Shining Force RPG 2 session 30
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<Narrator> ===== Session start! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force gathers at the docks, attempting to find a boat to lead them to the next island in pursuit of Reisha(The feminazi bitch from hell). Unfortunately, no ships seem to be in service... * Indigo reappears in an intense burst of white light. <Narrator> The docks is fairly empty... <Jessica> Hmmm..... <Jessica> we could always swim. <Meredith> I could fly...but...well.. ^^: You can't. * David scowls, his arms crossed... "Grand.." <Indigo> So, what are we all waiting for? * Jessica looks out. "How far is it to the next island." <Meredith> Hmm...Is there a port house anywhere...maybe we can hitch a ride on a cargo ship... <Narrator> The docks seems fairly deserted... A few lower class ships stand anchor dropped, their captains busy with loading and unloading cargo. <Meredith> ...Like that one? * Meredith points to a random cargo ship <David> A cargo ship....yes....good thinking, Meredith.. * Meredith blinks and turns around to Indigo! O_o <Meredith> ...hey! <Jessica> excellent idea, Meredith. * David blinks and ehhs at Indigo * Meredith whispers to David. "Tackle her. Now. While she's semi-sane." * David blinks. ^^; "But that'd be wrong.." * Indigo looks about.... <Indigo> I have an idea! ^_^ * Indigo glows blue. <David> No! * David tackles Indigo!! * Meredith whispers to David "She's insane....^_^ Thank you! " <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, tidal wave the beach and carry us away! <Narrator> == Indigo's spell fails * David grunts ^^; * Indigo sighs. * Meredith helps tackle Indi with David! <Indigo> David, it's rude to tackle people. * David gets sandwiched by Meredith * Indigo glows blue. <Indigo> Neptune, Elemental of Water, tidal wave the beach and carry us away! <Meredith> SHUT UP! <David> Indigo...! Stop summoning!! <Jessica> I could give her a nice new smile....right across the neck. * Indigo blinks, still surrounded by her blue aura. * Meredith pins her arms back. "David, do you have any rope or anything like that?!" <Indigo> Dear, it's what I do for a living. You'll understand one day. * Indigo pats David's head before Meredith grabs her. <Meredith> Oh, yeah, and I suppose it's your 'living' to off half of the guard here, eh? * David grabs a rope, hesitating. "But...she...I thought we figured out that she wasn't..." * Aura rolls her eyes <Jessica> can we just get a ride to the next island? <Meredith> ...I gotta tie her up long enough so I can explain a few things to her without her summoning crap * David wrinkles his nose before tying Indigo's hands behind her back. <Meredith> And more crap...and more know what I mean... <David> Can we get on a cargo ship now? * Jessica freezes Indigo's lips shut again with her ice magic. "That should keep her quiet." ^_^ * Aura sighs and watches.. * Meredith nods, and turns Indigo to her, pushing her long. "Listen closely, Indigo, Darling." * David heads to a cargo ship.. <Meredith> You know how you keep seeing Mitula on a regular basis? * Indigo struggles, then nods and writes with her finger. ~Yes, she is the founder of my family line. I call her Grandma.~ <Meredith> I know, Indigo...that woman is a fake. * David crosses his arms, looking for a sailor.. <Meredith> She's been finding out information about you and is driving you back into insanity. * Aura stands by the ship, staring at the water <Meredith> That's why she knows so much about you. * Jeyer walks away from the party across the coast line, looking at the ships docked, estimating one that would give the Shining Force safe passage... * David eyes Jeyer...before sinking into his thoughts.. * Indigo blinks. * David looks down at the water lapping against the docks... * Aura sits at the edge of the water, staring at it <Indigo> ~But Grandmother loves me. She protects me and said she would always be with me. She warned me of the family curse too.~ <Meredith> Because she's Celia...the same person who courrupted Tyr. <Meredith> She's a shapeshifter... <Meredith> Just trust me, Indigo. Do not go back to this woman. * Aura ponders just jumping into the water to get away from these loonys * David snaps his gaze up to Jeyer's form.. "Hey! Any luck?" <Jessica> I think I'll just start swimming....the sooner I get away from that psycho bitch, the better. * Jeyer suddenly trips at David's voice and falls face first in a pile of boxes <David> O_o * David grimaces and wanders over to Jeyer, helping him up.. ^^; * Aura blinks and looks over at the Jeyer * Indigo blinks and cries. <Meredith> I'm sorry, Indigo... * Jeyer leans on David to get up, wincing.... "Gah." <David> Sorry. ^^; * Jeyer dusts himself off and coughs slightly.. "I... Erm. No ships seem to take any passagers." <Meredith> Just don't summon too many things until this crisis with Volcanon is solved....not summon needlessly or for show. I have a feeling the spirits are confused as hell and that's why your summons don't work * Meredith unties Indigo <David> We could....uhm.. * Aura unlaces her boots and wades into the water.. * Indigo falls down and sobs, her hands to her eyes. <Jeyer> ... Swim? <David> Hide on a ship? <Meredith> Hmm... <Meredith> Hang on... * Jessica walks up behind David. "I like the idea of swimming, or I could create an ice bridge...but that would exhaust me. * Meredith looks at one of the cargo unloaders. "Maybe I can hitch us a ride..." <Meredith> I'll be back in a moment! * David nods to Meredith.. * Aura dunks her head under the water and looks around.. * Jeyer glances over at the candidates.. "They're all unusually well guarded.." * Meredith runs off to one of the unloaders and chats with him, showing off her Vinosec badge <Narrator> A small crab pinches Aura's nose * Aura shrieks and hops out of the water * David grimaces at Aura before rubbing his forehead.. * Aura grabs the crab and throws it against a boat <Narrator> The unloader glances at Meredith sideways.. "No passengers. Sorry." <Meredith> But this is an emergency! The Shining Force MUST make it to the next island. Your lives depend on it! <Narrator> The crab crashes against the prow of the boat, becoming a crab puff as he slides back in the water. * Aura puts all of her blades into her boots and goes deeper into the water * The unloader shrugs as he carries off a box to a storage house. "Not my problem, lady." * David looks back into the water.. * Meredith glares. "It will be." * Meredith sighs and heads back to David. "No luck." * Aura gets up to her waist in the water and looks around.. <David> Great....well....what are our options...? <Meredith> Swim... <David> Could we swim that far? <Meredith> That's all that's left. * Jeyer glances over at Aura and blinks... <Meredith> Probably not... <Meredith> I could request to reserve a ship, but that could take a couple of weeks. * Aura spies something she wants and dives under the water <Jessica> we don't have that long, Meredith. <Meredith> I know... * David runs a hand through his hair, beginning to look more and more frustrated.. "So....we...maybe we just...need to wait a night? Maybe there'll be ships tomorrow.." <Meredith> Not according to the schedule... <Narrator> The sky starts turning dark suddenly... The seamen glowering as they start working faster to get their cargo to safety * Meredith ecks and adjusts her glasses. "The next ship is coming in...a week. And it's booked." * Jessica snaps her fingers as a small piece of ice appears in her other hand. "Or....." * David looks up.. * Meredith blinks. * Aura pops her head out of the water <Jessica> Eh? * David murmurs.. "We could still hide on a ship." <Meredith> I wonder if our winged psychopath is returning...? <Jessica> you mean hide among the cargo? * Aura walks towards the shore..tripping a few times as she goes * David nods to Jessica.. <Meredith> Yeah, we've got no choice...we might as well. <Narrator> All the seamen suddenly call to raise anchor and the ships start departing in a frenzy of sails and sailor curses <David> ...damnit! <Meredith> No! <Jessica> Oh hell. <Meredith> Well...Fuck. * Aura yelps as the anchor she's standing on gets pulled up off the ground * Jeyer blinks and yells at Aura to move! * David looks miserable... and then blinks at Aura.. "Aura..!" * Aura is pulled about 6 feet up into the air, then tumbles off into the water * Meredith flies off the docks and grabs Aura before she fully falls into the water! <Meredith> Careful...! * David sighs