham if you have any. * Jess leans down right at Darin's ear. "WAKE UP!" <Delina> ummm i'll have juce and toast <Indigo> With a pasty! ^_^ * Darin snorts and sits bolt upright and reaches for his sword. <Woman> Err... Ok. I guess I'll go prepare it now... O_o; *scurries off* <Sasha> By the way, make my order, two of everything <Jess> about time you got up. * Reisha adds in an order of the best continental breakfast :) <David> Geez, much? * The woman facefaults before going into the kitchen. <Indigo> Me too! ^_^ <`Darin> Wha? * Jess smiles. <Jess> this has been your wake up call? <Indigo> Two of everything please. :) * Indigo turns to David. * Sasha finds a chair to sit down on and yawns, stretching her barefeet. <Indigo> Well, spellcasting is hungry work dear. * David leans against the wall, waiting....still shirtless. :p <David> Yeah. * Darin looks down, and blushes brightly... * Jess smiles. "I didn't deafen you did I?" <Narrator> After a few minutes, the juice and toasts are brought to the table by 2 girls. * Reisha giggles a bit at Indigo's comment * Darin shakes his head... <Girl> The rest of the food shall be here shortly. ^_^ Thank you for your patience. :) * Indigo devours her food like a slightly civilized wolf, nods, and smiles. * Jess walks out and downstairs.. <Indigo> Thank you! * David walks over and picks up a piece of fruit.. :P * David juggles it from hand to hand.. * Indigo still has jam on her face from shoveling the toast in her mouth. :P * Darin dresses and hurries downstairs, strapping his sword on. * Reisha watches David juggle the fruit, wondering if he can keep it up.. * Sasha snaps the orange David took and starts peeling it "Too slow buddie" =) <David> Hey... * David's eyes change color to a cooler shade of blue.. * Indigo wipes her chin, not realizing how hungry she was. * Sasha tosses it back to David "Had a good rest?" <Narrator> After a few minutes, the rest of the food arrives on a bigass carrying tray carried by 3 people! * David catches it. <David> I guess. * `Darin flops down in a chair next to Jess. * Jess just takes a piece of fruit and some coffee. "Gotta watch what I eat these days." * Indigo smiles and starts eating, more behaved now that the first hunger pangs have passed. * David chews on the fruit and looks cute, hair ruffled and in deep thought. * Sasha turns around and heads back to the table "Didn't get much hair on your chest did ya?" * Reisha digs in hungrily, not worrying about manner for the time being * Sasha digs through her food, in a matter of minutes it's all gone. * Indigo finishes her food quickly and waves to the barmaid. * Delina grabs her food and snacks <Indigo> More please, and make it a double order! ^_^ <David> .....we can't spend the day eating food. <Sasha> Mom, you're going to lose your figure the way you keep eating * The woman facefaults while polishing the desk. <Jess> Gee, have one hellacious appetite. * Indigo giggles. <Sasha> And by the way mom, I suggest you cover yourself a bit more.... you're ummm....welll uh... ^^;;; <Woman> Erm.. Right.. Away.. *Grumbles about draining all money from the king's treasury* <Indigo> But....I've eaten this way since I was born, and I've always stayed the same. * Darin picks up a piece of fruit sleepily and stares at it. * Indigo blinks and tightens her robe now. <Indigo> Oh, okay. <Reisha> Mm..DElicious..I feel like I could take on an army after that power meal :) * David snickers a bit and takes another bite out of the fruit.. <`Darin> zzzzzzzzz............. * Jess takes a bite out of her orange, then sips her coffee. * Sasha finds a left over orange and starts peeling it <David> I'll be back. <Jess> anyone got any ice water? * Indigo mumbles about her other curse, she can eat like a pig and gain a pound. * David straightens and goes to get his shirt. <Sasha> Hey Dave where're you going? <Jess> Oh, I have an idea.... * David stops midway up the stairs. "To get a shirt. We can't all wander around scantily clad." * David goes into his room and closes the door. * Jess points to darin as a small piece of ice appears behind him. The ice then falls right down the back of Darin's shirt. "That oughta wake him up." * Reisha gigles at david <Narrator> Another tray of food is brought to Indigo. * Indigo devours it and smiles. * Darin screams! "GAAAAAAAAA"HHHHHH!!!!" * Sasha snickers and leans back stretching her long revealed legs "I don't mind" <Indigo> Excellent! I'll have to come back sometime when I'm hungry. Your food is delicious. * Darin falls off his chair * Indigo waves and stands. * David returns, carrying his pack and wearing a tight shirt... <David> Are we ready to go? * The woman nods and smiles, sweatdropping.. ^_^;; * Jess smiles...."Some folks just aren't morning people. * Darin eats the fruit still in his hand (while still on the floor) <Sasha> I ain't moving till I get my money which was supposed to come yesterday night * Indigo looks at Sasha. * Jess extends a hand to Darin. "Need some help up?" <David> You're a very greedy girl, toothpaste woman. * David smirks. <Indigo> Are you going to