softly... "Jeyer?" * Aura just blinks at the boat.."why the hell did they do that o_O" <Meredith> «ooc: Tyr: shall the Godess of the Storm...Yeeeesssss..... » * Jeyer just stays there, blinking... "Uhm. Yes? <Meredith> Because something is coming...again. You know how it is. ^^; * Meredith flies to the dock and sets Aura down on it. "There!" <David> Surely you have some mystic voodoo...or get us to that island...ideas..? thoughts? * Aura looks up at the sky..."its a prettty color.." <Aura> thank you, Meredith <Meredith> No problem... * Jeyer shakes his head.. "I can't use my powers, David." <Meredith> ...You know... * Meredith gives David a twitching eye look. * David blinks at Meredith.. <Meredith> ^^; you think...Reisha? * David looks up at the sky.. <Jessica> could be, Meredith.... <David> ...I don't know... <Meredith> I hope not. * Aura grabs her boots and stuff and walks up onto the shore, away from the water * David closes his eyes.. * Meredith gives David a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "It'll be okay, David." * David opens them again and shakes his head... "If it was Reisha, she'd probably zap some poor sailor in the butt with a lightning bolt....just cause." * Darin sighs.. and looks up at the sky.. <Meredith> ... * Jessica looks up too, but up at Darin. "what's wrong, love?" <David> We should head to an Inn....we need to get a plan.. <David> Standing here on the docks is just asking for trouble.. <Meredith> ...I suppose you're right... <Narrator> == The sky turns pitch black, the only lights visible being the ones lighting the docks... The streets are completely empty as a thick fog starts to settle over the docks area... <David> .... * Aura just stares up at the sky.. <Meredith> ...What time is it, everyone? <Jessica> 9:01 * David blinks and looks around.. "It wasn't late enough to be dark.." <Meredith> In the morning? <Meredith> ...Damn...Something's coming...We'd better find shelter now... * David nods.. <David> Lets go back to the Inn.. * Aura disapears off into the fog.. * Jessica looks at her watch. "yeah..we'd better find sheleter." * Meredith grabs Aura before she wanders too far. <Meredith> Let's go, Little one. ^^: * Jessica grabs Darin and goes to the inn. * David turns and heads back to the inn.. "C'mon..." <Narrator> Lights in the distance appear in the water... <Meredith> ...Wait! * Aura grumbles.."i'm not thaat little.." * David blinks <Meredith> Something's coming... <Meredith> Sorry Aura. ^^; * David turns and looks.. "Huh.." * Aura points to the lights <Jessica> Eh? * Jessica stops and looks back. <Narrator> The lights seem to cut through the fog... As the form approaches, a tattered sail can be made out by the Shining Force... <Meredith> ...A ghost ship/ * David blinks and frowns, feeling himself tense.. <David> Possibly... * Darin blinks.. <Jessica> more than likely. <David> Everyone be ready.. * Aura stares out at the boat * David brings his hand up to the hilt of AmeShi, eyeing the rapidly appearing ship.. * Jessica summons a fireball. * Aura forms a ball of ice in the air in front of her <Narrator> The boat quickly settles at the end of the docks, not dropping anchor... It simply sits there, waiting. <David> ......well... <David> We don't have any other ways... * David looks at the group. <Meredith> Let's go. * Aura walks towards the boat * Meredith flies onto the boat * David nods and heads for the boat.. * Jessica follows david to the boat. * Aura stands next to the boat * Jeyer nods resolutely as he goes to board the ship... <Narrator> The planks of the boat are rotted, but are seemingly solid... The whole deck is devoid of any movement... * Aura climbs into the boat * David frowns and mutters.. "This has so got to be a trap..." * Darin looks at the boat... "I .. don't like this." <David> Its all we've got to work with, Darin.. * Jessica follows Aura. "I don't like this one bit, but....I guess we'll have to check it out." <Meredith> Ghost ships ARE traps, normally... * David follows Aura as well, boarding the ship.. * Aura jumps down hard onto one of the rotted boards to check its strength <Narrator> The board survives the hit, seeming quite sturdy <David> Alright... * Aura walks along the deck of the boat.. * Meredith follows... * David trudges along as well, curious.. <Meredith> Where do we start looking, David? The captain's quarters? * Aura jumps on another random board <David> Yeah....we should look there first...that'd have a log book.. <Narrator> The board survives the impact * Darin slowly gets onto the ship... <David> Usually, anyway.. * Indigo walks along the ship, then perks up at Meredith's suggestion and trails behind them. * Aura shrugs and finds a high spot to sit on * David heads for the captain's quarters.. "Everyone be ready just in case..." * Jeyer climbs up slowly, trying as not to trip and fall... * Aura hops down and helps Jeyer on * Jeyer flinches at the help, but then calms himself and accepts her help... "Thank you.." <Meredith> ... * Aura smiles and kisses him softly on the cheek * Darin offers Jess his arm as they walk. * David opens the door to a cabin he finds.. * Jeyer blinks quickly and climbs on board.. * Jessica takes darin's arm. * Aura hops back up to her perch <Narrator> As the last of the Shining Force climb aboard the large ship, it suddenly starts moving away from the docks... <David> O_o <Meredith> Whoa! <Meredith> ...No turning back now... <Jessica> Holy..... <David> Great.. ^^; * Aura blinks and runs over to look off the edge * Jeyer sits down in a corner and falls asleep... <Meredith> ...Poor Jeyer.. * Aura looks over the edge * David sighs and glances about... * Jessica clings onto Darin for dear life. <David> I don't see any danger....not here, anyway... <Meredith> Let's find the captain's quarters... * Aura sighs and backs away from the edge * David nods and heads for the quarters.. * Indigo steps into the Captain's quarters, sits in the chair, and props her feet up on the desk. <Darin> I said it before, and I'll say it again... I don't like this..... * Aura finds Jeyer and sits next to him * Meredith follows David. * Jeyer mumbles in his sleep.. * David blinks as he finds the quarters and Indigo in them. ;P "Indi...what are you doing.." * Meredith sighs. * Aura just kind of watches Jeyer sleep <Narrator> The ship seems eerily quiet... It's heading towards the next island. * David frowns. * Indigo smiles. <Indigo> Resting! ^_^ <David> ....maybe she has the right idea...resting... <Meredith> ...Yeah... <Meredith> I don't see any ghosts...We might as well rest now that we have the chance... * Aura resists the urge to snuggle up next to Jeyer, and just kisses him softly..then runs off * David nods... <Meredith> Someone's gotta keep a lookout, though. <David> I could do it.. * Indigo climbs into the captain's bed and falls asleep. ^_^ <Meredith> No. You rest. I'll do it. * Aura looks around the boat.. <David> If you're sure... <Meredith> Positive. You've got enough on your mind. You'll need all the rest you can get. * David frowns a little but nods.. "Okay...but wake me if you're unsure of something.." <Meredith> Okay... <Meredith> Now go get some well earned sleep. ^_^ * David nods again.. "Oky.." * Aura finds the cargo hold hatch thing * David heads for the back of the ship, wanting to be alone.. * Aura pulls it open and crawls down inside the boat * Darin goes outside, and stands at the railing. * David takes off his tunic, bundles it into a pillow and lies down, clutching AmeShi to himself as he slowly goes to sleep.. * Meredith keeps a wary eye open for anything remotely wrong. <Narrator> An unearthly stench makes its way from the cargo hold <Meredith> ...? * Meredith sniffs. <Meredith> ...Geh, that could be a problem.. * Aura starts to choke and cough as she reaches the floor of the cargo hold * Meredith glances over at David, and just keeps an eye on the cargo hold. * David sleeps as if he's needed it very badly, a frown on his face.. * Darin turns around and looks at the cargo hold. * Jessica is with Darin. <Meredith> ...Everyone...Hmm... <Meredith> David needs sleep, but I have to investigate the cargo hold... * Aura covers her mouth and nose and blinks..looking around the cargo hold * Indigo is soundly sleeping in the captain's bed. ^_^ <Meredith> I need someone to come with me and investigate. <Jessica> I'll go wtih you, Meredith. You could use an experienced Magician on your side. <Narrator> The cargo hold is empty, save for three barrels of rotting fruits and anchovies... <Meredith> Thanks Jessica. :) <Meredith> ...Ah...that's it. :p * Jessica nods. * Meredith points at the barrels.... <Meredith> We're safe. * Aura gaaahgs and goes to check them anyway <Jessica> we could throw them overboard. <Meredith> Right. <Jessica> at least get rid of the smell. :P * Meredith picks up a barrel and hurls it overboard! <Narrator> The barrel of anchovies suddenly spills over the floor! <Meredith> ...Agggh crap. * Aura yelps and slips as the anchovies spill on her <Meredith> Oh well...I guess we'll just have to hold our noses the entire trip. <Jessica> I'll take care of that. * Darin goes down into the cargo hold "You ladies okay?" <Meredith> We're fine. <Jessica> I could burn them wtih my fire magic. * David curls up tighter, grimacing.. * Aura whimpers and stands up, but slips again * Aura crawls away from the anchovies and stands up, whimpering <Meredith> Everyone...I'll clean this up -_- You get some sleep! <Meredith> You'll need it. * Aura crawls up onto the deck and finds a corner.. * Aura whimpers..."i'm all anchovy-y" * Jessica grabs Darin and goes back upstairs and finds a room for the couple. * Darin frowns at Aura as he offers his hand to Jess. * David sleeps fitfully on the deck.. <Narrator> The ship makes no noise as it splashes through the calm river... * Aura sighs at Darin <Meredith> Everyone. <Meredith> Please. Go. To. Sleep. * Aura crawls away and hides in a corner.. <Meredith> I'll keep lookout. * Aura hides in a corner, whimpering about anchovies.. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> David sleeps restlessly... His thoughts wandering to Reisha(No shit). A large, grassy field, completely empty... David stands at one end, Reisha stands about 30 feet away... Both are staring at eachother... * David blinks.. "Reisha...?" * Reisha stares cooly at David, as if reading his thoughts.. a small breeze in the field playing with her blonde hair. <Reisha> David, why did you come here? * David steps forward... "Reisha....wha....this is a dream.." <David> know why... * David clenches his fists.. <Reisha> Do you really want to risk everything... * David doesn't hesitate, quickly answering. "Yes! Yes, Reisha! I will risk everything to get you to come back!" * Reisha closes her eyes. "That doesn't sound like a good leader... It sounds more like.." <David> .... <Narrator> A breeze blowing over the grass suddenly stops... * David blinks and tenses.. "Wh.." <Reisha> Like a man... in love. <Reisha> But is love worth dieing for? It can be so fleeting.. <David> ....this isn't fleeting, Rei...I...I can't...stop thinking about you.. <David> You''re on my mind...all the time...I just....god, Rei...I love you...I know its not fleeting.. <Reisha> Maybe.. <Reisha> Maybe we are both crazy... * David tries to get closer to Reisha, almost afraid she'll disappear.. " can't end here....I can't let you go....I can't lose you....not now...not ever.." <Narrator> The grass fades away... Darkness surrounds them both now... * David glances around.. * Reisha 's form darkens... <Reisha> No, I'm already lost.. I always was... just give up on me... <David> .... Rei...? * David gets a determined look thats so seldom on his face.. "I will never give up on you..and you're not lost.." * Reisha sighs... fading away more... <David>'t go...I.. * David looks desperate.. "Stay...." <Reisha> Volcannon... * David blinks... <Reisha> He's the only thing that's real, here... * Reisha starts laughing.... * Tiernan appears behind Reisha in a an instant, giving David a self-satisifed smrik. <David>! <Tiernan> Give up David. It's pointless. Pointless to change what's occurred. Give up. <David> I'll never give up!!! I'll never give up on her! On what the Shining Force exists for! You demon.....release Tiernan! * David narrows his eyes <Tiernan> Tiernan...? Ha ha ha ha HA HA HA! * Tiernan laughs! * David growls.. * Reisha fades back in, an aura of power around her. <Reisha> David.. just.. go away. Stop being a fool and save yourself. * Reisha raises ehr hand.. and blasts David with a surge of electricity. * Tiernan 's voice seems to gain a slight inhuman growl to it. "The little mortal form of Volcanon...? Him? Why, he's dust on the wind. Don't bother." * David cries out in pain <Narrator> == David is blasted into unconsciousness... He falls and everything in his dream dissapears in a flash. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> David awakens screaming! * David screams as loud as he can, bolting upwards, his hair plastered damply to his forehead and his body bathed in sweat <Meredith> AGH! O_o * Indigo is awakened from her sleep by David's screams and goes to him. * Darin snaps awake. "What in Mitula's name was that!?" <David> REISSSHHHAAAAAAA!!! * Aura blinks her eyes open <David> DAMN YOU ZEON!!!!! <Meredith> David! <Indigo> Awww.....did little Davie have a nightmare? There there.... * Indigo pats his head. <Meredith> Oh BACK off you fruit! * David stumbles to his feet, walking unevenly to the railing.. <Indigo> Tell Auntie Indi all about it.... ^_^ * David shivers like he was trapped in a snowstorm.. <Meredith> ...David...what happened? Did Zeon...? * Indigo sits on his bed and hugs him close. * Aura starts to stand up, but slumps back down when she realizes that she reeks of rotton anchovies <David> H...e....Rei...I... <Meredith> ...I see. * David grips the railing so roughly in his hands that in creaks under the strength.. * Indigo smiles. <Narrator> A wet feeling can be felt in David's ear... And something blowing in it... * David blinks and raises his hand to his ear.. "What..!" * Aura crawls out of the corner over to the edge of the boat <Narrator> The feeling suddenly dissapears... <Indigo> Now now....we all get bad pictures in our head sometime. You drink a glass of warm milk, and I'll tell Kara and Chamolo that you need a good sleeping spell. <Narrator> A big patch of wetness can be felt across Indigo's cheek suddenly... * David growls and slumps down onto the deck bonelessly.. <Meredith> Indigo...he's a friggin' teenager! Leave him alone! * Darin watches from a distance, feeling unable to help. <David> ....I...I won't give in....I won't....won't give up...on...on Reisha...or Tiernan....torture me...go on! <Indigo> You have no compassion Meredith! I'm a mother, I know how to handle these things. * Aura reaches longingly at the water over the edge * David stands again, his arms spread to the sky. "GO ON! TORTURE ME!" <David> I WON'T BREAK!!! * Indigo shivers from the wetness on her cheek. * Meredith backs up a bit. ^^; * David pants from his hurt, from his sadness, from his anger....he looks down, going quiet.. <Meredith> David... * Meredith looks at him with compassion... <Indigo> Now dear, do you feel better? The bad demons have all gone away. <Narrator> Meredith is suddenly thrown back as though something trampled her * Aura looks over at David..then back down at the water * David looks up and blinks.. "Meredith..?" * Indigo makes shadow pictures on the wall. <Indigo> Look, bunnies! ^_^ <Meredith> AGGH! * Meredith falls on her back and looks very very very dazed. O_o * David runs to Meredith's side and helps her up, narrowing his eyes.. <Narrator> Stomping noises can be heard in the room, then suddenly go towards the door and stop. * Aura hangs halfway off the boat, looking down at the water <David> ...? * Indigo looks. <Meredith> ...