get dressed dear? <Narrator> Woman: Money...? Oh! Right... * The woman pulls out a pouch. * Sasha shakes her head "Not yet mom" * `Darin grins at Jess and takes her hand. <Woman> This came last night... They said it was for Sasha...? <Darin> Thanks * Jess pulls Darin up to his feet. <Jess> Did you sleep at all last night, Darin? * Reisha checks her gear..all go..and leaves a small tip (small)^^ * Sasha stands "Over her miss" <Darin> I did, Jess, but my dreams were troubled... <Jess> Oh? Mind telling me? * The woman brings the pouch to Sasha. "Here you go, miss. ^_^" * Darin glares at the Stone at his throat... "This thing has a way of sending premonitions I think..." <Sasha> Thanks * Sasha opens the pouch and counts the money to make sure it's accurate. <Jess> Hmmm? <Sasha> Great! * Sasha dashes upstairs into her room <Indigo> You don't trust the king to pay you fairly Sasha? <Jess> mercenary little viper bitch.... * Indigo follows her up, then stops. <Indigo> She is not!!! She's a good girl! <David> Be nice, Jess.. * Reisha sighs <Reisha> I know people like that from back home... * Indigo remembers that she was once called what Sasha was just called, save for the mercernary part. * Sasha steps outside her room, clad in her armor and her pack over her shoulder. <Sasha> Ready to go people? * Indigo nods. <Jess> I am... * David places a gentle hand on Reisha's shoulder and then removes it, heading for the door. <David> Lets go then. <Indigo> Don't let them hurt your feelings dear. You're not a viper. * Darin nods.. "I am." he pats the hilt of his Blade. * Reisha wonders what that was for... * Reisha falls in step behind him * Delina follows yawning <Sasha> Viper? * Jess pats Darin on the back and then heads out... * Indigo nods and heads out. <Indigo> They called me that too. * `Darin follows Jess, smiling. * Sasha heads out the door follow the rest of the group <Narrator> The team packs up gears and heads for the location of the castle... After a few hours of walk, they arrive... The castle is still missing... But there's a large, metallic ship on the water... <Jess> Hmmm? * Reisha looks into the distance... * Darin eyes Jess some more :P <Narrator> The boat seems deserted... A large door is opened and lies on the beach... * Jess looks at Darin... <Sasha> Well, let's get going * Sasha heads into the ship's door * Jess walks on toward the ship...not liking what she's seeing. * Darin looks around and shudders.... <Reisha> I hope this all another illusion.. <Narrator> the inside of the ship is dark... * David glances around.. <Narrator> There is no light at all... <Jess> Ahh...idea.. <Sasha> Hey anyone know a light spell? <Sasha> It's too damn dark in here! * Jess grabs her mage's cane and causes a mystical flame to appear it, creating light. * Reisha tries not to stumble <Narrator> As the light appears, a small form scurries away to a side door at the back of the ship. * Sasha looks around <Jess> Hmm? * Sasha heads after the form <Jess> think we should follow that thing? <Jess> answres that question. * Jess follows Sasha. <David> Might be just a rat... * Darin follows Jess... wanting to protect her at all costs..... <Reisha> I say we just keep moving... <Reisha> This place is creepy. * Sasha stops looks at the side door and tries to open it <Narrator> The door is unlocked.... A faint red light glows inside the room... <Jess> let's go in... * Sasha places her hand on her sword and catiously enters the next room * Darin nods at Jess * Reisha moves a bit closer to david, and enters.. * Jess looks into the room and carefully enters... * David stays close to Reisha as he enters.. <Narrator> The room looks like a storage room... <Narrator> Boxes are piled up to the roof... * There's someone in there desperately trying to pry open the grate covering a vent, cursing... <Narrator> The glow comes from the top right corner of the room... * Sasha looks at the man <Sasha> Hey you! * Jess looks up at the light.. <Dal> Dammit, you f... ack! <sweat!> * Dal tries to find a way out, failing miserably. "Ah..." * Sasha walks over to the man pulling her sword out and puts it's tip at the man's throat smirking <Sasha> Hello * Jess wonders if she could melt the grate with her fire magics. <Dal> Ah... hi... now what's a nice lady like you doing with such a sharp sword? If you could just let me go... <Jess> Sasha, sir? stand back... * David raises an eyebrow.. * Reisha eyes the man suspiciously <Sasha> I'm not gonna let you go until you tell me everything * Jess begins chanting as she points her hand toward the grate as the heat begins to pick up... * `Darin looks at the Man... * David reaches subconciously for his knives.. * David only finds one. * Sasha edges the sword a bit closer to the man's neck "Come on spit it out" <Dal> I didn't do anything! Now, please stick that somewhere else and let... ow! Wait! * Reisha doesn't trust him at all.. <Jess> powers of Mars, lord of flames, bring forth your power...melt the bonds of metal that bind that soul... * Dal widens his eyes... <Dal> Um. <Sasha> Just tell me who you are and why