@_@ You'd better geterway David...dere be a battle goin' on heres....huh huh... <Indigo> Come out come out wherever you are! <David> Huh.. * Meredith shakes herself awake * David brushes his damp hair from his face, growling as he draws AmeShi.. <Narrator> Aura suddenly feels something sniffing at her, then gets completely wet as an invisible sponge like substance drags over her * Aura blinks and shivers..."" <Meredith> ...Ghosts... * David tenses and yells.. "Everyone be at ready! We've got company!" * Aura backs away from teh edge of the boat <Darin> ....... <Indigo> Don't worry. Ghosts are good. * Darin draws his blade... <Narrator> A rather large yowl can be heard suddenly, freezing everyone in place <Indigo> In the name of Mitula, return to your home ghosts! * David blinks... "What..." * Aura blinks.. <Meredith> ... O_o * Jessica runs in with a hand encased in fire. <Meredith> Wait... * Indigo looks about her warily, drawing her staff. * Darin blinks <Jessica> O_O <Narrator> The deck suddenly flares up with ghastly blue light as a canine form appears... * Aura backs into Jeyers corner and hides next to him <Meredith> ...It's a bloodhound! <David> O_o Oh gods no.. * Darin backs up... "WHAT?!" * Jeyer still sleeps peacefully... <Jessica> didn't we fight one of those before? <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Kodah blinks * Aura shakes Jeyer..."wake up! wake up!" <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Dinky the Tailless Bloodhound's ghost. ===== <Darin> You don't think that this is the ... GHOST ? * Jeyer curls up on himself, not waking up... <David> ..... Agghh! * Meredith whips out her sword. "This'll be fun..." * David crouches.. * Aura shakes Jeyer more.."Wake up!!!!!!" * Indigo eeps. <Indigo> Bad dog! <Jessica> well, since it's a ghost, I guess magic'll work on it. * Jeyer suddenly fades out to transparency, his body becoming immaterial... * Aura yelps.."Jeyer!!" <Narrator> == Kodah and Meredith can attack! * David snarls, his eyes alive with fury.. * Meredith opens her hand, a plume of fire appearing in her palm. She breathes in the flames, but instead of hurting her, they give her power! "Flame Vigor!" * Aura whimpers... * Kodah summons his black aura again, and draws it towards his hands. Then with a mighty shout, he unleashes a searing beam of devil power at the enemy! "Majinken!" <Narrator> == Meredith casts Flame Vigor on herself... 13 attack bonus. * Aura turns to the giant blue dog..then looks back at Jeyer <Narrator> == Kodah attacks DtTB... His attack sears through the ghost form, phasing it... 47 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == David can attack! * David rushes at Dinky, the flames of AmeShi crackling angrily with his pent up fury. He dashes alongside the dog, his blade slashing across its body....he rolls back to the group... <Narrator> == David attacks DtTB... His blade seems to cut through the form easily... 27 damage! <Narrator> == Aura can attack! <Jessica> Go Aura! * Aura growls and throws a ball of ice at the dog..."Fetch THat!" <Narrator> == Aura casts Freeze lv 1 on Dinky... Dinky catches it in his teeth in mid air, but its maw freezes! He yowls and drops it on his foot, dealing more damage! 16 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == Darin can attack! * Darin rushes the stupid canine slashing wildly. "DIE!!! (again!) * Aura growls at the dog.. * Dinky growls back <Jessica> Aura's turning into a bulldog, great. <Narrator> == Darin attacks Dinky! The blade slashes through the ghost form easily, dealing massive damage! 48 Damage! * Aura growls at Jessica * Dinky yelps in pain <Narrator> == Dinky can attack! <Jessica> LOOK OUT! * Aura keeps growling at the dog <Narrator> == Dinky starts running after his missing tail, running in circles on the deck... His speed increases quickly... <Jessica> O_O <Darin> What the? * Aura blinks.. <David> Huh...? <Narrator> == Suddenly, Dinky dissapears. A few minutes later, he reappears yowling from the side of the ship and runs past the Shining Force, biting and slashing as he passes! 21 damage each! * Kodah yelps in pain! <Jessica> O_O; That hurt. <Meredith> Ow! * Aura yelps and falls back <Darin> Oww... Oh ow... <Meredith> You STUPID mutt! * Darin falls back a little.. <Darin> I hate dogs. * Dinky reappears in the middle of the ship and just stares crosseyed at the Shining Forcer. <Jessica> I don't hate all dogs, but this one is going to the pound... * Aura growls at the dog.."Damn you! that Hurt!" <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! <Narrator> == Indigo summons the elemental of war... Its chariot runs over Dinky while stabbing with its powerful lance! 54 damage! * Darin looks at Jessica.. "yeah.. as in I am going to pound it's head in!" <Narrator> == Jess can attack * Jessica casts blaze 2 on her blade and rushes right at Dinky, slicing through him. * Darin looks at Jess, impressed. * Jessica bounds back to safety beside Darin. * Aura looks down at Jeyer..or where he was <Narrator> == Jessica uses a combo spell. The blazing sword slices through the ghost form, the air suddenly smelling like burnt dog fur... As odd as it may seem. 23 damage! Jess takes 3 damage for the combo spell. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Dinky's still there! ;P ===== <Jessica> now THAT'S what I call a flaming strike. ^_^ <Narrator> == Meredith and Kodah can attack! * Darin smiles * Aura growls <Narrator> == Kodah casts Boost lv. 2 on the party * David just waits his turn coolly, looking very much like a controlled psychopath.. * Meredith branishes her gleaming blade, and dives down hard and fast at Dinky, impaling the blade in it's hairy chest and yanking it out, then stabbing him again before flying back into formation! * Kodah raises both his hands, calling forth curling vortices of energy from the earth and sky to envelop his allies! <Narrator> == Kodah's boost spell makes a shield of power form around each members, giving them ease of movement... 12 agility, 11 defense each! * Aura forms a big ball of ice in her hands.. <Narrator> == David can attack! * David leaps at Dinky, slashing straight down the dog's muzzle with a crack of fire, the edges of the wound sizzling from the heat.. <Narrator> == Dinky's muzzle being frozen by Aura's spell, AmeShi crushes Dinky's muzzle completely, dealing massive damage! 56 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == Hans can attack! hans casts Aura lv. 1, healing the party for 15 HP * David snarls, his muscles twitching as he twirls AmeShi into striking position again.. <Narrator> == Aura can attack! <Kodah> Thanks Hans! * Aura hurls the large ball of ice at the dog.. * Hans nods, concentrating on the battle * <Narrator> == Aura casts Freeze Lv. 2 on Dinky! The iceball slams into his chest, making him yelp and whimper like a pathetic little mutt. 21 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == Dinky can attack! <Narrator> == Dinky runs away! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Kodah> Yasha! ^_^ <Aura> Yeeehooo!! <Meredith> Yes! <Darin> O_o; * David nods and sheathes the sword.. <Aura> he ran away! * Meredith high fives Kodah! * David walks past everyone to the front of the ship, gazing out to see where the island is.. * Aura looks back down where Jeyer dhould be * David says nothing.. <Narrator> Jeyer's form is still its pale, ghostly one... * Jessica sheathes her rapier. <Meredith> ...The curse is starting to kill him... <Narrator> Thunder and lightning appear in the distance... They seem to be slowly coming over to the ship... * Darin sheathes the Blade of Truth and turns to Meredith. * Aura sits next to Jeyer..."please...please dont go.." <Jessica> Jeyer? <Meredith> ...Thunder...? Oh SHIT... <Kodah> ... * David looks up at the sky.. <Narrator> The island is also visible in the distance... <Jessica> that must mean.... * David 's body visably tenses.. * Aura reaches out to Jeyer <Narrator> Aura's hand glides through Jeyer... * Aura blinks * David turns to face the group and Jeyer, walking towards him...he chants softly... <David> ¤Heal! * Aura starts to cry softly.."cmon...please dont die on me.." <Kodah> Jeyer... <Narrator> The heal spell fails, having no corporeal form to heal... <David> Damnit...Jeyer....don't do this... * Aura whimpers.."jeyer..please.." * Meredith growls audibly. "Come ON Reisha, we KNOW it's you! Just come out here and let's FINISH this!" * David blinks and straightens, looking at Meredith and then at Jeyer.. <Narrator> The bolts are near the side of the ship now... Parallel to the ship's course... <Meredith> ...Well, guess she heard me. :p * David frowns and looks for a way to control the ship.. <Kodah> ... * Aura doesnt care about the damn lightning.."jeyer?" * Reisha 's vague image appears in the maelstrom... <Jessica> Reisha. <Meredith> Reisha...! * David blinks and looks at Rei... <Kodah> ! <Reisha> And here I thought I was impatient, bird-brain. * Indigo looks up. <David> ...Reisha... * Meredith growls. * Jessica looks at David. .oO(This is tearing him apart inside. I can tell it.) <Kodah> Reisha... <Meredith> You know...You're quite the power tripping bitch all of a sudden. I thought you were on our side! * Aura looks over at Reisha...glowers... * Darin looks at David, then at Reisha. * Reisha waves a finger. "Why are you idiots here, anyway? I told you not to come..." <David> ......we're not going to give up... <David> Not on you.. <David> Or on Tiernan.. <Reisha> Are you ASKING for it that much? <Jessica> we're coming for you, Reisha....don't you remember what I told you before you left town? * Indigo looks at Reisha. * Reisha grumbles. "Just shut up..." <Indigo> Now how did you get up there, young lady? You never struck me as any sort of magician... <Reisha> I don't want to have to blast you off the face of the earth, but you're tempting me.. :P <Kodah> ... <Tiernan> "Go ahead, know you WANT to..." <David> ...... * Aura wipes at her eyes.."rei? what the hell is your problem?" * Indigo blinks. * Reisha comes over to land on the deck of the ship. * Tiernan appears behind Reisha, his wings outstreched. "Do it. Wipe them from exsistance." <Indigo> Since when did you become powerful Reisha? Not that I paid attention, mind you, but you always seemed well...rather weak... * David stands in front of the group... <Meredith> Ah for the love of... <Meredith> ...Nevermind * Indigo looks over at Tyr. * Reisha points at indigo. "Say that again and you'll be the first, you nutcase!" <Indigo> Young man, you stop this behavior this instant or I won't let Sasha date you! <David> ....Reisha... <Tiernan> Oh Indigo... <Jessica> if you want to turn this into a magic thing, Reisha....then..... * Aura growls and stalks up to stand in front of Tyr and Rei.."What the Hell is wrong with you!?" <Aura> These are your friends!!!! <Tiernan> Dear, little insane Indigo...I want you to answer something for me... * Indigo goes and pats Tyr's head. <Tiernan> When your mind rots like old does it feel? I suppose I SHOULD be angry at you... * Reisha looks at Aura, not saying anything... <Indigo> Behave! ^_^ * Tiernan flies up into the air, out of Aura's reach... <Tiernan> ..but thanks to you...I found my true calling... * Aura growls up at them.. <Kodah> . . . <Aura> Do you have ANY idea what you're putting them through!? <Indigo> How is that? You walked around, trying to learn to fly as I remember. Is that your calling? <Tiernan> Now, enough with me! Reisha! These fools are insulting I suspected they would! You must show them why you deserve the power you were given! <Tiernan> I am Volcanon you twit. <Reisha> Just go away.... and save yourselves. <David> Never... <Jessica> what good is power if you don't have people around you that care....I'm not giving up... * Reisha holds up her hand, poised to let go a stream of electricity... <Indigo> Oh! You should get a better answering service. I paged you a while ago, and got no response. I tried eighteen years ago and got a rude message. * Aura growls..."You've got reeeal problems Reisha.." * Indigo holds up her Sorce-beeper. <Indigo> Try this! ^_^ * Tiernan glares at Indigo coldly. "It's nice to know that Celia's been hard at work turning you into a blathering senile hag." <Reisha> If you don't leave... then you'll feel the power of a Goddess! * Reisha lets it go at Meredith! <David> Reisha, no! <Jessica> MEREDITH! <Meredith> Oh SHIT not ag--- *Gets zapped and gets knocked out. Again.* <Aura> ya see..I know you think i'm a psycho like indi, but i realy do know whats going on...and You are Not Right <Kodah> !! <Aura> You're the psycho!! <Indigo> Hag? You take that back! Speak with respect of your elders young man! * Indigo crooks her finger. <Tiernan> Indigo...I'm as older than this planet. I MADE this planet.... * Reisha puts her hands down. "that was a warning.. the next won't be as gentle.." <Indigo> Now come here. I have to put you over my knee. It will hurt me more than it will hurt you child.... <David> Damnit...Rei.. <Jessica> maybe I should fireball Indigo instead of Reisha. :P * Reisha looks at david... <Aura> You'd give up everything, just to Kill the people you gave up!?! * Tiernan pulls out his sycthe. "You don't want to test me, old woman..." <David> ....don't do this.... * Darin stays in silent shock. <Tiernan> Don't listen to him, Reisha! <Reisha> David.. don't make me do this... <Aura> SHut Up you!! <Jessica> listen to him, Rei....he loves you, dammit. <Jessica> and you, Tiernan, Volcanon, Zeon, whoever the hell you are...SHUT THE HELL UP! * Reisha powers up again... a ball of force crackling to life in ehr hands.. * Kodah bites his tongue <Aura> This is between them, and i think you just need to shut UP! <Darin> Reisha if you can't see his love for you, you're BLIND! <Indigo> Old! I'm 34, for the freaking last time, I'm 34 years old! * David spreads his arms... <Tiernan> How many times must I tell you simpletons that I am not Tiernan OR Zeon! <Reisha> .... <Tiernan> ...Then you sure didn't age gracefully. <Reisha> Move aside, David... <Aura> You dont deserve to be loved by David, Reisha.. <Indigo> Now then....what was that?! <David> .... <David> No. * David stands taller.. <Aura> he deserves somebody that would love him back.. <Indigo> Oh, anyways, you're going on time-out until you learn to behave yourself! <Reisha> be quiet, Aura! You don't understand anything! <Tiernan> Ignore him, Reisha. He is saying this because he just doesn't want to die like the weasle he is. He is the lie. <Aura> you're just a fucking powermad shell of a woman! * Reisha smacks her out of the way.. <Darin> I think YOU should shut up, Tiernan, or Volcanon, who ever the hell you are. <Kodah> ... <David> ...Reisha... * Jessica steps up by David. "You don't have to face this one alone, Dave. I'm with you. and you, Tier, you're the liar." <Aura> Fucking whore, don't touch me! <David> quiet....don't.. * David 's voice is low.....hoarse.. <Indigo> We'll come back after we finish up at Zeon's old place, then you and I are going to have a long talk. Sasha needs a deserving man and right now you have a lot of growing uphe fdo. * Darin claps a hand over Aura's mouth. "SHUT UP!" <Aura> I know allot more than you may think i know.. * Indigo waves her finger at him. <Tiernan> You wish I was the lie...but deep inside, you know the truth. The truth that nothing can stop what is to occur. Nothing. <Indigo> I'll deal with Celia later. She's unimportant. * Aura growls and breaks away from Darin.."don't touch me!" * David steps closer to Reisha, eyes full of she's seen so many times before when she's looked into them.... * Reisha furrows her brow even more, the ball growing larger... <Tiernan> Oh...heh heh heh. You're such an idiot. Sasha never even loved that. Even I understood that! <Reisha> David... you're going to die at this range, you knwo that? * Darin glars at Aura "Do you WANT to uproot memories of hers and get us ALL KILLED?" * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <David> be it....Rei....I refuse to give up...on you... <Indigo>'re not that smart. <Kodah> Cripes -_- <Tiernan> Enough <Aura> hehehe...the memories that are flowing through my head right now cant be any worse than hers.. <Narrator> ===== Monsters: Reisha ===== * Tiernan steps back and let's Reisha fufill her destiny. * Aura shakes her head.. * Indigo sighs. <Reisha> I'm not giving up either... but you'll be the one to lose everything... <Jessica> if you think that he gives a damn about you,'re wrong....he doesn't....he's just using you. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack <David> No...! Damnit, no! <Aura> ha, Rei, have you got any idea what you're about to do? <Narrator> == Indigo can see that Tiernan's stomach muscles seem to twitch several times, then a very eerie fashion... <Jessica> David and the rest of us.....we do care....will you just look at the truth for once? <David> Don't..! Kodah! <Indigo> I can see we'll have to stop Celia. Then you'll go back to being the sweet child you're supposed to be, and Volcanon can back to being the crotchety old bastard he's supposed to be, and everyone will be happy! ^_^ * Reisha stands there, waiting... * Tiernan laughs. "I am Volcanon." * David doesn't draw AmeShi.. <Reisha> Well, come on! At least struggle before you bite the big one! <Indigo> Nice stomach trick dear! Well, you'll be a crotchety young bastard then. ^_^ * Hans has been quiet this whole time... * <Narrator> == Kodah forfeits his attack. * Aura walks back towards jeyer...her memories getting the better of her for once * Tiernan blinks. "Stomach t...Shut up!" <Narrator> == David can attack. * Indigo holds up a glass of warm milk. <Indigo> Drink this. ^_^ <David> ...Reisha....I love you....don't do this... * David doesn't make any move to attack.. * Tiernan ignores Indigo <Reisha> David.. just back down.. before it's too late.. <David> ....never... <Narrator> == David forfeits his attack. * Aura kneels next to Jeyer.."Jeyer?" <Narrator> == Darin can attack. * Reisha narrows her eyes in thought... * Darin stands unmoving. "I'm not going to fight you, Reisha." * Jeyer does not respond... He is still in his ghostly form, seeming to be resting peacefully nonetheless... <Indigo> I hope I don't have to hurt you dear..... <Narrator> == Aura can attack <Tiernan> ...Oh, you shouldn't have to worry about hurting me... * Tiernan begins to laugh quietly, and draws his scythe... <David> ......don't.... * Aura growls and looks back at Tyr.. <David> Aura... <Tiernan> You haven't tasted the cold steel of <Narrator> == Tiernan attacks Suddenly * Tiernan strikes out at Indigo! <Indigo> A scythe? <David> Damnit, no! Indigo!! * Reisha is still holding the energy.. waiting for something... <Aura> you havent got the fucking right to hurt any of them..not even indigo! <Narrator> == Tiernan's scythe slices through Indigo, killing her instantly! 