you are here hm? * Jess eyes the grate as her eyes flash a bright red....flames engulf the grate, heating them white hot. * Sasha bats her eyelashes in a pretty manner <Sasha> Please? <Dal> I'd love to, but that chick is going to broil us if we stay here... <David> ....Gah. No self control at all. <Narrator> David spots a familiar sword in the person's hands... * Sasha grabs the man's shoulder and moves to another corner of the room <David> ! <David> Wh-.. <Dal> ... ergh... Name's Dal, and I just wanted to get out of here and go home... * David growls <David> Give me that sword!! <Jess> I told you all to stand back. * Sasha looks at David then at the sword * David steps forward, shoving Jess out of the way! "Move!!" * Dal looks at his hands. "Erk... why? I've always had this sword and..." <Sasha> Is that what I think it is? * David stares at the sword. "Give me that sword." * Darin 's jaw drops... <Darin> It can't be... <Narrator> As David goes to get the sword, the ship rumbles loudly and starts moving. <Jess> Hmmm? <Narrator> David falls over * David growls <Delina> uh oh? <Jess> Oh great...what now? <Darin> I thought it was only a legend! * Dal sweats. * David hits the floor with a thump.. <Reisha> Uh oh.. <Jess> all out to sea and nowhere to go. * Sasha takes the sword from Dal's hand * Reisha trys to steady herself..being used to soem sea travel <Narrator> The large door at the back of the ship can be heard slamming shut loudly. <David> ...ugh... * Dal holds onto the sword tight... "Not without payment..." <David> I need.....need that sword!! <Delina> umm... * Sasha whaps the man upside the head and keeps her sword pointed at his neck "Give it" * Reisha scowls at Dal <Narrator> The ship moves off to sea, giving no more chance of escape to the team... <Reisha> Just give him the sword, or I'll have to administer some shock therapy.. * Reisha fist glows with some electricity <David> ...we need to escape.. * Dal growls... "Ladies shouldn't be so violent... I'll gladly hand it over for 50,000 Gold..." <Sasha> Give me the sword ding butt! * Darin walks up to Dal and draws his sword, and puts it to the man's chest. "Surrender the sword! NOW PEON!" * Delina sits on the floors * Sasha knees Dal <Dal> Peon?! OWWW! O_O * Dal doubles over, holding his vitals... ^^; * Jess looks at Dal. "Want me to really broil you?" <Darin> Give up the sword or give up your life, it's THAT simple. <Jess> wanna know how a frozen pizza feels? * Dal dropped the sword in his agony... * David bends and grabs the sword! * Sasha picks up the sword and hands it to David <Narrator> AmeShi glows in a bright light as David holds her... * Darin resheaths his Blade. * David grins widely as the black flames of AmeShi ignite.. * Dal looks pained... * Reisha looks at the sword glow in David's hands....sensing a great magic energy * Jess eyes the blade... * David twirls it a little....."Feels natural..." * Delina looks at the blade with awe <Reisha> NO wonder you wanted it back so much, David. * `Darin smiles... "The legendary AmeShi........ * Dal groans... "Uhnnn... can I go now?" <Sasha> Not yet little boy <Sasha> First, you gotta tell us where you got the sword * David smiles at Reisha for a moment before sliding AmeShi into his belt... <David> I know where he got it. But I'm not sure WHY. * Reisha remembers <Sasha> And of course, why you have it. <Reisha> Ah yeah..the ship... * Dal doesn't answer, suddenly getting up and slipping through the group. <Dal> Bye! Don't feel like telling you! <Sasha> Hey! Come back here! <David> The ship? <Jess> want me to stop him? <Narrator> Dal runs out of the door quickly... * Reisha tries to draw a bead on the no-good thief, but gives up <Narrator> A large blast can be heard a second after he exits the room! <David> ...shit. * Sasha quickly dashes into the room <Darin> what was ThAT? <Reisha> I hope we're not runnign aground or something.. * Jess looks to the sound. <David> Explosion. We're in a ship people.. <Narrator> As Sasha exits the room, she is also blasted! The team sees a large blast of magic slam her into a wall! <David> ....ah, fuck. <`Darin> O_O <Jess> Oh shit... * Sasha groans and slumps down onto the ground <Reisha> Sasha! * Dal is unconscious next to Sasha. <Jess> Sasha? Dal? <Narrator> A loud, sinister laugh can be heard outside the door... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====d thief, but gives up <Narrator> A large blast can be heard a second after he exits the room! <David> ...shit. * Sasha quickly dashes into the room <Darin> what was ThAT? <Reisha> I hope we're not runnign aground or something.. * Jess looks to the sound. <David> Explosion. We're in a ship people.. <Narrator> As Sasha exits the room, she is also blasted! The team sees a large blast of magic slam her into a wall! <David> ....ah, fuck. <`Darin> O_O <Jess> Oh shit... * Sasha groans and slumps down onto the ground <Reisha> Sasha! * Dal is unconscious next to Sasha. <Jess> Sasha? Dal? <Narrator> A loud, sinister laugh can be heard outside the door... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====