218 damage! Critical! <Narrator> == Dispatched! * Indigo drops, the black glow around her fading. * Aura blinks.."oh god.." <David> * Tiernan calmly removes the sycthe and nods to Reisha. "My apologizes. Continue." <Darin> I...Indi.... <Hans> ...! * Tiernan steps into the background. <Narrator> == Hans can attack. <David> Hans... don't.. * Reisha just nods her golden head... * Aura looks at Rei.."if you let this happen to your arent fucking worth my energy.." <Jessica> Don't attack, Hans... <Hans> Well, Reisha, I don't know you well... But... <Hans> You joined his side... But still, if you are a friend of everyone else on this force, I cannot attack you. <Reisha> You all... can't even have the decency to put up a fight? <Narrator> == Hans forfeits his attack. <Narrator> == Jess can attack. <Jessica> we won't fight you, Rei. You're our friends. <David> .....more than a friend.. <Reisha> Should I pity you for calling me that...? <Darin> Why should we fight you Rei? Answer me that? * Jessica stands there, not reaching for her blade, or even chanting a spell.... <Tiernan> No they are not. They don't respect you like I do, Reisha... <Aura> oh, we have the decency, but in my opinion you arent worth'd act like this to your arent worth it.. <Aura> SHUT UP TYR! <Jessica> you respect no one, SHUT THE FUCK UP. <Narrator> == Jess forfeits her attack. <Reisha> Because... <Narrator> == Reisha can attack. * Aura stares at Rei <David> .... * Tiernan goes to retort to Aura's insult, but lightly touches his head, as if he's in pain, and says nothing. * David tenses.. <Reisha> Because.. I have no choice... * Jessica stares right at Reisha, looking as closely as she can into her eyes. <Darin> You DO have a choice Reisha. * Aura stands, arms out, "kill me..kill me if you have the fucking balls" <David> * Reisha levels her arms. "Good..bye..." * Darin takes Jessica's hand as he stares up at Reisha. <David> <Tiernan> K... Kill them, Reisha...! <Jessica> REISHA, NO! <Kodah> ... * Reisha gestures to a spot in the ground near the party as a small lightning bolt strikes it. "Heaven's.." She points to another as it is struck as well. "True.." A third one appears as she points, forming a triangular pattern of force on the ground. "Power.." She then claps her hands together, as a prism of raw lightning appears and closes in upon the party! "..converge! Triangle Bolt!" * Aura glares at Tyr.."this is her fight..NOT yours!" <Hans> I say we run if this turns bad... * David leaps in front of Rei's hands, absorbing the blast!!! "NO MORE!!!! AggghGGHHH!!!!" * Aura quickly leaps off the edge of the boat <Kodah> David!! * Hans charges up a healing spell in case things get nasty * * Tiernan grins sadistically. then blinks. "Wh..what....David...the human fool!" * Reisha 's expression turns to shock. "DAVID!" O_O <Jessica> DAVE! <Darin> DAVID! * David 's gaze turns vacant.. * Aura disapears with a splash into the water below * David drops to the ground slowly.. "R....R....ei..." <Hans> ... * Hans closes his eyes, as if whincing in pain... * <Tiernan> You...You fool! <Narrator> == David gets his by the Triangle bolt. David takes 86 damage! Dispatched. * Kodah can only watch in shock <Jessica> .oO(That's gonna leave a mark.) <Hans> No... Rrgh... * Reisha watches in horror as he falls smoldering to ehr feet... <Tiernan> ...But at least the leader falls...ha ha ha haha.... * David 's skin is red and burnt...his eyes closed tightly.. <Reisha> The fool.. the fool.. ;_; <Darin> ...... * Reisha bends down, clutching him in ehr arms, starting to cry... <Kodah> David... * Aura inches up behind Tyr..having hung onto the railing as she jumped.. <Reisha> It wasn't suppsoed to be like this... * David lies limply in Rei's arms.. * Jessica speaks up softly, "see, Reisha? HE did this to save you...out of his own love." * Tiernan doens't see Aura sneaking up behind him....he's too busy looking on in shock at what David did. "A human...sacrificed...his life....for...her?" <Reisha> What have I done.. I saved your life once and now I took it... * Aura stands up behind Tyr and redies one of her daggers.. <Kodah> ... * Reisha starts growling. "no, No, NO! * Tiernan begins to grip his head, as if in pain. "R..Reisha...Don't loose focus now!" * Reisha turns to Tyr. "This is your fault!" <Tiernan> MY fault?! <Tiernan> YOU wanted the power! And I gave it willingly! <Narrator> Tiernan's skin bubbles oddly... <Tiernan> R...Ragh...My...My...head... <Jessica> O_O * Kodah blinks at Tyr <Reisha> Why did you listen.. I don't ever desrve it.. I don't deserve anything! I had friends, and love, and you caused me to lose it all! <Hans> o_O * Aura gently puts the dagger up to Tyr's back.. <Reisha> I can't forgive you or myself...! <Reisha> Take it back.. ALL of IT! <Tiernan> ...F...Fine! <Reisha> I don't want it anymore!!!!! * Reisha starts glowing * Tiernan raises his hand, and shoots a ball of darkness into her chest! * Reisha unleashing a surge of energy about the entire ship, blastign everyone! * Jessica walks up to David and tries to heal him with her only healing spell. <Hans> No! <Jessica> OH HOLY HELL. * Kodah gets knocked completely off his feet! o_O * Jessica gets knocked back a couple of feet. <Narrator> == The massive collision of power knocks everyone off their feet! Reisha falls, The Shining Force get knocked off their feet, paralyzed! * Aura slashes at Tyr before she is thrown into the railing * Hans flies back, and hits the crow's nest's support beam * <Hans> Nngh! <Narrator> == The ball of energy comes out of Reisha's chest, now glowing bright yellow, and returns to Tyr's hand <Narrator> == Tiernan gets impaled in the back with Aura's dagger! 44 damage! Critical! Backstab x4 * David lies broken, not even seeming to be breathing...the blow doesn't evoke any response... <Tiernan> A...Agh.... * Tiernan holds his side, his body twitching oddly... * Darin shudders... * Jessica twitches from the shock...and being paralyzed. * Aura blinks up at Tyr...the dagger still in her hand.. * Reisha falls over onto David, her blue cape fluttering in slow mo. "Must..." <Kodah> Urf -_- <Darin> .oO(This isn't happening... this is NOT happening...) <Tiernan> push it way out! My's going to burst....! Going to BURST....! <Reisha> I never could.. but just this once... the spark of life.. * Aura utters one word before letting the blade fall from her hand.."bitch.." * Tiernan holds his head and screams in pain! * Reisha faints, mumbling... * Kodah tries to move, and fails badly * David just lies there... * Jessica can only twitch. <Narrator> == Reisha's remaining powers, her unaltered power, flows into David, reviving him... * Hans tries to move, but only twitches slightly * * Tiernan still holds onto his head, but begins to look around the party as if in a daze... * Aura stares up at the starry sky...tyr's blood on her hand, and the blade by her side.. * David inhales sharply, choking on the air.. * Jessica can still only twitch... <Hans> Nnnngh... <Kodah> D...david... * Hans struggles to move, but still fails * * Kodah struggles to move, and then noticed Tyr * Reisha falls completely unconscious, the powers holding everyone paralyzed fading.. <Kodah> that you? <Tiernan> W...What... * David opens his eyes halfway, their color dull... * Tiernan 's voice doesn't sound harsh...but it doesn't sound quite like Tyr's old voice either. Soft, but not nearly as spacy as it usually sounds. * Kodah continues to resist the paralysis <Tiernan> Wh..where is this...I....! <Tiernan> * Aura pulls herself up..sitting.. <Kodah> I'm Kodah! You must remember me! I'm your friend... <Jessica> d...don' * Tiernan screams out in pain again, and seems to be thrown down to the deck of the ship by some unseen force! <Darin> D... don't ... don't you reme... member? <Kodah> Tyr! * Reisha is lying face down on the deck beside David, unmoving. * David breathes once again, the air burning his lungs... * Tiernan begins to convulsve, his back arching up, and then lies curled up on the deck of the ship, not moving. * Aura wipes Tyr's blood off of the dagger, onto her skirt * Hans continues to try to get up * * Indigo is lying cut and split near the rail, the black glow nearly gone. * Kodah struggles to move * Jessica tries her damnedest to move. * Tiernan 's entire body suddenly begins to seep with a deep black aura, as he bgins to giggle, his voice sounding inhuman... <Aura> tyr..? <Kodah> Damn... * David looks at Tyr with his dull eyes.. <Tiernan> Hee hee hee...Hee hee.... * Aura lays back down. * Tiernan sits up, with his eyes closed, the aura throbbing. "Hee hee hee....I'm freee..." <Hans> K... K... Koda... Kodah! H... He's... He's being controll... controlled... By something around... H... H... Here! * Darin stares at Tyr... * Kodah manages to struggles up onto his hands <David> N-no.. * Tiernan begins to rise up into the air. "Free...Awake...this body is MINE..." <Hans> T... T... The black aura... It v-v-vanished... B-But now i-i-it's back * Aura slowly pulls herself to her feet.. <Kodah> I know...its Zeon... * Tiernan opens his eyes...and they're pure white! O_o <Darin> ... <Tiernan> Hee hee hee....Goodbye...Volcanon... * Jessica slowly stands. O_O; ZEON? <Hans> P-Plus... He... He seemed... Different... When... It ... Was... Gone <Aura> this cant all have been for not... * Hans manages to get enough strenth to get up to his feet * * Aura takes out her dagger agian.. * Darin pulls himself to his feet slowly, painfully <Kodah> Something that evil can't be anything BUT Zeon... * Tiernan smiles wickedly at the party. "Oh how pleasant...What a way to spend my coming out party...ripping up your pretty little bodies into paste..." * Aura whips the dagger at Tyr, aiming for the back of his neck * Jessica reaches for her rapier. "You'll be ripping no one into paste." <Tiernan> Yes...I am called Devil...sometimes Satan himself...but I am known as Zeon...King of the Devils...and your assasin... * David is too weak to get up, just glaring at Tyr.. * Kodah struggles into a seated position * Hans staggers, as if about to collapse, but manages to keep standing * * Tiernan catches Aura's dagger and hurls it at the ground. <Tiernan> easy this all was. What fools you all were to challege me. * Aura glares at Tyr.. <Tiernan> Even Volcanon was a fool... * Darin glares up at Tyr.... * Kodah tries to summon his black aura again, but can't quite make it <Tiernan> And how IRONIC and delightful it is that I was able to control him this entire time...with him not even concious! * Jessica glares right at Tyr.....wishing she could move...she can't even make the gestures to summon her magic. * Aura grabd her dagger off the ground <Tiernan> Finally, I have him RIGHT where I want him after all these long years... <Tiernan> ...But...that's inconsequencal now...I have...pressing business... * Tiernan turns his white eyed stare at...Kodah? <Kodah> Ulp o_O * Hans rises to his full height, yet topples back, and is supported by the crow's nest's support beam * * Aura looks at the blood on her dagger.. <Tiernan> ..That pressing buisness being you, Kodah. <Hans> Kodah! Look out! <Jessica> K....Kodah...L..Look....ou..t... <Kodah> Yay me ^^;; <Darin> ......... * Tiernan smiles and flies down to the ground. <David> rrr...T...Tyr.. <Tiernan> Do you have any idea what a threat you are to me? <Aura> don't...dont you dare... <Hans> He's too s-strong! We have to buy some time! * Kodah continues to resist the paralysis, "Not really." <Tiernan> Oh you must. You must be plotting against taking what is rightfully mine right now... <Kodah> Come again? o_O * Aura steps towards Tyr.. * Tiernan 's face seems to litterally twist in rage! "Don't play the fool, you bastard! You plan to upsurp my place as King of the Devils!" * Reisha is utterly wasted... she can't lift a finger to interfere... <Kodah> K...King?! o_O <Tiernan> Yes...KING...And I'll be damned if I'll let you do it! * Tiernan draws his sycthe! <Kodah> Yoiks! O_O <Hans> K-Kodah! RUN! * Kodah tries to escape, looking less that graceful in the process <Tiernan> So I will kill you before you get that chance....! * Aura smiles oddly as she stares up at the sky.. * Hans struggles more against the paralysis * * Tiernan twists around and slashes his sycthe in an arc...but he abruptly stops before it hits Kodah! <Kodah> I don't feel like dying today <Tiernan> ...W..What?! <Hans> Eh...? <Kodah> O.o;; <Hans> Kodah! Use it to your advantage! * Tiernan tries again, getting the exact same result! The twitching on his stomach can be seen again... <Tiernan> ..Wha...This body is...rejecting me! <Tiernan> But Volcanon is...NO! It can't be...not his puny mortal self?! * Kodah tries to wriggle away from Zeon, "Fight him Tyr! I know you can hear me! FIGHT!" * Tiernan throws his sycthe off the ship in a very jerky movement, as if the puppeteer lost control of the puppet. <Hans> Kodah, I'd back away some! There's a possiblility of -- Ngh -- things getting a bit messy! <David> yes....Tyr....fight it...fight it.. * David speaks weakly.. <Darin> ........ * Tiernan staggers back and clutches his throat, breathing as if in pain. "Damn...It...I didn't know...he'd be...this strong...!" * Tiernan falls to the ground, his head dropping thrown downward, breathing heavily. * Kodah inchworms his way up the mast, until he's standing again <Kodah> Come on Tyr! You can beat him! I know you can! * Tiernan 's voice sounds strained and also in pain, but it's not harsh or inhuman...but soft spoken and tight with pain. "' <Jessica> .oO(How can we? We can't move?) <Kodah> Don't give up Tyr! We'll help you! I promise! * Tiernan looks up and his eyes are normal. "Run...Run can...I can't...I'm sorry...for everything...I'm sorry...." <Hans> Indigo's summoning would come in handy here! Nngh! <Darin> .... how... can we run? <David> Tiernan....I...I forgive you.. <Hans> If we could fly, running'd be easy... but we can't! <Tiernan> D..David... <Jessica> we can't even move? <Kodah> Tyr... * Darin looks at Tyr.. <Jessica> Tyr.... * Aura looks over at Tyr..then to jeyer..and closes her eyes tight.. * Kodah 's black aura starts to strengthen <Narrator> == Reisha's paralysis spell fades away... <Tiernan> A..AH! * Kodah snaps back to life, "Ragh! About time!" * David sits up slowly, grimacing in pain.... <Tiernan> He's...He's coming back...I can't I can't I can't hold him back anymore! * Darin stands upright. <Kodah> Tyr!! * David gets to his feet.. "Tyr...don't give up...we'll save you.." * Darin holds out his hand to Jess. * David stumbles a little but leans down, lifting Reisha into his arms.. <Darin> We won't give up on you, Tyr! * Jessica takes Darin's hand. * Aura slowly pulls herself to her feet..."Tyr..please dont give up.." * Tiernan body is thrown back, and then he quickly sits up, his eyes white once again. "That..was...unexpected." * Reisha 's body doesn't offer the slightes resistance, hanging very limp.. :/ * Aura slowly steps over to Jeyer.. <Jessica> we are NOT leaving another of our friends behind again. * Kodah growls, and his black aura flares back to life * David glares at Zeon... * Tiernan stands up, but his body is still somewhat shaky in doing it. <Tiernan> ...He...must be taken care of. <Tiernan> ...And I know how to do it... * Aura sits next to Jeyer and watches Zeon * David gently carresses Rei's face, still glaring at Zeon.. "We'll defeat you....and we'll get him back." <Tiernan> Oh how heroic of you. Excuse my while I stuff glass into my ears so I don't hear your pathetic heroic babble. <Kodah> Empty words Zeon, and you know it <David> Can I help with the glass? Hey, here's a thought....if Tiernan can push you aside....surely we can. Think of it. * Tiernan 's body begins to glow orange, and mixes into the black aura. <Hans> This is NOT good!! o_O;;; * David tenses, teetering a bit in dizziness as pain hits him.. <Tiernan> me...He WON'T get past me again...not for long...anyway. <Aura>'re so wonderfully dramatic...would you stop? its giving me a headache.. <Jessica> it can't be good.....*Whispers to Darin* Talk about the king of Melodrama. * David looks for the island... * Darin nods. * Tiernan 's body spasms as his body begins to shrink down, his legs turning into birds legs and his wings extending even further... <Kodah> ... <Hans> What the...?? <Jessica> O_O...he's turning into a bird... <Aura> what the hell <Tiernan> You haven't SEEN melodrama yet, kids! <Hans> I... is he...? <Aura> ha! are you trying to be Whitty!?! <Darin> What is he.....??? <Hans> He's turning into a bird form... <Jessica> now this is taking "having bird legs" a bit too literally. * David hugs Rei tighter against his aching body, tensed for movement.. * Tiernan body spasms again and his face begins to look like a bird's...! There is a flare that blinds you, and when it passes, you see Tiernan before a huge black and red Phoenix O_o <Hans> A phoenix! <Darin> O_O * Kodah growls * Aura sighs.. <Jessica> O_O; <Hans> They look just like I was told when I was in school! * Tiernan gazes his eyes hatefully at Kodah. * David narrows his eyes... <Hans> But... I don't think I like this one! ^^; * Jessica whispers to Darin. "Should we try to fry this chicken?" <Tiernan> ~Now you shall die, halfling devil...~ * Aura tries to touch Jeyer again.. <Darin> ...... * Kodah gets ready to react, returning the hateful look <Jessica> KODAH LOOK OUT! * Tiernan races toward Kodah, catching him in his talons! <David> Kodah....! <Hans> KODAH! RUNNNN!!!! <Aura> kodah.. <Darin> Kodah! <Hans> Kodah!... * Kodah struggles against Zeon's vice-like grip! <Jessica> Kodah..... <Narrator> Aura's hands go through Jeyer once again... <Kodah> Damn you! <David> Damnit, no! <Narrator> Then Jeyer suddenly flares and dissapears in Aura's necklace * Aura blinks..."" <Tiernan> ~Heh...Heh HEH HEH! That's right...FEEL my power...writhe in fear! That is the true cowardice of humanity! That is why I am triumphant and you're all going to be DEAD!~ * Aura looks down at her necklace... * David growls.. "Zeon..!" * Tiernan squeezes the life out of Kodah, and slashes him hard across the belly with his claws! <Hans> NO!!! * Aura gently runs a finger over the stone.."jeyer..?" * Hans curses himself for not being able to move and heal * * Kodah gurgles, helpless in Zeon's grasp <David> Someone hit him with a spell! <Hans> I CAN'T!!! HE'S OUT OF RANGE!!! <Tiernan> ~Heh...Hey...Little boy? Are you watching....? HEH HEH HEH! <Darin> ........ * David gently puts Rei down... * David draws AmeShi.. <Kodah> Tyr...don't you...dare give up... <Jessica> I can try... * Aura makes a large ball of ice..."tyr....Put him DOWN!!" * Darin reaches up as his SunStone starts to glow. * Reisha groans slightly.. * Jessica begins chanting. "Mercury, great celestial spirit of water and ice, let your power become my sword to defeat that which threatens me. FREEZE 2!" Jess then points her right hand to Tyr as blades of pure ice shoot forward impaling into their target. <Tiernan> ~Die, Kodah....Die.~ * Tiernan slashes him across the belly again! * David stumbles, eyes glazing with pain.. "! Kodah!" * Aura throws the ball of ice at Tyr..."PUT HIM DOWN!!!" <Tiernan> ~Certainly.~ <Narrator> == Aura and Jessica cast Freeze Lv. 2 on Tiernan. The ice melts instantly, dealing no damage. * Tiernan drops Kodah from his grasp, now bloody and broken. <Jessica> O_O; * Kodah spasms, as his black blood pours down like rain * Aura snarls.. * Kodah lands in a very unnatural position <David> ..... * David growls.. <Jessica> Kodah....hang in there, friend. <Hans> Rrrg.... * Aura takes her dagger and steps up to Tyr... * Tiernan hits the ground and begins to morph back into his human form. <Darin> ... no... * David brings AmeShi forward, ready to strike.. * Hans slowly advances to where Kodah landed * * Jessica says a silent prayer to the godess as she points to Kodah. An aura of holy light surrounds Kodah and their wounds begin to close up. HEAL 1! * Aura stands in front of Tyr... * Jessica tries her best to heal Kodah. <Kodah> X_x <Narrator> == The heal spells fail. * David glances back at Reisha and then at Kodah... "Bastard...I'll make you pay..." * David crouches, gathering strength.. <Jessica> No one else is dying on my watch. == When Aura looks at Tyr, however...she ses that he's not the frightening version that is Zeon, but a wide, terrifed version that stares at Kodah... <Tiernan> Kodah...? <Tiernan> NO! * Hans puts his right hand on Kodah's forehead * * Hans begins to charge a spell * * David pauses, blinking at Tyr... * Aura blinks at Tyr.."do you remmeber anything..?" <Hans> I don't think this'll work... <Narrator> == Healing energy is negated. * Tiernan rushes to Kodah and shakes him tears falling down his face. "Kodah! Wake up!" * Aura puts her hand on Tyr shoulder.. * David untenses, sheathing his sword...he bends down and places his hands on Reisha's stomach... ".... ¤Heal..." <Jessica> What in the world is going on here? * Kodah wobbles in Tyr's arms like a wet ( and bloody) noodle * Hans notices his healing spell not working * Blast... <Narrator> == Jessica can see that Tyr's eyes aren't white, but normal looking. <Narrator> == Healing energy is negated. <Tiernan> killed you... * Hans feels Kodah's pulse, hoping for the better... * * David growls and gathers Rei into his arms protectively, heading over to Kodah and Tyr.. <Jessica> Tyr? Tiernan? <Tiernan> ~Heh heh heh...~ * Aura gently puts her hands on Tyr's shoulders.. <Jessica> Oh great...not again... <Narrator> == You can hear Zeon's voice in all your minds, even though it still seems like Tyr's in control of the body. <Darin> ..... * Reisha 's heart is beating.. David can feel it against his chest. But she's otherwise out cold. <Narrator> Kodah has no pulse. <Tiernan> ~That's right Tyr...You murdered him...~ <Tiernan> No...No... <David> Damnit....Kodah.... * Aura growls..."you didn't kill him Tyr..Zeon did.." <Jessica> manipulative sonofabitch.... <Tiernan> ~You...Aren't just a burden're a killer...~" <Tiernan> No... <David> ....Tiernan..... <Jessica> Zeon killed Kodah, wasn't you. <Tiernan> ~You don't deserve to live anymore...Disseapear....~ <Hans> Try! It's not your fault! He was in control! Ignore him! <David>! Tiernan..! That's what he wants..! <Darin> Don't listen to him, Tyr! * Aura takes Kodah from Tyr.."You didn;t do this Tyr..dont beleive him.." * Tiernan backs away from the body, shaking. <Tiernan> ~He is dead and YOUR hands were the ones that choked the life out of him. YOU did this...! Dissapear!~ <Jessica> Tyr, you're strong enough to fight this. That wasn't you that killed Kodah. It was have to believe me. * Aura gently closes Kodah's eyes and places him on the deck neatly.. <Aura> didnt do this! * Tiernan closes his eyes and nods his head slowly in a 'yes'. <David> * Tiernan body jerks suddenly! <Darin> YOU didn't do this, Tyr! This was all Zeon's doing! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! <Jessica> DAMMIT, TYR...DON'T DO IT. <Aura> Tyr...please.. * Tiernan opens his eyes and they're white once again. "Problem solved." * Hans is still testing Kodah for a pulse... * <Tiernan> ~Now just one more left...~ <Darin> Oh Goddess no...... * Aura growls... <Jessica> Oh shit...not again. * David growls at Zeon, holding Reisha protectively.. * Kodah bleeds with great skill <Tiernan> Now that Volcanon and Tyr are shoved in the back...ready to die like the weaklings they are...there's only one thing left to do... * Reisha shivers in David's grasp. "" * Aura growls..."you ass.." <Tiernan> ...And that's to kill the rest of you! <Hans> C'mon... Pulse... PULSE!!! * David glances down at Reisha before glaring up at Tiernan... * Tiernan throws a bolt of power into the ship! * Hans punches the floor * <David> ! <Darin> O_O;; * Aura lunges at Tyr, dagger in hand.. <Jessica> O_O; * David leans his face down, kissing Rei's forehead softly as he feels the ship shake from the power.. "Hold on, Rei...hold on...!" * Darin pulls Jessica close to him.. <Tiernan> Enjoy infinity! I'm off to take Arc Valley...and claim it as my own! * Aura slashes at Tyr <Jessica> Honestly, I think it's best if we SWIM FOR IT! * David growls and races for the railing, trying to get the bearings of the island.. <Tiernan> Oh, and Jeyer....I know you can hear me, wherever you are... <Narrator> The bolt of power thrown at the shield detonates the ghost shield! A large explosion ensues, disintegrating the whole ship! The Shining Force is blown out of the ship! <David> NNhhh!!! <Narrator> Everyone falls unconscious as they hit the water <Hans> AAAGHHH -- * SPLASH! * * Darin screams * Aura quickly wraps her hand around her necklace just before hitting the water.. * Kodah sinks quite nicely <Tiernan> I just wanted to say thank you for sending Tyr away from the Shining Force in the first place! HA HA HA! * Jessica is sent flying into the water...unconscious. -_- *SPLASH * Tiernan 's voice fades out. * David holds onto Reisha as he falls unconcious... * Reisha goes sailing into the black waters with David.. ==== SESSION END! ====